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Archived Sex Stories

FURYBOOK3 movie was passable dunno what


BOOK 3: Kat O'Nine Tales

"Come now Watson, The game is afoot."

Sherlock Holmes.

1. A tale of two Genders - James's/Jane's Tale.

I wrote down in my journal

The purpose of this log is to record my feelings and occurrences since the
accident('P'Day) that gave me a pussy. I hope it will give me the strength
to cope and provide me with a log to record my progress so far. If I miss
bits out or this is a bit disjointed then sorry but I hope I'll be able to put
everything down.

P Day +1

It still feels strange when I walk, having a pussy that is. It's certainly odd
going into the men's and sitting down to pee but I can't help that. My ex
fiancee freaked out when I told her my news about the 'accident' at the
lab yesterday. I had hoped she would be understanding and help me get
thru this but no, she packed her stuff and left pretty quickly. So much for
undying love.

I don't really blame her after all how would YOU react if your fiancee
came back and said. 'Darling these been an accident at the lab oh and by
the way I've a cunt instead of a dick now.'. I wasn't as blunt as that but
the message was the same. So here I am mostly man but fundamentally
female. I'm confused...

P Day +3

I'm getting lonely now, why did I ask to have some time off. Am I James
or Jane though. The one compensation is that my pussy is much more
sensitive than my cock ever was but I do so miss the feeling of an
erection. The weather has improved so I think I'll get out.

Liz phoned to see how I am. She's offered to pay any counselling or
hospital bills needed to get myself sorted out. I guess she feels a little
guilty but I'm sure it was an honest mistake. All I have to do is arrange
things with Vickie and I'll get the best care money can buy. I'll keep this
as a last resort though.

P Day + 7 days

Now I AM confused my period started today, I thought that I'd only been
given Cathline's pussy, now it seems I have her 'plumbing' as well. How
do women go thru this every month?

Only one hiccup, my ex's sanitary towels don't fit properly in men's
briefs and I ended up with blood inside my jeans. This means from now
on I'll have to wear panties. I'll have to go out tomorrow and get some.

P Day + 8 Days

I drove to the mall in silence. I guess buying panties is a big deal after
all. What size am I? How do I tell?

The lady in the shop was very helpful but a little surprised that I wanted
just plain ones for my girl friend. Still at least I won't leak into my jeans

I got home and tried them on. They were a little tight around the hips(as
to be expected) but very comfortable. Their silky texture on my skin made
me quite turned on. I noticed that my bush peeped out above the top of
them but I guess that's normal or do women shave there?

I really need someone I can talk to about this.

P Day + 10 days

I'm sure my nipples are growing. All those female hormones from my
period is causing me to grow tits!!! I sure hope they shrink back down
again. I didn't do much today again, I guess I'm becoming a slob. Why
did this have to happen to me...

P Day + 14 Days

I now have fledgling breasts they are about 32B. Even though they are
tiny compared to 'proper' tits I'm still uncomfortable with them. Yes
they are fun to play with and give me great pleasure but I don't really
want them. I tried to do some jogging today but I was very conscious of
my chest bouncing up and down so I stopped after about a mile or so.
Boy do these things bounce a lot.

At least my period is over.

Am I man or a woman?

P Day + 18 Days

I've had enough now I've taken Liz up on her offer and I'm now booked
into therapy for a top New York shrink. I've also decided to stay in an
asylum for my own good, I'll need all the care and attention I can get if
I'm to get over this. I want to lead a normal life but I'm so confused.

I want to be a man but my body says and is otherwise. I know all about
surgery but nothing conventional can restore my manhood.

P Day + 6 Months

I've now settled into a routine of sorts. Dr Kelly really is very good. She's
a small blonde about at about 38 with deep brown eyes and still in
reasonable shape despite having two kids. She's recommended that I
consider surgery to make myself fully female looking but I know I'll
make a ugly woman. My face is too square and feet and hands too large.
Why me?, What am I, Who am I?

The asylum is actually very good, not at all like the grim scenes you see
on TV. It's actually like a secure nursing home and the quality of care is
very, very good. New York is nice ,from what I've seen of it which is not
much. The staff stated on several occasions that I'm well enough to live
outside but I'm not ready yet in my own mind. Dr Kelly agrees with me.

I dread to think what this is costing Liz's firm.

My breasts are now a modest 34B and have been so for about two
months. I'm now comfortable wearing a bra and panties but still hate the
middle week of the month. I dress uni-sex style with jeans and sweaters
to hide my 'assets'. I realise I have to make a decision soon about the
surgery but I'm reluctant to do so. What I want to know I how is Liz's
DNA surgery coming on. I could really do with it about now.

P Day + 18 Months

These past few months I've drifted between insanity and confusion.
Although I'm now off the medication part of me still craves for the
freedom of madness. This means that I'm still not allowed out on
medical grounds. I'm still sane enough however to realise that I still need

I sat in my room watching the TV, just randomly skimming channels
when I caught the end of a news broadcast. A very nice looking presenter
with blonde hair, brown eyes and powerdressed to the hilt was saying.

"And the news today is that Dr Elizabeth Bexley, multi-millionairess and
manager of TGEN corp's top research lab is facing trial for the brutal
murder of Jane Stephens nee norton at JFK airport."

My jaw dropped surely this must be some mistake. Liz would never kill.
The news continued.

"Dr Bexley is alleged to have flown to Egypt where the new Mr and Mrs
Stephens were on honeymoon and tried to break it up. When that was not
successful she robbed a downtown gunshop and lay in wait at the airport
where she shot Jane Stephens once in the head with a small firearm.

Mrs Stephens was killed instantly and Dr Bexley was wounded in the
shoulder by the airport police. Mr Stephens is nowhere to be found but is
understood to still be in Egypt. Over to the gunshop owner for this
exclusive interview."

A burly unshaven man appeared on screen, trying to look macho. I guess
he felt a bit sheepish about being done over by a girl. Still he didn't know
how strong Liz could be. He began to talk..

"Yeah I saw her, She'd be a real looker if she put her mind to it"

"What exactly happened" asked the reporter

"She had this large tattoo that went all the way up, and I mean all the
way up. She distracted me and then kicked me in the y'know. I went
down and she must've done some kind of doctor thing on me because
when I awoke I'd been robbed and my neck hurt like shit."

Since when did Liz get a tattoo, why would she get one? She was so
proud of her body I couldn't think of her decorating it in that way. My
thoughts turned back to the news report.

The trial is expected to take place in the next two months and If found
guilty Dr Bexley faces death by lethal injection. And now onto the man
who claims that Elvis taught his roaches to sing"

I was utterly bemused. At the lab we all knew about her being jilted and
how hard she'd taken it but to kill!. Sorry that was just not possible.
Other things didn't seem to add up.

Liz was so careful she wouldn't just go in with literally all guns blazing
even if she wanted to kill. The tattoo was also weird, maybe she got
drunk or something.

She must've had some kind of breakdown. I'll try and find out from
Vickie at work

F + 2 Days..

2. F + 2 Days Scoop Of The Day - The Journalists Tale.

"Thank God that's over" I said to Steve, my cameraman

"You did great, mind you that lump was real pissed at being done over by
a girl" He replied with a grin.

"Sure he was. Mind you I can't work out why she would do it. I mean she
had everything and she goes and blows it like this. She could at least of
hired someone to do it."

"Yep" Steve replied, much too busy putting the kit back in the van.

"I mean if I were her I'd just have gotten over it and enjoyed life"

"Yep" Steve answered again, still not concentrating on our conversation.
He was like that, his precious equipment was his one and only love
despite my intentions to muscle in. I began to disassemble a tripod so that
we could get back to the station.

Back in the van,driving back in the rain and traffic I decided to ask him
for a date for the nth time.

"Steve,how'd you fancy going for a drink after work?".

"Sorry Steph but I've got to work on some edits for the morning show".

Rats, shot down again. Steve was very nice,kind and would do anything
to help anyone, but as far as women were concerned we were a different
species. One day..

We arrived back after a long delay due to traffic, why does everyone drive
like loons in the wet. The E-Mail on my battered old PC was from my
editor, Dean. It read.

See me as soon as you get in


"Ok Dean what do you want". I thought as I avoided the normal bustle of
the office, knocked on the door and went inside.

"Glad you could make it back your highness. Did your subjects get in the
way" Dean said sarcastically.

I had this reputation of being a primaddona. This was sometimes justified
but usually not. Still it beat the Lois Lane jokes anyday. Dean had,had a
thing against me since I refused him at some long forgotten party. I'd
wait for Steve anyday.

"What do you want Dean. I've got this Bexley murder to get ready for the
late news".

"That's what I want to talk to you about" he said.

"Go ahead" I said curtly.

"I know I tease you about being a princess and Lois Lane but you really
are the best reporter I have".

A complement from Dean!! Ignoring my surprised looks he continued

"I need you to drop everything and look into the Bexley Murder, this is
going to be big and I want an inside line on it. Find out everything you
can about her, her motivations and anything as to why one of the most
eligible women in the country would blow away someone in cold blood".

Wow. The story of the year handed to me.

"Great thanks , I only managed to get a few details before, what do we

"Take a seat" he said.

I sat down adjusting my skirt to ensure he couldn't ogle my legs as he
had tried to do on several occasions. Listen Steph he's starting to explain.

"As far as we know it started about three years when she was jilted by
this man". Dean handed me a photo of a man in his late twenties. Cute

"How'd' they meet?" I asked.

"It seems as though he was nearly killed when his car broke down out in
the wilds, she brought him out of it and it grew from there".

"I'm surprised I'd have thought she would have known better than to get
involved in Dr-Patient relationships" I answered.

"I guess loves like that" and he gave me a knowing look.

"Carry on,I know he dumped her at the altar any idea why".

"According to one of the guests it was because he didn't love her and
didn't want to hurt her in the long term" Dean replied.

"Not many real romantics around these days. I'd like to meet him,
when's he due back from Egypt?. I take it he's on the next plane out".

"That's the strange thing he's wasn't at the hotel room when the police
went to tell him" Dean replied.

"Very odd,perhaps he's looking for her himself" I answered.

"Maybe" Dean Said.

"Can I meet Dr Bexley?" I asked.

"Sorry, the police won't allow it. According to sources she's acting very
strangely. She just sits there not defending herself, only saying 'you
wouldn't believe me If I told you the truth'. She's making no effort to try
and free herself. It's as though she wants to die. Her parents are on their
way and I understand it's they who have being trying to get her out on
bail. She hasn't even appointed an attorney. The DA's office has never
seen a suspect like it. It's almost as though she's been traumatised in
some way"

"Gunning down someone in cold blood is pretty traumatic. Maybe she
just flipped and is only now realising what she as done" I answered.

"This whole thing has got everyone puzzled. I want you get out of here
and dig up as much as you can, don't come back until you've an
exclusive. Here's everything we have" He passed me a blue folder which
I took.

I went to leave.


"What!" I answered very keen to get this going. Once I got a story I
didn't let go.

"I've I feeling this is going to be big, very big. Be careful" Dean said.

I went home right away to read up on this strange and chilling murder.

F + 4 Days..

3. F-21 Days No Rest For The Wicked - Cathline's Tale.

John, sorry Jane and I took the flight to Egypt looking forward to our
four week tour. Thanks Liz, it really makes a difference flying first class.
John and I got real VIP treatment although I do wish he would stop
eyeing up the air hostesses. One of them is bound to notice.

Mind you I'm still annoyed that he doesn't want to flaunt his new sex at
least a little. He insists on wearing jeans but a least he now wears T-
shirts instead of sweaters.

We arrived at the hotel too exhausted even to unpack. Once again Liz
had excelled herself. I mean the hotel was fantastic. She had booked us
the pent-house which lived up to it's name in everyway.

A bottle of champagne was chilling by the bed with a note beside it. I
opened it up and read it out loud

"Cathline and John. Happy second honeymoon

See you both Later


"Want to make it a real honeymoon?" I asked John.

"Maybe in the morning, it's 11pm and I'm bushed. This body just can't
keep going like my old one" John said miserably.

"You're just not used to it yet, in anycase ENJOY it Liz'll turn you back
after this trip. Just enjoy being a beautiful woman for a while".

"I'm still shattered,look lets go out and explore tomorrow and I'll look
for something that will keep us amused" John said.

"Fine, here catch" And I threw him one of my old night-dresses
He caught it and stripped off, he's got better at taking a bra off now but
what's inside it still fascinates him. His green eyes go wide everytime he
looks down..

By the time he'd finished ogling I'd gotten ready and was waiting for
him in bed.

"If you want to play with them at least let me do it" I called to him in the

"That's ok I've done now. I wasn't playing with them I was trying to get
my hair straight. How do you girls put up with it?" John said as he got
into bed.

"Just call it skill". I rolled over and but my arms around his back, my
hands cuddling his breasts.

"Hmm. That's one compensation of being a woman". he said

We lay there just cuddling his warm body next to mine and we soon
drifted off to sleep.

John was up before me the next day and had made a respectable job of
getting ready. He,like me respected local custom of not showing
uncovered legs. Although I think subconsciously he did it to try and hide
what he had become. Sorry John doesn't work.

"Where to first?" I asked.

"The local market. I need to get some more clothes" was the reply.

"Good idea. It'll give us chance to look around a bit".

We went out to brilliant sunshine. All around us were crowds of
people,mostly Arab but the whole town was a cosmopolitan jumble of
nationalities. The market traders were doing a brisk business and you
could buy anything from live goats to supposed maps of ancient tombs.
The air was thick with exotic spices and the noise of thousands of people
talking and shouting in Arabic was amazing. Mixed in with this melting
pot of noise just add the sound of hundreds of chickens,goats and cattle
and you get a scene as close to chaos as you'll ever find.

John had found some long,colorful pants for himself(and me when he
gets turned back) and was trying to barter the price down. He was having
enormous fun and it was a relief to see him really happy since the
transformation. Liz I don't know how to thank you.

The only downside was that we could not, in this strict culture hold
hands or kiss in public but the buzz around us was like a narcotic. Deeper
and deeper into the market we went in search of greater bargains such as
exotic silks and fine jewellery.

John was again trying to get the price down of a fine silk shirt when
suddenly a rush of people began to push me further from him. I last saw
him trying to push his way thru the crowds after me but all was lost as
the crowd swept me away from him. I felt a hand cover my mouth, the
smell of something and all went black.

I awoke in a darkly lit, small room with only a tiny window to let in the
dying sunlight. My head still felt woozy and the room span as I tried to
get up. I was colder than before and in the dimness of the room saw that
someone had undressed me and put on a much more revealing outfit. I
looked down at the small jewelled top and even smaller panties which
made me look and feel like a cheap belly dancing whore. I felt abused
and violated that parties unknown had forcefully stripped me and shut
me in this room.

I walked over to the door but was unable to get there as my ankle was
chained to the wall. In spite of my tugging it would not budge.

"Hey let me out" I screamed at the top of my voice.

No reply.

"I'm an American Citizen I have rights here. If my government finds out
you'll be in deep shit" I shouted louder.

I repeated this until I could shout no more and sat in silence as the sun
went down.

I was asleep when he came in. He was a hooded brutish figure more
apelike than human. He leered at me and in spite my screams and trying
to get away fondled one of my breasts. I nearly threw up in terror but
another Arabic voice caused the man to stop his lustful advances before I
could do so.

Where was this place? What were they going to do with me.

The ape stood to one side of my a gun at the ready. Better not try
anything I thought.

A smaller swarthy looking man came in, his hair was neat and parted
and his teeth gleamed white in the darkness of the room. He began to
spoke in broken but well educated English.

"You are wondering what you are doing here. Let me tell you."

The gun pointing at my head told me to shut up and listen.

"I belong to an ancient organization called, in your language 'the guild'.
The guild was old when all of Europe was in darkness. We honor our
greatest master Hasan Sabbah in all things.We see all and are behind
much of the things in this world. Our employers are special people who
appreciate our skills and our skill does not come cheap. In nearly a
thousand years we have never failed an assignment. Our most recent and
famous public success was the killing of your president Kennedy. So little
American woman do not try our patience as worse things can befall you
than what we have in mind".

He continued on his voice almost religious in tone.

"Ahmed here was a little enthusiastic and he will be punished later".

The ape-man presumably Ahmed looked terrified at this prospect. The
man went on.

"You will never know our employer but I can tell you what we will do
with you. Tonight you will be taken out of the city and held with some
fifty other women. You will then be auctioned off to the highest bidder so
that you can serve them for the rest of your life. If you behave the rewards
can be great just as the punishments can be terrible.

And with that Ahmed and the man left the room leaving me in stunned
silence. I was going to be someone's slave, most likely in a harem
somewhere. God no, I must try and escape.

I started screaming again.

Ahmed came in pointed a gun at me which had the effect of shutting me
up, he threw a sack at me and gestured for me to put it on. I hesitated but
I heard the gun click as it was cocked. I put the sack on and did'nt dare
wriggle. I was manhandled over presumably Ahmed shoulder and could
feel the cold metal of the gun at my head as I was taken up some stairs.

I lay in the trunk of a car as it drove for what seemed like hours until it
finally stopped. I could feel the heat of the day thru the sack as I was
placed inside. I could hear other women's voices jabbering away in
Arabic or some other language. I felt my ankle being chained again and I
blinked as the sack was removed and the full light of a desert sun hit my

At the sight of me some of the women stared at me however one came as
close as her chain would allow.

"Hello, You English?" She said slowly.

"American, Where am I?"

"You are in what you call Libya" She looked me up and down as though
examining me and said.

"You are good. You will fetch good price. Many men here want

"Can we escape?" I asked.

"Many have tried, all have failed, all have gone" was the chilling reply.

"When I am sold can I escape?" I asked.

"Depends, if you are good and you can be trusted you may be sent to find
other slaves. Guild will come for you if you run".

I knew from my brief run in with the guild that I could not escape that
way. I really was doomed to be in a harem unless I could get a message to
John or someone else. If I can I'll get Liz to help; she'll save me.

"How come you know so much?" I asked.

I was chief girl for another master. He died and now I am being sold as
part of his property' was the reply.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"We are not allowed names" was the reply.

"Mine's Cathline" I stated.

We talked for a while. It was clear from her conversation that she held
out little hope of escape and that my life ahead was doomed to the
sexually depraved whims of whoever brought me.

Every few minutes a girl would be taken away to an area similar to a
catwalk where the bidding would be done. Ahmed came and unchained
me after 15 girls had been taken. As I was taken to the catwalk I looked
around for any chance to escape. The slave girl was right we were in the
middle of a desert and armed guards stood a regular intervals. Any
attempt to run would be suicide.

Another man, this time small and sinister looking told me in broken
English that the more I could be sold for the better off I would be.
Therefore I must try and tempt the buyers.

I got up on the catwalk still feeling cramped after so much time being
chained up. Some music started and I knew I had to make a show of it.
Copying what I had seen several times in the movies I swayed my
hips,butt and tits to the music. I must admit to finding it quite erotic and
found myself a little moist.

The buyers were looking serious as bids came in over their mobile
phones. As a bid came in they would shout something in Arabic to the
sinister looking one. I must increase my chances somehow. Each wiggle
of hip and of ass became more seductive as I imagined stripping of in
front of John. Before I had really gotten into my stride Ahmed the ape
grabbed my arm and pulled me off stage.

"You raised $300,000. However you have been sold to Osman Rahmani.
He is a cruel man but if you obey him you will do well." The sinister man
said in his matter of fact tone.

I was bundled into a truck with three other girls and taken to Osman's
Harem. The other girls chatted nervously to each other. I sat silent still in
shock and horrified what had just happened to me. I had been kidnapped
and sold into slavery to serve some rich man's perverted fantasies. John
where are you now, I need you please. I began to sob softly,like I had
learned to do as a child when I wanted no-one to know I was crying.
There must be a way out,must be.

When I got to Osman's palace or whatever it should be called the four of
us was told something in Arabic. I kind of got the message, we were now
the property of Osman Rahmani and must behave ourselves otherwise
bad things would happen.

We were taken into a large room with a pool in the centre,surrounded by
a highly decorated marble floor. I could hear quiet feminine whispers
from another room off to the side and reasoned that this must be where
the other members of the harem were.

A girl came out, shorter than me but well built. She moved with the air of
a princess. I guess she must be the 'chief girl'. She took my hand and led
me to the room.

Inside the room was filled with ornate funiture,large silk cushions were
everywhere . Sitting on those cushions and just talking was around thirty
other women. All were very pretty,and very naked. I felt womanly hands
take off my top. This was one thing I wasn't going to complain out.
Another woman put her arm around my hip and pulled down my panties
leaving me naked and feeling aroused.

The chief girl took me by the hand and gestured for me to get into the
pool in the other room. I did so and she joined me. Hmm could be your
lucky day Cath.

No such luck however as the chief girl began to wash me with course
soap. She did it in a harsh, rough way that nearly took my skin off. Some
girls might like it that way but not me. After the wash she gestured to me
to get out and kneel down on the marbled floor. This I did hoping she
wanted some fun but all she did was call out and then kneel down.

I heard footsteps and looked up to see a fat,ugly man in his fifties
wearing elaborate clothing. Two men certainly as large as Ahmed the ape
stood impassively by his side. These bodyguards had a holstered gun on
their side and a large nine pronged whip in their hands. From their fear
of this man this must be Osman Rhamani. He said to me in very poor

"Bitch you will obey me. If you don't you will be punished. Disobey me
three times and you will suffer curse of the iron. Now suck me"

He took off his pants to reveal his bloated and disgusting looking
stomach. Folds of flesh hung down giving signs of overeating and much
drinking. He thrust his cock into my face and demanded.


I knelt there not moving. I must not give into this man. I heard a loud
crack and suddenly a searing pain ripped thru my exposed back. Crack
another burning pain. I could feel blood beginning to well up on my
back. How far can I push this.

"SUCK" This time the voice was forceful.

I took his erect cock in my hands and placed it's shaft into my mouth. I
put my lips around it and was almost sick in disgust. I could feel the
blood pulse in the veins of his dick around my lips. He began to move it
deeper in almost down my throat.

"SUCK Whore!" He shouted. Crack! Pain! Crack! Pain! I must suck it or

I began to suck on his erect dick and he started to move it deeper in.
Revulsion and anger at being kidnapped and humilated like this boiled
up inside me and I made the third worst mistake of my life. I bit as hard
as I could.

He screamed in pain as blood poured from his cock. I could feel the his
warm blood inside my mouth giving me much satisfaction. He screamed
at his two henchmen. I caught a last glimpse of one of them raising a
pistol butt and all went dark.

I awoke in pain. I was in a very dark room, almost like a dungeon. My
arms were chained to the wall as was my spread-eagled legs. My whole
body ached and I could feel where the lashes had cut into my back. I gave
into the pain and passed out again.

I came to I don't know how much later. Osman stood before me.

"You stupid American dog. Now you will stay in chained my has long as
it takes me to heal. Now you cannot stop me from having you. Now any
of my men or guests can have you just like the whore of dogs you are" He

I was given water later on in the day and allowed to stretch my limbs for
about an hour before the ape guards chained me up again despite all my
struggles. One of the guards bent down and I was helpless as he firstly
fondled then begun to suck my breasts. With a gap toothed grin he undid
his pants revealing an erect cock. I screamed helpless and in pain as he
pushed it into my slit. There was no pleasure in being penetrated in this
way just terror. I could feel him inside me moving, thrusting and finally
he came. He left me dripping with cum joking with his friend. I began to
sob uncontrollably.

Sometime later Osman came back down.

"So my little bitch whore how did you enjoy my guards?" Osman said.

It was then I made the second worst mistake of my life. I gathered as
much spittle as I could muster and spat right in his face.

He shouted in fury and stormed upstairs.

Some time later he came back down and said.

"Whore! you are the first I have had to do this to and it saddens me to do
this to such a pretty face. You will learn to obey me and may this be your
final and permanent warning". He stopped, pulled a coin out of a pocket
and asked.

"Heads or Tails?"

"Heads" I managed to croak.

He flipped the coin and said "Heads it is and that means left" And with
that went back upstairs.

A man came downstairs with an oil barrel full of coal. He set it alight
and I saw the flames begin to shoot up into the air. The coal on the fire
began to glow and the room became unbearably hot. The man placed
something in the fire and left.

Sometime later and the room was stifling hot and I was feeling very faint.
The man came up to me and said "hold still!".

I then saw he was holding a white hot rod of iron. It sparkled and shone
with a hateful glow. I tried to struggle but my chains held me tight. I
started to scream but the man but a hand over my mouth and held my
face. As if in slow motion the glowing rod came closer and closer
towards my left eye. A searing pain like I had never felt before entered
my left eye and ripped thru my entire head.

I screamed and screamed until in pain I passed out.

I awoke still in pain but only chained by my ankle. My left eye hurt and
hurt and hurt. I found I could see nothing from it and tried to open it. It
just wouldn't obey.

I felt something around my head and reached up to touch it, an eyepatch.
I took it off hoping in vain that it would cause my left eye to open. It

Gingerly I reached up a hand to touch my eye. Sure enough the lid was
there but the eye beneath felt rough and course. Then the pain started
again and I passed out.

I remembered the iron coming towards my eye and screamed in horror at
the sight which was now literally burned into me.

Osman came into the room said nothing but gave me a battered plastic

I stared into my scarred face. My left eye was in ruins although the lid
had remained intact. The actual eyeball had gone burned away in that rod
of hate. The rest of my face was fine with the eyebrow not even singed. I
put on the eyepatch and looked again.

The patch hid my scars well but asked the question what was beneath it. I
had worn a patch before when it was fashionable in some bars and had
thought it looked kinda sexy. But this one was real and in no way erotic .
Thanks to this hateful place I had been maimed for life. Oh John or Liz
where are you?

F Day - 2 Months.

4. F -1 Day. 'I love It When A Plan Comes Together' - DR Elizabeth
Bexley's Tale.

HE left my room without much incident. I guess he was still in a state of
shock, but that's only to be expected. It's now much too dangerous to
hang around here as Kat so I'll have to ditch her face and assume one of
my other identities as a safeguard.

It's really all over, I can't believe it. My love still refused me, even when
faced with no choice at all. After all this time he still hates me enough to
want to hurt me. What can drive someone like HIM to be so cruel? What
is there about me to hate? Even in the form of his wife he still rejected
me. At least he will suffer.

Tears began to form in my eyes as I let out all the emotions that had been
bubbling away for days and I cried, really cried for the first time in a
year. With each tear the pressure of impersonation and fear of discovery
lifted little by little until I felt much better.

I must pack and literally change quickly John is due here soon and I've
got to leave the cassette tape here so that he can pick it up. Hmm let me
see who shall I be Alison,Jennifer or Christine, Alison I think.

I took the pill marked 'AD' from the small pill bottle in my bag and
swallowed it whole. Ugh definitely make a mint flavored one next time.
Now I have to pack and check out before the pill takes effect.

I packed quickly but efficiently but must admit to having a twinge of
regret when I saw the garters and teddy HE had worn. Oh what might
have been. I checked quickly around for anything missed, nope nothing.
Now all I've got to do is remove some items from Kat's luggage and
leave the rest here. The Guild will take care of clearing the room when
I've gone.

I paid the hotel bill with Kat's credit card and checked out. Hmm only an
hour to go before my face changes. John should soon be turning up as

Once again I found a quiet backstreet in which to change faces. Checking
my watch I took the countdown five, four, three, two, one, twinge.

I could feel my face reshaping and hair growing at the same time. I
momentarily went blind as my eyes changed shape and color. Little by
little the twinges stopped and I felt normal again. I checked my watch 22
seconds had elapsed. Excellent! I'm now Alison Davies,born 22nd
August 1968, on a business trip for my firm and inline to be the youngest
CEO in it's history. Just a quick mirror break to check I'm not half Kat
half Alison.

It's worked. Alison's long mane of blonde hair shone down from my
thinner more oval face. My eyes were now a deep brown and lips a little
smaller than Kat's. Not really stunning but pretty in a homely kind of
way. Still my new face was only required to get me back into the states
and away from any harm that could have befallen me.

I walked back to my old hotel and sat in the ornate lobby. The manager
came up and asked me if I needed some assistance but I just said I was
waiting for someone. That someone was John.

After forty seven minutes John(still in Kat's body) turned up. I had a
nervous moment when I first saw him as I thought it was the real Kat but
I could trust the guild. Perfect He's going upstairs to my old room.
Now Liz Wait.

Ten minutes later he emerged from the room carrying Kat's luggage,
thanked the manager and then left for the airport in a beat up old taxi.

I waited a few more minutes before catching a taxi of my own to the
airport. Why did I always get a talkative driver.

"You enjoy Egypt?"

"Yes it will hold many memories" I said.

"You pretty woman , make lot's on markets" he said leering at me in the

"No thank you,just get me to the airport".

Was I going to be abducted and end up in the same fate as Kat and
Cathline?. It certainly seemed so as the taxi was not going to the airport.

"Please take me to the airport" I insisted.

"No you much too pretty to leave" The taxi driver said.

Fear began to creep into my mind. Think Liz what was the phrase the
guild had told you for emergency situations. In English the phrase was
'Fist of God' In Arabic Qubth-something. Now what is it ,Got it.
I said firmly "You will take me to the airport Qubth-ut-Allah".

I was slammed forwards as the driver hit the brakes hard.

"Sorry mistress I did not know. You will forgive me. I will take you
to the airport". The driver replied almost scared to death.

Must remember that one I thought. "This time you are forgiven. The next
time maybe not. Now get me to the airport NOW".

The taxi driver shut up the rest of the way and we arrived at Cairo
international airport without further incident.

I checked in with only a half an hour to spare and was sitting down in the
departure lounge drinking a large, cool coke. My heart was still pounding
after the attempted kidnapping and narrow escape. I'm so glad the guild
look after thier customers. I hate to think what Cathline's going thru.

Sitting over to my right was John looking very tired and depressed. I was
tempted to go and talk to him to gloat in someway but that would have
been very foolish. He just sat there his head in his hands looking as
though he had lost his right arm. He looked up and glared at me and I
quickly averted my eyes. I did'nt want to draw attention to myself. I took
pity on him in a way but his wife was far too dangerous and
trecherous to be left hanging around. He knew about my drug firsthand
and so must be dealt with as part of my clear up of loose ends. Still he
looked so sad.

I boarded the flight but unfortunatley ended up in the seat behind John. I
hope he does'nt notice that my current body(not face) is identical to his
own. I'm sure he's got other things to think about.

I had a nervous moment when I came back from the bathroom. John
looked at me,really looked at me as though studying me. I was relieved
when I saw he was only eyeing me up. men never change, even when
they are a woman.

I slept most of the way. The inflight movie was passable, I dunno what it
was about some romance. I paid little attention to it. Life's not like that.

We got off the flight and I waited for my small amount of luggage. I then
followed John at a discrete distance, was that HIM I saw hanging around
in the crowds. Can't be him can it?. I followed John a little more. Fuck
that was HIM, and he was waiting for me, no actually he was waiting for
me as Kat. What was he going to do?

HE followed John a while longer and John became aware of HIS pursuit.
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck somehow HE was carrying a gun. John saw this and
started to run away. There was a loud crack and the back of John's head
exploded with the force of the bullet. Another crack and HE was felled to
the floor by a shot from the airport police. From where I saw the bullet
enter it looked like a minor shoulder wound. The closeness of the range
should allow HIM to make a full recovery as the bullet would have passed
right thru.

But what the fuck had he done. I'd planned to put John in the way in case
of something like this. But to actually have it happen in front of you was
scary. I must go away and think, quickly the police are starting to get
statements from people who saw it. I must get away to plan my way
around this complication.

Still wearing Alison Davies face .I hired a car from the airport and drove
to Rhamnus. What did disturb me was the fact that this was now a high
profile media event, as a report by some reporter called Stephanie Lane
proved. She looked a tough cookie on the tv but she has no proof only
spectulation and HE would just be labeled as insane.

Still I must go to Rhamnus and prepare for exile from Dr Elizabeth
Bexley forever. Once again he has driven me away. This time from my
life,my body and my family. He deserves to burn. Thinking about it
taking a life was'nt as hard as people make out.

F + 4 Days..

5. F-21 Days Hope and Tragedy - John's Tale.

I tried to fight my way through the crowds towards Cathline. In my old
body I may have been able to do it but with this one I was helpless. I last
saw her stretch out a hand towards me shouting 'John' but soon she was
swept away from me.

I went back to the hotel to wait for her return as she is bound to arrive
soon. In the meantime I'll try on some of the gifts we had brought for
each other. Cathline was right I will make the most of this body while I
can. I feel much more sexy now and am ready when she is. I've had
enough of touching my self up, I want to be a real woman now.

Which top, Oh yes the silky one I had just brought. I took off my faded T-
Shirt and again marvelled at the sight of my heaving chest. I'll never get
used to it and don't really want to either. The shirt fitted perfectly. Once
again I saw the gentle curve of my body and how it flowed into my cute
ass. I felt a warm feeling below as I moistend up and I fought down the
temptation to explore some more. I must wait for Cathline.

Strange she's been gone for nearly four hours. Probably got lost or
something. I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke and it was daylight again .Had I really slept that long?

"Cath" I called.

No reply and the side next to me had not been slept in. She must have got
back by now. All thoughts of a sexy reunion left as I was now very
worried. Using the guests handbook next to the phone I called the police.
It was hard to make myself understood but I think I managed to get my
message across.

An hour later a swarthy looking cop turned up. He was looking
concerned and he spoke in heavily accented but understandable English.

"How long has your friend been gone?"He asked.

"Just over a day" I answered.

"Hmm have you a photograph you let me copy?" He asked.

"Sure" I went to my wallet in the drawer and got out the picture I kept in
there of Cathline. Looking at it made me miss her more. I gave it to the

"I will return this to you as soon as I can. In the meantime stay here in
your room so that when she comes back you will know" .

"Ok" I replied.

"I will see you tommorow" And the cop left.

This was serious, Cathline would never be gone so long. Something must
have happened to her. But what? I lay on my bed worrying for most of
the night. Everytime I heard footsteps outside I would sit up and expect
her face to pop round the door and she would whisk me off to bed. Still I
will keep a log of my travels and feelings so that we can look back and
see how silly I was to worry.

I must have drifted off to sleep as I awoke the next day. Still no Cathline
anywhere. There was a knock at the door.

"Cath" I shouted and flung open the door. My heart sank when I saw it
was the same cop from yesterday.

"I'm sorry no-one has seen this lady. She is not in any of our hospitals
and nobody has found a body. I have spoken to the police in Syria and
they report that a lady looking like her has been seen in Aleppo".

"Of course Syria, that was to be our next stop on our tour" I exclaimed.

"That maybe where she has gone, I will keep an eye out for her here, I
take it you have tickets to Syria?". The cop asked.


"I will put you in contact with the Syrian police. They can arrange for
you to get to Aleppo" .

"Thanks very much" .

"Here is your photograph back. We have copied at and passed it to all
forces in the area. You may keep this to aid your search" I took the photo
back and thanked the cop again.

At last a lead! Syria, why she would go to Syria without me? I've no idea
but at least she is still alive and well. I packed my things right away and
checked out of the hotel.

Never fly local airlines in the middle-east as the plane looked as though it
would fall apart but after an uneventful flight I arrived at Damascus.
Another cop was waiting for me at the arrival lounge. I can only describe
him as tall, dark and handsome. He introduced himself as Salah and said
that he would take me to Aleppo. I wonder why the five star treatment.
Maybe it's because they wanted to get on the good side of the US. I did'nt
like being a pawn in a political game but at least it made the task of
finding Cathline easier.

We got into an old but rugged looking jeep. Salah was a gentleman and
knew how to treat a lady. He threw my luggage in the back and opened
the door for me to let me get in first.

"You may sleep when you wish. We have a long journey ahead" Salah

I did'nt feel very tired but thanked him for the tip.

Soon we were out of the bustle of Damascus and out into the desert.
Actually the scenery was very varied, bleached moutain ranges
surrounded us which slowly gave way to the more traditional desert

Five hours later we reached the large town of Homs. I was thirsty,dusty
and very much in need of a shower. I mentioned this to Salah who drove
me to what can only be described as a basic hotel. He went inside and
came out about ten minutes later.

"I will sleep here" he said pointing to the jeep. I have arranged a room
for you. We will meet tommorow at six, we still have a long way to go.

As the gentleman he was he took my bags into my room, I followed him
in. By normal western standards the room would be described as spartan
but it did at least have running water and a flask of bottled water was
ready for drinking. No shower alas.

"Goodnight Salah" I said exhausted.

"Goodnight" and he took my hand and kissed it. I felt a thrill run thru
me and instantly felt guilty. I'm a man for fucks sake. What was I
thinking. I did'nt have anytime to reply as Salah left the room, closing
the creaky door behind him.

I drunk the flask of water dry and collapsed onto my bed. Nearly there
Cathline, soon I'll be renunited with you. I held that thought, ignoring
the way I had felt when Salah had kissed my hand and got on with
updating my log. A couple of hours later more tired than I had ever been
I drifted off to sleep.

Refreshed from my first good nights sleep in nearly three days I awoke
and met Salah outside. He had very thoughtfully paid for me and all that
was left was for me to sign the bill. It seemed strange signing 'Jane
Norton' but I had to do it.

Salah gave me breakfast on the way. A delicous combination of fruit and
bread. The scenery was similar to before. Rolling hills of desert mixed in
with green fields where irrigation had taken hold. Here and there were
small villages of mainly goat-herders and farmers. The one thing that
struck me was now matter how tatty the town looked the mosque was
always in pristine condition. These people clearly took their faith

Some hours later we arrived at Aleppo. A busy city similar to Damascus
set on hills of white limestone. Salah said it was the second city of Syria.
Looking at the crowds I could believe it. We parked in a small side street
and Salah got out of the jeep and said "Stay Here".

Not wanting to wander around alone in this place I did as I was told and
stayed in the jeep.

About an hour later still no sign of Salah. I was getting impatient, I knew
however not to go walkabout as this would most likely get me into the
kind of trouble that Cathline may be in.

Suddenly I was surrounded by a mob of rough looking men. They leered
at me and jabbered away in Arabic. I felt rough hands try to paw me thru
the open window of the jeep. I moved to wind up the window but the
hands forcing the windows down were too strong. I screamed in terror as
I began to be pulled out of the jeep's window. No matter how much I
struggled the men were stronger.

When all seemed lost I heard a shout "Qubth-ut something". All but one
of the men scattered in terror, the other drew a large curved sythe and
stood his ground. I looked as to who my savior was. Thank God it was
Salah, I've never been so relieved in my life.

My eyes detected a blurr, and I heard a sharp 'Thiick' noise and my
assaliant fell to the floor writhing in pain,his throat slit.

Salah stood over him impassive but victorious. He wiped a small, thin
blade on his sleave and sheathed it in a smooth well praticed movement.

"Are you Ok?" he asked.

"You've killed him" I shrieked, shocked at the ease in which my guide
had dispatched my attacker.

"He was a dog, such people are rare in my country but he deserved to
die" was Salah's chilling reply.

"How did you learn to move so fast?" I asked

"I learned from my father, and his father before me. The source of my
skills go back over a thousand years. You are quite safe with me lady
Jane. Come I will take you to a hotel". At this Salah lit a small cigarette.
I did'nt know he smoked. As the smell drifted past me I recognised it
from my student days. It was the umistakable smell of hashish. Salah was
either high or thoughtful as he did'nt say another word until he ran into
the hotel.

Salah was still in his stupified state so I left him in the jeep and went to
my room. The room was far better than the one in Homs as it had a real
shower. I stripped off and stood under the warm flowing water for hours.
I could feel the water running down my breasts and as I rubbed myself
down I could feel myself being aroused. Not at my touch or the thought
of Cathline's but of being touched by Salah. My knight in armor. My
hand reached down to my slit and pleasure waves swept over me has my
finger went in. I was now really wishing Salah was here. I had never
desired a man before but as a woman I wanted one now.

Much to my disapointment Salah did not turn up so I dried myself off
and waited for him. Darkness came suddenly but still no Salah. Tired out
by all the excitment of the day I went to sleep.

The next day Salah met me for breakfast in the hotel. I had never noticed
how his eyes were deep pools of mystery. Who was this man who could
kill as easily as I could breath?,why did he smoke dope after killing and
not any other time? I must find out.

"Why did you smoke after killing that man?" I asked.

"It was to honour my ancestors and to avenge the works of the Mamluk
Sultan" Salah replied. Oh those eyes.

"I see. You are the most mysterious man I have ever met" I said

"Do not get ideas Jane Norton. I am faithful to my wife. Unlike you in
our country we take such vows seriously. I am here to help you find your
friend and nothing else" he said.

Inside I went quiet. Fuck Salah was married..

"Any news?" I asked, quickly changing the subject.

"None as yet. It is too dangerous for you to follow me where I must go.
You must stay here. You may not be as lucky next time" He said

"I will stay" I said sadly.

The days drifted past. Salah went out each day but returned empty
handed each time. I began to fear for Cathline as each day went past. At
least the hotel had a pool in which I could enjoy myself. I remembered
the threesome with Liz,Cathline and myself. When we get back I'll do it
again. Still this time gives me chance to update my log with the events of
the past few days.

Inside I was in turmoil. I now began to think of myself as female. No
longer were my breasts and slit alien to me. They belonged to me, they
were part of me. I wonder how Cathline will react to this when she
returns. Judging by her performance in the pool all that time ago she
probably would'nt mind that much. I have a decision to make when I
return. To go back to John or stay as Jane Norton.

Two weeks after we had got here Salah came with some news.

"We have located her in Egypt. She was seen going into Luxor hotel a
day ago. Come we have'nt much time".

I packed in a blur and we sped to the airport. I asked Salah why we did
not fly the first time. He explained that he needed the time spent
travelling to set up his contacts here in Aleppo. Besides I only had tickets
to Damascus. He joked about me wanting to be rid of him. Oh Salah what
might have been.

I could'nt help but shed a tear when I said goodbye to my brown eyed
knight. Goodbye Salah, maybe I will come back for you. wife or no Wife.

My flight to Cairo was uneventful and the swarthy cop met me at the
arrivals lounge.

"Come quickly we have found something" he said.

"What about my luggage?" .

"That has been taken care of. We have found a note in a room the Luxor

"What's it say?".

"Later, quickly you must come" He said.

He practically pushed me into his car and we drove to the Luxor Hotel.

"Remember you have a flight soon. I will pick you up and take you to the
airport when you are done here" he said.

Stupid I had nearly forgotten that my flight left tonight. I wonder how he
knew. No matter here is the hotel.

"Now I can tell you" he said.

"Why not earlier?" I asked still puzzled.

"Time is important we needed to ensure you got here first, now we have
some time to spare I will tell you" He stated.

"So tell me" I demanded

"The note said that your friend Cathline has left for America. She wants
to leave her husband John to be with a Dr Bexley She has left you a tape
to explain and wants you to take back some cases to give to John. To get
to them you must explain to the manager that you have forgotten your
luggage and want the room key back. If we were late the tape and
luggage would be cleared away, as would your only chance of finding
your friend".

My heart sank at the news. I must remain calm. I was wrong to trust that
Bexley bitch. I'll get her but not before I change back should I want to.
I've also decided to post my log to Cathline via Vickie Turner so that
Cathline will see what I've been thru and maybe come back to me. I'll do
that as soon as I land.

"What's on the tape?" I asked.

"We do not know, we have not yet been inside. That part is now up to
you. I will wait here".

"Bye and thanks" and with that I rushed out of the car and into the hotel.
The manager approached me

"Yes madam".

"I'm such a scatterbrain. I left my luggage in my room" I said, putting on
my most embarrassed look.

"Ah yes I remember you" he went of to the reception desk and gave me a

I took the stairs and opened the door. Sure enough was some suitcases
with 'Jane Norton' on them and a cassette tape was placed on the bedside
table. I took both and took the elevator back down.

The cop rushed me to the airport and I soon cleared customs. I sat down
in the departure lounge and waited. How could Cathline do this to me.
She's left me for another woman. I felt drained and tired I put my head in
my hands and thought of all the fun we had, had together.

I looked up and saw a blonde haired woman looking at me. That's right,
I'm hurting, you can just piss off back to your own world I thought. The
woman quickly looked away, ashamed I guess. Cute body though, just
like mine.

I boarded the plane still almost in tears and sat down in front of that
blonde bitch. I least I wouldn't have to see her pitied expression

As she got up to go to the bathroom I noticed the way she moved, very
similar to me, almost catlike.Come on John you're tired and exhausted
get some sleep. I couldn't help but ogle at her when she came back. Very
cute indeed, her lips are a little thin though.

I slept most of the way over, my heart still in splinters over Cathline
leaving me.

Immigration was painless and after posting the log to home I walked out
into a brightly lit tunnel. My eyes saw a familiar crop of auburn hair.
That face, that beautiful face was unmistakable even though she looked a
little unkempt. Dr Elizabeth Bexley was waiting for me and what's she
got in her hand...


6. F-14 days And the Kat Came Back - Kat's Tale.

I needed some space to think and clear my head after nearly losing him
last night. This is why I'm sitting down, alone in the hotel bar, just

I couldn't believe what was happening to us. A demon, A succubus from
his past has arisen and is threatening to destroy us before we have even
started out. The demon's name is Dr Elizabeth Bexley. I cannot even
bring myself to say HER name, such is my hatred for HER.

I'll never forget his face when he stared down at his right leg and saw,
what he described as an identical copy of HERS. It was then that I knew
we had been cursed. Naturally I tried to comfort him but inside I know
that we cannot escape the fate SHE's prepared for us.

I am more than angry. What right has SHE to destroy us in this way. He
left her for valid and noble reasons, he chose me over her. I'm just
furious. I've not told him this yet as I want to always show an
understanding side so as not to panic him but this could wreck us for
good. I'm no lesbian in spite of my advances. I just want a honeymoon,
any honeymoon.

His lack of sex drive also hurts me. I know it's difficult for him but he is
so special to me I just had to wait until we were married. I wish to God
that I had not. Now we stand the very good chance of never
consummating our union. I wanted kids for God's sake. 'Hell bitch'
you've robbed me of that as well.

I don't hold out much hope of finding a cure either. SHE wouldn't go to
this much trouble if she was going to give us a chance. What do we do?
SHE seems invincible. I count myself as pretty intelligent but her plan
seems to have no flaws what so ever . I feel pleased I managed to work
out part of it but I cannot think of any possible countermeasure. I just
hold on to a glimmer of hope that the antidote is real. Somehow I don't
think so.

I hate holding things back from him,especially since he's not well but
judging by his reaction today about becoming HER I think I'm right to do

That's another thing I feel so guilty about giving him that pill. 'Hell
bitch' you know I love him, and will not see him hurt. You've turned me
into your weapon of hatred and I'm powerless to do anything about it. A
slave to love.

I said almost out loud

I serve notice to you, Hell Bitch that I have drawn a line in the sand
against you. Whatever the price, however long it takes, my husband and I
will be together. Failing that, even if it costs me my life we will be

Just what I don't want some guys are coming over to the table. One is
huge, almost like a gorilla. The other swarthy looking with very white
teeth. Can't they see I'm a married woman.

"A beautiful woman like you should not be alone" one said showing
glimmering white teeth.

"I'm not! My husband is due down soon" I answered showing them my

"You will come with us" 'Teeth' said.

"Sorry I'm not that kind of girl"

"You will be huh huh" 'Apeman' grunted. 'Apeman' pulled a small,
sinister looking knife from his pocket. I froze.

"No screams or you die now" 'Teeth' said.

By the look on 'Apeman's face he meant it.

"Where do you want me to go" I said. I can make a run for it later I

'Take this' 'Teeth' said thrusting out a pill.

"What's this for?" I asked(Is this HER work?)

"Take it" 'Apeman' said showing me more of the knife.

With no choice I took the pill and swallowed it down with the remains of
my Pepsi.

"Now come with us".

"No chance" I snarled.

I saw a blur of color and looked down to see that a little of my hair had
been sliced off. Not enough to really be noticed but enough to make me
come with them. man was he quick.

I got into their car and 'Apeman' sat next to me holding me at
knifepoint. Why was my head feeling woozy. 'Hell bitch' if this is your
doing you'll get triple back.

I felt very sleepy and didn't notice where we were going.

I awoke naked and missing my wedding ring. I was in a dimly lit room
which smelled of some exotic perfume. Now what?

I felt the blood begin to pulse around my body, each heartbeat seemed to
get louder and louder. Without warning my legs gave way. Please God
not a man, not me 'Hell bitch' you die.

I stared at my skin which was becoming more tanned and almost Arabian
in color. The flesh on my legs began to almost melt and reshape. I could
feel no pain but my legs were certainly different. They lacked that
athletic shape I'd worked so hard to get but they had an almost regal look
to them. I studied their shape and much to my relief they were still
female .

My relief was short lived when I had a twinge in my womb. My hips
were reforming before my eyes. I did feel a little faint but it soon past.
How could I not have noticed. My waist was now impossibly thin and
although my hips had shrunk a little I now had literally an hour glass
figure. What next had that hell bitch prepared for me.

I felt an erotic sensation as my breasts reshaped from their normal size to
much smaller ones. What was going on?.

My hands began to ache and I stared at them as my arms reformed into a
much more delicate shape. I felt woozy and had to rest and I couldn't
help but fall asleep.

Sometime later I awoke and so that my whole body shape was changed.
Still female(thank god) but I could no longer really be called Kat.

My head began to spin. Someone was trying to pull my hair out or at
least it felt like I. I took hold of my ever growing locks and saw that not
only was it growing it had turned a silky Arabic black. Who the fuck was
I going to be. The hair stopped growing when it reached my ass, but was
that my nose starting to ache. I grabbed it and found to my horror that it
was larger and a different shape than before. I went blind for a few
seconds and when my sight returned and I felt my face it felt much
different in shape. What did I now look like, who was I??

My head cleared enough to look around and I saw a light switch.
Walking over was an effort as I guess I still had to get used to my new
body. I flicked the switch and the lights came on.

The room was filled with exotic cushions, curtains filled every wall and
sweet smelling flowers were everywhere. In the corner was what looked
like a full length mirror, covered by a cloth. I had to look so I rushed over
to the mirror and ripped the cloth away.

One look in the mirror was enough I screamed.

Standing in the mirror ,true to life was Jasmine from Aladdin.
Everything was there, from the deep brown eyes, small mouth and long
hair to the slender waist and long legs.

"Very funny 'hell bitch'" I said out loud.

I saw now that she couldn't have turned me into a man. That would
mean that we could be together(with me as the husband). This way
everyone would stare at me and say 'Wow that lady looks just like
Jasmine'. Our life would now be even worse.

I'll teach you to make me a Disney character you hell bitch.

I was very tired, I guess it was because of the changes I'd gone thru. So I
collapsed onto a cushion and slept.

I awoke some time later to find a blue dress on the floor next to me.
Holding it up I saw that it was the same off the shoulder outfit that
Jasmine wore. Ha Ha Ha very funny NOT . With nothing else to wear
however I put it on.

'Teeth' and 'Apeman' came in a few minutes later and teeth said
"Excellent, we were told you'd look different in the light of day. You
must dance for us. Your buyers are watching".

What! SHE's still not done with me. A chilling thought struck me. SHE
wants me to disappear, that's why she's changed me and there's only one
sure way to get someone to disappear in this part of the world, Harem.

I vowed before this that I would do anything so we could be back together
as husband and wife, wife and wife or whatever. If that means submitting
myself to humiliation in a harem for ten years so be it. I will do whatever
I can to gain favor so I can get myself in a position to escape.

Some music started and remembering my vow I started to dance as
erotically as I could. I ran my hand down my new breasts and over my
hips. With my other hand I took hold of some of my hair and ran it past
my face. I swayed in time to the music as best as I could.

I noticed that 'teeth' and 'apeman' were getting worked up about
something. I kinda hoped it was my dancing but I don't think so.

'Teeth' said "Take your dress off".

I obeyed letting it slip to the floor. This new body of mine moved very
well. Half an hour later the music stopped and 'teeth' told me to but the
dress back on. Which much relieved I did so.

"You are very lucky" 'Teeth' said.

"Why?" I asked(interesting my voice is different, God! not like Jasmine's
as well).

"No woman in our history has ever sold for so much as you. You have
raised three million US Dollars and have been sold to the best Harem in
the Arab world. They will treat you kindly and you will not be forced into
anything that you do not wish to do" Teeth replied.

'Kat' or should I say 'Jas' looks like your luck is about to change.

The door opened and in walked how shall we put this an Adonis. He was
tall with deep brown eyes and not a muscle(and there were plenty of
them) was out of place.

"I see that my money was not wasted, come my princess" Adonis
gestured for me to follow.

This I did wondering if I was right not to resist, in spite of all this mans
charm I was married to the man I loved. If I was ever to see him again I
must gain this man's trust. I followed him outside and into a large white
limousine. He gave me a glass of champagne and said
"You are the most beautiful of all my women, no man shall have you
except me, you will serve no man except me. All my riches are as
nothing to your beauty".

I couldn't help but feel a glow of pleasure being complemented in this
way. I guess I must call him master or something

"Thank you master".

"I am not your master, how could anyone lay claim to such beauty. You
may call me Hassan and you will be at my side, always. I will not have
you unless you consent for that would corrupt your beauty. You are my
precious rose, there to look at and admire, not to pluck with a harsh
hand. I have waited many years for a chief girl and I knew the moment I
saw you that you were the one". He said with such a gentle look on his
face my heart was beginning to melt.

"Thank you Hassan . I will remember your promise to me" I said

We sipped champagne in silence as the Limo drew up outside a large
walled palace. Guards opened the large steel gates and we drew into a
wonderful courtyard. A fountain was in the centre and all around was the
sweet smell of flowers.

The door was opened for me by a butler and I got out and stared around.

"Welcome to your new home, my love" Adonis said

Hmm I could stay here for a while I thought. Hassan gestured for me to
follow him which I did. We went past large rooms where the whisper of
female voices could be heard thru closed doors.

"You are too precious to stay with my other women" Hassan said

We went to a large winding staircase in which we climbed. It seemed to
go on forever but eventually we reached the top. Hassan opened the door
and I went in.

The room was one can only describe as palatial. Easily as large as my
house at home it had a four poster bed with ornate silk covers. The room
was littered with flowers and a carpet of fresh rose petals lay under my

"It's fantastic" I gasped.

"If you need anything you can have it" Hassan said and with that he left.

Alone for the first time since the auction I explored the room. Behind a
silk curtain was a walk in closet with every kind of outfit. From an
elegant designer ball gown to some sports kit. Kat my girl you really
landed on your feet here. I mustn't lose sight of my true goal. A cage is
still a cage no matter how elaborate the bars.

In one corner was a sunken bath full of warm white liquid. I dipped a
finger in. It tasted like milk. I'd read about Cleopatra bathing in asses
milk and had always wanted to give it a go. I took off my Jasmine outfit
and looked down at my new body. My situation had so overpowered me I
had forgotten who I now looked like. Jane Stephens was no more at least
in body.

I dipped a brown, slender leg into the bath, ummm that felt good. I put
my other leg in and sunk in. OWW I'd just sat on my hair. I'd forgotten
it was that long. I stretched out and relaxed for the first time in ages. It
didn't bother me as much as I thought having my body changed like this.
Sure I'd want my proper form back but this was nothing compared to
how HE is changing.

Oh God what's happening to me. I've become intoxicated with this place
I'm beginning to forget. This place is like the Elysian fields once here
you forget your past. Hassan does not need bars and armed guards to
keep his women here, he seduces them with words and milk baths and
soon they forget their past. This I will not do. Hold on my sweet I'll be
back soon, this I vow.

After spending an hour in the bath I got up, dried myself off. Hmm being
Jasmine's not so bad but I've yet to met someone who will recognise me
as her.

I put on an ornate silk dressing gown and tired from the events of the day

A knock at the door awoke me at I guess around 11am.

"Come in" I shouted.

At the door was another girl, this time dressed in what I would call
traditional harem costume. She was smaller than me at 5'4,large breasted
and looking very scared.

"The master requests your attendance at his conference now" She said

"What shall I wear?" I asked.

"The master asks that you wear dress five from your collection and shoes
number twenty" She said still in fear of me, Why?

I went over to the closet and saw each hanger had a number. I saw a
beautiful blue saffron dress, that seemed to shimmer in the light. I put it
on and looked in the nearby mirror. I'm still not used to my new
reflection but I will admit the old me could never carry off that outfit the
way I could now. My hair was a mess though. I went over to the dressing
table and went to pick up an ivory hairbrush.

"Mistress, you are not allowed, let me" The lady said.

"Ok thanks" I said as I gave her the hairbrush.

I sat down revelling in the feeling of having my hair brushed in such a
sensous way. Remember Kat Elysian Fields, hold on to your promise.

"I have done mistress" The girl said.

I stood up and looked in the mirror in awe of the image there. No one I
had ever seen had ever portrayed such an air of grace and majesty as I
now did. A beautiful Arabian princess started back at me, her arms
moved up to her face in time with mine. The blue dress showed every
curve, my tiny waist exaggerated them but not so much as to look

"You must come now" The girl said.

I went to the closet and picked out shoes number twenty, they were deep
blue in color with only a slight heel. They fitted perfectly.

I followed the girl downstairs and into large room.

Hassan sat at the head of the table surrounded by his guests. Every single
jaw in the place dropped as they took me in.

"Is she not a jewel beyond measure". Hassan said and beckoned me to
move over him.

"She is indeed. I wish all my girls were like her" A fat disgusting man,
about fifty said.

"I'm sure you do, Osman. But this is one jewel you will not touch"
Hassan said.

I walked over to Hassan and he pointed to a wine jug.

"Serve us please" He said.

I picked up the jug and did so.

The evening went on with me being just a waitress and the object of
many lewd jokes judging by the laughter.

At the end of it the other's went away leaving just me and Hassan alone.

"Be glad Osman Rahmani did not buy you" Hassan said


"He is an evil but powerful man. He was boasting that he had gouged a
girls eye out with a hot iron because she disobeyed him" he said.

I shuddered at the thought. Poor girl my heart goes out to her.

"Sit a while and let us talk" Hassan said.

We talked about many things. He outlined his promise that he would not
touch me unless I wanted it. I was however to serve at his table whenever
he wanted. I was also responsible for discipline between the other girls
and would be expected to keep them in order. That explained why my
'maid' was so scared.

He outlined his family history to me. His family had always lived here
and before his parents died they had hoped that he would find a wife
soon. Oh God Kat he means me. Hassan also stated that it was forbidden
to talk about my past only our future.

"It is time you went to bed, we have more guests tomorrow".

My maid took me upstairs and my head was in a whirl. How can I escape
and how long before I succumb to Hassan's charm?

As each day passed I saw in my minds eye my husband slowly changing
into HER. I felt bitter and powerless to help. Come on hubby fight it I
thought each day as the time drew near when he would become HER

I was not allowed near the other girls in normal day to day life. I had to
deal with a few disputes between girls but they were only minor matters.

A month after my capture I felt a pit of despair in my stomach. By now
there would be two Elizabeth Bexley's, one my sweet, the other a
demoness from hell. I must get out. I must find out my love's fate.

The same pattern of serving tables and talks afterwards repeated it's self
for a couple of months when Hassan came to visit me. This was a first as
he had always called me and had never come to visit.

"Come my Jewel we have some shopping to do" he said.

He took my hand and we went to his waiting limo.

F+2 months..

7. F+ 5 Days .Fun, Fun, Fun In The Sun, Sun, Sun -
DR Elizabeth Bexley's Tale.

Since I am now effectively in exile I must now prepare a new place for
me to live, both in body and habitat. I'm so glad we developed a GUI for
this system. Now let me see what we need.

I'm quite content to let the media have their fun with HIM. No doubt my
parents are there now and HE is trying to explain. Let him try is what I
say. The threat board is empty as they say. Now about my new body.

I quite like the sound of being a model. I can come and go as I please,
earn lots of money and generally live it up. I've still got the twelve
million in New Zealand to collect but I'll do that after I've changed. I
won't give myself any fixer when I'm the new me in case I want to
become someone else, now how tall should I be.

After about an hour I've decided that a clean six foot is the right size. I
was very happy at five ten but it gives me a couple of extra inches to add
to the legs. Now skin tone, Nicely tanned but not too much I think. A
couple of mouse clicks later and the image of a six foot amazon rotated in
3D on screen.

Hmm maybe a little more curves. Click, Click That's better.

General muscle tone. Athletic but not overly muscled. Kind of Demi
Moore level. Excellent.

Legs maybe a little too short at the moment. Let's make them three
inches longer. Perfect.

About my new breasts. I've enjoyed having Kat's but maybe they would
look a little small on such a tall frame. Click Ooops not that large. No
about 38D is about right. Excellent.

Arms. I'll keep my own I think. I have surgeons hands and don't want to
lose them. Ok don't forget to change the finger prints though. Done.

Now what about my new face. Hair, I've always wanted to be a blonde so
blonde it is.

Eyes My own again I think, blue with an everso slight hint of gray. Nose
A little smaller than my old one, Hmm not that small. Yep just right.

As for my voice. I really liked mine, but I can't use that one. I know I'll
give tweak my old voice a little. Take out that tendency to go ultrasonic
when mad. Add a little European flavor, after all the new me will have
been in Europe for four years. Excellent.

Face shape that's not too difficult, long and oval with high cheekbones. I
know what I'll let the system choose.

A couple of hours later the most incredible face I'd ever seen looked out.
It went beyond the current standards of beauty and set new standards in
female perfection. It was simply breathtaking.

I looked at my watch I had been concentrating hard for almost twenty
hours and was in need of some sleep. So after setting the drug production
system running I crashed out until the following day.

When I awoke sometime in the afternoon my doses were all done, now
all that remains is to make a past for the new me and to change into her.

A quick call to the US branch of the guild would sort out the former.

"This is Hippolyte. Switch to encryption code 27.I have a request" I said I
keyed in the code on my phone, now even the CIA couldn't listen in.


"I wish to create a new person".

"One hundred thousand" The voice said.

"Done, the Money will be in the usual place. As will a photograph. I
want delivery in two days" I said.

"What are the details?" said the voice.

"Name: Rachel Martin, Height six feet, weight 135 pounds. Sex female,
blood group O negative Born 15th May 1973 in Versailles, France".

"Got that. History?" The voice asked.

"Parents Rod and Angela Martin. They were US citizens working in
France when Rachel was born. Killed in auto accident 10th June 1995.
Rachel is only child".

"Carry On"The voice said.

"She attended Oxford University, England from 1991 to 1994 She gained
first class honors in bio-chemistry and Human Biology. Fluent in five
non English languages(French,Italian,German,Arabic and Spanish)
Currently hitching around Europe doing non-descript jobs." I said.
Perfect Rachel Martin now had all my skill sets so that I could slip into
the role much easier.

"Anything else?"

I outlined some more detail, enough so that if anyone probed into my new
life they would see nothing out of order. Rachel Martin brains and beauty
all rolled into one.

Over the next two days I ate nothing but carbohydrates and protein.
Loosing body mass was easy on the body, it could just burn the excess off
to fuel the change. Since I was now five seven and weighed less than
Rachel Martin my body would need all the fuel it could get to grow to six
feet. I stayed at a local motel noting on the news reports that the Bexley
trial was still headline news. The media was still asking why?. Only I
and my doppleganger knew the real reason.

I took my next face pill this time as Jennifer Wilkinson. As my hair
turned from blonde to red and face altered shape I rejoiced in my
triumph. Soon I will be the world's most perfect woman. I picked up
Rachel Martin's details from a nearby cave and studied them, the guild
had excelled themselves. A quick shop for some clothes for Rachel
Martin and a ticket to Paris and I was set.

Still as Jennifer Wilkinson I flew to Paris where the fashion week was in
full flow. It's time Rachel Martin got discovered. I checked into a small
hotel in Versailles so that I could look around my 'birthplace' and took
my Rachel Martin pill.

I lay naked on the bed waiting for the changes to occur. I had no wish to
feel anything so I had added a sedative to the pill and I began to feel
drowsy and I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke feeling utterly exhausted and looked down. I can only describe
the view as stunning, my legs went on forever, perfect in every way. My
waist was slim and hips wide enough to form a graceful curve. I stood up.
Wow This is tall, I'd forgotten what a shortass I'd been. I moved over to
the mirror and was transfixed by my new face. It was as though God had
taken all the best parts of every beautiful woman who had ever lived and
had combined them into this face. It made Helen of Troy look dowdy. I
smiled. THAT face smiled, it was real, it was me.

I put on my new outfit, only a pair of jeans and a silk blouse. Even in that
I looked stunning. Now to get famous. I paid the bill for Jennifer
Wilkinson in cash and walked out into the Paris sunshine. Even walking
down the street jaws were dropping. Every male from the lusty teenager
to the elderly war hero was agog. Wives and girlfriends dragged
husbands away as they ogled my every curve. Women looked on in
jealousy and admiration. The impact was everything I had ever hoped

I took the subway to one of the largest fashion shows. Bluffed, bribed and
flirted my way in. The show had obviously finished as people were
milling around talking about it. As I walked in those who saw me
stopped talking and a few whispered 'My God' and 'WHO IS THAT!'.
The room soon went quiet as a chain reaction of silence took place. Estee
Lauder was my chosen point of contact and their rep was still engaged in
conversation with someone else, oblivious to the lack of noise in the
room. Bold as brass I walked up behind her and tapped her on the
shoulder and said in perfect French 'Can you find a job for me?'.

She whirled round, looked up and with a 'sacre bleu' dropped her
champagne glass,which promptly shattered. She called out to her
supervisor and he came rushing over. His reaction was much the same as

Before I knew it I was being rushed into a limo and was made an offer
for nine million a year to be the new face of Estee Lauder. Elizabeth
Hurley make way Elizabeth Bexley is here. I made sure the contract was
non-exclusive and signed. Five million up front and I start a shoot on

Three weeks went in a blur. I had really enjoyed being fussed over and
the media has gone Rachel Martin mad. I sat in the spa in my hotel
room(The Paris Hilton penthouse of course) reading La Monde.
'Cinderella makes good' was the head line.

Marcel, my agent(I even have an agent now) is fending off calls from
every magazine in the world from Vogue,Cosmo and even the National
Enquirer. He's had calls from Penthouse and Playboy offering multi-
million dollar deals for a nude Rachel Martin. Sorry boys no deal. The
assignments are mounting up but I had instructed Marcel to only accept
the elite. This meant deals running into the millions, nothing
else. My next assignment was a shoot for the cover of Vogue and a series
of adverts for Estee Lauder. These started in a month. I could pick and
choose any assignment I wished. Advertising agency's were prepared to
wait for a year for a Rachel Martin shoot. That suited me just fine.

I've taken a month off before I start on another assignment in the US. I'll
use this time to retrieve my nest egg from New Zealand. But I'll tell
Marcel it's a publicity tour for me.

Everywhere I went was paparazzi. I got Marcel to book me tickets to
Auckland and he delivered them and asked me to be careful. I assured
him I could take care of myself and I left for Charles-de Gaule airport.

Twenty four hours on a plane is a long time, even when flying first class.
I should have asked for a jet I thought. Even sitting down in my most
scruffy clothes people still looked. I did sleep most of the way over
though. My thoughts on what I had to do when I landed.

New Zealand was colder than I had expected but I guess I was in their
Winter. Fortunately news of my fame had not reached here, although I
had been followed by a few intrepid photo journalists. I checked into the
best Hotel in Auckland, whose name escapes me and called the bank and
a local security firm.

I got the security firm to pick up the safe key from me and take the
money and deposit it into one of my Rachel Martin accounts. I made
another call to an exclusive real estate agent. Who turned up within the
hour after I explained to him what I wanted.

Sometime later and eleven million dollars poorer I was the proud owner
of a small island in the Indian Ocean. I called the guild from a call box
and arranged for the contents of Rhamnus to be shipped out and installed
there. No problem they said. It should take three weeks to set it up if they
airlifted it out. I wanted them to clear out Rhamnus completely, no
traces. I also told them how to deactivate the traps around the system.
Don't want any accidents do we.

Stage two complete.

The next day I flew to Malé, the capital of the Maldives and took a
seaplane to my new Island. The house was nice in a desert Island sort of
way. I'd soon see that it matched my specifications but that was a much
later task. In the meantime I walked around my haven in my bikini. Fuck
this is a good body.

There were lots of hidden caves and beaches perfect for storing things
that I might not want any guests to see. If only HE was here things would
have been perfect, but HE chose a different path. I debated whether to ask
the guild of any news on Kat and Cathline but that would link Hippolyte
with Nemises and I did not want that. I hope Kat has got the worse deal
out of the two. I suspect Cathline will enjoy herself with all those women

What shall I call this place?. I can't really call it Rhamnus as I no longer
regard myself as 'Nemesis' more Helen of Troy. I know I'll call it my
'White Isle' after the place where Helen of Troy went to live with
Achilles. It's also fitting as one legend says that Helen of Troy was the
daughter of Nemesis. I love Mythology it provides an endless pool of
names and metaphors.

I spent a further two weeks on my 'White Isle' fixing things up myself
but mainly just enjoying the sun,sea and surf. I lay content on the beach
with my portable CD playing one of my favorite songs. The words were
just so apt.

"I'm the face you hoped you'd never see but always knew you would
I'm the one thing you knew you should'nt do but did because you could

I'm the evil in your bloodstream
I'm the rash upon your skin
And you made a big mistake alright the day you let me in".

The music blasted out across the beach, merging into the sounds of the
sea. Hmm this place is heaven.

Oh well next week it's off to the states for another shoot.

F+2 Months

8. F+2 Months 'Shah mat'(The king is dead) - Cathline's Tale.

I am in what can only be described as a living hell. I have been chained
up for four months or so my guard tells me. My eye is better and no
longer hurts. Osman had to give me a course of anti-biotics to cure an
infection soon afterwards but that has long gone. I am fed by my jailer
three times a day, with a couple hours worth of exercise outside. The only
good thing is that I have learned some Arabic and so can therefore talk to
my captors, the worst part is when the guards come.

I am raped at least twice a day. I no longer care, that part of me has been
shut down. A guard walks in does his stuff with me and then leaves.
Being chained spread-legged to the wall I cannot fight back. That awful
day when I lost my eye has destroyed the fight in me and left me a cold
automation. If I don't look keen to see them I just get slapped around, the
end result is still the same though.

Here comes a guard now, I must smile, look pleased to see him.

The guard walks up to me and undoes my chains. He mutters a single
word "out".

I stagger upstairs and am almost blinded by the sun. I stare at my skin
which has gone a pale white but the rest of me seems to be ok.

I am dragged to a courtyard that I have not yet seen before and told to
stand with some other girls. They stare at me in horror. I don't know if
it's my patch that scares them or my complexion. They are talking
excitedly about something. I hear Osman's name muttered followed by
laughter. What has happened?

I ask one of the girls in my broken Arabic

"What has happened?"

"Master Osman is dead" She said.

"How?" I asked.

"You killed him, when you bit him. He caught a disease from the wound
and died in great pain". She said.

Score one for the good guys. I thought.

"What will happen to us?"

"We are to be sold again, as part of his property. You are labelled as a
troublemaker, that is why Master Osman took your eye. You should have
obeyed. You will most likely go back to your pit"

My heart sank. A lifetime of rape lay ahead. Hang on here comes a white

A tall, very handsome man got out and looked around. The driver got out
and opened the farside door and I caught a glimpse of a lady with very
long flowing black hair. She looked around at the courtyard and then at
the girls on display.

"I am saved. It is Hassan" The girl next to me said with glee.

The lady turned,saw me and stared. I stared back. I if didn't know any
better I would have to say she was Jasmine from Aladdin. She spoke to
who I presume was Hassan and pointed at me.

A guard came over and unchained me. The other girls looked on in envy
as I was hustled into the limo.

I sat down bewildered at had what just occurred. Somehow this Hassan
and 'Jasmine' had just brought me but for what? The girl who was
standing next to me seemed relieved to see Hassan but why?

'Jasmine' got in the limo and said in perfect English. "Hi, my names
Jane Stephens but you can call me Kat".

F + 63 Days.

9. F DAY +2 Aftermath - HIS Tale.

They moved me from the station to the state pen the next day . My bail
hearing was in a week, or so I was told. How could things have come to

I was locked up in holding cell, after being roughly manhandled in. I still
feel alien inside this body. Every sensation, every movement is foreign to
me. At least SHE is dead, no longer can SHE haunt me. I sit on my
bench, moody and depressed. I look up as I hear some keys jingle in the
lock. A large brutal looking woman in prison overalls in thrust in my
cell. Her hair is matted and untidy and when the bars are finally closed
shout she shouts "Fuck you" to the departing guard. Her attention then
turns to me.

"I know you, You're that Bexley woman" She says.

"I guess so" I answer.

"Why'd ya do it. Come on, you can tell your Aunty Sandy. Make me
some money too!"

"You wouldn't believe it".

"What's a matter little Miss Priss -- all lost inside big bad Jail?" she

I sat quiet, taking an instant dislike to 'Aunty Sandy'

"You had more money than I could ever steal, You've got looks and
brains supposedly. Stupid thing to do, blowing her away in public. Stupid

I sat silent wishing to God I could get out of this place.

"I aint no fancy doctor, with no fancy mansion but even I can see you
gonna die".

"Just let me be" I sobbed. Why was I so emotional. I should be pleased
SHE is dead. Her blood has been mopped off the floor by now. I
remembered the feeling of seeing her die. A smile spread over my
(Elizabeth's) face. Aunty Sandy noticed this

"Whacha smilin at, was the killin good?".

"You wouldn't believe it" I sobbed. Even now, under my overalls I could
see the shape of my breasts, and thigh over thigh.

"Let's see y' tattoo. I heard bout it on the TV. I'll show y mine" She asked

"Sorry, not today".

I lay down on the bed very depressed. Kat oh my darling Kat where are

Aunty Sandy stayed silent thank God, her questions exhausted for the

Some time later we were let out for some exercise in the yard. I walked
sullenly outside and kept myself apart from the other prisoners. Although
taller than most of the others I could not hope to hold my own in a fight,
so I kept apart. There certainly seemed to be a hierarchy amongst the
inmates, the ones that were here for life or had been in many times held
sway over the rest of us. After the excerise was over we were told to strip
and shower.

I had hoped I was exempt because of my shoulder wound but was told
that I had to shower anyway. I slowly took off my overalls hating the
sight of myself as inch by female inch was revealed. I was pushed into
the showers by a guard and was met with wolf whistles by the women
already in.

Aunty Sandy was there, naked and looking gross. She stared at my hydra
in amazement.

"Amazing tat there" she said

I looked down at the hydra heads on my breasts and then onto the small
patch of hair just above the place I knew my slit to be. How I hate this.

I felt a hand on my ass and whirled around. A smallish lady about five
two stood there. She was pretty and normally(had I been a man) I'd have
jumped in.

"Hello my pretty, my what a wonderful tattoo! Is it real?" she said

"Careful Liz, That's Lucy, one of the prison dykes" Aunty Sandy called.

Great! Only here one day and I get touched up. How do I play this?

"Yes it is real, the same as the rest of me" I replied and went back to
cleaning myself.

A hand touched and stroked my back as it traced the lines of the hydra's

"I can make it much more bearable in here for you" Lucy said

"Really" I replied.

"Yes really, or I can make it much worse".

I was rescued by the water being turned off, and I then had to deal with
drying myself off. My arms and back were OK but I really hated rubbing
down my breasts. Yes they exited me and yes they felt good to touch but
they were a reminder of what had been done to me. I dried my legs and
again felt sad as I ran my hands over their slender form. It was drying off
my pussy that I really hated though.

I got back into my overalls and went back to the cell. I must have still
been weak from my wound as inspite of Aunty Sandy's inane chatter I
went to sleep.

I was standing before the court. My lawyer had given in and thrown the
trial. A verdict was due.

The judge said "All rise"

The forewoman of the Jury stood up. It was Elizabeth!

"How does the jury find the defendant?"

"Guilty on all counts" Elizabeth Said.

My heart sank, the judge then said in a grim tone

"Dr Elizabeth Bexley, you have been found guilty of the first
degree murder of Jane Stephens. You will be taken from this place
and brought to another where you will be executed by lethal
injection. May God have mercy on your soul."

I awoke screaming. It had just been a dream. I knew that I had been
wrong to just lay down and die. I must live. I must live to try and find
Kat. I must live to try and turn myself back. As long as I was like this
Elizabeth was still winning. But how? I had no resources and had gunned
down someone in public. My only chance as far as I could see it was to
prove I was not Elizabeth Bexley and that I had acted in self defense.
Still I had no money for a lawyer. But I now, at least have something to
live for.

I slept easy the rest of the night and awoke when a guard told me that I
had some visitors. Who could they be?

I was let to a room with an amored glass partition dividing it. A middle
aged couple sat in two chairs waiting for me. I cast my mind back almost
three years. Of course Elizabeth's parents. I sat down and put the phone
to my ear.

"Oh darling, what did you do?" Mrs Bexley said.

"I'm not your daughter, Mrs Bexley."

"Then who the hell are you? And what's all this Mrs Bexley crap?" Said
Dr Bexley.

"Your daughter sought revenge on me for jilting her three years ago. This
is her revenge." And I pointed to my body.

"So you think you are the man who ran out on Liz at her wedding" Mrs
Bexley asked looking concerned.

"Not think, KNOW. She used some kind of genetic changing drug on

They put the phone down and started talking. Lip reading the
conversation it must have gone something like this.

"She's as crazy as a loon. It must be the trauma of being arrested and
everything" Dr Bexley said.

"She's still our daughter" was his wife's reply.

"OK we'll humor her until we can get her professional help" Dr Bexley

They picked the phone back up.

"Liz you're ill. We'll get you the best help. Robert Abbey is going to be
your lawyer. He's the best defense lawyer there is. If you are granted bail
we will pay. Listen dear we love you and want to help anyway we can"
Mrs Bexley said.

They held hands and Mrs Bexley started to cry.

"Why'd you do it. We taught you all life was precious, you're a doctor for
chrissakes. When that girl died before you went to the lab you were
distraught. Why did you take a life, especially an innocent one. Jane
Stephens had done nothing to you, except fall in love with the man you
loved. Look precious I love you, you are my own flesh and blood. The day
you graduated from Havard was the proudest day of my life. Where did
we go wrong?" Dr Bexley was in tears now, his hands clutching those of
his wifes.

"You didn't. She did, Elizabeth that is, " I said.

How could I get out of this? To them I was their daughter, and to claim
otherwise would make me seem insane. How could I tell them I had
gunned down their beloved daughter at the airport.I had no money and
desperately needed their help I was in a no win situation. The only way
out was to pretend to be Elizabeth Bexley.

"You are clearly ill dear. We will stand by you whatever happens"

"Thanks Mom" I said.

10. F DAY+ 8 hours Where did we go wrong? - The Parent's Tale.

I'd just gotten out of the shower after a very busy day. The sun was
setting and I was glad I could, at last switch off and relax. Then the
phone rang. "I'll get it" I shouted.

"Is that Dr William Bexley," I voice said

"Yes" I replied cautiously.

"We have some news on your daughter. I'm Lt Dan Peters of the NYPD.
We have your daughter in custody for the murder of a Jane Stephens"

"There must be some mistake," I said. What had happened?

"I'm sorry there's no mistake. She says she wants to see no-one and hasn't
even hired an attorney. " Lt Dan said.

"We'll be there as soon as we can" and I put the phone down.

"Dear, come quick," I called.

Margaret came down straight away and saw my worried face.

"What is it?" she said, concern showing for the first time.

"It's Liz, she's in New York charged with murder" I blurted out.

"No it can't be" my wife sobbed.

"Let's find out" I said.

"Look it's late, let's fly over tomorrow morning" Margaret suggested.

"I told you yesterday that the jet's being serviced, we'll have to drive as
we have no time to book a flight. In any case we need the time to arrange
a lawyer for her, as she seems incapable of doing it herself," I said

Neither of us got any sleep that night. What had Liz done or been
accused of? We got up early the next day and started the long drive to
New York. We shared the driving between us but the main highlight of
the day was that I managed to get Robert Abbey for her defense. Robert
Abbey was one of the premier defense attorneys in the country. He would
be in NY in a few days.

We stopped off at a motel for the night.

"Do you think she did it?" Margaret asked

"I don't know. But I do know, daughter or no daughter she was one of the
best doctors I ever had" I said.

"What have we got to do tomorrow?" Margaret asked me, her voice
starting to show signs of strain. I felt just like she did but I have to be
strong for her and Elizabeth's sake.

"Apart from getting there I have to arrange some more info for Robert,
set up meetings with him and Liz. I need this time to get my thoughts
together" I said

This time we could sleep better. Having Robert defend her was a big

We drove all day to the Jail where Liz was being held only to be told that
we could not see her until the morning. Very disappointed we booked
into a hotel. Whilst I was unpacking Margaret shouted

"Quick! Look on TV!"

I rushed in to see a report by Stephanie Lane. My heart sank when I saw
a police photo of Liz on the screen. Footage of the shooting. A tattoo!
why in God's name would she get a Tattoo? Margaret burst into tears in
my arms whilst I stood wondering what could make our daughter do such
an atrocity and act so unlike her normal self.

"Why did she do it, I had no idea she felt this way about HIM" Margaret

"Me too. She did seem kinda distant these past few months, as though
she was slowly being taken over by something. It thought it was her work
at the lab . Now I guess we know what it really was. Hatred for this guy"

"Oh my poor dear," Margaret cried.

"I'm a doctor too. I should have seen it. I really thought that she was over
it. The wound must have been festering inside her for three years, until
his marriage brought the whole thing up again. Why couldn't she talk to
us?" I was beginning to cry now and we shared our grief together.

Margaret fell asleep in my arms crying herself to sleep. Too tired to
think, I did the same.

We drove to the gaol and avoided listening to the radio. The whole
country seemed to be asking the same question we were. Why did Dr
Elizabeth Bexley kill in cold blood when she had so much going for her.

We were let into the visitor room and sat patiently. Oh God it really was
Liz, here she comes walking slowly in. She sat down and looked at us
puzzled for a second and then put the phone to her ear.

She certainly seemed confused as to who she even was. One moment she
was claiming she was a man turned into Liz by Liz, the other she was
calling Margaret Mom.

Both of us left in tears. We have decided to stay in NY for the duration of
the trial. In any case Robert will be here soon.

F+4 Days

11. F + 63 Days 'Coincidences' Kat's Tale.

I got out of the Limo after Hassan. I had been unsure of going to, what
was for all purposes a slave market but Hassan had insisted I should
choose my personal maid. Apparently this was a great honor and I didn't
want to disappoint him. Besides I needed an friend to help me get out.

We drove thru what seemed endless desert to his personal airport where
we boarded a spanking new Hughes chopper. Hassan took the controls
and we took off.

"We are we going?" I asked, looking down at the featureless terrain

"Osman Rhamani is dead. We are going so that you can pick a maid
from his property" he said.

"Is'nt Osman the one who gouged and burned out a girls eye, just for
spite?" I said.

"The same, although I doubt she is still alive. She would have been
treated horribly."

We flew over desert, beneath us oil wells and pipelines could be seen.
Occasionally A patch of green would mark a farm or river. We landed
some hours later and took a white limo to Osman's place

We drove into a courtyard and Hassan got out. I soon followed him.
Looking around at the grim courtyard I had to admire Hassan's version.
A group of around fifty girls stood before us. They were all dressed the
same, in a kind of belly dancers outfit. I turned around and noticed a lady
with an eyepatch. I stared at her, she was not a native of these parts,
clearly European or American . By the looks of her she had been
severely mistreated, as her skin was white and her hair unkempt. This
must be the lady Hassan had told me about.

She stared back at me and I knew then that she recognised me as
Jasmine's clone. To gain this much wrath and still come out of it alive
she must be some woman. If I was ever to get away I would need this
person's help and maybe she could do with mine.

"Hassan. I want her" I said pointing at the mysterious one-eyed woman.

"She could be trouble. What about another?" Hassan said looking around.

"She must be very courageous to stand up to Osman and still live. Would
you rather have a woman with a lion's heart or one that will bring you no
honor?" I said.

"Very well, You have chosen wisely and I am pleased" Hassan then
shouted to a guard, who then unchained the woman and pushed her
inside the limo. Hassan went away to study the other girls leaving me
alone with my new maid. I opened the limo door and sat down inside.

The woman looked at me with fear and curiosity in her one good eye. I
decided to take a chance.

"Hi, my name's Jane Stephens, but you can call me Kat".

The woman looked shocked at hearing an English voice.

"Hi, my names Jane Stephens but you can call me Kat" I repeated.

"Sorry, Cathline Richards' and she put out her hand which I then shook.

"Pleased to meet you Cathline" I said.

At this point Hassan got back in and said "Good choice my Jewel, she is
the best of all of them. We can now leave. He gestured to the driver to
drive off which he then did.

He spoke to Cathline "Woman you are now her private maid. You will
share all that she does and most of her privileges. If you disobey her you
will be cast out into the desert where you will most certainly die. You are
to address me as master, only your mistress is allowed to call me by
name. She is your mistress, it is by her hand that you live or die. You are
not to speak to me or to her without her permission. Is all this clear? Be
sure, for your very life depends on it."

Cathline looked fearful and nodded. This was the first time I had seen a
hard side to Hassan. I must be special to him for him not to show it to

After a long drive and chopper flight we arrived back at Hassan's Palace.
I was escorted to my ivory tower as I called it, whilst Cathline was taken

There was a knock at the door and in walked a much better looking
Cathline. She had been clothed in the same manner as me, but her outfits
were less glamorous than mine. Still I guess it beats the harem getup of
Osman's place. She just stood there, almost in awe of my surroundings.
Her face showing the same fear and trembling I had seen when we had
first met. I gestured for her to sit, which she did.

"Cathline. I want you to know that I treat you as an equal. All that bull
that Hassan spouted in the car was supposed to frighten me and you into
being good"

Her face relaxed and she almost seemed to breath a sigh of relief "It sure
worked, Mistress"

"Cut the Mistress crap when we are alone" I said.

"That's a shame. I've always wanted a mistress" Cathline joked.

We both laughed and a bond was formed between us.

"How come you speak such good English?" Cathline asked, her one eye
showing puzzlement.

"It's a long story, which I'll tell someday. But how come an American
ends up in a Harem and being raped and tortured?"

"That too is a very long story. Look I'm really tired. "Mind if I get some
zzzs?" I'm still a bit weak from being chained up for four months"

"FOUR MONTHS" I exclaimed. What had this girl gone thru? No
wonder she was still in shock.

I noticed for the first time the red,bloodied marks on her wrists and
ankles. My God how horrible.

I got up and rang the servant bell and within minutes a servant girl
arrived. I whispered something in her ear and turned to Cathline.

"Wait here you'll enjoy this."

About ten minutes later a stream of servant girls arrived and started
filling up my bath with warm milk.
"Go on treat yourself, I won't look" I said.

"Thanks Kat. I really needed this" Cathline got up, got undressed and
slipped into the bath of warm milk.

"Sure you won't hop in as well?" Cathline asked.

"No thanks. It's nearly time for me to go down and serve Hassan"

Sure enough another girl came up a few minutes later and told me
Hassan was waiting for me.

"Help yourself to anything you want. I'll be back later. By the way I have
the bed" I said to Cathline.

Another banquet and I crashed into bed at one am. Cathline was fast
asleep huddled in the foetal position in the corner. She woke up
screaming several times in the night which is not really surprising,
seeing as she been raped daily for four months.

I was awake before Cathline, who was still curled up in the corner like a
frightened mouse. Her scruffy and worn eyepatch lay to one side and I
resisted the morbid temptation to have a look at her left eye.

I called for a girl to see if Hassan was free. I wanted to ask him for a
favor. Hassan asked me to come down a while later, and I asked him. He
agreed, and said that he would try and get it done by the end of the week.
I just hope it makes Cathline feel better. He congratulated me for wanting
to care for my maid, but wasn't it a little harsh, he added, to make her
sleep in the corner? She was supposed to share my bed!

I wonder how Cathline will react to that. I'd rather she sleep on the floor.
There's only one woman I want to cuddle and that's my husband. I
wonder if he misses me. I miss him every minute of every day.

Cathline awoke and asked me if I didn't mind not looking so that she
could have some privacy. I agreed. After she had gotten dressed we sat
down to breakfast. I had found that my new body didn't have that big an
appetite, but Cathline more than made up for it.

"I feel so much better, It's amazing what a good soak and some food will
do. That horrible place seems a million miles away now," she said.

"I've noticed that too. This place makes you forget who you are and what
you are really doing here" I answered.

"Elysian Fields" Cathline said.

"Exactly" I replied.

"Did you know you like exactly like Princess Jasmine from the Disney
Film Aladdin?" Cathline asked.

"I don't want to talk about it. Just let's say I'm not like this by choice or
birth," I said in a cross tone. Kat, you gonna have to get used to it, I

"What do you mean?" Cathline asked, curiosity showing in her eye.

I guess it's time to tell my tale. Someone must get it back to the outside.
It may as well be Cathline.

"Take a seat and I'll tell you my story" I said.

Cathline sat down on one of the cushions and I sat opposite her and

"I guess the real roots of it started about three years ago when my
husband was nearly killed when his car broke down. He met this very
beautiful doctor and they agreed to get married. However he found he
didn't love her and so left her at the altar."

Cathline sat upright rigid, her face showing surprise. Her one good eye
was wide in astonishment.

"This doctor wasn't called Dr Elizabeth Bexley by any chance?" She

Now it was my turn to be surprised

"How the fuck did you...."

"I know her, I work with her at her lab. In fact I'm her deputy. The whole
reason why I'm out here was because she gave us(my husband and I) the
money for a month long tour of the middle east. She's been one of my
best and closest friends since my husband slept with another woman" She

"So where is your husband now?" I asked

"I don't know. I was taken in a marketplace in Cairo four, maybe five
months ago, and haven't seen him since. Where's yours?"

"I'm coming onto that now. Quiet!" I said.

"Anyway he met me about two years ago when he moved into my town in
the mid-west. We fell instantly in love and he was the perfect man for
me. In fact I thought he was so special I asked him not to sleep with me
until we were married."

"And he agreed?"

"Yep," I replied.

"Wow he must be a real find" Cathline said.

"We got married on the 20th of July this year and decided to go to Egypt
for our honeymoon. No sooner had we arrived then he was abducted but
returned seemingly unharmed the next day. Later on that day a parcel
arrived with a note from your friend Dr Bexley saying that he had been
given some kind of drug that would rewrite his DNA into that of herself.
He had also been given a narcotic which would make him crave the DNA
drug and make him feel progressively worse until he did take a dose of
DNA drug"

Cathline sat stunned but silent so I continued.

"We thought it was a bluff until one night his leg changed into that of Dr
Bexley's. We were naturally distraught to find that the curse was true and
that he was destined to become HER for good, thus effectively ending our
marriage. He was fine for three days until on the third night he nearly
lapsed into a coma and I had to give him another pill to bring him out of
it. His left leg changed to match his right and it was then I decided I
needed to think. I was kidnapped in the hotel bar, given a pill that turned
me from plain old Jane Stephens into, well Jasmine from Aladdin. And
here I am and I guess you don't believe a word of it" I said.

"I didn't mention that when I was taken my husband was in fact a copy of
a woman called Jane Norton. Liz had gottern her DNA from somewhere
and we, no actually she had decided to test the DNA drug we had
developed on him in order to teach him a lesson about women."

"Bastard! I'm Jane Norton, now Stephens. Was your husband about five
seven with short black hair, a good body, and green" I was almost
stunned when Cathline completed my sentence.

"Eyes?" Cathline offered.

"That's me, or rather was me. Kat is the name my husband gave me when
we first met. That hell bitch used you two as a test run for us. Can't you
see it. It's so obvious now I think about it."

"No you're very wrong. Listen I know Liz. I think the two incidents are
not related. She would not do that. Sure she was deeply hurt when your
husband ran out on her and sure she took months to get over it but she
was a doctor first and a damn good friend. I realise that you may hate her
and you have every reason to but I do know her very well indeed. "
Cathline almost snarled back.

"Fine but just listen to this, as I see it. SHE gets jilted by my husband and
plots vengeance on him. Develops the DNA drug for use against us, but
she needs a test first. Her whole life is devoted to getting back at us so
she doesn't want to blow it by using an untested drug. OK? "

"Hmm. Go ahead." Cathline said.

"She sees an opportunity when your husband sleeps with another woman
to get you to agree to turn him into me. She said in her letter to me that
her original plan was to turn HIM into me but that she changed her mind
at the last moment. Therefore before she changed her mind she needed to
test the 'man into Jane Norton' drug".

This she does, with your consent. You think it's all a bit of fun but really
it's a dry run for us. When it works she knows she can strike. But there
are some loose ends left behind. Namely you and your Husband.
Therefore she offers you a holiday to the middle-east so that she can get
you thrown into a Harem. She also knows that I must be got rid of as well
so she changes me into Jasmine and throws you into that hell pit."

"I've been so Stupid. But what about John, my husband?" Cathline sobs.

"I don't know but it seems reasonable he would go hunting for you and
end up the same as us".

"Right! Liz's dead meat!" Cathline spat out.

"But who is she now?. I reasoned before I got taken that she must be
close by, not only to co-ordinate things but to watch the changes. Fuck
I'm thick" and I slapped my forehead with my hand.

"What!" Cathline says.

"Of course she gets rid of me and then replaces me so that she can watch
my husband turn into her. She can then lead him astray so that he ends
up as her for good. She needed to change me so that I wouldn't be
recognised by anyone".

"It's fucking perfect" Cathline sobs.

"I know and it scares the shit out of me. There must be others who know
about the drug though. She can't get rid of everyone".

"Hmm let me think. James knew about it. He was on the team that
discovered it" Cathline said.

"What happened to him?" I asked.

"He got testicular cancer, Liz tried to cure it by changing his dick to a
new one but she got the samples mixed up and gave him my pussy
instead. You don't think..."

"Almost certainly. From what I've seen of Dr Bexley in action she would
not be that incompetent as to mix up some samples. I think James was
the very first test on a human. The hell bitch needed to find out if
someone's gender could be changed but in such a way that it seemed an
accident" I speculated.

"Hmm People were wondering at the time how Liz got so careless but she
was the boss and noone really questioned it afterwards" Cathline added.

"What happened to James?"

"The last thing I heard was that he was undergoing treatment for Gender
Identity disorder".

"So in other words Liz drove him insane".

"You could put it that way" Cathline said cautiously.

"Anyone else?"

"Let me think. Vickie Turner knows about the drug but as far as I know
she knows nothing about any human trials. Officially we're still waiting
for FDA approval for the go-ahead. She knows it's possible but not
proven. Mind you both of our husbands make any human trials a little
academic now".

"So really James and Vickie's lives are in great danger should they learn
any of this. What I can't work out is how SHE managed to arrange all
this. She must have had help from others." I stated.

"I believe I've met them. They are known only as 'the guild.' They were
responsible for my abduction and believe me you do not want to fuck
with them. A girl when I was about to be sold told me that they would
come for you if you escaped. I would not fancy our chances against them.
The one who spoke to me claimed that they had killed Kennedy and had
not failed in a task for nearly a thousand years. Please Kat don't go up
against these people" Cathline was almost in tears, her eye wide with

"I think they were the ones that took me as well. I promise you I won't go
up against the guild. I've seen these guys in action and they make our
marines look like raw recruits. I have no intention of being pursued by

Cathline drew a visible sigh of relief.

There was knock at the door and a girl walked in carrying an ornate box.
I got up and took it from her.

"For you, my favorite maid" I said and handed Cathline the box.

"Why thank you"

"Open it" I said.

"Yes mistress." Cathline giggled and opened the box.

"It's beautiful" she said, and she lifted a new eye patch from the box. It
was just as I had described it to Hassan. Black silk with hundreds of
small diamonds around the outside. The silk was patterned with small
gold flowers which caused the patch to glimmer in the sunlight.

"I wish I could have got you a necklace, but your patch is so worn. And
it must remind you of your time with Osman," I said.

"My left eye is a permanent reminder, but thank you. This will help.
Please turn away while I try it on.".

I did so and after a few moments turned back again. The new patch made
Cathline look almost beautiful again. It suited her much more than the
old one. And I told her so.

"Thanks." Cathline said.

"Listen, that we know all this makes it vitally important we get out as
soon as we can" I stated.

"If we do, the guild will come. They'll come and .. " Cathline was
beginning to panic at the thought of being pursued by the guild.

"Let me think on this a while. We need to get out so that we can find out
what has happened to our husbands, but in such a way that the guild will
not hunt us down" I said.

"You're chief girl right?" Cathline said excitedly.

"I guess, although Hassan has only called me that once. I do have
responsibility for the whole Harem" I replied.

"That girl I told you about, the one who told me about the guild. She also
said that if you were trusted you could leave the Harem for a while to
search out more girls" Cathline said excitedly.

"THAT's IT! THAT's our way out. Only one problem. We would be
expected to return" I sounded enthusiastic .

"Hmm FUCK. No escape that way".

"Maybe there is... Let me think a while."

We had been talking for hours, and soon it was again my turn to serve
Hassan at his table. I returned late to find Cathline asleep on the bed.
Still crouched up she was talking in her sleep "Hmm Liz that's nice. Go
on all the way in. Let me lick you out.. Oh Liz much better. How about a
threesome lover?".

My blood ran cold. Not because Cathline was 'bi' but because she was
obviously more than best friends with HER. I could feel hatred for this
woman begin to form. I couldn't bear to lay in the same bed, so I took
the cushions.

"Morning" Chirped Cathline.

I just glared at her.

"What's wrong? Did you want the bed?" Cathline said.

"How could you? I trusted you!" I screamed.

"What!" Cathline looked puzzled.

"You, YOU were more than friends to that hell bitch! You were lovers
weren't you! I heard you talking in your sleep! You betrayed me!" I was
now furious.

"Sit down and let me explain," Cathline said calmly.

"OK Fine! Oh and that's 'Mistress' to you!" And I sat down.

"You are correct MISTRESS. I did love Liz, but not as much as my
husband. But then I had known him longer. Again you are right. I did
sleep with Liz, but I loved her also. I wanted all three of us to be
together. What you didn't see was me crying myself to sleep because of
what she has done to us. MISTRESS I loved her more than many wives
love their husbands. Inside my heart is being rent in two, and the last
thing I want is some high and mighty Disney character telling me what I
should and should not be! MISTRESS!" Cathline was now sobbing

I turned away, also in tears. That Disney character remark really hurt.
But she was right.

"Mistress, I'm sorry about the Jasmine remark. That was uncalled for,"
Cathline apologised.

"You can cut the Mistress crap out now. You're right. I had no right to
jump on you like that. We must work together or we are both doomed to
stay here. Listen, I have a plan."

F+66 Days.

12. F+2 Months 'Gotcha!' - HIS Tale.

Three weeks ago I had my first visit by Robert Abbey, my attorney. I
must admit to thinking he would be older than 35, but he certainly looked
younger. Judging by his build he was no slouch when it came to working
out either. How I want my old body back!

He stated what I already knew that unless we could prove insanity or self
defense then I was deep shit. He did promise to review the facts and keep
in contact. He said his methods were a little unconventional in that he
would only contact me when he had some news. Yesterday he did say
however that he has found a loophole which he thinks will get me off the
death penalty.

My 'parents' visit as much as they are allowed. We talk about the coming
trial and how I feel about things. They look puzzled when I don't know
much about them or some friend of the family but somehow I must keep
up the pretence. They ask me everytime why I did it. Of course I cannot
tell them the real reason, so I must keep quiet. They tell me that outside,
the media is going mad about this trial.

The real low point came a few days ago when my bail hearing was turned
down. I'm stuck here until the trial.

No one from the press is allowed to talk to me, and anyone I know has
refused to give any interviews. They also tell me that someone called
Cathline and John Richards have also gone missing. I guess I was
supposed to react to that news more, but I blew it.

Vickie Turner is apparently doing an excellent job of running the lab.
She too is refusing any interviews at the moment. They seem pleased that
at the moment the media is being shut out.

That's about it as far as 'mom' and 'dad' go. What else has been

That girl, Lucy. She's tried it on a few times with me, but I really do not
feel like responding. Aunty Sandy, who has turned out to be a good
friend, warned me not to get involved with Lucy, saying that if I got into
a relationship others would get jealous and things would get very nasty
indeed. The best thing was to stay away altogether.

Oh yes today I sat in the tv lounge and saw an interview with Rachel
Martin. What a fox. She is quite simply the most stunning woman I have
ever seen. No wonder she was offered a multi-million dollar deal within
minutes of walking up to the Estee Lauder rep in Paris and asking for a
job. That girl's got balls though.

There's something oddly familiar about her manner but I can't seem to
place it right now.

My viewing was interrupted when a guard came up and told me that
'mom' was here to see me. I was taken to the visitors room where my new
mom sat alone. I sat down in front of her and picked up the phone'

"Hi Hun" She said.

"Hi Mom. What's the news?, Where's dad?" I asked.

"He's trying to help Robert out, so I've come here alone. Also I wanted us
to talk about something that's been bothering me since we first visited
you here" She said.

"What's that?" I said a little suspicious.

"Call it a hunch. But when we first saw you, you insisted that you were
not Liz but some man turned into her. You certainly have been different
since we saw you here. I dunno but the way you talk or rather don't talk.
You always seem to be reacting to how we react as though you are
making up your replies as we go along" She said thoughtfully.

Now what do I do? If I admit who I am I'll have to say I killed their
daughter, If I don't then my best chance of getting out of here goes. Self
defense is the only way I can avoid gaol or so Robert says. Hmm play it
cagey, see where this is leading.

"So?" I asked.

"It's nothing. Just me being silly" She said.

"Fine" Phew that was a close one.

"Do you remember when you graduated from Harvard, you were so upset
at being beaten by, umm John Webb that you almost went and did the
whole eight years again' mom Laughed trying to cheer me up.

"Good job I didn't otherwise I'd still be there" I replied.

"Liar. Elizabeth averaged 97% in all her subjects. Harvard has never seen
a grade average like it. Noone even came close to her. Now tell me what
have you done with my Daughter?"

F + 73 Days.

13. F+ 70 Days The 'A' List - DR Elizabeth Bexley's Tale.

I flew to the US from my "White Isle" to what can only be described as a
storm of publicity. On the plane I looked at the fax Marcel had sent.
There were offers from every major network for an exclusive interview.
He has suggested a spot on Letterman but I'm not so sure. I've even been
offered to host the Oscars next year, which I'll most certainly accept.

I land at LAX and am instantly surrounded by press, all eager to get an
exclusive. Tape recorders are thrust into my face and I'm almost dazzled
by the amount of flashguns going off.

"Miss Martin. Is it true you are dating Brad Pitt?" one shouted out.

"No Comment" I answered.

"Rachel. Can you comment on the remarks made about you by Elizabeth

"No Comment" I answered.

"Ms Martin. We've had reports from a real estate agent in New Zealand
that you have brought a island in the Indian Ocean. Can you tell us
where" Another shouted.

"No Comment. Now excuse me I have to go" I answered.

Pushing my way past the press I managed to get free and met Marcel in
the VIP lounge. He'd been his usual efficient self and had arranged for
the lounge to be cleared ready for my arrival, how sweet.

"You really must get a bodyguard you know" he said to me in French.

"I don't want one. I can take care of myself" I replied back, this time in

"Pardon" he said.

I repeated it in French this time. There that's shown him.

"Just because you can take care of yourself whilst hitching around Europe
does not mean that you can do so now. Things have changed. What you
got outside just know was nothing as to what will happen." He said as
though I was some little kid.

"Ok I'll think about it. Now about those interviews" I replied, a little
annoyed at Marcel telling me what to do. Who does he think he is.

Marcel passed me a list and I looked down. One name jumped out --
Stephanie Lane.

"Her." I said.

"Why, NBC is offering much more?" Marcel said.

"I liked her articles on the Bexley murder. Now here's how I want to
play it," I said.

I outlined my requirements to Marcel, who was a little surprised. This is
exactly what I need to find out how much Stephanie Lane knows about
HIM and me. If she knows too much, well I'm sure the local cats' home
can use another inmate.

14. F +71 Days "Me Interview Rachel Martin?" - The Journalists Tale.

I was still trying to get some more detail on this Bexley murder.
Everyone she knew has buttoned up tight. Even my reliable sources came
up with zip. I was suffering, as virtually all the other stations in the US
were suffering, a total news blackout. I sat at home mooching about when
the phone rang.

"Steph this is Dean. boy do I have an exclusive for you".

"The Bexley case, right!" I answered.

"Nope. You know how the whole world seems to be going Rachel Martin
crazy at the moment?"

"Yeah, I'm not surprised though. Every man wants her and every woman
wants to be her".

"She want you to interview her. She won't accept anyone else. The only
thing is that she wants to do it at your place. Homely like. Do you want

"Are you kidding? When?" This was huge. The coverage would be

"Tonight." Dean said.

"I'll have to tidy up. Get Steve round here quick! I've got to rush this.

Some hours later my apartment was as tidy as it had ever been. I had set
out the sofa at the far side of the wall, so as to make room for all the
equipment. Steve had been and gone after setting up his precious kit and
he had also left me some background info on Rachel Martin.

I checked my watch -- four hours to go. I sat down and read the dossier
on Rachel Martin. I skipped the vital stats part and moved onto the
personal stuff.

Hmm. Her parents were killed back in 95. Apparently she was working
in Europe when it happened and was unable to get back in time for the
funeral. She's been running away ever since. Our resident shrink says
that she is still deeply upset over thier deaths and has been afraid to
return to the US ever since. I guess that explains why Rachel Martin is so
secretive and has an air of tragedy about her. Yes it makes her look
vulnerable but there's hidden strength in there too I think. Judging from
this I think Rachel Martin is some kind of lost soul. Wandering from
place to place wanting to but unable to find the love she so desperately
seems to need. On paper she seems to have everything, but if you look
beneath the awesome beauty and intellect you see a sad, lonely woman
who's only real aim is to find her peace.

That's strange. No sign of any past or present lovers. By this time
SOMEONE should have stepped forwards claiming that they slept with
Rachel Martin. Maybe she chooses her partners carefully. I suspect that
any boyfriend would have to be a kind of father figure to her, kind of a
replacement for the dad she so clearly misses. Poor guy I don't envy his
task. Emotionally Rachel Martin's a real mess. Still she can now afford
some proper therapy and maybe she'll find her peace someday. I really
hope she does. The last thing we need is a another Marilyn Monroe, Joan
Crawford or heaven forbid Princess Diana. I just hope the less
responsible factions of the media don't turn her into one.

I needed to go over my questions one last time. I'll ask about her parents
of course but if it hurts too much I'll back off.

With two hours to go there was a knock at the door. I opened it expecting
it to be Steve and all our film and makeup crew. "Hi Steve" I shouted as I
flung open the door.

"I'm the strangest looking Steve you'll see" said Rachel Martin, as large
as life. My God she was even more beautiful in the flesh than on screen.

"Come... Come on in Ms Martin. Can I get you a drink?" I said in awe of
her beauty.

"Call me Rachel, please. As for the drink Coffee, black without" she said.

"Yuck! I like sugar and milk with mine. If I may say so, I wasn't
expecting you for another half hour or so".

"I know. I always like to be early for things and I wanted to chat to you.
I'm a big fan of yours, " she said.

"Thanks." I blurted out.

"I've seen your bits on the Bexley murder case. How are you getting on.
Found out anything juicy?" She asked, her face showing deep curiosity.

"Zip, only what you've seen on TV. Nobody is talking. Her parents,
friends, her workers at the lab nobody. It's real tough to find out anything
against a wall of silence. The only reactions have been extreme surprise.
The other mystery is as to the whereabouts of Jane Stephen's husband. " I

"She could have killed him in Egypt " Rachel suggested.

"That's my current thought. Still no body, no proof".

There was another knock at the door. It was Steve and Co. He took one
look at Rachel Martin and made the comment, "Oh good she's here".

What will it take to get thru to him? Not even the most stunning woman
the world has ever seen made him take any more than a cursory notice.
Still, one day....

"Listen, I need to go. Where's the John?" Rachel asked.

"Second door on the left" I said and turned my attention back to the
questions I wanted to ask.

I spent the next hour in make-up, whilst Rachel only need ten minutes,
incredible. The lights went on. Showtime.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I am here today in my apartment with Rachel
Martin. Rachel. You have been called the most perfect woman who has
ever lived. What is your reaction to that?"

"Well Steph. It makes me a little humble really. Beauty is in the eye of
the beholder. You needn't be a supermodel to be beautiful, y'know."

"I've been looking down at your life history or what we have been able to
find out in such a short time. You're not just stunningly beautiful but you
have brains too. First class degrees from Oxford University, England.
You speak five languages fluently. Is there nothing Rachel Martin
cannot do?"

"Don't tell anyone, but I'm so disorganised. I can't plan my way into bed
without a diary. I'm also the world worst cook' Rachel said. boy does she
know how to play to the camera.

"Your entrance into the world of high fashion and modelling, was a little
unique. How do you account your rags to riches story?".

"I found myself in Paris, after running out of work in Nantes. Saw that
Paris fashion week was on and decided to ask for a job. My parents had
always taught me to grasp what you want with both hands and not let go.
I owe it to their memory make a real go of it."

"Of course, the death of your parents must have been a real blow".

"The 10th of June 1995 will be burned into me forever. I spent ages
trying to get over it. It's one of the reasons I fled to Europe for so long.
I'm dedicating my career to their memory".

"Is there any truth in the rumor that you and Brad Pitt have been dating
each other in secret?" I asked.

"None at all I'm afraid. I'm between men at the moment. I had a bad
experience a while ago but that's all been sorted out now. But I'm not
looking at the moment, Sorry guys".

"You do realise that you have just broken the hearts of an entire nation,"
I said.

"Maybe. But once bitten is twice shy".

"You have also been voted the Lesbian's number one choice for a lover.
What is your reaction to that?" I said with a smile on my face.

"Actually I'm quite flattered. But I've no wish for a partner of either sex.
Sorry girls".

"Tell us more about your childhood?"

"Mom and Dad were very busy at work. Although they didn't see much of
me they did their best to be there for me. I enjoyed Versailles
tremendously. It holds many happy memories for me".

A single tear formed in Rachel's eyes. Her face showing obvious distress.
Leave her alone, Steph. She's still hurting.

"I'm sorry" I said with compassion.

"That's ok. I just can't believe that I'm here on national TV. mom would
have been so proud.".

"My sources tell me that you have splashed out a considerable amount of
money on an Island in the Indian Ocean. The New Zealand Realty firm
you used has refused to name it.Is this correct?"

Rachel seemed to cheer up at this.

"Yes I have brought a small Island, but I regard it as my sanctuary. So
please stay away. I need my peace".

Those blue gray eyes showed hurt and pain again. "I'll go along with
that. " Poor woman, she's so sensitive .

"Ok that's all from Rachel Martin for the moment. We'll be back right
after this".

You're clear Steve said.

"Stephanie?" Rachel Said.


"Thanks. Not everyone would back away from a line of questioning that
was causing the other person distress. If there's anything I can do?"

"No problem. Hey I'm not always the hard-nosed reporter you see on
screen. Mind you a week on your Desert Island sounds fun" I said.

"It could be arranged, but not for a while. I'm still having some fittings
installed and moving in. So maybe later".

"Deal!" I said.

"20 seconds people" Steve called.

We settled back down again. I liked Rachel Martin, Liked her a lot. She
was a real human being, no hidden faces. I just hoped fame would'nt
spoil it.

The blinking red light on the camera told me we were back on air .

"In our conversation before the interview. Rachel asked me about the
Bexley Murder case. I filled her in as to what I knew and had speculated.
However I didn't ask you Rachel, why you think Dr Bexley did what she

"I suspect she was mad at what had been done to her and wanted to
retaliate in someway."

"So you go along with the vengeance theory" I said.

"I suppose so. I don't buy this insanity thing".

"Rachel, you have been offered deals of several million dollars to pose in
the nude, you turned them down, why? You only seem to go with six
figure deals so why not this?"

"Would you? My body is a temple and I only show it to whom I wish. My
privacy is worth more than money. Once you have taken that step you
can never go back.".

"Elizabeth Hurley is alleged to be angry at the way you muscled into her
Este Lauder contract. What is your side of the story?".

"I didn't muscle in. I signed a non-exclusive contract. I was looking
forward to working with Liz but she had other ideas. Estee Lauder have
decided that my face best suites their image at the moment but that could
change. I'm enjoying the now".

"That's all we have time for tonight. I'm Stephanie Lane talking to
Rachel Martin. Thank you and goodnight".

"Clear" Steve said.

Cheers went up around my place. I was patted on the back and hugged
several times. I stood up and shook Rachel's hand.

"Thank you for asking me" I said.

"Pleasure, anytime. Here if you fancy a chat call me." Rachel gave me
her private number. Hmm, looks like an international one.

"Thanks" I said and Rachel walked out.

Steve was already taking his equipment apart and I lent a hand as usual,
soon everything was back to normal and I was,alas alone again. I
collapsed into the sofa feeling very pleased but tired.

I had just wound down when the phone rang

"Hello Stephanie Lane" I answered.

"Hello, My name's Vickie Turner. I work with Dr Bexley. I've just seen
your interview with Rachel Martin and admired your sensitivity so I want
to talk to you about the murder. When can we meet?"

The day just gets better and better. At last a lead.

"Where are you?"

"That doesn't matter, meet me at the TGEN research lab two days from
now. I'll introduce myself. By the way come alone." And after saying that
she put the phone down.

Yes! What a day!

F+71 days

15. F+73 Days Aftermath - HIS Tale.

FUCK now I'd blown it.

"Now tell me what have you done with my Daughter?" Mrs Bexley

"I. I don't know. " I lied.

"Who was the woman you shot at the airport" She demanded.

"I thought it was Liz in disguise but now I'm not so sure. Listen Mrs
Bexley your daughter needs help. I'm the only 'man' she loved. I must be
able to help her. But I can't do it from in here. Please keep helping me"

"You tried to kill my daughter!" She sobbed.

"Please listen to me, You are my only hope. I beg you. For the love of
God help me" I was crying now.

"Why should I, I should let you die for what you tried to do".

"Please listen to what I have to say" .
I outlined what had happened to me, from being kidnapped and turned
into Liz, Kat being kidnapped and being sold to a Harem. The whole lot.

"I don't believe you. If you are who you say you are what did I say to you
just before the wedding ceremony. Also what was I wearing?" Mrs
Bexley asked.

"You welcomed me to the family and asked me when you were going to
be a grandmother. If I remember correctly you were wearing a light pink
dress with a blue hat" I replied.

Now Dr. Bexley looked shocked speechless. She stared at me for a
moment, then began to speak more and more rapidly. "My God's it's
true. Nobody heard us talking. Only you and I knew that. Liz must be
very disturbed to do that to you. She needs help. I dread to think the
havoc she could bring with such a drug and in such a state of mind. I
understand why you wanted her dead and why you thought the lady who
looked like your wife was Liz. If you help us find her then I will continue
to help you. I will not forget you tried to kill my flesh and blood. But her
immediate well being is more important."

"Thanks for believing me. No offence but I hate this body and want to get
back to normal as soon as I can. Thank you again. You have been much
more forgiving than I would have been".

"William would not believe me and certainly would not forgive. I will do
everything I can to help. The reason for my visit is that a trial date has
been set, it is January 14th. I must go now and work out how we can help
each other".

"I've seen the reports by a Stephanie Lane. Why don't you talk to her? I

"Good Idea, I'll arrange it. By the way William and I are going home for
a couple of days We'll see you in around three days. Hold on in there"
She said and left the room.

I sit back in my cell watching the red glimpses of the the sun going
down. I'm such a bastard I thought. I know exactly where Elizabeth is.
Underground covered by about six feet of earth. I felt guilty about
deceiving 'mom' but without their help I was doomed. I would have no
chance of ever finding my beloved Kat again. Please forgive me. I sat
down on my bench almost in tears as I thought the pain I had wrought
upon these dear people.

F + 73 Days

16. F+ 78 Days And Here Is The News - James's/Jane's Tale.

I'm so glad I'm recording everything down in my Journal . I look back
over the past few months and realise that slowly but surely I'm getting
better. I've been asking the same question most of the country has been
asking. Why did she do it?. I had followed the news and speculation
since the whole thing began. However I'm still glued to the TV, as much
of the nation seems to be. Here comes another exclusive from Stephanie
Lane. I really enjoyed her interview with Rachel Martin though.
Stephanie was saying

"The hot news today is that the trial of Dr Elizabeth Bexley has been set
for January the 14th. The hiring of Robert Abbey by the Bexley family is
widely tipped to be her last best hope of avoiding the death penalty.".

Oh Liz, why why why?

Another familiar face appeared on screen. Vickie Turner! She was
talking to Stephanie Lane.

"It's very odd. I had a phone call, oh about eight months ago from Liz,
saying that she wanted to take a few months off due to the pressures of
work. She wanted me to be in charge whilst she was away. I didn't mind
but I'd have liked more notice. The other strange thing is that Cathline
and John Richards are still missing. I got a parcel from John a while ago
with strict instructions not to open it but to give it to Cathline on her
return. It had a stamp from JFK airport on the same day as the shooting.
By the time stamp on it must have been posted minutes before" Vickie

"So?" Stephanie asked.

"Liz paid for them to spend a month touring the Middle East. They were
due back a couple of months ago but nobody's seen head nor tail of them.
They would have been over there at the same time as Liz was doing her
stuff. Why?"

"Perhaps they were in on it somehow?"

"I don't think so. I did some checking the other day in an attempt to
answer that question. It turns out that John Richards didn't board the
plane with his wife. Another lady did, a Jane Norton. This Jane Norton
looked exactly like the woman who was blown away at the airport".

"But Jane Norton nee Stephens would be getting married whilst this
other Jane Norton was in Egypt. How come? DNA tests have proved that
the body was that of Jane Norton. So where did the other one come

"I don't know. I just know that according to customs and flight records,
there were two identical Jane Nortons running around in Egypt at the
same time."

"So Dr Bexley paid for another Jane Norton to fly out before the other
Jane Norton arrived"

"Exactly" Vickie replied.

"This certainly casts a whole new angles on things. This is a very
confused Stephanie Lane signing out".

Yep This is an even more confused James/Jane. Unless..

Fuck! What if Liz has perfected her DNA altering drug! She could make
anybody, anybody and herself as well. Vickie can't tell the media about
the drug because it's top , top secret and she's got a responsibility to the
company. She must have reached the same conclusion I have . I can't tell
either because I have no proof. Wait a minute, I'm the proof. But what do
I do? Without Liz's testimony or the drug itself I'm stuffed. And besides,
who's going to believe a mad transsexual. No I'll sit tight and see what
happens. I'll tell if it seems as though I'll be believed. If I'm right about
this, telling the truth at the wrong time will make things much worse as
nobody will believe a word of it.

17. F+ 74 days 'Tears In The Rain PT 1' - The Parent's Tale.

"William, Stephanie Lane is here" Mrs Bexley called.

"OK now coming, I'll get it".

A little later..

"So Dr and Mrs Bexley what can you tell us about Liz's state of mind
right now?" Stephanie asked.

"She's very upset and disturbed as can be expected" Mrs Bexley said.

"Why did she do it?" Stephanie asked.

"We don't know" Dr Bexley said.

"Can you tell us about what you have been going thru. It'll make a good
by-line" Stephanie said and switched on the tape recorder.

"I took the phone call.. " Dr Bexley started.

A couple of hours later the story had been told.

"Listen we need to get going, We've got to get back home to pick up
some things" Dr Bexley said.

"Ok thanks" Stephanie said and left the hotel room.

The storm that had been brewing over the East Coast suddenly swept
inland. It was one of the worst in living memory. Zack was caught out in
it. He had just finished his shift and he was dog tired, and at 2 am who
wouldn't be. His battered Chevy truck was struggling not to stop, due to
the water streaming into his engine's electrical system. His headlights
were also fighting a losing battle against the weather. Suddenly without
warning the car in front slid sideways to avoid a falling tree. It skidded
across the road and crashed thru some barriers as though they weren't
there. As if in slow motion the car then plummeted into the ravine below.

"Holy Shit!" Zack slammed on the brakes and narrowly avoiding the car's
fate, he got out in time to see it explode in a large fireball as a spark
ignited gasoline spilling from the punctured fuel tank.

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck" Zack swore. He looked down, trying to find a way
down but the rockface was too slippery. He had to get help and sped off
towards town. Sheriff Dole would know what to do.

It wasn't until dawn that the storm was spent. Using ropes and winches to
get down, Sheriff Dole looked into the burnt out car wreck and promptly
threw up. The two bodies were very badly charred but still recognisable
as a man and a woman. His radio hissed into life as the results of the
license plate check came in. The car belonged to a Dr and Mrs William
Bexley, who's only daughter was in the state pen on a murder charge.
"Fuck! Not that Bexley!" Sheriff Dole thought. Still somehow they must
get the bodies out for identification purposes.

F+74 Days

18. F+ 1 Day The Biggest Thing Since OJ - The Lawyers Tale.

"Guess What?" I called to Monica.

"What!" Monica replied back.

"I've just been given the Bexley case".

"You mean that shooting in New York?"

"Yep I've just had the parents on the phone. They want me to defend
their daughter".

"From what I've seen you may lose your first case" Was Monica's reply.

"Maybe. Listen How'd you fancy a trip to New York?"

"Not really, You go I'll stay here"

I flew out to meet my clients and her parents. After a long meeting I
phoned home.

"Hi Hun how's it going. Missing me?" I asked.

"All the time. Bout you?"

"You were right. Tough case. Mind you the state of mind my client is in I
think we can go with the diminished responsibility angle. The parents are
really cut up about it. Listen I gotta go my schedule is mad .Statements to
read and check, arrange a meeting with the DA. Y'know usual stuff.
Love you"

"Love you" was the reply and I put the phone down.

The next few days went in a rush of meetings and briefings. No matter
which way you looked at it the evidence against us was damning. No
fewer than one hundred people had seen Dr Bexley pull a gun from a
bag, chase Jane Stephens and then promptly kill her in cold blood. I had
to think of an angle to attack the prosecution's case but none seemed to

Dr and Mrs Bexley were upset at that news, as was Dr Bexley jnr but
facts are facts. I need to get hold of the medical report for Dr Bexley.
Maybe we can use that to prove that she was disturbed at the time. Mind
you it all points to cold, calculated, pre-meditated murder.

It was the same story when I had my meeting with the DA. He seemed to
think my being here was a waste of time but I still think we can win,
somehow. I've been working on this case for nearly four months now and
am no further along in getting a solid defense together. I've heard some
wild theories going around. One was on tv the other night where some
nutcase called Vickie Turner was trying to convince us there were two
Jane Stephens running around Egypt. The pressure is beginning to
show on me and all my team. Thanks to the efforts of that damnable
Stephanie Lane and her ilk the public is convinced that Dr Bexley is
guilty. The only question the public is asking is why.

The media is having a field day and the trial it's self promises to be as
big as the OJ simpson one was.

My one tragic duty earlier on was to inform Dr Bexley that her parents
had been killed in a car crash, she was naturally upset. However this does
mean that she is now some Three hundred million better off. Some
compensation for losing your folks though. Due to the terms of the will
and a lot of wrangling by me she can keep the money whatever the
verdict, even if she is on death row.

Hmm Monica should be up by now so I picked up the phone and dialled.

"Hi Hun".

"Hi dear. How's it going?, I can't stay too long I've got to get a haircut"
She replied.

"If I could work out WHY she did it then that would help. But no answer
is forthcoming. Dr Bexley resorts to fantastic tales of abduction and
transformation. She is clearly delusional".

"Not long before the trial, what about three weeks. Can you win it?" She

"I think so. Not win exactly but get Dr Bexley off a course to death row"
I said.

"I've got to go. Listen I hope you'll be back for Xmas " Monica replied.

"Of course. Everything shuts down here. I'll be back In a week"

Trial(T) - 3 weeks.

19. F+ 75 Days 'I Wished I'd known them more.' - HIS Tale.

Where were they? My surrogate parents had missed the morning visiting
hours. They had never missed it in the weeks they had been coming. Had
Mrs Bexley changed her mind and left me here to rot. Since 'Aunty
Sandy' had been moved I had been alone for the last couple of days. Why
did I shoot Liz, Why couldn't I have just got on with my life, Kat where
are you? . Kat I need you please..

A guard came up to my cell. Unlocked my door and said " Bexley, your
lawyers here to see you".

Robert walked in with a sombre expression on his face.

"I. I have some bad news, it's about your parents" He stammered.

"What have they disowned me or something?" Oh God that was it wasn't

"There's been an accident, in the storm last night, they span off the road
and were killed instantly. I'm sorry" He said.

"Noo. Please God" I sobbed. My only allies gone, My only real friends in
this hell hole lost forever.

"We need you to come and confirm their identities"

"Sure" I said, still in shock.

A warder came in and handcuffed me to her. I was taken outside under
armed escort and herded into a waiting car. My God what is going to
happen to me now. Mrs Bexley was my only hope. Now she's gone. I
really liked them too. I feel as though my world has just fallen in. Now
I'm doomed.

I'm taken from the car into the hospital. Police crowed around me,
shielding me from the attention of a few reporters who had heard the
news. Calls of 'bitch' and 'Why'd ya do it' greeted me as I was hustled
down to the morgue.

The coroner said nothing to me be glared at me in hatred. I'd no idea that
people felt like this about my shooting Liz. If they only knew the truth.
The truth must get out, somehow it must.

The coroner pulls out two slabs. I catch sight of two charred bodies, their
faces locked in a vision of terror and pain. I promptly threw up.

"Thought she was a doctor" My guard says.

"Please look if you can Dr Bexley. We need you to identify them" The
coroner says.

I notice the shape of the face on the man, It's him. William Bexley. The
woman still has slight wisps of hair left. Margaret Bexley. I turn away
sobbing "NOO".

Still crying I'm led out to the waiting car. I sit silent on the journey back.
I must get my life back. I feel responsible for their deaths. If I wasn't in
gaol they would still be alive. I am personally responsible for the death of
the entire Bexley family. True Liz deserved it but not these lovely,caring
and innocent people. In killing Liz I have doomed not only myself but
her family. That one death has caused two more. God I never meant this
to happen.

I'm put back into my cell and left alone. My stomach is in knots and I
cannot help but cry myself to sleep. I feel worse than when I first started
my first period. At least then I had not killed two people. I wish I had
known them more.

Robert visited me the next day.

"I just want to say I'm sorry. " His face showing obvious signs of distress.

"Thanks" I say grimly.

"This may not be the best time, but the will has been read. They left their
whole estate to you. Thanks to the wording of the will you will be
allowed to keep custody of the estate even if we lose,which we won't.
Current estimates put the value of the Bexley estate at three hundred
million dollars" He said calmly.


"I had no idea" I almost shouted but stopped myself at last second.

"Hmm they must have kept it quiet. I know it's little compensation for
what has happened but I had to tell you. By the way your medical you
took the other week, sounds as though we can use the diminished
responsibility angle. I've also got permission to allow you to go to the
funeral tomorrow. They wanted a quiet affair,just you and your partner.
So I guess it'll just be you and the police"

"Whatever you say".

"I'll talk to you later" and with that he left.


F+76 Days

20. F+71 Days 'Tears In The Rain PT II' - DR Elizabeth Bexley's Tale.

"Pleasure, anytime" I said and walked out into a waiting limo.

Thank God that's over with. Being famous is hard work. At least that
Stephanie Lane has nothing to go on. Good for her. I sit in my limo being
driven back to my hotel. I lay back on the seat stretching my long legs
out looking artound at the neon lit hustle and bustle of city life, boy life is

I wonder if the guild has installed my equipment at my 'white isle' yet.
Hmm I'll have to check tomorrow. I wonder what the media will think of
my performance tonight. Personally I thought I was brilliant. "Can't plan
my way into bed without a diary" Hah! Mind you the world's worst cook
bit was truthful at least. The guild have done brilliantly as my new
persona has withstood the glare of the world stage, no skeletons in
Rachel Martin's cupboard.

I hope Stephanie Lane doesn't start to be a pain. I like quite like her and
would hate to have to deal with her. She was very sensitive to my act over
losing my parents, maybe she can be of use to me. A little deception here,
A little misdirection there...

Hmm must get to bed. Marcel is due over tomorrow, something about
wanting me to do a fitness video. Could be fun. The Dr Elizabeth Bexley
Diet. Just take one pill and instant supermodel, no matter what shape,size
or sex you are.

Thinking about sex changes. HE is really up shit creek. John your
sacrifice was worthwhile. The only fly in the ointment is that I cannot
visit mom and dad. Of all the things I have lost I miss them the most.
Maybe after the trial Rachel Martin can visit them in their moment of
tragedy. Hmm I wonder if could pretend to break down in tears about my
own parents. Who knows they might adopt me?

Back in my hotel room,after a long shower. I climb into bed. How I wish
Cathline hadn't decided to betray me. I could do with some
companionship right now, I do feel lonely. If HE had decided to join me
we could have had some real fun. Alas that is not possible. Still Marcel is
due in early so I've got to rest.

Oh well at least Marcel's happy now. I've agreed to do the fitness video
although I don't know a thing about doing one. I never used them myself,
being a doctor is useful that way and I've never needed the motivation to
exercise anyway. Sitting outside on the balcony looking out over a stormy
New York I must admit to being a little bored. The thrill of the chase has
gone, now all that remains is to enjoy myself. My vengeance on him and
all the plotting that went around that is now over. I feel a hole in my life
right now and am feeling very lonely. Maybe I was wrong to throw
Cathline in a Harem, I could have been wrong about her. I wonder if the
guild can retrieve her for me.

Wake up Liz! what are you thinking. You're getting soft, those bastards
hurt you, hurt you real bad. In fact you nearly killed yourself because of
what they did to you. The only thing that's stopped you from doing it was
Mom and Dad. I really must go and see them somehow, sometime .
Mom, Dad I love you.

Must get some sleep Marcel is due in first thing again. He's wants me to
try and get a quick shoot in for Vanity Fair. I'll try and scheme my way
into seeing mom and Dad again. Night Mom, Night Dad sleep tight.I
hope that storm goes soon.

I awoke screaming about 2 am with a sense of great foreboding. The air
was still and silent, I could hear my heart beating against my chest and
inside I felt as though something terrible had just happened. I rembered
my dream a few moments before. A car, a tree, an explosion and then
darkness Go back to sleep Liz, You're getting jumpy.

I awoke sweating at 11 am. That was the worse night's sleep I've ever
had, somehow I'd managed to sleep in late . A knock at the door Shit

"Hang on Marcel"

I rushed into the bathroom to dress, can't let Marcel see me naked can
we. Putting on my dressing gown I called him in.

"Come in Marcel, make yourself at home. I'll be out in a sec" I called.

"Sure, Mind if I turn the tv on?"


I heard the news report from in the bathroom. It was that Stephanie Lane
woman again.

"The Bexley Murder reached a new twist today when Dr William Bexley
and Mrs Margaret Bexley were killed in an car accident. An eyewitness
said that the car span out of control and ..."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! " I Screamed, mom Dad Why you?

Marcel came running in.

"Rachel, are you ok?"

"Leave me, Just go" mom Dad Noooo.

"Rachel, Please".

"Fuck off and leave me please".

"I can help".

"Marcel if you don't leave me, you'll regret it for the rest of what will
remain of your very short life" I snarled.

Marcel looked scared but left anyway.

"If you need anyone to " he said.

"Fuck off and leave me."

Mom and Dad why did it have to be you, why did you have to die and
leave me alone here.

The news reports continued.

"Dr Elizabeth Bexley was released into custody earlier today" Stephanie
Lane continued.

The screen showed a distraught looking HIM coming out from the
hospital, flanked on both sides by police officers they bundled HIM into a
waiting car. In fury and despair I picked up an ashtray and threw it at the
TV, which then exploded in a shower of sparks. NOOOOO!

HIM! HE did it. HE killed them!. If HE hadn't been so stupid as to try
and kill me they would not have been here. Mom, Dad you would still be
alive if it were not for HIM, just as he took my life away now he has done
the same to you. It's not enough for HIM to die by the hand of justice. I
must be that hand.I want to kill HIM by my own hand, not just leave the
job to some faceless executioner. HE has taken away all that is precious
to me. HE's even deprived me of the right to see them one last time. Just
as HE's have deprived me of my family I will now work to deprive HIM
of HIS. If Kat ever shows her face again...

Mom, Dad I didn't even get chance to say goodbye. I need a drink and a
gun if I can find one.

I awoke with a splitting headache and looked at my watch Shit 6pm. A
sharp fragment of glass from the tv screen lay in front of me. If I can
just reach it then all will be right. Mom, Dad Here I come. I sat up with
the glass about to cut my metacarpel artery, just one quick slash and ten
to fifteen minutes later and that'll be it. All done.

Liz what are you doing. Suicide is no escape. Now I see clearly it is my
destiny to be Nemesis. That is why I felt so empty before, my work was
not yet complete. I must leave Rachel Martin behind for a while and plan
to bring all of this to it's ultimate conclusion. Time to call the guild.

Excellent the guild have shipped and installed my equipment to my
'white isle' now all that has to be done is go there and plan. But first I'll
phone Marcel to let him know I'm OK and then, if I remember mom and
Dad's will correctly I have a funeral to go to tomorrow.

Marcel was very understanding when I told him I wanted some time off
for emotional reasons. He assumed that it was because the death of my
parents had triggered off old wounds from Rachel Martin. If only he
knew the truth. Now mom and dad are gone I have no-one, only myself.

My dreams were filled with hatred of him again. In my dream I saw HIM
make the car skid, saw him kill my parents again and again and again.
He was gloating over me as I knelt down by their graves. His evil
laughter at finally destroying me. How he must hate me. I awoke
sometime in the early morning, my head was aching probably from the
brandy I had been guzzling. Careful Liz you can ruin your liver. Doesn't
matter Liz you can always grow a new one.

I've just realised that HE will inherit all mom and dad's estate. I reckon
it's worth 300 million. It's not the money I want, it's their stuff. All the
things from my past will go to HIM if I do not intervene. My whole
childhood and life will be HIS. I MUST get my past back, it is the only
reminder I have of them.

I got dressed in black jeans and black blouse I wanted to dress as befitting
the occasion but this was furthest I felt I could go in that direction. The
last thing I want is to attract media attention, mind you I attract attention
wherever I go. The hotel staff let me slip out of the goods entrance and
into a waiting Taxi. Once again I was cursed with the worlds most
talkative Taxi Driver.

"Hey, The guys will never believe it. I got Rachel Martin"

I gave him the location of the cemetery where mom and Dad were being
buried. Hmm I wonder if the Qubth-ut-Allah trick will work. It'll be fun
to try..

"Qubth-ut-Allah" I said.

Rat's the Taxi Drivers still going, shame.

"Hey Don't you get all weird on me. I've taken you celebrity types before.
Why'd ya want to go to the cemetery for?" He asked.

"It's personal. Now please shut up and drive." I snarled.

"Hey you aint so nice in real life" The cab driver said.

If only I had some kitty pills with me. I know who my first target would

"I am really. But listen I need to get there today I have a appointment."

"Sure Babe. Late again huh. Can't plan your way into bed without a diary
huh. Well every guy is wanting to show you the way there, personal like"
he leered.

How did I get lumbered with these guys. All the time, Every time I get in
a fucking cab.

"Just drive".

We arrived in time to see the hearse draw up at the graveside. HE stood
there,chained between two police officers. His face, no my face looked
extremely sad, tears were rolling down HIS face.

I gave the Taxi driver his fare, no tip mind you and he drove off with
words of abuse. If you'd have shut up you might have got something.

The pall bearers unloaded the coffins from the hearse and slowly brought
them to the open graves and gently lowered them in.

Mom, Dad NOOOO.

The priest stood over the graves and gave his blessings.

NOOO. Tears were unavoidable now. I managed to walk to a nearby
bench and sobbed and sobbed. WHY, WHY, WHY. Why did YOU kill
them. I will kill YOU by my own hand.

A hand suddenly touched my shoulder.

"Miss Martin" A voice said.

"Piss off" I replied.

"Miss Martin" It was MY voice, my old one that is.

I looked up right into my old face. Focus Liz remember if you blow it
now all is lost. HE was still chained to a couple of surley looking cops but
they were being as discrete as they could. I noticed a cop further back
training a .38 on HIS back just in case.

"Dr Bexley I presume. I want to say I'm so sorry that they died" I sobbed

"I realise that this must bring it all back to you, is that why you are
here?" He asked, compassion showing in his voice.

Why did I turn him into me? How stupid was I?

"It seems like yesterday they were here,still alive. You have no idea" I

"I know what it is like to lose everything you held dear. I've lost the one I
loved ,maybe forever. Now this. They were my only hope you know and
now..." HE said. Why did I give him my voice!

I need to see them somehow I know what I'll do. It'll take everything I
have but here goes.

"When my parents died I was in Germany, serving as a waitress in some
seedy bar. I couldn't afford to fly back. I never had chance to say
goodbye" I sobbed.

"Come and help me say goodbye to mine" and HE offered his handcuffed
hand to me.

I hated to do it but I took it and he led me to my parents graves. It was
the only way to see them, the only way to say goodbye.

I stood over the open graves looking down at the plaques. The names
there made it even more real. The temptation to attack and kill him now
was very strong, but I have other plans for HIM. One's that will prolong
his agony for years before I finally dispatch him to hell where he belongs.

He gave me two of his roses and left me to be alone. I looked down and
fell to my knees sobbing. After sometime I threw a rose into Mom's
grave. Bye Mom. You will be avenged. I gently threw a rose into Dad's
grave. Bye Dad.

I stood up to say one last thing to HIM but he had been taken away. By
now the media had been alerted to my presence here and were beginning
to swarm in. My last moments with mom and Dad were stolen from me.
I ran to the road and flagged down a cab. Time to leave, time to plan.

It's been so long since I've had to create a plan from the gleam of an idea
to implementation. I needed every single hour on the plane to my 'White
Isle' to formulate and work it out. Hmm let me outline some of it again to
check it out. It's only a draft but it core of it sounds right.

The only thing that can save HIM is the lawyer. Somehow I must make
him throw the trial or ensure HE is found guilty. Possibilities...

1. Influence the jury.
Tricky but not impossible. The trouble is that there is only one of me and
eleven of them. There is no guarantee that I can swing the outcome.
Scratch that one.

2. Influence the trial in someway.
I hate to think this, but the thought disgusts me but the only way I can
reliably do this is to turn myself into the Lawyer so that I can throw the
trial. Uggh a man . The lengths I go to for justice. How do I get the
Lawyer's DNA? What do I do with him?

Easy, thru his wife. I can get his DNA and also administer the drug. But
what shall I do with him? I know turn him into Jennifer Porter. I'm sure
I can fake his death somehow so no-one will believe that he is infact the
lawyer in Jennifer Porter's body. Hmm why not turn him into a kitty?
He's done nothing to me to deserve such a fate and besides human to
kitty transformations are messy. If something went wrong I could have a
half human,half kitty hybrid. That would certainly prove any DNA
changing stories. No more kitties. Far too dangerous.

I've now been at my 'White Isle' for three weeks now and have made
significant progress. The most worrying thing is that people have started
talking to Stephanie Lane. I read about an interview with Vickie Turner
and her twin Jane Norton theory. It doesn't take much of a leap to work
out where they came from. The report gave the impression of not
believing a word of it but I can now see that Ms Lane will need to be
dealt with if she is not too careful. Mind you Rachel Martin's
disappearance will distract her for a while. Stephanie Lane has tried to
phone me a couple of times using the number I gave her but I'm not at

With the help of the guild I now have adapted some dart guns similar to
those used to drug wild animals. They can administer the drug at a long
range. I've even managed to get a laser sighted dart rifle for long
distance work.I can now shoot someone and WHAM they get the full
dose. Very useful for self defense and anything where I can't get too
close, like disposing of nosy reporters. In my spare time I've invented
drugs for all sorts of modified humans. If and when this technology
becomes available someone's bound to want it. Another bit of tinkering is
an enzyme that will break down the 'fixer, it will also 'fix' the new form
forever. I've loaded this into the payload of the dartguns just for
contingency purposes only. It may well come in useful, although I've
encrypted the formula for this 'Version 2 fixer' just in case.

Perhaps the most significant advance is my development of a change
compensation system. No longer will I have to stuff my face with pasta to
fuel the change. The bodies metabolism will adjust to ensure that I(or the
target's) life is not in danger. On a longer term If I can design an organ
that will produce the drug based on the form I think of then I can change
form without needing any equipment at all. But that's a long way off.
Maybe in three or four years. Oh well my flight leaves tonight.

I've got so much to do until I can deliver the final blow. My plan is

F+90 days

21. F+77 Days 'Tears In The Rain Pt III' HIS Tale.

I was chained to two surley looking cops and led outside to a waiting
hearse. It seems odd to be attending the funeral of someone else parents
when the world thinks they are mine. The grief is genuine though.

We slowly drive to the cemetary, my guards not speaking a word. Now
what am I going to do? They were my last hope for freedom and now
they're gone. More lives destroyed by my actions when will the
destruction stop.

The hearse draws to a stop and the pall bearers lift the coffins of
Elizabeth's parents and slowly walk to the graveside. The priest is giving
them his blessing as he goes.

I cannot help but cry as they slowly lower in the caskets, I feel so sad. I
look up to see what looks like Rachel Martin sitting on bench watching
the proceedings. She is obviously devestated, the pain of her own parents
death being brought up over and over again. I remember reading that she
had never had the chance to say goodbye to her parents, maybe she'd like
to help me say goodbye to Elizabeth's. I must go over and console her.
Nobody deserves that much pain.

"Say. Can I go over and console Rachel Martin?. She looks as though she
really needs it" I ask my guard.

"Ok, But We're staying put and any funny stuff and you'll find yourself
on the wrong end of a .38" The cop said reluctantly.

We walked over to Rachel Martin who seemed to be oblivious to our
presence. I put a hand on her shoulder and said "Miss Martin?"

She looked stunned for a moment or so and then regained her composure.

"Piss off" She said rudely.

Do I leave her alone or do I say what I really want to say. No I'll press on
I need to do this for her. Need to do this for me, to get some compassion
back into my soul after the evil I'd done.

"Miss Martin" I said again.

Rachel Martin looked up, as though checking she was safe from the 'evil'
Dr Bexley and then satisfied said.

"Dr Bexley I presume. I want to say I'm so sorry that they died" Rachel
started sobbing again.

"I realise that this must bring it all back to you, is that why you are
here?" I asked, my voice full of emotion.

"It seems like yesterday they were here,still alive. You have no idea" She

Oh I do. I've lost Kat maybe for good. Everything I held dear to me, my
wife, my future and even my very body. I told her so(apart from the wife
and body bit of course).

Rachel said "When my parents died I was in Germany, serving as a
waitress in some seedy bar. I couldn't afford to fly back. I never had
chance to say goodbye" The tears were running down her face, making
her beautiful face red and her eyes puffy.

"Come and help me say goodbye to mine" I said and reached out my
hand. She hesitated for a few seconds and then put her hand in mine.
Hand in hand we walked to the gravesides. I was almost having to pull
her there, such was her emotional pain.

I gave her two of my roses and then left her to be alone and say her
goodbyes. Within a matter of moments I was whisked away back to my
life of imprisonment, leaving a broken hearted Rachel Martin behind.

22. F+66 Days Home Soil - Kat And Cathlines Tale.

"So what's your plan?" Cathline said in a conspirational air.

"Easy, I ask Hassan to let us go and find some more girls for him in the
US. We then either track HER down or HER lab and change ourselves
back. Me back into Jane Norton and you can probably get your eye
restored. With our new faces the guild will not be able to find us, thus we
escape their attentions".

"Why can't we just use the equipment at our lab?" Cathline asked.

"Firstly I suspect that the version you have is out of date with what SHE
has developed, it might not be able to restore ourselves, secondly with the
'hell bitch' still running around we are in grave danger, thirdly we have
to find our husbands, SHE is the only way we can find them easily and
quickly and finally I want to be sure we can destroy her personal version
before it gets abused even more. Just think what the guild could do with
such a device!"

"You've convinced me. I still want the quiet life though" Said Cathline,
shuddering at the thought of the guild.

"Right tomorrow I'll ask Hassan"

We slept apart again. Cathline, I know wants more from our relationship
but I feel as though I would be cheating on my husband if I did anything.
I saved myself for him against all temptation and even though he is now
most likely a copy of HER I will still save myself for him . I want my first
time with a woman to be with him. Cathline understands but can't help
be disappointed, she says she'd always had a thing for Jasmine and is
finding me hard to resist. Cathline you'd better take some cold showers.

After a particularly loud feast at Hassan's table I was clearing up after his
guests. He usually stayed behind to chat to me for a while. I guess it was
his way of being with me. I don't understand why he doesn't just force
himself on me or make some move on me. He said what he was brought
up to respect those whom he loved. Kat this is getting complicated.

"Hassan?" I called.

"What is it my Jewel?"

"I have been told that your Harem is the best in the Arab world and yet
you only have 20 girls. I would like to go and get you some more from
overseas. My maid would help me and we could being you much honor
and respect. Many women overseas would desire a life like this." I said in
my most persuasive tone.

He looked very thoughtful for a while and then said
"You have indeed earned my trust and respect and tradition states that I
should let you go and do as you ask. My harem is not traditional, my
women are there because I value their company not to bring me honor
and respect. I have that already. You my Jewel are too precious to leave
here. Your maid must stay also as she is joined to you. I admire your
intentions but I must refuse.

FUCK,Now what was I going to do. I excused my self and went back to
Cathline. FUCK!

The look on my face must have told it all as Cathline broke down into

"Now what the hell are we going to do?" she sobbed.

"Dunno" I said honestly.

The next couple of weeks dragged past, Hassan could see my sorrow
growing daily. It was eating me away.

"What is wrong my jewel"

"Nothing I'm just sad you refused me permission to extend your Harem"
I lied.

He walked over and stood very close to me, his tall muscled frame
standing proud before me. His dark brown eyes looked down at me in
such love. I had seen that look of a man possessed by love before, and
normally I would be very flattered. But I love my husband .

"Why do you lie to me, are you not happy here?" He asked

"I could be happy here if my situation was different" I said.

"You may speak freely. I will not punish you" He said and gestured for
me to sit down beside him.

"I was taken against my will when my husband was in grave danger. I do
not know what fate has befallen him and think about him constantly.
Hassan If I did not love him so It would be so easy for me to love you.
You are kind,gentle and would make any woman happy. But I love him
and my heart bleeds everyday for him. I do not know if he is alive, dead
or a prisoner of fate. Another woman wanted vengeance against us and
has plotted to destroy our lives. I have been here for months, each day
sapping my will to live. You say I'm your flower, on the outside I'm
blooming but on the inside I am slowly dying." I was in tears.

"When I first saw you, I loved you. I have treated you like no girl of mine
has ever been treated before. Why, because I want you to be my princess.
All my women are as nothing compared to your grace and beauty. You
now tell me that you are married and that your love for your husband is
greater than anything I have been able to give you. I could force you to
marry me and stay here but you would wither and die before my eyes.
That would be the worst crime of all, it would make what Osman did to
your maid seem humane. Part of me wants you to stay, it says that
eventually you would come to love me and that I should be selfish. The
other realises that you cannot force love and that all that I love about you
would be gone." Tears were in Hassan's eyes.

This proud Arabian prince sat before me and cried. I put my arm around
him and we both cried together. Sometime later he said

"You and your maid may go, I will arrange papers for you and some
money. If you do not find your husband then you are welcome to return
as my wife. I will do anything in my power to help you" he said, softly.

"I will not forget you Hassan. I will return of my own free will someday,
if not to be your wife but to thank you. Can I go and tell my maid"

"Certainly, I will fly you to where you want to go. I will get your things
packed for you".

I ran upstairs to tell Cathline.


"What !" she said grumpily.

"How'd you fancy a big mac?" I asked.

"Hassan's going to deliver one is he" She said in sarcastic tones.

"I thought we could get our own" I said gleefully.

"WHAT,HOW,WHY WHEN" Cathline was ecstatic. We hugged each
other and celebrated.

Beware 'Hell Bitch' the Kat is coming back.

Hassan flew us to Cairo International airport, he had managed to retrieve
Cathline's papers from the guild(don't ask me how) and had given me
some new ones. Mine were special, diplomatic papers I could travel
anywhere and get diplomatic immunity. I was now Jasmine Stephens(my
choice not his mind you) diplomat and ex Harem Girl. Hassan must have
some really powerful friends.

"Goodbye my jewel" Hassan was crying again as we went to board the

"Goodbye Hassan and thank you and I kissed him for the first and last

"Go now, let me remember you as you are" He said and walked slowly

We boarded the plane and as we took off and left our bondage behind I
couldn't help but think of the trials that lay ahead. Cathline was asleep
next to me, as was most of the passengers. I remembered back to when I
boarded the plane, the surprised looks of those aboard that Jasmine was
going to be flying with them. I'll just have to get used to it for a while.

I asked a hostess if she could provide me with any news from home that
had happened in the past few months. She said she'd see what she could
do but a little later on they would be showing news broadcasts from the
States. Time to get some rest.

"Wake up sleepy head, we're only an hour away from home." Cathline
prodded me awake.

"What's the news?" I asked.

"Don't know it's due on in a few minutes, why?"

"I want to know what's been going on. We will need to be abreast of
current events before we go after HER' I said.

"Shh it's starting" Cathline said.

"This is Stephanie Lane back from her vacation reporting on the latest
developments on the Bexley Murder case"


"What!" I exclaimed.

"Shh" Cathline hissed.

"Since the unfortunate and tragic death of her parents some three weeks
ago, Dr Bexley has been more reclusive than ever. Only her lawyer has
been able to see her and she is reported to be eating little. The trial,
which is due to start in a little over six weeks time promises to be the
most avidly followed since the trial of OJ Simpson. Nobody expects Dr
Bexley to be found innocent of the brutal murder of Jane Norton nee
Stephens but the real question that has been bugging America for the last
few months is why in hell would she do it?"

My God what has he done! Cathline has gone very quiet. No it can't be...

"I've failed, my husband is Elizabeth Bexley" I said tearfully. The only
thing worse than death is the death of hope. I must NOT give in.

Stephanie Lane continued.

"Robert Abbey is expected to present medical evidence that Dr Bexley
was traumatised when the shooting took place but it is not known how
much of an effect this will have on the proceedings. The nation saw the
compassionate side of Dr Bexley when Rachel Martin came to visit her at
her parents funeral. Supporters of the trauma theory state that this proves
Dr Bexley was not herself at the time of the shooting.

In other news

What has happened to Rachel Martin? She disappeared several weeks
ago and has not been seen since. She is reported by her agent to be very
upset at the death of Dr Bexley parents as it has re-opened up all the old
wounds of her own parents deaths. stories that Rachel Martin tried to
commit suicide when the news was announced have proven unfounded.

She is said to be on her island retreat until she feels able to work again.
Having met Rachel know what a sensitive and caring person she is,
Rachel if you are hearing this we all wish you well. The world needs it's
moments of perfect beauty."

The screen went off I turned to Cathline but she had moved to another
seat. Could the Jane Stephens killed at JFK really have been John?
Cathline, judging by her behaviour seems to think so. What can I do I
need her, she knows 'the hell bitch' better than anyone.

The 'hell bitch' had obviously won this round. My husband was now a
copy of HER. I could see what he had done. I had deduced that SHE had
swapped with me and he had left before HER. He then lay in wait for
HER to arrive assuming that she would stay in my body. He had then
killed her in cold blood for what she had done to us, knowing that this
was his only chance of revenge. Except of course that SHE would not be
as stupid as to put herself in such danger. She would have changed form
again before leaving Egypt and led John into a trap with tragic
consequences. The 'Hell Bitch' is even more evil than I had thought, she
deliberately set John up as a Judas-Goat in case of this event. She is safe
as everyone thinks that Elizabeth Bexley is in prison, whilst she is free to
run around. Once again pure speculation but it does seem to fit. Cathline
of course wouldn't believe a word of it.

We didn't speak for the rest of the flight and the silence lasted until we
were finally thru customs. Cathline was about to call a cab.

"Cathline, wait" I called.

"He's dead and YOU killed him. Now go away and leave me" She
shouted at me, her face a vision of fury.

"Don't be stupid how was he to know. He must have thought John was
HER.Listen we need each other" I cried at her.

"I don't need you at all. Your husband can die for all I care, what chance
did he give John?" And Cathline stormed off.

"Cathline" I called but she had gone.

There is no other place for me to go but home. I need to think what my
next plan of action is going to be. Why did he do something as stupid as
that! I'm going to miss him over Christmas. I wonder if I'm allowed to
visit him. Hmm maybe not I expect SHE is keeping an eye out for me.
My freedom needs to be kept secret for a while longer. If I'm careful
maybe SHE will make a mistake.

F+92 Days

23 F+93 Voice From The Grave - Cathlines Tale.

John, Oh John why did you have to die? What did you do in those last
few days whilst I was being tortured, what did you do?

I can't believe you are gone. Every day I was in that hell hole of a
dungeon, every time I look in the mirror at my ruined eye I think of what
I went thru to get back to you.Even in the comparative luxury of Hassan's
palace I still waited for you. Now you are gone,buried under another
name in a body that was not your own. What have I done?

I fight back the tears. The cab draws up at our house, my house now and
drops me off. Someone has been keeping an eye on the place as the lawns
are cut and the house shows no sign of being empty for the last five
months. I turn the key in the door and go inside.

Every part of me expects John to be here but deep down I know that will
not happen. I sit alone in my large, empty home and weep for John. I
realise that Kat had nothing to do with John's death but her husband was
directly responsible. No matter his plight I cannot forgive that.

Not since I lost my eye in that hell pit have I felt this bad. My mind is
confused. Is Dr Bexley really the bad guy in all this as Kat suggested or
was it just wild speculation. Kat sounded so convincing in that room,
sitting proud in all her splendour but I KNOW Liz. I still love her even
after what she did to Kat and her husband.

Liz needs me right now, as I need her and Kat can go to hell.

I couldn't bare to sleep in our old bed so I took the spare room, even that
held memories. I lay down in darkness, listening to the sounds of the
night and cried myself to sleep.

I was awoken by a loud knocking at the door "Cathline,John is that you
in there?"

I peered out of the window and saw that it was Vickie Turner. She went
to the kitchen window and looked inside. What should I do? She can
probably tell me what has happened to Liz.

I quickly put on my dressing gown and ran down to answer the door.

"Vickie, It's me Cathline" I called.

Vickie whirled around as if found guilty of talking in class, took one look
at me and screamed "Holy Shit"

"I know my hairs a mess but that's a bit strong" I answered.

"What the hell happened to you?,where have you been?, where's John?,
did you know Liz is in gaol?" Questions flooded out from Vickie

"Slow down and I'll tell you, now please come inside" I said.

We did so "Sorry I've only been here since last night so all can offer you
is some water" I said.

"Fine" was the reply.

I made Vickie a glass of water and gave it to her.

"What the hell happened to you?" She asked.

"John's dead" I sobbed.

"I, I'm sorry. How did it happen?" She asked.

"He, he was shot" I stuttered out.

Should I tell her the full story? No not until I know more, like where Liz
is for instance.

"I don't know what to say. Do you want to talk about it?" She asked

"Yes I do , if you don't mind"

I told her everything but changed a few details such as what Liz had done
to Kat and her husband and the fact that John had been a copy of Kat
when flew over.

"You've been through the most terrible ordeal. I think I would have
curled up and died long before you did. I can't imagine it. One thing
about your story puzzles me though." Vickie was still in shock over my

"What's that?"

"When you were away I did some checking. It seems as though John
didn't go with you on the plane, a woman did, Jane Norton. She looked
exactly like the woman who Liz shot at JFK a while ago. The records
also show that another Jane Norton, married name Stephens flew out on
her honeymoon a few days later. This Jane Norton matches the
description of the woman you travelled with to Egypt. What IS going

FUCK now I must tell her more of it.

"How are the tests going for our DNA drug?" I asked.

"Very well, we should have FDA approval next year sometime, Why?"
Vickie asked.

"Keep this very quiet, if this gets out the company is in deep shit. Liz and
I, well decided to test the drug on a human" I admitted.

"WHAT! Of all the irresponsible, stupid" Vickie shouted.

"You remember that John had slept with Jennifer Porter a while back, on
some fling. It was all around the labs. I got fired over it"

"Yes, I remember it well. You two were at each other throats like two
cats." Vickie Said.

"Liz and I wanted some fun with John. Liz obtained a DNA sample from
this Jane Norton and we slowly turned John into her over a few days. Just
to teach him a lesson about women."

"Hmmm, carry on. You are quite right. If this gets out we'll all be in
deep shit. So John was infact the Jane Norton that flew out with you."
Vickie said, still bemused.

"That's right. Liz paid for us to go to Egypt on a second honeymoon."

"So why do you think John is dead, wasn't that Jane Stephens shot dead
at JFK. ?"

"It wasn't the real Jane Stephens. Liz killed John at the airport" I said

"How do you know, Why? Vickie was looking confused.

"Because I met the real Jane Stephens in my Harem. " I stated.

"So Liz shot John by mistake"

"Something like that"

Why was I still protecting Kat? Maybe it was because I deep down part of
me believed her story. However Liz would never be so evil as to set me
and John up. I needed proof of whose side to be on. At the moment I was
on Liz's, I didn't like what she had done to Kat but I could see the logic
in it. I still love Liz after all.

"If I wasn't working on the drug myself I wouldn't believe a word of it.
Still don't really. Liz really came down on us if we bypassed procedures
once." Vickie said amazed.

"I know it's hard to believe" Cathline replied.

"I don't think we should try and cover this up. This information needs to
be told. I think you should give Stephanie Lane a call. She won't divulge
anything that cannot be proven or hurts the innocent but it could save our
butts and the companies. If we try and hide things and people find out we
are really stuffed. How will people react when we release our product on
the market. They will eventually put two and two together and KNOW
you two did human trials before we had approval" Vickie Stated.

"Maybe you're right, let me think on it"

"Listen I got a package from John, dated the day he was killed. The letter
stated that it must only be opened by you and given to you when you
return. It feels like some kind of book. Hold on I'll go and get it."

Half an hour later she returned with a small book shaped package, which
she then gave to me.

"Do you want me to stay here, while you read it?" She asked.

"I'll be fine. I'll call if I need you"

"Fine, Oh and thanks for sharing. I 'm here if you need me" And Vickie

I opened the parcel. A small beaten up looking notebook fell out with a
letter. I picked the letter up and started to read.

"Dearest Cathline

I am writing this letter and sending you my journal so that you
know how much I love you. Why are you leaving me to be with
that Bexley bitch?

I still love you inspite of everything that has happened, all I ask
is that you read my story and maybe you can find it in your heart
to speak to me when I return.

All My Love



Why did he think I was leaving him.? I started to read the journal.

"I tried to fight my way through the crowds towards Cathline. In
my old body I may have been able to do it but with this one I
was helpless. I last saw her stretch out a hand towards me
shouting 'John' but soon she was swept away from me.

I went back to the hotel to wait for her return as she is bound to
arrive soon. In the meantime I'll try on some of the gifts we had
brought for each other. Cathline was right I will make the most
of this body while I can. I feel much more sexy now and am
ready when she is. I've had enough of touching my self up I
want a real woman now. "

I read on in tears for most of the time, each tick of the clock in the
silence of my home reminded me that I was now alone. John how I miss

24. F+ 74 days Threads Revealed- The Journalists Tale.

Another excellent day. I got a call from Dr and Mrs Bexley. Apparently
they want to meet me to talk to me and give me their side of the story.
There is one downside to it though and that's no cameras, which is a
shame. Oh well we're here and I knock on the door of Dr and Mrs
Bexley's hotel room.
"Hi you must be Stephanie Lane" Dr Bexley said as he answered the

"In the flesh, mind if I come in"

"Not at all. " he said and I went inside.

"Margaret, this is Stephanie Lane the reporter" He added.

"Hello Mrs Bexley" I said.

"Ms Lane, we have asked you hear to let the our side of the story be
known. You are recognised as one of the most honorable journalists and
your interview with Rachel Martin showed us that you could be trusted in
delicate matters" She said.

"Thank you, I do my best to report only proven truths. Now what can I do
for you?" I said.

"Please take a seat, I'll order some coffee" Dr Bexley said.

"White with one sugar" I called out.

A couple of hours later and I had their part in this down. I got the feeling
that Mrs Bexley was hiding something that she didn't want to talk about.
I've no idea what it was,just call it gut feel. Hmm maybe they'll tell me
when they get back. They tell me that Robert Abbey is having difficulty
in putting a defense together but cannot tell me what his line of thought

Back at the office I'm working late on this. Even Dean's gone home,
thank God. Mind you he has treated me with some respect recently.What
does seem puzzling is that the Dr Elizabeth Bexley people knew seems a
completely different Dr Bexley as to the one in prison at the moment.

The one before that trip to Egypt was fun loving, outward going and had
an air of royal aloofness about her. She was concerned for all things.
From the way her parents described her she wouldn't hurt a fly. The Dr
Bexley inside Gaol is cold, reclusive and almost in trauma. She is
confused as to who she is(a man turned into Dr Bexley!!) and other times
she is almost back to her normal self.

The other strange thing is that tattoo she's had done. Apparently it goes
from her thigh and winds around her body until it ends on her breasts.
From what everyone tells me Dr Bexley was so proud of her body and
was known to work out several hours a day. Now I've nothing against
people getting tattoo's done but what she did does not fit in with what
I've been told. What happened to Dr Bexley in Egypt to make her change
like this?

The other confusing thing is that in intelligence tests done on her since
she came back from Egypt she has been scoring around the 125 mark. Dr
Bexley's IQ is known to be above 160. Her whole psychological profile
has changed. It's like she's a different person. Maybe this story Dr
Bexley is telling(of really being a man that is) has some truth in it. If I go
public with this though now I'll be laughed out. Maybe some sleazy
tabloid will pick it up but that'll be it the end of Stephanie Lane's career.
No she's probably just in shock.

I went home about midnight, which because of current workload was an
early night for me. I need a vacation.

There was a real buzz about the place when I came in at 6am the next
day. I caught Dean on his way to a meeting.

"Hey Dean, what's going on" I called.

"Get to the hospital now. Dr and Mrs Bexley have been killed in an auto
accident I need you to report on it NOW. Steve will fill you in"

Shit Poor Dr Bexley. I wonder how this will affect the trial. Still gotta

The next couple of weeks flew by. I was working longer and longer on
two things. First the Bexley case and the second on the disappearance of
Rachel Martin.

Vickie Turner's information does check out though and it's left me very
puzzled. The only explanation I can think of is that Cathline Richards
was travelling with another woman using false papers Interrupting my
chain of thought Dean called me into his office.

"Steph. You need a break. You've been working solid for months now
without a single day off. I'm concerned for you. Listen the Bexley trial
isn't for a few weeks why don't you go and sun yourself somewhere for a
while. I need you to be sharp"

"But Dean I'm close to something. I can feel it" I complained.

"That's an order. Now go and don't come back for two weeks"

Humph I hate forced vacations. OK I may as well go somewhere fun. I
know I've got just the place.

25. F+ 94 Days A Little help from a 'friend' - The Journalists Tale.

Hmm I really enjoyed that vacation. I achieved everything I wanted to do
on it. Nothing seems to have changed here though. I'm so glad I went
away now. I've taken it easy for the last day or so, just settling my self in
so to speak.

My phone rang. Oh well back to work.

"Stephanie Lane?"


"This is Vickie Turner. I have some news for you. Cathline Richards is
back. She's had a hell of a time. I can't talk about it now. But Cathline
will speak to you and you alone"

"Ok I'll be down there as soon as I can"

I arrived at Cathline's house the next day and knocked at the door. A
lady wearing an ornate and very expensive looking eye patch opened the
door. She was showing signs of abuse with cuts still healing around her

"Cathline Richards?" I asked.

"Yes, Stephanie Lane I presume"

"Certainly is, may I come in"

"Of course. I'm still putting things right after such a long time away."
She replied.

I went inside and sat down, my ever present tape recorder at the ready.

"Vickie Turner persuaded me to talk to you about what I have been thru
and how it relates to Liz's murder case. I have some information that you
may find very interesting' Cathline said.

Somewhile later ..

"So you're saying that it wasn't really Jane Stephens but your husband" I
asked in disbelief.


"And that Dr Bexley took it upon herself to turn him into a copy of Jane

"That's about right" She said cautiously. She's hiding something.

"Dr Bexley has been claiming that she is in fact a man turned into a
clone of Dr Bexley by the real Elizabeth Bexley" I said, things were
beginning to fall into place. Still no proof though.

"From what the real Jane Stephens told me he/she is probably telling the
truth." Cathline said.

"And this man in Dr Bexley's body shot your husband thinking that he
was Dr Bexley disguised as Jane Stephens" I said(My head hurts!!)

"Yes" Cathline was crying now.

"How does that make you feel?" I asked.

"To be honest I don't know. I want justice to be served, that's all" she
said angrily.

"How do you know that it wasn't really Dr Bexley that he shot?" I asked.

"Because Liz wouldn't be as stupid as all that, no she would have
changed before she flew back."

"Do you know where Jane Stephens is now?"

"Probably at home. I don't really want to speak to her anymore. I thought
we were going to be friends for life. Sure she got me out of that Harem
and I do owe her for that but not enough to forgive her"

"But it wasn't really her fault?" I queried.

"Not really but her husband killed mine. That makes her part of it in my
book. It's her husband I want to see on trial, not her but I know that if I
stick around her she will see him eventually. I couldn't face that"

"I'm sorry but I've no physical evidence to prove any of this DNA drug
stuff. Genetic tests have shown both Dr Bexley and the body of Jane
Stephens to be who they are. Your story is the only one that really fits the
stories I've been gathering. I can prove that you were kidnapped and
mutilated but nothing else. I need physical evidence Sorry." I said.

"I understand, I'll help in anyway I can. "

"Thank you for your time" and I left Cathline's house.

On my way back I phoned Dean.

"Hi Steph, what's going on?" Dean asked.

"Listen I've got a real break in the Bexley case. I can't talk about it now
as I've got no physical proof. Only supposition. We can't run with it yet
but we're real close. Even If I get proof I'll need sometime to get the
whole thing together. Be patient if what I'm hearing is correct it'll be the
biggest story since, well man invents wheel." I enthused.

"Come on, fucking tell me. Don't get all high and mighty Lois Lane on
me . Tell me what it is"

"Not over the phone lines and not until I have proof. You'll laugh me out
otherwise. I should have it ready in about four weeks."

"But that's past the trial date"

"Forget the trial this is bigger than that!" and I cut the connection. There
that'll keep him guessing.

I sat alone that night in my apartment when the door bell rang. I peered
thru the spyhole and saw a tall shadowy figure.

"Ms Lane. Are you there?" A husky almost non human voice sounded.

Who the fuck is that!

"I know you're in there. Please, you are the only one who can help me."
The husky voice sounded desperate. I wish I'd brought a gun. I ran to the
kitchen and retrieved the largest knife I could find.

"Ms Lane Please. I will not harm you" The voice sounded even more

"Ok I'll let you in but be warned I've got a gun" I unlatched the door and
took one look at my visitor and fainted.

When I awoke I was unharmed but laying on my sofa. My visitor sat on
my armchair. He was dressed in a large hooded coat. The hood was up
and I could see a single blue eye and another yellow almost non-human
eye looking out.

"I'm sorry I startled you " The creature said.

"W, What are you?"

"I am or was Roger Ferry."

"What are you?,what do you want?" I stuttered.

He reached up his right hand and pulled back his hood. It took all my self
control not to scream. His head was still human in shape except that one
half of it looked feline. It was covered with black fur. His left ear had
moved up and now pointed up from his head in a definite cat shaped
cone. His left eye was yellow and round and set much closer to his flatter
than normal nose. One side of his mouth was pulled slightly outwards
and I could see canine teeth underneath his mouth. I could see now that
his left arm was a different shape to a normal human arm.

"I am what you see and I want you to get whoever did this to me" He said

"How'd it happen?"

"I belonged to an agency, which was employee if you like of a shadowy
organisation called the guild. We specialised in surveillance and forgery.
About two years ago we had a call from a lady who called herself
Deianeira. She wanted some people followed and generally to be kept an
eye on. The main target of her intentions was another woman called Jane
Norton. From what I've seen it's the same lady that was shot in the
airport." He said huskily.

"So you think this Deianeira was Dr Bexley." I said.

"I'm still not 100% sure. We had several calls from Deianeira over the
next few months asking us to do all kinds of things. One of the strangest
was to get some live hair somethings from Jane Norton. We arranged for
Deianeira to be put in contact with this guild in Egypt. She paid us very

"So how come you're like this?"

"She had just paid us half a million for some work and was going to
leave the money in the usual place. I wasn't involved with any of the
detail you understand I was just doing the following of this Jane Norton. I
went to the paymasters office to collect my share and saw a whole pile of
money and about nine cats running about inside the office. Nine suits lay
crumpled on the floor. I picked up a 100 dollar bill that lay on the desk
and left very confused. About two hours later my head hurt like hell, as
did the hand which had touched the money. I remember feeling great
pain as half of my head reshaped and staring at my arm as fur and a paw
formed. I freaked out much in the same way you did. I've been living off
the street for the past few months until I happened to notice that you were
working on the Bexley Case. You've been very busy over the past few
months and I'm sure very close to the truth. You want physical evidence
of Dr Bexley's evil, now here I am, at your service" The creature called
Roger Ferry explained.

"How did know you all about me?" I asked.

"My speciality was watching people remember, gathering information. I
have been your guardian for most of your investigations. I was ready to
protect you should the guild try and prevent you from following up your
investigations. "

"Thanks, So why not come to me right away?"

"You would not have gathered as much as you did if I had come earlier."

"I suppose so" I had seen noone following me!

The missing piece, the loose end was there in front of me.

"Do you want a drink and we can talk some more?" I asked.

"Sure, you got any milk?" Roger asked.

26. F+97 Days Brief Encounter - Cathlines Tale.

I feel so much better after talking to Stephanie Lane. I understand her
reluctance to report anything about this but the sooner this is all out the
better. A chance event however has now turned my whole world upside
down again. I had just stopped off at the local mall to get some groceries
and a few other bits and pieces. How easy it is to slip into normal day to
day life even after all I have been thru. The sun was out and here and
there people were going about their normal mundane lives. I did get
some looks though, after all it's not every day you see a one-eyed woman
walking around with an eye patch worth about a hundred grand.

I heard a voice call out to me
"Cathline, Wait. I need to talk"

I whirled around
"Piss off Jennifer I've nothing to say to you" I shouted at her.

"Oh my God what happened to you?" she shrieked.

"None of your fuckin business. Now go away"

"Listen. I want to say I'm sorry"

"Sorry for ruining my life. If you hadn't have slept with John . He would
still be alive. You started this whole thing off. Now Fuck off and Die
somewhere" I almost screamed at her.

"John's Dead?" She sounded shocked.

"Yes and I blame you for starting the whole thing. If you'd just kept your
libido under control I'd still have a job, my left eye and most of all John
would still be alive. How can sorry say enough for what you did to me" I
screamed at her.

Jennifer was fuming now.
"Ok right, let's see you turn down a hundred grand when you are on the
poverty line. Anyway he was willing enough"

"What do you mean a hundred grand?" I asked.

"This guy came up to me and said How would you fancy a hundred
grand. I said sure, what do I have to do?".

"And then " I said still skeptical.

" His answer was that I had to sleep with your husband John. Listen
Cathline I REALLY needed the money. My father got into a lot of
trouble, gambling depts. He was mixed up with the wrong people and in
deep shit. If I hadn't done it then he could have been murdered. I'm sorry
I wasn't to know but I had to do it. I had no choice."

Jennifer Porter then turned away and walked briskly away.

Christine Adams was confused, she'd heard much of the argument whilst
waiting for her husband to come out from a 7-11. Someone had paid that
lady 'Jennifer' a hundred grand to sleep with the one-eyed ladies
husband. What confused her was not the subject of the argument but the
way an evil, devious smile appeared on 'Jennifer's' face and the single
phrase "Stage three complete. Now for stage four ".

I sat in the car just thinking
I understand why she did it but why did someone come out from the blue
with such a request. Who would want to do such a thing to us?

FUCKING HELL! It was LIZ. She set us up.
"She played me, played me like a puppet" I sobbed.

Kat was right, Liz had set us up. She wanted an excuse to test her drug
on a human and she couldn't wait for a suitable opportunity so she had
set us up. I've been used. "Liz I loved you why did you do this to us" I
cried .

"I kill her, I'll fucking kill her." I shouted.

Liz was now my mortal enemy. I owed her, owed her big time for what
she has done to us. I cannot do this alone. The Arabs have a saying, the
enemy of my enemy is my friend. I had to go and find Kat. Together we
can beat her. Liz is more evil than anyone I have ever known. She must
be stopped no matter the cost.

It's now two days before Xmas. I'm going to hate being alone this year.
Maybe Kat will see me and I can spend the festive period with her. Liz
you die for this.

27.F+98 Days Hornets Nest- DR Elizabeth Bexley's Tale.

"Though the enemy be stronger in numbers, we may
prevent him from fighting. Scheme so as to discover
his plans and the likelihood of their success."

The Art Or War - Sun Tzu sec 6.22

Now that part's over and done with I need to make my move on the
lawyer. I've already phoned the guild and made the appropriate
arrangements. I'll be glad when I can get back to Rachel Martin and start
earning some more money. The guild are very good but extremely

How in hell did Cathline and Kat escape? My information is that Kat is
at her old home in the mid-west after having a major bust up with
Cathline. Although Cathline and Kat escaping from their intended
prisons is bad news, my plan has catered for such events, in fact it now
relies on them teaming up again which after my performance as Jennifer
Porter they must. Anyway that is in the far future. I now have to become
Monica Abbey for a while. I wonder when the guild will get me a

I'll stay as Jennifer Porter for a while longer I think. A change is as good
as a rest. Besides I need an Xmas holiday. I wish mom and Dad were
here for Xmas. I so enjoyed the way mom cooked Christmas lunch,
decorating the tree,giving and dad dishing out presents to the kids at the
hospital. All this HE has robbed me of. Thanks to HIM I will never have
a family Xmas again.

T-3 weeks.

The guild have finally managed to get a DNA sample from some of
Monica Abbey's hair. Their agent managed to acquire it from her
hairdressers. It would have been easier to just make myself look like her
and not be her at the genetic level. However I'll need this form for a
while and so must make it convincing. However I do now need to get
back to my 'white isle' in order to produce the Monica doses. While I'm
there I must remember to get the guild to bring my dart rifle. I'll need it
to deal with the lawyer. Oh yes and another very special Kitty dose as

T-2 Weeks.

I've been a very busy bunny this last week. I've spent new year as my
latest persona and enjoyed it immensely. On a much more serious note
the Kat is indeed back and has indeed teamed up with Cathline against
me. I'm also informed that James/Jane or rather just Jane is due out of
the institution in about three weeks. That's good right on time.

My Laser Sighted rifle has just been delivered and I'll be ready to use it
in 12 days. I've spent this week following the Lawyer and watching his
movements to and from his office. I've spotted a good vantage point on
the roof of a nearby office block. A quick change into another form and
I'll be ready to strike.

I sit in this dismal hotel room, a far cry from the ones Rachel Martin has
come to expect.The rain spatters on the small window on this cold
January day. I'm just sitting here waiting to turn into Monica Abbey.
When I'm her I'll get into her(my) house and obtain the samples I
require. I'll hate being a man for a while I know it. All lumpy and hairy
ugghh. Still once I've thrown the trial for HIM I'll be able to get back to
being female. I'll need to keep a close eye on Cathline and Kat for a
while though. Maybe I can spread some doubt and discord in there just to
spice up an already tense relationship. Hang on I can feel the changes
starting now.

I awoke a little smaller than I was before at 5'4. How big everything
seems now. The guild have informed me that the real Monica has left to
do some shopping and I have about an hour before she will return. Mind
you as a contingency I've had the guild deal with her for a while, ensure
the checkout breaks down while she's in the queue etc . I paid the bill at
the hotel for my other self and took the bus to Monica's house.

God Lawyers get paid well. His house is nearly as luxurious as my old
one. Now let's see if the key the guild got for me works. Yep, now
where is the best place to get some samples.

I've looked everywhere for some but I've not found anything that I can
use. SHIT This must be the cleanest house I've ever seen. I tried combs
but all the hair on them is dead and is of no use. Wait a sec what's this
under the bed, Excellent.

I picked up a condom, still moist and full of cum. How wonderfully apt. I
just hope that the real Monica isn't having an affair with someone but the
imaging system at my 'White Isle' will tell me for sure.

I placed a small sample in a test tube and walked out carefully leaving
things exactly how I found them. I've now got a mad rush to the other
side of the world to create my Robert Abbey doses. I may be able to be
anyone I wish but I still get Jet lag. It's at times like this I regret moving
all my stuff from Rhamnus.

T-2 days.

After a mad dash to New York I'm now ready to get me a lawyer.
Monica Abbey is supposed to meet him here in on the day of the trial.
But I'm afraid she will be disappointed.

The press coverage is going mad, Rachel Martin is still missing of course
but that's of no importance or surprise. I feel so tired after my rush to
prepare my doses. I could do with some rest after this. I hate my new
form(medium height,average build and average looks) but I need the
'little miss homely' look to do what I mean to do. I'm now dressed in
dowdy workers overalls and have gained access to the roof on the
pretence of trying to fix the air conditioning. Wow what a view.

Now how does it go. Barrel slots into there, trigger mechanism engaged,
mount the sight and finally load the dose. I put the rifle to my shoulder
and stare down at the doors where the future Miss Jennifer Porter will
come out from. Hmmm the guild said I need to calculate the range and
allow for any wind. I make the adjustments to the sighting computer,

Quick! there he is. The small red dot in my sights moves down from his
head to his body. I may be brilliant at most things but shooting I'm
decidedly average. I did consider getting the guild to do this bit but I
wanted to do it. Call it a satisfaction thing,besides that would cost money
and I'll need every cent I've got. Steady,Steady and there I squeezed the
trigger gently. I heard a phuutt and my target winced as the dart hit his
right leg. He looked down in pain and surprise and pulled out the dart.
Too late future girlie. He looked around but could see no one, pocketed
the dart and limped off.

I pulled out my mobile and made a call.
"Go" I said and hung up. There that's the lawyer dealt with. Only a small
tidy up to do.

After packing up my stuff I walked out as carefree as can be. I really
don't want to be a man !

T Day 02:00am

The guild inform me that all is set. Robert Abbey is now a rather small
cute blonde and hating every minute of it. Nearly four years and it comes
down to this day. The day HE goes down by my hand. Actually the plan
to prolong his agony is in place,however I think the guild are reluctant to
carry out such a public act in the US. Mind you two million convinced
them otherwise.

I stare at the Robert Abbey pill hating what I know it will do to me. I
must confess to being curious as to what it will feel like to be a man. I did
consider watching the changes as they occur but I need the rest so it's off
to sleep. I take the pill and this time taste the mint flavoring I've put in

T day 06:00 am

I awake in my bed. Uggh my head hurts. I feel so groggy and yet I must
get up I've got a trial to throw.I look down at a flat,muscular, hairy chest.
Oh God!
My new hairy arm reaches out and touches down there. Hmm sensitive
My new organ slowly becomes erect and feels stiff and warm in my hand.
Hmmmm very nice I begin to stroke it and it becomes even more erect.
Did they really stretch THAT much. Inside me is a fire beginning to
burn. Not the constant heat of female passion but a burning consuming
fire that demands release. Now I understand why men are in such a

My strokes grow faster and more delicate. In my mind I imagine making
love to a woman. She lays beneath me, eyes wide in pleasure and need. I
sit atop her and push my dick inside her, she feels warm and moist.I
thrust in and out, she begins to moan 'more' and I oblige her needs. Uck
I've come already. Quickly getting up I rush to the bathroom and clean
myself down. Inside I feel very satisfied but thirsty.

I stare in the mirror Robert Abbey stares back. A twinge in my bladder
tells me I need to go. Instinctively I sit down and then realise I don't
need to. Time to play fireman I think.

Men have it so easy as far as getting ready is concerned. I've
showered,explored every part of me again. I hate being a man, there's no
grace or finesse, just muscle and hair. I got dressed in a smart grey suit in
under an hour. I miss my female body already. Still the trial starts in just
over two hours. Time to go.

T Day

28. F+92 Days The Green Green Grass of Home - Kats Tale.

I sit alone on the bus as it takes me home. How I want to be with him
again. How I miss him. I sit back remembering all the fun we had
together and the night when he proposed to me. We had just seen some
dumb film about Martians attacking the earth and were coming out of the
late night showing. We walked along hand in hand just talking about this
and that. He suggested a late night walk so we walked to the local beauty
spot and watched the lights of the town below. We stood there just
looking at the hustle and bustle of the town below and listening to the
sounds of the night.

I turned back from the view to see him on one knee, in the mud holding
out a ring.

"Kat. I would take it as a great honor if you would marry me" he said

A little stunned I thought for a moment and replied, thrilled that HE
actually wanted me.

"Of course I will" I said and we held each other close in the moonlight.
That moment seemed to last forever and neither of us wanted it to end.

I remember dancing in the town's fountain at 2am with him, and then
running away as the law came to sort out the disturbance. I smiled as I
recalled the Halloween party that turned into a massive food fight and
the sight of him covered in cake and the cream dribbling down his happy
face. The weekends we would just sit down and enjoy each others
company. He was more than a companion,more than a friend he was my
soul mate.

I felt tears begin to form again as I realised that all this was in the past.
Unless a miracle happened he was doomed and I would spend the rest of
my life alone. Sure another man could come along someday but it
wouldn't be the same, my soul would die with him.

I slept dreaming of other, happier times.

Eventually I arrived back at my home, nothing has changed in the
months I have been away. I miss him. Fortunately my neighbors have
been looking after the house in my absence. A for sale sign is outside the
gate. Since the world thinks I'm dead I guess my parents wanted to sell
the house. I'll need to see them when this is all over with. I can't go there
until the 'Hell Bitch' has been dealt with as I suspect that's another place
that Liz will be waiting or watching.

I let myself in and see my dust sheet covered furniture. A 'just married'
sign hangs from the far wall and I fight back a tear. When I'm settled
and after Xmas I think I'll move out. This place has too many memories.

The next day I awoke to a dull December day. The rain running down the
windows echoed my tears at losing him, maybe forever. To quote a song
"In silence and darkness we held each other near that night , we prayed it
last forever" alas it was not to be. 'Hell Bitch' I have not forgotten my
promise to you. I will go to New York nearer the trial date and try to get
near him.

I've tried to phone my parents but they are away on holiday somewhere.
Mom, Dad I need you.

Mrs Doyle, my neighbor came round first thing this morning, wanting to
know who I was and what was I doing here. I told her I was a friend of
Kat's and was looking after the house until it was sold. She went away a
little disappointed that she had not caught any intruders.

I try to get thru each day at a time. The house is quiet and empty and I
miss him more now than I have ever done. Wherever the 'Hell Bitch' is,
she has gone to ground. I stand little or no chance of finding her. I could
try her lab after the new year but without Cathline to vouch for me I
doubt I'll be able to get anywhere near. I wonder if I could smoke the
'hell bitch' out. I know I'll phone Stephanie Lane and ask
for an interview. I'll try the tv station's number.

After holding for about ten minutes I finally got thru.

"Stephanie Lane" A voice answered.

"Hello, you may not believe this but I'm Jane Stephens nee Norton and I
want to talk to you about my supposed murder."

"Piss off, I've had four cranks already today" was the stern reply.

How rude!

"I'm not a crank. Listen I don't know if you have spoken to Cathline yet,
you know the lady with the ornate eye patch but we spent three months
together in a harem".It's a long shot but the only one I've got I thought.

"Listen I'll be down right after the holidays. DON'T go anywhere." she
said and put the phone down.

I've drawn a lot of attention walking around as a Jasmine clone so my
first job that morning was to get a haircut. My old hairdresser was
shocked when I said I wanted my hair trimmed back and restyled to my
old 'Kat' style. "It is a crime that a lady with your hair should cut it off"
was her remark. Still I'm fed up with it, it's too long, gets in the way and
people keep asking me where my genie is.

The rest of the day passed slowly as I sat alone and tried to think of a way
to free him and return him to his proper sex. The only way to free him,
that I can see is to prove that my story is true and expose HER evil plots.
With that kind of trauma SHE has put us thru a self defense verdict is
sure to be given. I just hope I've done the right thing by going to
Stephanie Lane.

Christmas Eve arrives and I'm dreading this time of year. I took a walk
earlier on but had to rush home in tears. I saw families,'proper' families
with Moms and Dads out with their kids doing some last minute
shopping. The town had a festive air about it, as tacky plastic Santa's
hung from nearly every shop window, carols were being played in just
about every store and playing in the town square was a brass band. 'We
wish you a happy Christmas'...

A family in front of me had just been to the toy store and I saw a large
teddy bear under the Dad's arm, his wife was walking alongside him
laughing and joking. A small, cheeky faced boy was tagging along
excited about the prospect of being visited by Santa.

I really wanted children, his children. I wanted to be a mom. The 'Hell
Bitch' has robbed me of that pleasure and privilege. I wanted with all my
heart to be out here buying presents for my family. I rushed home in tears
and sit alone in my empty house. Why did it have to be me?

I was laying on the sofa, watching some tv and just about to devour
another chocolate bar when I heard a knock at the door. They can just
piss off.

"Kat, let me in it's Cathline" an urgent voice sounded out.

What does SHE want!

"Kat, Listen I'm sorry about before. You're right Liz is evil and needs to
be stopped. Please let me in we need to talk"

"OK" I called and let Cathline in.

"Oh Kat I'm sorry. Liz used me too" She sobbed.

"That's OK please come and sit down, can I get you a drink?"

"I'd love a bit of that chocolate" She said, looking longingly at the
unopened bar on the table.

"Take it I've got a spare" and I gave it to her.

"I like how you've got your hair now. It makes you look a lot less like
Jasmine"Cathline said.

"That's the idea. I hated being stared at and this length is much easier to
look after"

"Liz used John and I as guinea pigs y'know. I bumped into Jennifer
Porter the other day and she let slip that someone had paid her a hundred
grand to sleep with John."

"And you think that someone was Liz?"

"She was the only one with that kind of money and she had the motive.
She set us up"

I was too sensitive not to say 'told you so' but said "This may seem a
personal question but before we start anything I want to see your left eye"

"WHAT!" Cathline said shocked.

"I know it's a personal thing but Liz has to know we are back by now.
She would not be as stupid as not to have our houses watched in case we
return. Liz could be anyone we know, a snake in the grass. Teaming up
with us with the intention of destroying us when she saw fit."

"You're nuts"

"Am I? Now I will call the police if you do not show me your eye"

"How do I know you're not Liz?"

"OK ask me something, something that only Kat would know"

"When we first met, you know when I was taken to your harem by
Hassan. What was the first thing I said to make you laugh?" Cathline

"First, you weren't taken, I purchased you to be my maid. You made a
remark about always wanting a mistress. Which judging by the way you
described your sessions with Liz doesn't surprise me"

"Correct. Now when we were freed how did you break the news to me? "

"I asked if you wanted a big mac"

"And your private name for Liz?"

"Come on that's easy. I'm sure the Hell Bitch would know that one by
now. Ok now show me your eye"

"Why not ask me some questions like you did?"

"Because I'm more paranoid than you are. Liz would not mutilate herself
in order to slip in with us. She would bank on us being too polite to ask
to see it. Now show me your eye or I will call the police" I said firmly.
My God was this the 'Hell Bitch' sitting here?

"OK, It's only because we need each other that I'm doing this. I resent
being forced to show you but I can see it's the only way. "

Cathline reached up and slowly took her eye patch off. I stared with
morbid fascination as her ruined eye was revealed. The rest of her face
was fine but the actual eye it's self was badly scarred. By the looks of it
the eye had not just been gouged out as I had thought, but had been
burned out with a white hot iron. I had thought the burning bit was just
an idle boast by an evil man, now I saw that I had been very wrong.The
skin had been roughly stitched up over the eye socket. I couldn't help but
look away in horror.

"I, I'm sorry. I had no idea, Sorry" I stammered.

"I know I still have that reaction every time I look in the mirror"
Cathline said, putting her eye patch back on.

"I shouldn't have made you do that. I'm so sorry"

"Listen now we have no secrets and you know that I am definitely
Cathline we can start" She said, still upset by what I had forced her to do.

"Not quite. I don't want to go thru this procedure everytime we meet or
something. We need to think up some passcodes that only those we trust

"Kat, you REALLY are paranoid"

"To beat the 'Hell Bitch' You have to be as careful as she is. Now how do
you fancy a walk?"


"I want to go somewhere noisy so that we can exchange passcodes. I've
not yet had chance to investigate every corner of this house for
microphones and cameras. If I were Liz I would bug my enemies houses
so I could know in advance what they were up to."

"OK, but I think this is a little extreme"

"I don't, she's probably done it to me once before. The only way she
could switch with me in Egypt was to bug our hotel room and observe
everything we said and did, anything else was too risky. I'm being
paranoid because if we make one slip, just a tiny error in judgement then
we are dead OK?"

"Liz is not infallible or invincible. She does make errors"

"When? I've not seen any so far"

"Us getting out of a Harem, she must be regretting us getting out.
Turning you into Jasmine was a mistake. You were a too perfect Harem
girl, Hassan fell in love with you because of it"

"We got out by pure fluke. I don't think Jasmine was a mistake. She
needed someone who could easily be spotted and identified. I say again
we escaped by the skin of our teeth. If Osman hadn't have died you
would have still been in that dungeon, being raped twice a day. If Hassan
hadn't have fallen in love with me or been so noble then we would still
be in our ivory tower. We have no idea of who Liz is or what she is
doing. We are no nearer finding her but she probably knows our every

"She really scares you doesn't she?" Cathline said earnestly

"You bet. In the same way that the guild freaks you out SHE does me..
This is why we need to team up with as many allies as we can, only if we
pool our resources can we hope to defeat her."

"I agree, that's why I'm here. I can't forgive what your husband did to
John but I'm willing to put our differences aside for the moment. "

I put my hand out, "Friends?"

"Partners" was the reply.

"OK partner what have you got to tell me?" I said.

"Let's go for a walk and we'll talk. Oh and by the way I cook a fantastic
Christmas lunch" Cathline said.

"OK let's go"

We walked to the mall, just chatting about this and that. Now that I had
an ally the families no longer bothered me. I had hope again.

After a long and expensive shopping spree(I had discovered that Cathline
was a bit of a chocaholic) and after buying far too much wine for two
people to share we sat down at a cafe for a coffee. We were the only
customers who were stupid enough to sit outside but we knew that the
noise was too great and the place too exposed for any microphones.

"Ok what do you want your passcode to be?" I asked

"Hmm Let me think, I know 'Anne Bonny'" and she pointed to her eye

"Who the hell was/is Anne Bonny?"

"She was a pirate in the 1700's, quite infamous in her time. She spent
most of her career dressed as a man"

"That's ok, now what about me. I know 'Panther'" I was imagining
Cathline with in tricolor hat with a parrot on her shoulder. The image of
Cathline was waving a cutlass at me. I found the image very amusing.

"OK, now how do we let each other know them without anyone listening
in. I don't want to go for a walk each time we want to meet."

"Easy We'll turn some music up and whisper." I said . I quite enjoy this
spy stuff .

"Let me fill you in." She said keenly.

"Ready and waiting m'hearty" I said.

"Very funny" Cathline said, definitely not amused.

"YOU chose it"

"Seriously. I have had a parcel fro" Cathline started to say.

I was now getting the giggles. 'Pieces of eight, pieces of eight' the
imaginary parrot on Cathline shoulder was squawking..

"Shiver me timbers, carry on" I said. If I'm not careful she'll have me
swabbing the decks.

"Kat I'm trying to be serious and help us and all you can do is giggle like
some teenager. Please shut up and listen"

"Aye Aye Capen . Shit, Sorry, I didn't mean " Oh Fuck what have I said.

Cathline glared at me, as though I was some out of control school kid.

"Sorry. It's been so long since I could have a giggle it kinda just took
control. But I'll be all right now, honest". The image of the pirate
Cathline went away(for the moment).

"John sent me a parcel just before he was killed. He was under the
impression that I had left him to be with Liz. He toured the entire middle
east for a month, under the guidance of the local police until flying back
to the US, where YOUR husband was waiting for him."

"Can I read it?" I asked

"Sure" and she reached into her bag and produced a very dog eared book.
I opened the front page, noting the tear stains on the page. I began to

"I tried to fight my way through the crowds towards Cathline. In
my old body I may have been able to do it but with this one I
was helpless. I last saw her stretch out a hand towards me
shouting 'John' but soon she was swept away from me."

I stopped reading "Cathline, listen I can't read this. It's so tragic. I'm so

"Read it, we can weep together. I need to let this go." Cathline said with
a tear in her eye.

"Not here, back at my place" I said.

We got a cab back to my place and sat down, with a box of tissues and a
chocolate bar each.

I read John's log with tears in my eyes. I had to stop after each page as
the tragic end of John's life was revealed.

"Cathline, just a couple of points you may not be aware of or noticed in
the log. I think I have a lead or two from this on the 'Hell Bitch's
movements after my husband flew back and a few other points as well.
This log confirms my theory that I had on the plane on the way back. I
couldn't tell you then because you were in shock. But now I think I can."

"Go on"

The policeman that came to visit him when you first vanished was
described as 'swarthy'. When my husband was abducted, it seems like the
same policeman."

"So, maybe he worked the same case?"

"Ah yes but he put John onto another cop called 'Salah' in Syria. John
described Salah killing those thugs in graphic detail"

"He saved his life."

"Yes but listen to this bit" And I read the following from John's log.

"My eyes detected a blur, and I heard a sharp 'Thiick' noise and
my assailant fell to the floor writhing in pain,his throat slit.

Salah stood over him impassive but victorious. He wiped a
small, thin blade on his sleeve and sheathed it in a smooth well
practised movement."

"Yeah I read that bit. That Salah guy is fearsome" Cathline replied

"When I was taken, at the hotel I refused to go along. A guy who I called
'apeman' sliced off a part of my hair in just such a move and with the
same kind of knife. I didn't even have time to blink. I think this Salah
guy was a member of the guild. Listen, when John asked him how did he
learn such a move he didn't say 'I learnt it in the police' rather that it
had been handed down from father to son. I also think that this swarthy
cop was in the guild as well. In other words the guild gave John the run
around until it was time for him to fly back. They even had him pick up
my stuff and fly back with it. He would have been carrying my passport,
my clothes and all my things. Naturally when the police came to identify
his body they thought he was me. I also think that my husband saw John
carrying my cases and wearing my clothes and assumed, as was perfectly
natural that John was the 'Hell Bitch'. I would have done the same, you
would have done the same anyone would."

Cathline's shoulders sank in despair. "Liz did it didn't she. SHE set John
up to be killed, knowing that John would be in harms way. She sacrificed
him in order so she could get away. Listen I need to take a walk, I'll be
back soon and leave some of that chocolate for me." Cathline got up and
went out of the door.

I could hardly believe what the 'Hell Bitch' had done. Not only had she
set Cathline and John up to be experimented on, thrown Cathline into
that hell hole, she had deliberately set up a trap for John on his return. I
hated her more than ever, she could not take such liberties with people
lives and get away with it. She fears only one thing and that is exposure,
once her plans are exposed for the evil that they are the authorities will
deal with her. Stephanie Lane is now critical to our vengeance. She is
trained in investigation and I'm sure by now has a good idea of what is
really going on.

Cathline was right the thought of going up against the 'Hell Bitch' alone
scares me, she may be Professor Moriarty but I am by no means Sherlock
Holmes. I dread having to face her alone.

Where is Cathline she's been gone two hours..

An hour later and night was falling and I heard a knock at the door.
"Hi Kat it's me"

I went over to the TV,switched it on and cranked the volume up


"It's me Anne Bonny" Cathline Shouted. Thank God for passcodes.

"OK come on in"

Cathline walked in, cold and wet. She had obviously been crying.

"Kat, your husband tried to stop Liz at the only time he could have. If Liz
had escaped from the plane then he would not be able to find her again.
He would not have had another chance. You're right I would have done
exactly the same. Liz is directly responsible for John's death. I'm sorry
for all the thing's I've said about you.". She held out her hand "Friends?"

"Friends" I said and shook it.

Cathline sat down on the sofa and asked me.

"You said you had a lead on what happened to Liz" She asked

"Yep listen to this bit" I picked up John's log and read.

"I looked up and saw a blonde haired woman looking at me.
That's right, I'm hurting, OK you can just piss off back to your
own world I thought. The woman quickly looked away, ashamed

"So" Cathline interrupted.

"Now listen to this" I started to read again.

"I boarded the plane still almost in tears and sat down in front of
that blonde bitch. I least I wouldn't have to see her pitied
expression anymore.

As she got up to go to the bathroom I noticed the way she
on John you're tired and exhausted get some sleep. I couldn't
help but ogle at her when she came back. Very cute indeed, her
lips are a little thin though."

"I've put extra emphasis on the important bits. I bet that blonde was the
'Hell Bitch'. She would want to see if John had taken the bait and to see
what happened to him. " I explained.

"Come on Kat, that's quite a jump of logic"

"Not really. To beat her we must think like her. She wouldn't have had
time to change her body, just her face. Notice the phrase "JUST LIKE
MINE" and the way John described the way she walked "ALMOST
CATLIKE". I've seen nobody walk in exactly the same way as me.
People used to say I slink. No that lady was the "Hell Bitch".

"That doesn't help us. Liz could be anyone by now"

"Yes but we can track her movements from the airport. We have a face to
go on, we have a time of arrival and in a couple of days Stephanie Lane
will be here with all the power of the press behind her."

"So in other words, We have her"

"Exactly. John has given us our first break. It's up to us to follow it thru."
I said.

"Since we have been talking thru theories I'm afraid I have some very
bad news" Cathline said.

"What's that" I said with some trepidation.

"If Liz has used ' fixer' on your husband then there is no way back for
him. He is stuck as Liz forever. Further more if she has used it on you,
you are Jasmine for good."

"Sorry, I can't believe that. There must be a way" I began. No Cathline
your wrong, must be.

"I told you about James/Jane getting my pussy. Liz had treated that
sample with 'fixer'. A whole team of us tried for weeks to get the DNA to
change back, but we could not. Kat these people were the best in the
game and we failed. Sorry but you really are married to a woman now."

"Can't this fixer be cured" I sobbed.

"Sorry, it is a protein that negates the drug. No matter what DNA the
drug tries to re-write it will fail. I estimate other labs are least ten years
behind us and they would have to do it the same way we did. The 'fixer'
would work on their product too. Kat I'm really sorry."

"Noo, I didn't even get the chance to.." I sobbed.

"I know" Cathline said as she put her arm around me.

We held each other for what seemed like hours as I let my grief pour out.
Cathline just stroked my hair and let me cry it out.

"Listen I'm bushed I want an early night. It's Xmas day tomorrow and I
want to celebrate" Cathline said.

"Agreed, You can take my room. I hate sleeping there now"

I lay asleep thinking about what Cathline had said. She has had to face
some bitter truths and now it was my turn. The reality was that my
husband was now a woman and would remain so. What was my reaction
to that? The answer was simple. I love him and vowed to spend the rest
of my life with him, for better and for worse. I really wanted children by
him but that was clearly not an option now. Many couples cannot
conceive we would just be another. Another thing that hurt is that I
would now never feel him inside me, moving in and out, giving me
pleasure with each thrust. This was perhaps the most bitter truth of all. I
don't know if I could make love to another woman, I wouldn't have the
faintest idea of how to go about it even if I did. Sure I know where makes
me tingle but that's a complete world apart from giving someone else
pleasure. My last thought before I drifted off to sleep was "I do love him

The next morning I awoke to the smell of cooking. Cathline had got up
early to start the lunch. She had poured me a glass of wine and it was on
the bedside table with a book shaped parcel and a card.

I opened the card and read it.

"To Kat

Happy Christmas

All my love


I took the present and gently tore off the colorful wrapping paper. I
laughed out loud when I saw the title of the book. Treasure Island by
Robert Louis Stevenson. I opened the cover and read the inscription
"Remember me every time you read this, Cathline"

I got up and got dressed, taking sips from my wine glass. Quickly
wrapping Cathline's gift and card I went downstairs.

"Happy Xmas" Cathline chirped

"The same to you. Thanks for the book" I said.

"Pleasure. I thought it would remind you of me everytime you saw it"

"It will that. Happy Xmas" I said and handed over my card and present
to Cathline.

She took the card and read the inscription.

"To Cathline

Remember I am here always


"Thanks" she said and opened up her present.

"Wow, I don't know what to say " she said holding up a pair of black
lacy panties.

"I really didn't know what to get you, so I figure go for lingerie " I said.

"Is this a hint?" Cathline winked at me, waving the panties around her

"When's lunch?" I asked, avoiding the question.

"Oh in about a couple of hours. Some more wine?" Cathline said.

"Go on it's Christmas"

Several glasses later we were hardly in a fit state to eat Christmas lunch.
We did our best though.

"Caffleen. Thiss Is Wonderful" I said, groggily, finishing the last of my

"Thaxs. More wine?" was the reply.

"No, I feel quite strange"

"Y'know your husband" Cathline managed to say.

"My Husband, the beautiful woman" I said.

"Thass Right"


"How'ya goin to make love to him" Cathline said.

"Dunno. Learn I guess, or never" I said.

"Let me teech you how" Cathline said.

"Why? I don't fancy women"

Cathline became sober for a short file "Lissen. Your husband hates his
body but loves you"

"Yess" I said.

"Then he will want you. But he will feel veri self con, self conscious and
shy. You need to know how, so as not to put him off. You'll make him
feel good about hi, himself again"

"I promised, no one elshe" I said.

"But you need to know how,in order to love him more. You slept with
other men before him and would have with Hassan if it would have got
us out"

"Shupose so" I said. My head was very woozy and Cathline's idea was a
good one.

"Will you let me teech you" Cathline asked

"Yes, now before I change my mind"

"Kish me" Cathline said.

I kissed Cathline full on the lips, in the same way as I had done with man
and felt her respond. She pulled back.

"Not like that, I'm not a man. More sensitive, more feminine. We aren't
in a hurry"

"OK how bout thish" I said and kissed her .

"Better, now let me show you" she whispered and kissed me fully on the
lips. I could smell her perfume mingling with me own. I was surprised
when I felt myself get aroused. Wow Cathline is one hell of a kisser.
Cathline and I parted for a moment and she said .

"Much better, now let me undress you."

I stood up and Cathline slipped put her hand on my breast and my
arousal grew more. She slowly undid the buttons on my blouse and
moved her hand slowly onto my breast. She whispered "do the same to

As I did so she began to kiss me again and by now I was on fire. In my
passion I undid her blouse and felt her bosom underneath the black lacy
bra I had given her. I felt her undo my bra and my breasts fell out, free of
their constraints. I almost jumped when Cathline stroked my nipples and
bent down to nibble on them gently. I let out a gasp of pleasure and
reached up to undo her bra, this I did so and we sank to the floor in a
passionate embrace.

"Now for the main course. No Kat you don't have to be in a hurry. We
can make this last all night if we want" Cathline whispered.


I felt a hand run up to the button on my pants and suddenly they were
loose. I went to do the same to her but she said "No let me show you".

Her hand reached down my pants until it was stroking my ass and as she
kissed my breasts and moved up onto my lips again she began to take
them off. Soon I was naked except for my panties and my body was on
fire. "You try" Cathline said.

I emulated her and soon her new lacy panties were revealed.

"For you lover" She said.

We embraced again and I moaned out load as Cathline touched me
THERE. I went to do this same but found I could not move because of the
pleasure. Whatever Cathline was doing down THERE was driving me

Cathline removed my panties and started again. She was playing me like
a musical instrument. I had no idea that doing it with another woman
could be like THIS. Shit there she goes again.

"Are you enjoying yourself lover?" Cathline asked.

It was all I could do to nod.

"Now you try"

We switched sides and I took off her panties. She guided my hand HERE
and THERE, the warmth, moist fragrance of her pussy was driving me
wild. I really went for it trying to emulate what she had been doing to

"Not like that. You're making love to me as though I'm a man.
Sometimes I like it like that. But gently,gently,delicate and erotic. Be
Feminine" Cathline said.

I tried again, this time letting me express the passion inside me. Cathline
began to moan out loud "God you're good' She moaned. She showed me
how just a gentle touch of the clitoris in a certain way could bring almost
instant orgasm, how a combination of breast and pussy strokes could
stoke my fire and so much more besides.

"Now for my personal favorite. How about a 69" she whispered

I would have said yes to anything at that point.

"Go ahead"

We changed sides, with me on top and I went to kiss her pussy.

"Not Yet lover" She said.

Cathline reached up and pushed her face into me. Shivers went thru me
as I felt her tongue go HERE and THERE. Her hands gripped my ass and
her fingers made sensual circles there and up my back. I began to feel
more turned on than I had ever done before. Cathline continued caressing
me with her tongue and her hands moved to stroke my breasts. I was
almost at the point of orgasm, in fact I didn't know how I had managed
not to come before.

"You try" Cathline said.

I reached down and began to lick her pussy, The taste of her and the
warmth of her drove me wilder than ever. We continued for what seemed
forever. The first time I came it was like an explosion of pleasure inside
me, subsequent times was more like the old ones I had when I was still in
my old body, much less frantic but just as intense.

We lay exhausted just stroking each other. We had sobered up a little by
now but I didn't regret it for a minute. My Husband was going to have
fun with me when he gets out I thought.

"No Regrets?" Cathleen said.

"None" And I kissed her again on the nipple just to prove it.

Somewhile later Cathleen got up and put her clothes back on.

"You were very good. More lessons later?" She asked.

"Of course, Lover" I winked at her.

There was still some more wine left open and it was a shame to leave it to
spoil so we drank it and went to bed. Together this time.

Cathleen fell asleep first and I lay awake feeling a little guilty. I HAD
promised to stay faithful to him and now I find myself being seduced by
another woman. Not that I didn't enjoy it mind you, it was wonderful and
so unhurried compared to being with a man. Cathline did have a point,
even if we were drunk at the time. When we got him out, my husband
would need to adjust to his new sex. If I fumbled around with him as I
had done with Cathline he would have been put right off. No this counts
towards my goal of making a new life with him. I want to be the best wife
I possibly can.

I soon fell asleep and awoke the next day with a jump as Cathline
touched me HERE and THERE again.

"No Cathline, please I'm not awake yet"

"All the better, just lie back and learn" Cathline crooned.

I did so and just lay back and let Cathline have her wicked way with me
and we spent most of the day making love in various ways, some of
which I won't even try to describe. Simply put the 'Kat' was purring by
the end of the day.

The next day we were in bed together, Cathline was just stroking my
shoulders in a way that I had found particularly erotic when the phone

"Who ever it is go away" Cathline shouted.

I answered the call "It's Stephanie Lane. She's about 10 minutes away
and says put the coffee on"

We shot out of bed, like two naughty school girls and dressed in a hurry,
just in time to answer the door.

"Hi, Stephanie Lane" and the powerdressed, blonde lady put her hand out

"Jane Stephens and this is.. "

"Cathline Richards, Hi again" Stephanie said.

"Please come in and sit down, How do you like your coffee" I said.

"Black, without" Stephanie said.

"Before we start. We need to know that you are who you say you are" I

"Sure" Stephanie said, as she reached inside her purse.

"Not papers, When you interviewed me before, what did you say when I
told you that Dr Bexley had been duped into changing John into Jane
Norton" Cathline asked.

"I said nothing, because you claim that it was Dr Bexley who had duped
you. Not the way you just said it" Was Stephanie's reply.

"What the hell is all this about anyway. You told me you hated her guts".
Stephanie asked in slightly annoyed tone of voice and she pointed at me.

"I had to see her again to try and work out the final bits of the puzzle. It
turns out that Dr Bexley was directly responsible for sending John to his
death. We've kissed and made up since then" Cathline said knowingly.

"I see. Now Jane what is your story and how does it fit in with all this
I've been told about a DNA altering drug?" Stephanie asked.

I relayed all my story to Stephanie, from being taken at the hotel up to
the present(missing out the hot bits of course). We outlined our current
theories on the 'Hell Bitches' movements and on her intentions.
Stephanie had to change tapes a couple of times and it was evening
before we had finished.

"Before Christmas I had a visit from a creature called Roger Ferry. He
had been transformed by some unknown drug into half cat, half man. He
worked for an organisation that was an offshoot of this guild you tell me
about. He is the proof that we need to prove all this and he has agreed to
testify at the trial when the time comes." Stephanie said.

"That's wonderful" I cried. We'd won, We'd all but fucking won.

"I know you think that you are close to victory but I'm afraid there's still
a long way to go." Stephanie said.

"In what way?" I said.

"First we have to find Dr Bexley. You are quite correct in your
supposition that she will work to oppose you and will probably set this
guild on you if you get too close. We also need to find out more about the
guild. If we find out about them and threaten to make their organization
public then they will leave us alone"

"They'll stop us from doing that" Cathline shuddered.

"You underestimate the power of the press, Cathline. Besides John's log
and your testimonies should give me enough to go on without alerting
them" Stephanie Lane said.

"For God's sake don't underestimate the 'Hell Bitch' I said fearfully.

"Listen. I know exactly what her capabilities are and have no intention of
doing so" Stephanie said.

"Neither do we. I want you to think of a passcode for when you are with
us. You will repeat your passcode to each of us, in turn and silently. We
will do the same. If the passcodes match then we are who we say we are.

"Extreme measures" Stephanie Said.

"Extreme times" I answered.

I got up and turned the music on and onto full volume.

"TURN IT DOWN" Stephanie shouted.

"Your passcode is" I said in Stephanie's ear.

"Hmm Pandora" She said to me and then said the same to Cathline.

I gave Stephanie my passcode and still with the music up asked

"Why that one?"

"Because genetic engineering is pandora's box and I'm going to blow the
lid on the whole thing, for better or worse the box is open"

I turned the music down.

"That's better" Stephanie said.

"Ok, every time you see one of us for the first time we MUST go thru the
same procedure. Liz could be anybody at anytime" Cathline said. Good
She's learning.

"Fine. It's getting late and I have all this to write up. I'll be in town for a
few days including over new year. So I'll see you then" and with that
Stephanie Lane left.

"Did we just score a touchdown then?" I said.

"I think so, with Liz exposed your husband is almost certain to be set free
on a self defense plea. Robert Abbey will be able to argue that he has
saved humanity from a great curse. It all depends on us now" Cathline

"What do you think they'll do to the 'Hell Bitch' when they get her?" I

"Dunno but I want a say" Cathline answered.

"Me too" and we embraced in triumph.

The days flew past as Stephanie, Cathline and I began to formulate our
defenses against the 'Hell Bitch'.

All three of us sat, watching the ball drop in Time Square at midnight on
December 31st and we all swore that no matter the cost we would stop
the 'Hell Bitch' and destroy any remaining DNA drug stocks. Without us
the world could be plunged into a genetic nightmare. We could not afford
to take the risk.

Two weeks before the trial Stephanie Lane left to report on the build up.
Cathline and I waited another week before setting off to New York. I
really wanted to see him.

I arrived at the prison desperate to see him, but was told to my despair
that I could not. Only family was allowed to. I asked if I could give a
message to him and grudgingly was asked to write the message down. I
wrote down "Have hope, The Kat is Back!" and gave it to the guard,
along with a 20 dollar bill to ensure delivery.

Six days later my husband was standing trial for murder.

29. The Trial -Cathline's Tale.

Kat and I sat down in front of the tv to watch the trial of her husband.
We had been out for a walk but had to retreat back to our hotel when
when she got in a desperate state about the trial. I needed to be strong for
her, she really needs me now. Kat was in far worse a state than she had
been in the harem. She had always seemed so strong and so self-assured
but now she was like a frightened rabbit staring at the headlights of an
oncoming car.

The trial had been going for a day or so now. The prosecution had
presented all it's evidence when something horrible occurred. I missed
the actual moment but Kat's scream sent me rushing back.

"What?" I called.

"It's Robert Abbey" Kat Sobbed.

"What's he done?"

"He's thrown the trial, he's basically admitted the he can find no defense
against what my husband did . He has thrown out all his evidence as
distortion of the truth and pleaded with the jury to convict of murder one.
He's said that he would not be able to live with himself unless the truth
be told. By using some technicality he has thrown it all away" Kat


"The judge has gone away to discuss things with Robert Abbey and the

"Kat I'm so sorry"

"I don't understand it. I thought Robert Abbey was on our side"

The tv commentary continued. "The judge is due back in a short
moment, after this almost unprecedented twist in the Bexley trial. We are
just as stunned as you are, ladies and gentlemen... "

"Oh Cathline Now what am I going to do" Kat Sobbed.

Kat continued to cry until the commentator said
"And Judge James Francis has called the Jury into recess to deliver a
verdict. Surely this is the end of the Bexley Case"

The jury were out for only a few minutes before the judge said
"All Rise"

"How does the jury find the defendant?'

"Guilty on all counts."

Kat screamed out loud when the Jury delivered a unanimous guilty

The Judge continued.

"Dr Elizabeth Bexley, you have been found guilty of the first
degree murder of Jane Stephens. You will be taken from this place
and brought to another where you will be executed by lethal
injection. May God have mercy on your soul."

Kat was distraught and wouldn't even talk to me, she was hysterical with
grief. I called for the doctor who gave her some sedatives to help calm
her down. She drifted off to enforced rest. Now what could we do. Appeal
I guess and hope Stephanie Lane comes up with the goods.

I sat alone watching Kat breath softly on the bed. After all we had gone
thru together it comes to this. I just hope Stephanie Lane can find that
Roger creature soon, we need that proof bad. I feel so sorry for her. All
her hope is gone and there she lays drugged so that she can find some

Kat awoke the next day.

"Cathline, I had a horrible dream. I dreamt that Robert Abbey had
thrown the trial and my husband was doomed" She said.

"Sorry, That was no dream. It really did happen. He goes off to death row
tomorrow. Listen we can appeal, we still have a chance." I said.

"What good is it? No jury will believe any appeal now. If even your
defense lawyer thinks you are guilty what hope is there?"

"There must be a legal loophole somewhere. I mean maybe Robert was
deranged or something." I said.

"Even so, the fact that the defense admitted that it had no case to the jury
and got them to retire early will stick in the whole countries mind. No the
'hell bitch' has finally won. I may as well go back to Hassan and live my
life in servitude. My hope has gone and I no longer care anymore. I may
as well die as I cannot live knowing that he is gone."

"LISTEN to me Kat, it may be a cliché but where there's life there's
hope. There's still Stephanie Lane" I said earnestly.

"An idle promise. I saw no cat creature or any sign of her at the trial. She
sold us down the river and now my husband is going to die for it" Kat
said with a mixture of sadness and anger.

"When I was in the dungeon being raped twice a day, I had to fight to
stay alive, fight to stay human. You can't imagine what it was like,
knowing that those footsteps coming down the stairs was someone come
to violate you. You have no idea of the pain my eye gave me during those
first few weeks. How I would try and open it up and then cry for hours
remembering how it was burnt out from me. The dread I felt at what
would happen if I didn't show the signs of enjoying being raped. I used to
enjoy men as well as women but inside I want to run away screaming
everytime I think about being with a man." I said, angrily.

"Cathline, I." Kat started.

"No, Listen to me. You've had all the breaks. You lived it up in paradise
whilst I was hell. Never give up hope you said, well it's easy to have hope
when you have some chances left. It's much harder to have hope when
there seems to be none. It is in the dark places where you need to dig
deep and come back stronger. I've had to and now you do too. Listen I
lost my husband, who I loved above all things, Yours on the other hand is
at least still alive. While he still breathes we have a chance to save him. "
I said.

"Cathline, please"

"I'm not finished yet. I'm not saying that you've had an easy time of it,
far from it but get some perspective. If you give in now the 'Hell Bitch'
has won. We owe her. What happened to your promise, that grandiose
bullshit you spouted before you were taken. 'I serve notice to you, Hell
Bitch' and all that shit? Did you really mean that or did it seem like a
good thing to say at the time? I hate to tell you this, but the price we will
pay for this is likely to be very high indeed. Now put your money where
your mouth is and let's get on with the job in hand" boy was I cross with

"Sorry Cath" Kat tried to say.

"Still not done. I looked up to you. You were my strength when we were
in that Harem. You kept me going. You may fear Liz but you are the only
one I know who can think like her. Like it or not I need you."


I interrupted yet again."As hard as it may seem to you at the moment I
feel myself falling in love with you. There I've said it. Listen I may have
loved Liz and maybe I fall for people too easily but I care too much to let
you destroy yourself. Now I'm going for a walk, you can either stay or go
because I fully intend to see this thru to the end, no matter what you do."

I stormed out, feeling much better. Had I been too hard on her?, why did
I tell her I was falling in love with her. The truth was, I was in love with
her. The price of our victory was my separation from her forever. She
still loved him and that left me nowhere. I had started off hating her for
what she had done but now I can't see myself with anyone else. I miss
John terribly and always will but I cannot live in the past.

I just walked around, I've no idea where I went or anything that went on
around me. If Kat went then who was left? I needed her insight, just
needed her. Sometime later I returned back to my room and found Kat
crying into her pillow. I sat down beside her and just stroked her hair in a
comforting way.

"Kat, it's Anne Bonny. I'm sorry I said those things" I whispered softly.

"Don't be, you were right they needed to be said. But it's so hard" She
cried some more.

"I know"

She just lay there until she had cried herself to sleep. I waited up,
watching the tv coverage. This trial just kept springing surprises. I
thought back to our conversations. Liz had been remarkably quiet during
the trial. Maybe she was just content to let justice take it's course. No that
wasn't right. If Kat had taught me one thing about Liz it was she didn't
leave anything to chance. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. My God we're really
fucked now.

"Kat wake up" I shook her awake.

"Waa" Kat said groggily.

I shook her again "Kat, Wake up "

"Now what" Kat said annoyed at being woken up.

"The Lawyer, Robert Abbey. He wasn't really Robert Abbey" I said.

"Then, Holy shit!"

"Exactly, Liz switched with him to throw the trial"

"Of course, he was the obvious target" She said.

"What in hell do we do?" I asked.

"We go to Robert Abbey's house, first thing tomorrow. Cathline, we
think we're catching up with the 'Hell Bitch' but really we're at least five
steps behind. We pat ourselves on the back and gloat over our imagined
victory but the 'Hell Bitch' has already been there. Stephanie Lane was
right it wasn't over yet. We jump one way and she already knows what
we are going to do. Cathline I'm scared" Kat said.

"Me too" I said.

We both went to bed soon afterwards. I got little sleep as I knew Liz's
attentions must soon turn to us. How the hell were we going to escape?

Kat had got up before me and woke me. "Listen to this " she hissed.

Stephanie Lane was on the TV.

"The unpredictable roller coster ride of the Bexley trial took an
unexpected and tragic twist today as the body of Robert Abbey was found
in an alley way. Robert had been shot in the head with a small calibre
firearm. The Police think it was a mugging that went wrong, with tragic
circumstances. The police are wanting to question anyone who may have
seen something. Monica Abbey is unavailable for comment and is
believed to be under heavy sedation.

Robert Abbey was one of the countries foremost defense lawyers and will
be best known for the events of a couple of days ago. "

Kat switched the tv off before Stephanie could continue.

"I think we've just lost the 'Hell Bitch" Kat said.

"You don't think.."

"No stupid. She's obviously had the real Robert Abbey killed and moved
onto another body. Just as I said she's five steps ahead all the fucking
time. Now we stand no chance of finding her" Kat said.

"So now what do we do?" I asked.

"Home I guess" Kat said.

T+2 days.

30. T+4 days Finally a woman James/Janes Tale.

I'm finally well enough to go back to work. I've decided that Jane is who
I really am. The required document changes are in place. I pack slowly,
relieved to be out of here. It's been nearly two years and a long hard
struggle to come to terms with my womanhood, but now I'm ready.
James was who I was, Jane is who I am now.

I'll freely admit that I make an ugly woman but I can't live a lie. I AM
Female. Vickie and the lab will have the drug perfected soon and then I
can look like Rachel Martin if I want to. Speaking about work I must
give Vickie a call to see if she wants any help. It may sound a bit morbid
but with Cathline gone I may be able to get her job. Anyway that's for
later. My flight is due soon.

I sit on the plane back home, thinking about Liz's trial. I was very
puzzled. I thought I had it all worked out with the DNA drug and all
that. But now I'm not so sure. I need to talk to someone. I know I'll give
Vickie a call when I land.

I phoned Vickie and she was delighted to hear from me. She had heard
that I was now better and would be overjoyed to have me work at the lab
again. She's invited me around for dinner tonight and I accepted. I have
no where else to go.

Vickie had obviously gone to town to welcome me back, as she had laid
on all my favorite foods. Crispy cajun prawns for starters, Pepper steak
for main and a wonderful chocolate cheesecake for deserts. Vickie is one
hell of a cook.

She told me about Cathline getting back and her tale of transformation
and kidnap. I couldn't believe it. Yes it was possible to do what Liz was
alleged to have done but why? Still Vickie is convinced of Cathline's
story and the more I think about it the more I see it's the only one that
fits. If Liz has perverted our drug for evil purposes then she must be
stopped. Vickie and I are united on this. We designed this drug to be the
cure of millions not the curse. Imagine if this secret fell into the wrong
hands. No Liz must be stopped and although Vickie disagrees with me on
this point, I feel our equipment must be destroyed. After turning me into
a better looking woman that is.

Vickie suggested that I should talk to Stephanie Lane and tell her my
story. She thinks it will help our case. I'll give her a call in tomorrow as
it's getting late. Vickie has kindly offered her spare room for me to stay
in until I can sort out my things.

Vickie is tired out, she's been running Disaster scenarios for the past few
weeks, everything from a fire to terrorist attack. She's glad to have the
diversion of me here to take her mind off of all this work. I never saw Liz
work this hard.

Since Cathline has returned and Vickie has promised her, her old job
back she has found something else for me to do. It may not sound like
much but I'm learning how to operate the power systems and other
functions of the lab. It's not exactly my chosen field of expertise but at
least it's a job and Vickie has promised me a job back in research as soon
as one becomes available. I don't mind my current job though, it's
interesting work and the pay is reasonable. As a boss I prefer Vickie to
Liz. Liz was far to wrapped up the potential of our product to take any
notice of the admin side of the job. Vickie is far better balanced.

I had been back at work a few days when Stephanie Lane came around.
Apparently Vickie had asked her to visit in order to get my story written
down. I didn't mind I'd wanted to meet Stephanie Lane for a while.

Vickie introduced me to Stephanie.

"Stephanie this is Jane. "

"Pleased to meet you" I said.

"Pleasure's all mine"

I showed Stephanie my journal and outlined the thoughts I had on what
had been going on. About an hour later I had finished.

"This all sounds frighteningly familiar. I'm hearing the same thing over
and over again. I'm very nearly ready to go public on this but I want to
find out some more about this lab and tie up a few niggling questions as
well. What I do here may help to free an innocent man. I must make it
watertight or else everything goes to hell. How about a tour of the lab?"
Stephanie said.

"I'll give you a tour of the lab anytime" Vickie said.

"I need a few days to clear up some unfinished work. I want to invite Kat
and Cathline as well. So we can have a council of war. We need to start
acting rather than reacting. How about in eight days?"

"Fine, make it after hours though. About 10pm?" Vickie Said.

"Fine, I should make it on time unless my flight here is delayed"
Stephanie said.

"Ok,We'll be there. I want to meet Cathline again and also this
mysterious Kat I've heard so much about" I said.

"I've met her, very resourceful and determined" Stephanie said.

"See you later" Vickie said.

"Bye" and Stephanie Lane went out..

I went to bed early. I've got work in the morning.

31. T-2 days "Guild!" - HIS Tale.

A Guard walked in "Bexley, I got a message for you"

"What is it?" Who the hell could that be?

The guard gave me a slip of paper and I read it.

"Have Hope!, The Kat is Back"

"WHAT!, HOW?" I exclaimed. Kat's escaped and knows about me.
She's obviously got something up her sleeve. Oh my love you're safe.

"The lady who gave you this. Was she about five seven, black hair and
green eyes?" I asked.

"Nah, if I had to say what she looked like it would be Jasmine from
Aladdin. boy was she cute. She had another woman with her, who only
had one eye. They made quite a weird couple. " The guard said and then

Jasmine! Of course Elizabeth had turned Kat into a Harem girl. But how
had she escaped? Who was the mysterious one eyed lady? At least I have
some chance of getting out. Oh Kat, my love you have returned to me.
You have not abandoned me. I can face tomorrow with renewed hope.
Kat soon I will be able to lay in your arms and consummate our union.

What the Fuck was I thinking about. I was a woman now and destined to
be one forever. I could never give Kat the children she desired. Not a day
has gone past when I looked with hatred at my body. To the rest of the
world it may seem a beautiful one but to me it is a living hell. Yes I've
got used to looking at myself naked, seeing my breasts heave as I
breathe,the smooth curves of my body and the triangular patch of hair
that points to where my pussy is. Just because I'm used to it doesn't mean
I like it. Sure I get aroused just looking at me sometimes but that's
because I want to fuck that body not BE it.

Still Kat must be well on top of things by now. She was always the clever
one. I'll match her against Elizabeth anyday.

I can now sleep in peace. I've got a big day tomorrow.

I sit in the police truck, bound hand and foot with thick chains. My three
other prisoners are silent. We are all wrapped up in our own thoughts I
can't believe what has happened. Robert Abbey has thrown the trial. He
basically stood up and said I was guilty and that I should be convicted.

It was just like my dream I had so long ago. Robert had thrown the trial
and was on my way to my execution. The only difference was that
Elizabeth hadn't been there. She still has the capacity to destroy lives
even though she's dead and buried. What has happened to Kat? I really
expected her to leap in and save me at the last moment. Now I'm

My guard just sits there looking impassively out of the barred window.
She looks bored stiff by it all. I'm about half way there I guess. In open
countryside. I wish the bus would crash, like in the fugitive so I could
escape. No chance there, my lucks not like that.

Even the cops in the escort car behind are looking bored. Just another day
for them I guess. I stare out of the window at them, tempted to pull faces
at them. Once of the cops sees me looking at him and blows me a kiss.

I hear a whoosh and the cop car explodes with a massive bang. What the
Fuck!. I'm thrown forward as the bus brakes hard. I hear the staccato
sound of automatic weapons and the return volley of pistol shots. Another
explosion shakes the bus and I hit the deck as the windows are blown in.
I can hear screams and gunfire everywhere. Bullets whistle above my
head as the front of the bus is raked with machine gun fire.

I can see the blood of the driver and his passenger splashed around the
shattered windshield. Holy shit what is going on. Me and my fellow
prisoners are on the floor just waiting to die.Kat wouldn't do this so who
the hell would?

My guard has her firearm out and is returning fire.

"You, Inside come out, You have no option. Throw your weapon outside"
A voice called.

"Shit" I heard the guard say she gingerly threw her pistol out of the
window. She unlocked the door.

A hooded man in a black catsuit lept in the van and forced her out at
gunpoint. Another man leapt in, this time with heavy bolt cutters. He
quickly cuts the chains of my other companions and forces them outside.
Now what he's coming for me. Oh God this is it I'm going to die.

He grunts something and cuts my chains with the cutters. I'm pushed
outside into the open. I go to run but the cold hard metal of a gun barrel
in my back tells me otherwise. The other prisoners are lined up along
side my guard, they are all looking scared to death. A hooded man walks
up to my guard who is just standing still, looking very scared. The man
draws out an evil looking, slender bladed knife and faster than I could see
strikes the guard's throat.

The guard crumples to the floor, her throat slit. The other prisoners are
now quaking. The hooded figure moves in a blur of color. Slowly, one by
one , like trees being felled they fall to the floor. Their throats have been
slit just like the guard's. Holy mother of God who were these people?

I look around me, destruction is everywhere. The two cop cars are
completely destroyed and bodies lay all over the place. Another hooded
figure is inspecting the bodies. One of the cops moves a little, instantly
the hooded man puts his gun to the cop's head and pulls the trigger, the
body jerks as though being pulled by a string.I'm violently sick.

Another terrorist walks from the back of the bus. He is carrying what
looks like an anti-tank missile launcher. Who the hell are they, what do
they want?

The front of the bus is riddled with bullet holes. It's armor was not
enough to save the lives of the driver and passenger.

The terrorist who had slit the throats came over to me. I went to run away
but I felt the cold steel of a gun in my back. I'm going to die for certain

The man walks over to me and grabs my shirt. He rips the front of it
open, exposing my breasts. Fuck I'm going to be raped. He takes one
look at my tattoo and then shouts something in a language I don't

The one with the bazooka walks up to him and gives him a bag. My
terrorist then hands me the bag, points to the bus and says "Change"

Confused and shocked I walk to the bus and get inside. I open the bag
and am surprised to see a skirt,blouse and shoes. Inside there is also a
purse which contains about 5,000 dollars, a driving license and passport.
I look at these documents and are surprised to see that they belong to

I take off my prison overalls and put on the skirt. It's only the second
time I've worn one and certainly not one this short. It really shows off my
legs, too much for my liking. I take off my torn shirt and put on the
blouse. I wonder what they want with me. Hmm now for the shoes. Oh
shit heels. I put on the heels and nearly tilt forwards. How the hell do
women put up with them.I just about manage to bend down and pick up
my purse without falling over. I slowly get out of the bus, very much
aware that my skirt is very short and very tight and leaves very little to
the imagination. I've just about got the hang of walking in these things

Once I'm clear of the bus two of the terrorists carry the bodies of the
prisoners and the guard into the van. The one with the bazooka gestures
for me to get out of the way and he drops to one knee. He waits until
everyone is clear then fires. A gout of flame erupts from the bus, which
then explodes and burns. The terrorist who shot the cop lights up a foul
smelling cigarette and hands one out to his companions.

I'm shown to a waiting jeep and given the keys. The one with the knife
says something into his radio. Within a matter of minutes a brand new
hughes chopper, piloted by another hooded figure lands near to the still
burning bus. The terrorists leap in and fly away, except for the one with
the knife. He pulls off his hood to reveal a handsome Arabic face. He
then takes off his catsuit to reveal normal jeans and T shirt. This man
then takes his discarded clothes and throws them in the still burning bus.
He walks over to me and gestures for me to get into the jeep with him,
which I do. I have no choice.

"Hello, my name is Hassan. It may or may not be my real name and if
you tell the authorities anything about me you will surely die."

I nodded my agreement. Who the hell were these guys?

"I will take you to where you need to go. Please look natural and nothing
will happen. Our customer has paid a great deal of money and would
hate to see it go to waste by your stupidity."

Hassan started to drive back to New York, leaving the devastated convoy

"You mean someone paid for all this?" I said,shocked.

"Of course"

"Who are you?"

"Since you will die if you talk, I can safely tell you. We are members of
an ancient organization called the guild. We serve anyone who will pay,
no matter the cause. In nearly a thousand years we have never failed a
customer. As I said before you can call me Hassan. It's been a long time
since I have done any field work and I wanted to keep my hand in."

"What do you usually do, then" I asked.

"I am, if you like the head of the guild, as my father was before me. You
are very privileged to see me as only those in my Harem usually do"

"SO I'm going into your Harem then" Oh my God not that!

"Not at all, my heart belongs to another, one who I had to let go and one
who I would give up my life for if she asked. I miss her every minute of
every day. I wanted to get out to relieve myself of the pain of loneliness."

Killing four people in cold blood was this guys idea of pain relief! I asked
an obvious question "Why are you telling me all this?" I asked. How
could this man be so different. To me he was kind and courteous but he
also was responsible for all that carnage behind me.

"You are wondering how I can be so different. The answer is easy. We of
the guild are kind to our friends and deadly to our enemies. "

"So I'm you're friend" Please God say yes. I thought.

"Not quite, our customer values you greatly. You have a powerful ally but
it would not do to probe too deeply in that direction. Take it as a threat if
you like"

We drove in silence until Hassan, if that was indeed his name dropped
me off at a nearby mall. He said to me "This is as far as I dare take you.
You are on your own now. Good luck". It was getting dark and I needed
somewhere to sleep. I was about to book into a motel but then the thought
struck me.

Holy Shit. The cops would think I was responsible for that massacre.
They would go ape shit and come after me. I would soon be hunted down,
I was destined to live my life as a fugitive from justice. There were no
witnesses as to what went on, only my word and several dead bodies.

I sat on the bench for about an hour. A woman sitting alone looking
thoughtful attracted little attention. I was just thinking what do to next
when I felt someone sit down next to me.

"You did good. They deserved to die" A husky voice said

"What". I looked up to see a man, dressed in scruffy jeans and a T-shirt.
Although there was nothing sinister about the way he looked he did have
a dangerous air about him.

"The cop's you did over. Good work. Little excessive blowing up the bus
afterwards but very professional. Who did it for you?" He said

"Who are you?" I demanded.

"A friend. Listen you need help I can give it to you"

"Yeah, why?"
"Listen, you need my help, I don't see anyone else queuing up. I'll take
you to my place. Keep your head down and shut up."

With nothing to lose I followed him.

He drove me to a rough looking apartment in Queens and he let me in.

"Sorry bout the mess" he said.

Mess was the right word. Empty Pizza boxes and beer cans lay scattered
all over the floor. A pistol lay on the small coffee table along with some
suspicious looking white powder, in dose sized small bags.

"Wanna drink?" my so called friend was asking.

"Got a beer?"

"Sure" and he went away to the icebox. He emerged a couple of minutes
later with a bottle of Miller.

"Thanks" I said.

"Anytime. Listen You can hole up here for a couple'a days until all the
shit dies down."

"I didn't catch your name? " I asked.


"And you'd better be Dr Elizabeth Bexley or I'm in deep shit"

"Relax" I said.

"Hey I had you down for a Martini kinda girl. " Greg said, pointing at my

"Nah. Beer everytime"

"You can take the bed, I'll take the sofa. " Greg said.

"Thanks you're very kind"

"Just a couple of ground rules. You don't go outside for any reason. You
don't answer the phone, door or even look outta the window. You do and
you're outta here. This is only as a favor to you because you did over
those pigs. I'll send for someone who can help you in the morning"

"Understood. Now I'd like to get some rest"

"Ok, night" Greg Said.

My first night of freedom was spent in Greg's bed. He was the biggest
slob I had ever met and I hated sleeping in his dirty, smelly bed. But it
beat a cell anyday. I reflected on my future. Unless Kat came up with the
goods then I faced a life on the run. Even then I could be shot dead at any
moment in time. No doubt every cop and bounty hunter from here to LA
was looking out for me. I had a refuge at the moment but that was not

What about all that money sitting in a bank. Well I expect that would be
frozen as soon as I escaped. In anycase as soon as I used an ATM card or
tried to get at any of it, that would be it. No the only money I could use
was the 5000 dollars in my purse. How could I escape?. Well the first
thing to do was to try and change my appearance. Pretty difficult as I was
a rather strikingly beautiful woman. Still I could always change my hair
for a start. These two days I had here I could use to plan my life on the

I drifted off to sleep at about 1am.

I was awoken by the smell of bacon and eggs. There was a knock at the
door. I quickly checked that I was decent and covered up my exposed
chest. How I hate being a woman.

"Come in" I called.

"I made breakfast for you" Greg said and handed me a plate full of
bacon, eggs and hash browns.

"You don't know I long I've waited to eat a breakfast like this" I said.

"I do. I did a five year stint a while ago. Bacon and eggs was one of the
things I missed the most" Greg Said.

I tucked into my breakfast, umm heavenly. All too soon I had eaten the

"I don't know how you keep your shape, eating that much" Greg said.

"I've had outside help" I said.

"Listen I gotta go out. I get cable and you can help yourself to anything
in the house. I'll see you later.

I got up about an hour later an walked into Greg's lounge, turned on the
TV and watched the news.

As expected the ambush was national headlines. Shit! ten cops and three
prisoners dead and me on the run. The country is stunned at the brutality
of the attack and demands have gone out to congress to apprehend
anyone involved. My portrait has gone out to every precinct in the state.
Shit how can I escape this. Think!

About lunch time I decide to get showered and dressed. As usual I feel all
horny after a shower. Just touching my self and looking at my body is
enough to get me going. Although I've been a woman for nearly five
months most of that time has been spent in gaol. The other two days were
spent on the street. In fact this is the first time I've been really alone
since then. I've not really had a chance to explore my body properly. Sure
I know what my tits feel like and what it feels like to stroke my pussy but
most of the time I don't want to. Today however curiosity gets the better
of me and I run my finger over my breast. Ohh that feels good.
Instinctively my other hand reaches down to my slit. Yep it's still there
but oh so moist and ready. Now where about's used to drive Elizabeth
wild. Eeekk found it, oh boy that feels great. I run my hand gently over
my clitoris and nearly jump with the sensations. My finger traces the lips
of my vagina until I push it inside. Oh man that's good. I gently stroke
my breasts with my other hand and with my other stimulate my clit
again. I cry out with pleasure. I don't want it to stop so I keep going. By
now small waves of pleasure are rushing from my cunt upwards, with
each stroke they grow more fierce but also more pleasurable. Such is the
pleasure I now feel I could not stop even If I wanted to . I stroke my clit
faster and faster until I'm panting out loud. A tidal wave of pleasure
rushes over me as I gasp and moan. Once the tidal wave was gone, other
smaller ones followed until I collapsed back exhausted but very satisfied.

I lay back and thought about my first female orgasm, it was wonderful
but something inside me wanted to penetrate, do something more. Mind
you even as a man there was always something unsatisfactory about
masturbation, I guess it's the same for a woman. When I find Kat again I
wonder how she will react to making love to me as a woman. I've no idea
how do it, as a woman. I just hope we can work it out. I got up, got
dressed, still flushed from my pleasure and watched dumb tv all day
until Greg arrived back.

"Hi honey I'm home" he said.


"Listen there's been a change of plan. I've got someone coming over
tonight. She can help you much more than I can. Oh and by the way
blonde or black?"


"Hair Dye, I got some from the mall. Now you wanna be black or

"Umm Blonde, I think" I said.

"Yeah, I think that's the right choice for your color. Instructions are on
the back. You want Pizza?"

"Fine. I'm not fussy" I said, taking the bottle of dye from Greg. Now how
in hell do I use this stuff.

Fortunately the instructions were quite clear and half an hour later I
looked in the mirror at a very blonde version of Elizabeth. At a first and
second glance I would pass as someone else. I dried my hair off and it
then went into frizzy mode. I hated it when it did that. It took me another
half an hour to fix it right. I never had this much grief when I was man.
Anyway I look more human now.

I wonder who Greg is bringing to help me out.

I was looking at the clock turn 17:45 when the Pizza arrived. I was about
to tuck in when the door bell rang, Greg gestured for me to be quiet and
he went to the door, peered thru the spyhole and then let his guest in.

"Dr Elizabeth Bexley I'd like you to meet " Greg started.

"Stephanie Lane" I finished off.

"Greg, do ya mind leaving us for a while" Stephanie said

"Sure, I'll take my share of Pizza though" Greg said, walked over to the
Pizza box and took several pieces for himself. With a "see ya round" he

Stephanie Lane sat down in front of me and said.
"Kat's husband right?"

"How Th" I started.

"Quickly we've got to get you out of here"

"How did you know?" I asked, astonished.

"That You are really Kat's husband or that you would be here"


"I've met Kat or should I say 'Jasmine' and she's told me everything.
Greg is one of my 'contacts'. He knew I'd been heavily involved in your
murder case and that I didn't think all was as it seemed. He gave me a
ring this morning and explained everything . I knew I had to get to you
before the cops did. What in hell did you do? Your cronies killed ten
cops and three prisoners and left the place looking like a war zone.
You've shot up the FBI's most wanted list. If you're caught you've no
chance now"

"I had nothing to do with it. Some organization called the guild did it.
Please, If you know where Kat is I need to see her. Please don't turn me

"I won't, even though it's highly illegal. I'm a journalist and my instinct
is for a story. I also recognise that Liz needs to be stopped at all costs.
You fit into both parts so welcome aboard."

"What do mean Liz must be stopped? I stopped her at the airport."

"No you didn't that was someone else. Look I'll explain later."

The shocks were coming too fast. How could Elizabeth still be alive.
Stephanie's wrong but at least she's going to help me.

"Explain now" I demanded.

"No time, we need to leave right away"

"But road blocks"

"Leave them to me. Listen your'e now my trainee reporter, Alison. We
have to leave now"

What was going on? I was rescued by the guild only to be branded one of
America's most wanted. Now Stephanie Lane was here offering to help.
Still she knows what she's doing more than me. We walked casually out
of Greg's place and to Stephanie's car and I sat inside. Stephanie got in
after me and we drove off.

"Listen If you know where Kat is, I want, no need to see her"

"I promise, when we get you to a safe house out of state, past the initial
police sweeps then you can call her. Not until then. Now listen to me."

"I'm Listening"

"Your name is Alison Jacob. You've been working with me for around a
month. I'm teaching you the ropes. The reason why we are out is that we
have to get to an interview in Boston tomorrow. We are driving because
we need to trace the last known movements of Rachel Martin, as she
drove there so do we. You've been mistaken a couple of times for Dr
Bexley and have been the butt of many office jokes about it. Here is your
press card, no don't ask where I got it. Let's say I've borrowed it. It will
have to do as ID until I can arrange something better."

"Ok got it" I said.

We drove all night, taking turns until we had made it over the state line.
We booked into a small motel and I was allowed to make the call I had
dreamt of for so long.

"Which number is she on?" I asked.

"She's at home" Stephanie said.

I dialled the number, as nervous as I had been when I had first called to
ask her for dinner.

"Hello" A strange voice said.

"Is Kat there?"

"Speaking, who wants to know"

"Kat, it's me"

"Who's me?"

"Silly, remember the fountain in the town square?" I said.

"What?, how?. I saw you'd escaped on the TV. Why did you kill all those
people?" she squealed.

"I didn't get anyone killed. I can't talk about it right now. I want you to
know I've missed you so much. Not a day went passed when I thought
about being with you" I said.

"The same here. Listen be Careful. I love you." Kat said, her voice
shaking with emotion.

"I'm here with Stephanie Lane and she's looking after me. "

"That's good Stephanie's very capable. When can you come?" Kat voice
was low now, like she sounded when she was crying.

Stephanie shook her head violently and mouthed "NOT YET" to me.

"Not yet, it's not safe. " I said.

Kat sounded upset "I understand. Can I talk to Stephanie?"

"Sure" I handed the phone to Stephanie.

My phone call had obviously thrown Kat, She was normally so chatty.
Stephanie was on the phone for a few more minutes and then she handed
it back to me.

"Kat, I just want to say I still love you, I need you more then ever before.
I may be a woman now but I still love you." I said, why was I crying?

"Me too. Stephanie has a plan, listen to that and follow it to the letter. I'll
see you in about ten days. Remember I love you" and Kat hung up.

"What's going on?" I demanded.

"The Station's got a safe house about a days drive from here, I want you
to go there and wait for until a week Friday. You are then to make your
way to the TGEN Research lab in time for a 10pm meeting with Kat and
the rest of our forces."

"Forces?" I asked.

"I've made copies of all my notes and journals for you to read. It'll give
you something to do while you wait. You need to be up to speed for the
trials ahead of us. I've arranged for a hire car to be dropped off here first
thing in the morning. It's registered in the name of Alison Jacob. Now
Alison you are on your way to a safehouse to help out in setting up a
studio there for a documentary that will be broadcast later this month. If
anyone wants to check they can call me OK?"

"Fine" Stephanie's got this all worked out.

"Oh and another thing. I need to go back to New York and I will fly out
to meet you all on Friday night. I've got some final things to put together
before then, So you are on your own. Kat's told me you can be
resourceful and I hope you can make it. If you remember what I've told
you then we should be OK."

"Ok see you then" I said as Stephanie Lane Left the room.

Now all I've got to do is avoid capture and turn up at this lab in ten days.

T+ 4 Days.

32. T-1 Day "Improbable Cause" - The Lawyers Tale.

Boy, that was a hard meeting. I've got almost nothing solid to go on, only
rumors and ghosts. The trial is two days away and we are still on shaky
ground. Mind you I do have the trump card of the medical report of Dr
Bexley's condition that proves she was in trauma at the time of the
shooting. As long as that stands we have a chance.

I walk out of my office and onto the bustling New York street. It's cold
but I'm too preoccupied with work to notice much. What's the best we
can hope for at the end of this.

OUCH. What the fuck was that. I look down at my right leg. What the A
small fin is sticking out from my leg, which is beginning to bleed. I
pulled out the dart and inspected it. It's about an inch long with what
seemed a receptacle for some chemical, a needle for a point at small fins
which are presumably to maintain accuracy. Who the hell. I looked
around and saw noone at all. I must get to the police in order to report
this. I've fucking well been shot. I put the dart in my pocket and limp off.
Ow my leg hurts.

I call a cab and much to my amazement one pulls up almost right away. I
ask to be taken to the police station. My leg feels very strange.

A few minutes into my journey and I realise that I'm being taken the
wrong way.

"Hey what's going on?" I demanded.

"The traffic's bad. It's a detour" The driver replied.

I lay back on the seat and try and relax. I feel so sleepy, so tired. Just a
few minutes rest won't hurt.

I awake in a room with no windows, only a bed, a wardrobe, sink and a
mirror. I get up and try the door. It's locked.

"Hey let me out. I'm a lawyer and you're looking at a ten year stretch,

No answer. Hmm.

I explored the room some more. I was obviously expected to be here some
time. There was a sink and toilet to one side. A full length mirror was
standing in the far corner. I walked over to the wardrobe and was
surprised to find A mini skirt,blouse and heels inside. How odd.

I walked over to the bed and needed to lay down. Fuck my head hurt.

I called out again but no answer, so I just waited. The peace and quiet
gave me time to think. What was I doing here. It clearly had something
to do with being shot with that dart thing but what!

My watch said 6pm. Shit I'd been in here five hours. My head was
throbbing, what the hell was that stuff they had shot in me. Who were my
abductors and what do they want from me. I can only presume it's to do
with the Bexley case but what?

I stand up, about to look for another way out when suddenly my right leg
collapses from under me and I fall to the floor. Underneath my pants I
can see flesh rippling, shaping. I feel no pain only strange sensations. My
shoe falls off as my foot shrinks to a much smaller size.

I rip off my pants to see that my right leg is now much shorter than my
left. All the hair has fallen out leaving a very slender almost womanly
shape. I reach out my left hand to touch it and quickly pull it back. This
leg, this female leg is now mine.

My left hand feels odd now. "Oh no" I shout as the hair retracts from my
arm and the normal muscular shape changes. The fingers on my hand
shrink, causing my wedding ring to fall off. I dare not look for some
moments but turn back, knowing, but dreading what I will see. A
woman's arm moves as I move my arm and her fingers move as I move
mine. My attention is diverted by my left leg beginning to reshape. I
watch in horror as the flesh and bone reforms into a mirror image of my
other leg. I can now stand but have now shrunk to about five seven. I
look down at two womanly legs. What is going on here?

I try to walk to the bed but a pain to my stomach knocks me down again.
I stare down at my waist which is now shrinking, as my hips reshape to
form a classic curve. "Stop This" I shout but the sensation from my butt
tells me this isn't going to stop here.

I stand again and look at my now feminine looking lower half. I realise I
need to pee and so I walk, rather strangely to the toilet. I get hold of my
dick and try to pee but nothing is forthcoming. A feeling in my dick
alerts me to the fact that all is not well down there. I grasp tighter onto
my dick, as it relentlessly retracts inside of me. I pull on it and try to
force it further out but it is to no avail. My hand touches something warm
and fleshy. Vagina, My Vagina.

My fingers reach down to touch my new organ and I nearly jump. Before
I can do anything else I feel so faint and fall to the floor. I awaken
sometime later and look down, hoping to see my male body restored.

Nothing could be further from the truth, from the neck down I'm a
woman. Yes I have no breasts(at the moment) but everything else is
there. The curves,the smooth skin, the ass Why?. I stand up and walk to
the mirror. Everything seems so much higher than before and I realise
that I'm now about five four. Who's doing this to me. I stare at my new
reflection in the mirror in horror and wonderment, oh no my other arm is
womanly as well!. Before I can study myself more my head starts to throb
again. What now?

My hands reach up to my face as I feel bones reshape there.I feel my hair
grow longer until it brushes down my back, I grab at it and see that it has
turned blonde. I go blind for what seems like an age and then to my relief
I can see again. I stare at my new face in the mirror and see that of a
young woman, perhaps about 25. She or rather I now have longish
blonde hair, a large pouting mouth and blue eyes. I put my hands up to
my face in shock, I feel the smooth skin and the lack of stubble. "Fuck" I
say out loud and hear my new voice for the first time. It's high and

A disturbing feeling on my chest brings me out of my trance. I look down
to see my nipples getting larger and redder in color, oh shit my chest is
swelling. My hands clutch at my slowly growing bosom. I push hard to
try and stop them growing but to no avail. When I release them they flop
forwards, although I guess they are small for a woman, they are huge to
me. What in hell was happening?

I sit down on the bed feeling very strange in my new body. Out of
curiosity I reach down there and feel pleasure when me hand touches
female flesh. I'm so tempted to go further but I must escape, must find
out who has done this to me. I'm very much aware of my nudity and now
realise why those clothes were in the closet.

I've been in here for three days now. I still can't get used to being female,
the sight of my body sends confusing signals to me. The curve of my hips
in the skirt, the shape of my legs and the fleshy firmness of my tits. I
detest all these things but somehow they are part of me. I now realise
that the fantastic tales that Dr Bexley said were true. Except that if the
real Dr Bexley is dead then who did this to me? I wake up on the fourth
day since my confinement to find the door open. I walk out, looking
around me for any signs of my captors. I can see none, however a purse
and about 50 dollars are laying on a nearby table. I pick it up and manage
to force a door open to the outside world.

As I walk to try and find a call box I'm very conscious of my new body.
Every sway of hip and bounce of breast rubs my transformation in. What
will Monica do?

I manage to find a working call box and call my house.
"Hello" Monica says.

"Monica it's me, Robert. I know I sound different but I need your help"

"You journo's make me sick. Robert's dead and you try and fuck with
me" Monica said angrily

"Mon" Fuck she's put the phone down.

What does she mean dead. What has been going on these past few days? I
walk past a paper seller and buy a paper. The headline shocks me.
"No clues for Robert Abbey murder".

I read thru the story. Apparently my double threw the trial and then
ended up dead in an alley way. But why did he throw the trial. Obviously
it was to ensure that Dr Bexley or whoever she was, was convicted but
why. Too many questions and not enough answers. If I'm to turn back I
need to find who's responsible. But first I need to get home.

I take the bus and then a cab to my house, the curtains are drawn all is
quiet. Using my entrycode I let myself inside the grounds. I walk up to
my door and am about to use my keys when I realise that I have none. I
ring the bell loudly and wait. Some moments later Monica answers the

"Well!" she demands.

"Mon it's me. Robert" I plead.

"You're that stupid bitch who phoned me earlier. Get out before I set the
dogs on you." She shouted.

"No listen, please. Remember when I proposed to you. We had gone to
Paris and was enjoying a weeks holiday. I got down on one knee in Notre
Dame cathedral. The color of that rose window caught your eye. You
accepted right away"

Monica took a step back, as though she had been struck.
"My God, all this time. Robert had was having an affair. No wonder he
was away so much. What you've come gold digging now that he's gone?"
She said tearfully.

"You're not listening to me. I said I'm Robert. I was abducted and turned
into this, this blonde bombshell you see before you."

"Not only are you a hussy, you're also quite mad. It's not enough that my
husband's been killed, you have to come here with some sick scheme to
get our money."

What can I do to convince her? I know.
"OK, remember Xmas. You felt unwell and only ate turkey sandwiches. I
had to eat two Xmas dinners as you insisted that you didn't want to waste
the food."

"Robert, Is that really you?" Monica asked.

"Hun, I'm afraid it is. Please let me inside" I pleaded.

I was let in at last and sat down on my sofa.

"OH honey. I thought you were dead. Mind you this is worse than dead,
now what the fuck are we going to do?"

"I've no idea. I want to get whoever did this to me. I want to get them

"How'd it happen?, why'd you throw the trial and who was that who I
buried yesterday?" Monica asked.

I told Monica the whole story, from being shot in the leg to my release by
persons unknown.

"Oh Hun that's terrible. How do you feel about, y'know being a woman"
She asked.

"I hate it. I hate being ogled at, as if I have no brains at all. I hate these"
and I pointed to my tits. "I hate wearing heels and most of all I hate the
thought of not being able to make love to you anymore" I was beginning
to cry.

"I know, but we can get thru this. Have you any idea of who did this to

"None at all. I hate to do it but I'll give that Stephanie Lane a call. She's
been involved in the case from day one. She must have some idea."

"I'm not so sure that's a good idea. I don't trust her. Listen we need to
spend some time together, get to know each other again. You need time
to adjust, so do I for that matter." Monica said.

"My only chance of getting back to normal is to find out who did it. I'm
going to call her". I said, sternly.

"No please don't call her. Stay with me. Whoever did this is too strong
for us.Please Hunny don't" Monica Pleaded.

"Sorry. Listen We'll see what she has to say and then we can decide what
to do about it. Does that sound fair?" I compromised.

"Fine, whatever you say"

I called Stephanie Lane at her Station and was put thru to her voice mail.
Apparently she's off on assignment with her new assistant Alison Jacob
and won't be back for a while. Fuck.

Monica was pleased at this news and she claimed it was a good sign that
everything would be all right We went to bed and I wanted my traditional
cuddle but Monica didn't think it would be right. "I need some time to
adjust" she said. She has a point. I need to adjust too.

The next day I still tried to call Stephanie Lane but her voice mail was
still on. I left another message and hung up. Monica walked down to the
lounge and said.

"Is that tart's outfit the only one they gave you?" She said.

"I guess so"

"Listen, you've gotta get better dress sense if you want to be my husband.
Time to go shopping"

This was more like the old Monica. "Do I have to?" I hated shopping,
especially in ladies clothes store. I would just hang around not being able
to do ANYTHING, except for wait until Monica came out. A quick Yeah
looks nice and then it would onto the next store.

"Yes you do. I know how you feel about women's clothes stores. But now
you'll be able to try things on as well." She said.

Defeated I gave in. She dragged me around every clothes store she knew
of(which was just about all of them). We must have spent a good $3000
dollars. I now possessed every kind of outfit from sports outfit("Oh
hunny,you must work out, if you want to keep that shape"), Suits("You
must look smart, if you want to get back to work") to evening
gowns("You look simply stunning dear"). Of all the trinkets I had to buy
I hated getting underwear (or lingerie as Monica called it) the most.
Apparently I'm a 34B bust, 24 inch waist and a 36 inch hip. I just know
I'm too much bust, too little waist.too curvy hips and not enough in the
dick department.

Exhausted we drove back home, laden down with shopping. Mon really
wanted me to change but I just didn't feel like it. I realise that I'm a
woman without Mon trying to force it upon me. Mon has insisted that
she wants me to sleep in separate rooms until she' got her feelings all
sorted out. So I lay here alone wondering what is to come.

I awaken the next day and just like everyday I reach for my breasts in the
vain hope that they've gone away. Fuck, as usual their firm warmth
greets me. The morning drifts by and I'm still in my night clothes.
There's a knock at the door and I rush downstairs to answer it.

"Hi, I'm looking for Robert Abbey is he in?" A smart looking woman
with blonde hair asked. She seems familiar.

"Stephanie Lane, right"

"Got it in one. Listen Is Robert in. I got what I presume was his wife's
message and I drove here as fast as I could."

Monica had ran downstairs to answer the door "Who is it hun" she

Stephanie looked surprised.

"You better come in" I said.

"Wow nice place" Stephanie said.

"Thanks, Drink?"

"Coffee, black without" Stephanie said.

"Mon, do you mind getting the Coffee for us. Stephanie and I have a lot
to talk about"


"Look, where's Robert Abbey. I get this call saying that he's still alive.
I've driven like a demon to get here, I'm tired, hungry and don't need a
goose chase at the moment" Stephanie said.

"I'm right here" I gestured at my new body.


"Robert Abbey is right here, in front of you."

"Tell me did you know Dr Elizabeth Bexley?" Stephanie said.

"That's a strange question. I'd expected 'How come a young woman is
sitting before me and not a man in his mid thirties'" I replied.

"I think I already know the answer to that one. So I'll ask you again did
you know Dr Elizabeth Bexley?"

"Of course I was her lawyer dimbo" I said. This woman was supposed to
be intelligent.

Monica walked back in, with a tray of coffee. After she had handed us
the cups she said "Dear, I think Ms Lane should leave after her coffee.
We can take care of things ourselves"

"No Ms Lane knows more about this than we do. Please continue"

"Are we sitting comfortably then I'll begin" Stephanie said.

Somewhile later Stephanie had finished her story.

"I'm sorry I don't believe a word of it. I mean all this just for being jilted.
If you want my opinion you've made it all up on some fanciful whim."
Monica said in a derisory tone.

"No Mon. I've listened to evidence for nearly ten years and this fits.
Something always niggled me about the Bexley case. Of course Dr
Bexley or whoever it was made claims about being turned into Dr Bexley
but I paid no attention to them. Now I'm paying the price for my
disbelief." I said sadly.

"Don't take it too hard. The real Dr Bexley is a master at strategy and
planning. Her DNA drug,her ability to just slip into almost any role, her
enormous intellect added to the might and muscle of the guild makes her
almost invincible. In all my investigations I've always been able to tell
the good from the bad guys, but this time the bad guy can look like one of
the good guys. I'll be honest and tell you I've no idea as to where she is
now." Stephanie said.

"This guild, are they the ones who kidnapped this Cathline and Jane
Stephens?" I asked.

"Yep, I also suspect they were the ones who took you as well. Remember
that ambush that led to Dr Bexley's escape. I have it on good authority
that the guild did that as well."

"Fucking Hell" was all I could say.

"How do you know it was this guild, what if it was someone Dr Bexley
hired?" Monica asked.

"Let's say I have an eyewitness to that event and they say it was the
guild" Stephanie said.

"Hmmm" I said thoughtfully.

"As I was saying. We've been forming an alliance against Dr Bexley,
with our combined resources we have a fighting chance. Imagine what
would happen if the guild got hold of Dr Bexley's drug machine, or the
military. It's not just about revenge it's more than that. I've read Sci/fi
books on genetic warfare, with this drug those genetic nightmares could

"So you want to save the world as well as us?" Monica said sarcastically.

"I just want to do what's right. Listen we need you to join us. We need
your knowledge of the law, and anything you can help us with. "

"So what chance do we have?" I asked.

"None at all!. Listen Dear don't get involved. It sounds far too
dangerous" Monica added.

"Shut Up Monica, I want in. I don't want to be a woman for the rest of
my life."

"Oh before I go. I want you both to think up a passcode and whisper it to
me, one at a time. I'll do the same to you." Stephanie said.

"Why?" Monica demanded.

"So If Dr Bexley decides to drop in, as one of us we can tell" I said.

"Correct" Stephanie said.

"Ok I'll do it " Monica admitted.

Stephanie leaned forwards and whispered "Pandora" in my ear.

I replied with "Papillion"

Stephanie leaned over to Monica and I presume whispered the same
passcode into her ear, Monica said something to her.

"You you tell each other your passcodes" Stephanie said.

I leaned over to Monica and said mine. She whispered "Trojan" in my

"Now that's all over with I'm getting together with all the others from
this fantastic tale on Friday. I want you to join us. We're having a kind of
council of war, trying to work out what we can do to put this all back to
rights and how we can stop the real Dr Bexley. Here's the details"
Stephanie said.

Stephanie Lane wrote down the address and gave it to Monica.

"I still don't know. Why don't we stay here." Monica said.

"Listen, I want to be turned back. This is our only chance. We must go" I
said. God did I really sound that Squeaky.

"If you say so dear" Monica said,

"We'll see you there" I said.

Stephanie Lane left. At last we get to the bottom of this and get me back
to manhood.

T+8 Days.

33. T+14 days Kat O'Nine Tales - The Gathering.

Vickie and Jane's Journey.

"Come on, you ready yet? " Jane shouted up to Vickie.

"What do you think, the red or the black?" Vickie answered.

"I don't care , we've got to be there first or they'll think they've got lost"
Jane shouted.

"OK the black it is" And Vickie ran downstairs a minute or so later.

"Do you think we'll achieve much at this first meeting?" Jane asked

"Oh, I think so. Even if we don't get the plans formalised it will be good
to exchange stories and we can build from there" Vickie said.

Vickie was about to lock the door when she said.

"Better check the answerphone" Vickie said, running back inside.

"Vickie We'll be late" Jane called.

"Wait a sec, there's a message on it Vickie said and pressed the play
button on the machine.

"Hi Vickie, It's Stephanie" Stephanie's voice called out from the

"Dean's called me into some kinda meeting. I won't be able to make my
planned flight. Listen you guys start, I should only be a couple of hours
late" Stephanie said.

"Who was that?" Jane Called.

"Stephanie, She's got some kind of meeting on and she's going to be

"We'll be late if we don't get a move on" Jane said.

"Ok, get in the car and I'm driving" Vickie called and locked the door
behind her.

About ten minutes later Vickie was driving, at her usual warp speed
towards the lab.

"Slow down, I want to get there" Jane said.

"Look, nearly there" Vickie exclaimed.

They arrived just in time to open up. The time by Vickie's watch was
9:46 pm

"Here already. I've had enough of this place" Jane said, looking at the

"Yeah me too. Come on help me open up"

Kat And Cathline's Journey.

"I'm so glad we've got Stephanie on our side." Kat said.

"Yeah me too. " Cathline said.

"I can't wait for him to be there. I've been thru so much to get here.
What if he doesn't love me anymore?" Kat said.

"Don't be stupid. You've said that you're soul mates. He'll be there."
Cathline said.

"How much further" Kat asked.

"Not far, about another hour"

An hour later and Kat and Cathline drew up in the deserted car park.
"This brings back memories" Cathline said.

"Wow what a site. It must have cost millions" Kat exclaimed.

"Yep it sure did, everything is state of the art. It even has an independent
power supply. It may look open and inviting but each one of those shiny
glass windows and doors has a titanium alloy shutter that can seal the
building in seconds. Essential security really. The real clever part is all
the genetic sequencers and analysis equipment though" Cathline said.

"Who's that waving?" Kat said, pointing to two figures in the doorway

"That's Vickie Turner, and I don't recognise that woman. Oh yes I do
it's James or should I say Jane" Cathline said and waved back.

"Race you to the door" Kat said and sprinted off, with Cathline in hot

The Lawyer's Journey.

"I'm fed up of you always saying that we shouldn't be going" Robert

"I don't want to be out in the middle of nowhere, dragged off to fight off
some woman we don't know. I want to be home" Monica said.

"How much further to go?" Robert said.

"Not far, only about another ten miles" Monica said.

"OK, Can we have some quiet I need to think" Robert said.

Robin and Monica's car pulled up besides Cathline and Kat's and they
got out.

"How do we get in?" Monica asked.

"Follow the lights I guess" Robert said.

"This is some place" Monica said, looking around at the hi-tech

"Sure is, anyway the card says conference room 1. So I guess we go that

His Journey.

My journey to the safehouse was uneventful. I'd past police cars
performing speed checks but unusually for me I was keeping to the
limits. I found the safehouse with little difficulty and let myself in.

The house was sparsely decorated and furnished. A small tv stood in
one corner of the lounge and a sofa was opposite it. Investigations of the
kitchen showed only a supply of dried food and a meagre supply of
canned stuff. Still at least I'm safe here.

I settle down on the sofa and start to read Stephanie's notes.

Several hours later and I'm only part the way thru. I must admit I find it
hard to believe what has been written here. Kat and I never had a
chance. Poor Cathline fancy loosing an eye to that bastard Osman and
my darling Kat, forced to look like Jasmine and sold into slavery. I put
down the first notebook at the point where Kat and Cathline meet. I'm so
tired, lack of sleep and nervous exhaustion are taking their toll. I can't be
bothered to go to bed properly and just crash out on the sofa.

I awake, and judging by the sun it's nearly midday. I fix myself some
meagre breakfast(cereals and powdered milk) and sit down to read
Stephanie's notes. Actually I quite like the look of a book called John's
journal. I'll read that next.

That's odd. John seems to be a direct copy of Kat. A terrible, terrible
thought enters my mind, I quickly flick to the last entry.

"As she got up to go to the bathroom I noticed the way she
moved, very similar to me, almost catlike. Come on John you're
tired and exhausted get some sleep. I couldn't help but ogle at
her when she came back. Very cute indeed, her lips are a little
thin though.

I slept most of the way over, my heart still in splinters over
Cathline leaving me."

I checked the date of the entry. It was the same day that I shot Elizabeth,
the same fli...

Oh my God, what have I done. I'd shot Cathline's husband instead of
Elizabeth. Holy shit, Holy Shit, HOLY SHIT. Elizabeth had changed into
someone else and led John by the nose right to his death by my hand.

The satisfaction I felt about killing Elizabeth drained away and a feeling
of dread entered me. I had killed an innocent man, on his way to be with
his wife. Oh God what have I done and I start to weep.

Elizabeth is still alive. Stephanie was telling the truth. I've utterly failed.
Not only am I still a woman, now a fugitive but I've actually killed an
innocent person, in cold blood. I see now why Stephanie Lane and Kat
are trying to form an alliance and also why Stephanie has put herself on
the line for me. Elizabeth's evil must be stopped.

"What have I done?" I weep. Cathline if I ever meet you, how can I say

I want to cheer myself up. I'll face up to having to talk to Cathline later. I
can't do anything about that now.

Throughout the next few days I study Stephanie's notes and testimonies
from Kat,Cathline, Vickie, James/Jane and my surrogate parents.

I'd just finished reading about Kat and Cathlines release(I've been
skimming again) when I remembered the man who'd taken me to the
mall and killed those four people. The way Kat describes him it sounds as
though he was the same man. What would he have done if he'd found out
that I was Kat's husband. It now seems clear that Elizabeth staged the
ambush to free me but her motive for doing so is unclear. The only thing
I can think of is that she wants to capture me and keep me captive
somewhere. If she has this guild behind her then she is almost

I still can't get my head around why Hassan would just let them go like
that. I also find it hard to believe he didn't try it on with Kat at least
once. But Kat denies that and I trust her. I put myself in Hassan's
position. Here is a woman who I deeply love, but she's married and if I
keep her with me not only am I breaking my religious law, I'll end up
slowly killing her.

Hassan's love for Kat allowed her to go free. It's also the same reason
why he didn't try anything on her. I wonder what Hassan will do if he
finds out that Kat has allied herself against him?

I think back to my trial and Robert's strange behaviour. Fuck, Elizabeth
changed places with him and threw the trial. She obviously had Robert
killed and switched bodies with someone else. I remembered how she
would always seem to know what I liked best, how she would know
exactly what to say and do to get what she wanted from me. It's as
though she knew me better than myself. Now I am her, at least in body.

I sit here alone and contemplate my future. Was I wrong to try and
deceive Elizabeth when she offered me another chance? Would a life
with her be so much worse than what I face now? All those cops would
still be alive now, so would John, as would Robert Abbey and Elizabeth's
parents would also be alive. That's sixteen people dead because of that
one decision. Exactly how much is one persons freedom worth. I'd now
be a man and Elizabeth would be happy. Kat would still be free and able
to live a new life without me.

Yes I'd now be a virtual slave, on some kind of chemical leash, my
manhood hanging on a thread to Elizabeth's every whim. Kat would be
distraught at losing me but she would get over it eventually. No I'd made
the wrong choice back there. Yes I'd had no idea things would turn out
like this, I was too upset about being a woman and Kat being abducted. I
see now that Elizabeth was offering the least painful way out. In my
selfishness I had chosen the hard way and now sixteen people were dead.
I was doomed to womanhood and how many more lives have been
wrecked because of my self-centred attitude?.

Don't be stupid. Elizabeth had set all this up before she even flew over to
Egypt. The gun was already at peoples heads all you did was pull the
wrong trigger. That doesn't make me feel any better. I'm still at fault. If I
could turn the clock back I would. If I ever get in the same situation
again, the lives of my friends or mine I'll give in. I know that I will face
her again, I know that the pain we've brought each other will resurface
and we will have to confront it again, maybe for the last time.

This is all in the past. Nothing I do now will bring those people back or
restore me to how I should be. Let's face it I'm a fugitive from the law.
It's only a matter of time before I'm caught, unless I can somehow
expose this whole thing. Even then I've no proof that I didn't arrange the
guild's ambush on the bus. To the world Dr Elizabeth Bexley had the
means and the motive, therefore no matter what happens she still got her
bully boys to shoot up ten cops and leave ten families without a parent. I
have to leave the country, It's not safe for me to be here anymore.

What was I thinking I love Kat, I would rather be a woman with her than
a man without. I see now that we are the only thing that matters. I may
be naive but I've held onto the belief that true love will prevail, I held
onto that when I decided to leave Elizabeth and now I must hold onto
that now.

I pack up my things and get in the car. I've a long journey ahead of me
and I need to get started out. I drive for four hours and then park off the
road for a rest.

I'm awoken by a shadow in a uniform, leaning thru my open windows.

"Miss?" The voice says.

Fuck it a cop. Play it cool.

"Yes" I answer.

"Are you OK?"

"Sure I'm just having a rest. I've still got a long drive ahead and I needed
to rest" I say.

"Say you look familiar" The cop says.

"Yeah I know, everywhere I go someone shouts out 'Hey that's Dr
Bexley' It's pissing me off I can tell you" I say, in an annoyed tone.

"You do look a lot like her, your hairs blonde though" The cop said,

"I think my nose it better though don't you?" I say.

"I guess. While I'm at it can I see some ID?"

Now I'm Fucked. Wait a sec. "Officer my driving license is all packed in
the trunk. I've got my press pass though" I fumble thru the glovebox and
pull out my Alison Jacob's press pass and give it to the cop.

The cop looked at it, puzzled for a while. "Alison Jacob huh, You work
with Stephanie Lane right?" He said.

"Yep I've been working with her for about a month. You can call her if
you want"

"Nah. Safe journey Miss" and the cop walks off.

Phew that was close. I'd better get a move on before I attract some more

The drive there was uneventful after that, I followed the map and arrived
outside a very impressive looking lab at a little before 10pm. Oh Kat I'm
coming, At last we can be together.

The Journalists Journey.

Dean's just called me into some meeting or other. I quickly phone Vickie
and leave a message on her machine to say that I'm going to be late. Oh
Fuck I've so much new stuff to share. I know who the guild are, I know
how to stop them, I've worked it all out. Now I have to wait for a while
longer. I just hope I'm not too late."

"Lois Lane. Get in here NOW" Dean shouts from his office.

Better go.

34. Sisters In Arms - The Female War.

" Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable;
when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we
are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away;
when far away, we must make him believe we are near."

The Art Of War - Sun Tzu Sec 1.19

"Hi you must be Jane Stephens" Vickie said.

"The one and only. Please call me Kat" Kat replied.

"Kat, this is Vickie Turner and Jane" Cathline said.

"Who else is here? " Kat asked.

"Just us four at the moment. Stephanie Lane is going to be late.
Stephanie's told me to expect Robert and Monica Abbey as well"

"Is HE coming?" Kat said, excitedly.

"As far as we know he is, If by HE you mean your husband" Jane Said.

Kat Punched the air "YES!"

"Shall we exchange passcodes?" Cathline asked.

"Not yet, we'd better wait for the others" Kat said. "Safety in numbers
and all that"

"Fine, I've head some of your story from Stephanie but I would really
like to hear all of it" Jane said.

Before Kat could start, a small blonde haired woman and an older, well
dressed woman walked into the room.

"Hi, My names Robert Abbey and this is my wife Monica. Am I in the
right place?" The young blonde haired woman said.

"Jennifer?" Vickie and Cathline said almost in unison.

"Who?" Said the blonde.

"Never mind. Since you claim to be Robert Abbey and you're a woman,I
assume you're looking for us" Kat said.

"Can someone please tell me what's going on and how do I become a
man again?" Robert pleaded.

"Ok we've got another two people to come, but I think Stephanie's going
to be late so we may as well start" Cathline stated.

Kat let out a shriek of joy and ran across the room to embrace a tall
woman, with blonde hair and blue gray eyes, walking into the room.

"I thought I'd never see you again" She sobbed.

"Me too" was the tearful reply.

"Oh Matthew I thought I'd lost you. But now you're here, with me" Kat
was crying with joy. Six months of doubt and worry came flooding out in
that moment. Kat's tears of joy flowed like a mountain stream in flood.

"Kat, I love you, I love you" was the tearful reply.

The rest of the group looked on as 'husband' and wife were reunited once

Kat and Matthew Stephens held each other close, neither wanting the
moment to end. He could feel her tears on creating wet patches on his
shoulder. He pulls her away "Let me look at you" he says. Kat's only
reply was to reach up and kiss him on the lips.

"Wow, Where'd you learn kiss like that?" Matthew exclaimed.

Kat turned around to face the group
"Ladies, allow me to present my husband, Matthew Stephens"

"But she's Dr Bexley?" Monica said.

"Mon, you can really be thick sometimes. The real Dr Bexley turned HIM
into a copy of her" Robert said.

"Cathline, what's up?" Kat asked.

"I'm sorry. Here I am face to face with John's killer and I don't know
what to feel. I feel anger,hatred at what he did. I want someone to smite
him down but then again we need him to defeat Liz." Cathline said.

Matthew sat down on an empty chair and Kat sat on his lap. His arms
around her slim waist, her hands gently stroking his smooth legs..

"I've dreaded meeting you, Cathline, because of what I did. I took the
only chance I had to get Liz and I blew it. Because of my selfish choice
there are sixteen people dead who would now be alive.I hope you can
eventually find it in your heart to forgive me."

"I understand your mistake, that is why I am here and not turning you
in.Maybe I can forgive you But not today" Cathline said, sadly.

"What do you mean selfish choice?" Kat asked.

"I'd just become a proper woman and Elizabeth(as Kat) had gone out to
get something. I deduced that Elizabeth had switched places with you.
She had imprinted some subconscious passphrases in me and used them
against me. After telling me she had thrown you into a Harem ,She then
gave me a choice. Either stay as I am or get turned back and be with her.
If I went with her I would have to take a drug, daily that would stop me
turning back into her. Elizabeth would of course be the only one able to
manufacture such a drug." Matthew said.

"That's horrible" Kat Said.

"I know. I tried to deceive her and I agreed to go along with it, with the
intention of getting another lab to look at curing me. She saw right thru
it and thus I'm now female for good. I call it selfish, as if I had really
agreed then John would not be dead, those cop's families would not have
lost a parent and Elizabeth's mom and dad would still be alive. This is
the price of my freedom."

"Listen, you had no choice at all. I'm sorry but sometimes the price of
one person's freedom is ten,twenty a thousand lives. Those people who
have willingly fought and died down the ages for the rights of the
individual would do so again. It's up to us to make sure that their
sacrifice is not a vain and empty one" Kat preached.

"Right on" Vickie said.

"Too right" Robert agreed.

"Kat, you're right, I'm sorry" Cathline added.

"Sorry to spoil the reunion but What the hell is going on?. I feel as
though I've jumped in half way thru the film " Robert added.

"Since, none of you have heard my story right the way thru I'll start at
the beginning.

1. Prelude

The day was perfect, the sun shone in a brilliance that had
seldom been seen in that part of the country. But then again it
was the day I was supposed to get married. I say supposed
because I wasn't really in love with Elizabeth. It's a shame I only
really realised that fact as I got out of the wedding limousine.
How would her family react, what about my family even, could I
ever live down the shame of jilting her?

I am getting too far ahead of myself though so let's begin at the
beginning. Once upon a time.." Matthew started to tell his tale
of a woman scorned.

In turn each of the members of the group told the gaps that others had
not heard.

"Hassan, In charge of the Guild!" Kat exclaimed in surprise.

"He looked exactly how you described him. I guess his friendly,
stereotype Arab thing was just an act" Matthew said.

"But he let me go, He said he loved me" Kat exclaimed.

"That bit I think is true. Maybe he is really like he seemed, but I saw him
slit four guys throats as though it was just another day at the office. "
Matthew said grimly.

There was a silence as the group imagined the terror of the ambush and
the seemingly kind and gentle Hassan killing in cold blood.

"Now what do we do? Stephanie has all the info we need to start " Jane

"Wait I guess" Cathline said.

"Hey, you guys want a tour?" Vickie Said.

"Sure" was the general reply, only Monica was a little hesitant.

35. Only a Pawn In The Game

"When a general, unable to estimate the enemy's
strength, allows an inferior force to engage a larger one,
or hurls a weak detachment against a powerful one,
and neglects to place picked soldiers in the front rank,
the result must be rout."

The Art Of War - Sun Tzu Chap 10.19

"And this is the prototype DNA System" Vickie said, pointing to an
elaborate looking machine.

"Can you turn me back please?" Robert asked.

"I'm not sure. It would depend on if Liz has 'fixed' you or not. This
machine's drug has not been tested on a human and I suspect Liz's
version is far more refined. But Given a week or so we could try" Vickie

"We can test for the presence of fixer fairly easily" Cathline stated.

"Would you please. I hate being like this and besides it's shot my sex life
to hell" Robert said.

"It'll take some preparation but we should be able to test tomorrow"
Vickie said.


"Where's the control room?" Matthew asked.

"OK that's next on my list, Follow me" and Vickie left the room.

"Amazing technology" Kat exclaimed, looking at the control room. A
large screen covered the far wall, giving information on the state of every
system in the lab.

"Yes, but in the wrong hands, lethal" Jane said, seriously.

"This is the main control room. It control's all our robotics drug
manufacturing facilities,power regulation, security, the lot." Cathline

"Oh Shit" Kat said.

"What?" Robert said.

"Passcodes, we've forgotten all about them" Kat said, in a worried tone.

"You're right. Listen I say we do it now, whilst we are all still in the
room" Cathline said.

"Why don't we just get on with the tour, I'm tired and we can play spies
later on" Monica said.

"No, I think we should do it now. Here we are, in one of the 'hell bitches
lairs' and she could be right here with us. " Kat said, forcefully

"Fine I'll go first " Cathline said and she whispered her passphrase to all
the others and they shared theirs. However when she came to Monica.
Monica refused."I told you I'm fed up of this spy stuff. I'm tired, need a
shower and have no intention of giving any stupid password. Come on
hunny let's go back to our hotel" Monica Said stubbornly .

"Mon, please give the code" Robert said.

"No. This'll all end in tears if you ask me"

"It's the 'hell bitch'. Get her " Kat shrieked.

Cathline and Matthew leapt at the now panicked Monica, but they were
too slow. They flew down the stairs after the fleeing Monica but
somehow she gave them the slip. They went back to the control room to
tell the others.

"I'm telling you, she was with me the whole time "Robert was saying.

"Then why did she refuse to give the passcodes and run away like that?"
Kat demanded.

"She can get stubborn sometimes. That's no reason to accuse her like
that" Robert said.

Before the discussion could continue Jane asked "Vickie, what do you
make of this" and she pointed out a screen, to her right.

"Looks like the security system has been activated" Vickie said.

A noise like thunder made the room shake, the titanium alloy shutters
rolled down the each of the windows. The barrier was meant to keep
people out, this time it kept people in . A clank followed by a boom
followed as each shutter was locked into place.

"Fuck get the hell out of here, it's a trap" Kat shouted.

"I can't get the security system back under control, we're locked out. "
Vickie said and banged the console in frustration.

"What about the doors?" Matthew asked.

"No Chance we're locked in. Those shutters are an inch thick, the ones
around the exits are at least four times thicker" Vickie said, pointing to
the now armor plated windows.

"I've got more bad news. The power systems are fluctuating almost to
overload. Our compensation systems are failing." Jane said

"Is that bad?" Robert asked.

"Very, if they go it could take most of the building with it" Cathline said,
in a worried tone.

"We must be able to do something?" Kat said.

"Liz has locked down the controls here, she may have left the
ECC(emergency control centre) controls alone. It's on a separate system"
Vickie said.

"How long before the power blows?" Matthew asked.

"God knows, eight maybe nine minutes. Listen I'm going down to the
ECC. You wait by the main exit until I can get the doors open " Jane

"You can't do it alone, I'll go" Cathline said.

"Cathline, You've missed out on a hell of a lot of upgrades. No I'll go"
Vickie said.

"Later" Vickie said as she sprinted towards the stairs with Jane in hot

Placed above hermetically sealed lab 4, massive tanks marked 'Halon
1301' began to release propane gas. A complex system of air ducts slowly
filled each air-tight lab with a highly pressurised, highly explosive air-
gas mixture. Within a few seconds the atmospheric pressure inside each
lab had tripled. The efficiency of this fuel-air mixture was such that it
would need five times the amount of traditional chemical explosive to do
the same job. The bomb was ready, all that was needed was the detonator.

Robert, Kat,Cathline and Matthew ran to the now impenetrable main
entrance and waited, hoping that they could escape. Fear was in their
eyes and death stared them in the face. By now Vickie and Jane had
reached the ECC.

"She's locked this out as well" Vickie said, frantically trying the controls.

"Yep power systems are locked down too" Jane said.

"How Long?"

"About Seven minutes. What about the emergency lockout passwords?"

"Tried them. Whatever she's done we're locked out and dead" Vickie

"What about deverting the power from the security system to the power
grid? That would cause the shutters to go up." Jane said.

"No. That would overload the power systems right away. How about
resetting the system? Y'know doing a cold restart." Vickie said.

"I can't even get in to shut the thing down. In anycase even shutting the
power off here wouldn't work. All the systems are quadrupled up for
fault tolerance. We take one out another just falls right back in"

"Got it! About six weeks ago we simulated the lab being taken by
terrorists who were after the DNA system. This involved dropping the
shutters on the ECC and raising the main ones to let in the security
services. If we operate that program, then I'll bet we can release the
shutters and allow the others to escape" Vickie said, sadly.

"But we would be trapped in here, by the time we've done this, we could
not escape" Jane said.

"Yeah " Vickie nodded sadly, She had just signed her death warrant.

"Let's do it" Jane said.

A minute later and program 'stronghold' was activated.

"Done it" Vickie exclaimed in triumph and punched the air. As the
shutters around the ECC sealed themselves in and the outer ones lifted
sealing Vickie and Jane inside.

"Now let's get these doors open" Jane exclaimed.

A Minute later the shutters on the main entrance rolled back and the
doors opened. With a whoop of joy the remnants of the 'gathering'
rushed outside.

"Quick get in the cars" Kat shouted.

"No Use, look" Cathline shouted.

All the cars they had brought along were slowly burning away, Only
Robert's car was missing.

"Shit, Run" Matthew called and flung off his heels.

The group ran away, down the hill as fast as they could.

Power compensator three was the first to go. Turbine three, that produced
the power required to run the labs above, shot above it's rated safety
margin. The pressure inside began to rise. In the roof above the power
generation room another tank of propane gas began to release it's deadly
load. The fake Halon tank above Lab 4 sat empty, it's work done as the
gas had all been released.

"It's no good. Nothing works" Jane said grimly.

"Bye Jane" Vickie said and hugged her close.

"Bye Vickie" was the reply.

The two sisters in arms held each other in silence and waited.

By now the generator room was saturated with highly pressurised fuel-air
mixture. When turbine three eventually exploded some two minutes later
the result was catastrophic. The walls suddenly unable to cope with the
expanding explosive force blew outwards. Above the room the gas in the
sealed labs caught light and exploded with greater force. Millions of
dollars worth of equipment was incinerated in a fraction of a second.
That which had taken man months to build, simple physics destroyed
within moments.

A blast of flame and remains of the internal structure of the lab swept
down towards the ECC. Some of the heat was reflected away by the
shutters but the force of the explosion ripped into the room, turning
Vickie and Jane instantly to vapor.

The thickened walls of the lab, now unable to cope with the forces
contained within blew apart, sending smoke and debris two hundred feet
into the air. A pall of black, acrid smoke rose several hundred feet and
could be seen from several miles away.

By now the 'remnant' was about a mile away, after having the run of
their lives. They lay down, crouched behind a low bank. The heat of the
blast swept over them and the noise deafened them. The night sky had
been turned into day by the heat and fire of the lab.

By now secondary explosions and fires had started as gas pipes burst and
whatever remained of the lab caught fire.

A eerie silence hung over the entire area and the remnant waited too
shocked to move. Cathline was the first to get up.

"Vickie, Jane" She called in desperation and shock, and she started to
run towards the smoking ruins.

"Leave it, Cath they're gone" Kat said and she had to restrain Cathline
from running towards the lab.


"Listen We've got to get out of here. The cops will be here soon"
Matthew said.

"She's right, we can mourn later. We must go" Robert said.

"Quick Get down. I see lights" Kat shouted and shoved the still shell
shocked Cathline to the ground.

They watched as a car pulled up as close to the lab as it could. A lone
figure got out and looked around. The figure was about to get back into
the car when Cathline called

"Stephanie, Over here"

Stephanie looked surprised and called back
"I thought, thought you were in there" pointing to the still burning

Stephanie then ran over to the bank.

"We were, Vickie and Jane saved us" Kat said.

"Where are they?" Stephanie said,looking around.

"Gone" Cathline said tearfully.

"What the hell has happened here?" Stephanie asked.

A distant wail of a siren told the remnant they should leave this place.

36. Retreat

"When you have the enemy's strongholds on your rear,
and narrow passes in front, it is hemmed-in ground.
When there is no place of refuge at all, it is desperate ground."

The Art Of War - Sun Tzu Chap 11,45

The remnant sat in Cathline's house, still in shock.

"I can't believe they're gone" Cathline sobbed.

"Every single time, we get somewhere the 'Hell Bitch' gets us" Kat said,

"I don't think so" Stephanie said.

"What do you mean?" Matthew asked.

"I mean I've struck gold. I've found out who the guild really are, how we
can stop them and where Dr Bexley's bolt hole is"

"You mean"

"Yep. If we can separate Dr Bexley from the guild we deprive her of her
'muscle'. If we can separate her from her DNA machine we lock her into
whatever body she has now"

"Monica Abbey" Kat Said.

"Hey, we didn't prove that!" Robert Said.

"OK, pop quiz, she flees when it comes to passcodes and then two
minutes later the building goes boom, taking two very good friends of
mine with it" Cathline said her voice tainted with anger and bitterness.

"She ran because those two over here leapt at her like a pair of panthers"
Robert Said.

"If you want to fight between yourselves I'll come back. If you want to
hear what I have to say then shut up" Stephanie said in an annoyed tone.

"Sorry" Cathline said.

"OK Here's what I've found out about the guild. My first clues were to be
found In John's diary. The cop, Salah made reference to 'avenging the
works of the Mamluk Sultan'. Next our Dr Bexley lookalike here talked
about the terrorist smoking foul smelling cigarettes and John also talks
about Salah smoking Hashish after killing those robbers in the street.
Now I've done some digging around and It's my belief that the guild are
the infamous 'Assassins' that terrorised Persia and Syria for nearly 200
The Assasins were founded circa 1090 by Hasan Sabbah, who brought
terror to the region from his captured stronghold at Almut. From this
base Hasan commanded a network of strongholds all over Persia and
Mesopotamia. He was known as 'the old man of the mountain' and
encouraged his warriors to study from the great library he had built there.
This Mamluk Sultan, John mentions kicked the assassins out of Syria
around 1270AD, whilst the Mongols did the same to them in Persia
around 1256AD.

I believe that the surviving Assassins went to ground and reformed as the
Assassins guild. They've been elite mercenaries for hire ever since."
Stephanie explained.

"So how does all this help us?. We've all seen what they're capable of.
We stand no chance" Kat said.

"I agree. Listen I've had first hand experience of them. They still give me
nightmares" Cathline said.

"Steady on, I didn't say we can destroy them. I said we can stop them or
separate Dr Bexley from them." Stephanie said.

"How?" Matthew demanded.

"Simple, Money. My sources tell me that the guild are EXTREMELY
expensive. They reckon that, that ambush they pulled to get Matthew out
would cost a couple of million"

"But Liz's loaded" Cathline said.

"Yes, but she's been using the guild quite a lot recently. Ever ask yourself
why she decided to do things herself when she could have just sat back
and let the guild do it all?" Stephanie said.

"Part of it's a satisfaction thing" Matthew said.

"Agreed, but one of the reasons is money. If she'd been able to get her
hands on that 300 mill that her parents left her, I doubt if we would still
be here. Having to change identities, pay for forged documents and
arrange abuctions would eat up her resources like anything" Stephanie

"So if Liz has run out of money, then the we are safe from the guild?"
Kat asked.

"I would imagine so." Stephanie agreed.

"Couldn't she just sell them the plans for her DNA system?" Matthew

"That'd be worth hundreds of millions. TGEN were looking at a billion
dollar turnover when this thing went to market" Cathline exclaimed.

"The other thing about the Assassins was that they were members of the
Isma'ili sect, a fanatical branch of Islam. They would regard such a
device as pure evil. No the guild wouldn't touch the DNA system. The
infidel could use it but not them .To them it would be like making an
alliance with satan."

"They've already done that" Kat said bitterly.

"So the system cannot generate any extra money for her" Cathline said.

"Correct. Now onto my next part"

"Hold on a second, We've some leverage with the guild now" Kat Said.

"What's that!" Cathline exclaimed.

"Me. Hassan would do anything I asked of him. I could go to him and
persuade him to refuse any more contracts with the 'Hell Bitch', hike the
prices or even turn them to our side" Kat Said .

"Brilliant" Robert said.

"Not quite." Stephanie said.

"Why?" Matthew asked.

"Because the guild do not operate like that, their motivation is purely
monetary. If Hassan refused a contract or turned against a customer
,whether physically or financially then his forces would turn against him.
It would be seen as a sign of weakness. It would get us nowhere. Besides
he might not let you go a second time" Stephanie said.

"Sorry. I'm tired out. We've all been thru hell today and I need to rest.
Can I suggest we pick this up in the morning" Robert said.

"OK, I suspect our two newly-weds would like a room alone so I suggest
they take my room, the rest of us can crash out on sofa's and floors".
Cathline said .

"Thanks" Kat said and took her 'husband' by the hand and led her

"Right you guys. I'll take the sofa. Stephanie you can take the spare
room, Robert you can take the floor." Cathline said.

"So this is it, our first proper night together" Matthew said closing the
door behind him.

"Yeah. It hasn't turned out like we thought on our wedding day has it?"
Kat said.

"You can say that again"

"Now we come to this moment, I feel so awkward. I'd planned this in my
mind for months and once again it's not worked out as I expected" Kat

"Kat, Listen I love you. My commitment to you stands as strong today as
the day we married, stronger maybe"

"Me too. You know, whatever happens the 'hell bitch' can never win.
The more shit she throws at us the stronger we grow. She can turn me
into frog and I'll still love you. She can destroy my body, reducing it to
ashes and the scatter them to the four winds but every place where they
land they will shout I love you." Kat said.

"You've got very melodramatic recently" Matthew said with a grin.

"Yep, but you know I'm right." Kat said.

"That's exactly how I feel right now. I hate being a woman, it feels so
foreign, so strange as if I'm not really me anymore. But every fibre of me
is crying out for you. I now know that only being with you makes me,
me, makes me whole. This body is only a husk. The Matthew Stephens
you married is still inside, it's taken me a while to realise that but now I
do. I've no idea how our relationship will work out but what I do know is
that it is foundations are solid." Matthew said.

"I can't believe that Vickie and Jane are dead. They died saving us,
nobody has ever done that for me. " Kat cried.

"I know. That makes eighteen. I hope you don't mind but I can't y'know
tonight. I'm too tired and shocked at what happened today, besides it's
my time of the month" Matthew said sadly.

"I feel the same way,It's not appropriate anyway, we must mourn our
fallen friends tonight. Tomorrow is payback time" Kat said.

Kat began to get undressed, watched closely by her husband. His eyes
taking in every curve, every shape as if committing them to memory. Kat
climbed into bed and said "Come on don't be shy"

"OK" Matthew grinned.

Matthew took his blouse off revealing his bosom. He fumbled with the
bra strap until it was finally undone. His eyes grew wide with arousal, as
they always did as he looked down to undo his skirt.The skirt slipped
down his long, legs leaving him in only his panties

"Fucking hell, that's some tattoo." Kat exclaimed as she saw the hydra
wind it's way up Matthew's shapely body.

"Just another example of Elizabeth's sadistic nature. Anywhere I go I can
instantly be recognised as Dr Bexley. I've kinda got used to it but people
will stare everytime I put on a swimsuit."

"Come on, lover lets get to sleep." Kat said.

"Gunnight" Matthew said as he reached over and cuddled Kat's firm
breasts. He did feel arousal at the her warm body pressing against his
own but he was too tired to do anything about it. Kat feel asleep smiling,
at long last she had her husband back.

About 5am Robert Abbey got up and used Cathline's phone to call the
hotel where he and Monica was booked in.

"Hello" Said a groggy, sleepy voice.

"Hi Hun, it's me Robert"

"Thank God' your safe. I saw the news, is everyone else alright?" Monica

"Vickie and Jane didn't make it. They bought us time to escape with
their lives" Robert Said.

"That's, That's horrible" Monica said, after a moments silence.

"Why did you refuse to give the passcodes and run like hell?" Robert

"I didn't see the point. I don't like that Kat woman, or her strange
husband. I don't trust them. If people suddenly leapt at you, after
accusing you of being evil, you'd run as well"

"I understand. Listen Hun you can tell me your passcode now. Just humor
me ok"

"If you say so, Ok it's Trojan" Monica said.

"Thanks Hun. Listen I owe it to Vickie and Jane to see this thru to the
end. I don't expect you to understand or to help. Just be there when I get
back" Robert said.

"I'n not cut out for this. I still think it's not our fight, but I understand
your reasons. I'll wait for you back home. By the way where are you
calling from?" Monica asked.

"We're all staying at Cathlines. I don't know how long this will take but
I will return to you. I love you"

"Love you too" Monica said sadly.

"Bye" Robert said.


Kat and Matthew awoke, still in each others arms and were greeted by
the smell of breakfast.They hurriedly got dressed and went downstairs.

"At last the lovers arrive" Cathline said.

"Not quite lovers yet" Kat said to Cathline with a knowing wink.

"I'm just about to start my findings again, grab some OJ and breakfast
and join us" Stephanie said.

"Thanks" Matthew said and homed in on the eggs and hash browns.

"I hate to tell you dear, that you'll soon lose that sylph like figure of
yours if you eat like that" Kat teased.

"I don't care" And Matthew stuck his tongue out at Kat.

"You will when you get cellulite on those lovely legs of yours" Cathline

Her remark was met with another tongue poke.

"As I said last night, if as we suspect the guild are neutralised until Dr
Bexley finds more funds the only thing left to do is to isolate her from her
DNA device. Now this is much more tricky and is one of the reasons why
it's taken so long for me to bring this to you. I've had film footage from
the shooting at the airport analysed and have the following things to
show you" Stephanie reached into her bag and took out a distorted blown
up photo of a long blonde haired woman.

"Who's that?" Cathline asked.

"According to her entry records that is Alison Davies,supposedly
returning from a business trip. I've checked with the company involved
and they say that Alison Davies took an earlier flight due to unforeseen
complications in the contract she was working on" Stephanie said.

"So that's not the real Alison Davies"? Kat said.

"Correct, now look at this recording from the cameras in the arrivals
lounge, I know we've all seen them a thousand times before but I want
you to watch where Alison is, in all this." Stephanie reached forwards
and inserted the video tape in Cathline player.

They watched intently as Alison kept a discrete distance from the events
and then walked casually away once the deed was done. Cathline winced
and Matthew looked away in shame as the bullet struck the back of
John's head.

"Sorry I had to do that, but did you notice that Alison stayed in visual
range of the shooting at all times but not so as to attract attention to
herself. She then went about her normal business." Stephanie explained.

"The 'Hell Bitch' obviously flew back on the same flight as John, as this
Alison Davies woman. I was right about that then. " Kat said.

"Yep, in fact your deductions from Johns dairy led me to this chain of
thought in the first place. Fancy a job?" Stephanie said.

"Later. Do we know where the 'hell bitch' went after that?" Kat asked.

"I checked with Hertz and they say they rented a car to Alison Davies
that same day. I've checked with their records and guess what?"

"It ends up at Liz's old house" Cathline said.

"Nope. Now I've had my research team investigate all Dr Bexley's
expenditure for the past three years, Cathline did you know about an out
of town warehouse, used for storing supplies for the lab?" Stephanie

"Nope. Never heard of it"

"I'm not surprised Dr Bexley hid it very well. Alison Davies dropped the
car off only a few blocks away from that warehouse."

"Her lair" Kat exclaimed.

"That's what I think" Stephanie said.

"So we go there and destroy the machine, thus depriving her of only form
of escape" Matthew said.


"When do we leave?" Cathline asked.

"Not yet" Kat said.

"Why not?" Stephanie asked.

"We don't. Or rather not all at once. Stephanie and Cathline will go to
visit this warehouse, the rest of us will wait outside. I'm not being
trapped the same way twice" Kat said.

"Fine. Where do I go?" Matthew asked.

"You'd better stay here, You're still a fugitive " Kat said.

"We'll start off now and be back about 9pm" Stephanie said.

A few minutes later and the remnants had all piled into Stephanie's car,
leaving Matthew behind. Being bored and having lot's of time to spare
Matthew sat down to think and to plan. After three hours he had a flash
of inspiration and spent the rest of the day making phone calls all over
the world. His breakthrough came after a long winded call to New

The rest of them arrived back a little after nine, looking dejected and
defeated. Kat's long face said it all.

"What Happened?" Matthew asked.

"Nothing, there was nothing there. The whole place has been cleaned
out. Sure we saw some signs that something had been there but we have
no idea what. It could have been anything from the device to a pile of
empty boxes." Stephanie said

"Once again the 'hell bitch' has beaten us to it." Kat moaned.

"The only evidence we have that Dr Bexley had anything to do with it, is
her name on some lease papers" Stephanie added.

"The only other thing that we did see, was far more cats than we
expected. They were everywhere" Robert chirped in.

"Well I've had a much more productive day" Matthew said.

"Tell us more?" Robert asked.

"First I'm starved, I've been waiting for you lot to return to eat. Now I
think it's Robert's turn to order take in" Matthew said.

"You are a tease" Kat said to Matthew.


"We draw a blank and you sit there like the proverbial cat" Kat teased.

The meal was eaten with a jovial atmosphere, the group bonding again
after the trauma of the day before. Hope had been restored.

"Now the food's finished I'll start. Whilst you lot were busy chasing wild
geese, I got thinking. I've known Elizabeth on and off for longer than
most of you and so I think I know how she thinks in normal day to day
life. As you are now doubt aware Elizabeth was obsessed with keeping
her body in tip top shape.She was'nt vain, she just saw her body as a
system that should be in perfect shape."

"She'd work out for hours" Cathline said.

"Yep. She also needed a way of generating lot's of money very quickly, a
new person to hide behind and someone who could divert media attention
away from me if required"

"So" Robert asked.

"I think Elizabeth invented Rachel Martin. In fact I think Elizabeth IS
Rachel Martin"

"WHAT! No way" Stephanie said, in shock.

"As Cathline would say, pop quiz. Rachel's body is TOO perfect,
everyone has a spot here or a scar there that they hate, Rachel has none.
Her face is too perfect as well, since when did a woman have everything
right. Most supermodels need at least some makeup or computer work to
get that perfect look. Rachel doesn't need any of it. We all thought she
was reliving her parents deaths when she came to visit me at the funeral.
She wasn't, she wanted to say goodbye to her REAL parents." Matthew

"Sorry I don't believe it. I interviewed her for God sake. I even liked
her." Stephanie said.

"Fine, but think about this. If Rachel Martin is so perfect why did she
suddenly decide to walk into Estee Lauder and ask for a job. She's
supposedly worked in Europe for four years, someone was bound to
notice her before that. Also where did she go?, did you notice that we
haven't seen head nor tail of Rachel Martin since the funeral. Why's
that? Easy, Elizabeth ditched her, in order to resume her campaign
against us"

"Resume?" Robert asked.

"Yes, I think she was quite content to leave things as is, unless
something threatened her. The death of her parents drove her to even
greater levels of hatred and insanity. Notice before her parents death she
avoided directly killing anyone. She ordered the guild to attack that
convoy and kill thirteen people just to get me out. I think Elizabeth is
now much more ruthless than ever before" Matthew explained.

"I'm so stupid, I should have seen it earlier but I was so taken in by her
charm and beauty I did just didn't see the monster inside" Stephanie

"Now you see, what it took me to my wedding day to see." Matthew said.

"But Rachel Martin's loaded. That must mean the guild are still active
and can still get us" Cathline was beginning to get scared.

"Yes but remember, she's brought an island for 11 million. I doubt if
she's got much left" Stephanie said.

"That must be where her lair is" Kat said.

"Only one thing, no-ones been able to find out where it is" Cathline said.

"I have" Matthew Said.

"What, How?" Kat exclaimed.

"My voice, is not that dissimilar from Rachel Martin's. If I try really hard
I can just about sound like her" Matthew said, in a remarkably accurate
Rachel Martin accent.

"That's amazing. How did you do it?" Robert asked.

"I phoned the real estate agent in New Zealand and pretended to be
Rachel Martin. I convinced them to give me the location of the island on
the pretence that they had failed to mail me the deeds. " Matthew said.

"Honey, your a genius" and Kat hugged Matthew hard.

"We obviously go there and destroy her machine, lay in wait and then do
her as well" Robert said.

"Agreed. There are five of us and only one of her. She won't be expecting
us there and if she is still Monica Abbey we know who to look out for."
Cathline said.

"Four of us, How do I get out of the country?" Matthew asked.

"Take these" Stephanie said and handed a brown envelope to Matthew.

"A passport and visa in the name of Alison Jacob! How did you get these,
this is very illegal" Matthew exclaimed.

"A few contacts owed me a few favours. I said I'd come up with some
better ID and I have"

"Is it worth getting Roger Ferry here first. We could sure use his
muscle." Cathline asked.

"I'm afraid Roger has vanished. I tried to get him to get to the trial but
nobody has seen him in weeks. I think the guild may have got to him"
Stephanie said .

"When do we leave?" Kat asked.

"As soon as we can" Stephanie said in reply.

Four days later the remnant checked in at Dulles
International airport. Stephanie's forged passport for
Matthew worked perfectly and he was let thru. They sat
just talking in the departure lounge until it was time to
go. Fortunately they all had seats together. Kat and
Matthew sat next to each other, holding hands
discreetly. Robert Abbey wanted a window seat and so
sat next to Matthew. Cathline and Stephanie sat in the
seats behind them.

"I just remembered part of poem that sums us up"
Matthew said to Kat thoughtfully.

"Yeah. What is it?" Kat replied.

Matthew said in determined fashion "It's by Tennyson I
think, now how does it go.Umm Got it.
Though we are not now that strength which in
old days moved Earth and Heaven, that which
we are, we are. One equal temper of heroic
hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong
in will; to strive, to seek, to find. And not to
yield" .

Kat clutched Matthew's hand tighter and put her head
on his shoulder as the plane flew further into the night.

37. The Island of Dr Bexley.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out where the
strong man stumbled or where the doer of deeds could have done them
better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose
face is marred with dust and sweat and blood. At best, he knows the
triumph of high achievement; if he fails, at least he fails while daring
greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls
who knew neither victory nor defeat."

Theodore Roosevelt.

The plane touched down at Malé at 3am. The full heat of the day was
several hours away and the airport was deserted. The travellers,
exhausted by the journey checked into a small hotel near the airport.
After a brief discussion they agreed to meet up at lunch that day and
collapsed into bed.

Kat had left a sleepy Matthew and decided to walk into the restaurant.
She saw Cathline sitting outside on the veranda sipping a small glass of
wine. Seeing nobody else to talk to she walked over to her and said
"Hi, Mind if I sit?"

"What's up ?" Cathline asked, noticing for the first time Kat's pained

"It's us, Matthew and I, I mean" Kat said sadly.

"Why I though you guys were doing great. Y'know soul mates and all

"Oh we're fine, it's just all that we're going thru and what has gone past
has got us all strung out. Matthew still hates being HER in spite of what
he says about accepting it. I can see it in the way he gets dressed, the way
he looks at himself in the mirror. On the outside he may seem willing to
fight to the end but inside I think his spirit has been broken by this."

"That's understandable. Look at what he's gone thru"

"You went thru more"

"Yes, but the price was that it's turned me into a being of hate,something
I never was before. I may not have been turned into a man or Jasmine but
I've been changed, against my will in other ways. In someways I'm just
like Liz now, unable to see past my fury for someone who's wronged
me." Cathline said, sadly.

"I know what you mean. Matthew and I are so different now, the magic's

"No it's still there. I've seen the way he looks at you, the way you look
back at him. He still loves you and I know you do to"

"He still hasn't slept with me yet. He says being a woman doesn't bother
him in that way but something is definitely up. I just want us back the
way we were." Kat Said tearfully.

"To be honest I'm not surprised. Just think of what we are going thru
right now. Two of my friends are dead, he feels as guilty as hell over
everything that's gone on, add this to be turned into HER and you get
about the biggest turn-off you can imagine. No matter what happens
Matthew will still resemble Liz. That is her legacy to you both and you
must learn to overcome it" Cathline said.

"I suppose"

"There's no suppose about it. Listen, remember back in the hotel I gave
you a real dressing down about your attitude. I said that I was falling in
love with you"

"I remember"

"I was lying. I AM in love with you. Inside I'm really hurting because
you two are back together. I also know that you two are meant to be
together. No matter what I feel, I know I'll meet my 'soul mate'
sometime. It's just I want it to be you" Cathline said, the pain evident in
her voice.

"Oh Cathline, I'm so sorry" Kat said and hugged her tightly.

"Listen, all of us are strung out. I'm not surprised Matthew's feeling it,
we all are. Just give it time" Cathline said.

"Thanks" Kat said .

Later that day Stephanie appeared and said that she has found a captain
who will take us to Dr Bexley's Island. However the boat had to leave
within the hour and they must rush to catch it.

Sitting on the boat,looking at the almost turquoise sea
and marvelling at the beauty around him Matthew said
"What if she's hired the guild to guard her island?"

"I don't think so" Stephanie said.

"Why?.She would need protection" Asked Robert .

"Because she values her solitude more than anything. Secrecy is the best
protection. In anycase if she had armed guards everywhere it would look
very suspicious. Rachel Martin had none in New York, Why here?"
Stephanie added.

"But she must know we are here?" Robert said.

"I'm not so sure. In anycase she is stuck as Monica for a while and
anyway we've got a head start on her" Kat added.

"So we wait and ambush her when she comes" Matthew Said.

"That's the plan" Stephanie added.

"Then can we try and get me back to normal" Robert Moaned.

"Don't you like the way you are?" Stephanie asked.

"No. If you want to know what I feel, just ask Matthew. He's been going
thru it for the last six months. Monica will not sleep with me, our
marriage is over."

The rest of them glanced at each other. If Liz had done her job properly
then Monica would not be anywhere by now.

"What!" Robert said, catching the glances of the rest.

"I'm sorry. But I doubt Monica is still Monica, or at least still around. Dr
Bexley is very thorough. So far her tactics have been consistent. Identify
the threat,neutralize and plan for the backlash. Dr Bexley foresaw our
alliance and attempted to infiltrate it. Fortunately our passcode system
identified her before she could do any real damage." Stephanie

"So where is Monica now?" Matthew asked.

"Who knows" Stephanie said

"Look you are wrong about her. That was Monica, yes she gets a little
tetchy now and then but I know her. That was her. Whoever Dr Bexley
is, it isn't Monica." Robert complained.

"Look, She pretended to be Kat for almost a month. Yes I was ill but she
fooled me. Don't feel bad about being duped. I was too. When we find
her, we find Monica and a way to get us all back to normal." Matthew

Doubt crept into Roberts voice "I suppose so"

Some hours later the boat landed at the jetty. A large yacht was moored
on the other side. Judging by the size of it must have cost a cool million.

"Shit She's already here" Cathline said.

"I don't think so. She wouldn't have had time to sail here. She would
have flown." Stephanie said.

The boat docked and gingerly the remnant walked ashore. The captain
promised to return when they called.

"Nice Place" Robert said, as he looked at the huge mansion sitting atop a

"I think we should stay together. That way we know where everyone is. I
know the search will be slower but we don't want to lose anyone."
Stephanie said.

"Good idea" Kat added.

They walked up the long stairway from the beach to the house, turning
around every so often to admire the view. White sand stretched for miles
and glimmering sea lapped gently against the beach. It was breathtaking
in beauty.

"I thought these Islands were supposed to be only a few metres above sea
level" Kat asked.

"Don't ask me. I guess the volcanic eruptions that spawned these island
must have been more severe here and that's why it's much higher."
Matthew said.

Eventually they crept up to a large bay windows and Matthew peered
inside. The house was immaculate, not a thing out of place. Kat crept
around to another window and looked inside. Once again nobody was

"I think we're in the clear" Kat Said

"Me too, How do we get in?" Matthew said.

"Allow me". Stephanie said and produced a small metal rod from her
pocket. She fiddled around with the door lock for a while and eventually
the door sprung open.

"Never leave home without it" Stephanie said as she put the rod back into
her pocket.

"Are you sure you're not some arch-villaness?,picking locks, forging
passports and hiding fugitives. " Cathline asked.

"Positive. Everything I do is for a just cause" Stephanie replied with a

Matthew was the first inside, looking around at the ornate surroundings.
A large chandelier hung from the ceiling and a large staircase went up
the centre of the room.
The floor was white marble and lined along each side of the room were
large statues of figures of Greek mythology. Cathline walked up to one, a
woman opening a box "This must be Pandora" she said Kat had seen
another figure, this time a woman was about to slay a man who was
begging for mercy. "I know this one. This must be Nemesis" Kat said.
Cathline by now had moved onto another figure, this time a woman
dipping a shirt in a liquid, with a heavily built man looking on. "Who's
this?" Stephanie asked.

"No idea" Cathline said.

"I know who this is " Matthew said, looking at the face of a stunningly
beautiful woman.

"Who?" Robert asked.

"Helen of Troy"

"Of course" Stephanie said.

"Who is this?" Kat asked, pointing to a muscular woman. The statue was
carrying a bow and had her left breast missing.

"An Amazon I guess" Matthew said.

The group progressed into a large dining room. This time the decoration
was very ornate, tapestries of all descriptions hung from the wall.
Another statue sat by a particularly ornate tapestry. The figure was
spinning a tapestry whilst trying to fend off a spider.

"She's got a thing for statues hasn't she?" Robert said.

"They all seem to be figures from Greek mythology. I guess this one is
Arachne or maybe Athene" Matthew said.

They moved into another room. This time a massive library with wall to
wall books.

"Wow look at this. There must be thousands of titles" Cathline said in

"Let's get a move on, we need to check every room before we can rest"
Stephanie said.

Further exploration revealed twenty bedrooms, a pool area with gym, a
large kitchen. Matthew's favorite part was an entertainment room. It was
filled with state of the art Hi-fi and video equipment. A tv projection
system occupied a single wall. The house was filled with the best money
can buy.

Cathline managed to find some food in the walk in pantry and fixed some

"So where's the machine?" Robert asked between mouthful's.

"She would have concealed it. It must be near the house as she would
need easy access to power and communications systems" Kat said.

"Yes but where?. We've been everywhere" Matthew said .

"I guess we search again" Stephanie said.

"Tell you what, we know she's not here right, why don't we split up and
meet back here in an hour" Robert suggested.

"Good idea" Kat said.

"OK, Stephanie, Cathline and Robert do upstairs. Kat and myself will
start down here" Matthew said.

"Let's do it." Robert said .

Matthew was studying the statues in the entrance hall when Kat came
back to find him
"Any luck?" Kat asked.

"Not really, you?"

"Zip. Watcha doin?" Kat said flippantly.

"Something about this statue bothers me" Matthew said pointing to the

"What?" Kat asked, puzzled.

"I've got a feeling that this one is wrong. But I can't work out what.
Y'know that feeling you get when you should know something be can't
remember" Matthew said.

"Well she's holding that bow all wrong" Kat suggested.

"Nope. I need to think" Matthew said and sat down on the floor. Kat sat
down beside him and put her arm around him. She lay her head on his
breasts and he held her close. Matthew looked down at Kat's head and
then at his heaving chest.

"Fucking Hell. I'm so thick" Matthew exclaimed.

Kat got up and said "What"

"This" Matthew said and poked his right breast."Ow" He said and then
tried to rub it better.

"Sensitive ar'nt they" Kat said.

"I have noticed. It's the Amazon, she's got the wrong breast missing.
According to legend Amazon's amputated their right breast in order so
they could draw a bow better. This one has her left breast missing. Either
the sculptor got it wrong or that's our key" Matthew said.

"OK, let's give it a go" Kat said and pushed the right breast on the
statue. Nothing happened.

"Too obvious. Wait a sec what's this" Matthew said. Matthew pressed the
nipple of the breast and nothing seemed to give.

"I think the guy got it wrong" Kat said.

"There must be something else. Wait a mo." Matthew pressed the space
where the left breast should have been. Silently a wall panel slid back
revealing a staircase that led downwards.

"Bingo" Kat said and went to go down the stairs.

Matthew grabbed her and said "No let's get the others first"

They rounded up the others and went down the stairs. Inside a large
chamber was a DNA device similar to the one at the lab. Several
additions to the basic structure could be seen.

"This is nothing like the one at the lab" Cathline said.

"How" Kat asked.

"All this extra stuff. I've no idea what it does or how to use it" Cathline

"What is this?" Matthew asked, pointing to body shaped mould.

"Don't ask me. Best guess some kind of scanner" Cathline said

"Is there power to it?" Robert asked.

"Looks that way, the system in inactive though" Cathline said.

Stephanie was busy taking photos but had time to ask "How do we turn it

"If I was protecting this I would make it only accept me, whatever form I
was in. Perhaps the scanner scans the user to see if he or she matches the
last form Liz was. That's how I'd do it." Cathline said.

"Why don't you try. You've got exactly the same DNA as Dr Bexley"
Stephanie suggested.

"OK" Matthew said and got inside the mould.

A calm female voice suddenly said "Please remove all clothing before

"Well at least we know it still works. Mat, take your clothes off" Kat

"What now?, in front of all of you?" He said.

"Look, why don't the rest of you go look around the rest of the bunker.
I'll wait here and guard Matthew" Kat said.

"Fine" was the reply and they all went off

"Why is it always me" Matthew complained as he started to take of his

"Don't complain. If we get this thing working then we can try and get
you back to normal" Kat said.

Matthew had by now slipped off his skirt and stood there naked.
"I wish I had your body" Kat said, looking at the stunning form before

"You're welcome to it" Matthew said.

"Why don't you get in" Kat said.

Matthew slipped into the mould, suddenly a green light scanned from his
toes,past his legs and pussy. Another light went down from his face over
his breasts and rested at his torso.

"Good Morning Matthew Stephens. Please standby for DNA System
Activation" the female voice said.

Kat Screamed "Get out Now!"

Matthew jumped out of the mould in time to see a hypodermic needle
shoot out and jab where his right thigh would have been.

"What the" Matthew said.

"Figures. The 'hell bitch' knew that the system could be taken over and
has designed security measures to protect it. I guess that's the logical
reason behind that tattoo of yours. With that on your body scanner knows
the difference between you and her. We have to bypass the security in
order to use the machine" Kat said, sadly.

"Bitch" was Matthews only reply.

"Come on, get dressed before I seduce you or something" Kat said.

"Tonight maybe" Matthew said.

"It's a date" Kat said. At last we can be together Kat thought.

Matthew quickly got dressed and followed Kat into the other chambers.

"Any luck?" Stephanie asked, as Kat and Matthew walked in.

"Nope. Elizabeth has put in a security system to prevent anyone using it
but her. I tried and nearly got jabbed with some more drug. We need to
bypass it in order for it to work again. How bout you?" Matthew asked.

"Cathline's found a computer and imaging system, which she is trying to
use and we've just stumbled on Dr Bexley's private medicine cabinet and
armory" Stephanie said.

"Armory?" Kat asked.

"Yep, look" Stephanie moved aside to show Kat six dart guns plus a
large, complex looking rifle. Various Darts, filled with a green liquid
were lined up along side them"

"This is like the one that got me" Robert said, pointing to a dart about an
inch long.

"Look at this" Kat said and picked up a pill bottle marked RM.

"Hmm RM, Rachel Martin maybe" Matthew said.

"And this one says JAS, Must be the Jasmine dose" Kat said, and looked
down at her new body.

"JP must mean Jennifer Porter" Matthew said.

"There's a lot here I don't recognise. AD,JW,RA,SL,EB,MA,JN" Kat
Said reading from the labels of the bottles.

"Wait a sec, RA. That must be Robert Abbey, MA must be Monica Abbey
and JN must be Jane Norton" Matthew exclaimed.

"Quick Give it to me" Robert said and reached out his hand.

"Hmm not yet, I want to run it by Cathline first. Just to be safe"

"Ok. But be quick. I don't want to stay like this a moment longer than
required" Robert said.

"This is odd. These bottles have a red warning label on and are marked
'kitty'. I wonder what they do" Matthew said peering at the green liquid

"At a guess, this is the stuff that partially turned Roger Ferry into that cat
creature. I suspect this will turn a human into a cat. Don't mess with it"
Stephanie said.

Matthew gingerly put the bottle back on the shelf.

"I think we're done here. Why don't we go and see how Cathline is
doing" Stephanie asked.

They walked into a room full of computer systems. Cathline sat at a
terminal and was rapidly tapping away.

"Hi" Kat said.

"Uh Hi" Cathline grunted, too engrossed in the system.

"What have you found?" Stephanie asked.

"Well it's taken me a while to get everything set up and now I'm trying
to get in"

"Any joy?" Kat asked.

"Well I can browse certain areas but most of it is still out of bounds"

"What sort of areas?" Matthew asked.

"Ongoing work mostly, I can get the imaging system working though.
It'll take me an hour or so to get all of it and to get at the restricted stuff,
maybe never. It really needs Liz to give us the passcodes." Cathline said.

"Fine. When you've got a sec can you scan these for us to see what
they'll do to anyone. " Kat said and gave Cathline the bottle marked RA.

"Sure. Why don't the rest of you leave me to it for a while. I'll report
back when I've got something. Besides I need someone to keep watch"
Cathline said.

The remnant went upstairs into the mansion, leaving the door open
behind them.

Sitting on a chair beside the pool Matthew and Kat were talking.
Stephanie was off exploring some part of the island and Robert was
walking along the beach.

"Why haven't we made love yet?" Kat asked Matthew.

"I dunno, with all that's going on it's the last thing on my mind. If all
goes well, tonight. I want to know what we'll do with Elizabeth when we
get her?" Matthew said, quickly changing the subject.

"Force her to help and then turn her over to the authorities I guess" Kat

"I've been thinking I don't think that's enough. She's killed or had killed
eighteen people and ruined countless lives. I used not to love her, just
want her as a friend but that's all. Now I hate her for what she's done.
I've a better idea." Matthew said.

"Which is" Kat said.

"Use the kitty formula on her" Matthew said grimly.

"That's horrible. She doesn't deserve that. No let the authorities decide."
Kat said.

"Listen I'll put it to the others and we'll vote on it" Matthew said.

"Fair enough"

Three hours later Cathline called them into the large dining room area.

"What've you found?" Kat asked.

"Lot's. Although I can't get to the body design areas I have been able to
use the imaging system to verify that this 'RA' dose will turn a person
into Robert Abbey."

"Yes" Robert said with glee.

"However it does not contain any fixer and would leave the person
vulnerable. Before we test it I need to determine if Robert here has been
'fixed'. I'll do the rest of you before I proceed."

"Superb work Cathline" Kat said.

"What else have you found?" Stephanie asked.

"It looks as though Liz was working on many projects, all experimental
and highly unstable. For a start she has produced designs and drugs for
all kinds of mutated humans."

"Such as" Matthew asked

"You name it, all kinds of mythological creatures, humans with self
repairing bodies. You amputate an arm and it grows right back. Her most
frightening one was a changeling body for herself." Cathline said.

"Changeling?" Matthew asked.

"Apparently she was designing an organ that could manufacture the drug
based on thought images in her brain. It would allow her to think 'I want
to be Hillary Clinton' and a few moments later she would be. Just
imagine the havoc she could cause, she would be undetectable unless you
X-rayed her and saw the organ. Even then it would appear like a large
appendix" Cathline shuddered at the thought.

"How far off was she?" Stephanie asked .

"Hard to say, maybe a year, maybe more"

"If she's got that and the world didn't know about it, then she could be
anyone, do anything and no one would be able to catch her." Stephanie

"She must be stopped" Robert said.

"I've been talking to Kat on that subject. She thinks that when we've
captured Elizabeth we should turn her in to the authorities. I disagree I
think we should use the kitty dose on her" Matthew said.

"That's a little extreme." Stephanie said.

"While she's still human, she's a threat. The guild could rescue her, she
could get off on some technicality. No my way is the only way to be sure"
Matthew said.

"I agree about the technicality. I could get her off no problem" Robert

"I think it's deliciously brilliant. I wanted to kill her but this is so much
better. We could keep her as a pet and forget to feed her or something. I
know get an oversexed Tom Cat" Cathline said with an evil grin.

"I disagree, if this comes out into the open then Matthew is off the hook
and we can all get on with our lives. Besides I'm not even sure Monica Is
the 'Hell Bitch'" Kat said.

"What do you mean?" Stephanie asked seriously.

"Oh I dunno, just me being paranoid. I mean the facts say that Monica is
the 'hell bitch' so we must be right. It's just that if we're not right then
there's no going back." Kat answered.

"Ok let's vote on it. Those against" Matthew said.

Only Kat put her hand up.

"Motion carried, when we get her we inject her with the kitty formula."
Matthew said.

"I still don't like it. But until we get any evidence to the contrary I'll go
along with it" Kat said.

"How will we know it's her?" Robert asked.

"Easy, either Monica or Rachel Martin will turn up. We'll post sentries
around the island and they will report back as soon as they see
something" Stephanie said.

"Monica Is still Monica" Robert insisted.

"Fine, but if Monica turns up we'll know it's really Liz. The real Monica
doesn't know we're here" Cathline said.

"Seems logical" Robert said.

"Listen I'm bushed let's say we get back to this tomorrow" Cathline said.

"OK, Night. Mat are you coming to bed" Kat said.

"Sure, Night everyone" Matthew said and followed Kat upstairs

"Matthew" Cathline called.

"What!" Matthew turned around.

"Just remember you're not in a hurry. Oh and Kat told me to tell you to
wait a few moments" Cathline said.

"Pardon?" Matthew said.

"Never mind, you'll find out" Cathline called .

"Whatever. " Matthew said and walked,slowly upstairs. Why was he
nervous. He'd dreamed of this moment for so long and now it had got
here he didn't know what to think. Matthew paused outside of the door
for a few moments and then went in.

Kat was already undressed and in bed, the sheets covering all of her up to
her neck.

"Hello my love" Kat said.

"I never dreamed our first time would be like this" Matthew said.

"Me neither, still at last we have chance to be alone. Matthew I don't
care if you're a woman or not I want you." Kat said seductively.

"Oh Kat I love you" And Matthew walked over to the bed.

Kat reached her arms up and drew Matthew slowly to her lips. Their lips
met and they kissed,slowly and passionately. That single kiss was the
most incredible Matthew had ever had. He found himself reaching up to
Kat's face and stroking her hair back before kissing her again.

"Why don't I undress you" Kat said and sat up.

Matthew caught a glimpse of Kat's naked body beneath the sheets and
he had the funny warm feeling in his cunt. Kat stood up and wrapped
herself around him. Her warm, firm breasts pushing against his. Her
hand reached up to his chest and slowly undid the buttons on his shirt.
Matthew put his arms further down Kat's back until they gently stroked
her ass.

"Let's let the hydra loose" Kat said and with one swift movement undid
Matthew's bra. Another quick flick and the bra was on the floor. By now
Matthew was feeling very aroused and moved down to kiss Kat's nipples.
Kat whispered "Not Yet" and pushed Matthew against the wall. Her
hands stroked gently and softly around Matthew's tits . Matthew let out
an involuntary moan as he felt almost on fire.

"Kat, How did you.." Matthew started.

Kat's only reply was to kneel down and undo Matthew's pants. Matthew
reached down and started to kiss the back of Kat's neck and back. "Hmm
nice. Time for the Kat to meet the pussy" Kat crooned and she quickly
pulled Matthew's pants down. Leaving him in just his panties.

Kat ran her hand up on the inside of Matthew's leg, tracing the path of
the hydra as it went up. Matthew pulled Kat upright and again and
gestured to the bed. Kat took him by the hand and after Matthew had
disposed of his pants lay down beside Kat.

Kat reached over and slid Matthew's already wet panties from around his
curved hips and stroked his firm shapely butt. "Carry on Kat please"
Matthew gasped. Kat reached over and began to stroke his nipples,
sending waves of pleasure thru Matthew's body. Matthew did the same to
Kat and now getting into the swing of things started to nibble his way
around her tits.

Kat decided that enough was enough and secretly moved her hand to just
above Matthew's pussy. When Matthew seemed too engrossed in
exploring Kat's breasts she gently reached down and stroked Matthew's
clitoris. He almost jumped as the extreme pleasure hit him in a hammer

"Ohh that nice" Matthew crooned.

Kat started to stroke Matthew's clit in the same way as Cathline had
taught her. Matthew went almost rigid as the pleasure waves increased
and increased inside him. Matthew was moaning louder now, still unable
to move. Kat showed him how she was doing it and Matthew was a quick

Now Kat was in heaven. Matthew was so very good at this. His years of
experience of man mingled came into play. Kat just lay there as they
pleasured each other, one hand stroking their cunts and the other gently
feeling the shape of each others breasts.

Matthew was the first to come. His body quivering as waves of orgasms
swept over him. Kat followed shortly afterwards her body on fire.

After a short rest, Kat started the whole thing up again by reaching down
and gently stroking Matthew HERE and THERE.

Kat awoke about 3am and saw Matthew's naked body just sleeping
peacefully. Inside her Kat felt on fire, never in her life had she stayed
aroused for so long. Maybe it was an effect of the change into Jasmine,
she did'nt know. In anycase Matthew had slept far too long and they had
spent too much time apart. They may never get another chance. Kat then
had a mischievous idea.

Kat got up and in the dim light of the room explored the closets. If she
was right there should be some items of clothing in here that she could
find useful. She'd seen pictures of Rachel Martin wearing them so they
must be around here somewhere. Silently she rummaged around in the
drawers until she found the four silk scarves she was looking for.

As quietly as she could she fastened each one a corner of the bed. At one
point she froze as Matthew stirred but he soon went back to sleep.

Now Matthew had always been a heavy sleeper and it was this fact that
Kat was relying on. She gently rolled Matthew over onto his back and
slowly, slowly moved his arms and legs apart so he lay spread-eagled on
the bed. Kat then gently tied the scarves to an arm,then a leg,then an arm
and finally another leg. Matthew very nearly awoke but Kat bided her

When Matthew was fast asleep again, Kat waited for a few more seconds,
got onto the bed and gently but firmly stroked Matthew's pussy.

Matthew almost leapt out of bed but was unable to because of the silk
scarves. "Hey" He called.

Kat sat astride him and gently said. "Time for MY fun". She reached
over and gently started to stroke Matthew's inner thigh. Matthew was
still half asleep, unaware if he was dreaming or this was real. Kat ran her
hand up Matthew's curved form and then reached down and kissed him
on the lips.

Matthew responded in the only way he could, he tried to get up but he
was restrained from doing so. Matthew's pleasure mounted as he realised
that he was helpless against anything Kat might do to him. He pulled on
the scarves but they were tired too tight. He decided that since he could
do nothing about he may as well relax and enjoy himself.

Kat certainly was. She was gently kissing Matthew's face and she started
to nibble his ear. Matthew in the meantime was trying to kiss Kat's
breasts that were just tantalisingly out of reach.

"Not yet" Kat whispered to Him and she suddenly reached down to his
slit and began to gently carress it. Matthew nearly leapt out of bed again
with pleasure and then sat back unable to move as pleasure swept his

Kat moved onto his breasts, teasing and touching them as she went.
Matthew was , by now in ecstasy the pleasure waves slowly building up
towards orgasm. His pleasure was increased by the fact that he could no
longer move and he was desperate to fuck Kat back. Kat had eased off a
little, giving Matthew time to cool down a little, then when she thought
the time was right she started to gently lick Matthew's slit.

This brought a moan from Matthew and the pleasure waves were back,
this time of greater intensity. Matthew was begging her to untie him and
let him respond but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Kat was having FAR too
much fun.

Kat let Matthew subside again and then she started to stroke Matthew's
pussy again. Each time the pleasure grew and grew until Matthew felt
that he was going to explode. Kat gently, gently let the waves of pleasure
build up inside Matthew until his body shook with the orgasm that was
going on inside him.

Matthew let out a moan that Kat thought would wake everyone up and
then he lay still, quivering from the magnitude of the orgasm he had just
experienced. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before.

Some hours later Kat awoke still in Matthew's arms.

When they came down for breakfast they found Cathline had been up for
sometime, Stephanie had gone off exploring and Robert was still in bed.

"Cathline, Thanks for the lessons" Kat winked.

"Pleasure, anytime you want a refresher I'm your woman" Cathline said.

"I'll let you know" Kat said.

"What Lessons?" Matthew asked Kat.

"Tell you later" Kat replied.

"How's the research going?" Matthew asked Cathline.

"I've got a fixer test for all of you ready to go. I just need you to come
and give me a blood sample" Cathline said.

"How about now?" Kat said.

"If you're ready, I suspect it'll be bad news. " Cathline said, grimly.

"We're ready, whatever the outcome" Matthew said, grasping hold of
Kat's hand.

They went down to the bunker and Cathline drew a sample of blood from
both Matthew and Kat. She put the samples into a test tube containing a
clear liquid and gave them a shake.

"If fixer is present this will turn red, if not then it will remain clear"
Cathline said.

They watched intently as Kat's sample slowly turned pink, then light red
and finally blood red.

"Shit. I'm Jasmine for good" Kat said tearfully.

Matthew's sample was still clear "Yes!" he said with glee.

"Wait a sec I'll give it another shake to make sure"

Stephanie Lane was tired of walking. She had been all around this island,
looking for any more hidden chambers. She was on her way back to the
mansion and only had about a hundred yards to go when she caught
movement from the corner of her eye. Stephanie dropped to the ground
and peered out from the undergrowth. A tall, stunningly beautiful woman
was creeping towards the house, as if she were stalking prey. "Fuck not
her again" Stephanie exclaimed. Stephanie estimated that it would take
Rachel Martin about five minutes to get to the house. Stephanie quickly
ran to the house where she found the others in the chamber. Kat was
holding a test tube with a red colored liquid and crying.

"I'm sorry Kat. Matthew's been fixed too. There's nothing I can do.
Maybe given time but I'm no Dr Bexley" Cathline said sadly.

"She, She's here" Stephanie panted.

"Elizabeth?" Matthew asked.

"Yes, she's right behind me. She's Rachel Martin this time. Quick get
the dose" Stephanie stammered.

Cathline reached into the drug cabinet and produced the kitty dose bottle
and a syringe.
"Right let's get the bitch" She said.

They waited for her in the entrance hall. Rachel Martin walked in and
called "Hello Anyone there?".

"Come on 'hell bitch' just a little further" Kat whispered.

Rachel Martin took another couple of steps forward and closed the door
behind her.

Suddenly Robert and Matthew leapt at her from behind the Nemesis
statue. Rachel tried to struggle but the combined strength of Robert and
Matthew was too much. Cathline rushed up and jabbed Rachel's exposed
thigh with the syringe "That's for John and all the rest you bastard"
Cathline screamed in hatred.

Rachel Screamed "Ste" and then the effects of the drugs struck.

Rachel Martin's body shuddered as though being kicked. Her screams
were almost deafening and Robert could not bear to watch. Sweat poured
off of Rachel's body as her legs began to shrink. Black hairs shot out
from all over her body and face and grew rapidly as they formed fur all
over Rachel's perfect form. Rachel stared at her hands as fingers shrunk
until they formed small paws, her arms also began to shrink.
Another piercing scream was let forth as her body began to reform and
Rachel lost consciousness as the changes overtook her. Her face began to
alter shape, as her hair fell out and her whole head began to shrink and
reform until it was that of a cat. In the meantime her legs had shrunk and
now matched her now pawed arms in shape.

"Uh that's gross" Matthew said as he watched Rachel's body begin to
reshape. Bones crunched and flesh rippled as the change into a cat

The changes continued for over an hour until a small black cat lay,
motionless but still breathing inside the clothes that Rachel Martin once

"That's the most horrible thing I've ever seen" Kat said grimly.

"Here kitty,kitty,kitty" Cathline said, trying to coax the cat awake.

"What shall we call her?" Stephanie asked.

"You are SICK" Kat complained at Cathline and stormed off.

"What's up with her, We won didn't we!" Cathline said.

"Yes but look at the cost. I'm not sure even Elizabeth deserved THAT!"
Matthew said, still horrified at what he had just seen.

The cat that had been Rachel Martin began to stir, it stood on unsteady
legs and then began to rub up against Stephanie.

"Ahh isn't she cute" Stephanie said and picked the cat up"

"I know we'll call her Kitty Liz" Cathline said with a grin. Cathline went
to stroke 'Kitty Liz'. Kitty Liz was having none of it and hissed viciously
at Cathline.

"Hmm I don't blame her. I'd be just as pissed if someone had just turned
me into a cat" Stephanie said.

"OK. YOU can look after her. I'm going to try and get the system
working again." Cathline said and left.

"Listen, I'll stay a couple more days and then I'll be off. This should be
the story of the decade. Pulitzer guaranteed" Stephanie said to Robert.

"OK, I'll pass that along. I'd better go down to the bunker Cathline
wants to run a fixer test on me" Robert said and followed Cathline.

"Sure, I've got a new pet to play with" Stephanie said and walked outside
into the sunlight.

A very angry Kat stormed into the entertainment room and slammed the
door behind her. She slumped down onto a large, leather bound chair and
began to think. How could they be so heartless, yes at some level Liz had
deserved her fate but this was too much. To deprive someone of their
humanity and then make fun of them was evil. The rest of them couldn't
see it but Liz had turned them into creatures of hatred, miniature versions
of her. It would have been far better to let the proper authorities deal with
her. Still it was too late now. Liz was now a pussy cat and She and
Matthew were free at last. They'd won.

Kat felt empty inside. Now what could they do?, Matthew was still a
fugitive for the moment. Although the drugs they now possessed would
prove their story beyond doubt it would be a long drawn out affair. Liz
was defeated and they could begin to rebuild.

Kat got up and switched on the hi-fi. She went to change the CD in the
player but decided against it. "I wonder what sort of Music Liz liked?"
She thought.

A heavy rock beat thundered out over the multiple speakers.

38. Endgame - The Uninvited Guest*

'You may not recall the moment that you asked me
But your invitation was clear.
You'll pretend you've never met me, but It's far too late now I'm here.

Cause I'm the one who knows what scares you
I'm the one who loves you best
I'm the thirteenth at the table
I'm the Uninvited Guest

I'm the Banquo at your banquet,
I'm the cuckoo in your nest
I'm your fifteen stone first-footer
I'm the uninvited guest

I was there when you said insincere I love you's to a woman who wasn't
your wife.
And I fronted you the money that you ran away and blew on the biggest
regret of your life.

Cause I'm the one who knows what scares you
I'm the one who loves you best
I,m the thirteenth at the table
I'm the Uninvited Guest

I'm the Banquo at your banquet,
I'm the cuckoo in your nest
I'm your new years resolution
I'm the uninvited guest

I'm the face you hoped you'd never see but always knew you would.
I'm the one thing you knew you shouldn't do but did because you could.

I'm the evil in your bloodstream.
I'm the rash upon your skin.
And you made a big mistake alright the day you let me in.

And you can fly to the other side of the world.
You know you'll only find.
I've reserved the seat behind you.
We can talk about old times...'

39. Exposure.

As the song ended Kat sat bolt upright and set the CD to repeat, after
several more plays Kat saw it. What had just been an awful hunch was
now reality. "My God what have we done!." Kat said out loud, her voice
trembling with fear.

Kat reached into her purse and took out a phone number and dialled it.
After the call Kat was more sure than ever but before she could explore it
further there was a knock at the door.

"Hey turn that down, You're getting obsessed by that song" Matthew
said, walking into the room.

"Listen!" And Kat played the song once more.

"So?" Matthew queried.

"Don't you see it? It's so obvious now. Sure it's brilliant, her
masterstroke" Kat exclaimed.

"I'm a little stupid today, explain it" Matthew asked.

"Get Robert and Cathline in here" Kat asked.

"What about Steph?" Matthew said.

"For fuck's sake, don't get Stephanie. Whatever you do don't talk to her"
Kat said sternly.


"Just get the rest and make sure Stephanie is out of the way" Kat said.

"If you say so" Matthew said and walked out.

"Stephanie, Would you mind going to check to see how Liz got ashore.
Maybe she's brought friends along. We're going to finish up here and
ensure it's OK" Matthew said.

"OK, mind if I take Kitty Liz?" Stephanie said.

"Not at all, you're the only one she seems to like anyway" Matthew said.

"Be back in an hour or so" Stephanie said and walked off.

Matthew went down into the bunker to see a tearful Robert and grim
looking Cathline, who was consoling Robert.

"Fixed as well?" Matthew asked.

"Yes" Said a tearful Robert.

"The results of the test are very strange. The test confirms that the fixer
has indeed been given to Robert. However the fixer I'm familiar with just
inhibits any future dose of the drug. This version seems to actively fight
it. It makes it much, much more effective. What'd you want anyway?."
Cathline said.

"Kat's gone all weird on me. She wants all of us to meet her in the
entertainment room right away" Matthew said.

"I'll get Stephanie"Cathline said.

"No she was most insistent that Stephanie was NOT invited. I've just
sent her off to look see if Liz has brought any friends with her" Matthew

"Let's go and see what she wants" Robert said and they walked out of the

"Excellent. I take it Stephanie is out of the way" Kat said.

"She'll be gone a couple of hours, now what the hell is this all about"
Matthew demanded.

"Shut the door and Listen to this" Kat said and played the song again.

"I don't get it" Cathline said.

"Let me explain" And Kat skipped the appropriate point in the song.

"I was there when you said insincere I love you's to a woman
who wasn't your wife And I fronted you the money that you ran
away and blew on the biggest regret of your life"

"So?" Matthew demanded.

"Listen.' I was there when you said insincere I love you's to a woman
who wasn't your wife'. That's clearly John. Liz was involved in his
seduction by employing Jennifer Porter"

"I'll give you that, Mind you it could have been me" Cathline said.

"And now. 'And I fronted you the money that you ran away and blew on
the biggest regret of your life'. That's Liz again. She fronted Cathline the
money to go to Egypt which must rank as Cathline's biggest regret" Kat

"Too right." Cathline agreed.

"Are you saying that Elizabeth is this 'uninvited guest' in the song?"
Matthew said, puzzled.

"Yes, but it goes on. Listen to this bit." Kat forwarded the CD to the next

'I'm your new years resolution
I'm the uninvited guest.

I'm the face you hoped you'd never see but always knew you
I'm the one thing you knew you shouldn't do but did because
you could.

I'm the evil in your bloodstream
I'm the rash upon your skin
And you made a big mistake alright the day you let me in" Kat
paused the song with a deft, triumphant flick of the remote.

"That fits, we always knew we would meet Liz again" Robert said.

"Since Liz's blood is in my veins and she got me tattooed then I guess
that last bit must be me" Matthew said sadly.

"Where's this leading?" Cathline asked.

"I didn't put this CD on. It was in the player already, this must mean that
Liz put it there. I think she used this song to gloat over us and as to give
her some ideas for her plans"

"That sound's just like Liz. Retreat here and have a good laugh over our
efforts. Still we won in the end" Cathline said.

"No we haven't. Liz is still out there. I think that Liz is Stephanie Lane"
Kat said , as though she were Miss Marple.

"WHAT!" Cathline exclaimed.

Matthew almost shouted in complete surprise "No way. If it wasn't for
her we would have been nowhere".

"Before you call in the shrinks, listen to me. Only one other person was
missing from the lab when it exploded, Stephanie Lane.Further more She
was the one who SUGGESTED we meet at the lab. Monica Abbey had
left and was too obvious. Liz is subtle, not overt in planning. I now
believe Robert when he says that Monica was just being Monica and
refused to give a passcode" Kat said.

"Thank you. I haven't told anyone this for fear of reprisals. But I called
Monica the night the lab blew up. She gave me the correct passcode"
Robert interrupted.

"You did what, of all the " Cathline started.

"If you will allow me to continue . Robert's confession here proves my
point. Further clues are in the song ''I'm your new years resolution I'm
the uninvited guest' Who else was there when we made our new Years
resolution and who's the uninvited guest?" Kat said.

"Stephanie Lane was there. But wait a sec she always gave the correct
passcode" Cathline said.

"Which means she must have replaced Stephanie before we even met up
again. I had another look at all those statues in the hall. Do you know
what they have in common?" Kat said smugly.

"Greek Mythology?" Cathline answered.

"Yes, I think they are all codenames Liz has used. We know about one
name she used 'Deianeira' I remembered who she was. She dipped
Hercules's shirt into some poison and killed him. Liz could easily see
herself as Nemesis and Rachel Martin has been compared to Helen of
Troy. The only one that didn't fit was Pandora and that ladies and
transformed ladies was Stephanie Lane's Passcode" Kat said

"Well I'll be" Robert Started.

"And that's not all. In order to try and prove my theory further I tried to
find something simple that the 'Hell Bitch' could easily miss. Cathline
how did Liz take her coffee?"

"Umm Black without, I think." Cathline answered.

"And Stephanie Lane takes her coffee?" Kat asked.

"Umm, The same?" Robert asked.

"So they share the same taste in coffee" Cathline said.

"I've phoned Stephanie's work. They were curious as to why I wanted to
know how she took her coffee, I told them I was doing some market
research for various companies. They then told me Stephanie Lane liked
her Coffee white with a single sugar. However recently she's been having
it black without. I also asked them if Stephanie Lane had missed any
internal flights recently and was she unhappy with the service. They
answered that the only internal flight Stephanie had caught was on time
and she flew out after a morning meeting. If you remember Stephanie
stated that she had missed a flight because of a meeting and had to catch
a later one. In other words she lied about when she flew out to meet us.
She would have had ample time to set off the explosives at the lab and
wreck our cars" Kat said.

"Kat, this all sounds very convincing, you're telling us that you worked
all this out just now, from this one song" Cathline said sceptically.

"No, I'd been suspicious for some time. It seemed so right that Liz was
Monica but somehow it didn't FEEL right. As I've said before it was
TOO obvious, Liz is too good to make it that clear. I've been working
things out bit by bit, afraid to say anything in case it alerted Stephanie. It
didn't all click into place until I heard this part of the song
'And you can fly to the other side of the world
You know you'll only find
I've reserved the seat behind you
We can talk about old times...'

Who sat behind Matthew on the flight over?. Easy Cathline and
Stephanie" Kat announced.

"Still sounds suss to me" Cathline said.

"I think it makes perfect sense. As Stephanie she could keep and eye on
us and steer us in whatever direction she wanted. As our greatest
resource she could bring about our downfall" Kat said.

"This is all circumstantial evidence. It fits, but only because you've made
it fit" Robert said.

"I've thought of that. What do you say we lure Stephanie to the bunker,
tie her up and then confront her as though she were Liz? Make out that
we know all about it and try and get her to admit it. If she's not Liz then
fair enough I'm wrong, otherwise we have her" Kat said.

"Sounds good to me" Matthew said.

"It's the only way to be sure!" Robert said.

"Right, Mat, you go get Stephanie and tell her Cathline's managed to
activate the DNA system and we need her in the bunker. The rest of us
will lay in wait" Kat directed.

It took Matthew an hour to find Stephanie, she was sitting on a rock
looking out to sea.

"Hi Steph" Matthew said.

"Hi, what's happening"

"I've been asked to tell you that Cathline has managed to activate the
DNA system. She wants you to come and help"

Stephanie gave a surprised look "Really? I thought the security systems
were too good"

"Apparently not, Race you back" Matthew said and sprinted off.

They arrived, breathless at the bunker. Matthew had ensured that
Stephanie won and went down the bunker first.

With a shriek the rest of the group fell upon Stephanie. Overpowered by
so many She had no chance. They bound her hand and foot to a chair
near the console. Stephanie was screaming "What the Fuck are you
doing?" but soon stopped when Kat said.
"Hello 'Hell Bitch', Nice to meet you at last.."

"What the fuck are you talking about, Dr Bexley's gone" Stephanie

"I must say it was a very,very clever move switching with Stephanie
Lane" Kat said.

"I'm Stephanie Lane. Kat what are you playing at. Let me go" Stephanie

"Listen 'hell bitch", we know all about it. The Statues in the hall, how
you used a song to base some of your plans on and how you wanted us to
believe that we had turned you into a cat. Don't fuck with me I'm not in
the mood " Kat snarled.

An evil smile spread across Stephanie's face. "What a clever little kitty
Kat you are. I was right not to underestimate you."

40. Faustian Pact.

"Elizabeth?" Matthew asked.

"Hello twin, My body suits you!" Elizabeth said smugly.

"This is for John you bastard" Cathline spat and slapped Elizabeth hard
around the face.

"I expected more from you, Lover" Elizabeth taunted.

"You.." Cathline started to take a swing again but Kat stopped her.

"Not yet. I've got some questions to ask her" Kat said.

"Fire away. It's academic anyway. What has been set in motion cannot be
avoided" Elizabeth said in a matter of fact way.

"Who did we just turn into a cat?" Kat asked in dread.

"That's easy, I'm surprised you haven't worked it out. Kitty Liz is the
real Stephanie Lane. You see I wanted her out of the way and so, as
Rachel Martin I invited her to my island for a vacation. Oh and I threw
in an exclusive interview as to why Rachel Martin vanished. She could
not refuse and I had the guild take her. I used one of my Rachel Martin
pills on her and got the guild to look after her until I could release her. I
then flew back and took over as Stephanie Lane just before Xmas. I
released the real Stephanie lane when I got here and you did the rest."
Elizabeth said in a cold calculating way.

"Bastard!" Kat spat.

"That's what Rachel meant when her last words were 'ste' I thought they
were supposed to be 'Stop' but now I see that she was trying to say
'Stephanie'. We gave her no chance at all" Matthew said sadly. Elizabeth
just grinned back, completely un-repentant.

"How'd you get Stephanie Lane's DNA?" Cathline asked.

"Easy, just before my interview as Rachel Martin started I went to
bathroom in Stephanie Lane's apartment. It was easy to pick hairs from
her brushes, store them away and there we are. She never knew a thing."
Elizabeth said.

"You fucking bastard!" Cathline swore again.

"You mean we turned Stephanie Lane into a cat" Robert said, shocked.

"Yep. Neat huh, You're just as guilty as I am" Elizabeth said.

"No, you set her up, just as you set John up." Cathline screamed at Liz.

"Maybe but you still did it" Elizabeth laughed back.

Elizabeth's laughter was met by another hard slap from Cathline.
Elizabeth's nose started to bleed. Kat watched on impassive and
unwilling to intervene this time.

"Why Stephanie Lane and not me?" Said Kat

"Easy. As a journalist I controlled all the information that you saw and
read. I could kill the story if required and you would just be a load of
cranks. As your 'leader' I could keep an eye on you and manipulate what
you did. By being the mediator between you, I could censor the stories
you told. Another bonus was that it stopped Stephanie Lane from poking
around. I had great fun laughing at you lot, you and your stupid
passcodes." Elizabeth said, the bleeding from her nose had slowed to a

"As I thought. So why encourage us to team up? We would have been
easier to deal with one by one. Further more why not get the guild to do
it?" Kat said.

"Elementary my dear Kat. If I'd have picked you off one by one you
would have suspected that I was onto you and been much more careful.
The disappearance of all those to do with the Bexley trial would have got
the cops and world media interested in something else other than why my
twin over there killed John. Eventually they would have got me. Much,
much easier to deal with you in one go than try and take you on one at a
time. As for the guild I could have asked them to dispose of you but then
I would not have gained any satisfaction from it, besides the money part
was true. I'm nearly broke. Oh and Matthew, nice shot by the way. It
looked great from where I stood. Right at the base of the skull." Elizabeth
said with a wry grin.

"Was it you, who got the guild to get me out?" Matthew demanded,
ignoring Elizabeth's last jibe.

"Yes indeed it was. I needed to kill you myself for what you did to me
and my family, not have some faceless executioner do it. That's why I
rigged the trial, so I could be the hand that finally put you out of my
misery. No matter what happens you are on the run. In other words, not
only are you me forever you face a life of desperation and fear.
Eventually the cops will get you and that will be that. Your release also
served as a lure for you to join up with the rest of them. I knew that you
could not resist being reunited with your beloved Kat again. The added
bonus of you looking like me is that it will allow me access to my things
at mom and Dad's house and their resources" Elizabeth stated.

"But they've been frozen" Robert said.

"They would'nt be when Robert here got Matthew off, which of course
'Stephanie Lane' would have helped with. It would then be a simple
matter to turn myself back into the old me,dispose of Matthew and volia,
instant millions. Cathline, did you realise that it was me as Jennifer
Porter that tipped you off about my deal with her?"

"WHAT!" Cathline exclaimed.

"After I'd heard about the bust up you and Kat had I needed to get you
back together again. That seemed the easiest way, rekindle your hatred of
me" Elizabeth stated.

"Liz, I didn't hate you. Not until I learned what you've done did I hate
you. I'd always hoped that we could be together. I loved you Liz, but your
twisted mind took that as though I hated you" Cathline said sadly.

For the first time since her capture Elizabeth lost her haughty aloofness.
Her shoulders bowed and she began to cry. "I, I thought you were
betraying me" she sobbed.

"Never mind that, we can all say our piece later. I want to know about the
lab. What the Fuck blew it up and why did you do it?" Kat demanded.

"As to what, that's very easy. Several tonnes of compressed Propane gas
mixed in with air, commonly known as fuel-air explosives. I had the
devices fitted as a fail-safe. As to why, I'm surprised none of you worked
it out. My plan was to lure you all to a conference at the lab, lock down
the systems and then boom. Vickie and Jane spoiled that for me. It was
the only setback I'd had. I then had to switch to my alternate ending"
Elizabeth explained.

"Get us to go to your Island" Matthew said.

"Exactly. I'd release Stephanie Lane and then you would do the rest. I
could then fly back and vanish, leaving the story dead in the water. Yes
my DNA system would be lost but I would able to build another. "

"It almost Fucking worked. If it wasn't for my paranoid nature and that
CD" Kat said.

"My one and only mistake and such a small one. Mind you, even with me
out of the way Kitty Kat, your dream marriage is over, Cathline is still
alone and Robert, dear Robert I fear that Monica will not be able to cope
with you as you are. No matter the outcome I win." Elizabeth grinned
with satisfaction.

"Why this?" Robert said is he pointed to his female body.

"Why not? Call it a sadistic streak. No-one will believe such a cute lady
is the great Robert Abbey, it puts strain on all your relationships and
damages your credibility. Besides I needed your body to rig the trial"
Elizabeth said.

"So who was the fake Robert Abbey?" Kat Asked.

"Roger Ferry. He visited me soon after I had switched with Stephanie
Lane. He was some Kitty hybrid and would have been very damaging, if
his testimony had been told. I slipped some sedative into his milk and the
guild took him for me. Later on I gave him a Robert Abbey pill.
Unfortunately he had some kind of allergic reaction to it and died soon
after the change. The guild then made it look like a mugging that had
gone wrong. Just like I'd wanted them to all along. Roger Ferry just
saved them the trouble of killing him."

"I just thought, what'd you do with Jennifer Porter?" Kat asked.

"She was a loose end that needed to be tied" Elizabeth said as though she
were talking about fabric rather than a human life.

"Elizabeth. Why'd you do it? Your'e a doctor, why'd you cause so much
harm to so many." Matthew asked with a tears in his eyes.

"Matthew, we are yin and yang, we are the never-ending circle. We
cannot be apart because we are forever joined. When you jilted me it was
more than humiliation it was as though my heart had been split asunder
and my spirit poured out. You, even now fail to see it. We are supposed
to be together. You spoke of you and Kat being soul mates, that is not
true. Search how you feel, you know I'm right. I was content to leave the
rest of you alone but Matthew, you killed my parents. I had to retaliate.
Not only did you destroy me as a person you destroyed my entire family.
With you dead, at least I could be content in the knowledge that mom
and dad had been avenged. Everytime you look in the mirror you will see
me. We are joined and no-one can separate us." Elizabeth said in the
same manner a doctor gives bad news to a patient.

"What about the rest of us?, why us?" Robert asked.

"Sorry to blunt your ego's but you were just loose ends. Pawns if you like.
I do so hate loose ends." Elizabeth said smugly.

"Bitch" Robert screamed and lunged at Elizabeth but Kat stopped him.

"I'd like to take a few moments with Liz, alone." Cathline said.

"Me too, After Cathline" Matthew said.

"Are you sure?" Kat asked cautiously.

"Look, you can wait just outside. I'll be fine. She's not going anywhere"
Cathline said.

As the rest of them walked out the room. Cathline sat down on the chair
opposite Liz and glared at her with her one good eye.

"I can fix that y'know. " Liz gestured towards the patch.

"Probably. It doesn't matter anymore. We could have been so right for
each other and you had to destroy it in your never-ending quest for
vengeance. Why did I let myself love you?" Cathline said bitterly.

"You didn't love me. You wanted to use me, just like all the rest. Sorry
Cathline but I don't believe you. You wanted to use me to turn John into
a woman so you could have your husband and a wife all in one. As soon
as my job was done I'd have been discarded like some useless trash. " Liz
said. Again her composure cracked and she resumed crying.

"Liz. What you didn't see was me calling out to you to rescue me when I
was in that hell hole of a harem. How I held onto the feelings of when
you touched me HERE and THERE when the guards came to rape me. It
was my feelings for you and John that kept me sane for those four
months. I then learn that it was you who put me in there and you who
had arranged the whole thing. You say you feel betrayed, how in fuck do
you think I feel. You've turned me into a creature of hatred, what love
there was for you has gone. I'm more like you are everyday that goes by.
If I didn't have Kat and the other's I'd be consumed just like you are"
Cathline said, her tears flowing freely now.

"You, You LOVED me?" Elizabeth asked, still not believing what
Cathline had told her.

"Of course I did. You were smart,funny and beautiful what was there not
to love. I didn't see the psychotic, sociopathic heart beneath until it was
too late" Cathline said.

"There's nothing wrong with my heart, only that it has been broken once
too often" Liz said.

"Why'd you let John be killed?" Cathline asked the pain of the question
showing in her face.

"He was just a loose end that needed trying up." Liz said in a matter of
fact way.

"YOU could have stopped it" Cathline sobbed.

"It wasn't me who pulled the trigger. You can blame Missy Matthew for
killing John. I just gave John a way of escape which, tragically Matthew
cut short. He's more to blame than I am" Liz said.

"It was you who drove him to it. I've seen the effects of your
transformations on people. It's devastating. I know Kat keeps it quiet for
everyone's sake but she hates being Jasmine from Aladdin" Cathline

"Yes the choice of Jasmine was inspired don't you think" Liz smiled.

"If we were plotting, like in the old days I would agree with you. But this
is real people with real hopes and dreams. You can't just play with them
like some kind of puppeteer. Kat wanted to have kids and a proper
marriage" Cathline said forcefully.

"Bit hard now isn't it. I suppose the question is, is which one would be
the mother and who's sperm would you use." Liz laughed.

"I've had enough of you. Goodbye Liz. I hope you enjoy life as a cat
because I won't be feeding you." And Cathline stormed out.

"Is it my turn now?" Matthew asked Cathline as she emerged fuming
from her encounter with Liz.

"Anytime you want. She's evil, she's utterly amoral I vote for giving her
the kitty treatment" Cathline said.

"I hate to say this but I do to" Kat said.

"Look you two go off and do something. I won't be long" Matthew said
and went back inside the DNA chamber.

"I knew you'd be back my love" Elizabeth said.

"What's all this love crap?. You said you wanted to kill me." Matthew
said, sitting down on the chair that Cathline had just been sitting on.

"Love, hate, it's all the same. You do see that we are forever linked. You
said to us that you wished you had taken up my offer the first time. That
the cost of your freedom was too high. I now make that offer again. Be
with me. Be Rachel Martin's boyfriend, be the envy of the world. "

"You're in no position to bargain this time" Matthew interrupted.

"I'm in a stronger position that you think. Face it if you stay with Kat
what have you to look forward to, A life on the run, A life in a strange
body, never being able to father children. All your dreams would be lost.
If you come with me now, then I can make them happen again. Only I
can reverse the fixer that binds you. I can design you a male body as
perfect as Rachel Martin's was female. No chemical leash this time. Just
you and me forever." Elizabeth said seductively.

"I love Kat, no matter what" Matthew said forcefully.

"That maybe but what quality of life will you have?" Elizabeth continued

"What about avenging the deaths of your parents?" Matthew demanded.

"There's been enough death, now let's get on with life. I see that now"
Elizabeth said.

"I'm sorry I don't believe you. I think that you're trying to talk your way
out of things. It won't work." Matthew said sternly.

"We had some fun didn't we?" Elizabeth said changing the subject.

"Yeah we did" Matthew smiled.

"Remember when we had the gurney race at the hospital?" Elizabeth

"YOU cheated" Matthew said, pointing a finger at Elizabeth.

"It wasn't my fault a nurse got in the way"

"Was too. You called 'Quick Nurse, I need help stat!' and the poor nurse
stepped right out in front of me. I was winning too." Matthew said, smile
on his face for the first time.

"You're only jealous that you didn't think of it. Say what about the
holiday we had in Europe. That was great wasn't it" Elizabeth said.

"Sure was. Mind you, your driving was lethal in England." Matthew

"I got confused. They drive on the wrong side of road. Anyway it wasn't
for very far. " Elizabeth said.

"Far enough for my life to flash in front of me" Matthew stated.

"See we could have the same fun again, more so. All you have to do is
agree to my offer" Elizabeth said.

"You're right we did have some fun. But I didn't love you. I would be
living a lie if I'd have married you. Your hurt would be much, much
worse if I'd have stayed. When did you want revenge on me?, when did
you start plotting all this?" Matthew said sadly.

"I was on my way to a conference on the west coast. I stopped off in the
town where you were living. I saw you and Kat coming out of a cinema.
Hatred of you took over then. You were my demon that I had to exorcise.
Every bad thing that happened to me was your fault. This whole thing
was because you destroyed me, I distrusted Cathline because of it and her
situation is down to my mistrust of her. As you can see I'm over that
now. No longer Nemesis but Hera. I'll give up my powers over all animal
and vegetable life to be with you again" Elizabeth said.

"If I agree to your offer will you try to put everything right?" Matthew
said. His head spinning with confusion.

"Yep. I'll return you to a male body, Kat to her normal Jane Norton self.
Given time I can probably clone John from his tissue sample's Cathline
got for me. Cathline's eye can be restored. Everything can be as it was.
We can begin again" Elizabeth said persuasively.

"How can you restore John?, I shot him" Matthew said amazed at
Elizabeth's last statement.

"I have his DNA. I can re-create his memories from patterns in his brain,
which will still be there. All I need is a living thing to use it on. A large
dog will do. Thinking about it the same trick should work for Stephanie
Lane." Elizabeth said.

"You can restore everything?" Matthew said, in awe of the power in
which the lady in front of him could wield. The power of life and death.

"Robert I cannot restore yet. I've improved the fixer, A version 2 if you
like. That cannot be undone. I can however perform the same trick on
him as I could do on John"

"I need to discuss this with the others" Matthew said.

"I'm not going anywhere" Elizabeth said.

Matthew left the room, his mind in a whirl. Now what should he do?
Elizabeth was promising to make amends and restore everything back the
way it was. The cost was him marrying Elizabeth and obeying her. It was
Oh so tempting. Look there's Cathline.

"Cathline, I have some news. Quick bring Robert and Kat now. I'll wait
here and ensure Elizabeth doesn't escape."

"OK" Cathline said and raced off to find the others. After a short while
they came running into the statue room.

"What is it?" Kat said , panting.

"It's Elizabeth. She can fix everything. Make me a man again, Fix
Cathline's eye and even bring John back " Matthew said excitedly.

"HOW?" Cathline said.

Matthew explained Elizabeth's offer.

"Hmm it's theoretically possible. If anyone could do it Liz could"
Cathline said.

"So the price of all this is that you marry the 'hell bitch' Kat said angrily.

"That's the size of it. Kat I don't want to. What I want is to be with you
but sometimes what we want and what we need to do are different
things" Matthew said sadly.

"No, I won't allow it. I love you, I thought you loved me too" Kat said in

"I love you more than I can say. But this way I can make amends for
what I did to Cathline and John. Correct my worst nightmare" Matthew
said tearfully.

"To have John back again. To feel his touch again..." Cathline was
crying now. Her hatred of Liz beginning to melt with the prospect of
having John back again.

"I could go back to Monica, as me. Rebuild again" Robert said softly.

"What kind of life would you have?" Kat asked Matthew in unbelief.

"It doesn't matter anymore . Things would be right again, that's more
important than how I would live." Matthew said.

"But what about the 'hell bitch' she gets off Scott free. What about what
she deserves. What about me, what'll happen to me?" Kat said emotion
building in her voice.

"Don't you think there's been enough suffering and revenge. The circle of
destruction must be broken. Kat I'll love you forever. You are the most
unselfish person I know. You'll grow to understand" Matthew said, his
head still swimming.

"If she can bring people back from the dead, by using this cloning
technique why didn't she use it on her parents" Kat demanded.

"Maybe their bodies were too badly burned" Cathline said.

"Let's vote on it" Matthew said.

"All those for taking up Elizabeth's offer" Cathline said.

All the hands went up except Kat who stormed off.

"Kat Wait." Matthew called after her.

"Leave her, she'll understand" Robert said.

"You go on alone and tell her. We'll start dinner" Cathline said and she
and Robert walked off.

Matthew walked forelornly into the bunker. His head still feeling a little
confused. Elizabeth still sat there.

"Well?" Elizabeth demanded.

"Deal. I'll marry you in return for restoring all the damage you've done.
If you fail then I'm outta here" Matthew said.

"Come here and let your fiancee kiss you" Elizabeth said.

Matthew went forward and Elizabeth kissed him, her lips pressing
against his. Her tongue mingled with his and in spite of himself Matthew
felt himself get aroused. Elizabeth started to nibble his ear and whispered
"Fail-safe Jezebel".

Matthew stood bolt upright, unable to move and powerless to resist.

"Now my precious. Untie me " Elizabeth said sweetly.

Powerless to resist Matthew felt himself untying Elizabeth's bonds.

Elizabeth got up and stretched her stiff limbs and said "Oh that's better. I
LOVE failsafe's. By the way. The effects should only last an hour and the
deal I made with you was quite,quite false. I could not and would not
restore anything to anyone. Whilst I'm at it about your headache. Well
the phrase 'No longer Nemesis but Hera' triggered that off and made you
more open to suggestion. Don't worry that will only last a short while"

Matthew was horrified at what he just done but was powerless to prevent
it. The headache grew oppressive and he was unable to move.

"Now you will pass me one of those dart guns over there, a Rachel
Martin Pill and when I leave you will not be able to speak or move for a

Unwilling as he was Matthew could not help but retrieve a dart gun from
the armory and a Rachel Martin dose from the medicine cabinet. With
every ounce of will he tried to resist but he was powerless to prevent
himself handing them over to a gloating Elizabeth. As soon as she took
them Matthew's body stiffened and he could no longer speak.

Elizabeth ran out of the room.

Kat had cooled down a little and was walking back into the house. She
walked past the bunker and wondered what had happened. Was Matthew
really committed to marrying the 'Hell Bitch'. Her gut feeling said no, he
wouldn't do it unless forced somehow. She ran back into the bunker to
see Matthew standing, unmoving in the corner of the room. The chair
that had once held Dr Elizabeth Bexley was empty, the bonds lay
scattered on the floor. "Matthew!" She screamed at tried to shake him
awake. Nothing was forthcoming, it was as though he had been
transfixed or turned to stone. A quick check showed that, mercifully he
was still alive. Kat ran to the armory and took a dart gun and then unable
to help further she ran out of the room to get Cathline and Robert.

She found them in the kitchen. Cathline lay on the ground blood oozing
from a gash in her head. Robert had fared little better, he just lay next to
Cathline his head swollen from the impact of a blunt instrument,
mercifully they too were still alive. With no time to lose Kat ran out of
the house and to the jetty.

"She must be headed to her yacht. It's closer." Kat reasoned. So it came
down to this. As she had always feared she would have to face the 'hell
bitch' alone. Fear gripped Kat as she ran towards the jetty. "Focus Kat,
it's down to you now". A quirky thought struck Kat , the kind that
sometimes leaps into focus in moments of terror. Kat remembered the
fear mantra from Dune "fear is the mind killer,fear is the little death that
brings total obliteration. I Will face my fear". Fuck doesn't work thought
Kat but she still carried on running.

41. I'll Teach You To Make Me A Disney Character You Bitch.

Liz was just starting to untie the last mooring rope on the jetty when a
nearly exhausted Kat caught up with her.

"Hold it right there 'Hell Bitch'!" Kat shouted and aimed her dart gun at

Liz whirled round and saw Kat pointing the dart gun right at her. Kat
was standing about three metres away, her gun wobbling slightly in a
mixture of fear and fury.

"Put the gun down,slowly" Kat demanded.

Liz noticed that Kat was nervous and formulated a plan, she slowly knelt
down and began to put the dart gun down. However as she did so she
slowly lifted the barrel upwards, gradually aiming it at Kat. It was nearly
on the floor when the aim was just right.

"Too Slow Kitty Kat" Liz said and fired.

The dart shot out from the gun and hit Kat in the left shoulder. Kat
screamed and instinctively reached up and pulled the dart from her
shoulder. Unable to move for the shock she stood there for a few
moments and then fell to the floor.

"Far too slow KITTY Kat" Liz said and went back to untying her yacht.

Kat lay on the floor in great pain. The wound was slight but the pain oh
the pain. Kat's body was shaking and sweating with fever. Her limbs
ached and her head felt as though it was about to explode. A sudden
wave of pain shot thru her body causing her to convulse.

Kat's dart gun was painfully just out of reach. Thru the pain Kat focused
all of her will into moving a hand towards the gun. Just a little further.
Only another inch to go.

Liz had nearly finished untying the last mooring rope and she turned to
Kat and just laughed. She then saw Kat reaching for the gun and ran to
kick it away from her.

With last monumental effort Kat caught hold of the gun just in time to
see Liz bearing down on her. Liz was a metre away when, with the very
last moments of her strength and will Kat fired.

Liz screamed as the dart hit her left leg. She reached out and quickly
pulled it out, finding out too late that the phial inside was empty. She
stared in horror at the empty dart and ran towards the now barely
conscious Kat.

"Bitch" Liz screamed and kicked Kat in the stomach. Kat winced in pain.
"Bitch" Liz shouted and followed it up with another kick this time to the
head. Kat's face was bleeding now. Another kick followed and another
and another until a sudden pain caused Elizabeth to collapse to the floor
next to Kat.

42. Prices Paid.

Matthew slowly came round. The feeling of numbness died away and
after a short period of time he was in control again. He turned around to
see the chair where Elizabeth had been empty. The ropes lying on the
floor and Elizabeth nowhere to be found. "FUCK FUCK FUCK" He said
out loud and ran off to find the others.

He was horrified to see Cathline and Robert laying motionless on the
floor. A small pool of drying blood lay beside Cathline but she at least
was still alive. Robert was unconscious on the floor, a large bruise
forming on the back of his head. Matthew quickly put them into the
recovery position is case they choked on their own blood and went to look
for Kat.

"She must've gone after Elizabeth" Matthew reasoned and headed
towards the Jetty. After an exhausting sprint down he was horrified to see
Kat laying as though dead on the ground. Elizabeth lay near her, her face
slowly reshaping into that of Rachel Martin.

"KAT" He screamed and ran to help her. He knelt down and felt a pulse,
pulling down one eyelid he could see that Kat was almost comatose. A
small patch of blood was seeping onto Kat's blouse. A dart lay nearby. It
was obvious as to what had happened. Elizabeth had shot Kat who had
managed to somehow shoot her back. But what was in the darts. Kat
should be safe because of the fixer in her bloodstream so why was she

Matthew turned his attention to Elizabeth, now almost fully Rachel
Martin again.

"So it's just you and me now" Matthew said.

"Fail-safe" Elizabeth started to say but more convulsions shook her body
again. In pain Elizabeth ripped her skirt off as more and more pain
wracked her body. She was gasping for breath, unable to speak or hardly
breath. "No Not That one!" She gasped and she tried to crawl away from

Elizabeth let out a scream that seemed to echo around the island.
Matthew looked on in amazement as Elizabeth's feet seemed to thin out.
Elizabeth was sweating now "Please stop it now" she sobbed.

Matthew was unwilling to do so and now the changes started in earnest.
There was a crunch of bone and suddenly Elizabeth's legs were pressed
together "I can't move them apart" She screamed. Her toes seemed to
elongate until they stretched out about two feet in each direction. "For the
love of God help me" Elizabeth sobbed.

Her plea fell on deaf ears as Matthew stood and watched Elizabeth's legs
start to thin out and lose that feminine muscular shape. A flap of skin
formed between her feet, joining them together. Elizabeth saw this and
scrabbled at it trying to get it to stop. "Get to the Lab. Help me. Oww the
pain" She screamed.

The skin had now joined Elizabeth's legs all the way to the knees.
Elizabeth was in pain again, unable to speak, her legs quivering in
reaction to the changes going on. Matthew noticed that all her toes had
now fused into the one long one. Her legs were also now joined all of the
way up forming a kind of tail.

More changes rippled beneath Elizabeth's 'tail'. Her knees vanished and
her whole 'tail' smoothed out. Underneath the skin rippled and
convulsions could be seen as the internal structure of her legs was
altered. Her feet merged and lengthed into a point and her two long 'toes'
splayed outwards. Skin formed between the toes and a large fishes fin
took shape. Elizabeth's face looked downwards in horror at the creature
she was becoming.

"A mermaid. You're becoming a Mermaid" Matthew said in amazement.

"I know. Fail-safe " Elizabeth started to say but her last words turned into
a scream as she saw a small row of green scales formed on her fin.

"Failsafe's won't work anymore. I'm retreating to a safe distance. I think
you've got everything you deserved. Goodbye Elizabeth" and Matthew
retreated several metres away.

"No help me. I love you" Screamed Elizabeth as the scales began to form
under her skin. Inch by painful inch they grew thru the skin until they
had formed all the way up to where Elizabeth's hips had been. Elizabeth
reached down and stroked them, unable to believe that this fishes tail
belonged to her. Another piecing scream told all those who could hear it
that the changes were complete.

Elizabeth tried to stand up on her fishes tail but it was too weak. She
could manage to drag herself along the ground but it was a real effort.

Heavy footsteps behind Matthew made him whirl round. A bloodied but
alert Cathline followed by Robert ran to stand alongside him.

"What's going on?" Robert said.

"We got her" Matthew said and pointed to Elizabeth.

"Kat" Cathline shouted and went to help her.

Matthew stopped her "She's ok. We need to deal with Elizabeth now. I
think Seaworld would love a real live mermaid to display. You two hold
her. I'll go get a net"

Elizabeth seeing the two of them walking towards her starting shuffling
herself to the edge of the jetty. With one last heave she was into the water
and gone with a powerful flick of her tail.

"She's escaped again" Cathline shrieked.

"Doesn't matter anymore. Come help me with Kat" Robert said.

It took an hour for them to carry the comatose Kat back to the house.
They laid her down in one of the bedrooms.

"What's up with her?" Matthew asked Cathline.

"No Idea. I think the dose in the dart she took is reacting with the fixer in
her body. I'll go down to the bunker and take a blood sample" Cathline
said concerned.

A few minutes later Cathline was back with a syringe, it took a few
moments to draw a sample of blood from Kat's arm. "Robert could you
stay here and watch her. Matthew and I will go downstairs and analyse
this" Cathline suggested.

"Sure. boy have I a headache" Robert said.

"Yeah Me too. This won't take long" Cathline said and she and Matthew
walked out of the door.

"I wanted to stay" Matthew protested.

"If it's what I think it is, you don't" Cathline said cryptically.

Cathline worked hard for an hour and then gave her prognosis to
Matthew. It's what I suspected. This new dose, whatever it is has been
treated with the version 2 fixer. It's fighting off and removing all traces
of the original fixer. When it's done Kat too will begin to change"
Cathline said sadly.

"Into what?, another mermaid like Elizabeth" Matthew said in fear of
what Cathline might say next.

"No, I don't think so. The imaging system is still working on it. It should
be done in about five minutes" Cathline said.

"Can't we give her a Rachel Martin dose or something. Replace what she
will become with what we want her to be" Matthew asked.

"Won't work. The original fixer is locking her old form, the new one is
locking her new one. We can't do anything but wait. I'm sorry" Cathline
said and hugged Matthew.

Five minutes seemed like five days as the imaging system rendered it's
findings from the blood sample. Line by line an image of Rachel Martin

"Hey I could be married to Rachel Martin" Matthew exclaimed.

"Sorry that's just the base form. Y'know how Liz changed into Rachel
Martin first before becoming a mermaid. There's more to come" Cathline
said in tears.

An agonising minute later the figure of Rachel Martin on screen began to
change, when it had finished Matthew and Cathline screamed in unison

Robert was just watching Kat's face when he thought he saw some eye
movement, he waited a while longer. There it was again. He rushed
downstairs to find a tearful Matthew and Cathline.

"Kat's waking up" Robert said.

"I know. Look what she's turning into" Matthew sobbed and showed
Robert the screen.

"Fucking hell, I'm sorry" Robert exclaimed.

"What do we do about it? How do we tell her?" Matthew said

"We don't. We'll keep her under sedation until all the changes has run
their course. We can then explain to her and reduce the shock that way.
It's too late to do anything else. Matthew go upstairs and tell her that
we're looking after her and everything's going to be OK. Give her a glass
of water with this sedative in it" Cathline said.

Matthew went upstairs, knocked and went inside, expecting to see the
creature he had just seen on screen. However Kat was still Kat.

"Hi. What's up?" Kat said, noticing Matthew's grim look.

"You got her, she's gone for good" Matthew said sadly.

"Why the glum looks then?" Kat asked.

"She got you too" Matthew said.

"I know but I feel fine. Thank God for fixer" Kat said.

"Yeah. Here drink this. Cathline says you're dehydrated and need your
liquids." Matthew said.

"Thanks, Did I turn Liz into a cat?" Kat asked and then drank the water

"Nope. Those dart guns were filled with some kind of mythical creature
doses. Maybe Elizabeth intended to use them on us. Y'know rob us of our
humanity. Anyway Elizabeth is now a very unhappy mermaid" Matthew

Kat smiled. "As long as we don't go near water then we're home and

"Kinda" Matthew said held Kat's hand.

"I'm so tired" Kat said and drifted off to sleep. Matthew sat next to her
on the bed, just holding her hand and waiting.

Matthew had fallen asleep when he felt Kat's hand begin to change. He
awoke with a start. The first stage change was underway. A nearly
complete Rachel Martin lay in the bed where his beloved Kat once was.
Matthew let go of Kat's hand and awoke Cathline.

"Cathline. Kat's now Rachel Martin" Matthew said sadly.

"Hmm faster than I thought. Look I'll be up soon and we can continue to
sedate her.

It was a long night. Robert,Cathline and Matthew took it in turns to
watch over Kat and ensure that she remained asleep. Robert noticed the
first change the next afternoon. His report was met with a sense of doom.
Elizabeth may not be human anymore but neither would Kat.

There was a change every 12 hours or so for the next 4 days. Each day
taking Kat further and further away from humanity. Matthew stood
watch the most, unwilling to leave her bedside for more than a few hours.

They waited two agonising days after the last change had happened to
ensure that it was done and then convened a meeting.

"So Cathline what's your findings?" Robert asked.

"The changes have stopped. I've done a blood test and it shows positive
for only fixer version 2. This is Kat's final form. We need to gently wean
Kat off the sedative and slowly bring her round. Matthew I think you
should be the one to tell her."

"Agreed. I must admit Kat does look awesome in her new body. Much
better in the flesh than on screen." Matthew said.

"I'm glad you can see a positive side because Kat will be like that for a
very long time. She will need us all and she needs to understand that we
all care for her and will stand with her" Cathline said.

They gradually weaned Kat off the sedatives over the next day. Then A
week after the she had been hit by the dart Kat started to come round.

Kat's head hurt. She knew she'd been asleep for ages and why was it so
hot in here. She opened her eyes and saw Matthew's concerned face
peering down at her.

"Hey you OK?" He asked.

"Groggy. Why's it so hot in here?"

"It's not. Listen I have some very bad news for you. I want you know I
still love you and the others care for you a great deal." Matthew said

"What's up? Strange my voice is different, kinda fuzzy." Kat said,

"The fixer didn't stop you from changing. We've been keeping an eye on
you for the past week. Don't worry you're still beautiful." Matthew said

"What, What am I?" Kat rasped and she went to sit up.

Matthew put a hand on the sheet covering Kat's chest. "Not yet, A part at
a time."

What are they being so cagey about, hold on a moment I feel as though
I'm sitting on a part of me. Kat thought. "Pass me the mirror" Kat said.

"Remember I love you" Matthew said and handed Kat the mirror.

Kat started in the mirror and saw a tigers face but with elements of a
human face still there. Her nose, no muzzle pointed outwards and her
ears, now cat shaped, had moved up onto the top of her head.
Surrounding this face was a frame of long black hair. Her skin had been
replaced with orange and black fur. Small black stripes of fur ran over
her nose and her face was surrounded by another band of white fur. Kat
did the only thing she could screamed.

"Hey it's OK" Matthew started.

"I. I want to see the rest of me" Kat demanded.

"Not yet"

"Listen don't treat me with kid gloves. I want to see what I am and what
the fuck am I sitting on?" Kat said crossly.

"Stay where you are. I'll bring over that full length mirror over here. As
to the thing you are sitting on, well that's your tail".

"Get that mirror over here" Kat screamed.

Matthew walked over to the mirror and turned it to face Kat.

Kat started to sit up. "Ow" she said as she sat on what she assumed must
be her tail. Kat looked down at her arms. On the upper side they were
covered with orange fur with the occasional black stripe. Her hands were
still covered in the same fur but mercifully she had still kept her fingers,
although the ends were more pointed than usual. Kat looked under the
sheet and saw that her whole body was covered in fine layer of fur. Her
hand reached up and touched her face. It felt like stroking a well
groomed cat. " I can't cope with this" Kat cried.

"Yes you can. We both can" Matthew said and took her hand.

"Help me up I want to see the rest of me" Kat demanded.

"Only if you're sure" Matthew said and reached up and pulled Kat

Slowly Kat walked to the mirror and screamed once again. She took
another look. Kat estimated she was about six feet high. She still had
Rachel Martin's muscle tone and curvy form but every part of her was
covered in fur. The front of her body was white, as was the inside of her
legs and arms. The rest was orange with black stripes. Suddenly
appearing from her ass was a long, bushy, orange and black tail. It was
about three feet long and seemed to have a life of it's own. She looked
down at her feet to see that the toes had fused together and formed a foot
shaped paw.

Kat stepped back in horror "No. NOOO" She screamed and promptly
fainted. Matthew managed to catch her and struggled to move her to the
bed. boy was she heavy. He laid her on her side so to stop her sitting on
her tail.

Cathline knocked and then came in.

"How is she?" Cathline asked.

"As well as can be expected. It'll take time for her to adjust" Matthew

"How bout you?" Cathline said.

"Which bit?. The bit about having Dr Elizabeth Bexley's body or being
married to a tigress" Matthew asked.

"Both." Cathline said.

"I still hate being a woman but I now realise I must get on with my life.
Be the best 'husband' to Kat I can be. As to Kat's new body, I simply
don't know yet. Sure it's mighty sexy in some ways. In others it's
horrible. How would you like to kiss a tiger?" Matthew said glumly.

"No idea. What I do know is that you'll work it out. I once said that I
hated you and that you were only useful as long as we were up against
Liz" Cathline said.

"I thought you'd forgotten about that".

"Not a chance. I've said all along that justice must be done. So as soon as
I'm done here I'm going to turn you in" Cathline said.

"Wait a minute. I'll be going to my death"

"Not with Robert Abbey and a wife who could star in born free" Cathline

"Cathline. I don't know what to say" Matthew said.

"I realised after my last conversation with Liz that if I didn't let go, break
the circle of hatred. I'd become just like her. If I didn't break it then she
would have beaten me and John's death would have been in vain. I
couldn't live with myself. I understand what you did and why you did it. I
must let John go. There still the other matter in that I promised to turn
you in if I had the chance. Since I keep my promises that's why I'm
going to" Cathline said.


"When we're done here and when Robert's got enough evidence to get
you free" Cathline said.

"Thanks" Matthew said.

"Anytime" Cathline said and walked out.

Kat awoke about half an hour later. She put a furred hand to her face, felt
it's silky fur ,gave the fur a tug and just said "Fuck" and flopped back
down into bed again.

End Day.

43. End + 30 days: Epilogue.

It took Cathline ten days to work around most of the DNA system's
security, She still couldn't design any new drugs but she could produce
more doses of the designs already stored there. Nowhere could she find
the design for version 2 of the fixer. In spite of several tries Kat,Robert
and Matthew remained in their transformed bodies.

A month after Kat's final transformation the group sat down around the
large dining table for their weekly discussion and update meeting.

"How are you today Kat?" Cathline asked.

"Fine. I'm kinda getting used to this now. Matthew tells me I walk like a
cheetah or something like that. Anyway I'll miss being able to be with
normal people." Kat said.

"She's a real animal in bed. You can't imagine what she does with that
tail!" Matthew added with a grin, stroking Kat's tail as it rested on his

"How's your efforts to turn us back to normal?" Robert asked, getting
back to the point in question.

"Not going very well. That's what I want to talk to you about. I cannot do
anymore. I just don't have the knowledge or the passcodes to get things
going again. I really think we should destroy the machine. The guild may
not want it but governments, the Mafia, anyone will. The guild could
make a lot of money out of selling it's location. Anyway the longer we
leave it, the more likely the guild are to come." Cathline said.

"No we need it, I need to get back to being me" Robert complained.

"Yeah being like this is fun for a while but I want to be human again"
Kat said.

"How do we know the guild know where the system is?" Matthew asked.

"Liz must've had help to install it and fly it out here. She used the guild
and so they must know where it is" Cathline said.

"And if the guild pay us a visit?" Robert said.

Matthew made a throat slitting gesture.

"So the choice we have is to destroy the system and prevent it from
falling into the wrong hands, stay here and hope the guild never come or
bug out, leaving the system for the guild or anyone to find" Cathline said

"If we choose the first then we're stuck like this but then this curse could
never be inflicted on the rest of the world. If we stay here there's every
chance we end up dead with our throat's slit and if we leave, then we stay
as we are and the system could then fall into the wrong hands again.
Hobson's choice huh?" said Matthew.

"Yep" Cathline said.

"Wait a sec, you mean to say that you want to stay like that!" Robert said.

"I made the selfish choice once. I'm not going to do that again. Yes I
dislike this body but I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing I'd
helped unleash that infernal system on the world." Matthew said.

"I suppose" Robert mused.

"Listen We'll discuss other things and then vote on it at the end" Kat

"Agreed. What's next?" Cathline said.

"We've been bumming around on this island for a month now. What do
we do now? Do we go back and try and live normal lives or what?"
Robert asked.

"I'm staying here. I can't really go back to normal life can I?" Kat said

"Actually I've managed to decode Liz's diaries on the system. They
should be downloading now. I'd quite like to write all this up. I've got
tons of stuff from Stephanie Lane's notes so it should make quite a story.
Y'know record people's thoughts and stuff. It'd help Matthew's defense
for when I turn him in and besides the world ought to know what really
went on." Cathline said.

"Excellent Idea. What about you Robert what are you going to do?"
Matthew said.

"Assuming we destroy the machine, go back home and try and patch
things up with Mon. I take it you still want me to represent you?" Robert

"Yes Please. I'm staying with Kat. She still needs me as much as I need
her. I'm staying put for a while" Matthew said.

"What about Dr Bexley's money. If you prove you're not the real Dr
Bexley then you lose the 300 million." Cathline asked.

"Not necessarily. The money can be used to compensate all those who
have been affected by Dr Bexley's evil. I would suggest 10 million for all
the families of the cops killed by the guild. About 30 million will do me
nicely and Cathline how does 50 Million sound to you?" Robert said.

"The money isn't going to make up for it" Cathline said.

"I know. But in principal.." Robert said.

"I'll settle for 50 million" Cathline said.

"That leaves us with 120 million to play with. That should be more than
enough" Kat said.

"There's one other thing before we vote. I want to take the last Rachel
Martin dose" Cathline said.

"Why? We should destroy everything to do with this" Kat said.

"I think, with some work I can use it to restore my eye. We may as well
use the machine for good before we destroy it" Cathline said.

"Sure, you deserve it. How'd you feel about being the most beautiful
woman in the world" Matthew said.

"It's a burden I feel I can bear. Besides imagine having Rachel Martin
defending you in court" Cathline said.

"So when are you going to take it?" Kat asked.

"Not for a while yet. I want to start work on your tales and check the dose
out first." Cathline said.

"Let's vote. Who wants to destroy the machine thus keeping themselves
in their present body for good?" Kat said.

Cathline put her hand up right away.
Matthew did the same."Oh well" he said
Kat looked down at her furry body and swished her tail for a bit. Then at
last she put her hand up."What the hell" She said.
"Robert?" Cathline asked.

"Promise me, this machine will never see the light of day again?" Robert

"We promise" Cathline said.

Slowly Robert put his hand up.

"Motion carried. When do we destroy it?" Kat said.

"Tomorrow" Cathline said.

The next day the remnant went into the bunker and retrieved a Rachel
Martin dose for Cathline and another, different dose as evidence. They
powered off the system and then set to work dismantling the computer
systems that was the heart of the machine. The components they couldn't
de-install they smashed, the others they built up a large pile of hardware
on the floor.

After several hours work the system was completely wrecked.

"What do we do with the processors and hard disks?" Matthew asked.

"Open them up, smash the disks and then take the yacht out to the
deepest part of the ocean and dump them." Kat suggested.

"Let's do it" Matthew said.

From just above the surface Dr Elizabeth Bexley watched the remnant
pack the yacht with bits of her machine. She hated being a mermaid, not
ever being able to walk amongst people again, having to eat cold fish
every day, not ever having the pleasure of shaving her legs and all the
little things that people take for granted. "One day I'll be back" she
vowed. Elizabeth was pleased that Kat had not escaped transformation as
she saw the Kat creature walk down to the beach and collect another part
of the DNA system. Kat looked up and nearly spotted Elizabeth.
Discretion being the better part of valor Elizabeth flipped over the in
water and with a flick of tail vanished beneath the waves..

44. End + 6 months: Epilogue - Cathlines Tale.

I've just about finished writing things up now. It's taken ages to piece all
the bits together and ensure all the plots and nuances are there. Still it
should be ready in time for the trial. I've just finished a long walk
alongside the shore. It really is beautiful here, Liz may have been evil but
she had good taste in Islands.

I don't know whether to tell Kat and Matthew that I'm almost ready to
leave. Maybe in another day or so. My biggest problem is loneliness. Kat
and Matthew are very much together and although I've offered a
threesome a couple of times they just don't seem interested. It's not that
they're deliberately shutting me out, they're not. It's just that I need some
companionship now. When Kat and Matthew's first anniversary came up
a few weeks ago I did take the yacht and visit another island for the
evening, how I wish I had someone here to share this wonderful island

I walk past a rock pool and look at my reflection in there. It's hard to
imagine that a little under five months ago I was just plain old Cathline
Richards, the girl who's eye had been burned out over a year ago now.
The face looking back is that of the awesome beauty of Rachel Martin. I
remember with glee feeling my body change and turning into the goddess
I now am. When I opened up my left eye and could see again that was
one of the most wondrous moments of my life. I cannot but think of the
friends I'll leave behind when I go. No doubt I will be back but I suspect
my work will take up an enormous amount of time. Still the friends I
have made here will last me a lifetime. Better get back it's mine and
Matthew's turn to cook lunch and Kat gets SO hungry these days. "Lot's
of meat" so she says.

45. End + 32 Days Epilogue - His Tale.

I sit forlorn on the rocks near the jetty, just watching the ocean. I've been
out here for an hour or so now, trying to get that elusive all over tan. I'll
get used to being a woman, I've no doubt of that now. Even now my
memory of being a man is fading. That's not to say I like being a copy of
Elizabeth I don't. I just accept that's who I am now.

The destruction of the machine yesterday sealed both mine and Kat's
fate. Unlike when I refused Elizabeth's offer a year ago I know I've done
the right thing. I've still got my appeal to attend and I'm dreading it.
Robert is very,very good and seeing as we have some real proof this time
we are in with a shot. Quite what will happen if we lose I don't know.
Still the trial is several months away.

I'm starting to get used to Kat being as she is now. Kat hides her feelings
well but I know she wants to be back to normal as much I want to be a
man again. Still we have the cards fate deals us. On the whole we are
very happy together, it's just sometimes I wish things had worked out as
they should have done.

46. End + 1 year: Epilogue Christine Adam's Tale.

Just like when the shuttle blew up or when the first OJ verdict was
announced ,everyone remembers where they were during the second
Bexley trial. I was at home with the kids and they had been playing me
up rotten. I had been following the trial for a couple of months and was
still sceptical of the defense. A pretty blonde(who was supposed be
Robert Abbey) was mounting the defense and the prosecution seemed to
be ripping her to shreds. What made it all the more puzzling was that
Rachel Martin was there speaking for the defense. She claimed her name
was really Cathline Richards and she had taken the form of Rachel
Martin in order to restore her left eye.

The first shock came when the defense called in Jane Stephens. Now I'd
followed the first Bexley case pretty closely(she worked in my home
town) and remember seeing pictures of Jane Stephens. A stunned silence
went across the courtroom and indeed most of the country as a tall
athletic 'woman' walked in. I say 'woman' because she seemed to be part
tiger, part woman. She had a woman's shape but had feline features. She
was covered all over in orange and black striped fur and had a long furry
tail. She stood proud and aloof in the dock and gave her name as 'Kat'.
Several members of the jury fainted and the trial was adjourned almost

This 'Kat' gave testimony on how a ragtag group of the real Dr Bexley's
victims overcame Dr Bexley and prevented the spread of her horrific
DNA altering technology. Until Jane Stephens aka 'Kat' walked in the
tale was of pure fantasy now it was reality and it gripped the entire

The trial continued over the next few weeks as doctors confirmed that
'Kat' was really like that at a genetic level. The final proof came with the
screening of what the papers called the 'world's luckiest transsexual' .
The images of a man slowly turning into a body double of the old Jane
Stephens wowed an already hooked country.

With such strong evidence the prosecution's case collapsed and Matthew
Stephen's appeal on the grounds of self defense and acting in the best
interests of the US was upheld. Reportedly a presidential pardon was on
the card's if the appeal failed but that can never be proved. Furthermore
the money from the Bexley estate was to be shared out to all those who's
lives had been destroyed by Dr Bexley's evil.

My viewing was interrupted by my youngest, James screaming that he'd
just spilt his milk all over the bathroom carpet. Never mind I'll catch it
later on the news.

47. End + 2 Months: Epilogue - The Lawyers Tale.

I sit on the plane back to the US and take stock of where I am now. I've
now resigned myself to being Jennifer Porter forever.I can't say I like it
but compared to what could have happened I think I've done ok. I do feel
as though I wasn't part of the 'in' crowd like Kat and Cathline were but
I'm proud to have done my part in stopping Dr Bexley. In some ways it
has been fun and I'll never forget the experiences we've had here.

I spoke to Monica on the phone a few weeks back and she's happy to see
that I'm alive and the story of how we dealt with Dr Bexley had her
enthralled. She was, however much less happy to hear that I'm still a
woman. She's finding it very difficult to get to grips with this but said
we'll talk more when I get back. Which should be in about three hours
time. I wonder how she will react to my news. Oh well time for some

I land at JFK and walk down the same corridor that John did so long ago.
In my mind I can see Matthew waiting in the lounge, spotting John,
giving chase and then finally shooting him. So much has happened since

I look up and see Monica waving at me and I run up and hug her.

"I've missed you" I said.

"You to. I've booked us in at a holiday inn. You must be exhausted so let
me drive." She said.

"Mon, I'm sorry for running off" I said.

"We'll talk tomorrow, you rest"

I don't really remember the journey to the hotel I just remember waking
up the next day. I reached over to see if Monica was there but she was
sleeping in a separate bed. I just went back to sleep again.

"Hello sleepy head" Monica said when I awoke.

"What time is it?"

"About 11am. I got you some breakfast" Monica said and handed me a

"Thanks" I sat up and started to tuck into my toast.

"I've had a lot of time to think when you've been away" Monica said.

My heart froze. What was she going to say. "And?" I replied.

"I still love you but I don't see myself sleeping with you. I've tried to look
at a woman and think 'she's cute' or 'nice ass' but it doesn't do anything
for me. I know sex isn't the be all and end all of a marriage but it IS
important. I want to stay with you but I won't sleep with you. I'm sorry
the thought of being with another woman, even if she is my husband
turns me off" Monica said sadly.

"I know and strangely enough I agree with you. Part of me does still
fancy women but somehow it doesn't feel right, well at least for me.
When I was on the island Cathline offered to teach me how to make love
to a woman, as a woman but as soon as she started to stroke my breast I
just went cold. We had to stop there and then. It was then I decided that
if I was to be a woman I needed practice as a woman and that includes
going out on dates with men. I guess it's an individual thing. Matthew
Stephens is quite happy to make love to 'Kat' , I mean Jane Stephens and
that's his thing, well mine is that I want to see what it's like with a man"
I said.

"So where does that leave us?" Monica said.

"Dunno. I still love you. Maybe we can share our house and the rest of
our lives but not our bed. Double date some cute law students maybe?" I

"I guess" Monica said sadly, tears forming in her eyes.

"Hey don't cry we'll work this out" I said and put my arms around her.

48 End +1 Year: Epilogue Steve's Tale.

I've missed working with Stephanie Lane. Dean's asked me if I wanted
to move into reporting rather than just camera work. I accepted about five
months ago and I've enjoyed it immensely. In fact just after the second
Bexley trial I met Robert Abbey. Well, we hit it off right away and it's
taken me three weeks to get up enough courage to ask him/her out.
Tonight will be our first date.

I'm so nervous waiting for Robert to turn up. I've realised why I wasn't
attracted to women before. It's not that I'm gay it's that I just don't like
women. Sure I like their bodies but not the way they carry on. How does
the song line go 'Why can't a woman be more like a man'.It may seem
strange to other people but not me.I want a man for a companion, with a
woman's body for the other times. Robert fits the bill perfectly. Fuck he's
here already. I hope I look ok.

49 End + 18 Months: Epilogue Dean's Tale.

We still miss Stephanie Lane around here. I realise I was a pain to her
and teased her all the time, but she was the best reporter I had. Matthew
Stephens and Rachel Martin dropped 'Kitty Liz' off for me to look after.
I take it as an honor to do so. I hope Stephanie will be happy in my
house.I've made her a special box and everything.

Stephanie played no small part in the defeat of Dr Bexley's plans.From a
personal point of view I'm pleased that this station played it's part in
stopping a horrific proliferation of Genetic engineering. There was a
knock at the door.

"Hi, Steve come in" I called.

"Quick look at this" He said and switched on the tv in my office. As
'hail to the chief' ended the president appeared on screen.

"Are we getting this?" I said.

"Yep. The whole country is watching" Steve said.

The president started to talk.
"Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for taking the time out to listen to
me. You will all remember the result of the Bexley trial some four
months ago. The evil that a single, twisted woman had wrought upon so
many shocked this entire country and many around the world. The
lawyer in that case, Robert Abbey argued that unless stopped the Bexley
affair was only a small taste of things to come. He spoke of entire armies
of genetically enhanced 'supermen' programmed to fight against normal
human beings, of criminals being able to change face to avoid detection
thus giving the authorities no chance to apprehend them. This nightmare
scenario represents the greatest threat to the human race since the
development of atomic weapons. We must not make the same mistakes
again." The president drew breath, as if about to say something

"Fucking Hell" I said.

The president continued.
"Since all records of this device have been destroyed we have been given
a breathing space. We have to act now to prevent this nightmare from
happening. So in response to this threat, the US put forward a proposal to
the United Nations. This proposal said that all records and materials
pertaining to the human genome project be destroyed immediately.
Further more the use of modified humans against any nation will be
classed as using a weapon of mass destruction and will be met with in
kind. The possession of Human Genome materials or records by any
individual in any nation will be met by a swift and immediate response
by NATO and other alliances around the world. This resolution has been
unanimously passed and a target date of the end of the year for
destruction of said materials has been set. " The president paused and
then went on.

"This ruling is now known as the 'fury directive'. I will update you later
when the 'fury directive' has been implemented by my government.
Thank you for your time" The president ended and the screen went back
to it's normal program.

"That sounds extreme" Steve said.

"I don't think so. It sounded extreme because it IS an extreme situation.
He did what needed to be done. Listen I want you to get on this now " I

"One more thing" Steve asked.

"And that is?" Why doesn't anyone do things right away, Stephanie was
just the same.

"Robert's divorce has come thru. How'd you fancy coming to my
wedding next year?" Steve said.

"You and Robert Abbey huh?" I said, amazed.

"Yep. Actually it's Robin now. Him and Monica thought that divorce
was for the best and now that over it's left us free to marry" Steve said, a
grin all over his face.

"I'd love to come. Now get on NOW" I called.

50. End +20 Months Epilogue - Kats Tale.

They say a flap of a butterfly's wing in China can divert hurricanes from
their path on the other side of the world. The same is true of lives. The
slightest co-incidence can be the turning point for thousands. I and my
'husband' are living testament to that.

Not a day goes past when we do not wish for how things should have
been between us. man and wife rather than wife and 'Kat'. Still we are
alive and have our friends around us what more can anyone ask for.

Matthew is now free and we have more money than we could ever wish
to spend. I create attention wherever I go and have no intention of
leaving this island paradise unless I have to.

As for Liz she was last seen swimming off into the ocean somewhere.
Maybe she will return and as far as I know she is still out there. We have
dealt with her, she cannot return to the land and with no resources other
than herself she is heavily curtailed in her scope of operations, she cannot
hurt us. But the price of victory, oh the terrible price. So many deaths, so
many ruined lives..

51. Epilogue End + 10 days - Hassan's Tale.

Hassan looked intently at the screen of his PC. Detailed schematics span
in glorious 3D on screen. The heading of the plans were "TGEN Corp
DNA Alteration System - Bexley Modifications". Hassan lay back in his
chair, yet another perfect operation for the guild. There was a knock at
the door.

"Come in"

In walked a fat,ugly man, about fifty. He was wearing ornate clothes,
obviously indicating high status.

"Master Hassan. It is a pleasure to meet you again" The man said.

"Osman. I hope you feel better after your 'death'? Please take a seat"
Hassan said. Indicating a large leather chair in front of his desk.

"What can I do for you?" Osman said.

"I just wanted to fill you in on the last part of my plan to obtain the
schematics for Dr Bexley's DNA system" Hassan said.

"Did it work?" Osman said.

"Perfectly. But let me fill you in on some of the details." Hassan said.

"Please do" Osman replied.

"As you know Dr Bexley contacted us to perform some work for her. My
suspicions were confirmed when the girl we took at the hotel turned into
a completely different woman." Hassan said.

"Confirmed?" Osman queried

"Yes some 'friends' of ours had been employed by Dr Bexley some time
ago to watch A Jane Norton. They disappeared in somewhat mysterious
circumstances. The only survivor was a creature called Roger Ferry. He
contacted us and we employed him to oversee Dr Bexley's activities. His
appearance and the fact that the woman we took turned into another
woman led me to believe Dr Bexley had perfected her DNA altering
device that had been mooted in the American press some four years ago"
Hassan explained.

"I thought we were going to leave that alone. That thing is satanic"
Osman exclaimed.

"Indeed it is. But it is FAR too useful to let go or sell on. Our agents will
be able to infiltrate anywhere and go undetected. The guild can rule as it
did nearly a thousand years ago. Our near annihilation so long ago can
be avenged" Hassan said.

"I understand, So why did you have me burn that girls eye out?" Osman

"I needed Jane Norton to have sympathy on another of Dr Bexley's
victims and enlist her help, so that they would team up and dispose of Dr
Bexley. If Cathline Richards was normal and unscathed then Jane Norton could
have chosen someone else. Yes I could have forced her to take Cathline
as her maid but then my illusion of a love sick prince would have been
shattered.Your faked death gave credence to this Cathline's release."
Hassan said.

"You needed them to dispose of Dr Bexley so that the guild could not
have been seen to move against a customer and so destroy our reputation.
By letting them do the dirty work our hands were clean. You let the two
sides fight it out and then swooped in to recover what you wanted all
along. Brilliant" Osman said.

"Thank you. Yes My pretence of loving Jane Norton, giving them time to
bond and then releasing them gave them the excuse they needed to fly
back and start the campaign against Dr Bexley"

"Did Dr Bexley suspect anything?" Osman asked.

"Nothing. She really thought we would be stupid enough to follow her
wishes blindly and not have our own agenda's. The guild has not
survived nearly a thousand years by being so stupid or slow." Hassan

"What of Dr Bexley's machine?"

"Destroyed no doubt. Our unwitting allies will have wrecked the machine
in order that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Too little, Too late I
might say." Hassan said.

"So when did you obtain the plans?" Osman asked.

"Sometime ago. We have only now decrypted them however. Dr Bexley
asked us to move her machine to an island and we took the opportunity to
copy them then. I must say Dr Bexley's brilliance was wasted on her
futile quest for vengeance. She could have worked for us and been much
better rewarded. Oh well" Hassan said with some regret

"And what of Dr Bexley?" Osman asked with interest.

"She has vanished without trace. I think that Jane and her allies have
removed or maybe killed her. In any case I have instructed all chapters of
the guild not to accept any requests from Dr Bexley should she
resurface." Hassan said with obvious pleasure in his voice.

"How long before the device ready?" Osman asked.

"Depends on when our engineers can build it. Say nine months to a year.
As you are aware the guild's patience is limitless in such matters"
Hassan said and looked again at the spinning model on his screen. Yes
this would work out very well indeed.

52. End + 18 Months Epilogue - Dr Elizabeth Bexley's Tail.

I'm sitting on a rock on some isolated island in the Indian Ocean. My tail
is just resting in the water, the place where my knees should be is bent
forming a graceful curve. To anyone who looked I guess I must look a
little like that mermaid in Denmark. It's one of my most comfortable
positions on land. The sea spray just keeping my scales cool and moist.

I look out to the ocean, which is now my home. The gulls are just
floating above the sky, no fish today huh. I look back on the last 18
months as a mermaid. I still want my legs back if I can but seeing as
those darts had Fixer version 2 in them I now realise that may well be
impossible. I did my job only too well.

Do I still carry around that burning hatred inside me, that drive to avenge
my humiliation by Matthew and Kat? I guess it's in there somewhere,
waiting for a chance to emerge again but I have no means or inclination
now to carry it out. I've got more important things to do now. In these 18
months of solitude and exile from humanity I've learned and seen a great
deal. I'm a very different person from the old Dr Elizabeth Anne Bexley.

I remember watching the sun go down behind islands that nobody has
visited for years. How the sun seemed to set the sea on fire as it slowly
sank beneath the waves. I'm so glad I designed a set of gills for this body
as one of my pleasures is diving around the reefs, in wonderment at the
variety of nature. I've seen things that a marine biologist would die for. I
spend at least six hours a day just exploring these treasure troves of
nature. However I've also seen where humans have devastated this
undersea paradise. Reefs that were my favorite a year ago are slowly
dying. Reefs that were teeming with life and color now lie empty,dead
and gray. The fish have gone and the coral that forms the reef dead or
dying. If my fury against Kat and Matthew has abated it's because my
fury at the destructiveness of humans has increased. Mankind must be
stopped from raping this paradise.

I always find it satisfying when I come across a shipwreck. Every single
wreck is a monument to man's folly and arrogance in the ways of the sea.
Sometimes I just sit and watch the fish nibble away at the bones of the
intruders who dared to plunder and rape my ocean. About a year ago I
managed to salvage an underwater digital camera and loads of data
cartridges from a ship that went down a while ago. I've been using it to
document the ongoing damage to the reefs and also my findings during
my frequent trips into the deep ocean. Those film's are now integral to
my forthcoming work here.

Sometimes I just want to swim up to one of the villages or resorts dotted
around here and talk to anyone, just to have the company but I resist the
temptation. The last thing I want is to be captured and displayed in some
sea theme park or end up in some lab somewhere. When I do make contact
I want it to be on my terms.

In some ways I got my revenge. Matthew is still a copy of me and if those
components I recovered when they dumped the DNA device over the side
are anything to go by he will forever be Dr Elizabeth Bexley. Kat too is
no longer human, how that must get to her sometimes. I have
accomplished my task with those two and have forever placed a barrier
between them and the happiness they dreamed of so long ago.

I also wonder how the guild are getting on with the plans they obviously
stole from my system. They must think I'm so stupid as not to foresee
that they would take any opportunity to get hold of them. Since only
TGEN had access to the full human genome nobody will be able to tell
that I installed a corruption routine in the plans stored in the system. The
imaging system will show the right body being designed but when it
comes to producing the drug the results will be quite unpredictable. It
would take hundreds of scientists at least a decade to reverse engineer
enough to find out what's wrong. Looks like the guild will have their first
failure in almost a thousand years. I don't rate the leader of the guild's
chances of survival after this set-back.

I lay back on the rock and enjoy the sun. I'll give this way of life another
few months or whatever then I'll start striking back on behalf of my
ocean. I've collected enough salvage from wrecks to form a sizeable
amount of money. Then with the help of the guild I'll start my
campaign. man must not be allowed to poison this place and I mean to
stop him.

I am Scylla, daughter of Poseidon. Guardian of the underworld which
are the oceans of this world. Mortal man listen to my siren song and



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