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FIRSTS stretch she bent her knees and

Firsts that lasted. (fm,ffm,mast,teen,1st,cons)
By Davidb234.

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Firsts that lasted
(Authors note: This is based on actual experiences, not necessarily
with all those mentioned, but all are based on fact. Names have been
changed to protect the guilty.)

I blame my Paternal grandparents for the way my life panned out. Not
for anything they actually did, just the opposite in fact, it was for
what they didn't do. What they didn't do was to bring my father up in
a free family environment. You see, they were real Victorians, and as
such made sure that sex was a taboo subject in the family. This was
evident for many years as was shown when my Grandfather died in the
early forties. My mother was refused permission to attend the funeral
because she was pregnant, with me, as it happened. Anyway, my Fathers
attitude to sex made sure he never brought up the subject as I grew
up, that's why my very first sexual encounter came as such a shock to

For some years we had 'almost' relations living in our house while
our two families waited for the men folk to return from the war. As
it was a small house it meant us kids had to share a bed for a year
or two. That I shared with a member of the opposite sex meant nothing
to me, until we were about nine, when Rita talked me into taking my
pyjama's off one night. She did the same and I got my first look at
female sex organs. As there was nothing actually sticking out, like I
had, I was still unsure what I was supposed to be looking at so just
murmured 'Ooo' very softly.
Six years later and things hadn't changed very much. I did know what
naked women looked like, mainly from looking at a good many 'Health
and Efficiency' magazines that worked their way round the school
playground. That still didn't prepare me for what happened during one
summer holiday. I had been ill, and wasn't able to go to the seaside
with the rest of my family. Instead I was being looked after by my
favourite aunt while I recovered, and that was going to be much
better than getting sand in my food and sunburn on my back.

On the second day of my stay I was exploring the massive back garden
attached to the house, and doing it with my cousin Eve. There was a
lot of brush and undergrowth as well as some substantial trees that
looked well worth climbing. As it was, Eve took me by the hand and
showed me one of her special hiding places. This was a tunnel leading
to a little grotto that was completely screened off from outside
view, but with plenty of space overhead for the sun to bathe it when
at its peak.

When we got in there Eve said "Shall we sunbathe Dave, I love to take
my clothes off in here where no one can see me?" Before I could
answer she had removed her blouse and her skirt. And was laid out on
the grass wearing just her bra and panties. Slowly, and almost
reluctantly I pulled my T-shirt off, then pushed my shorts down,
hiding as best I could the bulge that had appeared in my underpants.
I sat there, my shorts covering my groin as I willed my erection to
subside. I had just managed to do this, and lay on my back, when Eve
sat up, removed her bra quicker that I thought it possible and said,
with a grin "I don't think it's fair for you to be topless and not

That blew it for me. It was bad enough seeing a teenage girl, albeit
my cousin, in her underwear. Seeing her bare titties took me over the
top and I got an instant erection, and blew my load in my underwear
at the same time. "Bloody Hell Dave" gasped Eve as she sat there
watching a damp patch spreading over the front of my pants, "What
happened there?" I grinned as I lay blushing fire engine red and said
breathlessly "I never seen a girls titties before, and it made me shoot
when I looked at yours." Eve got on to her hands and knees and
crawled over next to me, lowered her head and placed her soft warm
moist lips on mine in the best kiss I ever had. "What would happen if
you touched them, would it happen again?" "No" I gasped as I shook my
head, "Too soon, it takes me half an hour when I ..." I paused
suddenly realising I was about to admit to a girl that I was in the
habit of wanking. Still looking up into Eve's eyes, or at least at
her hard nipples atop her firm flushed titties, and occasionally, her
eyes, I could see them open wide. "Do you wank a lot?" she asked, I
felt my face begin to burn, but had to nod, "Yeah, two or three times
a day" I replied. "EVERY DAY?" she responded, and I grinned as I
nodded. "OH, WOW, will you show me how you do it, then I'll show you
what I do." 'Oh. SHIT, this had to be the luckiest day of my life', I
thought, and I just nodded dumbly as I slipped my hand inside my
pants and grabbed hold of my hard throbbing cock.

Before I could do anything Eve hand grabbed the waistband of my
underwear and ripped them of me, almost ripping my cock off at the
root in the process. I guess my yell of pain told her what had
happened and when I had uncurled myself I saw she had tears in her
eyes as she kept repeating how sorry she was. She was even more sorry
when she realised I no longer had an erection, and swore under her
breath when I told her why. We lay there for some minutes as I tried
to resurrect my hard on, even allowing her to touch my balls and my
soft flaccid cock in an effort to revive it. Suddenly she grinned,
lay on her back with her legs pointing towards me and said "Maybe
this will help, just watch carefully." She them pointed her feet at
the sky and lifted her bottom off the ground as she slowly pushed her
panties off her butt and up her legs as far as she could reach. When
she had come to the end of her stretch she bent her knees and slowly
pushed her pants down her calves and off her feet.

Seeing as I'd done as she said and watched what she was doing I got
the best view ever, of a girls naked sex organ, and what a view it
was. It looked so beautiful, soft and rounded, a sparse dusting of
pale wispy hair just covering the top of her moist slightly parted
lips that showed a hint of their coral pink interior. That did it all
right, almost before she had put her legs down I had a hard throbbing
boner in my hand. "Oh WOW, I guess you enjoyed watching that, didn't
you Dave?" All I could do was nod as I stared at her naked body as
she knelt beside me. "Can I do it for you please" Eve gasped softly,
"I never touched a boy like this before, but I think I know what to
do, Anne told me." Anne was her sister, and she was a couple of years
older than Eve, and four years older than me, a very wide gulf in
those days. "Sure, so long as I get to do you after" I replied,
milking the situation for as much as I could. Eve grinned and nodded
enthusiastically, then put her hand out and grabbed hold of my hard
hot throbbing erection. After I finished flinching with the pain of
her grip I showed her how to do things properly, and very glad I was
too. With her kneeling there naked, my eyes glued to her titties as
they swayed so sexily in time with the movement of her arm, it didn't
take long for me to be gasping out "I'm going to shoot Eve, I'm going
to shoot nooowwww.." and I gave a thrust of my hips as I shot the
biggest load of spunk of my life.

Eve definitely hadn't seen a boy shoot off before, I knew this
because she didn't get out of the way. She just knelt there, leaning
over my groin as she moved her hand up and down the length of my
prick. She was so entranced watching what she was doing she didn't
watch what I was doing, she therefore got a face full of hot sticky
boy cum. Eve was taken so much by surprise that she opened her mouth
to yell something, and got a bigger shock when a spurt of semen hit
her tongue and her teeth. As she jerked her head back she closed her
mouth and ended up actually tasting what she instinctively swallowed.
I was too far gone to notice anything, not realising what had
happened until I saw the grimace on her face as she moved her tongue
about inside her tight shut mouth. Very slowly the grimace changed to
a soft smile, and when I asked what was funny she leaned over, kissed
me tenderly and said "Nothing Dave, I just tasted spunk for the first
time, and like it. Anne told me I would, but I didn't believe her."

By now I was getting my breath back, and I opened my eyes as I pushed
myself up to rest on my elbows, "Does Anne have sex?" I asked, Eve
nodded silently, "She did, until her boyfriend beat her up. Now she
just gets scared of men and stays at home all the time." I sat
upright and stared again at Eve's naked body for a few minutes, not
knowing how to ask her to show me what to for her. In the end she
blushed prettily, sat back and said "I guess it's my turn now, do you
know what to do?" I blushed as I shook my head, "No, this is the
first time I ever got this close to having sex, I don't really know
what a girl looks like close up." By now Eve was laid on her back,
her knees bent and her feet wide apart showing me her beautiful naked
vagina. Taking my hand in hers she brought it into contact with her
hot slippery lower lips. "Just stroke it gently like this" she
whispered, and drew my fingertips the length of her slit from her
arse up to a little hard lump close to the top. The instant I touched
what I found out was her clitoris, Eve screamed out loud, so loud I
jerked my hand back thinking I had hurt her. "God, I'm sorry Eve, I
didn't mean to hurt you" I gasped. Eve opened her eyes, grabbed my
hand and said, "You didn't, just do that again, it felt really good."

I took this opportunity to move up her body a bit, so I could use my
hand from a better direction. This time I was able to press my palm
on the hard bulge at the top of her slit, touch her clit with my bent
thumb and press two fingers into the length of her swollen and very
slippery slit. It was a good job there was no one close to where we
were, because they would have got the idea someone was being murdered
from the amount of screaming Eve did over the next few minutes. She
told me after she recovered that she had experienced six orgasms, all
of them so much better than when she did it to herself. This was the
first time I had any inkling that girls were able to wank themselves
off like boys. As we eventually lay side by side, Eve snuggled up
close to me as I wrapped my arm round her back, she said softly
"David, would you do something a bit dirty for me please?" I was in
such a state I would have done anything, and said so. "Would you get
close to my vagina and kiss it for me please?" "Any special place,
there's lots of room for my lips down there" I replied with a grin.
"I'll show you" she gasped softly, and I shuffled down her body
until I was laying between her wide spread thighs and was able to
get close to her sex organ.

Before she could tell me where to kiss I started to trace a line
with my tongue, starting from the bottom of her slit up to the top.
Eve was obviously enjoying this, because she never actually told me
where to kiss, she just waited until I got there, then screamed. This
happened just as I started to suck on her hard swollen clitty, and
just before her firm thighs clamped themselves round my head,
trapping me in place, not that I actually wanted to get away too
soon. Eventually Eve did release me; I sat up and looked down at her
as she lay naked and in a state of collapse bathed in sunlight and
gasping for breath after her latest orgasm.

My sense of disappointment a few minutes later showed on my face as
Eve got dressed again, telling to do the same. Despite this
disappointment I decided not to be too greedy and be grateful for
what I had just experienced. As we walked hand in hand back to the
house Eve said "Did you enjoy that as much as I did?" I nodded
vigorously "Too right, I.. err... I don't suppose we can do it again
some time can we please Eve?" Stopping suddenly Eve turned to me,
slipped her arms round my waist and pulled me close. She then pressed
her soft warm lips to mine for what seemed like hours, finally saying
"Oh, I certainly hope we will David darling, in fact I'll be very
disappointed if we don't do it tonight." A few minutes later we
walked into the kitchen to find Anne in the middle of preparing our
evening meal. After taking a quick glance at the state Eve and I were
in, Anne told us to go and get cleaned up before we sat down to eat.

After dinner Eve and I started to do the dishes between us, only to
have Anne come and tell me to go and sit down in the parlour while
she talked to Eve about something. Being so nave I did as I was
told, having no inkling of what was going to be said, or of what was
going to happen as the evening passed. Despite there being very
little left to do when she took over, Anne and Eve seemed to take a
very, very long time to finish clearing the kitchen up, not joining
me for almost an hour. As the girls joined me, bringing with them a
cup of tea for each of us, I could see there was something going on
between them because Anne looked happier than she had for ages. When
we were finished with the cups I took them out to the kitchen and
returned to find then both wearing only their bras and panties.

I stood there in the doorway totally stunned at the sight of my two
cousins dressed like this, but still had the sense to be able to
enjoy it. As Eve had been the first girl I'd seen undressed I had
little to compare then with. Anne may have been much older than
either Eve or myself, but she still had a really great body. Her
breasts were firm and without any sort of sag as they rested in her
white lace edged bra, and her legs looked so long as she stretched
them out in front of her. The one thing I did notice was that both of
them seemed to have wet their pants going by the dark patch I saw
between their thighs. What I didn't understand was that they were so
worked up they were beginning to leak. I soon found out when Anne
told me to undress and sit between them. When I had done as she told
me, and was sandwiched between two almost naked girls Eve said "How
about taking my bra off Dave, and I think Anne might like it too." I
didn't bother about Anne, at least not until I'd bared Eve's breasts
and spent a few minutes kissing and caressing them. I had actually
got one of Eve's nipples between my lips when I felt a tugging on my
shoulder, and heard Anne say "Hey, what about me, don't be so greedy
Sis I want some of that too."

By the time I had turned to face Anne she had stripped her bra off
and I was presented with another pair of naked breasts, slightly
larger, and rounder than Eves were, but still as firm and topped by
dark reddish brown circles with long hard nipples sticking out from
their centres. As I clamped my lips on her nips Anne gave a long low
moan of pleasure and pressed her hands on the back of my head pulling
my lips hard on to her titties. Despite holding me firm to her
breasts Anne did allow me to switch between her nipples and seemed to
be enjoying it so much she started to wriggle about on the sofa. All
this time Eve wasn't idle, she took some time to remove my underpants
and then began to play with my hard pulsating cock as I suckled on
her sisters nipples. I was so horny by now that Eve didn't have to
work too hard or too long for me to be struggling to get out of
Anne's grasp in an effort to stop her getting me to shoot my load. I
was too late, as well as being held down by Anne, Eve worked at
getting me off by kissing the back of my neck, and down my spine as
she jerked me off. I groaned loudly into Anne's titties as I
started to shoot wad after wad of cum and I heard Anne doing the
same, then felt her hips jerking back and forth.

Suddenly I was free of Anne's grasp, and managed to sit up in time to
watch the last drops of my semen landing on her naked belly, slowly
oozing down to join the rest that was soaking into her dark soft
pubic fur. "Kiss her" I heard Eve whisper in my ear, and as it was
what I was planning anyway, did as I was told, but not before I saw
what Eve was going to be doing. As I knelt up on the cushion I
happened to look down at Anne's thighs and saw Eve pulling them
apart. I then gasped out loud as I watched her lower her face to
Anne's cunt and begin to suck and lick my cum off her sisters body. I
didn't see much more because I was kissing Anne and kneading her firm
tits with my hands. I did feel that Anne was moving about a good
deal, and also heard when she screamed out as another orgasm exploded
inside her.

Youth is wonderful, if only for the recuperative powers it instils in
the male of the species. By the time Anne had recovered from her most
recent orgasm I was sitting beside her with a hard throbbing cock
waving at the ceiling as I kissed and caressed Eve's firm conical
breasts. Apart from what I was experiencing as I sat with my arms
round Eve, I was watching Anne as she lay there beside me, naked and
still covered in part by streaks of my drying seminal fluid. I could
see that her almost naked pussy (it seems she always kept it shaved
apart from a triangular patch at the bottom of her belly) was still
glistening with her own emissions. Eve also saw this and whispered
softy in my ear, "Would you like to fuck her, David?" Now, the
thought of having sex with a girl, ANY girl as it happened, had been
the mainstay of all my masturbatory fantasies ever since I had
learned how to wank. Now it was being offered 'on a plate' as it
were, I was suddenly hesitant, and couldn't work out why. "Hnnn.." I
grunted, as Eve jabbed me in the ribs, "Well.. do you?" she asked a
little louder this time. "I suppose so, except.." I paused for a
moment, then, blushing hard I confessed, "I don't know how to do it,
you see Eve, I never went this far with a girl before." Eve grinned
then placed her lips close to me ear and whispered some simple
instructions to me, finishing up by saying aloud "Don't worry, I'll
help you if you get stuck, just get on and do what I told you."

A few seconds later and I was kneeling between Anne's knees as she
lay back on the sofa almost asleep, she was so relaxed. Eve passed me
a firm cushion to kneel on in order to raise my pulsating cock to the
right height, and I leaned forward until I felt the tip of my prick
touch Anne's sopping wet cuntal opening. As I seemed to hesitate Eve
decided to take a hand, and the next thing I knew I felt a stinging
slap on my arse and heard Anne yell as my prick rammed deep inside
her. The only thing that stopped Anne from jumping up was that most
of my upper body weight was laying on top of her, and my face was
buried between her firm rounded breasts. In the few seconds it took
Anne to realise what was happening Eve had slapped my arse a couple
more times as I tried to move back from Anne's groin. This meant, in
effect, that I was driving my cock in and out of Anne's pussy, I was
actually FUCKING for the first time. Being pretty quick on the
uptake, I realised that by moving my hips back and forth I would
drive my cock in and out of my cousins cunt, and it would feel better
than anything I'd ever felt in my life.

That's what I did for the next ten minutes, just pounded my cock into
her cunt, no finesse, no rhythm, no striving for nirvana, just ram it
in and pull back a bit before repeating the previous motion. For Anne
it was slightly different, and despite her recent climaxes it didn't
take too long for her to be wrapping her legs round my waist and
screaming out loud that she was 'Cumming'. I realised it was
something special for Anne because she suddenly lay back, her legs
fell apart freeing me from their grip and she opened her eyes and
gasped for breath before looking up at me and saying softly "Thanks
David, that was the best fuck I've had for ages", then closed her
eyes and just lay there with a smile on her face. "Bloody hell" I
heard from behind me, and turned to where Eve was kneeling close by
having watched everything that happened. "Come here you, I want some
of that" Eve said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me round to face
her. A moment later and she was pushing me on to the floor and
kneeling astride my hips. Quick as she could she reached beneath
herself, grabbed my still hard, and slick cock and touched the head
to her own swollen wet lower lips. Before I could do anything to help
or hinder what she was doing Eve was pressing herself down and I felt
my now experienced cock slip inside her vaginal opening. That was
where the similarity to what happened with Anne ended. Anne was soft
and gently squeezing as my cock entered her. Eve was slippery, but
tight and very firm. I found out later that it was because it was her
first time, she was a virgin, as I had been a few minutes earlier.

Once the head of my cock was inside her tight lips Eve removed her
hand from round my shaft, looked me in the eye and said "I've been
waiting for ages to do this, now no one can stop me." "Do what?" I
asked just as she slammed her arse cheeks down on to my upper thighs,
crying out in pain as she landed. "Eve.." I cried out as I saw the
tears of pain rolling down her cheeks "What happened, did I hurt
you?" Giving me a wan smile Eve bent forward as she shook her head,
then lay with her hard nipples pressing into my chest as she
explained that she had to break her hymen before she could go any
further. "It always hurts any girl the first time David, that's why
most girls that understand what will happen want their first time to
be with someone special. Now, stop talking and fuck me like you just
fucked my big sister, please.." I did, and brought her to her first
proper orgasm, and I shot my load inside her, not actually knowing,
let alone understanding, the dangers of doing so.

After, but not too soon after, Eve and I had recovered she rolled off
me and I saw my cock stained with her virgin blood stained cum, mixed
as it was with mine. Had she not explained what had happened to her,
I would have panicked, as it was I went with her to the bathroom and
we cleaned each other up, then went back to the sitting room and got
dressed. Anne followed us into the bathroom and very soon we were all
sitting together drinking a fresh pot of tea, timing things nicely
for the return of my aunt and uncle.

The rest of my holiday was just as good as that second day, even
better since I got plenty of practice at fucking both my cousins, the
only difference being that I always used a rubber, having been
severely castigated by Anne for shooting my cum into Eve that first
time. As it happened nothing came of it as a few days before I was
due to go home Eve started her period, something else I learned about
for the first time. The afternoon I was going home my aunt told me I
would have to come and stay a bit more often as my being there seemed
to have made Anne happier than she had been for ages. I later found
out that her ex boyfriend was a real animal and had been in the habit
of sitting on her belly and pulling her pubic hairs out one by one,
just to hear her screams of pain. That was the reason she started to
shave her cunt, just leaving the patch above her mons to satisfy her
own ego once she had got rid of him.

From then on I used to spend at least two Saturdays of each month
with my two lovers, and we spent most of the time either in bed, or
during the summer, in a secluded part of their massive back garden.
In the end Anne found a decent man, got married and had four lovely
kids. Eve also married but divorced a year or two later after she got
fed up with being knocked about. I didn't see much of either of them
after I was sixteen, because I'd joined the army and moved to the
other end of the country. I did visit whenever I came home on leave,
but we never managed to get together again as we had on that first
wonderful holiday.


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