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FURYBOOK2 movie about Martians attacking the


BOOK 2: The Birth Of Nemesis - Fury Part II .

"I love it when a plan comes together!"

Hannibal Smith - The 'A' Team
The taxi slowly drew off, taking my love away. As the day died and
turned into night my heart did the same. How could he do this to me?
What was it about me that he hated so much as to take my heart and
rip it to shreds and then leave it beating on the ground. His words 'I'm
sorry Elizabeth I can't marry you. You are the most wonderful lady I
have ever known, but I don't love you and I must tell you this to save
our heartache later.' Embedded themselves into me forever.

All I could do was sob. Me, a brilliant doctor with an IQ of 160
reduced to a humiliating heap of shattered dreams. I can usually give
as good as I get, but my very weak reply, 'You will marry me, you will
marry me' made me look like an imbecilic fool.

His parents were there looking sad, but understanding, the guests just
looked confused and my mom and dad glared at the taxi with hate.
Dad came up to me, put an arm around my shoulder and said, 'Come
on honey, let's go home.'

'OK,' was all I could sob.

The limo took me back to mom's house. My mind was completely
numb. I missed him, I missed his smile, his hair and basically
everything about him. He was SUPPOSED to be here with me,
SUPPOSED to go on honeymoon with me, SUPPOSED to be with me
forever but now all that was gone.

I took off my wedding dress, and the little 'surprises' that every bride
prepares for her husband, and threw them into a corner. Why was I
still crying? Why had he done this do me? Did he hate me so much?
The questions kept coming but always there was 'Why?'. Around 1 am
I drifted into a fitful, restless sleep, almost afraid of the dreams I would

The next day mom came in. Her face was stained by tears, her eyes red
and a distinct look of fury in her eyes. She hugged me 'All men are
bastards,' she said.

'I know that now,' I replied.

'If you want to talk we're here for you,' she comforted.

'I'll be okay, I just hurt that's all. Mom, Why did he do it?'

'Sorry, I can't answer that, only he can.' She answered.

'I feel I want to rip his head off for what he's done to me,' I sobbed

'Don't worry dear, that's only natural. You'll get over it and find
someone else. Just remember, we're here for you,' mom said in her
kindest tone.

Mooching around the house would do me no good. I had to keep busy.

'Tell Dad I'll see him tomorrow,' I said.

'You don't have to go in, That's the good thing about working for pop,'
mom said. The concern evident in her voice.

'Mom, I want to. My patients need me. Dad needs me'

'Fine I'll tell him,' she said.

Dad's hospital was quite large and I enjoyed working there. I guess my
natural talent was in research, but I preferred to be amongst people.
After all, what good was a doctor if she couldn't heal the sick?. My
fellow doctors were very sympathetic, but for all their platitudes they
could not help the pain and loss that dominated my every waking
moment. Even in my dreams the events of the past would not lie down.
Instead of being a handsome, loving person like I knew him to be he
became demonised in my dreams. His sweet face and kind eyes became
those of pure evil. How I missed him. How I would wreak vengeance
on him, if I could.

A few weeks later, I lost a patient for the first time in months. It was a
small girl who had fallen from a cliff. All my experience could not
save her. As she died the life force seemed to seep out of her, leaving
her small, innocent body behind. I hate it when a patient dies. It takes
me ages to get over it. Combined with my failure in my relationships
and now this means that everything I do is a failure. As a doctor I
could get any substance I wished, but I knew the minute I prescribed
myself something potentially lethal dad would find out and stop me.
So I chose an easier method.

I had always been wary of guns and had hated them all my life. Now
dad's colt that I held in my hand was going to be my salvation. I had
written a farewell note and had placed it on my small, bedside table for
anyone to find. I was wearing my wedding dress again and took a last
look around outside at the sun shining before I pulled the trigger.

Click, Click, Click. My fingers frantically squeezed the trigger. Quick
check the ammo. Hmm, all there. What about the mechanism? Seems
OK. Firing pin?. Fuck, not there. At that moment both mom and Dad
rushed in.

'Thank God!' mom said.

'Why?' Dad asked. Concern showing thru his blue/gray eyes.

I broke down into tears. As I wept my parents held me close,
whispering comforting nothings in my ear. As my tears mixed with the
rest of my family's the sky clouded over, an omen to the passing of

Sometime later, I couldn't say I could finally speak and asked 'How did
you know?'

'Know what?' mom said.

'That I was going to try and kill myself.'

'We didn't right away, but something told me you wasn't right' mom
said again the relief showing in her face.

'But the gun?' I asked.

'I rendered it harmless ages ago,' Dad answered.

'Your father and I have been thinking,' mom said.

'Oh yes?' I replied.

'Well we are both about retirement age and before all this happened
your dad was thinking of selling the hospital and retiring.'

'I thought you were happy?' I asked dad.

'I am but my daughters happiness comes first. I must spend more time
with you to make you see that you are worth it.' Dad said.

Tears began to well up again as I sniffed.

'Thanks 'old man. When are you going to sell?'

'Already done,' he answered. 'As I said I had put some plans in motion
and fortunately they have matured at the right time.'

'So where does that leave us?' I asked.

'About $400 million better off.'

'What!!!!!' I had no idea dad was so rich.

'I had other fingers in many pies and your mom and I decided that we
should keep hold of most of it, less about 20 million to do with as you
will. The rest we will invest in some 'pies' I have left over.'

'So I am now out of a job?'

'Not really you can now do anything you want and I know how much
you want to have another go at research.' mom added.

'But I liked healing people,' I replied.

'Hear us out,' Dad said.

'OK.' I said a little suspicious as my parents had tried to rule my life

'One of my 'pies' was a state of the art research lab about 50 miles from
here. It needs a new manager for some very special work.'

'What sort of work?'

He handed me today's USA Today. Inside Page 2 was a column in
highlighted pen.
The same lab which mapped out cat, dog, mouse and cod genes last
year today completed the last great puzzle of human biology...'

'You did it!' I exclaimed. 'This is the holy grail of medicine and
biology!' I enthused.

'Think of the possibilities. You still interested?' Dad said.

'Sign me up!'

The Human gene. Mapped out! Every part which makes us human,
which makes us who we are found, described and catalogued, and we,
and only we, had it!

A couple of months later I had finally got the hang of running the
place. I liked to run things with an informal style, but with enough
discipline to make the work happen. I did however beef up security,
only a very few people knew the whole picture (let me see...James,
Cathline, Vickie and myself). Everyone else worked in cell groups. We
were concentrating our efforts in the field of stopping cancerous
growths when James (one of my key researchers) came running up to

'Liz, look at this,' he panted as he hand me some photos.

'Nothing special about these. These are just cheek cells,' I said.

'Yes, but an hour ago these were cancerous cheek cells.' he added.

'No, There's some mistake. These have never been cancerous.' I said.

'Follow me,' he said.

I followed him to Lab 192-A which was where he worked. Looking
around at the excited faces I knew that this was no mistake.

'Look in here,' James said pointing me to a microscope.

'These are just cancerous cells,' I said.

'Watch.' He put a single drop of clear liquid onto the slide. Before my
eyes the cells changed. The cancer was removed and the cells became
healthy once more.

'Fucking incredible!' I said, beginning to share their excitement.

'There's only one problem,' James added.

'Let me guess. It's very expensive?'

'Not really. But we can't get it to work on it's own DNA. The process
seems to replace whatever DNA is there in the first place with that it is
given.' James explained.

'So we have a cure for cancer but it the cure will re-write the DNA of
the person we give it to?'

'That's about it,' James confirmed.

'Excellent work! I'll divert all staff from their projects onto this one.'

Three months later and still the side effect remained. The process just
would not work unless it could re-write the DNA. Time to take stock.
My professional life was great. I had the means to cure millions if only
we could work around this one thing. My social life was dead, just as
inside I still felt dead. My dreams began to haunt my waking hours
and my heart slowly turned from love to hate as the poisonous dreams

Laying awake one night still thinking about our wonder cure, I began
to wonder if we hadn't hit on the ultimate in plastic and reconstructive
surgery as well as a cancer cure. The next day I put it to my staff.

'Great Idea, Liz!' was the general consensus.

'I have one reservation,' James said.

'What's that?' I asked.

'The cancer cure should still be number one.'

'Agreed, I'll take a couple of hundred of you off the cancer project and
onto this one. James I want you to head the cancer cure and I'll take the
James blushed and seemed to swell with pride at his new promotion.
He had earned it.

Another month past. The problem with the surgery project was getting
the DNA to only re-write selected parts of the body. It either worked on
a small part or ran rampant thru the entire cell structure and ended
destroying it totally. Two months after that we had it and were ready
for a test.

I managed to 'acquire' a small poodle like dog from the pound and told
the rest of my staff my plan.

'You're sick!' Cathline said.

'Why? I hate dogs and this one was going to die anyway. If this works
we know we have it cracked.' I injected the dog in the base of the neck
and let it run around it's pen for a while. I didn't have to wait long as
the dog started to yelp and whimper.

We watched in amazement as the dogs nose began to flatten and it's
face became rounder. The ears shrank and became pointed. Whiskers
formed and the eyes changed from brown to green. Seconds after it had
started the transformation was complete. The dog (if that is what it
still was) looked at us with a cat's head. It woofed a few times before
resuming it's exploration of it's cage.

The sight of seeing a dog walking round with a cats head was very
amusing and even the prim and proper Cathline found it funny.

'We did it!' Cathline breathed.

'The dog still thinks it's a dog which means the brain is intact. We
really did it!' I said.

The process was actually very easy to adapt to humans but how to
make it into a product that we could sell. I employed several hundred
programmers to build me a graphical interface for the production
method so that it could extract certain features from a DNA strand and
allow the correct sequence to be produced. It was a bit like those match
the heads and bodies games from when I was a kid but
much, much more complex. More trials with turning cats into dogs,
bits of dog and cat mixed with mouse proved the interface worked like
a dream.

All that remained was to try it on a human, but who? I knew the FDA
would take years to approve this process but I could not wait. By this
time 18 months had passed.

Around this time, James came to me with some disturbing news. He
had been diagnosed as having testicular cancer.

'How far along is your cure?' I asked him.

'Not far enough to save me. We have just about cured cervical cancer
but not this one. We got the fixer working just last week.'

'We could use you as our trial for the reconstructive surgery treatment.
That should cure you and you are the best researcher I have known and
would hate to lose you,' I said.

'Thanks, but I've seen the results of your handi-work. What do you call
those thing's you've made?'

'Cogs or Dats, depending on which is most dominant.'

'Can it really work?' he asked.

'I am 98% sure it can, after all what have you got to lose.'

'OK, I'll do it!'

Finding a sample of tissue was not difficult, as was tailoring the drug
using the new interface so a few days later I put sample 17645554-A
on the bench ready to inject into James. The next day James came in
ready to try it out.

'Cathline, pass me James's sample over there.'

'What's the number,' She asked.

Quickly checking my notebook I said '17645554-A.' She handed it do

'Sure you want to do this?' I asked.

'Go for it' He said. And I injected the liquid into him.

'Feel anything?' I asked.

'Nope, just a little warm and tingly down there.'

'I have mixed in a sedative which should help you relax and reduce any
pain' As I said this James fell asleep.

Two hours later, James awoke.

'Did it work?' he asked.

'You no longer have testicular cancer,' I said grimly.

'Then why so sad?' He asked.

'Reach down under your gown and tell me what you feel' I said.

James was now suspicious so he did so. Twenty seconds later the
scream could be heard two floors up.

'How did this happen?!' he sobbed.

'The samples got mixed up. I should have given you 17645554-A but
instead I gave you 17645544-A' I said.

'Bitch!' he hissed. 'I was supposed to be getting married next year and
now look at me. Am I James or Jane now?'

'Don't tell me about getting married! Look, I'm sorry about the mix-up.
Having a pussy's really not so bad. At least you'll still be alive.'

'Who's was it' James/Jane asked?

'Actually sample 17645544-A was Cathline's. She had agreed to give
me a sample of her vaginal tissue to give to your cervical cancer cure,'
I said.

'Just leave me alone,' James/Jane said.

'OK,' I said and I left the room.

Looking on the monitor I saw James/Jane put his hand under his gown
again. I saw the small movements under the cloth as his fingers
caressed his, or rather Cathline's, genitals. His face flushed red as the
pleasure obviously began to sweep over him. I could see his pants
become more regular as he reached the point of orgasm. When it came
his body seemed to shake with the pleasure.

When morning came I went in to see how James was doing.

'Enjoyed watching me last night did you?' He asked.

'I'm no voyeur, but you did seem to like it,' I said.

'I could get used to it in a while, but am I James Or Jane?'

'That's for you to decide. You are still male in all but one thing, but
female in perhaps one of the most important.'

'Can you change me back?'

'Never tried it, but I'll have a go'

'How long will it take?' James/Jane asked.

'I've no idea. We've never tried to alter the genetic structure twice but I
see no reason why it shouldn't work. I'll go and get the sample I took
for you yesterday.'

'Make sure it's the right one this time. I don't want to *be* Cathline.
It's bad enough having her pussy.'

'I'll be careful,' and I walked out of the door.

Fortunately sample 17645554-A was still there and I injected it into
him. Four hours later there was no change.

'How long before it works?' James/Jane asked.

'It should have worked by now' I said. A horrible thought struck me
and I rushed out of the room. I returned an hour later and said to
James/Jane. 'I'm sorry, Cathline's Sample had been treated with the
fixer. There's nothing we can do.'

The fixer was an protein that prevented further changes to the genetic
makeup to ensure a cancer did not reappear. Once 'fixed' the genetic
makeup for that particular part could not be altered. James/Jane began
to sob.

'I need some time off. Time off to get used to this, time to tell my
fiancee,' James/Jane explained.

'Take as long as you like,' I said.

It was two weeks after James/Jane left that my world fell apart again.
Just when I thought that I was getting back to myself again, fate
intervened to stop all that. I was due at a conference on the West coast
and was taking the opportunity to relax by driving there. At about
10pm I passed by a motel in some small non-descript Mid-West town
and feeling tired I checked in. My dreams were even more vivid than
normal and I found that I could not sleep. Wide awake at 1am my
thoughts began to turn to HIM again. I had been so involved in my
work recently especially with the plight of poor James that I only
thought about HIM during the night. Unable to sleep and wanting
some air I decided to go for a walk and maybe catch a late night movie.

Although the town was small it did at least have a movie theatre.
There was some bad movie on about Martians attacking the earth. The
thing that made me look was the poster showing a girls head on a dogs
body. 'At least we never did that!' I thought to myself. The movie had
finished as people were streaming out. My heart stopped as I saw
*him*, his arms were around tallish lady with short, raven black hair.
They were laughing and were obviously very much in love. HOW
COULD HE! I wanted to scream at him but something held me back.
Being quite tall (5'10) I did stand out and didn't really want to be found
out so I went back to my motel and made a call.

'Yes, I'd like someone followed, please.'

I gave the agency the descriptions and left it to them. The nice thing
about having a few million is that you can leave such things to the

I lay in bed utterly feeling utterly betrayed. Yes it had been just over
two years, but HOW COULD HE. I bet he was seeing her all along,
just stringing me along for my money. I would make him pay. Really
make him pay. What's the saying? 'Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman
Scorned.' Well I was one scorned woman. Not wishing to hang around
this hateful place I checked out the next day, relying on my 'friends' to
keep me informed.

Every day now I thought how I could get my revenge on him. My
original plan was to try and split them up, but then I got a call.

'Deianeira, I have some information for you'

I had always been interested in mythology and my codename was very
apt. daughter of a king who in her jealousy for another woman (called
Iole) poisoned Hercules by dipping his shirt in the blood of the centaur Nessus
which then killed him.

'What is it?'

'He's getting married.'


'To a lady called Jane Norton. Aka 'Kat' to her friends.'

'You MUST be wrong!' I sobbed.

'Sorry Deianeira, but the engagement is confirmed," the voice replied.
"The wedding takes place in just over nine months.'

'Keep in touch,' I just managed to say.

Why did he keep punishing me? Even after he left me he kept hurting
me. At night, during the day. When could I ever be free of him. Why
didn't I want to be free of him?

How could I have been so stupid? I have the perfect means of revenge,
untested yes, but perfect. Inflict my gene altering drug on him. Force
him to a point where he HAS to come back to me. But how should I do
it? My thoughts of James/Jane came back to me and my perfect plan
was starting to form. But first I would need a person to test it on. It
should be someone who deserves my attentions, someone who had hurt
another just like I had been hurt. I had no desire to kill so I had to wait
patiently until I was ready to strike.

I had waited for weeks for an opportunity to arise and time was
running out. So I decided to force the issue. I would pick on Cathline
to be my target. She was always the 'proper' one and her seemingly
indestructible marriage had riled me since I first met her. Another
quick phone call to my 'friends' and a hundred thousand would soon to
the trick.

'This is Deianeira. I want something doing. I want to pay Jennifer
Porter one hundred thousand dollars to sleep with John Richards.' As I
gave my 'friends' the addresses my satisfaction grew. Now all I had to
was wait. My friends were very reliable...

My plan came to fruition when I caught Cathline sobbing in the
corner. Her eyes were red, her makeup smudged and she had obviously
been crying for some time. I sat down besides her, put my arm around
her shoulders and asked, 'What's up?'

'It's John,' she sobbed.

'Your husband?'

'Yes, I caught him in bed, with Jennifer Porter.'

'Jennifer?, the small blonde in Gene Splicing?' I asked.

'That's her. He said this was the first time but I think he's lying, Do you
believe him?'

'Knowing men, Not really.' I admitted.

'I don't know what to do. I want to leave him now, but I can't. I still
love him in spite of everything he's done. I just want to get even with
him for a while. Make him feel like the fool.' Cathline sobbed some

'You REALLY want to get back at him?' I asked.

'Yes, make him suffer like both of us have suffered' Cathline said.

'I've an idea, It may seem wicked but it could be some fun.' I said,
hardly able to keep my excitement down. Here at last was an
opportunity to test out the most difficult part of my plan. But I had to
keep calm.

'What's your plan?' Cathline looked a bit brighter.

'How about enhancing him a little?' I asked.

'What do you mean?'

'Let him see the other side of the fence, make him understand how a
woman feels. From the inside.' I said with a glint of devilment in my

'Dr Elizabeth Bexley that is the most horrible thing I've ever heard'
Cathline said, but her blue eyes twinkled with mischief.

'I think everything is in place. It's about time we had a human test
don't you think?' she added.

'I think so. But I'll agree on one condition only.'

'That being?'

'He only stays like it for two or three months.'

'Why? We could 'fix' him. Really teach him a lesson' I countered.

'No, I still love him and don't want to lose him forever,' she said.

'Fine who do you want him to be. I'm sure we can get samples from
anywhere' I asked.

'What about being Jennifer for a while?' She said.

'Perfect. But I have one other condition. You must keep a diary of
everything that happens so we can be sure everything has worked out
all right.' I said.

'Agreed. You have Jennifer's DNA already?'

'Yes, As you know all my employees had to give an AIDS test.' I said.

'Now we are both agreed, do you want to work out the details yourself,
let me do it, or let us both plan?' I asked.

'You obviously have a wicked streak and I want have a say so lets meet
up after work. Say about eight?' Cathline said.

'Eight it is, at my place.' I said.

I had invested some of my money in a mansion, just for me. It had all
the usual things associated with such a place but it was the gym, pool,
and sauna that made it special. It also had a small lab which would do
any research place proud. The best thing about it however was it's
location, remote but on a hillside overlooking a beautiful wooded
valley. I had held several parties for my staff there and the servants I
employed there always did a fine job. Thinking about it, John,
Cathline's husband didn't seem to like me for some reason. Oh well, he
would soon have even less to like me for.

'See you later and get back to work,' I grinned. Stage 1 was now

Cathline came round at eight exactly, wearing what I would call a
revealing outfit. Although she was somewhat shorter than me, at five
seven her body was well proportioned. She looked a bit like my ex-
fiancee's wife to be. She didn't seem to have Kat's panther like
movements, but otherwise she was a close match. Anyway, Cathline
was no bitch. She was one of us.

'Who are you dating after you have seen me?' I asked.

She looked down at her short lycra skirt and halter top and said, 'No-
one, but first rule of business is to dress to impress.' she said.

'I'm impressed. Now down to work,' I said.

'I've been thinking about our plan,' she said.


'I don't really want him to be Jennifer anymore,' she said.

My heart began to sink. 'Please don't get cold feet.'

'No I want him to be someone I don't know. If I saw him as her it
would rub in what he did to me, for destroying my trust in him.' she
said bitterly.

'Do you want me to handle that part. I know of a few ways to get DNA
without the subject knowing. It would also have to be someone not
local as that would raise too many questions.' I asked.

This was getting better all the time. I had just the person in mind. Kat!
I would need some of her DNA for my plan anyway. This way I could
have an exact test in an controlled environment. It shouldn't take very
long to get it anyway. But I won't tell Cathline who or why I choose

'Seems logical,' she said. Cathline moved closer to me, her legs
occasionally touching mine. Was this a come on?

'So I can choose?' I asked.

'Yep,' She agreed.

'Now I think that a normal human body will die if subjected to too
much change, too quickly,' I said. 'It must be given time to recover.'

'You're the doc,' Cathline said. Her hand momentarily touched my
knee. What next?

'I think a day between changes should be enough, and maybe spread
the doses over 10 days.' I added

'How will the doses be administered?' Cathline asked. This time her
hand stayed on my knee. Should I brush it away?

'The injection method is fine in a laboratory but we could use the new
powdered form we have been experimenting with. This means you can
give it to him any time and any how you like,' I said. The hand was
resting lightly on my thigh now!

'Once he starts to change won't he be suspicious of me?' She asked.

I had expected this question and again I mentally checked off another
part of my plan. Her hand was still there. Did I detect a small stroke
just then??? Did I want to stop this??

'Maybe I can tailor that narcotic you were working on before I joined.
Make him lust after the thing you first put it in. I dunno put it in his
coffee or something. Then he will want coffee to relieve his cravings.
You can then slip it into his coffee whenever you like.' I told her.

'Speaking of lust,' Cathline said.

Before I had chance to answer she had pressed her moist lips onto
mine and, to my surprise, I responded. I wouldn't regard myself as a
lesbian or even a little bi, but something in her kiss lit my fire. Her
hand stroked my leg moving ever closer to my pussy. The sensations
were unique. Part of me wanted to push her away, the other *have*
her. She was supposed to be the very 'proper' Cathline, but the hands
reaching up to unbutton my blouse were not doing the 'proper' thing at

Before I could do much else a skilful hand had undid my bra and was
stroking my smooth, firm breasts. I felt flushed as my arousal grew. I
began to respond in kind, stroking her firm bosom over her halter top.
Her nipples grew as she became aroused and from the fire that I felt
inside I knew that mine had just done the same. The lust began to grow
and before I knew or could control it I had removed her skimpy top
exposing her heaving chest.

'Wait.. ' I panted.

'What? You don't like this?' she asked.

'YES, but we don't want to be disturbed, do we?' I said.

Still not really believing what I was doing/about to do I phoned the
butler and told him dinner would be late, and that Cathline and I was
not to be disturbed under *any* circumstances.

'Now where were we?' Cathline said seductively.

'About here,' I said as I held her close. Our breasts heaving together as
we resumed our passionate embrace.

'Lay down,' she said and I did so.

Her tongue was caressing my body. It fondled my earlobes, then my
neck and finally my by now very erect nipples. I began to moan, 'Yes,
yes.' Electricity shot through me as her hand *finally*, but all too
briefly, touched my pussy. I groped for the zip that held her skirt on
and freed her of that article of clothing as she began to stroke my long,
shapely legs again.

'About time I released you,' she crooned as my skirt was also removed.

She stroked the curve of my waist and I did the same, feeling her
smooth, unblemished skin. How different this was from making love to
a man! So unhurried, so understanding, so gentle and so ummmmm.

'How about a 69?' she asked.

By this time, a forest fire of passion and pleasure was burning within
me and I agreed instantly.

We swapped sides to form the classic shape and although I had done
this with *him* this was unique and special. I was on top, looking
down at her moist, open and aroused clit. I went to lick her hot, open
and moist pussy, but she said 'Not yet, lover.'

She reached up grasping the cheeks of my ass and began to smother
my pussy with kisses. I moaned even louder and began to sweat. As her
hands stroked my thighs and her tongue very delicately began to caress
the lips of my cunt I wondered why I hadn't done this sooner. As I
reached orgasm I heard her pant, 'Now lover.'

I bent down, laying flat over her, and began to caress her pussy too.
She too began to moan louder and soon we were in concert. The
rhythm of our bodies, tongues and hands, adding the baseline to our
sexual tune. I tasted her for the first time, her hot musk smell arousing
me more than I had been for a long time. Hmm, women tasted so
different. An exploratory caress with my tongue sent us both into
overdrive. As I became more experienced our pleasure grew.

This went on seemingly for hours. Each of us taking delight in each
others bodies and sensations. We both came together, something that
had happened only a few times when I was with a man. As our
volcanic pleasure died down and turned into a warm, satisfied glow I
really began to regret not doing this earlier.

As we lay beside each other, her hand still resting on my breast, my
hand gently stroking her hip, she said, 'I had no idea...'

'Neither did I. I guess we both needed each other,'

It was now late and I knew we still had a lot of ground to cover.

'We have to get on, alas' I said as I got up to get dressed. Cathline, her
fun for the moment gone, did the same.

'Shame,' she grinned.

'My house has plenty of space, you could always spend the night,' I told
her. Had I really just invited another woman to sleep with me? I guess
I had, and I certainly had no regrets.

'We only need one room, but not tonight. What would people say if
they knew I was sleeping with the boss?' Cathline said grinning again.

'When do you want the package delivered?' I asked. 'I should be able to
get the DNA within a few days. Say, make the doses during the
following week.' I said, a bit disappointed.

'Fine, whatever you can do,' the lovely Cathline said.

'Let's call it a night,' I said. 'Sure you won't stay?' I asked.

'Hmm, very tempting, but no. I'll see you tomorrow.' With that
Cathline left.

My mind was in a whirl. Was I really falling for this woman or was
she just some unforeseen side effect? I knew that I must keep the
reason why her husband cheated on her a secret, otherwise all would be
lost. I admit to feeling a little guilty for using her like that, especially
as she wasn't as prim and proper as she wanted people to believe.
Maybe one of the reasons she wanted this type of revenge was so that
she could have her husband how she really liked them, a woman.

Before I went to bed I made another call to my 'friends'.

'This is Deianeira. Status report on Jane Norton.' I asked.

'The wedding is in exactly two months.' Damn, I thought.

'Where is the honeymoon?' I asked.

'They are booked into the Luxor hotel in Cairo for three weeks right
after the wedding.' the voice said.

'OK. Locate the most skilled tattoo artist in Cairo and tell him to await
further instructions in around nine weeks and tell him to practice his
Hydra's. Also find me the meeting places for the local slave-trade and
contact names for some 'friends' in Egypt.'

'Done. Anything else?'

'Yes, I want you to obtain a sample of Jane Norton's hair or blood. I
think you should be able to persuade her doctor to let you have a
sample. Say that you are AIDS testing or something. When you have
done that leave it in the usual place. I will call back in three days.'

With that done I went to bed, my mind buzzing. Only two months to
go. So much to do, but first we must attend to our friends Cathline and
John Richards.

The next day at work I hardly saw Cathline. I wanted to keep up the
pretence of loving her so that she would not get scared off, and it
would also allow me to adapt my plans to hers as they evolved. What
was the saying? 'Keep your friends close but your enemies closer'.

The next day I went to the pick up place, a small cave around 100
miles south of the lab. A sample of hair was in a polythene bag. A
cursory inspection showed a few live hair follicles still attached to the
hair. Perfect.

I was sitting alone in the canteen (after all who wants to sit next to the
boss?) when Cathline sat next to me.

'Hi,' she said.

'Hi, I've got the package if you still want it,' I said.

'Yes, I still want it. John is so apologetic but I think he enjoyed
cheating on me really,' she said.

'I should have the refined version of it ready in about a week,' I

'look I've told John I'm going away for a few days to think. I would like
to spend them with you.'

'Why not? We'll need privacy. I see you tonight,' and I gave her foot an
'accidental' brush with mine.

That night we didn't do much talking. Lots of doing, but not much
talking. Although it was good, there was something missing. Maybe it
was surprise. As we lay cuddling in my bed I asked her a $64,000

'Do you want your husband to be a woman for a while so that you can
enjoy her instead of me?'

'Whatever makes you say that?' Was that a guilty look!!!

'Just a thought.'

'I'll admit that I will try it on when he's your mystery girl but that's not
my main reason.'


'Positive' and she gave my nipple a little tweak. This prompted a
response from me and soon we were at it again. This time much more
frenzied but still very sensual. Why couldn't men be this sensitive?

Morning came and I made my way to work, while Cathline worked
from my home.

I thought back to my encounters with Cathline. Why did she seduce me
so? Why so keen when she had always seemed to have the perfect

I reflected back again over the events of the past couple of days. Maybe
she was a little too eager to have her husband transformed. Why was

In searching for this answer my mind went back to THAT day, THAT
hour, THAT second. Further back I went until I saw the same pattern
forming. HIM being too willing to go along with my schemes and
fantasies and then being hit with refusal. Cathline was playing me for
a puppet, just as he had done.

These thoughts began to blot out all others. Liz...CONCENTRATE!
Tears, mood swings, why was I getting so upset? I can't let Cathline
know I'm onto her.

A day or so later the answer came, just in the nick of time.

I had thought she was different but I could see the trap coming this
time. She was just using me so that she could get what she wanted.
That was it! I saw her plan instantly...Seduce me so she can turn her
husband into a woman for a while. See how he likes it, drop me and go
running off back to him.

I would not let that happen. I began to draw up a counter to this. It was
just a small diversion in the scheme of things but it would serve as
another test I wanted to perform. It would also tidy up some possible
loose ends and act as additional insurance should the need arise.

The sample of Kat's DNA was just right and I made three copies of it.
One for John, One for HIM and one for me. I had no desire to undergo
the kind of traumatic change that HE would have to undergo and so I
got my team to design a fast, painless version (I didn't tell them what it
was really for just that if we were to produce this stuff commercially it
should be painless). Once again my teams came up trumps. They did
everything I asked of them and more.

I had realised from the early days of my plan that I would have to
change places with Kat at some point in time and that the only way to
do that was to become her double. This meant that I had to store copies
of my own DNA somewhere safe. I also needed a backup for the
equipment at the lab and so some months previously I had purchased a
small unit just outside of town. It resembled a small warehouse and
had little security. Anonymity was the best security this place could
have. In any case, the DNA altering traps I had set inside should
prevent unauthorised tampering. The only other security measure
required me to show my torso to an image recognition system before I
could use the system. I called this place 'Rhamnus' after the place
where Nemesis sought sanctuary.

It was at 'Rhamnus' that I spliced the final versions of the drugs I was
going to use. Let me see... 10 Kat Pills for HIM. With the new
intelligent narcotic built in. Plus some other concoctions. 10 Doses of
Kat Powder for John with the old Narcotic (but in smaller doses than
those for HIM). 1 Painless presto-changeo version for me. 1 Painless
back to me version.

How could I have forgotten. I now had to tailor the real Kat's final
form and add some fixer to make really sure. I sat down at the terminal
and thought. I would tell HIM that I could not identify Kat after her
change, but I had to know what she will look like in order that I can
recognise her if the need arises. A few hours in front of the GUI DNA
interface and all was complete. I pitied her in a way so she got a
painless dose too. I hoped she likes her new body...

I used the interface to design a few new faces for me, if I should need
them. I now reckoned I could reduce the time it takes to change faces
down to 20 seconds, and make it painless too. After this I guessed I'd
be the first shapeshifter in the world.

However all this depended on how well John did. It may seem forward
to produce all this first before the test, but time really was short and I
KNEW this would work.

I came back from Rhamnus a few days later. To my chagrin I had
missed being with Cathline, but this had to come first.

I met Cathline around my house after about a week. Why did she have
to dress so revealingly in public? I didn't want the news of our affair to
get out.

'All Done,' I said and passed her John's 'Kat' Doses.

'This will really work?' she asked as she passed me a sample of John's
hair. 'Don't lose it.'

'In three months he will be back to how he should be,' I said.

'Sure this will work?' Cathline asked.

'Yep. All set, apart from a couple of things.'

'Which are?' Cathline asked.

'You MUST keep a record and E-mail me every day. The detail doesn't
have to be too explicit, as I don't want to get too jealous, but I must
know if the drug is working OK. Also when the change is complete
he/she will need some new papers in order to get around, credit cards,
passports, drivers license etc. Oh and by the way I would recommend
not giving him the doses for about week. just to be on the safe side.' I

'This is only for a couple of months,' Cathline confirmed.

'Yes, but you may want to go away. I may just be able to shout you a
holiday as a thank you.'

'Wow! You sure?'

'Me? Short of money? Not likely. I guess you want the papers now, so
that you can see what your husband will look like?'

'Yes please, hand them over.'

I handed over the papers marvelling at the work my 'friends' had
managed to achieve. All the documents were identical to the real thing.

'Jane Norton, huh?'

'Yep. Cute isn't she.'

'We look very much alike. Was that intentional?' Cathline observed.

'Kind of. I thought you will be able to share clothes rather than have to
buy new outfits for her.'

'Good idea! No, Jane Norton will do just fine. I'll keep in touch when I
can, but I'll tell you now that I have to be off work until this is done.'

'Fine. You're fired,' I said.


'Don't worry I'll take you back on as my deputy once all this is over but
I need to be able to distance myself from this. I hope you understand.'

'Fine. See you in a couple of months, lover.' She said and gave me a
quick peck on the cheek.

I went back into the house very satisfied. Laying down on my sofa,
looking at the sun going down over my well kept grounds, I made a
call from my special phone.

'This is Deianeira. Status report.'

'Everything is in place. The wedding takes place on the 20th of July.
The honeymoon destination is confirmed as Cairo.'

'And the tattoo artist?'

'Paid and waiting for further instructions.'

'What about the other packages?'

'EVERYTHING is in place,' The voice sounded a little annoyed.

'Flights booked for all involved?'

'EVERYTHING is in place' The voice sounded even more annoyed.

'Oh and just one more thing' I outlined an additional instruction.

'Are you sure you want that done? It will cost half a million, cash.'

'Yes,' I answered.

'Consider it done, Deianeira.'

'Thank you, your payment will be in the usual place in four weeks.
That will be all for now.'

'Pleasure doing business, Deianeira.' and my 'friend' hung up.

My 'friends' were going to get a shock when they tried to hand out the
money. I had impregnated the money with my DNA altering drug. A
couple of hours after it was dished out there would be a few more cats
in the world (The feline kind). The money would dissolve soon after. I
do so hate loose ends.

All the pawns were now in place. It would soon be time for the queen
to move. I made another call.

'Hi, Terri. This is Liz. Is Vickie there?'

'Hold on, I'll get her,' my secretary said.

'Vickie, Listen I'm going on a sabbatical for about four months. Can
you hold the fort while I'm away?

'Bit sudden, isn't it?' Vickie replied.

'I know it's short notice but I really NEED the time off. Unless I get a
long break I'll burn up. In anycase I know you can cope.'

'I'll try,' Vickie said.

'Terri. I authorise Vickie Turner to be my deputy in all aspects of my
work until my return. I'll confirm that in writing as well. Bye.' I said.

'OK, have a good one,' Terri said.

I checked my mail every day for weeks until then the message
'Incoming E-Mail' appeared on my screen. A cursory check showed it
to be from some spam company offering a get rich quick scheme, but
the UU-encoded picture it contained soon deposited an encrypted text
file on my hard disk. This told me this was no spam.
I applied my private key to it and the message became clear. It read.

"Change 1

"'Hi Lover It's me. If you are reading this rather than watching a jpeg
of a pile of money. This means this embedded encryption system really

"John went ape when I told him you had fired me. He threatened to go
around to your place and was saying things like 'woman or no woman
no one does that to MY wife'. I managed to placate him saying that I
wanted some time off. Anyway we can afford to wait for a few months
before I start looking again."

"'I've decided that I cannot wait ten days for him to change totally, I
have calculated how much his body can really take based on the depth
of changes. Hope you don't mind. I realise that you cannot reply but
you have to trust me on this one."

I stopped reading the message for a moment. Excellent! I will need to
cater for this possibility. So, Cathline, that's fine by me. I went back to
the message.

"'I gave the first doses to him in some pizza last night. I wanted to
off small so I gave him her arms. Have you put in some kind of
random delay? Because about an hour after he had taken then the
following occurred.

"'Honey? My arms feel weird,' John said.

"'Pardon?' I asked.

"'They feel all itchy. Have a look,' and he showed me his arms.

"And lover, as I took his hands, the flesh began to ripple. His fingers
reformed, smaller, and far more dainty than before. He began to
scream as his normally muscular arms began to melt away. I had seen
'cogs' and 'dats' change before but this was mesmerising. His muscles
seemed to flow and he grimaced in pain as I could see bone and sinew
reform into some muscular but very feminine arms.

"'What's happening to me?' he sobbed. He stared at his new arms for
sometime, obviously unable to believe his eyes.

"'I don't know, but I do know that I still love you. Besides a little
workout and no-one will ever notice,' I lied.


"'Positive,' I said and gave him a kiss to prove it.

"The next day he wanted the day off work so I called him in sick.

"'Can I paint your nails?' I suggested.

"'Fuck off!' he said, and that was that. No fun for Cathline this time,
but just you wait.

"'Well that's about it. Expect to hear from me in a day or so when I
feed him some more of my special pizza. I think something fairly
drastic next. Hips and body shape. You'll have to wait and see, as will
I. So far Jane Norton looks a real babe.


I stopped reading my heart filled with joy and pleasure. It works! It
fucking well works! Well I sort of knew it would but now I was really
ready to deal with HIM and his bitch wife.

I hate waiting around for things and if I still had my 'friends' around I
could have asked them to help, but I had enough cats around the place.
In any case I needed to get a tan, and I thought I had underused the
pool in recent weeks. Can't let this wonderful body of mine get out of
shape can we, I thought. It'll need all the strength it has soon.

Another message came in a day or so later. Still spam, but this time the
picture was of Cindy Crawford. I applied another private key to the
document and read Cathline's report with baited breath.

"Changes 2 & 3

"'Hello Lover,

"'I'm sorry to say I missed all the fun this time. I do wish you had told
me how long it would take for him to start to change. As expected he
had a real hunger for Pizza after that first dose and seemed to want it
all the time. Score one for that narcotic. I fed him the body and hips
dose at lunchtime hoping that he would change before my eyes. I really
wanted to see that change, but I had to go out to get more Pizza. His
hunger for the stuff is insatiable. Anyways I came back to find him
collapsed on the floor barely breathing. I could see the curve of his hips
and body under his shirt and again marvelled at your choice in body
for him. His arms now flowed into his rounded shoulders forming a
well muscled but very womanly shape. Whoever Jane Norton is/was,
she certainly was no slouch when it came to exercise and workouts.
His ass was good too. Very firm and just right for me.

"'He awoke much to my relief about an hour later.

"'What happened?' he asked woozily.

"'I think you should see something,' I said.

"'What's that?' He tentatively asked.

"I gently undid his shirt showing off the full, well muscled curves he
now had. Jane has very good skin you know.

"I hope the neigbors didn't hear the scream.

"He stood before me, naked looking very strange. His manly legs, face
and dick seemed very out of place on that curved, shapely form. He
was still a little taller than me at five nine but he had certainly shrunk
from his normal six feet.

"'How is this happening?' he sobbed.

"'I don't know I've heard things about voodoo and curses placed on
people. There have been several documented cases of such things,' I

"'I think it's more likely that gene place you worked at,' he said.

"I was ready for this.

"'I had no access to any of that stuff, you can check with Dr Bexley if
you like. Could it have been that bitch Jennifer?' I said. Jealousy
gambit away, captain.

"'That fucking whore!' he swore. (Well done Lover those bitch lessons
from you has paid off...)

"'You wait till I see her. I'll teach her to screw and then screw up my
husband,' I shouted.

"'How is this happening? Can I stop it?' he sobbed.

"'I'm not really sure. I think the changes are genetic but reversible. Dr
Bexley would have to know more. I could phone and ask her?'

"'Not that spoilt whore,' he spat.

"Sorry lover but you HAD just fired me.

"'OK, I heard somewhere that she had gone off somewhere anyway,' I

"'But what am I going to do now. My body now has curves that I can
only describe as being dangerous. Hell even I fancy myself!' John said.

"'I tell you what. How about I make you feel like a real man again?' I


"I promised you that I wouldn't be to explicit but I have to give you
some taste. He led me upstairs to bed and we rapidly stripped off.
None of the gentle but erotic undressing you and I do by the way.

"As his womanly arms began to stroke the curve of my spine my hands
gently began to explore his firm, womanly ass. My hands traced the
delicate curves of his body and I half expected him to protest but the
'Hmmm,' I got indicated otherwise. His small hands gently caressed
my breasts, causing me immense pleasure. As his tongue moved to
stroke my nipples, my hands also began to clutch at his rounded
shoulders. By this time he was fully erect and itching to mount me.
Men are so impatient!

"'How about a 69 first?' I asked.

"'Sure!' was his reply.

"Sorry, Lover, I promised not to go into too much detail so I have cut
the next hour or so out."

I stopped reading at this point. How could she 69 him? I though I was
the only one she 69'd. I was right not to trust them. I read on, grimly
fascinated. The anger I felt at being betrayed in this way growing as I
read each word.

"After he had come we both lay down exhausted. The memory of his
warm breath and tongue on and in me still giving me pleasure
prompted me to ask. 'This isn't so bad is it? Not many men can
experience life as woman. You might enjoy the other side for a while.'

"'I didn't realise women's skin was so sensitive,' he said.

"'If things go on as they are you may out a lot more about women. But
how about it? Do you want to give being a real woman a try, if the time
comes?' I asked.

"'I'll think about it, but what about sex?'

"'We'll let that sort itself out,' and with that we drifted off to sleep.

"Sorry about that my love but I felt I had to lay some background
down. I can hardly wait to give him the next slice, but I must now wait
until he has recovered. What part next do you think? I'll surprise you.
John has the makings of an excellent partner, but from what I've seen
so far Jane Norton isn't in your league (especially in the licking
department). Maybe a phone call from you to give me my new job back
could be the prelude to us making a threesome? Thinking about it.
Wait until my next mail before phoning.

"Until then

"All my love Cathline..."

As the mail scrolled off the screen I began to get aroused at the thought
of a threesome, but I had no time for distractions. It's a shame, dearest
Cathline, that your fate had been decided in that 69 session with your
husband, but I would not be betrayed a second time.

Whilst I was sunning myself, in my too skimpy swimsuit, my butler
came out holding the phone.

'It's for you, Madam.' he said.

'Sorry to trouble you, Liz, but I have some news on James/Jane.' Vickie

So much had gone on, that I had forgotten about him. He was a very
early part of my plan and he had been rendered harmless. Or so I

'Is he/she all right?' I asked.

'I got a letter from his psychiatrist saying that he had been admitted to
a sanatorium sometime ago with Gender Identity Disorder.'

'I'm not surprised.' Good that bit went just as planned.

'He's fine, but he will not be returning to work, ever.' Vickie said sadly.

'Sure, thanks for letting me know. In that case I'll give Cathline
Richards his job. I regret firing her. It was a mistake on my part,' I

'Do you want me to tell her?' Vickie asked.

'No. I need to pop round to apologise. I'll do it.' I said.

'I never thought I'd see the day when Doctor Elizabeth Bexley made a
mistake,' Vickie said.

Sorry, sister, I have made no mistake, I thought.

'It comes to all of us. Now let me be, my champagne is getting warm.' I
said and hung up.

Perfect. I now had the excuse to contact Cathline and pay a visit. Now
I had just to wait for the E-mail.

I made another call. This time to my bank. I arranged for 12 million to
be transferred from my vault in the US to another in New Zealand.
Access was to be via safe deposit key. This was to be my nest egg if it
should prove difficult or dangerous to move back to the US. I had liked
New Zealand and could easily live there if I had to. Everyone needs a
bolt hole if required.

Three days later, and with just over a month to go, another E-mail
arrived. This time as an E-mail advert for some strange cult. The
picture was of a temple in the mountains and the message required
private key three to decode.

"Hello Again Lover

"My husband is now the proud owner of two very shapely legs, and I
must say that Jane's face looks very beautiful. It has this almost feline
quality about it. Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's how it

"I was in a hurry to get things moving again and so I made him
another special pizza. This time with three doses in. I pushed his
limits, I know, but legs count about the same as arms in change terms,
so I wanted to try it out. Almost right away he screamed 'My head
hurts, stop it Cath please...'

"His blonde hair was turning raven black and growing rapidly. His
small delicate hands clutched at his face as the bones reshaped into an
oval shape. His nose changed shape until it was, well, cute and the lips
reformed to become much fuller and luscious. Showing thru his now
short hair, I noticed that his ears were a different shape. I could almost
say elfin, but not really that much. Tears streamed down his face as his
eyes seemed to go inside his head. A few seconds later they re-emerged
a very feline green in color. His voice was higher too.

"'Noo!' he sobbed.

"Just as his strength returned and he managed to stand, he fell over
again, as this time I saw the flesh begin to ripple on both of his legs.
His feet seemed to shrink and his toes reshaped to form small feet. His
calf muscled reshaped to form smooth curves and his once hairy legs
were now smooth. His knees also reshaped as the drug worked it's way
up to his thighs. His thighs too became much more curved and firm
looking. Jane really has a nice pair of pins.

"He looked down at his legs, attached to his shapely form and began to

"'I can't cope. I thought I could, but I can't!' he sobbed.

"'Don't worry dear, we are stronger than this.' I said.

"'Pass me a mirror,' he asked.

"I went into the bedroom and got a mirror for him.

"'I-I'm beautiful,' he said in his new dulcet tones. By the way lover, I
never noticed before I heard him that your voice is AMAZING. Yours
is so sexy but so oh I dunno, his a little, well smooth and feline. I
I could start calling him 'cat' or something. What do think lover?"

I stopped reading the mail.

'No Way,' I said out loud. I've quite enough Kat's to deal with, thank
you very much, I thought. I went back to the letter...

"'You're stunning, darling. At least Jennifer had taste. Have you
thought anymore about trying out my proposal?' I asked. He was still
looking at his reflection in the mirror and trying out his new face.

"'I guess I have no choice now. I practically am a woman now,' John

"'Do you want to go out anywhere?' I asked.

"'How about for some pizza?' John said.

'Fine, but you mustn't protest when I dress you how I want you dressed.
As far as you are concerned you are now a lady.'

"'But I don't want to be a lady. I want to be me back again. I'm
agreeing to this out of curiosity, not desire. Inside I HATE it!' He said
in what tried to be a forceful way. He is still not used to his new voice,

"'Fine. Wait here for a minute,' and I went upstairs.

"What should he wear, I thought. Something too sexy and it might put
him off. He hasn't any tits yet which will mean he will need to wear
padding in his bra. His cock will show thru any of my tight skirts and
leggings. So I guess jeans and sweater will have to do. I really want to
dress him, as I dress, short skirts and revealing tops but he hasn't the
figure yet to carry it off. The last thing I want to do is scare him away.
So I brought out a pair of my stretch jeans, baggy sweater and my
wonder-bra (I know I don't need it but sometimes it's good to be larger
than life).

"He put on the jeans without complaint. His lovely legs slipped in with
no problems at all. My jeans were a little loose around the waist. I
guess Jane Norton is smaller in that department. He turned around,
admiring his shapely butt.

"'Wow, what an ass,' he said.

"'Try this on,' I said and handed him the bra.

"His face saddened at the sight of it. 'I'm not sure about this,' he said.

"'Look, you have a woman's body, a woman's face and a woman's butt.
There is no way in hell you can pass as a man now. The public expect
a woman to have breasts, so you must have them as well.' I said, my
voice tinged with concern.

"'OK, pass it here.' He spent several minutes trying to put it on and my
amusement was growing by the second.

"'Let me have a go,' and I put the bra on him in about 30 seconds.

"'I can manage the sweater, thanks,' and he put it on.

"He walked over to the mirror and stared at his reflection. Where he
half expected to see a very poor image of a woman. You know, like
some tv who obviously can't pass to save his life. There stood instead
a very attractive young lady of 29. The breasts weren't real and you
could see a small bulge where there shouldn't be, but that really was
about it'

"'Ready?' I said.

"'Ready,' he answered and we walked out.

"The journey was uneventful. At the Pizza Place a nice waitress with a
cute ass asked us 'Table for two, ladies?'

"'Yes please' I answered, looking with amusement at my husbands face
on being called a lady, and then with a little more pleasure at the sight
of his green eyes giving the waitress the once over.

"'Smoking or non smoking?' she added.

"'Non, please.' I said and the waitress led us to a table in a secluded
corner of the restaurant.

"John looked very pensive as he sat down. I knew he had been hiding
his real feelings from me since this started. He was like that, had to be
strong to protect the wife. So I asked him, 'Tell me how you really feel,
John. You have been hurting inside since this whole thing began. I
know that you are not really taking this as well as you would like me to
believe. Please tell me,' I placed his small hand on mine and for a
moment our eyes met. Love looked back at me.

"A tear formed in his eye as he said 'Hunny, I don't know how to feel. I
have been, am being,, raped of everything I am. Everything
I knew has been thrown out. Yes, parts of me like being like this, but
others scream out in terror'.

"'Terror of being a woman, or of the unknown,' I asked.

"We stopped talking as the cute waitress returned.

"'Are you ready to order?' she asked.

"'Yes please, I'll have a small Hawaiian and Jane here will have...'

"Green eyes looked at me as to say 'Jane???' but they recovered quickly.

"'I'll have a large super with all the trimmings,' John or Jane? said.

"'Madam realises that is a very large portion,' The waitress said.

"'I can always take it away,' was the reply.

"I ordered a couple of white wines as well and the waitress left.

"'Jane?' he said.

"'Sorry it was the first ladies name that came into my head. I can't call
you John in public, can I?'

"'I suppose not.'

"Sensing that the conversation was drifting away from the subject I
wanted to talk about, namely how he felt. 'You said earlier that you
didn't know if to be afraid of being female or the unknown. Which is it
to be?'

"'I suppose a little of both, but mostly the latter,' he said.

"This made me very happy. There was scope for some fun here. Still
on for a threesome, lover? Oh, and lover, while I still have your
attention, I am going to give him another slice in two days time. You
can call around then if you wish to watch. It could be fun if you know
what I mean.

"'I think that's the right attitude. I could give Dr Bexley a call to see
she can help.' I suggested.

"'I don't like that woman, she always seemed to have double motives
for things. Plans within plans within plans, if you know what I mean.'
he said.

"'Nonsense. I said. I don't blame her for firing me. She was doing what
she thought was best, in any case, do you want to be cured? Because I
suspect she's the only one that can do it.'

"'If you say so,' he said sulkily.

"The pizza arrived shortly afterwards.

"We talked about this and that, mainly about normal things. He was
really making an effort to try and keep a level head. However, he
turned back to the subject that had been dominating our lives.

"'Do you know the most difficult part of all this?' he asked.

"'What's that?'

"'Knowing that I may not be able to make love to you anymore. Sure
being a woman is kinda interesting if I knew it would be just for a day.
I suspect most men have wondered what it would be like, but a woman
forever? I'm not so sure' He said.

"'I understand. Dr Bexley must know how to turn you back, so enjoy
the here and now.'

"'But, I fancy myself everytime I look down, or in a mirror. I keep
thinking wow what an ass, but then realise it's mine. I'm not sure I
could want a man if you know what I mean'

"'That's a relief. I don't want my husband running off with another
man. Listen, I love you because of who you are. I'm sure there's things
two women can do that's fun, if you know what I mean. We are getting
too far ahead of ourselves in anycase. Let's see what Dr Bexley has to

"'Sure. It's fun being like this, for a while anyway.' was his reply.

"I, as usual managed to finish my pizza but John could only eat about a
quarter of his.

"'I used to be able to eat a whole one of these,' he said.

"'You're almost a woman now, and women generally have smaller
appetites. You can take it with you.' I added.

"We left the restaurant and I wanted to go onto a club but he was
feeling very tired.

"When we got in, I playfully stroked one of his legs, but he recoiled

"'Not tonight. I'm shattered. I think it's my body's way of telling me
that it needs a rest after all the changes it has gone through.'

"I plotted my next course of action and followed him upstairs. I really
can't wait to show him what two women can do. Or could that be


"P.S. I will phone you tomorrow at 18:34"

I finished reading the mail. This was better. No sordid encounters, just
data. The idea of a threesome with John, Cathline and me was very
appealing but I must save all my strength, both emotional and physical,
for the days that lie ahead, maybe. There was now just under three
weeks left. I had to hurry this up somehow. I had an idea. I would use
part of my revenge drug on John, to force the last change. I'd take her
up on the threesome, if the opportunity arose. It would probably be my
last time as me, for a while anyway. I wondered if my erogenous zones
would change once I transformed into Kat?

I spent another lazy day lounging by the pool. Well, actually I swam
six miles straight, but I had let off from my usually stringent workout
for now. I was now fitter, stronger and faster than I had ever been. I
wondered if Cathline would notice the difference.

My watch said 18:36. Where was she? I jumped into the pool to do
another few lengths.

Half an hour later, the butler called. 'Two ladies to see you, madam.'

It MUST be them, I thought.

'Show them in, and by the way, you can take the rest of the day off, as
can the rest of the staff,' I said.

'Thank you, madam.' and the butler turned and walked off.

Hmmm, to get out or to swim casually, I wondered. Stay in the pool, I

I thought I had been found out when I saw Kat walk up to the pool.
However, I was very much relieved when I saw Cathline following
behind. I hadn't really expected the changes to match so perfectly.

'Hullo, Cathline. I was going to phone you,' I said.

'To gloat no doubt, you evil corrupt bitch!' John said.

I put on my shocked face.

'Shut up, John.' Cathline said.

'John?' I said.

'It's a long story. What did you want to talk to me about, Liz?' asked

'You remember James. He has had to resign due to medical problems. I
thought you might like his job.'

'Wait a second, You fired her and now expect her to come back as your
lackey?' John said.

'I suspect she hasn't told you the real reason why I fired her,' I said.

'Yes, she did. You fired her on a whim, something about not matching
up to your standards,' John said.

'What I actually fired her for was for fighting with Jennifer Porter.
They were having a regular cat fight until I walked in. I had no choice
but to fire the both of them. I regretted firing Cathline afterwards, but
had no opportunity to re-employ her until now. Since the job I have
offered her is as my deputy of the entire lab, it's a significant step up.
So, 'John', I think you owe me an apology,' I said.

Kat's face looked sorry.

'Sorry. I've misjudged you from the start' he said.

'Apology accepted. How about some champagne, both of you?' I asked.

'Please,' The 'happy' couple replied.

'Excuse me, I'll just get out another bottle. This one is warm.' I said as
I got out of the pool.

Now was an ideal time to slip in some of my 'treats' I had in store for
HIM. The fine, gray powder was a powerful aphrodisiac and would
make them much more open to my feminine wiles. In John's glass, I
put in his last dose (orgasm dependant) plus some fixer (delay three
weeks). That would teach Cathline to betray me and it would also serve
as my final test. The only pill I took was a birth control one.

I quickly went outside and handed the glasses to them. I dived back
into the pool.

'Now do you want to tell me why you keep calling this lady, John?' I

Cathline outlined everything (missing out the really hot bits I might
add). How she thought that Jennifer was doing this to spite them. How
she thought it could have something to do with Project 2322 and what
else could they expect to happen.

'First things first. I think you should both join me in the pool while I
have a think,' I said.

'But we've no costumes with us,' John said.

'That's OK. You can skinny dip if you like.'

'I'm game, if you are,' said Cathline, and she gave me a knowing look.

'I'm not sure,' John said.

'Look here John, or is it Jane, You've nothing I haven't seen hundreds
of times and since you cannot corrupt someone who is already 'evil and
corrupt'. I don't see that is makes the difference. Come on, live a little.
All my servants are gone for the evening so we are completely alone' I

'And besides, you have been eyeing me up since you got here' I added.

'OK, what have I got to lose'. he said.

As Cathline stripped off revealing her comely form (how I had missed
that, this past few weeks), John did the same. He really did look a
funny sight. Just like dear Kat, but with no tits or pussy. His male
organ hung down, looking very lost on his curvy form.

'The sweater didn't do you justice,' I said to John.

'That's your opinion,' he retorted.

We swam around for a while until Cathline dunked my head under
water in a playful fashion. As I swam got up I allowed myself a quick
stroke up her thigh. Her shiver that followed was not because of the
cold. I chased after her in the pool, easily out swimming her and began
to dunk her in the same way.

'That's no way to treat my wife,' I heard John say as he swam over and
tried to dunk me. Being taller and stronger than him, he had no
chance. I 'accidentally' brushed my leg over his cock, and looking
down at the once limp organ expand, I knew that he was getting turned

I got out of the pool and ran swiftly to the other side to avoid my water-
bound pursuers.

Just as I was about to dive in I heard a yelp from John. 'My God! My
God! My God!' he was saying.

Cathline pulled him over to one side and shouted, 'Look Liz!'

I stared at his chest. His nipples did seem a little larger than before,
and I could see the beginnings of breasts beginning to form on his
chest. Well timed, Cath, I thought. His hands were clutching at his
ever swelling bosom, whilst his face looked down in disbelief. We
pulled him out of the pool noticing that his chest now sprouted two,
proud and firm female breasts. His nipples were erect from arousal
rather than the cold.

Cathline put her hand to one of her husbands 'assets' and stroked a
nipple. This was a moment between wife and wife, I guess. His
response was 'Hmmmm. That's very nice!' and he reached up and
planted a kiss firmly on the teat of her nipple.

I coughed not wanting to be left out in all this.

'That was incredible,' I said.

My words fell on deaf ears as the couple continued their passionate
session. I had noticed her hand stroking his breasts in the same way as
she did mine. I was surprised that he did not react in a stronger way to
suddenly growing breasts, but I suspect that my gray powder was the
reason behind it. Her hand was stroking his cock and the other, his
breasts. He was almost inactive, his face red with pleasure. He was
either resting or overwhelmed at the sensations he could now feel.

'Is he all right?' I said a little louder.

Again my only answer was increased passion from the couple. He had
woken up from his earlier 'trance' and was gently touching her around
her clitoris. She began to moan softly as his finger went inside her. I
had had enough of this and decided to join in. If you can't beat them
join them.

John's face looked startled to feel another pair of hands began to stroke
him. Cathline's response was to say, 'come on in.'

I stripped off my costume and saw with some pleasure that John's eyes
were wide, ogling my long legs, curved, perfectly muscled body, and
full, but let me assure you, very firm breasts.

Cathline made room for me, and I was soon made to feel welcome as a
hand (I think it was Johns!) stroked my thigh. I began to respond
touching him in kind. I couldn't help but note down the finer details of
Kat's body, knowing that I must become familiar with every part of it.
Cathline was feeling left out and so said 'John, what do you say we pay
the hostess back for her hospitality?'

'Agreed,' he panted. With the combined strength of two of them I had
no chance as they rolled me onto my back. Cathline pinned my arms,
her breasts, just nudging my face. John's legs pinned mine, spread
outwards revealing my pussy to the world. He began to kiss my torso
and I became very much aroused.

I started to nibble Cathline's tits. I could feel myself getting very wet as
John began to touch my clit. I moaned, louder and louder, as I felt his
fingers go inside me. I tried to move my hands and legs, but they were
held firm as my two lovers continued.

'Lets really thank her,' John said.

I saw John begin to move into a more upright position, his new breasts
tauntingly out of reach. I could see from the way his was going to move
he wanted to fuck me. Why do men always want to penetrate so

Still in a few weeks he'd have to learn differently. I was so moist that
he slipped inside with almost no fuss and, ohhhh! It had been too long
since a man had had me. Cathline was now touching, stroking and
caressing Johns face, body and breasts, and he was kissing her as well.
He began to move inside me, his now fully erect dick rubbing against
my clit.

Suddenly my hand was free and Cathline's pussy was exposed. I
touched it's moist warm clit and she almost jumped. 'Ratbag!' She
teased, and with her spare hand began to caress my breasts again.

John was now thrusting with all his might. His womanly voice
moaning 'yes!' ever louder. Once again we were in concert. When this
was all over I would have to arrange for another threesome with
someone else! All three of us reached orgasm together, our bodies
shaking and flushed with the waves of pleasure. The warm, wet feeling
inside me told me that John had just come, and he collapsed on top me,
too spent to move. Cathline and I continued for a while, and I offered
to give her a good licking but she was too exhausted. Not enough time
in the gym, Cathline.

We lay there cuddling, almost asleep for sometime. I could hear the
soft moans of John as his orgasm continued for sometime. Well, I
expected that.

'Hmm, I must go and clean myself up,' John said and he got up, looked
down and screamed loudly.

As planned his dick had been replaced by a vagina. He was now all
woman. The powder had obviously worn off because he broke down
into tears sobbing quietly to himself. Cathline played the concerned
wife beautifully, whispering consoling words into his ears.

'I'll go and get dressed,' I said. But first I jumped naked into the pool to
wash off all that remained of John. Getting out of the other side of the
pool I ran into the house.

I chose my normal attire around the house, tight cycling shorts with a
T-shirt (if you've got it flaunt it) and went back downstairs.

John was still upset, but he seemed a little better.

'Listen, I need to work on a cure for this,' I said. 'How about I shout
you a holiday where you can get away for a while, come to terms with
the changes and all that.'

John looked at me with tearful eyes. 'Why did you do it?'

'Do what?' He couldn't have known, could he?

'Make love to me, us. I never thought of you like that and certainly not

'I don't know. Maybe it was the champagne, maybe I'm lonely living up
here on my own or maybe I just enjoy girls company.'

'I have misjudged you Dr Bexley. You have been very kind to us, given
everything you have to help us, and we would love to go on holiday,'
John said.


'But what about passports and all the papers John will need?' Cathline

'Leave that to me. I'll arrange everything. Just provide me with some
passport photos.'

'Liz, Thanks again,' Cathline said.

The day was getting on and I needed to spend the evening putting the
finishing touches to my scheme. 'I'm sorry, but I want to get on this
right away'

'OK, Bye' They both got dressed and left. Cathline was right. It was
funny seeing John try to put on a bra, especially with real breasts this

I got an E-mail a day or so later.

"Hi Lover,

"John is still finding it hard living as a woman. He keeps wanting to
stand up to pee, and when he forgets it just rubs it in. He has gone
right off sex for the moment, but the month long middle east tour you
shouted us has gone a long way to cheering him up. I still call him,
him, because inside he still really is a man and still my husband.

"I still can't work out two things. Perhaps you will be able to fill me in
later on.

"One. How did his dick change if I didn't give him any doses. I assume
that you don't have any. Perhaps the effects of the drug are cumulative?

"Two. Why did we feel so sexy that day? John simply isn't interested at
the moment. Why? Did you spike our drinks, you naughty girl?

"He is really looking forward to Egypt at the start and end of the tour,
as am I. He also likes the name you 'chose' for him. Jane Norton it is.
The passports and papers you got me really are very good and look
very genuine. You'll have to tell me how you got them. On second
thoughts I don't really want to know.

"See you in a month or so, lover.


Two days before I was due to leave I cast my mind back to that fateful
day so long ago. Did he really deserve the treatment I was about to give
him. The answer was a firm YES. My stupid sounding last words to
him came back to me.

'You will marry me, you will marry me.'

How could I make him live those words? Although I enjoyed being
with women, deep down I still preferred men. I could see no way that I
could make him heed those words every day of his life. This upset me.
Two or more years of planning, countless lives wrecked and my new
lovers destruction well on the way and this one little thing caused the
whole plan to be on very shaky ground indeed.

So I did what I usually did when I wanted to think clearly. I pushed
myself to the limits of my physical stamina and ability. Through the
haze and pain of physical exhaustion the solution came to me.

I could just switch places with Kat. In that way he would be married to
me, but I didn't like this for a couple of reasons. One, I had no
intention of remaining Kat forever, and two, there's no punishment in
that for him. There had to be another way.

To marry someone is to become one with. For HIM to become one with
me would be to BECOME me. There was still time. A quick trip to
Rhamnus and my schedules should only be a day or so out.

The next day, still feeling a little tired, I took the trip to Rhamnus and
set about re-doing his dosages, this time with my DNA. It didn't
actually take that long because all I had to do was to remove Kat's
sequences and replace it with my own. A day later and I was ready to

The flight over was uneventful, but pleasant. I had first thought of
using Dad's new Lear jet, but this way was better. I could slip out of the
country either as Kat or one of my other guises and not have to worry
about any awkward questions. Now my timing was off by one day, but
that was no real hardship. It would just mean I would have to change
in one single go, rather than split it over a couple of days. All that time
in the gym and the pool would pay dividends now.

I had to change before I met my contact. I didn't want to be seen in my
natural shape. That would pose too many problems. Especially with
Cathline and John hanging around Cairo for a week. The worst would
have been to be seen by HIM and the real Kat, but they wouldn't arrive
for another day. Plenty of time.

It's the bottom of the ninth and still all to play for..

The plane landed and I emerged into brilliant sunshine. Much to my
relief my bag wasn't lost, although all my important stuff was in my
hand luggage. A tense moment came at customs when my bag was
searched but the pills aroused little suspicion. A doctor can have
medicine with her, can't she?

I didn't really want to check in my hotel as me. A tall, auburn haired
lady goes in, a shorter, black haired one comes out. Far too risky.
Besides, my second set of false papers would ensure that everything
checked out. A taxi took me to downtown Cairo, and I must admit to
being a nervous at the things to come. I had to lie low until night in
case John and Cathline saw me, and in all the crowds that was not a
difficult task, apart from being one of the tallest women around.

When night came and the streets were quiet I found a secluded spot in
which to change. Quickly checking that I had the right pill I took it.
Hoping that it would work on me. Yuck! I could have made a mint
flavored one. I didn't have long to wait and I sat down waiting for the
changes to occur.

My whole body felt strange but it was in the area of my legs that felt
the weirdest. Under my jeans, I saw flesh begin to ripple and change as
my legs shrunk and reformed. Their shape was subtly different to my
old legs but nice enough, I suppose.

My arms were the next to go and they changed shape in a similar way
to my legs. Kat's hands were a little different to mine, but still all was
going to plan.

My head felt very woozy and I had to shut my eyes. My long auburn
hair pulled away from my shoulders and turned raven black. I could
feel something going on in my face. So far the change had been
painless. I checked my watch hanging loosely around my new wrist.
Just over five minutes gone...

Looking down at my breasts I saw them begin to change shape. Kat's
may be a little larger than mine I guess, but, from what I had seen of
John's, they were very nice.

The drug forced me to sleep for a few minutes as my body shape and
hips reformed into those of Kat's. When I awoke, I got out my small
makeup mirror. Fucking Amazing. Kat's green eyes and feline like
features looked back at me. Checking my watch, and fastening it up
tight again, showed that it had taken 20 minutes for me to turn into

'Hello, Dear Kat,' I said in my new voice.

The world looked different from three inches smaller, but I hoped I'd
get used to it. As I walked away and hailed a cab, a sudden wave of
tiredness hit me. I would need my rest tonight.

I had room 117 in the Cairo Holiday Inn. I would have liked the Luxor
or Hilton, but these were taken by my stooges. Anyway, the room was
nice enough for a day or so. I crashed out, and didn't wake until 11am
the next morning.

The next day was the 20th of July. Kat and HIM would be married that
day. The thought of it made me bitter, but my new reflection in the
mirror gave me comfort. Everything was going as planned.

A knock at the door and a swarthy cop walked in. This was to be my

'Are you Nemesis?' he asked in accented English.

'I am,' I said.

'What is your codeword?'

'Tyche, and yours?' I said.

'Hermes,' came the reply.

'Excellent, tell me of the preparations here.'

'The man with a girl who looks like you will be taken tonight. He will
be drugged with the drug you sent us and then returned one day later.'
He said slowly.

'And the girl with him? Jane Norton, now Stephens?' I asked.

'She will be taken when she next leaves her hotel. This is to be done
after the man is returned. She is to be made to take the pill which you
will give me,' the cop said, waiting for me to do so.

I reached into my bag and got out the required pill and gave it to him.
'Please continue.'

'She is then to be sold to the nearest Harem, and we can keep whatever
she brings at the auction.'

'And their hotel room?' I asked.

'The recording devices are in place, Mistress Nemesis' he replied.

'Excellent. Do you remember your other instructions?'

'Yes, A lady, who's photo you are to provide, is also to be taken and
sold to another Harem in Libya. Again, we can keep whatever she
raises. You have the photo?'.

Again I reached into my bag. Goodbye, Cathline. I'm sorry it had to
end this way, but life's a bitch. Serves you right for trying to use me. I
gave him the photo.

'And the lady with her, who also looks like me?'

'She will be given false leads on this ladies location until she can
return home when you indicate.' the cop said.

That sorts John out as well. I just hope he survives the flight back.

'You realise the penalty for failure?' I asked.

'Yes, mistress. We will not fail. We of the guild have never failed.' And
with that, he left.

I lay in bed, trying out my new body. Although I missed my proper
body, this one had it's compensations. The breasts were a little larger,
which I enjoyed, and her green eyes were very sexy. As I stimulated
my new cunt I marvelled at the new set of sensations that came with
this new body. Kat's Orgasms felt different to mine, less frantic, but
just as intense.

The next day a different man, this time a bell boy, was at my door.

'Nemesis?' he said.

We exchanged codewords as before.

'The man was taken and drugged last night and will be kept for
another 15 hours. Here are the parcels you asked for.'

'Thank you. You remember what to do?'

'Yes, I will tell the police that I saw you put a parcel through a door. I
will do this when you tell me.'

'What about the Lady we sold to a Harem in Libya?'

'That was performed without a hitch. She made nearly three hundred
thousand dollars. The Harem she was sold into was a cruel one. Her
companion has been led to believe she is now in Syria, and then, after
about three weeks, he will be led back to America.

'Perfect, That will be all.'

The parcels contained photo's of the wedding and how Kat now had
her hair. Thankfully, my version was very similar, and could easily be
re-styled. The bugs in their room would ensure I would be kept updated
on all the goings on before I could make the switch.

Some time later and it was time for me to move. I put on a long
flowing brown skirt (it would have been knee length on the real me,
but never mind). A white blouse came next (I think I'll keep her
breasts, I thought). Taking the parcel with me, I went to the Luxor

The room was easy to find, and the parcel was easy to put thru the
door. I could hear nothing from inside, but I knew from the bugs that
the kidnap had gone well.

Now all I had to do was wait back at my hotel.

I felt euphoric at the recording of the conversation held between Kat
and HIM .
It was working. Everything was working just as I planned. His fevers,
the genetic changes. His despair at his situation was just icing on the
cake. Kat, to give her credit, was trying to help, but I'm afraid there
was nothing she could do to combat my brilliance. I was glad I was
getting rid of Kat, she's very resourceful but all her deductions would,
alas, come too late.

Before I made the swap I checked once more that everything was OK. I
re-read my list again to ensure that I had'nt missed anything.

Safely locked away. He cannot possibly link me with these events.

In A Harem by now. With no chance of escape.

My American Friends.
All Kitties. The surviving ones if any, only know me by the name
Deianeira. There is no chance of the calls being traced.

Vickie Turner.
She knows about all the projects at the lab. She could be a danger, but
the device my 'friends' planted in the power regulators and halon tanks
at the lab will sort her out. A nice clean blast, using Fuel Air
Explosives, will produce a small tactical nuke size boom. Be careful,
Vickie, I'm watching.

Scooting around the Middle East, trying to find Cathline. I don't envy
him trying to get this done in a culture where women are looked on as
second rate. See things to do later list.

The Guild.
Knows me only as Nemesis and in Kat form. Even I couldn't stand up
against the guild. So they will remain human. In any case, for them,
reputation is everything and they would rather die than talk.

About to be altered and sold into slavery in about 10 minutes. I think
she will set a new record price when she is sold. This will keep the
guild more than happy.

Slowly but surely turning into me.

Things to do

- Make sure 'John' is on the plane when HE thinks I am.
- Let him get hold of a certain tape recording.
- Ensure 'John' Collects Kat's luggage.

- I will make sure he visits my friendly Tattooist.
This will accomplish three things
1. Humiliation for him.
2. Identification purposes for when I get my
body back.
3. Prevents him using the equipment at Rhamnus,
if he finds out about it.

- If he's as clever as I thought, then he will suss me out. I can then put
my proposal to him. Expect him to do anything to try and get out of

- When he is asleep, program in fail-safe codes to ensure his
compliance and my safety.

- Make sure he is on the verge of despair, and leave him plenty of time
to be alone. This will speed up the process and make him blame
himself for his lack of self control.


- Leave HIM on various pretences. Let one be an argument.

- Arrange 'to do' list when away from him.

- Switch with the real Kat.

- Ensure I change face and identity before leaving Egypt.

- Make Cassette recording of my final conversation to ensure HIS

- Switch last pill with a fixer pill.

- Get out some more gray powder.

- Keep up to date on all the above.

- Remember to give HIM airline tickets and passport in the name of Dr
Elizabeth Bexley.

- When I return I may have to disappear for a while. I like my house,
but I mustn't return there as me if it's not safe to do so. Maybe I'll
become a supermodel and buy it back in a year or so. New Zealand
sounds nice in the meantime. An island would be nicer though.

I thought that was all. From now on I would have to roll with the
punches. The phone rang. I answered, 'Hello?'

'Hello, Nemesis. This is Hermes. We have the Kat you asked for. She
has been given the drug and she is going to be sold tomorrow. I will
leave her clothes and jewellery at the reception desk. All other plans
are in place.'

'Excellent. Keep her safe, and don't be surprised if she looks different
in the light of day.'

That was it all done. I took Kat's clothes from reception and went back
upstairs. I must admit to having a little cry when I saw Kat's wedding
ring on my finger. 'Come on Liz, no time for sentimentality.' I said
softly. I put on Kat's other clothes and left the hotel.

I was silent in the cab to the Luxor hotel. The taxi driver tried to talk
to me in broken English, but I was having none of it. He pulled up
outside the Luxor hotel and I gave him a generous tip.

I cautiously knocked on the door. No reply. I took Kat's room key and
went inside.

He was laying on the floor obviously unconscious. He looked the same
as I remembered him, maybe a little more muscular, but that would
help my cause. His legs were certainly not the same as I remembered
them, as they were long, shapely and very feminine. I looked down at
my 'Kat' legs and then at his. I was a little jealous.

He slowly stirred and his eyes opened

'What did you do? You took one, didn't you?' I said, looking very

'No, two,' and HE explained his(flawed) reasoning to me

'You stupid idiot 'I shrieked, 'Can't you see the narcotic is
adjusting your thought patterns and probably your maths to allow it
to fool you into speeding up the transformation. That's how
Elizabeth was to stop you from dying, by making the drug seduce you
into giving your body enough time to rest by making you take a
multiple dose.'

'What have I done' He started to sob.

'How long?'

'About five hours'

'Can I stay and watch?' I asked with a curious look. I've always wanted
to see a body change..

'You are sick!' Was his bitter reply.

'No just curious,' I said with a mischievous grin.

At that moment he started to convulse and he lost conciousness
again. Interesting how the body forces sleep to preserve energy.

Hang on a second, I thought, I can see ripples under his body. Yes his
body is changing. The sound of bones re-arranging was horrible (did I
sound like that when I got Kat's body?). His muscular torso was now
changing, becoming tauter as his muscles and flesh reshaped to fit his
new bone structure. I watched fascinated as curves formed, as did my
firm, flat stomach. I noticed that his body was taking on the same
shape as I had when I donated the DNA. Could be useful for an eternal
youth drug maybe?

His body now very much resembled my old one, but my hand pressed
to his chest showed that his internal organs we still changing. This
meant that he should be out for a while. I took the opportunity to listen
to the previous conversations between HIM and Kat that I had missed.

It sounded like I had got rid of Kat just in time. Another day or so and
she may have rumbled me, smart girl.

He awoke sometime later. 'Which bit,' He managed to say.

'That was amazing! I have never seen anything like it' I said.

I recalled some lines from a song I heard a long time ago.

'You can't brush me under the carpet, you can't hide me under the
stairs. The custodian of your private fears, your leading actor of
yesteryear, who as you crawled out of the alleys of obscurity, sentenced
to rejection in the morass of anonymity.

'You who I directed with a lovers will, you who I let hypnotise the lens.
You who I let bathe in the spotlight's glare. You who wiped me from
your memory like a greasepaint mask, just like a greasepaint mask.

'But now I'm your snake in the grass, the ghost of film reels past.
I'm the producer of your nightmare and the performance has just
begun, it's just begun...'



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