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FELICITY cum like you without having you


Felicity Camp by SmCyber

********************************** WARNING: This story contains strong
themes of coercion and forced sexual behavior. It is intended as a work of
fiction for ADULTS only, and the writer does not in any way suggest or
condone similar behavior. REPOST freely keeping this disclaimer & By
SmCyber Please let me know if you like it / want more / have any ideas.

If you enjoy this work, take a moment to e-mail the author. Your
comments are his only payment. Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work
is copyright with all rights reserved by its author SmCyber unless
explicitly indicated.

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Mary Palmer was being transferred the City Female Correctional Facility
(known locally as Felicity Camp) under the escort of two burly young uniformed guards.

The guard to her left, the elder of the two, was around eighteen years
old heavily scarred tall and slim with a shaved head. The other was a fat
lad of around twenty with a red corpulent face. He sat uncomfortably close
her in the other seat, Mary could smell his bad breath.

Mary squirmed with disgust as his intentions to play with her became
apparent, unable to push him away she had her hands uncomfortably
handcuffed behind her.

Casually the fat guard stroked her face and breasts whilst the other
guard read pornographic SmCyber magazines occasionally squeezing her leg as
he pointed out some particularly obscene picture to his colleague

An hour into the drive Mary plucking up courage and complained to her
guards that her restraints were uncomfortable. Angrily she was pushed
forward by the fat guard. With her face against the bench in front, the
younger guard next to her reached behind her back, and pushed down on the
ratchet of the handcuffs with his free hand so that they pinched harder.
"When we want another smart arse comment from you. we will tell you. In
the meantime shut-up the fuck up!" he shouted and pushed Mary roughly back
into her seat.

During the remainder of the drive Mary began to learn more about some of
the methods used against the female inmates at the prison. Listening to
the excited animated conversations between the two guards she soon
discovered that some of the pictures in the guards magazines had in fact
been taken at the facility she would be soon incarcerated in.

Mary had of course read in the local and national press or seen on the
Internet details of the Female Correctional techniques which the new
government had instigated across the country via their vicious regime.

Somehow, she had put this out of her mind, the fact that her families
political stance could cause her to be detained at the ruling parties
pleasure stupidly ignored.

The physical and sexual abuse rumored to take place within the camps and
the Spartan conditions, the rigorous military style discipline and corporal
punishment were the techniques employed in the new jails had hardly
interested her, but now, to her horror, she was about to experience the new
system himself first hand.

The guards ignoring Mary discussed how they "the initial recruitment"
had been chosen from several others in secure mental hospitals to undergo
special training as elite guards.

This training was seen as an important part of their rehabilitation into
what was soon to be known as the new society.

To be chosen to work in the new Female Correctional Facilities men up to
the age of sixty five years were considered. Most applicants had
convictions for rape, indecent assault or documentary evidence of
inflicting harsh discipline on females,

Some had military backgrounds but all enjoyed hurting women. Those
lucky enough to be selected were given further extensive practical training
in all aspects of control, rape, corporal punishment and humiliation of
women. Additionally employees were given access to the vast collection of
SM. magazines, videotapes and DVDs produced by the facility to fund the
reeducation program.

Often when a young lad shows exceptional promise a helpful school
teacher will put his name forward for "work experience." in one of the
women's prisons, sometime this was limited to helping in the SM. library
but sometimes they are invited to join in and help with some of the
training exercises.

Every vacation all schools are expected to put forward the names of ten
to fifteen lads for "work experience" at the local female reeducation
facility. Not a pleasant thought for some of the older inmates.

Each camp maintains a stable of approximately five hundred female
prisoners and expects to recruit and retain staff in the ratio of one male
guard to ten female inmates. Each guard is carefully chosen and trained in
the skills they need, additional help in the guise of volunteers is sought
from the local community as and when it is required.

All guards have rank, ranging from Apprentice, Trainer, Junior Warden
and Senior Warden, Senior Trainer to that of Chief Warden and the top rank
of Governor.

The Governor does not normally wear the military style black uniform of
hat, jacket with rank bars, leather trousers and knee boots. Instead they
often prefer business suits.

The role of the Female Correctional Facilities is to totally break the
will of the female prisoners and to teach them total obedience to the
authority of the male guards and their guests.

To this end even the lowest of ranks have full permission under the
authority of the government to exercise whatever punishments they deem fit
onto the women under their control. These controls obviously includes all
forms of physical, mental and sexual control.

The inmates sentenced to imprisonment have ages ranging between fifteen
and forty-five. All have been sentenced to long jail terms for political
offenses that involved lack of respect to the government.

Mary will soon be hearing the rules of the facility first hand. The
rules laid down are mentally, physically and sexually demanding.
Deliberately numerous, complex and detailed to provide a challenge to even
the most subservient of the female inmates. Every rule gives ample scope
for the guards to find fault.

For example,

Uniform regulations take up twenty pages of small print, Sexual
availability technique regulations take up forty pages of small print,
Punishment quotas and procedures take up fifty pages of small print.

Every prisoner is expected to know the rule book back to front, and
inside out! The guards of course don't need to swot they have their own
personal copies to refer to ......

For every moment of every prisoners day, appearance, attitude, posture
and clothing are stipulated down to the smallest detail.

For example although a prisoner may be kept naked, at times when clothed
she has to ensure that she wears the correct type and color of bra and
panties, skirt, blouse, dress, bare legs or stockings, footwear Etc.

To further complicate matters each prisoner has her own computer
generated schedule of clothing re-specified weekly, so simply dressing like
everyone else is not an option, concentration on detail is everything.

The guards delivering Mary to the camp are discussing how on their last
visit they had witnessed in the staff hall thirty female prisoners
undergoing a group physical training demonstration on dildo horses.

The thirty girls had been put through cantering, galloping and walking
exercises whilst impaled wide legged on the modified vaulting horses. Each
girl was wearing just a simple white push up bra, short white socks with
small pink bows and black court shoes, the guards giggled as they recalled
how the sixty presented breasts bounced in rhythm to the speed their hips
ground upon the upward pointing dildo's.

A junior trainer was in charge of the demonstration and was giving the
speed orders, gallop, canter, walk, stop Etc. the thin guard laughed.
After only ten minutes all of the female inmates were groaning with either
shame or pleasure, red faced with humiliation, gasping and sweating
heavily, eyes staring blankly into the auditorium towards their trainer.

He began the demonstration by working the humiliated girls slowly. The
thirty girls particularly those with larger breasts looked apprehensive.
When exercises were performed in push up bras it was obvious that
brassieres were not suitable for restraining the bouncing breasts for this
particular type of lesson!

Some of the girls accommodated the rubber dicks with a stifled grunt and
with great difficulty. This was only their sixth week in training, all the
girls were un-streched and tight and their trainer was watching closely for
any sign of reluctance.

He sat in a chair just a few feet away casually eating his lunch,
clipboard close to hand to record any slackness. "Mmm, Argh Ohhhh"
squealed the girls softly through numerous tightly clenched lips. They
winced and strained, some looked at the point of breaking all in horror all
only briefly closing her eyes.

Each of the thirty girls concentrated on fucking the rubber dildo
provided for her entertainment atop the vaulting horse, each maintained
full eye contact with the young trainer, the girls saw their trainer make
some brief notes on his pad, who was he reporting for further punishment?.
Every girl knew she would be severely corrected later in the day for any
slackness or reluctance to perform fully, but at the moment, it was all she
could do simply to try harder to maintain a regular fucking motion and
control her inevitable orgasm. The girls all new comers hoped that in
light of the circumstances, their coach would be lenient with them. After
all, this was their first truly public performance, and this act of public
masturbation was much harder than those required of them earlier in

The girls continued to stifle groans as the thick large rubber cock
heads hammered against thirty cervixes, each dildo was almost two inch
diameter each knobby shaft filling its tight young recipient completely.

Many a lower lip quivered, some dribbled as mouths fell open in silent
gasps. All girls tried desperately to maintain eye contact with her
trainer, legs astride balancing on high heels. Their hips thrust downward
in tempo with the other girls. Then together each young lady pulled back
leaving just the knob gripped gently by moist labia lips for all to see,
before again crushing down against the top of her vaulting horse over and
over, again and again.

All of the impaled riders were at most eighteen years old, all are
currently engaged in a detailed program of sexual conditioning.

How these thirty 'particular' girls came to be here in the staff hall
and at the mercy of a depraved government is a long story indeed.

"Mmph, Eiiii Arghhh Ohhhhhhhhh" the young, teenagers huffed through
their noses as they clutched the back of their necks fingers interlocking
underneath and where necessary holding up their hair.

The girls were mostly doing well today. Obedience has been drilled
through corporal punishment into their psyche repeatedly over the past few
weeks, although three or for were letting the side down and often lost the
rhythm they will be dealt with later.

The young girls arched their backs and continued to grind like snakes at
the speed dictated by the young guard. Each girl trying to remember what
she had seen in the many pornographic video tapes and photographs they had
been made to study recently, hoping that perhaps if she did well in this
masturbating exercise her guard might go easy on her when it came time for

Each girl for all her worth rammed onto her "rubber lover" over and over
again. Some thought their insides would split open. Fortunately for them
all had quickly "juiced up", and the target communal orgasm after forty
five minutes was met by most of the riders. Those who 'arrived' early or
late at their orgasms will be severely beaten.

Giddy up ! Giddy up !

If the prisoners couldn't follow those simple instructions what could
they follow? the fat guard added with a giggle.

Arrogant bitches snarled the other!

Turning back to Mary the guards renewed their mauling, "I suppose you
will get your own private room or something?" "You must be joking " replied
the other guard.

"She was charged with is a serious political offense, she can expect a
good public thrashing every day for the first six weeks, I guess with a
strap across her naked bum"

"Good !" he retorted with a smile "Shit happens when she commits another
offense against the rules?"

"What do they mean by offense?" asked the other.

"From what I've been seen the facility has an ascending scale of
punishments that include informal thrashings with the cane to I suppose a
two hour session on the mechanical whip machine, which is regarded there as
pretty tame."

About two hours from starting out, the prison van pulled into a motorway
service area for a comfort break, both young guards are now feeling very

Mary's guards had planned, as is 'custom and practice' to enjoy their
comfort break and not to let "This tasty piece of cargo" arrive without a
sound fucking.

The guards popped their electric batons back in to their belt loops,
placed back on their heads their uniform hats and led the frightened
handcuffed prisoner past the shop area and past a 'bus load of knowing
jeering schoolboys to the male toilet rest room area.

With a cubicle door held widely open they found it could easily
accommodate the three of them. "Piss Time", said the younger of the two

He roughly turned Mary to face the door, drew his baton out of the loop
on his belt and pressed it firmly across the back of her neck forcing her
face against the white wall tiles. She felt the hem of her skirt being
raised and then her panties being lowered, soon followed by the instruction
to squat! as soon as her buttocks reached the seat its coldness triggered
her bladder and she blushed as heard her wee wee tinkle into the water

Eyes tightly clenched she heard the sound of the toilet paper dispenser
being pulled, then after being commanded to stand felt a none to gentle
male hand pat her dry.

Returning to the washbasins, she had no idea how much longer the drive
would take or what was about to happen. The ginning men watching
reinforced her helplessness and her fear of the future.

"Ppplease Sir" she stuttered. "May I have my restraints removed?".
"For heavens sake girl can't you take a telling ?" said the fat guard
poking her in the back of the neck with the end of his baton. "Better not
risk it" commented the other guard. "We certainly don't want her getting
familiar with us.... have you got the rubbers ?" The other guard searched
in his security box and handed over a pack of black ribbed condoms to his

"Stand still, and don't you dare move" he said. With one guard holding
her handcuffed arms high in the air forcing her to bend over the other
unzipped his flies undid his belt and pushed his trousers down to his
knees. To the cheers of the men in the toilets he pushed his pants down and
casually caught hold of his penis and pumped it fully to erection.. After
slipping on the rubber he used both hands, one holding his knob, the other
round his testicles to savagely shove his dick tip fully into the prisoners
vagina. "Get on with it " encouraged the other guard said. To the jeers
and wolf whistles the fat guard proceeded to slowly rape Mary .

Blushing scarlet, Mary screamed, twisted, cried and beged for help but
the relentless rape simply continued, every time she moved her arms were
raised and the pain increased.

Throughout her rape Mary could hear her rapist discussing with his
audience how she felt.

Eventually he finished with her. Holding her face up he showed her the
used condom.

"Soon, very soon, you will be checked for infection then you wont be
seeing any more of these for a while!" he grinned, "only raw dicks and
punishment condoms for you young lady!"

He pulled up his pants and slid up his trousers. When his belt and
flies had been fastened the guards changed places.

Holding Mary whilst he colleague had his turn with her, the guard
continued his conversation with the watching men. The fatter guard, soon
relieved himself inside Mary and offered to collect food for the rest of
the journey.

A number of men who had been watching the rapes exchanged pleasantries
with the guards and had a quick free feel up between Mary's legs.

The guards let everyone have a good feel of Mary before they pulled up
her panties.

Mary weeping loudly was then pulled her over to the disabled rails
around the toilet and was handcuffed to the lower rail, leaving her
sobbing, raped and half standing to take the strain off her sore wrists

Watching his departing colleague the thin guard calmly proceeded to use
the toilet, Mary for all the world was merely a pet dog chained to the rail
waiting for her master.

With satisfied grins, batons swinging triumphantly and metallic
equipment rattling on their belts the guards frog marched Mary back to the
prison van, each holding one arm up just below the elbow in a fierce
uncomfortable grip.

Schoolboys on a departing bus looked on as the prisoner was bundled into
the van and dreamed of growing up! Each lad knowing what had happened and
what was going to happen to this girl when she was delivered to the camp.

As they settled in the back of the van Mary failed to move fully to her
side of the rear seat. The fat guard calmly drew his baton and rapped her
twice hard across the knees. "Move it bitch, its bad enough having to
condom fuck scum like you without having you invading my space!".

Mary still doesn't know the full extent of the horrors which await her
at Felicity, but she soon will!

With cunt, knees and wrists throbbing painfully, Mary's onward journey
to the Female Correctional Facility continues.

By SmCyber


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