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FSKIES panties when you gave her that


Friendly Skies EyeofSerpent

Corelle D'Amber was reading over a trim stack of computer paper in the
upper lounge when I told her about the groundcall. She hadn't done much to
be noticed for the first forty minutes of the flight to Hawaii. Some first
class passengers start their "personal requests" before we leave the
ground. Apparently, the "Bill Gates of capital venture" was a more quiet

She asked where she could take the call. A no nonsense woman.

I pointed to the forward bulkhead in the lounge, "Just pick up the white
phone on the table. The flight engineer has routed it already."

"Thank you, -----" she shifted the papers, standing and studied me with
her single green eye, "I didn't catch your name?"


"Thank you, Julia." She moved to the padded leather chair next to the
table, picked up the phone, "Corelle, here."

She had light-dark streaked auburn hair, a straightforward face, not
very pretty, but a fantastic complexion. She had an athletic grace walking
that a flight attendant notices. Not what you would expect, neither a gray
haired finance matron nor an international jet setter. She could pass by
in a crowd unnoticed, except for the eye patch, of course. The patch she
wore was of exactly the same material as her sand colored business suit.
She had fantastic taste in clothing. Of course, she could afford it. I
went back to the flight deck. "D'Amber has the call. Not bad news is it?"
Sometimes you could tell from the way someone spoke whether they were
passing along a "telegram" of disaster in these special calls.

"Nope." Arnie rubbed an eyebrow twisting in his engineer's seat, "Don't
think so. They wanted me to give her a message. I had to tell them that I
couldn't leave my seat to hand messages to passengers." He grinned. "So it
can't be too personal or they wouldn't have thought to give it to me. Why
did you ask? Did she seem upset?"

"No." I grinned, "Just nosy. She doesn't look much like a plundering
finance villain. Nice manners. I was just hoping she wasn't getting bad
news." Arnie shrugged.

"You folks need anything?" The guys all mumbled they were fine and I
headed back to the cabin patrol of first class.

The flight was smooth. I was a veteran of the run and this was our last
leg of the day. A rather well known quarterback was taking vacation and he
was an incorrigible flirt. He also had a wedding ring on. Go figure. Our
first class section had one regular, a guy who never made any waves. The
rest were just the usual run of folks more interested in where they were
going than in how they were getting there.

Keeping them happy was solid work, but not a trial.

Near the end of the flight, I took a turn through the lounge to get
people back in their seats. D'Amber was the only one still there. It was
kinda cute, she was napping. I felt naughty, as her heels were off and the
way she had shifted in her seat, her skirt had ridden up to show stocking tops. Interesting, most of the woman accountants I had ever met were
strictly pantyhose types. Efficient. No nonsense.

I gave her a light touch on the shoulder, "Ms. D'Amber, we're twenty
minutes out of Hawaii." That usually wakes them up.

She moaned, "Oh, Julia."

The small hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Wow. That was a
bedroom moan if I had ever heard one. It suddenly made the two of us being
alone in the lounge much more intimate. I wondered if she were gay. Did
her lover have the same name as me? Wouldn't the press have made something
out of D'Amber being gay? A couple of dozen ideas flitted through my mind.
Of course, I didn't act on any of them.

Even though I had a "thing" for sleepyheads. I liked my job way too
much. Ms. D'Amber counted as a VIP six ways from Sunday. Strictly

I tried again, "Ms. D'Amber, we're twenty minutes out of Hawaii. You
need to take your cabin seat."

She shivered. It was so sensual! She squirmed in the leather recliner.
"Yes. Touch me, Julia." she mumbled. My face flushed. O.K. I pushed her
shoulder harder, "Ms. D'Amber! Wake up!"

Her eye flashed open. She opened her mouth, staring at me, her face
flushed. Suddenly I knew she hadn't been thinking about someone else with
the same name. She had been dreaming about me. But she mastered her
composure in a second. I watched the transformation; she was cool as a
cucumber again. "Are we landing?"

"Yes, ma'am. You'll need to take your seat." She nodded, started to
gather her papers. I left to give her a moment. I was grinning,
fantasizing as I went down the stairs to the cabin level. If she wasn't a
lesbian, she was at least strongly bisexual. I definitely had a buzz,
thinking about a billionairess having wet dreams about me. While it's not
true that cabin attendants are any kinkier than the normal person is, we do
have lots of opportunities to explore our fantasies.

I have a thing for sleeping men and women. Well, half-sleeping if you
know what I mean. Fuzzy half-awake minds slippery with sleep kind of

I must have had a sexy smirk on my face; the quarterback made another
pass at me, going so far as to ask me to his hotel after the flight. I
gave him the standard "nice try" answer. D'Amber got into her seat a
couple of minutes later.

We landed. No problems.

Plenty to do. Last check. Make a log. Grab my gear as the cleaning
crew came in. Chatted with Arnie. Headed out. Long concourse. Getting
exercise was no problem with my job. I was surprised to see Ms. D'Amber
at the taxi stand with two bags. No limousine?

I was within six feet of her; she must have seen my face. "Car broke
down. They offered to send another, but a taxi is just as easy," she

I grinned back, "Sorry I startled you when I woke you up."

"You didn't." She replied one corner of her mouth twitching up into a
quirky grin, "I think you know you didn't."

I laughed, probably too much, "Still, I didn't mean to disturb you.
Some people can be embarrassed to wake up with a stranger poking them."

"I'm not. It happens a lot. I sleep short naps four or five times a
day instead of an eight-hour night. split a cab with me?" It sounded
genuine, though I couldn't imagine why she cared about the cost.

Her comment was interesting. I'd read about some overachievers and
genius types that did that, only slept in quick naps. Damn, was she
flirting? I was really attracted to her. Her money was one thing, I
wouldn't deny it, she was a powerful woman and that was attractive. She
also had a fantastically direct way about her. She was approachable. She
was much more attractive and personable than you would think from first or
second look. I stepped closer.

"Sure, if you're going my way. I have a deal at the Ambassador. Good
rates, though probably not where you are staying."

She looked right at me, "Stay with me instead. You have to make another
flight tomorrow, right? My room is a better deal than yours is. It's

Wow. Direct was an understatement. I had the presence of mind to look
around and see if anyone was close enough to hear us. Was anyone I knew
watching us talking? No. I went with it, "You have a interesting method
for picking up girls, Ms. D'Amber." I grinned.

"You have no idea." She smiled slyly, "Call me Corelle, please."

She reached up, adjusted her eye patch, lifted it, god! there

----Sex. It had been so long. I wondered if she would let me top her.
Oh! Just the idea of having that powerful woman submitting to my sexual
desire was making me hot. Horny. I was wetter than a sponge. I felt
powerful. Desirable. I felt on top of the world. The back of my neck, my
thighs, my nipples were hot. Maybe I'd ask her to play like she was asleep
and I was molding her mind into my sex slave. Money. Her bank account
must look like a -----

The cab ride was smooth. We talked about our backgrounds. Well, I
talked about *my* background. She was good at getting me to chat about the
airlines, the hectic pace of my life, the lack of time to develop a great
relationship with someone. She admitted she had no social life either.

She was cute in a boyish way. Athletic. I almost thought about groping
her discreetly in the cab, but held back. I was charged up and didn't want
to scare her off. Damn. I was going to sleep with a woman who could buy
my entire airline and not bat an eye. Damn exciting.

And I was going to do it my way. I wasn't going to let her call the

The hotel was the Grand Regency. Very nice. I ought to have been
embarrassed to go to the registration desk with her. It seemed a little
too obvious that I wasn't an "old friend", making me the picked up
"quickie" in the minds of anyone who saw the two of us together. My
uniform tended to work against me in situations like this. I decided that
I'd just start taking charge now, if I couldn't convince myself now, I
could give up on trying it later. So I stood right next to her as the
manager came out of the office and handled her check in personally.

The manager was fast, smooth, and gracious. She didn't give me the once
over or miss a beat. She handed over two door cards without being asked,
"Nice to see you again, Ms. D'Amber."

"Nice to be back, Dara. Have you been a good girl?" Corelle wasn't
looking at her, she was signing the check in forms.

The manager's face turned crimson. My lust temperature spiked upward,
Dara's eyelashes fluttered and she bit her lower lip. I stared. It was
obvious that she was aroused and embarrassed. She lost her cool manner for
several seconds. "No ma'am," she whispered.

"That's great." Corelle passed the papers back to Dara as if they were
talking about the weather. "We'll call you later to let you know if the
room is all right."

"Please do." Dara seemed to regain her balance quickly.

We went to the elevators. Once inside the cab headed up and I had to
say something, "Excuse me for asking, but how do you keep it a secret? I'm
amazed the tabloids haven't got you in every issue, Corelle! You've got
something going with Dara, don't you? I mean, she practically came in her
panties when you gave her that 'good girl' question. I really guessed
*you* wrong. You're a sex maniac."

"It's not a mania, I just have larger needs than most people," she
sighed. "Dara is one of my friends."

"Friends?" I turned and gave her a steely look, "And just how many are

She reached up, adjusted her eye patch, lifted it, god! there

----Dara. Rich black hair. I'd make her shave everything. Then spank
her. I knew I could wrap her around my finger in two minutes. Her mind
would be putty. A stern voice, a hard edged command and she would buckle
and submit. Hot room service. So damn horny for it. It had been so long.
I imagined her whispering voice begging me to punish her. Play with
yourself, my little slut. Tell me how much you want me. Corelle. I'd
make sure she shaved too. I'd show her such a good time, she'd dream about
me every time she took a nap. Oh! I wondered if she would let me pierce
her nipples. Ah! Just the idea of having that powerful woman as my sexy
slut almost made me cum. Horny. I was dripping down my legs. I felt
powerful. In charge. My body was quivering. I couldn't wait to tear her
clothes off -----

The elevator doors opened smoothly. I had Corelle pushed into the
corner with my hand up her skirt. She was lucky and there wasn't anyone
standing in the hall waiting for the elevator. I kept stroking her. "I
want you to shave this when we get to the room."

She groaned, "Please. Don't." She squirmed. I took my hand out from
between her legs. With a good grip on her arm, we walked down the hall and
found the room. The key lit the green light and I pushed the door open. I
pulled Corelle towards the bedroom, I could hear her breathing speeding up.

I pushed her down on the bed and fell on top of her, kissing her face
and neck. "Oh, yes." I kissed her and my hand shot between her legs again.
I took my hand out from under her skirt and put it in her face, "Lick my
fingers, you horny little slut."

"Please, Julia," she kissed my hand. "Don't go so fast."

"You're tired, Corelle. You can't keep your eye open. The flight was
so long, your thoughts are so heavy. So tired." I got hot as I watched her
eyelid flutter. "Not quite awake. So sleepy. So tired. Slipping down
into sleep. Such a long day. So heavy. So tired."

"Pleazzze." Her voice slurred. Very excitingly.

"You. Are. Asleep." Her eye closed. I watched her. I didn't care
whether she was playing along or not, it was so hot I wasn't going to spoil
the effect. I shifted around on the bed, got up and rolled her skirt up.
Her panties were wet and I pulled them down her legs and off. The hair of
her crotch was redder and wilder than her locks. I fingered her pussy until it was well lubed. Ran my thumb over her clit. She didn't stir,
didn't squirm. This was so good. I pulled her skirt back down.

"Corelle. You are asleep, but your can hear me. Stand up. Open your

She got up and stood at the foot of the bed. I started running my palm
over my mound. Stroking myself hotter. Her eye was open, but it was blank

"Your pussy is wet and dripping. Are you wearing panties?" I grinned.

Her eyelid drooped. "No," she whispered.

"And what kind of woman walks around wet and without her panties?" I
rubbed myself harder.

"A horny slut," she breathed.

I picked up my purse from the floor. Rummaged around inside the bag and
found my lipstick. I opened it and stepped up to her, laid a heavy layer
of color on her lips. I put more on her cheeks and didn't blend it in.
"You are wet. You are not wearing panties. You are a horny slut. Go look
in the mirror, Corelle."

She walked slowly over to the mirror.

"What kind of woman wears makeup like that?" I was rubbing myself again,
watching her face. Watching her heavy sleepy eyes.

She moaned, "Nooo."

"Tell me what kind of woman walks around wet and without her panties?
What kind of woman are you?" My heart was pounding.

"A horny slut," she slurred.

"And what kind of woman wears makeup like that?" Her nipples were
showing through her blouse and I was ready to come.

"A cheap tramp," she groaned.

"That's right. Tell me what you've become, Corelle." I could feel the
orgasm coming up I rubbed myself faster.

"I'm a hot horny slut. I'm a cheap tramp. I'm a mind molded sex

I exploded. Several times. Shivers ran up and down my spine. Lights
went on and off at the corners of my vision. I think I yelled.

I sat down on the carpet so I was sure I didn't fall down. The ripples
of pleasure lasted for several minutes. When I looked up, Corelle was
smiling at me. She looked so sexy, yet there was a predatory hunger in her
eye. She reached up, adjusted her eye patch, lifted it, god! there

----Standing in front of the mirror. I was in a daze. Hot. I was
playing with my pussy, watching myself get closer and closer to orgasm. My
lips were slick with crimson lipstick, too much. Tramp. My dress was up
around my hips. No hose. No panties. Slut. I should shave my pussy.
Horny. I knew I was half awake, knew that I was completely susceptible to
suggestion. I picked up my lipstick and put some on my cheeks and eyelids.
Yeah. Much better. Hot. I wished Corelle would take me to dinner and
show me off as her pussylicker. I knew she could wrap me around her finger
in two minutes. Already had. My mind was putty. Hot room service. So
damn horny for it. It had been so long. I so wanted to be punished for
being a nasty tramp. Playing with myself, like a little slut. Watching my
coming orgasm in the mirror. Corelle. I'd ask her to shave me. Oh! I
wondered if she would let me pierce my nipples to show her I was her whore.
Ah! Just the idea of having that powerful woman as my mistress almost made
me cum. Horny. I was dripping down my legs. I felt so hot. My body was
quivering. I couldn't wait to -----

I picked up my bag and looked around once more to see if I had
everything. Corelle padded out of the bedroom barefoot to kiss me
good-bye. Her hair was rumpled but she looked so great. The sun coming in
from the windows played across her trim figure and I started getting horny
again, thinking about submitting to her. She kissed me on the cheek.
"Dara's still asleep. I'll tell her good-bye for you."

I had told myself not to ask, but I did it anyhow, "When can we get
together again?"

Corelle smiled, "Anytime, Julia. Anytime we're flying together."

Not quite the answer I wanted. "Can I call you?" I dreaded the answer
to that one.

She smiled. "I'll call you."

I squeezed my legs together, couldn't stop from breaking into a grin.
That was better than the answer I had feared.

Corelle liked the smile, "Have you been a good girl?"

My shaved pussy gushed and tingled, "No ma'am," I whispered.

"That's right," she nodded, "so I'll call you. Now you get going before
you miss your flight."

I nodded, grabbed the door and with a wave I was gone. Walking away
from a dream, thinking only of the next one.

My dreams are often wet now.



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