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FORCINGME sucked them first the left


Forcing Me


NOTE: The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY. It
may contain depictions of explicit sex. If you are under the age of
majority in your local, legally defined area, please leave this page
immediately. If subjects of a sexual nature, or depictions of unsafe or
illegal sexual activities offend you, please leave also. Do not allow this
story to be available to any person where access by that person is a
violation of local, state or national obscenity or indecency laws. And
while we're at it, if you are at a public location where people could look
over your shoulder and read stuff that might offend them, leave this page
at once, get a 3 foot long two-by-four and smack yourself about the head
and shoulders.

The acts depicted are fictional, as are the characters involved. I
neither endorse nor condone the actions herein, especially the lack of
condom usage. I just can't seem to write a sexy condom scene.

FINALLY: This work of fiction was written by "The Dabbler" (a pseudonym)
and is available for entertainment only. The story may not be reproduced
in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This
story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.


"Tonight I get to play, Ok?"

"I think I can survive it," I say, as I hold her small frame tightly to
me and give her a big kiss. Not bad, I think to myself. Who would have
thought that someone who started out being so manipulative could turn out
to be such a decent girlfriend?

When I started dating Becky a few months ago, she always had to be in
control, pushing my buttons, trying to manipulate me. All it took was a
bit of patience and showing her time and again that she could push all she
wanted but couldn't walk over me, and now she's all sweetness and light.

Slowly she unbuttons my shirt, pausing at each button and looking me in
the eye. What a tease. As she slides the materiel off of my shoulders her
hands caress my chest, her nails flicking at my nipples, which she then
licks. I grab at the hem of her blouse, but she pushes me away. "Tsk tsk.
My turn, remember?"

She moves behind me, pulling my shirt out of my pants and depositing it
at arms length on the floor. I feel her move in close behind me, those
perfect breasts pushing into my back. Her hands slide from my side to my
muscular stomach, stroking up to my pecs and down to my beltline. After a
few seconds she unbuckles my belt and my pants drop to the floor. Her hand
snakes down to my package, caressing as she moves to my side, her other
hand squeezing my ass. Then she pushes me backwards. I bump into the bed
and find myself sitting, looking up at one of the most gorgeous women on
the planet.

Ahhh. A strip tease. I love to watch her as she unbuttons her blouse,
revealing the cleavage that she tries so hard to hide from other eyes.
Even unbuttoned, the shirt hides her breasts, showing only a strip of skin
from her smooth, tanned neck down to her flat belly. She peels it back on
one side, showing a black lacy bra. Oh, what a lucky piece of cloth to
stay so close to that beautiful flesh all day long. She pulls the edge of
the shirt towards me, turning her body as she pulls it off, stopping with
her back towards me as she shucks it onto the floor at my feet.

Her hair flips backwards, then she bends sideways, unzipping the long,
tight skirt. It drops ever so slowly down her luscious legs, puddling
about her toes. She steps out of it, kicking it to the side, and glances
back at me over her shoulder. I can't take my eyes off of her ass. Her
back curves gracefully into the two smoothest cheeks, the shape from her
waist to those wonderful globes thrills me. Right now her black
burned-velvet panties show just enough to keep me staring, filled with lust
for this woman. She turns back to face me, caressing her smooth skin,
running her fingers up and around her bra, then down her sides, ending up
cupping her mons. The look on her face is fiendish as she traces a line
up, past her belly button to end pointing at the clasp of her bra. With a
two-finger snap she unfastens the thing, and pulling her shoulders back she
both shucks the garment and pushes her gorgeous breasts into the air.

Walking towards me with a purpose in her eyes, she places her hands on
my shoulders, raises me up, and looks up into my eyes. "Tonight, you are
all mine," she intones, as she slides her arms around me for a tight hug.

Her strong legs flex, launching herself into me, knocking the two of us
backwards onto the bed. Downwards we fall, the comforter rough beneath my
bare back and buttocks. We kiss, her tongue dancing about as I press into
her mouth. She climbs higher onto the queen size mattress and I scoot up
to meet her, looking over at her pretty face. The long brown hair falls
across her cheek as she gazes at me, the soft look becoming hungrier as she
leans forward and plants her lips on mine. My hand makes its way to her
breast, squeezing the soft flesh, tugging on her hardening nipple.

She moans into my mouth and rolls on top of me, taking my right hand
from her breast and putting it on the pillow above my head. "Not yet," she
says. But I can't help it. I grin as my left hand grabs her other breast.
"Down, boy!" she says, a smile on her face, "I'm making the rules tonight,
remember? You promised!"

Darn. All right. I let her take my hand and stretch my arm away. She
leans towards it, and her breast hovers over my face. Well, if she offers
it... I reach my neck forwards and start sucking as she giggles. After a
moment she returns to sitting on my stomach; she tied my hand to the
bedpost. Cute. Well, if that's what she wants tonight, I'll go along with
it. I've certainly tied her up more than once. She kisses her way up my
other arm, sucking on the sensitive edge of my wrist as she pulls it
towards the other side of the headboard, then jumps off the bed to fasten
down my legs, leaving me spread-eagled on the bed.

I love the feeling of being restrained. We don't do it often, but it is
a nice spice to add to our diet of lovemaking. Well, actually I do tie her
down a lot. I always love to bring her to an orgasm, but when she's tied
down I get to keep going afterwards when she gets sensitive and tries to
buck me off. Her orgasms come closer together until after about 5 or 6 she
can't stop thrashing about. I tend to keep it going until she is exhausted
and gives up begging me to stop. I actually get silence for about an hour
as she curls up into a ball and shakes from the aftershocks.

Now she is dancing about the bed, her double D breasts bouncing free.
"I've got you now, and I'm a-gonna keep you," she says, pulling her panties off. She slows down, a serious look spreading over hear elfin features.
She strokes my leg, sliding over my hip and up to my stomach, then back
down to my knee, a soft, calming touch as she sits down on the side of the

I look up into those beautiful green eyes, wanting so much to kiss her,
but unable to move more than a few inches. She reaches over slowly and
kisses my stomach, moving up to my neck and face and finally to my mouth,
teasing just out of range first, then planting her sweet lips on mine. She
lies down next to me, an arm across my body, her head on my shoulder.

"I knew you were the one for me the first time I saw you," she says.
"Your face is perfect, those green eyes, strong jaw, long eyelashes.
You're just about the perfect specimen for me. In good shape, and I just
love your butt." She reaches around and pinches my butt on the side.

"I want you," she mutters, almost to herself, as she starts kissing her
way down my body. She stops for a moment at my nipples, then down, staying
away from my manhood and working her way down my thigh. She moves between
my legs and her kisses trace a line down to one foot, then back up and over
to the other, tugging on my pubic hair with her lips, but skipping my most
sensitive spot. When she returns again she slows, kissing my balls,
lightly flicking them with her tongue. She stops and raises herself on her
elbows. "We are going to have some beautiful children, you know."

"Absolutely," I say. Heck, I'd say just about anything to a woman when
her head is that close to my dick.

"Then let's start now" she says as she flicks the head of my flaccid
cock with her tongue.

"Now???? You can't be serious. Hold on a moment."

"Why? I know it's you I want. And I know you want me too. You just
like to hold things off 'cause you figure you might get a better offer.
Look into my eyes and tell me you don't want kids with me."

I strain against the ties as I look into her eyes, "No. Not yet. If we
get married, maybe then. Look, we have to talk about this later."

"Sure. Later." She looks annoyed; the crease between her eyes always
tells me that she hasn't dropped the subject yet. "Right now I'm going to
get your cum into my belly. Then we'll talk."

"You can't do that; that would be rape."

"Look. guys don't get hard unless they are excited. Willing
participants, you know. That isn't rape; it's just sex. If you don't want
to do it, just keep from getting a hard-on. Plus I know you. You wouldn't
dump me for giving you a little too much sex. Plus, you're the "Honorable
Type." If we made a baby, you wouldn't let her be a bastard child. We can
get married in June; I won't be showing yet."

"Listen, this isn't funny. I'm not ready yet to have a child. Stop
that." She had started caressing my balls softly.

"But I love you."

"If you love me, stop it."

"Right. Like you really mean it. See?"

I couldn't help it. The caresses had started the blood flowing to my
dick, and it enlarged slowly with every heartbeat. "That's not my fault; I
don't want it. Stop!"

But she lowered her head, licking the tip and underside of my slowly
hardening penis.

"If you don't want it, just tell it to soften. Otherwise quiet down."

"Get off of me. I don't want to have kids."

She clambered over my stomach, looking me in the eye. "All right. I've
had it. Are you going to keep your mouth shut?"

"Are you going to put a condom on me?"


"Then get the hell off." I twisted my body, almost throwing her off of
me. Good. I was winning. I could feel my dick soften, and I think she
was finally getting the hint.

"Fine." She rolled off of me and bent over, reaching under the bed.
When she came back, she had a box from which she took a ball-gag.

"YO! Time out here. Get that thing away from me!" She pushed the ball
onto my lips and slipped the string around my head, under the pillow and
back to the side. She tied the elastic strings tightly, the ball pressing
hard against my lips. Then started to tickle me. I couldn't help it,
after a few moments of bouncing about my mouth opened a little and the ball
forced its way in. Little by little it worked downwards until it was a
good distance between my teeth. She gave it a good shove, forcing it into
my mouth, then she re-tied the string.

"Now you'll keep quiet. Look. You are soft. Stay that way and I won't
be able to have you, no harm done. But if you get hard then we both know
that you want it just as much as I do. And I know you do; you're just
being silly and have some nerves about being a daddy. Relax; it'll be

She moved back down to my feet and kissed her way back up to my crotch.
With feathery touches she licked the shaft, eventually pushing it up so it
lay pointed up at my head. Little short touches, long soft strokes, quick
jabs of her tongue. She kissed her way past my belly button to my nipples
and sucked on them, first the left, then the right. Suck it in, licking
the sensitive surface until I moan into the gag, then pulling back and
blowing cool air over it. My nipple hardens, becoming even more sensitive
beneath her tongue as she sucks it back in, nipping gently. Now back to
the other nipple. This just isn't fair; how can an evil bitch like this be
such a good lover? She kisses her way back down to my stiffening member.

Her eyes meet mine. "I love you. And you are going to be ALL mine.
All of you. 'Cause I love you."

Then she inhales my cock. I'm still not hard yet, but with that tongue
lashing around in there, it won't be long. I think of sports. Shoe boxes.
Computers. Oh no. Her tongue swirls around my head, lashing at the
sensitive underside, sliding me around like a noodle. Football. Think of
football. Big, ugly guys in helmets. Yea. That works. guys running down
the field, cheerleaders on the side. No! Don't think of cheerleaders. No
thoughts of those great legs kicking up into the air! Akkk! I grow in her
mouth, and she starts bobbing up and down with a vengeance.

Shoe boxes. Think of brown boxes with ugly boots and sneakers and
stuff. Control yourself, kid. Don't think of her hands warming your balls,
rolling them between her fingers. Ohhhh. She stops the up and down
motion, concentrating on the head. Licking, sucking, nibbling at it.
Sneakers. Men's sneakers. Yea. Running shoes, maybe tennis shoes. Think
of the foot in the shoe. Could be a guy's foot. Another one. I can see
it in my mind; a keds sneaker. The foot comes out of it; a beautiful
woman's foot connected to a great calf and up to the hot pussy...

NO! I'm just about hard enough, although I've got a distance that I
could go. She takes her mouth off of me and starts licking at the
sensitive underside of the head. Her hand comes up to rub the shaft and
her head dives down, sucking in my balls, one at a time. I concentrate on
the pain as she sucks a tad too hard, trying to keep myself from coming.
Her warm hand is pumping up and down, bringing me close.

Wait a minute; if I can cum in her hand or mouth, then she can't get
pregnant. Perfect. I concentrate on the feelings. Her lips as they suck
on my shaft from the side, her hand on my balls, bringing me closer. She
moves back to the head, deep throating me. It feels so hot, her throat
massaging the head, her tongue wiggling on the shaft. She slides up and
down and I can feel my balls move upwards, ready to shoot. Oh yea, oh
yea... I'm there; just one more...

I hear the pop just before I feel the cool air on my dick. Shit; she
stopped. My hips pump upwards on their own, seeking release. Not fair!
So close! I'm as hard as a rock, sticking into the air like a flagpole.

"Baby-time, lover boy. And don't tell me you aren't enjoying it."

"Condom! Condom!" I try to yell into the gag; it comes out a sorry
muffled sound.

Her hands move up on either side of my waist, and she rubs my cock with
her tits, talking to it, not me. "Keep smilin' my man. You are in for the
ride of your life."

I close my eyes, not able to look at her as she climbs my spread-eagled
form. Her breasts slide across my chest, and I feel her shins across my
thighs, her toes curling under my legs. The pressure on them gets
stronger, and I look down in time to see her grasp my iron-hard dick and
place it at her entrance. She's as wet as can be, and the slick sensation
makes me groan as she slides me up and down her slit. Her hand comes away
as she lowers herself onto me.

I don't want this. I shake my head from side to side as I feel more and
more of my cock sliding up into her. She pulls back and her vagina holds
me tightly, trying to keep my engorged penis from leaving her sweet, soft
place. Down again, and up, such a wonderful feeling. I can feel the
excitement of making love to this woman in the pit of my stomach. Down one
more time, and she rests, fully impaled on my cock.

This is only my second time inside a woman without a condom. It's
warmer than I remember. A bit softer too. I feel her lubrication
spreading up and down my dick as she starts moving again, raising herself
straight upward and plopping back down. After a moment she begins to rub
her clit, and I watch in fascination as my dick plunges into her belly, her
hand making tiny circles just above where I penetrate her.

The feelings begin to consume me. Up and down, her one hand on my
chest, rubbing my nipples. There must be something I can do. Don't think
of sex. Something... She leans over and sucks on my nipple and I can't
help the convulsion, ramming myself into her farther than before. The
feeling of her breasts touching my belly as she sucks on my nipples, then
she lies across me, rubbing my nipples with hers. Those large, soft
mounds, pressing on my chest, her vagina sucking at my cock, rhythmically
moving up and down...

I try everything I can. I don't want to come. I don't want children

Up and down, up and down, her hands sliding through my hair, her lips on
my face. Up and down... She uses her inner muscles to squeeze my prick as
she pulls out, just the tip still inside. She pauses, and then drops
quickly downwards, burying me in her to the hilt. More. Up and down, up
and pause, down, then quick strokes. I'm getting very close; I try to turn
off the feelings from my cock, but I can't. There's a pause as she sits up
again, her hand moving back to her clit.

Her hips begin to gyrate, making the stroke feel longer. Her eyes are
closed, her face flushed as I feel her first contraction against my dick.
She'll come soon. If I can only hold off, she probably won't be able to
keep going. But the motions and the squeezing my dick is getting is about
to take absolute control of my body.

Her insides are vibrating. It's like a shock tingling around my dick.
Her up and down motions slow, but her fingers are flying in dizzy circles
around her clit. The contact is incredible; I'm impossibly hard, and as
she presses down on me I think I can feel the entrance to her womb. I must
have given off a little pre-cum; she could be pregnant already. She
swivels her hips and I feel every bit of her silky vagina rub against me,
tightening here, pulsing there. No. I can't. I... I...

She screams as the orgasm hits her. Her muscles tighten around my dick,
awash in the fluids that now fill her cunt. Up, down, up and down she
bounces as her hips pound my ready shaft with the ecstasy of her release.
My body can't take anymore. A white flash blinds me and my back arches as
I come, shooting the thick, virile streams of cum into her waiting body.
She slams down into me, pushing the tip of my penis up against the entrance
to her womb, and I can picture my second and third shots as they go
directly in, surrounding her egg, trying to break down its barriers and
fertilize it. The fourth and fifth streams fill her, first pressing high
up into her womb before slowly sliding downwards, slipping past her tightly
clenched muscles to flow out around me, coating my balls and pubic area in
a slimy mess.

The world returns. She has stopped coming, as have I. She lies down
across my stomach with me still inside her, slowly softening. She sighs
with contentment and after a few minutes raises herself up on her elbow,
doodling with her finger on my chest

"Ohhh. Not bad, if I do say so myself. Now didn't you enjoy that?"

Of course I did. When a guy comes, the world is a beautiful place. I'm
filled with endorphins and can't help smiling. I'm not really happy
though. That was way too dangerous. I'll be walking on glass for the rest
of the month. I really don't know what I'll do if she did get pregnant.
It was a great feeling though. No wonder people get married...

"I think more is better though. I'll be back to clean you off, then we
can start over again."

I lie there, restrained, cold, uncomfortable. I can feel our mingled
fluids sliding down my butt, cooling off in the afternoon air. She returns
with a wet washcloth and wipes me down, then holds me, covering me with her
soft, warm body, as if she really cared about me. Maybe she does. I was
ready to care for our child if we made a mistake anyway; is this so
different? Something to think about anyway.

Her hand snakes down to my flaccid penis and begins a slow massage.

"Two more aught to guarantee a pregnancy. Maybe a third for good luck.
You ready yet, cowboy?"

Oh no. It's going to be a long night.


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