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FURYBOOK4 hurt all over especially his


Incubus (c)1998 By Darkside.

Incubus: 1. A demon believed in folklore to lie upon
sleeping persons, esp to have intercourse with sleeping
women. 2. Something that disturbs greatly, esp a nightmare
or obsession.

1976 Arkansas.

"Oh yes more ,more, more" came the moan from the next
room. He lay in his bed listening to the sounds coming from
his mom's bedroom, his hands over his ears. His nine year
old body shaking in fear.

His mind went back to that fateful day where dad had
walked out after finding out about mom and the man next
door. Since then this had been the only way to bring enough
money in to live on. Today was Tuesday, Tuesday was when
Mr Burns came around. Mr Burns liked him to join in as

21 Years Later.

He walked down the high street in nonchalant fashion. The
sun shone on this bright September day forming ever
lengthening shadows on the ground where he walked.
Looking at those shadows he speeded up his walk. The
casual swagger abandoned in order to avoid the twilight.
The twilight was when THEY came. They always came at

He'd just finished his shift and was walking home on what he
called 'route b'. This involved avoiding the busy shopping
malls and avoiding the typical late 20th century rat race.
'Route b' was a much more scenic route. Well as scenic as
you could get living in an urban sprawl.

People made him nervous and so he avoided them wherever
he could. He preferred the safety and security of his own
company than that of his fellow man. There was something
about other people that made him on edge, as though there
was something inside them that was evil and was trying to
drag him down to hell.

The light was beginning to fade quickly now. He had to get
home soon or else face up to THEM again. He quickened
his pace into a slow run ,he must get home no matter the

As he ran past well kept gardens he knew that he would be
too late. He could feel the oppression in his mind, the voices
that demanded things of him, tried to make him obey their
will would soon start. He must hurry.

In the dying embers of the day a last glow of sunshine broke
thru the clouded sky and bathed him in light. He stood
transfixed as salvation came upon him. The voice inside his
head was smooth but powerful. It said

"You are my chosen one. The world has become evil and I
have chosen you to stop it".

He fell on his knees in awe. "What should I do?" He called.

"Women are the cause. Since they tempted Adam so long
ago they now tempt mankind. It was by a woman's hand that
caused man's downfall. You must stop temptation again
before the end of all things."

The sunlight left and the day drew to a close. Breathless
from his revelation he ran the remainder of the way home.
His encounter had driven THEM away. He now saw things
clearly, he knew what his mission was to be.

When he got home he managed to find his old family bible
and he opened it and read Genesis chapter 3. The voice was
right. The woman did do it, the woman was the serpent. So
the world could see the truth he now knew the woman must
become the serpent again. That was his new role, his

Fourteen months later.

He stood astride her, his foot placed firmly on the small of
her back. She was whimpering softly, unable to speak
properly. Her slender body pressing deep into the ground.
The wood silent apart from the buzz of the crickets.

"Don't worry. Soon you will be back where you belong" he

Her only reply was to struggle some more.

"Now for your atonement." he said as he brought the axe
down in a smooth practised motion.
Detective Scott Harris took the call. He'd only just gotten to
bed after a pretty shitty day. He'd just managed to creep into
bed and get warmed up when his pager went off. Struggling
not to wake up his wife, who was still asleep he managed to
get to it and switch it off.

Bleary eyed he walked to the phone and rang the station.

"Wass up" He said sleepily.

"Sorry to wake you but we found another one." The voice
replied sombrely.

"Fuck!, where?"

"In Cranwell woods. Nobody saw anybody do anything. The
MO's just like the rest. I sure hope we get this bastard

"OK I'll be right there."

Dressing in a hurry was not in Scott's nature but ten years of
working in homicide had taught him one thing about getting
dressed in the middle of the night. Rule 1. Always check
your zipper. He did so and slipped silently out of the house.

The small patch of woodland, known to the locals as
Cranwell woods was about 10 miles out of town, and it
would take Scott about 20 minutes to get there. As he drove
past deserted streets he thought about the case, his case. "I
hope to God I catch this bastard soon" he thought.

In an attempt to clear his mind he switched on the radio.
Carmina Burana O Fortuna was just ending and the news

"And the hot news tonight is that Robert Abbey has been
appointed the defending attorney in the Dr Elizabeth Bexley
trial. As you are no dou"

Scott flicked the radio off in disgust. Firstly he was fed up
with the media always going on about the Bexley trial all
day, every day. But what really got in his craw was that the
officer in charge of the case had it so easy. Rich heiress,
pissed off at being jilted blows her ex-fiancee's wife's head
off in front of hundreds of witnesses at an airport. Simple
open and shut case. Not like this one at all.

The blue and red flashing lights, casting distorted shadows
thru the trees told him he was at the place. Paramedics were
still on site but their movements told him they were too late.
He drew up beside a squad car and got out.

After he flashed his badge at the officer guarding the site he
met his partner, Tina. The tears in her brown eyes told him
his worst fears were true.

"Is it?" He asked.

"Yep, Take a look if you want. I gotta get outta here" she
said softly.

"Forensics been down here?"

"Yeah. As usual they found squat, just the usual. Andrew's
still here though."

"Fine I'll go talk to him" And Scott walked off.

"Hi Doc" Scott said to Andrew.

Andrew was crouched down, his flashlight sweeping the
ground for any missed evidence. "Uh Hi" Andrew replied.

"Can I take a look?" Scott asked.

"Sure, we've taken all the photo's we need for the moment.
We just need to do the front."

"Why don't you come too and tell me what you've found?"
Scott asked.

"Okay I was headed back that way anyway."

Scott and Andrew threaded their way thru damp, thick
bushes and ferns until they reached the point. Scott's
flashlight beam fell on the place and he nearly threw up in
disgust. Only ten years of this kinda shit stopped him.

The shape resembled a young woman, laying face down.
Her arms were missing and her body was clothed in what
looked like fake snake skin swimsuit . Her legs had been
bound together using thick adhesive tape and obviously
placed inside a roughly sewn PVC tail, which were covered
again with brown and black snake scales. Blood was still
seeping out of the bloody sockets where her arms had been
and a large bruise was starting to form on the small of her

The head was shaven all over and a snake-skin hood was
lying close by.

"Did you take that off?" Scott asked pointing at the hood.

"Yeah, we needed to see if it was the same as all the rest".

"Can we turn her over?" Scott asked.

"Sure, I was about to do that. We'd better get some
photographers over here first" Andrew replied.

"I'll go get them" Scott said, still feeling sick from the sight
he'd just witnessed.

A few minutes later Scott returned and turned the body
over. The feeling of nausea returned as he looked at the face
of the dead girl. The girls eyes, still open showed great pain
and fear. Blood was seeping from her mouth. She must've
been about 25.

The photographers did their grisly work with their usual
efficiency and this allowed Scott to get a closer look. Her
mouth was bloated as though something was inside. He
reached down to open her mouth, knowing what he would
find but he needed to confirm it.

"Better put these on first" Andrew said handing Scott a pair
of translucent latex gloves.

"Thanks" Scott said and put them on.

Scott reached into the woman's mouth and found a golf ball
sized rubber ball inside. It had obviously been used to stop
her screams.

"Pass me the flashlight would'ja" Scott asked.

Andrew gave it to him and bent down to look over Scott's
shoulder. Scott switched the beam on and looked into the
woman's mouth. He heard a "fucking hell" from Andrew but
what he saw inside came as no surprise. Parts of her tongue
had been cut away to make it much thinner than usual, a
long section had been removed from the middle of the
tongue giving it a fork shape.

"This wound is quite old, maybe a few days. Look how it'd
started to heal" Andrew said.

"I want this mother-fucker, I want him bad" Scott said

"Yeah I know" Andrew replied, he'd seen many corpses in
his time but these ones were the worst.

A shout went up from a way back "Hey get over here, I
found something". Scott and Andrew stood up and ran to
where the sound came from.

A young, fresh faced officer was busily throwing up whilst
his more experienced partner stood there holding the
flashlight on the ground.

Scott looked down at two severed arms, laying side by side
on the ground. The grass was dark where blood had poured
from the open wounds.

"Looks like she was trying to squirm her way to the road
when she died" Andrew said.

"What's your initial thoughts? "Scott asked Andrew.

"Too early to give a proper prognosis but I'd say she was
brought here already bound and gagged and then held to the
ground with his foot on the small of her back. Judging by
ragged wounds and exposed bone I say that he then
proceeded to hack off each arm with a large implement such
as an axe. Notice several smaller wounds around each
shoulder, all at different angles. I'd say he had to have
several goes in order to sever each arm. He then clears off
and leaves her to die from blood loss." Andrew said.

"How long would this take?" Scott asked. He already sort of
knew the answer but he wanted a second opinion.

"About 5-10 minutes depending on size, fitness etc. I guess
she's been dead about 3-4 hours judging by the bruise's and
amount of blood around. I'll know more when we get her

"So she crawled about 100-150 yards in that time. I guess
we should be able to see the blood trail." Scott said.

"Yep. Scott you look beat why don't you go home and leave
the rest to us."

"OK let me know what you find out" And Scott walked

The radio on the way back was still on about the Bexley trial
so it stayed silent for the rest of the journey. By the time he
got home it was 4am and unable to sleep he poured himself
a large brandy to try and keep the nightmares at bay.

He awoke with a headache, some 5 hours later with the
smell of freshly cooked bacon in his nostrils. His wife,
Rebecca was calling to him "Hunny breakfast".

"OK dear now coming" He called.

Slowly getting up he walked into his kitchen and sat down in
front of his favorite breakfast. His face must have betrayed
something as his wife asked "Another one huh?"

Scott paused for a few moments and then said "Yeah, this
one was the worst yet. Sorry but I want to leave my work
where it belongs. You're my last outpost of sanity in an
insane, perverse world. When I get thru that door we're in
sitcom mode. We may have ups and downs but there's
always a happy ending and a little moral lesson at the end."

"Hey, I know, now eat up" and she bent down and kissed
him on the cheek.

Scott felt his cock swell, She's still got it he thought.

A few minutes and a prolonged kiss later Scott was on his
way to the station. So far the precinct had done a good job
of covering things up about this but he didn't know how
much longer it would last.

His team was waiting for him as he walked into the briefing
room. For a lot of them this was their first homicide case
and certainly first serial rapist. He looked across at their
faces and was amazed at how quickly they had lost their
innocence. When they'd first been assigned to this case they
were all keen and raring to go. Their heads full of Cagney
and Lacy, Perry Mason and Dirty Harry. As soon as they
saw that first dismembered corpse nearly a year ago those
illusions about working in homicide were shattered. Now all
that remained was grim determination. Good.

The chattering ceased as Scott cleared his throat.
"Thanks for coming Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm sure you all
know what happened last night."

"For those who don't know what the hell I'm going on about
and have been drafted in after last nights events I'm going to
outline the known facts. After I've done that you may ask
any questions you may have and I'll do my best to answer

The was a small pause as Scott allowed his audience to
settle. He put the first of his slides on the OHP and switched
it on. He was about to speak and the bulb blew. "Fuck" he

"Never mind I'll continue without it" He said and pushed the
non-functioning OHP away.

"The first attack occurred nearly a year ago, if you look in
your notes you can see the pictures of that first victim.
Notice how her tongue has been mutilated to form a fork
shape and how her legs have been bound as though to form
a snake's tail. Now the coroner says she was still alive and
conscious when her arms were amputated. We later found
out her name was Vickie Farrell and she was a waitress at
the local Taco Bell. She went missing on her way home
from her late shift and her worried parents called us the next

The new members of his team's faces were pale and drawn
as they took in the horrific picture in front of them.

"You will notice that the killer tries, in each case to make his
victim become serpent like. Our psycho-analysts and
profilers can give no firm motive behind the attacks, only
that they are carried out with much care. Their explanations
range from a person with a snake fetish to some kind of
snake woman hater. Frankly they haven't a clue what makes
this guy think"

Another pause to let his words sink in and then Scott started

"There have been nine further attacks over the last 10
months, each one exactly the same. We've looked for a
pattern for the attacks but can find none. There also appears
to be no regular time pattern either. There was a four month
break between the first and second killings for example. The
geographic regions are different but all based in this state
and each victim had no connection to the others. One thing
has been noticed is that each victim was noticeably more
attractive than the last. It's as though our killer is working
his way up the beauty stakes."

Puzzled faces on the new one's, that's good.

"The Coroner's report each says the same thing and I
suspect last night's will show the same. As I may have
mentioned before the victim's arms are removed just prior to
death by some kind of axe, probably one used for
woodcutting . Their heads are shaved sometime before this
and judging by the stubble growth, shaved every day. We
think the tongue is mutilated between five and eight days
before death and judging from bruising around the legs and
remains of the arms they are bound with wire and adhesive
tape. The victim is also gagged using a device similar in size
to a golf ball. Bruising around the mouth indicates that this
is in place most of the time.

The victim's genitals show signs of bruising indicating
multiple rape during their captivity. Unfortunately their
vagina has been cleaned before the killing so we have no
semen samples from which to work. For such a violent
death there are surprisingly few signs of struggle and we
have no idea of the killer's method for preventing it. Bruising
on the back shows us that the victims have been held down
by a foot but the size and type of footwear used varies each
time or we could not determine more detail from the

Scott paused allowing time for the note makers to catch up.

"Naturally we have focused on the places where the
clothing, gags and axes can be obtained but in each case no
one person has purchased all of items used. We've checked
warehouses and factories for robberies and missing stock
but once again drawn a blank."

"We have contacted the FBI and they are carrying out their
own investigation, liasing with us when required. However
they are no nearer than we are to finding the killer. They did
a physiological profile of the killer as well as the
aforementioned psychological one but all it told us was that
he is a white, male from 5'5 to 6 foot. Maybe overweight. In
other words fuck all "

"You can find more detailed reports of all the above in your
notes, now questions."

A hand went up. A young cop probably just transferred to
homicide. She looked shocked at the horrific detail she'd just
been shown.

"Sir, could you tell us if you have worked out why the killer
is going for increasing beautiful women?"

"We have some theories on that, the one I go with is that he
sees a woman as an unattainable thing. The more beautiful
the more out of reach she is. Once he has conquered one
level of beauty he moves onto the next." Scott said.

"Why haven't we gone public with this?" Another cop asked.

"Good question. We had Stephanie Lane snooping around a
while ago but she agreed to keep it under wraps when we
explained our reasoning. In fact the entire media have
agreed to a complete news black out"

"Which is" Another cop asked.

"I was coming onto that. Firstly imagine the panic if this got
out, fear would ripple thru the whole community. Secondly
there's the copycat factor, the last thing we want is for some
nutcase to start copying what he reads. Third we need to
keep the killer in the dark. The less he knows the more likely
he is to make a mistake. Stephanie Lane saw the wisdom in
this and has got broad agreement from all her press
colleagues. The timing of this Bexley trial circus works for
us as well. While everyone's wondering why Dr Bexley did it
we can get on with proper police work."

There was a knock at the door. "Yes" Scott called.

In walked Andrew holding a sheet of paper. "Scuse me. We
got an ID on the girl last night." He said.

"Who was she?"

"Her name was Jennifer Lynn, aged 22. Her flat mate got
worried when she didn't turn up after her audition last week.
However she didn't report it as she thought Jennifer had
found a partner for the week. Apparently it wasn't unheard
of for her to go missing for a week and then just turn up

"OK people you heard that, Colin and Chris I want you to
check on Jennifer Lynn's flat mate. The rest of you go back
and check on all the details we have. The new boys here can
go and read up for a couplea days. We'll meet here again
Thursday to catch up. Dismissed" Scott said.

His team filed out silently, the chatter before the meeting
extinguished by the seriousness of the job ahead.

Tina filtered her way thru the door and went to speak to
Scott and Andrew.

"Hi" She Said.

"Hi, got anything?"

"Nope, just a hunch though" She said.

"I'm listening" Scott said.

"Hey talk to you later, I gotta go. I've got to confirm a DNA
test on Dr Elizabeth Bexley, in town." Andrew said.

"Not you too" Scott said. Another casualty of that damn

"Fraid so" Andrew replied.

"See ya" Tina said and Andrew walked out.

"What's this hunch?"

"Well I got thinking. He's moved on to actresses now, it's
only a small step toward models. I think his next victim will
be a model." Tina said.

"You maybe right. We went thru this a while back but he
threw the scent by killing a waitress and a hairdresser. Since
it now looks like it's beauty he's going for rather than
occupation I want you to put the word out to all the
agency's around here. Be discrete." Scott said.

"Hey, it's me, remember" Tina said and walked out.
In another part of town He awoke. The glow of blessing had
not yet departed from last night. Only another two to go and
the evil of the world would be broken, the serpent's head
crushed as foretold in Genesis. Once he had removed the
twelve evil disciples then the world could finally be free...

Still feeling triumphant he got up and had a shower to wash
away all traces of the night before. After rinsing the shower
thoroughly he dried him self and put his work overalls on.
The end times were drawing near and already he could feel
the voice of salvation telling him to hurry.

The day was spent dreaming about how he could extract the
eleventh evil disciple from her lair without being detected.
At the moment he had no idea of what she looked like only
that she would cause more temptation than the last.
In the meantime after collecting his case file, Scott drove to
meet Tina at the Role Modelling agency. He chose an old,
battered U2 tape and set it to play. "Maybe Tina's got
something with this model thing" Scott thought as he pulled
into the agency's parking lot.

He walked into the agency and was met by a cute
receptionist, after showing his badge she told him where
Tina was talking to one of the directors. "Up two flights of
stairs and on the right" he'd been told. A brisk jog up the
stairs led him to the right door.

"Come in" A voice called as he knocked on the directors

Scott opened the door to see a middle-aged woman,
wearing a pastel trouser suit. She got up and offered her
hand. "Allison Williams" She said.

Scott shook her hand and replied "Detective Scott Harris.
Has Detective Cox here filled you in?"

"She has, But frankly I want to know why you didn't put the
word out earlier" She said crossly.

"OK let me explain" Scott said as he sat down next to Tina.

"Go ahead."

"You were frank with me, so I'll be frank with you. The
more people who know about this guy the more likely he is
to rumble us. We need him complacent so he's less likely to
be careful. We have, over the last few months increased our
surveillance on all agencies in the area but we had to cut
back due to other commitments. So far he hasn't touched a
model but we think he may try. We would like you to tell all
your girls to be careful. Don't travel alone and always keep
car and house doors securely locked. Y'know the usual stuff.
What we don't want you to do is to tell them why. Just that
the police are running a campaign on women's safety." Scott

"Sure. I'll do that" Allison replied casually.

"What has Detective Cox told you so far?" Scott asked

"Basically, that you have a serial killer/rapist on the loose
who has killed 10 women and that you think he may go after
a model next. Detective, all my girls know the dangers of
being a model and in public view. They all know the drill"
Allison replied.

Scott was getting angry at this woman's attitude, the 'not my
problem type'. He needed to get his message across. He
reached in his file and pulled out the photo's of Jennifer
Lynn. "So did Jennifer Lynn here" he said as he put the
photo's in front of Allison's face.

Allison went pale and rushed out of the room.

"Nice one boss. She's been giving me this 'not my problem'
bullshit for the last half hour" Tina said with a grin.

A few minutes later Allison walked back into the room, her
face flushed red and eyes watery. She'd obviously just
thrown up. "Sorry" She managed to say.

"I had to show you what we're dealing with. Your girls are
in very real danger. How many of your models still here?"

"Umm, we have 10 left, the others are all on assignment."

"I take it you'll make sure all of them take extra special
precautions" Tina said.

"Of course officer, Now if you'll excuse me I have much to
organize. Thank you for your warnings and goodbye".
Allison stood up and offered her hand to both Scott and

"Thanks for your time" Scott said, shaking Allison's hand
again. Tina got up and did the same and they both went out
of Allison's office.

"Stuck up cow" Tina commented.

"Suppose. I wonder how the rest of them are doing." Scott
replied vaguely.

"Hey howbout some lunch, I found this real good bagel
place just off" Tina started.

"Nah, we better get back. I've got a heap of paperwork to
do before we do anything else."
He waited patiently in his dimly lit room for his goods to
arrive. It had been two weeks since he had dealt his last
blow to the evil one. He was being just as careful as before.
He only had two more to go. His only concern was that he
didn't yet know who were the last two disciples he had to
deal with were. Still he had been shown the way so many
times before, he had faith. It wasn't the next one he was
worried about, it was the Queen of evil, the last and most
tempting disciple. If she were to escape then great harm
would befall many innocent people.

The next day he picked up his goods from the drop off
points, excited by the blow he was about to deal. All he had
to do now was wait and plan. By now the agents of evil
must have been alerted and trying to prevent him from
carrying out the good work. He had to try something
different for surely the remainder of the disciples would be
on the look out for him.

After his shift he decided to drive around the busy streets,
tying to see if he could find the eleventh one. It he was just
on his way back when he saw her. She was tall ,about 5'10
with short black hair. Her slim but curvaceous figure was
causing men to turn and look at her as she walked by. He
stopped the car and watched her from the safety of his car.
The lady drew a few wolf-whistles from passing workmen.
She turned and smiled at them.

His anger grew, this must be her. Unable to stop herself she
was trying to tempt all those men and so corrupt their souls.
He started up the car and casually followed her to the
apartment block where she lived. Now she was identified he
could work on her removal.

Carolyn Dawson unlocked her door and went inside her
apartment. After closing the door behind her she flopped
down on the worn sofa, just glad to be back from work.

She felt herself breathing heavily as though she had been
running from something and she was on edge but there was
no reason for it. She almost jumped when she heard a
movement behind her but breathed a sigh of relief when
Jonesy, her ginger cat jumped on her lap.

"Hey, don't that you'll give me a heart attack" She said to
the cat softly.

Jonesy responded by purring loudly and Carolyn started to
stroke his smooth fur.

Since James left, Jonesy was her constant companion. Her
mother had found him wandering in some woods, near a
cave a year or so ago and had offered him to her as a gift.
Although reluctant to take him in, she soon fell in love with
him and now she was his loyal servant.

Reaching over to the coffee table and picking up the remote
she switched on the TV. She already knew what the
headlines were going to be, besides she'd had another
depressing day. After flicking past several channels she
finally settled on a cartoon channel showing Scooby Doo.
Fred was just about to unmask the haunted clown when the
phone rang. Muttering to herself she picked up the phone
and answered "Hi Carolyn here."

"Hi it's me." A female voice replied.

"Hey Joyce. We only left school a while ago. What can I do
for you?" Carolyn said.

"Listen I've got two tickets for Cats, fancy coming. Y'know
girls night out"

Carolyn squealed with delight "You bet. What do I owe

"Zip, best friends treat."

"Joyce come on let me." Carolyn started.

"No way. After all you did for me when we were in college"

"Not that old line again. You must've paid me back a dozen

"OK make it thirteen. See you tomorrow" Joyce said and
hung up.

"One day she'll let me pay for something" Carolyn said and
went back to watching Scooby Doo.

An hour later and cartooned out she decided to get a
shower, before making dinner. She thought back to her walk
back to her apartment. The reaction of the workmen pleased
her and she felt flattered in a small way. Her co-workers had
always said she should have gone into modelling but she was
too modest. People told her that she was stunning, but she
didn't believe them. James was just the same.

James had broken her heart nearly nine months ago now.
They had met at the super-market when, in one of her
clumsy modes she had knocked several tins of catfood off
the shelf and rolling onto the floor. He had stooped down to
help her and their eyes met. Her face red still with
embarrassment she'd agreed to his dinner request and they'd
started dating.

They first slept together on their third date and James
satisfied her in every way. Things started to go wrong when
he started to try and take over her life. He insisted she cut
her hair in this way, dress in such and such way and in other
words be his dream girl. He had explained that she was so
beautiful she had to be shown off to the world and he was so
proud to be her boyfriend.

After six months she felt as though she was being stifled, as
though the life was being squeezed out of her. So much to
her chagrin and regret she said goodbye. Now she was
paying the price as she was desperately lonely. Jonesy was
her only male companion. Joyce visited of course but work
and other commitments made that an increasingly rare

She went to bed about 10, she had 4th grade first thing in
the morning and they could be such horrors.
His plan was quickly formulated and he was ready to move
the next day. As a bit of light relief he turned his old tv set
on. Usually he read or prayed but something inside made
him switch the tv set on.

A young blonde haired woman was reporting some fashion
article. He was nearly asleep when suddenly his attention
was snapped back into reality.

"And the latest news in the fashion world is that Rachel
Martin is back in town after a three week rest. The 25 year
old ultra-model has allegedly purchased an island in the
Indian Ocean and is now said by her agent, Marcel to be
raring to go.

As you all maybe aware Rachel (who has been called the
most perfect woman who's ever lived) stunned Paris fashion
week a few months back with her awesome beauty."

His eyes were wide now. This Rachel Martin must be the
Queen, the final and most evil of the disciples. He stared at
the image on screen and looked at her perfect curves, blonde
hair, blue/gray eyes and unearthly beautiful face.

He offered thanks that the Queen had been so easily
identified. However, getting to her would be a different
matter. The enemy would give her the protection her status
in the kingdom of darkness deserved. He would have to be
even more cunning to defeat her.

His mind wandered back to the task in hand. Before Rachel
Martin there would come the black haired one. He went to
bed early. He had much work to do the next day.
Carolyn woke early the next day. Try as she might her body
refused to get up, fatigue and stress taking their toll. She
swung her legs over the bed, neatly missing Jonesy who had
kept guard all night.

After having a quick shower Carolyn emptied her last tin of
Catfood into Jonesy's bowl. Remember to get some more on
the way back she reminded herself

The door bell rang and Carolyn looked thru the spyhole.
"What's the mailman doing here this early?" She asked her

She opened the door and saw that the man was much
shorter than she was, maybe about 5'6. Judging by the size
of his stomach it had been years since he'd done any
exercise. The most striking thing about him was his eyes,
they were almost sky blue in color. His face was showing
signs of excitement, as though he was about to fulfil a life's

"Sign Here Please" His voice was deep and seductive and
Carolyn suddenly felt strange. She could not help but stare
into those blue eyes. They seemed to bore into her very soul
and she felt as though she would do anything for the owner
of those eyes.

The man looked happy and said "Write a note to say you are
going away for a few days to think about your life". He
handed her a pen and paper, which she took.

Strangely Carolyn felt herself writing
"Dear mom The teaching job is really getting me down, I need
some time to think. See you soon

P.S Look after Jonesy for me
She then went inside and placed the note on the kitchen
table and then quite unable to break the spell she was under
she went out side again, closing the door behind her.

"Now You will wait 10 minutes and walk to your car and
drive to this place. There we will meet again." The mailman

The mailman went away and left on the doorstep.

Unable to resist his voice and the look of power in his eyes
she stared at her watch until exactly 10 minutes had past.
Without a look or thought she got into her car and set off to
where the mailman had instructed her to go

Carolyn woke up and found her self in a dimly lit room.
What was that in her mouth, it felt like some kind of ball had
been placed in her mouth. She tried to reach up and take it
out but found that her arms were tied behind her back.
She tried to scream but all that came out was a
Her next attempt was to stand but her legs had been bound
with what looked like wire and adhesive tape. She managed
to partially get up but then froze when she heard footsteps.

In the dim shadows of the room she saw the outline of
the mailman. She tried to scream louder but fails utterly.

"So evil one you're awake" he said softly.

Carolyn's eyes widened in disbelief.

"There's no use in acting surprised. I know who you are,
You are the Queen's handmaiden. A dark servant. The enemy
must be lax if they let me take you so easily"

More urgent screams from Carolyn stopped the mailman in

"They all try to act innocent, as though I've made some
mistake. But I know different. How many men have fallen
under your spell?, how many souls have you corrupted?, ten,
twenty, a thousand."

Carolyn flopped down again in terror. Who was this man?
and what did he want?. A feeling of mortal terror spread
over her.

"When the world sees you for what you really are then they
will turn from their dark ways. From a serpent you came and
to a serpent you will return."

The mailman walked from his gloomy corner. Carolyn fainted
as she caught sight of a long knife glinting in the darkness.
The Duty sergeant, phoned Scott just as he was going out to
meet yet another modelling agency director.

"Hi Bob what's up?" Scott asked.

"I just gotta call from the St Nicholas school for Girls, one
of their teachers, a Ms Carolyn Dawson didn't show up for
work today."

"So, maybe she's too ill to talk" Scott said

"Perhaps, but apparently she was very dedicated, hadn't
missed a single day in nearly two years. Maybe you'd better
take a look. Here's her address"

Scott wrote down the apartment's address and name of the
landlord. "OK I'm passing that way anyway I'll have a
looksee, thanks"

He called to Tina who was about to raid the coffee machine
and soon they were on their way.

"You think it's a false lead?" Tina queried.

"Maybe. Everyone at the station is jumpy after last week. "
Scott said, trying to look for the turning and drive at the
same time.

"I think you just missed it, it was back there!" Tina pointed

"Shit" Scott drove further on until he could turn round.
He pulled up outside the apartment block and asked a
resident where the landlord was.

Some minutes later an overweight man, wearing a blue
overall and dodgers cap walked out from the side of the

"Yeah, you want me" he grunted.

"Detectives Harris and Cox. We'd like to see if a Ms
Carolyn Dawson is OK. Her school reported her missing
today." Scott said flashing his badge.

"Sure, follow me"

After a short trip in a rickety elevator they were outside her
apartment. Scott knocked on the door.
"Ms Dawson, this is the police. Are you OK?"
Listening carefully Scott thought he heard a scratching
sound and immediately signalled to Tina to be on the look
out. Tina couched alongside the door, her firearm drawn.

"Give me the keys" Scott asked the landlord, who quickly
hand them to him.

"Ready" Scott nodded to Tina, who gave a quick nod back.

As silently as he could Scott unlocked the door and with his
foot pushed it in. A rush of color swept past his feet, as
what looked like a ginger cat shot out of the room.

Tina breathed a sigh of relief and called "Carolyn, you OK?"

Scott walked inside, weapon drawn and noticed a hastily
written note on the nearby table. Picking it up and reading
he commented "I guess that solves that one, she wants to be
alone for a while and asks her mom to look after her cat for

"Thank God" Tina said softly.

"OK, False alarm. Thanks" Scott said, handing the landlord
the keys back again.

The landlord locked the door and went off. A little
disappointed that he'd missed out on some 'action'.

"I guess we drop in on Ms Hartman of the Spectrum
Agency next then" Tina queried Scott.


Eventually the elevator came and soon they were in the car.
Some rain had just started and was creating dribbles of
water down the windshield. Suddenly the radio crackled into
life and Tina answered. After a brief conversation which
finished with her saying "We're on it" Tina then explained to
Scott what she had just been told.

"County Police just found a car in some woods some 50
miles from here. The license plate matches that registered to
our missing Carolyn Dawson. The car's been locked with the
key and there's no sign of struggle. What do you reckon?"

"I think our psycho's just got another victim. But this time
we may be in time. Listen we'll go door to door here, see if
anyone saw anything. Meet you back in say an hour?"

"I hope your wrong about this one" Tina said.

Carolyn pushed herself back into the wall, as though she
could somehow go thru it like a ghost. The mailman came
closer with the knife and stared at her with those unearthly
blue eyes. Carolyn stopped struggling and let him come

Cut by cut he sliced off part of her hair leaving a short crop
behind. Carolyn relaxed. All she had to do was sit still and
everything would be all right.

An hour later Scott and Tina met up again at the foyer. The
rain had slowed and the sun was starting to shine. Tina
looked excited as she saw Scott walking towards her.

"Get anything?" He questioned.

"Yep. An elderly lady living at number 243 saw Carolyn
getting into her car at about 7:30. Apparently she makes a
hobby of watching people from her window. Bored I guess."

"Was anyone with Carolyn?"

"Nope. But the strange thing is that she wasn't carrying any
bags with her. She just walked up to the car and got in,
oblivious to the world around her."

"Hmm Anything else?"

"Yep the lady remembers seeing the mailman walk in the
building. She thought it strange because it wasn't her usual
mailman and that he was a hour or so earlier than normal."

Scott looked excited. "She get a look at him?"

"Not really apart from that he was quite short about 5'6 and
overweight. He was wearing an official uniform and left
about 10 minutes before Carolyn."

"Right. At last a break. I'll phone this thru and we'll get
down to the post office and see who matches that

Some hours later the lead that had looked so hopeful had
died. The only people matching that description had
watertight alibis and the post office confirmed that the usual
mailman was due at the usual time of 8:40.

The only witness had been picked up and in spite of the
latest in digital identikit imaging she could not produce a
consistent likeness.

Scott sat at his desk, his head in his hands. If he didn't find
Carolyn Dawson soon then, well that would be it.

Tina walked over to him and tried to cheer him up but quite
frankly he wasn't in the mood.

"I really thought we had something. Unless we can get a
clear picture of him then we've nothing to go on. In four
maybe five days it'll all be over. Victim number 11." Scott
said bitterly.

In all the months that they had been working the case Tina
hadn't seen Scott like this. Sure he got depressed whenever
another body turned up, they all did. But this was the first
time she'd actually seen him defeated.

"Hey it's not over yet. Four or Five days is loads of time.
Lets see what turns up at her car" Tina said.

"I already know. They found nothing, no footprints leading
away from the car. Nobody saw her get into another car.
The only thing they found was her scarf laying on the back
seat. She just vanished."

"Come on Scott get a grip. We'll get the bastard." Tina
replied. In someways however she agreed with him, it was
looking hopeless.

Carolyn sat perfectly still while the mailman finished shaving
her head. Locks of her black hair surrounded her but
somehow she didn't seem to mind.

Her spirits fell when the mailman went away. Suddenly her
mind became clear and terror returned. Shivering with fear
she tried to call out for help again but her gag held firm. Her
head felt cold and light and in a sudden flash back she
remembered the mailman shaving her head. Another muted
scream met this image and she tried to struggle once more
but to no avail.

The mailman walks in, his shadowy form creating
threatening shapes on the floor. Carolyn freezes in horror as
he transfixes her with his blue eyes. The mailman cuts the
bonds on her legs and Carloyn willingly spreads them wide.

The mailman slowly unbuttons his jeans, exposing his erect
dick. Carolyn smiles, her gaze still locked onto his blue eyes.

David Hawkins woke up screaming, the images in his head
still burning themselves in his brain. A man, a small man
standing over a terrified but strangely submissive, shaven
headed woman. The man kneels down, about to thrust his
erect dick into her pussy. A name screams out into his mind,
Carolyn, then a flash of light and the vision had gone.

David was used to using his 'gift' to help those in need but
never had a vision come to him so vividly and unprompted.
Still shaking he stumbled into the kitchen and poured himself
a glass of water.

Brushing back his longish, brown hair he decided to tell the
police. Even if it meant his ridicule they must be informed.
Somehow his instincts were crying out that this was no
nightmare, it was either premonition or an actual event.

He quickly dressed and decided that he could avoid a
shave for another day. He started to panic when he couldn't find his
car keys. Scrabbling around the house, the feeling of dread
rising up inside him spurred him to look harder. Eventually he
found them in a hidden fold of his leather jacket and he was
soon on his way.

The mailman withdraws from Carolyn, the cum still slowly
dripping from his dick and her cunt. Carolyn passed out a
while back and he decides to take advantage. Strange, he
expected the Queen's handmaiden to put up more of a fight.
Still nothing can come against the power of right.

He slowly moves to the back of the room and picks up a
one-piece swimming costume . It's brown snake skin pattern
glistening in the dim light. He picks up some cotton-balls,
opens a small brown bottle and daubs the contents onto the

He walks over to the slowly recovering Carolyn and presses
the chloroform soaked cotton over her mouth. There is a
brief struggle and she lies still.

Laying the costume to one side he proceeds to remove the
rest of her sweat and semen stained clothing. Putting the
costume on her was more difficult than he expected. After
he has put the costume on her, examined it for wrinkles he
goes off to find his super-bond 3 adhesive.

Looking back at the sleeping woman a surge of lust rushes
thru him. Her very comely form outlined almost to
perfection by the tight fitting costume. The swell of breast
and curve of thigh makes him aroused again. Forcing himself
to concentrate he picks up three tubes of super-glue and
walks back to the sleeping woman.

Using a thin section of balsa wood as a spatula he squeezes
the glue onto it and proceeds to place it under the costume,
smoothing it out as he goes. Soon all three tubes are used
and the snake-skin costume is firmly bonded to Carolyn's
skin. Only a small flap around her vagina is left free.

"It's true I tell you" David Hawkins was shouting at the duty

"Yeah right, look piss off before I charge you" was the reply

"Listen I saw a woman. Carolyn I think her name was. She's
in great danger. I can help. For fucks sake she could be dead
by now." David screamed

Scott walked in after a fruitless search to hear the last

"Could you repeat that" He asked.

"As I've been trying to tell fuck-wit here. I had a dream,
vision whatever this morning. I saw a small man, about to
rape a young, bald woman. I heard the name Carolyn. Look
you may not believe me but I've never been more certain of
anything. She's in terrible danger" David said, the
exasperation showing in his face and voice.

"Hey come with me and we'll talk." Scott said. It seemed
strange, almost impossible but could this be the breakthru.
Turning to the duty officer Scott said "Bob, can you give
Tina a call I'll be in room 5"

"Thanks" David said and followed Scott into the interview
room and sat down on a chair.

"Coffee?" Scott asked.


"Look I'll wait until my partner gets here but don't worry
we'll sort it" Scott said.

Carolyn wakes up with a splitting headache. Her vision is
blurry but slowly comes back into focus. She tries to
struggle again but her hands are firmly tied. She tries to
scream but her mouth is gagged. Something feels odd,
different. She looks down to see that her clothes are gone
and have been replaced by a snake skin swimsuit. "Strange
how it seems to hug my body" she thinks. The room is silent
and still. From outside she can just hear the manic tweeting
of several canaries.

Tina arrived in the interview room a few minutes after Scott
had returned with the coffee. "What's up" she asks, taking a
spare chair next to Scott.

"Now David start from the beginning. " Scott asks.

"OK. I am would you would call a psychic. I have this gift, I
don't know what else to call it. Ever since the age of
fourteen I've been able to sense danger for those close to me
or those with a connection to me. Everybody's had
somekind of experience like it. You know the feeling. "

"No?" Said Tina incredulously.

"Yes you have. That feeling when you KNOW something
has happened to a close friend before you're told. Well I
have the same ability only much stronger. I can see what is
happening to them. Usually it's just shadows and voices and
only when I touch something of theirs but today was very

"How so?" Scott asked.

"I was at home, when the vision struck me. Full
Technicolor, Dolby stereo. I just had to get here and tell

"Have you heard about the murder a few nights ago" Tina

"No. Why what has that to do with this? Was the victim this

"No she wasn't. Detective Cox, myself and several others
are investigating a series of horrific murders. We believe that
a woman called Carolyn Dawson has been taken and is next
on the killers list. If we show you a photofit can you identify
the woman you saw" Scott said, still skeptical but hey
anything to help.

"Maybe. I didn't get a good look at her" David replied,
relieved that somebody was starting to take him seriously.

Tina reached into her bag and pulled out a file. Opening it
slowly she pulled out a series of photos. She showed them
to David one at a time until David pointed at one and said

"You sure?" Scott asked.

"Yeah, she didn't have the black hair but the face is the

Scott and Tina looked at each other.

"What? Did I screw up" David asked.

"The photo you just pointed out was that of Carolyn
Dawson. What do you need and what do you want us to do"
Scott said.

David visibly relaxed "Do have anything of hers I can use?.
The aura of a person 'rubs off' on personal possessions. I can
tune into this residual aura and use it to link up with the
person. The more recently used the better"

"Hey Scott, how about her scarf?"

"A scarf belonging to Carolyn Dawson was found in her
abandoned car" Scott explained.

"That'll do fine. Now hurry we may not have much time"
David said.

Tina got up, adjusted her skirt and went out the door. She
returned a few minutes later with the scarf, still in it's
evidence bag. "Here we go" she said handing it to David.

"Can I take it out of this?. I need actual physical contact
for this to work well"

"Yeah but don't tell anyone" Tina said with a conspirational

Scott removes the bag and gently strokes the material.
Closing his eyes he concentrates on Carolyn. Urging his
mind to make contact with hers. Beads of sweat start to
appear on his forehead.

In her prison Carolyn feels tired, fatigue and pain taking
their toll. In her minds eye she sees a door surrounded by a
glowing white light. The door is closed, mentally she
reaches out her hand to turn the handle.

In the interview room David is shaking. He sees a door
surrounded by white light. She is close, he can feel her, feel
her burning desire to escape.

In her mind Carolyn turns the handle, her mind screaming to
escape, to run from her private hell. She feels herself walk
thru the door.

David is sweating now. He sees the door open and Carolyn
is there, dressed in a flowing white dress, like a wedding
gown. Her face shows the strain of being captured, her eyes
wide with fear.

"Don't worry I'm here to help" David feels himself saying to

"Who are you, why are you here?, what do you want?"
Carolyn demands.

"My name is David. I'm here with the police to try and find
you. Please help me" David's voice says.

"I want to get out of here, quickly he's coming" Carolyn is
starting to panic.

"Can you tell me where you are" David asks.

"No time, I must escape. The Mailman, The mailman is
here" Carolyn screams and pushes past David.

David whirls around to try and come after her but Carolyn
has shut the door behind her. David pulls the door but it is
firmly locked. "Hey wait" he calls but Carolyn is long gone.

Scott and Tina can only stare as David's body falls to the
floor and starts to convulse. Scott rushes out to call for help,
whilst Tina stays put to ensure David doesn't hurt himself.

In the meantime Carolyn's body starts to shake and
convulse, her mouth starting to fill with spittle and blood.
The mailman sits and watches her, It's just a trick by the
enemy he figures.

By the time the paramedics arrive David's Grand Mal has
stopped. Tina is holding him steady whispering comforts
into his ear.

David's eyes show fear and confusion. "Mailman, Oh God
the Mailman, no please" David is screaming over and over.

"David it's OK. You're fine" Tina said softly.

"We'll need to take him into hospital to get him checked
out." One paramedic was saying.

"OK Go. Can we ride with him?" Scott asks.

"Sure" The paramedic says as he begins to strap the still
shaking David into the gurney. David is then lifted out and
wheeled into the waiting ambulance. Scott and Tina jump in
the back and the ambulance rushes off, sirens blaring.

"How is he?" Tina asks one of the paramedics.

"He should be fine. We just need to take an ECG and run a
few tests but he should be fine. See he's coming round now."
David's eyes opened, clarity returning once more. He stares
around him and asks "Where am I?". He suddenly looks
shocked and confused.
"Shh. You had some kind of episode. I know you're feeling
strange but David did you see anything, anything that can
help us find her?" Tina asks softly.

"David?, who's David"

"He's still out of it" Scott said slowly.

"Wait a minute. I don't sound like this, what's going on?"
David's face was starting to show panic.
With the door shut behind him David had no choice but to
go forward. He opens his eyes and sees a dimly lit room. At
one end sits a small, overweight man. David tries to speak
but all that comes out is a high pitched "HMMMPH"

David's body feels strange, he looks down and cries out
even louder when he sees two firm breasts, covered by what
looks to be a swimming costume on his chest. Looking
closer he sees that the chest isn't his. It's slender well
muscled curves lead down to two long, shapely legs. His
eyes fixate downwards and focus on the distinct lack of a
dick. Mentally he screams and tries to find the door in his
mind again but all he sees is blackness.

The mailman starts to speak "Now handmaiden, rest over
with" the mailman stares into David's face with piercing blue
Back in the ambulance Scott and Tina continue the

"What do you mean, who's David. You are." Scott says

"My name's Carolyn Dawson. What have you done with my
voice" David's body demands.

" We've done nothing. Listen David you're still confused
from the fit. We have to know did you see anything?"

"I've no idea who David is. Wait a minute the man in my
dream he was called David. He said he was here to help me.
I ran past him, away from the mailman." David's face was
looking scared. Scott and Tina exchanged confused glances.

"Shh rest now" Tina said

"Wait show me a mirror" David demanded.

Tina fished out a small make up mirror from her bag and
allowed David to look into it.

Carolyn was confused. Why where these people calling her
David?, Why did her voice sound so deep, where was she.
She looked into the mirror the woman was holding and saw
an unshaven face of a man with longish brown hair. The
deep brown eyes widened and a loud scream erupts from the
The man approaching David looks confused. He cocks his
head to one side, then shakes it and leaves the room. David's
head is now clear and he tries to formulate some clear
thoughts. Before he can do so the man returns with a strong
smelling cloth. David tries to resist but is soon overwhelmed
by the fumes.
Caroyln's panic attack ends with the paramedics injecting her
with some Valium. Scott and Tina watch as the Valium
takes effect. Carolyn's breathing relaxes, soon she is resting.

"Now we're in for it" Tina says.

"What do think all that was about?" Scott asks Tina

"How the hell do I know? What I do know is that the
Captain will be really pissed off."

"Not if David can provide us with some info"

The ambulance rushed into ER. Once there Carolyn was
taken to a nearby bed. The Valium had made her sleepy.
"Mailman, Mailman" was all she could say.

"How is he Doc?" Scott asked.

"He should be fine. The Valium should be wearing off soon.
He was only given a small dose, enough to relax the muscles
and stop any more potential episodes."

"Can we speak to him?. It's a matter of urgency" Tina asks
the doctor.

"Sure. No idea if he'll be coherent enough but you can try"

"Tina, I've got a better idea. He keeps talking about the
mailman so why don't you cross reference the rough
description with postal worker records. Maybe we can come
up with something. I'll stay here and try and talk to him."
Scott suggested.

"Good idea! I'll give you a call if I find anything" Tina said

"I'm sorry you'll have to switch of any cell phones. Plays
havoc with all the equipment. I'm sure you can use the one
in the hallway if required" The Doctor said.

"Will do" With that Tina left the hospital.

Carolyn's eyes were open now, the effect of the sedative's
wearing off. Scott sat down next to him and asked "Hey you
gave us quite a scare back there"

"Where am I?" Carolyn asked

"In Hospital you had some kind of fit, but the Doc says
you'll be just fine."

"I, I was in a dark room, Then I dreamt I was a man called
David" Carolyn said, still woozy from the effects of the

"You are a man called David. Listen a woman's life depends
on what you know. When you held her scarf did you see

"My head! I'm so confused. I remember being taken from
my car A few days ago. We stopped someplace, I was
blindfolded I couldn't see where I was going" Carolyn said,
ignoring for the moment the very masculine tone her voice
was making.

"Did you notice, see anything else?" Scott asked

"I remember that the journey took about two hours. I
noticed the time on his watch when my blindfold was taken
off. I awoke in some kind of dark room. A cellar I think, I
can see a small crack of light from the doors above me."

"What else, David. This is good" Scott's spirit's lifted. At
last they were getting somewhere. Strange how he's
speaking as though he's Carolyn though Scott thought. Still
play along.

"Did you see the man, The mailman?"

"Yes, just, just before he raped me" Carolyn stalled at this
point, the fear returning.

"Hey it's OK" Scott said.

"I'll be fine. He was small about 5'6 , overweight with the
most blue eyes I've ever seen. When I looked into them I
just lost myself. I couldn't help but obey."

Scott just finished taking notes "Anything else?"

"Yeah just before I came here I heard the sound of birds,
canaries I think"

"Hey David, get some rest I think we can take it from here"

Exhausted Carolyn felt her eyes get heavier. This strange
dream will end soon she thought as she felt herself begin to
float away.

"Why don't you let him sleep now" The doctor said to Scott.

"OK. Why did he talk as though he was the one actually
being kidnapped?" Scott asked.

"It sometimes happens, after a Grand Mal or episode the
patient is often confused as to their identity or whereabouts.
Don't worry it'll wear off tomorrow"

"Thanks Doc" Scott said and left the building to get back to
the station.

Back at base he met Tina who had just returned with some
more information. She looked triumphant "Got the bastard"
She said and hugged Scott hard.

"How, Who, Where?" Scott blurted.

"His name is Martin Phillips. He works in distribution at the
central post office. He matches the description given to us
by that old lady. He took unpaid vacation a week or so
back, claimed he had family problems."

"Have you any photo's. David's just given me a detailed
description. Let's see if it matches" Scott said excitedly and
passed his notes to Tina.

"Let's see 5'6 check, blue eyes check and overweight. How
about we check him out" Tina suggested.

"Did we get anymore on him?. I've got the rest of the team
on that now. Do you want to pay him a visit?" Tina said.

"Let's do it" Scott said firmly. At last!

David slowly came around, his eyes slowly adjusting to the
darkness. He hurt all over especially in his crotch. Slowly his
vision cleared. He tried to rub his eyes but his hands were
still tied. Looking down he saw the unfamiliar shape of a
woman's body. He felt a warm, wet feeling in his cunt and
shuddered. Slowly dripping down his shapely legs was
someone's cum. Fear caused him to shiver, he'd been raped.
In spite of himself he started to cry, softly at first and then
louder. He tried to call out but the gag was still in place.

In a darkened room he lay on his bed, relaxing after teaching
the handmaiden a lesson. He'd washed himself down
afterwards, as he always did. He had deliberately not
cleaned her down as this would show he had some respect
for her. What puzzled him the most was that she now
appeared to be immune to his gaze. He'd been given that as
a gift in order to accomplish his task, but now he saw that the
handmaiden was immune to it. When he moved on the
Queen he'd have to be even more careful. He needed
strength and wisdom, so he knelt down on the floor and
started to pray.

Outside of Martin Phillips house Tina, Scott, and several
officers moved themselves into position. Overhead, flying at
a discrete distance was a police chopper. A sniper sat in the
open door of it, ready to intervene if required. Scott and
Tina casually walked up to the door. Tina moved to one side
ready to cover her partner.

"Ready to go?" Scott asked Tina.

"When you are"

Scott knocked on the door "Martin Phillips. This is the
police. We need to ask you some questions."


Scott repeated the request.

"Think he's in there?" Tina asked.

"Dunno. Let's try a thermograph" Scott suggested.

Tina spoke into her radio "Ground crew 1 to Sky watch Do
you read me ,over ?"

"Loud and clear ground 1 what can we do? over" The voice
crackled back.

"Can you perform a thermograph of the house. Make sure
the bastard's not in there? over" Tina called back.

"Affirmative. Call you later. Out"

The chopper flew lower and slowly circled the house three
times. A few minutes later Tina's radio crackled into life
"Sorry ground 1. Nobody's home"

"Fuck. Now what" Tina swore.

"We set up a surveillance crew here and look for this place
that David mentioned" Scott said.

Two hours later all available airborne units were searching a
50 mile radius from where Carolyn's car had been found.

Kneeling down by his bed he felt an urgency. He tried to
suppress it but it would not die down. All of a sudden an
answer to his prayer came. "Abandon the handmaiden, she is
powerless without the Queen. You must move from this
place. Go for the Queen"
He heard himself say, out loud "No I must complete my

"You must leave now"

He was about to reply when he heard the far off drone of a
chopper. He froze as it came closer and then passed away.
Whispering thanks he quickly packed everything he could
find and jumped into his battered chevvy. The voice was
right all that mattered now was the Queen. The voice warned
him not to take the main roads so he took the heavily
forested route out, heading in the opposite direction he
intended to go. An hour later he joined the freeway and
approached the city from a different direction.

It had been twelve hours after the search had started and
Tina and Scott were bored. They'd been staking out Martin
Phillips house since they had discovered he wasn't there.
Tina was tucking into a donut, Scott drinking a lukewarm
coffee. The radio crackled into life.

"Scott, Tina. We think we found something"

"Yeah what"

"About an hour ago one of our pilots passed over an old
farmhouse about 50 miles from where Carolyns car was
found. In a nearby building he saw some kind of aviary. He
also spotted what looked to be a tornado shelter."

"Canaries?" Tina asked.

"Could be. What attracted his attention was the shelter.
Who heard of tornadoes in this part of the country?"

"Good point, Where's the chopper now?"

"He had to turn back and leave the place before backup
could arrive. He was low on fuel as it was"

"Fuck! Right we'll get a team right there." Scott said.

David stopped trying to scream for help and decided to try
and find anything that could help him. Turning his head left
and right he peered into the gloomy darkness of the room.
He was, he decided underground in some kind of bunker or
shelter. The chair his was tied to was secured to the floor
and the ropes binding his arms were secure. No way out so
far. Abandoning this train of thought for the moment he
took stock of himself. It was obvious he had switched places
with the woman, Carolyn. He had no idea how he got there
and even more important how to get back again. David
decided that he could explore his new body later and that
staying alive was the first priority.

It had been a while since the mailman had come down and
David wondered if anything had happened. He heard a faint
sound, that got louder. His spirits lifted as he recognized the
unmistakable sound of Sirens. He started to call out, but the
volume was less than impressive. A few minutes later light
streamed thru the open hatch, making him wince and turn
away. A Male voice called out "Found her!" and soon he felt
himself being untied.

"Get a medic down here" The voice called.

"You OK miss?" Another said.

It took David a second or two to realise that the question
was directed at him but all he could reply was "Ummmm".
David saw that the owner of the voice was a large, burley
cop, flashlight in hand.

"Yeah right I remember" The cop said putting on a pair of
latex gloves."Open wide"

David tried to open his mouth as far as he could. The cop
reached in and pulled the rubber ball from David's mouth.
"Carolyn ,listen you're fine, it's OK you're safe now" The
cop said softly.

By now the medic had arrived and started to look David
over. "She's in shock but otherwise OK. I'll give her a
sedative until we can treat it. She's a mess but she'll live."

Before David could protest he felt a needle enter his arm
and all went black.

Scott and Tina stood over the unconscious body of Carolyn
Dawson. She was sleeping peacefully after the journey, her
beautiful face showing nothing of the ordeal she had just
been thru.

Scott looked at Tina, sighed and said "At least we got her

"Yeah but the bastard got away."

"Very odd. The gap between the chopper leaving and the
backup arriving was only 10 minutes. He must have fled as
soon as he heard the chopper leave."

"Yeah but our roadblocks picked up nothin. The captain's
livid. I just don't get it."

"At least she's alive" Scott said with relief.

"What's the Doc say?" Tina asked.

"Why don't you ask him?" A voice said from the doorway.

"Hi Andrew. See they've dragged you away from the Bexley
case" Scott called.

"Yeah. I wanted in on this and seeing as I'd had the most
experience with the MO of this creep I was the logical

"So how is she?"

"Better than we expected. She has some slight tearing
around the vagina where he's forced himself on her. The
costume is proving a bastard to get off. We can't use too
much solvent as the skin will absorb the alcohol and poison
her. So we're having to use it a bit at a time. It'll take a few
days for us to get all of it off. Emotionally who can tell.
With proper care and therapy she may recover but you don't
get over this easily. We tried to contact her mom but she's
away somewhere for a few weeks and she left no contact

"Have you arranged for counselling?" Tina asked.

"Already done. Listen she'll sleep thru the night. You guys
look beat and Carolyn here needs some rest. Come back
tomorrow" Andrew said.

"How's David?" Scott asked.

"He'll be fine. He's sleeping as well. We're running a
continuous ECG to see if he's fit again but I think he's in the

"OK, night" Tina said.

"See ya" Andrew called.

The next day Scott met Tina at the front of the hospital.

"Coffee?, Bagel?" Tina asked.

"No way, I've just eaten"

"Look I'll talk to David, You go talk to Carolyn and we'll
check notes at 10" Scott suggested.


Scott walked into David's ward and nearly bumped into

"Hey watch it hotshot" Andrew called.

"Can I see him?"

"Yeah, We're about to discharge him, when he wakes up"

"OK I'll pop in now" Scott said and walked off towards the

Carloyn slowly woke up. Her vision blurry at first, then
clearing. She looked up and saw lights. Her head hurt and
she reached up to touch it. A hairy, muscular arm moved up
to her head. She moved her arm, the arm moved too.
Silently she screamed. She'd hoped it'd been a dream. Slowly
she reached down and tried to feel for her pussy. She felt the
fleshy, firmness of a penis instead. Fear began to well up
inside her as she clenched her chest, hoping to feel her
breasts but there were none. Just as she was about to
explore some more a policeman walked in. Guiltily she
stopped her exploration and said "Yes Officer"

"Hi David" Scott said.

Deciding to play along until she could find out more Carloyn
replied "Yeah, Hi"

"I just thought you ought to know we found her, safe and
well. Thanks to you. Well done" Scott said.

"Carolyn's OK?"

"Yep, The mailman got away though and we don't know
where he's gotten to. Still we have a description now so it
should only be a matter of time"

"Where is she?"

"In a private room just down from here. Doc says you can
go when you're ready" Scott said.

"Thanks". Now what? Where did this David live? Carolyn

"Listen If you think of anything else here's my card" Scott
said placing the card on the bedside table.

"Will do. Say do you think they'd let me see me, I mean
Carolyn" Carolyn asked, quickly correcting herself.

"I should think so. Check first OK. I'll talk later and thanks
again" Scott said and left the room.
"But I tell you I'm not Carolyn" David said to Tina.

"Who are you then" Tina was getting tired of this. She'd
come in expecting to help but all she got was an insistence
that the woman laying in front of her wasn't Carolyn
Dawson but David Hawkins. Changing the subject she
started again "Carolyn, David whoever you are can you tell
me anything else, anything that could help us get this

"I don't know anymore than I've told you already. Look if
you want to know more I suggest you go talk to Carolyn.
You'll easily recognise her, she's the one who looks like me."

"Carolyn. It's OK you're safe now."

"Don't patronize me with your platitudes. I've been raped in
a body that's not my own. The woman who should be
getting the counselling as well is walking out this place

"Look. I'll leave my number with you. If you think of
anything else let me or Scott know" And Tina left.

David lay back in the bed exhausted and exasperated from
the conversation. It was clear to him from the moment he
woke up that the nightmare he'd been having was real. He'd
avoided touching himself anywhere female in the vain hope
it'd go away. Now, alone he moved his hand over his
smooth stomach, feeling the lycra of the swimsuit he still
wore. His hand moved up to his breasts and he felt their
warmth and firmness under the swimsuit. He nearly jumped
with pleasure when he idly ran his fingers around his nipples.
He felt himself let out a small sigh. His hand slowly moved
down to his groin. He tried to stroke his vagina, wanting the
pleasure to continue but his finger chanced upon a cut.

"OW" he called out.

He lay back and closed his eyes. In his mind's eye he saw the
mailman draw closer and closer, the mailman's trousers were
down and he was about to thrust his dick into David's pussy.

David called out and a nurse came running in.


"It's OK. I was just dreaming"

"The man who rescued you wants to see you. Do you feel
up to it" The nurse asked.


The nurse walked out an a few minutes later David was
amazed to see himself walk in. David noticed that his body
walked strange, not manly at all. Could his theory be right
after all?

"Carolyn?" David asked.

"Umm I suppose so. What the fuck happened, why am I a
man now?." Carolyn demanded.

"I have no idea to both questions. It's no easier being a
woman instead"

"What did you do? I saw you, in my mind at a door way and
I ran past you. The next thing I knew I was being brought
here in an ambulance and that I was a man and everyone
was calling me David."

"I have, had, who knows now, a gift for helping friends and
family in trouble. I could see what was going to happen
before it did or warn them in some way. I saw you trapped
in that shelter with the mailman about to rape you. I heard
the name Carolyn. I went to the police, this guy called Scott
believed me and asked me to find you. I made contact with
you, saw you at the doorway and was about to call to you
again when you ran past in terror. The door shut and I was
left on the other side."

"So you think we switched then?" Carolyn asked.

David nodded. "I was desperate to find you, you were
desperate to get out and we crossed in the middle. Well
that's how I see it"

"So can you switch us back?"

"Who knows, Maybe."

"You Think I enjoy being like this!" Carolyn hissed.

"Hey being you is no fun either. I've a swimsuit stuck to my
body. I look down and fancy myself like crazy. It's driving
me mad. When I close my eyes I can see the mailman
starting to rape me." David started to cry.

"Hey he raped me too y'know. When I look down at my,
sorry your dick, I don't get turned on. I remember him
shaving my head, forcing me somehow to fuck him."
Carolyn was crying now.

Instinctively David put out his dainty hand. "It seems to me
we need each other. Besides who gave you permission to
look at my dick"

Carolyn smiled "Same goes for my tits. I was very proud of
them you know. You're right. We need to get thru this
together, help each other out, it's the only way."

"I spoke with that Detective Cox before you arrived. She
didn't believe a word I said about me being you or whatever.
Put it down to stress she said. I think we should pretend to
be each other when there are other people around. It'd make
things a lot easier." David said.

"Agreed. Listen if we're to help each other I need to know
the man who's body I've got. Hey I don't even know how to
work one of these things" Carolyn said, pointing at her dick.

"Easy, grab hold of it and point it in the direction you want
it to go. Don't forget to shake. But hey what about me! I've
got all kinds of things to find out. Hell I don't even know
how to put on a bra."

"When will they let you out?" Carolyn asked.

"Dunno, when they can get this damn costume off I guess.
They've booked me in for counselling sessions for 2 hours a

"David, I've got your address from your license but I've no
idea what car you drive. I also need you to get my keys
back, Jonesy will be going spas."

"Jonesy? Is he a boyfriend?" David asked.

"No such luck, he's my cat."

"Oh." David said, relieved. A boyfriend would be

"Hey you got any pets, dates, meetings I should know
about. If I'm going to be you I need to know about you."
Carolyn asked.

"No pets, no dates and no meetings. I just kinda drift about.
My Mom's given me some money when she left dad so I'm
living on that at the moment. How about you?"

"I'm or rather you're a teacher, don't worry they'll already
know about me, sorry about you. They'll not expect you in
for a while. It gives us some breathing space."

David started to look worried.

"I'll try not to be too long" Carolyn said softly.

"Hey, no peeking Promise?" David called out, jokingly.

"Promise. You too. " Carolyn said and left the room.

David held up two fingers in a scout salute "Scouts Honor".

Inside David didn't feel like joking at all. He could feel the
soft mounds of flesh on his chest heaving with each breath.
His voice was an alien sound and he had no idea of how, if
at all things could be reversed. It WAS strange seeing his
face talk to him and make completely different expressions
than he would use. David suspected that Carolyn felt the
same way. A lot of uncertainty mixed with fear but with a
modicum of curiosity. It was bad enough trying to deal with
suddenly being a woman without the nightmare trial he had
just gone thru. Thinking on Carolyn's situation he thought
that she'd come off worst. Not only did she have the change
in gender to deal with, she'd actually been conscious when
she'd been raped and kidnapped. His train of thought was
interrupted by a cute nurse walking in with several bouquets
of flowers and a bag full of cards.

"Who are they from?" David asked.

"Your school, Your class did a get well Miss Dawson card
and the rest is from members of the public."

"How'd" David started.

"You're big news now. The face of the bastard who did this to you
is all around town, on the news everywhere," the nurse said.

"Where's David?"

"He discharged himself but promised he'd be back soon. If
you ask me he's real cute." The nurse said half seriously.

"I suppose so." David answered.

"Hey, the Rachel Martin interviews tonight, you want me to
bring in a TV?"

"Yeah, she's a babe" David blurted.

The nurse looked at David strangely. "If you say so. I think
she's a stuck up bitch. The way men all ogle her, makes you
feel inadequate. That's what my boyfriend says. 'Why don't
you be more like Rachel Martin?' or 'Rachel Martin has 50
inch legs' or some such. If you ask me we're better off
without men. Women don't rape women"

David went quiet. Images of the mailman coming for him
flashed back thru his brain. He felt a shiver run down his
spine. The nurse noticed this and looked very guilty.

"I'm, I'm sorry. I'll just go get the TV" and the nurse almost
ran out.

'Please open mouth before changing foot' David thought. As
yet he'd had no time to explore this new body. He was about
to reach down to stroke his pussy when he remembered his
promise to Carolyn. She was the kinda person, he decided
that would stick to her word regardless. He'd better do the

Caroyln managed to find David's apartment fairly easily. She
needed a shower, to cleanse herself of her ordeal. Although
it was the body that had been violated the mind was just as
soiled. She started to get undressed again. Although she'd
gotten dressed this morning in David's body it was
automatic. She'd had no time to investigate.

Standing in front of the mirror she noticed David's firm,
hairy chest. She flexed her muscles Charles Atlas fashion
and ran her hand down the taught biceps. 'Not bad' she
thought. She felt a strange sensation in her dick as it began
to expand.

Although she'd promised not to look it was impossible not
to. Besides David must've, Carolyn thought as she pulled her
pants down. Her dick was erect but not engorged. She
reached down to touch it but her hand jerked back when she
remembered the mailman coming for her, his penis erect and

She found the bathroom and started to shower. The warm
water spreading comfort as she started to wash the
memories and the nightmare touch of the mailman away.
Carolyn, ignoring her new body for the moment scrubbed
until her skin was red, nothing she could do could make her
feel clean.

Whilst she was in the shower she tried to remember anything
else that could help the police catch the mailman. What was
it he had said.

"There's no use in acting surprised. I know who you are,
You are the Queen's handmaiden. A dark servant. The enemy
must be lax if they let me take you so easily".

That must mean he'd strike again. If she was supposed to be
this handmaiden who was the Queen?
A few hours later Caroyln drove back to the hospital to
visit David. She walked in holding some flowers and spotted
the other bouquets strewn around the room.

"Hey I'd no idea I was so popular. These are for you"
Carolyn said placing her flowers into some spare space
between some multicoloured carnations.

"Thanks, just as well you don't get hay fever. Some of them
are from your class, the others are from well wishers. Hey I
had a visit from Joyce, one of your fellow teachers I
presume. It was real embarrassing. I acted as though I had
some memory loss or something but it was obvious that I
was hiding something. "

"Yeah, Joyce. We've known each other since college. She's
really sweet, almost a sister really."

"Thanks for telling me!. Is Jonesy OK?"

"I suppose. He went ape and ran off when I walked in. I
guess I smell different or something."

"Hey I never smelt that bad. How are you? They sent in
some counsellor when you went away. She tried to help but
it was hard going. She told me that it wasn't my fault and
that I did nothing wrong. However She assumed I was a
woman and knew how women feel. Sure I'll have nightmares
for a long while yet, but it isn't the rape that really bothers
me. It was the images, the sensations of terror. You're the
one who needs the counselling but everyone assumes you're
the hero and you're OK." David said, the concern evident in
his voice.

"I showered for over an hour, trying to get the feel of him
off me. I know it's not my body but he's still there. In my
mind, I can feel him about to penetrate me or tie me up
again. Oh David it's so hard" Carolyn started to cry.

David put out his womanly hand, and took hold of
Carolyn's. "Hey we'll get thru this, it's OK. Soon the cops'll
get him and we can start to rebuild. I've asked the nurses
and they say you can stay as long as you like. "

"Do you really think they'll get him?" Carolyn asked.

"Yep. I've seen his description and picture everywhere. It's
only a matter of time.
He was thankful that he had been warned before the police
moved in at his lair. He sat in his car looking out at
Stephanie Lane's apartment. The Queen of evil should be
arriving soon. Finishing off the last of his Big Mac he settled
down to wait. His attention was distracted as another car
drew up behind him and two men got out. They were very
well dressed and seemed to be of Arabic origin. One of them
lit up a cigarette and he could smell it's foul stench as they
walked past the car. He breathed a sigh of relief as they
went into a nearby shop. These must be the Queen's
henchmen or bodyguards he decided.

The men emerged from the shop and got back inside their
car and they were soon engaged in conversation. He ducked
down below the level of the headrest but glancing in the
rear-view mirror could see that they were more interested in
waiting for their Queen than him.

At last a limo drew up and he took a deep breath as the
Queen got out surrounded by press. He could feel the evil of
her from here. She must be stopped at any cost. A few
seconds later she ran up the steps into the apartment. Now
all he had to do was wait until she emerged.
"Hey mind if I watch the Rachel Martin interview?. She's
such a fox" David said.

"So are you, well at least for now. " Carolyn said.

"Could you switch it on for me?" David asked.

He watched Caroyln awkwardly get up, not used to the
shape of her new body. The tv flicked on and Stephanie
Lane was introducing Rachel Martin.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I am here today in my apartment
with Rachel Martin. Rachel. You have been called the most
perfect woman who has ever lived. What is your reaction to

"Well Steph. It makes me a little humble really. Beauty is in
the eye of the beholder. You needn't be a supermodel to be
beautiful, y'know." Rachel Martin said, to camera.

"Supercilious, patronizing bitch" Carolyn muttered.

"Hey she's right though. Now let me listen, you made me
miss the next question" David said as Rachel Martin started
to speak.

"Don't tell anyone, but I'm so disorganised. I can't plan my
way into bed without a diary. I'm also the world worst

"Yeah right. She's sharper than she's making out. Dave are
you listening I want to tell you something." Carolyn started.

David just lay back watching the interview. Stephanie Lane
was just asking "Of course, the death of your parents must
have been a real blow".

"The 10th of June 1995 will be burned into me forever. I
spent ages trying to get over it. It's one of the reasons I fled
to Europe for so long. I'm dedicating my career to their
memory". Rachel Martin replied, her eyes welling with tears.

"Look Dave I know you and every man in the countries jaw
is on the floor right now but you've got everything she's
got. Trust me I know. If you don't believe me just look
down. I want to tell you something" Carolyn said her voiced
sounding slightly annoyed. She went over to the remote and
flicked the tv off.

"Hey I wanted to watch that" David complained.

"Look when I was in the shower I remembered something.
The mailman said that I, you, whatever was the Queens
Handmaiden. That means he's after the Queen next" Carolyn

"So who's the Queen?" David asked.

"No idea. Just thought I'd ask and see if it rang any bells."

"Nope. Sorry to be a pain but I really wanted to watch
Rachel Martin. I've been following her career for ages."

"Drooling over pictures more like it. I thought you were
different" Carolyn said scathingly.

"I am. One of the things I wanted to be was a fashion
photographer. If you don't believe go look in my trunk in the
bedroom wardrobe. Sure I fancy her but she's unnatural.
Nobody's THAT perfect. Now if you were wearing this face
that'd be a different matter" David said, pointing at his
feminine features.

Caroyln was stunned into silence by this slip. Did this mean
David fancied her or himself in her body?. All she could do
was look apologetic.

David looked guilty, "Sorry I didn't mean"

"Hey I'm flattered but a relationship is the least thing I want
right now."

"Me too. I've no idea how that came out. I've haven't a clue
how I feel anyway. My mind ogles at the nurses and my
body feels all warm and tingly when a cute male doctor
walks in. Which way am I?"

"I don't feel anything at all, sorry. Maybe when they catch
this mailman, maybe not even then."
He watched the Queen step out from the building and into a
waiting Limo. The car with the two Arabic men inside
waited a few moments and then drove off, after the limo. He
decided to follow but at a discrete distance. He knew where
the Queen was headed after all. He needed to see what level
of protection the Queen had, satisfied he could break thru it.
He took a roundabout route to the hotel and watched as the
Queen went inside. He then drove off to hide and to watch.
"I think it about time you went home, David" The nurse

"Hey you said he could stay as long as he wanted" David

"You need your rest. There's always tomorrow"

"See ya Carolyn" Carolyn said.

"Ya. Take care. Don't do anything I wouldn't do"

The nurse turned to David and asked "Do you want
anything to help you to sleep?"

"I should be OK. I'll call if I need anything. To tell the truth
I'm trashed." David said sleepily. The excitement and trauma
of the day had kept him alert and awake, now it was time for
the body to recover.

The nurse switched off the light and left the room. Alone for
the first time for a while David wanted to explore how he
felt about being a woman, meeting Carolyn, the mailman and
all the rest of events that had seemed to overtake him. His
body had other ideas and before he could do anything he
was asleep.

Carolyn drove to her house, in David's car. Past caring what
the neighbors would think she let herself in. Jonesy lay
prostrate on the sofa, breathing softly. She reached down to
stroke him but he awoke, arched his back and hissed angrily.

"Hey Jonesy it's me" Carolyn tried to croon. It didn't work
with a mans voice.

Jonesy's only response was to sulk off in the kitchen

Carolyn slumped back down on the sofa. What a day. Like
David, her body wanted to rest whilst her mind wanted
something else. She slowly got up and went towards her
bedroom. She slowly took off her shirt and pants and once
again felt her cock swell as she took in the muscled tone of
her new body. Instinctively she reached under the pillow and
got out her black, silky night-dress. Deciding there was no
way she could wear it in her current form she got into bed
and was soon fast asleep.

David woke up screaming at 4am. A nurse came running in,

"It's OK it's over" The nurse said softly.

"I know. I dreamt about him, the man who did this to me.
He was coming for me, coming again" David started to sob,
the sweat pouring from his face.

"It's OK it was just a nightmare" The nurse said.

"You'll, You'll be just around the corner?" David asked, as if
pleading for his life.

"You bet" The nurse said and stroked David's face

"Night" David said and flopped back down on the bed. It
would be a long night.

Carolyn looked at the clock on her bedside table. Fuck only
4am. She'd been up most of the night. A bowl lay by the side
of her bed and she'd used it to be sick in a couple of times.
How she wanted somebody to share her pain. Even the
normally reliable Jonesy had deserted her. For the first time
in months she felt desperately lonely. She thought about
giving Joyce a call but that would require too much
She got up and made herself a warm milk in her microwave.
She tried to sit cross legged on the sofa and sip the milk as
she'd done when she was a child but her new legs and dick
prevented her from doing it right. So she just sat, legs
crossed and sipped the milk slowly. "I'm going to have to
sleep sometime" She said to herself as she went back to bed

Dawn broke slowly and both David and Carolyn lay in bed
watching the light start to seep thru the drawn curtains.
Carolyn yawned and got up. This couldn't go on she
thought. "I have to speak to David about what I really feel"
She said outloud.

Carolyn picked up the shirt and pants she had discarded the
night before and slowly put them on. "At least in this body it
takes half the time to get ready as before." She said outloud.

Walking to her refrigerator she selected a nearly empty milk
carton and poured some for Jonesy. After choosing a bowl
of museli she sat down on the sofa to have breakfast.

"Wonder if I'm on the news" She thought and she flicked the
TV on.

Stephanie lane was stood in front of the camera, power-
dressed as usual. Her blonde hair immaculately styled was
blowing in the breeze. Behind her was the hospital where
David was staying.

"The Bexley Murder reached a new twist today when Dr
William Bexley and Mrs Margaret Bexley were killed in an
car accident. An eyewitness said that the car spun out of
control and plunged into a ravine. Dr Elizabeth Bexley is
due to visit here later today to identify the bodies. As you
would expect we will be here waiting to catch a glimpse of
the reclusive Dr Bexley. The funeral of Dr Bexley's parents
has been slated in for two days from now."

"How terrible" Carolyn thought.

"In other news. The killer known as the 'mailman' is still at
large today. So far he has avoided all attempts by the police
to capture him. The public have been advised that he is
possibly armed and should be regarded as extremely
dangerous. If you see this man you are to call the police
right away" Stephanie continued.

The screen changed to a photo-fit of the mailman. Carolyn's
blood went cold when she saw his face again. Flicking the
TV off she went back to eating her muesli. An hour or so
later of watching the news Carolyn got into David's car and
drove to the hospital.

When she got to the gates she was met by a burly security
guard. "Hey you gotta press pass?" He demanded.

"What press pass? I've come to visit a friend." Caroyln said,
slightly annoyed.

"Not in this entrance mister. We've got that Bexley woman
arriving here any minute. You'll have to go around the back"

Recognising the stubborn look on the guards face, Carolyn
drove around the back entrance, eventually parked the car,
and went inside.

David was laying upright in bed drinking some coffee. He
was starting to feel uncomfortable in this body. Foreign
feelings and sensations greeted him at almost every breath.
Unable to resist again he put the coffee mug down and was
about to caress his breast, still under the confines of the
costume when he was interrupted by footsteps. Guiltily he
jerked his hand away just as Carolyn walked in.

"Hi, You wouldn't believe the amount of trouble I've had
getting in" Carolyn moaned.

"I would. I've been watching it. This fucking trial is taking
all the attention away from catching the bastard who raped
us" David said bitterly.

"Yeah. Sorry if I'm vacant today. I hardly slept a wink last

"Me too. The nurses say I can go home this afternoon.
Which ever home I'm supposed to go to that is."

"What about the costume and the counselling?" Carolyn

"I have to come in every day until it's off. Counselling
sessions will continue at my apartment."

"David, I'm concerned. We haven't really talked about this.
Both of us have been in denial. I can't deny what happened
to me and you can't either. We have to talk about this, else
we'll never get over it."

"Sorry. You're right. I've been trying to think of other
things, how to catch the mailman for one. Listen this may
seem forward but how about dinner?"

"OK. Pick you up at 8. I know this real nice Italian."

David was about to reply when another lady walked in. She
was smaller than David was now, maybe 5'5. Her blonde
hair was bobbed, Jennifer Aniston style and her eyes
gleamed a deep brown. Nice figure too.

Carolyn whirled around and called out "Hi Joyce".

Joyce stared at Carolyn in puzzlement and suspicion. Joyce
adopted a defensive stance and asked "Who the hell are
you? And how do you know my name?"

David answered quickly "Umm Hi Joyce. This is David
Hawkins, my savior."

Still puzzled Joyce said "Thanks we owe you one. If I'd lost
Carolyn here I don't know what I'd have done."

"S'Ok" Carolyn said. Inside she was burning to tell her
friend what had really happened but she didn't think that
David would agree. Still she could tell him later. Joyce took
the gap in conversation to move by David's bedside.

"So Joyce what brings you here?" David asked.

"Just thought I'd drop in. Did you still want to go to Cats
next week?" Joyce asked David.

"Cats?. Oh Umm I dunno what did we agree?" David said

"We didn't. They tell me that you're coming out today -- are
you well enough?. How about I fix you dinner tonight"
Joyce asked.

David tried to get a clue of what to do from Carolyn but she
was standing just behind Joyce. David quickly said "Sorry
Joyce but David and I are going out to dinner tonight. A
kind of thank you".

Joyce looked a little hurt "Maybe tomorrow then."

"We'll see." David said doubtfully.

Joyce turned to Carolyn and asked "So David, you didn't tell
me how you knew my name?"

"Easy. I asked Carolyn here if she had any friends who could
help her thru this. She mentioned that you were her best
friend and I assumed that was who you were. Why so
suspicious?" Carolyn said wondering why Joyce was being
so protective.

"Why? Because she's the one person I care about most in all
the world. Sorry David if I've seemed hostile to you. I hope
you understand"

David said "Joyce, David, I'm really tired would you mind
leaving me for a while. Dave, haven't you go something you
wanted to tell inspector Harris?"

"Fuck yes I completely forgot. Joyce it was a pleasure to
meet you at last. Look after her she's important to me"
Carolyn said.

Joyce looked strangely at Carolyn, as though he was about
to spoil her friendship. Joyce turned to David waved and
then left.

He took the subway to the hotel where the Queen was
staying. After a brief conversation with the receptionist he
was unable to ascertain the Queen's exact location. Foiled
for the moment he took the subway back to the street where
he had been sleeping rough. Kneeling down amongst the
broken bottles, cardboard boxes and the occasional syringe
he started to pray.

His answer came sometime later. A dream , a prophesy
formed in his mind. He could see the Queen walking from
the rear of the hotel and taking a cab. Sometime later she
emerged from the cab and walked into a cemetery. The
vision faded but he now had a plan to capture the Queen. All
he had to do was wait.
As Carolyn was about to leave David turned to her and
said. "Joyce was so nice to me yesterday. Why was she so
hostile today? Surely she didn't feel threatened by me. Sorry
you being there?"

"It's complicated. I'll explain everything at dinner. What time
are you released?" Carolyn said.

"About 6, after my counselling session. Say, take my car and
I'll meet you at your place"

"Fine. You want anything?"

"Apart from a dick. No I'll be fine. You've got a call to

Carolyn walked out of the room and found a payphone.
Slipping in a few quarters she called Scott's home number.

Scott was lounging back on his sofa, watching the Rachel
Martin interview that his wife had taped from the night
before. Rachel was about to answer a question about her
parents when the phone rang. He reached over and picked
up the phone.

"Hello Detective Harris."

"Hi Scott. Sorry to spoil your day off, it's David Hawkins.
Carolyn's asked me to pass on something she's remembered.

Scott flicked mute on the TV, switched his old Sony VCR
off and said "Go on please, we need a lead".

"Yeah. When the mailman captured Carolyn he said
something like 'I know who you are, You are the Queen's
handmaiden. A dark servant. The enemy must be lax if they
let me take you so easily'. The mailman thought Carolyn was
this Queen's handmaiden -- therefore it figures he'd go after the
Queen next."

"Any idea who this Queen could be?" Scott asked.

"No idea. Over to you really"

"Tell Carolyn thanks and that I'll drop in and see how she's
getting on." Scott replied.

Scott's mind raced. "Who could be this Queen the mailman
was after". Hmm, difficult to tell. Deciding to think about it
for a few minutes before calling Tina, he restarted the video
and continued to watch the Rachel Martin interview.
Carolyn drove to David's house to pick up some fresh
clothes for her dinner. 'What a strange situation' She
thought. It did seem ludicrous, her a woman in a mans body
going out to dinner with a man in her own body. She hoped
she'd get chance to speak to David about it tonight and
maybe exorcise some of the nightmares. Choosing what
looked to be David's only good suit and tie she went back to
the car to drive home.

Arriving back at her place Carolyn stripped off and started
the shower running. As she looked down at her erecting
cock, flashes of the mailman returned, almost causing her to
retch. She stepped into the shower, feeling the warm water
run over her body. The cleansing of the water starting to
wash away the emotions of the day before.

Carolyn was disturbed by a loud knocking at the door. A
voice called "Carolyn are you in there? I can hear the
shower . Come on let me in, it's Joyce"

"Fuck fuck fuck" Carolyn swore. Now what could she do,
an idea formed. David wouldn't like it but it was the only

Wrapping a towl around herself and drying her muscular
body as much as possible she went to the door.

Cautiously she opened the door and saw a look of shock on
Joyce's face.

"DAVID What the fuck are you doing here. Where's
Carolyn ." She demanded.

"Umm you'd better come in" Carolyn said.

"You bet I will." Joyce said and stomped inside.

"Take a seat, I'll be right out." Carolyn said and went into her
bedroom much to Joyce's astonishment.

Hastily drying herself off Carolyn put on a pair of David's
boxers. Trying her hardest not to explore and get carried
away she put his suit trousers on and a nice clean white
shirt. She hunted around for David's Bart Simpson tie and
after locating it under her old black night shirt she put it on.
She opened the door and walked back into the living room
to face Joyce.

"Where's Carolyn?" Joyce demanded.

"Joyce you're going to find this very hard to believe"
Carolyn started.

"Yeah right. How COULD you. Carolyn's been raped and
nearly killed and here you are making a move on her. "
Joyce started.

"Joyce. Listen to me. Hmm how, to begin. I know. If I
remember correctly you like A dry Martini with a little soda.
No lemon because you only throw it away."

Joyce's eyes went wide. "How'd you."

"I'd better get that drink first" Carolyn said. This WAS
going to be fun.

Carolyn handed Joyce her drink and sat down on the chair
opposite Joyce.

"OK here goes," Carolyn said, taking a deep breath. "Joyce
the reason why I knew about you tastes in Martini's was that
I'm really Carolyn. The woman sitting in the hospital bed is
really David Hawkins."

Joyce looked for a second and then burst out laughing.
"That's good. That's real good. I've heard a few feeble
excuses from men before but that's a new one on me."

"Joyce. Two words. Larry Foster" Carolyn said softly.

Joyce stopped laughing and looked serious. "Listen I don't
know who you really are or how you knew that but that's
not funny. Now you either get straight with me or I'm outta
here and calling the cops."

Carolyn continued "You met him when you were still a
freshman. You two really had something going and I was as
jealous as hell. If I remember, we had our first fight over
him. You wanted to get engaged but I tried to talk you out
of it. You blamed me for trying to split you up and wanting
him for myself. After I found out from the other women he'd
cheated on what he was really like you still didn't believe
me. To rescue you from that cheating bastard I seduced him
and ensured that you dropped in at the right time. I lost my
virginity to that mother-fucker so you wouldn't get hurt and
make the worst mistake of your life."

Joyce started to cry "David.. How. Carolyn swore she'd
never tell a soul..."

"I didn't. Listen. When I was kidnapped by the mailman.
David had some kinda vision. He says he's got some sort
of ESP but damned if I know for sure. Anyway he saw me,
knew my name and went to the cops. By some fluke they
believed him and let him try and reach me. He did it only too
well and somehow we switched"

"Carolyn this is amazing. Can you switch back. What's it like
being a man, how does David feel?" Joyce blurted, her
brown eyes showing astonishment.

"Hey one thing at time. No idea to the first, I'm as scared as
hell to the second and no idea to the third."

Joyce started to giggle "Hey, you could be both my
boyfriend and girlfriend at the same time."

This was more like the Joyce Carolyn knew. The hostile
exterior was gone and the fun loving girl had returned.
"Yeah, right. I told David that I wouldn't tell anyone but I
had to tell you, otherwise I'd just burst. For the moment it's
our secret. You have to pretend David's me. What did you
come around for."

"Apart from seeing how you were, I wanted to know if you
wanted to do some shopping for your dinner date tonight."
Joyce said.

"As you can see I'm feeling, well, different, and as for
shopping what an excellent idea. I'll get my cards and see
you down at the parking lot."

"Umm how do you expect to be able to use your credit
cards. You're not Carolyn Dawson anymore. Look I'll get
these and you can pay me back when you're back to your
normal self" Joyce said.

"OK let my blow dry my hair and get fixed up and I'll be out
soon" Carolyn said.

"Dry your hair sure but I wouldn't get fixed up. People will
look" Joyce joked.

"Go away. I'll see you later" Carolyn smiled.

Joyce stood up and closed the door behind her. Carolyn
looked at the clock on her VCR. She had a little over two
hours before David turned up. More than enough time to
pick out a new outfit for him.

After spending a few minutes drying her hair and combing it
into some kind of style she ran downstairs to find Joyce
waiting in her car.

"Let's go shop" Joyce chimed.

Two hours later Joyce screamed into the car lot near
Carolyn's apartment. "There told you we'd make it. Listen
I'd better go make myself scarce."

"Thanks" Carolyn said and reached over and gave Joyce a
peck on the cheek as a thank you.

Joyce looked a little surprised. "Hey I'm used to you doing
that as you but I'm not sure I should let any strange men do
that. What kinda girl do ya think I am"

"The best kind. Listen Joyce thanks for everything. Being
with you, shopping, talking and goofing about like old times
is starting to make me feel me again."

"It was funny wasn't it" Joyce said smiling.

"What was?"

"The time when you wanted to try on the outfit we liked.
The assistant looked at you very strangely"

"Yeah it wasn't even my size" Carolyn smiled.

"You know what I mean" Joyce laughed.

"Look it's getting on and David will be here any second.
Thanks again" Carolyn said and opened the car door and got

Carolyn raced up the stairs, clutching her shopping. She just
had time to shut the door behind her and put the kettle on
for some coffee when there was a knock at the door.

"Hello Carolyn are you in there?" David called.

"Hang on a moment" Carolyn called out, quickly having a
look around to see if everything was tidy. A few moments
later she answered the door.

"For you" David said handing Carolyn some flowers.

"Why thank you. Please come in" She said and gestured to
the sofa. Carolyn went off into the kitchen to find a vase to
put the flowers in.

David walked over and sat down, legs apart and lounged
back into some cushions.

"Coffee?" Carolyn asked from the kitchen.

"Yeah white, two sugars"

"You'll get me fat. I see they gave you some clothes"
Carolyn said. Noticing the tracksuit and sneakers David was
now wearing.

"Yeah. It feels funny though and mighty sexy walking
around as a woman. How do you put up with it?"

"It just feels me I guess. Listen I've a confession to make"
Carolyn said passing David the coffee.


"Umm Joyce came around this afternoon and caught me in
the shower. I HAD to tell her the truth. I'm glad I did now
as she's brought back a sense of reality in my life."

"I don't mind. If it helps you then that's OK."

"We also went shopping for tonight"

"I hope you didn't buy me another suit. I'd never live it
down. By the way the end of the tie should be level with the
top of your pants, when you stand up. Oh and you don't
HAVE to do the top button up if you pull the tie up far

"Hey thanks. No we didn't get something for me, we got
something for you."

"Hey I was just hoping to wear jeans and a T-shirt, maybe a
smart sweater. None of this feminine rubbish."

"You go with me, you go properly dressed. Besides you'll
have to know how to dress yourself properly"

David groaned and shook his head.

"Drink your coffee and then we'll start. It takes at least an
hour to get ready if you're going to do it properly."

"I'll sip my coffee then"

"How are you, really David. Apart from a few obvious jokes
and comments I don't know how you're feeling. Look it's my
body you've got and you be honest. I won't mind" Carolyn
said, sitting down on sofa next to David.

"It's very odd. I mean I fancy myself like crazy. Your legs
are wonderful. I used to just sit in bed and move them just
so I could admire them. Because of this stupid costume I
haven't seen all of you yet but I nearly jump if I touch one of
my nipples. I feel very strange in the plumbing department.
At the moment I'm torn between two worlds. I guess I feel
as though I'm on vacation from me if you know what I
mean. "

"Sort of. Every time I even think about how sexy your body
is or anything like that I get a flashback of the mailman
coming for me. You've mentioned your favorite bits of me
so I'll do the same for you. Then young lady, we have to get
you ready."

"Which are? Your favorite bits that is."

"Hmm. I like this sort of chest on a man. Muscular but not
too hairy. Very nice shoulders and your butt is certainly
cute. But get a haircut -- it looks stupid on me."

"Uh oh" David said.

"What?" Carolyn looked concerned.

"I've finished my coffee. We've got all evening to talk and so
I'd better get it over with."

"Come into my bedroom and see what delights I've prepared
for you" Carolyn said, offering her hand to David.

David took her hand, stood up and followed Carolyn into
the bedroom. Carolyn rummaged inside a large box and
lifted out a black dress.

"Here we go" she said and handed the dress to David.

"I'm not putting this on. It's indecent. I don't mind you
seeing me because you've seen it all before but this hardly
comes up to my waist. Besides this fucking snake skin thing
that's stuck to me will show" David moaned.

"Don't worry, the straps will cover it. Besides I didn't
choose it, Joyce did. Now before you put the dress on you'll
need to put this panty hose on. We don't need to worry
about lingerie as that infernal costume is still stuck on. I take
it they bathed you at the hospital" Carolyn said.

"Yeah. It felt mighty strange."

"Good. Now come on take your things off"

David felt self-conscious as he bent down and took off his
sneakers and jogging pants. Ignoring the feeling of his
breasts dangling down inside the swim-suit he straightened
up and threw Carolyn the pants. She deftly caught them and
handed him the panty hose.

"That's right roll it up first, it'll fit better. Oh and point your
toes when you put each leg in." Carolyn said.

David began to feel warm and tingly as the soft, sheer nylon
went up his legs. The slender curve of muscle and thigh was
being emphasised by the hose. "This is turning me on" David

"Now Take your top off" Carolyn said, ignoring David's

David reached up and pulled his tracksuit top off and threw
it to Carolyn who stored it alongside his pants.

"Now put this over your head, making sure that the straps
cover your costume." Carolyn said passing David the sheer
black dress.

David put the dress on and after adjusting himself looked
down. The view was stunning. Two mounds pushed
themselves out of his chest and the curves of his body were
set off by the black dress.

Fishing inside the bag Carolyn pulled out a black haired wig.
"I brought this for me, for when we swap back but you'd
better use it tonight. A bald woman looks very out of place."

In spite of himself David was starting to enjoy this dressing
up so he reached up and took the wig from Carolyn and
placed it on his head. It felt strange to have hair again, and
even stranger to feel the swish of hair on his shoulder

"Hold on a second let me adjust it" Carolyn said as she
walked over and ensured it looked as realistic as possible.

"Much better. Now sit down and let me do your makeup"
Carolyn said.

"Hey no way" David complained.

"I told you. You want to go out with me you do it properly.
Now sit down and hold still."

David did as he was told and sat down on the bed. Carolyn
walked over to her dresser and got out a makeup bag. After
rummaging around for a bit she removed several cosmetics
and walked over to where David sat.

David shut his eyes and held still as he felt the blusher being
applied to his cheeks. He wanted to move or crinkle his nose
but this felt good.

"Now close your eyes. I'll put some eye liner on" Carolyn
said quietly.

David obeyed and felt the eyeliner being gently brushed onto
each eye. "How's it looking" He asked.

"I'll let you see in a few minutes" Carolyn said. Having a
man do what she wanted was oddly therapeutic she thought.

"Now purse your lips like this" Carolyn demonstrated and
David obeyed.

Carolyn applied the lip gloss, slowly so as not to smudge.
"Now do this to ensure it's just right" Carolyn showed David

"Now am I done?"

Carolyn walked over to her dresser, rummaged around for a
few seconds and then said "Not yet. You'll need these"


"Yep, Now be careful these are my best pair" Carolyn said
handing two gold and pearl earrings to David.

David fumbled around for a while until they were put in
each ear. "This feels so strange"

"One last thing. Nails. You can't go out with nude nails"
Carolyn said.

"This is too much"

"You want to go out with me you do it properly" Carolyn
said again, smiling.

David offered out his slender hands and finger by finger
Carolyn painted each nail a deep red. "Right, blow on them
softly to help them dry"

"No wonder it takes so long for women to get ready" David

"OK, nearly done. Now get into these shoes" Carolyn said as
she tossed David a pair of heels.

David stood up and put the heels on. He nearly tilted
forward as he tried to keep balance "Wooh" he exclaimed.

"Now walk towards me" Carolyn stated. This was FUN!

David tried to walk towards Carolyn but it seemed to be
very clumsy.

"NOT like that you look like a man in drag"

"I AM a man in drag"

"No you're not. Look just let your hips move. Walk like
your body wants to"

David tried again, this time it felt much more natural. His
feet hurt though "How do you walk in these things" He

"Carefully. Now take a look in the mirror" Carolyn said.

David slowly walked over to the full length mirror on the
wardrobe. A tall, elegant woman stood in front of him. The
short dress showed every curve of the body and breast to
perfection. Her face radiated beauty and her black hair
cascaded to her shoulders. David started to feel very horny
and he stood there expecting to feel his erection grow. A
warm feeling downstairs told him that he was this vision of
beauty "I'm, I'm stunning" He exclaimed.

"Yes I am, when I can be bothered to smarten myself up that

"You've forgotten something" David said.

"What's that -- you look perfect"

"Not on me, You. Were you planning to shave?"

Carolyn put her hand to her face and felt the bristles there
"Umm do I have to?"

"You want to go out with me you do it properly" David
laughed. revenge was sweet.

"OK you got me. I'll shave" Carolyn said walking towards
the bathroom.

"Hey where you going?" David asked.

"To shave"

"Do you know how to?"

"Sure I've done my legs loads of times."

"Similar but not the same. I'll help" David offered. Now it
was his turn.

"See. Tighten the skin and pull downwards, slowly but in
one stroke. Always shave in one direction that way you'll
not cut yourself." David advised a few minutes later.

"That was scary. I thought I'd cut myself to bits" Carolyn

"You'll get used to it" David said

"Hey the time's nearly 7:45 -- we better go"

When they arrived at the restaurant Carolyn got out of the
car and opened the door for David. "Why thank you sir"
David said and offered his hand to Carolyn.

Carolyn gave the valet the keys and they walked into the
restaurant hand in hand. To David it did seem unnerving
hold hands with a man but he felt so feminine in this get up
he decided it didn't matter.

Carolyn offered David a chair and he sat down. Carolyn sat
down opposite him after giving her jacket to the matre'd.

"You really know how to pamper a woman don't you?"
David said.

"Hey I know what it's like to be on the receiving end. So I
figure act like the gentleman"

"Thanks, We came here to talk seriously so let me start."
David said.

"Fine by me" Carolyn said.

"I'm starting to feel more human. What the mailman did to me
will cause me nightmares in days to come sure but now that
I'm out in the world again it seems so long ago."

"I'm starting to feel more normal as well. I try and tell
myself there was nothing I could do. That I was
brainwashed into letting him do those things to me, that it
wasn't my fault. That's the logical side. The emotional side
says that it was my fault somehow. That I led him on in

"That's not right. If you'd have resisted he'd have either
killed you or drugged you like he did me. You did nothing
to deserve that treatment. It wasn't your fault one little bit"

"That's what Joyce said" Carolyn said softly.

Their conversation was interrupted by the waiter wanting
their order. David ordered Insaluta Tricolore followed by
Bresaola Della Valtellina, whilst Carolyn wanted to try the
Agnello Provinciale. His demands satisfied, the waiter went

"Joyce is right, you should listen to her" David said.

"Yeah I know. I just get this nagging feeling that I could or
should have done something"

"Hey it's over now. The police will get him soon and we can
start to move forward again. " David said, placing his hand
on Carolyn's.

"I know. You know, inside I feel cold. I can feel empathy
for others, for you for example. But I feel a part of me has
been destroyed or tainted." Carolyn said, not moving her
hand away from David's.

"I can understand that. Trust me that part of you will come
back. You're not the unfeeling robot you think you are.
Joyce obviously cares a great deal about you. Why was she
so protective today? What did you do for her to make her
feel as though she owes you her life?" David Queried.
Strange how comforting he found touching Carolyn's hand.

"It's a secret and I promised not to tell anybody. Just say I
rescued her from a life-ruining relationship at great personal
cost. Have you thought anymore on how to get us back?"

"Yep. Did you know I tried to make contact with you
today? To Try and switch us back?"

Carolyn's eyes widened "No. How'd it go?"

"Bad. I couldn't even focus on you. I've a few ideas as to
why it didn't work, but I'll keep them to myself for the

"Why the delay. Come on tell me. I want my body back"
Carolyn said crossly.

"Me too. Now please remember this is not a come on and
you don't have to do this?. It wouldn't be a good idea to tell
you at the moment."

"What! For fucks sake David tell me, I'm ready" Carolyn

"I think we can't switch back until we actually want to.
When we initially switched I desperately wanted to reach
you and you were equally desperate to get out"

"Are you saying that I want to be a man! Do you want to be
a woman, is that what you're saying" Carolyn said, her voice

Once again the waiter interrupted the conversation. After
saying a few platitudes to the waiter David said "No I don't
want to be a woman. As I said before I feel I'm on vacation
from me but long term no way. There's a small part of me
that wonders what it's like."

"What's what like?"

"Making love as a woman. Come on aren't you the little bit
curious as to what it feels like as a man?" David said softly.

"Only once or twice. The mailman comes for me everytime
though. You can't be suggesting we. I couldn't.." Carolyn
started to say.

"Hey as I said it's only an idea. It makes sense to me but if
you don't want to try then that's fine. There's no pressure
from me and this will be the last I say about it. Sorry I
brought it up."

"That's OK you did warn me" Carolyn said softly.

"We could try just touching hands. Y'know seance style. "

"We'll give it a go later on. I've just had a thought mind you.
I think I'm afraid to go back to being me. If I'm a woman
again then I'm vulnerable again."

"Men get raped too. I've found that the best way to deal
with a problem is in two phases. First face it, accept that
there is this issue you want dealt with. Secondly Deal with
it. Don't put it off. It seems to me that you have to face up
to what happened and then deal with it" David said softly.

"Yeah right. Mr easy to say sitting over there" Carolyn said

"That should be 'miss easy to say'. I didn't say it would be
easy and you aren't alone in this. I'm sure I speak for Joyce
in this but we're here to help. As you said a while ago we
need each other."

"I suppose. Hey the foods getting cold." Carolyn said, neatly
avoiding the conversation.

The rest of the evening comprised of general small talk.
Two people brought together by circumstance starting to
bond. The journey back was muted, fatigue was starting to
take it's toll.

"Do you mind dropping me off at my place?" David asked.

"Hey no problem. Remember to take all that makeup off
before you go to bed."

David made a "humph" sound.

As David got out of the car he asked Carolyn "Want a

"No I'd better not. I need my sleep. Anyway see you

"OK night" David said.

"Night" Carolyn said and drove off.
Disguised as a wino he squatted down by the Hotel service
entrance. He'd been waiting for the Queen all day and now
and as night fell his spirits were beginning to sink. His heart
was still racing from the moment an hour or so ago when
the Queen's henchmen had walked past and checked the
entrance. One of them had stared right at him but he
saw no recognition in their eyes. To them he was just a
down and out bum. Good.

The slowly lengthening shadows created menacing shapes in
the alleyway. He felt so sleepy, forcing himself awake he
concentrated on the task ahead, not long to wait now.
Scott, Tina and the rest of the team were still awake at
midnight. They had been searching any and all references to
'The Queen' for several hours. Nothing seemed to fit.

"We've been at this all night for the last few days. We need a
break "Tina was saying.

"No, come on guys -- we're so close I can feel it. Look it must
be something obvious. We've tried all models who have been
called the Queen of something. None of them are in the
country. We've got stakeouts on any reference to a
placename Queen. It must be something" Scott said, banging
his fist on the table in frustration.

"Come on, Bedtime" Tina said.

Scott sighed "Yeah, she's right. Let's pick this up tomorrow.
Call me if you find anything"

Defeated, they packed up their things, tidied away the
whiteboards covered in diagrams, and left for some rest.
In the hotel penthouse Rachel Martin was still crying. The
death of her parents weighed heavily on her perfect
shoulders. The anger and resentment that had dogged her
for the past few years began to well up again. She'd never
even had a chance to say goodbye to them, and she owed them
everything. She had to say goodbye somehow. An idea
formed, a dangerous idea but it would be worth it. If it
worked it would help her say goodbye.
Carolyn was crying softly into her pillow. She knew David
was right, she had to face up to her kidnap and rape and deal
with it. Until she did so her life would be a misery. After all,
what right had that bastard mailman to destroy her life. She
was worth more than that. A new determination filled her
heart and she resolved to get over this and lead a normal life
again. She was soon asleep.

David lay awake, thinking. This evening had just flown by.
He remembered how Carolyn made his old face seem to
beam with light when she laughed. The way she crinkled his
old nose up when discussing something distasteful. He
enjoyed her company. No it was more than that. He needed
her company. This was confusing.
The warming rays of morning struck his face and to his
shame he realised he had fallen asleep. A voice was saying
something to him. Still dozy he listened again and looked

A man dressed in a black dinner suit was shouting at him.
Judging from the size of this mans physique he was the hotel

"Hey you! piss off or I'll call the cops!" The man was

"S'Ok" he muttered. Not wanting to be captured at this late
stage he got up and walked to his car, parked a block or so
After a poor night's sleep Rachel Martin awoke and rubbed
her eyes. She sighed as she looked at the tv she had
smashed in a fit of grief and dispair. Her head hurt from the
copious amount of Brandy she'd drank the night before and
the bottle lay discarded on the floor. Splashing herself with
cold water she went to the closet to choose something
inconspicious. She then dressed herself in a pair of black
Levi's and a black blouse. Tearfully she brushed her hair
back and slipped out of her hotel room.
From his vantage point in his car he saw the Queen emerge
from the service entrance. Just as in his vision he saw her hail
a cab and drive off. He started the engine and drove off,
following the cab at discrete distance.
Scott awoke to the smell of bacon. His wife had cooked
him his favorite breakfast. Slowly he got out of bed and
stretched his arms. Yawning loudly he went downstairs.

Rebecca was just serving a steaming plateful of hash
browns, bacon and eggs. "There we go Hunny. How's it
going? She asked.

"We're so fucking close. It's more than annoying." Scott said

"Oh by the way I had to wipe over the Rachel Martin
interview. I wanted to record Melrose, I hope you finished
watching it?"

"Pardon?" Scott said with a mouth full of Bacon.

"Rachel Martin. I taped over her interview with.."

Scott spat out his bacon "Fucking Hell. He can't be serious!"
Getting up he rushed to the phone. Frantically dialling the
station he eventually got thru.

"Listen It's detective Harris. I want an ABP on Rachel
Martin NOW and call Detective Cox right away."

"Please hold" Said the voice.

"Come on, Come on." Scott whispered, as the electronic
music played in his ear.

"Hi Scott, Tina here. What's up?

"We are so fuckin stupid. I know who the Queen is, Rachel
Martin. He's been going after women of increasing beauty.
It's only logical that she would be the Queen. I've put an
ABP on her. I just hope we're in time"

"Right. I'll meet you at her hotel. I phone there and see if
she's still there."

"Right see you there."

"Darling, you are a fucking genius" Scott said and kissed
his wife.

"What did I do?"

"No matter. I gotta go" Scott said and ran to his car.

Scott was nearly at the hotel when his phone rang.
Switching it to hands free he answered "Detective Harris."

"Hi Scott. We missed her. Rachel Martin has left the hotel.
She didn't check out and nobody saw her leave. FUCK!"

"I want the whole force mobilised. We couldn't have missed
them by much. How does this bastard do it?"

"You got it. Where are you?"

"About 5 minutes away. Hold it there, maybe she'll be back.
Maybe she's gone for a walk" Scott's voice was sounding

"Right." Tina's sarcasm was evident in her tone.

A few minutes later Scott swung his car into the Hotel's
parking lot and a waiting Tina jumped in.

"Any news?"

"I've asked the staff around and nobody saw her leave, we
broke into her room and it looks as though there's been a
struggle. The TV's all smashed up and an empty bottle of
Brandy was on the floor. The place is a mess."

"Have you set up road blocks?"

"As soon as you called. He aint getting outta here, not this

"OK let's get back to the station and co-ordinate from there"
Scott said as he started the engine.
He followed her cab at a distance. Ensuring that he kept
well back and didn't make it look as though he was
following her. He knew where she was going anyway. The
cab drew up at the cemetery gates and the Queen jumped
out and went inside. He parked the car in the cemeteries lot
and walked up to the gates. This should be easy he thought.

He walked thru the gates and stopped dead. The Queen was
there, just sitting on a bench her head in her hands. What
caused him to stop dead was the police officers standing
behind that evil Bexley woman. One of them had his weapon
drawn and was seemingly aiming it at the Bexley demon.
Noticing the funeral cortege for the first time he decided
that discretion was the better part of valor and he ducked
down behind a nearby headstone and continued to watch.

Scott's radio broke the silence "Rachel Martin's been
sighted, she attending the Bexley funeral. Detective Harris
please advise."

"What! Not content with having to watch one killer we now
have to deal with two of them. Stupid, fucking woman what
the hell's she thinking of" Tina swore.

"Detective Harris here. What's she doing?"

"She's talking to Dr Bexley."


"Dunno. Please advise."

"Keep an eye on them we'll be there in five minutes."

Scott drove like he'd never driven before. Siren wailing,
Ignoring red lights and the protest of other drivers he
hurtled towards the cemetery.
He watched the Bexley demon walk over to the Queen and
talk to her. After a few seconds of conversation she offered
the Queen her hand and they walked over to where the
coffin's had been lowered in.

This was unexpected. He didn't realise that the Queen had
been supervising the Bexley Demon's actions. This is the
price he paid for letting the handmaiden go. Now the Queen
was stronger than ever. Still all he had to do was wait. The
Queen must be alone sometime.

Wait what was going on?. The Bexley Demon gave the
Queen two roses and the Queen dropped a rose in each
grave. The Queen then looked over to the car lot and started
running towards the other side of the cemetery. A few
seconds later several paparazzi sprinted thru the gates after
her. The Queen quickly hailed a cab and got inside. The cab
drove off much to the chagrin of the pursuing

A plan formed quickly in his mind, if he could cut thru a
couple of alleyways then he could head her off in the traffic.
He got up and sprinted out of the gates.
Scott screeched into the cemetery car lot just as the mailman
ran out "Wasn't that.." Tina called.

"Yeah and who the hell are those guys" Scott shouted,
pointing at two well dressed Arabic looking men sprinting in
the opposite direction.

"Get him" Scott called and leapt out of the car with Tina in
hot pursuit.

"He's heading for the alleyway. I'll follow those other guys
and call for backup" Scott called.

Tina nodded and followed the mailman into the alleyway.
He ran down the alleyway, his heart pumping. He could feel
the closeness of his pursuit. He turned a corner and almost
ran into a dead end. A female cop ran around the corner and
drew her gun. Excellent maybe he had a chance after all.

"Stop it right there you Bastard" Tina screamed.

"With pleasure" He said.

Tina blinked, she couldn't take her eyes of his blue eyes. She
could almost lose herself to those eyes.

"That's better. You will shoot anyone who comes around
this corner after me. You will then shoot yourself. Now let
me be" He said softly.

Tina turned around, watching for the next person to come
along. Her gun scanning the alleyway for intruders. In the
meantime the mailman scaled the wall and dropped down
the other side.
Swearing loudly and to himself Scott realised that he'd lost
the two guys in the crowds. Turning back he raced after
Tina. Turning the corner he almost ran into Tina.

"Tina where is he?" He called.

Tina stared vacantly ahead, as though possessed. She moved
the gun around until it was pointing at Scott.

"Hey Tina it's me. I don't know what he's done to you but
don't shoot." Scott pleaded.

To Scott horror he saw Tina's finger tighten on the .38 and
he flung himself out of the way. In slow motion he heard a
gunshot and then a searing pain in his leg. Clutching his leg
and hip he went down screaming. Blood was starting to seep
from the wound. Reaching into is shoulder holster he drew
his weapon and pointed it at Tina.

"Tina Drop it". He shouted.

Tina stared at him and pointed the gun at her own head.
Scott's eyes widened as he saw Tina's fingers start to tighten
on the trigger once more. The pain was making his vision
blurry and his hand's couldn't stop shaking. Aiming as best
as he could he fired. The last thing Scott saw as he passed
out was Tina screaming on the floor clutching her shoulder.

Having climbed up one wall he paused and heard two
gunshots. Smiling to himself he vaulted over the next wall
and ran down the alley way. The place seemed to be
deserted. He figured if he cut a right at the next block he'd
manage to catch up with the Queen as she sat in traffic.

All of a sudden two well dressed Arabic men stepped out in
front of him. The Queens henchmen! His pulse raced in fear
as he saw the look of death in their eyes. They stared at him,
their faces impassive. One of them said "We will not permit
you to harm her, it is not her time".

He looked innocent and puzzled. All of a sudden there was a
blurred motion and a pain in his neck. He reached up to his
neck, his lungs now gasping for each breath. He looked
down at his hands and saw they were covered in blood. "No
it mustn't end this way, the evil one must not be allowed to
perish" he rasped, as he sank to his knees. The last thing he
saw was one of the men light up a foul smelling cigarette
and walk away.
Tina stood up, clutching her shoulder. The pain was
diminishing now and she could feel herself get colder. She
realised she was going into shock. Her head span, she had
dreamed she had shot Scott and was about to kill herself.
Looking over to Scott, laying unconscious on the floor she
realised that it was no dream What had she done. Her vision
was starting to blur and she sank to the floor.

Tina woke up in hospital, her shoulder in a sling and hurting
like hell. Andrew was standing over her and was in the
middle of saying something "Should be OK. The clavicle
took most of the impact. Hey you're awake"

"Barely. Scott..." Tina asked, dreading the answer.

"He'll live. The bullet shattered his femur and ricoche'd up
and damaged his pelvis. He'll walk again but it'll take a
while. What happened?" Andrew asked.

"The mailman. He looked at me with those eyes and I just
had to obey. I wasn't in control of myself I had to do what
he said. I feel awful."

"S'ok. Scott's been awake for a while and corroborates your
story. Not need to worry about any investigation -- it's all been
cleared up."

"How long, Fuck, the mailman, we lost him?" Tina said,
rubbing her head.

"You were out for a day or so, whilst we patched you both
up. You'd lost a lot of blood and there were some internal
injuries that needed seeing to. As to the mailman, he's dead."

"How? Did we get him?" Tina smiled.

"Not really. He was found face up in an alley way with his
throat slit. We found traces of Hashish around him and
deduced he must've walked into some kinda deal going on.
They killed him for it." Andrew said.

"Sure it was him?" Tina asked.

"Yep. His description matches the one you were looking for.
The finger prints match those found at the farm and we're in
the process of performing a DNA profile on samples found
on Carolyn Dawson. I'd like to bet that they match too. We
got him or rather they got him!"

"Remind me to thank them. Does Scott know?" Tina asked.

"Yeah. Mind you we can't find Rachel Martin to tell her
about the attempt on her life."

"Why, Where'd she go?"

Andrew scratched his nose "No idea. After attending the
funeral of Dr Bexley's parents she jumped into a cab, rushed
to the airport, and hasn't been seen since."

"Does Carolyn Dawson know we got him?" Tina queried.

"Not yet. I thought you'd like to give her a call."

"Yeah. Hey when can I get outta here?"

"Oh Later on today. Scott'll be in here for a few more days
though. Just as well you're a lousy shot".

Tina smiled. "Hey, how about I call Carolyn now?."

"You'd better rest for a while. In anycase she should be in, in
about two hours for her counselling and the last part of her
costume removal. You can tell her in person."
Carolyn awoke feeling refreshed for the first time in days.
The feeling of terror she'd been living with for the past few
days had left her during the early part of the morning. Now
she felt ready for anything. Reflecting on the night before
she knew she had life changing decisions to make. She had
felt unable to tell David last night but this new body of hers
felt comfortable, even homely. She suspected she was
running away again, as David had correctly pointed out.

Laying in bed she reached down and took hold of her dick.
Feeling the glow of pleasure start thru her body she stroked
it again. To her surprise the visions of the mailman did not

Encouraged by this she started to stroke it more delicately,
like she used to when making love to James. Her cock
started to swell in response and the feelings of pleasure

She closed her eyes and imagined this cock pushing it's self
into a warm, moist pussy. She stopped at this thought.
Where had that come from?. Still it felt good, felt good to
be in control again.

Her cock had now grown to full size and Carolyn was on
fire. In her mind's eye she caressed this imaginary woman's
breasts and ran her hands over the smooth curves. Stroking
faster now she could almost feel the warm, moist tightness
of a pussy around her dick. When she felt she could no
longer hold herself in any longer she relaxed, feeling the
throbbing sensation of her cum. She looked up into the eyes
of this imaginary woman and recognised the blonde haired,
brown eyed face of Joyce.

She lay back, feeling utterly spent. Ignoring the warm, wet
feeling on her hands and chest she lay back enjoying the
post-orgasmal glow that rushed thru her body.
David walked into the hospital and was met in reception by

"Carolyn Dawson?" Andrew asked.

"Hmm yeah."

"Follow me. I've got some news for you" Andrew said.

David's heart sank. Why would he be met at the door by a
doctor and what could be so important and secretive that he
couldn't have been told at home.
"Not bad news is it?"

"Not at all. There's someone waiting for you."

Shrugging his shoulders he followed Andrew into the depths
of the hospital. After taking an elevator to the 5th floor he
was shown into a room. Sitting up in bed was Detective
Cox, one arm in a sling, the other attached to an IV drip.
"Detective Cox. What happened to you?" he exclaimed.

"It's a long story. I just thought I had to tell you that we got
the mother-fucker."

"The mailman?, You got him?" David said, his heart leaping.

"Kinda. Myself and Detective Harris were wounded in the
chase. The mailman stumbled into some kinda drug deal and
got killed for it. His throat was slit from ear to ear or so I'm

"I'd have preferred a fair trial but this is nearly as good."

"At least you can start getting your life together again.
Andrew tells me you can have that costume off today."

"Yeah. I can now try and get my life back. Thanks for telling
me and I hope you get well soon."

Tina smiled "Hey thanks. I'll be off active duty for a few
weeks and then to coin a phrase 'I'll be back'."

"How is Detective Harris? You said he was wounded as
well" David asked in a concerned tone.

"He'll be all right. He's got a fractured pelvis and leg. He'll
walk again but it'll take a few months to get him back to his
normal self."

"I'm sorry."

"That's OK. Listen you'd better go, don't want to keep the
doctors waiting."

"Thanks again. Bye."

"Later" Tina said.

Elated, David walked out of the room. The mailman was
gone, dead . At last he could see about getting his body
Carolyn was just cleaning herself up when the phone rang.
Quickly zipping her pants up she went into the lounge to
answer it. "Hi Carolyn Dawson's phone."

"Carolyn. It's Joyce."

"Hi Joyce I was just thinking about you" Carolyn said,
remembering the foreign but satisfying thoughts she'd just
been having.

"All good I hope?"

"Yep. What can I do for you?"

"I just wanted to know how last night went? It must've been
strange going on a date with yourself."

"It was a little. Still David was nice enough. Say, wanna
come round. I'm at a loose end right now."

"Maybe later. Some of us have to work Y'know"

"OK bye."


Carolyn placed the phone down on the hook. Yes today was
definitely a day to make life changing choices. She just
hoped David would understand the ones she was
"There we go. That's that last of it off. I'll bet you'll be glad
to take it off" The doctor was telling David.

"Do I just take it off or do I have to do anything else?"

"Well after this I recommend a hot bath, it'll loosen any
remaining glue and wash off the solvent. You can do it here
or at home, it does'nt matter."

"I think I'll do it at home. Thanks Doc" David said, turning
and walking out.

David's mind was spinning. Whilst he was wearing the
swimming costume he had felt protected from what had
happened. Sure he had felt the soft flesh of his breasts and
looked at his smooth, slim waist an stomach but this was
different. As soon as the skin appeared it would belong to
him. As he drove home he decided to drop in on Carolyn.

"Hi Carolyn" David called thru the door.

"Uh Hi. Give me a sec" Was the reply.

A few seconds later Carolyn opened the door. She'd dressed
herself in a new long sleeved shirt and pants. She beckoned
David to come inside.

"What's with the new clothes?" David asked.

"Well I had to buy something new to wear. All your stuff is
so tatty."

"Hey guess what?" David said, excitedly.


"They got him. The mailman. He was killed running away
from the cops this morning. Is'nt that great?"

Carolyn's eyes widened and a look of relief swept over her
face. "Oh thank God."

"Yeah I know. Look I came to ask if I could borrow a few
things. They've loosened the costume enough for it to come
off when I bathe and the jogger outfit I've been wearing is
starting to smell."

"I had noticed. You can use my bath if you like. Don't worry
I won't look" Carolyn smiled.

"Thanks" David said and wandered into Carolyn's bathroom.
David started the water running and applied some of
Carolyn's herbal bath salts. Leaving the water running he
went back into the lounge to join Carolyn.

"Thanks. It'll be ready in a while" David said.

"Hey anytime. Look sorry about dinner the other night. I
realise you were'nt trying to hit on me. Sorry. To tell you
the truth I enjoy your company. It's been so long since I've
had just a normal friendship with a man I'm outta touch."

"You call this normal?" David said in surprise.

"You know what I mean. You don't expect anything of me
or take me for granted. I just want you to know how much
that means to me" Carolyn said, putting her hand on David's.

David's heart leaped. He felt the same way. "Thanks Carolyn
that means a lot to me. Now if you'll excuse me I think I'm
about to flood your bathroom."

The bath was foaming with warm bubbles. David quickly
turned off the water and plunged his hand into the water.
Excellent, just right and just what the doctor ordered.

Stripping off his joggers David looked down at his heaving
breasts, still trapped beneath the lycra swimsuit. Ignoring the
warm, moist feeling in his groin he stepped into the bath.

The water was hot and David sank into the bath. As the
herbal mixture relaxed his muscules David stretched out,
relieving the tension of the past few days.

David looked down at his new legs, notcing not for the first
time the way his thighs curved inwards towards slender feet.
He moved his leg up and stretched it upwards and ran his
delicate hands down it's length. God Carolyn had good legs
he thought. Remembering why he was bathing in the first
place he pulled at the material of the costume and felt it
budge for the first time. He pulled it a little further and
suddenly it came loose around his smooth stomach.

His hand went underneath the fabric and he felt the flesh on
his smooth but firm stomach for the first time. A shiver went
down his spine as a pleasurable sensation rushed over him.

"I'm sure Carolyn will understand" he said to himself as he
started to pull on the costume some more. Gradually the
scaled cloth became loose until it could be pulled away from
his body.

Sitting up in the bath David took a deep breath and pulled
the costume up and over his head. He could feel the cloth
move over his tits, feel the nipples become hard as his
arousal grew.

He put a hand to his tits and gently ran a finger around the
now pert nipples. He nearly sloshed water out of the bath so
intense was the sensation. Thinking he was ready for it this
time he ran his hand up his cleavage. His hand, covered in
foam felt the rounded, firm shape and he cupped a breast in
his hand. The pleasure didn't go away, in fact it increased.

Instinctively he reached downwards and felt his crotch, still
under the hot soapy water. His hand reached further down
and it rested on a small nub of flesh. Curious he stroked it
with his finger. Suddenly he was hit by a WHAM of pleasure
and he let out a small whimper. The wham subsided and
keen to repeat the feeling David stroked his clitoris again.
Another Wham shook his body and another came as he felt
the lips around his Vagina. This past week or so he'd
ignored that part of him, after all he had promised Carolyn .
However this time his body was crying out for more.

His gasps were frequent now as his finger roamed and
caressed his vagina. Fearing that Carolyn would hear him he
tried to restrain his cries but strangely this made him feel
even hornier. He closed his eyes and imagined a penis inside
him, it's warm flesh pressing and pushing inside him. His
fingers went inside and the wham's increased in intensity.
Ignoring all other feelings he moved his fingers in and out, in
his minds eye imagining them to be a dick. He could almost
feel the weight of the man on top of him, caressing his
breasts and stroking his thighs.

The intense pleasure of each wham grew in intensity until he
could bear it no longer. Just as he felt he was about to burst
a tidal wave of pleasure swept over him, another followed
after it and yet another. Exhausted David flopped back into
the bath still feeling the waves of sensation reverberate over
his body.

Half an hour later David got out from the bath, the water
stone cold. He picked up a towel from the rail and rubbed
himself down. Still feeling pleasure inside he stared down at
his naked form for the first time. Seeing his breasts hanging
from his body, the curve of his hips and his legs turned him
on again. Before he could explore any further Carolyn voice
called thru the door. "I hope you've not drowned in there?"

"Nope. That fucking costumes off at last but I've nothing to
wear. Pass me some of your jeans and a T-shirt please."

"No skirt or anything?"

"Not yet, not today." David called back.

A few minutes later Carolyn's hand emerged around the
door and David took the clothes from it. Laying them on a
chair he saw Carolyn had included a bra for the first time.
Resigning himself to wearing it, he investigated the T-shirt.
It was white with a red love heart in the middle of the chest.

"Hey what's this?" David demanded.

"Just a present Joyce gave me when I was feeling down.
Read the back" Carolyn called out.

David turned the T-shirt over and read out loud the caption
on the back "'Sexy Lady For Sale. Enquire within'. Yeah
very funny." He called out to Carolyn .

Turning his attention to the jeans, he saw much his relief
that they were just a standard pair of Levi's. Something fell
on the floor and David looked down. A pair of white cotton

Picking them up he put one shapely leg in and then the
other. Pulling them up over his hips he saw that they just
fitted snug around his waist. His pubic hair just peeped over
the top of them reminding him of what lay below.

"You want a hand?" Carolyn called.

"I should be all right" David called back.

Picking up the bra he decided to peek at the label. He'd
always wondered what size he was and now was the chance
to find out. "Hmm 36C. They feel much larger" he said out
loud. Now how was best to do this. Remembering how an
ex-girlfriend used to do it he fastened the clips at the front
and turned the bra around. Pulling it upwards so that each
breast rested snugly in a cup he put one arm thru a strap and
then the other. He felt so constrained by the bra he wanted
to fiddle with his tits again but he could sense Carolyn's
impatience. He'd have time for that later.

He put on the T-shirt and noted with satisfaction the
pleasing shape his curves made inside it. Quickly putting on
the jeans he looked down at the wonderful ass he now had.
He felt moist and horny again and breathing deeply he
opened the door and went back into the lounge.

"Hey what a fox." Carolyn said and wolf-whistled for effect.

"This feels so odd. When I still had the costume on I felt
shielded from who I now was. Now there's no mistake."

"Hey don't forget your wig. You look strange without it."
Carolyn said tossing David his wig.

"I forgot. Too much of me has changed for me to worry
about hair" David said, fixing it in place.

"Much better." Carolyn commented.

"I knew I'd forgotten to ask you something. How about
dinner, to celebrate the demise of the mailman?" David

"Not tonight. I need some rest and you need to get used to
that body of yours. Come around Sunday and we'll go out
then. You can collect some of my clothes at the same time. I
won't be needing them for a while. I'll pack the rest for you
and you can pick them up in a few days" Carolyn said.

David's face dropped but he agreed "Thanks I'll call you."

"Take my Nike's they go with that outfit just right. You'll
find some socks in them as well.

"Ta. Listen I want to try and switch back soon." David said.

"You mean..." Carolyn said nervously.

"No silly, just try touching hands. I've got some things to see
to at home so what, we try and switch back on Sunday

"Uh yeah. Let's go for it then" Carolyn said.

"See ya" David replied and walked out.

Tired and worn out Carolyn turned in early and for the first
time in nearly two weeks slept all night without the
nightmares returning. Carolyn woke at her normal 6:30am
feeling much refreshed. For the next few hours she thought
about her situation and the complex issues facing her. Being
raped, trapped in a mans body, her increasingly strong
feelings for Joyce and kind David who was the most
unselfish man she'd ever met. At mid-morning she was still
in bed, her actions now clear, her choices made. There was a
knock at the door. Sleepily she got up to answer.

"Come on lazy bones, wake up, it's Saturday" Joyce was
calling thru the door.

"OK, OK coming. Don't wake the neighbors" Carolyn said
as she opened the door.

"And how is my favorite man today?" Joyce asked.

"Much better. I slept thru the night for the first time since
my kidnap. Dunno why, maybe it's because they got the

"They got him, when?" Joyce asked excitedly.

"Sorry I forgot to tell you. David came around last night to
tell me. I was so tired I forgot to pass on the news.
Apparently he was after Rachel Martin and the cops
cornered him. He managed to get away but ran into some
kind of drugs deal. The cops found him dead, his throat had
been slit." Carolyn explained.

"That's the best news I've had all day. The day is Saturday,
the question is what shall we do?" Joyce asked.

"How about catching a movie?" Carolyn suggested.

"Nah. Too dull. I feel like doing something different,
something to celebrate the demise of the evil mailman"
Joyce said.

"White water rafting is too far away to go for the day. I
know what we can do!" Carolyn said mischievously.

"Which is?" Joyce asked.

Carolyn reached over and stroked Joyce's hair with her
hand. Joyce turned round in surprise and said "Carolyn

"Shh." Carolyn said putting her finger to her mouth.

"Now Carolyn this is very forward. I'm not that kinda girl"
Joyce said.

"Neither am I" Carolyn said and drew Joyce close to her.

Carolyn bent over and kissed Joyce on the lips. She could
feel the warmth of Joyce's breasts pressing against her chest
and she felt her cock expand.

Joyce pulled away and said "Hey steady on."

"Joyce. I've always wanted to show you how much you
mean to me and how much I care for you. You make me
feel secure, safe. I can be me when I'm with you. Now
thanks to this I can give you something back" Carolyn said

"Carolyn I don't know what to say. I care for you too but
are you sure you want this? Once we step over this line we
can't go back. "

"I don't want to go back. I want this. I've thought of nothing
else for the past few days" Carolyn whispered.

"You know what, me too. As soon as you told me you were
now a man I wanted to try this. Remember my boyfriend
comment. That wasn't just a joke. Neither is this" Joyce said
kissing Carolyn firmly on the lips.

Carolyn responded and she and Joyce exchanged tongues.
Carolyn felt her urges increase quickly and she started to
undo Joyce's blouse. Joyce ran her finger down Carolyn's
chest and undid the buttons one by one. Carolyn felt a rush
of pleasure as Joyce pressed her hands against her muscular,
hairy chest.

Carolyn slowly pulled Joyce's blouse from her body and
reached down and started to kiss Joyce's breasts.

"Come on let's go to bed" Carolyn said softly.

"Sure?" Joyce asked.

"Sure" Carolyn said and taking Joyce by the hand led her
into the bedroom.

They entered the bedroom hand in hand and Joyce lay down
on the right hand side. Carolyn joined her and wrapped her
arms around Joyce's trembling body.

Carolyn leant over and started to kiss Joyce's breasts. Joyce
responded by removing Carolyn's shirt and massaging her
broad shoulders. Carolyn's dick was now almost fully erect
and she felt a burning desire to penetrate. She reached
behind Joyce and with an expert twist removed Joyce's bra.

Topless and breasts heaving Joyce reached up and started to
kiss Carolyn's naked chest. With her hands Joyce undid
Carolyn's pants and pulled them down over Carolyn's ass.

Free of it's constraints Carolyn's dick came out of her boxers
and on seeing it Joyce took hold of it with one hand and
started to stroke it up and down.

Carolyn had felt pleasure before when she was a woman but
this was different, sharper, more urgent rather than the
softer but just as intense feelings she'd had before she'd
switched. Moving one hand downwards towards Joyce's
skirt she started to stroke Joyce's legs. Joyce turned to
enable Carolyn better access and continued to caress
Carolyn's balls and erect cock.

Carolyn responded by moving her hand upward until she felt
the moist warmth of Joyce's pussy. Joyce gasped and then
let out a moan every time Carolyn applied light pressure to
it. Pulling Joyce's panties down Carolyn felt for the clitoris
and gently ran her fingers around it.

Joyce let out a louder moan "Ohh yes Carolyn Yes".
Encouraged by this Carolyn continued to kiss and caress
Joyce and each time she felt Joyce get wetter and wetter.

"Now please Carolyn, please. I'll help you in" Joyce gasped.

Carolyn moved astride Joyce's open legs and went
downwards. She felt Joyce's hands grasp hold of her dick
and she felt a warm tightness as it went inside Joyce's
waiting cunt.

"Am I in?" Carolyn asked.

"Yeah. Now wait a few moments to get used to it."

Carolyn did so and then started to thrust, moving her hips in
and out, feeling the urge to come grow stronger and

Joyce let out a another moan and responded by pushing
upwards with her hips.

Unable to contain herself any longer Carolyn felt a throbbing
in her dick. She felt herself go limp as the throbbing
continued. Joyce held still allowing the warm cum to mingle
inside her.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't hold myself." Carolyn whispered.

Joyce reached up and ran her hand thru Carolyn's hair "Hey
that's OK. I enjoyed it, now finish me off."

Carolyn lifted off Joyce, feeling her cock slide from Joyce's
moist cunt. Rolling over she ran her hand down Joyce's
chest until it rested on Joyce's dripping pussy. This was now
familiar ground for Carolyn and she located Joyce's clit with
ease. Gently stroking it, first one way then the other Carolyn
knew she'd hit the spot when Joyce let forth a loud moan.

"Go on Carolyn please, I need this please go go go" Joyce

Carolyn could hear Joyce's sharp intakes of breath as she
continued to caress Joyce's pussy.

Joyce's moans were getting louder and more frequent until
Joyce let forth a moan which reached crescendo and then
fell off. Carolyn lay back feeling utterly spent, her hand
slowly caressing Joyce's nipple.

Joyce lay immobile for a while and then sat up, her hand
stroking Carolyn's chest.

Carolyn looked up and saw Joyce's radiant face looking into
hers. "Thank you Joyce. You were wonderful. It's like a
whole new me has come into being."

"Carolyn. I needed it too. For so long I wanted to express
how I felt about your friendship. This was the perfect way.
No regrets?"

"None. The question is now what do we do?" Carolyn

"Old style you roll over and go to sleep. New style you roll
over , say I was terrific then fall sleep. " Joyce smiled.

"You know what I mean."

"We take it one day at a time. We both've got to get used to
this. I need some time to think. Hey, why don't we catch that
movie you wanted?"

"Good idea" Carolyn said and got up to clean herself up.
The next day Carolyn was laying in bed, dreaming of the day
she'd had with Joyce. Today was the day David was coming
around to try and switch back. Sure enough around 10am
there was a knock at the door. Carolyn got up and opened
the door.

"David, Hi" Carolyn said.

"Hi, you seem more distant that usual. Is everything OK?"
David asked, his voice showing concern.

"I'm fine, just tired that's all. I had a busy day yesterday."

"In that case we'll get it over with. Now sit down on the
sofa, facing me."

"OK" Carolyn said and sat down on the sofa.

"Here take my hand" David said offering his hand to

Carolyn shrugged and placed her hand on his.

"Now I want you to empty your mind, allow all the goings
on during the day to wash away from you. Relax your
shoulders and breath in and out" David said doing the same.

Carolyn complied and felt herself drift away.

"Now close your eyes and concentrate on seeing my mind.
Don't struggle, let it flow."

In her mind Carolyn could see the door. She felt herself float
towards it. She tried to push away, walk of her own volition
but she couldn't help being drawn towards it. She felt
threatened but exhilarated all in the same moment.

David was shaking, the effort starting to show in his face.
"Don't fight it" he gasped. In David's mind he formed a
doorway and saw his hand reach towards the door handle.
Looking down at his hand he saw the delicate, slender hand
of Carolyn. Ignoring this he turned the handle and pushed
the door open.

Carolyn stood before him, still in his body. She was wearing
the same wedding dress as when they first met. It looked so
out of place on her masculine form David couldn't help but
smile. In his mind he said to Carolyn "Come on let's cross
over. Don't be scared. I'm here."

David and Carolyn went to walk thru the doorway but a
force prevented them from crossing. David tried to push his
way thru the door and Carolyn was struggling as well but
the force held firm.

In her mind Carolyn felt a cold chill of fear. She could feel
something forcing her to go somewhere she didn't want to
go, do things she didn't wish to do and be someone she
wasn't. She turned and fled back, away from the door. She
could hear David's voice screaming at her to return but she
was too afraid. She opened her eyes to see David laying on
the floor, breathing slowly.

"David, My god are you OK?" She called.

David slowly opened his eyes and rubbed his head. "Sorry I
couldn't. Something was stopping us."

"It was me. It was my fault" Carolyn said tearfully.

"No. It didn't feel right somehow. As though we weren't
ready for it yet."

"How do you mean?"

"I can't explain it but certain events have to occur before we
try again. Don't ask me how or why I know this I just do"
David was crying now.

Carolyn reached over and put her muscular arm around him
" S'ok. I'll get you some water."

An hour later and David was feeling much better. Armed
with as many of Carolyn's clothes as could fit in a suitcase
he drove off to his apartment. After he had left Carolyn took
the opportunity to call Joyce.

"Hi Tiger" Joyce said seductively when she answered the

"Hi Hunny. boy it seems strange saying that to you."

"I know. Who'd have thought we'd have ended up together.
Especially after that night at college." Joyce joked.

"Not one of my more successful encounters. I still can't
believe we did THAT."

"We were drunk at the time and it was the in thing to try"
Joyce explained.

"Anyway. It's different this time. Hey wanna come over? I've
got something to talk over with you."

"Yeah. I'll be over in a bit. Put some coffee on will you."
Joyce said and hung up.

Carolyn put the phone down and walked into the kitchen to
await Joyce. She didn't have to wait long as soon there was
a knock at the door. Carolyn bounded over to it and flung it
open. Standing there was David.

"Uhh Hi, I was expecting someone else." Carolyn stuttered.

"You forgot to give me some panties" David said.

"Yeah umm OK. Come in please." Carolyn said. There was
no easy time to tell David what she had to say so this was as
good time as any. Carolyn's heart was pounding with nerves
as she went into her bedroom to collect some lingerie. When
she returned David was sitting down, oblivious to the
bombshell she was about to drop.

Carolyn's face suddenly went serious. How could she break
this to David easily and without hurting him too much. She'd
always been told the best way was the up front way. She
breathed in deeply and said "David There's something I need
to tell you."

"Which is?"

"I don't want to switch back. I feel safe here. You said to me
you'd help me get thru this anyway you could. Well this way
is the best way, the only way."

David's face grew red with anger "So you're going to steal
my body and leave me like this. " He gestured at his comely

"We tried to switch back, we couldn't. Maybe this is forever,
maybe we were meant to be like this. I need to get on with
my life."

"No way. I can't believe I'm hearing this. You're too scared
of facing up to your life and it's consequences so you want to
steal someone else's. You've been running away ever since
we first met. You ran away in my mind, you hid your inner
feelings when we talked and ever since you've been running
scared. Carolyn, look until you face this evil that happened
to you it will always be part of you, always eating at your
soul. You must start to pick up the pieces." David shouted.

"I have begun to pick them up, starting with that decision. It
wasn't easy to say goodbye to my body. But I have to. The
second part is this." Carolyn started to say

"I don't believe you're doing this to me" David shouted.

"The second part of my getting my life back is that Joyce
and I are seeing each other. I've no idea how it happened it
just did. Listen David, she is the perfect partner for me and
me for her. Maybe this is fates's way of bringing us together. I
know it's not easy, It won't be for both of us for a while but
we'll adjust."

David slowly shook his head "If you won't help me get back
then I'm stuck as a woman. Trapped in a body that is not my
own. I'm the poor sap who's life you sacrificed for your own
happiness. You surprise me Carolyn, you really do. What
your doing is similar to what the mailman did. He kidnapped
people's bodies and then took their lives away from them."

Carolyn's face reddened and her eyes glared at David "How
could you say that. It's not the same at all. Listen, in that
body you've got more opportunities than you ever had in this

"Like what? Motherhood?" David screamed back.

"If you like. Just calm things down for a moment. I love
Joyce and she loves me. After all that's gone on you
wouldn't deny me that would you?" Carolyn said softly.

"What about me. I love you as well, Carolyn. It's taken me a
while to notice but I enjoy your company, need your
presence. Thrills run down this body whenever you brush
past me. I never told you this before because I wanted to see
what you'd say, wait until you were ready. Now it seems I'm
too late."

He took a deep breath. "If you want me gone, no problem. I'll
book myself on a flight to England, tonight if I can. I've always
wanted to go there, so it won't be too bad. Don't worry, I won't
stand in your way. Well, goodbye David, nice meeting you. " David
said holding out his hand.

Carolyn was still in a state of shock from this revelation. She
took a few moments to respond. David was hurt, she
understood that, but once again he was so unselfish, she felt
so guilty. But it really was the only way .She put out her
hand and shook David's. "Bye Carolyn take care."

David slowly turned and went out of the door, shutting it
softly behind him.

Carolyn flopped down on the Sofa, exhausted from the brief
argument she'd just had. This was it, the point of no return.
Sure she felt as guilty as hell, but this really was the only
solution she could see. The only way she could feel safe
again. She had to admit to herself that this was probably the
most selfish thing she had ever done but David would adjust,
would find love again. She missed him already but Joyce
was her only hope and only future.

An hour or so later there was a knock at the door and
Carolyn half expected it to be David. Cautiously she peeped
thru the spy hole and saw the blonde haired face of Joyce.
She flung open the door and stood there with open arms.

"Hi Tiger" Joyce said and leapt into Carolyn's arms.

Carolyn felt her cock go stiff as she felt the warm, firmness
of Joyce's breasts. She bent down and kissed Joyce on the
lips. Joyce responded in kind and ran her finger down
Carolyn's masculine chest. Carolyn felt her dick grow larger
as the feeling of pleasure increased.

"Hey, steady on" Joyce said.

"Sorry. Take a seat I'll get you that coffee." Carolyn said
and walked away.

A while later Carolyn emerged holding two cups of steaming
coffee and some candy. After the emotional scene with
David she needed some light relief. Handing one of the cups
to Joyce she sat down again.

"Strange" Joyce commented.

"What is?"

"You still sit like a woman does."

"I'll get used to it" Carolyn said. Now was the best time as
any, she figured.


"That thing I wanted to tell you. I've decided to stay like
this. I don't want to switch back. I want to give US a go."
Carolyn said, reaching out for Joyce's hand.

"Carolyn what are you saying? What about David?"

"David'll manage. He kinda accepts it anyway. What I'm
saying is that we are meant to be. I feel so right when I'm
with you, and making love to you the other night only
deepened my feelings for you."

"So you told David you wanted his body so that you could
be with me?" Joyce said carefully.

"I know it seems selfish but I feel so right for this. If David
had stayed it would have been complicated." Carolyn said.

"How so?"

"Before he left he told me he loved me. He'd wanted to tell
me before but he wasn't sure if I was ready to hear it or
respond to it."

"And how do you feel about him?" Joyce asked.

"He's so sweet, unselfish and caring. He'd rather throw
himself off a cliff than hurt me. I'll miss him like hell and he
was a good friend. But he wasn't you Joyce, nobody could

"Sounds like you care for him more than you let on," Joyce

"I guess. If you weren't around then maybe -- and it's a big
maybe -- things would be different. But you're here and he's
gone off to England to start over. Listen Joyce -- I love you so
much it hurts," Carolyn said, and put her cup down and knelt
down in front of Joyce.

"Carolyn you better not be doing what I think you're doing"
Joyce warned, pointing a finger at Carolyn.

Carolyn smiled and looked into Joyce's eyes "Joyce. I love
you, we are meant to be together. It would be the best thing
that ever happened to me if you would be my wife."
Rebecca Harris rushed to the door and opened it.
"Hello Rebecca is he in?" Tina asked, peering past her and
into the hallway.

"Yeah he's in the lounge as usual. How are you?" Rebecca

"Getting there. The sling should be off in a couple'a weeks
and I can then return to duty. Spending a month behind a
desk is a real drag." Tina replied and walked into the lounge.

Scott was sitting on the sofa, his leg in plaster and level
with his body. The tv was on and a pile of beer cans lay
strewn across the floor.

"Hey look everyone, it's Homer!" Tina joked.

"Hi Tina. How're things in the real world?" Scott asked.

"In a sec. You any better? I heard that you've been forced to
take six months off. It must be a real downer"

"It is. I sit here for hours at a time until I hobble upstairs to
bed. Everytime I hear a siren outside I want to be out there,
protecting and serving. Mind you I've had the chance to
catch up on some reading so I guess it's not that bad. You
still behind a desk?"

"Yeah. Hey, something very strange turned up today. I
thought you'd like to know.? Oh mind if I sit?" Tina asked.

"Hey, no problem. Help yourself to a beer."

"Sorry. Still on duty but thanks anyway" Tina said sitting
down on the chair next to Scott.

"So what's this news?"

"This morning we took a call from Martin Phillips wanting
to know why his house had 'police line do not cross' stickers
all over it."

"WHAT!" Scott exclaimed.

"Yeah my reaction exactly. But his alibi checks out. His
mother was ill in Arkansas and he was visiting and helping
her for a few weeks. The reason why he was so shy about it
was that she was his biological mother and not his adopted
one. He didn't want anyone to know this as he was taken
away from his real mother at the age of ten, something
about being abused as a child. Anyway she's a little better
and he had to turn up for work soon so he returned. The
resemblance between him and the mailman is remarkable."

"So who the fuck???" Scott started to say.

"No idea. Martin Phillips says that he had no brothers that
he knows about although his biological father did leave
when he was 8 so it's possible from that angle. But hey it's
just a guess." Tina said.

"And he checks out?"

"Yeah. He stayed at the hospice with his mother and his
blood type is different from that of the mailman. We could do
DNA tests but it's kinda a low priority now. We got the
killer, so case closed. As you know we're tight on budget now,
so I guess we'll never know for sure."

"Hmmm. I'd like to know though. But as you say we got
him so his real identity is irrelevant. Anything else?"

"Yeah, those guys you saw running from the cemetery. We
didn't get a good look at them so we can't ID em. We spoke
to Marcel Bourdin, Rachel Martin's agent. He said that she
had refused protection from him and that she said she'd look
after it herself."

"So you think these guys were Rachel Martin's hired help?"
Scott said.

"Seems so. As you know she's vanished so we can't ask her.
Strange why she'd want to keep them secret and not tell her
agent though."

"Maybe she wanted them to keep a low profile. We know
how much she values her privacy. Could they have killed the

"Could be, and if so we have no proof, no witnesses, end of
story. In any case these guys vanished when Rachel left so
who knows. We'll still question her when or if she comes
back though. I hate this case -- so many questions still
unanswered. "

"That's how it goes sometimes. Anything else?"

Tina smiled "Yeah, the guys at the station send their regards
and have awarded you the precinct purple heart."

"Tell them thanks and I'll see them later. The doc's due
round soon so you'd better go. Besides you're still on duty"
Scott teased.

"See ya round?" Tina chirped.

"Yeah Later. Oh and before you go get me a beer will you"
Scott asked.
One year later...

Carolyn stood in front of the Minister in her best suit and
tails. She looked lovingly over at her new bride. The bride's
familiar face shone back, her face radiant underneath the

The Minister was saying "Mr and Mrs Hawkins. I now
pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Carolyn bent down lifted the veil away from her wife's face
and kissed her. She hoped the moment would last forever as
she felt herself melt away.

Mendelsohn played across the church as they walked arm in
arm past beaming relatives and friends and outside into the

Carolyn stood outside, her arm around the new Mrs
Hawkins. She smiled as a petite, blonde haired lady bounded
towards them.

"Congratulations. Look at you, a married man and
everything. You make a wonderful couple!" Joyce beamed.

"Yeah, thanks to you" David replied, hugging Joyce tightly.

"I only did what had to be done" Joyce said in a matter of
fact way.

"You realise we're even now" Carolyn said.

"You OWE me I seem to remember. If I hadn't driven
you to the airport you'd never have caught up with David and
he'd have been on his way to England," Joyce said playfully.

"I'd have enjoyed England too" David smiled, and Carolyn
gave him a playful dig in his shapely ribs and then pulled him

"Where'd you say you're going on honeymoon?'

"After we get changed we're staying in a local hotel tonight
and then we fly off to Egypt. We've booked the honeymoon
suite at the Luxor hotel in Cairo. Five star treatment and
everything." Carolyn said.

"I still can't believe you two haven't done it yet." Joyce said.

"David wanted to wait and I was happy to oblige. We've
accepted our fates now so it doesn't matter any more. I think
he's secretly looking forward to it" Carolyn said and gave
Joyce a knowing wink.

The other guests were starting to close in on the happy
couple and turning to David Carolyn said "I just want to
have a quick word with Joyce. You go see to the rest of the

David nodded and walked off.

"Carolyn I know what you're going to say and you don't
have to." Joyce started.

"I do have to. Many years ago I gave up something precious
to save a friend from a big mistake. That friend was you.
You returned the favor by refusing my proposal. The
reasons you gave for turning me down were right on the
money. I was just scared, selfish and messed up. You forced
me to see that and so help me see what I really knew all
along, that David is the right person for me. Thank you
again and sorry it took so long for me to see it" Carolyn
hugged Joyce again.

"Anytime. Now isn't that your wife chatting up the best
man?" Joyce laughed.

"I can't leave him for a minute. See ya Joyce and don't forget
to feed Jonsey for us will you?."

"No worries. I'll catch you later" Joyce said and walked off
to talk to that cute usher she'd just spotted.

David and Carolyn walked hand in hand to the door of their
hotel room. It had been a long day and both of them were
shattered. David took the room key card and swiped it down
the lock. The door unlocked with a click and David was
about to walk inside when Carolyn pulled him back.

"Hey" he started.

"Let's do this properly" Carolyn said and bent down and
lifted David off his feet. Surprised at how light David felt
Carolyn walked over the threshold of the hotel room and sat
David down again.

"I never thought I'd be the one who'd have that done to
them" David remarked.

"It's a modern world and it's been a long day" Carolyn said.

"We owe Joyce for this you know. I still don't know how
she persuaded you to go after me and how you managed to
persuade me to stay." David said.

"I've no idea. Maybe it was one of those psychic karma
things you used to go on about."

"Dunno. What I do know that this is right, it has always
been right" David said and pulled Carolyn close to him.

He could feel her body pressed against his. Her muscular
chest pushing against his breasts. Carolyn put her arms
around David's waist and kissed him. David responded and
felt tingles run down his spine.

"Come to bed with me Mrs Hawkins" Carolyn said.

"My pleasure Mr Hawkins" David said and allowed himself
to be led into the bedroom.

David lay down on the bed, his arms and legs outstretched,
beckoning Carolyn to come closer. Carolyn did so and
kissed David on the lips once more.

David could feel his heart racing as Carolyn undid his
blouse. David started to unbutton Carolyn's shirt and David
could feel himself go moist in his pussy. Carolyn started
kissing David's exposed breasts and David felt himself start
to melt away.

A sense of urgency grew within David, a desire for the
pleasurable sensastions to come back in force. He undid
Carolyn's trousers and reached inside and grasped hold of
Carolyn's erect penis.

"Hey, steady on!" Carolyn said.

"I want you!" David breathed, feeling the fire in his womb
start to burn again.

Carolyn resumed her kissing of David's breasts and in an
expert motion had undone his bra. She moved her tongue
over and around his nipples and David let out a gasp.

David responded by taking off his blouse and loosening his
pants. Already he felt warm and moist, ready for Carolyn to
thrust her cock inside him. Now locked in an embrace
Carolyn continued to kiss David on his slender neck, his ears
and his breasts. Unable to respond because of the waves of
pleasure sweeping over him David lay back and wallowed in
the sensations rushing over him.

"Please Carolyn. Fuck me, Fuck me" David moaned.

Carolyn took her pants down and sat astride David. Her
cock erect and waiting. She bent down feeling for David's
moist, waiting cunt. She let out a moan as she felt it's length
go into David.

David's eyes widened as pleasures beyond description went
thru him. Carolyn held position for a while and then started
to move, slowly at first and then faster.

David couldn't help but moan as he felt Carolyn's warm shaft
move inside and then out of him. He felt on fire and he
started to breath faster. David called out "Faster, more
more" and then whimpered as Carolyn complied.

David started to move his hips up and down, in time with
Carolyn as they started to play a duet of love and passion.
Beads of sweat ran down Carolyn's face as the fire within
burned ever more intensely.

David and Carolyn closed their eyes and relished the feeling
of being one. David could feel Carolyn's cock rub against his
clitoris and he lost himself in the tidal waves of pleasure
crashing over him. Carolyn felt herself about to cum and she
braced her self for the explosion of pleasure she knew was
to about to happen.

Suddenly she felt a throbbing inside her and she gasped as
she felt something move within her. She looked up to see
David's face aglow with the pleasure of orgasm, mixed with
extreme surprise.

"David?" She heard herself say. Why did she have her old
voice back?

"Carolyn?" David's voice replied.

"Have we?" Carolyn asked.

David rolled over and put his hand to his erect cock, still
dripping cum. "Yes and it feels wonderful."

Carolyn lifted her hand up and touched herself down there.
Instead of feeling the fleshy mass of a cock her finger went
inside a vagina. Her vagina!. She reached over to David and
kissed him on the lips and they embraced once more.

David and Carolyn lay back on the bed, still cuddling after
the nights events.

"It's been quite a journey" David remarked.

"For both of us. I feel more real, more me and more
complete than I ever did before. Love you David Hawkins"
Carolyn said lovingly.

"Me too, Carolyn Hawkins" David replied. For certain there
would be many trials in the future, but in the end love
prevails over all adversity.



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