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FF1 video store had both films


Family Frolic (inc Mf Fm ff mm tg group cons)
(c) 1999 Anais Ninja

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. If the laws of your jurisdiction
prohibit this sort of thing stop reading and go out and play. Yes, you.


My sister and her husband wanted to take a few weeks off in the sun and
asked me to look after their kids for a while. I'd move out of my tiny
apartment and into their house for the duration. As I was still living
off my severance and they had a nice spread with an indoor pool and a hot
tub, I readily agreed. The kids, fraternal twins of opposite sexes, were
almost 12 and were capable of looking after themselves anyway.

After my sister and her husband left for the airport, I took Jen and
Tommy out to dinner. I let them choose where (it was on their parents'
credit card). After the usual sibling tug-of-war, they decided on
Mexican food. Jen changed out of her school uniform and into a pretty
floral minidress. It was a warm spring evening and Tommy wore baggy
shorts and a t-shirt.

Dinner was actually fun. I hadn't spent much time with my niece and
nephew and was pleasantly suprised at how mature and polite they were. I
mainly remembered them as noisy precocious toddlers. They'd really grown

Tommy had reached that age where a boy becomes aware of his body image
and it's role in self-esteem and social standing. He hadn't hit his
growth spurt yet and was 4'8" and 100 lbs. But he'd started to work out
with free weights in the basement of the house. He lacked the bulk for
muscle but the workouts gave him a lean, wiry look. His delicate
features, longish hair, and smooth complexion made him look pretty in an
almost feminine way, though he'd die to hear that.

Jennifer was just beginning to blossom into womanhood, with gently
swelling hips and tiny budding breasts. Her shoulder-length hair and
bangs framed a face even more delicate than Tommy's. My sister encouraged Jen to try out for sports and cheerleading, things Jen
excelled at. But she had a natural leaning towards things artistic and
spiritual, far from the competition her mother thrived on.

We had a lively conversation about the social structure of sixth grade
classes and what to expect in junior high. The kids stuffed themselves,
leaving nothing for a doggie bag. After dinner, the kids were still
hungry, so we stopped for ice cream. As we sat on a bench outside the
store, I asked Tom and Jen what video they'd like to watch tonight.

Again, the sibling tug of war, ending in a split decision between
"Terminator5" and "Sleepless in Tacoma". I refused to get in the middle
so when we left the video store, we had both films, plus a porn flick for
after their bedtime. It was Friday night, so bedtime would be Midnight.
The kids were allowed to stay out 'til 10pm if they wanted.

It started raining just as we got home. Jen won the coin toss, so we
watched "Tacoma" first. Tommy went to take a shower and got back to the
living room just in time to see Sandra Bullock in her bra and panties.
Tommy was dressed in a pair of boxers and his erection was instantly
visible. He tried to hide it as he sat on the couch with me and Jen.

After "Tacoma", Jen went to take a shower. Tommy slotted "Term5" and we
sat back to watch the carnage. I refilled my Scotch from Corrine and
Jack's liquor cabinet.

"Uncle Henry? Can I have a beer?"

"Do your parents let you drink?"

"Sometimes. Never on school nights."

"Sure," I replied.

"Way ahead of you, Uncle," Jen said. She stood at the doorway in a sheer
babydoll nightie. Her tiny panties left nothing to the imagination. She
held two unopened beers and a glass of Scotch. Jen sat down on the couch
between me and Tommy.

We watched the second video, Jen refreshing our drinks three times like a
gracious hostess. I noticed her smiling as she watched my eyes scan her
scantily clad form. That didn't deter me from looking, but I tried not
to be so obvious about it. For the rest of the movie, Jen kept her bare
thigh in contact with mine. Peeking over, I could see she was doing the
same with her brother.

After the movie ended, I stood up and headed for the bathroom.

"You kids can watch MTV while I'm in the shower, but when I get back,
it's bedtime," I announced to much groaning and moaning. I took a quick
shower, resisting the temptation to jerk off. Jen had left me horny with
her little girl teasing. I'm sure watching porn wouldn't help.

When I returned to the living room, I was stunned to see the porn flick
on the TV. Jen had her hand inside Tommy's boxers and was slowly jerking
him off. I interrupted the sibling hand job with a brisk clearing of my
throat. Jen jumped in suprise, while Tommy just turned beet red.

"I'm not going to ask what's going on here, because that's painfully
obvious. If your parents knew what was happening right now, they'd have
me arrested," I said in a low, measured tone. I punched the stop button
on the VCR. The kids sat frozen in fear.

"Not to mention that what you're doing is incest and that's wrong," I

"B-b-but..." Tommy tried to say.

"No buts, Tommy."

"But our parents know," Jen cried.

"Don't bullshit me, Jen."

"They do!" Tommy yelled.

"Lower your voice, young man." Tommy cowered, but Jen sat upright and
looked me in the eyes.

"It's true. We've been in bed with them and each other. mommy and Daddy
started coming into our rooms a couple of years ago. You know, to show
us stuff."

I looked at Tommy. He nodded.

I sat down at the end of the couch and took a big sip of scotch. Then I
sent the kids off to bed, telling them that we'd discuss this tomorrow.
What I didn't add was that seeing Jen stroking Tommy's cock was the
hottest thing I'd seen in a while. While I rewound the video back to the
top, I sat and thought about what I'd seen and what Jen had said. I
still wasn't convinced that my sister and her husband would involve their
pre-adolescent children in their sex play. It just wasn't normal.

The rain kept pouring and so did the scotch. I watched most of the porn
flick, an uninspired anal gang bang and three-way. I idly stroked myself
as I drank, smoked, and soaked up the electrons. I headed off to bed.

Just as I hit the bedroom light, there was a flash and a loud peal of
thunder. A split-second later, the power went out. And a half-second
after that, Tommy and Jen let out frightened shrieks from their rooms. I
stumbled over to the bed and fished through the night table drawers for a
flashlight. I felt a tube of something, a hard metal object, and
something long and plastic. I grabbed that, only to realize that it was
a vibrator. I quickly dropped it back in the drawer and kept fishing
until I found a Maglite. I lit it and dashed into the hall. Both kids
were huddled by the top of the stairs.

"There's nothing to be afraid of," I said. "It's just an outage."

The glow of the flashlight was warm and reassuring. Tommy looked a bit
embarassed at being frightened, but Jen was still shaking. The thunder
must have been a rude awakening.

"Can we sleep with you tonight?" Jen asked.

"No. You're both too old for that."

"Pleeeease?" they both begged.

"Okay," I relented. "But no funny stuff!" I smiled.

"We promise," they said. I'll bet. I knew what they were up to but I
was too drunk and horny to care. I led them to the master bedroom and
they hopped into bed, turning down the covers and fluffing up the
pillows. I stripped down to my boxers and got in to bed with them. They
left me room in between them. As soon as I settled in, both Tommy and
Jen both snuggled up against me. Jen threw her thigh over mine while
Tommy draped his arm across my stomach. Their soft, smooth skin felt
better than any silk.

It began to get warm under the covers. Jen quietly untied her nightie
and slipped it off. All she wore were her tiny, nearly-transparent
panties. She snuggled up against me, her budding little breasts pressing
against me chest. Tommy slipped his boxers off soon after.

"Why don't you take these off?" Jen asked, tugging at the waistband of my
boxers. I hesitantly complied, pulling them off over my rump and legs.
I usually slept naked, anyway. Jen untied the sides of her panties and
slipped them out from between her legs. Her hairless pussy felt warm
against my thigh.

My cock began to grow and it brushed against Jen's thigh. She snuggled
closer and sighed. I was erect almost immediately. Tommy must have felt
the covers shift because just then he moved his arm down so it touched
the head of my cock. I felt his hand slowly enclose my shaft and start
to stroke it lightly.

"Jen! He's bigger than Daddy!" Tommy exclaimed. Jen reached under the
sheets to verify this and soon enough both kids were strking my cock and
fondling my balls. I pulled my arms from under the covers and hugged
both children tight.

"I'm sorry I doubted you kids. You were telling the truth. But do you
really like this? Don't you feel like you're being used?"

"We love this, Uncle. Really. We have fun with our parents and each
other. If we didn't, we'd have talked to the police or a teacher," Jen

"Fine. Enough talking, I guess." With that, I brought my lips to my
niece's and we kissed deeply. I held both kids close and then relaxed
and began to explore their smooth young bodies with my hands. They
returned their attention to my cock and balls, with the size of my member
being a source of amusement and wonder to them.

Jen dived under the sheets and wormed her way between my legs. I felt
her soft lips on the head of my cock and then she took almost all of the
shaft. She began to suck me, swirling her tongue along the underside of
my cock. I threw back the covers so I could watch my little niece blow
me. I fondled Tommy's young butt and felt his little pecker grow hard
against my thigh. Little Jenny was ravishing my cock like an expert. All
of the evening's stimulation took its toll and soon I was erupting in
Jen's hot little mouth. She swallowed every drop without missing a beat.
After she milked me and licked me clean, she scooted up and gave me a

"I can't wait to feel that inside me," she cooed. Then she went to work
on her brother, laying between his legs and working over his hairless
cock and balls with her tongue. I crawled behind her and spread her
legs. I had to taste her hairless young pussy. She scooted her butt up
to give my mouth easy access. I parted her young lips with my finger and
then began to taste her sweet nectar. Her clitty was just beginning to
bud and was a bit hard to find. I sucked and licked her cunt while she
sucked her brother's eager young cock.

Jen's moaning and thrashing mounted as I kept lashhing her sensitive
little clit. She had to catch her breath a few times, but kept servicing
her brother. He looked close to cumming as I began to dip my finger in
her vulva. She increased the pace of her sucking when I began to
fingerfuck her. Finally, Tommy gasped and Jen took his cock to the hilt.
I let up my pace for a second to let Jen milk what semen Tommy's young balls had in them, and then continued to ravish her hairless young pussy with my fingers and tongue. Jen's heavy breathing became moaning and
then she gasped and tightened her thighs around my head. After a long
minute of moaning, Jen relaxed and sighed.

"That was the best, Uncle! Now let's see if I can fit your cock inside
me," she said.

I rolled over onto my back. My cock was just beginning to regain its
former size and shape. Tommy took matters into his own hand by stroking
and kneading my penis. Then he leaned over and started to suck me. Jen
fingered her little pussy as I grabbed Tommy's hips and brought his young cock within range of my lips. I took his soft cock in my mouth and began
to tease it with my tongue. His cock quiclky hardened in my mouth. I
found I could take all 4" in my mouth without gagging. Tommy licked and
sucked my cock and balls until I was fully erect, dripping a bit of

"All yours, Sis!" Tommy declared. Jen stradled my hips and reached down
to guide the head of my cock towards her pussy. She was still wet from
my tonguing and my glans slipped in easily. Jen gasped as I held her by
the hips, supporting her weight. She slowly eased herself onto my seven
inches of flesh. Her young pussy was extremely tight, even though she
wasn't a virgin. Tommy watched in amazement as Jen took my whole cock
inside her.

"Wow, Jen!" he exclaimed.

"How does it feel? Are you okay?" I asked her.

" feels wonderful. I just need a second to get used to it,"
she replied.

"Take your time," I said, stroking her smooth back and ass. Jen began to
move her hips, slowly at first. With Tommmy watching us and stroking his
cock, Jen began to thrust faster, moving further off my cock. I propped
myself up on my elbows and sucked on her budding breasts, nibbling at her
tiny nipples. That sent her over the edge and she began to come
convulsively. She buried her face against my chest as her hips ground
into my crotch. She held her hand against her mouth to stifle her cries.
Finally, she relaxed but she kept gently squeezing her pussy around my

"Tommy, I want you in my ass," she purred. Tommy found the tube of K-Y
in the bedside drawer and began to grease up his cock. Jen pulled
partially off my cock and presented her little ass to her brother. I
spread her cheeks apart as Tommy knelt behind her. Her brought his
greasy cock up to her little asshole and shoved it in. Jen let out a
little shriek. I felt Tommy's cock slide in through the walls of her
vagina. He began to slowly thrust in and out of his sister's tight
asshole. Jen met his thrusts and I joined in, moving my hips off the
bed. Fortunately, both kids were pretty light.

Jen began to moan and breathe heavily. I was pretty close to coming as
well and from the pace of Tommy's anal thrusts, it seemed that he was
close as well. Jen came first, her ass and pussy spasming around the two
cocks that were invading her young body. Tommy came next, leaving his
little drops of sperm in his sister's willing ass. Just as Tommy
finished, I came in Jen's tight little pussy. She must have felt the
torrent of hot semen because she grunted and tightened her love muscle
around my shaft, milking the sperm from it.

The kids both lay sprawled across my chest. I could feel my come leaking
from Jen's cunt. Tommy's soft cock slipped out of her ass with an
audible "pop", causing Jen to giggle. I softly kissed my niece and my
nephew and we drifted off to sleep.

I hadn't bothered to turn off the ceiling light so when the power was
restored, the overhead light woke me up. We'd been asleep for a couple
of hours. The kids groggily looked up as I got out of bed to shut the

"The power's back on. Nothing to worry about. Go back to sleep," I
whispered. I walked to the kitchen to get some water. All the scotch
and sex left me dehydrated. I poured a big glass for me and the kids and
walked back to the bedroom.

The kids were asleep, curled up together. I covered them with the
blankets and crawled in with them, my arms around both of them, and went
back to sleep.


I awoke the next morning to find two sets of tongues bathing my cock.
Tommy and Jen were eagerly cleaning last night's residue from my hard

"Whoa," was all I could say. Jen started to suck my cock as Tommy took
my balls in his mouth. My need to piss made these sensations even more
intense. I erupted in Jen's mouth and she started to swallow my load.
She saved the rest in her mouth and then kissed Tommy. They swapped my
come back and forth with their tongues.

"Thanks, Uncle Henry," Jen said. "C'mon, we've got the big bath filled
with hot water and bubble bath." She and Tommy led me to the master
bathroom with its huge round tub on a marble platform. The kids watched
as I emptied my bladder and then I joined them in the bath. Tommy and
Jen soaped each other up, taking plenty of time around each others crotch
and ass. I relaxed in the tub and watched this little show.

Jen had Tommy's cock hard in no time. She knelt down at the edge of the
tub and had Tommy enter her from behind. He fucked her with his eager
young cock. Jen seemed to enjoy his vigorous thrusting and encouraged
him to come. Tommy's butt stiffened as he shot his small load into his
sister's pussy. Then he pulled out and Jen presented her ass to me.

I knelt behind her and slid my hard cock into her open pussy. It was
tight but slippery with her brother's semen. I started fucking her
slowly, but quickly built up to her brother's frantic pace. Each thrust
seemed to knock the air out of her. She finally found enough breath to
cry out when she came. Watching her pretty little butt grinding down on
my cock sent me over the edge, and I filled her young slit with a blast
of hot spunk. We settled back into the bath and relaxed. It took a
while for me to soften in her pussy and she lay in my lap, squeezing my
cock, until I finally slipped out of her.

While drying off, Jen seemed really curious about the hair on my chest
and legs. When I asked about this, she replied that her father shaved
his at her mother's insistance. I found this curious.

"Well, maybe I shouldn't be telling you this, but mommy likes to dress
Daddy up in her clothes," Jen said.

"She dresses me up, too," Tommy added, blushing slightly.

"Tell me the rest over breakfast. I'm hungry," I said.

Jen made pancakes while she and Tommy filled me in on all of the details
of my sister and her husband's sex life. There were parties with other
couples, single men and women sharing their bed, and even a transvestite
maid that came once a week to do housework and service my sister and
brother-in-law. The kids weren't involved in any of this, though they
did manage to sneak peeks at some of the hot tub parties with other

Tommy and Jen had started fooling around with each other when they were
both nine. Jen walked in on Tommy in the bathroom, jerking off into a
pair of her cotton panties. This lead to the two of them sneaking into
each other's beds through the bathroom that connected their rooms. They
progressed from watching each other masturbate to masturbating each
other. From watching their parents they discovered oral sex and finally

One afternoon, their parents caught them together in the hot tub, fucking
like crazed weasels. They didn't notice their parents were watching
until after they came. Tommy and Jen were suprised that they weren't
punished. Though their mother was a bit upset that the kids were having
sex at age 10, their father seemed pleased, almost proud. He insisted on
having the kids watch as he made love to their mother, claiming that the
kids needed to "do it right". Their mother finally relented and soon the
kids were sharing their parent's bed. Though they were never involved in
the group sex scene, their parents were up front about the rest of their
kinky bedroom activities.

Jen learned how to suck cock from her mother and Tommy learned
cunnilingus with his father's coaching. Both kids were introduced to new
positions, anal sex, and sex toys. Bondage, crossdressing, and enemas
were also part of the kids' education. At each step of the way, the kids
pointed out, they were asked whether they wanted to try something new, an
offer they were free to refuse. Jen, for example, never had an enema,
though her brother liked them.

We finished breakfast. Tommy went to a neighbor's house to watch
cartoons with a friend. Jen needed to go shopping for summer clothes, so
we drove over to the local mall early to avoid the afternoon crowds.

Jen picked out an armful of skimpy skirts and dresses and went into the
fitting room to try them on. She came out pretty quickly, discarding
half of the items. I bided my time, checking out some of the women
shopping with their daughters. Finally, Jen made her final selections
and added some frilly bras and panties to her stack of clothing. I had
her parents' charge card to cover the staggering amount. Soon enough, we
were in another store. And another. Four stores later, we had about all
we could carry.

"Uncle Henry, would you buy me some pretty undies at Vicky's?" Jen asked.

"You're a bit too young for that, aren't you?"

"Am I?" she asked. Good point.

"I don't want the salespeople getting suspicious," I said.

"I have a plan..." she replied.

With Jen posing as my daughter, we went into the Victoria's Secrets
store, oestensibly to shop for a gift for my "wife". My "daughter" had
the secret measurements that a husband never knows. Oddly, my "wife" was
as petite as my "daughter". The saleswoman was happy to help a
thoughtful husband with such a pretty daughter. Maybe the daughter would
grow up to be a future customer. Little did she know...

We walked out of there with almost $300 worth of lingerie, even though
Jen would outgrow it in a year or two. Sexy lace bras, panties, and
garter belts, sheer lace thongs, a bustier, thigh-high stockings, and a
silk kimono, all charged to my card so my brother-in-law wouldn't have a
fit. Not that he couldn't afford it.

We drove back to the house to drop off the clothes and pick up Tommy for
lunch. Some of the seasonal places by the beach were starting to open
for the summer so we went for clams and lobster rolls. Jen took off her
sandals and dipped her feet in the water, still cold late in the spring.

We headed back to the house to take a swim in the indoor pool, watching
the clouds through the pool house's glass roof while we floated lazily.
The home delivery people dropped off the week's food and Jen dealt with
making sure they put it all away.

"They couldn't take their eyes off my bikini", she said when she

"You should be careful around strangers, sweetie," I said.

"I know, I know," she replied as she slipped back into the pool. She
ducked under the surface and came up between my legs, playfully tugging
at my trunks. I pulled her up and held her against me, her legs wrapped
around my waist. She gave me a playful smooch.

"They're will be plenty of time for that later, Jen. I should start
cooking dinner. I'm here to take care of you two, not fuck you silly,

"You're silly, Silly!" Jen complained. She and Tommy started splashing
me. I dived under the surface and managed to pull both of their bathing
suits down. I surfaced in the deep end for air and dived again. This
time I managed to pull both suits clean off. I held my trophies in the
air as the kids laughed and screamed. I threw their suits into the deep
end and went off to cook dinner.

An hour later, with a nice chicken curry simmering on the stove, I
rejoined the kids at the pool. They were sunning naked on the deck
outside the pool. I took off my clothes and joined them. I sent Tommy
in to get some beer. Jen rubbed sunblock on my back and I returned the
favor. We baked in the sun on a hot spring afternoon.

The air chilled as a sea breeze kicked in. The kids went inside to
shower while I took a few more laps in the pool. By the time I had
showered and dressed, Jen and Tommy were hungry from smelling the
aromatic curry. We sat down to eat just as the sun was setting.

After dinner, I took a drive to the video store to return last night's
movies and pick up some more. I rented all porn this time, three raunchy
videos, including one that featured gay sex and shemales. I picked up
some more beer and scotch and a pack of wine coolers for Jen, who didn't
care too much for beer.

Part of the basement of the house was finished as a family room, with a
big-screen tv that dwarfed the one in the living room and a conversation
pit sofa set that took up half the room. The kids had set up the room
while I was gone, covering the sofa with rubber sheets and linen and
lining up an impressive selection of sex toys, lotions, oils, lubricants,
and other accessories. Jen met me at the door and took the videos. She
was dressed in nothing but a tiny white cotton string bikini panty. Then
Tommy appeared, clad only in a tight fitting jock strap. He took the
alcohol from me and headed to the kitchen. Jen led me to the family room. As she was undressing me, Tommy appeared with drinks. He placed
them next to the sofa and helped Jen take my clothes off. Jen slotted
one of the porn flicks and Tommy handed me a scotch. I settled back on
the sofa with Jen and Tommy.

"Here. Smoke this before our hands get too oily," Tommy said, handing me
a lit joint.

"Is this your parents' stash or yours?" I asked.

"Mine," replied Jen.

We passed the joint around and sipped our drinks as the porn flicked
played. The light from the big screen was the only illumination. Jen
and Tommy flanked me on the big sofa as we watched the action.

On the screen, a teenaged girl was pleasuring two older men. She sucked one cock while stroking the other. Soon, one of the men pulled her up by
her hips and mounted her from behind. She came violently as the two men violated her from both ends and covered her with their sperm.

Jen looked up at me and smiled. I knew that she'd like to take the place
of the actress on screen. I winked back at her and she smiled again.

We finished the joint. Jen's soft hand found my hard cock and she
fondled it gently as we watched the movie. Tommy had his jock off and
was rubbing his cock as well. I reached down and rubbed Jen's soft
belly, working my way down towards her smooth pussy. She parted her
thighs and I probed her puffy nether lips. Jen cooed softly as I found
her clit and gently rubbed it. Her young pussy was slippery with love

Jen got up and knelt between me and Tommy and took both of our cocks in
her hands. She alternated between sucking and stroking us. Pretty soon,
my hot little niece had both of us hot and ready. She smiled as she
knelt on her hands and knees, presenting her lovely little ass to me.
Jen motioned for Tommy to come around to her front, while I positioned
myself behind her and prepared to mount her. I slowly slid my cock into
her tight, wet hole as she gobbled her brother's young pecker. Soon
enough Tommy and I were ravishing her sweet young body from both ends,
just like in the movie.

Jen's body began to convulse as she reached her first climax of the
evening. Her pussy tightened around my cock, trying to milk the cum out
of it. She grabbed her brother's ass with both hands and buried her face
in his crotch, taking his entire cock into her mouth. She encouraged him
to move his hips and fuck her mouth just as I was fucking her slit. As
soon as he began to come she took his cock out of her mouth and jerked
him off so his drops of semen spurted on her face. The sight of her
facial triggered my own orgasm. I pulled out of her hot pussy, flipped
her over, and came on her tits and belly. Jen greedily took my cock and
directed it towards her face, taking the last drops on her nose and chin.
She gently took my cock in her mouth and cleaned off the last drip of
cum while rubbing the semen on her belly and tits into her skin.

We smoked another joint and watched the movie. Tommy went to the kitchen
for more drinks while Jen gave me a backrub with hot oil. She rubbed the
kinks from my muscles, her hands lingering around my ass and thighs. She
did the same for Tommy when her returned and then he returned the favor.
Soon, our oily bodies were entwined on the sofa. I fondled a slippery
butt, not sure whether it was Jen's or Tommy's. Someone's hand found my
cock and gently stroked its oiled length.

My roving hands found Tommy's cock. I encircled it with my fingers and
gently stroked it and fondled it until he was hard. Jen had found my
penis and was doing me the same favor. I left Tommy to his own devices
and started fingering Jen's little honeypot. She squirmed and humped my
hand. The randy teen straddled me and guided my prick towards her
willing young snatch.

My cock penetrated her oiled lips and deep into her tight sheath. Jen
moaned and began to buck and writhe. Tommy mounted Jen from behind and
pierced her tight little ass with his hard young spear. Jen was
overwhelmed with the sensation of two cocks invading her pussy and bottom
and she thrust her hips harder.

As she neared her orgasm, her cunt and ass muscles rippled around the
cocks buried inside her. Me and Tommy ravished the young girl,
pleasuring her with our eager members. She writhed between us, caught up
in the delicious feeling of two cocks inside her. Her climax was
explosive and the young girl's body tightened up around Tommy's cock and
mine, making us come simultaneously. There was no facial this time. My
semen and Tommy's little load filled Jen's sweaty body. We fell back on
the sofa, an oily heap.

We relaxed an watched another tape. This one was an assortment of
different sex scenes, from straight sex to threesomes, lesbian and gay sex, shemales, bondage, femdom, orgies, and gang bangs. The kids were
fascinated with some of the scenes, especially the shemale. Two young twin boys were fucking and sucking a transsexual with huge boobs and a
long penis. They fucked her mouth and ass simultaneously and she ended
up fucking both of them.

"Mommy likes to do that," Jen remarked during a gang bang scene where a
young redhead takes three cocks at a time, servicing ten men in fifteen
minutes. At the end of the segment, she was literally covered in sperm
and sweat, smiling like a wanton slut, licking cum off her titties. Jen
seemed very interested in this.

"Do you think you could take my cock in your ass?" I asked her.

"I don't know. I can barely fit Daddy in there," she replied.

"It's up to you, sweetie."

"Clean off your cock with a washcloth, Tommy," Jen said. "I want
something to suck on while I take our dear Uncle's cock in my ass."

Tommy went to the basement bathroom to wash Jen's ass juice off as Jen
applied a big glob of lubricant to my stiffening cock. The thought of
taking her tight young ass had me hard in no time. Tommy returned from
the bathroom with a clean, hard cock. He wanted to see his sister take
all seven inches of my cock in her tight little hole.

Jen kneeled and presented her ass in a submissive posture. I spread her
ass cheeks and placed my cock head against her asshole. I eased the head
in and it popped in with a bit of resistance. Jen whimpered softly and
grabbed two fistfulls of sheet. Tommy kneeled by her head and she looked
up with a grimace.

"It's so big," she gasped. I slowly eased my cock deeper in her tight
little hole. She began to relax a bit as the lube warmed up. I paused
to let her get used to the feeling. Then I continued pushing my cock
deeper. She moaned and relaxed some more. Finally, I slid all of the
way in. I held her gently, kissing her neck and caressing her. She
looked back and smiled.

"It feels wonderful. Please go slowly at first. I'm still not used to
it," she said.

I kissed her and began to slide back out, very slowly. Half way back, I
thrust in again. Her ass loosened up a bit. I reached around and found
her clit, massaging it gently and teasing it as I slowly fucked her tight
little butt. Jen took her brother's cock in her mouth and sucked him as
I pumped her ass faster and deeper. She began to buck her hips back on
to my cock, driving it deeper into her rectum. I finger fucked her
faster as she greedily gobbled her brother's cock. My digital
manipulation brought her to orgasm just as her brother shot his load in
her mouth. Her ass clamped down around my cock and I came, blasting a
huge load of hot sperm inside her little belly. I held her tight as I
came in her. She kept my cock in her ass until it softened and slipped

"That was wonderful. I never thought it would feel so good. It hurt at
first, but that went away. It was like being a virgin again," she
sighed, contented. I held my niece and nephew close and joked about how
they'd wear me out in a few days.

Jen left briefly to pee and returned with a videotape.

"Would you like to see some home movies, Uncle?" she asked.


Jen popped the tape in the vcr and hit play. The scene was instantly
recognizable as the same room we were sitting in. My sister and her
husband were naked on the large sofa. They were soon joined by Tommy and
Jen, wearing matching cotton panties. Tommy proceeded to suck his
father's cock while my sister encouraged Jen to eat her pussy. Jack's
cock was just slightly smaller than mine. I was pleased to see that
Corinne's tits hadn't lost their perky shape, even after two kids.

Soon the kids switched partners. Tommy and Corinne 69'd while Jen and
Jack ate each other. As if on cue, Jack flipped Jen and entered her from
behind, while Tommy lay on top of Corinne and mounted her. They fucked
side-by-side and eventually climaxed together. The tape was a
compilation of the family's best scenes and got progressively kinkier.
Jack gives Corinne an enema and then adds his sperm to the mix. Corinne
dresses Jack and Tommy up in womens' undies and makes them suck each
other dry. Corinne takes Tommy in her ass and Jack in her neatly trimmed
pussy while licking Jen's hairless snatch. Jen puts on a strap-on double
dong and fucks Corinne senseless. It goes on and on. What a horny

My sexual energy hadn't flagged, though I needed a time out. I taught
Tommy and Jack some new positions, coaching them while they fucked,
caressing their young pumping bodies. Finally, I joined in, mounting Jen
and sliding into her messy slit while Tommy climbed on my back and pumped
my ass with his eager, young cock. When he came, I blasted into Jen's
spasming pussy, sending her into a long, intense orgasm.

My niece and nephew had managed to make me come six times since waking up
that morning. My cock was beginning to get sore, and I suspect Jen's
pussy was as well. We relaxed and watched some more porn before drifting
off to sleep on the big sofa.


I awoke the next morning to see Jen waking Tommy up just as they had
awakened me the previous day. She had his hard pecker in her mouth and
was gently sucking it. Tommy gently stirred and began to move his hips.

"Let me do it, Jen," I said. She withdrew and I took Tommy's glistening
cock to my lips. I swirled my tongue along its length as I took it in my
mouth. Jen began to suck my cock, her soft tongue feeling like velvet.
She scooted her hips over so that Tommy, now awake, could lick her pussy,
completing the chain. We sucked and slurped on each other until we came,
and then some.

We all had to pee so we trooped into the bathroom together. Jen sat on
the toilet while me and Tommy aimed our piss between her legs. We all
showered together, taking a lot of time carefully soaping each other up.
Jen wanted me to shave my chest and legs but begged her off. Tommy and I
took turns cleaning the inside of Jen's pussy with our soapy dicks. We
managed to leave more sperm than we removed.

We had breakfast and enjoyed the rest of that warm Sunday on the sun
deck, soaking up the sun. The property was large enough to afford some
privacy so we shed our clothes with little concern for anything other
than helicopters.

We spent the day in the sun, pausing only for lunch. The sun was just
beginning to set when we went in for dinner. Since it was a Sunday
night, the kids had school the next day. After an evening of tv, we all
retired to the master bedroom for a quickie before turning in for the


I drove Tommy and Jen to school the next morning. It was the first day
of the last week for them and they looked forward to an easy week with no
homework to speak of. I picked up coffee and a paper before returning
home. When I returned, there was a strange car in the driveway. I
carefully unlocked the door, suspicious of what might be behind it. My
only weapons were a rolled up newspaper and a hot cup of coffee.

I had forgotten about the housekeeper who came once weekly. She was in
the kitchen, washing dishes left over from the kids' breakfast. I could
hear the water running. I walked into the kitchen.

I had also forgotten that the housekeeper was a transsexual. She was
5'9", shapely and slender, with a black pageboy hairstyle. She was
wearing a skimpy pink maid's uniform with frilly lace trim and lots of
ruffled petticoats. Her skirt was short enough to reveal her frilly
rhumba panties and the tops of her fishnets. She wore 5" spike heels
that accentuated her height. She smiled as she saw me appear at the door
and shut off the water. She dried her hands and knelt down at my feet.

"Mistress Corinne has instructed this worthless slut Prissy to serve you
in any way you wish," she said, her eyes downcast. I lifted her cheek
and looked her in the eye.

"Right now I just want to drink this coffee. Carry on with your
housework until I decide what I want you to do," I said. It wasn't the
first time I'd chosen coffee over sex.

"As you wish," she replied and went back to work on the dishes.

I drank my coffee and read the paper for about an hour. Prissy was busy
vacuuming and dusting and doing laundry. When I had finished the
newspaper, I went and found her in the laundry room. She was folding
Jen's panties when I walked up behind her. As soon as she noticed my
presence, she put down the panties and knelt at my feet.

"Yes, sir?" she asked.

"Suck my cock, Prissy," I said.

"Yes, sir," she replied. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants.
Reaching into my shorts, she fished my fattening cock out. Her eyes went
a bit wide when she saw its length, but she quickly recovered her
composure and took my fat cock in her slut mouth, leaving a lipstick
ring near the base. Prissy licked and slurped my cock as if it were a
big pink lollipop, really enjoying having her submissive sissy mouth
used. I thrust my hips and rudely fucked her sissy face.

I pulled out of her mouth and ordered her to stand up and present her ass
to me. Prissy eagerly complied. I lifted her skirt and pulled her
ruffled panties down, exposing her pink ass cheeks and little brown
rosebud. Reaching under her ass, I felt her cleanly shaven balls and
stiff 5" clitty.

"I'm sorry I have a stiff clitty without your express permission, sir!"
she cried when I felt her up.

"That's quite alright, Prissy. It'll give me something to hold on to
while I use your slut pussy." I tied her hands together with a pair of
Jen's panties and hooked her hands over the faucet head. Then I eased my
slick cock into her tight sissy ass. Prissy gasped as the head of my
cock popped inside. She took my whole cock without whimpering. Taking
another pair of cotton panties, I wrapped them around her stiff clitty
and jerked her off as I pumped her shemale pussy. I ravished her ass
with my stiff cock, finally filling her belly with a huge jet of hot
semen. She came in my hand, filling the cotton panties with her cum.

Prissy dutifully licked my cock clean as my juice leaked out of her pussy and into the cotton lining of her panties. I left her to finish her
duties and went to take shower.

Prissy cooked and served lunch and had a head start on dinner. Before
she left at 5, she serviced me once more in the master bedroom. Her
shemale pussy was quite good at milking the last drops of come from a
cock, almost as good as her mouth. I looked forward to next week.

The kids came home from their after-school activities. Jen had her
uniform on, white blouse, plaid skirt, and knee socks. She did a quick
twirl when I remarked on how cute she looked, flashing her little cotton
panties at me. Tommy had his usual baggy shorts and t-shirt, comfortable
on a warm day. We'd sit down to dinner in an hour. In the meantime, the
kids wanted to know all about my day with the maid.

I sat down with a cocktail and told them about Prissy. They had met her
but had never seen her undressed, much less engaged in any sex play. Jen
was curious about her cock, but Tommy wanted to know if those tits were
real. I wondered if my sister was keeping them apart for some reason.
Prissy was primarily Corinne's sub, though Jack played with her on

Still, since school was out next week, it was a given that Tommy and Jen
would devise some method of spying on Prissy's activities. They had the
whole summer to try. We discussed gender issues over dinner and I was
suprised that my sister hadn't really discussed this to any great degree.
Considering she was encouraging Tommy to crossdress, I found this
somewhat curious.

Tommy and Jen's class had taken a Sex Ed course where homosexuality and
gender dysphoria were not discussed, the curriculum being more concerned
with abstinence and safe sex. Some of their classmates were even taking
oaths of virginity and sporting dinky silver rings, though Jen insisted
more than half the girls were still sleeping around. Some of them had
sworn off boys but slept with each other regularly. Jen estimated that
two thirds of her classmates had lost their cherries, some of them by age

I explained that my generation generally started sleeping around between
the ages of 14 and 16. Things had really changed in the intervening
years. Kids were getting older faster.

After dinner, I took them out for ice cream. A few of their friends were
there and the visit stretched out for an hour. I waited on the hood of
my car, eating my cone, watching the cute carhops on rollerblades. I
winked at one and she smiled back. She looked about eighteen, with a
shapely figure and long blond hair.

"Uncle's in love," taunted Jen.

"Fries with that?" added Tommy.

"I'm in lust," I replied, laughing.

"Her name's Heather and she babysits for us sometimes," Jen said. "And
she lives three houses down. She's graduating this week and going to
college in the fall."

Heather wheeled over just as we were getting back in the car.

"Hi, Tommy! Hi, Jen! This the new babysitter?" she asked.

I introduced myself. She told me how much she'd miss Tommy and Jen when
she left for school. I tried to recall if Corinne and Jack had invited
her into bed with them. Cori might have felt too threatened by this
delicious young girl. I doubt Jack could resist her charms, but she
lived close by which gave him no shot at a quickie on the drive home.

Heather left, saying that she hoped to see us soon and we drove home. I
helped the kids with some of their homework, proofreading their term
papers and prepping them for their last exam, U.S. history. I felt old reading about events that weren't in my old textbooks because they just
happened or they hadn't happened yet, like integration, Viet Nam,
Watergate, the end of the Cold War. Their texts ended right before
Desert Storm but right after the fall of the Berlin Wall

It was a few minutes after 10PM when I left them to the rest of their
homework and went to fetch a drink. On my way into the kitchen for ice,
the doorbell rang. I announced that I'd get it and went to the door.

It was Heather, still in her skimpy restaurant uniform, though wearing
sneakers instead of skates. She held a big book in her arms.

"I wanted to return a book Corinne lent me. I hope it's not too late,"
she said.

"Not at all. Can I get you a drink?"

"A soda would be nice. Thanks."

I poured her a cola on ice and handed it to her. We sat down on the
large living room sofa. I inquired about her choice of schools and
prospective major. She was going into computer science and physics,
figuring that she'd land a good job. I figured her for a Liberal Arts
type and guessed wrong. I told her I was between jobs but hoped to land
a position as a senior systems analyst. The job market was pretty good
but I wanted to relax on my severance for a while because my last job was
a burn-out position. And there was always working for my brother-in
-law's accounting firm as a fallback. They couldn't keep a sysadmin for
more than three months, mostly due to the headhunting firm on the same
floor of their building.

We talked for an hour. She idly played with a lock of her flaxen hair.
I found it hard to keep my eyes off her body. The uniform was designed
to emphasize cleavage, skinny waists, and long legs, something it did
very well.

I finally managed to steer the conversation onto the topic of
relationships, so it was natural for me to ask if she had a boyfriend.
She was in the midst of saying goodbye to hers as he was going overseas
for the summer. They had only been dating since January, but after prom,
she hoped it might become serious. Heather was reconciled with the break
-up, though. Long distance relationships never worked out, anyway.

I asked her if she'd like another drink and she asked what I was
drinking. I offered her some and she wrinkled her nose when she sniffed
my scotch. She asked if I could mix some in with her soda, so I went to
mix her a drink. I made it very weak, knowing she probably wouldn't know
the difference. I figured she'd act "drunk" anyway.

I returned to the living room and handed her the drink. I had freshened
my own as well. She sipped at it while we talked some more. She edged
closer to me on the couch as we talked. She got up to go to the bathroom
and I mixed her another drink. When she returned, she sat right next to
me, her thighs pressed against mine. I slipped my arm around her and she
snuggled close. We kissed and I tasted the soda and scotch on her

"So, how close are you to Jack and Cori?" I asked.

"I've sat for the kids since I was fourteen, though Cori didn't put the
moves on me until I was sixteen," she replied. I was suprised.

"Tommy and Jen managed to seduce me a year later. Cori knows, though
she'd rather have me to herself. I know their parents take them to bed,
but not when I'm around. Jen says they don't do all that much, anyway."

"They're a pretty active family, I guess."

"Does that include you?" she asked.

"I guess it does," I answered. We kissed again.

"Hang on a sec," I said. "I think we have company".

I got up off the couch slowly and turned in the direction of the glass
doors that led out to the patio. Jen and Tommy were frozen in the light,
trying to sneak past the doors for a better vantage point. I opened the
door and dragged them both in by their arms.

"Your parents may think it's cute and all, but I don't like being spied
on. Understood?" Jen and Tommy stood there looking sheepish. They were
dressed for bed, Tommy in his boxers and Jen in a short little nightie
and panties.

"How do you think we should punish them?", Heather asked.

"A spanking at the very least," I replied. "You can do Tommy. I get
Jen. I'll bet this was all her idea." Jen blushed beet red. Tommy
slowly walked over to Heather and assumed the position across her lap.
She roughly pulled his boxers down and began to spank his bare ass. Jen
came over and I dragged her across my lap. I slowly pulled her sheer
panties off her ass and down her thighs. I reared my arm back and
slapped her pert little ass again and again.

Heather and I gave the kids fifteen mild ones, though their butts were
red and sore nonetheless. I figured they'd console each other in
private. I was glad to lay down the law. We sent them off to bed
rubbing their stinging cheeks.

"Actually, having them watch sort of turns me on," Heather said after
they left.

"I can bring them back if you want," I said.

"No, that's okay. Where were we?"

"Right here." I wrapped my arms around her and we continued to make out
on the couch. I unzipped Heather's uniform and fondle her breasts through her lacy bra. She was a nice perky 34C. Heather shrugged her
top off and reached back to unclasp her bra. Her breasts spilled out and
I savored her luscious melons with my hands and tongue. Her nipples
hardened at the first flick of my tongue. She mewled softly as I worked
my hand up under her skirt towards the lacy legbands of her cotton
panties. She spread her legs and I could feel the wetness seeping
through her panty crotch.

"I've been wet since I met you in the parking lot," she whispered. We
kissed again and she unzipped her skirt. I took the opportunity to slip
out of my jeans and shirt. Heather skinned off her panties and we lay on
the couch, side-by-side, naked. We explored each other's bodies slowly,
lost in the novelty of the moment.

Heather's hands found my stiff cock and she smiled and kissed me. She
scooted around so we were head to toe and placed her full lips on my
engorged member. I parted her thighs and took in her sweet smell. She
had trimmed her bush back neatly and her flower-like lips were hairless.

I probed her delicate petals with my tongue and tasted her essence. She
slowly sucked and licked my cock as my tongue found her pearly teen clit,
teasing and lashing the bright litle bud. Almost immediately, Heather's
thighs began to quiver. I tongued her clitty faster and could feel her
moaning as she sucked me. I sucked harder at her pussy and worked a
finger inside her juicy hole. Heather came hard, tightening her legs
around my head and humping down hard on my tongue.

When she came down from her climax, I pulled my cock from her mouth and
knelt between her legs. Her chest was flushed and she had a wild look in
her eyes. I guided my cock towards her wet hole and she thrust her hips
to meet it. We were fucking hard and fast from the get go and soon she
was coming again. This time I joined her and her throbbing pussy milked
the cum from my balls. I lay on her soft breasts, content, letting her
slowly run her fingers through my hair. I planted a forest of gentle
kisses down her neck and along her breast.

"How long can you stay tonight?" I asked.

"I'm supposed to be sleeping over at a friend's house," she replied.
"School ended for me last week."

We adjourned to the master bedroom. Heather sucked me hard and I took
her from behind this time. She sucked me dry once more before we fell


The kids woke us up in the morning. They were dressed for school. I
threw on some clothes and drove them to school. Heather stayed at the
house to shower and cook me breakfast.

When I returned, Heather was in the kitchen along with another girl.
They were chopping onion and pepper for an omelette. Heather introduced
her friend, Sascia, a pretty young brunette.

"I owe Sash an alibis for last night," Heather said.

"Thanks, Sascia," I added.

"Any time," she replied. "Heather said she had a lot of fun."

Heather blushed and elbowed her friend playfully. I poured a cup of
coffee and watched the girls cook. We sat down to a delicious breakfast.
The girls had a day of shopping. I declined their invitation to tag
along, though watching them model undies at Vickie's might be
interesting, my credit card was maxed out.

Sascia got up to use the bathroom, leaving me alone with Heather.

"Can I see you again?" I asked.

"Sure. I'd love that. Why don't I cook dinner for you and the kids
tonight? They must be tired of takeout," she said.

"I'm a pretty fair cook if I may say so."

"What about all the takeout cartons in the fridge?"

"Jack and Cori. I've only been here four days and we had my chicken
curry twice and went out once. And Cori's shemale maid cooked for us
last night. But I'd like to take up your offer of dinner, though. A
night off might be nice."

"You can cook for me the next night," she said, squeezing my hand. Just
then Sascia returned and she let go, but not before sharing a knowing
look with her friend. I said I'd take care of the dishes so after
breakfast I thanked the girls. Before they left for the mall, I gave
Heather a long, deep kiss. It looked as if I had a friend for the
summer. The kids would be bummed.

I took a long soak in the tub and got dressed. This was my first free
day since arriving and I had about five hours before I had to pick the
kids up at the mall. I drove into town and picked up a few groceries and
some more booze. I ran a few errands and paid some bills. After a long
lunch, I went shopping for some summer clothes.

By the time I was done, it was time to meet the kids at the main entrance
of the mall. I was loaded down with bags, but I only had to wait about
ten minutes. The kids had some booty of their own. I informed them of
our dinner plans and we loaded our stuff in the car.

Jen couldn't help teasing me about Heather. Tommy looked a bit glum.

"What's up, Tom," I asked.


"C'mon. Tell me. Are you jealous or something?"

Jen was about to pick up on this and tease her brother, but I flashed her
a serious look. At the next stop light, I turned to face Tommy.

"You really like Heather, don't you?" Tommy blushed. I pulled over at
the curb when the light changed.

"Tommy, I'm sorry you're upset about this, but I really like her. I
think she likes me, too. But if it's any consolation to you, she's
leaving at the end of the summer, so I really don't see getting serious
about this. And I happen to know she likes you and thinks you're really

Tommy looked a little less sullen, but I could tell he wasn't convinced.

"Hey, kiddo, cheer up. You know you'll have more than a few good times
with us. I wouldn't have it any other way. She didn't want me to kick
you kids out of the room last night. She thought it would be fun to have
you watch. You know where I'm going with this, don't you?"

Tommy brightened up, noticably. Jen smiled, too, and and she took my
hand and squeezed it hard. I knew she wasn't looking forward to sharing
me with Heather, but she had no choice. I put the car in gear and we
drove home.

Heather had let herself in with the key Cori had given her. She was busy
in the kitchen preparing a big pasta meal. The kids and I unloaded the
car. The kids went off to shower an change for dinner.

I entered the kitchen and came up behind Heather, embracing her from
behind and kissing her neck. She turned in my arms and gave me a big
hello kiss. Beneath her apron, she wore a short, black cocktail dress.
I felt my way under her hem and cupped her cute ass. She ground her hips
into my thigh before we broke off our embrace.

"Do you mind if I invite Sascia to dinner? Her boyfriend just left to
join his unit and I know she'll be lonely," she asked.

"Sure, go ahead. Would you like a glass of wine?" This wasn't going to
be an "intimate" dinner, seeing as Tommy and Jen were with us, so I
didn't mind. I poured a couple of glasses of red.

Heather didn't need any help cooking, so I sipped my wine and watched her
cook. Tommy and Jen, fresh from their shower, came in to say hello.
Heather hugged and kissed them both. I wondered if this was for my

Heather put the kids to work setting the table. I drained my wineglass
and went to shower and change for dinner.

Sascia was there when I returned from my shower. She wore a little black
sheath dress, almost like Heather's. I detected the fine hand of a
scheming teen at work here but I didn't let on. I poured Sascia some
wine and we stood around the kitchen trying to stay out of Heather's way.

Dinner was served in the formal dining room. The low lights and candles
on the table would have made for a romantic evening for two. Heather
seated me at the head of the table. We all sat down to a delicious meal.

We went through two bottles of wine. Tommy and Jen were limited to a
glass each, I pretty much polished off a bottle by myself, leaving
Heather and Sascia enough wine to make them slightly tipsy. Tommy and
Jen looked a bit flushed, as well. Wine made me horny at times and I
wondered if the kids were feeling it.

"Uncle, can we be excused?" Jen asked. "We'd like to use the hot tub."

"Sure. Just watch the temperature and don't fall asleep." The kids
brought their dishes into the kitchen and ran off for a soak.

"Wow, you have a hot tub here?" Sascia asked. She'd only babysat the
kids twice, filling in for Heather. She wasn't fully aware of the nature
of this household.

"We have an indoor pool, too. If you'd like, I can kick the kids out and
we can take a soak. There's a Jacuzzi in the master bath, too."

"No, that's alright. I wouldn't want to kick Tommy and Jen out of the
tub," Sascia replied.

Heather gave me a sidelong glance, so I dropped the subject and we all
decided to take a swim after dinner. When I mentioned that Corinne might
have some swimsuits that fit, Heather dismissed me with a breezy "That's
okay". Hmmm. I helped the girls clean up the dishes and load the
dishwasher. While coffee was brewing, I went to check on the pool heater
to make sure it was warm enough. Heather took me aside and said that
she'd like it if Tommy and Jen could join us by the pool.

"What about her?" I asked, motioning my head towards Sascia.

"She's cool. She and I have both been with her brothers and I'm pretty
sure she's been with Cori," Heather answered. Fine by me.

On the way back I checked in with the kids in the hot tub. Jenny was on
top of Tommy, riding him slowly, beads of sweat glistening on their
smooth skin. I walked up to the pool and held Tommy's shoulders.

"Hi, Unc. I finally found a way to slow Tommy down; red wine and pasta,"
Jen said, half laughing and half moaning. I smiled and stroked her soft
cheek. She looked lost in ecstasy, riding her brother's young, hard
cock. Tommy smiled up at me when I said they could join us in the pool

Back in the dining room, we finished our coffee. We went out to the pool
with another bottle of wine. The hot tub room was attached through a
common glazed wall. Tommy and Jen's naked bodies were partially visible
through the fogged up glass.

"They're such sweet kids," Sascia said, smiling.

"They've grown up so fast," I replied, helping Heather unzip her dress.
She slipped out of it and unclasped her black lace bra. I helped Sascia
out of her dress. Her perky little breasts needed less support than
Heather's. She wore a tiny pair of black lace panties. She kicked off
her heels and skinnned her panties off. I barely had my shirt off when
both girls, now nude, dove in the pool. I poured three glasses of wine
and placed them by the poolside before slipping into the warm, clear

I swan to the other side of the pool and joined Heather and Sascia.
Heather's breasts were floating invitingly in the water. Heather held
Sascia around her waist with one hand and reached out to grasp my cock
with the other. I held both girls in my arms, first kissing Heather, and
then kissing Sascia for the first time. Sascia liked to nibble lips with
her teeth. We groped each other for a while and then paused for a drink
of wine.

Sascia and Heather backed me up against the side of the pool. They both
had their hands on my stiff member. I reached down between both sets of
thighs and found their young slits, slippery with their juices leaking
into the pool water. I had them both humping my thighs as we took turns
kissing each other. I pulled myself up onto the edge of the pool, my
throbbing cock pointing towards the ceiling. The girls descended on my
cock and two set of lips and two tongues began bathing its length.

The double blow job continued until I decided that I had to try sweet
Sascia's pussy. I eased back in the pool. Heather kissed me and stroked
my cock lightly. I lifted her up and set her down on my hard cock.
Heather gasped as my penis penetrated her lips and filled her hole. I
used her buoyancy to bounce her up and down on my dick. I dipped my head
under water and sucked her nipple.

Sascia fondled herself while she watched us fuck. Heather put her hand
out to Sascia, drawing her closer to us. She encouraged Sascia to play
with her tits while she bounced on my cock. I kissed Sascia and cupped
her ass, pulling her against us. Sascia's cute little breasts pressed
against my body. Heather began to come, digging her nails in my back and
tightening her legs. When she regained her composure, she eased off my
cock and helped Sascia stuff my cock inside her. Sascia's sweet young pussy felt as tight as Jen's little honeypot. I fucked her slowly,
trying to keep from coming too fast. She buried her head in my neck and
made whimpering sounds, rising to a soft cry at each thrust.

"Oh, yes, fuck me hard, yessss!" Sascia screamed. I had the feeling that
the whole neighborhood had heard that. Still, I obliged her, pumping her
little teen body as hard as I could, given the fact that we were
partially submerged. Sascia closed her eyes tight and bit her lip hard,
finally releasing and coming with a deep sigh. I let go at that point,
emptying my balls in her spasming pussy. Heather came over and embraced
us both as we lazily floated in the pool. My cock slipped out of
Sascia's pussy. I made a mental note to add more chlorine to the water.

We stepped out of the pool and dried off, laying together on the big
lounger and sipping wine. Suddenly, twin blurs of flesh appeared from
the direction of the hot tub and splashed in the pool. Tommy and Jen
swam up to the surface together and began swimming laps.

"I don't know where they get the energy," I said.

"They don't drink as much as you," Jen replied.

"True," I said, pouring some more wine.

The kids finished five laps and floated by the side of the pool,
whispering to each other.

"I hate when they do that. It usually means trouble," I joked.

"Tell me about it," added Heather.

Sascia finished her wine and excused her self, saying she had to get up
early. She gave me a kiss and kissed and hugged Heather. They made a
date to go for lunch and Sascia slipped into her dress and heels,
carrying her panties with her.

"She's a sweet girl," I said to Heather after she left.

"Yes. We've been good friends since we were little. We lost our
virginity together to my older brother. We've been very close ever

I leaned over and kissed Heather, just to let her know who I really
preferred. She smiled and kissed me back, longer and deeper this time.
Then she leaned down and took my cock in her soft little mouth, sucking me until I erupted with hot jets of sperm. She swallowed every drop and
chased it with a sip of wine.

"Damn," I said, holding her close. No one had made me feel this good in
a long time. I think she knew that.

The kids got out of the pool and dried off. They came over and gave both
Heather and me goodnight kisses and hugs. Pretty soon after that,
Heather and I retired for the night. We showered off the chlorine
together and climbed into the plush master bed, snuggling together spoon-

"Don't your parents wonder where you are tonight?" I asked.

"Actually, they know I'm spending the night here. They asked who was
staying with the kids while Cori and Jack were away and I told them about
you. My mom remembered seeing you with the kids the other day. I think
she thinks you're cute." Heather blushed. "Anyway, I told her I might
spend the night watching the kids for you so you could go out and that
I'd spend the night in the guest bedroom."

"I take it your mother would not approve of us," I said.

"Well, if it's just a brief summer fling, she might just turn a blind
eye, maybe rationalize it as her 'little girl growing up'. But anything
more would be grounds for a big mother-daughter talk and she'd end up
getting her way. Anyway, it's not like you're going to ask me to marry
you or something. Right?"

I guess I took too long to say no because she spun around and looked me
straight in the eyes.

"You're not serious about us, are you?" she asked. "You are, aren't

"Now wait just a minute," I protested. "You're going to school in three
months, five hundred miles away. My severance runs out in three months
and then it's back to the cubicle and the eighteen hour day. The same
cubicle and eighteen hour day that broke up two marriages. I am hell to
live with and I like you too much to inflict that hell on you."

"Besides," I continued, "you're far too young to get tied down right now.
College can be fun if you're not tied down to someone who's five hundred
miles away. But four years from now, I want you to promise to look me up
so I can agonize over whether to hire you or marry you or risk doing

Heather looked up at me with tears welling in her eyes. I kissed her
forehead and cheeks. She hugged me tight and our lips met. Our hands
explored each other's body, touching as if for the first time. I buried
my head between her breasts and kissed each lovely orb gently, lingering
around the nipples. Heather sighed as I coaxed each nipple erect with my
tongue. I planted a trail of kisses down her body and along her thighs,
working my way up to her lovely pussy.

Heather spread her legs as I teased her with my lips and tongue. When
she could bear it no longer, I probed her lovely slit with my tongue and
found her pearly clit. She began to thrash around as I lashed her little
bud and probed her depths with my finger. She ran her fingers through my
hair as I licked and sucked at her pussy. Then she tugged at my shoulder
and pulled me on to her.

I gave her a wet, sloppy kiss, fragrant with her juices, as she reached
down and guided my hard cock inside her slippery snatch. She wrapped her
legs around my back and urged me to fuck her hard and fast. I eagerly
pumped her young pussy, thrusting as fast as Tommy would. I pulled her
legs over my shoulders and thrust deep inside her quivering cunt. She
began to come, tightening her pussy aroung my thrusting member. I was
far from ready, though, and continued to plow into her until she came

"Come for me, baby," she cooed as I corkscrewed my cock into her vagina.

"It might be a while," I said.

"Can I please you with my mouth? I'm getting sore down there."

"How about your pretty ass?" I asked.

"You're so big. I don't know," she replied.

"Okay, mouth then."

"No. If you want my ass, it's yours."

"No, really. You don't have to do this," I said.

"I want to. I want to please you."

"No. You don't have to do this."

"I want you in my ass," she said, in a matter-of-fact tone that let me
know that the issue was closed. Period. I gave her one last thrust and
retrieved the tube of K-Y from the bedside table. Heather got on her
hands and knees as I lubed up my cock and her hole and put a big dollop
on her clit. I guided my greasy cock to her ass. She took a deep breath
as I pushed against her puckered rosebud. She let a deep breath out as I
eased my cock in her tight ass. I reached around and gently caressed her
clit while I slowly thrust in and out of her ass.

"How do you feel? Does it hurt?"

"It feels great," she replied. "You don't have to be so gentle."

I kissed her neck and picked up the pace of my thrusting. Her tight
shitter gripped my cock like a velvet fist. She began to meet my thrusts
with her hips when I fingerbanged her pussy. Soon she was coming, and
her ass tightened around my cock. I let go and filled her belly with my
hot sperm. I collapsed on top of her, covering her with kisses.

"Thank you," I whispered.

"No. Thank you," she replied, kissing me. It was all I could do to keep
from asking her to run off to some tropical island with me for the rest
of our lives.

She asked me to stay inside her, but eventually, I softened and slipped
out of her ass. We fell asleep in each others arms.


The next morning, Tommy and Jen woke us up. They were wearing matching
floral print cotton panties and Jen had another couple of pairs in her
hand. It was too bright out and I looked at the clock. 10AM...the kids
were late for school! Jen saw the look on my face.

"Don't worry, Uncle! School is closed today because of a leaking gas
main," Jen said as she and Tommy climbed in bed with us.

"I don't believe you," I said.

"Turn on the radio, silly," she replied.

I switched on the clock radio on the bedside table and found the all-news
station. Sure enough, Tommy and Jen's school was closed for the day with
no makeup day planned.

"We've declared today to be panty Day. You both have to wear these
panties," Jen said, holding out two pairs of cotton undies.

Heather smiled and slipped a pair on, remarking on how soft they felt. I
hesitated, though.

"C'mon, put them on!" insisted Jen.

"Yeah! I'm wearing them!" added Tommy.

"C'mon, do it!" Heather urged.

Reluctantly, I slipped on the cotton panties. The material was soft and
felt good against my cock and balls. Jen pushed me back down on the bed
and began to trace the head of my cock with her tongue through the light
cotton material. Tommy was going down on Heather, tonguing her slit
through the cotton crotch of her panties. He pulled the crotch aside and
sucked and licked her pearly clit. Jen had pulled my penis over the
waistband of the panties and was softly sucking my hard cock.

After a few minutes of Tommy's quick little tongue, Heather was close to
coming. He eased up and whispered something to Jen. She pulled her
mouth off my cock with a big slurp. Tommy motioned for me to get on top
of Heather and Jen reached in and guided my cock into Heather's wet
pussy. The crotch of her panties were pulled aside and my cock slid in
to her tight wet hole.

As Heather and I fucked, Tommy played with Heather's titties, licking
and sucking on her pebbly nipples. Jen cupped my ass through the soft
floral print cotton of my panties. Her other hand was jammed in the
crotch of her panties, fingering her moist, hairless slit. Tommy's
panties bulged with his hard pecker.

Heather grabbed my ass and met my thrusts with her hips. Meanwhile, Jen
and Tommy were humping each other on the bed next to us, their panties still on. Jen reached down and fished Tommy's young rod out of his
panties. Pulling the crotch of her own panties aside, she guided his
cock into her little pussy. Tommy and Jen began to fuck just as Heather
and I were doing.

I was pumping Heather hard and fast when she began to come, moaning and
screaming louder than I'd ever heard. She reached out and took Jen's
hand, grasping it hard. Jen began to come, too, and Tommy poked his
sister's pussy faster. Heather's spasming cunt sent me over the edge and
I erupted in her willing pussy, filling it with my hot load. Tommy came
soon after, collapsing on Jen with a satisfied smile.

"I think every day should be panty Day," Heather sighed, her hands
exploring my cotton-clad ass.

"Heaven help us," I muttered.

We had a quick morning swim, still wearing the panties, and then showered
off the chlorine. The panties went in the laundry while we all went out
for breakfast. It was a warm and sunny day so after breakfast, we drove
back home to spend the rest of the day on the deck. Heather joined us
after lunch and we basked in the warm spring sun au naturel. I took in
the sun for a few hours and then went in to prepare dinner.

I cooked a nice simple coq au vin, though I probably drank most of the
vin. Heather and the kids showered and came to dinner wearing nothing
but panties.

"Don't you think we're taking this too far?" I asked, incredulous.

"Suit yourself," said Heather as she sat down.

"Yeah, it's not like we're forcing you to have fun here," Jen said.

"Okay, I'll strip down to my shorts, but no panties, please", I said.

We had a nice relaxing R-rated dinner. Just as we were finishing, the
phone rang. Jen answered it. It was from the school's parents Association. The school would be closed for the rest of the week while
they replaced the gas mains. The kids were off for the summer. Jen
delivered the news to Tommy in an excited tone while I spoke on the phone
to confirm this.

"Well, that's an unexpected windfall," I said. "What about tests and

"The last ones were on Tuesday. We didn't have and snow days this year
so we finished up the coursework three days early. That's probably why
they didn't just hold class at the high school instead," Jen replied.

"Wow. Three whole days," Tommy said.

"Actually, two," Jen corrected.

"Whatever," I said. The long weekend begins tonight. No more school
nights. What do you kids want to do? Heather? Any ideas?"

"We wanna watch videos with you and Heather!" Jen declared.

"In the family room!" Tommy added.

"Heather, how about you?" I asked.

"Sounds like fun to me!" she said, flashing me an impish smile.

"Okay. Boob tube it is."

Heather threw on a tight minidress and went with me to the video store.
We stopped at the liquor store and Heather had to duck below the dash
while we were leaving the parking lot. Her mother was driving into the
lot, traveling in the opposite direction. Heather put her head in my lap
and I drove home with her lips trying to find my cock through my
trousers. She unzipped my pants and fished out my cock as we drove. I
struggled to remain in control of the car as she slowly sucked my
engorged member.

I finally managed to get the car into the driveway and put it in park.
Heather looked up at me and smiled. I kissed her, the cool night air
caressing my wet cock.

"It's still panty Day, you know," she said, lifting her tight minidress
to reveal a lacy black pair of crotchless panties. I ran my finger along
her slit, feeling the wetness. Heather lifted her leg and straddled me.
I pulled the seat back for more room as she slowly sat on my hard cock.
She bounced in my lap, using the springiness of the car seats, kneading
her breasts together with her hands. I pulled the straps of her dress
off her shoulders and pulled the top of the clingy knit dress off her
lovely breasts.

I kissed, licked and sucked her delicious orbs as she humped my hard
member. We had already fogged the windows up and I wondered if the car
was visibly rocking on its suspension. Soon enough, I felt Heather's
pussy start to pump and she lost it completely, almost hitting the car
horn with her ass. I grabbed her hips and slammed her down on my rod,
spurting jets of sperm deep inside her hot little twat.

We sat and nibbled each other's lips for a while an then decided to go
inside before the beer got warm. The kids had cleaned up the dinner
dishes and were down in the family room, laying out new sheets and slowly
heating up the massage oil. Tommy and Jen greeted us with big kisses and
hugs, happy to have a chance to play with the grownups again. They wore
fresh white cotton panties that set off their smooth and tanned skin.

Jen helped Heather out of her minidress and Tommy took my clothes,
folding them neatly and putting them aside.

"She's leaking, Uncle," Jen said as she helped Heather peel off her
panties. Jen put her lips to Heather's pussy and licked the semen that
was dripping out. Heather shivered and ran her fingers through Jen's
hair. Tommy led me over to the huge sofa and picked out a tape for the
vcr. Jen, having cleaned up Heather's sloppy pussy, guided her over to
the couch next to me, laying her on her belly. Jen rubbed some oil in
her hands and started to knead and massage Heather's back. Heather
sighed and relaxed. Tommy returned just as the tape started. He oiled
his hands up and began to work the kinks out of my back.

Heather had selected a lesbian tape, I had chosen a bi-couples tape, and
the kids cast their proxy vote for mixed scenes. Tommy had slotted the
lesbian tape first. We watched two redheads in Victorian corsets and
fishnets, feverishly kissing each other on the neck and bosom. They got
into an antique four-poster bed and unlaced each others stays. Taking
deep breaths, they collapsed in each others arms and resumed kissing.
They worked their way into a 69 position and they ate each other out
thoroughly, bodices heaving, thighs aflutter.

I could feel Tommy's cock swell through his cotton panties while he
rubbed my back. Jan was getting excited, too, if the motion of her hips
was any indicator. The women onscreen began to fuck with a double dong,
ass-to-ass on the bed, frigging their clitties furiously.

"I've done that," Heather remarked. "Strap-ons are better. Less

Jen and Tommy finished their massages and were concentrating on our
asses, mostly. I rolled over and Tommy oiled up my chest, legs, and
crotch, taking particular attention to my cock and balls.

"Jen's right, Uncle. You should shave off all that hair. It gets messy
with all this oil"

"I prefer the mess, thanks," I replied.

"I think you'd look cute shaved. Sorta hunky," Heather said.

"So do I. Oh, do it, Uncle. Please!" Jen added.

"C'mon," Heather said, taking me by the hand, "We'll be back in a few,
kids." She led me to the bathroom and ran the shower. Grabbing soap and
a razor, she proceeded to shave my legs, chest, and crotch, and also her
own neat patch of pubic hair. We were both as hairless as Tommy and Jen.
We washed off the soap and hair, toweled dry, and rejoined the kids.
They were busy engaged in a torrid 69, so we oiled each other up and
joined them, massaging oil into their young sweaty bodies. I caressed
Jen's sweet bottom while Heather ran her hands along Tommy's young back.
The kids sucked each other off masterfully and fell into our arms.

"Wow, Uncle, you're all clean!" Tommy remarked. Jen expressed her
approval as well and the kids couldn't keep their hands off my newly
smooth body. Heather joined in as well and I felt three pairs of hands
squeezing, caressing, and stroking me. Heather climbed on top of me and
inserted my oily tool in her hairless pussy. We sat up into an X
position and slowly ground our goodies into each other. I fondled
Heather's lovely breasts, bringing each one up to my lips for a taste of
her tender nipples. With each squirm of Heather's hips, my hard cock
rubbed up against her clitty.

Jen began to suck Tommy's cock, trying to get him hard again so that they
could try this position. Before long, the kids were twisted up together
just like me and Heather. It worked best for slow sex, and soon Tommy
had his sister's legs up over his shoulder and was pumping her puffy
hole. Jen urged him on by grabbing his ass and pushing his cock deep
inside her.

Heather's love muscle pumped my cock as my shaft slowly ground against
her hip. She lingered on the brink of orgasm until I flipped her on her
back and began to pump her pussy like Tommy was pumping Jen's sweet
honeypot. Heather's pussy clamped down on my shaft and she came hard,
biting down on my shoulder. I let go of my sperm deep inside her
quivering hole. I looked over to see Tommy and Jen climaxing next to us.

We relaxed for a while. Tommy went to get drinks and a joint while Jen
put in the next tape. It was the video of couples sucking and fucking
each other. We sipped our drinks and enjoyed the hot onscreen action,
looking for something new and different we could try.

The tape opened with an older couple entertaining a couple in their early
twenties. The younger couple began by servicing the older couple, man-to
-man and woman-to-woman. Then they swung into 69s before swapping mates
and screwing side-by-side. Afterwards, the older woman took both men inside her pussy while licking the younger woman's pelvis. Finally, the
younger woman took the older man in her pussy and the younger in her ass
as she licked the older woman's titties. The older man produced an
amazing amount of semen. It just kept coming.

The scene changed to what seemed like parents and children, though the
kids were young looking teenagers and the parents were obviously porn
stars. The familial foursome formed a daisy chain on a big round
waterbed. The camera panned from mouth to sucking mouth, showing how
much this family enjoyed each other's company.

Heather suggested we try this and we readily agreed. She choreographed
it so that I was facing Jen's slit, Jen had Tommy's cock to suck, Tommy
would lick Heather, and Heather would gobble my tool. I sucked the semen
that leaked from Jen's puffy cunt lips, knowing that Tommy was cleaning
the mess I had made of Heather's pussy.

I worked Jen's pussy and asshole with my fingers as my tongue lashed her
swollen clit. She squirmed with lust and delight as I ravished her sweet
young pussy. Tommy must have been doing the same to Heather because she
had to take my cock out of her mouth more than once to catch her breath.
She calmed down a bit and resumed bathing my cock with her velvet tongue.

Jen was getting excited and kept humping down on my active tongue with
her pussy. I kept up my assault and soon she was coming. She kept
sucking her brother's cock the whole time, her moans and cries muffled by
his hard pecker. Finally she broke the chain, pulling away from my

"Uncle, I need your wonderful cock in me," she whispered.

"He's all ready for you, sweetie," Heather said as she pulled off my
cock. Jen pushed me on my back and straddled my hips, slowly lowering
her hairless young slit on to my penis. My hard cock disappeared insie
her puffy little snatch where it was gripped by the tight walls of her
young vagina. Jen took the whole length of my shaft inside her and
collapsed on my chest in ecstasy.

"Uncle, would you fuck me like you fucked Heather?" she asked,
breathlessly. I leaned up and pulled her legs back, placing my hands
under her sweet little ass, cupping her cheeks. She put her arms around
my neck and I slowly slid her up and down the length of my cock. I
repeatedly impaled her on my spear. From the sounds of her moans I knew
she was enjoying it.

Meanwhile, Tommy had brought Heather off and she had climbed on top of
him, taking his hard young cock inside her wet snatch. She kept him
pinned to the cushion, slowly humping his dick.

"I'm going to have to teach you to slow down, Tommy. Would you like
that? We'll have all summer to practice," Heather said.

"I'd love that," Tommy replied.

Heather rolled back and pulled Tommy on top of her. She cupped his ass
and guided his hips in a corkscrew motion, stirring her pussy with his
cock. Tommy was a quick study and soon began to do it unaided. In no
time, Heather was coming again and encouraging Tommy to fuck her hard and
fast. She came again just as Tommy blew his load in her quivering

Jen kept sliding up and down my cock, slow and deep. She seemed close to
coming so I rolled her on her back and began thrusting deep and hard into
her young pussy. Jen moaned and cried in pleasure, digging her nails
into my back. Her spasming snatch gripped my cock and milked the come
out of it. I filled her tiny hole with gobs of hot sticky sperm.

Jen let out a contented sigh as her pussy kept draining my cock. She was
getting very good at contracting her love muscle. I wondered how good
she'd be after a summer of Heather's coaching. My new friend seemed
eager to expand the kids' horizons.

We relaxed and drank some more, half watching the video, laying in each
other's arms and idly fondling each other. On the tv, a gay male couple
and a straight couple meet and immediately disrobe. The gay couple puts
on a show for the straight couple and eventually the straight male is
sucking one of the men while the other fucks his virgin ass. Then the
wife takes his place, stuffing her husband's cock in her pussy while the
gay men fuck her mouth and ass. The three men then line up and cover her
face and breasts with their sticky spunk.

I noticed Tommy's cock was half-erect, so I gently stroked and teased it
to life. He returned the favor by pumping my hard tool with his fist. I
looked over at Heather and noticed that she and Jen were playing with the
double dildo, snapping the strap-on harness to it. Heather slowly
inserted the back end into Jen's young pussy and snapped the harness
around her girlish hips. Heather straddled Jen and lowered herself on
the dong that curved up out of Jen's puffy lips. The girls made love to
each other, kissing lips and nipples, hips grinding.

Tommy and me stopped jerking each other off to watch the girls fuck.
Heather motioned for Tommy to get behind her. He greased up his cock and
steadied her hips, slowly sliding his hard, slim cock in Heather's
willing ass. Heather resumed humping Jen and the dong while Tommy's
young cock fucked Heather's tight hole.

I knelt on the big sofa by Heather's head and she pulled me closer. My
cock bobbed by her mouth and she deftly wrapped her lips around it. Her
velvet tongue went to work on my shaft. Jen was directly under my balls
and began to play with them, licking them with her tongue when they got
close enough.

The relentless attack on all three of Heather's holes began to take its
toll and she began to climax wildly, humping down on the two poles
ravishing her bottom and greedily sucking at my cock. When her orgasm
had faded, she rolled over so that Jen was on top. Tommy and I quickly
inserted ourselves in Jen's mouth and ass and began pleasuring her little
body. Heather reached down to steady the dildo as Jen's little pussy humped it wildly. Her brother had his young, hard cock in her tight
little ass and was ravishing her pretty bottom. I fucked Jen's cute
mouth with my fat cock, watching her cheeks bulge from my hot meat.

Jen came explosively, almost losing Tommy's cock. He stayed in and
quickly came, bathing his sister's insides with his sperm. Jen sucked hard on my member and was rewarded with a mouthful of my hot spunk, which
she hungrily swallowed. A drop appeared at the corner of her mouth.
When I pulled my glistening cock away from her lips, Heather leaned up
and kissed her, sharing the taste of my cum. Heather cleaned the cum from Jen's face and from my cock.

We were pretty tired at that point and barely managed to finish watching
the third video before hitting the shower and calling it a night. We all
went to sleep together in the big bed in the master bedroom, one big
loving family. We quickly fell asleep, a big naked tangle of arms and

Family Frolic
(c) 1999 Anais Ninja


I woke up the next morning to find Heather sucking my cock. When she
noticed I was awake, she climbed on top of me and slowly sat on my hard
cock. She kissed me good morning as she humped my swollen member. The
kids were still asleep next to us so she bit her lip trying not to moan
or cry out. When she came, she buried her face in the pillow to muffle
the sound. Her tight pussy gripped my cock, sending waves of pleasure
through my groin and down my legs. I didn't try to hold back so I came
quickly, filling her pussy with fresh morning semen. We lay together for
a while, enjoying the feeling of each other's body.

Heather and I woke the kids using the traditional family method. I
gently parted Jen's legs and began to lick her sweet young pussy. She
barely stirred until I reached her sensitive little clitty. Heather had
to roll Tommy over to get to his cock. It was already hard; he must have
been having an erotic dream. Involving Heather, no doubt. Well, this
morning his dream would come true. Heather managed to get him on his
back without waking him, and gently placed her lips on his hard member.
Jen finally woke up and smiled at me, running her fingers through my
hair. She began to quiver, her thighs trembling, and began her day with
an orgasm, courtesy of her uncle's tongue. She tugged at my shoulders,
pleading with her eyes to get on top of her and fuck her sweet little
honeypot. Naturally, I obliged by sliding my hard cock in her tight, wet

The sound of Jen's orgasm woke her brother up, and he was somewhat
suprised to see Heather gently sucking and licking his hard cock. He
smiled and closed his eyes, tilting his head back. His hips began to
move and Heather, sensing he was awake, began to greedily lick and suck
his hard young cock. Seeing me pumping Jen's little body gave her an
idea. Heather straddled Tommy's slim hips and lowered her sloppy pussy down on Tommy's throbbing cock. She placed his hands on her lovely
breasts and he kneaded and fondled them while she rode his cock to

My vixen of a niece was writhing and squirming under me. She wrapped her
arms and legs around me and ground her clit into my pubic bone. This
sent her over the edge and she began to climax. The contractions of her
tight little pussy were too much for me and I came hard, filling her
sweet little slit with sperm.

At this point, I was ready for a nap, but a nice hot shower and coffee
perked me up. We shared a light breakfast before I chauffered the kids
to the mall. I gave the kids the cell phone in case they wanted to come
back early. Heather left to go shopping with her mother for the day. I
picked up some food and returned the videos and headed back to the house.
It was going to be warm and sunny, so I planned on spending the day by
the pool, reading and swimming.

All in all it was a pretty quiet afternoon without the kids and Heather.
I sat on a chaise lounge in the sun, reading some short stories and
diving in the pool when I started to feel the heat. I was drying myself
off after a swim when the phone rang. It was Jen calling from the mall.
She and Tommy had run into Heather and her mother and were going to get a
ride back with them a bit later. I welcomed this good news because I was
thirsty and tempted to crack open a beer. Now that I didn't have to
drive, I could have a nice frosty one. Before hanging up I asked Jen to
invite Heather for dinner. We'd be barbequeing on the deck tonight. Jen
happily agreed and we hung up.

I went into the kitchen and made a quick marinade for the meat and washed
the vegetables. I'd cut them later to keep them fresh. I grabbed a beer
and was headed back to the pool when the doorball rang. I set the beer
down and answered the door. A young man in his late teens or early
twenties, wearing a t-shirt and baggies stood at the door. He was about
5'9", trim, with a swimmers build and shoulder length hair. His face
looked vaguely familiar, though I couldn't place it.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

"Is Heather here?" he inquired.

"No. Who are you?"

Slightly flustered at having committed what might have been seen as a
breach of etiquette, he extended his hand and introduced himself as
James, Heather's older brother. I explained that I was Corinne's brother and was staying here for a few weeks.

"I just got back from school, summer break, sophomore year. I talked to
her on the phone the other day and she said that if she wasn't home she'd
be here looking after the kids," James explained.

"Heather is at the mall with your mother and my niece and nephew. Jen
has the flip phone. You could talk to Heather if you'd like. Either
way, she's coming over afterwards to have dinner with me and the kids.
There's plenty of food if you'd like to stay."

"I'd like that, thanks. Maybe I'd better not call her. I haven't seen
her in months and I'd like to suprise her," he said.

I offered him a beer and we went out to the pool. James had been on a
bus for seven hours and was looking forward to a swim in his parent's
pool the whole time. Ours was a little smaller, but fully enclosed and
heated year-round. James took a big swig of beer, took off his shirt,
and dived in the pool. He swam few laps and climbed out. I threw him a
towel and he dried himself off. His muscles rippled as he stretched in
the sun.

"Great book. I love reading Nin", James said upon seeing the copy of
Delta of Venus next to my lounger. This led to a discussion of his
studies at college. He was an English major and Communications minor
looking to be a writer who could find work in marketing. He actually
enjoyed his comm classes as much as his lit classes. James seemed shyer
than his sister, who acted on her impulses freely. He seemed more
reserved, passive. He had almost feminine hands, long and slender like
his sister's. Altogether, he was a very beautiful young man.

He asked about my status, job, divorces, relationship with Corinne. He
asked if I knew what his sister's ambitions after college were. He
looked a bit suprised when I mention that I knew and had discussed these
things with Heather. I wondered if he could handle the knowledge that I
was involved with his sister.

I went to get another couple of beers. When I returned,he was reading
one of the stories. I handed him a beer, noticing a bulge in his
baggies. After a big pull of beer, I peeled off my shirt and dove in the
pool. When I surfaced on the far end, I noticed James dive in the pool.
He swam like a dart and came up right next to me.

"Wanna race? Three laps. Howzaboutit?" he asked.

"You'd cream me. I haven't raced in almost twenty years."

"Ha! I knew you were a swimmer. C'mon. Chicken?" he taunted, splashing
me with water.

"Yer on," I said, splashing him back. I kicked off the wall, giving me
an unfair advantage. He soon caught up. and we were neck-and-neck for
two laps. I pulled ahead on the last leg and touched the wall first by
the margin of a half-second.

"Pretty good for an old dude," he said.

"You let me win, didn't you. I saw you hold back on the last leg."

"Naw, I cramped up. Didn't stretch beforehand," he said, massaging his

"Let me help you with that," I said. I took his calf and began to knead
the muscle.

"Better?" I asked.

"Much better. Thanks." He moved closer, his lips edging closer to mine.
We kissed and I let go of his calf. We pressed together and I could
feel his cock under his baggies.

"James, there's something I should tell you," I said, breaking off the

"You're straight, right?" he said, looking crestfallen.

"No, actually. I'm bi. But I have to be honest and tell you that I'm
involved with your sister, Heather."

His eyes widened and he looked at me for a second before smiling.

"We've always had the same taste in men," he said laughing.

"Your parents don't know about this, by the way."

"I figured as much. I had an affair with an older woman last summer and
Mother gave me no end of grief. I think if it had been an older man, she
wouldn't have minded so much. She's so marriage-minded."

"So, where were we?" I said.

We kissed again, harder. His tongue and lips were so much stronger than
a woman's. I reached down and untied his shorts, reaching in the
waistband to stroke his tool. He did the same to my trunks, pulling them
down over my hips. Then he lifted me up onto the edge of the pool and
buried his face in my dripping crotch. He was pleased to see that I was
shaved smooth and amused to find out it was his sister's doing. Taking
my cock to his lips, he licked and sucked my tool expertly. He took his
time licking my balls, savoring the hairless flesh. I pulled him up out
of the pool and we embraced, naked and dripping.

We walked over to the chaise lounge and he lay on his back with his legs
up. I smeared sunblock on my cock and pressed the head against his young asshole. My cock popped inside as he lay his legs on my shoulders. With
my greasy hand, I jacked his seven inch tool. His tight buns gripped my
cock as I pumped his boyish young ass. His tool grew in my hand as I
pumped it in my fist. Suddenly, I erupted in his ass, filling his bowels
with my spunk. His cock began to twitch in my hand and he came, covering
both of us with his sticky semen. We shared another long kiss before I
pulled my softening cock from his rectum.

We jumped in the pool to wash off the mess we'd made and kissed again,
this time underwater. I left to dry off and start preparing dinner while
James stayed and swam. I poured a scotch and started chopping the
veggies. James came in and offered to help. I left him with the veggies
while I went out to light the grille. I had a nice fire going in no
time, prime for cooking in about an hour.

James left to change clothes in time to be back to suprise his sister. He
was back by the time I had finished assembling the kebob skewers. I took
a quick shower and went out to check the fire. When I came back in the
house, Tommy and Jen were just coming back from the mall. Heather had
gone home to drop off her bags and would be back in a few minutes. They
greeeted me with big hugs and then ran off for a quick swim before

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. It was Heather. She greeted me
with a hug and kiss. I led her into the kitchen. James was leaning
against the counter, drinking a beer. Heather screamed in delight and
ran over to hug her brother. I left them to catch up and went to check
the fire and see how the kids were doing. They were just climbing out of
the pool. I let them know about the extra guest. They went off to
shower and change.

I returned to the kitchen. Heather and her brother were talking and
drinking beer, and volunteered to set the table together. I had nothing
left to do except burn some food, so I poured another drink and brought
the food out to the poolside table. I had the grille on the deck just
outside so I could watch the food cook through the glass walls.

During dinner, Heather placed her hand on my thigh and shot me a sly
glance. I noticed her other hand was under the table on her brother's
thigh. James looked over and smiled. As always, Heather was in control
of the situation. We continued eating, anticipation what would come
later. I think the kids must have picked up on this vibe because I
caught them exchanging some sort of signal. My sister and I were sneaky
kids and this trait had been passed down.

After dinner, the kids helped clean up and then went off to watch Friends
on tv. Heather, James, and I brought our drinks out onto the deck,
enjoying a warm breeze on a starry night. We sat on the big bench, me
and James flanking Heather. She put her arms around us and brought us

"My two favorite men in the world," she said.

"After Father, you mean," James said.

"Well, I've never slept with Daddy, so I don't think of him that way,"
Heather said.

"Maybe you should," James said.

"What do you mean?" Heather asked.

"He's a very handsome man. I'd jump at the chance. During spring term,
I slept with one of my professors. He looked just like Father. It
turned me on like nothing else."

"Well, I just don't think of them like that. Maybe I'm old fashioned,"
Heather said.

"Well, I'm sorry I brought it up. Anyway, you and Henry make a charming
couple," James said.

"That's a sweet thing to say," Heather said, kissing her brother and then

We sipped our drinks and watched the starscape unfold. James and I took
turns kissing and caressing Heather's tender lips and body. Suddenly,
Heather stiffened and asked the time. It was 9:55. She insisted that we
go inside and watch er. No ifs ands or buts. James rolled his eyes as
we went back inside.

We settled in the living room and I brought out another round of drinks
for us. Heather went on about George Clooney, while I confessed a
weakness for Juliana Marguiles. The show was in its ninth season and
everyone else had been killed or spun off. We sat on the couch and
watched the gore fly.

After the show, the news came on. Heather suggested that we go to the
master bedroom. James poured another round of drinks while I carried
Heather into bed. I had her dress off when James arrived with the
drinks. He helped me get Heather out of her bra and panties and then we
undressed each other with Heather looking on and touching herself. When
we were all nude, she sank to her knees and pulled us closer. She opened
her mouth wided and guided both of our cocks inside. With her mouth full
of hard man meat, Heather began to lick and suck our cocks greedily.

After a while of this, Heather rose to her feet and invited me to take
her from behind while she sucked her brother's hard cock. I penetrated
her wet young pussy while she noisily slurped on James's prick. I
grabbed two handfuls of Heather's swinging breasts while I pumped her
juicy slit with my tool. James rocked his hips, fucking his sweet
sister's luscious mouth. Her taut body was being ravished from both ends
and she was loving it. Her first orgasm built quickly. Her cries of
passion were muffled by her brother's tool, thrusting in and out of her

James came first, spewing his hot sperm all over his sister's face.
Heather began to come again and her pussy contracted around my shaft. I
felt my climax building and let loose a great jet of semen in Heather's
tight hole. James was licking his own come from his sister's face as we
relaxed and lay together in the afterglow.

Heather was dying to watch me and James make love to each other. After
we had recovered from our intense orgasms, Heather fingered herself while
she watched us first jack each other and then suck each other hard again.

James said it was his turn to fuck me, so I presented my ass while he
lubed his big cock. He kneeled behind me and pressed the head of his
cock against my tight ass. Slowly, he pressed down and his cock began to
invade my bottom. Finally, he eased his dick in all the way. I could
feel his balls against mine. I reached down and felt both sets. James
began to slowly thrust in and out as my asshole relaxed and the mild pain
was replaced by pleasure. Heather scooted over so I could lick her
pussy. She played with her breasts as she watched her brother pump my
ass with his cock.

Heather began to come as I lashed her sensitive clitty. She slid further
down so she was under me and grabbed my cock, guiding it into her wet
snatch. I fucked her to her brother's rhythm, her tight pussy gripping
my cock just as my ass was wrapped around her brother's hard tool.

Heather began to come again, writhing and thrashing and grabbing the
sheets. James fell out of my ass as I thrust deep inside his sister and
I took this chance to roll over so that Heather was on top. Without
missing a stroke, James had his cock buried in his sister's ass while I
pumped her juicy pussy. I felt his cock through the walls of his
sister's cunt.

We fucked her hard, our man meat assaulting both of her tight bottom
holes. Heather lost it again, her voice growing hoarse from all of her
screams of pleasure. She ground her pelvis down on the two cocks that
were invading her, trying to take them in as deep as possible. She
tensed up and I could feel her pussy and ass contract, trying to draw her
sweet reward from our members. She soon got her wish, as James and I
both let loose, coming buckets inside Heather's teen body. Our semen
filled her ass and pussy and her tight little body milked us dry.

Cum was leaking out of both holes as James and I kissed and caressed
Heather. She remarked that she had never came so many times in one
night. We rested up a bit and then Heather and James left, a few minutes
shy of their midnight curfew. We kissed and made plans to get together
the next day. I had a nightcap and looked in on the kids. They were
both sleeping in Jen's bed, curled up together. I quietly tiptoed out
and went to bed. It was the first night I had spent alone in the
oversized bed.


I woke up to find Jen softly sucking my cock while Tommy fucked her from
behind. She was mewling softly as she licked my penis. Tommy noticed
that I was awake and started thrusting in his sister's pussy faster and
harder. Jen gobbled my tool, greedily sucking on the head and bathing
the shaft with her soft tongue. I rested on my elbows and watched my
young niece slurp on my tool while her brother pumped her tight little
pussy. She began to come and sucked down hard on my rod. I was very
sensitive that morning and I came quickly, giving my little niece a nice
morning protein supplement. Tommy stiffened and relaxed, leaving his
contribution in his sister's snatch.

"Why didn't you tell us you were sleeping alone last night?" Jen asked.
"Nobody ever has to sleep alone in this house."

"Well, I didn't know Heather and James had a midnight curfew. When I
checked in on you, both of you were asleep and I didn't want to wake you.
You looked so cute," I explained.

We took a shower together and ate breakfast. I asked the kids what
they'd like to do on their last bonus day off. It was going to be
another sunny day so Tommy and Jen wanted to get a jump on the weekend
and hang out by the pool.

Heather called to see what we were doing. Her parents were going away
for the weekend, leaving her and her brother by themselves. Sascia was
coming over to spend the weekend there as well. I invited them to join
us by the pool that afternoon.

Jen and Tommy went out to the pool while I went into town to run some
errands, stopping at the liquor store and the video store. I made a trip
to the docks to get fresh lobsters and clams for dinner. I brought these
home and put them on ice. Then I put on my trunks and joined Tommy and
Jen by the pool.

Jen was just wearing her bikini bottoms. She was laying on her stomach
as Tommy lovingly applied sunblock to her smooth young back. Then he
kissed her gently on the back of her neck and once on her round derriere
and sat back on his lounger. I joined them and Tommy volunteered to put
lotion on my back. I relaxed as his strong young hands rubbed the oily
sunblock into my skin. I could feel his hard pecker beneath his shorts
as it rubbed against my buttocks. When he was done, he kissed me as he
kissed his sister and lay back down on his lounger.

I must have drifted off to sleep for an hour. I woke up to feel
Heather's lips against mine and her hand stroking my cock through my

"Must've been having a hot dream. You were rock hard," she said after
seeing me open my eyes.

"I don't remember, now. I think it was you," I said, laughing.

Sascia and James came in with an ice chest full of beer and wine coolers.
Sascia and Heather took off their bikini tops as James handed out beers
to everyone except Jen, who took a wine cooler. Sascia and Heather
applied sunblock to each other, taking altogether too much time in the
process. It was fun to watch, especially when they did each other's

We lay in the sun, the glass ceiling panels retracted. Every so often,
someone would jump in the pool to cool off. Heather was the first to
take her bikini bottom off, saying she didn't like the feeling of a wet
bathing suit. Jen and Sascia soon followed suit. Soon, James, Tommy,
and I had shed our suits. I noticed that James had been shaved smooth,
probably by his sister.

Jen and Tommy jumped in the pool together and swam a couple of laps.
Then they floated together in the deep end. Occasionally, Jen would dive
underwater and then come up for air. They swam to the shallow end and
came out of the water. Tommy's pecker was stiff and bobbed when he
walked. Jen lay down on the lounger and Tommy climbed on top of her,
guiding his hard cock into her hairless young snatch.

Sascia and James watched with interest as Tommy slowly fucked his sister in front of them. James's cock spang to attention almost immediately.
Heather came over to my lounger and began to give my cock come loving
oral attention. Her blonde hair tickled my thighs as she gently sucked my hard cock. Sascia was now doing the same to James.

I pulled Heather off my cock and lay her down on the lounger, placing her
legs over my shoulders. I reached down and guided my glistening cock
into her eager snatch. She brought me down to kiss and I drove my hot
meat deep inside of her.

James had mounted Sascia's eager young body and was pumping her juicy
teen snatch with his stiff cock. She had her arms and legs wrapped
around him and was urging him to fuck her harder. Meanwhile, Tommy had
picked up his pace and was fucking Jen hard and fast. She was moaning
heavily and looked about to come.

Heather was rocking her hips to meet the deep thrusts of my pistoning
member. She tightened her pussy around my stiff rod and tried to make me
come. I jammed my rod in deeper, almost touching her cervix, and this
released her orgasm. I could hear Sascia cry out in pleasure, followed
by Jen's little cry of release. The girls came almost simultaneously,
and their pulsing pussies tried to coax the seed out of our cocks.

Tommy was the first to let go, letting out a little gasp as he blew his
load into his sister's tight snatch. James was next, thrusting deep
inside Sascia while he filled her hole with his hot spunk. Finally, I
let go and filled Heather's hot pussy with a warm jet of my semen. The
girls' moans and cries subsided as our thrusting slowed. The six of us
rested for a few minutes and then went into the pool together to wash off
the sweat of our sex play.

Over the course of the rest of the afternoon, we managed to drink most of
the beer and wine coolers while baking under the hot sun. The girls sucked the come out of each others pussies while James blew me, Tommy
sucked James, and I gobbled Tommy's young cock.

After another couple of hours of sun, Heather and I went in and showered.
Then we began to prepare for dinner. James, Sascia, and the kids
followed, and after their showers came in to help us with dinner. While
I got the fire started, the kids set the table and Heather prepped for
dinner. James and Sascia made a run to the liquor store.

While they were gone Heather told me that they had a bit of history
together and that she had walked in on James and her brother making love.
It was a big shock for her and she ended up sleeping with both Heather
and her own brother as revenge. Things settled down in time, but there
was a bit of tension between Sascia and James for a while. Heather said
that she was glad to see them together. They made a sweet couple.

We were just finishing up when Jen came into the kitchen and whispered
something to Heather. Heather then excused herself and dashed home,
returning a few minutes later with her father's expensive camcorder and a
tripod. She disappeared down the basement stairs and returned, higging
me and playfully kissing my neck. I held her around the waist and hugged
her close.

"Jen snared you into one of her conspiracies?" I said.

"I hope I have a daughter like her. She thinks just like I do," Heather

Sascia and James returned from their errand. Heather whispered in my ear
that James's fly was unbuttoned and there was a stain on Sascia's t
-shirt. She giggled and grabbed me through my jeans before dropping to
her knees and sucking my cock in the middle of the kitchen.

James tiptoed in to put the beer and wine in the fridge, grinning
broadly. He had picked up a nice bottle of scotch and poured me a glass
before he left. I sipped my drink while Heather's expert lips and tongue
drained my cock dry.

Afterwards, I lifted Heather on the kitchen counter and pulled her
panties down. I knelt between her legs and sucked her luscious teen
pussy. She came, screaming, wrapping her legs around my shoulders. She
managed to compose herself in time for dinner.

We had a twilight dinner on the deck, steamed clams, grilled lobster,
salad, corn, and a nice white wine. The kids were angels, happy to eat
with "grown-ups" who treated them as peers rather than children. Jen and
Tommy fed each other morsels of lobster like lovers, inspiring the other
two couples present to do the same. We dined and watched the stars come

After dinner, the kids went down to the basement to set up the family room while John and Sascia cleaned up the dishes. That left me and
Heather alone on the deck, sitting on the couch. Just then the cordless
phone rang. It was my sister, calling from the islands.

"How's the vacation," I asked.

"We're staying an extra two weeks. It's that good. How are the kids?"

"They've grown up fast. You raised some amazing kids," I said.

"Thanks. Jack is upping the limit on the credit card. We'll have a
checking account at your disposal on Tuesday. Thanks, Hank. I can't
tell you how much this means to us." Corinne was the only person who
called me Hank.

"My pleasure, Cori. We're shooting some video for you tonight so you
don't miss out on all the action while you're gone," I said.

"Wonderful! Hank, we'll see you soon. Give our love to the kids!"

"I will. Bye!"

Heather and I went inside and helped Sascia and James finish cleaning up.
Then we all adjourned to the family room. The kids had the camcorder
set up on the tripod and aimed at the big cushioned pit. A porn video was in the vcr and ready to go. Tommy and Jen were just stripping down
to their undies as we entered the room. We all joined the kids by
removing our clothes and laying down on the fresh sheets the kids had
placed over the cushions. Tommy started the vcr and hit the camcorder's
record button as Jen massaged hot oil onto each of us.

I helped massage the hot oil into Heather's luscious breasts. She purred
with delight as I lingered over her pebbly nipples. Sascia was sucking on James as he parted her thighs and tasted her delicious pussy. Tommy
had Jen on her stomach and was licking up and down her crack, fron her
clitty to her tight little asshole. Heather and I got into a 69 position
and began pleasuring each other with our tongues. Soon Tommy and Jen
were sucking each other as well.

James, Tommy, and I lay on our backs with our feet to the camcorder as
our hungry sluts mounted us and stuffed our cocks inside their greedy
pussies. I stretched Heather's cheeks to expose her puckered brown hole to the camera, probing it with my fingers as she humped my stiff cock.
The camera caught the sight of my penis disappearing inside her tender
teen body. I leaned up and grabbed a mouthful of tit, licking her nipple
as I stabbed her cunt with my rod.

Jen came first, grinding her hips down on to Tommy's pecker, trying to
coax the semen from his young tool. Then Sascia exploded, thrashing and
writhing on top of her stud James. Finally, Heather climaxed, and her
spasming pussy released the seed from my swollen balls. I filled her
fresh young cunt with my hot spermy load. She collapsed on my chest, out
of breath from the exertion.

Tommy rewound the camcorder tape and patched the output into the big tv.
We watched our antics while we relaxed and had a drink and a smoke.
Before long, us boys were hard again from watching the action. The
recorded part ended just as we decided what action to tape for Corinne
and Jack. Tommy uncoupled the camcorder from the tripod and gave it to
Jen, showing her how to record and focus.

Heather started the action by trying to take me, James, and Tommy in her
mouth at the same time. She settled for sucking us sequentially. When
we were all good and hard, I lay down in the cushioned pit and Heather
climbed on top of me, guiding my glistening cock inside her wet pussy.
Then Tommy mounted her from behind, stuffing his lubricated pecker in her
tight ass. James came around and presented her cock for her to suck.
Heather's three holes were soon stuffed full of our hard man meat and we
violated her three orifices freely.

While we ravished Heather's nubile teen body, Sascia played with
Heather's titties and fingered herself, while Jen filmed the action,
toying with her hairless slit with a free hand. Heather's moans and
grunts were muffled by James's thrusting cock, but I could tell she was
close to coming by the way her pussy throbbed. Soon, she was climaxing
wildly, digging her nails into my chest.

Tommy and I slowed our thrusting and Sascia helped Heather off our cocks,
only to take her place. We resumed our assault, only this time it was
Sascia's tender and tight holes that we were ravishing with our stiff
cocks. I could feel Tommy's youthful thrusts through the walls of
Sascia's tight pussy. James's balls hung low over my face and I craned
my neck to kiss and suck at them.

Heather had recovered from her earth-shattering orgasm enough to give
Sascia's perky titties some loving attention. Jen used the camera to
zoom in on Tommy's cock and my cock stuffing Sascia's tender holes and
her mouth wrapped around James's hard member.

Sascia's climax built slowly, but soon she was in full force as three
hard cocks penetrated her. Her throbbing holes tried to force the cum out of our probing cocks, but to no avail. Her orgasm was strong enough
to incapacitate her and Heather had to help her off our cocks.

It was Jen's turn and she gave the camcorder to Heather and climbed on my
cock. Almost immediately, James and Tommy filled her other two holes.
Her hairless young pussy gripped my cock tight and I felt Tommy's young penis poking her ass through the thin walls of her vagina. James had his
hard cock stuffed in her young little mouth and we made little Jen take
our three stiff rods inside her young pre-teen body.

Sascia recovered from her three-hole orgasm and began to play with Jen's
budding titties, as well as Tommy's ass and James's balls. Heather made
sure that the violation of Jen's girlish body was caught on tape. Soon
enough, Jen began to come, tightening all of her holes against the
onslaught of three virile, hard, thrusting cocks.

As Heather taped and Sascia fondled, Jen's pulsating pussy and ass and
busy tongue managed to make Tommy, James, and me climax at the same time.
We filled Jen's three hot holes with our semen, slowing our thrusts as
we ravished her young twelve-year-old body. She milked all of the sperm
from our cocks as we bathed her in kisses. She smiled up at us, lost in
the glow of ecstacy and lust, stuffed with three leaky cocks that still
stuffed her body.

"Cori and Jack are going to love this," Heather said as we relaxed and
watched the playback.

"What exactly is their deal?" Sascia asked.

"They're swingers," Heather replied. "They're down at Hedonism II right
now, probably doing other couples."

"When we were kids, Cori and I played 'Doctor' a couple of times and she
dressed me in her clothes once, but we never did anything else," I said.
"This is all Jack's side of the family." I laughed.

Before the six of us fell asleep on the big cushioned pit, we formed two
daisy chains, with me, Tommy, and James sucking each others' cocks and
the girls sucking our semen out of each other's pussies. Just as we fell
asleep, we heard the camcorder's tape run out.


The next morning, we all showered and went out to breakfast. It was the
start of the Memorial Day weekend and it looked to be a very hot day.
After breakfast, we went back to the house and put on our swim trunks and
headed off to the beach. The water had warmed up enough to allow
swimming and the sand was crowded with tanned young bodies, including my
young companions. Early in the afternoon, the wind shifted to a cool
onshore breeze, so we packed up our stuff and headed back to the house to
spend the rest of the afternoon on the sheltered deck and in the pool.

Heather and Sascia had something special planned for the evening, though
they wouldn't say what it was. Meanwhile, the kids insisted that I cook
their favorite chicken curry for dinner. Since it was easy enough to
prepare for six, I set off to start cooking, a nice cocktail at my side.

After dinner, Tommy and Jen helped clean up and we all went in to the
living room for an after-dinner drink. The kids were joining us just as
the doorbell rang. Heather got up to answer it.

It was Prissy, Corinne's shemale maid, dressed in a frilly little black
maid's uniform, cut low so her enhanced cleavage was visible. She had a
dog collar with a leash attached. At the other end of the teather was a
statuesque blonde in a long black gown, slit high up the side, with a
high collar that set off her blonde pageboy hairdo. She walked in atop
5" stiletto heels and introduced herself as Mistress Julia, Prissy's

Heather explained that they held lingerie parties where they presented
items not available at Victoria's Secret, mainly to bored housewives and
closeted transvestites. They were here to show their new summer line,
some hand stitched by Prissy herself. Heather helped them set up their
display case in the living room. Prissy handed over a video tape to run
in the background, professional models showing off various items for

Heather, Sascia, and Jen were out of their dresses quickly, eager to try
on the frillies that Prissy and her mistress had brought. James, Tommy,
and I leaned back to watch the show.

"Get those clothes off now, boys," Mistress Julia commanded, sternly.
"We've got some things for you to wear as well!"

Prissy knelt before us and presented three black silk posing pouches with
thin thong backs. We doffed our shorts and shirts and took the scanty
undies from the submissive maid.

"Much better," Julia said, inspecting our bulging packages, wrapped in
sheer silk. She let Prissy do all the work, commanding her on occasion,
but mostly supervising as she sipped her martini.

Heather selected a white lace bustier with matching garter belt and
crotchless panty. Sascia chose a black lace and velvet corset with six
tab garters holding up her black fishnets. She put her black lace
panties on over her garters for easy access. Prissy was helping Jen into
a pair of red crotchless panties that matched the baby tee and thigh high
stockings she wore. She had red ribbons tying her ponytails up as well.

The girls modeled their frilly undies for us, coming over to sit and
squirm in our laps. Prissy asked her mistress for something and she
nodded her head. Then, Prissy unzipped her Mistress's dress, helping her
step out of it. Mistress Julia wore a black lace corset and delicate
black lace panties that bulged with a hard 6" cock. Prissy knelt before
her mistress and fished her cock from her panties, taking it in her slut
mouth and sucking it obediently.

Watching Prissy suck her mistress gave the girls and idea and they made
us stand while they pulled our pouches down and sucked our hard cocks.
Tommy was fascinated with Julia's cock and 36D breasts and couldn't help
staring at them while his sister sucked his stiff pecker.

Julia said something to Prissy and the maid stood up and knelt on the
couch, presenting her ass. Julia lowered Prissy's frilly panties and
lifted her skirt and petticoat, exposing the maid's saucy bottom. Then,
Julia stepped up and guided her hard cock into Prissy's submissive slut
pussy. Prissy begged her mistress to fuck her hard and deep.

Meanwhile, Heather had stood up and presented her ass to me, looking back
and smiling. I reached down and guided my cock through the open crotch
of her panties and into her wet pussy. Tommy and James wer mounting
their girls the same way so we could all watch Mistress Julia assault
Prissy's tender ass.

Prissy begged her mistress to come inside her and soon, Mistress Julia
obliged, thrusting deep inside and filling Prissy's slut pussy with her
hot sperm. To keep it from leaking out, she inserted a small butt plug
in Prissy's ass.

Heather was coming and could barely stand, so I placed her on her knees
and continued to fuck her tight teen twat. Her contractions soon sent me
over the edge and I flooded her pussy with my spunk. James and Sascia
soon followed suit, and Jen and Tommy came soon after.

Prissy was ordered to clean the girls' leaking pussies and then to lick
our cocks clean. She obediently drained the girls' dripping cunts and
then came over to bathe our cocks clean with her sissy tongue. By the
time she finished with Tommy, he was hard again.

The girls changed into new outfits. Heather donned a pretty lace teddy
with an open crotch and open bra cups. Sascia tried a pretty pink
babydoll croptop with matching crotchless panties and cotton thigh high
stockings. Prissy helped Jen into a slutty little ensemble, a white lace
bustier that gathered her little mounds together, white crotchless bridal
panties, a lacy white garter belt, and white lace top stockings. She
stood in a small pair of white 4" heels. Prissy had applied a little
makeup to her face and she looked far older than 12. Heather and Sascia
hugged her and remarked how lovely she looked. We all agreed, even
Mistress Julia. She complemented Prissy as well and promised a reward.
Prissy curtseyed politely and went to kneel at Julia's side.

Heather began to toy with my stiff cock and soon was on her knees,
sucking me softly. Then she lay me back on the couch and climbed on top
of me, slipping my stiff member in her wet slit. She asked Tommy to come
over and he slipped his stiff pecker in her ass. James slipped his cock
in her mouth and we began to pump and probe Heather with our three hard

Mistress Julia and Prissy came over and Heather began to jack their cocks
while Jen and Sascia played with Heather's titties. Five cocks were
being pleasured by her busy teen body and soon she began to come
violently. Sascia eagerly took her place and soon had an explosive
orgasm of her own.

It was Jen's turn and she climbed on top of me and slowly sat on my cock.
Tommy slid his cock in her ass and I felt its progress through Jen's
tight slit. James stuffed her young little mouth with his meat and she
stroked Julia and Prissy with her little hands. Her preteen body was no
match for the cocks and hands that were ravishing her tender young body
and she started to come convulsively, letting go of the two cocks she was
stroking. Sascia and Heather soon began to suck the two shemales. It
wasn't long before Tommy, James, and I came, filling Jen's nubile body
with our hot spunk. Heather and Sascia managed to bring Julia and Prissy

Prissy sparked Tommy's curiosity when she stepped out of her uniform and
petticoats. Underneath, she wore a tight white lace corset and frilly
ruffled panties. Tommy wanted to see how she was made so he went over
and asked to look in her panties. Prissy let Tommy pull them down to
reveal her hairless 5" cock and balls. Tommy reached out and gently
touched it and began to lightly stroke it. Jen came over and joined him.
She was just as curious and this wasn't something they'd see in Sex Ed

Julia came over and held Prissy's hands behind her back, giving the kids
full access to Prissy's stiff shemale clitty. Then she reached down and
pulled the butt plug out of Prissy's ass, replacing it with her hard 6"
cock. Tommy and Jen sucked on Prissy's cock and balls as Julia pumped
Prissy's tender ass.

"It looks like you're going to get your reward, slut," Julia said.

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you Mistress," Prissy moaned. "Please give me the
gift of your cum, Mistress."

Julia obliged by shooting her hot load inside Prissy's shemale pussy.
Then she offered Prissy's ass to me and James. Heather encouraged me, so
I stood behing Prissy and stuffed my cock inside her tight wet hole. The
kids kept sucking on Prissy's hard clitty as her ass tightened around my
shaft. I pumped her tight ass hard and fast and soon I lost my load,
filling her belly with my hot cum. James took his turn and soon his
semen joined the rest.

Tommy came around and began to fuck Prissy while Jen stood up and jammed
Prissy's cock in her tight pussy. The kids used Prissy's slut body for
their pleasure while we watched and cheered them on. Just as Tommy
filled Prissy's ass with his boy spunk, Jen coaxed Prissy's cock to
climax and he flooded her young pussy with jets of hot pent-up spunk.
The torrent of sperm in her pussy sent Jen over the edge and she came,
her pussy milking Prissy's clitty.

We relaxed while Heather and Sascia selected items to buy. Julia and
Prissy, temporarily out of the dom/sub role and more like the loving
longtime companions they usually were, took to doting on the kids, giving
them some free items and dressing them in matching pink and baby blue
undies. Julia professed her weakness for young boy cock and soon was
sucking on Tommy's hard dick, ravishing it with her expert tongue. She
soon had his young tool spurting its seed in her loving mouth.

Tommy was curious about how Julia was made so he asked to see her cock.
Slowly pulling her panties down, her hard 6" sprung to life. Tommy then
asked if she liked boy ass as much as she liked young cock. Julia smiled
as he knelt down and spread his young firm ass. Julia knelt behind him
and pressed her cock into his tight young butt. Tommy grunted as Julia
entered him, but his stiffening pecker showed that he was enjoying the
feeling. Julia pumped his young teen ass slowly.

Jen guided Prissy over and aimed his stiff clitty at Tommy's mouth. He
sucked Prissy's cock hungrily as Julia ravished his ass with her cock.
Soon, Tommy's young cock was spurting seed as Julia's cock pressed
against his prostate. He reached down and began to beat his cock,
spurting his semen as he came.

He disengaged from Julia and Prissy and Jen took his place, taking Julia
deep inside her tight ass and bathing Prissy's cock with her tongue. She
tightened her ass down as she quickly frigged her clitty. Just as
Prissy shot her sperm down her throat she came and her contracting ass
muscle pumped the cum out of Julia's pounding cock. The shemales filled
her tender young body full of their hot spunk, and she rolled over,
content, leaking sperm from her mouth and ass. She shared a kiss with
Tommy and they hugged Prissy and Julia.

Before they packed up and left, Julia let Tommy take her ass, everyone
got to use Prissy's slut ass, even the girls, and Heather and Sascia
managed to get Julia and Prissy to come in their pussies, much to
everyone's amusement and plenty of jokes about "going straight". After
Prissy and Julia left, we cleaned up the mess and went skinnydipping in
the pool together. We watched some videos while the girls sucked us off
and then retired to bed where we filled their pussies with our cum one
last time that day.


The next morning started rainy. We lounged in the big bed while Jen and
Tommy brought us breakfast in bed. The skies cleared while we were
reading the Sunday papers. It wasn't going to be warm enough for the
beach but we could lie out on the deck by the pool.

Julia called, asking if she had left Prissy's leash the night before.
Heather invited them to spend a quiet Sunday by the pool. Julia asked if
it was okay to bring her kids. We were suprised to hear that she had
children. I told Heather it was fine by me.

Julia and Prissy showed up later with two kids in tow. Paul was a slim
14 year old boy with clean cut hair. His sister, Anita, was thirteen and
had budding A-cup breasts and curly blonde hair. The kids were shy and
very polite. Julia and Prissy weren't wearing their wigs, but their real
hair was short and stylish. They wore one-piece suits and floppy hats
along with high-heeled sandals and the barest amount of makeup.

Heather, Sascia, and Jen were all wearing thong bikinis. I had baggies
on, as did James. Tommmy wore a tiny pair of black Speedos that hugged
his tight little butt. Paul stepped out of his shorts to reveal the same
suit. Anita lay her towel out and took off her t-shirt, revealing a
tiny crochet string bikini. She lay on her stomach and undid her top.

Prissy served us all drinks and then lay down next to Julia and sipped a
julip. We basked under the warm sun, taking an occasional dip in the
pool. Paul and Tommy hit it off quickly, challenging James to a three
lap race, which he won handily. Prissy swam a languid breast stroke but
proved faster than even James when they raced.

Heather lost the top of her bikini when she dived off the high board and
didn't bother putting it back on. Jen soon followed when she rolled over
on her back to get an even tan. Anita looked at Julia and after an
unspoken word, took her top off as well. She wished she could erase her
tan lines, but she had to content herself with trying to catch up. She
envied Sascia's even tan.

"Oh, well, I might as well get some sun, too," Julia said as she wriggled
out of her one-piece. Her flesh was creamy white and she had Prissy
fawning over her, spreading sunblock over her mistress's white skin.
Soon we were all nude and smearing lotion on each other. Jen volunteered
to do Anita's back if she'd do hers. The girls sat facing each other,
smearing sunblock on each other's tiny titties.

James and Sascia jumped in the pool while Heather lay next to me, rubbing
sunblock into my back. I did her back in return while Tommy and Paul sat
talking to Jen and Anita. Heather quietly pointed out what James and
Sascia were doing near the 5' marker. Sascia was slowly sliding up and
down on James's hard cock. Anita was the first of the kids to notice and
she whispered to her brother. Jen and Tommy stole quick glances and
whispered something to Paul and Anita.

Paul and Tommy skinned out of their Speedos while Jen and Anita removed
their bikini bottoms. Jen gently touched Paul's hardening 5" cock while
Anita softly stroked Tommy's stiff prick. Tommy kissed Anita's budding

Julia called over to her kids telling them to make sure they had sunblock
on their bottoms. The kids took a time out from their play to find
creative ways of applying lotion to bottoms, cocks, balls, and hairless
pussies. I felt Heather's sweet lips on my cock as we watched the kids
caress each other. I noticed Prissy going down on Julia out of the
corner of my eye. I made Heather lie across me so I could lick her sweet
snatch while she gobbled my tool.

The kids lay on their big towel, Jen and Paul, Tommy and Anita, sucking each other gently. Sascia and James had emerged from the pool and James
was busy pumping her tanned teen body on a bench. Her legs swayed over
his shoulders as she rocked her pelvis to meet his deep thrusts.

Heather climaxed on my mouth and took her lips off my cock so she could
moan. She climbed on top of me and straddled my hips, slowly lowering
her wet sex on my glistening tool. She rode my cock slowly, her pretty
breasts bobbing in my face. I licked and sucked her lovely nipples and
grabbed her luscious ass, thrusting my member deep inside her quivering

Prissy had climbed on top of Julia and had her cock stuffed in her ass.
She rode her Mistress slowly, pleasuring her with her tight ass. The
kids paused from their oral ministrations to watch Prissy's ass swallow Julia's tool. Then Anita climbed on top of Tommy and Jen mounted Paul.
The girls stuffed the boys' cocks inside them and began to ride their
mounts, sliding up and down on hard boymeat, pleasing their little studs
with their tight young pussies. Jen and Anita shared a kiss while they
bucked their hips on the boys' cocks.

Heather got on her hands and knees and I mounted her from behind so we
could both watch the kids make love. I rammed her juicy pussy, making
loud squishing sounds from her wetness. Heather began to come again,
loudly, just as Sascia was letting loose. The two girls' cries of
passion had a galvanic effect, and soon Jen and Anita's cries could be
heard. Prissy gasped as Julia flooded her ass with hot semen and shot
her own load from within her pumping fist. James groaned and filled
Sascia's pussy with his hot load. I felt my cum rising and let loose in
Heather's spasming pussy, shooting wave after wave of hot sperm. Tommy
and Paul both came at the same time and they shot their sperm in the
girls' tight little twats.

After softening cocks had fallen from semen-soaked holes, we all got in
the pool and cooled off. Prissy's and Julia's enhanced breasts floated
in the water. Jen, Tommy, Paul, and Anita floated over and began to play
with their luscious floating breasts, much to Julia and Prissy's delight.
Heather and I swam over along with James and Sascia, and we all hugged
and caressed the two voluptuous transexuals and the four titty-sucking
kids. We floated together for a while, a big mass of limbs, breasts, and
cocks and then got out of the pool and dried off so we could resume

I invited Julia and the kids to stay with us for a cookout. Prissy
insisted on helping and went off to pick up fresh seafood and more
charcoal for the grille. We spent the rest of the afternoon sunning and
swimming, watching the kids play with each other and sipping chilled

Prissy soon returned, wearing her red uniform and frilly apron. She had
managed to find fresh lobster, clams and oysters on a holiday weekend.
There was also a bag of fresh corn and more beer, wine, and liquor.
Heather and I went in to the kitchen and helped Prissy with the food. I
learned that her name actually was Priscilla, and that her mistress
preferred the diminutive. She had been Julia's sub and lover for almost
ten years, following the death of Julia's wife. Prissy and Julia had
known Jack and Corinne for almost that long and they had regular sessions
together. I was surprised that the kids hadn't met each other, but
Corinne tended to keep things separate. I wondered what she'd think of
the day's activities.

Prissy had dinner under control, so Heather and I took a hot shower
together, soaping each other up and fucking standing up against the tile
wall. Then we dried off and got dressed. Heather wore the while lace
bustier and panty ensemble that she had bought from Prissy and Julia,
along with a lacy garter belt, stockings, and heels. I told her to dress
me any way she liked, so she selected a black silk pouch and a black silk
kimono for me. I slipped on some sandals and we went back down to the
kitchen to check in on Prissy.

She oohed and ahhed over our outfits and said that when she stopped at
home to change, she brought some similar outfits for Julia and the kids
to wear. We left her to her cooking and went out to the pool so I could
start the grille.

James and Sascia were headed off to shower and stopped to admire
Heather's sexy undies. The kids ran off to find Prissy when I told them
she had brought stuff for them to wear. I invited Julia to help herself
to the shower in our bedroom and anything else she needed. She thanked
us and went off to find Prissy, who'd attend to her needs.

James and Sascia returned just as I was finishing mixing cocktails.
James wore a red kimono and silk g-string, while Sascia had put on a
delightful black basque and lacy black panties. Her legs were adorned
with black fishnet stockings held up by lacy black garters. Julia soon
joined us, looking stunning in a tight black corset that framed her ample
breasts in black lace and nipped her waist tight. Seamed black stockings and 5" pumps completed the ensemble. I complemented her as I handed her
a martini.

Prissy ushered the kids out to the pool like a doting governess. She had
changed into a revealing maid-style teddy with a lacy little apron and
high cut thighs that showed off her long legs. She had bathed and
dressed the kids and she lined them up for our approval, beaming broadly.

Jen and Anita wore pretty pink cropped babydolls with wispy matching
panties, along with pink stockings and lacy garter belts. Tommy and Paul
were dressed in white silk g-strings and white silk kimonos. Prissy had
applied some makeup to their faces, even the boys, and had brushed the
girls' hair out, tying them with pretty pink ribbons that matched the
ribbons on their pretty ballet slippers. We cooed over how cute they
looked. Tommy and Paul were a bit embarassed about all the attention,
but the girls curtseyed politely. We let them have a little wine while
we Prissy served us cocktails and oysters.

We watched the sun set over the trees from the deck. Then we sat down at
the long table and Prissy served us dinner as night fell. We gorged on
grilled lobster and shrimp, washing it down with white wine and imported
beer. After a long, enjoyable dinner, Prissy, Paul, and Anita cleaned up
the dishes while Tommy and Jen prepared the family room for an evening of
lusty activities. By the time we had finished our coffee, the family room was ready. We all trooped down to the basement, carrying a fresh
round of drinks.

Heather, James, Sascia, and I lay with the kids on the big cushioned pit
and watched Julia put Prissy through her paces for the camera. First,
she unsnapped Prissy's maid's teddy. Prissy's cock and balls spilled
out. Then Julia applied some K-Y to Prissy's rosebud asshole and
inserted an enema tube. She unclamped the hose and the warm water
flooded Prissy's bowels. Julia massaged Prissy's belly as the bag
drained into Prissy's ass. When the bag was empty, Julia removed the
nozzle and replaced it with a greased butt plug.

Julia then made Prissy demonstrate her holding power by making her suck
Julia's hard cock while keeping the enema inside her. Julia's cock
pistoned in and out of Prissy's red lips as she used her sissy slut's
mouth for her pleasure. Then she had Prissy bend over submissively and
take her cock in her ass in place of the butt plug. Julia used Prissy's
shemale pussy and tensed up as she came, adding her semen to the warm
water in Prissy's bowels. She removed her penis from Prissy's rectum and
allowed her sissy slut to expel the enema into a chamberpot. Prissy
walked funny as she went to dispose of her enema.

While we watched Julia and Prissy, our hands roamed over the kids' smooth
young bodies. I lay next to Heather with Anita in my lap while Heather
got acquainted with Paul's hard young cock. James and Sascia were
fondling Tommy and Jen playfully, tickling their young bodies and giving
them affectionate kisses. Anita squirmed in my lap as I reached under
her top and softly caressed her small round breasts. Next to me, Heather
had removed Paul's kimono and was reaching into his silk g-string to fish
out his young cock. I reached down and found that Anita's panties were
secretly slit, giving my fingers easy access to her sweet young pussy. I
dipped my fingers in her wet teen honeypot while she untied her top,
letting it fall from her shoulders.

Julia began to direct the action on the cushioned pit as Prissy picked
the camera up off the tripod and taped us. Julia had us all 69 each
other, the girls' crotchless panties facilitating this. Then, with our
pouches down around our thighs, she had us mount our girls from behind.
I poised my hard cock against Anita's juicy young teen pussy and pushed
forward. She gasped as I drove all seven inches of my swollen shaft into
her young twat. I began to thrust and her pussy made sucking sounds as
it gripped my tool. She pushed her ass against my cock on every stroke.
I reached around and began to play with her titties and worked my way
down to her little clitty, massaging it as I pumped her young teen slit.

James had his prick buried in Jen's tight young cunt while Tommy took
Sascia from behind, pumping her tight pussy with his hard pecker. Next
to me, Heather's pussy was being ravished by Paul while Anita's tight
young hole pleasured my hard cock. Anita came first, her love muscle
rippling along my shaft. I filled her young twat with jets of hot semen
as I fingered her fat clit. Prissy zoomed in on my cock as it
disappeared inside Anita's tight pussy.

I hugged Anita just as Paul exploded in Heather's pulsating pussy. She
cried out as his semen filled her. Jen's orgasmic spasms coaxed the
sperm from James's hard penis, while Tommy pumped Sascia's tight cunt full of his young juice. Anita kissed me passionately as we watched
everyone climax around us.

We all jumped Prissy and Julia, thanking them with our tongues. Paul and
I sucked on Julia's nipples while Heather and Anita sucked on her cock
and balls. James, Paul, Sascia, and Jen were working over Prissy with
their tongues at the same time. We made the pretty shemales erupt at the
same time and shared their copious ejaculations.

We rewound the tape and relaxed while the kids brought us drinks. Pretty
soon we were all out of our undies while the kids massaged hot oil into
our skin. Tommy popped another blank tape in the camcorder and placed it
back on the tripod and then joined the oiled, writhing mass on the big
cushioned pit.

Julia appeared between me and Heather and we alternated kissing her full
red lips. Heather and I each took one of Julia's 36D breasts and lashed
her nipples with our tongues. Her cock pressed against my thigh and I
reached down to stroke her hard shaft. Heather impaled her pussy on my
rock hard cock while I guided Julia's cock towards Heather's tight ass.

With Heather sandwiched between us, Julia and I doublefucked her tender
teen bottom, ravishing her two holes with our stiff cocks. James and
Prissy were probing Sascia's tender holes while Jen sucked Paul and Anita
licked Tommy's cock next to us.

Heather writhed and thrashed between us as Julia and I assaulted her
tight holes with our thrusting ramrods. My cock rubbed against Julia's
with each deep stroke, stretching the walls of Heather's tender young pussy and ass. Next to us, James and Prissy were violating young Sascia,
much to her evident delight.

Paul mounted Jen from behind so they could both watch Heather and Sascia
squirm from the dual assault of our hard cocks. Tommy also took Anita
from behind, and soon the pit was a mass of oiled, pumping bodies. The
room smelled heavily of sex despite the fragrant aroma of the massage
oil. The heavy air was filled with the sound of cries, moans, and wet
sucking noises, all being caught on tape.

Heather began to climax as Julia and I held her tight and thrust our
cocks deep inside her. Her pelvis rocked and her muscles contracted
around our members. I held back as long as I could and I could tell
Julia was doing the same, but Heather's sucking pussy and ass was too
much for us. We both came hard, filling Heather's tight holes with
torrents of semen. She came again when she felt twin jets of hot semen
gushing inside her.

Next to us, Sascia was milking the sperm from Prissy and James, moaning
deeply as her orgasm subsided. Watching Heather and Sascia climax had a
chain effect on the kids, and soon Jen and Anita were coming as well.
The boys filled their tight little holes with their sweet boy come. The
kids lay together spoonwise, while the girls' young twats, leaking semen,
milked the boys' cocks for the last drop of sperm.

We all lay, relaxed and contented, listening to the telltale sound of a
softening penis slipping out of a used vagina or anus. Prissy used her
tongue to clean the semen leaking out of the girls' holes while Julia
suprised us by cleaning off all of our cocks with her luscious red lips.
Prissy served another round of drinks and we watched the playback of the
tape on the big screen tv.

The kids took turns massaging any remaining tension from our backs and we
returned the favor. Julia remarked that she had never felt so pampered,
even at the spa she regularly frequented.

"All you need is the sauna and the mudbath," she said, stretching

We capped off the evening's activities with a bang, a gang bang,
actually. Julia found a new use for Tommy's weightlifting bench. She
tied Prissy's wrists to the part of the bench that held up the barbells.
Prissy's ass jutted out invitingly as she settled onto the vinyl covered

Julia handed out shiny black latex panties to the girls. They were
powdered inside to make them easy to put on. Each panty had an integral
double dildo attached to the crotch and a small slit on the behind. The
girls slipped them on and adjusted the dildos to suit their pussies.
Julia began to apply lubricant to each girl's dong. James, Tommy, Paul,
and I stood in a line by the weight bench to have Prissy suck us hard.
Tommy went first, and in no time, Prissy's slut mouth had his boyish
young cock hard again. Julia smeared lube on his pecker and guided him
to Prissy's submissive ass, where she helped him stuff his cock inside.

Paul was taking his turn at Prissy's mouth as Tommy eagerly fucked her
ass. The girls watched with interest while jacking their dongs to
stimulate their tender clitties. Heather bent over and let Jen stuff her
dildo into her ass, and she jacked herself as Jen pumped her bottom.

Tommy gasped as he came, releasing his boyseed inside Prissy's shemale
pussy. Paul took his turn at Prissy's bottom while James stepped up to
use Prissy's slut mouth for his pleasure. Anita came up behind Paul and
slowly eased the tip of her dildo into Paul's ass. He had never taken
anything up there so he slowed his hips while he savored the new
sensation. Anita managed to get all six inches of the dildo panty inside
her brother's tight rectum. She thrust her hips, the inner part of the
dong stretching her young cunt, while Paul resumed his assault of
Prissy's anus.

Anita came just as Paul added his young sperm to Tommy's load. He
climbed off Prissy's ass and got on his hands and knees to let his sister finish her orgasm. James took his cock out of Prissy's mouth and got
behind her, easily sliding his cock into her sperm-soaked asshole.
Prissy took my cock in her mouth and bathed it with her soft tongue while
James pumped her from behind. Sascia came up behind James and probed his
butt with her strap-on. Having been used there before, James had no
problem taking Sascia's dildo in his ass. He barely missed a stroke as
he pumped Prissy's shemale pussy, reaching around to take her cock in his
hand and stroke it.

Julia had Heather's dong in her ass while Jen was still humping Heather's
cute bottom with her dildo. Anita soon joined the fun and poked Jen's
tender bottom with her strap-on. Tommy and Paul's hands wandered along
the foursome's bodies, lingering on Julia's bountiful melons before
dropping to their knees to share her cock.

Paul was working up to a frenzy as he fucked Prissy while Sascia fucked
him. Soon, Sascia was coming and clawing at his back. He groaned and
thrust deep inside Prissy's bottom, filling her with gobs of his milky
love juice. I pulled out of Prissy's mouth and stood behind her.
Prissy's ass was stretched out and leaking sperm. I plugged the leak
with my glistening cock and went to work using Prissy's slut hole.

I felt a breath on my neck and it turned out to be Julia, at the lead of
the foursome of ladies connected at the crotch. Tommy and Paul guided
Julia's slick cock into my rectum. Her hardness filled me completely as
I continued to work my penis in and out of Prissy's sloppy ass. Julia's
breasts pressed against my back as she slowly fucked my willing ass. I
looked back to see a train of lust-filled women, all humping away like
horny guys.

Anita detached herself from the train of humping cunts and peeled off her
dildo panty. She positioned herself on the weight bench under Prissy and
guided the shemale's stiff clitty into her pussy. Each time Julia thrust
into my ass, my cock pushed deeper inside Prissy's well worn hole, which
in turn pushed her cock deeper inside Anita's tight pussy.

James was hard again, so he took Anita's place at the end of the train
and guided his cock into Jen's tight ass. Sascia reinserted her dildo in
his ass and resumed pumping his prostate. Paul got behind Sascia and
took her from behind, while Tommy popped his young pecker into Paul's
tight teen ass. The train of humping, fucking bodies was now complete.
I looked up to make sure the camcorder was running.

The chain reaction of orgasms began with little Anita. Prissy's hard
cock rammed into her delicate pussy as she tightened up on the invading
member and screamed in delight. That set me off and I flooded Prissy's
ass with my hot gusher of semen. Prissy let go at that moment, releasing
her sperm into Anita's pulsating pussy.

I clenched my ass when I came and soon Julia was rewarding me with a warm
flood of semen inside my bowels. She embraced me and kissed my back as I
milked her cock with my anus. Heather came soon after, followed by Jen,
who tightened her ass muscle around James's cock. Almost immediately, he
was filling her tight ass with his hot spunk. This caused Paul to let go
and come in Sascia's tight hole, which triggered her orgasm. Finally,
Tommy climaxed in Paul's young ass.

"That must have been some sort of record," Sascia said, after she caught
her breath. Her dildo was sticking straight up, covered with ass juice
and Paul's boyjuice leaked from her panties. My cock flopped out of
Prissy, releasing a river of sperm that pooled on the bench. I felt
Julia slip out of my ass, and her semen dripped out to join the puddle
that formed under Prissy's open ass.

Julia untied Prissy's wrists, allowing her sub to lick the sperm from
Anita's sloppy twat. When she finished that, she wiped up the puddle
that had leaked from her ass with a pair of panties, then put the panties on and knelt at Julia's feet, cleaning her Mistress's cock with her
tongue. Julia ordered Prissy to service us all orally while we watched
the tape, and then we all curled up together on the big cushions in a big
oily cluster. Prissy fell asleep with a smile on her face and Julia's
linp cock in her mouth like a pacifier. I snuggled up behind Heather and
felt Jen cuddle up behind me with Tommy embracing her from behind. We
fell asleep, satisfied and exhausted.


Prissy had awakened before us and had breakfast ready when we all woke
up. It was a hot, muggy day so after breakfast and a shower, we put on
our bathing suits and headed for the beach. We tanned and swam until
right after lunch, when a squall line came in off the ocean. That sent
the Memorial Day crowd scattering so we went back to the house to take a
dip in the pool. We watched the bolts of lighning from the safety of the
glass-walled poolhouse. The panes rattled at each blast of thunder. We
took a dip in the pool to escape the humidity. Soon, the sun was out
again and the air freshened considerably.

Instead of another cookout, I treated everyone to a dinner out. Heather
made reservations at a local bistro and we showered and dressed for
dinner. Prissy and Julia borrowed some of Cori's skirts and blouses and
Tommy and Jen lent some clothes to Paul and Anita. We piled into Jack's
Range Rover and headed off to eat.

It turned out that the maitre'd happened to know Julia intimately, and we
were given excellent service by the waitress and sommelier. I selected a
nice wine to complement our meal and we relaxed and enjoyed a sumptuous

After dinner, we dropped Sascia off at her house and then Julia, Prissy,
and their kids. Julia had a lovely old Victorian within walking distance
of Corinne and Jack's place. Prissy would be by the next day to clean so
she said she'd return the borrowed clothes then. I dropped James and
Heather at their house before turning into our driveway. Heather's
parents were home from their trip; their car sat in their driveway.

I checked the day's phone messages while Tommy and Jen got undressed and
headed for the hot tub for an after dinner soak. I took off my clothes,
put on a kimono and sandals and went to get a cocktail before joining the
kids. I had a scotch in one hand and a towel in the other and was
heading towards the tub when the doorbell rang.

A tanned, petite woman in her mid-40s, wearing an expensive tailored
dress stood at the door. Behind her was a man in his 40s wearing a white
shirt and a sports jacket. He, too was tan and fit. The woman spoke

"Who are you and what are you doing with our daughter," she asked in an
edgy tone of voice.

I introduced myself and though she did not accept my hand, her husband
shook it firmly. I explained why I was here and how because Heather was
above the legal age of consent that it really wasn't her business,

"What exactly are your intentions with respect to our girl?" asked
Everett, the husband.

"I'm very fond of her and she feels the same way, I think," I replied.

"Do you have any intention to marry her or are you just looking for some
young teen to bang?" Laurel, Heather's mom asked.

"I'd marry her if she wasn't going away to school," I replied. "I'd
marry her if I didn't have to go back to working eighteen-hour days. In
fact, I'm wondering whether I could overcome these obstacles and marry
your daughter anyway." I didn't add "out of spite", but the message was
clear. I sat down on the living room couch and sipped my drink.

"Can I get you folks a drink?" I asked.

Laurel declined but I poured her a drink anyway after handing her husband
a double scotch.

"I don't know what she sees in older men," Laurel said, hesitantly
sipping her drink.

"Thanks, dear," Everett said, dryly.

"You know what I mean, dear. It just disturbs me that she could be
attracted to someone her father's age," she replied.

"You admitted to me that you slept with your father. Don't you think
that's clouding your judgement?" her husband asked.

"How dare you bring that up! And in front of a stranger," she spat back.
Her hands gripped her glass tightly as she took a big sip of scotch.

"Hey, are we done? I want to go take a nice hot soak. Why don't you two
lovely people join me?" I asked, pouring another drink for myself.
Laurel blushed bright red, and stammered a no. Everett grinned and
winked at me. I wondered how an apparently easygoing, nice guy like him
had gotten married to such an uptight bitch.

"Everett, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I've got a nice hard
-on for your lovely wife. I'd love to see her out of that dress." I
walked out from behind the bar and opened my kimono. My cock stood
straight out, bobbing in time to my pulse. Laurel stared at it
openmouthed while Everett broke out laughing. Then he quickly unzipped
the back of his wife's dress and brought it down off her shoulders,
exposing her lacy black brassiere. She weakly protested as he stood her
up and helped her step out of the dress. She had a matching black lace
french panty and stay-up stockings.

"I've always wanted to see my wife suck another man's cock," Everett said
as he guided his wife to her knees in front of me. She looked up at him
in suprise and then at me. Her last inhibition gone, she faced my
bobbing penis and gently wrapped her lips around it. Her husband
unclasped her bra and her lovely breasts fell free from their harness.
He massaged her tits as she licked and sucked on my cock, fondling my sac
with her long, painted fingers.

I fell to my knees and let her gobble my prick as her husband raised her
upturned ass and pulled her panties down. He unzipped his trousers and
stuffed his fat 8" cock in his wife's wet pussy. She made muffled sounds
around my cock as we fucked her from both ends. Everett winked at me
again as he watched me fuck his wife's face. Soon we had her coming on
the carpet and I rewarded this slut wife with a mouthful of my semen.
She swallowed every drop and licked me clean as her husband shot his load
in her hot pussy.

I had brought Laurel's face to mine and kissed her gently, tasting my
sperm on her tongue. Just then I heard the key in the lock and there
stood Heather and James, wide-eyed with suprise.

"Mom? Dad? What's going on here?" Heather asked. James just stared at
his father's softening cock.

Laurel turned in suprise and embarrassment. Her own daughter had caught
her in the aftermath of sex with two men. She covered her breasts and
tried to pull her panties up. Heather and James rushed over to embrace
their parents.

"Ever since we saw what a loving family Cori and Jack had, we've wanted
to share our love with you the same way," Heather said, kissing her
mother gently. James stroked his father's soft cock as Heather's kisses
began to edge down to her mother's breasts. She took her mother's hands
away from her tits and began to suck her big brown nipples. I lifted
Heather's skirt and helped her wriggle out of her panties. Her fresh
young pussy was exposed and I leaned in to part her lips with my tongue.
She moaned as she kissed and licked her mother's breasts.

Laurel lay back and let her daughter explore her body with her mouth.
James went down on his father, taking his fat cock in his mouth and
softly sucking it. Everett stroked his son's back as he watched his
daughter go down on his wife. Laurel lifted her ass to allow her
daughter to remove her panties and spread her legs as Heather lapped at
her father's semen, leaking down her mother's thigh.

Heather greedily licked and sucked her mother's cunt, the very cunt that
had brought her and her brother into this world. Laurel toyed with her
own titties as she enjoyed her daughter's expert lesbian love skills.
She had engaged in sporadic affairs with other women, the last being a
friend at her tennis club. She knew her husband had been similarly
indiscreet, but didn't care to know the details. Her daughter's oral
ministrations began to take effect as she thought about her lovers. She
snapped back to reality as her climax mounted and seeing her daughter lovingly kissing her clitty triggered an intense orgasm. She wrapped her
thighs around her daughter and convulsed on the carpet.

Everett withdrew his cock from his son's mouth and said that he wanted to
see his son make love to his wife. James quickly stripped and took
Heather's place between his mother's legs. I pulled my mouth away from
Heather's fresh young pussy and we kissed. She tasted of her mother's
heavy musk, a headier fragrance than Heather's sweet bouquet. She got on
her knees and I smoothly mounted her from behind. We watched James take
Laurel from behind and slide his hard young tool into her sloppy snatch.
Everett plunged his cock in his wife's mouth and watched his son's
thrusting penis intently, enjoying of the sight of it disappearing inside
his wife's body.

I grabbed Heather's breasts and pumped her sweet pussy while she madly
frigged her swollen clitty. Her ass pushed back against my cock, hungry
for my shaft. James banged his mother's cunt, his balls swinging freely,
as his father fucked her red lips. Her moans were muffled by his
pistoning cock.

Heather began to come and her pussy clenched my cock tight. I let out a
loud grunt as I came, filling her young twat with my hot seed. I kissed
her neck and suckled her earlobes as my thrusting slowed and her tight
pussy milked my cock dry. Laurel watched her daughter come and began to
greedily lick her husband's big cock, hoping to get her spermy reward.
Her son kept banging her pussy hard, grabbing her ass cheeks and telling
her how good his mother's pussy felt.

Laurel began to feel the effects of the two cocks that were assaulting
her from both ends. Her muffled moans got louder and louder until she
had to remove her husband's prick from her mouth in order to give voice
to her orgasm. Her pussy tightened around her son's hard cock and coaxed
his come from his youthful dick. James filled his mother's cunt with his
seed as Laurel resumed sucking her loving husband. He soon shot his
massive load in her mouth, making her cheeks bulge. She swallowed every
drop, milking his cock with her lips as she basked inthe afterglow of her

I lay with Heather on the carpet, my cock still inside her, caressing her
creamy young thighs. Laurel finfshed cleaning her husband's cock and
looked over at us, smiling.

"You love him, don't you Heather?" she asked.

"It's only been a week, but I think I do, Mother," she replied. I kissed
her on her neck and our lips met.

"The feeling is mutual, Heather," I said. I wanted to wait until we were
alone to say "I love you". I think she did, too. Her mother and father smiled at us. James winked at me.

"Enjoy your little summer fling, Heather," Laurel said. "You'll have
your college years to find a husband. I'm not sure I'm ready to think of
you as someone's third wife, unless he's filthy rich, of course." I felt
Heather's body tense at this last remark until her mother laughed. Then
she relaxed in my arms and kissed me again. I suggested that we freshen
our drinks and enjoy the hot tub. For the first time, Laurel agreed with

We left our clothes in the living room and walked out to the hot tub room
with our drinks. Jen was on her hands and knees on one of the cushioned
benches and Tommy knelt behind her, slowly working his cock in and out of
her tiny hairless twat. James and Heather said hello to the kids,
kissing them and fondling them as they slowly fucked on the bench.

"I see you managed to slow Tommy down," I said to Jen as I settled into
the hot water.

"Well, I had to suck him off twice while we were waiting for you," she

"Ahh, to be young again," Everett said as he settled into the water. His
wife played with the hair on his chest as he sipped his scotch.

"You were such a stud when we met. You still are," she said. He kissed
her passionately. I reached over to Heather and took her hand. She and
James sat beside me as we watched Tommy make love to Jen on the bench.
Jen was getting worked up as her brother stirred her honeypot with his
wand. He fingered her clit and pinched her nipples, triggering an
intense orgasm. That soon brought Tommy to climax, and he shot his
little load in his sister's spasming pussy. After a bit of post-coital
kissing and caressing, Tommy pulled out of his sister's pussy and the
kids joined us in the oversized hot tub.

"Oh, his little penis is so lovely!" Laurel remarked, prompting a blush
from Tommy. He and his sister eased into the warm water and came over to
hug me. James and Heather couldn't keep their hands off the kids,
fondling and caressing their young little bodies. The kids enjoyed the
attention they were getting from the grown-ups, giggling and splashing as
I tickled them between their coltish legs.

Laurel had stuffed her husband's half-erect cock in her wet snatch and
began to slowly ride him as they soaked in the hot water. James came up
behind his mother and kissed her on the back of the neck. I saw him
reach down and slide his hard young cock inside his mother's ass. She
slowed her fucking to accomodate this new intruder. Everett kissed his
son on the lips as he felt his son's cock penetrate his mother's ass.
Father and son began to thrust inside the lust filled housewife that
writhed between them. The feeling of being double penetrated by her
husband and son was delightful. James and his father mashed her
bountiful breasts together as they ravished her ass and pussy.

"Tommy, come here. I want to suck on your beautiful penis," Laurel said.
Tommy needed no additional encouragement as he scooted his ass up onto
the edge of the tub so that Laurel could suck his young pecker. She
surrendered to the pleasure of the three cocks that were invading her,
thrusting and throbbing. Her climax mounted as her mouth, ass, and pussy were assaulted by three hard shafts of cockmeat. Her son flicked her
nipples, triggering an intense orgasm that had her bearing down on the
cocks that invaded her body.

Her husband and son came simultaneously, filling her bottom with a flood
of hot semen. She began to come again, letting go of Tommy's cock so she
could cry out. Heather took Tommy by the hand and positioned him between
her legs. He thrust his cock inside her and quickly began to fuck her.
Jen watched them as she backed up into my hard cock, sticking out in the
warm water. She lifted her pert babycakes ass and impaled herself on my
rod, burying it deep inside her tight young twat. I held her hips and
fucked her from behind, half floating in the warm tub.

Laurel's body had milked the two cocks that were still inside her, and
she basked in the embrace of her son and husband, watching her daughter's
teen body being pumped by young Tommy and his lovely cock. Jen's tight
pussy gripped my cock and I could feel her start to come from the
ravishing my hard cock was giving her baby pussy. She moaned as she
climaxed and her fucktube tightened around my cock, triggering my orgasm.
I filled her little twat full of my hot sperm and she tightened up her
cunny to drain my fucksnake. Next to us, Heather's spasming pussy was
milking the boy cum out of Tommy's young prick. We relaxed in the
afterglow, caressed by the tub's warmth.

*** END ***

Family Frolic
(c) 1999 Anais Ninja


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