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FERRYSONG videos for the internet Cat was

Ferry Song
(c) 1999 by jlm (jlm68@hotmail.com)
Fiction (Bondage ) 2417 words
What may happen during a Video-shot ?

Catherine looked at herself in the mirror, pouting her lips. She thought herself
too pale and started pinching her cheeks. Much better. As if on cue, the doorbell
rang and her lover, Dale Thomas entered.
"Hello Honey!"
"Hi babe, I missed you!"
They exchanged a deep passionate kiss, hugging, then he looked affectionately at
"We have the whole night. Marge is not returning until six tomorrow morning."
He made a face.
"She has discovered a new casino."
Cat sighed inwardly. She knew Marge, Dale's wife. When Dale had been summoned by
his father to take control of this new facility three years ago Marge had been his
secretary, and for two years had preached her deep love for him. He fell for her
and eventually married her. A mistake, for he soon discovered she wasn't in love
with him but with his money and that her second passion was gambling. A "normal"
couple would have divorced under those conditions, but there had never been a
divorce in Dale's family and he couldn't decide about breaking the family
Slowly cat guided him into the bedroom. The place was only lit with candles. 40
candles, the same amount than his age. She undressed him, sitting him on the bed,
then stepped out of her dress. She knelt in front of him only clad in garters and
stockings and presented him with a gift.
"Happy birthday my love." she told him.
His face became radiant, a warm, funny twinkle in his eyes.
"Cat, you're.....! Thanks....thank you so much."
Eagerly, like a child, he ripped the package open. A frown appeared.
"Damn Cat. What is this? Isn't this one of your kinks?."
"Oh Dale...that has nothing to do with my kinks. It is a simple vacuum tube. You
slip it over....There, I'll show you."
With swift movements, cat took the tube and slipped it over Dale's manhood.
Grinning at him, she took the bulb in her hand and rapidly gave a few squeezes.
"AARRGH, CAT...Turn that off...You're ripping it off..CAATT!"
Dale's screaming made Cat's smile vanish and she hastily looked for the release
He had tears in his eyes and both his hands clenched on the tube dangling between
his legs.
In a frenzy, cat looked for the valve but couldn't find it.
"Please, CAT..take that thing off...take it OFF!"
"I'm trying, Don't scream like that, please!"
Hurrying, she felt the rubber pump and, yes, there it was, hidden behind the hose
was the release valve. With her fingernails she turned the valve and with a whoosh
of sound the vacuum collapsed. Dale, now free, collapsed on the bed, both hands
gently feeling and probing his fiercely red cock.
"Damn Cat.....You know I don't like your Pain games. I'm not into BSDM."
"BDSM, Dale and yes, you told me that already."
Cat sighed, shaking her head. How glad she would be if he would agree to try a few
of her games. He had told her, back when they had started dating, how he had been
frustrated about being sent to this area, while his former girlfriend, Megan, had
been left behind. And how glad he had been about their being apart when he heard
she worked for a bondage company.
Slowly and lovingly, she reached out and caressed his hair, soothing him. Gradually, her caress become more intimate and shortly, they were making furious
A while later Dale was leaning against the bed's headboard inhaling deeply the
smoke of his cigarette. cat was lying beside him under the bed coverings, one hand
fondly playing with his chest hair.
"I deeply appreciate my second gift. I wish we could stay like this forever"
He smiled lovingly at her.
"Then break up with Marge and marry me." cat said.
With a start, his face fell and became somber.
"You know quiet well that is impossible."
Impossible my ass, cat thought, only that damn family tradition.
His face lit up and quickly he turned his head, looking at her with his big boy
"But next weekend, I'm free. Marge has some bridge contest running where she has
reached the regional semi-finals. She has to leave Friday for the capital and
won't be back until Mid-Monday. We can spend the whole weekend together."
"Shit!" With a start, cat sat up, dangling her legs over the edge of the bed and
turning her back on him.
"And you couldn't tell me that earlier, could you?"
He looked at her with a puzzled expression.
"I'm working that weekend. Jerome called. Some old Ferry has wrecked down at Blue
Lake. Jerome has gotten permission to film on board before they move the wreck to
the docks. He called me today...and I agreed to go."
Dale's expression became more dark and somber. He didn't like Jerome Beauclair,
Cat's boss, the owner of "BOW-Bondage on the Web", a small company making web
enabled real time videos for the internet. cat was his Number One movie Star. But
still he didn't like the man, or the product. He had no trust in him.

With a hard edge in his voice he asked. "And what will be the theme this time?"
She gave him a bitter smile. "Well, what do you think? A woman trapped on a ship,
taken captive by three guys and tormented. Being freed at the end by a hero."
He nodded somberly. "That's what I thought."

The man moved his well endowed frame around the slightly inclined deck. Looking
around, he noticed the film crew standing behind the carefully hidden camera
lines, waiting for his orders to start filming.
Two times already had they started the sequence and both times the weather played
against them. Glancing at the sky, Jerome Beauclair saw not one single cloud. As
it turned out THIS would be the shot. Turning abruptly he stuffed an unlit cigar
in the corner of his mouth and went back to his seat.
"Okay folks. We're doing it. We can't keep those gents there waiting."
With a slight grin, he motioned to the lake side where a small crowd had gathered.
Understandably, citizens from Blue Lake were curious. It wasn't every day they got
to see a nude woman starring in a movie being filmed outside.
Cat, with high heels, a short black leather miniskirt and a transparent bluish
silk blouse began running across the deck, screaming. Behind her, two male actors
were following, one waving some rusted iron bar he had taken from the deck.
What asshole has decided I should run in high heels, cat was cursing silently, as
she slipped yet again. A hand appeared behind her and grabbed her shoulder. She
screamed anew and jerked away, freeing herself from the hand. But the hand didn't
loose all it's grip and Cat's blouse made a ripping sound as it was being torn
She screamed again, and managed a few steps more but her path was blocked by a
third man. Without any emotion he punched her in the stomach, and, as written in
the story board, she fell to the deck.
"Damn, that punch was real. Be careful" cat managed to tell him between gasps. But
he only looked at her with cold eyes.
I'm telling Jerome I don't want to work with that one anymore. Cat's thoughts were
Her followers had reached them and, taking some cables lying around, they fastened
her hands behind her, and cinched her arms to her torso, wrapping the small cable
a couple of turns around her. Six hands grabbed the remnants of her blouse and
tore the rest off. cat was now standing on the deck, clad only in her heels and
One of her attackers balled the fabric together and stuffed it in her mouth while
the other wrapped a sleeve around her head, holding the gag inside.
Satisfied with their work, each of them grinned at each other and went to either
side of Cat. They each took a nipple in hand, pinching them hard, and pulled her
along behind them. The third one made sure she followed them, whipping her
backside with his belt.
"Yes, that's great work." Beauclair called out. "Now the whipping scene .........
John, do you get everything?"
Beauclair stood beside his chair directing. One of his camera crew gave him a
thumbs up sign.
Cat was now brought over to a broken railing. Her captors pushed her over the
rail, bending her at the waist and fastened her there with some more cables.
Finished, they opened her legs and cinched her ankles wide apart.
One of them pressed a hand on her back, gripping her hair while the other sat flat
on the deck and used both hands to pull on the nipples of her dangling breasts.
The third one stood behind her and took a small, prepared, piece of wood which he
used as a cane, whipping her buttocks with it. Only muffled screams escaped her
On the shore, people became nervous, whispering in amazement and wondering if it
was really only a movie.
Jerome nodded, grinning, and decided to move on. "Next...the post scene!"
Yep...this would be a success on the web.
Releasing her from the railing, the three of them pushed cat to the signal post
and began wrapping yards of aerial cable around it and her. They made sure the
ties were tight, uncomfortable, and would made a good visual.
Cat grunted. Her arms had already begun to numb. But what was this. Her friend,
the puncher, had motioned his fellows to shove her skirt up to the waistband,
exposing her crotch. With some cursing, because her leg ties were already finished
and tight, he pushed the cable between her legs. Passing it over her hips in the
back before coming out again the other side between the legs, he exposed her
crotch, making a tight triangle.
"That's good, that's good.....Toni, make sure you got everything. John change
position" Jerome said.
Tied tightly as she was, she couldn't squirm much when her three tormentors came
at her with fresh cut nettles. After some more minutes of action, the puncher
stood in front of her with his cane and slapped at her boobs and cunt.
"Okay, last stage....the bit!" Jerome commanded.
The male actors looked puzzled at Cat. Trussed up like she was, freeing her would
take some time. But then, one of them glimpsed come cable pliers and rapidly she
was freed from the post.....only to be placed, legs apart, on an armature winding
Again, some nylon coated wire was brought out and her legs were bent sideways,
leaving her open, sitting like a jockey on a racehorse. With a few swift cinches,
she was knotted to the bit, unable to stretch or close her legs.
"Go on..Go on!"
What should they do next? The question was clearly written on their faces. cat
shook her head inwardly. Amateurs. But in every situation, she could be sure that
the her friend, the puncher would take action. She saw him coming, grinning from
ear to ear. What was his purpose. She wouldn't have to wait long.
As it turned out, he had some fishing line in his pants. Taking the coil out of
his pocket, he made a loop which he slipped over one of her erect nipples, then he
wrapped the line once around her neck and came back down in front. Slowly, he took
out the slack, lifting her breast flesh, and quickly made a second loop around her
other nipple.
Cat moaned through her gag. This was a position which would take a hell of a lot
of concentration for her not to cry from the pain. Damn Jerome. Didn't he see that
this hurt?
The puncher, satisfied with his work, pulled the gag out of Cat's mouth, then
nodded to his comrades and the three of them made some sort of tribal dance around
their captive.
Jerome was getting impatient. "What are you waiting for? Go on...Go on.....Be
Imaginative, yeah right. Now even the puncher had question marks in his eyes. With
a sigh, cat made a sucking motion with her lips. The puncher, grinning again,
nodded and begun unbuttoning his trousers. His fellows, seeing what was going on,
looked around. Happily, one of them spotted a pair of plumber pliers. The two of
them gripped the pliers and clamped them around Cat's bound nipples while the
third managed to get his cock out.
Just as he was shoving it in Cat's mouth, some sort of fierce scream came from
across the deck and another male actor, looking like some ancient Greek God,
stormed the scene.
He punched the first tormentor in the stomach. The second was backhanded and went
over board into the water. As the "God" turned to puncher, puncher made a
shrieking sound and without bothering to pull up his pants, turned around and fled
as fast as he could...which was not easy with his pants around the ankles.
The "God" turned to cat and, with slow gestures, freed her of her bonds.
One last scene. He helped her get up from the bit. She straitened her skirt. He
took her in his strong arms. She looked lovingly in his eyes. In slow motion their
heads came nearer, touching and then they exchanged a deep kiss...
"AND ...CUT .....Good job. Toni shut off that light. John did you get everything?
Yes? Right. cat that was a fine job. Paul, next time more imagination."
Puncher came back and made a face. The actor that had gone into the lake was
hauled on board and from the shore the spectators were clapping their hands.

Cat sighed and looked at herself. Wire marks and welts covered her whole body. One
woman from the film crew came to her, helping her step into a cotton jumpsuit and
gave her a mug filled with steaming coffee.
As cat walked to the shore, sipping the hot liquid, she saw that the spectators
were already leaving, helped out by the film staff. Turning by her car, she nearly
stumbled over the man leaning on the hood. Dale looked at her, his face pale and
tense, his whole body shaking.

"Okay, you've won. I gave notice to my lawyer. I'm divorcing Marge. You stop this
shitty job and marry me and we'll live happily ever after. Are you happy?"

Cat smiled.

First Book of hidden Dreams
Ferry Song

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