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FORCE FUL video tape and put


Force-ful (MF, MFF, FF, FFF, oral, mc)

by Dorsai

Copyright (c) 2002 - Dorsai


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This is a sequel to a previous story of mine, The Force. Reading that
story is not ?required?, but certainly helpful.


When I was 13, I got hung up on Star Wars. Not the movie, per se, but
some of the stuff that happened in it. Stuff like old Obi-Wan?s mind
tricks on the Imperial troopers, and those too-cool light sabers.

I got so stuck on that stuff, in fact, that I?d ultimately wound up
learning how that mind-control gig worked, through a lengthy process that
involved self-hypnosis, meditation, biofeedback, electronics, and a lot of
other stuff. And by ?learning how?, I mean that I?d actually been able to
influence people to do things the way I wanted. The results of that had
been that I?d been the one to deflower not only my younger sister?s best
friend Diane, but even my sister Holly. I suppose I could have gone on
some kind of mind-control rampage or something, but I really didn?t want to
draw attention to myself. The only exception I?d made ? and then only
under extreme provocation ? was when a guy that my sister had gone out
with had all but raped her; she escaped only by giving him a shot in the
balls that distracted him long enough for her to escape. HIS payback had
come when I took over his mind, and implanted the memories of a couple of
other girls he?d done even worse to.

Along the way, I?d also tried to figure out those light sabers ? which
got me into electronics and physics. It was the electronics and physics
that really ?clicked? for me, and by the time I got out of high school, I
was doing well enough in physics that I?d gotten a scholarship to state


It was the start of my sophomore year, and I was standing in line for
class registration ? bored out of my mind, of course - when I realized
that there was an incredibly beautiful head of hair directly in front of
me. Black as the darkest night, it was straight, gleaming, and luxurious.
Once I pulled my eyes out of its silky depths, I saw that the girl it
belonged to was several inches shorter than me ? the top of her head was
about chin-level on me ? slender, and gently curved.

As I was looking her over ? she was certainly an improvement over the
pimply freshman behind me ? I watched as one of her class registration
cards fell from her hand.

Ever the gentleman (okay, I wanted a chance to talk to her), I picked it
up and tapped her on the shoulder, saying ?I think you dropped this??

When she turned to look at me, I was surprised and delighted to discover
that she was the most beautiful asian girl I?d ever seen. Her skin was
smooth and flawless, her lips full but not overly so, a cute button of a
nose, and dark eyes that I wanted to fall into.

Her smile, though hesitant, lit up her whole face when she saw that the
card I held in my hand was indeed hers. Her voice was musical, with a
trace of an accent that I couldn?t place, when she told me ?Thank you. I
didn?t realize?. She looked at the card a little closer to see what class
it was for ? Chemistry 201, the same one I was after - then said ?Yes, I
would have missed this very much?, then offered me another tentative smile.

I smiled back, and answered ?No problem. It?s what I?d want somebody
else to do, if it happened to me.?

With that, she seemed to lose her nerve, and turned around again.

I still had a girlfriend at home, and I loved her very much ? but my
girlfriend had also told me that she knew I?d meet other girls at school,
and was okay with it as long as it didn?t get out of hand. I decided that
the girl in line in front of me was one that I wanted to meet.

Using the ability I?d learned, I ?scanned? her, to learn who she was. I
was surprised to find that I had trouble understanding her thoughts. I
gently prodded her, and got the answer: she was Susan Nguyen, a Vietnamese
refugee. She?d been a child when her parents had fled after the fall of
that country, and the whole family had first settled in California; then
after her parents got settled in, they?d moved to our state that same year.
She was a sophomore, like me, but she was majoring in engineering. I also
learned that her father was very strict, and would object if she let
herself get distracted from her studies ? particularly if that distraction
was a guy.

I scanned her a little more carefully, and found which particular
chemistry class it was she was planning to take. I checked my own
schedule, and decided that it would fit reasonably well into my plans, too,
and made the necessary changes.

Neither of us had any trouble getting the classes we wanted, and both of
us were soon done with registration.


It was another week and a half before we had our shared Chemistry class.
I made sure to get there a little early, and found myself a seat generally
in the middle ? but where I could see people as they came in.

Several minutes later, I saw as Susan came in. I feigned not noticing
her, but made sure that she vaguely recognized me when she saw me: knowing
how concerned she was about what her father might think, I figured my best
bet was to establish myself as a friendly, but benign, entity in her life.
She sat several seats, and a few rows, away from me.

The next class, I got there early again and did the same thing ? only
that time, I let her see me seeing her, and gave her a little smile and
wave. It was low-key and unthreatening (to her mind), and she hesitantly
smiled and waved back. I gently planted the thought in her mind I was
someone she ?knew?, and had her sit just a few seats away from me. After
the class, I arranged it so that we would casually meet, and said ?If we?d
known both of us were going to take the same class, one of us could have
save the other some time standing in line!?, with a smile.

She laughed, and said ?Yes, we could. Standing in all those lines was
really boring.?

I carefully probed her mind, and found that she was both relieved to
have a friendly face in one of her classes, and a trifle nervous that I was
going to try to start some kind of relationship with her. Not wanting to
frighten her, I just laughed with her, and said that I?d see her next time
before heading off to do some studying. As I walked away, I scanned her
again, and found that she was glad that I hadn?t tried to make more of the
situation than she was comfortable with, and vaguely disappointed by it,

The next time we saw each other, she didn?t hesitate to take a seat next
to me. Both of us paid close attention to the instructor, but still had to
exchange a few comments and questions along the way. Toward the end of the
class, we were told that we would be broken up into groups for the lab
portions of the class. One of the teaching assistants came in with a list,
and I quickly probed him to find out if Susan and I were to be in the same
lab. We weren?t, but that was easily taken care of. At the end of class
we all filed by the podium and were handed our lab assignments. Susan
stayed with me, and I pretended surprise ? but didn?t have to fake the
pleasure ? when we ?discovered? that we both had the same assignment.

We chatted a little about the class, then went our separate ways ? a
scan of Susan revealing that I was well on my way toward being completely
accepted as a harmless presence.


When we reported for our first lab period, Susan and I stood next to
each other as we waited to find out who we would be partnered with. Again,
I reached into the mind of the TA (Teaching Assistant) to ensure that Susan
and I were paired up. When it happened, she looked at me doubtfully, and
asked ?Did you say something to him so he would partner me with you??

?Never met him before in my life. If you look around, you?ll see that
the lab partners are people that were standing next to each other ? just
like we were.?

She did look around, and saw that I was right. She couldn?t know, of
course, that that was just what I?d ?guided? the TA to do.

Satisfied that it was just the Universe working in Strange Ways ? and
not me being tricky - Susan relaxed, and we started doing the experiments
in our workbooks.

For once, Fate smiled down on me: it turned out that Susan was as
meticulous and careful in chemistry labs as I was, so we got the proper
results with little difficulty. It also happened that our respective
weaknesses in chemistry were balanced out by the other?s strengths ? what
I wasn?t sure about, she was, and vice-versa. We finished the experimental
portion of the class quickly enough, and were among the first few teams to
leave. Outside, I asked her if she wanted to go to a local diner and have
some supper while we did the analysis of the lab. She hesitated, and after
I quickly scanned her to find out why, told her ?We work pretty good
together in the lab, so I figure we can help each other with the analysis.
I?m a little hungry and thirsty, and the diner doesn?t mind people studying
there as long as they buy something every now and then. I?ll pay, or we
can have separate checks; it?s up to you.?

She still wasn?t completely sure, so I gently reached into her mind and
brought up the justifications she needed; a few moments later she agreed.

Inside the diner, we were soon shown a booth, and after looking over the
menu, I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and iced tea; Susan decided that
tea was enough for her.

As we waited for the food, we took the opportunity to tell each other
about ourselves, and compare notes on the few instructors we had in common.

When my sandwich came, I saw that Susan was curious about it, so I
offered her some of it. It took a little convincing, but she finally
agreed to take half of one of the halves it had been cut into. By the time
she finished it, I could see that she liked it. After she?d taken a sip of
her tea to finish washing it down, she admitted that she?d never had it
before, but decided it was pretty good. By the time I finished the rest of
my sandwich, we were ready to start going over our notes for chemistry. We
sat there in the diner for another hour, cross-checking each other on the
class, and generally getting to know each other. By the time we were ready
to leave, Susan was visibly more comfortable with having me around. I paid
the check over her mild protests, and we left to go back ?home? ? her to
the dorms, me to the house I shared with two other students.


After our non-date to the diner, it didn?t take long before Susan and I
were regular study partners for chemistry. At her request, we tried
meeting in the library, but it didn?t take her long to realize that the
diner was a far superior study environment. I always behaved myself, never
trying to get any closer to her ? physically or emotionally ? than she
was comfortable with. My ability to scan her mind to see what the limits
were helped considerably. Along the way, I learned more and more about
Susan, and a little about the Viet culture and what her life had been like
both before and after her family had left Viet Nam. In return, she learned
about me and my family, and my girlfriend Diane.

Mid-term exams came and went, and Susan and I both did better than we?d
expected ? or even hoped. It was a few weeks before Thanksgiving, and we
were both in the diner studying when our concentration was broken by a loud

?So, this is where you are! What are you doing here, and why are you
not studying?! And who is this boy with you?!?

Both of us turned to look at who was shouting. I saw an older asian man, and from the way Susan reacted when she saw him, I figured that it
must be her father.

?Well? Speak to me! Tell me what you are doing here!?

?I am studying, Father.?

?Studying? You call this studying? How can you study in a place that
serves food??

?It is a very nice place to study, father ? it is very quiet when there
is no one shouting.?

That gave him reason to pause for a few moments, and he went on at a
quieter level ?Why do you study here? Why are you not in the fine library
this school has? And who is this boy??

?Father, I study here because it is a better place for that. Yes, the
library is very nice, but not for studying. And this boy is Michael; he is
in my chemistry class.?

He turned to give me a look that plainly said he suspected I was guilty
of all manner of crimes and criminal intentions, but simply hadn?t been
caught yet. I quickly scanned him, and discovered that he was essentially
a bully, used to getting his own way with people by frightening them with
his personality ? and only respecting those that he couldn?t intimidate.

?So why do you study with him, and not someone else??

?Because he is my partner in our laboratory experiments. Both of us
work and take notes on the same experiments, so we are able to study our
results easier. I explain things that he doesn?t understand, just as he
does for me. We work very well together.?

?Yes, I think he would like to work very well with you!?

It took her a second, then Susan got the implication her father had just
made. She looked horrified, and told him ?Father! It is not like that -
at ALL! We only study together, here!?

He turned to look at me again, and I simply nodded to confirm what she?d
just said. He didn?t look like he believed me, but wasn?t ready to come
out and call me a liar. Susan was a different matter, though.

?How do I know this is true?? he demanded of her.

?I can show you my papers?, Susan told him. She rummaged around in the
knapsack she carried, and pulled out a handful of papers; it took me only a
glance to recognize them as the quizzes and exams we?d had. She set them
down on the table and told him ?See here? These are the scores I got in
the beginning of the class, before Michael and I started to study together.
And here are the results I got with his help?, as she slowly shuffled
through the stack.

?How do I know that this is because of him??

?Because I have already told you so. Father, there are things about
chemistry that I don?t understand ? but when I study with Michael, he is
able to explain them to me in a way that is different than our teachers do,
and I understand it better. I have never deceived you, Father, and I tell
you that these scores are because I have been able to study with him.?

He looked at me again, and I finally spoke up, telling him ?And I know
that MY grades have improved because of Susan ? there is some of this that
I don?t understand, and she helps me as much as I help her. Both of us are
doing better in chemistry than either one of us would do alone.?

That pretty much took the air out of his sails, but he still wasn?t
ready to give up, saying ?But you should still be studying someplace other
than this? place.?

I got an idea, and quickly planted a couple of thoughts in Susan?s mind:
that maybe it was time to stand up to him, and show him that he was wrong.
She resisted a bit, but I was able to find a couple of ways to motivate
her, so it wasn?t but a few seconds before she spoke up again.

?Father, you are not the one going to school here, I am. And I am the
one that has to decide what places are best to study in. Did you go to the
dormitory that I live in??

He answered that he did, and she asked ?Did that seem like a good place
to study to you? With all the noise and activity there??

He grudgingly admitted that it didn?t, and she went on ?That was the
decision I made, too, Father. Now, would you come with us to the library
so that I can show you something??

Though unhappy, he said that he would, and waited while Susan and I got
our things together. He was surprised when Susan picked up the check for
the coffee we?d been drinking, and paid the bill. Outside, he demanded
?So, he makes you pay for his help??

?No, Father. I paid this time because it was my turn. Last time, he
paid ? for exactly the same things we had tonight. If we eat, each of us
pays for our own food.?

As we made our way toward the library, Susan and her father got into a
conversation in what could only have been Vietnamese ? the only parts I
understood were the occasional English words that got tossed in. By the
time we got to the library steps, their talk had ended, and we were walking
in silence. After we got inside, Susan showed her father around the
library while I quietly kept the two of them company. She finally led us
back to the front door, where she softly told her father ?Now, Father, you
have seen the library that you want me to study in. You have seen that the
lighting in most places is poor for studying, and the only places where the
lighting is good are crowded. In the diner, the lighting is good at ALL
the tables and booths. You have seen that the library restrooms are
located all on one floor, so that it is inconvenient to use them. The
restrooms in the diner are easy to get to. You have seen that there is no
food or drink allowed in the library; in the diner, there is plenty of food
and drink so that I can stay alert and refreshed while I study. You have
seen the signs in the library demanding quiet; in the diner, we are free to
speak in tones that are easy to hear ? and understand. Tell me, father ?
is it better for me to study in the library, or the diner? Which one is
the better place for me to get the most from the education you are paying

Standing up to him like that, and asking the questions she had, had
pretty much cut him off at the knees. I could see by the look on his face
what his honest answer had to be ? and Susan could see it, too. We walked
outside while he contemplated what he wanted to say next.

Standing on the steps, we found that he had to try one more tactic,
insisting to Susan ?I want you to stop studying with this boy!?

?No, Father. It is by studying with him that I have gotten the good
grades that you expect from me. Are you telling me that you will accept
lesser grades if I do not study with Michael??

?But it isn?t proper!?

?What isn?t proper, Father? He has never tried to kiss me - or even
hold my hand, except when it is necessary in our class. He is polite, and
a gentleman, and we have never done anything wrong ? the ONLY place we
study together is the diner, where there are others.?

He didn?t have anything to say to that, either, and turned to me and
demanded ?You will stop seeing Susan!?

I just looked at him calmly and answered ?No, sir, I won?t. When I
study with her, MY grades are better. I am here on a scholarship, and I
need all the help I can get from Susan. If she says she doesn?t want us to
study together any more, then I have no choice but to accept it ? but the
decision is HERS, not yours. You aren?t in our chemistry class.?

?I tell you to stop!?


The quiet conviction of my tone must have made him realize that he
couldn?t bully me the way he was used to doing to others. He stood there
for a couple of minutes, looking back and forth between Susan and me,
before he finally said ?Okay. You study together, its okay with me. But
no funny business!? ? the last directed at me.

?No, sir?, I agreed.

He still didn?t seem sure that I wasn?t going to try something, but
since I?d agreed, he didn?t have anything to say. Susan took a step toward
him, and he turned to her and said ?In Viet Nam?? before Susan interrupted
him, saying ?But this isn?t Viet Nam, Father. This is America. We are
HERE, now, and this is where we must learn to live. Father, you send me to
school so I can get a good education and do well in America ? but what
good is my better education if I don?t know how to LIVE here ? to work
with people, make friends, and be a part of this society? Even after we
got to this country, you kept all of us in the Viet community, and did not
let us learn how to become Americans ? not even a little bit. If
everything Viet was so good, why did we have to leave? If America wasn?t a
better place, why did we come here??

He stood there, stunned, while Susan went on ?Father, I am your
daughter. I love you, and I respect you, and I honor you. But in this
matter, you are wrong. If I am to live in America, then I have to learn
how to live as an American. I will never stop being Viet; it is what I am
and always will be. But if I am to live in this country, I must also learn
to be American. That is what they mean by those hyphen Americans you
complain about: I must be Viet hyphen American ? Viet first, but also an

Seeing that she had his full attention, Susan continued ?Father, you
have always taught us to be respectful toward others ? but tonight, you
have not shown me, or particularly Michael, that respect. All of my life,
you have taught me what kind of person you expect me to be ? to be a good
girl, respectful, and all of that. Do you not think that I learned those
lessons? Are you so afraid that I will forget all that you taught me? If
you do not trust me, Father, why did you send me to this school??

Susan waited, patiently, to hear her father?s answer. Me, I was busy
pretending I wasn?t there, or listening, as I tried to memorize the entire
night sky star patterns.

Several minutes went by before he finally spoke. He told her ?What you
say is right ? we ARE in America now, and this is where we have to live.
Some of what is here is not good ? but some of it IS. Maybe that is what
it means to by a hyphen American: to take what is best of this country and
mix it with what is best about where we come from, and making something
that is better than either one. You stay here and learn; not just what
they teach in school, but the American part, too. I know that I cannot
watch over you for all of your life. Someday, you will marry ? perhaps
even to an American. So you must learn to live in this place. Me, I think
maybe I am too old for that, but you are not. So learn ? but do not
forget what your mother and I have taught you.?

She smiled, and started to cry a little before she stepped close enough
to hug him ? and after a false start on his part, be hugged BY him.

When they broke apart, I heard him say ?You?, then Susan?s whispered
?Michael, Father.?

?Michael?, I heard him say.

I turned back around, and looked at him.

?I was not polite with you, and I apologize. I think maybe you are a
good boy, to help Susan. You stay a good boy, and maybe I can like you,

I smiled, and said ?Yes, sir, I would like that.?

He managed a half-smile in return, and said something in Vietnamese to
Susan. She looked at me and asked ?Michael, would you mind? I think my
father and I still need to talk a little bit.?

?That?s fine?, I assured her, adding ?I?ve got to get home and get some
sleep anyway. I?ll see you in chem tomorrow.?

She nodded, and I left the two of them standing there.


Susan and I neither one ever said anything about her father?s visit; but
that didn?t mean that there weren?t changes as a result of it. She
continued to take her studies seriously, but I could see as the tension and
stress slowly drained out of her. On top of that, she easily became more
open and relaxed around other people. With me, she was even comfortable
enough to actually start touching me ? casual, friendly gestures that
she?d avoided prior.

For my part, I carefully matched whatever level of physical and
emotional sharing that she exhibited. Thanksgiving came and went, and I
surprised her by bringing her a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers from the
dinner my Aunt Paula had hosted for our family. Susan quickly decided that
turkey and all the rest were delicious, though she wasn?t completely sold
on cranberry jelly. I had to assure her that was okay ? I wasn?t wild
about it, myself.

During my trips home, I?d told my family about meeting Susan, and that
we were studying together. They and Diane ? who was also my
all-but-engaged girlfriend ? all agreed that it sounded like her father had kept her pretty much under his thumb, and were glad to learn that he?d
finally let her start learning about the rest of America. Diane, and my
sister Holly, both teased me about being in love with her; but all of us
knew that wasn?t the case ? Diane and I were simply too close for
something like that to happen.

In the couple of years since she?d given me her virginity, Diane had
grown up ? and out ? noticeably. Just an inch or so shorter than me, she
had straight dark hair that she?d trimmed back to shoulder length. Her
brown eyes sparkled with intelligence and good humor, and her full lips
just begged to be kissed ? something I did as often as I could. Her
breasts had grown with the rest of her, causing her to wear a 34-C bra.
Her breasts were capped with dark areolas and large nipples that I
delighted in playing with. She was slender, with a trim waist and
nicely-curved hips over a pair of legs that almost any woman would have
died for. She made a nice counterpoint to my sister, Holly. Holly was a
fraction of an inch taller than Diane, but their height was about the only
physical thing they had in common. Holly sported dark red hair that was
slightly curly, beautiful green eyes, and a peaches-and-cream complexion
that differed from the white-with-freckles so many redheads seemed to have.
Her 34-B breasts stuck out a little farther than Diane?s more rounded bust,
and on her slim frame, made her look fairly buxom ? particularly with her
small waist and softly curved hips. Her small, tight ass sat atop a pair
of slender, but nicely shaped legs.

I was staying overnight at Diane?s house one night ? her parents fully
aware of the relationship between us, and approving of it ? and we?d
finished making love when Diane came up with something out of nowhere:

?Mike, you said Susan?s folks ? well, her dad, anyway ? never really
let her experience being an American??

?That?s what she?d told me. She never got to go out for trick-or-treat,
or anything like that?, I answered.

?What about Christmas??

?The way she explained it to me, they?re Buddhist, and they celebrate
Tet. It?s the lunar New Year, and it?s kind of like Christmas and New
Year?s all rolled together.?

?But not Christmas? Like the tree, and exchanging presents, and all

?No, she?s never had that kind of a Christmas. She knows what it?s
about, of course ? I mean, they heard the carols, and saw the movies and
all, but she?s never HAD one. Why??

Diane was silent for a few moments, and then said ?Why don?t you see if
her parents will let her visit us for Christmas? I mean, if your folks
don?t mind. I know mom and Dad wouldn?t mind if she stayed here, and I
think she should find out what Christmas is really about ? not just what
the stores make it like.?

It was something I really hadn?t thought of, before ? but once Diane
mentioned it, it sounded like a helluva good idea. I didn?t hold out any
real hope that it would actually happen, but figured it was at least worth
trying. I didn?t figure mom and Dad would have any problem with it, but I
resolved to find out for certain the next day.

In the mean time, I had the delectable bundle that made up Diane next to
me ? I rolled over onto my side while she did the same. In just a couple
of seconds, we were spooning, my front tucked neatly against her back, my
arm around her as we fell asleep.

The next day, I was back at my parent?s house helping Dad with some
repairs. We?d just finished oiling a squeaky door hinge when I brought up
the subject of Susan maybe spending Christmas with us.

Dad got thoughtful for a few moments, and then said ?You know, Holly
said something about it being a shame Susan had never had a real Christmas
the other day. I thought then that it sure seemed like it to me, too.
Sure, Mike, go ahead and invite her, if you want. I?m sure we can find
room for her someplace around here!? with a laugh.

After I got back to school, I hinted around the subject a little, to see
if Susan had any thoughts about it, either way. She didn?t, and I finally
came right out and made the invitation when I was sure that it wouldn?t
make her uncomfortable. She told me that she thought she?d like to do it,
but wasn?t sure if her father would approve. I reassured her that she
would be staying either with Holly or Diane, and that she was more than
welcome to join us. As a kicker, I told her that her father was certainly
welcome to call MY folks and make sure that it was okay with them, and to
confirm that everything was on the up-and-up.

It was a week later when she told me that she?d finally called him and
asked for permission for the visit. He?d been reluctant at first, but when
she?d explained the whole thing to him ? including the sleeping
arrangements and how he could call my folks to verify all of it ? he?d
finally given his permission. She was still in something of a state of awe
that he?d actually approved of it ? and mixed in with that was a
nervousness about what everyone would think of her, and how she?d act.

In the last couple of weeks before Christmas vacation, I had to
repeatedly reassure Susan that she was not only a welcome guest, but that
everyone was actually looking forward to finally getting to meet her.
Along with that, I was subjected to a little grilling about everyone ?
what they liked, didn?t like, their interests and hobbies and jobs, and the
whole thing. Susan was determined to get them a gift, and wanted to be
sure it was something they?d like. Several times, I had to tell her that
she didn?t have to get them anything, but if she did, they would be happy
with anything she wanted to give them ? that all they really wanted was to
show her what Christmas was all about. It didn?t have any noticeable
impact that I could determine.

I was to be finished with final exams before Susan was, so we made
arrangements for me to pick her up in front of her dorm building. I got
there at the appointed time, and found her waiting for me ? with two
suitcases. When I got out of my pickup truck ? a graduation gift from my
Uncle Jack and some of his fellow farmers ? I raised an eyebrow and asked
?You figuring on moving in, or something? We?re only going to be there for
a week!?

She laughed, and said ?No, I?m not going to move in. One bag is my
clothes, the other is gifts.?

I just shook my head, and loaded them into the bed of the truck,
surprised at the heft of one of them. I covered everything in the bed of
the truck with a tarp to keep it all reasonably clean, and Susan and I
piled into the cab. Seatbelts fastened, we were on our way. Susan was
obviously nervous, so I reached over and patted her on the hand, telling
her ?Relax. Everything?s going to be fine. Nobody?s going to bite you,

She gave me a wan smile, and visibly relaxed ? at least, a little.
Still, as we got closer and closer, I could see her getting more and more
nervous. I tried to get her involved in a conversation, but her nerves
kept her from being as communicative as usual.

It was late afternoon when we pulled into the driveway at home, and
everyone came out to welcome us ? even Diane?s parents were there.
Everyone quickly got Susan into the house, except for Dad, who stayed
behind to help me with the luggage. I grabbed my one bag, and before I
could do anything about it, Dad had Susan?s. He looked at me in surprise
at how heavy the one was, and I just shrugged before telling him ?I told
her that she didn?t have to get us anything, that she was our guest. I
made it as clear as I could, but she must have had her own ideas.? Dad
nodded, and we went inside.

After Dad and I had put the bags away ? mine in my room, Susan?s in
Holly?s room, where she?d be staying ? we went back downstairs. There, I
was promptly chastised by Mom, who told me ?Michael, you didn?t tell us how
beautiful Susan is!?

That was followed by Diane whispering in my ear ?Yeah, MIKE!?, and
pinching me on the ass. From the way she?d said it, I knew Diane was just
jerking my chain.

Of course, they had to show her around the house, and while they were
gone, Dad told me ?Your mom?s right, son. She IS a very pretty girl.
Aren?t you worried that Diane?s going to get jealous??

?Diane knows I love her, Dad. But if she gets a little jealous, well,
I?ll just let her know that she?s still first with me.?

Dad smiled, and said ?If I know anything about women, you?d better get
started, then, son.?

When they all got back from their tour, we all sat down ? Diane right
next to me, taking my hand in hers ? with Susan a little farther away on
the other side of me, apparently for comfort and reassurance. Only then
did I realize how it might make Diane feel, having Susan there. Whoops.

While all of them started talking to and with Susan ? asking her how
she?d gotten to America, how old she was when it happened, what she
remembered of Viet Nam, and so on ? I made sure I paid proper attention to
Diane. A little while later, Diane asked if anyone else was thirsty, and
when they said they were, asked me to help her in the kitchen. ?Uh-oh?, I
thought to myself as I followed her out of the den.

In the kitchen, Diane quickly pulled me into a hug and fierce kiss
before stepping back and saying ?Michael, you are so funny, sometimes.?

?What?? I asked.

Diane laughed, and said ?You are so afraid that I?m going to be jealous
of Susan, and you?re trying so hard to let me know that I don?t have to be
? when you should already know that I know I don?t have to be jealous of

After trying to work my way through THAT logic, I finally asked ?Huh??

Diane smiled, and said ?Mike, I already know you love me ? more than
anything else. Do you really think I?d be jealous just because you met
another girl? Even one as beautiful as Susan is? I know you like her, but
I also know that you don?t really love her, at least, not the way you love
me. She?s had a tough time, and her dad has kept her from really
experiencing this country ? you brought her here because I suggested it,
remember? BOTH of us want her to find out what Americans can really be
like; that we?re not all like I think her father is afraid we are. So
don?t worry that I?m going to be jealous, okay? You?re the only person she
really knows here, right now, so it?s going to be a few days before she?s
relaxed enough to not want to be close to you all the time. Okay??

?Uh, okay?

?Good. Now help me get something to drink for everybody.?

And I did. When we got back into the den, we served everybody, and then
Diane eased me back down near Susan ? who looked relieved ? before taking
a seat on the other side of her.

A while later, the worst of the questioning was over, and Diane had the
chance to take Susan?s hand. When Susan turned to look at her, Diane told
her ?Its okay, Susan. I know that all of us like you, and we?re all glad
you were able to come and visit with us.?

Having my girlfriend talk to her like that did wonders for Susan ? her
posture was visibly more relaxed when Holly asked her ?Would you like to
come upstairs and see where you?ll be staying? It?s my room, but there?s
enough room on the bed for both of us. If you want, you can put your
things away; I made some room for you in my dresser and closet.?

Susan nodded, and she and Holly went upstairs. When they were gone,
Diane scooted over next to me again and pulled my arm around her, holding
my hand in hers. We sat there listening to her folks and mine talking
about something or other that they were involved in. At different times,
each of Diane?s parents looked over and smiled in approval at us.

A bit later, Holly and Susan returned; I figured that Holly must have
said something similar to what Diane had, because Susan was smiling as the
two of them shared some joke or other. When they got close, Diane removed
my arm from around her and scooted over to make room for Susan. Seeing the
surprise on Susan?s face, Diane told her ?I just figured you?d be a little
more comfortable next to Mike, since you haven?t gotten to know the rest of
us yet.?

Susan nodded, and sat down between us.

With Susan back, she was again the subject of a number of questions ?
but more low-key ones. What was she majoring in? How did she get her hair
so straight and shiny? How many brothers and sisters? Did she like the
school we were attending? She lived in the dorms? How terrible! How did
she ever manage? And so on?

Supper that night was roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green
beans, the works. Susan was a little hesitant at first, but quickly
discovered that she liked all of it ? particularly the strawberry
cheesecake we had for dessert. Nobody singled Susan out, but she was
included in the conversation during dinner. Afterwards, mom and Diane?s
mom gently shooed her out of the dining room and kitchen when she tried to
help clean up.

Back in the den with the rest of us, Susan found out that Dad had gone
out and rented a movie for us all to watch: a Three Stooges comedy. As he
fed it into the VCR, he told Susan ?Susan, what you?re about to see is a
priceless American treasure ? three of the greatest comedians to ever

Susan looked around, and Diane and Holly both rolled their eyes at Dad?s
description of the Stooges ? but I had to agree with him, as Diane?s dad
did. Maybe the Stooges are just a guy thing?

Anyway, mom and Diane?s mom got into the den just as the movie was
starting, and we spent the next hour and a half laughing ourselves silly ?
including Susan, who?s soft, musical laughter prompted Diane to lean over
and whisper in my ear ?Even her LAUGH is beautiful!?

When the movie was over, Diane?s folks thanked us for a nice evening,
told Susan that they were delighted to meet her, and were looking forward
to seeing her again. That said, they left to go home, leaving Diane with
us. We stayed up and talked for a little longer, before Dad told us that
he still had to go to work the next day. mom chipped in by telling us that
she had a meeting for one of the charities she volunteered with the next
morning, so she was going to bed, too. That left me, Diane, Holly, and
Susan downstairs.

With the others gone, Holly and Diane were ready to start asking the
kinds of questions they were interested in: what bands did Susan like? Any
particular guy she was interested in? Were her brothers cute? Where did
she get her clothes? Was she even wearing any makeup, and if so, where did
she get it?

By the time they got all (okay, all for THEN) girl-talk out of the way,
all of us were ready for some sleep. Holly told Susan that she was going
to bed, and that Susan was welcome to come upstairs then, or any time she
wanted. Susan quickly decided that she was ready for bed, too. Diane and
I didn?t even have to say anything ? we just looked at each other, and
agreed: yeah, it?s time.

All four of us got up and headed for the stairs, Diane and I with an arm
around each other, with Holly and Susan behind us. When we got upstairs
and Diane and I continued on past Holly?s room, I heard Susan ask ?Diane
won?t be staying with us??, followed by Holly?s reply ?Oh, no, whenever
Mike?s home, they stay together.?

?And your parents and hers do not mind?? Susan asked, plainly baffled
by the situation.

?Not at all. They know how nice and responsible Mike is, and they know
how much he and Diane love each other, so they don?t mind.?

Susan didn?t have anything else to say about it just then, and I heard
her and Holly go into the bedroom and close the door behind them. Once
inside my room, Diane closed the door behind us. Before she could even
turn around, I had my arms around her waist, and was kissing her softly on
the nape of her neck. She leaned back against me and put her hands on my
arms for a few moments before taking my hands and moving them up to her
breasts. As I started to softly squeeze and caress them through her
blouse, she turned her head so the two of us could share a deep, loving

When our lips parted, she told me ?I?ve missed you, Mike.?

?And I?ve missed you.?

?Show me how much?? she replied ? and I did.

I released her breasts, and started unfastening the buttons going down
the front of her blouse, and when I was done, slid it off her shoulders to
set it aside. Next, I reached between her breasts and undid the hook for
her bra. With it unfastened, the fullness of her bust pulled the cups
apart, but didn?t let them fall free. I slid my hands under the cups to
gently run the palms of my hands across her nipples, feeling them harden
and extend at my touch, even as I felt her slip her shoes off. With her
responding to my ministrations, I lifted my hands free of her breasts so I
could guide her bra off her shoulders and down her arms so I could set it
on top of her blouse.

My hands returned to her breasts, where I gently squeezed and caressed
them for a little while before sliding my hands down her sides to her
waist. There, it was only a moment before I found the snap to the slacks
she had on, unfastened it, and slid the zipper down. I paused for a few
moments so that I could kiss her as my hands softly traced outlines on the
smooth skin of her body. I felt her starting to press her ass against my
growing erection, and returned to the task at hand ? so to speak ? and
knelt to slide the waist of her slacks down her legs, where she stepped out
of them.

Still kneeling, I moved my hands to her waist again after a brief detour
to softly massage the firm, rounded globes of her ass. I slipped my
fingers under the waistband of the thin panties she was wearing, and slowly
slid them down her legs, as well ? and taking the opportunity to plant a
soft kiss at the top of the cleft of her ass. With her panties around her
ankles, Diane stepped out of them, too ? using one foot to casually kick
them aside before turning around to face me. When she did, it brought the
dark strip of her bush in front of me. With her pelvis so close to my
face, I didn?t have any trouble making out the scent of her arousal, or
seeing the edges of her labia where they extended past the short hair
covering her mons.

Leaning forward slightly, I placed a soft kiss on her lower belly, right
at the fringe of her pubic thatch. From there, I worked my way upward,
leaving soft kisses on any part of her that struck my fancy ? and there
were a lot of them. By the time I reached her breasts, I could hear her
soft panting, and could see that her shoulders and upper breasts were
faintly tinged with an aroused blush.

Taking the end of one of her breasts into my mouth, I softly sucked on
it as I used my tongue to twiddle her hard nipple. In only a few seconds,
I could feel the difference between the greater mass of her breast and her
crinkled areola with my tongue. After sucking on her nipple for a few more
seconds, I switched over to the other breast, and soon had it matching the
first. For another couple of minutes, I went back and forth between them,
until I had both of them equally glistening with my saliva, and both
nipples hard and fully erect.

My next stop was to place a soft kiss at the hollow of her throat before
continuing on to tend to her soft lips.

When our lips parted, I pulled my head back to look down at her ? her
head was tilted back, and when she opened her eyes to look at me, the love
she felt for me was plain in them ? just as the desire she felt was on her

When she reached up to start unfastening the buttons on my shirt, her
hands were trembling slightly. I took her hands in mine and asked ?Do you
want to do that, or do you want me naked and with you sooner??

She didn?t even hesitate to answer ?Naked!?

I took a step back so she could watch as I took off my own clothes ?
and saw the pleasure in her eyes when she saw that I was already
semi-erect. Once I was as naked as she, I picked her up in my arms and
carried her over to my bed, where I set her down gently. She looked up at
me in complete love and trust, and I felt myself fall in love with her all
over again.

I lay down next to her, and the two of us started kissing again as our
hands renewed their acquaintance with each other?s bodies. After a bit,
our hands had found each others genitals, and we were happily bringing each
other to full arousal. I felt her hips start rocking in response to the
way I was running my finger along the cleft of her sex, letting it graze
across her clitoris with each pass. I let our kiss gradually end, then
lowered my head to start kissing her lower and lower on her body. I was
barely past her breasts when she realized what I intended to do; she took
my head in her hands and lifted it so she could tell me ?You don?t have to
do that ? God, I?m already ready! What I want is to feel you inside me!?

I smiled and nodded, and she released her hold on my head before laying
back and spreading her thighs in invitation. I moved between them, and
then got into a squatting position with her legs draped across my thighs.
Reaching between us, I angled my penis down slightly so that the head of it
slid between the soft, warm petals of her vaginal lips. I pressed myself
forward, and watched as the head of my erection slipped through the tight
ring of her entrance. Reaching forward, I put my hands on her hips, and
pulled her toward me as I eased my hips back to a ?neutral? position.
Arching myself forward again, nearly half my length slid inside her; I
again pulled her closer to me as my hips moved back. At that point, half
my manhood was buried in her, without me having to move forward or backward
? from that position, I could make love with her with minimal effort, and
still have her open to my tender mercies.

I eased my hips back a little, letting some of my penis slip free of her
? and also making sure her feminine lubricants were being properly spread
around. My next thrust into her ended with nearly my entire penis inside
her; something that drew a soft moan of pleasure from her. As I slid
myself back out of her, I could feel that her ample oils had thoroughly
coated my member. A few more tries, and I was slowly rocking back and
forth, alternately filling and emptying her womanly cavern. A little
longer, and she started lifting her hips slightly in response to my
penetrations, welcoming each new invasion.

It had been several weeks since we?d last made love, and I knew that I
would enjoy emptying myself into her. But more important to me was that
SHE enjoy our lovemaking, too ? so I took my time, doing everything I
could to bring her as much pleasure as possible before finding my own

As I rocked back and forth, sliding my erect member between the clasping
lips of her womanhood, I let my hand rest on her mons, my thumb atop her
clitoris. Each time she raised her hips to accept me, her clitoris would
brush against my thumb, stimulating her a little more. It wasn?t but a few
minutes before I felt her vagina start clenching around me as she softly
cried out her release. Even as she was groaning her pleasure, I continued
pistoning in and out of her, knowing that what she was experiencing was but
the first of several climaxes she would have.

When it was (mostly) over for her, I felt her hand slip under mine, her
finger replacing my thumb. With both hands and arms free, I leaned forward
to prop my body over hers before lowering my head to begin licking and
sucking at her breasts and nipples. I could feel the slight vibration as
she softly moaned her pleasure at having another of her erogenous zones
tended to. Where our pelvises were joined, I could feel her hand starting
to move a bit more quickly as she increased the attention she was paying to
her clitoris.

A few more minutes, and she climaxed again, more strongly, using her
free hand to stifle the loudest of her cries. By that time, she was
wonderfully hot and wet around me; the added pressure of her vagina tightening around me felt incredible, and I couldn?t help but increase the
pace at which I was moving in her. With the increase in motion in her, it
wasn?t long before I began to feel tension in my legs; I knew that if I
kept making love with her that way, I was sure to cramp, ending the
pleasure for BOTH of us.

When I paused, Diane released a soft cry of disappointment before she
felt me moving to a different position. With her legs wrapped around my
waist and her pelvis tilted up toward me, I slowly thrust myself into her
again. The change in position and the angle between our bodies meant that
I could enter her as deeply as possible ? my forward motion ending only
when our pelvises met, trapping her erect clitoris between us, softly
squeezing it. When that happened, I felt Diane?s vagina involuntarily
clench around me ? something that felt so good, it prompted me to do it
again. And again and again?

Another couple of minutes passed, and I could feel myself getting closer
and closer to the point of no return ? and hear it as Diane got closer and
closer to yet another orgasm; a strong one, by the sound of her increasing

It wasn?t much longer before I knew that it was going to happen. As I
felt my balls tighten up, I began thrusting hard into Diane ? and felt her
respond to the increased tempo and pressure against her clitoris. I
managed to bury myself in her a few more times before I pressed myself in
her as far as I could as the first hot jet of my semen erupted out the end
of my penis to ricochet off the inside of her vagina. As I felt my penis
tighten in preparation to launch the next wad of jism, I felt Diane pull
herself up against me, burying her face in my shoulder as she nearly
screamed her release.

Back and forth we went, alternating grunts and groans as each of us
experienced wave after wave of pleasure. Only when we?d both exhausted
ourselves with our climaxes did we collapse into a tangle of arms and legs
on the bed.

As we lay there panting, Diane managed to gasp out ?Yeah, I?d say you
missed me!? before a small shudder passed through her body. We lay there
together for a bit longer, holding each other close. Finally, though,
Diane got up and put a robe on (she kept one at our house, and I kept one
at hers), and headed for the bathroom. She came back a couple of minutes
later with a damp washcloth in her hand, which she used to wipe the
overflow of our combined juices from my body.

Setting the washcloth aside, she climbed back into bed with me, and
pulled the covers over us before snuggling herself into my side. I put my
arm around her, gave her a hug, and then kissed the top of her head.
Together, we drifted off to sleep, happy to be with each other again.


The next morning, Diane and I got downstairs in time to catch Dad before
he left for work. He asked if I?d go out and get our Christmas tree that
morning, and we?d all decorate it when he got home that night. With me
having a pickup truck, it made good sense to me for me to get the tree;
Holly and I both knew what kind of tree that he and mom liked. The
clincher, though, was when he said that Susan might like to go with us ?
it seemed like a good way to help her realize that she wasn?t just a guest;
that we were inviting her not just into our home, but our family.

I said that I?d be glad to, and before he left, Dad gave me one of his
credit cards to pay for it.

Holly and Susan came downstairs a little while after he left. By the
time they showed up, mom had left for her meeting, so it was up to the four
of us to manage our own breakfast. Holly and Diane teamed up to make
French toast for all of us; Susan had never tasted it before, so they
drafted her to help. All they?d let me do was make some coffee ? and
chased me out of the kitchen as soon as it was ready and I?d poured myself
a cup.

Several minutes later, Holly called out to let me know that it was
ready. When I got into the dining room, I saw that places had already been
set for all of us. I took a seat just as the three of them trooped in ?
Holly carrying coffee and juice, Diane with butter and syrup, and Susan
proudly bearing a large platter of French toast and bacon.

Holly saw me looking at Susan, and said ?Diane and I made the first few
slices, but Susan did the rest. Did pretty good, too!?, causing Susan to
blush slightly as she set the platter down on the table. They all took
seats, and we got started ? with Holly, Diane, and I smiling when we saw
Susan?s reaction to her first bite of French toast with butter and genuine
maple syrup.

When breakfast was over, the girls let me take care of the dirty dishes
? I had to ?argue? Susan out of helping ? and cleaning up the kitchen.
When I was done with that, we adjourned to the den with the last of the
coffee. Diane and I told Holly and Susan that Dad wanted us to go out and
get the Christmas tree that morning. Susan said that she?d seen trees for
sale for weeks, and asked why we had waited until then to get ours. Holly
explained to her that it was because when Dad was a kid, one his neighbors
had their house burn down when their tree caught fire ? the family had
always bought their tree as soon as possible, and it had gotten too dry and
caught fire one night. Since then, Dad had always waited until the last
week before Christmas, as a way of making sure that the same thing didn?t
happen to HIS house and family.

When Diane let us know that she wanted to spend some time with her
folks, Holly quickly jumped in to ask Susan if she wanted to go with us to
help pick out the tree. Susan was a little hesitant, having never done it
before, but Holly didn?t have any trouble convincing her to come along.

After we?d finished our coffee, I took Diane home; when I got back,
Holly and Susan were ready to go tree shopping.

We had to hit several lots before we found a nice tree at a decent
price. Along the way, we explained to Susan what we were looking for, and
what was good and bad about the different trees that we saw. She?d never
been onto a tree lot before, and was delighted with the smell of freshly
cut pine and fir. At one point, Holly picked up a little scrap of one of
the trees and gave it to Susan, who kept sniffing it and smiling as we
drove around.

With our tree picked out, I handed over the credit card Dad had given
me. After the sale was complete, they trimmed the trunk back a little to
make sure it would be fresh when we put the tree up. Then they wrapped it
so it would be easier to move around, and loaded it into the back of my

Once we got back home, Susan cheerfully helped us get the tree into the
house after Holly got the tree stand ready. Every year, we put the tree in
the same place, so there wasn?t any problem with getting that much of
setting things up ? the only question was going to be what view of it mom wanted to have facing ?out?, and that only involved turning the tree around
on it?s axis until she was satisfied.

The next thing was to go up into the attic and dig out the decorations ?
which I did, handing them off to Holly and Susan, who moved them to where
they?d be handy by the tree. The attic was a little dusty, so as I cleaned
up, Holly opened up a couple of the boxes of decorations and showed Susan
some of the ones that had special meaning to us.

Shortly before lunchtime, mom came home from her meeting, and we had the
chance to get the tree position fine-tuned. That accomplished, mom made
hot roast beef sandwiches for all of us. While we were eating, Holly said
that she had a little more shopping to do, and asked if Susan wanted to go
with her. Susan looked at me for guidance, and I told her that she was
welcome to go with Holly or stay ? it was her choice. After a few moments
thought, Susan decided that sounded like fun, and agreed.

After lunch, Holly called Diane to see if she wanted or needed to do any
shopping, too. Apparently Diane did, because I heard Holly make
arrangements to pick Diane up a few minutes later. When I?d left for
college with my ?new? truck (used, but extensively rebuilt and repaired,
courtesy of my Uncle Jack and some of his fellow farmers), I?d given Holly
my old car. It was a reliable old 1957 Ford Fairlane that I?d gone a ways
toward restoring. All the essential mechanical on it was in flawless
condition; it?s only real problems were minor: a sticky heating/cooling
control, the passenger side door had to be slammed HARD to latch, and a few
other such trivialities. Holly would have preferred something small, fast,
and sexy - but it beat hell out of not having any car, so she didn?t fuss.
Dad liked it because it wasn?t small, fast, and sexy ? it was built out of
serious STEEL, and if Holly was ever in an accident (always a risk with
teenage drivers, Dad pointed out to both of us), it would protect her a lot
better than ?those little aluminum beer cans? as Dad described them.

With Holly and the others gone, I got myself a book and planted myself
in a chair in the den. I didn?t hesitate to help mom the few times she
needed me; otherwise it was a nice, quiet afternoon.

It was getting toward late afternoon when I heard Holly and the others
get back from their shopping trip. I saw Diane stick her head in the den,
and when she saw me sitting there, she came in to sit on my lap.

I looked at her inquisitively, and she told me ?I?m in here to keep you
distracted while Holly and Susan get the stuff we bought up to her room.?

?Okay. So how are you going to distract me?? I asked.

Diane just smiled, and leaned in for a kiss ? one that went on for
quite some time. When our lips finally parted, I told her ?Yup, that was
definitely distracting. Think they?ve had enough time, yet??

Diane laughed and said ?Well, maybe not. I think I?d better distract
you some more!? before kissing me again. As this one went on, I put my
arms around her waist and gently hugged her. We were approaching
incendiary levels when we heard someone softly clear their throat. We let
our kiss break off, and looked over to see that it was Mom, wanting to know
if we?d like some hot chocolate ? her only visible discomfort from finding
Diane and I like that was that she?d interrupted us. Both of us told her
that some hot chocolate sounded pretty good, Diane adding that Holly and
Susan would certainly want some, too. mom gave us a smile before turned to
head for the kitchen; when she was gone, Diane told me ?If they haven?t
gotten everything moved by now, they deserve to get caught. I?ll go up and
let them know about the hot chocolate.?

We shared another quick kiss, and a hug, before she got off my lap the
start for the stairs. I got up, too, and went in to see if there was
anything I could do to help mom ? and not surprised when she told me there
wasn?t. Not that there wasn?t something I could do; it was just whether or
not mom was willing to LET me do it. The kitchen was her domain, and she
ran it like a Marine Corps drill instructor in drag.

So I found myself a seat in the little breakfast nook we had, and only
had to wait a couple of minutes before the others found me there, and took
seats of their own. Diane sat next to me on one side, of course, and Holly
insisted that Susan take the other side.

Knowing it was a futile question, I asked them what they?d bought ? and
was promptly told by Holly that I?d find out soon enough. I?d figured that
they?d gotten something for me when it was ?necessary? for Diane to
distract me while Holly and Susan moved their purchases into her room; the
reply I got to my question only confirmed it.

All four of us were a little surprised when mom brought in the hot
chocolate, and sat down to drink a cup of it with us. As we sipped ?
Susan was delighted with hot chocolate, and positively giddy with the
addition of marshmallows ? the five of us talked about all manner of
things. Susan was a little quiet and hesitant at first, but it didn?t take
her long to join in once she realized that mom wasn?t anything like her
father ? that mom was soft-spoken, friendly, and generally good-natured.
After a while, mom topped off our hot chocolate ? adding marshmallows as
necessary ? before leaving us to go take care of whatever other tasks
she?d set for herself.

When she was gone, Susan told us ?I?m sorry, but I?m still a little bit
nervous with your parents. They are very much different than mine!?

Holly quickly assured her ?You don?t have to be, Susan. You?re in our
house, and I know that neither one of them would ever do anything to make
you uncomfortable. Besides, they like you!?

Susan looked over at me, and a quick scan of her told me that she wanted
to believe Holly, but still wasn?t quite sure. To put her mind at ease, I
reached over and gave her hand a little squeeze before telling her ?It?s
true, Susan. If mom or Dad didn?t like you, they would be a LOT more
polite and formal with you ? but they would NEVER actually do or say
anything bad to you. If mom sat down here with us to talk like she did,
you can be sure that she likes you, and wants to get to know you better.?

Another scan of Susan told me that my words had put her considerably
more at ease ? but that she?d been fully aware of my touch on her hand,
and both pleased and comforted by it.

With Susan thus reassured, they started talking about what they wanted
to do the next day. I pointed out that there were still a few things that
I needed to get, which got Holly and Diane started telling me what THEY
wanted ? Ferraris, mink coats, diamonds, all the usual stuff. Susan
looked on with surprise, until Diane saw the expression on her face and
told her ?Its okay, Susan. We?re just teasing him ? we do this every
year. Don?t we, Mike??

I faked a serious/surprised look on my face, and asked ?You do??

That surprised Holly and Diane both ? until they realized that I WAS
faking. Then both of them laughed, and told Susan ?See? Now he?s teasing
US!? Susan didn?t seem all that certain about the teasing until I started
laughing, too, at the expression on her face. Realizing that she?d been
?had?, Susan started laughing with us ? trying to give me a dirty look,
and simply not being able to pull it off.

We were still chuckling when Dad got home, and came in to see what the
noise was about. Diane told him, and he smiled as he told Susan ?Every
year, these two ask Santa Clause for the same things, and every year
they?re still thrilled with what they DO get. I?d think they would
eventually get the message, but I guess they?re prettier than they are

Holly and Diane both promptly feigned indignity at that, making Dad
laugh. Having seen the rest of us teasing each other, Susan understood
that Dad was teasing the girls, and laughed with the rest of us when they
finally couldn?t hold it in any longer.

When Dad left, I asked Susan ?Anyway, I?ve got to finish up MY shopping
tomorrow. I could use some help, if you want to go with me, but if you
want to stay with Holly and Diane, I?ll understand.?

Susan looked a trifle concerned, and Holly quickly assured her ?Do
whichever one you want to, Susan. Mike always knows what to get all of us,
so he?ll be fine shopping by himself. If you want to stay with us, we?d
love to have your company; but if you want to go with him, that?s fine,

Satisfied that either decision would perfectly acceptable to either
side, Susan told us ?I think I?d like to go with Mike, then.?

Diane reached across to pat Susan?s hand in reassurance before telling
her ?That?s fine. Holly and I have a few things to keep ourselves busy.?

?I?ll just bet!? I thought to myself, knowing how much the two of them
enjoyed making love with each other. Having one or the other of our or
Diane?s house to themselves, it was a pretty safe bet that they?d spend at
least SOME of that time getting each other off.

Holly seemed to be reading my thoughts and just grinned at me,


After supper, we all trooped into the living room so we could decorate
our tree. All of our roles were well-established by that time: mom was the
artistic director, Dad supervised, and the rest of us provided the labor.
Susan was again a little hesitant at first, apparently not wanting to
intrude on a family event, but readily joined in when the rest of us
started handing her decorations to put up under Mom?s guidance. The last
thing to go on was the haloed angel that went on the top of the tree.
Holly was always the one that put it up ? at least, from the time she was
old enough to reach it from the stepladder; but after she picked it up, she
hesitated a moment, then handed it to Susan, saying ?It?s our family tradition that the youngest in the family puts this last decoration up.
Once I was big enough, that was me ? but since you?re the youngest part of
our family now, I think it should be you.?

From the look on her face, we could all see that Susan was both honored
and terrified at the prospect. She looked over at mom and Dan, and they
just looked on approvingly. Next she looked at Diane and me, and both of
us just nodded. Last was Holly, who just told her ?Please ? you?re part
of our family now, too.?

Susan was visibly nervous and shaking as she made her way to the
stepladder. Diane nudged me, and I went over to it, too. As Susan started
up, I carefully reached out and put my hand in the small of her back to
steady her. She looked at me with concern in her eyes, and I just smiled
for her to go on. She took a deep breath, and as she climbed the last
couple of steps, I scanned her. I was surprised to learn just how deeply
touched she was by Holly?s actions, and how profoundly honored she was by
the way we?d included her that evening. But what surprised me most was the
discovery that she was intensely aware of my hand at the small of her back,
and how pleased she was at my touch.

When she had the decoration securely in place, she made her way back
down the stepladder. After she had both feet securely on the floor, all of
us quietly applauded - making her blush furiously - before Holly and Diane
and mom all went over to give her a hug. When they were done, all of us
could see the quiet joy on her face.

With everything in place, Dad hit the switch for the outlet that the
lights were plugged into ? and all of us marveled at how nice the tree
looked. mom brought our little tradition to its proper close by bringing
in hot chocolate for everyone.


The next morning, all of us were up in time to have breakfast with mom and Dad before they left ? Dad to work, and mom to the volunteer work she
did for a local charity.

When it came time, Susan and I got ready to head for the malls. As we
were heading out the door, I told Diane and Holly that we probably wouldn?t
be back until after lunch ? discretely letting them know how much time
they had. Both nodded and gave us ? well, me, anyway ? a conspiratorial

I?d already gotten things for mom and Dad and Diane?s parents, so it was
Holly and Diane that I was shopping for ? and despite their claims to the
contrary, shopping for them was always a challenge for me. I was glad to
have the help of a girl closer to their ages than the salesladies I usually
had to deal with.

Navigating the crowds in the malls was a lot less tiring than usual ?
due entirely, I?m sure, to Susan?s pleasant and attractive company.
Through a combination of flattery, cajolery, and teasing, I even managed to
get Susan to pose for a photo of her on Santa?s lap as she told him what
she wanted for Christmas. In the photos that we took home with us, her shy
happiness was plain.

Between the allowance Dad gave me for school, the pocket money Uncle
Jack sent, tutoring some of the denser freshmen in physics, and what I?d
gotten during my summer jobs, I had a tidy nest egg of money for Christmas
gifts. It wasn?t so much that I could just throw it around, of course, but
it was enough that I wasn?t as price-limited as usual at that time of year.
With Susan?s help, I picked out some things for Holly and Susan and got
them wrapped. By the time we were done, it was late enough that lunch time
had passed for most people; Susan joined me for a couple slices of pizza at
the mall before we started home.

There, we found Holly watching a movie in the den; she told us that
Diane had gone home to take care of some things. Susan readily did her
part by keeping Holly company as I got my purchases into my room. Holly
knew what I was doing, of course, and cooperated.

Once I was done, I joined them for the rest of the movie.

mom got home late afternoon, and after putting her things away, stopped
by the den to let us know she was going to start supper. Susan surprised
all of us by asking if mom would let her help ? that she wanted to learn
Western cooking, and she though mom would be a good person to learn from.

mom was delighted at Susan?s request, and more than happy to help Susan
get started. The two of them went into the kitchen, and Holly and I could
hear as mom started explaining what she was going to cook, and how.

With it being just the two of us in the den, Holly took the opportunity
to talk to me about Susan.


?Yeah, pumpkin??

?Do you have any idea how happy Susan is about being here??

?I guess she?s having fun, but after that, not really.?

?Well, she?s a lot happier than just ?having fun?. Last night, after
everyone went to bed, we stayed up a little while, and she told me how she
felt when all of us included her in the different stuff we?re doing. Mike,
she was so happy and so proud when I gave her the angel to put on the top
of the tree ? she must have thanked me a hundred times! And I guess her
own folks are pretty strict with her, because she kept telling me and Diane
how surprised she was when mom and Dad were so nice to her.?

?Yeah, the first time I met her dad, he was yelling at us ? well,
mostly her. We were studying together in a diner close to school, and he
was upset because she wasn?t either in her dorm room or the library.
Having me there only made it worse for her.?

?That?s so sad - I?ll bet she was really upset; I mean, she?s so SHY all
the time.?

?Yeah, it did upset her ? but I guess it kind of got to her, too,
because she kind of told him off, too. She was real polite and respectful
about it, but she still stood up for herself.?

?Good for her! Did you know she?s never been out on a date? I mean,
just her and a guy? Not even with any of the Vietnamese boys she knows.
The only time she was allowed to be around guys was if there were adults
around to be like chaperones. Boy, was she surprised when you and Diane
both stayed in your room that first night!?, the last with a chuckle.

?I heard her ask you about it, out in the hall?, I replied.

?Oh, believe me, she had a lot more questions after we got inside. She
just couldn?t believe that mom and Dan were okay with Diane sleeping with
you ? never mind Diane?s folks! I had to explain to her that what you and
Diane have, well, it?s something special ? that most parents wouldn?t let
something like that happen. She wanted to know why it was okay, so I told
her about what kind of guy you are, and how responsible and mature and
everything. It helped a lot when she understood that Diane?s parents were
? I don?t know, thoughtful enough? Brave enough? ? that they let her
start birth control when they did. And that you and Diane have been
together for so long, just the two of you, helped, too. When we were
shopping yesterday, Diane noticed that Susan was acting a little strange,
and finally asked her if something was bothering her. It took a little
while, but Susan finally admitted that she couldn?t understand how Diane
could let you make love to her that first time. Boy, was she surprised
when Diane told her that it had been HER idea, and that she asked YOU to
make love!?

After meeting her father, and knowing how he felt about guys being
around Susan, I could easily imagine her reaction to Diane?s revelation,
and laughed.

?Anyway, once she heard that, Susan had a hard time believing that Diane
was okay with you paying attention to HER. It took a while before Diane
was able to convince her that she was okay with you and Susan studying
together. It wasn?t until Diane told her that even if the two of you went
out on a date at school, she ? Diane ? trusted and loved you enough to
know that you wouldn?t try to make anything more out of it than just two
people that liked each other having a nice time together. Susan asked if
you had ever been with another girl since the two of you became a couple,
and Diane told her that the only times it had happened, she knew who it was
and was happy that you and the girl were able to make each other feel

Of course, those were the few times that Holly and I had made love after
Diane and I had promised ourselves to each other.

Holly went on ?Then Susan asked me what kind of big brother you were,
and I told her that I thought you were a GREAT big brother ? ?cause I do!
? and that I was glad that you and I never really had the kinds of problems
that some of my friends have with their brothers. She asked me what I
meant, so I told her ? about all the times I came to you for help, and how
you were always there when I needed you, and all the rest of it. Well,
except for? him.?

Ever since her near-rape by one of the guys in my school, Holly had
never said his name ? she would only refer to him the way she just had,
her voice all but dripping vitriol. That I?d well and truly taken care of
the guy didn?t matter ? she loathed him, and didn?t make any bones about

Holly continued by telling me ?Susan said that her own brothers were
always interfering ? they called it ?watching out? for her ? in public,
and kind of mean to her when they were at home. She was really surprised
at how well we get along together.?

I smiled at that, thinking about how Susan?s opinion of our relationship
might change if she were to find out that I had been the one Holly had
given her virginity to.

?Anyway, I guess that?s why she?s so shy: because so many people keep
telling her what to do, and getting upset with her about such small stuff.
That first night, she went to bed wearing a nightgown, for goodness? sake.
You know I like to sleep naked, but I put on a bra and panties so she
wouldn?t feel uncomfortable, so I was really surprised. Last night was
better; she didn?t put on any more clothes than I did, but I could tell she
was still a little nervous. She has this scar on her back, and I guess she
saw me looking at it, because she told me that she was hurt back in Viet
Nam while she was still a little girl. From the look on her face, I think
there was more to it than that; but I didn?t want to make her feel any
worse than she did, so I didn?t ask.?

Just then, we hear Dad get home from work; a few moments later, he stuck
his head in the den and seemed surprised to see only Holly and me there.

?Susan said she wanted to learn how to cook Western food, so she?s in
the kitchen with Mom.? Holly explained. Dad just smiled, and headed that

A few minutes later, we heard a knock at the door, and I got up to go
see who it was ? and happy to find Diane and her parents. I invited them
in, and as they came in, Diane?s mom told me ?You mother invited us over
for supper, and to see your tree.?

Once they?d hung up their coats, Diane?s folks headed for the kitchen
while Diane and I hugged and kissed before going back into the den. Once
there, Diane and I got started talking with Holly to figure out what else
there was that we needed to do before Christmas. It didn?t take long to
realize that all of us were done with our shopping, so there wasn?t
anything left to do but simply enjoy ourselves.

I asked Diane and Holly if they?d managed to keep themselves amused
while Susan and I were at the mall, and both of them just gave me big grins
as they nodded their heads. I told them that I had a surprise for
everybody at supper, and they were immediately all over me, trying to find
out what it was. After a good five minutes of good-natured badgering, I
still hadn?t told them, so they finally gave up ? if reluctantly.

We were just sitting there when Susan came in with a pleased smile on
her face to tell us that supper was ready. When we got to the dining room,
we saw that she and mom had prepared beef stroganoff for all of us. As we
sat down, mom quietly announced that Susan had done all the cooking - with
only a little help from her. Susan blushed, but the smile on her face grew
even wider.

The food was dished out, and all of us told her that it was delicious ?
it was ? making her blush again; something that prompted Dad to tease her
?You keep blushing like that, Susan, and you?re going to run out of blood!?
? causing all of us to join in with her pleased laughter. I embarrassed
her even more when I showed everyone the photo of Susan sitting on Santa?s

After supper, Holly and I cleaned up while the rest went into the den to
look at the tree. As had become another tradition in our house, once the
tree was up, each person would put their gifts under it when there wasn?t
anyone watching; so there was a small pile of packages already under it ?
those from mom and Dad almost certainly, and probably those from Holly and
Diane. I planned to wait until Christmas eve, after everyone had gone to

When everyone had had a chance to look the tree over again, we decided
that it would be fun to go out and look at the Christmas decorations people
had put up on their houses. There were too many of us to fit into one car,
so it was decided that mom and Dad and Diane?s parents would take one car;
with me, Holly, Diane, and Susan in another.

Susan had seen decorations, of course, both in the stores and in tv stories; but she?d never actually been out to see them in person, so she
was excited at the chance to see them first-hand. Outside, we decided to
take Holly?s car; she and Susan would sit up front so Diane and I could sit
in back. Holly ? in a stage whisper ? told Susan ?With both of them in
the back seat, there would STILL be room for two more people, the way THEY
sit next to each other!? - making all of us laugh.

We followed the other folks ? in Diane?s folks? car ? to the first of
several neighborhoods that were famous in our area for their elaborate
decorations. As we idled along looking, Susan was amazed and delighted at
how elaborate and/or beautiful the different decorations were.

It was getting late when we finally made our way back home. Late
enough, in fact, that Diane?s parents simply stopped in front of our house
to let mom and Dad out before going on back to their house.

Inside, mom made all of us a good-night cup of hot chocolate ? with
Susan?s help ? and when we were done with it, we all made our way to bed.


The next morning, with nothing pressing to do, the girls and I went
outside to play in the snow. First thing to happen was a free-for-all
snowball fight that quickly deteriorated to all the girls throwing
snowballs at me until I surrendered. With gender supremacy decided, then
next task was to build a snowman. Holly and Diane decided that he looked
lonely, so they got Susan to help them build a snowwoman ? complete with
breasts, embarrassing Susan a little ? followed by a number of
snowchildren. My job, of course, was to collect the necessary materials
for them to work with ? snow not just from our yard, but from the
neighbors on either side, hats, scarves, and other accoutrements.

By the time we were done, it was close to lunch, and mom came out to see
what we wanted to eat ? casting a disapproving eye at the large-busted
snowwoman, but not saying anything.

None of us was really sure what we wanted until Susan tentatively
offered ?Grilled cheese sandwiches??

Her suggestion met with a landslide of approval, and mom went back
inside while the rest of us got into another snowball fight ? this one a
bit more even, with Diane siding with me against Holly and Susan. We were
all cold, wet, and ready to call a truce when mom stuck her head outside to
tell us that lunch was ready. mom just shook her head in amusement as the
four of us laughingly trooped back into the house, jostling and teasing
each other.

As we ate our sandwiches and soup ? mom correctly figuring that it
would be needed ? mom told us that one of the other volunteers for one of
her charities had called in sick, and she?d been asked to fill in. She?d
be gone most of the afternoon, but she?d be back in time for supper. Holly
got a thoughtful look on her face, and then had a whispered conversation
with Susan before asking if it would be possible for us to go out for
Chinese food that night. mom looked doubtful, but Holly pointed out that
all we?d had so far had been American type food, and that Susan might like
something different. At that, Susan spoke up, saying that she though Mom?s
cooking was delicious, and that we didn?t have to go anyplace special just
because of HER. mom just smiled, said that she thought she could manage to
live with a night off, and that chinese food sounded pretty good to her.

That settled, mom left us to get her things and go fill in for the
missing volunteer.

We all teamed up to clean up from lunch, and while we were loading the
dishwasher, Diane told us that she wanted to make another pass through the
mall to make sure she hadn?t forgotten anything or anyone ? would Susan
like to go with her?

When Holly didn?t say anything, I knew that the two of them had gotten
together and cooked up some plan. Susan accepted Diane?s invitation, and I
said I?d be glad to take them to the mall and pick them up again, but Holly
told them that they could take her car ? an offer Diane readily accepted.
By then, I knew something was up, and finally realized that Diane was
making sure that Holly and I would be alone together; and right on the
heels of that came the understanding that Holly wanted some ?personal?
time with me ? as in, for the two of us to make love.

Holly went out and got her car started while Diane and Susan waited
inside for a few minutes so it would have time to warm up for them. When
they judged that it had warmed up enough, they piled into the front seat
and left.

Back in the den, I was sitting at the end of the couch when Holly came
in and parked herself on my lap. I put my hands on her hips and told her
?You and Diane are about as subtle as a circus pony.?

?What?? Holly asked, pretending she didn?t know what I was talking

?That little song and dance about Diane wanting to go to the mall, and
taking Susan with her. I know you, Holly, and if there?s a mall visit
involved, you?re one of the first in line. If you didn?t want to go, then
it was because you wanted to stay here MORE ? and I can only think of one
reason that you?d want to stay here with ME, just the two of us.?

She blushed slightly and gave me a lopsided grin before answering ?Okay,
we?re busted. Diane and I have been having plenty of fun together, but I
got to missing YOU. You?ve been with Diane every night since you got back,
and with Susan staying in my room, I really can?t sneak out for a visit.
So we came up with the mall thing as a way for me to get some time with

?And it didn?t occur to either one of you to let me know what was going

Surprised, Holly asked ?You mean you don?t want to???

I smiled and answered ?Of course I want to. I?m just saying that it
would have been a nice gesture if you?d included me in your plans, or at
least told me what you wanted. Then I could play my part the way you want
me to, and not surprise you.?

Holly smiled and replied ?Yeah, I can understand that. You did kind of
throw us a bit, when you offered to drive them to the mall ? I guess we
should have figured you?d do that.?

Taking my hands in hers, Holly went on to say ?Okay, next time, we?ll
make sure we let you know when we plan to get you to jump one of us?
before moving my hands up to cover her breasts as she leaned forward to
give me a kiss.

I could feel her nipples hardening under my thumbs - she?d apparently
detoured to her room to take her bra off - as Holly?s lips parted in
invitation for me to do the same. I did, and our tongues were soon dancing
in each other?s mouths

When our lips finally parted, I used my hands to slide her blouse up,
exposing her breasts. As she felt the air across her nipples, Holly leaned
forward again, making her breasts even with my face. I paused a few
moments to take in the sight of them: they?d noticeably grown since the
last time I?d seen them, though they were still generally conical, and
tipped with small rose-pink areolas and nipples. Having memorized this
improvement in her anatomy, I didn?t delay any longer taking one of her
breasts in my mouth and softly sucking on it as I ran my tongue across her
nipple, feeling it harden even more. Holly put her hands behind my head,
pulling me closer to her chest in encouragement to continue ? which I did,
with the other breast. Back and forth I went, giving each the attention it
so richly deserved. By the time I had the ends of both her breasts at full
attention, Holly was slowly rocking in my lap in her arousal.

I finally released the tip of Holly?s breast from my mouth, and waited,
looking up into her face. When she realized that I had stopped, she opened
her eyes and looked back at me. Once I had her attention, I asked ?Where
do you want to do this??

Without hesitation, she answered ?My room!?

I scooted forward on the couch in preparation for getting up. I thought
Holly would slide off my lap, but she surprised me by pivoting slightly and
wrapping her legs around my waist before asking ?Carry me??

I just smiled, and struggled to my feet ? Holly wasn?t exactly small,
and it took more than a little effort to get to a standing position. Once
there, though, I reached down to hold her ass in my hands to help support
her weight as I made my way to the stairs, then on up and to her room.
After we were inside, Holly removed one arm from around my neck and pushed
her bedroom door closed. With our privacy assured, I carried her over to
her bed and managed to get us onto it ? Holly on her back, me still over
her with her legs and arms wrapped around me.

She didn?t seem inclined to turn loose of me until I pointed out to her
?It?s going to be kinda tough to get anything going here with all these
clothes on??

At that, she giggled and turned loose of me. I started to move away so
I could take my clothes off, but Holly had other ideas.

?Just lay down, on your back?, she directed. As I did, she moved off
the bed, standing next to it as she quickly shed clothing. In less than a
minute, she was as naked as the she was born, though a LOT better looking.
She stood still for a few moments, letting me look her over before she
climbed back on the bed with me. The first thing she did was reach for my
waist, where she quickly had my belt and pants unfastened. Following that,
she soon had my zipper undone ? which was something of a relief, because
the sight of her standing there naked had started to get me hard.

When Holly discovered that fact, she got a mischievous grin on her face,
and quickly pulled my pants and underwear down far enough to free my
rapidly-inflating penis ? then wrapped her hand around it to hold it
steady as she quickly took the head of it in her mouth. She went after me
with enthusiasm, and it wasn?t long before I was fully erect and glistening
with her saliva. Finally satisfied that she had me completely ready, Holly
let me fall from her lips to tell me ?Lift your hips, so I can get your
pants off!?

I did as commanded, and Holly started pulling my bunched pants and
shorts down my legs. As they got close to my knees, Holly?s face was again
close to where my erection was waving in the air. With a glint in her eye,
she took it back into her mouth and started softly sucking on it as she
first used her hands, then her legs and feet, to push my clothes the rest
of the way down and past my feet.

With the bottom half of me bare, her next job was to get the other half
in the same state. Releasing me from her mouth, Holly moved to straddle my
hips, the hot, wet opening to her womanhood pressing my penis against my
belly. Rubbing herself along the bottom of it, she reached out to start
unfastening the buttons of my shirt. When she was done with that, I lifted
my body up enough for her to slide it off my shoulders. Then, by rolling
toward one side then the other, she managed to get it down my arms and out
from under me, leaving me as naked as she was.

Looking down to where she was continuing to slide herself along my
length, I saw that her labia were fully extended and her clitoris was erect
and visible. The entire underside of my penis was awash in her fragrant
essences and I could feel the smooth globes of her ass flexing against my
thighs as she moved herself back and forth.

A minute later, Holly apparently decided that she?d had enough of that,
and started to move herself down to where she could take me in her mouth
again. I caught her arm with my hand, and said ?Me, too!? when she looked
up at me. A big grin split her face before she happily pivoted around so
that her crotch was aimed at my face. After a little minor adjustment,
each of us was face-to-face (so to speak) with the other?s sex.

Holly didn?t delay to wrap her lips around my penis again, but I took a
few moments to look at the flower of her sex ? marveling yet again at how
something so fragile and delicate could bring such pleasure. I saw that
her pubic hair was a trifle thicker than the last time I?d seen it - but
not by a lot ? and still the same slightly curly tangle of rust red. It
had also expanded a little, too, covering more of her pudendum and lower
belly than it had before. There in the middle of it, her medium-thick
labia were well-parted, the entrance to her vagina easily visible ? and
thoroughly drenched with her lubrication.

Lifting my head slightly, I extended my tongue and ran it between her
vaginal lips, tasting the fresh, salty-musky flavor of her. As I did,
Holly released a soft moan of arousal and pleasure; the vibrations of it
echoed through my erect penis, stimulating me tremendously. It didn?t take
long before each of us was enthusiastically trying to bring as much
pleasure as we could to the other ? and doing a damn fine job of it.

Holly ?won? the first round when a combination of suction, tongue- and
lip-pressure, and a twisting motion of her head combined to bring me to the
edge of ecstasy ? and beyond. I filled her mouth to overflowing with my
jism, forcing her to swallow what she had before any more of it leaked from
between her lips. In return, I combined gentle, rhythmic sucking on her
clitoris while fluttering my tongue across it to freeze her in place as
wave after wave of orgasmic delight washed over her. When her release was
over, she literally collapsed on top of me in relief.

Even though I was feeling pretty weak myself, I managed to get her
turned around and laid out on the bed next to me, where I could hold her in
my arms as both of us panted our way toward recovery. To help her focus ?
and because I wanted to touch her! ? I used one hand to trace random
patterns along her body, from shoulders to knees. Just as I?d been the
first time I?d been privileged to touch her that way, I was both delighted
and amazed at the smoothness of her skin, and how clear and soft it was.

I knew Holly was back in the land of the coherent when I heard her say
?So, copping a feel when I?m helpless, huh??

I looked at her and smiled, answering ?Well, you?d do the same to me if
you had the chance, wouldn?t you??

She grinned back and replied ?Damn right I would!? - causing both of us
to chuckle.

A few moments later, she found the energy to capture my hand as it
passed over one of her breasts and held it there, telling me ?I like it
when you touch me like that ? but I like it when you touch me like THIS
even more.?

So we laid there, my hand cupping her breast as we slowly got the rest
of our breathing under control, and our energy back. We were comfortable
enough with each other that it didn?t seem unusual to either one of us when
I asked her how things were going in school, did she have any new
boyfriends, and so on. She?d long ago started confiding in me about the
things that she didn?t think she could talk to mom and Dad about, and
always listened to the opinions and thoughts I had on the different subject
and problems she brought to me. That?s not to say that she always did as I
suggested, though.

In any event, the two of us spent the next little while just talking to
each other, despite the otherwise intimate situation we were in. As I?d
expected, Holly had a couple of things troubling her, and together we
figured out a way to minimize them. She was doing well in school except
for one class that she and Diane were BOTH having trouble with; she
promised to give some thought to the idea of the two of them going to the
teacher to see if there was anything he had to suggest that would help them
? other than studying their books more, which Holly swore both of them
were doing, even more than they did for their other classes. She?d gone
out with one of the guys from school a few times, but he?d started
pressuring her for sex, so she?d dropped him like a hot rock; and then
warned all the other girls what he was like. There was another guy she
kind of liked, but thought he was a little nerdy. I pointed out to her
that I?d been thought of as a little nerdy, too, and that gave her
something to think about.

By the time we got through talking like that, both of us had pretty much
recovered from our previous exertions. We were at the point of talking
about what we thought of some of the new music we?d heard when I felt Holly
move to take my penis in her hand. As we continued to talk, she would
softly squeeze and pull on it, stimulating me to semi-erectness. I knew
that she wouldn?t be touching me that way unless she was ready for me to do
something similar to her, so I let my hand drift down from her breast to
her pelvis, where my fingertips started tracing lazy patterns through her
pubic hair as we continued to talk.

In time with the slow ? but steady ? hardening of my penis, I expanded
the range of my touch at Holly?s pelvis; one of my fingers tracing the
delicate shapes of her inner vaginal lips, dipping between them every so
often to press gently against the entrance to her vagina, and softly
stroking the hard nubbin of her clitoris. It wasn?t much longer before
both of us were having trouble maintaining the thread of our conversation.

It was after I?d lowered my head so Holly and I could share a long,
loving kiss that she decided enough was enough: pushing on my shoulder so
that I?d roll over onto my back, she quickly scrambled around to assume the
position she?d been in when we?d gotten each other off so completely. The
difference was that each of us was only interested in sampling the other?s
?wares? for a few seconds before she turned around again and straddled my
hips, facing me. My penis was shiny with her saliva, and the area between
her labia glistened with the mix of her oils and my saliva ? both of us
were as lubed up as need be for what was next.

Reaching between her thighs, Holly took my erection in her hand and rose
up. After sliding the head along her cleft to thoroughly coat it with her
oils, she held it against her opening and slowly used her weight to impale
herself on it. When nearly a third of me was inside her, she released her
grip on me and leaned forward to put her hands on my chest ? using her
arms to support her body as she took more and more of me inside her. Only
when she felt her firm ass resting against my thighs did she open her eyes
to look at me, a broad grin on her face as she said ?THAT is what I?ve been

I grinned back and answered ?Now that you mention it, I?ve kind of
missed it, too!? before reaching up to cup her breasts in my hands, my
thumbs rubbing her erecting nipples. She closed her eyes again as she
concentrated on the sensations she was feeling ? not just from my hands on
her breasts, but having me inside her, as well.

A few moments later, I felt her start moving herself on me ? in small,
fraction-of-an-inch movements at first, and then quickly expanding them to
allow nearly half my manhood slide between the fleshy gates of her womanly

We made love like that for quite some time ? Holly on top of me, slowly
sliding herself up and down my erection. Any time she started to feel a
little tired, she?d get me completely inside her, and rest ? giving me
ample opportunity to play with her breasts, lick and suck on them, and for
the two of us to share lengthy, deeply loving kisses.

The longer our lovemaking like that went on, the more frequently Holly
felt the need to rest; is was after we?d checked each other?s tonsils that
I finally asked her if she?d like me to take over for a little while. She
grinned, and said that as a matter of fact, yes, she WOULD like that. She
followed that by telling me that she wanted us to take our time and go slow
? she wanted to enjoy the feeling of having me inside her for a while
before we finished. When I suggested that we do it doggie-style, she
readily agreed and lifted herself off of me. As I got to my knees, she
turned to the side and positioned herself for my entry. Before I moved
close, though, I took the time to look at the view she was presenting me:
her tight, firm ass pointed up in the air and the dark pink entrance to her
vagina open and glistening in the midst of the darkly matted curls of her
soft bush.

The sight of her like that caused an involuntary twitch in my penis,
reminding me that she was there for ME. I moved in behind her, and after
caressing the smooth globes of her delightfully curved ass, positioned the
head of my still-slick erection between her labia. Holding myself steady,
I arched my hips, easily sliding through the tight ring of her entrance and
on to fill her tight sheath in a single stroke. I put my hands on her hips
and held her steady as I pressed myself forward even more, trying to get as
much of my penis inside her as I could ? and gained perhaps another half
inch. We stayed like that for a minute, perhaps two, both of us savoring
the sensations created by our incestuous union.

Finally, though, both of us felt the need to have me moving in her. I
backed myself out of her until only the head of my erection was inside her,
then pushed forward again slowly ? both of us again delighting in the
sensation of my manhood filling her. Another withdrawal, followed by a
slightly faster thrust. Then again, a little faster. Then faster still.
After a couple of minutes, I was pistoning in and out of her steadily ?
fast enough for both of us to enjoy the feeling of our lovemaking, but not
so fast as to stimulate either of us too much. The position we were in,
and the pace of our lovemaking, were easy and comfortable for me, and we
continued on that way for several minutes before Holly lowered her body to
rest on her elbows. The change in her position brought a slight difference
in the way she felt around me; and apparently, changed the way I felt to
her: after a minute or so, I could hear that her breathing had quickened a
little, and I could feel her getting even wetter around me. I knew that
these were both signs that she was getting more aroused, and confirmed it
with a brief read of her thoughts. I had to admit that the way she felt as
my penis slid in and out of her was having a similar effect on me ? it
wasn?t making love to make it last, any more, it was making love to get

Another minute, and there wasn?t any doubt: both of us were definitely
moving closer and closer to our climaxes. Holly realized it, too, and
finally told me ?Dammit, Mike, this feels too good! It was nice while it
lasted, but now I want to finish!?

?Me, too!? I managed to gasp out.

?Let?s do it, then!? she encouraged ? not that I needed it.

Reaching into her mind again, I found that even a small increase in the
pace of our lovemaking would get her off faster and harder. I loved Holly,
and wanted to make our time together as pleasant and satisfying as I could
? so I sped up, monitoring her mind until I found the speed that pleased
her the most. It also did a pretty good job of pleasing me, too.

A few more minutes, and both of us were on the home stretch ? gasping
and moaning, covered with a fine sheen of perspiration. Holly had a double
handful of her bedcovers, kneading them as she groaned out her steadily
increasing pleasure and arousal; the liquid sounds of our joining were
partially interrupted by my grunts as I continued to thrust myself into

Finally, I couldn?t put it off any longer, and I held Holly?s hips tight
as I pushed myself deep inside her for several long, hard strokes before
trying to bury myself in her as the first wad of my cum blasted against her
insides. That was all that Holly needed, and she shrieked her pleasure as
I felt her tighten around me even more with the onset of her orgasm. The
clenching of her hot, wet vagina around my penis was incredible, and the
second shot of my semen rocketed out of me nearly as hard as the first, and
was quickly followed by a third. With each addition of my cum to her hot
insides, Holly would cry out her pleasure before another spasm of her
orgasm choked off her breath.

After the last of my spunk had dribbled out the end of my penis, I was
still hard, and I held myself inside Holly as she continued to experience a
series of gradually-decreasing aftershocks. By the time they ended, my
penis had softened enough that it pulled free of her as she managed a
controlled collapse onto her bed. I wasn?t in much better shape, but
somehow got myself laying next to her, where I put an arm across her back
and a leg across hers, holding her close as both of us tried to get our
breathing something close to normal.

After a couple of minutes, Holly managed to lift herself up enough to
turn her head toward me ? and on her face and in her eyes, I could see the
happiness and pleasure that I?d been able to bring her. She mouthed the
words ?I love you?, and I smiled and told her ?I love you, too, pumpkin?,
making her smile.

We lay there a few more minutes, happy to simply have physical contact
and be able to look at each other before I felt Holly move her hips around
a little.

?Icky?? I asked.

She nodded, and I asked ?Want me to get a towel and clean you up a

She smiled, and nodded again. I got up and went into the bathroom,
returning a minute later with the necessary towel and having added a damp
washcloth. She managed to turn over onto her back on her own, and lay
there passively as I first used the damp washcloth to clean up the outside,
then tucked the towel under her to soak up any further overflow. When I
was done, I rinsed the washcloth out and left it in the hamper to be

When I got back to her room, Holly had changed position a bit. After
she saw me, she indicated that she wanted me to lie back down with her,
which I did. Once she was in my arms again, she looked up at me and gave
me one of her patented I Love You smiles before telling me ?Michael, you
are such a dear. You always make me feels so good, and you?re always so
thoughtful and gentle afterwards. If you weren?t my brother, I?d be
fighting with Diane to see which one of us got to make love with you the

I smiled back, and told her ?And if you weren?t my sister, I?d be
fighting with Diane to see which one of us got to make love with YOU the
most!?, making her giggle.

We lay there snuggling a little while longer before we finally decided
that we needed to clean up and get dressed. By that time, both of us were
fully recovered, and we had a happy time showering, and ?helping? each
other get dressed.

We were downstairs in the den, watching a movie on video cassette when
Diane and Susan got back from the mall. I don?t think either one of us was
surprised when Diane came in with a couple of small bags, evidence that
she?d found something to buy. When she saw us, Diane gave us a small,
private smile; Susan didn?t seem to think that the situation was anything
other than me and Holly having some quiet brother and sister time.

The four of us finished watching the movie, and were rewinding it when
Mom got home; followed a few minutes later by Dad. Dad looked at all of
us, and then pointedly stared at me when he asked ?Does anyone know
anything about the snow people out in the yard? And particularly, about
Misses Frosty??

?I wasn?t the sculptor, Dad, just the sculptors go-fer.?

Dad looked over at Diane and Holly, both of them grinning at him. He
sighed, and said ?On the way in, I got a couple of comments from the
neighbors. Nobody?s upset or complaining, but I think once Misses Frosty
has melted, she doesn?t need to be replaced, okay??

Holly and Diane both sobered up a little at that, and nodded their

A few seconds later, mom came in and let him know what the plan was for
supper, and he cheerfully agreed. A while later, when all of us were ready
to eat, we piled into Dad?s car (Mom, Dad, Holly, and Susan) and my truck
(me and Diane) and made our way to our favorite chinese place, China
Garden. Inside, we were quickly shown seats and given our menus. While we
were deciding what we wanted, Holly explained to Susan that we usually
wound up ordering a lot of different things, and sharing. Susan smiled,
and told us that that was how Vietnamese families ate: several different
dishes that the whole family ate from.

Reassured that we weren?t doing anything that was going to make Susan
uncomfortable, we were all ready when the waitress showed up to take our
orders. When she was gone, Dad turned to Susan and asked ?Susan, I hope
you?ll forgive my ignorance, but I?m curious to know if you have any idea
of what nationality our waitress is.?

Susan looked at her ? she was at another table nearby ? for a few
moments, then turned back and answered ?I?m sure she is ethnic chinese ?
but I don?t think she is from China. From the way she is dressed, and the
jewelry she is wearing, I think she is probably from Thailand. When we
first got to California, we tried eating in many different Oriental
restaurants, and in most of them, the owners were ethnic Chinese, but from
countries other than China. Even one of the Vietnamese restaurants we went
to was such a place ? the owners were Indonesian Chinese, serving American
versions of what they thought Vietnamese food was.?

That last statement had all of us baffled for a few moments before we
realized how ridiculous it was, and started laughing.

When the laughter died, Dad told her ?I?m sorry if my question made you
uncomfortable, or made you think that I think all asian people know each
other, or are the same. It is just that we have often wondered if this was
an ?authentic? chinese food place, or just people from some other asian country. I simply thought that you would probably have more experience
with Oriental restaurants that we do.? Even as Dad was saying it, I
realized that I?d been guilty of doing the same thing ? if to a lesser
extent. I quietly resolved to learn better the first chance I got.

Susan smiled, and told him ?I understand. Yes, many people here in
America think that all asian people are the same, and that we all know each
other. Of course, that is not the case, any more than all the people from
Europe, or even North America, know each other. I?m sorry to say that I
know that the people from most Oriental countries tend to stay in groups of
people from the same area ? my own father is guilty of doing so. That is
why I am so ignorant of American customs, and American ways of doing things
? something that Mike has been very kind about helping me correct. My own
people are sometimes a mystery to me, so I can only imagine what we must
seem like to Americans. I do not take offense at your questions; from the
way you and your family and friends have treated me, I know that you are
kind people, and your questions are honest and well intentioned. I think I
am probably the first Oriental person you have ever really gotten to know,
just as you are the first American family I have gotten to know; I think
there are probably many questions we have about each other, and I hope that
both of us can learn about each other in the little time we have together.?

Dad nodded in his acceptance of what she?d just said before mom told her
?Susan, I know that I don?t know as much about the Orient as perhaps I
should ? and I know even less about your country, and the terrible things
that happened there. If you want to talk about these things, then I would
like to hear them ? good AND bad. And if you want to know anything about
our family or home or country, and I am able to answer, I will tell you as
best I can.?

Susan smiled at Mom, and said ?Thank you. But if you don?t mind, I
would like to correct a small misunderstanding. Vietnam is not my country,
any more ? THIS is. I am still Vietnamese, and I will always be from the
Vietnamese culture; but my country is America, now. I am a citizen, and
very happy to be one. As for the rest, I would be happy to tell you what I
remember of Vietnam ? but I think it won?t be so much, since we left there
when I was still very young.?

About that time, our food arrived, and we all started digging in. Susan
was a willing participant in the various conversations that we had as we
ate, but I think all of us noticed that she didn?t seem to enjoy the food
as much as we did.

When dinner was over, we finished our tea and all opened up the fortune
cookies we?d been given, sharing the different saying with each other.
Business in the place was starting to pick up, and we decided to leave so
the people waiting could have a table.

Back home, we were all in the den when Holly asked Susan ?What did you
think of the China Garden? You said that your family tried a lot of places
when you first got to this country.?

Susan thought a moment, and answered ?I think maybe it?s not as good as
many of the places that we went to in California. Please understand that
Chinese cooking is a little bit different, depending on where the chinese people are from ? the local spices and such aren?t always the same
everywhere. There is also a difference between the way most asians cook
for themselves, and how they cook for Americans. I know that is
particularly true for Vietnamese food. In California, if we went into a
Vietnamese restaurant owned by another Viet family, we would be served food
that was different than what was given to the Americans. We were in a
refugee camp in Hong Kong for a little while, and the food we got there was
much different than what we had here.?

?How so?? mom asked.

Susan looked a little apologetic, but replied ?Americans seemed to
prefer the sauces to be heavier and thicker, and they wanted their food to
be much hotter than we like when it got to their table. They also had a
different taste for the food than we do, so the food was prepared
differently. In Viet cooking, we prefer more vegetables and fish, and less
meat than is common in the American diet. We like the taste of fresh
stir-fried food, and most of the Americans seemed to like their vegetables
cooked longer than we normally would.?

mom nodded, and said ?I think I understand what you?re talking about, at
least a little. But since the only oriental kind of food we?ve ever had
has been from places like the China Garden, I have to guess that we don?t
really know what real Oriental cooking is like.?

Susan smiled, and said ?If you would like, I would be happy to show you
how to cook Vietnamese food before I leave.?

mom reached out and touched Susan?s arm as she answered ?I would like
that very much.?

There was a little pause, and Diane asked ?If you don?t mind, can you
tell us how you got out of Vietnam, and came here??

Susan nodded, and proceeded to do so ? telling us how, several months
after the fall of Saigon, they?d made their way to the coast, waiting for
an opportunity to escape. The country was under martial law, but still
chaotic, and they finally got the chance their father had been waiting for
? a fairly seaworthy boat with enough room for all of them. When the time
came, they had to sneak down to the beach, only to find out that there were
so many people going that the boat was going to be overloaded. Her father had spent all of his money on the trip, so they all climbed aboard despite
his misgivings, and made their way out to sea. There, they tried to motor
and sail their way north to Hong Kong, but with the boat overloaded, they
ran out of fuel long before they got anywhere close; and the winds at that
time of year weren?t consistent enough for them to use as propulsion. They
ran out of food about halfway through the journey, and had been completely
without water for three days before a passing merchant vessel saw them.
The merchant vessel radioed in to the Hong Kong authorities, and the boat
was towed into port, where all the families were put into camps. They were
given food and water, but little else, while the Hong Kong authorities
tried to find permanent homes for all of them. After nearly a year and a
half, Susan?s family received word that the United States would take them
in; but it was still several more months before they got all the necessary
paperwork and permissions to emigrate. They were initially settled into
Southern California, where they lived almost entirely within the Vietnamese
community. Her father found work, and later started a small business.
With the success of his business, they made enough money to leave
California and move to our state. Her father was partners with another
Vietnamese refugee, the two of them running a cleaning supply business.

By the time she finished, Susan?s face revealed the sadness she felt,
and none of us doubted that what she?d told us didn?t even begin to
accurately describe the privations and horrors of what she?d been through.
Holly changed the subject by asking what Susan remembered about living in
Vietnam. That perked her up, and she started telling us about some of her
memories from that time ? playing in old Buddhist temples, the sight of
Buddhist monks in the streets, going to school, the different celebrations
and festivals, and so on. All of us were glad to see the smile on her face
when she was done talking.

By then, it was getting late; mom stood up and went over to where Susan
was sitting and leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek before telling
her ?I know that it must have been a long and scary trip for you ? but I?m
glad you made it, and that you?re here with us now, Susan.?

Susan stood up, tears of happiness forming in her eyes, and hesitated
only briefly when mom took her into her arms for a hug. Following that,
Holly and Diane both hugged her, too; followed by Dad and I. By the time
we were done, Susan was visibly crying and Diane and Holly moved in to
comfort her as they guided her upstairs to Holly?s room. When they were
gone, mom and Dad shared a look before mom turned to me and said ?I was a
little nervous about having her here for Christmas, at first. But she?s
such a GOOD person, and after all that she?s been through? Well, I guess
she?s got something for all of us to learn about what it means to be
thankful. I?m glad she was able to visit us, Mike.?

I saw mom wipe a tear from her eye before she turned and left me and Dad
standing there. Dad looked at me for a few moments, and then said ?I
figured it was going to be something different, having her here with us
during Christmas. I didn?t really expect that we?d learn so much from her;
I only hope that we give back as much as she?s given us.?

?I think maybe we have, Dad. Holly and Diane have both told me how
happy she is to be here, and how proud she is that we pretty much treat her
like family.? I answered.

?That?s good to know, Mike. God knows, she deserves a happier life than
what she?s already had? he answered, before turning to follow mom upstairs.

I went around to check the doors and turn off lights before heading up
to my bedroom ? and not surprised to find it empty when I got there. I
had a pretty good idea of how much Holly and Diane cared for Susan, and
figured that Diane would stay with her as long as she was needed.

I got undressed and into bed, but couldn?t get to sleep ? I kept
thinking about all that Susan had told us that night. I simply couldn?t
imagine having to go through everything that she had at MY age, never mind
doing it as young as she?d been. Hearing about all of it, I could only
imagine what it must have been like for her father and mother ? and that
made it easier for me to understand why her dad was the way he was, and to
excuse - if not forgive - him for the way he sometimes came across. I
figured that if I had to worry about not just getting myself, but my entire
family, out of the kind of place that Vietnam must have been like, I?d go
through some personality changes, too.

I was still laying there when Diane came in, closing the door behind
her. Looking at her, I could see that she?d been crying, and I quickly got
up to take her in my arms and try to comfort her. I was surprised at the
ferocity in her voice as she started whispering a string of epithets that
ended with ?Dirty, rotten, Commie bastards! What the hell kind of
?political? system is it that puts an innocent young girl THROUGH
something like that? Aunts and Uncles dead, others dragged off to
god-knows-where; her own family alive only because some lookout on some
ship happened to spot their tiny little boat on the whole, big ocean. But
after all that, despite the hell she?s been through, she?s still got it in
her to laugh and smile and just be the good person she is. I don?t know if
I could come out of something like that anywhere near as well as she has.?

I hugged Diane, and told her ?I know. I was laying there thinking about
the same things. Is she going to be okay??

Diane pulled back a little bit, and looked up at me before saying ?Yeah,
I guess you would think about that stuff. Susan? Sure, she?s going to be
fine ? we started out trying to make HER feel better, and it ended up her
telling US it was okay. Jeez, I don?t know how she does it. I?ll tell you
one thing, though ? if anybody ever tried to tell me that Communism is a
GOOD thing, I?m going to rip their tongue out!?

I couldn?t help smiling at the thought of Diane trying something like
that, and she seemed to read my mind, because she grinned and told me
?Okay, so maybe I wouldn?t. But you can sure bet they?ll hear what I think
about it!?

?I don?t doubt it for a minute? I told her as I pulled her close for
another hug.

When we separated the second time, Diane finally realized that I was
standing there naked. She smiled at me and said ?If you?ll give me a
minute, the next hug can be a lot friendlier.? I grinned back, and didn?t
even pretend I wasn?t watching her as she slipped out of her dress, then
the assorted stuff she had on underneath it.

Naked as I was, she stepped close to me again for another hug ? and she
was right: it WAS friendlier that way.

When we were in bed and holding each other, Diane asked ?After hearing
all that tonight, I?m not really in the mood for anything, if you don?t
mind, Mike.?

I hugged her, and answered ?It?s okay. I?m not either. It?s enough to
just have you here.?

Diane?s only reply was to kiss me and snuggle closer. I don?t think
either one of us got to sleep easily, though.


The next morning, after Dad left for work, Holly and Diane discovered
that Susan had never been sledding. They immediately decided to correct
that gross oversight, and dug out the sleds that Holly and I had been given
when we were younger. They wanted me to go along, but I claimed there was
something I still needed to do, so they let me off the hook. Once the
three of them were outfitted in boots, mittens, hats, and anything else
they thought might help keep them warm and dry ? a wasted effort, we all
knew, but it had to be tried ? they left for a collection of hills not far
from our house. I offered to drive them over, but they said they weren?t
in any hurry, and wanted to walk. mom insisted on loading them up with a
couple of large thermos bottles ? one of hot chocolate, the other of soup.

Once they were gone, I got in my truck and made my way to the main
branch of our library, where I spent the better part of the day reading
about the different cultures in Asia. Susan had glossed over the gross
ignorance of most Americans about that part of the world, and I was
determined not to share it.

Even with most of my day spent at the library, I still beat the three of
them home ? if only by a few seconds. As I was getting out of my truck, I
saw the three of them turning the corner as they came toward our house.
They saw me, and commenced to hooting and cat-calling as they came charging
toward me. When they got close enough, I could see that all three of them
had met Mister Snowdrift more than once ? but they?d had so much fun and
were in such good spirits that it simply didn?t matter as they started
telling me about each other?s (mis)adventures.

Finally, they all decided that it was time to go inside and warm up a
little. They shed their outdoor clothing, and as they all started upstairs
to change out of whatever was cold and wet on them, mom suggested that warm
showers would probably be a good idea to take some of the chill off. I
could almost hear the gears clicking as Diane and Holly looked at each
other, but figured with Susan there, they wouldn?t take the chance of
starting anything with each other.

A while later, the three of them swarmed downstairs, laughing and
giggling as they made their way into the kitchen to see if mom had anything
for them to eat. It wasn?t long until supper, so mom didn?t have any
trouble talking them into hot chocolate and a couple of cookies each. With
the promise of food and drink, they made their way into the den where I
was; a few minutes later, mom brought in drinks and snacks for all of us.

They were still telling me about all the fun they?d had when Dad got
home some time later. He stuck his head in the den, and was promptly
overwhelmed by the three of them welcoming him home, and telling him about
their day. I could see that Dad was glad that Susan had had such a good
time before he managed to get free of them and get his own welcome home
from Mom. After he left, Holly and Diane let Susan know what the known
events were for the next few days: our families would stay home Christmas
morning to open gifts, then Diane?s folks would come to our place for
dinner. The next night, we?d go over to their place for supper. Holly
went on to explain that our families took turns on who went where ? next
year, we?d go to Diane?s for Christmas, and they?d come over to our place
for supper.

A bit later, Susan went in to see if she could help mom with supper; a
request that was apparently granted since the three of us didn?t see her
again until mom let us know it was time to eat. In the mean time, Holly
and Diane told me that Susan had never been ice skating before, either, so
they wanted the three of us to take her to a local rink the next day, and
teach her. I agreed, and we got everything planned out.

After supper ? baked chicken and fixings ? Diane and I cleaned up
while everyone else went into the den to get things set up for a couple of
movies Dad had brought home. Diane and I went on to fix popcorn for
everyone, and joined them. The movies Dad had brought were ?Miracle on
34th Street? and ?It?s a Wonderful Life?, both big-time Christmas
tear-jerkers. By the time Jimmy Steward was running down the street
wishing everyone Merry Christmas, all three of the girls and mom were
crying ? and I have to admit to damp eyes, myself.

By the time the movies ended, it was time for bed. Dad had to go in to
work the next day, but not the day after, which was Christmas Eve. Diane
and I stayed behind to rewind the tapes ? and make out a little ? when
the rest of them went upstairs to go to bed.

As we were waiting, I told Diane ?I saw the look you and Holly gave each
other when mom said all of you should take a hot shower after you were

Diane grinned at me, and said ?Who? Us??

I grinned back, and said ?Yeah, you ? both of you.?

?Well, I?ll have you know that both of us behaved ourselves quite
nicely, thank you ? even after we talked Susan into showering with us.
All in the interest of saving time, you understand.?

I looked at Diane in surprise, and she laughed at the expression on my
face before telling me ?Yes, all three of us took a warm-up shower
together. Susan was a little nervous at first, but she got into the spirit
of it quick enough once we got started.?

I could only sit there, trying to visualize all three of them naked and
slippery with soapsuds. Diane and Holly, sure, that was easy enough; it
was the addition of Susan that was throwing me off.

Diane laughed at the way I looked, and said ?You?ll be happy to know ? I
think! ? that the rest of her body is as pretty as what you?ve already
seen. She?s got this scar on her back that she?s a little ashamed of, but
other than that, she?s beautiful. Her tits aren?t as big as mine or
Holly?s, but that?s pretty obvious, even with clothes on. But what you
can?t see is that they?re such a nice shape, and SO firm. She?s got tiny
little nipples, and her hair ? you know, between her legs ? is just a
small patch, and real thin.?

?And you know her tits are so firm? how??

Diane smiled and answered ?Because we were helping each other warm up in
the shower, silly. Two of us teamed up to help wash and warm up the other
one, then it was someone else?s turn. Susan didn?t mind us touching her,
and she took a little longer cleaning MY tits than she had to ? and I
think she did the same thing for Holly, too.?

Despite the image of the three of them playing with each other in the
shower that kept crowding into my mind, I asked Diane ?Why are you telling
me all this??

She just gave me a look that let me know I was being dense before
answering ?Because Susan is getting a crush on you, you big dummy.?

I must have looked as stunned as I felt, because Diane laughed, and said
?Yes, you idiot, she?s either getting, or already has, a crush on you.
Didn?t you know??

I just shook my head, and Diane went on ?We were resting from sledding,
and just sitting there drinking some of the soup your mom made for us, and
we got started talking about guys. Of course, all I could talk about was
you, and Susan finally started talking about you, too ? how nice you?d
been, and how polite and everything, and even how you?d been so respectful
of her dad, even when he was yelling at you and trying to bully you. The
way she was talking about you, and the way she keeps asking us questions
about you; well, I?d be willing to be cash money that she?s got a crush on
you, whether she knows it or not. You don?t see the way she looks at you,
sometimes ? but Holly and I have, and believe me, you have DEFINITELY got
her attention.?

I looked at Diane in concern ? the last thing in the world I wanted to
do was lose her ? and she laughed again before telling me ?It?s okay,
Mike. Us women, we?re always pleased when another woman shows an interest
in our man, as long as she?s nice about it, like Susan is. I know you?re
not trying to hustle her into bed ? though I don?t think I?d mind too much
if she did wind up there, as long as it wasn?t more than once or twice ?
and I?m okay with the two of you studying together, and even going places
together while you?re at school. She?s so sweet and nice, I understand how
you like to be with her, and I?m not jealous.?

I could only sit there and blink for a few seconds before I managed to
ask ?You?re not mad at me??

Diane just smiled, and said ?Why should I be mad? She likes you - well,
loves you, I think ? for the same reasons I do. And you like her for the
same reasons the rest of us do ? what is there for me to be mad about?
Sure, if you dumped me for her, I?d be mad as hell ? but I know that you
love me and wouldn?t do that. And so you don?t have to ask, yes, I said I
wouldn?t mind too much if it happened that the two of you made love. I
know you?re not going to be the one to try and make it happen, and if she
comes out of her shell enough to want to find some of the happiness I know
she deserves by being with you, then I can?t hold that against her. God
knows, she?s long overdue for more happiness than she?d gotten so far in
her life; and I know that if you made love with her, she?d definitely be
happy afterwards.?

I just sat there, stunned, while Diane retrieved the second rewound
video tape and put it in its box. When she was done, she smiled at me and
took me by the hand telling me ?Come on, Mike. It?s time for bed,
remember?? before leading me upstairs.

Once inside my room, we quickly undressed and got into bed ? where we
made slow, gentle love with each other before falling asleep.


The next day was an amusing adventure for all four of us. Susan was
willing to learn to skate, and Holly and Diane were good teachers. Still,
it took a while before Susan got the hang of it. All of us ? Susan
included ? had plenty of chances to laugh at the spills that usually left
her rubbing her backside when she was vertical again. By the time we were
done, she?d learned the technique of keeping herself upright and in
control. She wasn?t anywhere near being a threat to Dorothy Hamil, but she
was firmly in control as she looped around the outside edge of the rink.

As we were taking our skates off in preparation for going home, Susan
said something about her butt being sore. I couldn?t pass up the
opportunity, and told her ?That?s okay. Holly and Diane fell down a lot
when they were learning, too. Of course, it probably didn?t hurt them as
much, since they?ve got so much more padding than you do.?

It took Susan a second to get it, but when she did, she started laughing
at the mildly outraged looks Diane and Holly were giving me. They knew I
was teasing them, of course, and Susan?s laughter soon had them laughing
along with her. Finally, Holly told me ?Michael, you are SO going to pay
for that!?, followed by Diane?s ?You are in SUCH trouble with me, Mister!?
? prompting more laughter from Susan and me.

Over supper ? which Susan had helped with ? we told mom and Dad about
what we?d done that day. Holly and Diane pretended to be upset with me
when I repeated Susan?s comment about her sore butt, and what I?d told her
about Holly and Diane. mom and Dad both laughed, and the rest of us joined

During supper, Diane had reminded everyone that her folks had invited us
over that evening. After Holly and I had cleaned up, we decided to walk
the couple of blocks to Diane?s house ? me with a small knapsack
containing a change of clothes; Diane had let me know that I was expected
to stay the night. Everybody but Susan knew what was going on, and if
Susan didn?t know, she was simply too polite to ask.

Once at Diane?s house, we were quickly invited in and got our chance to
see the tree her folks had bought, and how they?d decorated it. Susan was
invited up to see Diane?s room while Holly and I stayed in their family room with our folks. When Diane and Susan got back we all decided that a
rousing game of Monopoly was needed. With eight of us playing, it took a
while before people started getting pushed out of the game. Susan had a
blast, finishing second behind Diane?s dad. When the game was over, it was
pretty late, and mom and Dad decided that it was probably time to go home.
Holly agreed, as did Susan. After they left, Diane and I stayed up a
little longer with her folks, talking about how I was doing at school, what
they thought of Susan (consistently good in all respects), and so on.

When we were all caught up, Diane?s folks wished us a good night and
said they?d see us in the morning. Diane and I stayed up a little longer,
talking about our plans for the future, but finally followed their example
and went to bed.


The next morning, Diane?s mom made breakfast for all of us, and after we
had eaten, Diane?s dad and I were shooed into their family room while Diane
and her mom took care of cleaning up.

Once we were seated, Diane?s dad asked me how I?d met Susan, and I told
him ? from seeing her drop her registration card, all the way up to
inviting her to come home with me for Christmas; minus the stuff I?d done
along the way to help move things along, of course. When I was done, he
told me ?Yes, that sounds about right. Diane told us that she?d been the
one to suggest you see if Susan wanted to find out what a real American
Christmas was like. Diane told us the story of how Susan had to leave
Vietnam and how they all got to this country; I?ve got to admit that I
don?t know if I?d have the courage and strength her father showed when he
decided that they had to escape.?

I told him that I?d thought about it, too, and had come to pretty much
the same conclusion ? and that I was damn glad it wasn?t something I?d
ever have to face. He smiled, and said ?No, I don?t think you will ? but
there are plenty of other things that a man and wife have to worry about
when they start their life together. You?re a smart young man, Mike, and
Diane?s mother and I both know that you love her; and that you?ll be good
to her. We were a little concerned about Susan being here, and how you met
her, but I can see that it was just you being the good person we already
knew you are. Neither one of us thought you?d deliberately hurt Diane, but
we both know what boys are like at your age, too. But I guess both of us
forgot that inside you, you?re grown up enough that we can?t properly think
of you as a boy like most. I want you to know that we?re both sorry if our
worries about you and Diane have caused you any offense.?

In a way, I DID understand where the two of them were coming from: they
were concerned about Diane?s future and happiness, just as I was ? and I
told him so. He smiled again, and said ?Yeah, I suppose you do. Both of
us can see how much you and Diane love each other, and how committed you

A few moments later, Diane came in and took a seat next to me before
taking my arm and pulling it around her so she could snuggle into my side.
As she did, her dad looked on in approval.

With Diane there, our previous conversation was apparently over, since
her Dad asked us what we had planned for the rest of the time I was home.
Susan and I had figured to head back to school a couple days before New
Years, so as to avoid as much of the traffic as we could ? both of us were
aware of the number of traffic accidents, and neither of us wanted to be
one of the statistics.

A little later, Diane?s mom came in and convinced her dad that the two
of them needed to go out for a little while. Her dad grumbled
good-naturedly, but went, leaving Diane and I alone in the house.

Neither of us had anything we wanted to do, so we settled for laying on
the couch listening to music while they were gone. Diane and I were so
comfortable together that neither of us felt any need to have something
?happening? all the time ? we were both perfectly content to simply BE
together, without talking or watching tv or doing anything else.

We were still laying there when her parents got back ? coming into the
family room to find Diane laying in front of me on the couch, her hands on
my arm where it was draped around her waist. Diane and I had never done
anything even remotely sexual when there was even the slightest chance her
parents or mine might see us ? but we weren?t ashamed or embarrassed to
have them see us being less intimate, either. Plenty of times, they?d seen
Diane sitting on my lap, or the two of us kissing. Both sets of parents knew we were making love, of course ? but we were quiet and discrete about
it, and that was enough for them.

When it got late enough, Diane talked her folks into pizza for supper ?
surprisingly, the pizza delivery places stayed open, and apparently did a
pretty good business. After we?d eaten, I thanked her folks for having me
over ? both assured me they?d been glad to have me ? and headed back home
so they could have their own Christmas Eve together, just my family would
have when I got home.

Back at my house, I found Dad teaching Susan the finer points of
checkers while ? so my nose told me - mom and Holly baked cookies.
Looking at the checkerboard, I saw that there were more of Susan?s red pieces than Dad?s black, and said ?Looks like you?re teaching her checkers
pretty good, there, Dad!?

He laughed, and said ?She told me she?d never played before, but I think
she was just sandbagging me!?

Susan looked confused at what he?d said, and he explained what
sandbagging meant ? for a person to deliberately pretending not to be as
good at a game as they were, so as to gain an advantage. She got a
horrified expression on her face, and Dad laughed before he told her that
he was just teasing. She looked at me uncertainly, and I nodded to confirm
that that was just exactly what he was doing. She smiled then, and
proceeded to jump two of his pieces before asking ?King me??

Dad gave her play-dirty look, making her laugh, before doing as she
requested with the comment ?I?ll tell you one thing ? this is going to be
the last time I offer to teach somebody to play checkers!? - drawing another laugh from her. I just said ?Look at it this way, Dad: this just
proves what a good teacher you are!?, making both of them laugh before I

In the kitchen, I managed to snag a couple of cookies before mom caught
me and laughed as she swatted at my hand to keep me from taking any more.
Off to the side, Holly had moved some cookies to a plate, and was pouring
hot chocolate into cups, apparently intending to take all of it out to Dad
and Susan. I helped by carrying the drinks, and both of them thanked us
before Dad made a move that cost him another piece.

When Holly was done helping mom in the kitchen, she came in to where I
was watching Susan clean Dad?s clock at another game of checkers. With
four of us there, we started playing rounds of checkers against each other.
I knew Dad was a good checkers player and better teacher, but when Susan
got finished with him, me, and Holly, I wasn?t entirely sure she hadn?t
been sandbagging us. By the time bedtime came around, there wasn?t any
doubt that Susan was the undisputed Checkers Queen of the house ?
something that pleased her tremendously. mom came in to congratulate her,
and give her a kiss on the cheek before reminding us all that it was time
for bed.

After all of us were in bed, I waited a good hour before getting up so I
could move the gifts I?d gotten everyone down to the Christmas tree. I had
just my shorts on, and first thought to just wear them ? it was late, and
I really didn?t expect to meet anyone. Then I had second, and even third,
thoughts, and decided to put on a robe ?just in case?.

I was glad I did when Susan and I nearly gave each other heart attacks
as we almost ran into each other in the doorway to the den.

The surprise at our near-collision gave Susan a case of the shakes ? my
heart was pounding in my chest; it hadn?t done ME any good either ? and I
quickly put my packages down to take Susan?s hand and try to calm her down
again. It wasn?t working so well with both of us standing there, so I
guided her over to the couch and got her seated. Then I picked up my
packages again, and quickly got them distributed under the tree before I
went over to sit next to Susan.

She was calmer then, but still visibly shaken. I took her hand again,
and held it as I talked to her some more to help her relax. When she had
all but stopped trembling, I asked her ?Susan, you haven?t done anything
wrong, but what are you DOING down here this late at night??

She gave me a shy smile, and said ?Holly told me that it is your
family?s custom to put gifts under the tree when no one is looking. You
have all made me feel like part of your family, too, so I waited until
tonight to bring down the gifts I brought with me.?

I smiled, and said ?That?s fine, Susan ? I was doing the same thing. I
thought that if I waited until tonight, there wouldn?t be anyone else
awake, and I could surprise everyone better. It turns out that I was the
one that got surprised!?

?Not so surprised as me, I think? Susan said, with a soft laugh.

I laughed with her, and said ?Well, now that all the excitement is over,
I think I?m ready to TRY to get some sleep.?

Susan nodded her agreement, and the two of us stood up. I took a step,
but Susan hesitated, and I stopped to wait for her. I felt her give my
hand ? still holding one of hers ? a soft squeeze before she gently
pulled me around to face her. Looking up at me, she hesitated again, then
said ?Michael, there is something that I must tell you, and I cannot say it
except if we are alone.?

I looked at her in concern, and she gave me a smile before continuing
?Your family, and Diane and her family, have all been so kind to me. All
of you have made me feel like I am a part of your family, and that is a
very special thing to me. But even more special to me is that it has been
you that has brought me all this joy and happiness. Without you, I would
not have had the chance to meet all these wonderful people. Without you, I
would not really know what it is like in an American family, and how much
all of you love and care for each other. Even Diane ? your girlfriend,
and your wife, I think! ? has been much kinder to me than I could even
imagine. But it is still because of you that I have gotten to know all of
them ? and it is because of how kind and gentle you have been with me that
I am able to know what happiness is.?

With that, she took a step forward and rose up on her toes to give me a
soft kiss on the lips, her body pressing against mine. I could feel the
firm mounds of her breasts pressing into my chest and the lengths of her
thighs against mine ? but as much as I wanted to put my arms around her
and hold her, I was afraid that if I did, it would only frighten her. So I
contented myself with putting my free hand on her hip to steady her as I
softly kissed her back ? leaving it up to her to decide when it should

Several seconds later, she let our lips part and settled back onto her
feet. She looked into my eyes and told me ?Thank you, Michael? before
releasing my hand from hers and taking a step back. I couldn?t think of
anything to say after what she?d just done, and she gave me a gentle,
pleased smile before going around me on her way back to Holly?s room. By
the time I got my wits back and got upstairs, the hallway was empty, and
all the doors closed.

Back in bed, I couldn?t help remembering the way her body had pressed
against mine, and felt myself responding to that memory. The love I had
for Diane was an absolute ? but I still couldn?t help feeling more than a
little guilty at my reaction to Susan?s kiss. I didn?t get to sleep
easily, that night.


Christmas morning was a pretty laid-back operation for our family - I
was the first one downstairs, even at 9:00. I went into the kitchen and
got some coffee started, sitting in the breakfast nook while I waited for
it to finish brewing. A few minutes later, Holly and Susan joined me;
about the time it was done, mom and Dad made their appearance. We all got
our coffee and Holly started another pot before mom shooed us all out of
the kitchen so she could heat up some breakfast rolls. The rest of us
drifted into the den, where we found comfortable seats and sipped our
coffee until mom appeared with the rolls. Once all of us had something to
eat handy, it was time to start passing out gifts.

As youngest, Holly picked which gift was first, and she selected her
gift to Susan. Susan was visibly nervous as she opened it, only to be
delighted when she saw the large, fluffy ? and obviously decadently
comfortable - bathrobe Holly had selected. Susan?s pick was my present to
Holly ? a nice watch that I?d seen Holly eyeing during my last visit.
Holly?s next pick was my gift to Dad, a nice desk set ? pens, blotter, the
works. Dad had Holly hand Mom?s gift to Susan, who found that she had a
fairly complete introductory cookbook.

As the pile of presents slowly diminished, Holly had received a
beautiful Chinese-pattern silk blouse from Susan ? a pale green, it set
off her hair and complexion wonderfully. mom got jewelry from Holly and
me, and Dad was pleased with the new wallet Holly had given him ?
admitting that his old one was well past its prime. mom and Dad had given
me some much-needed clothing, while Holly had managed to acquire some music
cassettes that I?d been looking for. mom and Dad had gotten Holly a
beautiful bracelet, and Dad (with Mom?s help, no doubt) had picked out a
nice sweater for Susan ? who promptly put it on, admitting to feeling a
little cold, to our amusement.

There was a brief intermission to top off our coffee before we continued
with Susan?s present to Dad, a hand-decorated silk tie. Next was Mom?s
gift from her, which turned out to be a wok and bamboo cooking utensils,
which delighted Mom. That left only two things: Susan?s and my gifts to
each other. Susan and I did paper-rock-scissors (Holly had taught her) to
see which one of us was first. I ?lost?, and found out that Susan had
given me a not-so-small brass Buddha. She explained it to me by saying
?You have been very kind to me, and made me very happy to have you as my
friend. If you will keep the Buddha in an open place, he will bring you
many blessings, and the happiness that you have brought to me.? The
sentiment of her gift had mom and Holly openly crying; Dad was visibly
touched, and I was all but speechless. I finally found my voice, and told
her ?If he brings me half the pleasure that knowing YOU has brought me,
then I will be doubly blessed? ? making Susan?s whole face light up.

The last gift for us that morning was the one I gave Susan. She looked
surprised at the shape and weight of it, and Holly told her ?You can?t
believe anything about what it looks or feels like ? Mike likes to put
extra stuff in things to keep us from guessing what?s really inside.?
Susan opened the package, discovering what appeared to be a book with a
large rock fastened to one corner. Smiling at my trickery, she peeled off
the protective paper I?d put around the book, and could only sit there
staring at it. She sat there looking at it for so long that mom and Dad
became concerned, prompting Holly to ask ?What IS it?? ? which finally
got Susan moving again. She turned the book around so they could see what
it was ? a photo atlas of the United States. I?d spent weeks looking for
just the right present for her, and knew from the expression on her face
that I?d gotten it exactly right. Inside, it was a photo tour of the
entire United States, with short stories and articles about different parts
of the country: what they were famous for, the people and lifestyles,
dress, habits, customs, everything. I think the rest of them were as
surprised as I was when she suddenly set the book aside and threw her arms
around me to hug me as she repeatedly thanked me. I was sitting there, not
entirely sure what to do, when Holly solved the problem for me by saying
?Hug her back, you big dummy!? I did, accompanied by mom and Dad?s quiet
chuckles and Holly?s grin.

When Susan finally pulled back from me, her face was the happiest I?d
ever seen it, and there were tears of joy in her eyes. If Diane didn?t
already have it, the look Susan gave me would have stolen my heart.

To spare her any embarrassment, Mom, Dad, and Holly all pretended to be
looking at something else when Susan looked around to see if any of them
had been watching. From the smile that crossed her face, I suspect she
knew better, but was willing to accept the inattention they were showing
when she looked.

I reached over to grab a couple tissues from the box on a table, and
handed them to Susan. She smiled again and told me ?thank you? before
drying her eyes.

Susan started looking through the book, and was soon so thoroughly
engrossed in it that she didn?t notice when the rest of us started cleaning
up the discarded wrapping paper and ribbons. See how happy she was with
the book, none of us had the heart or inclination to disturb her. We?d
finished and were all sitting there watching her when she finally pulled
herself out of the book?s pages. Looking around, she realized that we?d
cleaned up, and were doing nothing more than watching her. She blushed,
and started to say something, but Dad interrupted to tell her ?Don?t worry
about it, Susan. We could all see how much you like Mike?s present; and
there wasn?t much for us to do, anyway.?

Susan still looked a bit guilty, and mom told her ?Really, dear, don?t
feel bad. It?s nice for us to see someone enjoying a book that much!?

Susan smiled at that, and nodded, telling us ?It?s very nice; I didn?t
really understand that there is so MUCH to America. And they say so much
about the places??

With that, Susan got up and started to pick up the different things
she?d gotten. It seemed like a good idea, and the rest of us followed her
example. By the time we?d gotten everything up to our rooms and put away,
it was getting close to time for Diane and her parents to come over. mom headed into the kitchen to get things started, and Susan went along to
help. Dad, Holly, and I watched the parades in the den; a little while
later, mom and Susan joined us. Maybe an hour later, we heard a knock at
the door; figuring that it was probably Diane and her family, Holly got up
to answer it. A minute later, the three of them joined us in the den,
carrying their gifts for us.

The tv was turned off, and we continued our gift exchange. Diane had
gotten Susan a nice ?letterman? jacket, clearly pleasing her. Susan had
brought Diane another silk blouse, a little different style than she?d
given Holly, it?s pale yellow making a nice contrast with Diane?s
complexion and dark hair. Diane gave Holly a nice leather skirt, and got a
fringed buckskin vest in return. Diane had gotten me a scientific
calculator I?d been lusting after; and was as surprised ? and happier ?
than I?d been when I gave her a promise ring. Susan had another wok and
utensil set for Diane?s mother ? I?d told her that both of them liked to
cook ? and a pair of gold cufflinks for Diane?s dad. The whole thing was
wrapped up when Diane?s folks gave Susan their gift to her ? a nice
leather photo album with her name embossed in gold on the front, already
loaded with photos that Diane had discretely taken during Susan?s visit.
Inside, the first photo was the one of Susan sitting on Santa?s lap, making
her laugh. Following that, there were pictures of Susan helping us
decorate our tree, the three of them sledding, and all the other events
we?d been involved in. The last photos were from our ice skating, and
tucked into the album after them was a note promising more pictures when
they were ready. From some of them, I knew that Diane couldn?t possibly
have taken all of them alone, and immediately knew who her helper had been.

Susan hugged the album close to her chest, and started thanking Diane
and her parents profusely, tears of happiness in her eyes. Diane and her
parents were all touched by the obvious sincerity and gratitude Susan was
displaying, and all of them quickly assured her that they were happy to do

To give Susan a little time to pull herself together, I asked mom what
was for dinner ? and as I?d expected, she ran down a list of traditional
Christmas fare. Holly did her part by starting to tell Susan about the
different foods, and which ones she (Holly) liked best. That was enough to
get the rest of us started on different subjects, and it wasn?t long before
all of us were having our normal conversations with each other. The only
way I knew Susan was aware of what I?d done was when she turned to give me
a brief smile once, before mouthing the words ?thank you? at me. I smiled
in return, and went back to discussing football with Diane?s dad.

A while later, mom and Diane?s mom got up and said they were going to
start dinner. Susan immediately stood up with them, and asked if she could
help. They accepted, and the three of them left.

Diane and I found seats on the couch, and Holly didn?t have any
objections when Dad asked if anyone wanted to watch football on TV. The
timing was almost perfect, since the game went to the halftime show just as
Mom announced that everything was ready. In the dining room, everything
was already laid out, so we all took our seats. Dan intoned a prayer ?
Susan bowed her head along with the rest of us ? and dinner was on. Susan
found that she liked almost everything on the menu; the few exceptions were
things that one or more of the rest of us didn?t care for, either, which
helped reassure her that she wasn?t dishonoring anybody?s cooking. She
even told us that some of the food ? particularly the sweet potato pie ?
was very similar to some Vietnamese foods.

As we were eating, Diane?s mom let us know that the next night?s supper
would a bit different than we?d had before ? that Susan had agreed to show
her and mom how to use their new woks to cook Vietnamese food. Susan was a
little embarrassed by the attention, but pleased when all of us agreed that
it sounded like a fine idea, and were looking forward to it.

When we were done eating, we all decided to wait a while before having
any dessert. The two moms looked pleased with the dent we?d put in their
meal, and put up only token protests when the dads, Holly, Diane, and I
said we?d clean up. Susan tried to help, too, until Dad told her ?Susan,
you helped cook this delicious meal, so you go on in there and relax, too.
I think all of us appreciate what a good job you did.?

Realizing that she was being given the same treatment as the moms ? who
she all but worshipped - Susan got a joyful expression and did as Dad told

With five of us tending to it, it didn?t take long for us to get all the
leftovers repackaged and put away, the first load of dishes into the
washer, and things generally cleaned up and put away. Back in the den, the
dads went to join the moms on the couch; Diane and I shared a recliner, and
Holly took another chair next to Susan.

The halftime show had long been over, and rather than try to pick up the
rest of the game, we found something else to watch on tv as we all laid
back to let the food settle.

It was maybe an hour and a half before we decided that it was time for
dessert. The moms asked what everyone wanted and brought it in to us;
Susan had opted to try a small piece of pumpkin pie, and when it was gone,
had another after admitting that it tasted a lot better than she had though
it would.

When the evening news came on, Diane and her folks decided that it was
time to go home. They wished the rest of us a Merry Christmas, and Diane?s
mom had a brief, whispered conversation before they said goodbye and left.

The rest of the evening was quiet and relaxed, and all of us were
feeling sleepy when bedtime rolled around.


Since all the various items of clothing we?d gotten all fit, none of us
had any reason to have to go to any stores the next day ? and there wasn?t
a one of us that wanted to, by a long shot. So we spent the day lazing
around and generally enjoying ourselves. Susan was absolutely fascinated
by the book I?d given her, and sat in the den with it for almost the entire

When the time came, we all put on our coats ? Susan proudly wearing the
jacket Diane had gotten her, with ?Dad?s? sweater underneath ? and walked
the couple of blocks to Diane?s house. Inside, we saw that Diane was
wearing the blouse Susan had gotten her ? and all of us commented on how
nice it looked on her ? and how nice she looked IN it. Diane?s mom quickly latched onto mom and Susan, and the three of them headed straight
for the kitchen while the rest of us filed into their family room.

We sat around talking for a little while ? until the aroma of the food
they were preparing started drifting in. The moms were both pretty darn
good cooks, but the smell of what was being prepared in the kitchen was
something else entirely. The five of us looked at each other before Dad
asked ?Okay, who?s going to take the chance of going in there to find out
what smells so good??

We all grinned at each other, knowing that whoever went was sure to be
chased out again. Finally, Holly spoke up, saying ?Okay, fine ? I?ll go.
I have GOT to find out what that delicious smell is!?

She stood up, and resolutely headed for the kitchen ? then reappeared a
little later, saying ?All I got to see was chicken and vegetables ? and
the three of them ganged up around the wok. It looked like Susan was
showing them something, because when she was done, she handed the
whatever-it-was to your mom, Diane.?

By the time mom came in to tell us it was ready, the lot of us were more
than ready. When we got into the dining room, we saw that they?d prepared
what looked like grilled chicken strips, an assortment of vegetables, and a
large bowl of rice. Just looking at it, it didn?t appear all that special
? but the aroma of it! Also of note was the fact that none of the settings
had Western silverware ? every one of us had a pair of chopsticks,

We all took our seats, and Susan let us know that the moms were the main
cooks ? that all she?d done was get them started by showing them how to
use the wok. Diane?s dad said a brief prayer, and when he was done, the
five of us that had been in the family room each grabbed one of the dishes.
I got the bowl of rice, and was surprised to discover how heavy it was ?
and when I went to scoop some onto my plate, that it was sticky, too. I
didn?t want to embarrass Susan, so I didn?t say anything, and just handed
the bowl off to Diane ? who gave me a look after SHE had dished a portion
of it onto her plate.

When all of us had a little bit of everything on our plates, Susan spoke
up again, telling us ?I think you have all discovered that the rice tonight
is different than you are used to. In Vietnam, and most of Asia, rice is
often the MAIN part of the meal. By cooking the rice the way it is
tonight, it is not only easier to eat with chopsticks, but the part of the
rice that makes it sticky also adds to its nutritional value. Remember
that most asian countries are not very rich, so anything that can be done
to make what food there is more filling and nutritional is a good thing. I
think you will find that if you put a little soy sauce? ? she indicated
the bottle ? ?on it, and take bites of rice between bites of the other
things, you will enjoy it a little more.?

We watched to see how much soy sauce Susan used on what, then followed
her example as it was passed around the table. The next adventure was the
seven of us trying to figure out how to us chopsticks ? all the times we?d
been to China Garden, we?d always used the forks they?d provided. Susan
saw our predicament, and patiently demonstrated how to manipulate
chopsticks so that we could get the food from our plates and into our
mouths. There were a number of drops, spills, and other accidents at
first, but the food smelled so good that we had plenty of motivation to
learn ? and we did.

And the food was as good as it smelled. The vegetables were all hot
enough for our taste, but still crisp. The chicken was moist and
delicious, having a slight ?tang? to it. When Diane?s dad commented on
it, Susan told him that it had been stir-fried in oil with a small hot
pepper in it to give it a little extra flavor. As Susan had promised,
having the rice sticky DID help make it easier to pick up with the
chopsticks; and the touch of soy sauce we?d all put on it was a nice
counterpoint to the flavor of the chicken and vegetables. The pride and
embarrassment were plain on her face when all of us repeatedly complimented
her on how delicious everything was. She just told us that she really
hadn?t cooked much of it, that it had been the moms that had done all the

When she said that, mom told us ?Work, my foot! I was amazed at how
fast and easy it was to cook all this. Believe me, our ? my! ? wok is
going to be seeing plenty of use.?

Dad just laughed, and said ?As long as what you cook with it tastes as
good as this, I won?t complain!? - a sentiment that Holly quickly
seconded. I was too busy stuffing my face to say anything ? but I nodded
in agreement.

Diane?s dad turned to her mom and asked ?What was it the two of you were
talking about last night, right before we left??

Diane?s mom smiled, and said ?She just asked me to make sure the
vegetables were fresh, and asked if I had chopsticks. I told her I would,
and that we?d have some. Then she said that if I could find an oriental
store, that would be the best place to get the right rice. It sounded
strange, but since she was going to be the teacher, I did it ? and she was
right, of course; that instant stuff in the store never would have worked.
I got the chopsticks in the same place, and I was surprised at how
inexpensive they were.?

By the time supper was over, the only thing left was a few lonely grains
in the rice bowl ? everything else was gone. The funny part for me was
that even though I knew I?d eaten plenty, and was full, I didn?t feel heavy
or TOO full. In fact, when we finally got up from the table, I didn?t have
any trouble moving around to help Diane and Holly put things away and get
the dishes loaded into the dishwasher. None of us had a clue what to do
about the wok, though, and Diane finally went in to ask Susan what the best
way to clean it was ? and coming back to tell us that a quick rinse with
hot water and drying it out was all it needed.

We?d been in the family room for several minutes when Diane?s mom suddenly exclaimed ?Oh! I almost forgot!? before hurrying toward the
kitchen. We all looked at each other, wondering what was going on, when
she came back in with a plate. On it was an assortment of what looked like
really thick cookies; when Susan saw them, her eyes lit up and she smiled.
Diane?s mom saw her, and said ?They said I might want these at the oriental
grocery, so I got some. Do you want to tell everyone what they are,

Susan nodded, and told us ?Those are sweetened rice cakes. They aren?t
as sweet as most American treats, but they are still very good ? I think
you will like them.?

Diane?s mom passed the plate around, starting with Susan, and each of us
took a couple of them. Susan was right, they weren?t as sweet as we were
used to ? definitely not sugary-sweet - but they were still good, and made
for a nice dessert after the meal we?d just had.

After we?d finished our rice cakes, Diane?s dad asked if anyone wanted
to watch a video he?d rented ? a comedy that had just been released. None
of us had seen it, so we all agreed.

After it was over, mom and Dad got up, saying that they thought it was
time to go home. As they and Diane?s folks said their goodbyes, Diane went
back to her room, reappearing with a knapsack and joining the rest of us as
we put our coats on. Susan and I were scheduled to head back to school the
day after next, and Diane wanted to spend as much time with me as possible
before we left. Both sets of parents knew it, and neither minded in the

Once back at our house, we all had a cup of hot chocolate and some of
the leftover Christmas dessert as we talked for a little while before
heading up to bed. Once we were alone, Diane and I made gentle love with
each other.


Diane and I spent the next day just being with each other ? talking a
little, listening to music, holding hands, and so on. Susan and Holly both
left us to ourselves as much as possible, preferring to go off and do their
own thing. mom spent half the day on her volunteer stuff, and Dad was
obliged to go back to work.

After we?d all gone to bed that night, Diane and I made love, then again
a bit later. The next morning, we all sat down to one of Mom?s delicious
breakfasts, then Susan and I went upstairs to pack for the trip back to
school before all of us idled most of the morning away. When that was out
of the way, Diane went with me when I went out to fill up the gas tank on
my truck, and generally make sure it was ready for the drive back to
school. While we were out, we stopped at a fast-food place for lunch and
played ?footsies? under the table.

Once back at home, Susan and I decided that it was probably time to
start back ? it was a drive of only a few hours, but we wanted to make
sure that we got back in plenty of time.

After we?d gotten our bags in the truck and I?d covered and secured
them, we were ready to go. mom came out to tell us to be careful, and
kissed both of us before going back inside. Diane distracted Susan long
enough for Holly to give me the kind of goodbye kiss and hug she wanted to,
then Diane and I did the same before Susan and I got in the truck. I
backed out of the driveway, waved to Diane and Holly, and we were on our

As we were getting on the highway that would take us back to school, I
looked over and saw that Susan was quietly crying. I waited until I had
the truck up to speed and wouldn?t have to shift any more before quickly
scanning her, and discovering that her tears were a mixture of happiness
and sadness: she was happy that my and Diane?s families had taken her in as
part of our own families and been so friendly and thoughtful, and sad that
she had to leave them so soon.

I reached over and took her hand, and pretended I didn?t know what she
was thinking by asking ?What?s the matter, Susan??

She tried to tell me that it wasn?t anything, but I gave her hand a
little squeeze, and said ?Those tears don?t look like it?s not anything.
Come on, talk to me.?

With that, she broke down, and the tears really began to flow. She
squeezed my hand back, and began telling me how she felt about the time
she?d spent with us.

When she was done, I made sure she saw me smiling at her, and said ?Then
it sounds like you had a good time. So why the tears??

?Because I?m so happy and so sad!? she replied.

?Okay, the happy part I got ? believe me, we had as much fun with you
as you did with us; and I know that all of them like you as much as I do.
So why are you sad??

?Because now I won?t see them again.?

That one threw me for a few moments before I finally asked her ?What do
you mean, you won?t see them again??

?We are going back to school now, and they are staying there. What
chance will I have to visit them again??

?Susan, I go home several times a year, and I don?t think they would
mind if you wanted to come back with me. I promise ? they really do like
you. Some of them have even come up to visit me at school at times; if
they do that, then you could see them then, too. And if nothing else, we
all go to my aunt and uncles farm to celebrate Easter, and I know that my
aunt and uncle would be just as happy to meet you.?

She sniffled a little, and looked at me uncertainly as she asked ?You
think so??

I smiled, and assured her ?I?m sure of it. The only way you won?t get
the chance to see them again is if YOU choose not to.?


?Really? I told her.

She didn?t seem entirely sure, but a scan of her told me that she wanted
to believe it. She was looking at me, and I nodded to her to confirm what
I?d just said before checking her again to see if it helped. It did, but
what really got my attention was her thought that she not only liked having
me hold her hand like that, but she was wondering what it would be like if
I touched her even more ? and on other places on her body. Probing
deeper, it became clearer to me: she wasn?t actively considering letting
our physical contact grow; rather, she was starting to become aware of her
own sensuality, and her wonderings were prompted more by curiosity than

To cover my surprise at what I?d learned, I managed to get some
confidence in my voice as I told her ?You?ll see?, before releasing her
hand so that I could pat it before putting my hand back on the steering

Even as I was doing it, I recognized the opportunity, and reaching into
her mind and gradually brought up a sense of trust and confidence in her,
figuring that those would help her feel reassured and thus ease her out of
her sadness.

A minute later, she smiled at me and said ?Thank you, Michael. I feel
much better, now.?

With that, she rummaged around in her knapsack and brought out the book
I?d gotten her ? she was fascinated with it, and had already been through
it once, that I KNEW of.

I welcomed the opportunity to do some deep thinking ? I was absolutely
confident that she?d have more than one opportunity to visit with at least
SOME of my family, and almost certainly Diane, and possibly one or both of
Diane?s parents. What occupied my mind was trying to figure out what I was
going to do ? she was becoming more and more comfortable with casual
physical contact with me, and the patterns of her thoughts seemed to
confirm Diane?s opinion that Susan had some measure of a crush on me.

During the rest of the drive back to school, I reached into Susan?s mind
several times, carefully prodding her thoughts in a direction that would
get me information that I felt I had to have. A few times, she would turn
to look at me, and when I looked back, she?d give me a shy smile before
returning to her book.


Once we were back at school, my first stop was to her dorm, where I
unloaded her bags and helped her get them inside. When we?d set them down,
she turned to face me and said ?Thank you again, Michael. I am very happy
that I got to meet your family and Diane and her family; and I am very
proud that they would welcome me as a part of your family?. Having said
that, she got up on her toes to kiss me again - but only on the cheek ?
before letting herself down again.

?I?m glad to know that they were able to help you feel that way? I

The two of us stood there for a few seconds, awkwardly, before I said
?If you agree, I would like to be able to study with you again next
semester. Would you like to meet me for lunch at the diner tomorrow, so we
can see if there are any classes we can take together??

She smiled, and said ?Yes, I would like that very much. Would one
o?clock be too late??

I smiled back and said ?That would be fine. I?ll see you then? before
turning around and going out to my truck and going to the house I shared
with two other students.


Susan and I teamed up to go through class registration together; both to
make sure we had the same classes for the subjects we were taking together,
and to keep each other company.

Classes had been in session a couple of weeks, and we were heading for
our Chemistry 202 class when we ran across Sam, one of the guys I?d played
baseball with in High School, accompanied by another guy in a team jacket.

?Hey, Mike, I heard you were going to school here, but I didn?t see you
at any of the team tryouts, so I figured I got it wrong.?

?How?s it going, Sam? Nah, I got a scholarship, so I have to pay
attention to that ? I really can?t afford to be trying out for any of the
teams. Besides, I was only okay in high school; I don?t figure I?m good
enough for college ? except maybe keeping the bench warm.? I replied.

?You?re not going out for anything? Not even basketball? You did
pretty good in that??

?I?m gonna pass. Like I said, I?ve got to spend too much time hitting
the books.?

About then, the guy with Sam spoke up, asking ?Who?s the gook??

Something about the casual way he said it, and the tone of his voice,
kind of set me off. A quick scan of Susan told me that she was ashamed,
embarrassed, and hurt by his comment. I made a show of looking around
carefully before answering ?Gook? I don?t see any gooks around here.?

He made a face, and said ?Her, the chink standing next to you, dumbass.?

Sam made a face like he didn?t really want to be associated with Mister
Mouth, but with both of them wearing Letter jackets, it was hard NOT to.
He told me ?That?s Gus Meyers; he?s on the wrestling team with me ?
different weight class, of course.? Gus was a good hundred pounds heavier
than Sam, who was definitely on the lean side.

I looked at Gus and said ?The lady with me is Susan Nguyen. She?s
Vietnamese; I think that would make her a ?dink? or ?zip? or
?zipperhead?. The term ?gook? is from the Korean work ?guk?, or ?people?;
they use Han to mean Korea. So a Korean person is Han-guk; their language
is Han-gul, and so on. Chink comes from Chin, the old word for China, and
usually refers to a chinese person. Nip is from Nippon, or Japan. If
you?re going to be a dim-witted Redneck moron, at least be a GOOD dimwitted
Redneck moron, and get your ethnic slurs right.?

As I was talking to Gus, I saw Sam?s face go from shock to amusement ?
particularly at the end of my little spiel.

It took Gus a few seconds to realize he?d been insulted ? which tended
to confirm the dim-witted part of it. Gus took a step toward me, with the
fairly obvious intention of pounding me into the ground when Sam spoke up,
telling him ?I wouldn?t try it, Gus!?

Gus paused a moment, and looked at Sam to ask ?Why not? He know kung-fu
or some of that other shit? Don?t he know how to fight like an American??

Sam got a pained expression on his face, and said ?No, that?s not it.
Mike doesn?t HAVE to fight. At least, not after what me and some other
guys saw him do to the guy that tried to rape his sister. Mike never hit
him; didn?t even TOUCH him. He just took the guy over by a tree and talked
to him. Nobody knows what they said, but whatever it was Mike told him, it
scared the guy so bad he pissed himself ? right there at school, in front
of God and everybody.?

Gus looked a little uncertain, but got his bravado back and said ?That
ain?t nothin?. guys used to piss themselves in fights all the time back in
grade school!?

Sam shook his head and answered ?This wasn?t grade school, Gus. This
was Senior year of high school ? just a couple of years ago. The guy was
bigger than you are, too.?

That seemed to get Gus? attention, and he turned to give me another
look. The time was right, and I slipped into his so-called mind to
reinforce what Sam had just told him. It wasn?t hard to plant the thought
that if I?d scared somebody else bad enough to piss their pants in High
School, then there might just be more to me than there appeared. And on
the heels of that thought, the idea that it wouldn?t be a good idea to find

When Gus looked in my eyes, I gave him one last nudge: I let him ?see?
that if he started anything with me, ?things? were going to happen that
would be MOST unpleasant for him. Exactly what those things would be, I
left to the dark place in his mind, where his fear lived. When his eyes
left mine, I knew that I wouldn?t have any more trouble with him ? he?d
see to it that he stayed away from me to avoid it.

To give him some cover so he could leave ? and he wanted to,
desperately ? I said ?Gus, I don?t want any trouble ? but I don?t want to
be around people that insult my friends, either.?

He seized on the chance I?d given him and declared ?Fine. You and the?
girl do what you want; I?m heading for the gym? before turning and walking

Sam seemed surprised that Gus had backed down so readily, but let it go
so he could look at Susan and say ?I?m sorry if he made you feel bad?
Susan?? She nodded, and he went on ?Gus isn?t real smart, but he?s a good
wrestler ? here on a scholarship, in fact. Anyway, I apologize for him,
and hope you won?t think all Americans are like him.?

Susan gave him a smile, and said ?I understand. When my family first
got here, many people called us unpleasant names. Not very smart people,
as you say. And I already know that not all Americans are like that?, the
last part with a look at me.

Sam smiled back ? hard NOT to, and lovely as Susan was ? and answered
?I?m glad you understand. I?d like to talk, but I have to get to wrestling
practice, too. It was nice meeting you.?

Both of us wished him well, and we parted company. As we were walking
to class, Susan told me ?That was very kind ? and very brave! ? of you
to talk to him like that.?

?I don?t think it was either one, Susan. He has a big mouth and no
brains; somebody had to teach him some manners, and I just got lucky. I
guess he never learned that everybody in this country ? well, except for
the Indians; I mean, Native Americans ? came here from somewhere else,
somewhere back in our family?s history. You and your family just got here
a little later than the rest of us, is all.?

She thought that one over for a bit, and tentatively asked ?Did someone
really try to rape Holly??

I knew she could see the answer on my face, but I went ahead and told
her ?Yeah, he did. A big, dumb, bully kind of guy named Charlie. Come to
think of it, he wasn?t really all that much different than Gus, back there
- thought his muscles gave him the right to do whatever he wanted to
anybody weaker than him.?

A few moments later, she asked ?Did you really frighten him enough that
he wet himself? Without fighting him??

I smiled, and said ?No, we didn?t fight. And he wet himself, yeah. I
don?t know that I had that much to do with it, though.?

I glanced over at Susan and saw that she wasn?t entirely convinced, but
she didn?t say anything more about it, either.

On the plus side, the only time either of us ever saw Gus again, it was
from a distance, and in passing. Sam, however, took the time to look me
up, and he would occasionally join Susan and me for a movie or a meal.


It was coming up on spring break when Susan asked me if I wanted to go
with her to see the Vietnamese Tet celebrations ? Tet was actually a few
days after spring break ended, but the Vietnamese community had decided to
have the celebrations ahead of schedule so all the students could come home
and participate. I had an approximate idea of what Tet was and how it was
celebrated, but wasn?t sure how welcome I?d be ? at least, how welcome I?d
be to Susan?s dad.

I decided to just come right out with my reservations, and told Susan
?I?d like to, Susan, but I don?t think your dad would be very happy to see

She got a slightly troubled look at that, and said ?Yes, you are right,
of course. But if he agrees, you will come??

I smiled, and said ?If he agrees, I will come.?

She got a happy smile on her face, and said ?Of course, your family and
Diane and her family are welcome, too. You will ask them??

I promised I would, and did the next time I called home a couple days
later. mom and Dad had to decline, since Dad?s company didn?t offer Spring
Break or Tet holidays. The same went for Diane?s folks ? but Holly and
Diane both would be out of school at the same time I was, and both
expressed an interest (!!).

The next time Susan and I met to study at the diner ? I kind of tutored
her in physics, and she did the same for me in Computer Science, we helped
each other in Chemistry ? I told her that both sets of parents had had to
decline, but that Holly and Diane were both excited at the idea.

Susan looked delighted, and told me that her father had readily agreed
to ?hosting? us during our visit: after Susan?s visit to us for Christmas,
he was more than willing to have us experience a little bit of the
Vietnamese culture. Susan had emphasized the Diane and I were
all-but-married to him; he wasn?t real happy with the idea, but had agreed
that Diane and I could share a bedroom; Holly would stay with Susan, who
had her own room. Her brothers and sisters were younger than she was; her
two brothers shared one room, as did her two sisters.

The next adventure was travel arrangements: Susan lived in almost the
opposite direction from school that I did. Susan lived a good five hours
away, making three in the cab just barely acceptable; four was out of the
question. That problem was solved easily enough: Susan?s father and mother would come to the school to pick her up, leaving me and my truck to carry
me, Holly, and Diane. Getting those two to me turned out to be easier and
less hassle than I?d expected: Dad took them to the bus station and kept
them company until they left; I was waiting at the other end to collect
them. The trip between was non-stop, so there wasn?t any risk of them
getting lost or left behind during a rest break.

Susan?s folks came and got her before Holly, Diane, and I were to leave.
They had thoughtfully brought along a nicely detailed map and instructions
on how to get to their home from the school; there wasn?t a chance of me
getting lost or misunderstanding something. Before they left, Susan?s mom told me it was nice to meet me; her dad just grunted at me.

I was right there and waiting when Holly and Diane stepped off the bus.
Both of them greeted me warmly, which drew me a few envious looks from some
of the other males in the area. After we?d gotten their luggage (they?d
limited themselves to ONE suitcase each), we climbed into my truck and went
back to the house I shared. My two housemates had already left for the
beach, and wouldn?t return until a couple days before school started again,
so the three of us had the house to ourselves. We weren?t scheduled to
leave for Susan?s until the next morning, so we had plenty of time to catch
up until then.

I had a little homework to do, so while I got it out of the way, I let
Diane and Holly read a book I?d gotten from college bookstore about
Vietnam. Of particular interest were the parts describing Tet and how it
was celebrated, and the sections on Vietnamese customs and language. Susan
had patiently (!!!) tutored me on how to pronounce a few phrases ? ?Hi,
how are you??, ?thank you?, and so on ? so I was able to help Holly and
Diane as they started learning to pronounce them, too. There wasn?t a
chance in hell that I was going to be mistaken for a native speaker, and
Holly and Diane even less so ? but Susan had assured me that even the
attempt would be greatly appreciated.

With my homework done, and the girls having some idea of what was in
store for us, we decided that a little supper was called for. None of us
wanted to cook, so I took them to the diner where Susan and I studied so
often. Both of them agreed that it seemed like a much better place to
study than a library. Our waitress recognized me, and seemed surprised to
see me with Diane and Holly instead of Susan. I introduced her to the
girls, and saw the slight smile on her face when she learned who they were.

Back at the house, the two of them joined me on our couch to watch tv until it was time for bed ? and both of them followed me into my room. My
bed was barely large enough to hold all of us, but I don?t think any of us
minded being a trifle ?crowded? ? I certainly didn?t! Of course, the
enforced intimacy was a little more than a little stimulating, and it
wasn?t long before the two of them decided that they weren?t quite as
sleepy as they?d thought. Knowing full well what the results would be, the
two of them got started molesting each other; that quickly escalated to the
two of them making love there in the bed with me ? which got ME going.
The whole thing ended with Holly straddling my face while I tongued her to
climax, followed by Diane riding me to our mutual release.

The next morning, we got our things together and loaded up the truck.
Breakfast was at the diner, and then we were on the road.

Thanks to the map and directions I?d been given, finding Susan?s home
was as easy as it could be. Their house was a nice split-level job on the
side of a small hill ? the garage and something else were at the bottom,
with the rest flowing up and out from there, each level offset about half
of the floor below.

The driveway was empty, but I didn?t want to get off on the wrong foot
(again) with her dad, and parked next to the curb ? there were a few other
cars similarly parked along the street, and it seemed safe enough. We?d
all gotten out and were heading for the front door when it opened, and
Susan came rushing out. As she got close, her mother and father appeared
in the door behind her. Susan kept us company the rest of the way, and
introduced Holly and Diane to her father and mother. During part of the
drive, Holly and Diane had both practiced the formal greeting, and both
managed a passable pronunciation, which seemed to surprise and please
Susan?s parents ? her mother more visibly than her father. They invited
us inside, where we were introduced to Susan?s brothers and sisters, oldest
to youngest.

Her sisters seemed slightly awed to have us in their home, while her
brothers were indifferent-to-mildly-hostile ? when their parents weren?t
looking. I?d heard about Vietnamese gangs, and figured that if there were
two kids that were going to turn out bad, it was those two; but kept my
opinion to myself.

Susan escorted us upstairs, where she showed Diane and me where we?d be
staying, then on to her room, which she?d share with Holly. We left our
little bit of luggage, and went back downstairs where her parents were
waiting for us ? complete with tea and rice cakes.

I offered Susan?s father the gift I?d brought ? it was for both me and
Holly, and paid for by Dad who wanted us to make a good impression -
followed by Diane. Our gifts seemed to be appreciated, and we were thanked
for them. For the first half-hour or so, it was all pretty stiff and
formal. At one point Susan?s mother left us, and a few moments later,
Susan followed her. When Susan got back, she told her father ? in
English, as a courtesy to us ? that her mother wanted to speak with him.
When he was gone, Susan looked sad and upset, and told us ?I?m sorry for
the way my parents have treated you. They are being very formal and
polite, which is proper for strangers, but not for friends. I told my
mother how you welcomed me into your homes, and that I was embarrassed at
the way YOU were being treated. She said she understood, and would talk
with Father. I think that is what they are doing now.?

We all hastened to assure her that we understood ? that it would take a
little time for her family to get to know us, and that we weren?t offended.
We could see that she was grateful for our understanding, but still unhappy
about her parents.

When they got back, her father offered us another cup of tea, which we
accepted. A few minutes later, her mother spoke up, asking if we would
like to see their home. We all said that we?d like that very much, and
were shown around. Nearly all of the furniture was Western, but the
decorations were almost exclusively Vietnamese. When we got to their
family shrine, all three of us were ready with our own small gifts for it.
Susan?s parents were both surprised and pleased at what we did, and I
explained to them that even though we did not share their faith, we had
been brought up to respect the faiths of others, and that our gifts were
meant to show that respect.

Susan?s mother asked how we knew to make offers that way, and I told her
that Susan had given me a Buddha for Christmas ? both of her parents seemed to find the idea amusing ? and explained to me what it represented,
and how it should be treated. I went on to tell them that I?d made a small
shrine of my own in my bedroom at the house I shared, which seemed to
please them even more. Her father asked why I would do that, and I told
him ?I took the time to read about the teachings of Buddha; and what he
taught seems like a reasonable way to live. There is some I do not
understand, and a very little bit that I am not sure I agree with ? but to
teach peace and respect for others is an honorable thing, so I have the

He grunted at my reply while his wife smiled, and they went on to show
us the rest of the house. When we were done, Susan?s mother said that if
we wanted to rest from the trip, supper would be in an hour. We gratefully
accepted, and Susan said she would go with us for a few minutes. Out of
earshot of her father, Susan told us that we?d made a good impression on
her father, and that she thought her mother liked us. She let us know what
their household routine was for showers and such, and left us to ourselves.
Holly went with me and Diane to our room, where we closed the door and all
sat on the bed to talk over what we though of things so far.

The first thing out of Holly?s mouth was to say ?I think I like the
women here, but I?m not sure I?m going to like the men. Her brothers sure
look like they could be a couple of real stinkers ? am I mistaken, or did
they look like they?d be just as happy if we all fell into a sewer or

Before I could say anything, Diane jumped in to agree with Holly, saying
?I think you?re right ? except I get the feeling that they wouldn?t mind
HELPING us fall. They look like a couple of gangsters, to me. I like the
women, too, but I?m not so sure about her dad ? if we weren?t guests, I?ll
bet he could be a real stinker.?

Both of them turned to look at me, and I just said ?I agree about her
brothers; I wouldn?t trust either one of them to fall down and hit the
floor; they?d probably find a way to cheat gravity. As for her dad,
believe it or not, he?s actually being pretty good ? for him. The
impression I got was that her brothers will be just as happy to leave us
alone with Susan and the others; I don?t think either one of them wants to
be around us any more than necessary. I think they?ll be just as polite as
they have to be, while their folks are around, but no more. Once her
sisters get used to us, they?ll probably be okay; so will her mom. The
only one I?m worried about is her dad. But just be yourselves, and we?ll
see what happens. The worst they can do is not invite us back ? and if
that meant I wouldn?t have to deal with those two young hoods, I don?t know
that I?d mind. Just remember what Susan told us about how they got here,
and her dad is a little easier to take.?

Both of them smiled at my description of Susan?s brothers, and nodded in
agreement at my estimation of how much of them we?d be seeing. With our
?meeting? over, Holly went to Susan?s room, and the three of us lay down
for a little while. Still, we freshened up and were downstairs chatting
with Susan when her mother came in to tell us that supper was ready. They
showed us to our places at the table, and told us what the different dishes
were. Susan told us ?Supper tonight is pretty much the kind of food that
we have most nights for supper. mother made a couple of special things,
though, in honor of your presence as our guests. We all understand that
you haven?t had real Vietnamese food before, and that it is not to
everyone?s taste, so if there is something that you don?t care for, please
don?t worry about offending us.?

A glance at her brothers told me that my very existence offended them,
but I didn?t hold that against Susan or the rest of her family.

With the explanations out of the way, it was time for supper ? and
everybody dug in. The three of us remembered the chopsticks lessons Susan
had given us, and managed not to embarrass ourselves. All three of us
tried some of everything they had; I reached for one bowl, whose contents
I?d seen the rest of them adding to their fish, and Susan spoke up to warn
me about it.

?You might not want to use any of that one. Its nuoc mam sauce, and
very strong. I told you before that there is much more fish in the Viet
diet than the American, so nuoc mam is for us what ketchup is for you, I
think ? except that most Americans don?t like it.?

I looked around to see that all the rest of her family was waiting to
see what I would do. Figuring ?what the hell??, I told her ?Yes, you said
there were things we might not like ? but how can I know if I will like it
or not if I don?t at least TRY it? I?ll only use a little bit of it at
first; if it turns out that I don?t like it, then I don?t have to use any
more. When you visited us, you ate a little bit of everything we served,
even though you didn?t care for some of it? ? she?d found that mince pie wasn?t to her liking, which I couldn?t fault her for; I hated the stuff,
myself ? ?and I would like to do the same for the food that your family is
offering ME.?

She gave me a small smile, and nodded her understanding. I took the
bowl and put just a small fraction of the amount I?d seen them use on one
end of my fish. I was determined to eat all of it, but I wasn?t
crazy/stupid enough to make it too hard on myself.

When I?d put the bowl back, I used my chopsticks to pick up some of the
fish with the nuoc mam sauce on it, and put it in my mouth. The initial
taste was pretty unique, but not unpleasant; it wasn?t until I started
chewing that it really hit me: that stuff had a BITE to it!

Everyone but Holly and Diane got big smiles on their faces when they saw
that the effect of the sauce had hit me; but when I took another bite, I
could see that they were surprised. When I picked up a third piece of fish
and nuoc mam, I could see Susan?s dad?s grudging approval ? whether at my
manners or endurance, I couldn?t say. Her brothers just looked
disappointed ? probably because the back of my head didn?t explode as they
were hoping.

Any way, Diane started to reach for the nuoc mam, and I put my hand on
her arm to warn her ?A little bit goes a long way?. She nodded, and
proceeded to pour even less than I had on her fish, followed by Holly doing
the same. Both of them took a bite, chewed, and reached for their glasses
of water. But ever the troopers, both ate all that they?d taken for
themselves, just as I did.

Other than the adventure with nuoc mam, the rest of the meal went fine ?
the food was delicious, and all three of us complimented Susan?s mother on

When supper was over, and everyone started to get up from the table,
Diane and Holly both offered to help with the dishes ? something that
seemed to completely flummox Susan?s mother. She and Susan had a brief
conversation in Vietnamese before Holly and Diane were told that their
offer was appreciated, but that the two girls would do it. I was left with
the impression that the two of them had committed some major social
blunder, but couldn?t figure out what it could be. Susan saw our
uncertainty, and quickly stepped in to ask if Holly and Diane wanted to see
the vegetable and flower gardens her mother planned to put in.

By that time, Susan?s brothers had both disappeared, so the four of us,
followed by Susan?s dad, made our way to their patio door and on outside. I
started to follow Susan and the other two when Susan?s dad asked me to wait
a moment.

I turned to face him, and he looked up at me to say ?Susan told me about
the boy that called her names, and how you made him stop.? He paused a few
moments, and then went on with obvious difficulty ?When we first came to
this country, many people called us such names, and talked to us very
badly. It was a very hard time for us, and hurt our pride very much. What
you have done for Susan, helping her with that boy and inviting her to your
home, I think maybe you are a good boy. I did not like her to study with
you, but the grades she gets are good ? better than before. So I think
now its okay for you to study with her.?

He paused again, and I could hear the respect in his voice when he told
me ?You have courage. Not many Americans would eat nuoc mam like you did.
I think it was too strong for you, but you eat it anyway. So did your
sister and your? girlfriend. You show my family respect by eating our
food ? even nuoc mam! ? and respecting our customs. Susan told us that
Holly and Diane offered to help clean after supper because that the way
Americans are ? to try to help other people if they can. That is much
different than our ways, and my wife had a little bit hurt pride. But
Susan told her that it was not disrespect, but an offer of friendship. She
told us that you are nice, GOOD people, and that you do not mean to
disrespect us with your ways ? and that if we will teach you about our
ways, you are willing to learn. Is that true??

I looked him right in the eyes, and answered ?I know that is why we came
here ? to learn about your people and your ways. I invited Susan to my
home so that she could learn more about American people and customs. Susan
invited us here so that we could learn about the Viet culture. We do not
know your ways, and we are going to make mistakes. I hope that you will
remember that we are less than the smallest child in our knowledge of
Vietnam, and that you will be patient with us, and help us learn.?

He looked at me for a few moments, and said ?Susan told me that you are
smart, as well as kind, and I think she was right. When we first came to
this country, we made many mistakes in our ignorance, and we were often
scolded for it when we should have been taught. What you do now is not so
much different than what I did then, and I will not make the mistakes with
you that others made with me. You are good people, you and your sister and
girlfriend; Susan told me how you welcomed her to be part of your family.
We do not have so much time now as you did then, but we will do what we can
to teach you, and welcome you into OUR family.?

I smiled and thanked him; he just looked me over, grunted, and left.
Well, it was an improvement over yelling at me.

I went out to where Susan and the others were, and saw that Susan?s
mother had already dug up the areas where she planned to plant things.
Susan explained to us what plants were going to go in what areas, and I
listened to Holly and Diane voice their appreciation. As far as I was
concerned, plants were the fluffy green things that grew outside; if they
were food, you took care of them ? everything else was on its? own.

Once we were all back inside, Susan told us that there was to be a small
party that night, and that we?d all been invited. Holly and Diane looked a
little uncertain, but Susan assured them that the people issuing the
invitation had known that we were going to be with her family, and were
more than happy to have us.

Holly and Diane asked if they needed to change clothes, and Susan
assured them that they were just fine ? it was an informal kind of party,
just a group of people getting together before the big celebrations the
next day.

There were enough of us that it was decided to take two cars ? Susan?s
mom, her sisters, and Diane and Holly in one; her dad, me, Susan, and her
brothers in the other. As the guest, I got ?shotgun? up front; Susan?s
brothers basically bullied her into the center position in the back. The
more I saw of those two, the less I cared for them.

I found out later that despite their initial shyness, both of Susan?s
sisters were willing to talk to Diane and Holly during the drive to the

I was completely lost after about three blocks, and just contented
myself with talking about school with Susan ? figuring that it was a safe
enough subject.

At the party, the hosts seemed genuinely pleased to see me, Diane, and
Holly. They were careful to introduce us to everyone, and showed us around
their home. I got separated from Holly and Diane, but Susan made sure to
check in with all of us throughout the evening. All the people I met were
warm and friendly, and thoughtful enough to have most of their
conversations in front of me in English. A few had heard about the little
run-in with Gus, and took pains to thank me for standing up for her ? it
seemed that all of them had run into something similar at some point in
time. As Susan had predicted, the few phrases of Vietnamese she?d been
able to teach me were greatly appreciated ? several people even took the
time to help me with my pronunciation, and add a word or two to my limited

The party finally wound down, and it was time to go. As we left, all
three of us remembered to thank our hosts in Vietnamese, which earned us a
round of smiles from everyone within earshot. Even Susan?s dad looked less
unhappy than usual.

Back at Susan?s house, the boys disappeared as fast as they could manage
it, while Susan and her sisters wanted to stay up and talk.

Susan?s parents gave their permission, but only for an hour, before they
went upstairs to bed.

Susan?s sisters, Anh (11) and Minh (12), were pretty shy with me at
first, but once they saw how relaxed Susan was with me, they quickly came
around. One of the first things they wanted to know was if Holly?s hair
was really that color ? a question that embarrassed Susan. Holly assured
them that it was, and when they expressed an interest, invited them to look
at it as closely as they wanted, and even touch it. They did, and were
still somewhat awed by it when they took their seats again.

When the allotted hour was up, both of them quietly got up and left us
to go to bed ? no muss, no fuss. With her sisters gone, Susan was a
little more comfortable, and started talking with Diane and Holly about
what had been happening with them since she?d visited. They told her, and
there was a fair amount of laughter and giggling as stories were told.

It wasn?t much later when Susan told us that it was probably time to go
to bed ? that the real celebrations started the next day, and that we?d
probably want to get there early. All of us agreed, and we followed Susan
up to the bedrooms ? Holly joining her in Susan?s room, Diane and I across
the hall in ours.


Breakfast the next morning was appreciably more relaxed and casual than
supper had been the night before. Anh and Minh both chattered happily with
all three of us while Susan?s mom looked on. Afterwards, all of us trooped
upstairs to change clothes in preparation for the celebrations we were
going to.

When we all met back downstairs, Holly, Diane, and I were speechless ?
the entire Nguyen family had changed into traditional Vietnamese clothing.
Susan, her mom, and sisters were wearing ao dai?s and all of them were
lovely. Diane whispered in my ear ?I thought Susan was beautiful before,
but now! Just look at all of them!? ? the last part a bit of
encouragement that I definitely didn?t need.

Susan?s dad was dressed in traditional clothing as well, and I had to
admit that it worked on him. Her brothers were similarly dressed, but the
faint scowls on their faces detracted considerably from the effect.

The three of us all complimented the ladies on how lovely they were,
earning us smiles of slightly embarrassed happiness. Diane and Holly both
complimented Susan?s dad and brothers on how handsome they looked; Susan?s
dad looked faintly pleased ? I think if he ever actually smiled, his face
would crack into a thousand pieces and fall on the floor, like you saw
happen in the old cartoons ? but her brothers didn?t seem to appreciate
the compliments.

The Nguyen women and girls all assured Holly and Diane that they were
both just as lovely, and even went on to tell me that I looked quite
handsome in the suit I was wearing.

With all of us ready to go, we loaded up the cars as we had the night

The events were being held in a large hall, and when we were all inside,
I found myself experiencing what I can only call beauty overload: all of
the women and girls were dressed in their own ao dai, and every last one of
them was lovely ? from the little four- and five-year-olds, all the way up
to the mothers of teenage kids. Diane, Holly, and I weren?t the only
Caucasians there, but we were most definitely in the minority.

Susan?s brothers had separated themselves from us at the first
opportunity. Her mother and father excused themselves to go and visit with
friends only after Susan and her sisters told them that they would help us
get acquainted. I was surprised to find out that Susan was going to keep
Holly and Diane company, while Anh and Minh did the same for me. When they
weren?t looking, Susan informed me - with considerable amusement - that as
much as her sisters liked Diane and Holly, they had decided that I was
handsome, and had insisted on keeping me company during the celebrations.

For the rest of the day and into the evening, I was never without at
least one of them, and usually both. They took delight in introducing me
to their friends, smiling when I greeted them in Vietnamese, and giggling
in polite amusement at my occasionally mangled pronunciation or grammar.
Neither hesitated to take my hand to lead or guide me to where they thought
I should go, and they made sure that I never got thirsty or hungry. The
little imps seemed to take a particular pleasure in introducing me to girls about Susan?s age ? whether to see my reaction, or that of the unfortunate
girls that they targeted, I wasn?t sure.

Along the way, I met a number of Viet men and women, and one or both of
Anh and Minh would translate for me when it was necessary. I also met the
few other Caucasians at the celebrations, and they were consistently
impressed that I was there only because I knew Susan ? all of them were
married or otherwise committed to a Viet family, and the casual nature of
my relationship with Susan was something of a novelty.

The people that I met were invariably friendly and polite ? without the
stiff formality that Susan?s parents had first shown us. It didn?t take me
long to realize that my presence was genuinely welcomed; and only a little
longer to come to the conclusion that by simply being there, I was
exhibiting a willingness to friendship that they were warmly responding to.

Throughout the day, there were a number of special events ? dances,
celebrations, music, and so on. At different points, Diane, Holly, and I
were all invited to learn the steps and movements for different dances. We
were always warmly applauded for our efforts, no matter how indifferent the
results might have been.

And of course, there was food. Lots and lots of food. It didn?t take
me long to follow the example set by the people around me: eating a little
bit at frequent intervals, rather than having a few larger meals. Several
people noticed, and commented on, my willingness to at least try anything
anybody offered me. That I didn?t care for seconds on some things was
easily accepted ? there were Western foods that most Viets didn?t care

At one point, Susan and her sisters traded duties; and as we wandered
around, Susan told me that everyone that had met us was genuinely happy to
have done so. Even our unrefined attempts at speaking Vietnamese were
appreciated ? even treasured ? by the people we?d met. Susan told me
that Diane, Holly, and I were showing an interest in the Vietnamese people
and culture that they seldom saw, and our willingness to learn and
participate was immensely appreciated by everyone there. She graced me
with a smile and told me ?Father is having a difficult time, though ? the
men keep telling him what a nice boy you are. I heard one of them tell him
that after meeting you, he wouldn?t mind if you were friends with HIS
daughter. You should have seen the expression on Father?s face ? I will
never forget it!?, the last part with a small laugh.

As it got into evening, the different events got more formal. Diane,
Holly, and I got together to watch the dances, and all three of us were
absolutely fascinated by the grace and beauty of the dancers.

By the time things started to finally break up, I think ALL of us were
ready to go home and get some rest. Once back at Susan?s house, the
youngest four were all sent to bed; the rest of us stayed up a bit longer
after Susan?s mother asked Holly, Diane, and me if we?d enjoyed ourselves,
and what we thought of the celebrations. None of the three of us had any
difficulty assuring her and the others that we?d thoroughly enjoyed

The three of us had questions about some of the different things we?d
seen, done, and eaten during the day and evening; Susan and her parents (mostly her mother) were more than willing to answer and explain.

When we?d talked ourselves out about the festivities, Susan?s parents excused themselves and went to bed, leaving Susan with me, Holly, and
Diane. When her parents were gone, Susan apologized to me and Diane for the
mischief her sisters had caused. Diane and I looked at her in puzzlement,
and she said that she was referring to Minh and Anh introducing me to just
about every eligible female they could find. Diane and I both smiled and
assured her that they hadn?t caused any offense or problems for either of
us ? that we?d actually found it kind of amusing. It took only a little
convincing before she finally accepted that her sisters hadn?t troubled us.
With that out of the way, there didn?t seem to be anything else keeping us
up, and we all headed off to bed.


The next morning, there was something or other that Susan?s father had
to do, so the three of us stayed at home with Susan and her mother.
Without Susan?s father present, Susan?s mother was a lot more relaxed with
us, and more than willing to ask us questions about ourselves. The morning
went by cheerfully as the five of us sat in their kitchen drinking tea as
we talked about school, what Diane, Holly, and I wanted to do with our
lives, and so on.

That afternoon, there was another party similar to the first one we?d
been to, and we met some of the same people. I managed to remember most of
the names of those I?d been introduced to before, and they seemed pleased
by that fact. Not a few of them had seen my attempts at Vietnamese
dancing, and complimented me on my efforts ? then laughing when I replied
that the amazement wasn?t that the horse danced well, but that he danced at
all. Diane, Holly, and I had split up at the party; but Susan or her
mother would still stop by to check with us to make sure everything was
going well. I was pleasantly surprised when several people invited me and
the girls to visit them in their homes; when I explained that we were going
to be leaving the next day, and all of them expressed genuine

After we?d gotten home from the party, we all spent the evening in the
family room at Susan?s house ? where we watched a Vietnamese movie (thoughtfully subtitled in English for us that weren?t fluent in
Vietnamese) and eating pizza ? something the entire Nguyen family had
discovered a likeness for. To everyone?s amusement, Susan?s sisters
decided to sit next to me, making sure I was properly fed and taken care

At the designated times, Susan?s sisters, then later her brothers,
quietly left us to go to bed. Anh and Minh wished all of us a good night;
the boys weren?t to be bothered.

A while later, I think all of us were a little surprised when Susan?s
dad cleared his throat and started talking to Holly, Diane, and me.

The words obviously didn?t come easily to him as he told us ?Before you
leave tomorrow, I want to thank you for visiting us. Even though Michael
has helped Susan, and all of you have been very kind to her, I still
thought that it would not be easy to have three Americans visiting my home.
But all of you have been much more polite and friendly than I thought. All
of the Viet people that you have met have told me how nice you are, and how
much they like you ? all of you. You took the time to learn some of our
language, and even some of our customs, before you came here; and while you
have been here, you have been willing to learn even more. All three of you
are good people, and have kind and generous hearts ? that is something
that I have not seen with many of the Americans that I have met. You make
your parents proud, and I would like to meet them some day, so I can tell
them myself.?

The three of us could see that he was uncomfortable, and after we all
thanked him for his kind words, we let the matter drop.

With the ride back to school ahead of us the next day, Diane, Holly, and
I were the first to excuse ourselves for bed, wishing all of them a good


After breakfast the next morning, the three of us got our luggage packed
and loaded into my truck. Susan?s brothers had disappeared somewhere, but
the rest of the family was there to see us off. A question by Anh and Minh
to their father was met with grudging approval, and the two of them shyly
came over to give me a hug and kiss on the cheek, which I returned ?
pleasing and embarrassing both of them tremendously. For her part, Susan
didn?t ask first ? she just did it. Her father didn?t say anything, and
didn?t look any more unhappy that he usually did, so I figured it was okay.
I didn?t chance hugging Susan?s mom, but did kiss her hand and thank her in
Vietnamese, delighting her. I almost fell over when Susan?s dad actually
stuck his hand out in invitation to shake ? and when it was over, I felt
like I?d just been Knighted or something.

All of us thanked them again, said our goodbyes, and loaded ourselves
into the truck for the ride back. Back at school, one of my housemates had
come back from break, but he didn?t mind the girls staying the night before
I put them on a bus the next day. Diane spent the night with me, and Holly
slept on the couch, despite my housemate?s assurance that the third member
of our household wouldn?t mind having her sleep on his bed.

The next morning, I was there to keep both of them company and to make
sure they got onto the right bus; mom would meet them at the other end and
get them home.


When Susan and I got together after break, she had some surprising news
for me: after meeting me, and seeing how I treated her, Diane, and Holly,
her father had realized that her brothers weren?t turning into the kinds of
sons that he really wanted. He?d done some checking on them, found that
that they WERE already in gangs, and had pitched such a fit that both boys had immediately dropped out. On top of that, he?d told them ? in front of
the whole family ? that they weren?t to abuse their sisters any more: any
?watching out? would be done by him and their mother. He?d then gone on
to make them apologize to her and her sisters for being so mean to them.
From all she told me, I got the idea that her father had slapped them down
? hard ? and then gone on to put them on a DAMN short leash.


As the rest of the school year went by, Susan and I both did quite well
in our classes ? particularly those we shared.

Uncle Jack wrote to tell me that the other farmers in the area had
gotten together and decided that they?d like me to work for them that
summer. The pay was to be a little better than I usually got with my
summer jobs, and Uncle Jack assured me that I?d still have enough free time
to take care of whatever I needed to. He went on to tell me that if I
already had something else lined up, or wasn?t sure about any of it, that
he?d take care of letting them know so there weren?t any hard feelings. I
didn?t think any of them would have hard feelings about it, anyway.

I thought it over, and decided to accept. Then Uncle Jack told me that
whenever Diane and Holly decided to come to visit, I?d be ?off the clock?
for the other farmers so I could have some time with the girls, too. Even
as I was reading that, I realized that it was a perfect opportunity to get
Susan a little more exposure to America than she might get if she stayed
with her parents all summer. I wrote back to Uncle Jack, and as I
expected, he told me that Susan was more than welcome ? he and Aunt Paula
had talked with mom and Dad about how nice Susan was, and they were
delighted at the chance to meet her, and show her a Real Working Farm.

The next step was to see what Diane and Holly thought about it, and both
were plenty enthusiastic about it. The final step was to see what Susan
had to say.

I half-expected her to be as hesitant as she?d been at the idea of
spending Christmas with my family, but she surprised me at how pleased she
was at the invitation. She had to clear it with her father, of course ?
and HE surprised me even more by not only approving it, but encouraging

With a little back-and-forth and some negotiating, it didn?t take long
to make arrangements that satisfied everybody: Susan and I would each go to
our respective homes for the first week after school let out. Then, I?d
bring Diane and Holly to Uncle Jack?s farm, then Susan?s mom and dad would
bring her the next day. That would give all of us some time to ?wind down?
from school before we headed for the farm, where the work I did for Uncle
Jack would help me get ready to work for the rest of the farmers until the
last couple of weeks before school started again. The only real change was
to be that Holly, Diane, and Susan would stay at the farm for a month,
instead of the usual couple of weeks we?d spent there before.

Susan was anxiously looking forward to seeing the farm, and asked me
what kind of gifts would be appropriate to bring. I told her that she
really didn?t need to do that, but if she was going to, then a wok like
she?d given mom and Diane?s mom would be perfect: Aunt Paula loved to cook
more than the two of them, together. Then I added ?And if you teach her to
cook with it, you just might even get her secret fried chicken recipe!?
Susan had had a chance to try some of the leftovers I?d brought home from
my meals at the farm, and knew that the recipe for Aunt Paula?s chicken was
something to be treasured.

After both of us had finished final exams, we met at the diner for a
celebratory meal and to confirm the arrangements for us to meet at the
farm. From the town where Diane and Holly and I had gone to see the movies the summer I?d had my idea about stacking hay, I made up a map and explicit
directions on how to get to Uncle Jack?s farm ? her family had taken care
that I didn?t get lost, and I was determined to do the same for them.


Susan?s dad had told us roughly when they?d be arriving, so all of us
were ready and waiting when their car pulled into the driveway of Uncle
Jack?s farm shortly before noon.

Susan was visibly delighted to see the girls and me, but just as visibly
anxious about meeting Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula. Her parents were a little
awestruck at being out in the middle of nowhere, on top of meeting Uncle
Jack and Aunt Paula. Both Jack and Paula seemed to know what the problem
was, and cheerfully walked forward, introducing themselves to Susan?s
parents while Susan got her own welcome from the three of us, before
changing partners ? Diane, Holly, and me welcoming Susan?s parents as
Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula did the same for Susan.

Reassured that Susan was welcome and in good, friendly hands, her
parents relaxed, and accepted Aunt Paula?s offer to come in for some
refreshment. She?d baked a couple of apple pies the day before, and there
was still plenty for all of us. When we?d all finished, the girls and I
took Susan outside to show her around the farm buildings while Paula and
Jack talked to her parents.

We were walking back toward the house when Jack and Paula and Susan?s
parents came outside ? Susan?s parents looking considerably more relaxed
and confident than they?d been when they arrived. The four of us met the
four of them at Susan?s parents? car, and they said something to Susan in
Vietnamese, causing her to nod and answer back. With that done, they
wished us all well, got in, and started on their trip back home.

As we moved toward the house, Uncle Jack told us ?Why don?t you young ?uns go ahead and get acquainted again this afternoon, and we?ll get you
started on some chores tomorrow.?

Susan plainly didn?t have the faintest idea of what to do, so the rest
of us suggested a swim ? it promised to be a hot summer ? and Susan
agreed. Holly and Diane explained about the stock tanks and their
associated hazards as the four of us went inside to change into our suits.
Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula both knew about Diane and me, and had given us
our own bedroom without saying anything. Diane and I were last to get
ready ? due primarily to the playful groping we did as we changed ? we
went out onto the porch to find Holly and Susan ready and waiting for us.
Holly was in her preferred skimpy bikini, while Susan was wearing a much
more modest one piece number.

Towels in hand and sneaker-shod, we made our way to where the stock
tanks were ? and Holly and Diane?s warnings proving valid as we carefully
walked around the ?presents? the cows and horses had left behind.

Susan was initially pretty nervous about the cows ? much to the
amusement of the rest of us ? but quickly got over it when Holly teasingly
told her that cows just slobbered a lot, they weren?t rabid. That they
tended to move away from us as we got close helped, too.

Once we were in the stock tank ? blessedly free of animal drool, for a
change ? Holly and Diane promptly reached behind their backs and untied
the knots there before pulling their tops off and draping them across the
rim of the tank.

I?d seen both of them naked before, of course, so the only surprise to
me was that they?d done it in front of Susan so soon. A scan of Susan told
me that she was more surprised by Holly?s willingness to take her top off
in front of me than Diane?s ? and mildly envious not just of their
figures, but their obviously relaxed attitudes.

To her credit, it was Susan that spoke up first, asking Diane and Holly
?Aren?t you? embarrassed to do that??

They looked at each other before looking at her, and Holly answered ?No,
not at all. You already know about Mike and Diane, so he already knows
what SHE looks like. He?s my brother, so I know he?s not going to try
anything with me; and he already knows what tits look like, so that isn?t a
big deal. Besides, if he looks at me, so what? It just means that he
likes what he sees, and it?s nice to know I look good, even if he IS my

Diane smiled, and said ?Susan, if you took that suit off right now, ALL
of us would look, because you?re so beautiful. But NONE of us would say or
do anything to make you uncomfortable.?

Susan looked surprised and said ?You? you think I?m pretty??

Holly answered ?No, Susan, we don?t think you?re pretty. We think
you?re BEAUTIFUL.?

She seemed to have forgotten I was there when Susan said ?But you ?
both of you ? you?re so pretty! You have such pretty eyes and curly hair;
mine is just black and straight. My? chest is not as big as yours. And
my body is not as curved as you??

Diane and Holly shared a look before Diane replied ?Yes, we are
different from you ? but that doesn?t make you any less beautiful.
Believe me, you ARE! Your face and eyes and hair and all the rest of you ?
all of you together, it makes you a very beautiful girl.?

Holly added ?So you aren?t as curved as we are ? but the WAY you?re
curved! It?s so smooth and delicate, like a flower or something. And so
what if your breasts aren?t as big as ours? I thought they looked
wonderful, just like the rest of you, when we saw them in the shower.
Sure, you look different than us ? but that?s part of what makes you look
so beautiful.?

Only then did Susan seem to remember that I was there, and looked over
at where I was propped up against the side of the stock tank, my arms
stretched out on the rim. I smiled at her and said ?The first thing I
noticed about you ? standing in line behind you at registration that first
time - was your hair: how straight and black and silky it is. Then when
you turned around to look at me, you were so beautiful it almost took my
breath away. No, your tits aren?t as big as theirs ? but you wouldn?t
look right to me if they were. Susan, you?re not pretty like an American.
You?re BEAUTIFUL like a Vietnamese - and all of us recognize it.?

Susan didn?t blink or register any other kind of reaction when I told
her ? with deliberate uncouth ? what I thought she looked like. She just
stood there, looking at the three of us in turn. I reached into her mind,
and found that we?d succeeded ? at least, in part ? in convincing her
that she wasn?t the plain, unattractive person she?d thought she was. She
was willing to accept that we thought she was attractive, and with that
acceptance came a degree of self-confidence that she hadn?t had before.

And as she continued to look from to the other of us, and saw the honest
sincerity of what we?d just said, that confidence in herself grew ? and
grew some more. As I continued to scan her, her memories came to the fore:
how her brothers had teased her mercilessly when she?d hit puberty. How
her parents ? almost always her father ? had said things to her that
squashed the small, isolated feelings of independence she?d occasionally
felt. How she would hear others say how this girl or that was pretty ?
but never telling Susan herself how lovely she was. How the only physical
attention she got was from her brothers ? and that of a kind no one should
have to tolerate.

As each of her bad memories came out, I carefully and gently helped her
find her own reasons and excuses for them, so that she was able to
neutralize them. With the recognition of her own inherent dignity and
self-worth, her confidence and pride in herself grew even more. Why, yes,
compared to other girls, she WAS prettier. As a matter of fact, she WAS
smart. Now that she thought about it, she WAS a diligent and hard worker.

In real time, it was a matter of just a few seconds as all of this went
through her mind ? and at the end of it came the realization that despite
the lies she?d told herself, she had felt certain physical sensations ?
and yes, they WERE of a sexual nature. And contrary to what she?d been
taught, they didn?t feel particularly ?bad? or ?shameful? ? actually,
they felt pretty damn good!

On the heels of that admission to herself came the understanding that by
denying the feelings and sensations she?d experienced thus far in her life,
she?d lost the opportunity to learn about the very things she?d felt. And
inside her, I saw her develop the determination that she wasn?t going to
let any more chances to learn slip by ? that she was going to resolve the
feelings she?d had, and find out for herself how much she?d missed out on
by denying the things her body had tried to tell her.

Watching her mind work that way, I was amazed at the transformation
going on within her ? the realizations, the commitments, the absolutely
incredible growth of her courage and emotional strength. Looking at her
from the outside, I could see that she was experiencing something ? but it
took looking at her mind to fully understand the breadth and depth of the
changes going on in her. Underneath the rest, she was still Vietnamese,
and would always carry with her the emotional and psychological
underpinnings of her culture. But added to that was the strength of
character, self-confidence, and courage she would need to make her way in
the American culture that she was just getting to know.

Holly and Diane both watched as Susan went through the mental
metamorphosis that would change her forever; then they looked over at me in
curiosity. I simply gave them a small shrug as though to say ?Damned if I
know?. By the time their eyes returned to her, it was over, for the most
part. Looking inside her, I could see that she still had a few things to
resolve, but once she?d settled them, she was going to be a very different
person ? an even better one, I thought.

With her internal conflicts mostly resolved, Susan again became aware of
where she was, and who she was with. She gave us an only-slightly
embarrassed smile, and after looking around at all of us, said ?I?m sorry ?
but what you just said to me made me think of some things, and I got

None of us showed the slightest reaction to that; the only response came
from Diane, who told her ?Oh ? okay, that?s cool. Happens to me, too,
sometimes?, accompanied by Holly?s nod of agreement.

At that, Holly and Diane started telling Susan about some of the chores
they would likely have around the farm ? and emphasizing that none of the
work was particularly hard or tedious; that Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula gave
all of us things to do as much to be able to tell our folks that we
?helped? as to keep us from getting bored. Susan smiled at that, and said
that her father had let her know that he expected her to work AT LEAST as
hard as anyone else; all three of us laughed and Holly told her that doing
that wouldn?t be difficult at ALL.

When we?d all tired of soaking in the stock tank, we showed Susan around
some more of the farm. Along the way, she completely lost her nervousness
about cows, and even dared to let one of the horses take an apple from her
hand. We were still walking around showing her some of the features of the
farm and familiarizing her with what different parts of it were called when
we heard Aunt Paula ringing the big bell she had to let us know that it was
supper time.

Back at the house, we found out that Aunt Paula had decided that in
honor of Susan?s visit, supper was to be a traditional all-American farm meal: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and fresh
home-made rolls. After her first few bites, Susan dug with the same
enthusiasm as the rest of us. Aunt Paula had to caution her to leave a
little room for dessert ? which turned out to be hot apple pie a la mode,
a new taste that positively delighted Susan.

After supper, we all sat out on the front porch while Aunt Paula and
Uncle Jack chatted with Susan, getting to know her. Holly, Diane, and I
all chipped in when there was something for us to add.

As it got toward bedtime, Uncle Jack let me know what he had for me to
do the next couple of days; Aunt Paula followed him by asking for the
girls? help with a few things. Having given us our ?chores? for the next
couple of days, Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula excused themselves to go to bed
after reminding the rest of us that we could sleep late if we were willing
to get our own breakfast ? earning smiles from Diane, Holly, and me.
There wasn?t a chance in the world we were going to miss a bite of Aunt
Paula?s cooking.

When it was just the four of us on the porch, we worked out the timing
of what we had to do, then decided that another afternoon at one of the
stock tanks would be nice. With the next afternoon?s arrangements made, we
all got up and headed inside to get some sleep ? the next day would be
starting early.

I was a little surprised when Diane asked if I?d mind if she stayed with
Susan and Holly that night. I told her I didn?t ? that she and Holly
would only have the couple of weeks with Susan while she and I would have
our own times together later. She smiled, and after a hug and kiss, went
with the other two to their bedroom.


The next morning, I was more than a little surprised at how tired and
bleary-eyed the three of them looked when they made their way to the
breakfast table. I noticed that Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula noticed it, too,
but they didn?t say anything ? they figured that if we weren?t actually
?grown up? yet, we were close enough that it didn?t matter ? we were old enough to make our own choices, and live with the consequences.

After a cup of coffee, all three of them seemed to have gotten the
?jump-start? they needed, and breakfast went as it usually did on the

My jobs that morning were pretty simple, and as usual, Uncle Jack had
given me plenty of time to do them in. While I was loading up the chemical
fertilizer in one of his Big Green Machines, Uncle Jack was dropping some
fodder off in one of the fields. When I was done, I opened the gate
between that field and the one that had some of the cows in it, and get
them moved over. With the fresh fodder, and the cows knowing the routine,
it went just as smoothly as could be hoped for. Only one cow thought about
going off in a different direction; but when I got in her way and waved my
arms at her, she changed her mind and did as she was supposed to. I?d
secured the gate (double-checking it), and was on my way back to the house
when Uncle Jack swung by to offer me a ride on the tractor.

We were in sight of the house when Aunt Paula came out, apparently to
ring the bell to let us know it was time to eat. She saw us coming, waved,
and went back inside. After we?d cleaned up, Uncle Jack and I sat down at
the table with the rest of them for lunch ? hot roast beef sandwiches and
French fries with plenty of iced tea to wash it all down.

After lunch, I went out onto the porch to do a little reading while the
girls went in to take a nap ? much needed, judging from the way they?d
looked at breakfast. I?d been out there for maybe an hour or so when Aunt
Paula came out to tell me that she was going in to town to pick up a few
things. I asked when she?d be back ? she knew I was asking so the rest of
us would be there to help her bring things in ? and she told me. A couple
minutes later, and I watched as she headed down the driveway to the paved

A while later, I went inside to change into my swimsuit so I could go to
one of the stock tanks. I found Diane in our room, and as I started to
change, she woke up and smiled as she watched me. I smiled back and asked
if anybody still wanted to go. She assured me they did, and left to wake
up Holly and Susan to let them know it was time. When she was back in our
room, I sat on the edge of the bed, watching HER as she changed into her
bikini. We were out on the porch waiting for the others when they made
their appearance ? surprising the hell out of me when I saw that Susan was
wearing the more modest of the two bikinis Holly had brought with her.

I managed to fumble around enough that Holly and Susan started for the
tank before Diane and I did ? and even then, I walked slow enough to give
them a good head start on us before quietly asking Diane ?Okay, I?ll play ?
what the hell happened to Susan? Yesterday, she?s in that
hide-all-the-good-stuff suit she brought with her, and today, she?s in one
of Holly?s bikinis.?

Diane playfully pinched my side, and said ?What happened to her is that
the three of us were up until damn near two o?clock in the morning,
talking. After all of us told her how nice we thought she looked, you
remember how she kind of spaced out on us??

I did, of course, having been part of the reason for it. I nodded in
reply to Diane?s question, and she went on ?Well, apparently that got her
thinking about stuff, and she wanted to talk to me and Holly last night ?
that was why I stayed with them. You wouldn?t believe some of the
questions she had for us! It was like she?d never learned anything about
her body or sex or guys or ANY of that stuff.?

Seeing the puzzled look on my face, Diane explained ?She was asking us
stuff like did we ever have ?feelings? between our legs, did our breasts ever feel tight and our nipples get hard, what did it feel like when we
knew a guy was looking at our bodies, stuff like that.?

I understood part of it, but being a guy, I couldn?t completely
understand all of it. Diane seemed to realize what the problem was, and
told me ?What she was asking us was stuff that most girls learn about while
we?re growing up. When she asked us about ?feelings? between our legs, we
didn?t know what she was talking about, and she had to explain ? then we
finally knew she was asking us if we ever felt horny, for goodness? sake!
You should have seen her blush when we said that of COURSE we did, and how
we?d take care of it ourselves. Mike, you wouldn?t believe how isolated
she?s been for so much of her life! Well, you?ve known her longer than we
have, so I guess you would ? but I was still amazed at the things she
didn?t know, and had to ask us about. Holly and I had to promise her that
we?d help her learn about the stuff she wants to know. She said that she?d
touched herself, you know, masturbated, but she doesn?t think she?s ever
had an orgasm ? and if she doesn?t think she has, then I know she hasn?t.
I think she wants to learn, but she?s still too embarrassed to say anything
about it in front of both Holly and me; I think she wants to ask Holly
about it when it?s just the two of them, since she knows Holly a little
better than me.?

By the time Diane finished, we were getting close to the tanks, and
Diane cautioned me ?Now don?t you say a WORD to her, and whatever you do,

I just gave Diane a Look, letting her know that the last part hadn?t
been necessary.

Once in the stock tank, we splashed around for a few minutes, then Diane
and Holly took their tops off, as they?d done the day before. I was
surprised again when, after a brief hesitation, Susan elected to do the
same ? if a bit more nervously. With the material covering them gone, I
could see that she had smallish breasts ? about the size of baseballs ?
capped with small, chocolate-brown areolas and nipples. I let her see me
looking at her, then smiled to let her know that I appreciated the way she
looked before closing my eyes and letting my head roll back to rest on the
edge of the tank.

But that wasn?t the end of the attention I paid to her. With my eyes
closed, and to all outward appearances utterly indifferent to her state of
undress, I reached into her mind to try and find out how she felt about
what she?d just done.

There, I found that she was ? as expected ? nervous about exposing
herself that way; but she was also feeling a number of other things, as
well: satisfaction that she?d actually had the courage to do it. Pleasure
that I?d liked what she?d shown me. Slightly envious that Holly and Diane
were more buxom than she was. Curiosity at what Holly and Diane?s breasts would feel like, as compared to her own. More than a little unfocused
sexual desire. An intense awareness of what her breasts felt like ? tight
and hard, her nipples slightly erect in reaction to the cool water in the

Looking further into her mind, I was able to see that Diane had been
right: Susan did want to ask Holly about some of the things the three of
them had talked about the night before. I also found that there were a few
things on Susan?s mind that Diane ? nor Holly, I suspected ? had any idea

Working ever so carefully and gently, I stayed inside of Susan?s mind,
helping her to find the different things she needed to be able to open up
to Holly and Diane. In some cases, it was just bolstering her courage; in
others, it was necessary to help her find or remember reasons and
justification for the different things she wanted to talk about, or do.
Some of the things surprised me, and a couple of them simply astonished me
? but after checking to make sure they were Susan?s ideas, and not someone
else?s, I helped her see and find ways to accomplish them.

The entire process required a lot of patience and very subtle
involvement on my part, and it wasn?t until it was nearly time for us to
start back for the house was I finished. Fortunately, the three of them
were content to talk with each other between bouts of splashing around a
little; my apparent relaxation at the edge of the stock tank was considered
entirely reasonable ? particularly since I took the occasional opportunity
to open my eyes and be seen looking them over when they got a little

When I was satisfied with that I?d been able to help Susan as much as I
could (dared), I opened my eyes and participated a little more in the
general conversation and light horseplay. Still, it wasn?t much more than
twenty minutes or so before we decided that we should go back to the house
so we?d be ready when Aunt Paula got home.

I didn?t even pretend not to watch as the three of them all picked up
their suit tops and put them back on. I figured that my activities inside
Susan?s mind had worked when she didn?t even give me a glance as she got
the bikini cups adjusted on her breasts.

Holly and Susan took the lead on the way back to the house, and as Diane
and I walked behind them, I took the opportunity to give Susan a closer
look than I had before. As Diane had told me during Christmas, there was a
scar than ran across Susan?s back ? healed and faded from time, but still
visible. It wasn?t large or ugly, simply a fine line that ran from near
her spine, across and slightly up, over where her left kidney would be.
Other than that one minor disfiguration, the rest of her skin was smooth
and beautiful. Her legs were slender and trim, with nicely curved calves
and thighs. Her ass was, simply, a work of art: small, tight, and
obviously firm. Her hips and waist were in proportion to the rest of her,
their curves making it clear that she was delightfully female. Her hair
hung down to the middle of her back; and even wet, it looked incredibly
thick and luxurious. Her delicate shoulders supported a trim and graceful
neck, and when she turned to talk to Holly, she revealed a delightful

Diane saw me looking, and gently nudged me in the ribs, saying ?Looks
pretty good, doesn?t she??

I smiled and said ?You told me she did, but I really didn?t realize HOW
good she looks until now. Didn?t the two of you have some idea of, like,
ravaging her or anything??

Diane grinned, and answered ?Damn straight we did! But she was so shy
then ? still is, I suppose, but maybe not as much after our talk last
night. Either way, we decided that we?re not going to try anything with
her ? though both of us want to, REAL bad! ? until or unless she makes
it clear that she?s willing.?

I grinned back, and said ?And of course, you?re not hoping anything like
that happens??

Diane got a mock-surprised look on her face, and in a fair effort at a
serious tone, answered ?Oh, NO, we?d NEVER do anything like THAT!? ?
before all but collapsing in a fit of giggles. Holly and Susan turned to
look at us, and I made circling motions with my finger next to my head,
letting them know that I thought Diane was crazy. Both grinned, and went
back to their conversation.

We all rinsed off and changed back into our clothes, and were waiting on
the porch when Aunt Paula got home. She?d only brought back enough for
each of us to carry in one bag before everything was inside.

When it came time for supper, Susan was comfortable enough with Aunt
Paula (who made it easy for people to be comfortable with her) to ask if it
was okay to help with supper ? that she (Susan) wanted to learn more about
Western cooking. Aunt Paula was delighted with the request, and from the
sounds that came out of the kitchen, the two of them had a fine time
preparing supper. Holly, Diane, and I continued to be banned from the
area, of course.

When bedtime rolled around, Diane joined me in our room, and the two of
us had a pleasant session of gentle lovemaking before we fell asleep. n

When breakfast time came, Diane had to quietly go and give Holly and
Susan a second wakeup call ? and when they came out to eat, neither of
them looked like they?d gotten a moment?s sleep. Diane was clearly
surprised at their appearance, but from the scan I?d done of Susan the
previous day, I had a pretty good idea of what had kept them occupied.

After we?d eaten, Uncle Jack checked me out on the tractor again (I?d
driven it before, so he was just making sure I hadn?t forgotten anything),
and the hay baler. My job that morning was to go out to one of the fields
and bale the first growth of fodder for the animals. There was a Citizen?s
Band radio in the tractor, so if I ran into any problems (unlikely, but
Uncle John was a careful man), I could call him for help. During previous
visits to the farm, I?d shown him that I was fully aware of what I didn?t
know about farm machinery, and wasn?t the slightest bit reluctant to ask
for help with something I wasn?t absolutely sure about.

Baling hay wasn?t something I did very often, so I took the time to make
sure I got it right ? as Uncle Jack knew I would. I was about three
quarters of the way through the field he?d sent me to when he stopped by to
give me a ride back to the house for lunch. He looked on in approval as I
carefully got everything ready to pick up where I?d had to leave off, and
shut everything down ? then double-checked what I?d just done, to make

On the way back to the house, Uncle Jack told me ?When you start working
for Andy and Tommy and the boys, you remember what I?ve taught you about
the machines. They all know you?re not a farmer, so don?t worry about
going too slow or anything like that. They know you?re going to work as
hard as need be, and they?re not going to be upset with you if you take a
little time to make sure you do things right and SAFE. None of us wants
you getting hurt ? you?ve got too much between your ears for that kind of
nonsense. And don?t be afraid to ask them questions, just like you do me;
every last one of us would rather spend five minutes explaining something
beforehand, than five hours fixing it afterwards. Okay??

I nodded, and Uncle Jack clapped me on the shoulder and said ?You?re
doing fine, Mike; and I?m sure the others will be just as happy having your
help as I am. You?re not afraid to work, but you don?t stop thinking while
you?re doing it. You know, we haven?t had a single hay fire since we all
started stacking our hay up like you suggested? It?s a fact. And believe
me, there?s a lot of farmers that know who to thank for it, too. If you
were to walk up to any farmhouse within fifty miles of here and tell them
who you are, there isn?t a one of ?em that wouldn?t give you a place to
sleep and a hot meal, right on the spot.?

I was spared having to try to answer that by the appearance of the house
? which distracted Uncle Jack into wondering aloud what lunch was going to
be. He and Aunt Paula had been married for over twenty years, and he STILL
looked forward to her meals.

As I was cleaning up for lunch, Diane found me and asked if I knew of
anyplace that she, Holly, and Susan could go for some privacy. It
surprised me, but I thought about it for a few moments and said ?Why don?t
you just go to the stock tank again? If all you want is privacy, I?ve
still got a little more baling to do; and when I?m done, I want to go over
and have a look at the creek ? I had an idea for something, and I?d like
to check it out.?

Diane kissed me on the cheek, and said ?Thanks, Mike. I knew you?d
figure something out. Don?t you want to know what it?s about??

I just grinned and said ?I figure you?ll tell me if or when I need to

She grinned back, and held my hand as we made our way to the table.


After lunch, I asked Uncle Jack if he?d give me a ride back to the field
I?d been working in, and he told me that I didn?t have to hurry ? that
tomorrow would be fine. I answered that I was nearly done, and would just
as soon finish it, if I could. He smiled, and said that in that case, he?d
be glad to.

It wasn?t but another hour and a half, and I was done with the baling. I
carefully parked the baler where it would be out of the way, but easy to
get to, and then just as carefully disconnected it from the tractor. From
there, I drove over to the creek that ran along one side of Uncle Jack?s
property. I?d read something in a book, and wanted to see if it was
something that could be used on the farm.

I took my time looking along the entire creek, and finally decided that
what I?d read about would work ? and then spent a little more time trying
to work out some of the details in my mind. When I was finally satisfied
that I?d done everything I could there, I drove back to the house, and went
out to the barn and storage shed to see what materials were available.
Aunt Paula didn?t say anything when I got myself a beer, and went out onto
the porch. I was sitting there thinking through different things when I
saw Holly, Susan, and Diane coming back from the stock tanks ? all three
of them in bikinis again.

When they got close enough to see me, they all waved, and I waved back.
A couple minutes later, they were close enough for Holly to ask me what I
was doing on the porch drinking beer. I told her that I?d finished the
haying, and was thinking about something. She and Diane both knew that
when I started ?thinking about something?, it was usually good, so she
asked me what it was. I told her I didn?t want to talk about it yet
because I still had a couple things to work out, but that if it worked, I
thought she?d like it. She stuck her tongue out at me, and I made a
kissing gesture at it, making the others laugh before they went inside to
change clothes. I was still out there thinking when Aunt Paula came out to
tell me supper was ready.

After we?d eaten, I asked Uncle Jack if he had any plans for some of the
materials I?d seen: some aluminum flat stock, wire mesh, and baling wire.
He wanted to know why I was asking, and I said that I?d had an idea that
might get him fresh fish without having to go fishing. He just smiled and
told me that if I had something in mind, I was welcome to use what I needed
? just to let him know if he needed to get more of any of it. He asked
how long it would take to do what I wanted, and when I answered I thought a
half day, maybe less, he told me to go ahead and do it the next morning if
I wanted. I thanked him, and he just grinned, saying ?If you can get me
fresh fish without having to spend three or four hours out there with a
pole, you?ll have made me a happy man!?

A few minutes later, Diane came out and asked if I wanted to go sit up
in the hayloft and watch the sun set. I knew that she wanted to be able to
talk to me in private, and agreed.

Once we were seated in the barn, looking toward the sunset (which was
beautiful without the city pollutants and other obstructions), she started
telling me about what had gone on that caused Holly and Susan to look so
worn out that morning, and what had transpired at the stock tank that

It seemed that the night before, Susan had gotten up the nerve (no
surprise to me) to ask Holly about how she (Holly) ?took care of herself? ?
Susan?s term for masturbation, something that Holly had needed clarified.
Holly, of course, had been more than a little surprised that Susan had come
out and asked that way. With a little talking back and forth, it became
clear to Holly that Susan had never really masturbated before ? that she?d
touched herself, and even gotten some small pleasure from it, but had never
continued long enough to get the full effect.

On learning that, Holly had been simply stunned, to say the least. But
she?d covered it, and had gone on to try and describe to Susan the
mechanics of the process. That had proved to be insufficient, and
ultimately, both of them had gotten naked so Holly could SHOW Susan what
she was talking about. From there, things had slowly escalated until Holly
and Susan were both touching each other?s bodies, and masturbating each
other to climax. With the discovery of what an orgasm felt like, and
comfortable with Holly and herself touching each other, Susan?s next topic
was if there was anything else that two girls could do to make each other
feel good ? which had led them to giving each other orgasms individually
(Holly doing Susan first, then Susan doing Holly); and culminated in a
furious session of 69 that ended only when both of them had gotten the
other off yet again ? at something like three in the morning.

In the morning, Susan had been highly embarrassed, and it had been all
Holly could do to reassure her that what they?d done had been by mutual
consent ? and most certainly pleasurable. It was only when Holly had told
Susan that she (Holly) and Diane had done the same things that Susan seemed
to calm down. The session of the three of them at the stock tank had been
so that both Holly and Diane could talk to Susan. Susan had still
exhibited some misgivings that had disappeared only after Diane and Holly
had taken off the bottoms of their suits and shown Susan that it really WAS
okay for two girls to bring pleasure to each other. The whole thing ended
with Diane bringing Susan to a thundering orgasm, followed by Susan doing
the same for her.

By the time they had to get their suits back on, Susan had seemed fairly
accepting of the things they?d done with, and to, each other ? not even
hesitating to join in when they started playing with each other?s asses as
they walked back to the house.

I just sat there, apparently stunned (but thinking to myself that I?d
been right about Susan?s wishes, and glad that I?d been able to help her),
when Diane finally said ?That is some kind of change in Susan, from the way
she was the first time we met her ? and even from how she was that first
time in the stock tank! What do you think has gotten into her??

I couldn?t resist, and asked ?You mean, besides you two?? with a grin.

Diane playfully slapped my arm, and I went on ?Damned if I know, for
sure. The only thing I can figure is that whatever it was about her that
kept her so locked inside herself, being around us ? well, you two, anyway
? is gone; leaving her to try out the stuff that she?s maybe always wanted
to know about. I mean, you saw how she zoned out that day in the tank;
maybe us telling her that we really thought she was pretty was the key that
let her unlock whatever box all that other stuff was inside.?

?Yeah, but why do you think so much and so fast??

I pretended to think it over a few moments and answered ?Well, she?s
twenty years old, and she?s only now getting to find out about that stuff.
There?s nobody around telling her NOT to, or that it?s bad, or anything ?
maybe she?d just trying to make up for lost time, or something.?

Diane nodded at that, and after a few moments of thought told me ?Yeah,
I guess that makes sense. I think I know how I?d be if I?d had to wait
that long!?

A couple minutes went by, and Diane told me ?If she?s this willing and
eager to learn about herself, and girls, I wonder what she?s going to be
like when it comes to guys??

?Beats me. From what I?ve been able to learn, all this stuff is pretty
much taboo in the Viet culture ? I mean, from what I?ve seen, and the way
her dad acts, I figure all this sex stuff is kept pretty quiet and tucked
away. But if she?s acting the way she is with you and Holly, there?s no
telling what she?ll be like with a guy. I?d bet she?s still a virgin? ?
?She is!? Diane informed me ? ?and the girl-girl stuff doesn?t really
affect that. There?s SOME stuff she could do with a guy, but after a
certain point??

?Yeah ? after a certain point, she?s not a virgin any more.?

?Right. I guess the question is, how much is she going to want to be
involved with guys? Is she going to let the way she was brought up, and
her culture, limit what she learns about guys, or not??

The two of us sat there in the hayloft, thinking about what might happen
with Susan, when Uncle Jack got close enough to call up to us, saying ?If
you two young?uns are done necking up there, it?s getting on toward
bedtime!?, followed by a chuckle.

Diane called back, telling him ?We?re not necking up here!?, and we both
heard his quiet ?Not much, I reckon?, and a soft laugh.

We went back into the house, finding Holly and Susan sitting in chairs,
watching the late news. Both looked up when we came in, and I didn?t give
any indication that Diane and I had done anything other than necking with
each other, as Uncle Jack had suggested.

Diane and I went to bed, and a couple minutes later, we heard Holly and
Susan come down the hall as they prepared to do the same.


The next morning, both Holly and Susan looked like they?d finally gotten
a decent nights sleep ? but from the looks they gave each other, I
suspected that they?d found a way to help each other relax beforehand.

Uncle Jack helped me load the supplies I?d mentioned, along with a
variety of tools, onto a cart before taking me and the cart to the section
of the creek that I?d settled on using. The only thing he had to say to me
was ?Just take care, Mike!? before heading off to his own chores.

I sat there for a good half hour, planning what I wanted to do and how
to do it, before picking up even one tool. But when I was satisfied that I
could do what I wanted, I went at it. The creek wasn?t particularly wide ?
four or five feet ? and not very deep; maybe a couple feet at the center.
The bottom was gravel, so it made for reasonably good footing; under that
it was nice and solid, easily holding the posts I drove into it.

It didn?t take as long as I?d thought it might, so I was ready when
Uncle Jack came by to take me and the cart back to the house. He stopped
to look at what I?d done, and after a couple of minutes, asked ?Okay, Mike,
you want to tell me what I?m looking at??

?A fish trap?, I told him.

He looked at me in curiosity, and I explained ?It?s something I saw in a
book a few months ago. The ones I read about were used to catch ocean fish
that came up close to shore when the tide was high. The idea is that the
fish can swim past the first part, but not back out again. I just had to
add a couple things so it would work on a creek like this: adding that
second ?fence? upstream so they don?t just keep going, and making it so
that both parts can be pulled out of the way, so you aren?t trapping fish
all the time, and so you don?t have to leave it in the water come winter.
Just let the two parts into the water, and the fish SHOULD get stuck
between them; then all you?ve got to do is net the ones you want.?

With my explanation, Uncle Jack saw how it was supposed to work, and
nodded approvingly.

?I made the upstream part so that smaller fish ? too small to cook, I
think ? can still get through. That way, you only get something big
enough to bother with.?

Uncle Jack smiled, and said ?That?s a nice trick, there, Mike. Just
drop those two little gates you built, and stop by every so often until
you?ve got your fish dinner! Think she?ll work??

I grinned, and said ?I?m hoping so ? otherwise, I just wasted some of
your supplies!?

He laughed, and said ?Well, it looks like it?ll work, to me ? and you
didn?t use enough materials to fuss about if it doesn?t, so don?t worry
about it. I see you already let those gates down; I?ll stop by and check
it later this afternoon ? and if there?s anything in it, it?s fish for
supper! But we?ll wait until we see if it?ll work before we say anything ?
I think it?d be a nice surprise for everybody.?

?And keep me from looking like an idiot if it doesn?t work?? I added,
with a grin.

Uncle Jack turned to look at me, and said ?Mike, ain?t nobody I know
ever gonna think that ? maybe this?ll work, maybe it won?t; but isn?t
anybody gonna think you?re stupid for trying.?

With that, he slapped me on the back and said ?C?mon ? let?s go see
what kinda road kill your aunt is trying to poison us with!? Every so
often, Uncle Jack would tease Aunt Paula that she?d cooked up something
she?d found laying dead in the road, and she?d come right back by telling
him that it went well with the rest of sorry mess she had to cook ? that
same sorry mess being food hed raised. I could only hope that Diane and I
were as happy and comfortable with each other after we?d been married as
long as Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula.

After lunch ? delicious, despite Uncle Jack?s claims that it was dead
gopher, or maybe a skunk ? Holly, Diane, and I decided that it was time
for Susan to learn how to ride a horse. She was willing enough, but
visibly afraid of the two geldings (Jake and Elwood) that Uncle Jack kept
for himself; the others on the farm were ?boarded?, after a fashion. Only
after we?d gotten them saddled and she?d had a chance to lead them around
the barnyard by their reins did she realize how gentle they were. With the
worst of her fears put to rest, it was time to get her up on one of them,
and by almost-unanimous vote, I was elected to keep her company. I took
the more rambunctious of the two ? Jake, about as fierce as a puppy,
compared to the kitten Elwood was like ? and Susan took the other. We
started out at a nice, slow walk around the barnyard as I explained to her
how to use the reins and her heels to control her horse. She caught on
quickly, and it wasn?t long before we were going a little farther and a
little faster.

When she had a firm grasp of the fundamentals of horseback riding, I
turned Jake over to Holly, who continued the lessons. Diane remembered the
camera she?d brought along, and ran inside to get it so she could get a
couple of photos of Susan on Elwood. Susan and Holly happily posed for the
requisite pictures, and then it was Diane?s turn to keep Susan company for
a slow ride out into one of the nearby fields. While they were gone, Holly
asked me ?Diane told you about us? Susan and me, I mean??

?And her and Susan, too.?

Holly smiled, and said ?I thought she would; but I don?t think Susan
thinks you know.?

?Don?t worry ? I?m not going to say or do anything. I?m like Sergeant
Shultz: I know NOTH-THINK!?, the last in my Sergeant Shultz (from the tv program ?Hogan?s Heroes?) impression, earning me a giggle.

For the rest of the afternoon, the three of us took turns escorting
Susan as she got familiar, then finally comfortable, riding something that
was so much bigger than she was. The highlight came when she dared to
break into a gallop with me as we made our way back to the barn the last
time. As we rode, her hair was flying behind her and I could hear her
delighted laughter as she enjoyed the feeling of riding at a full gallop
across the field. When we finally came to a stop in the barnyard, her face
was flushed in excitement, and Holly and Diane were both laughing and
smiling at seeing the happiness on her face.

We had unsaddled the horses and were currying them ? something that
Susan took great pleasure in doing - when Aunt Paula came into the barn and
in a very puzzled tone, told us ?Your Uncle Jack just radioed in that I
shouldn?t start supper yet ? he says we?re having fresh fish! I know he
was out mowing all afternoon, so I don?t know WHERE he got it!?

I couldn?t help grinning, and all four of them looked at me before Diane
asked ?Okay, Mike, what have you been up to?!?, a smile on her face.

I just told them that it was a surprise, and that I?d let Uncle Jack
tell it ? hoping that by dragging him into it, they?d forget about
quizzing ME about it until later.

It worked, but Aunt Paula still had a confused expression on her face as
she left the barn.

The fish were still twitching a little when Uncle Jack got back to the
house, prompting Aunt Paula to concede ?Yeah, I guess they?re fresh, all
right! But where did you GET them??

?I?ll tell you after supper?, Uncle Jack answered.

With the promise of an explanation, Aunt Paula seemed satisfied, and
turned to ask Susan ?I was told that you can do a pretty good job of
cooking fish in that wok. This seems like a good time for me to learn how
to use it, if you don?t mind teaching me.?

Pleased, Susan said that she would be happy to, and the two of them took
the fish ? three nice, big ones ? into the house.

Diane and Holly followed, leaving me and Uncle Jack alone. He asked me
?You didn?t say anything about the fish trap??

I grinned, and said ?Nope. Kind of hinted that you knew more than I did
about it ? said that you?d explain it!?

He grinned back at me, and said ?Didn?t want the third degree, huh?
Can?t say as I blame you?? before leading the way into the house.

I think Uncle Jack was a little surprised at how soon supper was ready ?
but having a chance to smell what was cooking, I don?t think he minded any
more than the rest of us. Diane and Holly were permitted to help, but only
to the point of setting the table after Holly made a brief detour into the
room she was sharing with Susan. As she went by us, she told me ?sticks?,
which I figured to mean that Susan had thought to bring chopsticks.

When we were told it was ready, Uncle Jack and I took our places at the
table ? and saw that Susan and Aunt Paula had prepared a meal not much
different than what we?d had at Christmas. The rice looked a little
different, and it took me a minute to realize that it was basically instant
rice, but cooked so that it would stick together a little better; there
wasn?t much in the way of asian stores out in the country.

Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula were both baffled by chopsticks, but quickly
got the idea after Susan demonstrated how to hold and use them. The rest
of us showed that we?d remembered what Susan had told us before, and let
Aunt Paula and Uncle Jack know about soy sauce and the rest of it.

Uncle Jack and the rest of us complimented Susan on how delicious
everything was, and Susan told us that it had been Aunt Paula that had
actually done most of the cooking. I let Susan see me looking around the
table, before telling her ?Susan, it looks like there?s something missing ?
I?m surprised you forgot it.?

She immediately got a concerned look on her face, and looked over
everything on the table herself before turning back to me in puzzlement. I
kept a serious expression on my face when I said ?We?re having fish, but
where?s the nuoc mam??

She looked over the table again and got a positively horrified
expression on her face ? then remembered the reaction the girls and I had
had to it at her parents? house. Remembering that, she realized that I
was teasing her, and tried to give me a dirty look ? making Holly and
Diane both grin, simply because she was too pretty to really make it work.

Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula were both watching all of this, knowing that
something was going on, but not having the slightest idea of what it was.
Only when the rest of us started laughing, and Susan joined in, did they
realize that I?d been teasing her. Seeing the baffled looks on their
faces, we told them about our nuoc mam adventure at Susan?s house, making
them both smile before Uncle Jack said ?I know what kind of appetites these
three have, Susan, and if that ? nuoc mam? Did I say it right? ? wasn?t
to THEIR taste, it?s probably just as well you didn?t make any for us!?

Susan laughed, and said ?I think so, too!? and tried to throw another
dirty look at me for my trick.

After supper, we all gathered on the porch, where Aunt Paula finally
asked Uncle Jack where he?d gotten the fish. He told her how I?d
approached him for some materials, and what I?d done with them ? earning
me a number of comments for not admitting to what I?d done when Aunt Paula
had found us in the barn. There was still some daylight left, so the rest
of them simply HAD to see what a fish trap looked like. I went with Uncle
Jack to hook a cart up to the tractor, and all of us piled on for the ride
out to the creek. There, I explained what I?d read in the book, how it was
supposed to work, and how I?d adapted it to the creek.

I was surprised when Uncle Jack told us ?You can bet the next time the
county Ag agent stops by, he?s going to see this idea, too. Mike would you
mind drawing up something to show how you did this, and how it works? I?d
bet there?s other folks that could put it to use, too.?

I nodded, and Aunt Paula looked pleased as she could be ? if the county
Agriculture agent picked up on it, it would be the second thing I?d done to
get into the local newsletter he put out.

When we got back to the house, Aunt Paula showed Susan the semi-shrine
she and Uncle Paul had put up, detailing some of the things I?d done ? my
idea for stacking hay so that it didn?t catch fire as easily, the letters
I?d had published in the physics journals I subscribed to, and so on.
Susan came away from it looking at me as though I was some kind of demigod,
embarrassing me to no end.


Over the next few days, the girls and I went through about every
combination there was, keeping each other company during our ?off? times
on the farm. Along the way, Susan had more than enough chances to reaffirm
the pleasures that she and another girl could give each other; when she was
with me, I simply pretended that I had no idea what was going on, or that
she had any part of it. She was more willing to hold my hand and even give
me an occasional hug or kiss on the cheek, but I didn?t make anything
special of it; I just continued to treat her as the good friend she was.
The very few times I scanned her, all I found was that she was enjoying her
time on the farm and happy to be with me.

It was nearly a week before we all decided that another trip to a stock
tank was in order. Of course, as soon as we were in the water, all three
of them took their tops off; when they did, I noticed that all three of
them were developing nice tans ? minus tan lines, of course, except where
their suit bottoms were. Susan, in particular, had turned to an incredibly
sexy pale tan color that was simply gorgeous on her.

I was in my usual position ? head back on the towel I used as a pillow,
my arms resting on the rim of the tank ? enjoying the contrast between the
warm sun and cool water when I heard the three of them start whispering
among themselves.

The first thing I thought was that they might be planning some prank ?
splashing me, pulling me away from the tank rim so I went underwater, or
something similar. But as the whispering went on, occasionally becoming
somewhat agitated, I decided they were hatching something else. I was
comfortable where I was, and really didn?t want to bother with anything; so
I simply ignored them, figuring that whatever they were up to, it wasn?t
anything to worry about just yet.


I was on the very edge of falling asleep where I was when I felt someone
move next to me, then heard Diane?s voice in my ear, softly saying ?Mike,
we need to ask you for a favor.?


?We want you to let Susan touch you.?

?She does already.?

?No, I mean touch you ? you know, there.?

It took a couple seconds (I TOLD you I was almost asleep!) before I got
it: Holly and Diane wanted my permission to let Susan touch my cock and

I opened my eyes and turned to look at Diane ? who was staring at me
intently ? and in a fit of absolute brilliance asked ?Say what??

Diane seemed to realize what the problem was, and gave me a half-smile
before explaining ?Ever since Susan and us started, you know, having fun,
she?s been wondering about guys, too. I mean, she knows about the
differences and everything since she helped take care of her brothers and
sisters when they were young; but she knows that she?s changed since she
was that age, and figures guys do, too. She?s been asking us about it, and
we?ve tried to explain and everything, but there?s really only so much we
can talk about before we need a real example. Holly and I were hoping that
you wouldn?t mind doing it ? I mean, we know you?re not going to try to
touching her back or anything. She?s really curious about it, but she?s
afraid, too, if you know what I mean.?

?What are we talking about, here??

?We just want to let her see a guy?s parts, and touch them if she wants
to, while we explain things to her from a girl?s view.?

Diane?s request seemed perfectly reasonable ? at least, coming from
Diane ? but I couldn?t help think that there was something she was
missing. I pretended to be thinking about it as I reached out to scan
Susan?s mind to see what SHE was thinking ? and what I found didn?t
surprise me as much as it probably should have.

I looked at Diane again, and asked ?So what happens if ? when, I think
? I start to, uh, respond to all this looking and touching??

Diane replied ?If you do, then I?ll take care of you!? with a smile.

?I?m sure you would ? but what I meant was: what about Susan?s

That cleared the smile from Diane?s face, and she said ?I guess we?ll
just explain how that?s part of how guys are.?

?And how do you deal with it if or when Susan says something about Holly
being here? I mean, you did say ?we?. And what if Susan wants to do more
than just look and touch? What if she sees what you?re doing to ?take
care? of me, and decides she?d like to find out what it?s like, too??

I could see from the expression on her face that those were things Diane
and Holly really hadn?t considered. I told Diane ?If you three really want
to do this, fine, I?ll go along ? but make damn sure what you?re getting
yourselves into before you start. We?ve still got over half a month before
all of you go home, and there would be a lot of questions if she asked to
leave early, or you three suddenly stopped having so much fun together.?

Diane nodded her understanding, and moved over to where Holly and Susan
were watching us. A few moments later, Susan looked surprised and slightly
hurt when Diane and Holly moved a short distance away from her to have
their own private conversation. Susan turned to look at me, and I just
smiled and nodded to try and reassure her. It seemed to help, a little ?
but only a little.

A couple minutes later, Diane was back, telling me ?Okay, the story is
that Holly knows what you look like because she came in while we were
making love one time. She?ll explain that to Susan if it comes up, so
Susan doesn?t have to know about you and her. If Susan wants to, uh,
participate, then its okay with me ? this is stuff she should already have
known, and dammit, I like her too much to be upset about it.?

I nodded my understanding, and asked ?Okay, so what do you want ME to

Diane just grinned, and said ?Just lay back and let us do our thing ?
and don?t worry about it if you start to enjoy it?.

I grinned back, and Diane leaned over to give me a quick kiss before
heading back to where the others were waiting.

I laid my head back on my towel pillow, closed my eyes, and just waited
to find out what they were going to do. I wasn?t surprised in the least
when I felt them moving toward me, and didn?t react when I felt one pair of
hands lift my feet up from the bottom of the stock tank ? with the water
supporting most of my weight, it wasn?t a difficult trick supporting them -
while another started slipping my swimsuit down my legs. I heard a slight
gasp ? undoubtedly Susan?s ? when my suit was down far enough to expose
my genitals. I was slightly surprised when my suit was completely removed,
then realized that with it holding my legs together, it might make some of
the viewing a little difficult.

With my male anatomy fully exposed, the ?class? began. Holly and Diane
had apparently realized that with me as the model, it was best if Diane did
the explaining as she moved things around; but when Holly offered a few
comments of her own, I knew that mine wasn?t the only example of male
physiology that SHE knew about.

From the tone of her voice, I knew that Susan was nervous at first ?
but when I didn?t show any outward signs of concern, or even interest, she
quickly got over it, and became much more willing to ask questions and

As long as it was Diane?s hands on me, I was able to control myself
pretty well. But when I finally felt Susan?s delicate fingers touching me,
it didn?t take long before my fight to remain ?relaxed? began to crumble ?
after a few minutes of Susan?s hands on my penis and testicles, I could
feel myself starting to get hard.

Just as she?d said she would, Diane simply included my involuntary
reaction as part of the ?class? ? explaining to Susan that it wasn?t
something that I was completely in control of (at that point, I had NO
choice in the matter, but that was something else entirely), that it didn?t
necessarily mean that I HAD to have sex, and so on. In my fully aroused
state, Susan was again slightly hesitant to touch me, but began to do so
after receiving assurances from Diane that she didn?t mind.

Susan took her time - asking questions and making sure she was
completely familiar with the details of the aroused human male anatomy. I
didn?t object.

When she was finished, I heard Susan ask ?What happens to Mike now??

Diane asked ?What do you mean??

?He is hard ? erect ? so he can make love. What happens if he

?If he doesn?t, then he will get soft again, like he was when we
started. Depending on how excited he is, and whether or not anything is
happening to help keep him like this, it may take just a couple of minutes,
or maybe longer.? I heard Diane say.

Holly added ?Sometimes a guy will try to tell you that if you don?t do
something to make him climax, it will cause him to get sick ? but don?t
believe it. He?s just trying to get you to either have sex with him, or at
least do something to make him climax. You NEVER, EVER have to do anything
you don?t want to; if some guy tries to make you do something with his
words, he?s not someone that you want to be with. If he tries to make you
do something by force, then its rape, and you should report him so that he
doesn?t do it to other girls. But don?t tease a guy by helping him get
like that, then stopping, either. Don?t touch him that way unless you?re
ready and willing to help ?take care? of him.?

Diane added ?Of course, that doesn?t apply to Mike. Even when I was
giving him my virginity, he was willing to stop even after he was a little
bit inside me, but before he was through my ?cherry? ? my hymen.?

Susan asked ?What can you do to? ?take care? of him??

Diane answered ?If you want to, you can use your hand to masturbate him,
like this?, taking my penis and slowly stroking it to demonstrate. A
moment later, I felt Susan?s hand replace Diane?s, and listened as Diane
gave her a quick tutorial on handjobs.

Then I heard Diane say ?If you don?t want to actually make love, the
other thing you can do is to use your mouth on him??, followed by the
sensation of her lips being wrapped around me. As I felt Diane?s mouth
sliding up and down my erection, I could hear a brief flurry of whispers
between Holly and Susan. Then Diane?s mouth pulled free of me, and I heard
a little more whispering between Diane and Susan ? then felt what could
only have been Susan?s lips on me as she took her first, tentative steps at
fellatio. Fortunately, Diane was paying close attention, and quickly
corrected the few mistakes Susan was making. From there, it was on to
address the finer points of the process: sensitive spots, pressure,
suction, and so on. Susan was a quick and willing student, and it didn?t
take long for her to master the techniques Diane was instructing her in.

Diane knew that Susan?s actions were having an effect on me, and stopped
her before the inevitable happened. I could hear the slight disappointment
in Susan?s voice when she asked ?Was I doing something wrong??

Diane laughed, and said ?No, I think you were doing everything RIGHT ?
if you kept doing that for much longer, Mike would have had a climax, and I
didn?t want you to be surprised by it.?

?What happens when he climaxes??

?That?s when he ejaculates his sperm ? uh, cums, or shoots his stuff.
It?s a thick liquid, kind of like custard, only a little salty. If you
aren?t ready for it, it can be a big surprise; and some girls don?t like
the taste of it, so they won?t let a guy cum in their mouth.?

?How do you know when that is going to happen??

?If you hold his testicles ? his balls ? in your hand, you?ll fell
them pull up next to his body. Then when you feel his penis suddenly get
harder, that?s the last thing that happens before it happens. Then you can
either pull your mouth off and use your hand to finish him, or let him cum in your mouth. If you let him do that, you can either swallow it, or not.?

There was a pause of a few seconds, then I heard Susan?s tentative ?Is
it okay? Would you mind if I? ??

Diane asked ?You want to do it? Make him cum??

?If it?s okay with you. And Mike, of course??

I heard Diane laugh softly before she said ?I don?t think Mike would
mind in the slightest; and if you want to find out what it?s like with him,
I certainly don?t mind. I think you could do a whole lot worse ? I like
the way he tastes!?

A few moments later, I felt myself being enveloped by what must have
been Susan?s eager mouth ? and finally opened my eyes to look down and see
that it was true. Susan saw me looking down at her, and let me slip free
of her mouth long enough to give me a shy, pleased smile before taking me
in again. I looked at Diane, and saw her looking at me; her happy
expression making it clear that she was glad I was feeling pleasure, even
if she wasn?t the one giving it to me.

At my feet, Holly watched, fascinated by the sight of the virginal Susan
with my erect penis between her lips, eagerly sliding them up and down the
length of my erection. As I watched Susan?s head bobbing up and down over
me, I saw movement in the corner of my eye. I looked over, and saw that
Diane was sliding the bottoms of her suit down ? then off, tossing them to
the side of the tank before reaching between her thighs to begin
masturbating. After a few moments, she pulled her hand from between her
legs, and moved over to where Susan was, then reached out to the waist of
Susan?s bikini bottoms. When Susan didn?t make any protest, Diane
carefully pulled them down, too. Reaching for her own crotch again,
Diane?s other hand reached out to Susan?s exposed womanhood. I could tell
when contact was made by the way Susan?s eyes closed, and she hesitated
briefly, half my penis protruding from between her lips.

Susan quickly got her attention back to what she?d been doing to me, and
was soon taking nearly my entire length into her mouth again. But I knew
that Diane was having her own fun with Susan by the way Susan would close
her eyes and hesitate briefly when Diane did something particularly

I looked at Holly again, and saw that her eyes were jumping around from
what Susan was doing to me, to what Diane was doing to herself, and on to
what Diane was doing to Susan. Holly didn?t even seem to notice that I was
looking at her ? her eyes were somewhat glazed at what was happening in
front of her, and she kept licking her lips as though they were too dry;
her breasts were visibly tight, their nipples hard and erect.

The sight of my erection disappearing into Susan?s hot mouth, and
Diane?s hand busy between her thighs, coupled with the knowledge of what
Diane was doing to Susan soon had me as hard as I?d felt in a LONG time.
Then when I felt Susan?s soft, delicate hand and fingers cupping my balls
and gently stroking them, it was all I could take: another minute, and I
felt my balls tighten up as I got ready to unload them into Susan?s eager
mouth. Susan felt it, too, and I saw her eyes widen slightly in the
realization that it was going to happen soon ? but she didn?t slow down in
the slightest. If anything, she increased her efforts, and it was only a
few seconds more before I felt the first hot wad of my jism erupt from the
end of my penis. Susan got a slightly surprised look on her face that was
quickly replaced by one of absolute delight ? and she kept going, softly
sucking every drop of my cum into her mouth before swallowing it.

When she realized that I was done, Susan lifted her head, letting my
still-hard penis fall from her semen-flecked lips. As Susan reached for
her breasts, Holly released my feet then quickly slid a hand into the front
of her suit where her finger began busily dancing on her clitoris and
dipping into her vagina. Susan rose up slightly as she squeezed her
breasts and pulled on her nipples; when she did, I could see that Diane was
steadily circling Susan?s clitoris with her finger, even as she was doing
the same to herself. In less than a minute, I watched as Susan suddenly
froze in position before releasing a soft cry as Diane?s attentions finally
had the desired effect. A few moments later, Diane did the same, gasping
as wave after wave of release washed through her.

As Susan came down from her orgasm, she saw Holly and what Holly was
doing. Susan didn?t hesitate to step out of her suit where it was bunched
around her ankles, and move over to where Holly was. There, she pulled
down Holly?s suit, and replaced Holly?s fingers with her lips and tongue.

Even though I?d just had a climax, the sight of the beautiful Susan with
her face buried in Holly?s crotch started to get me hard again. Diane saw
it, and quickly came over, reaching down to take me in her hand and start
stroking me in encouragement. With Susan?s dark hair fanned out on the
water behind her, I watched as her delicate pink tongue danced between
Holly?s labia, and across her exposed clitoris. Between that sight, and
what Diane was doing to me, it was only a matter of a few more seconds
before I was fully hard again. When I was, Diane didn?t delay any longer,
and moved to straddle my hips so both of us could watch Susan and Holly.
Once she was satisfied she was in position, Diane quickly lowered her body
to impaling herself on my erection.

The sight of Susan and Holly was so incredibly erotic that it wasn?t
long before Diane and I had the water in the tank sloshing around from the
force and enthusiasm of our mating. I figured that Holly was being
subjected to the same joyful enthusiasm I had, and wasn?t surprised when
she tripped over into orgasm just a couple of minutes later, crying out as
Susan?s tongue continued to flutter across her clitoris in time with the
contractions that seized her body.

I was still pistoning in and out of Diane when the two of them finally
realized what we were doing. Both stood up in the tank and turned to watch
us, Holly standing behind Susan. Susan in particular was fascinated by our
coupling, her eyes locked on where Diane and I were joined. Holly, too,
liked what she saw, and reached around to cup Susan?s breasts. As Holly
began gently squeezing them and pulling on her nipples, Susan spread her
legs slightly and reached between them ? either unaware or indifferent
that she was giving Diane and I both a clear view of her pubis.

As Diane had told me, her pubic area sported only a small patch of hair
? it didn?t appear to be very long, but seemed as straight as the hair on
her head; it was sparse enough that the cleft of her sex was easily
discerned. But it was her clitoris and vaginal lips that fascinated me:
her clitoris was large and easily visible, as were the thin, obviously soft
and delicate, lips of her labia.

Diane and I watched as Holly continued to play with Susan?s breasts and
nipples while Susan?s fingers dipped between her smooth thighs to caress
the entrance to her vagina and softly stroke her engorged clitoris. I knew
that Diane found the sight of them as erotic and stimulating as I did by
the way her vagina kept clenching around me as she got closer and closer to
her orgasm ? and by doing so, moving me along to my own release.

Finally, the view before us became too much for Diane and me; even as I
felt Diane tighten around me as her orgasm started, I was lifting my hips
to bury myself as far inside her as I could as I began to empty what was
left of my sperm into her.

If Susan didn?t know what was happening, she must have guessed: even as
Diane and I were gasping and groaning our pleasure, she froze in place
again before emitting another soft cry of release.

As Susan?s orgasm passed, Holly helped guide her back down into the
water, holding her close and softly stroking her body as Diane and I did
the same to each other.

When Susan had gotten her breath back, she surprised us by suddenly
blushing furiously and lowering her head in embarrassment.

Holly asked her what was wrong, and Susan managed to tell us that she
was sorry for watching me and Diane make love, and that she was embarrassed
that I saw what she?d done to Holly.

The three of us looked at each other, uncertain what to do or say,
before I finally spoke up to tell her ?Susan??

?Yes, Michael? she answered, without looking up.

?Susan? Would you look at me, please??

?I am too ashamed.?

?There is nothing for you to be ashamed about. Please, look at me.?

She shook her head briefly before saying ?I can?t.?

?Of course you can.? I thought a moment, and added ?Susan, it is the
American way to look at people that you are talking to. If you don?t, it
is a sign of disrespect.?

I figured the last part might get to her at a level that would work, and
I was glad to see I was right when she finally managed to lift her head far
enough to let me see her face ? and the pained expression on it.

?Susan, there is nothing for you to be ashamed of, or embarrassed about.
I already knew that Diane and Holly sometimes make love with each other.
If you want to make love with them, too, then that is up to you to decide ?
and not for me to judge.?

With communication started again, Diane spoke up, saying ?Really, Susan,
it?s true. Mike has known about Holly and me since the first time we ever
made love.?

Susan looked at her in surprise, and Holly added ?Honest, Susan. The
first time we ever made love, Diane was staying overnight at my house. We
had watched some scary movie, and neither one of us could sleep. We kind
of started fooling around ? kind of like what you and I did that night.
Well, the same thing happened with Diane and me as it did with you and me ?
except that WE made a lot more noise. Mike came in to see what the noise
was about, and saw us. All he said to us was that if we wanted to have fun
like that, it was okay with him as long as we were quiet.?

Susan looked at her, and Holly nodded in affirmation of what she?d just
said before Susan turned to look at me.

I told her ?I don?t see anything wrong with two people making each other
feel good like that. It didn?t look like anybody was MAKING you do it? ?
Susan blushed slightly ? ?so if you?re doing it because you want to, then
it?s not up to me to decide if it?s right or wrong for you. As far as I?m
concerned, if you?re making each other feel good, then that?s a GOOD thing,
not a bad one. Okay??

With the realization that I didn?t think badly about her for making love
with another girl, Susan seemed to relax considerably. But she was still
visibly upset when she said ?But I still watched while you and Diane??

Holly hugged her, and said ?I watched too. So??

Diane added to that, saying ?Susan, that?s okay, too. If we cared if
you saw or not, we wouldn?t have done it where you could see ? we would
have gone someplace more private.?

Susan didn?t seem entirely sure about that, and I told her ?Really,
Susan ? we didn?t mind. We could see you, too, and it looked like you
were enjoying what you saw? ? she blushed again at the realization we?d
watched her masturbate ? ?and I can promise you that we liked what WE

At that last, she lifted her head completely, and with a surprised tone
in her voice asked ?Really??

I just smiled, and said ?Really. I thought it was VERY sexy and VERY
special to watch you ? it brought me even more pleasure from making love
with Diane.?

Diane spoke up, adding ?I felt the same way about it ? it made me SO
excited to watch you while Mike was making love to me like that. And I
know that Mike is telling you the truth: after he has a climax like you
gave him, it usually takes a while before he can get hard or cum again.
But watching you and Holly, he was hard very quickly. And because watching
you made him so excited, he was able to climax inside me again much sooner
than he usually could. I like it when he does that, so I should be
THANKING you for letting us watch you, if seeing us make love made you that

Susan looked around at all of us, and Holly gave her another hug before
saying ?Susan, you already know that we like you. You?re SO sweet, and
such a good person. And we already told you how beautiful we think you
are. Why should you be surprised when we think you?re sexy, too??

I could see Susan thinking it over, and decided that a little of my own
special assistance might be useful. I reached into her mind to help her;
when I was done, she was as relaxed and happy to be with us as she?d ever
been ? and even more trusting and confident of herself and her judgments.
Better still, she had finally accepted the truth of what we?d told her we
though about her.

Even though all of us were comfortable in our nudity, it seemed like a
good idea to make sure we knew where our suits were, and we all got up to
locate them. I wasn?t surprised when Susan took the opportunity to come
over and give me a hug and kiss under Diane?s approving gaze. Having the
delectable bundle of a naked Susan in my arms, I couldn?t help but start to
respond to the feel of her firm breasts and soft mound pressing against me.
Susan felt it, of course, and simply smiled up at me; my involuntary effort
at saluting her only adding to her confidence, while my failure to do
anything more than return her affection in equal measure only increased her
trust in me.

When all of us had located our suits and gotten them handy, it seemed to
be time for Susan to start asking questions about what guys thought about ?
what we thought was sexy, what we liked and didn?t like, and so on.

Obviously, most of them were directed at me. I answered as best I could
for myself, and when I thought I could, for guys in general. Diane and
Holly chipped in with their own observations and opinions where they
thought they had something to add.

By the time we got dressed to head back to the house for supper, Susan
had at least a rudimentary grasp of what passed for the American Male Mind.


A little less than a week went by with the four of us pairing off in
various combinations to do different things.

At different times, all of us went horseback riding with Susan ? an
activity she delighted in. As small as she was, she wasn?t up to putting
the saddle on or taking it off her horse; but once it was low enough for
her to get to, she insisted on putting it away herself.

Susan and Aunt Paula got along famously ? Aunt Paula was overjoyed to
have Susan teaching her how to cook Oriental food with the wok, and Susan
was an attentive student of Aunt Paula?s cooking. All the rest of us
benefited from their efforts.

At one point, Uncle Jack even managed to get her to join him for one of
his farm chores, and after a little encouragement, got her to drive the
tractor for a little while. She was uncommonly proud of herself after
Uncle Jack told the rest of us what a good job she?d done.

Once, when it was Holly and me, we took the opportunity to bring each
other to climax after a session of slow, gentle lovemaking. When it was
Susan and me, and we weren?t riding the horses, she liked to walk around
the farm, simply enjoying the quiet solitude as she talked to me about what
she wanted to do with her life. I listened to her carefully, and sometimes
asked leading questions to help her see - and think about - things from a
different direction or perspective. If something in particular was
troubling her, I would gently reach into her mind and help her find a
solution to it ? but I was always careful not to bias her one way or
another; I simply helped her see the key points so she could make her own

When it was just Diane and I together, we were content to just hold
hands and talk about our futures and our plans. During one of our walks,
Diane surprised me by telling me ?You remember at Christmas, when I told
you that I thought Susan was getting a crush on you??


?Well, it?s more than just a crush. Holly and I have both been watching
her, and listening to the way she talks about you, and there isn?t any
doubt in either one of our minds: Susan flat-out loves you.?

?But whatever for?? I asked.

Diane gave a small laugh and said ?For the same reasons Holly and I love
you, only more so. Because you?ve been so kind to her. Because you?ve
been so patient and gentle. Because you?re so damn smart. Because even
after she used her mouth on you, you haven?t tried anything with her.
Because you treat her right, and her own family doesn?t ? at least, not
the way you do. Because, as she puts it, you?ve got such a big heart.?

I snorted, and Diane looked over at me, a serious expression on her face
as she told me ?I mean it, Mike. You are like that, even if you don?t know
it or want to admit it. I know the first thing you noticed about her was
how beautiful she is ? but I also know that?s not the reason that you?ve
been so interested in her.?

I started to say something, but Diane interrupted me to say ?No, I know
you?re not interested in her THAT way ? at least, not enough for me to
worry about. But you ARE interested in her as a human being. I don?t
think you know how much being around you has helped her.?

Of course, I had a better idea of what I?d done for Susan than Diane
did, but didn?t say so; I simply listened as she went on ?Even from when we
first met her at Christmas, and now, Holly and I can see the changes in her
? and they?re GOOD changes. She?s more confident in herself, more secure,
more happy, more open. If she?s changed that much just since Christmas, I
can?t imagine what she must have been like the first time you met her! But
the thing is, SHE knows she?s changed, too ? and how much. And she knows
who helped her change. She?s told me and Holly both that we?ve done a lot
to help her ? but it?s you that she gives most of the credit to. When she
talks to us about you, it?s SO obvious that she loves you.?

I kept quiet, waiting for Diane to continue, which she did.

?Ever since that day in the tank, when we used you to show Susan about
guys, she?s been even more willing and eager to make love with us. Before
then, she was willing to take our word that there wasn?t anything wrong
about what we were doing; but when YOU told her the same thing, well, that
made it right? she told me.

She went on to say ?She?s tried to be real careful about it, but from
some of the questions she?s asked Holly and me, I think that she wants to
lose her virginity ? or to be more correct, I think she wants to give it
to you.?

I turned to look at Diane in surprise, and she just nodded before
telling me ?Yes, you heard right. Holly and I have kind of compared notes
about some of the things Susan has said, and we both think that she?s at
least THINKING about having you be her first.?

?But I don?t necessarily want to be her first!? I declared.

Diane smiled, and said ?I didn?t think you did ? that?s why I waited
until now to bring it up: because it?s becoming more and more clear to
Holly and me that that?s what she wants. You just said that you didn?t
necessarily want to be her first ? but that?s different than saying you
WOULDN?T be her first. And that?s the other part of why I wanted to talk
to you about it.?

?What?? I asked, suspiciously.

Diane just grinned, and said ?To find out what it would take to make it
happen. For you to be the one that Susan gives herself to first. Holly
and I both love her dearly; and both of us know how patient and gentle you
were with US the first time. Both of us have heard stories from other
girls at school about how hard a time they had when they lost THEIR
virginity, and we don?t want Susan to have to go through anything like
that; we want her to learn that making love can be a good experience, even
for her first time. Both of us would rather have YOU do it, than some guy
that might hurt or scare her.?

?Did you just say ?we? ? as in, you?re agreeing to this, too??

Diane just smiled and said ?Yes, I said ?we? ? that I?m agreeing to
it, too.?


?Because like I just told you ? I love her dearly, and I care about her
enough to be willing to let the two of you be together like that if it
meant that her first time would be as good as you made mine and Holly?s.?

I sighed heavily, and said ?But I don?t want to be her first. I did it
with you and Holly because I love both of you so much; I just don?t know if
I love Susan that way. Sure, if she wasn?t a virgin and you said it was
okay, I?d jump at the chance ? but to be her first? I just don?t know??

Diane nodded, and said ?What you just said? That?s why I?m not afraid
to let the two of you be together ? because I know you wouldn?t want it to
be any more than that. You just said that you didn?t know if you loved
Susan that way, and that?s all I need to hear to know how much you love ME.
But I don?t think you really understand what a big thing it is for a girl to give herself to a guy the first time; it?s the kind of thing she?ll
remember for the rest of her life, and how it goes for her will decide how
she feels about sex and making love for a LONG time. Holly and I both know
how lucky we were that our first time was with you. I know that you care
for Susan ? probably a lot. What you?ve got to decide is if you care for
her enough to do this for her, or take the chance that some other guy
bitches it up for her.?

Having made her point, Diane shut up and let me think as we continued

And I did think about it. Hard. Sure, I?d love to be able to make love
with Susan ? but to be the one she gave her virginity to? It was a
responsibility I wasn?t all that sure I wanted.

It was a good twenty minutes before I finally spoke again, telling Diane
?If you and Holly really think that I can do it right, then I agree ?
you?re right, I DO care for her enough to not want to take the chance some
other guy will mess it up.?

Diane smiled, and said ?Good! And yes, Holly and I DO think you can do
it right ? you did with us!?

?Fine. But I?ve got a couple of conditions, though.?

Diane?s smile immediately disappeared, and she asked ?What conditions??

?First, that it?s Susan that comes to me and makes it clear that that?s
what she wants.?

Diane nodded, and waited for me to continue, which I did by saying
?Second, that we have a decent place for it to happen ? I don?t know if
I?ll ever see Susan again after college, and if that?s the case, I want to
do it right: no haylofts for her, okay??

Diane nodded again, and I said ?And the third condition is that we have
the TIME to do it right. You and I had to concern ourselves about time too
much. I don?t want Susan and me to have to worry about time any more than
we absolutely have to, for the same reason I want the place to be nice. It
was you that told ME that a girl?s first time making love is something
she?ll remember for the rest of her life. You and me, we?re going to have
the rest of our lives to make up for anything that wasn?t quite right for
OUR first time; Susan and I won?t have that chance.?

Diane smiled again, and said ?Holly and I accept the last two
conditions, and I don?t think Susan would mind the first one ? if that?s
what she really wants. You?re right about the time and place, and that?s
why Holly and I agreed that you would be the right person for this: because
you care enough to want to make it good for her.?

With that settled, we went on to talk about other things.


A few days went by, and I noticed that Susan was looking at me more and
more when she didn?t think I would notice ? and scans of her at those
times told me that Diane and Holly had been right: she was in love with me,
and not just a little bit. Other than confirming that neither Holly nor
Diane were doing anything to ?encourage? her to do anything, I left
Susan?s thoughts and attitudes alone. I?d hedged a little bit when I told
Diane I didn?t ?necessarily? want to make love with Susan: I would welcome
the opportunity, whether it was to deflower her, or not. The thing of it
was that I wasn?t going to do anything that would get in the way of what
Diane and I had, and anything that happened between me and Susan would have
to be of Susan?s choosing. With Diane telling me that she was agreeable,
it was now pretty much entirely up to Susan to decide for herself what she
wanted; from scans of them, I knew Diane and Holly would do everything they
could to make it happen, if that was what Susan decided.

It was almost a week after Diane brought up the matter of Susan giving
her virginity to me when Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula told us that there was
going to be a big meeting among the farmers in a couple of days, and that
both of them would be attending. Seeing the puzzled looks on our faces,
Uncle Jack explained ?It?s going to be a pretty long meeting, I expect ?
at least four hours, and it may go as long as six or seven. It?ll be
starting at noon, which means you youngsters will be on your own most of
the day and evening.?

On hearing that, I knew that the girls had just been handed the
opportunity they needed ? if anything was going to happen between Susan
and me. A glance at their faces revealed nothing; a scan of their minds
confirmed what I?d thought. Diane and Holly were both starting to figure
ways to take advantage of the opportunity that Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula
had just handed them; Susan recognized that if she wanted anything to
happen between her and me, that THIS was the time to do it, if she was
going to do it at all.

The four of us assured them that we?d be fine ? that we all knew what
our regular chores were, and that we could handle things. Uncle Jack and
Aunt Paula both smiled, and said that they?d figured as much.

In the couple of days before the big meeting, all four of us made an
extra effort to show Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula that we really could handle
the routine chores that would need to be done while they were gone. Both
of them let us know that they appreciated the extra attention we were
showing, and the efforts we were making to show them they didn?t have to
worry about us.

On the fateful day, Aunt Paula made lunch early, feeding all of us hot
roast beef sandwiches, mashed potatoes, gravy, and the works. When we?d
finished eating, she told us that the rest of the roast and leftovers of
the side dishes were all in the fridge, and that all we had to do was heat
them up for supper. That out of the way, she and Uncle Jack both changed
clothes and headed in to town for the meeting.

I was sitting out on the porch, reading a book, when Diane came out to
join me. She took my book out of my hands, marked my place with the
bookmark I had in the back of it, and set it aside before planting herself
in my lap. I figured I had a pretty good idea of what was going on, and
wasn?t surprised when she gave me a hug and kiss before saying ?Mike, Susan
made her decision, and she wants you to be the first one to make love with
her. Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula? ? she wasn?t related to them, of course,
but being like family, she called them Aunt and Uncle like Holly and I did
? ?are going to be gone at least four hours, and that?s plenty of time for
you and Susan. And none of us could think of a better place than our
bedroom ? yours and mine, I mean. The bed is big and comfortable, and
it?s a quiet, clean place ? about as perfect as we could ask for. While
you and Susan are together, Holly and I will be taking care of the other
things outside, so you?ll have all the privacy you want. We?ll also be
watching for anyone to stop by, and we?ll take care of it if they do; and
if you and Susan want to take longer, then Holly and I will be watching for
Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula so we can let you know if when they?re coming
back: we can see almost all the way in to town from the hayloft, so you?ll
have plenty of warning.?

I nodded, and asked ?So what do you want me to do??

Diane smiled, and said ?Just go into the bedroom and wait for her. She
really wants to do this, but she?s still nervous, too ? just like I was
OUR first time. Holly and I have both tried to reassure her that
everything will be just fine, and it?s helped. But she?s still going to
need YOU to show her that it will be, too.?

I told her I understood, then asked ?And you?re okay with this? I?m
sure I can think of something to put it off without hurting her, if you?re
even a little bit unsure.?

Diane hugged me again, and said ?You are such a dear! Yes, I?m okay
with it ? but it?s sweet of you to ask, even now. Now get up and go wait
for her. Like I said, she?s nervous, so it might be a little bit ? but
she?ll be there.?

She got off my lap so I could get up, and when I was standing, gave me
another hug and kiss before saying ?Really, Mike, it?s okay. If you make
her as happy as you did me and Holly, everything will be fine.?

I hugged her, and went inside to the bedroom Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula
had given me and Diane. Inside, I closed the door behind me, but didn?t
latch it, then sat down in the armchair to wait for Susan.

As Diane had warned me, it was several minutes before I heard a soft
knock at the door, followed by Susan?s soft query ?Michael??

I told her ?Come in, Susan?, and when she opened the door, I was mildly
surprised to see that she was wearing the large, soft bathrobe that Holly
had given her at Christmas. Susan came the rest of the way in, and closed
and latched the door behind her before turning to face me. The tawny shade
of her tanned skin and luxurious blackness of her hair made a delightful
contrast to the brilliant white of the bathrobe as Susan stood in front of

Though clearly nervous, she told me ?I think you know that in the Viet
culture, it is expected that the wife will be a virgin on the night of her
marriage. For that reason, all Viet girls are taught to protect their
virtue from the time they are very young. I want you to know that I am a
virgin, just as my parents and culture expect of me. But I do not want to
wait until the night of my marriage to give that part of myself to the man that I love ? at least, not when the man that I love is already here.
Michael, it is to you that I want to give myself to for the first time.
You have shown that you care for me and about me in so many ways, and I
want to show you how much you mean to me by giving myself to you this way.
I would like YOU to be the first man to know my body, and to be the one to
make me a woman.?

Having said that, she reached for the belt of her robe and untied it,
then let the robe fall to the floor so that she stood naked before me.

She was trembling slightly, and I quickly scanned her to confirm that
she was there of her own choice, and certain of what she wanted. She was,
on both counts, and I got out of the chair to stand in front of her as I
told her ?Susan, I am honored that you would choose me for this. Yes, I
care for you very much ? and even love you. But it is Diane that has my
heart, and always will. Do you understand that even if we do this thing,
it will not change the way I feel about Diane? That even if I am the one
you give your virginity to, that it will be Diane that I love and will stay

Though still obviously nervous, she managed a smile, and said ?Yes,
Michael, I know that. I offer myself to you, and ask nothing more than
that you are patient, and use me gently. I know that we will never have
more than this one time together; it is enough for me that YOU will be my
first lover.?

?Then I accept the gift you offer me, and will do the best I can to be
worthy of it?, I replied before reaching out to cup her face with my hands.

She responded by reaching up to take my hands, and gently pull them away
from her face before turning her head to kiss my palms before moving them
down and placing them over her breasts. Her eyes locked with mine as both
of us took pleasure at the feel of her firm breasts in my hands, her
nipples erecting into my palms ? almost exactly where she?d kissed them.

After a few seconds, I pulled my hands away and reached for the buttons
on my shirt. As her hands reached up to mine, she told me ?I? I would
like to do that.?

Her hands replaced mine and I let my arms hang at my sides as she slowly
and deliberately went about starting to undress me. When she?d gotten my
shirt unbuttoned, she slid it down my arms before draping it across the
back of the chair I?d been sitting on before reaching for my chest again.
She spent a minute, maybe two, just running her hands across my torso;
feeling the muscles of my chest, shoulders, and arms. She finally let her
hands drop to feel the muscles of my abdomen, then let her hands move a
little lower to the waist of my pants.

When she started to work the fastening of my jeans, I pulled my stomach
in a little bit so that she would have a little extra room to work in.
After a little trial-and-error, she finally got them undone, and I saw her
hand trembling slightly as she reached for the tab of my fly. When she had
hold of it, she hesitated briefly, and after a deep breath, lowered it.

She hesitated again, and then kneeled in front of me before reaching up
to take the waistband of my jeans and underwear in her hands. A few
moments later, both were pooled around my ankles, putting her face-to-face,
as it were, with my semi-erect penis. I?d already slipped off my sneakers,
and helped Susan by lifting each leg in turn so that she could slide my
pants and underwear the rest of the way off my legs, leaving me standing
there as naked as she was.

To my surprise, Susan stayed on her knees, and I understood why when she
started running her hands along my thighs and around to my ass. After a
few moments of familiarizing herself with those parts of my anatomy, she
finally brought her hands back around, and took hold of my penis with one
while using the other to cup my balls.

With her soft, cool hand wrapped around my penis, I couldn?t help but
start to respond a little; Susan noticed it, of course, and lifted her head
to look up at me in pleasure.

Satisfied that she was getting the response she wanted, she stood up
again, and I took her into my arms to give her a hug as our lips met. I
could feel the top edge of her pubic hair softly tickling the head of my
penis while her small, firm breasts pressed against me as we kissed. At
first our kiss was gentle and loving, but as she slowly released the
building desire and passion she was feeling, it became more and more

Both of us were panting slightly when our lips finally parted, and Susan
pulled back slightly to look into my face. Realizing that I was feeling
the same things she was, but had no intentions of moving things along any
faster, she smiled and moved closer again for another kiss.

As our second kiss progressed, I felt Susan?s lips part, and readily met
her tongue with my own. Our tongues danced in each other?s mouths as our
kiss became even more passionate, and our hands started a tactile
exploration of each other?s bodies. My penis grew even harder with the
increase in our desire, and I knew that Susan could feel it pressing
against her. I chanced a quick scan of her, and found that she was FULLY
aware of it, and pleased by the reaction she was getting from me ? and
slightly surprised with herself at how she was responding.

When our kiss finally broke, I could see that Susan had a slight ? but
distinct ? flush on her face and across her shoulders. She looked up at
me questioningly, and I simply told her ?I?ll be happy to stay here and
kiss you as long as you want us to. We only go as fast, and as far, as YOU

She looked into my face closely for a few moments, then nodded and
answered ?Yes, that?s what Diane told me ? that you would not ?push? me.
But I want this ? now, even more than before. Teach me, Michael. Help me
learn to be a woman.?

I slid my hands along her arms until I had her hands in mine, then
lifted them to my lips to give each a soft, gentle kiss. She responded
with a confident smile, and I released one of her hands, using the other to
guide her to the bed that Diane and I shared.

Susan didn?t hesitate to climb onto it, and then lay down on her back,
where she watched as I did the same so that I way laying on my side next to

I laid my hand on her belly, about halfway between her breasts and
pubis, leaving it there as I lowered my head to give her a series of small,
soft kisses. It was only when I?d lifted my head again, and we were
looking into each other?s faces, that I started moving my hand. Even then,
it was with small movements, directed toward ?neutral? parts of her body:
I was deliberately avoiding making any advances toward the overtly sexual
parts. Another scan of her had told me that she was confident of what she
wanted us to do, but was still slightly apprehensive, and nervous because
both of us were on the bed. I thought that if I stayed away from the
?sexual? parts of her body at first, it would help her to relax about
having me touch her ? and make it easier and more comfortable for her when
I finally DID increase the intimacy of our contact. Kind of a sexual one
step back, two steps forward approach.

And it worked. As I let my touch expand to include her sides, and on
down to the tops and outsides of her thighs, a scan of her told me that her
nervousness was quickly fading. My hands continued to roam across her
body, and progressively got closer and closer to her breasts and her pubic
area. Another scan, and I knew that she was not only enjoying my touch,
but my avoidance of those areas of her body was making her even MORE aware
of them ? and with that awareness there was a growing wish that I WOULD
touch them.

So I did.

Not all at once, mind you, but in small, slow increments. In response
to the gradually increasing intimacy of my touch, I watched as Susan?s
nipples grew a little more erect with each slight caress of her breasts;
and felt it as her thighs parted slightly each time my hand ranged far
enough to include her pubic area. Before long, my fingertips were brushing
across her puckered areolas, and dipping between her thighs to trace a path
through the soft, sparse hair of her pudendum. By the time I let my finger
trace the delicate folds of her inner lips, Susan was lifting her hips
slightly in welcome to my touch as her head slowly twisted back and forth
in her increasing passion and arousal.

I finally let my hand come to rest between her thighs, cupping the mound
of her mons as my finger lay across the opening to her sex. After a few
moments, she realized that I wasn?t doing anything, and opened her eyes to
look up at me. I raised an eyebrow in question, and she gave me a small
smile before nodding her head in permission for me to continue.

Her eyes stayed on my face as I slowly curled my finger, dipping it
between the thin, slick lips of her labia before finishing up by drawing it
across her clitoral hood. When I did that, her hips lifted slightly and
her eyes closed in response to the feelings I had created in her. When she
opened her eyes again, I could see the slight increase in her desire, and
repeated my actions with the addition of letting my finger press slightly
against her opening. She gasped slightly in response, and I could feel a
slight tightening of her entrance, as though she were trying to draw my
finger inside.

I repeated my actions a few more times, and she would respond favorably
with each effort. Once I was sure that my attentions were welcome, I
lowered my head to take her nipple between my lips, and started to gently
suck on it as I continued to plow her furrow with my finger. In less than
a minute, I could hear her softly panting as her pelvis raised up in
welcome to each of my probes; with each pass of my finger across her
gradually erecting clitoris, I could hear her release a soft gasp of

A few more minutes of that, and she was writhing under my touch; softly
mewling her desire and passion as I slowly increased the pressure I applied
to her opening, until, finally, my finger slipped inside her. She let out
an audible gasp, and her hips lifted as she tried to get even more of my
finger inside her. I didn?t want to hurt her, or cause her any discomfort,
and lifted my hand in response, so that I was only inside her as far as the
second knuckle. At the end of my finger, I could feel the membrane of her
maidenhead, and took care not to press against it.

Holding my finger in place, I used my thumb to start softly rubbing her
clitoris in a circular motion. As I did, I could feel her getting wetter
and wetter inside, and the tightness of her around my finger gradually
decreased. I started to scan her mind almost continuously; when she was
ready, I slowly slid my finger out of her, and then back in again. Over
the next few minutes, I gradually increased the speed that I slid in and
out of her, and did a few other things to try and help stretch her out a
little so that it would be easier for her if/when she decided she wanted us
to go that far.

I scanned her again, and was surprised to discover how close she was to
having a small orgasm. Figuring that the more relaxed she was, the easier
it would be for her, I happily continued my ministrations of her until, as
expected, she released a soft cry as she was taken over by a climax.

I could feel her tightening around my finger, and was surprised at how
much wetter she got as spasm after spasm of release washed through her.

When I saw that it was over for her, I quickly scanned her again, and
was happy to discover that she was as physically aroused as she?d been
before ? and ready for me to make love with her.

As I slid my finger out of her, I gave her nipple a few small licks, and
then raised myself up so that I could look down at her. She gazed up at me
with a delighted smile on her face, and I told her ?If it?s what you want,
I will be happy to keep giving you orgasms as long as we have time. Or, if
you want, we can spend the afternoon giving each other climaxes, without
actually making love. And if you?re still sure that?s what you want, we
can make love, too. What we do ? today, or later, or EVER ? is up to

Her face got a positively radiated joy, and she told me ?Thank you,
Michael. What you just did for me felt wonderful ? but I want to make
LOVE. I want to know what it feels like to have a man inside me, and I
don?t want to wait until later. I want it to happen now, today.?

I nodded, and asked ?Uh, do I need to do anything like, uh, pull out of

She gave a small laugh, and answered ?No, you don?t have to do that ?
but it?s good to know that you are concerned about it. I do not start my
menstrual cycle for another three days, and if what they taught us in High
School sex education is correct, I can?t get pregnant now. And I want you
to be inside me when it happens; I want to know what it feels like to have
a man?s juices ? YOUR juices! - inside me. Please, Michael ? make love
to me.?

I smiled in response, and asked ?What would you like for us to do? How
would you want us to make love for your first time??

Susan got a slightly thoughtful look on her face, and said ?Holly and
Diane both told me about the different? positions? I think I would like
it if you were behind me for the first time; I think that might be easier ?
for BOTH of us.?

?If that?s what you want, that?s how we?ll do it, then?, I told her.

She looked down to where my erect penis was sticking out from my groin,
and asked ?Is there anything I need to do to help you??

I answered ?Only if you want to ? being able to touch you, and look at
you, like this has me ready, if you are.?

She giggled a little, and said ?Yes, I can see that. I know that I?m
very wet inside; would it be easier if you were wet on the outside??

?Yeah, it would ? but not that much. You don?t have to if you don?t
want to.?

She gave me a grin, and said ?But I think that I DO want to!?

With that, she reached over to gently push me onto my back before
pivoting around and turning over enough so that her face was above where my
erection was waving in the air. She turned her head to give me a small
smile, then turned back, took me into her hand, and lowered her head to
wrap her lips around me.

I gave her a quick scan, and found that she was pleased that the contact
we?d had with each other had had that kind of reaction for me. I also
found that she actually rather liked using her mouth on me the way she was
? knowing that she could bring me pleasure that way was not only satisfying
for her, but exciting, as well.

After she?d slid her lips up and down my penis a few times, I reached
over to put a hand on her leg and softly press against it. She understood
what I wanted, and didn?t hesitate to lift her leg and let me guide it over
my body, so that we were in the classic ?69? position. It was only then
that I had my first clear look at the area between her thighs.

Her pubic hair was sparse and straight, and in the area between her
thighs, I could see her thin, straight labia. They were parted, and the
area between them glistened with her oils. The heady musky/spicy scent of
her wafted into my nostrils, and as much as I wanted to memorize the sight
of her, the aroma pulled my head up so that I could extend my tongue and
draw it across the wet opening of her vagina. Her oils were light and
thin, and flooded my taste buds with pleasure. I quickly applied myself to
licking up as much of them as I could, then went on to flutter my tongue
across her again-erect clitoris, drawing it out even further.

I was able to enjoy the sight and taste of her for only a couple of
minutes before she released my penis from her mouth, moaned, and told me
?That feels WONDERFUL ? but I want you inside me. Now!?

My face separated from her crotch ? as much from her pulling away from
me, as the reverse ? and she moved to her hands and knees next to me.

I got to my knees, and moved behind her with her eyes locked on my
swaying and saliva-slick erection for as long as she could keep it in
sight. Once I was behind her, I couldn?t help but hesitate a few moments to
take pleasure at the sight she presented me: the graceful curves of her ass
cheeks above and bracketing the mound of her womanhood.

Before she had to say anything, I moved close behind her and reached
down to take hold of my penis. I slid the head of it between her vaginal
lips, wetting it with her oils as she moaned softly in response, before
gently wedging it against her opening.

To my mild surprise, she pressed herself back against me, helping to
hold me in place. Holding myself steady with one hand, I put the other on
her hip and told her ?Susan, we can stop at any time ? even after I?m
inside you a little ways. Until we get past your hymen, no one will ever
know what - if anything ? happened between us today. If you want me to
stop, I will ? no questions asked, and no hard feelings. I am NOT going
to hurt you on purpose. If I do anything that hurts, or makes you
uncomfortable, TELL ME, and I?ll stop until YOU tell me you?re ready to go
on. Okay??

Susan turned to look back at me over her shoulder, and said ?Diane told
me you would be willing to stop; but that?s not what I want. I WANT you
inside me, Michael. Yes, if it hurts or feels uncomfortable, I will tell
you ? but I DON?T want to stop, now, or ever.?

After she said that, I felt her press herself back against me even more.
Knowing that she was ready and willing, I eased myself into her mind so
that I could better monitor what she was feeling as I pressed myself

The experience of having my finger inside her had done wonders for her,
and I could feel her vaginal opening relaxing as she consciously tried to
make it easier for me to penetrate her. Inside her mind, she was still a
bit nervous ? but when I didn?t try to just ?bull? my way inside her,
that nervousness quickly disappeared.

I steadily increased the pressure of my penis against her entrance, and
I don?t think either of us was all THAT surprised when I finally popped
through. Of course, I immediately stopped; Susan?s mind told me that
having the full size of me inside her even that little bit was a little
uncomfortable ? but not painful. I waited patiently until her mind told
me that she was ready ? and then a little longer, until I heard her words
say the same thing.

With one hand holding myself steady, and the other on Susan?s hip, I
arched my back and eased perhaps another inch of my penis inside her before
stopping again, as her mind told me she wanted. I waited again until she
told me she was ready, and eased myself out of her slightly to spread her
oils before pushing myself in until her mind told me she needed me to stop
again. After she told me she was ready, I eased out, then back in again ?
and could feel the thin obstruction of her hymen against the head of my
penis before I had to stop again.

When she was ready, I backed out until only the head was inside her,
then eased myself back in again, stopping when I felt her maidenhead
blocking the way. I slid myself in and out of her several times like that
? out until only the head was inside her, stopping when I got to her hymen.
The motion of sliding in and out of her not only helped her get used to
having me inside her, but also made sure that as much of me as was inside
her was thoroughly slick with her oils. And I needed that slickness: she
was incredibly, almost painfully, tight around me.

Finally able to slip in and out of her relatively easily, I released my
hold on my penis so that I could have both hands on her hips. I slid
myself out of her again, and as I was pressing myself into her, I was
surprised when she suddenly pressed back against me ? hard enough that my
penis not only hit, but pushed through, her maidenhead, accompanied by her
soft cry. I quickly went into her mind, and was only slightly relieved to
find that the pain was fairly mild for her ? but if I?d had a choice, I
would have preferred that she hadn?t experienced any pain from it.

I held myself steady in her as I softly stroked her body and offered
gentle words of reassurance. I went into her mind several times, and each
time I found that the pain was a little less, and the pleasure from having
me inside her was a little more. It was only a minute or so before I knew
she was ready to go on ? but I still waited until she TOLD me so.

When I slid my penis out of her the next time, I looked down and could
see smears of blood from the tearing of her maidenhead. But I knew that
the worst of it was over, and pressed myself back into her, gaining perhaps
another inch. A quick scan showed that she wasn?t feeling any more
discomfort, so I backed out of her, and eased myself back in again ?
stopping only when I felt the tight ring of her vaginal entrance wrapped
tightly around the base of my penis. I was inside her, completely, filling
her with my manhood.

I couldn?t resist the temptation to scan her and find out what it felt
like from HER perspective. What she felt was FULL. Totally, completely,
almost mind-blowingly FULL. And to go along with that fullness, she felt a
combination of satiety, happiness, pleasure, and above all, completeness ?
as though she?d been missing something her entire life, and only then knew
what it was.

I held myself inside her for a few moments, then withdrew about half my
length before sliding it back in again, accompanied by her moan of
pleasure. Looking into her mind, I knew that she wanted me to stay inside
her for a bit, so she could savor the sensation of being so completely
filled ? and delight in the fact that it was ME doing it.

Only when I felt her start moving in front of me, rocking back and forth
slightly, did I start making love to her again. Hold her by the hips, I
started slowly emptying and filling her by turns, taking my time so she
would have plenty of time to adjust to my actions. She quickly got used to
having me inside her, and it was only a few minutes before I was pistoning
in and out of her in a rhythm that was pleasing to both of us ? but I was
careful to make sure that it was closer to what made HER feel good than
what worked for me. I wanted to be sure that she got as much pleasure as
possible from our joining before I found my own release.

As we continued to make love, I released my hold on her hips so that I
could lean forward and cup her breasts in my hands, feeling the hard
pebbles of her nipples pressing into my palms as the firm mounds of her
mammaries shifting in my hands. Lowering my head, I managed to place a
number of soft kisses on her shoulders and back before lifting my head
again. The feeling of her small, firm breasts in my hands was a delight,
and I shifted my hold on them so that I could softly squeeze them and pull
on her nipples, drawing a series of soft moans from her.

When I finally felt the stirring in my balls that told me I was getting
closer to my climax, I released my hold on her breasts and rose up again to
hold her hips once more. As I continued to thrust into her, I reached into
her mind and found that she was getting close to her own release. Knowing
that she wasn?t far off, I checked her mind to see what I could do to help
it happen, and found that some hard thrusting into her would be all she
needed to push her into an orgasm. By that time, I was getting close
myself, and knew that her climax would be enough to trigger my own.

Taking a slightly firmer hold on her hips, I started to thrust into her
more and more forcefully, until I was almost pounding into her. It was
just what she needed/wanted, and it was only a couple of minutes before I
heard her cry out her release as she tightened around me. I was close
enough that I pressed myself as far inside her as I could; and as her
vagina went into a series of spasms, I felt my balls tighten up before I
sprayed the deepest recesses of her with the first hot jet of my semen.
She must have felt it, because she threw her head back and cried out in
Vietnamese in apparent response.

Even as I continued to fire round after round of semen into her, Susan?s
vagina went through a series of spasms: tightening around me incredibly
before going through a fluttering sensation as they relaxed before doing it
all over again.

With my male limitations, I was the one to finish climaxing first ? but
the feeling of Susan?s vagina around my penis as she went through wave
after wave of release was more than enough to keep me hard. When the
spasms passing through her finally tapered off, she nearly collapsed in
front of me; only by quickly wrapping an arm around her waist was I able to
keep her from falling forward onto her face. I looked around for something
to put under her ? knowing that there would be some leakage ? and was
pleased to discover that the girls had been kind enough to put a few towels
within easy reach of the bed. I quickly grabbed one and managed to spread
it out under Susan with just one hand. Only then did I carefully ease both
of us forward and down to rest on the bed, and then gently unplug myself
from Susan?s womanhood.

Looking at each of us in turn, I could see that both of us had a
definite pinkish tinge from the blood of Susan?s now-defunct hymen. A
thought struck me, and I looked around some more, not overly surprised to
see that we?d also been left a small bowl with a couple of damp washcloths
in it. I took one, and softly wiped the traces of blood from between
Susan?s thighs, then my own.

I laid down next to Susan and put my arm across her back, holding her as
her breathing gradually slowed. When it was something close to normal, she
rose up enough to turn her head to look at me, and smiled. I smiled back,
and she told me ?Thank you, Michael. I enjoyed that VERY much, and it
means a lot to me that it was you that helped me find such pleasure my
first time.?

I answered by saying ?I?m glad you enjoyed it ? but I?m sorry that you
experienced the pain that you did. It wasn?t necessary ? there were ways
to make that happen without hurting you.?

She smiled again, and told me ?Yes, Diane and Holly both told me that.
But I wanted to be sure that I knew when it happed ? to mark it, in a way,
as the start of my life as a woman. It didn?t hurt so bad, and the choice
was mine, if you remember.?

?I would have spared you that hurt, if I could have.?

?I know you would. But as I said, the choice was mine. It?s over now,
so don?t worry about it ? I certainly don?t! And the rest of it was
wonderful, thanks to you. You have made me very, VERY happy.?

She got a slightly distracted look on her face, and I saw as she made a
few tentative movements of her hips and legs.

I figured I knew what she was trying to find out, and told her ?One or
both of Diane and Holly left us some towels and damp washcloths. There was
a little blood on both of us, so I used one of the washcloths to clean it
off. I also put one of the towels under you so that you wouldn?t have to
worry about, uh, leaking on the bed.?

She blushed, and started to say something, and I interrupted to tell her
?Its okay, Susan. That?s what happens when two people make love.
Everybody that?s ever made love knows it, and there?s nothing to be ashamed
or embarrassed about.?

She still blushed a little bit, and told me ?Thank you, anyway. Yes,
Diane and Holly told me about it, but I forgot until now.?

I grinned, and said ?I don?t blame you for forgetting ? it seems like
you were a little bit distracted at the time.?

Susan grinned back, and said ?Yes, distracted is a good word. And I had
a very good reason for it, too ? thanks to you!?

She turned over to lie on her back, and I saw that I hadn?t gotten all
the blood off of her. She noticed it, too, and started to cover herself
with her hands.

I told her ?Don?t worry about it. There?s another washcloth, and it
will only take a moment to wipe it off.?

She started to get up, and I gently pushed her back down, saying ?Let

She didn?t seem entirely sure, but did as I asked, watching as I leaned
over her to get the other damp washcloth from the bowl. When I started to
wipe her off, I saw her hands start to reach for mine, but she got control
of herself and let me do what I?d started. I was gentle and thorough, so
by the time I was done, there wasn?t a trace left.

I put the cloth back, then laid back down next to Susan and put my hand
on her belly. She reached down to take it, and move it up to cup her
breast, telling me ?I like it when you touch me ? but I like it most when
you touch me this way.?

I lowered my head to softly kiss her on the lips, and she returned it
just as softly. I looked at her and asked ?Are you okay??

She didn?t seem to know what I was talking about for a moment, then
realized what I meant and answered ?Yes, I?m fine. The pain is long gone,
so all I feel is pleasure and happiness?, and after a few moments, she
added ?And if I remember what Diane and Holly called it, I feel a little

I smiled, and said ?Yes, that?s what Diane tells me she feels like,
afterwards. You?re certainly welcome to take a shower, if you like. When
you?re done, I?ll take one too.?

Susan looked at me hesitantly, and said ?I am most grateful that Diane
would share you with me, and even more glad that you made my first
experience so enjoyable? but do we just have the one time??

I smiled, and said ?No, we can have more than that, if that?s what you
want. I just thought that you might want to not feel ?squishy?, is all.?

Susan smiled in relief, and told me ?Yes, I would like more than just
the one time. I know that I will never have another time with you, so I
want to make love with you as much as possible.?

I smiled back and told her ?I am honored and flattered that you feel
that way.?

Susan told me ?I am glad to hear that. But I think that I would like to
take a shower, as you said ? I don?t want to be ?squishy? for next time.?

She got up to a sitting position, then hesitated a few moments before
turning to ask me ?You take showers with Diane??

?Yes, most of the time.?

She hesitated again, and asked ?Would you like to take one with me??

I grinned, and told her ?I would be delighted!?

She grinned back, and said ?Would you mind waiting a little bit, first?
So I can??

I laughed a bit, and said ?Of course. I?ll knock on the bathroom door
in three minutes, if that?s okay.?

She nodded and said ?That would be fine ? thank you? before getting
up. She started to reach for her robe, then realized that the only people
that might see her naked already had ? and turned to give me a slightly
embarrassed smile before opening the door and turning for the bathroom.

When she was gone, I took the towel off the bed, and then carried it and
the bowl of washcloths to the laundry room. Diane had told me that she?d
be doing laundry that afternoon, and I was glad to see that she?d been
thoughtful enough to wait before doing towels and such. I discretely
tucked the towel under a few other things, and carefully rinsed the
washcloths out ? and after considering it for a moment, put them back in
the bowl and taking it back into the bedroom. By the time I was done,
nearly five minutes had gone by, and I knocked at the bathroom door before
hearing Susan?s permission to come in. Still naked of course, she was
adjusting the water temperature, and reacted to having me see her that way
only when I whistled approvingly, and said ?beautiful!?.

With the water adjusted, we helped each other into the shower, and had a
pleasant time cleaning each other up. A naked Susan was fun; a naked and
slippery Susan was even more fun, as I discovered.

Suitably cleaned up, we dried off and made our way back to the bedroom,
where we took up the positions we?d been in right after we?d made love:
Susan on her stomach, me on my side next to her.

I lowered my head and gave her a small kiss on the cheek, and she
positively beamed at me in response. I started to caress her back, and it
wasn?t long before my fingers found the scar that I?d seen. When I touched
it, I felt her stiffen under my hand before she said ?Please don?t. It?s

?How did you get it?? I asked.

She hesitated a moment, then told me ?When I was still a little girl,
while the war was still going on, there was an explosion at one of the
government offices just a short distance from where we lived. I was asleep
in my bed when a piece of metal came through the window of my room and cut
across my back before being buried in the wall. They said later that it
was part of a steel desk, and that if I had been sleeping a little closer
to the wall, it would have cut my spine, and I would not be able to walk.?

I considered that for a few seconds before I rose up, and moved my head
down to kiss it. When I lay down again, she was looking into my eyes as I
told her ?The only ugly thing about it is how it happened, and that such a
thing would happen to a child. I am sorry for you ? not because of the
scar, but the pain that it has caused you.?

I could see her start to get wet around the eyes, and a quick scan of
her told me that she was going to have herself a nice cry. I quickly
scooted up to rest against the headboard of the bed, and with almost no
urging, Susan moved to sit astraddle my lap where I could hold her as she
cried into my shoulder. She didn?t go through the great, wracking sobs of
a major emotional event; rather, it was more quiet ? as though each of her
warm tears was a tiny piece of the pain and hurt she?d carried in her soul.
I gently held her in my arms, holding her close and murmuring words of
encouragement and consolation.

After the tears had stopped, she pulled away from me a little, her head
tilted down so that I couldn?t see her face. I suspected that she didn?t
want me to see her face after she?d been crying, and reached over to fish
one of the damp washcloths out of the bowl and hand it to her. I heard her
laugh softly before she said ?Thank you, Michael? and accepted it.

She wiped her face with it, then mopped up most of the tears she?d shed
onto me. She delicately blew her nose, and then seemed at a loss about
what to do with the washcloth. I took it from her with the tips of my
thumb and forefinger, and with exaggerated care, put it back in the bowl
with the other. She watched, and laughed at my teasing before playfully
slapping at my chest. When I had both hands free again, I put my arms
around her waist and she leaned back slightly so the two of us could look
into each other?s faces.

She smiled at me and said ?Thank you, Michael. You have made this a
special day for me, again.?

I looked at her, slightly confused, and she said ?I used to wonder what
it was that I did to deserve being hurt like that, and could never
understand why I was. Even after you and Holly and Diane all told me how
pretty you think I am, I had a hard time to believe it, because of that
scar on my back. But when you told me why YOU thought it was ugly, I
finally understood that I had it not because of anything I had done, but
because of the hateful actions of someone else. Then, after you kissed it,
I could see in your eyes that it hurt you because of what you felt for me
and the pain that it has caused me ? not because of how it looks. Before,
it was a scar not just on my body but on my heart; now it is only a symbol
of a terrible time, long past, in my life.?

With that, she smiled at me again before cupping my face in her hands
and leaned forward to bring our lips together. The kiss we shared was soft
and loving and gentle, and as it continued, Susan?s hands moved from
cupping my face to resting on my shoulders. I started to caress her back,
and she didn?t flinch in the slightest as my fingers slid across the
flesh-and-blood symbol of all she?d been through in her life.

Our lips parted, and Susan leaned back to look into my face again.
Apparently satisfied with what she saw, she moved close again for another
kiss ? one that started much the same as the first, but quickly escalated
when I felt her lips part and her tongue touch my lips. In just a few
moments, our tongues were dancing in each others mouths; and not long after
that, I could feel Susan starting to wriggle around in my lap.

I couldn?t help but start to get hard again; Susan felt it and redoubled
her efforts to help move things along. I could feel the hard pebbles of
her nipples pressing into my chest as she slid herself along the length of
my rapidly growing penis. Before long, I was fully erect, the top of my
manhood pressing firmly against Susan?s mons. As our kiss deepened and
intensified, Susan continued to rock back and forth on my lap, running the
slit of her womanhood along my length ? gradually coating it with a thin
film of her steadily increasing wetness.

Just when I thought I couldn?t stand it any more, she raised herself up
and reached down between us to hold my penis steady as she first positioned
the head at her entrance, then lowered herself in a series of small,
careful movements until I was again buried inside her.

When she was again resting on my lap, she pulled away from me again,
leaning back far enough that she had to support herself with her arms ?
and leaving the delightful mounds of her breasts exposed for my attention.
She started rocking her hips back and forth slightly, allowing perhaps an
inch of my erect penis to slide in and out of her vagina as I leaned
forward and tilted my head down so I could start licking and sucking on her
breasts and nipples.

Between my lips and mouth at her breasts, the way my hands wandered
across her body, and the feeling of having me inside her again, it wasn?t
long before Susan was panting and moaning her pleasure. We continued like
that for several minutes before Susan had a small orgasm ? one she
announced with a cry of pleasure even as I felt her tightening around me.
When it happened, she froze in place over me, so I started hunching myself
up into her so that I was sliding in and out of her only a little less than
I?d been doing before. I knew what I was doing was right when she cried
out again in obvious pleasure.

My thrusts drew out her climax, making it last longer, and helped
maintain her level of arousal: when she finally ?came down? again and
opened her eyes, I could see in them that she wanted ? even needed ? for
us to continue. But I could also see that she was starting to tire a

Taking her into my arms, I moved my legs around so that I was almost
kneeling before carefully leaning forward so that I could lay Susan down on
the bed in front of me. Susan realized what I was doing, and quickly moved
her legs so that they were draped over mine, leaving me sitting between her
thighs, my legs folded underneath me, and my penis still inside her. With
only a little adjustment, I was ready to start making love with her again:
rocking forward, I could bury myself deep inside her hot, wet tunnel of
love; rocking back, all but the head of my penis would slip from between
the thin, glistening lips of her labia.

Without hesitation, Susan reached up to start caressing and squeezing
her breasts and nipples as I softly slid my hands over as much of her body
as I could reach ? from just below her breasts all the way down to her
feet, my hands traced the smooth contours of her body as I repeatedly
probed the depths of her womanhood.

We made love like that for several minutes, Susan?s head tossing from
side to side more and more quickly as the slow pace of our lovemaking
steadily moved her toward another orgasm. Again, the feeling of her vagina tightening around me was accompanied by a cry from Susan as her second,
stronger, orgasm overtook her. And again, I continued to slide myself in
and out of her as wave after wave of release washed through her, leaving
her panting and her eyes glazed.

As before, her recovery was relatively quick; and her level of arousal
quickly and easily reached the level it had been at before. Between moans
of pleasure, she managed to look up at me and gasp out a request: ?Please,
Michael? more? make love? to me? more.?

Since I already WAS making love to her, I didn?t quite understand what
it was she wanted. So I quickly scanned her, and found out that what she
wanted was for me to move more quickly, and enter her with a little more

I knew that I couldn?t do what she wanted in the position we were in,
and tried to change things around without having to withdraw from her ?
but simply couldn?t make it happen. I finally told her ?I?m sorry, but
we?re going to have to stop for a bit so we can move around enough for me
to make love to you the way you want.?

She nodded her understanding, and released a soft moan of disappointment
when I slid myself out of her completely. As I was repositioning my legs,
Susan reached over and grabbed a couple of pillows, putting one under her
head before pushing the other toward me. I looked at her in puzzlement,
and she didn?t even blush as she told me ?I? I want to watch??

I smiled, and quickly positioned the pillow under her when she lifted
her hips: with the way it angled her pelvis, and the support under her
head, she wouldn?t have any trouble looking down to where we would be

When I was ready, Susan was too: she readily lifted her knees and spread
her legs, leaving me with a clear view of the area between her thighs. The
small, sparse thatch of pubic hair she had did nothing to block the view of
her parted and dark labia, or the glistening opening between them. I moved
between her thighs, and wasn?t surprised when Susan reached between us to
take my erection in her hand and position the head at the entrance to her
vagina. Lifting her head, she watched as I arched my hips, sliding the
glans through the tight ring of her opening. Once I was in place, she
released her hold on me and continued to watch as I slowly pressed myself
the rest of the way into her, stopping only when our pubic bones bumped.
As I slid into her, her eyes had gotten wider and wider; only when I was
fully inside her did she let her eyes close and her head fall back as she
emitted a deep groan of pleasure and satisfaction. Looking down at her, I
could see that her breasts were tight and hard, her nipples hard and erect
atop her puckered areolas.

She felt me shift slightly, and opened her eyes and raised her head to
watch as I slowly slid myself out of her ? apparently fascinated by the
way her thin, dark labia extended, as though clasping at me, only to
quickly disappear when I pushed myself into her again.

As erotic as the sight was, it was the sensations we were generating
that motivated us more than anything else. It wasn?t long before both of
us had foregone watching as I slid in and out of her, to enjoying the
feelings that our union was producing.

Just as I?d done before, I started to monitor Susan?s mind almost
constantly, adjusting the speed and force of my thrusts into her to bring
her as much pleasure as I could. Even after all the lovemaking we?d done,
she was still delightfully tight inside ? and as her passion and arousal
increased, she became even hotter and wetter inside, too. It wasn?t long
before both of our pubic areas were soaked with the overflow of her oils,
resulting in a wet slapping noise each time our pelvises met.

My attention to doing what made Susan feel good had its own benefits: as
she got more and more excited, and closer and closer to her release, her
vagina would tighten around me slightly before relaxing with a slight
quivering sensation that stimulated me tremendously.

Finally, though, it happened. With a surprisingly loud cry of release,
Susan clamped down around me. I was close to my own climax, and pressed
myself as deep inside her as I could as she repeated the
tightening/fluttering of her vagina as she?d done the first time I?d
brought to orgasm. The sensations she was generating around me were all I
needed, and I felt my balls pull up to my body just before I unloaded the
first wad of my cum into her. As I felt myself start to fire each wad of
semen into her, I would press myself forward, using my pubic bone to apply
a slight pressure against where her clitoris was trapped between us; she
responded by pressing back, and crying out in Vietnamese with each addition
of my jism.

When I?d emptied my balls in her, I could barely hold myself above her.
Not wanting to crush her with my body, and enjoying the feeling of being
inside her too much, I finally decided to roll the two of us over, so that
I was on my back with Susan over me. After a quick look to make sure where
the towels were, I collected Susan in my arms and moved my legs outside of
hers. Then, with great care and gentleness, I rolled us over before
snaking my legs back between hers, so that Susan was straddling my hips.
She was still recovering from the intensity of her orgasm, and barely
seemed to notice that anything had changed.

With the change in our position, Susan was exposed to the slight air
currents in the room. Both of us were covered with a fine sheen of
perspiration, and it was only a few seconds before I felt her shiver
slightly as she started to cool off. I reached over and pulled the
bedspread over the two of us ? at least, enough to cover Susan.

About half of Susan?s weight was on me, but I didn?t mind ? she didn?t
weigh all that much, having admitted to 94 pounds after a little teasing
from Holly and Diane one day. To me, it was worth it to have her smooth,
slender form in such close contact with my own body: the mounds of her
breasts pressing into my stomach, her head resting on my chest, and so on.

When she finally got her breath and senses back, she tried to raise up
to move off of me, but I just held her close as I told her ?Its okay,
Susan. You?re not heavy, and I like holding you like this.?

I felt her blush slightly, but she stopped trying to get up. A few
moments later, she reached back to pull the bedspread off.

We lay like that for a couple more minutes, but we could feel my
softening penis slowly pulling free of her. She lifted her head to look
around, and spotted the towels. She rose up enough to grab one, and I told
her ?If you want, we can put that underneath me, so we can stay like this
for as long as you want.?

She smiled her agreement, and quickly unfolded it before setting it next
to my hips. She stayed right with me as I lifted my hips and slid the edge
of the towel underneath me; when the end of it was within reach, she took
hold of it and pulled it the rest of the way before lowering herself to
rest on my body again.

Her hair was scattered across both of us, so I reached up to gently move
it so I could see her face, then put my arms around her. She tilted her
head back to look up at me and smile before snuggling closer.

As expected, my shrinking penis finally did pull free of her, letting a
small flood of our combined juices drain out of her, onto my pelvis, and on
down to where the towel was waiting to soak them up.

When it happened, I felt her blush slightly, and told her ?Its okay,
Susan. I don?t mind ? at least, not if it means I get to hold you like
this for a little longer. Besides, most of it?s from me, anyway? ? the
last making her giggle.

We lay there like that for several more minutes, simply content to have
the physical contact we were sharing. Finally, Susan rose up again,
holding herself up with her arms as she looked down at me and said ?Thank
you again, Michael. Each time we make love, it feels better and better,
and you are so thoughtful and kind afterwards. I did not know such
pleasure was possible between two people, and I am glad that I have learned
it from you. I will forever be in Diane?s debt for letting us have this
time together so I could know what it really means to be loved by someone,
and to love them in return.?

I smiled up at her, and answered ?I think Diane would tell you that
there is no debt for her; and I tell you that there is none for me, either.
Both of us love you very much, just as Holly does, and we want you to be
happy the same way that WE are. You are such a good person in your heart
and mind and soul ? all of us know that you deserve as much happiness as
you can get, and we are happy if we are able to help you find it.?

She smiled back, and said ?Thank you, anyway. And whether you think
there is a debt or not, I will always know how much all of you ? including
your parents and your aunt and uncle! ? have done for me. But I think
what would make me most happy now is another shower ? for both of us, I

I grinned, and said ?You?ve got yourself a deal. Would you like a few
minutes, first??

To my surprise, she got a slightly defiant look on her face, and replied
?No, not this time, I think. Before, I was still a little embarrassed, but
not now. You have shown me that it doesn?t bother you, so I?m not going to
let it bother ME. Like you said, it?s what happens when two people make
love, so I will accept it that way: as a part of what we have had

With that, she got off of me and stood next to the bed ? a thin trail
of our juices trickling down the inside of one thigh. Without any visible
concern, she reached for the towel, and didn?t hesitate to use it to wipe
most of the fluids from my penis and testicles. When she was done, she
told me ?I will take this to the laundry room, and you can get the shower
started?, then turned and headed out of the bedroom, patently unconcerned
about anything other than getting the towel to the laundry.

I was quietly amused at the change in her, and didn?t delay to do as
she?d instructed. By the time she got to the bathroom, the shower was
ready for both of us ? and we had a fun time cleaning each other up.

Cleaned and dried, we found ourselves back in the bedroom that Diane and
I shared ? still naked, and cuddling with each other on the bed. Both of
us were a little tired from all the activity we?d been engaged in, and we
just lay there talking to each other. Susan told me about some of the
problems and troubles she?d had growing up ? I wasn?t surprised to learn
that most of them were from being abused in varying ways by her brothers ?
as well as some of her happier memories, too. In return, I told her about
how I?d gotten interested in physics, and how Diane and I had gotten
together. Susan was still amazed that Diane?s parents had allowed her to
start using birth control, and finally began to accept it only after I
explained that their doing so was a sign of their love and respect for her.
Susan and I then had a little discussion on the differences between Viet
and American cultures, and both of us began to understand a little more
about how the other?s worked, and what prompted the differences to develop.

As we talked, we would change positions on the bed to make ourselves
more comfortable, or to be able to talk with each other better. Too,
neither of us was hesitant or reluctant to touch the other ? a caress
here, a gentle touch there, softly stroking this or that, and so on.

I was lying on my back with Susan on her side next to me when she
started softly dragging her fingernails along the inside of my thigh, from
near my knee up toward my groin. Her touch was so light, so gentle, that I
couldn?t help but start to respond to it: when she started, I felt my
scrotum tighten up; then as she continued, my penis lengthened and started
to inflate. From the corner of her eye, she could see it when my penis
started to twitch; she looked down at it, then turned her head back to look
at me with a mischievous grin on her face as she asked ?Is that for me??

I grinned back, and answered ?Unless you don?t want it??

She laughed, and replied ?Oh, I want it, all right!?

A few more strokes of her hand along my thigh, and I was almost fully
erect ? and the ?almost? part of that was only because everything we?d
already done that afternoon: I simply wasn?t ABLE to respond any more.

Susan stroked my thigh a few more times, but when I didn?t get any
harder, she seemed to realize that I was going to need a little more direct
stimulation than she was already providing. Taking my penis in her hand,
she sat up long enough to pivot herself around so she could lean forward
and wrap her lips behind the glans before letting her tongue start
caressing the head.

What she was doing to me felt wonderful and it didn?t take long before
she once again had me fully erect as her lips danced along the length of my

She was kneeling on the bed next to me, and it took me only a minute to
decide that I wanted to return the favor. I reached over to put my hand on
the calf of her leg, and gently nudge her. She paused ? with half my
penis still in her mouth ? and turned slightly to look up at me. I simply
told her ?I want to do you, too.?

Her only immediate response was to take more of my erection into her
mouth, but when I nudged her leg again, she willingly shifted her weight
and lifted her leg, letting me guide it over to the other side of my body.

Above and before me was the treasure that she?d shared with me twice
that afternoon: the core of her femininity. Her vaginal lips were already
slightly extended, and the area between them glistened faintly. At the top
of her cleft, the hood of her clitoris was readily visible, and slightly
pulled back to show the pearl of flesh it protected.

Lifting my head slightly, I was able to gently stroke the exposed part
of her clitoris with my tongue before letting it slip back between the thin
lips of her labia. As my tongue passed across her opening, I paused
briefly to press the tip of it into her; she responded with a low moan as
she tried to press herself onto it. I tried to help as best I could, but
my tongue wasn?t long enough, and she was still tight enough, that I
couldn?t penetrate her as far as I would have liked.

So instead, I went back to using my lips and tongue and mouth to bring
her as much stimulation and pleasure as I could manage ? and from the
sounds and movements she made in response, it was enough. It only took a
few minutes before I felt her starting to tense up over me, and a few
minutes after that was when she released my penis from her mouth so should
almost literally scream her release as I brought her to climax. The
clenching of her vagina as spasm after spasm passed through it pushed a
surprising quantity of her lubrication out of her ? and I happily lapped
it up as fast as she could produce and present it to me.

After most of her orgasm had passed, her arms were trembling slightly as
she lowered her body onto mine so she could rest and recover from what had
clearly been the strongest orgasm she?d had. I stopped my ministrations to
her sexual parts, and switched over to softly kissing the insides of her
thighs and as much of her delightful ass as I could reach while I softly
caressed her body with my hands. Her face was right next to my erect
penis, and I could feel each exhalation of her breath as a soft breeze
through my pubic hair. I wasn?t particularly surprised when, after a
minute or so, she took me in her hand again and tilted my penis over enough
to give it a soft kiss. A few moments later, she lifted herself up again,
greedily licked at me for a few seconds, and then took me into her mouth to
start softly sucking on me.

When she did that, I figured that she was ready for more ? and quickly
and happily went back to what I?d been doing before.

I could feel her body starting to tense above me, and from the way her
vaginal opening was clenching, I knew that she was getting close to another
orgasm when she suddenly let my erection pop free so she could tell me
?Please, Michael ? stop. I want you to be inside me when I climax again!?

I couldn?t resist giving her a couple more swipes with my tongue, and
felt her quivering slightly in response, before doing as she wanted by
letting my head fall back onto the bed.

She slowly moved her leg over so that she was again kneeling next to me
before she looked down and asked ?I think that maybe both of us are tired
from making love so much. Is there another way that we can make love that
would be easier for both of us??

I thought about it a moment, and said ?I think so. If you lay on your
side next to me and put your leg over mine, I think that we could make love
that way.?

She didn?t seem entirely certain what I was talking about, but was
willing to give it a try. She quickly moved to lie on her side, and when I
moved to ?spoon? with her, she seemed to understand what we needed to do.
She readily lifted her leg and draped it across mine, opening herself to
me. A little more adjustment on both our parts, and we were again making
love slowly and gently.

The way we were positioned, I wasn?t able to penetrate her fully; but
there were other compensations ? such as having a hand free to reach
almost any part of her body that I wanted.

Susan twisted her body around slightly, and we found that we were able
to kiss with little difficulty. As we did, my hand continued to wander
across Susan?s body: cupping her breast, gently squeezing it before softly
pulling on her erect nipple, letting my fingers trace across her soft and
smooth skin, and reaching down to softly stroke the hard nubbin of her
clitoris as my penis steadily moved in and out of her hot, tight sheath. A
few moments later, Susan?s hand was resting on mine, teaching me how best
to please her.

When our lips finally parted, I could see the passion and desire Susan
was feeling in her face. I carefully dipped into her mind, and found that
she liked having me playing with her clitoris as I made love with her.
Satisfied that SHE was satisfied, I lowered my head and took her breast in
my mouth, softly sucking on her puckered areolas and hard nipples. She
gasped slightly when I did it, and from the corner of my eye I could see as
she used her other hand to start playing with her other breast.

In just a couple of minutes, she had a small orgasm as I continued to
slide my penis between the petals of her womanly blossom while my hand and
mouth made their own contributions. When it was over for her, I slid my
hand back up to again caress and squeeze her breast as the two of us again

With only minor variations in what we were doing, we made love like that
for a long time. When my hand was playing with one or the other of her
breasts as we kissed, her hand would be at her crotch; her fingers either
resting softly on my penis as it slid in and out of her, or stroking her
clitoris in time with my thrusts. If it was my fingers between her thighs,
I would either be sucking and licking her breast and nipple, or we would be
kissing while she hand her own hands at her breasts. Along the way, she
had a couple more orgasms, each of them noticeably stronger than the one
before. And each of her orgasms would both move me a little closer to my
own release, and leave her hotter and wetter inside ? the hotness of her
stimulating me even more, and the wetness resulting in a fog of her scent
that was almost palpable.

It was after she?d had a fourth orgasm that I could feel myself fully
responding to all the stimulation I was receiving ? I knew that my own
release was finally approaching. I slowly increased the speed of my
thrusts into her, and Susan responded by spreading her legs to open herself
up to me even more.

Susan seemed to know when I finally hit the ?home stretch?, and managed
to get my attention long enough to tell me ?Michael! I want to feel you
all the way inside me! Please!?

I managed, somehow, to stop long enough for us to change positions
again. Without separating, we got shifted around so that she was on her
back again, with me over her and between her thighs. The delay while we
got moved around was enough to let me pull back from the edge a little. I
had just started to move in her again when she looked up and told me ?I
want to feel you as far in me as you can get, Michael. You have done so
much for me this afternoon, that all I want now is for you to have as much
pleasure as you can. Don?t think about making me happy ? you have already
done that much more than I would have dared to hope for. All I ask is to
feel you as deep inside me as you can get while you find your own

I could only look at her for a few seconds before asking ?You?re sure??

She smiled up at me and replied ?Yes, Michael, I?m very sure.?

I smiled back, and lowered my head and body enough that the two of us
could share a kiss. When I rose up again, I told her ?For me to be inside
you like that, it might be a little bit uncomfortable for you ? you would
be almost folded in half, your knees would be almost to your shoulders.?

She just grinned, and told me ?I am very limber and flexible. If you
can help hold me, then I will be able to do it for as long as you want.?

I quickly explained to her what position she would have to be in, and
she just nodded before lifting her knees toward her head ? and getting
them damn near as far as my arms before she had to reach down to pull them
the rest of the way. When they were raised far enough, I lifted each hand
from the bed to get my arm behind Susan?s knees, holding her legs up and
apart. When both of her legs were draped across my arms, she released her
hold on them and relaxed ? and didn?t seem the least bit uncomfortable at
being in that position. She was fully spread and open to me, and we looked
into each other?s eyes as I pressed my hips forward, sliding the last
fraction of an inch of my penis into her even tighter vagina. It was only
with the help of the copious lubrication that she?d produced that made it
possible for me to bury myself in her ? even as I felt the tight ring of
her vaginal opening at the very base of my penis, I could feel the head of
my erection pressing against the deepest part of her. As that was
happening, I could see her eyes get wide at the sensation of having every
last bit of herself filled so thoroughly and so completely. I quickly
dipped into her mind, and found that rather than making her uncomfortable,
it was arousing her tremendously ? so much so, in fact, that all I would
have to do would be hold myself inside her like that and she would orgasm
from it!

Knowing how incredibly turned on she was getting just from having me so
deep in her was turning ME on even more ? but I still needed the
stimulation of moving in her before I would be able to find my own climax.
I pressed myself into her a little more ? gaining perhaps a millimeter
more penetration ? then slowly withdrew about half my length before
pushing back in again until I felt her opening again clamped around the
base of my manhood. I began to slide myself out, then back in again; each
a little faster than the one before, until I was pistoning in and out of
her in a steady, but fairly quick, rhythm. Each inward stroke ended only
when I felt the head of my penis pressing against the deepest part of her ?
and with each such stroke, she would gasp, and press herself up against me,
as though to draw me even deeper.

The feeling of my penis bumping against the furthest reaches of her
vagina, along with the incredible sensation of the tight ring of her
vaginal opening sliding up and down my erection, was turning me on far more
than I could have imagined ? and only served to prod me into moving even
faster, and thrusting into her even harder. Her only response was to gasp
and moan in pleasure, grunting out Vietnamese words of encouragement as her
head thrashed wildly on the bed as she squeezed her breasts, and pinched
and pulled on her nipples.

There finally came the time that I knew it was going to happen ? and I
knew that it was going to be incredible. To draw out my pleasure and make
it more intense, I slowed down the last few strokes, lengthening them so
that nearly the entire length of my penis was sliding in and out of the
two-sizes-too-small liquid ecstasy that was Susan?s womanhood. When the
moment came, I slammed myself into her as hard and deep as I could manage,
causing Susan to cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as I started
unloading jet after jet of hot semen into her ? so much, in fact, that I
thought my balls might simply collapse.

As my climax tapered off, I thought something felt strange; I looked
down to where I was buried in Susan, and saw a white froth where we were
joined. I felt myself dump another load of cum in her, and a second later,
saw the froth grow. It took me a few seconds to realize: I had her so
filled up that there wasn?t enough room for my cum ? each new wad of my
jism was forcing out some of what I?d already unloaded in her!

More than a little dazed at this new experience, I looked down at Susan
and realized that she was incredibly close to having another orgasm ? and
that unless something happened, she wasn?t going to make it. I again
dipped into her mind, and found that I wasn?t quite right: she was close,
all right, but that she could still finish it if something happened soon.

It took me only a moment to figure out what to do, and I did it:
pressing my pubic bone against hers, I started a small bumping motion,
applying a slight, rhythmic pressure to her clitoris. That was all she
needed, and I watched as she was overwhelmed by her sixth? seventh?
eighth? orgasm of the afternoon.

With the start of her orgasm, the deepest inside part of her seemed to
expand, creating a slight pulling sensation around the head of my penis ?
but my third climax of the afternoon had been so intense that even the
truly incredible mix of sensations that Susan?s vagina was creating around
it wasn?t enough to keep me hard. Even as her spasms were tapering off, I
could feel that I had softened considerably, and knew that it wouldn?t be
long before I shrank enough to fall out of her.

Even so, I was determined to make what I knew would have to be our last
session of lovemaking a happy memory for her ? something that she would
recall with fondness and pleasure for the rest of her life. I stayed over
her, holding my body above hers with my knees and elbows, keeping her
covered and warm as she slowly came down from what had obviously been a
very powerful orgasm for her.

When I saw that she was getting her breath back, I started slowly and
softly kissing her face and shoulders to help her get her focus back. As
she became aware of what I was doing, I saw her smile; a few moments later,
her eyes opened to look up at me with a mixture of love, satiety, and
gratitude. I lowered my head to give her a soft kiss on the lips ? a kiss
she greedily welcomed, and amplified by opening her mouth and touching her
tongue to my lips. I opened my mouth, and our tongues danced for a few
moments before I pulled back to look down at her again. Susan looked up at
me, her pleasure and satisfaction clear on her face. I was surprised when
she threw her arms around me and pulled me down to rest on her, then hugged
me fiercely as she told me ?Thank you, Michael. You have not only made me
a woman, but you have done it with kindness ? gently, and with love; and
helped me find pleasure that I did not know was even possible.?

I smiled, and told her ?It was my pleasure.?

She grinned at me, and answered ?I know - and that pleases me, too.?

About that time, my penis finally shrank enough to pull free of her, and
I could feel the mixture of our juices start trickling out of her vagina. I
started to lift myself off of her so I could reach for a towel, but Susan
held me where I was, saying ?No, don?t move yet. I think that I have used
you up, and I want to stay with you like this for as long as I can.?

?I think that maybe I?m a little bit heavy to lay on you like this,
though. Would it be okay if I moved just a little bit, so that I?m not so
heavy on you?? I asked.

She thought it over for a moment, and said ?I think that would be okay ?
but I still want to feel your body touching mine like this.?

I smiled and told her ?That much I can do??, and carefully got my arms
and legs a little more under myself so that I was supporting most of my own
weight ? but keeping the front of my body in full contact with the front
of Susan?s.

We stayed like that for several minutes; every so often, one or the
other of us would give the other a soft, gentle kiss ? sometimes on the
lips, other times on the shoulder or cheek or anyplace else that struck our

There finally came the time, though, that both of us felt the need to
move ? our combined fluids started to feel cold, and sticky where our
pelvises were touching. When I could see that the discomfort of the
sensation was distracting Susan, I simply raised my eyebrow in question.
She understood, and nodded; without having to exchange a word, she let me
move off of her, and reach over to collect a damp washcloth and towel ?
then lay back and let me clean the area between her thighs and dry it off.
When I was done, she took the washcloth from me, and gently pushed me onto
my back before telling me ?My turn, now? before starting to perform the
same service for me.

With both of us cleaned off, she surprised me by moving to lay on top of
me, straddling my hips, her head tucked neatly into my shoulder. I put my
arms around her and held her close, treasuring the feel of her small, firm,
and smooth body against mine as I softly and slowly ran my hands up and
down her back, caressing her.

We lay like that for another several minutes before Susan spoke, asking
me ?You would let me lay on you like this as long as I wanted to, wouldn?t

?Of course.?

She lifted her head to look down at me, and said ?I don?t think it?s ?of
course? for so many people. I have heard some of the married women talk,
and almost all of them are disappointed that their husbands don?t want to ?
what do you call it? snuggle? ? with them after making love.?

?Then those men are very foolish ? making love is a happy-making thing,
and I like to snuggle when the other part of it is over to help make the
happiness of it last longer.?

?And I have made you happy??

The question surprised me ? a lot ? and I slid my hands around to cup
her face in my palms as I looked her in the eyes and told her ?You have
made me VERY happy ? not just from making love with me, but from letting
me be a part of your life, and being a part of MY life. I think that
knowing you has helped to make me a better person. You will always be a
special person in my life ? not just because of what we have had this
afternoon, but just for having met you, and learned about you and the Viet
people and culture. Yes, you have made me happy this afternoon; and more
than that, I am honored that you would choose to give yourself to me; but I
was happy to know you even before the time we have spent like this.?

She smiled down at me, and I smiled back before telling her ?Susan, I am
happy to hold you ? when you are in my arms like this, it is making a
happy memory for me; something that I will remember with joy for the rest
of my life. I treasure ALL of our time together.?

Her face positively radiated happiness at that, and she lowered her head
to my shoulder again with a contented sigh. I put my arms back around her,
and went back to caressing her.

Some time later ? I don?t know how long ? there was a discrete knock
at the door. Knowing that it could only be Diane or Holly, neither Susan
nor I either one were concerned about it; I simply called out ?Yeah??, and
heard Diane?s voice saying ?I just wanted to tell you that it?s getting
late ? Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula could be coming back any time. We?ll
warn you when we see them; I just thought you might want to know.?

?Thanks, Diane. We?ll be out before long.?

We heard her answer ?Okay? before her footsteps faded down the hall.

We lay there a bit longer before Susan finally said ?I would stay like
this with you forever ? but I think we have to get up now.?

I gave her a small hug, and said ?Yeah, I think so, too. Shower??

She eased herself off of me, and then moved to stand next to the bed
before turning and taking my hand and saying ?Yes ? if it?s with you.?

Still holding her hand, I got out of bed, too, and the two of us walked
hand-in-hand to the bathroom where we shared an unhurried, and playful,
cleanup. Dried and dressed, Susan joined me in the bedroom and helped
clean things up, then carried the used washcloths and towels to the laundry
? where she didn?t hesitate to load the washing machine and get it

Holding hands again, the two of us made our way outside, where we found
Diane getting ready to get the cows into the barn for milking; we could
also see Holly sitting in the hayloft door, looking down the road that led
into town ? obviously watching for the return of Aunt Paula and Uncle
Jack. When she saw us walking around, she waved at us, and got up with the
obvious intention of coming down to where we were.

Diane waited until Holly joined us before asking Susan ?Are you okay?
Did everything go all right??

To my surprise, Susan didn?t blush as she answered ?I?m fine ? more
than fine, I think. Yes, everything went even better than I had hoped.
It? it was wonderful.? ? the last part with a Significant Look toward me.

Holly and Diane both looked at me in approval, and I told them ?Okay, I
know you?re all going to want to hear the gory details; I don?t mind. Why
don?t the three of you find someplace to park yourselves, and I?ll take
care of getting the cows milked.?

All three of them grinned, and Diane and Holly each took one of Susan?s
arms as the three of them started toward the screened-in porch we sat on in
the evening. I picked up where Diane had left off, and soon had the cows
lined up for their turns with the milking machine. By the time the milking
was done and I had the machine cleaned and prepped for the next day, it was
time for supper. I got back to the house in time to hear the microwave
oven announce it was done with something, and headed straight for the
kitchen. There I discovered that the girls had teamed up to get the table
ready and prepare supper ? all I had to do was clean up and take a seat.

I knew that Susan had told them pretty much everything that had happened
when all three of them kept doing little things to ?take care? of me ?
keeping my iced tea topped off, making sure I had plenty of food, asking if
I needed anything, and so on. When supper was over, I tried to help clean
up, and was promptly chased out of the kitchen ? then out of the house and
onto the porch, where Diane brought me a bottle of beer a couple minutes
later. After handing it to me, she sat down in my lap and told me ?Susan
told us how patient and gentle you were with her, just like I told her you
would be. Mike, you made her so happy, and made her feel so good, and I?m
SO proud of you and happy for her!?

I set my beer aside, and took Diane in my arms to give her a hug and
kiss; when it was over, she pulled back slightly, and looked at me lovingly
as she told me ?I knew that you would make it right for her, and you did.
She told us ALL about it, and I know that what you had with her this
afternoon was a very special thing ? but special in a different way than
what you and I have. I know that you?ll always remember being with her,
and I don?t mind ? I want to make SURE you know that I?m not jealous of
her, or anything like that. I know what kind of affect you?ve had on me,
and even Holly, and I?m not going to be upset when ? not if, but when ?
she wants to hold hands with you, or even kiss you before she has to leave.
She wanted to know what it was like to make love, and she learned how from
the perfect person to teach her: you. She loved you before, but now she
loves you even more ? she told us so. But she also told me that she knows
that it was just the one time with you; she actually said that she envied
me because you love me so much, and are so dedicated to me. Yes, she told
me what you said about me having your heart, and how I always would!?

Diane let me pull her close for another kiss before she pulled back
again to tell me ?Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much I love you,
too, and that you don?t have to worry if Susan wants to hug you, or hold
your hand, or kiss you ? go ahead and do it; I won?t mind. I?m going to
have you for the rest of my life, and that?s more than any girl could ask

Having said her piece, Diane gave me another kiss before getting up to
go back into the house.

I sat thereon the porch while the three of them sat inside talking.
From the occasional bits of conversation that drifted outside, I knew that
they were talking about what all had gone on that afternoon. I carefully
scanned Diane and Holly, and was reassured when I found that neither one of
them had the slightest ill-will about the time Susan and I had had together
? in fact, both of them were genuinely delighted that she?d had such a
pleasant and satisfactory introduction to making love. As for Susan, she
was feeling a mixture of contentment (from the orgasms she?d had),
gratitude (that I?d been gentle and gone slowly with her), regret (that it
had taken her so long to discover the physical pleasures of making love,
whether with a girl or a guy), sadness (that it would be only the one time
with me), and happiness (that she had learned about making love from me).

I was contemplating all the changes that had happened in my life as a
result of learning how to use The Force when I saw headlights on the road,
and a few minutes later, watched as they turned into the driveway. When
Uncle Jack?s truck got close enough, the girls heard it, and the three of
them came out to stand on the porch with me as Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula
got out. As Aunt Paula started asking to see if we were all okay, and had
had supper, I ran down the list of chores that I knew Uncle Jack would want
to know we?d gotten done. When I was done, he just clapped me on the
shoulder and said ?Yup. Figured you young?uns could handle it? ? and
said it loud enough for the girls to hear him, too, making them smile in

Diane asked if they were hungry, and Aunt Paula told her that they?d had
supper in town ? it had exactly ONE caf‚, which had stayed open late in
anticipation of the ?rush? after the meeting. Uncle Jack said that he
figured he could manage to get himself wrapped around a slice of Paula?s
pie, and Holly and Susan went inside to get it ? coming back out with a
piece for each of us. As we sat there enjoying our dessert, Uncle Jack and
Aunt Paula let us know what all had happened at the meeting ? it turned
out that it was just a general get-together organized by the county
Agriculture agent to let the farmers know about some things the government
was getting ready to offer. He also told us that he?d invited the Ag agent
to stop by the next day to see the fish trap I?d built ? exciting the
girls considerably.

By the time we finished our pie, and got caught up on what had gone on
at the meeting, it was getting late enough that all of us were ready for

I wasn?t surprised when Diane got into bed with me, and just spooned
against my front after pulling my arm around so I could cup her breast in
my hand. She knew that I really wouldn?t be ready or able to make love
with her, and was content to have me hold her.

The next morning, I saw Susan as she was heading for the dining room for
breakfast, and saw that she was walking a little oddly. She saw me
watching her, and gave me a shy grin before quietly telling me ?I did not
feel it last night, but I am a little bit sore this morning.?

It took me a second to realize where she was sore, and when she saw the
look on my face, she quickly told me ?Oh, no, I will be fine ? it doesn?t
hurt, it just feels like a muscle that has been stretched a little too far.
And it was stretched in such a NICE way!? with a grin.

I grinned back, and as she went by, I gave her a little pat on the butt
? making her turn and grin even wider.

The county Ag agent showed up, and was shown the fish trap I?d built.
He was surprised that someone had adapted the idea to a freshwater water
course, and impressed all over again when he found out that it had been my
idea and design. As Uncle Jack had asked, I had a brief ?paper? ready,
describing what I?d done, and how it could be modified to fit other
locations. The Ag agent asked me what I was majoring in, and when I told
him physics, he looked disappointed and told me ?Son, we need people with
your kind of brains in agriculture. This is the second good idea you?ve
had before you?re even out of college. I know folks that haven?t had any
ideas, ever! You sure you don?t want to change majors? With this, and
that hay idea, I can guarantee you full scholarships for the rest of your
schooling, and a good-paying job when you graduate.?

I thanked him, and said that I appreciated the offer, but that I really
did like physics; he took it well enough. A couple weeks later, Uncle Jack
got the Ag agent?s newsletter, and right there on the front page was my
fish trap modification. When Aunt Paula saw it, she looked at me like she
was proud enough to bust.

For the rest of the time the girls were on the farm, the three of us
found ample time and opportunities to match up in various combinations for
fun and pleasure. As Diane had predicted, Susan was more than willing to
hold hands with me, give me hugs, and kiss me at the slightest provocation
? as Diane looked on with patient amusement.

Whenever I was at the stock tank with them, the girls wouldn?t hesitate
to take off their suits, and tease me until I followed their example. With
all of us naked, a lot of playing and teasing and groping went on ?
enough, in fact, that different combinations of us would team up to get
each other off. I never actually made love with Susan again, but she and I
had more than enough fun using our hands and mouths on each other ?
usually while Diane and/or Holly looked on, or joined us. Holly nearly
killed Susan with pleasure as Susan watched me having anal sex with Diane
(at Diane?s request, made where Susan could hear it). Susan had already
been on the verge of an orgasm when Holly slid her finger into Susan anus;
Susan immediately started having an orgasm that had her thrashing around in
the stock tank as she all but screamed her release. When it was over,
Holly had to hold Susan out of the water until she got enough strength back
to keep herself from drowning. Watching Susan going through such an
obviously powerful orgasm triggered Diane, and then me, into our own
more-powerful-than-usual climaxes. Holly could only stand there staring at
us, and the reactions she?d brought about from what she?d done to Susan.

As was his custom, Uncle Jack gave us all the last couple of days of the
girl?s stay as ?off time?. We took advantage of it to the utmost ?
finding a spot well away from where anyone might find or see (or hear!) us,
we packed a picnic lunch and spent almost an entire day naked, playing and
pleasuring each other. Susan either didn?t notice ? Diane was happily
using her mouth to tease her to a climax - or didn?t care when Holly and I
took the opportunity to make love with each other. In return, a little
while later, Diane encouraged Susan and I to make love again while she and
Holly were locked in a fierce, and highly erotic, ?69?. Susan was still in
her menstrual cycle, so I wore a condom, but that didn?t appreciably
decrease the pleasure for either of us. By the time we were ready to start
back to the house, all of us were thoroughly satiated ? sticky and sweaty,
too, but satiated. We had to stop off at one of the stock tanks for a
quick skinny-dip to rinse the assorted dried secretions and fluids off, so
Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula wouldn?t be TOO suspicious.

When Susan?s parents came out to the farm to collect her, Aunt Paula and
Uncle Jack were there to greet them, as were the rest of us. Susan made a
point of taking her parents to the ?brag area? Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula
had put up about me. Both of them came away from it looking more than a
little surprised and impressed. Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula shooed the girls and me outside so they could talk with Susan?s parents ? it being pretty
obvious that that was something her folks wanted to do. The four of us
went out to the barn, and Susan told us ?I think this will be the last
chance I have to thank all of you ? particularly you, Michael! ? for the
friendship and kindness you have shown me. I have had a wonderful time
here, and with all of you.?

With that, Susan moved to stand in front of Holly and kissed her. From
where I stood, I could see that the kiss was more than passingly friendly ?
particularly when both of them raised their hands to cup, then caress and
squeeze, each other?s breasts. Both of them were panting slightly when
they separated; then it was Diane?s turn ? and she was just as willing a
partner as Holly had been. Finally, it was my turn ? and Susan got things
off to a proper start my reaching down to take my hands and putting them on
her breasts before stepping close enough to kiss me. As our tongues danced
in each other?s mouths, I felt her nipples harden under my thumbs, and
didn?t hesitate to squeeze her breasts and gently pull on her nipples.
After a bit, though, the position was a bit uncomfortable, and I slid my
hands from between us and moved them down to where I could hold Susan?s
small, tight ass in my hands ? and heard her soft moan of pleasure as I
started squeezing her firm globes. By mutual understanding and consent, we
broke our kiss just before we started tearing each other?s clothes off;
before she pulled back from me, Susan pulled my head down a little farther
so she could whisper in my ear ?Thank you, Michael, for making love with
me. I will never forget it, or you.?

A couple minutes later, we were back out in the farmyard when Susan?s
parent came out, carrying her suitcase. Susan went over to Uncle Jack and
Aunt Paula, and gave both of them a hug and kiss on the cheek as her dad
put the suitcase in the trunk of the car.

They each opened a car door, and Susan paused long enough to say another
goodbye to each of us, finishing by telling me ?Thank you, Michael ? for
everything.? ? getting me a look from her father, but nothing more.

Diane and Holly were both crying as we watched their car go down the
drive, then make the turn on the highway toward ?town?, and the way home.

Supper that night was a quiet affair ? even Aunt Paula?s excellent
cooking couldn?t make up for the absent Susan.

A couple days later, Dad and mom came down to the farm to get Holly and
Diane; they had lunch with us, and Uncle Jack took them out to see the fish
trap ? and told them about the Ag agent?s offer of a full scholarship and
a job if I wanted to change majors. mom and Dad both looked pleased and
proud at hearing about it.

The girls and I had a hug and kiss before they got into the car with mom and Dad and started for home. When they were out of sight, Uncle Jack came
up to me and said ?Well, Mike, you get tomorrow off, then you start working
for the boys. You ready??

I just grinned and answered ?Reckon so?, getting a laugh from him.

I spent the next day down by the creek, thinking ? about Diane, Holly,
Susan, the farm, and all kinds of things. I thought about where I was at
in my life, and where I wanted to go, and how I could get there ? and who
I wanted with me along the way. Uncle Jack and Aunt Paula seemed to
realize that I needed the time alone, and left me to my thoughts; neither
one said anything about how I?d spent the day at supper that night.

The next day, I started my brief career as a ?hired hand? for the
farmers in the area. Uncle Jack took me into town with him for coffee, so
that I could go off with whichever one of the farmers it was my time to
help. I had no idea how they?d come up with their system; all I knew was
that they were paying me more money than I?d usually make on summer jobs ?
and that I was determined to earn it.

As it turned out, about the first thing any of them had me do was build
them their own fish trap, if they had a section of a creek on their land.
Those that didn?t were told that they were welcome to use someone else?s,
if they wanted. Once that was out of the way, it was normal farm chores
for me ? cutting and/or baling hay, shuffling cows or horses around, and
so on. As Uncle Jack had said, none of the farmers tried to work me to
death, and all of them took pains to make sure I knew not to hurry or get
myself hurt ? and all of them were more than willing to answer my
questions. Every one of them saw to it that I had plenty to eat when they
took me to their houses for lunch ? and I decided that there wasn?t such a
thing as a farm wife who was a ?bad? cook; there were just varying degrees
of damn good. Toward the end of each day, whoever I was working for would
see to it that I got back to Jack?s place ? by taking me there themselves,
or seeing to it that I got dropped off where Uncle Jack could pick me up on
his way home.

I worked hard that summer. Not drag-ass-to-bed hard, but I didn?t have
any trouble falling asleep, either. Most of the work was relatively simple
(what with me not knowing enough about farming to be turned loose with
complicated stuff), and it left me plenty of time to think. With Holly and
Diane and Susan gone, my mind started going over my studies ? what I?d
learned already, what I was reading in the books I?d brought along, and so
on. I also took the opportunities to start refining my skills with The
Force ? learning how to use it in different ways: how to feel things
around me, and how to tap into it faster and easier, and so on.

One day, it hit me that of all the people that I could use The Force on,
I?d never tried using ON MYSELF ? and promptly rectified that oversight.
It didn?t take long to learn to control my body ? and I don?t just mean
silly stuff like slowing my heart rate, or lowering my blood pressure. I
discovered that I could use it to control my body in ways that I?d never
even considered before: a small cut on my hand that healed so fast that
even Aunt Paula commented on it; adjusting my vision so that I could almost
?zoom in? and clearly see something that would normally be little more
than a blur; heightened senses of hearing and smell and taste. I caught
myself breathing less ? my body was using the oxygen I was taking in more
efficiently, so I didn?t need to breathe as deep or as often: on a day off,
I amazed myself by staying underwater at the stock tank for nearly ten
minutes without any difficulty at all. After debating it with myself for
several days, I gave in to the temptation, and ?grew? my penis a little
longer and thicker ? not a lot, but some.

The biggest surprise, though, was when I started trying to use The Force
on my own mind: I couldn?t. It was like there was an impenetrable shield
around the part of my mind/brain that was me ? even though I?d been able
to get completely into the minds of others, I simply couldn?t get into ANY
part of my own. I tried everything I could think of, including stuff like
doing it in front of a mirror, and pretending the person in the mirror
wasn?t really me. All I ever accomplished was to give myself some SERIOUS
headaches ? and then promptly use my newly-developed skills to make them
go away.

It was after I?d cured one of my self-induced headaches that I got the
idea of approaching the problem from a different direction: seeing if
changing the structure of my own brain had any effect on how my mind
worked. The idea both intrigued and terrified me: if it worked, I?d learn
more about the human mind than all the psychologists that ever lived; if it
didn?t, I was running the risk of making myself totally insane ? or worse.

I finally settled on using the safest approach I could think of:
remembering the physiology texts I?d read when I first got started on
trying to find The Force, I remembered how the brain was constructed:
dendrites, axons, and synapses and the chemical reactions that went on in
the brain. Using my abilities, I was able to go into my own head and
examine the structure of my brain ? and carefully went about modifying it:
teaching my brain to grow more dendrites, increasing the number of
junctions (and reducing the space between them) and potential pathways in
my brain.

As the days went by, I could FEEL myself changing, mentally ? and even
physically. Things that I used to have to think about were coming to me
more quickly, and with less effort. I noticed my reflexes were improving ?
and realized that I?d ?told? my body to change nerve cells ? and not
limited it to those in the brain: my entire nervous system was becoming
more efficient, along with my brain. I could see how the changes to my
nervous system could have an adverse effect on my life, and quickly focused
on making the changes just happen in my brain. It was when I caught myself
speed-reading a new physics text ? and not only able to recall what I?d
read, but UNDERSTANDING it without effort - that I realized that the
changes I?d been making were having a greater effect than I?d anticipated.
I immediately stopped growing my brain cells, but didn?t dare try to
?reverse? it, even a little bit: if I tried, how would I know when to
stop? Could I stop in time? WAS it reversible? I thought it was
reversible ? but how to be sure, short of actually TRYING it, something I
didn?t dare do?

Instead, I had to learn to live with the changes I?d ?forced? (pun
intended) on myself: as the increased number of synapses started working, I
found that I could read and understand virtually anything I read; as the
reduced gaps between dendrites and axons began being used, my though
processes sped up, as well. I was not only getting smarter, but thinking
faster, too.

The changes in me were so great that even Uncle Jack felt obliged to
bring the subject up, asking me one night ?Mike, seems like you?ve been
going through some pretty serious changes while you?ve been here this time.
Anything you think I should know about??

?I dunno, Uncle Jack. I?ve noticed it, too, and it kinda worried me at
first. But nothing hurts or feels bad or anything. Only thing I can
figure is that it?s some kinda growth spurt or something.?

He gave me a strange look, but said ?Yeah, I suppose that could be it.
But you let me know if you start having any kind of problems, okay??

?You bet, Uncle Jack.?


By the end of the summer, I knew that the changes I?d made to myself
were only beginning to take effect ? but after Uncle Jack?s ?casual?
questioning, I took extra care not to reveal the full extent of what was
happening to me.

The last few days I was on the farm, I was again given the time off ?
after all the farmers I?d been working for got together with Uncle Jack and
me to give me a check to cover not only the salary they?d promised, but a
pretty hefty bonus on top of it. The bonus was sizeable enough that even
Uncle Jack was surprised at it, and it was Tommy Smithers that explained ?I
don?t reckon any of us expected Mike to slough off on us while we were
payin? him ? but I figure that he worked some harder than we had any
reason to expect, too. We all knew he had brains between his ears, and
that fish trap contraption just proved it all over again. Me and the boys,
we just figured that hard as he worked, and smart as he is, well, he
deserved something more than what we were payin? him for.?

Uncle Jack had told me before that Tommy Smithers wouldn?t ?spend a
nickel he didn?t have to?, so him being the one to say that I?d earned the
bonus only told Uncle Jack that I really had earned it, to their way of
thinking. I thanked all of them for the chance to work for them, and the
bonus; it was Andy Gibson that told me ?We was glad to have your help,
Mike. We though we were doing you a good turn, and you turned it around on
us!?, the last with a laugh. He went on to add ?You get any more ideas,
you make sure and write ?em down and send ?em to Jack ? I expect all of us
would be glad to hear them!?, which prompted the others to smile and nod
their agreement.

With my paycheck in my pocket, they opened up a cooler to reveal that
they?d iced down a pretty fair amount of beer ? and it was Uncle Jack that
reached in, pulled out the first one, opened it, and handed it to me,
saying ?I reckon you earned the right to the first one, Mike!?, earning him
a chorus of agreements from the others. I took a healthy pull on it, then
told the others ?Right tasty!?, causing them all to laugh as they reached
for their own bottles. There were enough people there that it worked out
to where each of us only had three beers ? but as young as I was, three
was plenty. I wasn?t drunk when we headed for Uncle Jack?s truck, but I
damn sure wasn?t full sober, either. Uncle Jack looked at me with patient
amusement as he told me ?You must have done some job for those boys, Mike,
if they were willing to pony up that kind of bonus.?

I carefully thought out what I wanted to say before I told him ?They
were paying me more than I would have made with any other summer job I
could get, Uncle Jack. I just wanted to make sure I earned it.?

Uncle Jack gave a short laugh, and said ?Well, I?d have to say you
certainly did that!? before the two of us climbed into the truck for the
ride back to the house. Aunt Paula was waiting for us, and smiled when
Uncle Jack told her about the bonus they?d given me ? and then gasped when
he told her how much it was.

Then she got a look at me, and realized that I was just a WEE bit tipsy
? and demanded ?Jack! Did you and those other hooligans let this boy drink
too much beer?!?

Uncle Jack just laughed, and told her ?Now, I just told you what kind of
bonus they gave him ? don?t you think if he?s grown enough to earn
something like that, he?s old enough to drink beer? Besides, it was only
three, and he?s still standing. Let him be; he?ll be all right in a hour
or so, I figure.?

Explained to her that way, Aunt Paula seemed to see his point, and did
just that ? let me be. And as Uncle Jack had predicted, I was just fine
an hour later ? and more than ready to put away several pieces of her
fried chicken, along with the rest of supper.

A couple days later, it was time for me to go home, and get ready to
head back to school. As usual, Aunt Paula fixed me plenty to eat on the
road, and send me back with more than enough fresh food for the rest of the
family. As I was getting ready to climb into my truck, Uncle Jack stuck
his hand out and told me ?When the boys offered to let you work for them
this summer, I knew you wouldn?t let me down. But what you did, well, it
made me proud of you, Mike. I just wanted you to know that.?

I was more than a little shocked by what he?d said, and it took me a
couple seconds to take his hand and shake it as I told him ?Uh, thanks,
Uncle Jack.?

He looked at me for a second, and said ?I reckon if you?re man enough to
work that hard for what they were gonna pay you, you?re growed enough to
just call me ?Jack?, like anyone else. You?ve earned it.?

?Uh, thanks again? Jack?

He just smiled and gave me a wink before telling me ?Now, you be careful
driving home ? Paula?s got you so loaded down, you?ll likely break an axle
if you hit a good pothole!?

Aunt Paula slapped his arm, and came over to give me a kiss on the cheek
before telling me ?You make me proud, too, Mike. Now you be careful!?


I got home just fine, of course ? and everyone was home to greet me.
Dad and I unloaded the stuff from the farm while Holly, Diane, and mom decided what was to go where.

Supper was pizza ? tough to get delivered out in the country ? and
sodas while I told them about all I?d done for the different farmers. mom and Dad both commented on the change in me ? I?d ?filled out? a bit after
the girls had left. I knew that it was more than just a little bulking up
from hard work, as they thought, but didn?t say anything. When it came
time for bed, Diane was surprised to find that I ?filled her up? a bit
more than I had the last time we?d made love ? it never occurred to her
that I might have grown a bit in that particular area, and she just
attributed it to her own ?shrinkage? due to my extended absence. That
didn?t stop her from enjoying the results, though.

As the days went by before I had to go back to school, I carefully ?
and slowly ? let some of my newly developed abilities start to peek out.
Not much, and not often, but enough to establish a precedent for the plan
I?d come up with to let me expose and openly use the abilities I?d brought
about. Everyone was surprised, of course ? but not TOO surprised, since I
didn?t reveal that much of what I knew I was capable of.

It was the day before I was to head back to school when we got a letter
from Susan. All of us were pleased and surprised to see it ? and after
reading it, disappointed. She?d written to tell us that thanks to the
grades she?d gotten while studying with me, she?d been given a scholarship
to another school ? and that as much as she wanted to see all of us again,
it was a chance that she simply couldn?t pass up. We all understood, of
course, but that didn?t make it any easier.

It was Diane that got us all laughing again when she asked ?So, Mike,
who are you going to bring home THIS Christmas? A Swedish girl??

I came right back at her by answering ?Nah, that?s NEXT year. THIS
year, it?s going to be a girl from Venezuela!? ? and making everyone
laugh that much harder.


Once I was back in school, it was easy for me to start making even
better grades than I had before ? but I still didn?t want to draw too much
attention to the changes I?d made to myself, and was careful to ?ramp up?
my GPA, using the entire first semester to do it. The second semester, I
continued with my plan, ending the year with a near-perfect score. In
fact, my grades were high enough that a technology company accepted my
application for an internship for the summer, meaning that I was able to
earn a tolerable paycheck for a lot less manual labor. That the company?s
offices were in my home town only made it that much nicer.

My Senior year, I went at it full speed, getting perfect grades in all
my math and physics classes, and near-perfect grades in the other stuff.
That got me the attention of the company that I?d interned for: they
offered me a job after graduation, with a pretty nice starting salary ?
and they were willing to work with me about letting me work on my Masters
degree. The first year I worked for them, I kept my mouth shut and my head
down ? learning how things worked in the ?real world?. That all came to a
crashing halt the day I was in our research lab, and our chief researcher
was pitching a fit at one of the technicians for fouling up an experiment.
I looked at the data that the tech had collected, then at the instructions
the chief had given him. Then I looked at the formulas the chief had
written on the board, and saw where he?d made his mistake. By that time,
nearly everyone in the lab was watching, but I didn?t notice them as I told
the chief ?Sir? The data he gave you is completely consistent with the
instructions you gave him. If you wanted the data you say you did, then
you should have used THIS formula, instead of the one you have up on the
board?? ? and proceeded to write a slight modification to what he?d
already written.

I thought he was going to have a stroke, right on the spot ? all he
could do was stand there and sputter at me before he finally managed to
yell ?And who the HELL do you think YOU are to tell me what kind of data I
should be getting, and how to get it??

I just looked at him and said ?I think I?m the one who saw the mistake,
and how to correct it.?

That just set him off again, and as he was leaving the lab area, we all
heard him yelling ?No young punk talks to ME that way! I?ll see you

When he was gone, a few of the senior people came over to look at what
all the fuss had been about ? first at the data that had been collected,
the chief?s instructions, then his formula, versus mine. One of them asked
me about my formula, and I untangled it a bit so that she could see where I
was getting a derivative. She saw what I was doing, and nodded before
saying ?Oh, yes, of course.? Then she turned to look at me and asked ?How
long have you been here??

?A year.?

?And your degree??

?I?m about halfway through my physics Masters.?

She nodded, and said ?That?s a very nice piece of reasoning you have
there. That you?re right and the Chief is wrong isn?t going to help you
very much, I?m afraid.?

I shrugged my shoulders, and told her ?If he insists on doing it his way
again, that?s so much wasted time and money. If he does it my way, he gets
the results he?s after. Sooner or later, somebody?s going to insist he try
my way ? it just seems better if it happens sooner, rather than later.?

?And if you?re not here when that happens?? she asked.

I just shrugged my shoulders again, and answered ?Then somebody let a
loud voice override their reason. There?s other places I can work, I

She smiled, and said ?I think you?re right. But I also think you?re too
sharp for us to let that happen.?

She turned to some of the other senior lab people, and asked ?You see
what he did? Where he got the derivative??

They all nodded, and she said ?If the Chief tries to get him fired, I
think we need to make it clear to Management who?s right, and who?s wrong ?
and why.?

Several of them looked at each other before one of the men spoke up,
saying ?I think you?re right. The kid, here? ? gesturing at me ? ?got
it right, just from looking at the data and the Chief?s equations. He?s
somebody we need to keep around ? even if he does stir up trouble?, the
last part with a friendly smile at me.

The woman turned back to me and said ?Don?t worry about the Chief. If
he manages to get Management moving, that?ll be a miracle in itself; if he
gets them moving enough to have any interest in firing you, we?ll let them
know what REALLY happened. What?s your name??

?Mike Silverston.?

She put her hand out, and I shook it as she told me ?I?m Dr. Alicia
Keyes. It?s nice to meet you, Mike. That derivative ? did you learn that
in school??

?No, ma?am. I just looked at what the Chief was trying to get, and then
his equations. It looked pretty obvious to me what needed to be changed.?

She gave me an appraising look, and said ?Pretty obvious to you wasn?t
so obvious to me ? or any of the rest of us. Were you planning on going
for your Doctorate??

?I thought about it ? but it?s a lot of time and money, and I don?t
know if I can afford either, just yet. I?m getting married next year,
after my fianc‚e graduates.?

She gave me another look, and said ?If you can see stuff like that? ?
gesturing at the board full of equations ? ?in as little time as it took
you, I don?t think you?re going to have any trouble finding the time or


She laughed, and said ?Could I ask you to quit calling me that? It
makes me feel older than I already do, some days. Please, call me Alicia;
if you HAVE to be formal, Dr. Keyes will do.?

I smiled, and said ?I?ll try, ma? Alicia. What did you mean, I won?t
have any trouble with the money or time??

?That?s better ? I think. What I meant was, if you can show the
company that you?re a good investment, they sometimes part with the cash
and give an employee the time to pursue an advanced degree. If you weren?t
already doing it yourself, I?d tell them to start you on your Masters.
You?ve got a sharp mind ? and guts, to stand up to the Chief like that!?

?I guess that?s a problem I have ? me, I don?t care who comes up with
it, as long as we find the answers as soon as we can.?

She grinned, and said ?With an attitude like that, you?re NEVER going to
make it in the Chief?s crew ? don?t you know he?s ALWAYS right??

I just made a show of looking at the board of equations, then back at
her before saying ?If you say so.?

She laughed, and said ?I think I like you, Mike. You don?t seem to give
a damn about anything except finding the answers.?

?I thought that was what we?re here for.?

She smiled, and told me ?It is ? for all the rest of us. For the
Chief, it?s about being Right.? The way she said it, I could hear the
capital letter.

About that time, the chief researcher came stomping back in, heading
straight for me. When he got close enough, he said ?You have an
appointment with Mr. Holmes in Administration at ten o?clock tomorrow
morning. Don?t bother bringing your lunch to work? ? the last with a
tone of bitter satisfaction ? before making his way to a different part of
the lab.

Alicia had heard him, of course, and as he was walking away, gave him a
look that would have felled an ox. She turned back to me and said ?Don?t
worry about it. Bring your lunch tomorrow ? you?ll be here to eat it?
before turning away and starting toward a small cluster of the other senior

When she was gone, the tech the Chief had been yelling at made his way
over, and said ?Thanks, Mike. You didn?t have to do that ? but I?m glad
you did. I did the experiments exactly the way he said to in his
instructions, and gave him the data just the way he asked for it. I don?t
understand enough about the stuff you guys do to know if it?s what he
wanted, or not.?

I told him ?That?s okay. I had to look at it a little bit before I saw
what the mistake was ? and it wasn?t something YOU did. I just called it
the way I saw it.?

?Maybe ? but you?re still kind of green around here. There?s gonna be
trouble, I think.?

I looked over to where Alicia was talking with some of the others, and
said ?Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway, I think both of us better get busy before
someone decides we BOTH need to be yelled at!?

He laughed, and we headed our separate ways.


The next morning, I reported to Mr. Holmes at the appointed time. He
invited me right in, and offered me a seat before taking station behind his
desk. We sat there looking at each other for a few seconds before he told
me ?That was a rather nice bit of work you did yesterday, spotting the
error Dr. Hunsaker made. It?s a shame you had to spot it, and bring it to
his attention, the way you did.?

I told him ?When I got there, Dr. Hunsaker was literally yelling at the
tech who did the experiment for him ? something I didn?t think this
company allowed staff to do. I looked at the Chief?s instructions and the
data that he got back, and they matched up. When I heard him yelling about
the data that he WANTED, I couldn?t see how he expected to get it. That?s
when I looked at his equations, and saw the mistake. I just tried to get
him off the tech ? it wasn?t the tech?s fault, after all.?

Mr. Holmes looked at me for a few more seconds, and said ?Yes, I
understand. What you just described matches with what the senior staff
told me ? each of them paid me a visit yesterday afternoon, coming to your
defense. It seems that the speed and accuracy of your analysis impressed
them ? particularly Dr. Keyes. She was your most vocal and enthusiastic
defender. She made it most clear that if I was to comply with Dr.
Hunsaker?s demand that we fire you, it would be the company that would be
the loser, not you.?

I didn?t figure there was anything I could say to that, so I just sat
and waited to see what else he had to say. He went on a few moments later
by telling me ?It isn?t often that we have a Masters candidate draw such
attention to himself ? either from Dr. Hunsaker, OR Dr. Keyes. Sadly,
Dr. Hunsaker is frequently rather troublesome, though he has his periods
of brilliance. But it is the solid, reliable people such as Dr. Keyes and
the other staff that provide us with the innovations that make the company
a success. Dr. Keyes took the time to show me how your insight into Dr.
Hunsaker?s problem would benefit the company ? and made a point of telling
me that you saw the solution well ahead of any of the rest of them. When I
expressed the difficulty that I would face if I didn?t comply with Dr.
Hunsaker?s demands, Dr. Keyes offered what would seem to be an ideal
solution: she is willing to effect what can only be called a trade ? she
will give Dr. Hunsaker one of her people, in exchange for you. I was
dubious at first, and suggested that the loss of one of her staff was a
high price to pay for keeping you around. Dr. Keyes merely laughed, and
said that SHE was getting the better end of the deal; if she is of that
high of an opinion of your abilities, I think that it would be prudent for
the company to keep you, and accept her offer. Of course, this will
necessitate a small change in your scheduling, but I would think that would
be better than the alternative, eh??

?Thank you, sir.?

He sat there looking at me for another minute or so, then said ?Yes, I
think that would be a workable solution. Thank you for stopping by, Mr.

I knew when I was being dismissed, and got to my feet and started for
the door. I was just reaching for the doorknob when Mr. Holmes spoke up.

?Mr. Silverston??

?Yes, sir??

?Do try to stay away from Dr. Hunsaker, won?t you??

?With delight, sir.? I answered.

I saw his slight smile, and made my way back to the lab. There, I found
Dr. Keyes waiting for me. She discretely guided me away from the Chief?s
area, and said ?I trust everything went well??

?Yes, ma? ? I mean, Dr. Keyes. Thanks to you, and the other senior

She grinned, and said ?Alicia is fine. And we didn?t necessarily do it
for you ? we did it for US. You?ve got a good mind, and we need it.
Holmes told you about the trade??

I nodded, and she smiled before telling me ?The Chief thinks he?s pulled
one over on me ? he got someone with a Masters, while you?re still in
school. What he doesn?t know is that the Masters he?s getting is someone
who?s fine at following instructions, but can?t think his way out of a
paper bag ? and I?ve got you. You know you?re going to have to shift your
schedule a couple of hours, right??

?Yeah, Mr. Holmes mentioned that.?

?Fine. We start a couple hours earlier than they do, so I?ll expect you
here at 7:00 sharp tomorrow morning. And bring your brains ? you?re going
to need them! If you?re going to work for me, you?re going to learn more
than you ever thought existed.?

She looked at me, and saw that I was simply waiting to see what was next
? I was patently unconcerned about her ?threats?.

?You?re not scared?? she asked.


?Think you can keep up??


She gave me another appraising look, and asked ?Pretty sure of yourself,
aren?t you??

I just looked back at her, and said ?Pretty sure. You are too, or you
wouldn?t have offered to trade for me.?

She looked stunned for a few moments, then laughed, saying ?Now I KNOW I
like you! You don?t just have school brains, you?re SMART, too. Yeah,
I?ve got confidence in you ? but you?re still going to be busting your
hump. Pay attention, ask questions, and do what you?re told, and you?ll do
fine. Ready to get after it??

?Lead on, Boss.?

She laughed again, and led the way to where the others were working.

She was right: I DID need my brains. Dr. Alicia Keyes did more to help
me learn practical physics than anyone I worked with before or after. As
long as I was working with and for her, I didn?t have TIME to slow down ?
she kept all of us moving from the time we got to work until it was time to
go home, and every last one of us on her crew loved it. As I learned more
and more about the ?real? physics that we were working on, I was able to
make more and more significant contributions to our work. Nobody minded
that I came up with so many of the end-arounds that led to our
breakthroughs ? if anything, I came to be considered the ?guru? of our
little group: all of them recognized that I seemed to have a talent for
thinking around the corners of the problems we ran into. At different
times, all of us made mistakes ? including Dr. Keyes. And all that
mattered to the rest was finding and correcting it; we didn?t have the time
or inclination to worry about someone?s ego: we were too busy doing


A few years later, Dr. Hunsaker finally made the decision to retire;
Dr. Keyes was named as his successor. To my infinite surprise, she named
ME to be HER successor ? conditioned on the company providing me the time
and funding to go after my Doctorate. By that time, Diane and I were
married, and not long in our house. We talked it over, and Diane agreed
that with the company paying the expenses, it was too good of an
opportunity to pass up ? it would mean that the two of us wouldn?t have as
much time together for a little while, but the benefits made the short-term
inconvenience acceptable.

With the additional knowledge I got from my Doctorate, and taking the
time to get a Masters in Mathematics, I began to see some interesting
possibilities in some of the research being done by the company. I took my
ideas to Dr. Keyes, and was mildly surprised when I had to show her the
basis for some of my suppositions and theories. When she finally
understood what I was talking about, she just sat back in her chair and
stared at me for several minutes before saying ?Mike, you?ve finally done
it ? you?ve gone past what I know, or can even theorize. I can see the
basis for what you?re talking about, and I think I can see where it might
lead ? but you?re so far past me that I can?t be sure that I?m seeing as
far ahead as you are. If you can think of stuff like that, you?ve got no
business being where you are. Hell, you don?t even need THIS job! What
you need is your own lab, and your own people, and your own funding. You
start trying to fill in some of the gaps in what you?ve shown me, and I?ll
start working on getting you what you need to make it happen. It?s going
to take some time, but don?t fart around ? when it finally happens, it?s
going to happen fast ? what you?ve shown me is THAT important. I?m sorry
to say this, but I think that it?s going to have to involve government
money ? I don?t think anyone else would be able to undertake the kind of
long-term investment needed to make your ideas pan out. And you know what
government money means: military, and weapons. They?re going to want
SOMETHING that goes ?bang? to justify the expense. There?s no way you?re
going to be able to avoid it ? but please, Mike, make it a relatively
small bang, would you??

I smiled at her, and said ?Boss, I kinda figured that the Department of
Defense might enter the picture somewhere along the line. I?ve already got
a couple of little projects in mind that might turn out a couple of small
firecrackers ? but move things a pretty good distance toward the final
goal. I?m not a na‹f, like Oppenheimer and that bunch with the Manhattan
project ? so wrapped up in the immediate goal that I forget to worry about
what happens after.?

She smiled back, and said ?I suppose I should have known you?d have
thought of that already. Once I got you trained, you usually were a step
or two a head of me.?

?Well, maybe half a step, sometimes.?

?Bullshit. You think I couldn?t see what kind of MIND you had, even
then? When you were on familiar ground, you could think rings around the
rest of us ? and damn near every one of us knew it! I guess you didn?t
know it, but every last one of us spent time with you JUST SO we could feed
you more information and get more ground under your feet so you could think
for us that much better! When you knew what we did, there wasn?t a one of
us that didn?t feel like a little kid, compared to how your mind worked ?
and judging from this, how it STILL works. Didn?t you ever notice how many
PATENTS your name got onto??

?Uh, not really ? I mean, I never really paid attention to it.
Somebody from Admin would come down with a handful of papers; I signed just
to make them go away.?

Alicia laughed, and said ?You really WERE focused on the work, weren?t
you? Once we got you up to speed on what we were doing, your name wound up
on every patent that we applied for ? for the simple reason that it was
your ideas and suggestions that got us past the roadblocks we ran into. WE
knew who made those patents possible ? yes, some of us did pretty good,
but none of us could have done it without your help. Maybe the rest of us
did ninety percent of the work ? but it was invariably the ten percent
that you put in that made whatever the project was a success. Every time
we hit a brick wall, YOU were the one that figured out how to get that
first brick loose so the rest of us could finish tearing it down ? and we
made damn sure you got the credit you deserved by making sure your name was
on every patent for every project you worked on. I?ll bet you didn?t know
it was all the money we were making for the company that finally convinced
them to ease old Hunsaker out the door, did you? Sure as hell ? I?ve got
THIS job because you were so damn good at YOUR job. And that?s why I?m
going to use every bit of power I?ve got in this office to see to it that
you get the lab and people you need to see your ideas brought to life.
You?ve done more for me that you could ever imagine; and now it?s time for
me to pay you back ? and I?m damn glad to be able to do it!?


That was ten years ago. It took Alicia nearly two years to make good on
her promise ? but she did. And as she?d predicted, it happened damn fast
? from the time my proposal got into the right pair of hands, to the time I
first fired up the lab, the elapsed time was barely a year and a half ?
and the biggest part of that due to the necessity of construction. Uncle
Sam has a couple of fingers in the pie ? but thanks to The Force, I?m able
to keep those fingers small and relatively clean. Every Washington bigwig
that has tried to pull a fast one on me had wound up getting burned. The
only time they tried to cut my funding, I ? and my whole staff ? took
extended coffee breaks that lasted about a week before the finance people
got the message. Being able to read the REAL motives of the employees I
hired, and being able to make the minor adjustments necessary to ensure
loyalty, does wonders toward making sure no outside party can get inside
our labs.

As I promised Alicia, the few little ?toys? I?ve had to turn over to
the military have been relatively small: one of them was the first few
prototypes of the Star Wars light sabers. Those things turned out to be
surprisingly simple, once we got past the science-fiction mindset. They?re
just plasma charges, held inside the only thing that CAN hold plasma:
magnetic fields. We?ve still got one of them around, and any time some VIP
shows up, we take a few slices off a steel I beam to impress him. The
things aren?t anywhere near commercially viable or mass-producible ? but
they work, and they came out of OUR labs. And as I also promised Alicia,
what we learned from making the light sabers was of more significance
toward our REAL goal: a container for a fusion generator. Every one of the
toys we?ve turned over to the military has been an intermediate development
on our way toward more peaceful and constructive applications. We?re only
a few years away from viable fusion energy production, for example.

Diane and I? We?re still married ? happily, ecstatically so. We have
a couple of kids that Diane home-schools while the rest of the kids in the
neighborhood are in a mix of public and private schools ? and her
dedication to their education shows. Uncle Jack had another accident on
the farm a few years ago, and is unable to tend to it the way he used to.
He and Paula still live in the house, but lease out the property to the
neighboring farmers. They have enough money that they?re able to go on
trips in the big motor home they bought, and they have a blast. Jack still
keeps his hand in farming by taking care of the large flower and vegetable
garden they have. Under the guise of ?teaching? him how to control the
occasional bout of pain from his accident, I?ve been able to fully develop
the affinity for plants he always had; his garden is the envy of anyone
that sees it. Holly stopped by to visit Diane and I every so often for a
few years, but eventually found the kind of guy she deserved; the two of
them have a kid of their own that both of them dote on. Diane and I and
Holly and her husband take turns spending Thanksgiving with each other, and
exchange family-to-family Christmas presents, as well as birthday cards.
Susan got her degree in engineering, and ultimately wound up marrying a
Swedish foreign exchange student and moving to Sweden with him. All of us
still hear from her every now and then ? the last picture she sent, she
was proudly showing off her first pregnancy.

No, I have no illusions that I?m another Einstein or Fermi or anybody of
that caliber ? but I?m not under the illusion that I?m missing it by much,
either. You don?t know who I am, really, but I promise you: you?ll know
the results of my experiences with The Force.


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