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FURYBOOK1 lesbians who had thing for


NEW TG: Hell Hath No Fury (Femdom, genetic mutation)

(c) 1997.

Introduction from Darkside.

This is the cumulation of about a years worth of effort on my part.
Nine months planning the whole thing out and three months actual
writing. Infinite thanks must go to Vickie Tern without who's
patient re-reading and suggesting made this, my first story what it is.

You are welcome to do to this what you will, repost it,store it,print it
etc etc. The only thing you are NOT allowed to do is charge people
money for reading it(unless you want to publish it, then we'll talk).

The only price I exact for this story is that you let me know you've
read it and what you thought of it(even if you think it's mindless pap).

The original notes as posted to USENET are printed at the end of the story.

A word From Vickie Tern without who's help I would have stopped at
Fury I and never continued on.

Introduction by Vickie Tern

This is one of the more remarkable productions, I think, of net fiction in
general and TG fiction in particular. It's an ambitious full-scale novel,
with a complex plot, the narrative evolving for the reader out of various
characters' distinctive points of view -- their so-called "first person"
narratives. These commentaries and reports overlap and conflict with each
other, leaving the reader to construct what is *really* happening as if the
story were a gigantic mosaic made up of many pieces, each partial, some
bewildered, many just plain wrong. Yet while individual characters may be
variously misled and the reader with them, the story is never really
confusing. Gradually and inexorably, as with any good
detective-fantasy-mystery story, the truth emerges.

The original deceptions are all part of a deliberate plot schemed by a
brilliant woman scientist overwhelmed by a desire to avenge herself on a
fiance who has spurned her, and they are multiplied by other characters with
schemes of their own. They're further multiplied because the scientist has
found ways to alter human beings, to transform them physically -- but not
mentally -- into replicas of each other, so characters may not be perfectly
certain, at a given moment, whether the person with them is an original or a
more malevolent facsimile. This makes for considerable irony and suspense, a
story taking place in a world of mirror images where nothing may be what it
seems. Yet for the reader, what is happening is always clear - if not
accurate -- and how a character feels and thinks about it is always what the
reader knows first of all. So there's a considerable range of experience
explored here, and characters who vary from bright and brassy to solemn and
pompous. There is less eroticism than one might expect, but the story does
crucially involve transgendered transformations and the pointed revenge of a
woman scorned in love, so readers of A.S.S. won't feel disappointed. In
short, in plain language, for a variety of reasons this is a good read.

Most extraordinary perhaps is that this novel is a first production of a new
and talented writer, one with an special gift for dialogue that sounds spoken
by real people and narrative that remains economical -- there is nothing
arbitrary or dithering, padded or merely amusing filling out the novel's
length. It's long because it needs to be.

And it's entirely the author's. At early stages I advised on routine matters
like narrative format, queried conceivable contradictions, and as the story developed and his narrative strategy came clear, provided early comment. The
novel's intricate plan was hatched entirely inside the author's imagination
from the start, so there was little for me to do as various parts were
written other than to encourage him to keep going, announce what I thought
what was happening and be told "No, wait, you'll see!" What *was* happening
then always turned out to be both more surprising and yet more inevitable
than I'd thought. That made it a fun read too.

So, this is an intricate narrative involving much deception and
double-dealing, told by characters who don't themselves necessarily know what
is really happening as they speak. It is best enjoyed by being read in the
order intended, if at all possible with no episodes skipped. I suggest you
assemble it first, then plunge into its dark transmogrifications.
Part One is called "Hell Hath No Fury" and totals altogether about 124k. It
sets out the first baffling consequence of the diabolical plot, as it is
experienced by the main characters.

Part Two is called "The Birth of Nemesis" and is about 98k. It presents some
of the antecedent action to Part One, as a "Prequel," making clearer that
things in Part One were not at all what they seemed (nor even some things in
Part Two). Mostly it explains how things in Part One came to pass.

Part Three is called "Kat O' Nine Tales" and is nearly 500k long. It
continues the story from where Parts One and Two left it, and is told
altogether from the alternating points of view of each of the participants.
By the end of Part Three you will finally know what has *really* been
happening in Parts One and Two -- and Three -- and its outcome.

And you will have read an absorbing sci-fi-mystery-suspense-thriller with
some memorable moments. The author ( already has
another novel in mind, and with the right encouragement will share it with
us. The right encouragement comes in the form of e-mail letting him know
what you really think of this. He can handle and learn from negative
comment, so don't stint. Of course, praise is never inappropriate. :-)


BOOK 1: Hell Hath No Fury.

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
Nor Hell a fury like a woman scorned"

William Congreve 1670-1729

1. Prelude

The day was perfect, the sun shone in a brilliance that had seldom
been seen in that part of the country. But then again it was the
day I was supposed to get married. I say supposed because I wasn't
really in love with Elizabeth. It's a shame I only really realised
that fact as I got out of the wedding limousine. How would her
family react, what about my family even, could I ever live down the
shame of jilting her?

I am getting too far ahead of myself though so let's begin at the
beginning. Once upon a time..

No, that's not right. Anyway it was about four years ago that my
car had, had a puncture and the only spare tyre I had was in my
wishful thinking. Debating whether to walk the 35 klicks to the
nearest town or to wait for help wasn't really an option as the
temperature outside had to be in the minuses, and knowing my luck
I would freeze to death before I got more than half way. So I
waited, running the engine just to keep warm and watching the snow
begin to fall in a soft but menacing way. Three hours later and my
fuel ran out, and with night falling and with not a single car in
sight things looked bleak. As darkness and cold came over me and
I began to sink into unconsciousness my last thought was 'What was
that cartoon with the family who was trapped in a prehistoric

I remember hearing a voice, a lady's voice that seemed to sound as
though from heaven. Its softly spoken eloquent tones warmed my
heart and made me think that perhaps I had been good enough after
all. The voice said 'check his insurance'. It was at that moment in
a blurry haze I saw her, radiant in a white coat and looking
concerned. I needed to thank her for saving me and to express the
feelings welling up inside of me but all that came out was 'Uhhhh

'SShhh rest now' that wonderful voice replied

Later much later (I was told around three days) I awoke saddened
not to see my nightingale in the white coat but an elderly figure
again in white. 'Don't Worry You'll be out of here as soon as Dr
Bexley gives her permission'

'Dr Bexley?'
'Yes I believe you have sort of met. In fact if it hadn't been for
her you probably would have been dead by now'

So Dr Bexley was the nightingale's name

'I would very much like to thank Dr Bexley for saving me'

'Of course -- I will just go and see if she is free'

And with that the doctor went out.

An hour or so later there was a knock on the door.

'Can I come in' (Oh That Voice!)


In walked perhaps the most beautiful lady I had seen, She was about
my age (27) and height (5'10), with long auburn hair that seemed to
emit a golden glow all by its self. Blue eyes looked at me with
concern whilst the lab coat did nothing to hide the slender,slyph
like body underneath. As she walked into the room she seemed to
glide with an almost aristocratic air.

'How are you feeling'
'Better' I croaked(come closer please..)

She obeyed my thought and stood over me which gave me a better
chance to study her face.

Eyes, definitely blue but with an everso slight touch of gray

Nose Just right maybe just a little large, more Courtney Cox than
Jennifer Aniston though.

Lips full, the mouth was a little large but a wonderful pout.

Oh Yes a cute spattering of tiny freckles to give that vulnerable
little girl look.

'I think you will be able to leave us in a day or so'

'Great'(Can't we make that a week!)

As she bent down to look at the various monitoring equipment I
caught sight of two smallish but well formed breasts(I later found
out 36C). I really MUST get to know this lady I thought.

'This may seem forward but could I ask you out to dinner, to say
thank you once I am out?' I asked.

That face looked thoughtful 'sure next Friday week, at the Italian
about 8'

(yes yes yes yes!)

I am rambling on here. Anyway to cut a very long story short we
just seemed to hit it off right away. If that voice was
spellbinding her laugh would keep one trapped forever. Looking
back on things I can see that something was just not quite right,
yes she was beautiful, intelligent and her daddy owned the hospital
she worked in but in those days I didn't care. The Sex was great
and her body was every bit as gorgeous as I had dreamed.

Six months Later she proposed to me, and knowing that I was
unlikely to find anyone better I accepted.

During our engagement she did seem jealous if I even spoke to
another lady but nothing too serious.

So here I was standing in front of the priest, in this glorious
sunny day saying, 'I'm sorry Elizabeth I can't marry you. You are
the most wonderful lady I have ever known but I don't love you and
I must tell you this to save your heartache later'

She sobbed great sobs and just kept repeating 'You will marry me,
you will marry me' over and over.

Her parents looked at me with hate whilst mine just looked sad. As
the Taxi took me away I wondered If I had made the right choice...

2. Blessing

Two Years, several jobs and a pointless relationship later I found
myself touring the country looking for a place to finally settle
down. I had finally decided a small town in the mid-west was about
right and had begun to make a name for myself there.

Things were at last looking better. With the pain and anguish of
Dr Elizabeth Bexley PhD behind me the only sour point was the lack
of companionship. Six months later this too was resolved in the
shape of Jane. How shall I describe darling Jane. Being honest she
wasn't in the same league as Elizabeth. Not ugly or plain by any
means but she did lack her aristocratic beauty and of course her
nightingale voice. What she did have though was a kind and graceful
spirit that is so rare these days. As Forest Gump once said 'we
went together like peas and carrots'. I described Elizabeth in
detail so I suppose I must now describe Jane. She was a little
younger (28) than I was and a little smaller at 5'7. Her hair was
short, bobbed raven black and coupled with green eyes gave her face
a feline quality. Her body was firm, lithe and athletic but not
overly muscled. Again I would have to say cat-like, and in fact she
moved with a silence and grace that was almost panther like. Of
course I nicknamed her 'Kat' which she seemed to enjoy, though
because she regarded us as special we had agreed to wait to see if
the 'Kat' could purr. But it was her inner heart that really
appealed. She knew exactly how to handle me, when to give in, when
to stand firm and most of all how to love.

Exactly one year after meeting her I proposed, which she accepted.
I am standing here at the altar (again) waiting for my beloved. At
this time I cannot but help feel sorry for Elizabeth, whose heart
I broke so long ago. Wait, here comes my beloved Kat. What a
wonderful dress. Look how it shows off her wonderful curves and
how radiant she looks.

We married in a blur, that wonderful feeling you get when you
*know* that you have actually done the right thing. When the
priest pronounced us husband and wife the years of pain fell away
like leaves in the fall. I was looking forward to our three week
honeymoon in Egypt, a place she had always been attracted to (maybe
it was cat in her?). After a long flight we collapsed into our
hotel(5 star of course) too drained to consummate our union.

3. Curse

I awoke after what seemed a heavy sleep in my hotel room to find
'Kat' looking very concerned. Standing over me was a swarthy cop
and what looked to be a doctor.

'He seems to be none the worse for his abduction' The doctor said

'Thank God, Thank God you're safe' Kat cried.

'What happened?'

'You were abducted from the hotel a day ago when you went
downstairs to try and order some champagne,' The Policeman

'That's right our phone wasn't working'

'We think it was organ thieves but the doctor here says you are in
fine health apart from a temperature which is understandable in the

'You're back know and that's all that matters' cried my Kat

'If we find out anything else we will be in touch'

And with that the cop and the doctor left

The next day I was feeling much worse, the slight fever had grown
into a sweaty agonising malaise that permeated every part of me. My
ever faithful wife gave me water at hourly intervals which did ease
the dehydration somewhat but gave only temporary relief. Kat wanted
to sleep in the same bed but I insisted she sleep apart because I
didn't want to disturb her rest as well, and besides it could be

Morning came at last and with it a small parcel and a note.

'This is strange. It is addressed to you,' Kat said.

In my state I could only say 'what's it say'

She opened the parcel and a small bottle fell out, as did a letter.
Kat read the letter out loud.

'Hello old friend and lover
Remember me?
I bet you do. I am the one whose life you completely destroyed
three years ago when you left me. Oh sure the old 'I can't Marry
you I don't love you' excuse may work on some but not on me.'

'Elizabeth!' I croaked.

'Just In case you haven't told your darling Kat about me, my name
is Dr Elizabeth Bexley and I was engaged to your husband about
three years ago. He jilted me at the altar on the best day of my
life. After that I fell apart, and if it wasn't for my family I
think I would have killed myself in grief and dispair. So angry was
my father about your actions he sold his hospital and used the
money to plough into vengeance on you and any woman who would be
your wife.

You may remember the last thing I said to you when you walked out.
It was 'You will Marry Me'.

I knew that wedlock was out of the question as it is impossible to
force anyone to love, but I also had to make those words come true.
Another meaning to the word Marry is to become one with, and that
is the direction from which my vengeance would come. But I am
digressing. My father and I ploughed millions into research into
a drug which will re-write the DNA of whatever it was introduced
to, and three years later we succeeded. The reason why you are
feeling so unwell is the withdrawal symptoms of a narcotic which we
injected into you.

'She's mad' Kat breathed in terror.

'Go on' I croaked.

'The only thing that can relieve these symptoms are the pills which
are enclosed in this parcel.'

'Give me one now' I rasped,

'Not yet -- she goes on' Kat replied distantly as if in dread.

'These pills contain ten doses of my DNA drug that will cause a
change in you after each pill. I thought for ages trying to work
out what DNA would replace your own. I did consider Kat's DNA, and
up until a few days ago intended that you would slowly turn into your
wife. The conflict of the needs of your addiction against the
horror of becoming your wife would be my vengeance.'

'It was then I thought of those last words of mine. I had thought
of giving Kat the drug and she would become me, but where is the
punishment in that. Therefore the DNA contained in those pills is
my own. So in its own horrible way you will marry me by becoming
me. My legs, My body, yes even my breasts and vagina will become
your own.'

A gasp of horror came from Kat, her voice trembled as she read the

'You will find it impossible to resist the pangs for this drug as
your body becomes slowly weaker each hour it is without it. If I
know you, around two days is the most you will be able to stand
without taking a pill.'

'There is one glimmer of hope for you. You have 10 days after
taking the final pill to find the antidote, if you manage it you
will become yourself again, if not then I am afraid that you will
find my reflection very familiar.'

'I am deeply sorry for Kat but maybe she will meet another more
deserving man when this is all over because sadly you will no
longer be one.'

Dr Elizabeth Bexley(the original).

'No no no no no' was all that Kat was saying

'It's a bluff -- she's completely mad' I said. Pure force of will
had given me strength.

'What if she isn't '

'She must be because if she's telling the truth our life together
is over before it has even begun'

'Don't say that. I love you for you not the body you have'

'Yeah right -- what about me? I love you I waited a year to have
you. I am male I was born Male and I was meant to marry you'

'You can adjust'

'No I can't. You're used to having tits. How would you feel if
the position was reversed?'

'I don't know, but the question is moot until we know for sure'


'Take one of the pills'


My body cried out for a tablet but my mind resisted with all my
will. But it was a one sided battle.

'OK let me choose one' Kat Offered

On closer inspection each pill had a tiny number from 1-10 on it.
They were white and resembled aspirin. 'I think number three is a
good place to start'

'Not one?' She said

'No that's too obvious -- pass me the water' I asked Kat

I swallowed the pill.

Almost straight away the symptoms subsided and I felt normal again.
'Lets go to bed' Kat said seductively

As she stripped off I saw her naked for the first time, her
perfectly shaped form with its curvy hips and breasts that jutted
proud from her athletic body. My passion grew as she lay down
beside me.

As she kissed me, her breast touched my chest, inviting me to
stroke it, but as soon as I felt it's warm firmness I recoiled.
'What's up -- not woman enough for you?' she whispered

'That's the trouble I keep thinking about what it would be like to
own a pair I said'

'Come on You've waited a year for me'

'Ok I'll try'

As my hand stroked her smooth,shapely form she began to stroke my
back, which sent tingles down my spine. As she placed my hands on
her heaving bosom and I felt their warm firmness I again thought
of feeling them on me.

'It's no good' I said.

'What' she whispered.

'Here I am with the woman I love and have waited a year for and
nothing. I feel utterly cold and very un-sexy'


'I don't know I'm trying but I just can't seem to be able to
concentrate or even get excited'

'She's probably bluffing' Kat Said

'I know but I guess I'm not a great lover when I'm sick'

'Let's try again'

'Ok' I said

I stared at her chest,heaving away and at her nipples which were
erect, and went to start over. But it was no good. Not so much of
a spark.

'I'm sorry I just can't help thinking about it'
After that we could no longer be passionate about each other. That
horrible curse hung over us like the sword of Damocles.

'She must have been bluffing' Kat said. "You seem fine now.

I awoke with pins and needles around four am

'Kat, wake up'


'I have pins and needles'


'I think it's the drug..'

'Probably just slept funny' Kat groaned

Groggily I got up and limped sleepily to the bathroom. Through a
sleepy haze I was sure that one leg was much thinner than the
other. 'KAT!'

She came into the bathroom took one look and screamed.

That had the effect of waking me from my slumber. I stared down at
my right leg. Still in my dreamy state, I couldn't help but admire
the smooth, muscular thigh that did seem to go on forever. As my
eyes moved down my leg they went past a delicate kneecap and onto
a long thin and shapely ankle. My right foot was much smaller than
my left, with delicate and dainty feminine toes. I wiggled my
right foot and this masterpiece of a womanly limb moved with it. I
felt an erection grow as I looked down at a wonderful womanly leg.
Somehow this leg looked familiar, but it wasn't until I noticed a
small mole on the calf muscle that I remembered that Elizabeth had
one just the same

'Noo,' I sobbed, 'its true'

I went to the sink and used the cold water treatment to fully wake
myself and looked at my right leg again, this time in more detail.
Sitting on the bath, I stretched it out, still amazed that this
shapely limb was attached to my body.

I looked at the delicate foot, which was about size 7. The big
toe-nail was slightly square. If I remembered correctly Elizabeth
had the same. My hands moved up over the smooth thin ankle and up
to the gently curving foreleg. Again my hand rested upon the knee,
which blended into the leg itself. My eyes and hand moved over the
slim muscular thigh, and turning it over noticed how the tendons
pulled the calf muscles into a taut curve. The mole was still
there, which meant I hadn't been dreaming, and furthermore meant
that I now had a woman's leg.

'My God!' Kat spoke for the first time. 'It's true. What can we do

'I don't know but how can I possibly cope with this?' And at this
I pinched my new leg hoping it would revert back. But all that
happened was that it hurt.

'Try and get some rest -- we will talk in the morning' Kat said.

'Fat chance! I don't know how you can be so calm when your husband
is slowly going to turn into his ex-fiancee.'

'We don't know that! And even so, I told you I love you for you.
Now go to sleep.'

I went back to bed but hardly got any sleep. My hand was
constantly feeling the smooth shapely limb that I had now got.

4. Addiction.

For a single moment when I awoke I thought it had all been a
horrible dream, and indeed I still thought that until the sight of
a smooth, firm thigh greeted me as I stood up.

'It's a good job that Elizabeth was the same height -- otherwise
walking would have been difficult' Kat joked.

'How can you be so insensitive?' I shouted.

'I'm only trying to look on the positive side.'

That day my temperature returned, but determined not to let it
spoil our day, we went out. 'I can't wear these anymore,' I sobbed
as I threw out my swimming trunks and shorts. So I put on my light
brown pants, thankfully it wasn't until I bent or sat down the full
shapeliness of my leg was revealed and even then you would *really*
have to look. After all, how many men walk around with masculine
and feminine legs?

About 2pm my fever got worse and we had to make our way back from
the busy marketplace to the hotel. I collapsed on the bed exhausted
both physically and mentally.

'It's starting again I can feel it'

'Resist it'

'I'm OK for the moment but I don't know about tomorrow.'

Night came. I went into a fitful,painful sleep. The next day was
a haze of pain, fear, and an ever-present, nagging desire for one
of the pills.

'Maybe we should try and find her,' Kat said. 'She must be able to
change you back.'

'She is so far over the edge that I don't think she would listen.
Anyway I suspect she has changed her appearance anyway. She could
be anyone by now'.

'What makes you say that?'

'If you were going to create a doppleganger of yourself there is
always the possibility that the other you could wreck your life as

'So she could be anyone and long gone'

'Yep,' I coughed, my resistance failing.

My sleep that night was even worse as I drifted in and out of
consciousness. My only relief came from Kat who loyally stayed by
my side giving me water and trying to reduce my temperature with a
cold, wet cloth.

Morning came and I felt much better.

'So it was a bluff. If I stick it out for three days the symptoms
go away,' I called gleefully. 'I can live with a single female leg,
as my testosterone will soon cause it to look normal again.' I was
feeling euphoric.

'Kat,Kat, come here! I feel much better! We did it!,' I shouted.

Kat came in looking pale, drawn and terribly guilty.

'I...I'm sorry,' she sobbed

'What for? I feel normal again.'

'Your pulse was almost gone and I thought you were going to die, so
I had to.' She sobbed.

I felt as though I had been kicked in the gut. No, she wouldn't,

'I didn't take a pill'

'Yes you did. I gave it to you'


'You were dying! I had to!'

'You stupid bitch, Elizabeth wouldn't let me die. That would be
too easy an escape. What number did you give me?'


'how long ago?'

'About four hours.'

'I can't believe you did this, this is exactly what SHE wanted to
happen she knew you loved me too much to let me suffer, she knew
that you would give in. She knew that it was by your hand you would
make me a woman. Get away. Leave me for a while.'

'OK, only until you cool down,' and with that she went out of the

I got up to go to the toilet and wondered if this was the last time
I would be able to go standing up. After going through the motions
I felt well enough to go out and I really needed a walk. I didn't
know how long it would take the pill to have an effect so I decided
that It would be better to wait until I knew what part of
Elizabeth I would acquire. I didn't have to wait long.

As I walked back to the bed my left leg suddenly went weak at the
knee and I crashed to the floor. Underneath the material of my
pants I could see the flesh rippling as muscles were being
reshaped. Ripping off my pants I saw the now familiar womanly thigh
being formed on my other leg. Pins and Needles shot through my body
as bones and sinew began to reshape. My toes seemed to melt into my
foot only to re-emerge much smaller. The foot began to ripple as
tendons and muscles reshaped into another size 7 foot, the pain
increased as the flesh on my foreleg began to bubble. Slowly but
surely the shape of my right leg was being mirrored on my left.

The pain subsided as did the morphing of my? leg. I looked with
disbelief at two wonderful, shapely and very feminine legs. At that
moment Kat burst in 'crying 'I'm sorry!' She took one look at my
now very female legs and said 'Thank God it was only your leg that
was changed.'

'What! here I am with legs that could grace any catwalk and no end
in sight until I become my ex-fiancee. How can you be thankful?'

'What if your dick had changed? At least now we can still
consummate our union.'

'Sex is the last thing I want to think about right now'

'We might not have another chance'

'I don't care! Every time I look at you I think about what I am
becoming and who did it to me, I imagine what it will be like to
have breasts and ...'

'Being a woman isn't so bad. I told you we can adjust to this'

'OK right, imagine that you are being forced little by little into
something that you are not, have no experience of and still
retaining your identity. That is what I am going thru. In any
case how would you feel being in a lesbian relationship?'

'As long as it was you I wouldn't care. In fact if have a pair of
garters with me, if you would like to try them on, they really
would show off your new pins quite magnificently, and they do turn
me on'

'Fuck off'

'Face it you are becoming a woman and there is nothing we can do
apart from learn to live with it, and it starts with you trying on
some garters'


This started a coughing fit. I couldn't believe the change in Kat!
Here she was actually saying that me turning into Elizabeth was a
good thing. I did think she had a point but then she wasn't the
one sitting here with two very un-masculine legs. Well she was but
she had, had un-masculine legs all her life.

'No Sex, not now I feel very drained I must go to bed.'

'OK The offer of the garters is still open'

I knew she was joking this time so I just stuck my tongue out and
went to bed.

Of course the next day my temperature came back and I felt well
enough to examine my new leg further. It was exactly the same shape
as my right but I did notice that a scar that Elizabeth had on her
left knee from a cycling accident was not on mine.

'Why is that' Kat Said

'It's because genetically I have Elizabeth's legs. Scars aren't
genetic so therefore I don't have one. The mole is so I do'

5. Self-Control.

The next day and the fever was back. I had begun to notice a
pattern. During the second day the fever was at its height
particularly during the night and would become worse after that.
I also knew that Elizabeth wouldn't intentionally allow me to die,
but my body must eventually become so wracked with pain that either
Kat or myself would administer the pill. I also judged that my body
wasn't being given enough time to recover. If we pushed the limits
of my endurance it made death thru physical trauma a distinct
possibility. This meant I had about another twelve hours before I
would start to lapse into potentially lethal fever. Kat had
obviously been thinking the same.

'What are we going to do' I said

Kat said, 'We must now have a plan of action. The letter stated
that you would have ten days after fully becoming Elizabeth to find
the antidote. This means that she must be waiting to send something
that would give you a clue to its location.'

'That follows. Hang on a minute! Are you suggesting you let me
turn into Elizabeth and then zoom off hoping to find a cure that
may or may not exist.'


'I detest these,' and I pointed to my legs, now crossed. For an
instant I lusted after the curves of thigh over thigh and the
smooth shapes before my eyes. I realised that these 'dream' legs
were actually mine. That stopped my lust dead in its tracks. 'How
do think I'm going to feel when breasts start bobbing up and down
after every step, how do you think I'll feel when I reach down to
get my dick out of my pants to piss and meet only warm,moist
flesh,' I continued.

'It could be fun,' Kat said

'What could?'

'You know girls together and all that'


'I know I said we had to wait, because we are special. But some
honeymoon is better than none!'

'I suppose...' I agreed

'I was serious about making love last night'

'So was I but I just don't seem to be able to,' I said

'Anyway, sex from the other perspective would improve our sex
enormously when you get changed back'

'Yeeessss.' Again passive agreement and then the impact as to what
I was agreeing to hit me.

'WAIT A SEC I DON'T WANT TO BE A WOMAN' I shouted at her

'Look lets be rational here. Let me outline my thoughts to you, so
keep quiet and listen' Kat said

'OK but I still don't like it'

'LISTEN!' she hissed

'One. The antidote cannot be outside of Egypt,' Kat stated in a
lecture tone of voice.


'Whose passport do you have?'


'Whose photo is on the front?'

'Ah I see, I cannot leave the country as Elizabeth because I won't
have Elizabeth's passport and visa.'


'But what if she mails them to us when all the pills are gone?'

'That is the only flaw but that brings me to the second point'

'Pretty big flaw, So I have ten days to find an antidote that could
in fact be anywhere on the planet otherwise it's hello girls'

'Two. Elizabeth must be in Egypt' said Kat patiently


'Where better to gloat over her handiwork, look at the post mark on
this parcel'

'So it's local. A hospital will buy a lot of minions'

'She's out for revenge remember'

'OK, I'll go along with that one'

I checked my watch just under 10 hours to go.

'Lots of time left' Kat said

'Three. She wants you to suffer so that must mean she must be
nearby to watch but to give you enough hope not to give up the
search once the ten days have started. This means the antidote must
be real'

'OK You've convinced me But I still despise the thought of being a
woman and I will fight it with every fibre of my being. I don't go
along with just taking all the pills in the hope that she will give
us enough of a clue to revert me back. I AM going to fight this.'
I stated it as though my life depended on it, which it did.

'I am now coming onto that. I will not let you get to the point
where you are in danger of death because your poor body cannot cope
with the stress. Therefore I will give you a pill whenever you
start to lapse into coma'.

'The thought of more of me being like THIS repulses me, but let me
choose when to take a pill. 'At the 'this' I again gestured to my
legs(Thigh over Thigh, STOP IT).

'I had been thinking along the same lines' I admitted.

'OK I will agree but if you try to hold out past a danger point I
will override and force you to take one.'

So by current reckoning I had....Let me see...9 hours left until
the next pill, that means there will be seven pills left. At two
days a pill that gives me just over fourteen days before I am
Elizabeth Bexley. However at what point will I be female, when
breasts grow, when I have a vagina, womb or is gender just a state
of mind? Ten days after that will mean either happily ever after
or.. No, the other is just too unthinkable.

Kat said, 'Plenty of time -- just under a month to E day.'

How does Kat know what I am thinking? Women's intuition?

'Listen I want to go for a walk to see if anyone saw anything a few
days ago', I know I should have gone earlier but this has knocked
us all out of sorts' Kat said and with this she went out of the

Alone, with only five hours to go before the pain really started,
I started to think logically.

If I can last two days with after taking one pill maybe taking two
pills will extend it past a week. Some of the drug must still be
left in me after the changes in order to stop the fever. So now
three days was the most I went without, and that was the limit and
I become very uncomfortable after two and half days. So if I take
two pills then I should be able to last at least five days, maybe
even six. Which means that my total male time remaining would be 7
* 2=14, or if I took two pills and they lasted me five days it
would be 7/2=3.5 pills multiplied by 5 equals 17.5 days which buys
me 3 and a half extra days.

Three hours later and Kat had not yet returned. Well what have I
got left to lose I thought. Your dick for a start came the reply
from inside me.

I will take two pills to see if I can overload the drug to extend
the time I have available.

Let me think. Pills three and four gave me her legs, so which ones
won't give me tits and a cunt. I didn't know how Elizabeth would
number the pills so I taking a glass of water and trying not to
spill any as the fever was beginning to get a grip on my I took
pills' five and six in quick succession.
I erupted in spasm only to pass out

Five hours later A very concerned Kat was standing over me

'What did you do, You took one didn't you'

'No, two,' and I explained my reasoning to her

'You stupid idiot 'she shrieked, 'Can't you see the narcotic is
adjusting your thought patterns and probably your maths to allow it
to fool you into speeding up the transformation. That's how
Elizabeth was to stop you from dying, by making the drug seduce you
into giving your body enough time to rest by making you take a
multiple dose.'

'What have I done' I sobbed.

'How long?'

'About five hours'

'Can I stay and watch?' she asked with a curious look.

'You are sick!'

'No just curious,' she said with a mischievous grin.

At that moment I was kicked in the gut by a mule, at least it felt
like that. My mouth started to froth as I convulsed in pain. Wave
after wave of mule kicks made me lose consciousness.

I awoke sometime later. 'Which bit,' I rasped'

'That was amazing! I have never seen anything like it' Kat said.

I reached for my dick and the relief of finding him still there was
immeasurable. I then reached up to feel for breasts but all that
met my hands my smooth skin. Phew no tits! Wait a minute. Smooth

I stood up and dashed to a mirror.

What greeted me there was a shock -- round but firm muscular
shoulders sat above a smooth hairless, slim form. They were the
kind of shoulders that came from lots of time in the gym, but not
macho in any shape of form.There were no breasts or hips to
emphasise the womanly shape, but the rounded, sylph form of
Elizabeth's body stared back at me.

'No no no what was I thinking!" I sobbed'

Kats fingers traced the lines of my now womanly shoulder blades.

I recoiled away

'I thought you took two pills' she said

'I did'

'But only one thing changed'

This is a pretty big thing I sobbed' I noticed for the first time
how my belly seemed to go in, forming a tight, muscled flat

'At least your navel has stayed the same, although the shape of
your stomach makes it smaller and much more cute' Kat Stated.

'Navels aren't genetic remember'

I ran my hand over the smooth skin of my new body. This sent
tingles down my spine and once again I felt aroused. However,
seeing those curved, rounded shoulders, flat stomach, and flat,
thin hairless chest soon turned me off.

'What is up with me. How can I be a normal woman if I catch myself
ogling my legs and body?' I just noticed my collarbone was more
visible now and seemed to want to try and connect to thankfully
non-existent breasts.

'You took two pills. You must have another part to go'

'No way! I need to go bad ' I said.

Sitting on the toilet looking down at my sylph shaped body I
wondered where and how it was going to end. I actually knew where
it was going to end. Me ending up being female, but the other issue
was how Kat would react to sleeping with a woman. The thought of
even kissing a man caused me almost to vomit.

Wait a minute! PAIN! crunch of bone!, I looked down I my shapely,
firm thighs only to notice that my hips were suddenly much smaller.

'Kat' I gasped and I rolled off the seat.
She rushed in. 'Oh my God' she screamed.

The flesh was rippling around my hips whilst inside me several
rhinos were trying to escape. I clutched my abdomen in pain.

'Ahhh my belly!' I sobbed.

'That must be your womb forming.'

The flesh movements were subsiding where I could see them, but the
sensation from my ass had increased.

'Turn round,' Kat Said and she showed me the view of my rear in the
mirror my buttocks were re-forming, becoming tighter, smaller and
much, much more feminine. The rippling stopped. Nice ass, I
thought, but the rhinos reminded me that it was now mine.

I stood up still weak and sweaty. Thankfully the rhinos had
stopped. Which gave me time to examine the changes. In front of the
full length mirror stood a very peculiar sight -- a titless,
pussyless woman stood in front with muscular arms and a very
non-feminine face. Smooth graceful curves went from my rounded
shoulders past my chest and dipped in at just the right point. My
hips caused the classic hourglass figure whilst my long legs now
seemed to be far more at home curving gracefully into my hips.

The taut muscular stomach now blended into a bulge in the pubic
area which I with horror assumed must be my womb. Turning round I
saw how my ass was firmer, much more shaped, and indeed would
probably have won 'rear of the year'. Each cheek was delicately
shaped with just enough curve to cause yet another curve from my
the small of my back to ass.

'Oh no no no no no,' I sobbed. 'Apart from a few bits I am a woman
now.' More sobbing as I broke down in tears.

'Don't be silly you may have curves in all the right places now but
look you are still male. You still have a dick, your face is
hardly girlish, and not many women have arms as hairy as yours,'
Kat tried to console me

'You don't understand! If I have a womb it now means that I am
producing female hormones which will cause me to grow breasts and
become more ladylike'

'Yes but your testosterone will fight that and tests have shown
that testosterone will cancel out any excess female hormones.'

'How did you know that?'

'What? You think I never I read anything before?'

'Sorry, look I am really stressed about this. I thought I could
cope until this change. This is the point of no return. I must try
and adjust, but I find I cannot. I look in the mirror or at my legs
and see HER, not me, HER.'

Kat hugged me and her fingers ran comforting circles around the
small of my back. I could feel her breasts heaving against my
smooth skin and again the moment was spoiled as I pulled away.

'What?' she said

'I'm sorry I loathe anything female now. I feel your breasts against my chest and imagine waking up to find I've got them too,
you deciding you cannot live with me, me trying to fit in being a
woman but failing. Look at this.'

I stood up and walked across the room. I was aware of my hips
swaying but tried to put it out of my mind.

'See the REAL Elizabeth walked with such grace and posture that she
seemed to float, but look at me -- I just waddle. I'm an in-between
trapped now between two worlds and I just want my old life back'

'With that figure you look more in my camp than yours' Kat said.

'I know' I sobbed.

'Look, let's get some sleep. I still want to sleep with you and if
it helps you can wear my black teddy and garters. I know that turns
men on, me as well thinking about it.'

'We've had this conversation before'

'Yes but not when the chances of you being able to make love to me
properly have dropped from ten to one to six to one.

'Just let me rest -- this is the worst day of my life.' I was
feeling utterly tired and again my normal healthy desires were out
to lunch.

I awoke early morning much refreshed and decided to venture
outside. I tried on one of my old shirts but it was now far too
loose, and hung on my new body like and old sack. A T-shirt was no
good as it showed every curve of my new shape, and although I once
again looked lustfully at the body under that shirt reality soon
struck back. Pants were another problem. My normal size didn't fit
anymore and even when the belt was fastened as tight as it would go
they still either looked ridiculous or extremely baggy.

Kat had been watching my 'fashion show' with some concern but also
she was a little amused.

'Do you want to try something of mine?'

'No that would be giving in to what is happening to me, the moment
I try on women's clothes I am admitting what I am becoming and that
I refuse to do.'

'Dressing up can be fun' Kat Said

'Maybe put I can't pass as a woman even if I wanted to. My hair is
too short,my hands too big, and...and why am I even thinking this?'

'Because you are trying to adapt to your situation and are willing
to give it a try'

'LISTEN' I hissed.


'I will repeat again. I will resist this with all my might. I am
facing a craving for something that will destroy our life together.
I cannot give in to it,' I added with passion.

'Fair enough. Do you want me to see what I can buy for you? I need
to take your measurements.'

'I know them waist 36,inside leg..'

'No your new measurements with a body that shape. Now I have to
take hip and waist'

'OK' I said defeated.

'Let me see waist 24' hips 36' At least Elizabeth is perfectly

'Remember nothing female, no skirts, no leotards'

'This IS Egypt. It is not done for a lady to show her legs or
ankles in public, so I will buy pants for you.'

An hour later she was back carrying a couple of bags. 'Here try
these on,' and she threw me a pair of stretch jeans. 'These are
women's jeans,' I protested'

'You have a women's body shape now, men's just won't fit now'

I reluctantly put them on and did them up. The first thing I
noticed was how much a bulge my dick made in them, but I had no
desire to see that go. Turning round I saw my ass, well,
Elizabeth's ass in these tight jeans, and as I looked in the full
length mirror I again thought 'God She looks good in those.'

'Look cute don't you' Kat said

Again my lust was jolted back to reality. 'Why do I fancy myself
every time I look in the mirror?'

'That's easy, it's because inside you are a normal hetro-male even
though the outside is beginning to look decidedly the opposite. Try
these on,' and Kat threw me a shirt and some sandals.

The shirt tried to hide my curves but it would be obvious to anyone
who looked closely that men shouldn't have curves where I had. The
sandals were the most satisfactory thing. It was only the size of
my feet that gave anything away.

Fully clothed for the first time in days, I ventured outside, the
sunlight was bright and the day gloriously hot. We did the normal
things tourists do in Egypt pyramids and Sphinx tombs, and for two
glorious days it seemed as though nothing had happened. Yes, my new
body got some strange looks from the more observant. I still
refused to sleep with Kat as I knew that sooner or later more
drastic changes would occur. The sex situation was not helped by my
distinct lack of sex drive.

Don't think for a minute I had accepted my fate. I detested every
waggle of hip, every curve, every part of my new body. I had to go
along for Kat's sake. I must say though that she has been taking it
very well, but I hate to think what will happen later on. Kat
stated her disbelief that I was still in denial over this but
then I am who I am or should that be I am who I was. Still, seize
the day.

In fact the fever hadn't returned after the third day and it looked
as though my theory was right. Kat Suggested that it was because my
body needed time to recuperate and that the fever wouldn't return
until it was safe to do so.

'If it does I am taking two at a time again, these past few days
were the best I have felt since it all began' I said to Kat

'No I want you male as long as I can! How can you be so selfish? I
have needs too you know.'

Two more days passed, which made a total of five days in which I
felt OK.

'I'm bushed' I said.

'Me too, want to go to bed?'

'Sleep yes, Sex no'

'I can't wait forever you know, neither can you!. I may be able to
fondle you and caress you when you are Elizabeth but you won't be
able to screw me'

'Please I must deal with this in my own way'

'You haven't been dealing with it at all. Everytime it is 'I can't
cope', 'being a woman is worse than being dead', 'how can I fancy
myself 'or 'No I won't screw you because I remind you of what you
may/are becoming'

'I waited a year to sleep with you. Can't you wait a little

'Any longer and we will be sharing Tampons,' and with that she
stormed off.

Sitting in bed looking at my shapely legs, the curve of my hips and
slenderness of body I realised that I had been selfish and that I
would make it up to her when she returned.

The next morning the fever returned but Kat was nowhere to be
found. I was too unwell to venture out, and in any case if I left
the room she might come back, get the wrong idea, and then leave,
this time for good. So I stayed put.

Room service delivered dinner but again no Kat, so I ate in silence
and pain. About 10pm I crashed out. Morning came and with it the
now familiar cravings. A thought popped into my head -- take a pill
that'll show her. But I was wise now to this Narcotics trick, and
stubbornly refused to give in.

Six pm and still no Kat, and this time I could bear it no more.
Taking a class of water I swallowed pill number seven. The pill
seemed a little larger than the others, and I had to take two goes
to get it down. Now I just wait.

I looked into the jar and saw only FOUR pills left. Quickly I
tipped them out and counted them. Pill's ten,nine,one,two where
was eight? The extra large pill! Eight must have been stuck to

'Oh fuck,fuck,fuck,Oh Kat Where are you...'

Three hours later and still no Kat and no changes. This meant that
I would know what parts of me were to change in the next three
hours. The fever subsided after another half hour. I sat on the bed
completely naked just waiting for the inevitable.

There was no pain, just an ache in my arms. As I tried to write a
sorry note I dropped the pen on the floor. Reaching out for it with
my left hand I noticed slender fingers on an even more delicate
hand, a surgeon's hand. As I noticed this the hairs on my left arm
fell out and muscles began to reshape into a more delicate form. I
saw that my elbow now had that cute little dimple that Elizabeth
had. My left arm was now much more in line with the rest of me.
The muscles seemed to flow much more gracefully into my rounded
shoulders, and my hand and nails were just as I remembered
Elizabeth's to be. I was so taken in by the changes that had
occurred to my left arm it wasn't until I put a hand to feel it's
smooth, soft skin that I realised that BOTH my arms had changed.

I had to think rationally, I had dodged a bullet so to speak this
time but the countdown to cunt time was getting shorter, where was


There were ten pills and there are now four left, six parts of me
now resembled those of Dr Elizabeth Bexley which means that each
limb and body part must be a pill.

Pill inventory time..

Pill's three and four had given me her legs (Thigh Over Thigh
again NO) -- Pills five and six gave me these wretched curves and
a womb -- Pills' seven and eight(by mistake) gave me her slender
arms. This must mean that one of the remaining pills must change
my face, neck, and my god voice! I had admired that voice for
years. (Concentrate..)

One must be the coup-de-grace -- the one that condemns me to
womanhood. The next two, of course a breast each. But which was

The next day to my horror the fever returned. Kat was right -- it
was the drug that determined how long it took for withdrawal
symptoms to show, not the amount of pills taken. Kat where are you

My body had gone through some major changes but arms were minor so
it figures that the only large one left was my head and dick. I
cannot now think straight as the fever hits in waves.

I lay on the bed calling Kat's name but still she did not come.
Some hours later I had to take another pill but which one, My limbs
came in pairs so breasts must come in pairs of pills as well that
means, shit both nine and ten and one and two are pairs never mind
I must take one. Taking the glass of water I shut my eyes and
popped a pill into my mouth and swallowed it. Quickly counting the
three pill's remaining showed me that I had swallowed number nine.

Seven hours after taking pill nine and just after I though that
must be a dud my head felt as though it was being hit by a very
large brick. I rushed to the mirror.

Through the pain I realised that I last I was going to LOOK like my
ex-fiancee. I couldn't speak and my head was in a whirl. Bones
crunch! and my face is now oval in shape, my normal square chin
gone, replaced by a rounder, softer one.

My womanly hands clutch at my nose as I can feel it reshape and
form HERS.
Pain in my gums indicate that my teeth are being reshaped whilst my
lips reform to form HER pout. In a moment of calm I notice my ears
look different, they are HER ears.

I go blind for what seems an eternity as stabbing pains shoot
through my eyeballs. When I blurrily look in the mirror I saw my
once brown eyes are definitely blue with a touch of gray. My
normally thickish eyebrows now form a frame for a lovely yet
terribly familiar face. I pull at my hair which is now growing
auburn at the roots as my entire scalp itches. I can now speak but
the voice is not my own. Somewhere Elizabeth is calling 'no no no'
The full lips in the mirror match the sound and I now OWN that
The hair by now has grown until is reaches my shoulders and it's
strange sensation on my curved form adds yet more pain. The hair is
matted by sweat but there is no doubt that I now look exactly like

I see delicate hands move up to the full pouting lips. (Thats
strange -- I can feel hands on my mouth). They move to the oval,
high cheekboned face and trace the contours with a finger(that's
even odder why is there no stubble?).

'No this can't be me' Elizabeths voice says again the lips in the
mirror match the words After what seems like hours I begin to
realise that any pretence of being a man died with that pill.
Breasts and even a pussy can be hidden but a face like this, not a

The full impact of the changes over the past few weeks came to me
at that moment. I had been kidding myself this was how I was going
to look now and Kat had been right we should have made the most of
it but where is she?
But I was/AM a man how could I let Elizabeth do this do me?

As I sat naked, feeling my new hair brush against my shoulders,
despair began to weigh on me. My life, my marriage was over. Kat
in spite of all her platitudes had no real desire to sleep with a
woman, she was no lesbian. But what was I? I could never fancy a
man and the thought of even kissing one recoiled. I still fancied
women. Yes, I know that lesbian relationships can be sexually
satisfying. But I am man! My instincts are to penetrate not be

I noticed that Kat had left a bottle of champagne in the fridge,
and I opened it with much difficulty (of course I was stronger when
I had MY arms).

Several glasses later I was feeling much worse, not drunk,
depressed, and I just wanted to end it, the whole thing. Let me be
a woman -- I don't care anymore..

Staring at the pill jar and the glass the choice was easily made.
Pills' one and ten followed quickly after each other and as I sank
down into a fitful sleep I dreamed of better days when I knew which
bathroom to go in.

Morning came and I awoke I thought I heard Kat return. I leapt out
of bed but instantly regretted it as two large breasts bounced
heavily on my chest.
I did what any right thinking man would do. I screamed.

Gingerly I put a womanly hand to my right breast. Its warm,
sensitive firmness surprised me. I had felt tits before but never
on me. It's weight surprised me as did exactly how sensual it felt.
Gingerly I took my hand away and it flopped back down again,
causing a strange sensation. I studied them in more detail than was
perhaps healthy, but these were MY breasts and it was not natural
for a man to have them.

They jutted out from my chest as though they wanted to be separate
from me, their round shapes forming a definite cleavage. The
nipples were pink but small and the areolas were a darker color.
Again my hand touched a nipple and it almost made me jump at the
sensation. The nipples began to swell, and in fact if this was a
woman, I would have to say a woman in arousal. But then again the
swelling in my jeans must mean something. Anyway, going back to my
breasts I rubbed them with another hand and let out a small

'Steady on, you'll wear them out' Kat said.

This brought me back to me senses. 'Oh Kat,' I said. 'I've been so
stupid. I'm sorry I said all those things'

'The thing about sharing Tampons I'm sorry too'

I broke down in tears. 'With these I am a woman now' and I pointed
to my breasts which now hung down, jutting away from my womanly

'Are you a proper woman or just a she-male?'


'Yes it means you have womanly everything apart from the pussy, the

'I that case I am a she-male'

'Let me look at you properly, come over here'

I walked over to her (did these things ever stay still!)

'Judging by the way you look, Elizabeth was even more beautiful
than you told me. How could you have ever left her for me. I am
dowdy in comparison.'

'You are the most kind, beautiful woman I have ever met. Elizabeth,
yes had beauty, money and all the thing's society looks for but I
didn't love her and that was the most important thing'

'So you don't regret jilting her for me?'

'My heart says no, but after all this I don't know. Being married to someone you don't love is bad enough but BEING the person you
don't love is much worse.

'Come over and stand in front of the mirror' Kat said.

'I know what and who I look like. My tits should make that obvious'

'Come over here!,Who do you see?'

I obeyed her and stood in front of the mirror. I was familiar by
now with all the curves and smooth shapes that assaulted my mind
and my senses. What I wasn't prepared for was just how female
having breasts makes one look. They were still there of course,
hanging from my chest. I realised that I was correct in thinking
that my collarbone served to almost set a frame for them!. As I
moved Elizabeth's reflection moved. As I stared down at my heaving
chest my breasts moved in unison with my every breath, their shape
changing subtley as my lungs pumped in and out. The nipples were
again swollen, seemingly aroused, but that feeling was the least
thing I felt. Standing in front of the mirror, except for a small
flaccid piece of male flesh, was Elizabeth, my ex-fiancee.

'Elizabeth,' I sobbed. 'I see Elizabeth'

'I don't! I see YOU. I came back to tell you I have found the clue
and it looks like I found it a few days early. This will give us a
head start'

'I could kiss you' I said

'Later honey. Here it is' and she read from a small scrap of paper

The indelible mark of the hydra on a hated form will lead you to a
place of pleasure and pain. To get the answer you must submit to
the hydra and become one with it. Then and Only then will the next
answer be revealed.

'Is that it? Wait a sec -- NEXT Answer?'

'I presume she wants to make a chase of it'

'What's all this hydra,mark crap'

'I have no Idea' Said Kat. 'I had hoped to work it out as soon as
I found it but I just couldn't' she continued.

'Being like this and having these still doesn't mean I want to be
a woman' I said.

'When did you take the last pill?' asked Kat

'Last night but the smaller the changes the quicker the cravings
return' I said

'As far as changes go I would say they are average size changes,'
added Kat, tongue very much in cheek.

'What do you mean -- these are huge. I feel as though I am going to
tilt forward'

'Don't be silly mine are nearly the same size and they feel
perfectly natural' Kat said

'But.."' I tried to say.

'I don't want to talk about anatomy anymore just now. If we are
going to go looking for this clue we have to get you some more
clothes,' Kat added

'No ladies clothes' I said firmly

'OK put your pants and shirt on and you will see what I mean'

I pulled on the jeans, my breasts moving as pulled them on. Every
time I put them on I felt lustful about the shapes underneath the
denim. But the feeling of horror was always greater.

'Now put the shirt on' Kat said'

I put the shirt on and did the buttons up, my hand brushed against
warm,curved flesh which sent tingles down me. As the last buttons
were done up I looked down at two mounds which pulled the shirt outwards and made my new shape VERY obvious.

I pressed my hands on my breasts,ignoring their fleshy firmness,
and tried to make them shrink back in so no-one could tell.

'They won't go away you know. Go and look in the mirror now' Kat

I knew what I would see Dr Elizabeth Bexley in jeans and a shirt.

Staring at my? reflection in the mirror and staring at my oval,
beautiful face, feeling my breasts heave, pressing against my
shirt, I knew what was coming next and said so.

'I can't wear male clothes again, I would look completely stupid,
just like a woman wearing men's clothes' I sobbed.

'That's what I was going to say' Kat said

'I promised that I would never wear anything female, I will say
that again'

'When you said that you could have passed as a man. Things have
changed, you have changed. In order to turn you back you have to
pass as a woman -- otherwise you will create suspicion.'

'OK but I refuse to wear a bra'

'You will find it more distracting without one, and besides, the
sight of two unbound breasts bouncing along will get you more male
attention than you want' Kat advised.

'Look I am really tired and want to go to bed' I said

'I really want to make love to you as my husband, not wife. You
have maybe a day left -- maybe two -- before that is no longer
possible. And if we should fail'

'We won't Can't'

'IF we should fail I would like to remember you inside me just
once.' she said

Kat looked at that moment so frail,so tired and so fraught that I
had to agree.

'OK you win'

'I want to make love my way' she said

'What's that?'

I want you to put on my black teddy and garters

'If that's the deal no way'

'Think of how turned on you are when you see a woman wearing them.
You said yourself that you fancied yourself. Give into your
fantasy just this once.'

'OK where are they?'

She went into the bedroom and came back a short time later carrying
garters and a teddy that looked as though it wouldn't stretch round
a thimble let alone a body

'Oh by the way. Take this' Kat said as she handed me some gray
looking powder

'What is it'
'Some Arabian aphrodisiac. It should help'

I put it into a glass of water and watched it dissolve. Although it
tasted foul I felt much better in THAT sense.

'Let me dress you' she said


She put her arms around my slim waist and fastened the garter belt
at the back. It seemed to emphasise the dip of my waist and curve
of hip.

'Lift your leg up please' she said as her hands sensually moved
down the slender,musclar shapes of my thigh and ankle.

Before I noticed I felt nylon on my foot, it's smooth caress
seducing me.

Kat now rolled the black stocking up past my knee and up to my
thigh. I stared at the shape the black material made so real, how
each muscle's shape was somehow enhanced by the stocking I now

Kat attached the clips to the front and rear and gave my ass a
seductive stroke as she did so.

'Now the other one' she crooned.

As she put the other stocking on me, in the same erotic manner and
fastened them up. My already erect penis was trying to expand
beyond it's capacity.

'Now for this' as she waved the teddy in front of me 'Normally this
wouldn't fit on a man but then you are no ordinary man are you?'

I made no comment still in awe of the view of my legs encased in
black,stocking'd nylon. Kat suddenly pulled the teddy up passed my
dick causing it almost to be squashed into itself. The smooth black
silk went passed my waist,stomach and -- what was that! Kat
caressed my breasts into the teddy and my arms went instinctively
under the shoulder straps.

Kat took my hand we went into the bedroom.

No sooner had I laid down beside her she kissed me with a passion
that I had not expected, her hand brushed aside my long auburn hair
as our tongues met. I could feel her warm,naked breasts rub against
my own under the silky teddy.
'You don't mind this?' I whispered.
'Kissing a woman'
'You're not a woman yet, you're my husband'

With this her hand traced the line of my back and finished up
gently stroking my shapely, firm rear. I could feel the sweat
beginning to form on my cleavage and looking down at my breasts saw
that the nipples were very obvious under the material of the teddy.
Her hand moved downwards and I felt it's touch on the nylon of my
stockings all the time the other hand was stroking my smooth face.

My hand stoked the curve of her hip and I compared it to my own, my
hand moved down and stroked her inside leg. Her hand did the same
to mine and we were soon tracing and comparing the very female
curves we both had.

She put my hand on her bosom and I felt her heart beat fast under
the warm,fleshy firmness of her breast. I stopped for a moment.

'What! not cold feet again,' she said.
'No it's too late for that. But will you love me when I have one
of these?' And I quickly reached down and touched the warm, moist
slit between her legs.

She moaned, 'Go on please, yes, yes,' and I wondered what it would
feel like to have the same done to me. Snap! She had undone a
popper on my teddy "'Time to give you some room to breathe," she

Before I knew what was happening the tingling was back and someone
had a hand on my breast. Kat's fingers were stroking my nipple in
a delicate circle. Her warm hand held my breast under the teddy and
I could feel her hand squeeze the flesh that protruded from me. I
began to pant 'more more' but Kat's only reply was to stroke my
comely form. There was another 'pop!' as my teddy suddenly felt
loose. Kat removed it with a practised swish. My breasts flopped
out,free from the confines of black silk. Kat sat up a little and
kissed each breast in turn. I had never felt anything like it as
sensual, erotic waves hit me like hammer blows. They increased as
she began to kiss my already erect nipples. Her other hand began to
fondle and stroke my penis, which resulted in an intensity that I
had never dreamed possible.

'If you don't stop soon I'll come! But more more, more!' I

A hand stroked my stocking'd leg and moved up to stroke a breast.
'I need you ' I panted and as Kat straddled me and began again to
caress my heaving sweaty bosom. She said 'Yes now,' and with that
I thrust my penis into her.

We were now moving in concert, our bodies essentially the same
instrument. With each thrust we both felt waves of pleasure sweep
over us.

Her hands squeezed and caressed my breasts whilst mine ran up down
her body. My hair was matted with sweat and passion whilst every
part of me felt on fire. When at last I came my body convulsed at
each 'squirt' of my cum. I moaned out load in exactly the same way
as Elizabeth did when she reached orgasm.

Kat collapsed on top me, with me still inside her, exhausted after
all that had gone on before. We drifted off to sleep me still
wearing stockings and Kat naked. I held her close with my hand
resting on her breast. My tits were touching her back, the
movements of her breathing stimulating them still.

I awoke still feeling turned on. Small waves of pleasure swept
over me with the occasional tidal wave.

'Hmmmm, Kat, carry on!' I said still in ecstasy and still half

'If you're sure, girlie'


At that moment Something moved inside me, 'Ahh' the pleasure, 'Ahh'
there it goes again. Wait a second, where is my erection? 'Ohh!'
Again another wave swept over me.

'I'm so glad we made love for the first and last time,' Kat said

'Hmmmm?' I moaned

'I must tell you something,' she said.

'What, Lover,' I moaned (I couldn't still be turned on could I?)

'You don't need to take the last pill'


Kat took my hand and placed it between my still stocking'd legs. An
initial wave of pleasure turned to anguish when my hand met only
moist flesh. Womanly Flesh..VAGINA..VULVA!!!
I screamed 'NOOOOOOOO!'

'Didn't you enjoy my little introduction to the fair sex?' Kat

'You were touching me up!'

'You wasn't complaining, and I thought it the best way to break the
news to you. If you felt how pleasurable it was you mightn't mind
so much.'

'Mind? How can I possibly mind?' I ranted. 'The day after some of
the best sex of my life I find that I am now a fully functional

'It was good wasn't it'

'What, show me it!' I cried

'You know what it looks like. You must have seen Elizabeth's.'

'Show me!' My hand went back down there and I began to feel my
latest genitalia's form. Two moist lips met between pubic hair. A
stray finger slipped inside, which caused an involuntary moan of
pleasure. My other hand went down there as well and found the
Clitoris, which when touched nearly made me jump out of my skin.
Instinct took over and within seconds I was touching myself HERE
and THERE.

Kat walked in with a mirror. 'Don't let me stop you young lady,'
she said'

'I am NOT a Lady'

'Looks that way from where I am standing.You wanted a mirror'

I took the mirror and inspected my vagina more closely. The vaginal
lips were reddened with arousal which also accounted for the amount
of moisture down there. My pubic hair had changed shape and color
and now was triangular in shape, and the same color auburn as my
hair. The clitoris was visible, a tiny remnant of my once proud
manhood. I threw the mirror away in disgust. My vagina was exactly
the same as I remembered Elizabeth's to be, and unfortunately no
different in function.

'That's it! Our life is over. Ten days from now I will be like
this permanently with no hope of reprieve! A life sentence!'

'We still have ten days to find the antidote and I'm sure that if
we both put our heads together we can do it'

6. Race Against Time

'How come I didn't take the last pill but still I end up a girl?'

'I don't know unless the last pill is a decoy, makes you pregnant
or something else. I just wouldn't take it now'

'Read the clue again,' I said still not really used to having THAT

'Indelible mark of the hydra?.' Kat said questioningly

'The hydra was a mythical beast with multiple heads that sprung two
new heads each time one was cut off, I seem to remember it started
off with two heads and it fell upon Hercules to kill it as one of
his twelve labors,' I said. My mythology was very ropey.
Especially since I now resembled Venus rather than Hercules

'But the hydra was A Greek myth' Kat added

'OK let's break it down. Indelible mark. What kind of marks do
not wash off or fade with time?' I asked
'Umm, emotional ones. What you have been through will leave a mark
that will last for the rest of your life. Physical Marks like
birthmarks do cannot be easily removed.Paint washes off, so what
other man-made marks do not wash off'

'Tattoos!' I exclaimed.

'That's it! A Tattoo in the shape of a hydra!'

'What about 'on a hated form'?'

'That's easy. You hate your form'

'Too right. I may be slowly accepting it, but I will always hate
the way I am.'

'OK the next bit is, will lead you to a place of pleasure and
pain,' Kat said.

'That could be anywhere. 'Pleasure and pain' could be anything
from a brothel to a health farm. Lets leave that bit because I
think that's for later. And in any case my body hasn't got a
tattoo anywhere let alone that of a Hydra. Maybe the last pill was
supposed to give me a Hydra Mark Oh I dunno Go onto the next bit

'OK the next bit is 'To get the answer you must submit to the hydra
and become one with it.' Kat stated.

'We must have got the wrong answer for the first bit. How can I
submit to a tattoo?'

'Very easily! Get one done!'

'Now hang on, I'm not!'
'But listen to the last bit 'then and only then will the next ans
wer be revealed,' Kat said.

'NO!' I tried to sound firm but I hadn't quite got the hang of my
new voice.

'The only way to cure you is to get a tattoo done' Kat stated.
More humiliation, even after all of this Elizabeth still wasn't
satisfied. But it WAS the only way to get me back again.

'Where? I can't just go into any old place -- it must be the
correct one,' I said.

'Only one way to find out! Let our fingers do the walking. I tell
you what. You get dressed, you can borrow some of my panties and
a bra if you like, and I will go downstairs and try and find a
phone directory.' And with that she went out.

Panties, Bra, Tits, Cunt! Nooo! I slipped off my stockings and
garter belt, and tried very hard not to become aroused, but a warm,
moist feeling below told me otherwise. How I hate being a woman!

Ignoring the panties, I tried to put on the jeans, but I still felt
naked underneath, so I relented and put them on. They were
thankfully not too lacy. But their pink color was not me. Anyway,
I put them on, slipping them up my shapely legs and over my hips.
They did the job of covering my hateful cunt very well. Quickly
putting on the jeans and noticing the distinct LACK of a bulge, I
put on my shirt. I couldn't face a bra and so went bra-less.

By the time Kat came back I was dressed and with a quick comb of my
hair I was ready. I refused to look into a mirror and see the full
state of my womanhood, determined to revert back to the real male

'Found one!' Kat said

'What's it called?'

I don't know what it is in English, but when I asked the manager
about such a place he told me about it'

'He could be wrong.'

'Lets find out.'

The day was very warm and I began to regret not putting on a bra.
The perspiration of my body had made my breasts much more visible
through my shirt, and the ogles of the men who passed me made me
feel very insecure.

'How do you put up with this' I asked Kat

'Sometimes it's welcome. Others it's not. I regard it though as
a complement. And you do make a ravishing woman!'

After a couple of hours we were very lost, but fortunately, by
pointing to the address and after much drawing into the dust we
walked up to a rather ran down shop with some Japanese writing on
the front. The only word we recognised was 'Tattoo'

We walked into the shop, which was dimly lit but very clean.
Examples of the proprietor's work adorned the wall. Elaborate
dragons adorning the wall fought it out with other mythical

'Look here!' said Kat.

She pointed to a hydra. It's twin green scaly heads split out from
a serpents body. One head had a forked tongue darting out, the
other belched fire. It really was a masterpiece of work, and even
in paper form looked real.

'This must be the place,' and I rang the small bell on the counter.

A small oriental man came out of a back room, thought for a moment,
then vanished back inside.

'I've an Idea,' I said, 'You get the tattoo. That way I don't
have one when I change back'

'Why should I?'

'Prove to me you still love me! Anyway, he has no way of telling
which of us is a man'

'OK, but only for you' Kat agreed.
The man came back out again and in disjointed English said

'Which one of you is Bexley?'

'I am,' Kat said.

'Wait' the man said and went back inside his little room.

'Now what,' I asked.

'Dunno, we wait I guess'

A few minutes later the man re-appeared again, and held a grubby
photo up to Kat's face.

'You lie! She's Bexley!' and he pointed to me.

Oh no!

'Never mind, I like jokes, he said. What you want me to do?'

'My friend wants one of these,' and Kat Pointed to the hydra.

'You're sure,' he asked me

Point of no return. 'Yes'

'This can never come off' the man confirmed.

'I know' I said

'How did you know we were coming?' Kat asked
'Told I was to expect someone called Bexley, to give her my
greatest tattoo. Become masterpiece. I was promised.'

'How long?' I asked

'Work very complex need four hours' The man said

'OK I'll see you back in at the hotel,' Kat said, and with that she
left the shop

'You want drink' He asked again

'Yes, please.' The room was getting very hot.

He came out with a glass of water and I gulped it down.

'Take off your shirt,' the man said

'Don't I get a choice where I want it?' I asked, very nervously

'Cannot give you what you want unless I get what I want.'

'OK' And I unbuttoned my shirt. breasts were loose again, and
again I Ignored the moist feeling I got in my cunt everytime I saw

'Trousers too,' the man said.

'Wait a minute,' I protested.


I found myself obeying him. My mind was resisting but the body was
not. Naked eccept for my panties I stood there.

'And those,' as he pointed at my panties.

My fingers took them off at the same time as my mind said no.

'Lay down,' the man said

I lay down on a surgeons table, facing upwards at this diminutive
man who could wield so much power over me.

'Now we start. You have wonderful skin, it will make the perfect
canvass and the muscle relaxant I gave you makes my job so much

I tried to protest but a quiet moan was all that came out.

'I must first trace the outlines as it is this part which is the
most crucial'

To my horror he took the gun and pain shot thru my inside leg as he
skilfully started to draw. The pain of having my body turn into a
woman's was nothing to this. I tried to look down but could see

'Turn over!'

I obeyed. The burning pain continued as it seemed to snake around
my back.

'Turn over onto your front'

Pain went thru me as I lay back down on my back. This time I could
see a black shape being formed. Inch by painful inch. I tried to
wriggle and break free but I couldn't do anything. The black lines
diverged as his gun headed towards my breasts.

'Sleep now'

Unable to resist I shut my eyes and went to sleep.

Sometime later I awoke, fully dressed in my room. I couldn't quite
remember how I got here. I ripped open my shirt and stared down. On
each breast was a hydra's head, its green scaly head moving in
unison with each breast. Curling around my body was it's body.
Intricate detail and color tuned to each of my curves. It's tail
ended up just resting on my thigh after coiling around my back and
waist. All in the hydra, like me, was a thing of wondrous but
hideous beauty, but like the rest of me could be there for life.
7. Vengeance

A knock at the door. Quickly I got dressed, ignoring the pain that
still ached thru my body. I resisted the temptation to pick at the
tiny scabs that formed on the tattoo, as I had been told that this
could cause infection, and in this part of the world that was
something I knew I had to avoid.

I opened the door. The cop from what seemed an eternity ago was
standing there. His eyes gave me the once over and said. 'Are you
a friend of the family miss?'

'Which family?'

'The poor couple who is booked in here. The husband was abducted
sometime ago'

'Organ thieves,' I said

'So he told you about it'

'Kind of'

'Anyway', said the cop, 'We have a new lead that perhaps you can
help with.'

Moments ago I was in depths of despair. Now the chance to finally
find Elizabeth was too good to miss.

'Tell me and I'll pass the message along' I said

'About two weeks ago a lady was seen putting what looked a parcel
thru your door. A bell boy saw her but has only just reported it,
the law works slowly here I'm afraid'

'Did this lady look like me?' I asked

'No not at all, she was about Umm I do not know the height in feet
and inches. She was about this high' His hand moved down about
three inches from my head.

'About five feet seven ' I said

'She had a slim, muscular build with shortish very black hair'

'Go on' I said

'As she walked past the bell boy noticed very green eyes'

'What was she wearing?'

'She was wearing a brown long flowing skirt with white blouse, If
you could pass this message along and ask them to call me if they
know who it was. In any case I must go now ensure to tell them

'I will'

My mind raced. It couldn't have been Kat, could it? No, she was in
the room with me when the curse was delivered. She was wearing,
let me think, Jeans and a white T-shirt. So that ruled her out.
Thank God for that.

A nagging feeling remained as I thought about it some more. I
remembered what Kat had suggested about Elizabeth wanting to be
close to the action to gloat. But the thought was too impossible!
More impossible than turning a man into a woman. No you could BE
anyone with that drug. My gut tightened as my train of thought

Question 1: How Did Kat get the clue so early?
Question 2: How come she knew the effects of the narcotic and pills
and testosterone?
Question 3: Why did her attitude change from loving support to
curiosity (when my body shape changed, remember, what was it she
said? 'That was amazing I have never seen anything like it').
Question 4: Why did leave me on my own so many times, when I needed
her most.
Question 5: Why the constant pressure to sleep with her. She knew
I was in pain most of the time?

I thought of some answers
1. Elizabeth must have left it here.
2. She wouldn't know that, unless.... Oh my God! Elizabeth was Kat!
All throughout my ordeal Kat had been subtly watching my changes,
acting supportive, but each action she took made me move closer to
becoming female.

Was she always like this? No, when the parcel first arrived and my
legs changed she was as horrified as I was. She was more interested
in my needs than hers. But after that her attitude changed to being
more interested in the changes than me. I'll try and remember more

At that moment Kat walked in, 'Did you get it,' she asked

'What have you done with the real Kat?'

'What are you talking about?'
I told her everything I had worked out.

'Very good my Darling twin sister' Elizabeth said

I shot across the room to try and grab her, but she stood firm and
said 'Fail-safe alpha!'
My body froze and I sat down on the bed

'What was that?'

'A fail-safe device I placed in your sub-conscious if you should
ever find out what happened. You are quite powerless to move until
I give the word. You can still ask questions of course,' Elizabeth

'Where Is she, the real Kat I mean?'

'Let me explain and all will be revealed. Yes it was me in a copy
Kat's body that dropped off the parcel. I then waited my moment
until Kat was on her own when I could take her place'

'Bitch' I shouted

'Look whose talking, GIRL,' Elizabeth retorted. And she went on.
'I suspect the real Kat's changes are quite complete by now, and if
you remember I did say that I hoped that she would meet a deserving

'You turned her into me didn't you'
'Not at all! In fact she makes quite the perfect Harem girl now.'

'You bastard I want her back NOW'

'Sadly that's quite impossible. I do not know which harem she was
sold to, and even what she now looks like. You see I got a computer
to work out the most desirable physical features of a harem girl and gave her those. I didn't look at all and it was completely

I started to sob 'Kat! Kat, my poor Kat, where are you?'

I found that I could just about move I went to get up.

'Fail-safe Beta' Elizabeth said

I moaned in pleasure as somehow my cunt was being stimulated. It
felt like the first time Kat, no Elizabeth did it to me. I could no
longer move again.

'Nice isn't it. I can increase the pleasure until you orgasm every
few seconds, you will still be paralysed but unable to concentrate
on what I say. The permanent orgasm code is level Omega. Don't
force me to use it' Elizabeth added.

'When did you kidnap her and take her place'

'Just before you took two pills for the first time' Elizabeth said

'That explains the change in attitude after then' I said

'Yes I tried my best which in the state you were in then was
obviously good enough'

'What do you want now' I moaned

'For the moment just to talk'

A horrific thought crossed my mind. I hadn't got the next clue as
to the location of the antidote.

'You had your gloat. Now where's the next clue,' I said

'There isn't one.'

'There is no next clue. I persuaded you get that that rather large,
but really so well done tattoo as part of my revenge'.

'You mean this was for nothing' and I stared again at the hydra
that now seemed alive on my body. It's twin heads moved in unison
with my breasts and the serpent body writhed and twisted around my

'Not at all, eventually I will tire of being Kat. Nice as her body
is, you yourself admitted mine was better. I fully plan to turn
back into Elizabeth sometime and there must be a way to tell us
apart. What better way than a tattoo that will be very difficult to

The pure evil of the woman sat in front me and the precision of her
plan stunned me into silence. She sat there and waited for me to
ask the 64,000 dollar question.

'So is there an antidote?' I asked dreading the reply.

'Of course'

'Where is it?' I said forcefully

'Actually you have got it over there. It is pill number two'


'Yes you have been carrying it around with you since you grew my
pretty cunt,' she said.

'But what if I had taken number two!'
'I switched pills so whatever pill sequence you took the one
remaining would be the antidote'

''ve got this all worked out haven't you'

'Three years is plenty of time when you have an IQ of 160'

'But how come I grew a cunt without taking a pill.'

'The coup-de-grace was triggered when you had an orgasm. When you
made love to me that night your womanly fate was sealed.'

'No wonder you wanted me to screw you so much.'

'I must say it was strange to kiss and caress myself in another
body, but even as a she-male you hadn't lost your touch'

'Bitch!' I hissed with as much venom as I could muster

'The lack of sex drive was due to the narcotic in you. The gray
powder reversed that, after all I didn't want you to become a
girlie without me being there.'

I tried to reach the pill bottle to take the antidote but could not
as Elizabeth said, 'Fail-safe Gamma'

I lay back on the bed unable to move. Sensations swept from my
breasts which felt as though the nipples were being stroked. I
could feel the hot,moistness of my vagina, and it was increasingly
difficult to concentrate.

'I told you once, as wonderful as multiple orgasm is, you cannot
hope to be reverted back if you resist.' She paused and then went
on, 'I will cut a deal with you.'

'What's that?'

'All I ever wanted to be was your wife. You turned me down flat in
the worst possible way. So here's the deal. I will allow you to
take the pill on the understanding that you will be my husband.
Come stay with me, be with me, love me like you said wanted to. The
pill will remove the tattoo as well as all your womanly traits.
Just think about it! I could be any woman in the world, Cindy
Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, anyone! Just imagine. You and I
together forever!'

'What's to stop me saying yes, taking the pill and running off to
find Kat?' I asked. She MUST have thought of that one.

'Forget Kat. She is effectively gone. I doubt that even my
remaining millions would be able to find her. She could be any
woman, and a harem is not the place for another beautiful young lady to be looking in.'

'So you have, in all practicality, killed her'

'No as a doctor I have sworn to protect life. She has about ten
years as a harem sex slave before she is released. That will make
her nearly forty. No doubt she would try and come running to find
you, but with no birth certificate, no documents, and looking very
Arabic, I very much doubt she could leave the country. These
Bedouin harems are given free reign by most middle-eastern
governments, so it's going to be impossible to track her down.
Slave traders don't keep records you know.'

I wanted to cry for my poor Kat, locked away in chains in some
depraved sheikh's harem, being used as just a sex and entertainment
object. I knew Elizabeth was right. My darling 'Kat' was gone.'

'Now back to your question about double-crossing me. You are quite
correct, I have thought of that. Your natural body state is now
female. The pill will change your body back to that of your male
self. But the only way to keep it that way is to ingest a drug
which I and only I have the means to produce. Each day you are
without it a part of you will turn back into me, this time for
good, and in reverse order. Thats right -- pussy first, then tits,
then head, and you know the rest. Ten days later you will resemble
me again, this time for good. '

'So you will have me on a leash.'

'That's right, If you or I go away I will leave enough drug to last
you until my return. You will not be able to stray from my side

'What if you are killed or maimed in an accident?'

'Then ten days later Dr Elizabeth Bexley lives on in you.'

'So really I have no choice at all.'

'You can say no and stay like that for good. I just hope you can
adjust more than you have said. Otherwise you will find womanhood
a nightmare.'

'Can I think about it?'

'OK you have two hours' and with that she carefully and visibly
took the pill bottle put it in her purse and started to walk out.

'Wait how can I think properly when every part of me is on fire in

'Good Point,' Elizabeth said, 'Fail-safe gamma disengage two
hours. Fail-safe omega engage in two hours twenty minutes' she
added and went out.

The waves of pleasure stopped but I still could not move.

The choice was clear. Just what would I give up for love? I had no
doubt that Elizabeth was now quite insane. I was also in no doubt
that she was also deadly serious. She meant to be my wife at any
cost, and indeed this horrible choice must have been her plan from
the start. To choose between life as a man, constrained by some
chemical leash, or freedom as a woman, was really no choice at all.
These past few days of being ogled at, being constantly aroused by
the sight of my now tattooed breasts and body, menstruation
looming, having to wear makeup, trying to find love again, and
worst of all missing Kat -- this meant to me that being a woman was
out of the question. Maybe someone else in the same situation
would have been able to adjust, but not me. So the only other
choice was to be with Elizabeth as a house-trained slave. I was in
no doubt that she could and would use the threat of not giving me
the drug against me, and I would be a prisoner no matter how
beautiful the cell. In a way I was in same situation as Kat, just
a sex slave for an insane master (or mistress). If she could put
this fail-safe thing in me what else could she do?

'Fail-safe override' I said.

Nothing happened. I was still paralysed. I guess if it was that
easy to get round it wouldn't be a fail-safe. The command had to
come from Elizabeth.

There HAD to be a third option.

Got it! agree to her deal. Then use whatever allowance she gave me
to try and free myself from the drug's reliance. If it was done in
secret she would never know until it was too late.

Before two hours was up Elizabeth walked back in, still wearing
Kat's body

'Fail-safe all disengage five minutes, Fail-safe Omega engage in
ten minutes,' she said.

The pleasure waves went away as quickly as they had come.

'What's your choice?' she demanded

'Deal. I want to marry you. Give me the pill,' I said

She thought for a moment and gave me pill number two.

I took a glass of water in slender female hands, put the glass to
my full pouting lips and took the pill. Staring down at my heaving
breasts, I breathed a Sigh of relief at last the ordeal was over.

'Liar!' Elizabeth said.

My body began to sweat uncontrollably. Here it comes, I thought.
Suddenly I felt sick and rushed to the bathroom and promptly threw
violently up. Several more chucks later I stopped, stood up and
saw to my horror that my breasts were still there. A quick check
down THERE met only with moist,warm flesh.

'How long to I change back?'

'Never!' Elizabeth said. 'You don't think I looked at my own face
for twenty years and didn't know when I was lying.'

'You mean?'

'Yes, the last pill makes all your changes permanent.'

My hand went to my face and traced its gentle oval shape, and
feeling tears welling up inside me, I just cried. My fate was
sealed. A woman I was and a woman I would remain.

'You had a chance' she said.

'How could I have avoided this? ' I sobbed (thigh over thigh, what
a pair! NO!)

'Said no to my deal'


'Because you're right. I am a bitch, and now so are you.'

I collapsed into uncontrollable sobs

'Now you are me. You will need these,' she said, and she threw a
passport and airline tickets at me. 'I think it's about time Dr.
Elizabeth Bexley left, as I am very tired and I want to change as
soon as I can,' she said.

'Wait' I said

Kat, no, Elizabeth, held a cassette recorder in the air and said
'This is my insurance. If anything happens to me this will be
found, and you my dearest twin will be in the proverbial shit'.

She switched it on. 'If you don't leave now, Dr Bexley, I will
call security. My husband is due soon and I know how you felt
about being jilted by him. I don't know why you followed us here
but you MUST go. So please leave.' She said this with the distress
obvious in her voice (what an actress!).

'No You leave!' I screamed

'This is my hotel room and you are no longer welcome here' she said
with a hard,determined tone.

'OK I'll go. But first I need to, you know, go,'

'Alright then.'

I took off my trousers and stood in front of the bowl
instinctively. I reached out for a dick but was only met by two
folds of female flesh. I started to urinate standing up but quickly
remembered to sit down before too much went all over the floor.

Elizabeth came in and laughed in a vicious way, and threw me a
skirt, saying 'you'd better wear this -- your jeans are dirty now'.
I put on the patterned skirt. It reached down to my ankles and
made me almost sick seeing it there.
'Time to go Liz,' Elizabeth said, starting the cassette tape again.

And I went out, taking the tickets with me.

Looking at the ticket showed that they were for the 03:10 flight to
JFK only. This was my only chance of escape. The passport showed
the face of Elizabeth Bexely PhD. Looking at the details caused my
heart to sink
Name : Dr Elizabeth Bexley
Hair : Auburn
Eyes : Blue
Height :1.77 Metres
Sex : Female

The female part although in the same print burned it's way from the
page into my mind.

Distinguishing Marks: Mole on Right Thigh (soon to have massive
tattoo of a hydra, I thought).

Occupation: Medical Doctor.

Looking at the time in the hotel (since I grew HER arms my watch
didn't fit), I saw I had a full six hours to kill. I needed to be
alone and so I walked. No longer in the confines of my hotel room
I could not explore my body anymore, but every sway of hip, every
touch of my skirt on my thighs, every bounce of breast and every
swish of hair could not deny or hide what and who I had forever

The taxi to the airport got me to the terminal just in time to
catch the flight.

8. Hell Hath No Fury

If Elizabeth's vengeance on me was long and convoluted, mine would
be swift and immediate. I did not have the means to inflict on her
the pain and suffering that she had done to me, and I knew she was
due (as Kat) to leave in three days. So as I sat on the plane and
flew home I knew she mustn't be allowed to escape. Because once
she was back I would lose her forever. She did say that she wanted
her body back, but I couldn't wait that long. No doubt she would
ensure that I could not follow her or track her down. So the only
chance I had was when she came off of her flight.

I slept rough for three days. I could not bring myself to check
into a motel, and besides I had no money. I refused to take the
obvious last ditch career choice for when a girl is out of money,
so I slept rough. Or rather, tried to. I was followed on several
occasions, and rape seemed inevitable, but somehow each time I
managed to lose my follower in the crowded streets of New York.
Every hour I was awake my sense of loss grew, Kat, my manhood, my
life. I wished Elizabeth had just killed me, but this living hell
followed me around. Everywhere I went, men and women went too and
fro minding their own business. To them I was just a rather
unkempt woman who had fallen on hard times. Sure, give her
sympathy, but not much else. I had no prospect, only a drop into
prostitution or exotic dancing, but I suspected that my tattoo
would severely restrict the clients I would get. In any case I
loathed my vagina and could not face kissing a man. Let's face it,
the market for lesbians who had a thing for tattoos must be very
small. My mind was in a blur, but then a plan came into focus.

Day came and then a night and then it was time to move. I chose
the nearest gun shop to the airport and went in.

'What'll it be, miss?' the owner said.

'I want something to protect me whilst I find work,' I tried to say

'And what work is that?' the man asked.

Men were all the same. I should know, I am still one inside, and
I lust after myself every day. 'What do you think?'

'I think you're a girl who enjoys a good time.'

'Do you want a freebie?' I said

The man came out from around the counter. He was easily six foot
and broad shoulders, his face showed the scars of several fights.

'Do you like this?' I said, and I showed my thigh with the hydra's
tail tattoo on it

'Cool tattoo' the man said

'It goes all the way up I said, come and see'

As he bent down to look up my skirt at the tattoo and more than
likely my crotch I quickly brought my leg up into his face. He
screamed and collapsed into a heap. Before he could get up I
stamped my foot into his genitals and he writhed around helpless.
Just to be sure, a quick chop to the windpipe soon sorted him out.
The keys were in his pocket and as I lifted them out I looked at
the clock on the wall. Just over two hours before Elizabeth was due
to arrive back.

Looking at the array of weapons, I wondered which one to choose.
I REALLY wanted a magnum but could hardly lift one. So I had to
settle for a small calibre Colt. The ammo was hard to find but
eventually I found some. Carrying the gun into an airport was going
to be difficult with nothing to put it in, so looking around I saw
the man's sports bag laying behind the counter. Perfect!

Fully tooled up, I hitched to the airport but remained quiet. I had
no idea how I would get away with this, but nothing but vengeance
mattered now. There is an old saying -- before starting out on
revenge dig two graves, one for them, one for you. There was also
another saying that revenge is a dish best served cold. Well, my
heart was as cold and sharp as flint.

I sat waiting in the arrivals lounge, my slender hand inside the
bag, feeling the surprise I had for Elizabeth. I didn't have to
wait long. In a crowd I saw her, still as Kat, looking very
relaxed. NOW! I thought. But there were too many people around.
At a distance I followed her. She became aware of my pursuit and
started to run down a long, brightly lit corridor.

'Help me,' she screamed, but still I pursued her, oblivious to all
around me. Suddenly I had a clear shot, and I pulled the gun from
the bag and took aim. The pressure needed on the trigger was
greater than I thought, and suddenly the world was in slow motion.
There was a loud CRACK!, and the gun bucked in my hand. I looked
up in time to see the back of Elizabeth's head explode as the shell
hit the base of the skull. I heard another CRACK just in time to
feel stabbing, burning pain as a bullet entered my shoulder. I was
spun to the ground with the force of the impact, and the last thing
I saw was the blood seeping out from the remains of Elizabeth's
head. A smile spread across my face.

'All done' I said.

I awoke in prison overalls with my shoulder still aching. I was
dragged into a small room, where two cops sat opposite me.

'Why'd you do it Elizabeth' they asked

'You wouldn't believe me.'

'Try us. You had everything -- money, looks, intelligence. You
could have had any man you wanted. Why'd you kill Jane Stephens?'

'That wasn't Kat, I mean Jane'

'Then who did you think it was'

I could see where this was leading, and just kept quiet.

'We found this on her' and the cop produced the cassette tape, he
inserted it into a player. The conversation Elizabeth and I had
before I was thrown out was replayed.

'You know what it looks like to us?' the cop said.


'Distraught over being jilted, you decided to take a little trip to
the happy honeymooners. You tried to warn Jane off, but she threw
you out. You then lay in wait and blew her brains out so that
hubby would come running back to you.'

Some time later.

'All Rise'

'How does the jury find the defendant?'

'Guilty on all counts.'

'Dr Elizabeth Bexley, you have been found guilty of the first
degree murder of Jane Stephens. You will be taken from this place
and brought to another where you will be executed by lethal
injection. May God have mercy on your soul.'



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