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FUSS stretch time parents asked


What The Fuss Is
by Kelly Adams (

My first time really wasn't all that great. Okay, truth is it was
pretty much a disaster. The less said about the whole experience the

That had been during the fall of my senior year in high school. Over
the rest of the school year I had sex a few more times, and while
none of the experiences were as bad as my first time (and there
really wasn't much place to go but up!) neither were they anything
to write home about. I was really wondering what the fuss was all

Luckily things changed that summer, all due to a friend named Tony.
With him I had my first really good sexual experience, something for
which all my subsequent lovers should thank him immensely.

Tony was four years older than I. That summer he had just finished
college and was staying at his parent's place while he was looking
for a permanent job. They lived a couple of streets over from where
we did, and our two families had been friends since before I had
been born. Every summer we all went off to spend a long week at a
resort up north. But that summer I was working a job at one of the
local department stores and Tony was busy job hunting, so neither of
us went along on the trip. Since it was the first time that I had
been left alone for any long stretch of time, my parents asked Tony
if he wouldn't mind looking in on me from time to time to make sure
that I was all right.

Now Tony had been off at school and I hadn't even seen him in four
years except for briefly one Christmas, so surely what he remembered
most about me was as the skinny little kid who had always been
trying to nose in on stickball or touch football games with the
older kids (I was something of a tomboy in my early days). So I'm
pretty sure that when he first saw me it must have been a bit of a
shock. I had filled out quite nicely from age 14 to age 18, and even
though at that point I didn't really know what I had or how to do
much with it, I'll dispense with the modesty and say that I was
quite cute.

When Tony came over early that first Monday afternoon I was in the
back cleaning out the pool. Wearing my turquoise one-piece, I had
the long poll with the net out and was scooping up leaves and other
objects from the water. Tony came around back, nearly startling me.

We greeted each other, said how nice it was after all these years,
"My, Kelly, you've grown up quite a bit," etc. etc. I asked him to
pour us a couple of glasses of lemonade from inside and then after I
finished cleaning the pool we sat around on the deck and chatted for
a while.

Somehow the conversation turned to sex. I truthfully don't remember
how it got there or who brought it up first. But my disdain for the
whole 'sex' thing quickly showed through. "I really don't see what
the big fuss is all about," I told him. "I've had sex a few times
and it really hasn't been all that great."

"You must have had a really bad string of luck then," he told me.
"If you're not having a good, no, a great time then the guy isn't
doing his job properly."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah. The whole point of having sex is to tend to your partner's

"You couldn't tell that by the guys I've had sex with--all they seem
to care about is themselves."

"Trust me," Tony said, "that's not what sex, good sex, is all

Despite all the sex talk, it really didn't seem like Tony was
propositioning me, or even flirting. It was like he was talking with
a good friend. Still, I was intrigued by the whole idea of sex
actually being as fun as other people said that it was. "Maybe, if
you'd like, you could show me...?" I ventured.

Tony paused to think for a moment. "I really don't know if that'd be
a good idea," he said finally.

My insecurities started to rage through. "Why not? Aren't I
attractive enough?"

"Are you kidding, Kelly?" he said immediately. "You're really very
pretty. Trust me, that's not the problem here."

"Then what is it?"

"I'm not going to be around here much longer. Hopefully I'll find a
job soon and move away. I'm not looking for a relationship and it
wouldn't be fair to you either," Tony explained.

"I'm not looking for you to be my boyfriend," I told him. "I just
want you to show me what good sex is supposed to be like." I think I
maybe even pouted a little.

After a little more discussion, I won him over. I assured Tony that
I wouldn't get possessive or attached, this was just about sex.
"When do you want to start?" I asked him.

"Well, there's no time like the present," he responded.

"Okay," I said. "So what do we do first?"

"We can start by you coming over here and sitting on my lap," he
told me. Now Tony wasn't amazingly handsome or anything, but he was
still pretty good looking. And let's face it, he was a college graduate and seemed quite worldly and wise to me. But as much as I
was anticipating what was to come, I was also very nervous. Tony
sensed this when I sat down in his lap, very tense. "Relax," he
said. "I'm not going to hurt you." I smiled, but very nervously. I
put my arm around his shoulder while one of his arms went around my
waist. With his free hand he rubbed my thigh for a bit, then reached
up to lightly stroke my face.

"I wasn't lying before," he told me. "You really are a pretty girl."

"Thanks," I said, looking down and away. Tony caught my face and
turned it back to look at him. "I mean it," he told me. "That's a
compliment. If you don't relax and enjoy this, it's not going to be
much fun. Okay?"

I nodded my head lightly. "Okay," I told him softly. Then he kissed
me. Now maybe it's just the nostalgia factor, but to this day Tony
remains the best kisser out of all the guys I've been with. With his
hand on my thigh and his tongue probing my mouth, I rapidly relaxed
and got into the mood.

"When are we going to get to the sex?" I asked impatiently.

"Relax," he told me. "This is called foreplay." I knew what foreplay
meant, I'd just never really experienced it. "We don't have to
rush into things. It's more enjoyable if we stretch things out.
Trust me."

Soon after that Tony started to move things forward. He pulled the
turquoise straps of my bathing suit down from my shoulders and
pulled my suit down until my breasts came free, at which point he
started paying attention to them. Now I'd had guys play with my tits before, but never in the way that Tony did. Other guys had kneaded
them like they were raw bread dough, but Tony's touch was much
gentler. And he didn't just suck on my nipples, but also licked and
kissed around not only my chest but my shoulders and neck as well.
It was quite heavenly.

"Maybe we should go inside before we continue any further," Tony
said to me. It seemed like a wise decision, even if it meant pausing
for a minute or two. I pulled by bathing suit back up and we got up
from the chair, leaving our empty glasses out on the deck as we
headed inside.

Tony followed me up to me bedroom, where he had me take my suit all
the way off and lie down on my bed. He kept his clothes on, taking
off only his shoes but leaving on his shorts and t-shirt as he got
up on the bed with me.

"God, Kelly, you really are sexy," he told me as he traced his
finger over the soft curves of my naked body. "A girl as nice and as
pretty as you deserves to have good sex, and lots of it!"

"Show me," I responded softly. I felt really safe and comfortable
with Tony at that point. After all, I had known him my whole life,
and now he was taking me into his care to teach me about sex. What
had once started out as nervous and awkward now felt very natural.

I had instinctively left my knees up and locked together, but Tony
gently prodded them apart. I didn't shave bare back in those days,
but I had trimmed my bush back for swimsuit season and Tony
definitely liked what he saw. He started kissing around my belly and
abdomen, but before I knew it he was at my pussy. I was a bit
shocked. No one had ever touched me there but me, and certainly no
one had put their mouth or tongue down there before! I jumped,
startled, but Tony quickly relaxed me and I really began to enjoy
what he was doing. He licked his finger wet and then slid it up
inside my pussy and then moved it around for a bit. "How does
that feel?" he asked. "Good," I told him. "Really good."

While Tony's finger moved in and out of me, his mouth and tongue
explored the rest of my crotch, all the while the heat and wonderful
sensation was building up inside of me. Then with his free hand he
coaxed my clit out of hiding and started to lick and suck on that,
sending a jolt up inside of me. He increased the tempo of his
finger motion and sucking on my clit until I came. "Oohhh... God...
Ohhh... God..." I cried out, relishing the pleasure that coursed
through my body. No one had ever made me come before; I'd
masturbated myself to orgasm a few times but this had been the first
time I'd done it with someone else. It was the greatest
feeling in the world.

When I'd calmed back down, Tony pulled me up into sitting next to
him and held me in his arms. "And that, dear Kelly," he said, "is
what good sex is like."

"That was sex?" I asked. "But you didn't even, you know, with your

"You came, didn't you?" Tony replied. "And it felt good?"

"It felt great!"

"Then that was sex," he told me. "And don't let anybody ever tell
you otherwise."

"But don't you want to..."

"More than you know," he told me. "But unless you think your younger
brother has some condoms laying around in his room, that's probably
not a good idea right now."

"I guess not," I agreed.

"That'll have to wait for tomorrow, when we have our next lesson,"
Tony said. "That is, assuming you want a next lesson?"

"Oh yes," I assured him. "I wouldn't miss it!"

"Good." Tony got up from the bed and gave me a sweet kiss. "Then
I'll come back and check up on you tomorrow."

"You'd better!"


I had to go into work that late afternoon and evening, but all the
time my mind was elsewhere, on what I had experienced earlier that
day and particularly what the next day would bring. That night I
laid awake in my bed long into the night, playing with myself and
remembering what it felt like to have Tony's finger and tongue up
inside of me.

The next day I was all atwitter, pacing around with nervous
anticipation. I changed my outfit at least three times, finally
settling on a pair of shorts and a sleeveless polo shirt. I even put
on perfume, which back then I hardly ever wore and probably put it
on a bit too much.

Tony didn't seem to mind. When he finally arrived he told me how
great I looked and how nice I smelled. We didn't spend much time on
preliminaries, heading immediately up to my bedroom again to make
out. I was much more cognizant of my surroundings than the previous
day and was a bit embarrassed by some of the 'girlish' aspects of my
room, like the group of stuffed animals on my dresser. Tony said
that he didn't mind at all, and thought that it was really cute.

We took our time getting naked, taking off pieces of clothing in
between bouts of kissing and groping. Tony's cock wasn't anything
really special, not anything too large or small, but it seemed,
well, friendly. And he had shaved his pubic hair away, which I
thought was really cool. He relaxed while I played around with his
balls and shaft, and I found that my pussy was starting to get damp
with anticipation.

"What positions do you like?" Tony asked as we decided to move
forward with our lesson.

"Positions?" I asked. Okay, so I was pretty naive at that point. You
have to remember that we didn't have the Internet with megabytes
upon megabytes of pictures and stories back then, and my parents weren't the sort to have pornos hiding away that I could have peeked
at. So my experience with sex was limited to lying back and
spreading my legs while the guy fucked me missionary style. The
thought that there were other ways to do it hadn't much crossed my

Tony laughed, in a warm, friendly way. "Oh you sweet thing, you do
have a lot to learn, don't you?"

"Well, that's what you're here for, isn't it? So help me out."

"A lot of girls like to be on top," he told me. "It gives them
control over things."

"Okay, that sounds good," I agreed. Tony got a condom out, rolled it
on over his hard shaft, and layed back, inviting me to get on top of
him. As I kneeled there straddling him, his shaft rubbing against
the front of my pussy, I started to giggle.

"What is it?" Tony asked.

"I don't know," I said, but started to giggle even more. I wanted to
stop laughing, but couldn't help myself. I was afraid that Tony
would get offended or feel hurt, but he realized that it was
just nervousness. He pulled me down beside of him and cuddled with
me a bit, kissing and touching me. That of course just increased the
giggle quotient, but soon enough I got the giggles out and was ready
to try again.

Resuming my position straddling him, Tony took my hand with his to
his cock and moved it to the opening of my pussy. Instinctively I
lowered myself down on him, too fast really but it felt good having
his cock shoot up inside of me like that.

I wasn't laughing again, but I did have a big, joyful grin on my
face. "Feel good?" Tony asked. "Feels fucking great!" I responded. I
bounced myself up and down on his cock, then swirled myself around
at the hips. "Oooh yeah, this is good. I like this a lot!"

I spent some time moving up and down on Tony's shaft. Slow and fast,
short and long, enjoying the sensation of having his cock up inside
of me. Then he pulled on top of him, kissing my breasts and my
mouth. He took over the thrusting, holding my hips in place
while his moved his cock inside of me. I was having the time of my

Tony took me in his arms and rolled us over so that he was on top of
me. He lifted my legs up and squeezed them together, laying them
over to one side and giving my body a half-twist.. His cock was now
squeezed really tight inside me, but still he fucked me, slowly, and
I could feel every bit of his cock as he moved inside of me.

As good as that position felt it started to get uncomfortable, so I
swung my legs back around so that I was completely on my back with
Tony between my outspread legs. Sure, it was the same old missionary
position that I'd done before, but with Tony even that seemed new
and exciting.

"Rub yourself," Tony told me as he took a slight pause. "What?" I
asked. "Here," Tony said. He grabbed my hand and brought my fingers
to his mouth, licking them wet, and then led my fingers down to my
crotch. He pressed my index finger into my clit and then resumed his
fucking leaving me to rub my clit. As you can probably imagine, that
pretty much did it for me. I felt my body start to shudder and had
an orgasm even more powerful than I'd had the day before. Tony came
too, sending his wad up into the tip of his condom.

I sat up in the bed and propped a pillow against the headboard,
leaning back against it and scooting down a bit. "That was the best
fun I've ever had!" I told Tony with enthusiasm.

"Hopefully you'll get plenty of chances in the future to have even
more fun," Tony told me. We relaxed in the bed for another hour or
so, kissing and touching and talking. I enjoyed being close to Tony
and having him there with me.

The next day he taught me all about cocksucking (I'd done it a
couple of times before, but never very well). I wasn't sure about
his coming in my mouth, so he pulled out and came on my face. He
assured me, rightly so, that a lot of guys really enjoyed seeing a
girl with their jism on them. I tasted some of his come: a shade
bitter and a bit salty but not bad.

Following that we did some sixty-nining, and sucking on his cock
while he licked my pussy was great. On Friday I didn't have to go
into work at all, so Tony spent the whole day with me, fucking and
talking and listening to music and swimming.

But all good things must come to an end, and soon after that our
parents returned from their vacation. We tried to arrange to get
together again, but then Tony got a job offer out of town. Despite
his warning not to get attached I felt sad that he had to leave. He
had opened a whole new world to me, a world where sex was fun and
felt good.

Of course, that was really just the beginning. It wasn't long after
that I went off to college, met my roommate Gretchen, and the rest,
as they say, was history. Tony and I have run into each other a
handful of times since, and though we've never relived our past
encounters, we've shared knowing smiles and discussed the good
times. So while Tony wasn't my first, he'll always be the one I
remember fondly, the one who showed me what the fuss is all about.


The Fine Print: This story is copyright 1999 Kelly Adams. Permission
is granted to distribute as long as my name and this notice are
attached, and no financial gains are made.

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