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FOREVER hurt you for the world but


"Forever" {Pendragon} (MF rom 1st wl)
by Uther Pendragon

IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to
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This material is Copyright, 1996, Uther Pendragon. All
rights reserved. I specifically grant the right of downloading
and keeping ONE electronic copy for your personal reading so long
as this notice is included. Reposting requires previous

All persons here depicted, except public figures depicted as
public figures in the background, are figments of my imagination
and any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly
# # # # #

by Uther Pendragon

Jeanette was in the bathroom for what seemed like an eon. Bob
called room service for a bucket of ice to go with the bottle of
champagne he had rescued from the reception. He got out his
pajamas and robe. He unpacked the rest of his clothes. He
unpacked her suitcase. In between, he fidgeted.

Jeanette came out looking like a dream -- a damp-haired
dream. She was wearing a swirling confection where he could see
though any layer of cloth but only to the next layer. "All

"Are you really?"

"Really? I guess I am. But I meant the john."


She tasted of toothpaste, which reminded him that he probably
didn't. He hurried into the steamy bathroom.

Under the shower, he thought of her changes. He had hardly
recognized his laughing, running, square-dancing, girlfriend who
dressed in jeans and peasant dresses in the solemn bride clad in
satin. This shy creature in yards of taffeta was someone else
again. He had an erection thinking about her. Oh well, it was
appropriate tonight. He carefully brushed his teeth, put on
pajama pants and a robe, and went out.

She was sitting down waiting for him.

"Do you want more champagne?"

"Later ... after."

That one word set his erection raging. Holding out his
hands, he helped her out of the chair and into his arms. This
kiss was longer and sweeter.

As he held her to him, he felt the freed breasts pressing
against his chest, lower and softer than the brassiered ones that
had accompanied most of their kisses. He smoothed her robe down
her back to cup her soft buttocks in both hands. He wanted her
so much! He pulled her against him. She tensed her legs and
buttocks. Feeling the sponge turn solid always turned him on.
She knew and thought it was funny.

The smile now turned her kiss into awkwardness. He broke and
kissed her nose.

"It's still you under all that cloth?"

"All that cloth? I feel naked."

He moved the closet door so she could see herself. "Dressed
in a cloud."

Holding her back against him, he kissed her neck and
earlobes. She shivered. As her head dropped forward, he
caressed her breast. He could feel the nipple push back at him
through the scratchy cloth. The robe was held by only a belt,
letting his hand slip under it to feel the left breast through
the light, smooth, cloth of the nightgown. That nipple stiffened
more, and she stiffened with it. Then she gasped. He looked up
to see her staring at their reflection. "It's only ourselves,"
he said.

"It feels like somebody's watching."

He moved away to close the closet door. He turned on the
lamp farthest from the bed and turned off the bright overhead
light while he was at it.

"You can't wear that to bed." She undid the belt, and he
took the robe. Now he could see through the nightgown, even in
the dim light. The areolae of her breasts and the mystery
between her thighs were a shade darker.

He took his own robe off. He didn't have anywhere else to
put the packet, so he tossed it on the nightstand. She looked at
it and then at him. She nodded.

He kissed her lightly, then deeply. Her tongue came into
play. He pulled her to him, his thigh between her legs, his
erection forcing him to stand a little sideways. His hands were
over her back, down her soft butt, back up to her shoulders, down
to her sides. When he drew his left hand up to her breast, she
shifted to give him more access.

Her nipple was already hard before he started to play with
it. He broke the kiss, kissed her on the chin, and traced little
kisses and licks across her cheek and her neck. When he got to a
ticklish part, she squirmed. He felt her delta moving against
his thigh and her side brushing his penis. He pulled the strap
down over her shoulder and followed it for a moment with his
mouth. Then he bent further to kiss her breast, first the side
and then the nipple. She sucked in a breath and straightened.
Her legs were tense on his.

Then she seemed to slump. Her hands held his head against
her breast.

His hand on her butt was helping to hold her up. The
position was awkward, so he straightened and led her toward the
bed. After sitting down, he pulled her onto his lap. This was
familiar to both of them. She relaxed and went with her feelings
as he returned to her breast. He pulled the other strap down.
After a minute, she shrugged out of the restraint. Her breasts,
except at the dark tips, seemed to glow in the dim light.

He kissed the other breast as he stroked her thighs through
the sheer nightgown.

He shifted her back on the bed and then lifted her legs as he
got up. She was now lying full length. He knelt beside her to
kiss her mouth again. He held one breast in his left hand and
lightly rubbed the nipple with his thumb.

After a minute he got up to go around the foot of the bed.
He lay down beside her and began stroking her from head to waist.
He leaned over and alternated light kisses on her breasts. He
sucked the nearer one while he stroked up her leg underneath the
nightgown, hiding nothing, letting her know where he was going.
She drew in her breath and tensed her legs, but she neither said
a word nor moved a hand to stop him. He reached her hair.

This was new, never had he touched her without her panties.
Her hand came down and held his through the gown, stopping him
but not pushing him away.

"Jeanette. I love you."

He kissed her deeply. Her tongue responded, and her hand lay
still. He reached further down, and she shivered again. When he
pulled at one leg, she parted them. His hand gripped her fully,
covering the soft lips with the crisp hair pressed beneath his
palm. She suddenly clasped her legs together, trapping his hand.
He raised up to look in her eyes.

"Love, let me." She drew up her knees a little and relaxed.
He looked deep in her troubled, questioning eyes as his finger
found her inner lips. They were soft, crinkly, and pouting out.

She turned her head away, and he went back to kissing her
breast. For a minute or two, he just touched her inner lips as
lightly as he could, tracing the line they made. Then he traced
down to their bottom junction and slipped two fingers between
them. Slowly, he caressed the lips at that juicy point, making
sure that he had the lubrication that he needed.

Then he drew a finger upward, halfway to the clit. Then down
again, and upward a little closer. He listened to her breathing
and rejoiced as it turned faster and shallower. Over and over,
he traced the path, always ending a little higher. The first
time he touched her clit, she started. As he retraced the path,
her legs fell open. He left off her lovely breast and kissed her
once. Then they lay together with only his hand moving and only
her breath to disturb the silence. This seemed to go on forever.

She started. Her legs pressed down flat on the bed. He
continued for two more long strokes while she gasped. Then her
legs snapped together, and she pushed her hips up and down. He
moved against her clit as well as the trapped hand was able. She
gasped and fell limp.

"I love you Jeanette."

As she relaxed, he withdrew his hand and kissed her deeply on
the mouth. She kissed back and tried to hug him. He moved over
so that they could hug and kiss, the top half of his body
covering hers and the magnificent soft breasts crushed beneath
him. It was an uncomfortable position for him, but the kiss was
worth it. She broke it, and he rolled over onto his side.




He turned on his back and stripped off the pajama bottoms.
He reached for the packet, tore it with a little difficulty and
rolled the rubber onto his throbbing erection. He kissed her
breast again and pulled the nightgown up. All the pretty cloth
was just a wide belt now. He clasped her delta once more, then
she was pulling at his arms.

She spread her legs, and he knelt between them. He pulled her
knees up a little, and she got the idea. She lay with them
raised and spread. He nuzzled at her breasts for a minute and
then settled himself between her thighs. Supporting himself on
his left arm, he separated her lips once more. The entrance was
quite wet and his condom was lubricated. Settled in the right
spot, he eased forward. She was tight.

"I wouldn't hurt you for the world, but I might hurt you

"I'm a big girl."

He eased a little further, pressed against the blockage.

"I love you."

"Love you."

"But you forgot to pack your hiking boots."

"No. I put them in the blue..."

At the distraction, he felt her relax. He shoved forward.
He felt something give way, and he slid within her. She was tight
around him and, even through the rubber, very warm.

"Oh! ... Bob, you are..."

"Love you."

"You're tricky. But I can feel you inside."

He could feel her, too. Very much so. He began to move back
out slowly. His restraint fell away. His phallus was clasped in
slipperiness, and it made all the decisions. Bob moved in and
out as a huge tension built in him. Suddenly he surged forward
and felt his whole being gush out of him in great pulses. He
fell forward on her and gasped for breath.

She hugged him for a minute but didn't object when he rolled
to his side. He pulled her toward him and gave her a one-armed
hug as his breath came back.

"Are you okay? Did it hurt?"

"A little. I'm a big girl."

"You're a woman."

They lay like that for ten minutes, and then he opened the
champagne. She shrugged back into the nightgown. He couldn't
see any blood.

He raised his glass. "Mrs. Brennan."

"I am, aren't I?"

Uther Pendragon
This is the first of a series of stories about the Brennans.

The next story in the series is:
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The directory to the entire series is:
<A HREF="../brennan.htm"> Brennan stories Directory </a>

Another story of a woman's first intercourse is:
<A HREF="../story/rampant.htm"> "Rampant" </a> (Mf hist 1st wl)
The story is quite long.

The directory to all my stories can be found at:
<A HREF="../index.htm"> Index to Uther Pendragon's Website </a>
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