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FROLIC breasts and breathing grows harder




Don't do this to yourself. The absolute best way

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This text file contains sexually explicit

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Authors name: Crystal Brooks story title : Frolic

----------------------------------------------------- -= This work is
copyrighted to the author 2000. = Please do not remove the author
information or make any changes to this story. You may post freely to
noncommercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
Thank you for your consideration.

Frolic By Crystal

I was recently doing an "audit" of some old diskettes and came across
this - written in 1992 when I was 17. I wasn't really writing erotica much
at the time, hope you enjoy it...

I sit in my bed sit - a small cramped room... my "home" away from home.
I'm waiting for you, my heart spinning in circles knowing you will be with
me very soon. I see your shadow out in the hallway - you are here.

I open the door and we exchange nervous greetings as you come in. I
waste no time, I have been waiting too long for this. I get naked and lie
on my waterbed.

"Get naked." I tell you.

You do what I say. As you take your underwear off, I notice that your
cock is somewhat excited.

You kneel by my bed and start caressing my breasts as I moan softly.
Your hand travels down to my inner thigh, softly stroking it. I can feel
my pussy getting wet with anticipation. You suck gently on one of my
breasts and my breathing grows harder. Finally, your hand makes it down to
my sex and you rub my clit intensely as I am lost in my own world of

Your warm tongue soon dances around my pussy lips as you slowly insert a
finger into my pussy. I beg you to fuck me faster with it and soon there
are two fingers doing the fucking. I am writhing with pleasure, and pretty
soon I cum, moaning loudly, telling you not to stop. And then it is over.
I am content.

Your fingers slip slowly out of my wet pussy and I gaze at your hard
cock, which is staring at me, asking me to suck it. I pull you close and
start to tease you, running the tip of my tonuge up the shaft and circling
it around your head. You moan softly and beg me to suck it. I play with
your balls, drawing them into my mouth and gently sucking on them. You
like that.

After teasing you some more, I finally start sucking your long shaft,
moving it in and out of my mouth. You and groaning, close to cumming. You
place your hands delicatley on the back of my head as you pump your cock in
and out of my mouth. Soon, I taste your hot, sweet, salty cum as it
explodes in spasms into my throat. I swallow every drop. I withdraw your
post-orgasmed cock from my mouth and look up at you. A satisfied smile is
on your face.

Our frolic was fun but now you must go home, back to your wife, and me,
back to my college life.

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