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FLOWER hurt them Thats why left


Keywords: Mf, inc
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: Flower girl
(c) Copyright 1999 DASTARDLY DODO ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with teenagers.
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for you to read.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police station and have
yourself arrested.
Flower girl
John looked through the window of the flower shop to see if his sisters
where there. He had left home after a row with his parents and hadn't seen
his sisters in three years. Then, three months ago, he had heard his
parents had died and he decided to come back to take care of them. Now he
wondered if it was the right decision. He sighed and entered the shop.

"Hey, if that isn't my favorite flower girl!". A voice boomed from the
entrance of the flower shop.
Quickly Tina turned around to see who it was that said that.
"John!!!". She cried when she saw her brother standing in the door. "Mary
it's John!!!".
She ran to him and jumped into his arms.
"Hey I'm glad to see you to.". John said with a big smile on his face as he
gave her a hug.
When John felt the breast of his sixteen year old sister pressing against
his chest he knew he had made the wrong decision. Gently he removed her
arms from around his neck and greeted his other sister, thirteen year old
Mary. The girls took him by his arms and led him into the shop, firing a
barrage of questions at him on the way.
"Girls leave the poor man alone. He just got here. There will be plenty of
time for questions later.". The voice of his uncle came from behind the
"Hi, uncle Carl.". John said to him.
Carl smiled. "Hi, John. Glad to have you back."
They shook hands and Carl asked. "Do you have a place to stay.".
John shook his head. "No, not yet.".
"Well you can stay with us as long as you want.".
Carl turned to the girls and said. "Get your coats while I get the car. We
are going to close early today to celebrate.".
The girls cheered and got their coats. When they got into the car Tina sat
next to John and put her arm around him, pressing her breasts into his arm.
John felt his dick harden and shifted his legs in the hope that no one
would see his problem. In an attempt to stop the rising problem in his
pants he tried to ignore the tits of his sister pressing against him and
started a conversation about what happened while he was away. For a moment
he seemed to succeed but then Tina let her hand drop into his lap and
touched his dick. John froze as he felt his cock become rock hard under her
touch. He shifted his position to get her hand out of his lap, but Tina's
hand just followed him around and landed back on his hard pole. It stayed
there for the rest of the journey. John sighed in relieve when they reached
his uncle's house. His relieve was short lived. His aunt Kelly came out of
the house and greeted him. Staring openly at the bulge in his pants she
"Oh my. You have really grown since the last time I saw you.".
John's face turned bright red. "I guess so.". He mumbled.
Carl rescued him saying "John is going to stay with us for a while. Perhaps
you can show him the guest room.".
"Sure." Kelly answered.
She took john by the hand and led him into the house. When they came into
the guest room She looked at him and said."You get comfortable. Dinner will
be at six.". Then she left.
"Finally alone.". John sighed.
He dropped down on the bed that was standing in the corner of the room and
took his cock out of his pants. Slowly he started to stroke himself as he
thought about the implications of Tina feeling up his hardon in the car.
She couldn't have missed it, but still she had not retracted her hand.
Instead she had made sure that it was right on his cock. Could it be that
she wanted him to? The thought that his sister might want him to fuck her
almost made John explode. He groaned and started to stroke his cock more
rapidly as he imagined Tina naked on the bed with her legs spread wide,
waiting for him to ram his dick into her virgin cunt.
"Ohhhhhh yes I'm going to fuck you!!!". He moaned.
He pumped his cock savagely as he imagined the hard rod going in and out of
Tina's tight pussy.
"Ooohhh I'm going to cum in your cunt!" John moaned as he felt his orgasm
nearing. "OHHHHHH!!! GODDDDDD!!!!!! TINAAAAAA!!!!!". He screamed as he shot
his load into the air.
He kept moaning and screaming his sisters name while an almost continues
stream of cum shot forcefully out of his dick.
"ohh God. I have got to get out of here before I rape here." He groaned
when he finally came down from his orgasm.

Unknown to John, Tina had much the same problem. She was on her bed naked
and was finger fucking her self.
"OH John! Fuck me with your big cock!!!!". She moaned imagining her fingers
where his dick. With her other hand she was pulling and twisting her
nipples. Her body felt like it was on fire as jolts of electricity shot
from her cunt to her nipples. She pinched her clit and shuddered as tiny
spasms rippled through her body.
"OHHH JOHN!!!!! PLEASE FUCK ME!!!!!. She cried as she rolled over onto her
belly and pressed her tits into the mattress; rubbing them on the sheets in
an attempted to quench the fire within them.
She brought her hands under her body, raking her nails over her clit.
Spasms shot through her virgin fuckhole and warm sticky pussy-juice oozed
out over her fingers. Dizzy with lust, she turned over on her back and
played with her wet seeping pussy. Her body quaked as her fingers groped
and massaged her hard pulsing clit.
"Oh... fuck... oh... fuck... oh... fuck...," she panted, her innocent face
flushed with excitement.
She clawed her clit with one hand, and rammed three fingers of her other
hand in her virgin cunt.
"Oh, shit! Fuck me John!!! FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!!!." she screamed, "Ooooh, I'm
gonna ... cum! Ram your dick in my cunt and make me cum!!!!!!"
Tina's fingers devastated her clit and her tight cunt. "Ooooh ... I'm ...
cumming!!! I"M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!."
Electric jolts swept over Tina's twisting body as she orgasmed. The muscles
inside her wet overheated cunt pulsed, gripping her fingers, squeezing them
like a cock.
She bucked up from the bed, hot pussy-juice gushing from her climaxing
cunt. She thrashed on her back, her head snapping from side to side.
Then she arched her back and screamed as another orgasm tore through her

That night after an uncomfortable dinner, John's aunt and uncle told him
they wanted to talk to him. They led him to the living room.
When everybody was seated Carl asked. "Why did you leave your family three
years ago?".
John sighed and looked at the floor. "one evening I caught my father trying
to rape Tina. We got into a fight and I guess I beat the shit out of him
before mom broke the fight up. Afterwards my father accused me of being
jealous. He said that the only reason I beat him up was because I wanted
Tina for myself. In a way he was right. I was... No, I am desperately in
love with Tina. But what he could not understand that if you love someone
you do not want to hurt them. That's why I left. I wanted Tina but I didn't
want to hurt her so I left to forget her. Which I'm afraid didn't work.
Anyway, I told him that if I ever found out that he had hurt Tina or Mary
I would cut his balls off. After that I left.".
He looked at Carl and Kelly and added. "I guess that I still Love Tina, so
I will be leaving tomorrow.".
"But what if she loves you to?". Kelly asked.
"It is still incest and in the end it would only hurt her!". John replied.
Kelly shook her head. "I thought so to until Mary taught me otherwise."
"What do you mean?". John asked.
For a moment Kelly hesitated, then she looked at him and said. "A year ago
your father tried to molest Mary. Tina just barely managed to stop him and
she decided that they couldn't live with their parents any longer. So they
came here and asked if they could live here. Well after we heard what
happened we said it was ok and they came to live with us. Anyway Mary met
our son Bobby and fell in love with him. It was about two months later that
Carl and I caught them fucking when we came home from a party.".
"THEY DID WHAT?". John cried.
"Yeah, we had the same reaction.". Kelly said with a wry smile. "Here was
our son fucking his niece. And to top it off she was only twelve years old.
We screamed and yelled at them, well mostly at Bobby, but Mary just looked
at me and said. 'Do you love uncle Carl?'. I told her that that had nothing
to do with it and continued to yell at them. When we finally stopped
yelling Mary looked at me and said. 'Well do you love him?'. When we didn't
answer she said 'Well if someone would tell you that you couldn't see uncle
Carl anymore, would you accept it?'. Well that started another shouting
match. Finally we told them that we would deal with them in the morning and
send Mary back to her own room. I didn't sleep that night. First because I
was still mad, but then I began thinking about what mary has asked me.
Apparently Carl did the same because, when we got out off bed the next
morning, he said to me 'Perhaps Mary is right you know.'. I protested
telling him that she was only twelve and that it was incest. But then he
said. 'Well would you leave me if someone told you you couldn't live with
me?'. I thought about and decided that he was probably right. We had a talk
with them that morning and told them that if they really loved each other
that we wouldn't stop them. At first it was strange to see them go to the
same bedroom at night. I guess I had to get used to them sleeping together.
But know, we have accepted it, it seems strange to us that other people
think it is wrong.".
A long silence followed until John finally said. "Are you saying that I
should got to bed with Tina?".
Kelly smiled. "Tina loves you and if you love her to, you should go to her
and tell her that.".

John smiled he got up and picked a flower out of a vase standing on the
living room table and went to his sisters room. He opened the door and saw
that she was sitting on her bed.
"Here is a flower for my favorite flower girl.". He said as he walked
towards her and gave her the flower. Blushing Tina took the flower in her
hands and looked at the floor.
"I love you.". She suddenly blurt out.
John smiled. He kneeled in front of her and took her hands into his.
"I love you to.". He whispered.
Slowly he brought his lips to hers and kissed her. Their tongues entwined
in a loving embrace, tasting each other for the first time. For a while
their tongues explored every nook and cranny of each others mouth. Then
John broke of the kiss and started to unbutton his sister's blouse. A smile
came to his face when he saw that she was not wearing a bra. He took her
blouse off and admired her beautiful tits. They where small, round globes
that begged to be touched. He brought his hands to breasts and started to
fondle them. Tina sighed. His touch send shivers down her spine. John
lowered his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth.
"Oh god... That feels so good!!". Tina moaned as he flicked his tongue over
her sensitive nipple.
For a while John played with her nipples, making her moan from delight.
Then he left her tits and started to kiss and lick his way downwards,
making sure to cover every inch of her body. When he came to her belly
button he lingered for a moment and licked it carefully, making Tina
giggle. John smiled and sat up. He took her leg in his hands and removed
her shoe and sock. He brought her foot to his mouth and sucked on each of
her toes. Then he took her other leg in his hands and repeated the
procedure. Tina was moaning and squirming on the bed as the pleasure in her
body was building. John removed her trousers and started to kiss and lick
his way up her legs. When he reached her pussy he took off her panties and
licked around her cunt for a while, driving Tina crazy with lust.
"Please lick my pussy!! Do it now!!! Please!!!". She moaned.
John grinned. He slowly started to lick up and down her pussy touching her
clit, with his tongue, on the end of each stroke. He loved the strong fresh
taste of the juices that were flowing form her virgin pussy and tried to
drink as much of the precious fluid as he could. He plunged his tongue all
the way into her pussy and then started tongue fucking her for all he was
worth. Tina started to shake and moan. She took his head in her hands
pushed his face into her pussy. Taking his cue from her actions, John
placed his lips around her clit and started sucking on it. This took Tina
over the edge, She let out a long, high pitched scream. Her body started
convulsing and her pussy flooded with cum. Then her body slumped back to
the bed. John licked her pussy until her orgasm subsided. Then he lay down
next to her and kissed her, letting her taste her own pussy juices.

"Ohhh... That was wonderful". Lisa sighed.
Then she sat up and started to undress John using the same procedure as he
had used on her. When she finally came to his cock she just held it and
looked at it unsure of what to do next.
John misunderstood her problem and said. "You don't have to suck it if you
don't want to.".
Tina blushed. "It's not that. I want to suck your cock. But I eh...". She
hesitated a bit and then continued. "I want it to be good for you, but I
have never done it before.".
John smiled. "Don't worry about it feeling good for me. Just the thought of
you sucking on my dick has me ready to cum.". He sat up, gave her a kiss
and added. "Take it in your mouth and suck on it and use your tongue to
lick it.".
Tina smiled. "Ok!". She said.
She pushed him back onto the bed and slowly started kissing and licking
the head of his cock while jacking him off with one hand. With her other
hand she started to caress his balls.
"Oooohhh yes lick my cock...Oooooohhhhh GOD YES SUCK IT!!!" John moaned.
After teasing his cockhead for a while she opened her mouth and started
swallowing his cock. When she was about halfway down she stopped and
started bobbing her head up and down his cock, using her tongue to lick all
around the shaft and cockhead. In the mean time she kept jacking him off
with one hand, while using her other hand to fondle his balls.
Soon the sensations became to much for John. "You better stop before I cum
in your mouth sis!". He groaned.
Tina looked at him and said. "Don't you want to cum in my mouth?".
Then she put her mouth back on his cock and started to suck for all she was
worth. This was to much for John.
He screamed as he shot his semen down her throat.
He came like he never had before. It seemed like it was never going to end
as he shot strand after strand of his semen down his sisters throat. Tina
just kept milking his cock to the last drop. Even when his cock got soft,
she kept sucking on it until he was hard again.

Then she lay down on the bed with her legs spread wide, and said "Fuck me
"Ok sis.". John said with a grin on his face.
He sat up on his knees between her legs and placed his cock at the entrance
of her pussy.
"Are you ready for this sis?" He asked.
"Yes John, do it. Take my cherry."
He pushed is cock in until he hit her hymen. He started to fuck her for a
while without pushing past her cherry. Tina moaned with pleasure. When
Tina's hips started to match his strokes, he knew it was time to take her
cherry. He pulled his cock out leaving only the tip in her pussy. Then,
with one stroke, he thrusted his cock past her hymen until it was all the
way in. Tina froze and let out a small scream. John just lay there and
held his cock still, to give her time to adjust to the feeling of his cock
in her pussy. After a few minutes he started to fuck her slowly.
Tina's hips started to move and she moaned "Oooohhh yes fuck me!
John picked up speed when he felt she was ready to come. Tina exploded into
an orgasm. Her body tensed up and she let out a high pitched scream. Her
pussy muscles squeezed down on his cock making it almost impossible for him
to move his cock. This took him over the edge and he started to spray his
semen deep inside her pussy. When their orgasms died down John rolled off
Tina and lay down beside her.
Tina looked at him and said. "I'm angry with you!".
'Why?". John said surprised.
A grin appeared on Tina's face. "Because we could have been doing this for
years if you hadn't left.".
Her grin turned into a anxious look as she added. "Promise you never leave
John smiled and kissed her. "I promise I will never leave you sis.".


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