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FRIENDS thick white goo sliding down her

Content Warning: The following work of fiction contains mature subject
matter and graphic sexual descriptions of minors engaged in sexual
explorations. If this bothers you or if it is illegal to possess such
material in your locality, please hit the delete button now. This is a
work of fiction and any similarity to any person(s) living or dead is
pure coincidence. Under no circumstances should this material be
deemed suitable for minors.

Subject: The casual relationship of a couple through the spring and
winters of their lives.

Subject Matter: (m/f) (M/F)
Rating: (X) Not suitable for minors. May be illegal in some areas.

Author: SandMan
Copyright ( c ) 1998 sandman@bitsmart.com
Archive: ftp://asstr.ml.org/pub/Authors/sandman/index.html

Distribution Rights: May be distributed freely WITHOUT MODIFICATION on
USENET, USENET II, not-for profit web sites, not-for profit ftp sites,
and news archival services which offer free public access to archived
articles. All other rights are specifically reserved by the author.

Creation Date: 1/25/98
Distribution Date: 1/27/98

Friends and Lovers (By Sandman)




"Itís so funny!," Kathy exclaimed as she poked lightly at Calís erect
cock. It bobbed away slightly at her touch before springing back into
position like a pendulum.

"All right!" Cal protested. "Youíve seen it! You promised to show
me yours."

"Just a minute." She said, sounding slightly annoyed as she stared at
the strange protrusion with great intensity as if memorizing every
last detail. She reached her hand around and grasp it, applying a
light but firm pressure.

"Ohh!" Cal exclaimed, bending over slightly.

"Did it hurt?" Kathy asked worriedly as she withdrew her hand.

"No." Cal said. "It felt kinda good, but your hands are awful cold."

Kathy frowned and rubbed her hands together, blowing on them as well.
The texture of his cock in her hands had been unique, hard yet somehow
soft at the same time all while being very, very alive. She lowered
her hand again to his penis and grasped it again. "Better?" She

"Yea." Cal answered, his voice quivering slightly, his eyes wide as

Standing almost nose to nose with him, her hand wrapped around his
cock, Kathy leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. If her hands
had not been wrapped around his cock, if the feelings and sensations
he was feeling for the very first time had not been completely
overwhelming him, Cal would have protested strongly at the "mushy
stuff". But the kiss was a new dimension to the new sensations and
rather than pull back, he leaned forward, pursuing the touch, much to
Kathyís surprise.

She had known Cal all her life, since he was her neighbor and all.
They waited for the school bus almost every day. Sometimes she even
joined in his silly games. As they had grown older she had often
wondered what it would be like to kiss him, like the people she saw
kissing in the movies. Kissing hadnít been on Calís mind when she
agreed to let him lure her into the woods, but it had been on hers.

She pulled back from the closed mouth kiss when Cal began to move in
her hand "What are you doing?" She asked.

Cal blushed. "I donít know. I just started doing it. It feels
really, really good!"

Kathy frowned again in thought and then moved her hand up and down a
little. "Like that? That feels good?"

Cal gasped. "Yes!"

"Hmmm." Kathy hummed thoughtfully. "And the kiss? Did you like the

"Yes." Cal admitted with another gasp since she had continued to move
her hand up and down, dragging the foreskin up and around his swollen

"Good." Kathy said sounding very pleased with herself. "I liked it

"Donít stop." Cal pleaded as she unwrapped her hand. The devastation
on his face was so clear it was almost comical.

"Oh. I thought you wanted to see mine.", Kathy answered. It had
been fun kissing him and holding his privates but she felt he would
let her do that all day long and while the kiss was nice it wasnít as
earth shattering to her as it apparently was to him.

Indecision rocked Calís world. Kathyís touch had built pleasure on
top of pleasure and it felt like it had all been leading somewhere.
He desperately wanted that touch again. But at the same time he was
curious to know just how boys differed from girls. It was the reason
he had asked her out here in the first place. Finally his shoulders
slumped and disappointment rang in his voice as he said "Oh OK."

She hitched her fingers into her pants and then paused, giving him a
stern look. "Remember, you promised." She said reminding him that he
had sworn to keep everything secret.

"I remember." Cal said slightly impatiently.

She pushed down, in one fell swoop lowering pants and panties. She
looked cautiously up at Cal, and noted with a sense of rising panic
the look of disbelieving amusement on his face. Cal scooted around
behind her, circling once before standing in front of her again.

"It looks like a butt.", Cal declared.

Kathy blushed furiously, but anger also reared up itís head and she
bent down to grab her pants, fully intending to pull them back up,
storm back home and put an end to all this foolishness.

"You promised." Cal said quickly, reminding her that they had
promised to let each other get a full measure of the differences.
Kathy sighed and stood up straight again. "What do you pee with?"
Cal asked.

She pulled back her outer lips, revealing a staggeringly complex pink
landscape within. "Here." She said, her finger poised above the
opening. Cal fell to his knees to get a close up view. There was
something fascinating about what he was seeing that he couldnít quite
put his finger on.

"Is touching it nice?" Cal asked. "Like when you touched me?"

"Iíve never tried before." Kathy answered. "Except to clean myself
and I never noticed anything special about that."

Cal considered touching her, like she had touched him, but the
daunting creases and folds confused him. Finally he stood up. "I
donít see why itís such a big deal. Adults are weird."

Relieved Kathy pulled up her pants. "Yea. It was kinda nice
actually." She admitted as Cal retrieved his shorts.

"Hey. Wanna go find Gary and see if heís up for a game of Robin Hood?
You can be Maid Marian."

"Thanks but Iíve got some homework to do."

"Maybe tomorrow then."



"Hey Kathy." Cal said after they had stepped off the bus, his voice
cracking in the first stages of puberty.

"Hey Cal.", Kathy goofed back at him.

"Remember that time in the woods where, well you know," Cal said

"What about it?" Kathy asked.

"Well I found this book and it had some ideas. I thought maybe it
would be fun to try.", Cal fumbled.

Kathy thought a moment. "Why donít you bring me the book and if I
like what it says maybe weíll try." She answered.

"I canít!" Cal exclaimed. Calming himself he explained, "Itís in my
parents room, I could only sneak a few looks at it. If it turned up
missing theyíd have my hide. You know how parents are."

"Well what did it say?", Kathy asked.

Cal sneaked a glance up and down the street to make sure no one was
around. "A lot of things. Remember how I hang out and you have a
hole?" Kathy nodded. "Well Iím supposed to put my thing in your
hole." Kathyís face was a mixture of incredulity as Cal continued.
"Really. Itís supposed to be a real trip, but we canít do that cuz
thatís how babies are made."

"So whatís to try?" Kathy asked, trying to find the point squeaky
voiced friend was making.

"Well the book said a lot about sucking.", Cal said studying the
ground quite intently.

"Sucking?" Kathy asked, almost with a laugh and louder than she had

"Shhh!" Cal scolded. "Yea. Well the book says itís really intense
if someone puts their mouth down there."

"Calvin Conner, if you expect me to put your thing in my mouth weíd
better just cart you off to the loony bin right now. You pee with
that thing! That is SO gross!" Kathy said in a low voice but with a
tone that definitely conveyed how grossed out she was.

"Look, you donít have to do anything to me." Cal said quickly trying
to calm her down. "Iíll try on you. If you donít like it weíll stop,
but the book says youíll like it, a lot."

"I donít know." Kathy said, sounding a little unsure of herself.

"Comíon." Cal coaxed with a lopsided grin. "Last time we did it, it
was fun."

"That was a year ago." She reminded him. "We were just kids then."

"So?", Cal asked, failing to see the relevance.

Kathy thought a moment. "Can we practice kissing first?" Kathy
asked. "Lynn said she kissed a boy who used his tongue, she made it
sound really fine!"

Cal smiled broadly. "Sure!" He agreed readily, the book which he had
been reading whenever he could sneak it away had a whole chapter
devoted to kissing.

They sat in a clearing in the woods behind Kathyís house. Leaning up
against the base of a large oak tree, exploring the pleasures of the
kiss. At first it had been but a gentle meeting of their lips. Then
Cal had pressed his tongue forward, hesitantly parting her lips. When
is tongue met hers and she hesitantly responded to the meeting it was
intense beyond belief and his arms embraced her unconsciously, drawing her closer. She responded to this by wrapping her arms around him.

"Wow." Kathy said as she pulled back, gasping slightly for breath.

"Yea." Cal agreed with a weak smile on his face.

"You sure you want to do this?" Kathy asked uncertainly.

It took Cal a second to realize that she had moved on to the next
reason for their being here. "Sure." Cal answered.

Kathy shrugged and pulled down her pants, wincing as she rested down
into the dry scratch grasses. She was about to move to stand up when
she saw Cal maneuvering between her legs, crawling towards her.
Something in the way he moved, what he was about to do fired her
imagination and she ignored the discomfort. Cal wasted no time and
she suddenly felt his warm tongue run through her lips. The sensation
was utterly pleasant, but was nothing compared to what she felt when
his hands parted her and his tongue began to dance and stroke the most
intimate parts of her.

"Ohhh." She moaned, arching her neck and back as she let the waves of
pleasure roll through her.

Cal lifted his head and smiled. "You like?" he asked, knowing full
well the answer. He had never heard a sound like that in his life,
but something told him it was not a bad one.

"Yes!" She exclaimed. "Donít stop!"

"Youíll show me what itís like?" Cal asked slyly, sensing his
favorable bargaining position.

"Yes." Kathy agreed, angry at him for stopping, angry at him for
forcing her to agree.

Cal smiled smugly and then returned to his kisses. As Kathy grew more
vocal he discovered the erect knob that seemed to be the focal point
of her pleasures. The book had mentioned it, but there really werenít
any illustrations so he discovered the clitoris by her reactions.
After a while she started panting and moaning loudly and thrashed
under him. He was a little worried about the noise she was making but
the book had made quite a point that he should not stop at this point
so he didnít.

When she had settled down and was fondly running her fingers through
his hair he raised up. "How was it?"

"Perfect." She said distantly. The look on her face was completely

"Payback time." Cal said.

"Payback time?" Kathy said. "You lift me up to touch heaven itself
then spoil it all with one crass remark. Boys!" Cal was thrown
completely off balance by the vehemence of her words. Seeing the
confusion on his face Kathyís expression softened and she said softly.
"Next time try to say something more gentle. And now I guess we can
see if itís as good for you as it was for me."

Calís face brightened considerably as he quickly pulled down his
shorts and settled down onto the grass while Kathy dressed. Finally
she knelt down beside him, noting how it had grown since the last time
she had seen it. She grasped it as she had done before and heard his
breath catch a slight tremble rippling through his body. Bracing
herself, unable to really believe she was really doing this, she
closed her eyes and lowered her head.

The taste that greeted her was just slightly salty and not strong or
unpleasant. The texture of hard yet fleshy was also pleasant She
could not take him all in, but she could take most of it. Remembering
how he liked motion she began to move her head, drawing it in and out
of her mouth. Letting it roll past her tongue. Calvin helped her by
telling her when she did something he really liked, like letting her
tongue play around his glans, and what he didnít like when her teeth
fell to sharply against his cock.

She was disturbed when she felt his hands around her head, pulling her
into him, sometimes to far. But when she resisted, his touch
lightened and she allowed his lighter touch to set her pace, a pace
which he seemed to need quickened more and more. Suddenly he gasped
deeply and pulled her head hard into her causing her to gag as his
cock pushed against the back of her throat. She felt something warm
and sticky and pulled back hard. He resisted but she managed to pull
free in time for a second spurt of his seed to land square on her

She stared at him, the warm bitter, salty taste in her mouth, the
thick white goo sliding down her cheek. She watched his intense
expression as his cock twitched and shot even more milky white liquid
onto his shirt. Finally he exhaled deeply and looked up at her.
Frowning when he saw the liquid on her cheek, remembering that in the
throws of ecstasy he had felt something leave him.

"Oh God! Iím so sorry Kathy. I didnít know!", He said.

She wiped the liquid off her cheek and stared at it, rolling her
tongue around her mouth to clear out the taste of the stuff he had
shot inside her. "What is it?" She asked finally.

"I think itís sperm." Cal answered. "The book said that kids donít
have it, but grown up men shoot it when they climax, thatís what the
book called it, shoot it. It goes into the woman and makes her

"Did you like it?" Kathy asked.

"Oh man! It was fantastic!" Cal said enthusiastically. "It was
kinda a letdown when you stopped, but it was great!"

"Well next time maybe you can warn me and Iíll just use my hand."
Kathy said.

Cal smiled broadly as he stood and pulled up his pants. He was
already looking forward to the next time.


"Cal." Kathy said as they rested in each others arms under a hot
August sun. "Weíre moving."

"Moving?" Cal asked, his mind swirling a thick knot of dread welling
up in his stomach.

"Dad got a promotion. My parents have a nice house picked out, but
itís all the way across town. We wonít even be in the same school!"

"No." Cal said futilely. "Thereís got to be a way."

"There isnít. Theyíre putting up the For Sale sign tomorrow." Kathy
said, the pain on her own face as deep and profound as on Calís.




Cal stared at the pretty girl across the restaurant trying to figure
out why she looked so familiar. There was something about the way her
blue eyes flashed, something about the way she kept brushing her brown
hair out of her eyes. She noticed his stares and would meet his gaze
for a moment before turning back to laugh with her girl friend. The
last few glances had been less friendly, as if she were trying to
determine if she should be worried at his attention.

"Cal." David said, pushing Calís shoulder to get his attention.
"Whatís up? Sheís pretty yes, but I doubt Jenny will be thrilled to
find you ogling other girls."

"Sorry." Cal said, turning back to his friend. "Something about her
is familiar. I think I know her but I canít really put a name to her

"Well I suppose thereís no harm in asking." David said.

"No." Cal said resolutely. "No harm at all." He walked over to the
table and waited until she acknowledge him with a glance. "Iím sorry
for staring, but I think I might know you. Iím Calvin Conner."

"Cal?", The girl said excitedly. "Iím Kathy! God! I didnít even
recognize you! Last time I saw you, you were a squeaky voice little
boy. And now look at you!" She said, the words coming in a rush as
she bounded up to hug him.

He returned the hug and pushed her back at arms length to look at her.
"Look at you!" He said. "Youíre absolutely beautiful!"

She blushed and smiled at him, basking in the happiness of finding a
long lost friend. Suddenly she remembered her manners. "Cal this is
Carol. Carol, this is Calvin Conner, a very old friend."

Carol smiled and shook his hand. "Take my seat Calvin." Carol
insisted. "I have to be running along anyway and it looks like you
two are going to reminisce a while."

"Thanks." Calvin said as he sat down.

Kathy leaned forward and said, "So tell me EVERYTHING." She

Cal laughed. "Not much to say really. I finished school and got
accepted at State. Iím in my final year now, Iím just visiting
friends and family for the holidays."

"Whatís your major?" Kathy asked, leering so heíd catch the oft used
pickup line in the question.

Cal laughed again. "Business, with a minor in English. And what have
you been doing since your parents so evilly thwarted our plans?"

"About the same. Finished school, Iím attending the city college now.
I plan to be a teacher and get my certificate after I graduate.", she
answered. "Howís the love life?"

He winked. "If you mean have I found anyone like you, the answer is
no. But Iíve looked. Iíve been going steady with a girl almost a
year now. Sheís fun, exciting, interesting, and all that other mushy
stuff. You?"

"Iím seeing a guy pretty regular, heís nice and cares for me but the
sex is pretty boring. I usually have a private party the next day if
he actually manages to get me off. I actually had two last month, I
guess heís getting better."

The pause which followed was pregnant with anticipation as they stared
at each other, memorizing the interesting new features of each others
face. "Youíve really grown up to be quite a looker." Cal said.

Kathy smiled, the blush creeping back onto her cheeks. "And you the
stud. Do you work out?"

"Intramural football. Thereís a little weight training on the side."
Cal answered.

Kathy ran her finger around the rim of her glass, staring at the table
as she asked. "You wouldnít be interested in maybe, well for old times sake, maybeÖ" She let the thought linger.

"Your condom or mine." Calvin grinned.

Kathy laughed. "Oh Cal! Didnít you remember ANYTHING I told you
about the right words at the right time?"

"Ohh. Thatís right I should have said; I am a lowly slave to your
radiant beauty. Ask and I shall move a mountain so that you may better
see the sunset. Ask and I shall roll back the sea so that you may look
for shells. Ask and I will plant my lips upon thee and count myself
most fortunate among all men." It had started as a joke, but
somewhere in the middle his voice grew serious and his eyes longing.

Kathy felt herself panting under the heat and intensity of his words
and gaze. She had to shake herself free before replying. "Yes.
Something exactly like that."

"David." Cal said.

"Come again?" Kathy asked confused.

"I forgot the friend I was with! Iíll be right back." Cal said.

"Oh. The guy you were with. Go on, but donít keep me waiting to
long. I might change my mind. We girls are fickle you know." Kathy
said mischievously.

"Donít touch that dial!" Cal warned. "Iíll be right back!"

"Let me guess." David said after Cal returned. "You donít need a
ride home."

"That obvious huh?" Cal asked.

"You were fawning all over each other the moment the other girl left.
Youíd have to be blind not to see something between you. Go on, have
fun." David said making a shooing motion with his hand.

"Youíre a real pal Dave." Cal said. "See ya tomorrow." Then
glancing back at Kathy added, "Well maybe not tomorrow."

David leaned over and punched Cal in the arm. "Bud, with a girl like
that, maybe not next year."

Calvin and Kathy made it as far as her Toyota before falling into a
passionate embrace. The kiss didnít even start out tenderly, it went
straight from passionate to aggressive as they rediscovered the
comfortable road they had traveled that one magical summer so long
ago. Cal lifted her up so she sat on the trunk of her car and she
wrapped her legs around him as they kissed. His hips ground against
hers as they both responded to the naked desire that consumed them.

"Where are we going?" Calvin asked, his chest heaving.

"Iíve got an apartment, itís about twenty minutes away. I just drove
down here to meet Carol on her lunch break. She works afternoons and
evenings.", Kathy replied pulling him into another kiss.

"Hmmmm." Calvin hummed pulling back after a while. "Do you see that
posh looking hotel over to your left? Iíd be willing to bet theyíve
got a really nice room somewhere. Unless you really want to wait a
half hour or so before I ravish you."

She grinned wickedly. "Youíre doing all right so far."

"Yes." He said as he touched his forehead to hers. "But the elderly
couple a few cars down have been staring at us like they wanted to go
grab a hose or something."

Kathy turned her head and saw the a gray-haired couple staring at them
indignantly a few cars down. "Theyíre just jealous." She giggled.
"If they watch, they deserve what they see."

"Still, the windís a bit nippy." Cal said. "And just think of all
the fun we could have in a nice big bed, maybe a nice bottle of
champagne on ice." He rolled his head playfully from side to side.

She kicked her heels and squealed in delight. "You talked me into it.
Your visa or mine."

"Mine of course silly." Calvin scolded. "Somethingís a guyís just
gotta do."

"Oh." Kathy smiled. "A gentleman."

"My momma, my pappa and a very dear friend raised me proper." Cal

She slapped him on his butt playfully as she hopped down. On impulse
she glanced back at the disapproving couple and stuck out her tongue
impishly at them before sliding behind the wheel. Ten minutes latter
they stepped into the honeymoon suite at the ritzy hotel.

"Wow." Kathy said as she took in the opulence of the room. "You
musta won a lottery or something."

Cal smiled as he watched her explore the room, noting with pleasure
how her hips swayed lightly as she walked. "Just a good job thatís
paying my way through school and gives me a little spending money on
the side."

"Well itís just perfect. Perfect!" She said as she bounced on the

"Yes it is.", Cal said admiring her by the door.

She stretched out her arms and smiled, "And what are you waiting for?
I believe we started something in the parking lot."

There was a knock on the door as she finished. Cal smiled smoothly
and opened the door. He spoke to someone in the hall and turned
around as the door closed with a silver tray with a bucket of
champagne with two crystal goblets. "Waiting for this." Cal said.
"Wouldnít do to get all hot and bothered again and get interrupted."
He set the tray on the night stand before setting down on the bed
beside her. "Now where were we?" He asked.

"You were just about to fuck me for the very first time." Kathy said.

"Ah ah!" he replied, wagging his finger at her. "The right words

"You were about to sweep me off my feet and make mad passionate love
to me.", she answered as she fell into his arms.

They broke the ensuing kiss only to hastily remove the layers of
clothing that separated them from the union they both needed so much.
Sweaters went flying, buttons were ripped, as bit by bit they got
closer to that final moment existing only within the touch of each

Finally, her exquisite body exposed to his hard, etched form he thrust
into her warm, moist womanhood, feeling it close around him as she
lifted her legs up around him. They did not go gentle into that good
night, they took as much as they gave; moving fast and furious under
the silken sheets. Exploring this thing they had done with others but
never each other as if for the first time, drinking in the powerful
sensations like the sweetest wine after a long drought. They did not
go silent into that good night, their moans of pleasure mingled with
each other in a symphony of ecstasy.

When her gasps and moans carried her into orgasm she dragged him in
behind her. His fevered thrusts, struggling to find yet a deeper
purchase met her upraised hips as her fingernails dug into his
buttocks with each powerful thrust. When their moment had passed, he
lingered inside her. Staring down into her radiant face his
contented, satisfied smile meeting hers he kissed her lips lightly and
said, "You complete me."

"And you still lift me up to touch heaven itself." She replied as he
poured the champagne into their glasses.

"This is good stuff!" She said as she took her first sip.

"Only the best." Cal agreed. She frowned into her glass. "Whatís
the matter?"

"Itís just not fair." She complained. "Just when you and I start
having some serious fun, life tears us apart. In a few days youíll be
back at state with your girlfriend and Iíll be back at city with
Steve. And I swear to you Iíve never had sex like that in my life.
Ever. Period."

Cal dipped his finger in his glass and ran the moistened digit across
her lips lightly. "Like two ships that pass in the night, or two
thieves stealing time and pleasure where they can find it."

She laughed. "You can stop being romantic now, weíre both done after

"Are we?" Cal asked. "Are you so sure about that?"

"You couldnít possibly. I mean. So soon?", but she only had to
glance down to see that they werenít done at all.




As her friend walked down the concourse to the waiting plane Kathy
waved goodbye. Envious of the tropical location her friend would soon
be visiting, while she returned to the first cool winds of fall. She
turned and bumped into a man just stepping off another plane, sending
his briefcase and a folders flying. "Iím sorry!" She exclaimed as
she bent down to help him pick up the papers. As she handed the
jumbled papers she had gathered back to him she paused, wondering what
was so familiar about his face.

There were lines in his face now that had never been there before, and
a haggard look to his appearance. Maybe he was not so lean and
muscular as before, maybe there was just the hint of a beer belly.
But if he was no longer the young powerful man, he was very much now
the self assured, respectable man. The mustache threw her off, but
the color of his hair, even streaked with the occasional gray and the
deep dark eyes reminded her of a long lost lover.

"Calvin?" She asked hesitantly.

The man paused and studied her. She wore her hair up in a manner that
spoke more of professionalism than sensuality. There was a touch more
makeup than she had worn before, and a few lines that showed through
despite her best efforts. Her figure was no longer that of a trim,
youthful goddess, but a middle aged woman who had borne children and
the responsibility that came with them. Maybe she no longer had the
figure of a goddess, but standing before him was a figure of grace and
elegance that eludes the young. But her crystal blue eyes recaptured
for a moment the full glory of her youth none-the-less.

"Kathy!" He exclaimed. The papers went flying to the ground again as
they embraced each other.

"My God, has it really been twenty years?" Calvin asked.

"Twenty two." Kathy corrected as they knelt to retrieve the papers
once again.

"Youíre not flying out are you?" Calvin asked in a tone that seemed
to say "that would be just my kind of luck."

Kathy smiled. "No. Just saw a friend off. Could I interest you in a
cup of coffee?"

"Definitely." , Calvin replied. "I need to make a phone call first
though do you mind?"

"Iím in no rush." Kathy said as they began walking down the terminal.

Cal flipped open his cell phone and punched in a number. "Hey Bobby,
Iím going to be tied up for a while. Go ahead and run the marketing
layouts and Iíll proof them tomorrow. No. No problems, just bumped
into a good friend I havenít seen for a long time. Oh and double
check the figures in column five, I think you over estimated the
ratings points." Cal closed the phone and said, "Iím all yours."

She wrapped his arm around his waist and said slyly, "You always

The coffee was passable for airport brew, but hardly held their
interest as they reminisced. "Iím the regional manager now." Cal was
saying. "It keeps me busy and the hours are hell but the payís good,
though with two teenage sons itís never enough."

"So you married Jenny?" Kathy asked.

Cal nodded. "Eighteen years now. How about you? You and Steve tie
the knot?"

"Twenty years and three kids ago." She answered, taking a sip of
coffee. "Jack, the oldest just started college a year ago. Mary will
be following him next year. Dave just turned fourteen and is already
breaking the girls hearts."

"You still teaching?"

"Science and math at Smith High. Your old school I believe." She

"It was. I have fond memories." He said with a reminiscent smile.
"I have fonder memories of Junior High."

"Do you live here now?", She asked.

"No. Still in Seattle. Iím here for the next week on business." He

"Ah. Once again our paths cross briefly.", Kathy sighed.

"Are you happy?" Cal asked.

She tilted her head slightly and considered for a moment before
answering. "Content is a better word I think. That may not be as
glamorous as happy, but Iíve got three wonderful kids and a husband
who sticks by me. Iíve got a good job that lets me still be a mother.
All in all, I think thatís about as close to happy as anyone can
really hope to get. How about you?"

Cal leaned back in his chair. "Oh thereís times when Iíve put in an
eighty hour week and feel like I havenít spent enough time with Jenny
and the kids. They grow up so fast. It seems like just yesterday I
held Tim, my firstborn, in my arms and now heís got a car, tearing all
over town and giving me ulcers. But I like my job, and the family makes it all worthwhile."

The pause that followed was long and comfortable as they sipped their
coffee. "Do you ever wonder what life would have been like if
twenty-two years ago we didnít part in the night?" Kathy asked.

Cal smiled tenderly. "Often. I remember how you used to try to get
me to play dolls with you. How youíd be Maid Marian to my Robin Hood.
How you taught me how to make love to a woman. Then you were gone.
And for three days you were back again, as intense and full of life as
ever and you taught me how to love a woman all over again. Maybe weíd
have been good for each other, but maybe it was just great sex. We
really didnít know each other when we last met."

"When life gets dull, I still think of you." Kathy said. "You always
remember your first, especially when they come back and haunt you with
three perfect days."

Cal grinned bashfully running his hand through his hair. "God! I
canít believe some of the things we did. Did we really drive down the
strip with my ass hanging out of the window and you shouting, YeeeHaw
I gots myself a man!? Were we ever that young?"

Kathy started laughing so hard she had to hold her sides. "And when
the policeman pulled us over you told him I said Iíd sleep with you if
you mooned the strip!"

"And he let us go!" Cal laughed joining her in hysterical laugher as
people at the other tables cast curious glances their way.

"Oh God! I felt so alive then." Kathy said as she managed to get
control of herself.

"I felt pretty alive myself." Cal admitted. "Wanna recapture our

Kathy smiled mischievously, "You gonna hang yer ass outta my bronco
while I drive down the strip?"

"I was thinking more of a posh hotel.", Cal said seriously.

"Oh." Kathy said, frowning. "I donít know. Cal, I really donít. I
want to say yes. I want to be with you all over again. But Iím
married, I have kids, a job."

"And it would be wonderful all over again." Cal said finally. "Only
this time weíd go back to our lives and know that just a flight away,
heaven waits for us."

Kathy smiled warmly, grateful that Cal had put into words what she
most feared. "And it would be wonderful. The years have been kind to

He bowed his head slightly, acknowledging the compliment. "And to you
as well." He sighed. "Shakespeare would have had a field day with

She leaned forward. "Show me the pictures of your kids."

Cal paused a moment then smiled and fetched his wallet. He flipped
it open and pulled out a picture. "Thatís Jenny in the middle. Timís
to her left, the tall one. Chris is to her right."

"Sheís beautiful." Kathy said appreciatively, "So are your kids."

"Theyíre a handful. But I love them to death.", Cal said beaming
with pride as Kathy passed back the picture. "I showed you mine."
Cal said a note of wickedness in his playful tone.

Kathy beamed and fished through her purse to retrieve a photo which
she handed over. "Thatís me and Steve. Jackís the tall one with
the goatee, itís supposed to be the fashion rage on campus this year.
Maryís the one sticking her tongue out, honestly she canít seem to
take anything seriously. And Daveís the shy one who manages to bring
home a different girl every week."

Cal laughed. "He doesnít sound all that shy to me."

"Well it must just be around us then." Kathy said with a wink.

"And Mary is as beautiful as you. Thereís more than a passing
resemblance." Cal said passing back the photograph. "Whatís Jack
majoring in?"

"He hasnít decided yet." Mary shrugged, replacing the picture. "But
heís really bright enough to do anything if heíll just put his mind to

Calís phone rang and he rolled his eyes apologetically as he answered.
He spoke a few minutes but Kathy already knew the real world was
calling them back again.

"Iím sorry Kathy. Iíve got to get into the office." Cal said.

"I know." She answered softy.

"If you could give me your number." Cal began.

She smiled. "No. I think not."

Call, disappointed rose from his seat and she rose as well, stepping
into his arms. Offering him a parting kiss which he took, with twenty
years of desire behind it. "Go home to Steve tonight. Make wild
passionate love to him. Make him remember how damn lucky he is." Cal

She watched him walk through the wide open space of the terminal until
he was just another suit in an endless sea of travelers. When she
finally sat down and reached for her coffee, she found her hand was
shaking and that she had a single tear rolling down her cheek.




"Cal?" Kathy asked as she approached the man on the park bench. The
years had streaked his hair gray and etched deep lines into his face,
but the eyes were the same, he still had that same chin. If she had
not seen him almost twenty three years ago she never would have
recognized him now. But that brief interlude at an airport coffee
shop had etched his maturing features in her memories.

The man stood. "Kathy!" He said warmly taking her hands in his. He
took in the stately dress, and the prim and proper way she styled her
hair. The sands of time had marked her but not to unkindly. Her blue
eyes were still those of the lively girl he had coaxed into the woods.
The smile on her face the same smile he woke to in bed so long ago in
his college years. The elegant stance the same silent dignity he
remembered from the airport. "Iíd hoped to run into you sooner or
later. "

"Youíve moved back?", She asked.

He nodded. "Iím retired now. With Jenny buried and with the kids all
off with lives of their own, I decided to finally come home."

"Oh." Kathy said, sympathetic pain crossing her face. "Iím so

He patted her hand. "Itís all right. It was five years ago. Iíve
had time to adjust."

"Steve passed away last year." Kathy said, her voice quivering
slightly. "Iím still trying to adjust. Funny how you miss all the
little things."

"Like seeing their toothbrush on the counter." Cal agreed. "I still
sleep on the right side of the bed. Iíve got the whole bed open to me
and I still use only half."

"Or the shoes by the door." Kathy said wistfully. "And I still sleep
on the left."

"Come. Sit. Tell me about yourself and your kids.", Cal invited.

"Why thank you." She smiled, taking the seat on the bench as Cal
settled in beside her. "Well Jackís a doctor now, married to a
wonderful woman who I really canít stand. Maryís a homemaker raising
two children, and married to a wonderful man who reminds me very much
of you. I guess my daughter and I share the same taste in men. David
though, died a few years after we last met in a car accident."

Cal laughed bitterly. "Remember when we were immortal? There was a
time when death was never a word in our vocabulary."

"I suppose I could say something philosophical." Kathy said. "But I
really donít want to. Lifeís not fair, deathís not fair, in the end
we all get the short end of the stick."

Cal smiled. "Well said!" He said patting her on the knee. "But tell
me about yourself. What have you been doing all these years?"

"Oh home and work mostly. Work when the kids moved out. I do a lot
of volunteer work to pass the time. Itís rewarding for the most part.
I thought about retiring, but really Iím scared of not working."

"I wish I had been scared." Cal said. "I thought retirement would be a
snap. For a month it was like one great big vacation. Then I got
bored. Then I started making up things to do just to keep busy,
trivial stuff. I should have held on to the job, I should have gone
kicking and screaming when they packed up my golden parachute and
pushed me off."

"So now you sit on park benches watching the world pass you by?"
Kathy asked. "That doesnít sound like the Cal I know."

Cal shrugged. "Oh like I say, I keep busy. Iíve taken up wood
carving when the arthritis isnít to bad. Painting when it is."

"Ah. The artist." Kathy said slyly. "I never suspected. So what
about your children. How are they?"

"Well Chris is a construction worker. He never had much aptitude in
school, but he makes a good living, has a good wife and two beautiful
children. Tim went off to college and followed me in business. He
married had a child but is divorced now. Sometimes I think the kid is
running in neutral, but heís long since outgrown any fatherly advice I
can offer him."

"Well I guess we were the same way. There comes a time when the only
voice you have to listen to is your own, for better or worse." Kathy

"True. But itíd be nice if they just pretended to listen now and

"You know what Iím thinking?" Kathy asked after a short silence.

"Why donít you tell me so I donít make a fool out of myself." Cal
said as he smiled back at her.

"Iím thinking that Iím tired of mourning and feeling alone. Iím
thinking that for the first time in ages weíre both unattached. Wanna
show me yer etchings?"

Cal laughed, "Fair Lady, Iíd be honored to show you my etchings."

They walked in comfortable silence hand in hand back to his car. They
paused for a long, lingering kiss until they noticed two twenty
somethingís eyeing them across the street. With a giggle from Kathy
they parted, but before Kathy eased herself in to the car she stuck
out her tongue impishly at the two young voyeurs.


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