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Family Experience (inc anal)


family experience

Abut a year and a half after my "family experience", I had developed
quite well in the personal area. My cock had grown to its full extent. 8
and 1/2 inches. I was very proud. So was Susan. She would "show" me to
her friends and we would all have a good time. Whenever we could arrange
to get the parents and Sara out of the house, we would have a little party.
Most of the time, alone. But every once in a while, Kelly or one of
Susan's other friend would join us. I never had another gay experience.
(To date, I have only had 2 gay experiences since that first time with

Anyway, it was Summer, I was swimming in the pool, my father was away on
business, Sara and Susan had gone to spend the week at Grandma's. They
often went to help grandma with the yard work.

mom had come home from shopping and put all the things away. She had
put on her bathing suit and came out to swim. It was a one piece suit with
french cut legs and a zipper up the front. Her long legs looked great in
the suit, and she had the zipper partly down so that there was plenty of
cleavage. At 40, she sure had one fine figure.

Well, we were sitting in the pool chatting about the week, she said she
missed dad. I asked her if she bought any thing for him while she was out.
She said she bought some sexy things to greet him with. I asked if I could
see what she got later. She said, "Sure, when we get out and I shower, I
will try it on and model it for you. You're a man now, you can tell me if
you think your father will like it." I couldn't wait, being the pervert
that I have become, the chance of seeing mom in some sexy clothes made me

Well, the time came, mom said she was going to take a shower, and she
would call me when she was ready to model her new outfit. I went in, took
a quick shower, played with myself for a few minutes, but I didn't want to
cum yet. I figured that after seeing mom, I would have a bigger load.

I was wearing only my underwear, that's all I usually wore around the
house when we didn't have company. mom called from up stairs. I ran up
the stairs, the door was closed, so I knocked, she told me to cum in and
sit on the bathroom. She was wearing a lacy black and red bra and panties.
Black nylons with garters and black spiked heels. The bra pushed her tits together to form a nice cleavage.

As she stood there, posing, I couldn't help but stare, and get hard.
She asked me how I liked it. I mumbled a bit and told her she looked
great. I told her that I was sure dad would approve. She was admiring
herself in the mirror when I decided to tell her about wanting to see her
nude last year. I told her that she was the first nude woman I had ever
seen and that she is still one of the best looking. She turned to me and
asked me if I still liked to see her. I said "Yes, I watch you all the
time through the window." I also told her that I watch Sara and Susan. (I
held back the rest of the story). She said,

"Well then son, since you have seen me nude, let me see you. I haven't
seen you without clothes on since you were 12." With that, I removed my
underwear, my cock standing straight out in front of me. She said, "Boy,
have you grown! It looks great. I bet you make the girls happy."I smiled
and said yes. She asked me if I masturbate after looking at her, I told
her I did. She said, "I haven't quite shown you all of this outfit." She
put one leg up on the bed to show me her shaven cunt through her crotchless
panties. She took her finger, and gently spread her cunt lips apart. Her
cunt glistened with her juices.

She said, "I don't know about you, but I am horny." She started to play
with her clit. I stood up and went to her, unfastened her bra, and grabbed
her tits. She sat on the bed, legs spread and worked on her cunt,
inserting her fingers then licking them clean. I started sucking my mom's
boobs like I did as a child. She started moaning. She shook when she
came. I then stood in front of her, cock near her mouth. She said, "Son, I
know what you want, but please don't."

I said, "If Sara and Susan can suck it, so can you!" I took her head and
pushed her mouth onto my shaft. I could tell she wanted to do it because
there was no hesitation. She sucked me and it wasn't long before I came,
and she took it all. I help her out of the rest of her clothes, bent
between her legs and ate her cunt.

She moaned, and begged for me to make her cum. Then, before she came, I
got on the bed, had her mount me and while she fucked me, I played with her
ass. Using our juices from her cunt, I lubed up her bung hole, and soon
had a finger up it. She was riding me and cumming. When she climbed off,
she got on her hands and knees, used her hands to spread her ass cheeks,
and led my cock to that tight brown hole. I came in no time up her ass.
We fell asleep. I woke the next morning with mom's mouth around my hard
dick. I came twice in her mouth.


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