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FIRSTTIME girls school were all


Do not continue if you are under 18 and/or are easily offended

Warning: The following contains explicit sexual content of a heterosexual
nature between preteen minors. If the following may offend you,
then don't continue.

Footnote: This is a true story that happened several years ago, and it is the
only one of my storys that is 100% true. The sleepaway camp one
is partially true. The names have been changed to protect the
identities of the people. The reason I tell you this is to show
sometimes erotic story type material actually happens. I will
mention this at the end also, but while this story is true, I'm
don't at all recommend this conduct.

Sleepover Fun

The sleeping stuff was out, and we were all set up
in the big living room of Paul's house. There were four of us that night.
Paul, Robert, Howard and I. Paul was a chubby guy with short black hair, and
a face that had the potential to be really handsome if he would lose some
weight. Howard, on the other hand, was thin and muscular with short curly
black hair, and a face that wasn't ugly, but his ears stuck out too much.
I was average, brown hair, blue eyes, the baby fat was still present but
was almost gone. I had a decent body at that time. Robert though was the
pride of our group. He had medium length dirty blond hair, and big green
eyes and a baby face. He was the shortest out of all of us, and would playfully
sit on our laps and pretend he was a baby. He had a grainy voice because of
a throat problem at birth, but because of his angelic features, his voice
made his cuter, and made him sexier to the girls at school. We were all not
ever teenagers yet. Howard was the oldest at 12 almost 13. Paul was second,
then me, and finally Robert was 11 going on 12.

None of us had really
developed much at that point, and were just beginning to explore sex. We were
very candid about it with each other, and would talk constantly about
experiences, like if we ever saw our sister naked and stuff...You know, things
that preteen boys talk about. I was the reader of the group, so I explained
all the terminology, and things to the other 3 boys. I brought a bunch of books
and one of them was a type of "Growing up female" book which explained about
how girls look, and really medical pictures of the vagina and clitoris, and
the ability for girls to have an orgasm. Robert and Paul were intrigued by
this, but Howard got embarrased and slunk down under the covers, and
isolated himself from the rest of the conversation. Then I pulled out the
book I had found in my mother's closet. It was one of these book's full
of differents womens sexual fantasys. I had read it through several times,
and quickly handed it to Paul who fought with Robert over who would get to
read it first. As they read the different fantasys, small bumps began to
appear in the lower portion of thier blanket, as thier penises got hard
with the arousing material.

Now, at this point Jessica, Paul's 10 year old sister walked in and asked
what we were doing. Jessica, for a 10 year old, was drop dead gorgeous. She
had black hair down to her shoulders, and impish green eyes, and the
beginnings of breasts. She was wearing pajamas that were similar to the kind
you put on babies. The kind which comprise of a full bodysuit, with snaps in
the crotch and a zipper in the front. It was made of the same terrycloth
type material, and I had no idea that one was made in her size. She was
a small girl, though, but still...

Paul and Robby were still holding onto the book, and they looked at each other
for a second, and I immediatly knew what they were about to do. Paul and
Robert were risktakers and very brave, and knowning them, I quickly said
out loud,

"No! Don't!"

For fear that she would tell was too great. Despite my warning Paul went
ahead, and with a devilish grin on his face he asked,

" Hey Jess, wanna read something?"

Robert was stifling a giggle, Howard had left the room by this point, and
I was lying back on the floor, a bit curious to what would happen. Paul
reached forward and handed his little sister the book. She stared at it
for about 30 seconds before looking up and declaring,

"Ew, that's gross!"

He should have quit while he was ahead, but Devlish duo continued, with
Robert piping in,

"Read the one on page 213, and tell us if you feel anything."

Page 213 was a fantasy of a woman being sexually stimulated all over until
finally, the male begins to have sex with, and it ends with her having a
huge orgasm. I was still curious but a bit scared that any second, she
would run to Paul's parents room and show them the book. She turned to the
page and read it, then something funny began to happen.

As Jessica read the story, a wet spot appeared in the crotch of her pajamas
and slowly began to spread in a circle until it was the size of a quarter.
Kids of our age might have thought that she had pee'ed in her pants, but due
to my teachings, we knew about female arousal and all that, and I saw
Paul's eyes widen as he saw the wet spots on her crotch.

"Look, she's getting horny!" exclaimed Robert in an all too excited voice.

We weren't sure if she masturbated or not, but she began to squirm as her
arousal grew, and finally she threw down the book and and stood there
stunned, breathing heavy. We all saw that Jessica didn't know what was going
on with her, and she seemed a bit scared, then Paul said something that, to
this day, I could choke him to death for...

"Hey Jess, you wanna fuck Robert?"

Yup, he said that! And nobody was more surprised then Robert himself. His
anxiety at this suggestion began to fight a war with puberty that caused all
of our young bodies to lust for sexual contact.
Jessica was unsure of what to do. She was obviously uncomfortable at the
feeling that was growing in her, but the idea of having sex with
one of her brother's friends made her uneasy.
At this point, puberty won, and Robert began to coax her
with almost desperation in his voice as his dick got harder and harder,

"It'll make you feel better. You're pretty Jess! You might enjoy it."

Jessica's hormones apparently won too because she walked closer to Robert
and said,

"Ok, but if it hurts, then I want to to stop."

I began to think that this was getting a bit too heavy, but my bisexuality,
even at this young age, caused me to wait around because of the possibilty
of a gorgeous Jessica actually having sex with a really attractive Robert.
The only problem was...They didn't know how!

They understood the concept, but they were unsure about how to start so me,
being the learned of the group, went over and coached. They were both full
of lust, so it was not hard to get them to listen to me. First, I told
Jess to unbutton her crotch, and she did with amazing speed. It was the
first time I had seen a girls privates besides my sisters, so it was
an arousing experience for me too. Jess's pussy lips glistened with
lubrication, and I noticed that her small clit was hard and barely poking
out from inside her cunt lips. Robert knew the next step himself, and he
slowly pulled off his blanket, by this time the embarrasment was gone, and
his small erect dick shot up like a spear at stood in front of me.

With a dry mouth, I instructed Jessica to put her pussy on top of Robert's dick, and push. She did, and suddenly, Robert's hard
dick found it's mark and slipped right through Jess's slick pussy. The speed
of it apparently caused her hymen to break, because when it happened, she
gave out a cry, and blood started dripping down the shaft of Robert's small
dick. Both were scared, but I quickly explained to them about all that.
It made them feel a bit better, and I then told Jess to just start bouncing
on top of Robert. She did, and Robert was in paradise. He had never had much
sexual contact, and was unaccustomed to the feelings that must have hit him.
His body was slick with sweat and it convulsed like he was being electricuted.

"God, this feels great!" he would say every few seconds.

Suddenly he grimiced with pain, and said, "Hey stop making your pussy so

She involuntarily shook, and said in between moans, "I can't help it!
Something is happening!" Paul and I were staring intently at the closeup of
Rob's dick sliding up and down in Jess's pussy, and I noticed right away that
her pussy lips kept pulling back on her engorged clit, and it must have
caused her alot of pleasure, because her shakes got more severe.

She began to stiffen, and say, "Something....I can't..." and with we could
see her pussy began to squeeze tightly between each thrust. I was the only
one who knew what was going on, and surmised that she was probably fast
approaching her very first orgasm, and by the look of Robert's face, I could
tell that he was too. By this time, Robert began to get a feel for things
and suddenly, he pushed Jessica over onto her back, without removing his
dick from her, and he took over control, throwing his head back and thrusting
like mad, his primal instincts taking over. He knew that his penis felt good,
and he wanted it to feel better. Within 15 seconds, Robert's 11 year old body began to shiver as, with one final thrust, he buried his cock as deep
into Jessica's pussy as possible, and his orgasm hit and hit hard.

Nothing came out except a few drops of lubrication, but Robert's first orgasm
must have last two minutes, because he turned into an animal, thrusting
hard into Jessica, and groaning loud and long. We were afraid that he would
wake up Paul's parents. Soon, Roberts bashing of his pubic bone against
Jess's throbbing clit became too much, and with a loud sigh, her pussy spastically contracted against Robert's still orgasming cock, causing him
to groan longer as he continued to orgasm, and finally, he actually spurted
one hard blast of his very first ejaculate into Jessica, then fell forward,
and whimpered quietly, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God..." Niether Paul nor I had
ever seen something so arousing happen a few inches from our face. Robert
fell asleep right there, his young body wasted from the excerion, his
dick shrinking down to small size and dripping the remnants of his very first
cum. Paul grabbed the blanket and covered Roberts naked body over, while I
picked up Jessica and brought her back to her room, being careful to snap
closed her crotch. After that Howard returned. He didn't wanna know, and was
very scared that tommorow morning, Paul's parants would confront us about it.
We went to sleep after that, and the next morning nobody suspected a thing,
but Robert and Jessica smiled all through breakfast.
Epilogue: Both Robert and Jessica lost thier virginity that night, and it was
something that shouldn't have happened until they were much older. Robert was
11, and Jessica was 10, and to this day they both regret it. On a happier note
, i'm glad to announce that by the time you read this, Robert and Jessica
will probably already be married as they are engaged at this point. Things
workeed out for them, but they regret not waiting longer.


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