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FF2 video wed shot Jack was eager


Family Frolic Revisited (inc Mf Fm ff mm tg i/r orgy cons)
(c) 2000 Anais Ninja
All Rights Reserved

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. If the laws of your jurisdiction
prohibit this sort of thing stop reading and go out and play. Yes, you.


Jen was the first to spot her parents in the crowd.

"Mom! Dad!" She and Tommy ran to the gate to meet them. I followed
them through the crowd of vacationers departing the plane, a sea of
tanned skin and bright clothes.

I had spent the last month with my niece and nephew while my sister and
her husband sucked and fucked their way through a tropical resort. Jen
and Tommy introduced me to their kinky family activities. Over the
course of that month Jen and Tommy, who were nominally in my care,
engaged in all sort of acts involving a number of other people: young
and old; male, female, and transsexual.

"Henry!" my sister said, hugging me.

"Cori! You look great," I said, taking her carry-on bag and handing it
to Tommy. She was wearing a short white sundress to show off her great

"30 days of sun and fun," she said. "Lost count of the number of cocks
I took." An older gentleman walking next to us looked over, wondering
if he had heard correctly.

"Hank, thanks for taking care of the kids," Jack said. He sported a
deep tan as well, but I noticed his hair had streaks of gray, evidence
of his stressful winter.

"My pleasure. Really," I replied as we exchanged a firm handshake.

"I'll bet," Corinne said. "I can't wait to see the video!"

"We missed you guys," Tommy said, a rare display of emotion for the
taciturn boy. Corinne took his hand and he blushed with embarrassment,
looking around to see if anyone his age was watching. His fraternal
twin sister had no such inhibitions, holding her father close as we
walked through the airport concourse. Jen and Tommy were weeks shy
of their twelfth birthday.

After retrieving their luggage we piled into the Range Rover and headed
home, stopping there just long enough for Corinne and Jack to shower and
change. Then we headed out to dinner, a steak house at Jack's request,
as he was tired of seafood. Heather, Jen and Tommy's babysitter and my
"summer fling" joined us. She was due to head off to college in a couple
of months, something we looked forward to and dreaded at the same
time. We'd grown pretty close over the last few weeks, and her tight
teen twat was my favorite place to be.

We returned to the house and Corinne, despite her jetlag, insisted on
watching some of the video we'd shot. Jack was eager to show us the
camcorder footage he'd taken at the resort as well, so we all went
down to the family room in the basement.

Though we'd fucked everywhere else in the house: bedrooms, kitchen,
bathrooms, living room, pool, and jacuzzi, the "family room" in the
basement was the scene of the kinkiest activities. It had been
designed and finished with sex in mind; an upholstered pit with
custom rubber sheets faced a wide-screen video monitor fed by various
recorders and cameras. The walls held racks of various pieces of
bondage gear and shelves full of lubricants and massage oils.

"Don't they make a cute couple, Jack?" Corinne asked as Jen and Tommy
helped Heather undress me. Jack grunted agreement as he slipped off his
slacks and boxers, revealing a hardening cock, nearly as tan as the rest
of his body. Heather and I shared a long, loving kiss before she turned
around so I could undo her bra snaps.

"Jack's cock got sunburned on the first day. I had to rub lotion on
it every hour, right Jack?" Corinne said, laughing. She reached back
to unclasp her bra, letting her lovely c-cup tits free. As one would
expect after a month at a nude swingers' resort, she had no tan lines.

Jack lay back in the pit and Corinne snuggled up against him. I sat
next to my sister and gave her a kiss as Heather slipped her panties off and lay next to me. Jen and Tommy brought us drinks and passed
around a joint before undressing and warming up the massage oil.
Heather and I watched them as they massaged their parents first,
working out the kinks from the long flight. Heather and I oiled
each other up and then let the kids' eager hands finish while
their parents watched. Corinne's nipples were nearly as hard as
her husband's cock.

"I can't believe you and Cori never did it, Henry," Heather said,
stroking my hardness.

"I would have done it with him, but he was too chicken," Corinne said.

"We weren't even ten years old," I protested.

"Didn't stop me and my sister," Jack said, laughing.

"Nothing could stop you and your sister, Jack. Not even your parents,"
Corinne said, giving her husband's hard cock a playful squeeze.

"When is Aunt Jill going to visit?" Jen asked. Jack's sister lived
up the coast with her family and visited her brother once or twice
a year.

"We should give her a call, let her know we're back," Corinne said.

"Tomorrow. Let's relax a bit first," Jack said, pulling Jen close and
kissing her. She took over stroking her father's erection while her
brother massaged hot oil into Corinne's tanned legs, working his way
up her firm thighs. Tommy leaned down and gently kissed his mother's
sex as she caressed his smooth young back.

I pulled Heather on top of me, kissing her pert little breasts while
she teased my hardness, placing it at the gates of her moist vagina and rubbing it back and forth over her labia. I caressed her soft
bottom and gently probed her cleft with my finger. I pushed my hips
up a bit and the tip of my cock entered her hot little snatch. She
wiggled her butt and worked my shaft deeper inside her.

I looked over at my sister and nephew. Tommy was curled between his
mother's thighs, licking away at her twat. Corinne was breathing
heavy, letting out a soft cry every so often as she fondled her own
breasts. Next to them, Jen had her father's penis in her mouth and
was sucking him passionately. Jack interrupted his daughter's sucking for a moment to reposition her so he could play with her hairless
little cunny while she returned to licking his cock and balls.

Heather had worked my whole shaft into her pussy and she brought her
legs around so she could start riding my throbbing cock. She sat
up and began to hump, her little titties bouncing with each thrust.
I reached up and cupped them, lightly pinching her pebbly nipples.

Corinne tugged at her son's shoulder, her way of telling him that she
wanted his young cock inside her. Smiling, his face wet with her
juices, Tommy obeyed his mother, laying on top of her and grabbing her
breasts while she guided his hard 4" cock into her sopping wet snatch.

"Fuck me, baby. Fuck Mommy's pussy," she urged him as he began to
thrust, his smooth young bottom tensing and relaxing with each stroke.
Corinne was already pretty close to climax from her son's tongue and
his hard young dick quickly sent her over the edge. She arched her back
and held her son so tight he could barely move.

Next to them, Jack had his daughter lying on her back, her lithe young legs hooked over his shoulder, his fat 8" prick poised at her reddened
labia. Jen silently mouthed the words "Fuck me, Daddy" and he smiled
and slowly pushed his hips forward, burying his shaft in his daughter's
tight hole. He cupped her bottom as he slowly withdrew and pushed in
again as she reached down to rub her swollen clitty. She closed her
eyes and smiled as her father fucked her slow and deep.

I returned my attention to Heather, who was also watching Jack, Corinne,
and the kids. I held her bottom as she bounced up and down on my cock,
probing between her cheeks with an oily fingertip. I felt her pussy squeeze against my cock when I probed her bottom, slipping a fingertip
inside her anus. Her breath became heavy and labored and she began to
ride me faster. Heather leaned over to kiss me on the lips, her silken
hair falling around my head.

"Oh Daddy!" Jen moaned as she began to come. Her tight little twat
spasmed around her father's fat cock. Jack grunted as he came, filling
Jen's young pussy with his seed. She arched her back and ground her
hips against her father's groin, milking the last drops of sperm from
his cock.

"Come for me, baby. Come in Mommy's pussy," Corinne cooed. Tommy's
firm young butt was almost a blur as he pumped his hard young cock
in and out of his mother's cunt. Her thighs began to quiver as her
orgasm took control of her body. She wrapped her arms and legs around
her son's smooth young body as he kept pounding away at her pussy.

"I'm coming Mommy!" Tommy declared, his bottom twitching as he unloaded
his spunk inside the womb that had carried him for nine months. He
relaxed and lay nestled between his mother's breasts as she caressed his
smooth young back. Next to them, Jack and Jen were cuddling. A small
stream of sperm leaked from her cunny and trailed down her thigh.

Having watched this loving family reunion, Heather and I were both close
to coming. Her hips rocked faster above my own, engulfing and releasing
my glistening hardness. I grabbed her bottom and drove my cock deep
inside her, nearly forcing the breath from her. She let out a little
cry and then collapsed on my chest, her pussy clenching around the base
of my penis. Her orgasm continued as I kept pumping her, my hands
cupping her round little ass. Finally, I erupted deep inside her,
filling her spasming cunt with my hot semen. As she milked the last
few drops she looked up at me and smiled. We shared a long, languorous
kiss as I caressed her firm teen body.

Tommy pulled his soft cock out of his mother and got up to put a tape in
the vcr. Jack and Corinne watched with interest as he started the tape
and rejoined the tangle of oily bodies. He cuddled up to his mother and
she hugged him close as he played with her titties.

"It's a wonder you even noticed we were gone," Corinne said, commenting
on the video, footage we shot earlier this month of Jen taking Tommy,
Heather's brother James, and me at the same time. Her young body
convulsed with pleasure as three glistening cocks pistoned in and out
of each orifice.

"That's my little girl," Jack said, holding his daughter close. Jen
smiled at him and reached for his flaccid cock, idly fondling it as
we watched the video. After Jen came, Heather took her place, stuffing
her brother's cock inside her moist pussy, taking me in her mouth, and
spreading her cheeks to allow Tommy to take her tight young ass. She
bucked and thrashed under the three cocks ravishing her mouth, cunt,
and ass. Her orgasm was so intense that Tommy's hard young cock fell
out of her bottom. He stood behind her and jerked his young member,
spurting his semen on her bottom just as James and I filled her mouth
and pussy with our seed. The scene faded out just after Jen finished
cleaning Heather with her tongue.

"I see you've met Prissy and Julia," Corinne said, as the tape cut to
a scene of Prissy, Corinne's transsexual housekeeper, tied to Tommy's
weightlifting bench, her naked bottom exposed and vulnerable. Julia,
her mistress, also a transsexual, directed the action as everyone took
a turn with Prissy's bottom. Even Jen and Heather got into the action
with strap-on dildoes that jutted stiffly from leather harnesses.

"James has a nice package," Corinne said, winking at Heather.

"Who's that girl?" Jack asked, as a dark-haired teen girl pushed her
strap-on deep inside Prissy's submissive bottom.

"That's Sascia, Heather's friend," Corinne replied. "She sat for the
kids once. I don't think you met her."

"Pretty," Jack grunted. Corinne gave her husband a playful slap. Their
marriage was so open that jealousy had been reduced to a private joke
between lovers.

"I don't believe it. Laurel and Everett!" Corinne shrieked as the tape
cut to a shot of Heather's parents by the pool, playing with Jen and

"I really misjudged your parents, Heather," Jack said. "I never thought
of them as the swinging type."

"Hank and James had a lot to do with loosening them up," Heather said.
Heather's brother James was a bisexual college student who liked older men, a trait he shared with his sister. An avid swimmer with a well-
defined physique, he also dated Sascia; the two of them made a lovely

"They were an orgy waiting to happen," I added. On the screen, Laurel
was on her knees, trying to fit her husband's and son's cocks in her
mouth at the same time. Tommy knelt behind her, playing with her
pussy while Jen suckled her ample breasts. Heather had her father's
balls in her hands and was giving them gentle and loving attention.

"Let's have them for dinner tomorrow night, Jack," Corinne said. I
smiled at her double entendre. She winked at me.

"Fine with me," Jack said. "Nice unit on your Dad, Heather." On the
screen, Heather had her father's cock fully erect and was licking
the underside of his shaft and smiling at him. Everett closed his
eyes as his daughter took the full length of his hardness in her
mouth, ravishing him with her tongue.

Heather gave my cock a playful squeeze. Her father was the only
competition I had, though he preferred Jen's young pussy or Tommy's
tight ass, given a choice. Not that I blamed him, nor did I blame
Heather for wanting her father's cock. Jack was right; Everett did
have a nice thick prong. And, like Jen, Heather had a special place
for her father's come. Three, in fact.

"Put in one of their tapes, Tommy," Jen said. Tommy got up and
ejected the video, replacing it with one from Jack and Corinne's
vacation. He pressed the play button and returned to his
mother's arms.

The picture was dark and blurry at first before it cleared,
showing a hotel bed covered in wine colored satin sheets. My
sister appeared, accompanied by a younger couple, all three
naked. Jack appeared from behind the camera and joined them
on the bed, his erection bobbing in front of him.

"That's Ron and Betsy, a lovely young couple we met at the resort,"
Corinne explained. On screen, both couples quickly became entangled,
lips seeking lips or genitals to lick and suck. The couples then
swapped partners, Corinne sucking Ron's long member while his wife sucked Jack. Soon enough, he was buried to the hilt in Betsy's
juicy snatch while my sister impaled herself on Ron's hard cock.

I looked over to see Jen stroking her father's hardness while Tommy
fondled his mother's breasts, her hand busy in his crotch. Heather
shifted next to me, allowing me to reach between her thighs and
play with her dripping pussy. She gently stroked my cock, her
attention fixed on the vacation video.

The scene changed to the interior of a large open hut on the beach.
There was a bar in the center, surrounded by tables and chairs. The
ocean was visible in the distance, a green strip at the end of a
long expanse of blinding white sand.

The camera panned from the bar over to one of the tables, where
Corinne lay naked and spread-eagled, surrounded by a group of
tanned, naked men and their bobbing erections. She reached out
to stroke each in turn, as more men and a few women appeared.

"Mommy? Are they all...?" Jen asked, getting a nod and a smile
in return.

"Your mommy loves cock," Jack said, patting his daughter's behind,
"and I hope you grow up to be a cumslut like her." Jen smiled at
her father and kept stroking his stiffening cock.

Jack held the camcorder, recording his wife taking a succession of
cocks in her mouth and her pussy. None of the men lasted very long
and soon she was covered in semen, great gobs leaking from her cunt and thick ropy spurts on her face and breasts. She had serviced
seven men with her mouth and taken five in her pussy when the bartender
appeared with a bottle of seltzer, spraying Corinne and the men around

She knew Jack put him up to it and she chased him, the camera recording a jumpy run along the beach. While another woman took
her place on the table, Corinne chased Jack back into the bar and
caught him, straddling him and stuffing his cock inside her
dripping snatch, five men's loads pouring out of her and around
his shaft.

Jack kept filming, panning between his wife, climaxing on top of
him, and the other woman who was now being double-fucked in Corinne's
place. The final shot was of Corinne's crotch, soaked with sperm
and seltzer, leaking into Jack's lap.

The scene changed to a small hut, open on one side to the beach.
Corinne must have been shooting this footage as the camera was
focused on Jack, who was sitting on the edge of a small unmade
bed with two young girls, both tanned and naked, no older than ten.

"Pretty girls, Jack," I said.

"Nine and ten years old. Their father pimps them on the beach," Jack
explained. "Watch what they do. It's amazing."

As Corinne filmed, Jack lay back on the bed and the two girls began
licking and sucking his cock and balls. The younger one lay across
Jack's chest, her legs spread on either side of his head, allowing
him to taste her hairless young cunny. Her sister lay between his
legs, bathing his shaft and balls with her tongue. Her long black
hair streamed along her shoulders as her head bobbed between Jack's

Before Jack could come, however, the younger sister scooted up into
Jack's lap and quickly inserted his glistening cock into her young pussy, immediately starting to bounce up and down while her older sister kept tonguing Jack's goodies. Jack grabbed the girl by the
hips and slowed her down, trying to savor the feeling of her tight
pussy on his throbbing member. That only made the older sister lick more furiously, triggering Jack's orgasm. The young girl froze
as Jack came, his heavy load filling her completely.

"They do twenty men a day. None lasts longer than two minutes. Best
ten bucks I ever spent," Jack said. Jen and Tommy were fascinated
by the two young girls.

"Can you take us on vacation next time?" Tommy asked.

"They don't allow kids there," his mother replied. "We had to pay
money to find girls for your father."

"Aren't there resorts that allow kids?" Jen asked.

"I'd love to find one," Jack said.

The last scene on the tape was a poolside orgy. The torch light made
it hard to see, but Corinne said that just about every couple at the
resort was there. The picture was dark and blurry and looked like a
jumble of random bodies and unconnected limbs. It looked like an
amateur production of "Caligula". Jack mumbled an apology about the
video quality.

"So, Hank. Here we are," Corinne said, leaning over towards me.

"Here we are, Cori," I replied. There was a look in her eyes I'd
never seen before, almost predatory despite her smile. She reached
over and took my cock from Heather's hand. She touched me lightly,
tentatively, like she had once when we were young. I reached over
and circled a nipple with my fingertip, lightly flicking it as it

Heather stroked my back as my sister and I kissed. We'd kissed before,
but never like this, tongues melting together, gently nibbling each
other's lips. Jack and the kids watched as my sister and I fondled
and stroked each other, exploring our bodies anew. They joined in,
caressing us as we kissed and petted. When Corinne lay back and spread
her legs, it was Jen's hands that guided my cock into her mother's

"Fuck me, Hank," Corinne said, looking in my eyes. I kissed her and
began to thrust. Despite two kids, she was surprisingly tight. She
began to rock her hips, slowly at first, then faster, making her
breasts jiggle. I leaned down and took a stiff brown nipple in my
mouth, flicking it with my tongue, making her moan. Tommy did the
same with Corinne's other breast as Jack and Heather began to kiss
and fondle each other. Jen sat next to Tommy, jerking his cock while
he suckled his mother's titty.

"Yeah, Hank. Fuck me. Fuck me good," my sister hissed as I pounded
her pussy. She grabbed my hips and wrapped her legs around my waist,
digging her heels in the small of my back and urging me to pump her
faster. I held her by the hips and thrust harder, looking down to
watch my cock disappear inside my sister's twat.

Next to us, Jack had Heather's legs up over his shoulders and was
preparing to fill her with his thick cock. She gripped his rod
with two hands and slowly guided him into her moist vagina. Jen
was on top of Tommy, her hips swiveling, his hard young dick
churning her cunny. His hands were on her chest, roaming over
her fleshy little nubs, flicking her brown nipples.

Corinne's moans became cries as her climax approached, and her
thighs began to quiver. As I pounded my sister harder, her back
arched and her face and chest growing flushed. She held me tight
as she came, arching her back off the cushions and then relaxing,
releasing me from her embrace. I thrust once or twice more before
I let loose, filling my sister's womb full of my sperm.

"Mmmm...thanks Hank," Corinne cooed. I kissed her again, as her
lover as well as her brother. She clenched her vaginal muscles,
urging the last drops of semen from my cock. I lay on top of her,
nuzzling her neck as she stroked my back.

Heather came soon after, her hips bucking, her pussy milking Jack's
cock. Jen completed the chain reaction, trembling as her orgasm
convulsed her little body. Tommy's hips rose as he buried himself
deep inside his sister, filling her young pussy with his seed.

We were all so tired, Jack and Corinne especially, that we fell asleep
in the cushioned pit, laying intertwined while the video played to the

* * *

I was the last to wake up, seeing Heather's face as I opened my eyes.

"I waited for you before taking a shower. Wake up, I'm hungry," she
said, stroking my morning wood.

I followed her into the bathroom, letting her hold my cock while I
pissed, no easy task. Heather adjusted the temperature of the shower
while I brushed my teeth, and we spent a while soaping each other up.
I'd have taken her right there, but Heather wanted some breakfast
first, so I contented myself with a quick soapy hand job.

"Good morning, lovebirds!" Corinne said as we entered the kitchen.
Prissy was there, too, and when she saw me and Heather, she stopped
washing dishes, dried her hands off, and knelt at our feet.

"Mistress Corinne has instructed me to inquire whether you need
pleasuring before breakfast," she said, her eyes downcast. My
sister gave us a sly smile.

"Well, I need some coffee, but you may give Heather a lick," I
said, sitting down at the table. Heather weakly protested as
Prissy untied the teen's bathrobe, gently kissing her neatly
trimmed bush. Corinne handed me a cup of coffee as I watched
Prissy lick Heather's lovely young snatch.

"Julia took the kids to a water park and Jack had to go to the
bank," Corinne said, sitting down with her own cup of coffee.
"We're having Laurel and Everett over for dinner, along with
Julia and some other friends. You and Heather, too, of course."

"Sure, that would be great. Are Julia's kids coming, too?" I
asked, glancing over at Heather. She was lying on the floor,
squirming, as Prissy ravished her slit.

"Paul and Anita? Of course. It's so nice to watch Tommy and
Jen play with kids their own age," she replied. Paul was
fourteen and Anita had just turned thirteen, and they enjoyed
Tommy and Jen's company. Corinne smiled at Heather, who was
climaxing on the kitchen floor, her thighs quivering and
clamping Prissy's head between them. She relaxed, releasing
Prissy, who went back to washing dishes as Heather recovered
her composure. She sat next to me at the kitchen table,
taking a sip of my coffee. Prissy fetched her a fresh cup.

"Sounds like fun," I said. "Do you need me to pick up anything?"

"I'm going shopping with Prissy as soon as she's done," Corinne
said. "You two enjoy the day." She stood up and patted Prissy
on her ruffled fanny as the maid dried her hands. Prissy knelt
at my sister's feet as Corinne opened her bathrobe. My sister's
submissive shemale maid began to give her the same treatment
Heather had just received. I took Heather by the hand and led
her out to the pool to finish our coffee.

"Didn't you want to watch?" Heather asked.

"I'm sure I'll see that again," I replied. "What do you want to do

"Let's go shopping," she said, squeezing my hand. "I need a new
dress for tonight."

We finished our coffee on the deck and got dressed, passing the
kitchen just as my sister was coming. Just as we reached the
driveway, Jack pulled up in the Mercedes.

"Hey! Where are you two headed?" he asked.

"Just some shopping," Heather replied.

"Henry, got a minute?" Jack asked.

"Sure," I replied, handing my keys to Heather. She unlocked the
doors and got in while Jack steered me over to his car.

"Here, buy her something pretty," he said, handing me a wad of
cash, all hundreds.

"Whoa, wait. This is a lot of money," I said. There had to be
at least two or three thousand dollars there.

"That's just pocket cash," Jack replied, opening his blazer and
showing me an overstuffed envelope. "Take it. I have a business
proposition to discuss with you later."

I took about half of the cash, handing the rest back to him. We
exchanged a wary look.

"Thanks," I said.

"Plenty more where that came from. With your help, of course," he
replied. With that cryptic note, he went inside.

"What was that all about?" Heather asked as we drove to the mall.

"This," I said, fishing the wad of cash from my pocket and handing
it to her. "I think my brother-in-law is running some sort of

"There's almost $4,000 here!" she said, counting the bills.

"Yeah, I only took half," I said. Heather gave me a funny look.

"Screw the mall, let's go to town," she said. I almost missed the
exit, but soon we were parking along the local equivalent of
Rodeo Drive, a nearly endless row of expensive boutiques and
designer outlets.

"Is tonight formal?" Heather asked after we had parked.

"I don't know. Let me call Corinne," I said, pulling out my
phone. After eight rings she picked up.

"He-he-hello?". It must have been a bad time. I could hear
bedsprings squeaking in the background.

"Sorry to bother you, sis. Is tonight formal?"

"Se...oooh! Se-se-semi formal. It's summer," she replied,
breathlessly. Jack's grunts were audible as well.

"Okay, thanks," I said. "Semi-formal."

"I thought so. Let's go here first," Heather said, taking my
hand and leading me into an expensive lingerie store. For the
next hour, she modeled a variety of outfits, bustiers and
corsets, camisoles and panties, before selecting a few things.

The saleswoman, a rather severe looking woman with short, blunt-
cut hair, lost her icy composure when I whipped out the wad of
$100 bills. Suddenly, I was her new best friend, and she showed us
the "special collection" of imported French underthings. Once
again, Heather tried on an assortment of items, asking me my
opinion of each one. It was all I could do to keep from taking
her right there.

"Your daughter has a lovely figure," the saleslady remarked
as Heather modeled a white silk basque and panty set.

"Actually, she's not my daughter," I replied. Heather laughed as
the saleswoman turned pale.

"I'm dreadfully sorry," she said. "Forgive me."

"No need to apologize," I replied. Heather was about half my age,
but I couldn't see a family resemblance. Jen and Tommy, on the other
hand, shared some of my sister's and my features.

"This is just like the basque Prissy has," Heather said.

"Excuse me, do you know Prissy and Julia?" the saleslady asked.

"They're friends of my sister Corinne," I replied.

"Oh, you're Henry!" she said. "I'm Monique, Julia's importer.
My husband and I know Cori and Jack from the country club. She's
invited us to dinner tonight. Semi-formal, isn't it? I have just
the thing for that!" She shook my hand before disappearing into the
back of the store, returning with some gossamer lace lingerie for
Heather and a small white silk pouch for me.

"Your sister's dinner parties are wonderful," Monique said. "My
husband Pierre and I always look forward to them." She gave my
cock a playful squeeze through the silk. "And I look forward
to seeing more of you later." She winked at Heather.

"We'll take it all," I said, pulling the cash from my trousers.

We left Monique's boutique a thousand dollars lighter, despite
a deep discount. After stopping at a few places, picking up a
new cocktail dress for Heather and an expensive, trendy suit
for me, we returned home.

We met Jack in the driveway. He had just returned from the liquor
store, and I helped him bring boxes of booze into the kitchen
while Heather brought the clothes into the den. Now that Jack
and Corinne were home, I had moved from their bedroom into the
spare room that Jack used as a home office. It had a fold-out
couch and a bureau with a couple of empty drawers.

Jack started mixing some cocktails as Heather and I stripped and
lay by the pool, trying to catch the last few rays of the
afternoon. Corinne came out and joined us as Jack handed us

"I heard you met Monique," she said, shrugging off her robe and
lying next to us. "Her husband Pierre is really sweet."

"Who else is coming?" I asked.

"Well, there's Julia and Prissy, Laurel and Everett, Monique and
Pierre, and Carl and Nadia. I don't think you've met the last
two. They were at the resort with us," my sister replied.

"Kids, too?" Heather asked.

"Paul and Anita are coming, and Monique's daughter, Lise, and Carl
and Nadia have two girls and a boy," Corinne replied.

"That's a lot of people," I said. Fourteen adults and eight children.

"The dining room is big enough," Corinne replied. "So is the
basement." She smiled at me, squeezing my hand just as Jack
sat down next to her, cocktail in hand.

"Prissy's bringing in two more maids to help serve," Corinne said,
rubbing suntan lotion on her husband's tanned cock. Heather put
down her drink and started doing the same to me. I returned the
favor, smearing sunblock over her pert teen breasts.

Just then, Prissy appeared, followed by two teenage boys carrying an
assortment of bags and cases. They stood silently and obediently at
the doorway to the pool while Prissy came over to greet us.

"I came a bit early so I could get my two young charges dressed and
ready for tonight," she said, greeting Corinne and Jack with a kiss.

"You can use our bedroom if you'd like," Corinne said.

"Thank you," Prissy said, ushering the two boys back inside. It was
interesting to see her in the dominant role, even if it was tempered
with a maternal tone.

Heather and I finished applying suntan lotion to each other and lay
together under the hot summer sun. I had finally lost my winter
pallor but still looked pale compared to Corinne and Jack.

Prissy appeared at poolside, dressed in a relatively conservative
maid's uniform, serving us another round of drinks. Corinne
followed her back to the kitchen to help with the preparations
for the dinner party. Though a gourmet caterer was doing most of
the cooking, the good china and silver had to be found, unpacked,
and washed, along with a myriad other little tasks.

Heather and I had just taken a swim and were reapplying our sunblock
when Julia and the kids returned from their trip to the waterpark
and joined us at the pool.

"I wish we didn't have to wear these suits there," Jen said, stripping
off her t-shirt and bikini and diving into the pool. Her brother Tommy
followed her, along with Julia's kids, Paul and Anita. Julia stepped
out of her one piece swimsuit and sat next to Jack, keeping a watchful
eye on the kids as they played in the pool.

"Thanks for taking the kids. Did you have fun?" Jack asked Julia,
handing her the bottle of sun block.

"I had a wonderful time! I didn't think I'd like it," she replied,
applying suntan lotion to her breasts and belly. Julia had been on
female hormones for nearly a decade, never having the final surgery that
would have made her a woman. The diagonal tan lines on her hips
converged at a small but functional penis.

"Tommy! Jen! If you're going to fuck, to it in the shallow end," Jack
shouted. The kids uncoupled and resumed their activities away from
the deep end, Tommy pumping Anita while Jen had her legs wrapped around
Paul's waist and floated on his cock.

"Thanks, Jack," Julia said. "May I?" She gently touched his cock,
tanned and glistening with lotion.

"Be my guest," he replied. She circled his penis with her thumb and
forefinger, lightly stroking it. It began to grow within her gentle
grasp. Julia leaned over and kissed it, opening her full, red lips
and taking Jack's cock in her mouth.

Heather and I stopped watching long enough to exchange a kiss. She
got up from her lounge chair, lay between my legs, and started
giving me the same oral attention Julia was giving Jack. I caressed
her soft cheeks as she bathed my hardening cock with her velvety

Prissy came out to the pool and found her mistress between Jack's
legs. Her only concern was Julia's unprotected back, and she
began to slather sunscreen on her back and bottom, lingering
between her mistress's upturned cheeks.

"Julia? Would you like Hank inside you?" Heather asked, pulling
my cock from her mouth and stroking its glistening length.

Julia, her mouth stuffed with Jack's fat penis, responded by
nodding. Heather led me behind her and Prissy began to lubricate
my member with suntan lotion.

"It's got aloe, good for your skin," Prissy said, smiling at me.
I knelt behind Julia and Prissy guided my hard cock between
Julia's cheeks. My glans popped inside Julia's bottom after a bit
of resistance, and I slowly buried my member inside her tight
hole. Prissy stroked Julia's clitty while I began to thrust.

The kids, still busy fucking in the pool, finally noticed what
was going on next to them. They changed positions, Jen and Anita
hanging on to the edge of the pool while Paul and Tommy took
them from behind so they could all watch us.

"I know you've got something in there for me," Heather said as she
reached under Prissy's skirt and petticoats. She fished the cock
out of the maid's frilly panties and began to suck as Prissy lay
back on the lounge chair next to us. Then Heather climbed on top
of the maid, straddling her and guiding her pale, stiff clitty
inside her. As Jack and I double-fucked Julia, Heather began to
ride Prissy, placing the maid's hands on her tanned breasts.

From the pool, I could hear Jen begin to come, squealing as Paul's
cock pounded her little pussy. Anita climaxed soon after, her
spasming hole milking the sperm from Tommy's young rod. I could
tell that Jack was getting close by the way he grunted as his hips
rose to meet Julia's mouth. I reached around and took her clitty
in my hand, stroking it as I pounded her bottom.

"I'm gonna come...I'm gonna come...yessss!" Jack said as he erupted
in Julia's mouth. She nearly choked on his load, spilling a thick drop as she swallowed the rest. I felt her cock twitch in my hand
and her bottom clench around my penis as she came, filling my hand
with a few clear drops of semen.

Heather was bouncing up and down in Prissy's lap, her cries of
pleasure getting louder with each thrust. The maid had her
hands on Heather's bottom, spreading her cheeks. I pulled my
cock out of Julia's ass and moved behind Heather, placing the
tip of my oily cock at her back door.

"Yes, do me there," she moaned, slowing down long enough for me
to lubricate her bottom with some lotion. I slowly eased my
shaft into her tight anus, feeling Prissy's stiff member inside
Heather's pussy. We held Heather between us as we ravished her
tight holes. She squirmed and cried with pleasure, her pussy and anus clenching as she came, urging me and Prissy to fill
her with our sperm. Prissy and I obliged, flooding her tight
little holes with spunk.

We relaxed for a moment until Prissy got up and re-arranged her
clothing, returning a few minutes later with drinks for us and the kids.
Julia, Heather, and I took a short swim, washing off the sweat and
remains of our lovemaking while Jack went inside to make some
phone calls.

We spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool with Julia and the
kids before going inside to shower and dress for dinner. Prissy
and Corinne were in the dining room, directing the two boys who
would be serving tonight. Prissy had transformed them from 15-
year-old boys into submissive maids, dressing them in short, frilly
uniforms. Between their slutty attire, makeup, and long pretty hair,
the transformation was remarkable.

After some soapy fun in the shower, Heather and I dressed in our new
clothes. Heather wore a skimpy black cocktail dress that revealed
her long legs and soft shoulders. She adjusted the collar of my
charcoal gray silk suit and we kissed.

* * *

We joined Jack in the living room. He was behind the bar, looking for
a bottle of vermouth, still wearing a silk robe.

"Thanks for that cash, Jack," I said. Heather added her appreciation.
I tried to return the rest, about $2,000 that we didn't manage to

"Hang on to it for pocket money," Jack said, handing me a martini.

"I can't pay this much money back."

"Don't worry about it," he replied as he left to get dressed. "I've
got a business proposition for you. Consider it an advance."

"What was that all about?" Heather asked.

"My husband had a brainstorm while we were on vacation, but he refuses
to tell me anything about it," Corinne said as she poured herself a
glass of wine. She had changed into a red silk sheath dress and strappy
red heels. "Chances are, it's somewhat shady but not illegal. Well,
maybe not illegal."

"I think I'm an employee, now," I told my sister.

"He calls them 'business partners' these days," she said, chuckling.
Jack was certainly a hustler, but he was a good hustler. My sister's
position as a media buyer for an advertising firm provided their
family with a steady source of income, but Jack hadn't done badly
at all. Whether it was junk bonds or a craps table, Jack usually
came out ahead and didn't feel compelled to "let it ride" and watch
it disappear. Corinne indulged him as long as he didn't risk the
house, the kids' college fund, or get his legs broken.

Seeing the caterer's truck pull into the driveway, my sister excused
herself and left for the kitchen. I poured Heather and myself a second
martini as Jack returned, dressed in a white linen suit that set off
his deep tan.

"Time for another batch?" he asked, pouring the last drops from the
shaker. He stood behind the bar and mixed another batch. For the
first time I noticed his unusual precision in determining the proper
gin:vermouth ratio, using a graduated pyrex flask.

"Three-to-one is the standard recipe book ratio, something that's
a fruity concoction not fit to be called martini. I've seen people
who drink it 15:1 or 20:1, but at that point, it's just gin and an
olive. I've found that 7.5:1 is the perfect ratio." Jack shook
the mixture, not too vigorously, pouring the contents through an
ice strainer. He continued his monologue, comparing California
olives with their Italian counterparts, the proper ice temperature,
and a dozen little geeky details about martini mixing. I'd never
seen my brother-in-law like this, and I barely noticed when he
began talking business.

"So, you see how it's a snap to set up. I just need your help
with the servers. You'll have a nice one-year contract and you
can walk away with equity at the end," Jack concluded. He'd
spent the last fifteen minutes outlining a grandiose plan
involving offshore banking and floating casinos and gambling
over the net. Except this one was possible, practical even.

"Forget the ships. The satellite links are too expensive and
slow," I told him. We discussed his business plan until the
first guests arrived nearly an hour later. Prissy answered the
door and Jack went to find his wife.

"What do you think?" I asked Heather. "Is he crazy or not?"

"It all sounds pretty wild," she replied. "But it's not your
money at risk, right?"

"No, just my time, but I'd be paid pretty well for that."

Prissy ushered Laurel and Everett into the living room and
Heather and I got up to greet her parents. Prissy had changed
into a skimpier uniform and spike heels, a lacy white apron
around her waist. Corinne and Jack returned and joined us
while Prissy served drinks, and Jack entertained Laurel and
Everett with vacation stories.

"Would you like me to bring the children in?" Prissy asked
my sister. Corinne nodded and soon Prissy and Julia reappeared
with Jen, Tommy, Paul, and Anita, freshly showered and dressed
for dinner. The boys wore blazers and slacks while Jen and
Anita favored short floral sundresses that showed off their
lithe young legs. Laurel interrupted Jack's story to coo over
the two boys, looking handsome and healthy from a day at the
water park.

"Where did you find such cute assistants?" Heather asked Prissy as the
two young maids circulated with hors d'oeuvres.

"They're two young punks from our neighborhood. Julia and I caught
them as they were about to vandalize our car. We confronted their
parents and offered them a choice: let the police handle it or let
us do it," Prissy explained. As Rob (or Roberta) passed the couch,
Julia reached under his skimpy uniform and felt between his legs.

"Just making sure your clitty is still tucked between your legs,"
Julia said, sternly. "No erections unless we say so."

"Yes, madam," he replied, eyes downcast. Julia gave him a light
pat on the fanny and sent him on his way.

The doorbell chimed again. Prissy answered it, leading Monique,
Pierre, and their daughter Lise to the living room. Jack and
Corinne made introductions and more drinks and hors d'oeuvres
were served. Pierre's accent was a bit thicker than his wife's,
however their ten-year-old daughter, born in this country, had
nary a trace. Lise, like her mother, was a petite little girl with dark bangs framing a lovely round face. She had her
father's blue eyes, even if she didn't inherit his height and
wavy blond hair. Handshakes and air kisses were exchanged among
the adults as Lise went over to greet Jen and Tommy.

"Monique, tell us how you met Pierre again," Corinne said. "I
just love hearing that story." Monique demurred with a shy
smile until Laurel and Heather started urging her to tell the

"Well, it was when I worked for a company in Paris, flying to
New York every three months to meet with the buyers. I was
at the baggage claim, lifting my case of samples from the
carousel. Boom! The hinge splits open and panties and bras
go flying everywhere," Monique explained. She took another
small sip of her drink while the laughter died down.

"Pierre was standing next to me when it happened and he helped
me gather everything together. He even gave me one of his ties
to hold the case closed," she continued.

"It was a nice tie, too. Silk, if I remember, St. Laurent," Pierre

"Yes, a pity to ruin such a nice tie. But I thought that was that
and I'd never see this nice gentleman again," Monique said. "But
then, when I'm standing in the taxi queue, I hear him calling
'Mademoiselle! Mademoiselle! You forgot these!' and waving a tiny
black lace thong. Everyone stared at me as if I had just had sex
with him in the airplane lavatory," Monique said.

"And the look on the face of that taxi driver when you lifted your
skirt to show him that you were indeed wearing panties," Pierre
added after the laughter had subsided. "Priceless." Monique
blushed at that naughty memory.

"He would have crashed the taxi if I hadn't, the way he was trying
to look up my skirt through the rear-view mirror," Monique countered,
laughing. Just then the doorbell rang again and Prissy left to
answer it.

It was Carl and Nadia, a couple my sister had met at the resort. Prissy
ushered them into the living room, along with their three children,
Caitlyn, Elena, and Pitr. Jack handled the introductions while Jen
led the kids over to the corner of the room where she, Tommy, and
Julia's children had been sitting and talking with Lise. Prissy
asked Nadia if she approved of the children having a bit of wine
and she nodded. Prissy relayed Carl and Nadia's drink orders to
one of the young maids and excused herself, heading off to check up
on the caterers.

Carl and Nadia had recently married, and their children were from their
previous marriages. Caitlyn, 11, shared her father's sandy blond hair
and fair skin, while Elena, also eleven, and Pitr, ten, had their
mother's dark hair and Slavic features.

Every so often, I'd glance over at the kids. Despite some conspiratorial
whispering among the girls, especially Jen and Caitlyn, they were on
their best behavior. I wondered if Lise, Caitlyn, Elena, and Pitr were
as involved in their parents' sex lives as Jen and Tommy were. Corinne
was pretty clear about tonight's after-dinner activities when we spoke
but the pool earlier.

"Too bad James and Sascia can't be here," Heather said. They had taken
off to go sailing up the coast for the weekend.

"Dinner is served," Prissy announced. Corinne ushered everyone into the
dining room. A second table was set up on the deck for the kids, and
the dining room's large glass doors were propped open. Jack adjusted
the room lights to augment the dim candle light and we let my sister arrange the seating. I took my place between Heather and her mother,
across from Carl and Nadia. Jack and Corinne took their places at the
ends of the table as Prissy's maids poured the wine. Finally, Prissy
and Julia joined us as well.

I realized during dinner that Jack had an ulterior motive behind this
gathering. Everett was a banker and Carl was in the travel industry.
Pierre's role wasn't immediately obvious as he was an aerospace
engineer. It wasn't until he began to tell a story that happened
when he was a college student working in a casino on the Riviera that
I realized how he fit in. I looked over at Jack and he smiled and

Prissy's two young maid boys poured more wine and cleared the table.
Silent and obedient, even when Jen dared Tommy to reach under their
skirts and goose them while they served dinner, they went about
their business quietly and efficiently.

"Mommy, can we go skinny-dipping in the pool?" Jen asked my sister as dinner was winding down. "It's still really warm out." The
other children looked at their parents expectantly.

"It's fine with me. Just leave your dress inside. You wouldn't
want the chlorine to ruin it," Corinne replied. More than one
pool party had begun with someone going in fully dressed as a
joke. Nadia, Monique, and Julia gave their permission and similar
warnings, and Jen and Tommy led the kids to their bedrooms to
deposit their nice clothes.

"Let's have our cigars and brandy by the pool," Jack suggested.

Jen was right: it was still pretty hot and humid out, even with
the roof panels over the pool retracted. A gentle breeze began to
kick up and Jack opened the retractable windows to enhance the
cooling effect. The kids trooped out, free of their restrictive
dress clothes, and began splashing and swimming in the pool, burning
off some of the energy they'd been suppressing during dinner.

While we were served snifters of cognac and Cuban cigars, Jack
made his pitch. He'd changed it a bit, taking a few of the
suggestions I had made earlier to heart. Everett had a couple
of pointed questions, but Jack managed to answer them with a
minimum of bullshit. I was impressed.

"Think it over. I just wanted to put it out there," Jack
concluded. Pierre puffed thoughtfully on his cigar while
Carl watched his daughter take her turn on the diving board.

Julia decided that she wanted to take a dip, and she had Prissy
help her out of her blue crepe dress, handing her underwear,
stockings, and shoes to her submissive servant. She sat on the
edge of the pool and dangled her legs underwater before slowly
easing in the water.

"Anything wrong, Carl?" Jack asked. Carl had gotten a fleeting
glimpse of Julia's breasts and penis before she got in the water
and he was trying not to stare. Still, he had an incredulous

"Well, it's just that I've never seen, I mean, other than on a
video," Carl said, nearly choking on his words.

"Julia and Prissy are old friends of our family," Jack explained.

"Prissy, too, huh," Carl said. When Prissy returned in her bra
and panties to join Julia in the pool, he couldn't resist peeking.
Prissy hadn't been on hormones as long as her mistress, and her
panties bulged noticeably. Carl looked genuinely disappointed
when she turned around to remove her panties before diving into
the pool to join Julia and the kids.

Like their father, Carl's kids were intensely curious about Julia
and Prissy. The two transsexuals were patient and solicitous,
letting the kids gently explore them with their hands, even
between their legs.

"Why don't you take off your clothes and join them?" Jack suggested
to Carl. He punctuated his remark by setting his snifter and cigar
down and taking off his suit, laying it neatly on the back of
his chair. Pierre and Everett soon followed. I drained my
brandy and stripped, too, catching Heather's eye while she talked
with Corinne and Monique. She excused herself and came over so I
could unzip her dress.

"You look amazing tonight," I whispered in her ear, slowly pulling
the zipper down the small of her back. I kissed her on the neck
and held her hips as she shrugged her dress off her shoulders. She
wiggled her bottom against my stiffening member, rubbing my cock
with her pantied cheeks.

"Thank you," she said as I unclasped her bra, letting her lovely young breasts spill free. As I held her from behind, cupping her tits, we
watched Prissy's two maids helping Corinne and the other women out of
their dresses, holding them steady as they slipped out of their heels.
I kissed Heather again and we joined everyone in the pool.

Carl sat on the edge of the pool, watching his young children
explore Julia's body. Caitlyn and Elena floated between Julia's
thighs, taking turns stroking her clitty, while Pitr played with
Prissy, diving back and forth between her legs.

Lise was just learning to swim, so Pierre held his daughter in the
shallow end as she kicked and paddled, tickling her belly as she
laughed and splashed. Tommy and Paul raced across the deep end,
trying to impress each other's sisters. Corinne, Monique, and
Nadia simply undressed and continued their conversation in the
water while Jack challenged Paul and Tommy.

"How's my little girl, tonight?" Everett asked, swimming over to
Heather and kissing her.

"Fine, Daddy!" she replied, giving his hard cock a couple of playful
strokes underwater. Laurel joined them, her voluptuous breasts floating before her. She was still fairly trim for a woman with two
college-aged children, but her breasts never really returned to
their original size.

"Join us, Henry!" Heather beckoned, and I swam over. Laurel gave me
a passionate welcoming kiss as her husband and daughter watched, her
lovely breasts pressed against my chest. I felt a hand on my cock and
I wondered who it belonged to. My hands wandered underwater, one on
Laurel's ass and the other on Heather's.

Jack won the race against Tommy and Paul. The prize was Anita and Jack
emerged, water dripping from the tip of his erection, to collect. She
playfully made him chase her around the pool, prompting Tommy to yell
"Hey! No running!" at his father for a change. Finally, Jack cornered
Anita on the diving board and she lay on her back while Jack buried his
head between her legs. The young teen squirmed as he ravished her clit
with his tongue, and her cries of pleasure created a pause in the

Laurel guided my hand between her legs, and I parted her labia and felt
a moisture that was too warm and slippery to be pool water. She moaned
softly as I found her nubby clit and began to massage it. Next to us,
Heather had mounted her father, guiding his long, thick cock inside her
tight teen pussy. He held her bottom as she bounced on her pole, aided
by the water's buoyancy.

I submerged myself partially and separated Laurel's legs with my own,
lifting her up and bring her pussy down against my hardness. She
smiled and reached down to guide me inside her, wriggling her hips as
she settled down on my shaft. A hard, fast fuck just isn't possible
in four or five feet of water, so we moved slowly and gently against
each other. I lifted her breasts to my lips, taking time to suckle
Laurel's pebbly nipples one at a time, making her moan even louder.
Her sighs were drowned out by her daughter's. Heather was loudly
coming on her father's pole, urging him to fill her with his spunk.
She'd been horny throughout dinner and her hand rarely strayed from
my pants while we ate.

"I can see why my daughter likes this cock of yours," Laurel whispered.
Her sentence trailed off as she began to climax, her pussy spasming
around my hard cock. Hearing Everett grunt and come inside Heather's
snatch sent me over the edge, and I filled Laurel's pussy with a thick geyser of sperm. She kissed me and wrapped her legs around my waist,
wriggling her hips as she milked my cock. After my cock softened, we
kissed again and parted and I rejoined Heather. Everett and Laurel
swam over to Tommy and Jen.

"Feel better?" I asked Heather, giving her bottom a playful squeeze.

"Mmmm...I love my Daddy's cum," she said, reaching down underwater
for my cock. "Did you and mommy have fun?" I nodded as we emerged
from the water and beckoned for one of Prissy's boy maids. He handed
us towels as I instructed him to fetch us some drinks. He curtseyed
politely and walked away to carry out my order as we dried off and
sat down by the pool.

Jack had licked Anita to a loud climax and was now on top of her,
spearing her young snatch repeatedly with his fat cock, and making
the end of the diving board quiver with their energetic thrusts.
From the sound of it, Anita was close to her second orgasm.

Next to them, at the edge of the pool, Paul was still collecting his
second-place prize, a long slow suck from Jen. Tommy knelt behind her,
fingering her tight little twat in preparation for a doggie fuck.
My sister knelt at Pierre's feet, sucking his long, uncircumcised
penis, while his wife Monique and Prissy lay next to them, kissing and
fondling each other.

Caitlyn and Elena were still playing with Julia, taking turns sucking her
while she sat on the edge of the pool. Pitr and Lise sat on either side
of her, each playing with one of her breasts. She closed her eyes and
leaned her head back as four little tongues pleasured her. Laurel and
Everett floated in front of Pitr and Lise, caressing and parting their
young thighs and licking them while they suckled Julia's bosom. Everett
licked Lise's hairless young mound while his wife gobbled Pitr's little
pecker, feeding her desire for boy cock.

Carl and Nadia were busy with Chris (now Chrissie), the younger of
Prissy's two servants. Nadia had his skirts up around his waist as she
sucked on his hard young dick while her husband pounded her from behind.
Roberta brought us our drinks and we dismissed him. He went over to
Prissy and waited patiently while she finished licking Monique's nipples.
Prissy said something to him and he nodded and hiked up his skirt and
pulled down his panties. Prissy buried her face in his crotch as Monique
went down on her, bathing Prissy's shemale clit with her lips and tongue.
The boy maid's knees began to buckle as Prissy ravished his young meat
with her mouth, and he came quickly, releasing hours of pent-up
frustration at Prissy's firm hand. Prissy milked the last drops from his
softening cock and pulled his panties back up.

She said something to him that I couldn't quite make out. He smiled and
thanked her and turned around so she could unzip his skimpy uniform.
The young maid boy shrugged out of his uniform and stripped naked, having
been given permission to join the party, and gleefully dived in the pool.
He surfaced on the deep end, his makeup streaking down his cheeks, happy
to be released from service.

Carl and Nadia had his friend naked as well and kneeling at Nadia's
head while she sucked his stiff young cock. Carl pounded her hard from
behind, making her release Chris's cock from her mouth so she could
cry with pleasure at her husband's thrusting. She kept stroking
Chris's young meat until he erupted, spraying her face with ropy strings
of boy cream. She took him back in her mouth, licking and sucking him
greedily as her husband's orgasm hit and he filled her pussy with his
hot semen. Nadia released Chris from her mouth and gave his bottom a
playful pat as he ran to join his friend in the pool. She and her
husband kissed and then got up to find their drinks.

Jack and Anita had finally finished, Jack having covered her puffy
young breasts with a geyser of sperm. They jumped in the pool
together, washing off the sweat of their lovemaking, and joining
Chris and Robert in the water. Jack started a playful game of
grab-ass. The boys were just a little older than Anita, and she
seemed to enjoy their attention.

On the far side of the deck, Corinne had Pierre between her legs.
His tight butt clenched and released as he thrust in and out
of my sister's twat. Jen and Tommy had just finished, and they
jumped back into the pool and swam to their father, taking turns
diving between his legs until he was hard again. Paul soon joined
them, his hands busy below Jen's waist.

Monique bounced up and down in Prissy's lap, their breasts rubbing
nipple-to-nipple. Julia lay on her back next to the pool as Caitlyn
and Elena took turns riding her clitty. Laurel had Pitr between her
thighs, his firm young bottom twitching as he speared her with his
young cock. Next to them, Lise was sitting in Everett's lap, the
older man's penis buried deep within her young twat. She happily
rubbed her clitty as his glistening pole pistoned in and out of
her puffy labia. He held her tight as she came and rewarded the
young girl with his thick semen, filling her tight young pussy.
She laughed and reached down to keep his cock from slipping out
of her as he kissed her lovingly.

Julia had Elena sitting on her face, ravishing the young girl's
cunny as Caitlyn straddled her hips, gyrating on top of Julia's
stiff little clitty. It was the perfect size for the young girl's
tiny hole. Soon enough, Julia had both girls coming, lashing
Elena's swollen clit with her tongue as she filled Caitlyn with
her thin, clear semen. Elena got off her face and hugged her, and
she and Caitlyn each suckling one of Julia's ample breasts like

Carl and Nadia sat next to us and I went to fetch another round
of drinks. When I returned, Corinne and Pierre had finished
and were coming inside to get their own refreshments. Monique
and Prissy were swimming together in the pool. I returned to
where Heather was sitting with Carl and Nadia and joined the
conversation. They belonged to a rather interesting place
on the coast, a "naturist family" resort. From the way Nadia
described it, it wasn't much different from what was going on
right here.

Prissy swam over to Robert and Chris and whispered something to
them, and then the three of them left the pool and went inside.
They returned a few minutes later and Jack suggested that we all
go inside to the basement. Prissy had the boys back in frilly
panties and heels and stood behind them as they passed out fresh
towels to everyone getting out of the pool. She led them back
inside, down to the family room.

Heather and I lingered for a minute, sharing a private kiss, before
we followed everyone inside, pausing momentarily at the kitchen to
freshen the ice in our drinks. It had already been a long evening
and there was more to come.

As big as the basement family room was, it still seemed crowded.
The air conditioner was running full blast, keeping the room
cool, and Corinne had laid extra cushions on the floor. Everyone
claimed a bit of space on the cushions as Prissy and her young maids collected the towels. There was a video running, an orgy
scene from my sister's vacation, and Prissy had warmed up some
massage oil.

Prissy instructed Roberta and Chrissie to begin massaging, and
they eagerly started towards Anita until Prissy sharply commanded
them to start with Jack and Everett, and they meekly complied.
Anita pouted, knowing she'd probably be last to get a soothing
hot oil massage. Prissy winked at her and she brightened up.
They were handsome young boys, despite their sissification, and
she enjoyed their attention. Prissy would make sure she'd get
to enjoy them; Anita and her brother were practically her children,

While Prissy's pantied boys applied oil to every inch of Jack and
Everett, Heather and I claimed some cushion space next to Pierre
and Monique. Their little girl, Lise, delighted Heather, who
played with the youngster, tickling her hairless little slit.
Lise laughed and tried to tickle her, too, her busy little hands
roaming all over Heather's teen body.

Chrissie and Roberta finished with Jack and Everett, having sucked the two men at Prissy's insistence. Jack and Everett watched as the
two boys turned their attention to Laurel and Corinne. Jack kissed
his wife as Chrissie spread the warm oil on her breasts and belly
and massaged her glistening skin. Everett watched Roberta service
his wife, his hands roaming over the teen boy's back and into his
frilly white panties.

Elena and Pitr couldn't wait for Prissy's boys and were smearing each
other and their parents with oil, their young hands lingering between
their mother's legs. Nadia lay back and let them play with her sex
while she idly stroked her husband's tool. Next to us, Caitlyn had
crawled into Pierre's lap and was gently sucking his uncircumcised
penis while Monique licked her hairless little cunt. Caitlyn made
quiet mewling sounds, muffled by the fat cock in her mouth.

"See what Caitlyn's doing?" Heather asked Lise. The nine-year-old
girl was fascinated by the sight of Caitlyn servicing her father.
"Would you like to suck Henry?" Heather asked. Lise nodded
enthusiastically and crawled between my thighs, smiling at me.
I caressed her pretty face as she took my cock in her little
hands. Heather curled up next to me as she coached Lise. I lay
back and closed my eyes as her warm little mouth closed around the
head of my cock, my arm wrapped around Heather and playing with
her breasts.

"Am I doing it right?" Lise asked.

"Yes, just fine. Keep going," I replied. Lise smiled and lowered
her mouth on my shaft, her soft little tongue bathing the underside
of my shaft. She managed to get about half of my member in her
mouth, and Heather showed her how to stroke the other half and cup
my balls with her hands.

While Heather instructed Lise on the fine points of sucking, Corinne
had Chrissie's hard young prick in her mouth, getting him hard enough
to stuff in her pussy. Julia lay next to her, enjoying her daughter Anita's oral service. Carl had his step-daughter Elena in his lap,
his hard cock buried in her tight hole, while Pitr licked his mother's
sloppy snatch. Jack and Paul were double-fucking Laurel, Paul at her
head and Jack pumping her from behind. Everett and Roberta were doing
much the same with Prissy, although Everett was in her ass instead,
reaching under her to stroke her stiff clitty while he banged her

"Can I put it in me?" Lise asked, watching Caitlyn climb into Pierre's
lap and settle down on his glistening member. Monique helped guide
her husband's cock into the girl's wet snatch, stroking her smooth
young back as she began to move her hips.

"Sure, let me help," Heather replied. She held Lise as the little girl straddled my hips, adjusting my stiff cock against her puffy labia. Lise
wiggled her hips slightly, slowly working my erection inside her tight
little cunny. I groaned and tried not to shoot my load as I filled her
tight preteen vagina.

"Very good! How does it feel?" Heather said, praising the youngster.

" feels bigger than my Papa," Lise replied, glancing at Pierre.
Caitlyn's little ass was nearly a blur as she pleasured herself with
Pierre's hard cock.

"Take it slow, honey," Heather said. "Henry will fill you with plenty
of yummy cream when you come." She stroked Lise's soft, round bottom,
encouraging her to start moving her hips. I looked down to watch her
velvety cunny grab and release my cock, wet with her saliva and juices.
Watching this little girl ride my hard cock made Heather really horny,
and she presented me with a nipple to suck while she fingered herself.

Caitlyn began to come, her orgasm triggered by Pierre's fat cock in her
pussy and Monique's darting tongue probing her bottom. She squirmed on
Pierre's chest, her bottom wiggling against the wet invader. Pierre
said something in French and arched his back, making Caitlyn squeal
with delight as he filled her young pussy with his hot spunk. Monique
kept licking her bottom and when she rolled off Pierre's cock, she
licked her husband's semen from the girl's messy snatch.

Lise watched this scene as she rode my cock and soon she was coming, too.
I held her by the hips and began to thrust hard as her little pussy spasmed around my member. Heather tried to speed up my climax by
playing with my balls, but the thing that set me off was the way Lise's
little cunny clenched around my member when Heather probed her anus with
a wet fingertip. I erupted in the little girl's pussy, flooding her
with my thick seed. Lise had a blissful expression on her face as she
relaxed on my chest, letting our hands roam over her tender little
body. She had just started a growth spurt and still had some babyfat,
making her feel even softer. She smiled at Heather as she caressed her
smooth bottom, and laughed gleefully as the teen dived between her
legs to lick the semen that leaked from her reddened labia.

"May I taste my daughter's juices from your cock?" Monique asked, after
Caitlyn went to play with Julia and Anita.

"Be my guest," I replied. She leaned over, brushing her hair out of the
way, and guided my soft, wet cock in her mouth. While Pierre introduced
himself to Heather by diving between her legs, Monique brought my cock
back to life. She was a skilled cocksucker, and before long I was
filling her mouth. While she licked and sucked my glistening member,
Jack appeared behind her and goosed her with a long pink vibrator. Her
expression of surprise was muffled by my cock, and after her initial
reaction, she moved around and presented her bottom while continuing to
suck my hard prick.

"Mmmmmph," was all Monique could say as Jack penetrated her with the
vibrator, her guttural moaning adding to the pleasures her mouth was
giving me. Next to us, Pierre was mounting Heather from behind while she
continued to lick his daughter's hairless cunny. I had the perfect
vantage point behind them to watch his cock piston in and out of
Heather's tight teen pussy.

Monique pulled my cock from her mouth in order to catch her breath, as
the vibrator in her pussy had her close to coming. She smiled at Jack
and pulled the vibrator from her sopping cunt, straddling me instead and
replacing it with my cock. She settled down on my shaft and had Jack
insert the vibrator in her ass instead. I had barely started thrusting
when she began to climax, her cries of pleasure louder than anything else
in the room.

I was enjoying the feeling of the vibrator through her vaginal walls when
it stopped and was replaced with the sensation of Jack's hard cock
penetrating her tight bottom. I held Monique's cheeks apart to make his
entry easier and we began to thrust our stiff meat inside her tender
holes, prolonging her intense orgasm. She squirmed between us as we
ravaged her with our hard cocks, finally filling her with our come,
leaving her exhausted, sweaty, and oozing sperm from her ass and pussy.
Next to us Pierre was filling Heather's young hole full of his semen as
his daughter watched. Lise insisted on returning Heather's favor, licking
her father's seed from the teen's dripping pussy.

There was a lull in the activities and Prissy had Roberta and Chrissie
fetch more drinks and fresh towels. Roberta was walking a little funny,
and there was a damp spot on the seat of his panties where Prissy's
thin semen leaked from his bottom.

Since Carl and Nadia were the newcomers at their party, Jack and Corinne
insisted that we play the "Blindfold Game". Corinne had them kneel
in the center of the room while Jack covered their eyes with silk
blindfolds. Then the children were lined up, boys in front of Nadia
and girls in front of Carl, and they were asked to identify their
own kids using their mouths alone.

The kids stifled their giggles as the couple tried to find and taste
their genitals without using their hands, not wanting to give away
their identities. Nadia had it easy, as her son Pitr was the youngest
and had the smallest cock, only 4" when erect. Carl, however, had it
a bit harder, despite the ease with which he picked his daughter Caitlyn out of the lineup of fuzzy and hairless young pussies. He
went back and forth between Jen and Elena, trying to figure out
which one was his stepdaughter. They were about the same age and
height, and the fact that both of their bald little cunnies were
dripping sperm didn't help. Nadia, having removed her blindfold,
watched her husband while she stroked her son's stiff dick.

"Make up your mind, Carl. You'll lick them dry by the time you
decide," Jack joked. Carl smiled and correctly picked Elena, getting
a loving hug and kiss from his step-daughter.

Nadia, in the meantime, had been laid on her back and was taking the boys one-at-a-time, starting with her son, Pitr. His firm little butt
pumped away between his mother's legs while he suckled her breasts.
When he came, he rolled off her and watched Tommy take his turn, mounting
Nadia and guiding his stiff young cock into her waiting snatch. Paul
stood and watched, waiting his turn while his mother Julia sucked his

Jack presented Carl with successively younger girls, first helping Anita
climb on top of Carl's cock, and, after she climaxed, holding Jen as
she straddled Carl's hips and settled down on his glistening shaft. Jen
sucked her father while she rocked her hips, driving Carl's hardness
deep inside her.

Heather had left to use the bathroom, so I looked around for a hole to
fill. Prissy saw me and came over.

"Looking for something?" she asked.

"I feel like fucking some ass," I replied. Prissy smiled and snapped her
fingers twice, summoning Chrissie. The teen boy obediently came over and
stood in front of us, eyes downcast.

"Suck Henry's cock, Chrissie," Prissy said. The maid boy did as he was
told, putting down the towels he was carrying and kneeling at my feet.
I lifted my cock and he reluctantly opened his mouth to admit it.

"Watch the teeth," I commanded, and I felt him open wider, trying not
to graze my cock. He wasn't even as good as little Lise, but it was
enough to get me hard again. My expanding cock filled his mouth and
he tried not to gag.

"That's enough, Chrissie. Present your bottom," Prissy commanded.

"But it's too big!" he protested. It was no use, though, and he
soon stood in front of me, bent over, presenting his little brown
sphincter for my use. Prissy had his panties down around his ankles
and was working a generous amount of lubricant into his anus.

"Take it easy with him, he's a virgin," she said as she guided my
slickened cock up to his hole. He grunted in pain as I pushed my
cock inside him, slowly filling his tight ass for the first time.

"Tell him to fuck you, Chrissie," Prissy ordered.

"Please fuck me," he gasped.

"I didn't hear you," I said, laughing.

"I said please fuck me!" he repeated, his face growing red.

"Tell me how much you love my cock," I said, slowly thrusting. His
sphincter began to relax as the lubricant warmed up.

"I love your cock. I love the way it feels inside me," he moaned.
The last part almost sounded sincere, and he began pushing his bottom
back against my cock.

"Mmmm...can I play, too?" Heather asked, returning from the bathroom.
Prissy straightened Chrissie so he could lick Heather's bottom. Heather,
in turn, was bent over and had Prissy's stiff clitty in her mouth and
was licking and sucking it greedily. Julia added to the chain, laying
next to Prissy and fondling her breasts while her longtime companion
let her hands wander between Julia's legs.

I grabbed Chrissie's bottom and pumped him harder, making him moan as
he bathed Heather's pussy with his tongue. Heather, in turn, began to
moan as she sucked Prissy's shemale cock. Prissy was too busy kissing
and caressing Julia to continue Chrissie's discipline, so I took over
the task. I reached around his waist and found his hard young cock,
surprised that he was erect while I was pounding his virgin ass.

"Beg for my sperm, Chrissie," I commanded him, gripping his cock tight.

"Please come in me," he said, looking back from between Heather's thighs.

"Louder," I barked.

"Please come in me. Fill me with your sperm," he pleaded. I gave his
bottom one last thrust before I erupted in his ass, filling him with
my hot spunk. He sighed with pleasure when he felt the flood of cum in his belly, and he clenched his sphincter, milking the last drops
of sperm from my cock.

"Well done," I said, pulling my cock from his ass. I helped him crawl
behind Heather, the panties around his ankles hobbling him, and guided
his hard young cock into her snatch. She looked up from Prissy's clitty
and smiled at me as Chrissie began to thrust. As I left for the bathroom
to get a washcloth for my messy cock, Chrissie was rubbing his sore ass
while he pumped Heather from behind.

"Oh, sorry! I didn't know it was occupied," I said. The bathroom door
had been ajar but there was someone on the toilet.

"Come in, Henry. It's just me," Corinne said. I walked back in just as
she started to urinate.

"I'm just looking for a washcloth. I'm pretty messy," I said.

"Plowing the cornfields?" she said, laughing. She was still peeing as
she reached over to the sink and ran a washcloth under some warm
water. "Here, let me."

"Thanks, sis."

"It's so nice to have you and Heather around," Corinne said as she
cleaned my penis, gently daubing it with the moist cloth. After she
finished, she dried me with a towel and gently kissed the tip of my
cock. My sister let me return the favor, drying her pussy with toilet paper and we shared a kiss before returning to the party.

Heather was still sandwiched between Chrissie and Prissy, but the latter
was now sitting on Julia's clit, slowly grinding her ass against her
lover while Heather kept sucking her. Paul had just finished depositing
his sperm in Nadia's messy snatch, and was climbing off her so Roberta
could take his turn while Pitr and Tommy watched, rubbing their little
dicks and ready for more. Carl was finally coming, filling Lise's little
snatch while Jack helped the little girl ride Carl's spurting cock.
Elena and Caitlyn were licking Everett's tool as Laurel buried her head
between Anita's long teen legs. Jen knelt at Pierre's feet, inspecting
his cock, curious about his foreskin. Monique sat next to her and was
coaching her in the proper way to stroke and suck an uncircumcised adult

"Look's like it's just us," Corinne said, dropping to her knees on the
cushions and presenting her bottom to me. I dipped a finger in the
snatch I had just wiped. My sister was so hot and wet that I skipped
the foreplay and stuffed my cock in her before it was completely hard.
Corinne gave me a satisfied smile as my cock grew inside her and I began
to thrust. I was beginning to feel sore and worn out down there, so I
kept a slow and gentle pace. I cupped my sister's breasts as we watched
the various fuckings and suckings that were taking place.

Tommy came over with Pitr, and Corinne eagerly sucked their stiff little
boy cocks while I kept banging her from behind. She greedily licked
their hairless pricks and balls, switching off between them. She perked
her head up when she heard Jen cry out, but her daughter's cries were of
pleasure, not pain, as Pierre hovered over her, his fat cock stuffed
inside her tight little cunny. My sister went back to fellating the two
little boys as I began to pound her pussy harder and faster.

Jen's orgasm began a chain reaction, as Nadia began to come under Jack's
thrusting cock. Anita climaxed under the influence of Laurel's tongue,
and Elena's tight little pussy spasmed around Everett's thick pole as
she came, urging him to erupt inside her tiny hole. Amidst the sea of
sighs, moans, and cries, I could hear Heather add her voice as she came
with Prissy in her cunt and Chrissie pumping her ass full of his hot

I could tell Corinne was close, so I slid my hand down her taut belly
and found her swollen clit, massaging it as I fucked my sister from
behind. Her moans got louder, even with the boy cock in her mouth, and
soon she had to release Tommy's dick from her lips, for fear of biting
him when her orgasm hit. I felt her pussy start to spasm and her thighs
quivering and then she was coming, pitching forward on the cushions as
I kept thrusting my hard cock inside her. Pitr and Tommy kept stroking
their young cocks until they came, just a couple of tiny drops appearing
at the tips of their penises.

The boys watched as I pulled out of Corinne's wet snatch and rolled her
over, stroking myself until I came, erupting in thick ropy spurts of
semen that streaked over my sister's face and tits, the last few drops
pooling on her belly. My slutty sister smiled and scooped up some of
my sperm from her breasts with a finger and brought it to her waiting
lips. I sat back, exhausted, as Tommy and Pitr licked my sperm from
Corinne's body.

"Tired?" Heather asked as she lay down next to me.

"All fucked out," I replied. Pretty much everyone was, judging from
the activity in the room. Corinne suggested a midnight swim to
wake everyone up for the trip home and we headed back to the pool
while Prissy went to make some coffee. I swam with Heather for a
few minutes before we excused ourselves and went inside to take a
nice warm shower before going to bed, curled up together on the
fold-out couch in the den.

* * *
Family Frolic Revisited
(c) 2000 Anais Ninja
All Rights Reserved

"Jack? I need a favor," I said, walking into the kitchen.

"What is it?" He looked up from the breakfast table and his news-

"Can I put a real bed in there? Please? My back is killing me."

"I didn't know it was that bad," Corinne said. She sat down with
her coffee and picked through the paper. Heather appeared, nearly
bent over double as she shuffled into the kitchen.

"Aw, you too, dear?" my sister asked her.

"That bed is the worst, Cori," she said. "Look at this, that's
what it did to me!" Heather turned and shrugged off her robe,
showing Jack and Corinne a red mark across her back.

"What's that from?" Jack asked.

"That's from the metal bar under the mattress," I said. "I'm
buying a bed today. I'll need some help moving that couch."

"Why didn't you just move into the guest room?" Heather asked.

"It was Jack's idea," I said. "I think he's planning on chaining me
to a workstation." Jack laughed, nearly snorting coffee through his

"Hey, I thought you'd like a bigger room," he said. "But that's not a
bad idea. I'll throw it in your contract."

"We'll need the guest room anyway. Jack's sister is coming to visit this
week," Corinne said, looking up from the paper.

"Just her or is she bringing the kids?" Jack asked.

"With the kids. And Don. For the Fourth," my sister replied. That was

"Who's Don?" I asked.

"Jill's new husband," Corinne replied. I didn't know much about Jack's
side of the family, but I knew that this was Jill's third marriage.

Heather and I had a quick breakfast before getting dressed and taking
Jack's Range Rover to the mall. I was content with a simple futon, but
Heather insisted that I get a king-size platform bed like Jack and
Corinne's. We ended up buying both, taking the futon with us. Because
of the holiday weekend, the platform bed wouldn't be delivered until
later that week.

Back at the house, Jack had managed to move the couch out of the office
and Corinne was vacuuming the carpet where it once sat.

"I thought you wanted a real bed," Corinne said, as Heather helped me
carry the futon frame into the house.

"This is just until the real bed gets here," I replied. Jack followed
us with the cushion and helped us assemble the frame.

"Well?" Heather said, after the bed had been assembled and covered with
new sheets. Jack and Corinne had just left to go food shopping.

"Well what?" I replied.

"Well, shouldn't we break in your new bed?" she said, peeling off her
skirt and pulling her tube top over her head. She flopped down on the
futon, wearing just a tiny white cotton thong that barely covered her
shaved teen pussy.

"Yeah, I guess it's time to make a wet spot," I said, diving between her
legs and covering her cotton-covered crotch with my mouth. She moaned as
I nibbled at her clit through her panties, my hands roaming over her
thighs, hips, and breasts. She reached down and pulled her thong aside,
exposing her vulva. I took my time, gently probing her with my tongue,
before teasing her clit from its hiding place.

I grabbed a handful of her soft bottom and lashed her clitoris, swirling
around it and flicking over it, pausing only to penetrate her with my
tongue, giving her a taste of what was to come. Heather ran her fingers
through my hair as I ate her, moaning and sighing, arching her back as
her climax approached. She let out a shriek as I brought her to orgasm
with my mouth, her thighs tensing and relaxing, her hips humping down on
my tongue.

"Come here," she whispered, tugging at my shoulders. I moved up along
her body, kissing her smooth belly and lingering over her lovely breasts,
finally meeting her lips with my own. As we shared the taste of her
nectar, her hands were busy between my legs, stroking me and guiding my
inside her.

I pushed forward slowly. She was tight but wet from my licking, and as I
drove into her she tilted her head back and closed her eyes. I kissed
her exposed neck, vampire-style, while I impaled her on my pole. She let
out a gasp when I filled her, letting out her breath as I started to pull
out. I let just the tip of my cock linger inside her, until her lower lip
began to quiver and she looked up at me with a pleading expression. I
let her hang on the edge for a moment before easing my hardness back
inside her.

Heather grabbed my hips, trying to urge me to thrust faster. Instead, I
held her by the wrists, pinning her arms against the bed, rendering her
helpless beneath me.

"Please, fuck me. Please," she said, on the verge of tears. But I kept
my slow pace, pulling out until just my glans was inside her, and then
gradually filling her with my shaft. She struggled under me, her hips
rocking, trying to take more of my penis inside her, but I pinned her
body to the bed with my weight. I'm not a big guy, but Heather was only
105 lbs. wet, and I had another fifty pounds on her.

It was only when she stopped struggling that I kissed her and began to
thrust faster. I released her wrists and kissed the tears from her
cheeks as I speared her wet snatch over and over. Almost immediately she
began to come, screaming louder than I'd ever heard, her thighs clamped
around my hips as I pounded her relentlessly. She was still coming when
my own orgasm hit and I filled her spasming pussy with gush after gush of

Heather was still trembling as I held her. My cock began to soften and
slip out of her, followed by a gob of semen that added to the spreading
wet spot on the futon. Her panties were soaked nearly to the waistband.

"Henry...Henry...Henry..." Heather whispered. "That was the most

"Shhh," I said, cutting her off with a kiss. I rolled off her and held
her as we fell asleep, curled around the wet spot.

I woke up to hear the futon creaking. Tommy and Jen were next to us,
snuggled together like me and Heather. Except Tommy was fucking his
sister from behind while they both watched Heather and I sleep. I gently
shook Heather awake so she could see this. She looked over and laughed
when she saw that Jen was still wearing her panties, socks, and sneakers,
just like her. My cock, nestled between Heather's cheeks, began to stir
and she wiggled her soft bottom against it.

I reached around her waist and pulled her thong out of the way. She was
still wet from our earlier fun. Heather parted her legs to give me
better access, and I replaced my finger with the tip of my cock.

"Don't torture me this time. Just fuck me," she purred. I kissed her
and began to pump my cock in and out of her sopping snatch. Tommy
and Jen picked up their pace once they saw that we were awake. Jen's
hips rocked against her brother's stiff young cock, cotton panty crotch pulled aside, exposing her labia. She had her hand buried between
her legs, alternately rubbing her clit and feeling her brother's cock
pistoning inside her preteen cunny.

Heather took Jen's other hand and started to kiss and suck her little
fingers, fellating her middle finger like a little penis. Jen took
Heather's hand and started doing the same, but soon let go as her
pleasure began to mount. Tommy's energetic fucking had her coming,
and she doubled over as if she'd been punched, her tight little pussy spasming around her brother's cock. Tommy gave a little grunt and
one last thrust as he came inside his sister, the sensitivity of his
young cock after orgasm prompting him to hold Jen's hips to keep her
from moving. After he pulled out, he kissed her and held her while they
watched me fuck Heather.

Heather's ass was moving as fast as Jen's had, pushing against my cock
as we lay side-by-side. I barely had to thrust as she humped against
me. She was still sucking Jen's fingers as I fondled her breasts,
taking both nipples in one hand, cupping them, and running my hand over
her smooth young belly. I felt her stomach jump, first once, then twice,
and then her vaginal muscles clenched around my organ. Heather let go
of Jen's fingers and began to moan, working up to a hoarse cry as she
came. She shuddered in my arms as I let go, caught up in my own orgasm,
lost in the feeling of her sex gripping my hardness, milking it dry.
We relaxed together, sweating despite the air conditioning. Every so
often my cock would twitch, releasing a last little spurt of semen.
Heather's vagina reacted by squeezing my softening cock, releasing even
more sperm.

"Don't go back to sleep, guys. mom and Dad want to go out to dinner,"
Jen said.

"We were supposed to get you, like fifteen minutes ago," Tommy added.

"Come on! Let's go! I'm hungry!" Jack yelled from the hallway. We got
up and rooted around for our clothes. Heather's panties were still damp,
so she skinned them off, preferring to wear her short skirt without them.

Jack was waiting, arms folded, tapping his foot, the keys to the Range
Rover in his hand. We followed him out to the car where my sister was
already seated. Heather and I got in the back seat while the kids piled
in behind us.

"Cori? Do you have any tissues?" Heather asked.

"Leaking, Hon?" My sister passed a box of tissues over the seat.
Heather took a few and spread her legs, daubing at her leaky pussy.

"Save some for dessert," Jack said. Heather rolled her eyes and tossed
the wadded up tissues out the window. They blew down the road and stuck
to the windshield of a car behind us.

"Ewwww," Tommy said, getting a playful punch from Heather.

"Why don't you see what's in your sister's panties, Tommy?" she said.
Jen smiled and lifted her skirt, flashing her little white panties at her
brother. There was a little wet spot at the crotch.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Jack's favorite place," Corinne replied.

Jack's favorite place turned out to be the same drive-in restaurant where
I met Heather. With all the teenage roller-waitresses and patrons, it
was "better than Hooters," Jack said. We pulled into the lot and a young teen girl with long black hair and deep blue eyes skated over to take our

"Hey Heather!" she said.

"Hi Megan!" Heather replied, introducing the fifteen-year-old waitress
to everyone. We all ordered burgers and fries, Heather asking for extra

"So, you know her," Jack said to Heather. Corinne had her hand in his
lap, stroking his erection through his shorts.

"Not too well," Heather replied. "Her sister was on my swim team last

"She's a beautiful girl," Corinne added.

Megan returned with our order, latching the tray onto Jack's window.
He passed the food to my sister, letting her figure out who had

"So, are you still seeing Brad?" Heather asked Megan.

"Nah, he went off to camp. He's a counselor this summer," she replied.

"When do you get off?"

"Seven. What time is it now?"

"6:30," Jack replied, glancing at his Rolex.

"Cool. I want to go swimming before it gets dark," Megan said.

"Why don't you come with us?" Corinne asked. "We've got a pool and
we're going to take a dip after dinner." Jack glanced at my sister and smiled.

"Yeah, they have a really nice pool," Heather added. "We can hang out.
It'll be fun." Megan didn't have to think about it very long. Heather
was pretty popular and she coveted such an invitation.

"Okay, I should be off by the time you guys are done," Megan replied.
"I just want to call my mom and tell her where I'm going." Heather
gave her our address and phone number and she skated back inside.

We'd just finished eating when Megan returned, dressed in cutoff jeans
and a tank top instead of skates and a skimpy uniform. She got rid of
our tray and hopped in the back of the car next to Heather.

"Good thing I brought my suit to work," Megan said, showing Heather
her one-piece.

"That's okay, you won't need that," Corinne said, smiling at her.
Megan looked puzzled but shook it off as we drove out of the lot.
I had my hand on Heather's thigh, working my way under her short
skirt as Jack drove us home. Megan watched out of the corner of
her eye, trying not to be too obvious about it. Heather's pussy was still wet, and I pulled my finger out and presented it to

"Mmmm...dessert," she said, taking my finger in her mouth and sucking it. I glanced over to see if Megan was still watching.

"Save some for me," Jack said as we pulled into the driveway. Megan
followed us into the house, impressed at how big it was.

"Would you like a drink?" I asked her, heading for the kitchen.

"What have you got?" Megan asked.

"We have beer, wine, wine coolers, liquor. What would you like?" Heather
asked her.

"Um, I'll try a wine cooler," Megan replied. Heather handed one to her
and Megan tasted it tentatively.

"That's pretty good," she said.

"Don't drink it too fast or you'll get drunk," Heather told her. Megan
followed us out to the pool where Tommy and Jen had already dived in.
She hadn't noticed that they were naked until they emerged from the pool
to take the wine coolers Heather brought them.

"Heh, that's cute," Megan said. "Is there a place I can go and change
into my suit?"

"Like I said, you don't need one," Heather said, slipping her skirt over
her hips. Megan stared at Heather's shaved pussy until Jack and Corinne
showed up. They were both nude, Jack's cock hard and glistening from the
short sucking Corinne gave him while he was mixing drinks. Jack came
over and handed me a scotch. Megan's eyes were glued to his cock.

"The water's fine, Megan," my sister said, wading into the shallow end of
the pool. "Why don't you get out of those clothes and join us."

I stripped off my shorts and t-shirt and kicked off my shoes, taking a
sip of my drink before following Heather into the pool. Megan thought
for a moment before pulling her tank top over her head and stepping out
of her shorts. She stood in her bra and panties for a minute before
taking them off, revealing small, cone-shaped breasts and a few peachfuzz
hairs on her pussy. She carefully folded her clothes before walking over
to the edge and testing the water with her toe.

"Don't be such a virgin, Megan. Dive in!" Heather urged. Megan glared
at her before diving in, plunging into the deep end and traveling almost
the whole length of the pool before surfacing.

"Wow, it feels different without a suit," she said, swimming over to
where Heather and I were standing. She didn't seem to notice that
Heather had my cock in her hand and was slowly stroking it underwater.

"Come here, Megan," Heather said. Megan slowly approached until she and
Heather were standing nipple-to-nipple. Heather gently caressed Megan's
budding breasts as the younger girl closed her eyes and trembled. When
Heather flicked a fingertip over a puffy nipple, Megan caught her breath
and moved away, hitting my erection with her hip. This startled her
even more, and she looked as if she were about to panic.

"Hey, sweetie. Relax," Heather cooed, taking her by the hands and
drawing her closer. "Didn't that feel good?"

"His cock. It's...hard," Megan said.

"Didn't you ever touch Brad's cock?" Heather asked.

"Yeah, but it wasn't that big," she said, glancing down at the water.

"You can touch it. I'm sure Henry won't mind," Heather said. Megan
looked at me and I smiled and nodded back. Her curiosity and Heather's
tender touch overcame her anxiety and I felt her hand gently exploring
my penis. I caressed her slim hips and smooth back, holding Heather
around the waist with my other hand.

"That feels great," I said. She grew bolder with her exploration, gently
cupping my balls and stroking my shaft. I leaned in and kissed her, my
hands roaming over her tight little bottom, my kisses trailing down her
neck as Heather's lips found Megan's. I took one of Megan's nipples in
my mouth and suckled it, hearing her start to moan as Heather's hands
found her slit. Suddenly, Megan broke off the kiss and let loose a
keening wail as her shuddering orgasm wracked her teen body. Heather and
I held her between us as she relaxed and her breathing returned to

Megan slowly returned to her senses and looked around, first at me and
Heather, and then at Jen and Tommy, who were watching from the edge of
the pool, masturbating each other. Finally, Megan's gaze fell on Jack
and Corinne, who were fucking doggie-style on a bench next to the pool.
Corinne looked up and smiled at her, her tanned breasts swaying as Jack
pounded her from behind.

"I'm...I'm a virgin," she said to Heather, knowing what was coming.

"That's okay," Heather said. "You don't have to..."

"No. I mean yes," Megan said, curling her hand around my cock. She
looked at Corinne, who was starting to come, and then back at Heather.
"I just want to get this out of the way. My cherry, I mean."

"Well, let's do this right," Heather said, hugging her. "We're going
downstairs," she told Jack and Corinne. My sister wasn't hearing
anything except her own moaning, but Jack nodded and motioned with his
head. I carried Megan from the pool and Heather dried her smooth teen
body while I sent Tommy and Jen inside to set things up.

"Be down in a bit," Jack said as we led Megan down to the basement. I
heard Jack grunt and knew he was filling Corinne's cunt with his thick spunk.

"Wow! What do you guys do down here?" Megan asked, seeing the family room for the first time. The cushioned pit and video wall never failed
to impress, just as Jack intended. Heather handed her a wine cooler.

"Drink some of this," Heather told her, before instructing Megan to
lie on her belly.

"Are you going to do it like this?" Megan asked.

"No, no. We're just going to help you relax first," Jen replied,
massaging Megan's back with warm oil. I watched Tommy and then Heather
join in, three pairs of hands on Megan's smooth skin, kneading and
caressing her lovingly. She let out a deep breath and the muscles in her
back visibly relaxed.

"Mmmm...that feels wonderful," Megan sighed. Jack and Corinne appeared
with fresh drinks for everyone.

"Roll over," Heather said. Megan complied, a blissful smile on her face.
She took a few sips from a fresh wine cooler and lay back on the
cushions. Heather, Jen, and Tommy began to massage her thighs and
breasts, making them slick with oil. I knelt between Megan's legs and
massaged her calves, working my way up her thighs. Jen and Heather
parted her legs and I gently kissed her labia.

"What...what are you...?" Megan asked, trying to look down. I parted her
labia with the tip of my tongue and bathed her sweet slit, teasing her
pearly clit from its hood. She squirmed as I lashed her clitoris,
ravishing her fresh young cunt with my mouth. I cupped her little bottom
in my hands, holding her against my lips, drinking her sweet young essence as I made her climax in my hands.

"Oh...yes," she moaned as I rose to my knees. "Nobody ever did that."

"You need to find a better boyfriend," Heather said, squeezing her hand.

"Or a girlfriend," my sister added. She and Jack had oiled each other
and were snuggled together, watching Megan come.

"Can we, like, do it now?" Megan asked.

"Would you like Henry's cock? Or would you prefer Jack or Tommy?"
Heather asked.

"I want Henry," she said, reaching out to stroke my stiffening penis.

"Take him in your mouth first," Corinne said. Megan wrinkled her nose
at the thought of sucking dick, but Jen demonstrated by diving into
Tommy's crotch and gobbling his hard little knob. Megan watched
for a minute and then sat up, leaning over and guiding my erection to
her lips. She opened her mouth tentatively, her tongue extending to
meet the tip of my penis.

"Open wide and bathe the bottom with your tongue," Heather coached.
She took one of Megan's hands and sucked her forefinger. Megan
opened her mouth wider and I felt her tongue slide along the underside
of my shaft.

"Yeah, just like that," I said, caressing her cheek. She looked up at
me as she sucked me, and I smiled back at her. "You're doing fine."

I tried to keep from rocking my hips and stuffing her mouth, but even so,
she gagged a couple of times. Heather tugged at Megan's shoulder and
pulled her off my cock.

"Okay, he's nice and hard. Are you ready?" Heather asked.

"I guess," Megan replied. She lifted her ass as Heather placed a towel
under her and then lay back with her legs spread. Heather guided my
glistening cock towards Megan's wet slit, working the head back and
forth to part the labia. I pressed against Megan's virgin pussy,
pushing the head of my cock inside. I pushed deeper until I felt
resistance, and then stopped pushing and leaned down to kiss her.
When I felt her tender little body melt in my hands, I gave a short,
hard push inside her, tearing her hymen. Her cry of pain was
muffled by our kiss and I stopped thrusting to let her get over the

"Bad?" I asked her.

"No, not that bad. I had a broken leg that was worse," she said,
laughing despite the tear that was forming at the corner of her eye. I
kissed her again, nibbling her soft earlobes and planting a trail of
kisses down her neck and over her budding breasts.

I started to thrust inside her, slowly, watching the pain disappear from
her expression. As I picked up the pace, Heather played with Megan's
little tits, as well as her own. No longer a virgin, Megan was becoming
a little slut, squirming under me as I pumped her tight little hole. Her
passionate cries mounted and she was nearly screaming when she came, her
quivering thighs wrapped around me, urging me to keep pounding her. I'd
been horny all through dinner and I didn't want to prolong things,
knowing Jack wanted a piece of this girl, so I came, filling her little
pussy with my sperm. Her eyes went wide when she felt the first spurt hit the walls of her womb, her young twat spasming around my pole. I
kissed her again as my softening cock slipped from her pussy.

"Wow...that" Megan said, dreamily. Heather kissed her as I
pulled out of her messy snatch.

"Hey, Henry. Your dick's bleeding," Jack cackled. I looked down at my
cock, covered in semen and just a bit of blood. There was a small spot
on the towel as well.

"I'll get a washcloth," Heather said, getting up.

"No, let me," Megan said, motioning for me to come over. I knelt by her
head as she took my flaccid cock in her mouth and cleaned our juices off
of it. When she finished, I was clean and nearly hard.

"My turn," Heather said, taking over the blow job from Megan. The
younger girl watched as Heather gave expert head, and skillful hand.

"Lie back," Heather said. She straddled me and aimed my glistening cock
at her snatch, lowering herself on my shaft until it was buried inside
her. Megan watched, fascinated, as Heather rode my pole, my hands cupping
her perky teen breasts.

"Would you like to try it that way with Jack?" Corinne asked Megan.
Though she was a bit sore down there, Megan couldn't resist. Corinne
helped her straddle Jack's hips and stuff his fat cock inside her little
hole. Soon she was riding the older man, her tight teen pussy grabbing
and releasing his penis while he held her hips. Corinne played with
Megan's puffy nipples, licking and pinching them.

Heather was playing the same game I had played with her earlier, pulling
her tight snatch nearly off me, lingering at the tip of my cock, and then
plunging down and engulfing my throbbing pole. She even had my wrists
pinned to the cushions. Her eyes were closed and she smiled as she
worked her hips up and down on my cock.

"Oh, fuck it," she finally said, rocking her hips faster. She leaned
down to kiss me as she rode my hardness. Her orgasm took her quickly,
almost by surprise, reducing her to a quivering mass in my arms. Even
when her climax subsided, I was still hard and thrusting in her throbbing

"Tommy?" Heather asked. He was still fucking his sister.

"Jen? Can I?" Heather pleaded. Jen smiled and pulled off her brother's
cock, guiding him behind Heather's ass. I held her cheeks open as Jen
lubricated her brother's hard cock and helped him spear Heather's anus.
I felt his cock's progress through Heather's bottom and soon the two of
us were pounding her tight holes. Megan watched with amazement while she
rode Jack's prick, and her expression changed to surprise when she felt
Corinne's finger probing her bottom.

Heather's pussy clenched around my cock when she came, her anus
tightening around Tommy's dick as well. I began to climax, hot jets of
semen erupting from my cock. Tommy, however, didn't let loose. He
pulled out of Heather's bottom and went over to Megan and Jack, his
mother helping him mount the girl and stuff his cock in her
well-lubricated anus. She gasped at this new sensation, two stiff pricks
assaulting her tender holes, while Corinne ravished her budding tits with
her mouth. Soon enough, she was coming, collapsing on Jack's chest in a
trembling heap while Tommy kept pumping her bottom.

Jen was trying to finish herself off with a big pink vibrator, and she
beckoned her brother over. He pulled out of Megan's ass with a loud
"plop" just as his father was pouring his thick seed into the girl's
pussy. He quickly mounted his sister's bottom while she fucked herself
with the plastic penis. The vibrations soon had an effect and she came
hard as her brother spilled his seed in her tight little bottom.

We relaxed and finished our drinks. Megan was nearly unconscious.
Heather had her call home and say that she was sleeping over at a
friend's house before she passed out cold. The effort woke her up
sufficiently and she joined us in another round of drinks while we
watched some "home movies".

"We're having a cookout tomorrow," Corinne said. "Would you like to stay
for that, too?"

"I'd love to, thanks," Megan replied. She was snuggled between Corinne
and Heather and they were caressing her budding breasts. On the video screen a tape of the previous night's activities played out. Megan
watched, awestruck, rubbing her sore little cunny.

"I had no idea people really do this. I just thought it happened in the
movies," she said.

"You'd never guess some of the people we meet," Corinne said.

"Pillars of society," laughed Jack.

Heather and Corinne licked Megan to one last orgasm before we all fell
asleep together on the cushioned pit.

* * *


"That's right, use your tongue." I woke up to the sound of Heather's
voice and a strange mouth on my cock. I looked up to see Megan sucking on my morning wood.

"Good morning, Henry," Heather said, kissing me. "Just showing the new
girl the ropes." She handed me a glass of orange juice and I took a sip,
wondering how she could stand my breath in the morning. Megan's brunette head bobbed up and down between my legs.

"That's right, use your hands," Heather coached. Megan worked my shaft
while she bathed my glans with her tongue. I arched my back and felt my
cock and balls twitch as I filled her young mouth with my sperm. She
nearly choked trying to swallow it all, and a couple of drips formed at
the corners of her mouth. Heather made sure she drank it all and left
my cock nice and clean, rewarding her with a sip of juice afterwards.

"Company's coming in an hour, so you'd better grab some coffee before
Prissy takes over the kitchen," Heather said. I kissed her and went off
to shower first. I was still covered in oil from last night.

I'd just finished my shower and slipped on some clothes when Prissy
arrived with Chris and Robert carrying her bags. Our paths crossed
in the kitchen and I managed to grab the last cup of coffee and a
muffin before she banished me.

I took my coffee out to the pool. Jen and Tommy were swimming, Megan
and Heather were tanning by the pool, and Jack and Cori were sitting
in the shade, sipping Bloody Marys. I pulled up a chair and joined them.

"So, who's coming again?" I asked.

"Julia and her kids; Jack's sister, her husband, and their kids; Laurel
and Everett; and us," my sister replied.

"James and Sascia might be coming back today," Heather called out from
her lounge chair.

"There's plenty," Jack said, nose buried in his newspaper.

Julia, Anita, and Paul stepped onto the deck, carrying drinks and towels.
Julia came over to greet Corinne and Jack with a kiss, while her kids
undressed and jumped in the pool to join Tommy and Jen.

"I stopped at the market and picked up some clams and shrimp," Julia
said, pulling up a seat. She wore a colorful kimono and a big straw hat
to shield her from the sun.

"Thanks, Hon," my sister said. "There's more than enough. Jack's going
to light up the grill in a while."

"I'm just going to take a swim first," he said, putting down his paper.
Jack took off his robe and glasses and dived into the pool, swimming
over to where the kids were splashing around. He surfaced behind Anita
and whispered something in her ear, making her giggle. She let out a
little shriek when he pinched her ass and she started splashing him as
he dove underwater, swimming towards the deep end. Anita followed him,
her bottom breaking the surface as she went under.

Jack surfaced under the diving board, reaching up to grab the fiberglass
plank. He dared Anita to do the same and she managed to reach it on the
third try. Jack edged closer and I could just make out Anita's legs
under the surface, wrapping around Jack's waist. She started moving her
hips, making the board quiver.

At the other end of the pool, Jen was floating on Paul's young cock, her
arms wrapped around his neck. Tommy floated behind her, spearing his
sister's back door with his stiff pecker. Her cries of pleasure made
Megan look up from her lounge chair. While she watched the goings on
in the pool, her hand wandered between her legs, parting her labia and
seeking her love button. Heather leaned over and poured a big glob
of suntan lotion on Megan's puffy tits, slowly smearing it all over
the younger girl's chest as she played with herself.

Julia and my sister kept chatting as if nothing was going on, but I was
getting horny. I went over to where Megan was laying, just as Heather
was crawling between her legs. While Heather began to lick Megan's
fuzzy box, I placed my hard cock between Heather's cheeks. She began
to rock her hips as I probed her moist canal and I wasted no time in
penetrating her with my rock-hard member. She stopped licking Megan
just long enough to gasp and catch her breath and then returned to the
girl's glistening sex as I entered her.

Behind me, Jack and Anita were still fucking under the diving board,
Anita's moaning getting louder with each thrust. Jen was still
sandwiched between Tommy and Paul, their hard young cocks deep inside
her tender holes. Anita let go of the board when she came, pulling Jack
down with her. They surfaced at the edge of the pool, Anita coughing
up the mouthful of pool water she swallowed. Jack's thick semen,
diluted by the pool, ran down her thigh as she went to get a towel.
Julia looked up to make sure she was fine and went back to her

It was Jen's turn to come, Paul and her brother holding her tender
body between them, assaulting her ass and cunt with their stiff cocks.
She grabbed Paul tight, her whole body shuddering, her mouth open
and eyes shut. He let out a short grunt as he came, spurting his
seed inside her tight pussy. Tommy came soon after as his sister's
bottom clenched around his rod.

While she ate Megan's juicy cunt, I plowed Heather's tight teen pussy.
Her legs were together, giving extra friction, and her little twat
made wet squishing sounds as I pumped it. Heather hadn't come since
the night before, and she began to climax, her cries muffled by
Megan's pussy. This sent Megan over the edge, and she clamped Heather's
head between her quivering thighs, holding the older girl steady while
I fucked her from behind. I blew my second load of the day in Heather's
spasming pussy, making her come again as I bathed her womb with warm
jets of sperm. The three of us uncoupled and went into the pool just as
Tommy, Jen, and Paul were getting out.

While Heather and I swam with Megan, Laurel and Everett arrived, bringing
a carton of booze, mostly wine and some scotch. Everett and Jack brought
the box back in the house, sending Prissy back out to see what everyone
wanted to drink. It was too early for the hard stiff, so I asked for a

"What's her deal?" Megan whispered, after Prissy had left.

"It's a surprise," Heather told her, a sly grin on her face.

"No, really. I want to know. Why is she wearing that old-fashioned maid
outfit?" Just then, Julia stood up and shrugged off her short kimono,
exposing her ample breasts and the soft penis between her legs. Megan
just stared, her mouth open.

"Something wrong, dearie?" Julia asked as she dipped a toe in the water.

"Julia, this is Megan. She works with me at the restaurant," Heather
said. Julia slowly eased into the pool and breast-stroked over, her
creamy breasts floating in the water. "Megan, this is Julia." The
younger girl recovered her composure long enough to limply shake Julia's

"Is that real?" Megan asked, blushing when she realized the tactlessness
of her question. Julia patiently explained what a transsexual was, how
hormones worked, and the operation she hoped to get someday. Megan
blanched at the last part.

"Prissy too?" she asked.

"Prissy doesn't want the operation, but yes. Prissy, too," Julia
replied. Megan was quiet, processing this new information. Julia swam
across the pool and back. Finally, Megan broke her silence.

"Can I see it? Please?" she asked Julia.

"I was waiting for you to ask. Let me swim a bit and then you can see
me," she said. Megan swam alongside, diving under Julia a couple of
times. Heather and I got out of the pool and dried off just as Roberta
and Chrissie were bringing drinks. A couple of minutes later, Megan and
Julia emerged from the pool. Julia insisted on drying off Megan's young body first, so she wouldn't catch a chill. Then she stood patiently
while the girl explored every inch of her body, lingering over her full
breasts and soft clitty. Once she was dry, she lay down on one of the
lounge chairs and let Megan cover her with sunscreen.

"May I?" Megan asked, her lips posed above Julia's penis. Julia nodded
and closed her eyes, smiling as Megan gently kissed her clitty, taking it
into her mouth and bathing it with her tongue as it slowly expanded. She
lay curled between Julia's legs, softly sucking the shemale's member.

Jack and Everett returned with drinks, taking seats next to Laurel and
Corinne as they watched Megan sucking Julia. Julia's kids sat next to
her, sipping wine coolers as they watched their mother get head from
Megan. Heather was curled up next to me as we sat in the shade. Only
Tommy and Jen weren't watching, as they had gone back in the water.

"She's a lovely girl, Jack. Where'd you find her?" Everett asked as
he stepped out of his shorts.

"One of Heather's friends. She works at the drive-in. Virgin 'til
last night," Jack replied. Everett smiled and walked over to where
Megan was fellating Julia, squatting next to the chair and running his
hands over her smooth little bottom. She looked up at him and smiled,
parting her legs for him. As she went back to sucking Julia, his
hand disappeared between her thighs and her pelvis began to rock. She
parted her legs wider and Everett knelt between them, guiding his cock
into her wet teen pussy. She pulled her mouth off of Julia for a moment
as he buried his pole inside her, then she returned to her sucking, her
hands kneading Julia's full breasts. Everett held her hips as he thrust,
his pole disappearing between her peachfuzz labia. Julia looked down
and smiled at him as Megan pleasured them with her tender young body.

Megan had to stop sucking Julia, as Everett's pounding cock was bringing
her off. She kept jerking Julia's stiff penis and was rewarded with a
thin stream of semen arching across her face. She opened her mouth to
take the rest just as Everett filled her tight pussy with his thick load.
After Everett slipped out of her, she scooted up on top of Julia, kissing
her and sharing the taste of her come. The three of them went into the
pool to cool off and wash off the mess.

"Jack!" a voice called out from the house. I looked over to see Jill,
Jack's sister, and her family walking out to the pool. She was nearly
as tall as her brother, statuesque and leggy, with long blonde hair and
green eyes. Her new husband followed, a tall black man in a fancy track
suit who exchanged a firm handshake with Jack and a kiss with Corinne.
Their four kids, two girls from Jill's first marriage and a girl and a
boy from Don's previous marriages, stooped at the edge of the pool as
Tommy and Jen swam over to say hello.

"Now I get it," Heather whispered to me.

"Get what?" I asked.

"Jack doesn't like Don. I sensed it yesterday morning at breakfast."

"I didn't," I replied. Jill came over to greet us and I introduced her
to Heather and pointed out Megan in the pool. Jill already knew Julia
and Prissy.

"Hi, I'm Don." We exchanged a bone-crushing handshake.

"Wait. You're...," I said.

"That's right," he replied. He'd been an All-Pro wide receiver before
blowing out his knee, taking to the broadcasting booth to salvage what
was left of his peak earning years. He'd gone from calling college football to the network Game of the Week. Don and Jill took a seat
next to us in the shady corner of the deck and we got acquainted.

Prissy came out and asked if anyone needed a fresh drink and to remind
Jack to start the grill. Jill asked her to take the kids inside to get
undressed and they followed the maid into the house, returning a few
minutes later in the buff, smeared with sun block and carrying fresh

Hadley, Don's oldest, was a strapping fourteen-year-old boy with a head
full of thick, short dreadlocks. His half-sister, Hayley, twelve, had a
lighter complexion and short, straight black hair that set off her blue
eyes and light freckles. They tossed their towels over a chair and dived
in the pool, joining their cousins.

Sally and Melissa, Jill's nine- and ten-year-old daughters went over to
their mother instead, letting her fuss over their sunscreen and floppy
hats. They shared their mother's fine blonde hair and fair skin and
burned easily in the summer sun. They sat in the shade next to their
mother, sipping juice boxes.

I walked inside to get more ice for our drinks and ran into Jack in the
kitchen. He was rummaging through a drawer, looking for a set of tongs.

"So, what's with you and Don?" I asked him.

"What do you mean?"

"You don't like him," I said.

"Who said that?"

"I did," Heather said, standing at the doorway to the kitchen.

"Is it because he's black?" I asked Jack.

"Nonsense," he spat.

"I mean, Jill is your sister and...," I said.

"So what. If there's any reason I don't like him, and I'm not saying
there is, mind you, it's because he makes five times what I earn. And he
has a bigger dick." Jack's face broke into a broad grin as Heather and I
laughed. He found his tongs and left to tend to the grill.

When we returned to the pool, Don's kids were stretched out next to Tommy
and Jen, basking in the summer sun, their young bodies slick and shiny
with suntan lotion. Paul and Anita were lounging with Julia, and Everett
had rejoined his wife and was talking with Corinne, Jill, and Don.
Jill's daughter's stayed close to their mother, clinging to her chair.
Heather and I sat down next to Megan, who was sipping a wine cooler as
Roberta and Chrissie came out with some simple hors d'oeuvres.

"," Megan whispered. "I know those two from school. I
didn't recognize them in that makeup!" Prissy's two maid boys approached
with serving trays.

"Chris? Robert?" Megan said. The boys stiffened and blushed when she
called them by name. Megan sat up in her chair, realized that she was
naked, and covered her budding breasts and crotch with her hands.

"Megan?" Chrissie said. Roberta tried to look away.

"Why are you dressed like that?" Megan asked. She let her hands fall,
realizing that her embarrassment was nothing in comparison to their

"We got caught fucking some shit up and this is our payback," Chrissie
said. "We have to serve Julia and Prissy and their friends. Or it's
juvi hall."

Heather reminded Megan that she was one of Julia and Prissy's friends,
too. Megan smiled at that thought, leaning back in her chair.

"So, you have to serve me, too. Right?" she said.

"Uh, yeah. I guess," Chrissie replied.

" were mean to me this year. You called me 'flat-chested',"
Megan said.

"I'm sorry, Megan," Chrissie said, trying to sound contrite. "Yeah, me
too," Roberta added.

"That's not good enough," Megan told him. "I'm going to think up a
punishment. In the mean time, come here." Chrissie stepped over
cautiously. Megan lifted his skimpy skirt, exposing his frilly white
panties. She pulled them down around his thighs, exposing his cock,
shrunken and receding like a scared turtle. Chrissie tried not to
drop his tray as Megan leaned in and took his soft cock in her mouth,
using her new-found skills to make him hard and throbbing. She looked
up at him, stroking his erection.

"Are you close to coming?" she cooed. He shook his head and she ducked
under his skirt and petticoats and sucked him some more before coming
back up and asking again.

"Yeah, I'm close," he said, his voice quavering. His cock twitched in
her hand as she jerked him. Suddenly, she stopped, pulling his lacy
panties back up over his rigid teen tool.

"That's it. All done. You may go," Megan said, leaning back in her

"But...but...but...," Chrissie stammered, his voice breaking, his body
right on the edge of orgasm.

"I said 'You may go'," Megan repeated. Chrissie and Roberta went off to
serve the rest of the hors d'oeuvres.

"You're mean," Heather said, laughing.

"Actually, I think Bobby's kinda cute, but he follows Chris around like
Beavis follows Butthead," Megan said.

"Sascia! James!" Heather called out as her brother and best friend
walked out to the pool. James paused to kiss his parents and say hello
to my sister as Sascia came over and kissed me and Heather. Sascia was
about the same age as Heather, but her breasts were fuller, rounder.
Heather's brother, back from sophomore year at college, came over and
stood behind Sascia, his hands on her hips.

"I thought you were still sailing," Heather said.

"There was a front moving in. By the time we got back to the docks, it
broke up. There wasn't much point in going back out, so we came here,"
James said. He kissed his sister and we exchanged a handshake before he
started to undress. He and Sascia had were well-tanned from the ocean.

"Great! We missed you the other night at Cori's dinner party," Heather
said. She spoke for both of us. Though being with Heather for the last
few weeks had curbed my bisexual tendencies somewhat, I still had a soft
spot for her brother's beautiful cock, not to mention Sascia's luscious
breasts. We'd had a few double dates over the last month, and they all
ended up with the four of us in bed. Sascia leaned over to give me a
hello kiss, her tongue finding mine as I cupped her lovely titties. They
sat next to us in the shade as Prissy came out to find out what they
wanted to drink.

"Did we miss anything?" Sascia said, after Prissy came back with drinks.

"Just Jack and Cori, back from vacation, horny as ever," Heather said.
I laughed out loud at that.

"Well, I'm fucking horny right now," Sascia said, pressing her beer
against her pussy, as if to cool it off. "The other couple we went
sailing with chickened out when we wanted to swap."

"So you just had James to fuck? Poor little baby," Heather said,
mockingly. Sascia gave her a playful swat and they started to wrestle
each other like a couple of kids, ending up in an embrace and a kiss.
Their kiss grew more passionate and their hands roamed over each other's
bodies. I felt a hand on my cock: it was James. I leaned over and
kissed Heather's brother, our tongues darting against each other. I took
his cock in my hand, kneading it as it stiffened and grew.

Heather and Sascia ended up head-to-toe, lapping away at each other's
pussies, Sascia's hands spreading Heather's cheeks as she licked her and
probed her with her fingers. I gave James's cock a gentle squeeze and
we both got up and kneeled by the girls. Sascia's pretty bottom was
exposed as Heather licked her pussy, leaving her puckered little
anus vulnerable. I heard her muffled moan as I tongued her tight hole.

James was doing the same to his sister's bottom, making her squirm
between the two tongues lapping at her. Heather winked at me as
we both pleasured pretty Sascia.

I dropped the back of the lounger so I could sit down, pointing my hard
cock at Sascia's dripping pussy. Heather took her mouth off of Sascia's
clit long enough to give me a quick suck, returning to her friend's
love button as I slowly drove my cock inside Sascia's snatch. I heard
Heather gasp as her brother's tool entered her hungry hole.

James and I sat on opposite ends of the lounge chair, the two girls between us, still eating each other out, our stiff cocks skewering
them like barbecued chickens. Our hands roamed over their tanned
teen bodies, squeezing their breasts, caressing their soft thighs.
Heather began to come, Sascia's tongue and her brother's cock driving
her over the edge. I could feel her hot breath on my balls as she
groaned and sighed. Sascia's tight little twat began to twitch
around my tool as she began to climax, her cries of pleasure
muffled by Heather's pussy. I couldn't hold back any longer, and I
erupted inside Sascia's spasming hole. Heather licked up the sperm
that leaked from around my pole as her brother gasped and let loose
a geyser of warm come in her belly. Heather gave me a loving smile
as she cleaned Sascia's juices from my cock, and I leaned over and
kissed her, sharing the taste of my own semen.

We sat back and relaxed, watching Jack light the grill. He made a
big show of it, using way too much starter fluid and creating a
huge orange fireball. The kids ooh-ed the display like it was
fireworks. Prissy started bringing out food, beginning with hot
dogs and hamburgers for the children.

Jack stood at the grill for almost two hours while Prissy kept bringing
more food from the kitchen. We gorged ourselves that afternoon on
steak and shellfish, corn-in-the-cob and salad. Prissy's boy maids
kept the drinks flowing. Heather and I sat out on the deck with James,
Sascia, Don, and Jill.

"Great spread, Jack," Don said, unzipping his warm-up suit and rubbing
his belly. Nearing 40, he was just starting to lose muscle definition,
though he kept up a workout schedule nearly as hard as when he was still
playing, despite his bad knee.

"Yeah, Jack. Next year at our place," Jill added.

"Glad you enjoyed it," Jack said, sitting down with a plate of burgers.
It was mid-afternoon and still warm, and the kids were getting fidgety
waiting the obligatory half-hour after eating to go swimming.

"Okay, kids. Time's up," Jill said. The children cheered and ran into
the pool, splashing with glee as they cooled off.

"That water looks good," Jill said, standing up and pulling her sundress
over her head. She stepped out of her sandals and her tiny white lace
g-string and headed for the pool. Her breasts were like Heather's, only
larger, pebbly nipples pointing towards the sky. "Coming, Don?"

"In a bit," he replied, wadding up his napkin and dropping it on his
plate. He stood up to dispose of it but Chrissie anticipated him,
clearing the used paper plates from the table.

Don stood up and took off his track suit and sneakers, revealing his
muscular torso and a long, thick cock between his legs. Megan eyes
followed it as it swayed when he walked to the pool.

"Like what you see?" Jack asked her. She just nodded.

"I'm going swimming," Megan said with a sly smile. She jumped into the
pool and swam over to Jill and Don, talking with them for a minute.
Jill hugged the teen girl and then Megan disappeared between Don's
legs, coming up for air a minute later. Don stood in the water,
his arm around his wife, his expression growing more satisfied as Megan
sucked his huge organ underwater.

Heather and I followed James and Sascia into the pool. It was too
crowded to swim laps, so we joined Tommy and Jen, who, with Paul
and Anita, were gathered with Jill and Don's kids, stroking and
fondling each other. We joined the huddle of kids, caressing their
smooth young backs and bottoms. I stood behind Hayley, cupping her
budding breasts and letting my hardness slide between her legs as
she stroked Paul's young member. Next to me, Heather had placed
Hadley's hands on her breasts and was encouraging him to squeeze
them, rewarding him with a soft hand on his hard cock.

Tommy and Jen were the first to leave the pool, leading Sally and
Melissa over to the corner of the deck that was covered in air
cushions. They gently dried them off with towels before doing
each other. Then the two little girls lay on their backs, legs
spread and holding hands, while Tommy and Jen licked their hairless
little slits and made them moan and squirm.

Paul and Anita followed, along with James and Sascia, drying each other
off and stretching out on the mattresses. Taking Hayley and Hadley
by the hand, we joined them. We toweled off Don's kids and then each
other, lingering between each other's legs.

"Kids! Sunscreen!" Jill called out, just as Heather and I settled in
behind Tommy and Jen.

"I'll take care of it," Prissy said, walking over to the tangle of
bodies. She popped the cap off of the plastic bottle of sun block
and began squirting it all over us. The kids laughed as we slathered
the lotion over each other, caressing and tickling as we rubbed the
greasy sun block into delicate places. Tommy and Jen paused their
cunny licking long enough to cover Sally and Melissa's fair skin with
lotion. James and Sascia took care of Paul and Anita, while I
rubbed lotion into Hayley's smooth mocha-coffee skin. Hadley really
didn't need it, but Heather lotioned him anyway. His dark skin
glistened when she was done and she lay back while he did her perky
teen breasts and smooth young belly and thighs.

"Can I kiss you down there?" I asked Hayley. She gave me shy smile
and nodded, and I began by kissing her, nibbling her full lips and
teasing her tongue. I planted a trail of kisses down her nubile
body, lingering over her budding breasts, little fleshy mounds
capped with dark, puffy nipples. She shivered as I suckled her
titties, arching her back as my hand slipped between her legs.

I continued my travels along her young body, kissing her tummy, working
my way lower. She parted her legs and I dived between them, her
essence mixing with the scent of chlorine and suntan lotion. She was
just sprouting her first few pubes, and the pink of her vulva stood out
against her light brown skin.

As I dipped my tongue in her preteen honeypot, I glanced over at Heather.
She had Hadley's erection in her hand and was guiding it into her willing
mouth. He gasped and closed his eyes as she took his shaft in her mouth.
I knew all too well what he was feeling: Heather's expert tongue sliding
along the underside of his penis, swirling over the head, pleasuring his
adolescent cock and balls.

As I ravished Hayley's pink slit with my tongue, I felt a gentle hand
enclose my hard cock, softly stroking it. It was Anita, fondling me
while James was eating her teen twat. She scooted over and leaned her
head on my thigh, taking my penis into her mouth and softly sucking.

"Don't leave me hangin'," Hayley said. I smiled and returned to her
glistening sex, redoubling my efforts. I swirled my tongue over her
pink clitoris, and soon I was rewarded with a moaning, squirming
girl in the throes of orgasm.

Anita had to release my cock from her mouth as her cries of pleasure
grew more intense. I knelt between Hayley's legs, my throbbing cock
pointed at her belly. She gave me a couple of light strokes before
looking down at her pussy and nodding. I placed the tip of my cock
at the entrance of her sex and slowly thrust inside her. She arched
her back and gasped, not letting out her breath until I was buried
to the hilt.

"It's so...hard," she said.

"Should I pull out?" I asked.

"No. Stay in me." We lay motionless for a minute before I began to
slowly thrust. Her young body trembled under me as I started to pump
her tight pussy, building up speed.

I heard Heather's low moans. She was riding Hadley, his ebony cock
piercing her shaved pussy. He held her bottom as she rode his big
tool, her titties bouncing with each stroke. Next to them, Paul was
on top of Sascia, his stiff member disappearing inside her. James
was fucking Anita from behind, his hands cupping her tiny tits.

Tommy was on top of little Sally, spearing her puffy labia with his
hard pecker. Next to them, Jen was lying on her back with Melissa
curled between her legs, licking her hairless cunny.

I felt Hayley's hands on my ass, urging me to fuck her harder. I
leaned down and kissed her as I began to pump her tight little hole faster. She let out a series of cries as her orgasm built and
spilled over, causing her to rock her hips against the assault of
my stiff cock and dig her nails into my butt. I gave one last thrust
and let go, my twitching cock filling her with my nookie chowder.
Her thrusts slowed and matched mine as she relaxed under me, a
contented smile on her face.

Heather's low moans had nearly become a scream as she bounced up and
down on Hadley's hard on. He had grabbed her breasts and was flicking
her nipples, sending her over the edge and collapsing on his chest,
her silken hair cascading around his head. He grabbed her hips and
arched his back, groaning as he released his seed inside her. A thick stream of semen leaked from Heather's messy snatch and dripped down
his pole, pooling in the nest of tight black curls around the base of
his cock.

Paul had Sascia coming hard, the older teen girl paying off like a slot
machine, her arms and legs wrapped around his pumping body as he filled
her snatch with his sperm. James was still pounding Anita from behind,
holding by the hips and making her tiny titties jiggle with each thrust.
She started to shriek with each stroke as James's hard cock stabbed her
tender sex, her climax seizing her tender young body and making her
shudder as if electrified. Her hair swirled as her head snapped around,
her hips grinding into James's crotch, her pussy spasming around his
tool, urging the seed from his balls. His orgasm was nearly as intense,
his twitching cock squirting his semen deep inside Anita's young snatch.

Tommy and Jen were the last to come, Tommy in Sally's little pussy and
Jen under Melissa's tongue. They cuddled with their young cousins
afterwards, basking in the afterglow and the warm summer sun.

I turned my attention to the pool and saw that we weren't the only
ones enjoying each other. Jack was getting an expert blow job from
his sister while her husband sat on the edge of the pool, Corinne and
Megan sucking his cock and balls together. Julia was laying on a
bench while Laurel tended to her delicate penis with her mouth. Only
Prissy wasn't naked, and Everett was working to change that, unzipping
her maid's uniform and helping her out of it, his hands roaming over
her breasts and pantied bottom in the process.

Chrissie and Roberta came out to the pool, having finished cleaning
up. Prissy took Everett's cock out of her mouth and said something
and they went back inside, coming out a minute later butt naked and
diving into the pool. Prissy went back to sucking while Everett's
hands kneaded her breasts.

I had rolled off of Hayley and we lay together watching the grown-ups
play. I sensed something moving by my head and turned to see a flaccid
penis just inches away. It must have been Paul's: it was too big to
be Tommy's, it was the wrong color to be Hadley's, and James was
somewhere down around my feet, sucking on my big toe. I pursed my lips
and blew at it, making it twitch and the owner giggle. Definitely
Paul's. I opened my mouth and guided it in with my tongue, feeling it
grow between my lips. Hayley snuggled up close to watch me suck his teen
cock. I pulled his hardness out of my mouth and offered it to her. She
rolled over and took it in her mouth as I licked Paul's young sac. Paul
spread his legs and I moved down to his anus, probing his tight hole with
my tongue. Looking down over his firm young buns, I could see his face
buried between Heather's legs, licking Hadley's spunk out of her messy
snatch. I heard Anita make soft mewling sounds and realized that Tommy
was between her legs, his face messy with the juices that dripped from
her pussy.

I crawled between Paul's legs until I was behind him, pressing my cock
against his tight bottom. He wiggled his ass, pressing back against the
head of my rod until it popped inside him. Meanwhile, Hayley had moved
up against him and was guiding his stiff cock inside her. With Paul
sandwiched between us, we writhed together on the cushions, surrounded by
a sea of glistening sweaty bodies, until my hardness was buried deep
inside Paul's tight ass and his stiff member filled Hayley's young twat.
Slowly, we developed a rhythm, Paul moving back and forth between us as
we lay on our sides.

On the edge of the pool, Megan had climbed onto Don and was trying to fit
his huge cock inside her. She screamed as if she was being split in two
every time he lifted his butt, driving his thick pole deeper. Next to
them, my sister had Chrissie in her cunt and Roberta in her ass, the two
naked boys holding her tight as they worked their cocks in and out of
Corinne's body. Jack had his sister bent over a chair and was boffing her
from behind, making her perfect breasts sway with each thrust. Julia was
on top of Everett, his thick cock driving deep into her ass, while next
to them, Prissy was on top of Laurel, their breasts pressed together as
they fucked.

Paul's tight ass swallowed my hard cock with each stroke, driving his
member into Hayley's hot snatch with each reciprocal movement. I felt a
hot breath on my back and turned to see Tommy rolling over as Melissa
greedily gobbled his cock. James was between her legs, lapping her
reddened labia while Anita serviced his cock. I heard Jen cry out and
saw her mounting Hadley, his stiff prick plugging her little slit.
Behind them, Sascia had Sally on top of her and they furiously licked
each other, seemingly unaware of all of the fucking and sucking that was
going on around them.

Melissa began to climax as James's tongue lashed her little clit, her
thighs quivering as she came. She let Tommy's cock fall from her mouth
and I felt his stiff wet pecker between my cheeks. I stopped thrusting
in Paul's ass for a second, spreading my ass to let Tommy inside me. He
poked a couple of times, missing my anus, before he managed to penetrate
me with his stiff pecker. He started to thrust too fast, falling out of
me a few times before he slowed down and started to match our movements.

Hayley's breathing grew heavy, lapsing into a rhythmic moaning, rising
with each thrust of Paul's cock. The moaning grew louder, building into
a melodic cry that became a deep sigh when she came. I felt Paul's ass
clench around my cock, knowing that Hayley's pussy was doing the same
to him. I heard him grunt and let loose inside her, feeling the semen
flowing out of his prostate above my cock. His anus contracted again
and I came, flooding his bowels with my hot sperm. Tommy's little thing
twitched inside me and I felt a bit of wetness down there as he released
his skimpy load. Tommy clung to me, kissing my shoulder as I held Paul
and Hayley both. I closed my eyes and listened to what was going on
around us, hearing Sascia and Sally come, then Melissa and Jen. I heard
a contralto wail that must have been Corinne, followed by Laurel's
descending cries. An unfamiliar shriek must have been Jill, as it was
followed by Jack's signature grunt, a sure sign he was coming. I tried
to figure who was left as my cock slipped out of Paul's ass when there
was a bloodcurdling scream. We all looked up.

It was Megan: she had finally managed to get as much of Don's cock in
her as she could and it filled her completely, even making her lower
abdomen bulge obscenely. She writhed as if she wanted to get off but
he held her thighs, keeping her stretched pussy on his massive tool.
She whimpered in a mixture of pain and pleasure, her whole body shaking
atop Don's hard cock. It was like she was losing her virginity for the
second time.

Jack disengaged from his sister and walked over to where Megan was
impaled on Don's thick cock, presenting his flaccid penis to her. It was
still wet with his sister's juices as Megan gobbled Jack's member,
closing her eyes and greedily sucking him as she humped Don's manhood. I
felt my cock stirring, pushing between Paul's cheeks.

I got up from the cushion and walked over to Don and Megan. Standing
behind her, I placed my stiffening cock at her back door. I think she
tried to say something, but Jack's dick in her mouth made it hard to
make out her words. My cock, still slick with Paul's ass juice, popped
inside her anus easily, but going deeper was a different story. Don's
cock filled her so much that there was hardly any room for me. I was
persistent, though, and managed to work a bit further in with each
thrust of Don's cock. Jack held her head and began to move his hips,
fucking young Megan's pretty face. Don had her tits in his hands, so
I ran my hands over her firm young bottom as I pumped it with my cock.
Sandwiched between three thrusting cocks, Megan couldn't do anything
but moan, squeal, and look pretty.

It took me a minute to realize that we were surrounded. Paul stood next
to me, his sister Anita jacking his cock for him. Heather was on her
knees behind him, tonguing his ass and lapping up the load I had just
left there. James stood next to them, Sascia rubbing his hard tool. In
between them and Jack stood Hadley, Sally, and Melissa. The young man smiled as his little half-sisters worked his cock and balls with their
mouths and hands.

On the other side of us, Laurel stroked her husband's rod, Everett's
hands being busy with his wife's breasts. Julia and Prissy stood next
to them, letting Roberta and Chrissie polish their knobs while they
kissed. Across from Hadley, Jen and Hayley played with Tommy's stiff
pecker, his eyes glued on Megan's stretched hole. Only Corinne and Jill
were absent, watching from the other side of the pool and chatting while
they dangled their feet in the water.

"Yeah, take it, take it," Jack grunted as he climaxed, spurting his hot
come down Megan's throat. Her body spasmed as she tried to swallow it
all. When she released Jack's cock from her lips, it was clear that she
was in the throes of orgasm, her cries of pleasure gurgling a bit from
the sperm in her gullet. I heard Don grunt, holding Megan by the hips as
his cock twitched and flooded her womb with his thick spunk. I could
feel her filling up as I let go in her ass, adding my own semen to the
fluids oozing from Megan's holes. I kept pumping her as her bottom
clenched around my penis, milking the last drops from my balls.

Paul was the first to squirt, his sister aiming his stream of come at
Megan's back, but hitting my hip with the first spurt. James was
next, his semen landing in Megan's hair. Everett followed, leaving
thick, ropy strands on Megan's smiling face. By the time Prissy,
Julia, Hadley, and Tommy had come, Megan was completely coated in
milky fluid. Even Roberta and Chrissie got into the act, shooting
their loads over Megan's tits. She smeared their come into her
budding breasts, smiling blissfully, covered in semen.

"Welcome to the family, Megan," Jack said. We helped her off of Don's
thick hose and, on the count of three, threw her into the pool where
she splashed, leaving a milky cloud. We all followed her in, even Jill
and Corinne, smothering her with kisses and caresses, one big happy

* * *


The room was busy today. Plenty of Americans and Europeans: it was
summer in that part of the world. It was always summer here.

I stood on the broad staircase and looked over the gaming floor. Mostly
well-tailored suits, though the odd djelaba could be seen here and there,
along with a smattering of military uniforms, all of them laden with too
much gold braid and medals. The room was huge, bigger than anything in

They came to gamble, they came to fuck, they came to drink. Mostly fuck.
A tall man in a suit and cowboy hat hollered as he scooped up his chips
from the poker table, in search of a girl. The first one he saw was a
waitress, and he piled a stack of chips on her tray as she knelt before
him and skillfully sucked his veiny cock. The Texan whooped again when
he came, slipping her a few more chips for swallowing it all and not
dripping any on his suit. She curtseyed and walked off $800 richer as
he returned to the poker table, intent on taking two girls to bed with
him that night.

To the left, a slot machine paid off, and an elderly man in a crested
blazer grinned like an idiot as he collected his prize, a young teen
hostess in a tiny skirt and tube top embroidered with the club logo.
I caught a passing waitress by the arm. She was barely sixteen but
was one of our best workers. I tried to remember her name before
looking at the tag on her tiny top. "Fabiana" it read. We had a
few thousand employees, but I still made an effort to learn their

"Fabi, Colonel Jameson just won again. Can you tell Medical to have a
crash cart and oxygen ready?" I said to her.

"Oxygen and crash cart," she acknowledged, looking over at the Colonel,
who had his hands under his prize's skirt. She made a bee-line for the
medical office.

My phone rang and I pulled it from my jacket and flipped it open.

"Henry, Klaus is on the line from Zurich," Megan said.

"I'll be right up," I told her. The office suites were right up the
stairs from the gaming floor. The two guards at the door nodded and
opened them for me. I walked through the offices, nearly deserted on
this Friday afternoon, towards my suite.

"He's on line three," Megan said. She had been my secretary for almost
three years, growing into the job gradually. She sat behind her desk,
looking professional in a charcoal gray suit with a lacy red camisole
peeking through her collar. "And Heather's helo should be landing any

I poured myself a drink before settling back in my leather chair and
clicking the speakerphone.

"Klaus? Sorry to keep you waiting."

"Henry? Good to hear you!"

"Tell me something good, Klaus," I took a sip of my scotch.

"It is done, Henry. The courier arrived an hour ago."

"That's good to hear Klaus. Thanks."

"My pleasure, Henry." I could hear ice clinking in a glass on the other
end of the line. Klaus had made a nice commission.

"What time is it there?" I asked.

"It's nearly dawn. Mein frau will be annoyed, I think."

"Buy her off, Klaus. Buy her off." Klaus's laughter sounded metallic
over the secure line. "Thanks for taking care of this personally."

"As I said, my pleasure. How is the island?"

"Warm and friendly, Klaus. When will we see you down here?"

"Ah! August, of course. You will have us for a month! The kids
are already looking forward to it." Klaus and his wife had a big
family, seven girls and boys between the ages of eight and 19.

"Great! Hey, get some sleep. You'll need it when you're here"

Klaus said goodbye and we hung up and the familiar sounds of the
secure line disconnecting hissed over the speakerphone before
I muted it. Two sides of my office looked out on the beach, the
third overlooking the gaming floor. I sipped my drink, watching
the action in the room.

The roulette wheel had a little chair. A young island girl in the
skimpy casino uniform sat in the seat, revolving as the gamblers
placed their bets. The combination required to win her favors
changed hourly. young girls huddled under the poker, blackjack,
and craps tables, pleasuring men who slipped chips in their
tight tube tops.

Girls weren't the only attraction here. On the far end of the
casino, tanned young boys posted Keno numbers on a big board,
attended by a throng of women placing bets as the numbers were
pulled from a big rotating drum. Occasionally a winner would
hold up her betting slip and one of the boys would descend from
the board to service her in one of the cushioned booths that lined
the walls.

We'd created a middle-class among the islanders, virtually overnight.
Parents lined up with their kids every morning, some kids as young as
three years old, hoping to get a position at the casino. Some of
our workers were supporting huge extended families; some were already
living on their own.

Our relationship with the local government, originally an orgy of
bribery and kickbacks, developed to the point where the President
of this small island nation held a VP title at the casino ("Vice
President of Sand and Bird Shit" Jack liked to joke) and the small
island police force served as a subsidiary of our own security
division. Jack joked about buying a Navy, but considering the
air traffic and the ferries from other islands, a Coast Guard
was not a bad idea.

James crossed the floor, casting a sharp eye on each table, nodding
at Sascia, who was keeping an eye on the slot machine girls. He
looked up at my office and caught my eye, flashing a subtle "OK" sign
before smiling and moving on. They both reported to Pierre, our
pit boss, but while James was concerned with keeping the tables
honest, Sascia and her staff made sure the girls and boys who served
the guests were healthy, well paid, and not mistreated.

This was Jack's plan all along. The floating casino idea was just
a front to fund his sex tourism scheme. It was a risky proposition but
it paid off big. In addition to our funds in Switzerland, we had
billions stashed all over the world. All funds transfers to and from the
casino were electronic; the only money we had on the island was the
weekly payroll, a pittance compared to a Vegas casino or even a corner
gas station. Anyone trying to take advantage of our quasi-independent
status by doing a heist would come away with a few dollars and a bag
of chips. Not even worth the effort. Keeping our systems secure was
my job, but the challenge and the money made the long hours worthwhile.

There was a knock on the door.


"Henry, Heather just landed," Megan said, popping her head through the

"Thanks. Aren't you done for the day?"

"Yeah, I was just e-mailing my Mom. Jack invited me to dinner, so
I'm just hanging around for that." Megan missed her mother and wished
she could visit more often. I briefly thought about the day her
mother stormed into Jack's house, confronting him and Corinne with
Megan's diary. Jack talked faster than anyone I'd ever heard and later
that night I saw him burning the diary in the fireplace. Talking
Megan's mother into his bed was another challenge, but Jack never
backed down from a challenge.

"Okay, just put my line on voicemail. I'm done for the weekend," I
told her, getting up to mix another drink. She nodded and closed
the door and I watched the light on my phone change from green to
blinking yellow.

The door opened and Heather yelled "Surprise!" Julia and Peter,
formerly Prissy, walked into my office. I hadn't seen them
since Julia had her operation. She'd put on a bit of weight
since I last saw her but she looked radiantly lovely, impeccably
dressed in a tailored suit. I never saw Prissy out of drag
before, so it was a bit of a shock to see him in a jacket and
tie, no makeup or wig. He seemed taller than I remembered as
we shook hands. Julia and I hugged and air-kissed like old friends. Finally I gave Heather a welcome home kiss. She'd
been shopping in France and Italy for the last three weeks.
She wore a pale yellow linen sheath dress and canvas mules,
showing off her tanned skin.

"Can I get anyone a drink?" I asked. Julia and Peter declined,
looking forward to Jack's sublime martinis. Heather grabbed a
bottle of water from the bar and I held her around the waist,
kissing her again. I missed her a lot, despite the island's many

"I bought something naughty," she whispered in my ear. I had a
mental image of a legion of Parisian lingerie salesladies,
laying in bed and whispering Heather's name as they pleasured
themselves, each one thousands of euros richer.

"Henry, that ring is too much!" Julia gushed. Heather held up
the engagement ring I had given her, letting it catch the light.

"When's the wedding?" Peter asked. I'd missed his and Julia's,
six months after her operation. I had been in Bahrain at the

"September," Heather replied. "I hope." We'd postponed once already
because I couldn't get free.

There was another knock at the door. Tommy and Jen entered, wearing
blazers and nametags. They managed the training staff and helped
in the day-to-day operations of the resort, sometimes filling in as
dealers or croupiers. Tommy had grown taller than Jack lately, and
Jen was filling out like her mother, her seventeen-year-old body
growing in interesting ways. They hugged Julia and Peter, happy to
see them, before giving Heather a welcoming kiss.

"Where are Paul and Anita?" Julia asked. Her kids worked their
summers at the resort and this one was no different.

"They're with the last class of the day. We'll catch up with them
at dinner," Jen said.

"Shall we?" I said, putting down my drink. With Heather on one arm
and Jen on the other, we walked off to dinner at the family compound,
a short trip down the beach from the resort.

* * *
Family Frolic Revisited
(c) 2000 Anais Ninja
All Rights Reserved


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