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FRNDWIFE camera and steps the side


Sexually Explicit Material - Not Intended for Minors

Title My Friends wife

Part 1

by the Drifter

I had known Kyle during college days. We didn't know each other
well, I had been too busy studying and chasing pussy. But I guess we
knew each other well enough that after we graduated and got jobs we
recognized each other as new hires at the company. He came over to
me and made a big deal out of us both being there. I had known him
just well enough to say hello to around the small campus... not much

Then we went our separate ways in the company. I was in
software development and he was in the personnel area. I got involved
in my life and forgot Kyle. Then I got a wedding invitation from the guy.
I couldn't make it but for some reason I sent my apology and a fairly
nice gift. A date of mine helped me pick it out. I wasn't even sure what
it was but she said the bride would love it.

Again I was involved in my life and didn't see or hear from Kyle for
about a year. Then I run into the guy in the parking lot. I was heading
for my car after work when I see him standing there. He sees me and
comes over. We're standing there shooting the breeze when this little
red sports car whips up with a knock out blonde behind the wheel. man I am scoping this one out. Nice large breasts, long bare legs, can't see
much else except this face to remember. She was sultry. I was turned
on immediately. I remember I turned to Kyle in my smooth way and
said, "Who is that fox. man I would love to know her a lot better if you
get my drift."

He laughed nervously and said, "Jack, that's my wife Diane, come
meet her."

I just looked at him like a dummy and followed him to the car. I
recover in time to take her hand in mine lightly as I stare into those eyes.
Her blouse was open at the neck with a couple of buttons undone. Of
course I looked. I was glad I did. No bra and those full round beauties
looking out. Her nipples were pink, small, her areolas larger and tan. I
was fighting to not drool. When I forced my eyes back to hers she was
well aware where I had been looking. She was smiling and saying "Kyle
you must ask Jack over for dinner sometime soon."

Kyle was sitting in the car in the passenger seat. He looked up at
me and said, "Great idea, how about Friday Jack?"

It was a done deal. Anything to see this sweet looking thing
again. As I watched them drive away I wondered how old Kyle boy got
himself such a beauty. Then I wondered how he kept her happy and
decided maybe he didn't. A happily married woman doesn't show off her
great tits like Diane did.

The next day I look up from my desk to see Kyle standing there. I
say hello and he shoots the breeze about company policies and stuff like
that. I told him he had a great looking wife and he smiled bigger. He
was pretty proud of that fact obviously. Hell I would have been too. I
remember what the same gal who bought their wedding present for me
had said, that to take a gift. I asked Kyle what I could bring Friday. He
says not to bother. I insist and he tells me this wine and says Diane
really likes it. He says he came by to tell me to be there at 6.

The week flashes by. A lot of bug reports on the latest version of
the software package. The wheels call them discrepancy reports but
they're bugs.

Then its Friday. I actually go home, take a shower and put on
clean jeans that are tight and show exactly what I want them to show,
my cock. Better than nice size. It is big and fat and ladies love it. I
wasn't sure where I was going but I was pretty sure where I wanted to
go. I wanted to nail my old friends wife... pure and simple. I finish
dressing but the rest didn't matter.

I was right on time and Kyle was still upstairs she says. Diane
met me at the door. She had on a pair of skin tight shorts that rode up
high in her ass. Her really sweet looking ass. I thought I could see her
shorts tight between her pussy lips. God I was getting a hard on
already. her big boobs were housed loosely in a little silk thing that was
off the shoulders and showed her flat sexy tummy right up to where the
swell of her tits started. Her tits didn't sag a bit but were heavy enough
that they swayed nicely in the thin material of her top and her nipples
were clearly outlined. This lady looked hot to trot. I was thinking this
was going to be a fun night. She had stood there talking about
something while allowing me to eyeball her unbelievable body. Then I
started listening and she was saying how nice it was that some of Kyle's
friends were starting to come over to see them. That I was the first. This
time as she talked I saw her eyes keep returning to the clear outline of
my cock thru the jeans. The fact I had worn no shorts underneath made
it better.

I handed her the wine I had bought and since Kyle wasn't in the
room I said it was one of my favorites. She looked at it and let out a
soft squeal bouncing and saying it was her favorite too. man when she
bounced I loved it. She seemed to jiggle all over. Then she said softly,
I wonder what else we both like? and she glanced again at my cock.

. I couldn't believe this. It looked too easy almost. Maybe I should
be careful.... aw to hell with it. full speed ahead.

I followed her into the kitchen and said, "Where is Kyle?"

"Oh he is upstairs working out Jack. He keeps trying to put on
some muscles like yours. He knows I have a weakness for that. Do you
work out Jack? You look like it."

I had never worked out but I smiled and said, "I enjoy a nice work
out Di." and I had a work out for two in mind.

"I like for guys to call me Di. Kyle insists on calling me Diane."

"I like Di better too."

Then still fixing dinner she opens the fridge and bending stiff
legged her darling ass is pushed out towards me. Now I can see her
pussy lips clearly as the thin shorts are pulled tighter between them.
When she straightens up she catches me looking and just smiles..
Damn I want to grab this one right now. How fucking long before Kyle
comes down?

I was half hard and she was enjoying looking at it. Then she
pulled a step stool over to a cabinet and says, "Jack honey, would you
help me. I need to get a dish out of way up there. I just need you to
make sure I don't fall, You can kind of brace me by holding my knees a

What else was she going to do? If Kyle were out of here I would
have her in bed already. She took my hand and stepped up the little
ladder thing. Then she put my hands on her hips and stepped higher.
My hands slid down her long trim legs. Her ass is just above my nose
and I can smell her delicious woman smell. We heard the shower come
on upstairs. She looked down at me and smiled, "That's Kyle getting in
the shower."

She was now on the top step and had the cabinet open. Her legs
were spread and I was looking up at those sweet pussy lips again. I
held her one leg closest to me in both hands. One outside on her knee
and the other inside on her smooth soft thigh. She said, "Here it is." and
she closed the cabinet door and started down.

I couldn't resist and as she moved lower my hands went higher.
Especially the one on her inner thigh. She looked down at my hand so
near her pussy and she said, "Don't let go Jack. I like you helping me."

She took a step lower. Her full tits were about face high and I
wished she were facing me. Now I moved my hand higher and felt her
soft pussy through her thin shorts. We were staring into each others
eyes. She was licking her lips and sighed softly. She took another step
and turned facing me. My hand was still between her legs rubbing her
pussy which was getting damp.

She looked at me and said, "It would be nice if you could drop by
here sometime to see me during the day. I think we just may have
found something beside the wine we both love."

We heard the shower stop. I know I'm greedy but I had to do it. I
cupped one of her soft tits in my free hand and kissed her. Her tongue
was in my mouth and damn she could kiss. She moaned as I stroked
her pussy and squeezed her tits as we kissed. Then she pulled away
and said, "He will be down soon." she looked down at my fully hard
cock and smiled saying "That looks fun Jack, now sit at the table and
don't get up for awhile if you know what I mean."

I had just sat down when Kyle walked in.

Dinner was interesting. I tried to talk to Kyle and Di as Di had her
foot in my lap rubbing my hard cock. After dinner I sat there and drank
coffee hoping my raging cock would go down before I had to stand up. I
was making progress when Di said, "Kyle honey, remember that
beautiful wedding present Jack sent us. Would you be a dear and go
find it for me. It's in the garage in the box marked wedding presents.
It's that beautiful purple blown glass."

Kyle stood up immediately and said "Sure honey."

When the door closed to the garage she said, "That will keep him
out there for about thirty minutes. Come with me. I stood up my hard
cock throbbing. She reached over and stroked it and said, "I'm going to
take care of this for you baby. I don't think this will take long after your

She led me to the bathroom and closed the door behind us.
Immediately she slipped out of her tops revealing those gorgeous tits again. She smiled up at me and said, "Like them Jack?"

I just nodded as she unzipped my jeans and jerked them down
She had her mouth full of my cock and man she was talented. She was
right, I blew my load in almost no time. She drained me and then kissed
me. I knew she pushed some of my cum into my mouth and I just
swallowed it. No big deal. Some ladies get off on that. My hands were
full of her bare tits and I was dying to fuck her. I told her so and she
said ,"Tomorrow morning. It's Saturday. Kyle spends all morning at his
office. You can fuck me all morning Jack."

She redressed and so did I. As we walked back to the living room
she patted my cock again. Then she stopped and said, "Kyle is still
outside, I want to kiss your big cock goodnight. Take it out. Hurry."

Hell I did as I was told. She kissed and sucked the head for a
minute and I was hard again. She looked up at me and said, "Can you
cum real quick?"

I grunted, "Try me."

She deep throated me and bobbed so fast I had almost no
chance. I did it. I flooded her mouth again and she swallowed a lot of
cum. When she stood back up I put my pet away and she grinned. "I
can hardly wait to fuck you Jack. Be here at 8:30. I'll be ready for you."

I reached over and wiped cum off of her cheek and slipped my
finger in her mouth. She sucked it down like a pro. Then she called
Kyle, "Never mind honey, maybe you can find it tomorrow. Jack is

The goodnights were said and I got in my car. As I drove off I felt
a lot like Alice in wonderland.

I was there at 8:30 on the dot. Di was waiting for me without a
stitch on. She led me to her bed as I stripped. She was as good to fuck
as she was to look at. We did it all with brief rests in between. We
stopped for coffee and then back to the bed room. This time Di asked
me to let her tie me up and fuck me. She said if I would do this for her I
could come fuck her anytime I liked. I had done that a couple of times.
Usually the ladies tie a scarf lightly around my wrists, ankles and the
bedposts. A good tug could always get me loose.

Di kissed me and tied me up. I thought she did a better job than
most but didn't worry about it. She mounted me and rode the hell out of
my happy cock. I loved fucking this newlywed. We lay spent for the
moment then she put a light silk blindfold on my face. I felt handcuffs
click on my arms and legs and smiled. Then I felt the blindfold removed
and there stood Kyle. Stripped down and he was one muscular dude.
But what scared me was his huge cock. It had to be 9 to 10 inches long
and big around, bigger than mine.

He smiled down at me as Diane cuddled up to his side. Her hand
wrapped around his cock and she said, "He's all ready honey."

Ready? Ready for what? Then he said "Flip him over baby and
lets see how he likes it. OOh and get the camera will you hon?"

Somehow she manipulated the mechanism on the bed and I was
flipped over onto my hands and knees. She sat the camera, a polaroid,
down on the dresser and picked up a large economy size KY tube. As
she pushed more and more into my ass hole she was using the other
hand to grease up Kyle's cock. mother fucker.... I knew what was
coming. My cherry asshole was going.

She had been fingering my ass with her fingers and then a dildo.
Finally she takes the camera and steps to the side. I felt him start.
Then he pushed hard and I must have blacked out. When I came to
they were laying beside me fucking slowly. They looked over at me and
Kyle pulled out of Diane and stepped behind me again.

"Show him the pictures sweet."

She held several up so I could see them... They were clear and
there I was on the bed with his cock plowing my ass. The handcuffs
didn't show. Neither did Kyle's face and I looked like I was enjoying it.
She leaned down and kissed my lips wetly and said, "These are to make
sure you don't say anything baby. If you do then they get mailed to the
office and to your friends. We just want you to be a good boy and come
visit us every Saturday morning. You get to fuck me and Kyle gets to
fuck you so we are all happy. The others before you got to like Kyle's
dick in their butts. I never did figure why they ran off."

the end


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