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Archived Sex Stories

Family Fantasy Book 1


FROM THE AUTHOR: Firstly the important… WARNING This novel covers a wide
range of explicit sexual practices, many of which may be illegal in the
reader's country of residence. If this is so OR if you are offended in any
way by stories with strong sexual content that you may consider abhorrent
were it practiced in real life, please cease reading now and delete the
whole file. If you are aged under 18, you have no right to read any
further and MUST delete the file NOW! The author cannot state the case
more clear than that, surely? LEGAL STUFF This story is Copyright by the
author who retains all rights whatsoever over publication in any form. It
must not be published on any pay-site or used in any publication for profit
without the author's written approval. The file may be reposted to
Newsgroups but must not be changed in any way, must be posted in it's
entirety and must contain this note "FROM THE AUTHOR" in full. GENERAL All
names are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person, either
living or dead. Neither the author nor any acquaintance of the author, has
ever indulged in situations described in this story; they are solely based
on fantasy of the mind. Most stories written by the author are of
book-length size and the first chapter or two are usually taken up "setting
the scene" so to speak. If they are not read or given just cursory glance,
the atmosphere that is intended for the story may well be lost on the
reader. Anticipation of what is to come can give as much joy as "getting
there". There are many more stories in progress but because of the size,
completion and publication is naturally slow. I would appreciate
constructive comments on any aspect of this or any of my other novels -
flamers should NOT have passed beyond this preamble as they have been
warned about content, so their comments are a waste of time and will be
dealt with in a fitting manner. I shall endeavour to respond to all
constructive suggestions and may be contacted at - NOTE: remove the "REMOVE"

family FANTASY ©July 2001 BOOK ONE

Sexual Fantasy Fiction By Writer'sCramp (MFF, MFFf, Ff, Rom, forced,
coerced, nc, 1st.time, teen, spk, menst, ws, bdsm, etc)

Brief story Line young girl wooed by wealthy young businessman, marries
and then joins his closest friends family together as a family commune,
sharing each other, including a teen daughter and household staff in many
sexual ways.

The Characters: Richard Simmons, master of the house Amber, aged 16,
wife of Richard, mistress of the house Cynthia, Amber's fantasy alter-ego
William & Martha Nelson, parents of Amber Dr. Roger & Mrs. Margot Wright,
closest friends of the Simmons family, parents of Virginia aged 16. Arthur
and Joanne Mellors, Butler & Housemaid

Chapter One

At sixteen years, Amber Nelson looked much older and her smiling, open
face let her easily gain the confidence of the customers of the perfumery
department where she worked, especially the men. She had the happy knack
of closing her sales and took delight in seeing another happy customer
leaving the shop.

Richard Simmons walked into the shop without any intention of purchasing
perfume. He had wanted to replenish his tobacco pouch, but on moving past
the cosmetics counter, he saw her reflection in a mirror and stopped as
though struck with something. He could not believe the beauty of this girl behind the counter and although he didn't know it at the time, it wouldn't
be long before she became the centre of his attention.

Making sure that this majestic young woman, whom he guessed to be around
twentyone, would be the one to serve him he smiled and asked, 'Could you
suggest something for the most beautiful girl in the world?'

Amber blushed, smiled and went into her usual sales pitch, which
absolutely captivated him. But she found that he just couldn't make up his
mind on which perfume to buy. On suggesting her usual highest priced line
he said, 'That sounds wonderful but do you not have something even more
special than that?'

'Well sir, you could take a gift pack of our very best line but I'm
afraid it is very expensive and we sell very few of them. I'm sure your
wife would just adore it though. Is it for your anniversary perhaps?' She
asked shyly.

'No it's not an anniversary, more like a first meeting present I guess,'
he answered smiling to her. 'Tell me, if you were to be given a special
present, what would you choose?'

'Oh! Yes, I think I would simply adore this as a gift. I think she
will be a very lucky lady sir,' Amber replied.

'Then that settles it, this is the gift I want to give her. Could you
please gift wrap it?'

When the parcel had been wrapped Richard asked her, 'Would you do this
for me? Will you think of me tonight as this gift is given to the most
beautiful girl in the world? I would like to know that the person who
suggested this for me becomes a part of this special evening. Would you?'
His smile was both serious and happy at the same time.

Amber was not really sure what he meant by that, but he seemed so happy
and she could only say, 'Of course, Sir. Have a happy evening.'

'I'm glad you will, thank you. My! Isn't this wrapping paper
beautiful?' He asked, making sure she took notice of the pattern on the

After Richard left, Amber felt good inside. This customer was
different, as well as being very handsome, and she knew that sometime this
evening she would think of him and hoped his meeting with
The-Most-Beautiful-Girl-In-The-World would be as romantic as he made out.

Little did she know just how romantic!

That evening, as she and her parents were watching tv someone knocked on
the door. Her father answered and found an old Time Delivery Man, in full
costume who in a loud voice asked, 'I have a parcel for,' and his voice
became even louder and sounded as though he was singing. Sounds of the
song, 'The Most Beautiful girl in the World' ran through the house and
Amber gasped at the coincidence.

She and her mother came to the doorway to see what all the noise was
about. Her father was so stunned at the sight that he stood speechless.
As soon as Amber came into view, the delivery man burst into another verse
of the song and looked straight at her and slowly handed over the parcel.

It was only then that she realised that the parcel she had wrapped for
her customer this afternoon, was now being given to her. In slow motion
her hands reached out and took it.

'What in the hell is going on here?' Her father demanded, not of her but
of the deliveryman who by now was slowly taking backward steps towards the
front gate, still singing loudly.

Amber recovered somewhat and placated her father, 'It's alright Dad,
just a joke from some of the girls at work.'

'Well, it's the goddamnedest thing I've ever seen. They must be a
scatter-brained lot. And it's not even your birthday. What do they think
they're doing?' He spluttered.

'What's in the box anyway, dear?' Her mother asked, just the merest bit

'Oh! It's nothing, Mom,' she said. 'Just some cheap perfume that we
were joking about today. I guess one of them got a bit carried away.
They'll probably be splitting their sides with laughter by now. I'll kill
them when I get to work tomorrow.'

Amber found herself gushing not knowing when to stop. Finally she
opened the parcel to let her parents see, but making sure they didn't know
the contents were just the most expensive perfume her store sold. What she
didn't do was let them see the small envelope that was also inside the
wrapping paper - she had certainly not put it there when she had wrapped it
in the shop.

While there was a lot she didn't understand, for the first time in her
young life, Amber felt the thrill of romance. It was impossible to
describe but deep down she felt wonderful although there were a lot of
unanswered questions running around in her mind.

'Mum, I feel a bit tired; I think I'll go up to bed,' she called running
up the stairs clutching the gift from her unknown admirer. Closing the
door, she sat on the bed and quickly opened the envelope having no idea
what to expect.

It read:

'To the Most Beautiful girl in the World,

The vision of your loveliness remains in

my mind. Thank you for being there as I

passed by.

I hope with all my heart that you begin

to feel towards me, just a little of how I

feel for you at this moment.

Until we meet again.'


The card was written in the most distinguished handwriting and signed
with just an "R". He must have opened the parcel to put this in, she
thought to herself but it doesn't look opened. Then it dawned on her; how
did he know where I live? I certainly didn't tell him and I'm sure none of
the other girls would have. For goodness sake he could have been a rapist
and attacked me on my way home - but of course, he didn't.

She read the card over many times 'To the most beautiful girl in the
world'. No one has ever said anything like that to me and of course I'm
not the most beautiful girl in the world, she told herself. Was it Robert,
or Raymond… I wonder who he is?

Amber went to her mirror. 'I guess I'm pretty but not 'The Most
Beautiful',' she said to herself, but indeed Amber was a very beautiful
young woman.

She saw before her the long blonde hair which fell below her shoulders,
and a round face with the most unblemished skin imaginable. Her bright sky
blue eyes sparkled as they always did and these combined with an almost
permanent smile gave the impression to anyone she spoke to, that they were
important her. All who came to know her soon loved her dearly. The fact
that her family were loving and caring meant there was little that troubled
her and her joy of life simply shone from her eyes.

Continuing to watch the image before her, Amber began to ready herself
for bed, discarding her blouse and skirt. She then reached behind her back
to unclasp the bra and release her breasts. At near seventeen years, Amber
had already developed into womanhood and her breasts stood out firmly
without need for any support. She was always curious as to why the left
breast was slightly larger than the right one, but the difference was
almost unnoticeable to her now and certainly no one would be aware of this
phenomenon when she was dressed.

Her nipples, she thought, were too big for the size of the breasts but
were totally pink against the smooth pale skin of her breasts. Hm. Not
too large now, she thought but was well aware of the reaction that her
fingers could make to her nipples if she stroked them for any length of
time. Then they become too big, she told herself.

She never had the opportunity of comparing breasts with her friends as
this just wasn't the done thing. She knew many of the girls had shown each
other their body growth but her close circle of friends had never
progressed to this stage of intimacy so she could only imagine that her
bosoms were about the same as every one else's.

In the mirror she watched the change taking place in her nipples as she
thought about them. Now the points started to protrude and the pink
surrounding them became taught and rippled. Her hands rose to cup each
breast, gently squeezing and until her fingers slowly slid down and
encircled only the teat of each. Amber well knew the thrill this activity
could give her and she continued to slowly stroke them until they became
rock hard. The tingly tickle started to spread until the whole of each
breast screamed out for release. Amber really didn't know what that
release was or how to achieve it but many times over the last year or so,
she had brought herself to this stage without being able to progress
further. She knew there must be more but her inexperience in matters
sexual, left her wanting.

'Stop!' She told herself knowing that she could continue this very
delicious activity later if she wanted to.

She didn't like wearing panty-hose and put on stockings and suspenders
only when she went out, which didn't happen all that often. So her
remaining garment was a pair of small silky smooth bikini panties which she
slid down to reveal her secret of secrets. The covering of pubic hair was
the same blond color and gossamer fine which allowed her to see the outline
of the pussy crease between her legs. Her menstrual cycle started early,
when she was just eleven years old and at that time her mother had taken
her aside and spoken quietly about her monthly period, how to wear a
sanitary pad and what to expect as she grew through puberty. However when
it came to plain talking about sex and boys her mother had been totally
unhelpful. Amber was led to believe that boys had filthy habits and always
wanted to put their hands up girls dresses and feel up their pussies.

She was told never to talk about sex or her private parts to any of her
girl friends because they would tell the boys all about the conversation
and they would only tease her and think that she would let them do those
filthy things. At the tender age of eleven, this made a severe impact on
her understanding not only of sex itself but also of her ability to
communicate on personal things with her friends and particularly with boys in general.

Amber had remained a virgin mainly because she had never gained the
confidence nor the wish to become close to boys, as many of the girls of
her age had. She was thought to be stand-offish and quiet and it was only
her vivacious looks that allowed her to join the circle of friends she had.

Her mother had impressed the need to keep her maidenhead intact until
she married, 'Just as I was for your father,' she would always say. This
had become a firm resolve and she rarely explored her vaginal opening,
always making sure she was careful never to let the face washer intrude in
through the lips when she washed.

But a new feeling was emerging tonight, more intense than anything she
had ever experienced; similar to the feelings that stroking nipples gave
her but different and stronger. Oh, much stronger.

Her nakedness reflected in the mirror, for the first time became
majestic and she liked what she saw very much. So much that in one slow
movement she raised her hands to her head and then slowly downwards over
her cheeks and breasts, to her hips with a special little diversion where a
finger circled her belly-button and then both hands came together as she
cupped her pubic mound, fingers resting on the crease of her pussy.

She stood for a long while enthralled at the sight and of the glowing
feeling that seemed to pervade deep inside. Why do I feel so different
tonight? She wondered. Is it this gift made me feel this way? It's

Then her thoughts turned to the man who had purchased the perfume this
morning. He did look rather handsome, and nice too, but he's quite old,
probably 25 or 26. But how did he know where I live? She asked herself
once again. He must have followed me home. Golly, no one has ever done
that before. And I don't think he even knows my name; he never used it on
the card or the present.

I wonder if he'll ever come into the shop again? She mused. No,
probably not. He did this on a whim and has forgotten all about me
already, she answered herself.

Chapter Two

A knock broke the reverie, as her mother put her head around the door.
'Oh, you're not in bed yet dear,' her mother stated. Neither woman showed
embarrassment at the younger one standing naked as their family had never
hesitated to walk around the house in a state of undress for as long as
Amber could remember. Even her father did so from time to time especially
when it was hot but usually he had underpants or pajama bottoms on.

'No, Mom, I'm just going to shower.'

'O.K., dear, we're off to bed. Goodnight.'

'Night Mom,' she answered and walked to the bathroom.

Unaware, she walked in to see her father standing at the toilet urinating. Again no embarrassment as he looked up and said, 'I won't be a
minute love. Nearly finished.' She saw the yellow stream reduce to a
dribble and her father shook his penis dry and zipped up his pants. The
toilet flushed as he walked over to her putting his hands on her shoulders
and gave her a peck on the cheek. 'Goodnight love,' her said and walked
out never acknowledging that his sixteen-year-old daughter was stark naked
before him. But then, this was how they had acted towards her throughout
the whole of her life.

A penis is a strange object, she thought as she commenced her shower
that was as hot as her body could stand. It always felt nice after a very
hot shower.

After drying herself, she walked naked back to her bedroom and eased
herself between the warmed sheets. She usually wore a nightdress to bed
but tonight was different and in fact staying naked seemed right for the
occasion. Reaching for the anonymous card she read it over again and again
until she could repeat every word from memory.

I might be only sixteen but this is the most wonderful present I have
ever received. Thank you my secret admirer, whoever you are.

Still holding the card in one hand, the other moved under the covers to
her left breast and started the slow stroking motion that she had come to
enjoy so much. It wasn't long before the other hand joined in and that
incredible feeling started to rise once again within her. The hot shower
combined with the warm bed made her feel wonderfully secure as her nipples
elongated and became ticklish. But rather than this magical feeling
remaining within her breast as it always had, it expanded throughout her
body, just as it did in front of the mirror earlier.

She repeated the words from the card over and over, her fingers stroking
to the rhythm of the words and before long a burning sensation grew within
her loins. She just had to release one breast and move a hand to her
vagina where the heat seemed to be growing stronger by the moment.

Immediately she could feel the stickiness on the lips of her pussy and
she said aloud, 'Oh! God! My period's starting again and it only stopped
last week.'

But when she pulled her fingers from the covers she found instead, just
clear smooth liquid and the burning tickle continued between her legs. Her
hand returned to her pussy and carefully she ran her index finger down the
length of her slit, which only served to intensify the tingle. It was
almost as though there was a bubbling cauldron immediately beneath the
flesh of her pussy with the myriad of tiny bubbles trying to escape, but
unable to.

Removing her hand again she saw that her pussy lips had grown quite wet
from this substance that flowed from her pussy. It was a mystery and yet,
deep down she knew exactly what it was.

By the age of sixteen, many books on sexual matters were available from
the public library and rather than asking her friends, she spent
considerable time on her own learning all she could about sex and the
sexual act.

Amber saw for the first time the secretions of a woman entering the
excitement of the sexual act and she became enthralled. Both hands
returned to her entrance and she massaged the liquid all around the
opening. She didn't know why she did this but it felt good and there seemed
no end to the oozing secretions.

From her books she knew that her maidenhead rested nearby and she was
most careful not to touch that membrane in any way. But the slippery
surface around the opening was such that she had to take extreme care not
to let her finger slip inside. By stroking just the lips she knew she
would be safe with an occasional stroke towards the lower part of her
vagina to keep her fingertips wet with secretion. She found this made the
sensations increase beyond anything she could imagine.

It was the slow stroking motion which finally lead her finger to the
most sensitive area, where she had never touched before. Fingers circled
her vagina between the outer lips and her labia and on one of these strokes
the tip of her finger just grazed the edge of her clitoris. The feeling
was so incredible, it made her gasp and twitch in response.

She moved her finger immediately to the spot, at first thinking she had
in fact touched her maidenhead but when she realised that the spot was
above the entrance where she knew her hymen was still protected. When she
placed her fingertip on the spot again, it took her breath away. Each
minute stroke then increased the intensity and it felt so good she just
couldn't stop.

The sounds became audible, sweat broke out on her forehead and she
arched her back. She instinctively knew that this was leading her to the
ultimate experience, something the books called an orgasm, and it scared

She had read that the experience was what every sexual act aimed for
because it gave such exquisite pleasure. She had read also that the
initial act of sexual intercourse between a man and woman brought untold
pain to the woman and she has no wish to experience that, at least not

The feeling continued to rage within her the more she stroked that spot
and even if she had wanted to, she couldn't stop now. Her gasps, grunts
and moans became louder and more prolonged as her finger stroked that one
spot over and over again.

The faster she moved, the harder she pressed down on the spot the
exquisite feelings grew and she instinctively knew she was approaching that
final pinnacle. Just as her very first orgasm began to explode deep
within, she realised her door was almost fully open as was her parent's
door but in the state she had reached she couldn't stop herself.

'Yes,' she screamed aloud. 'More, oh, God, oh, God.' She was writhing
about, the bedclothes only partly covering her, back arched to try and
catch the last of the deep sensations just as both parents rushed into the

'What on earth is wrong dear,' her mother shrieked. 'Are you sick?
What is it?'

'God, what a mess,' her father stated matter of factly. 'She's covered
in sweat and she hasn't got a stitch on.'

'Amber, are you alright?' Her mother kept on, sitting on the side of the
bed and clutching her naked daughter tightly to her.

'I think she's had a nightmare,' her father stated. 'Is that what
happened, love?'

By now Amber had managed to regain a semblance of decorum and quickly
agreed with her father.

'Yes, I had a terrible dream. These awful men were hurting me and one
of them made me have sex with him. It was horrible,' and she burst into
genuine tears, not from the shock of being caught in this intimate act, but
from the sheer relief the orgasm had given her.

'Bill, go and get a warm flannel & towel from the bathroom. I must
clean her up. Hurry.' Her pajama clad father moved but was back quickly.

As her mother gently bathed her face, Amber felt at peace, fully aware
her father was looking on but not caring that he could see her totally
unclothed. He never said a word but certainly kept looking. Probably the
first time he has ever been able to take a really good look, she thought.
Usually, when we meet undressed he only chanced a quick glimpse.

Amber was covered in perspiration from her exertions combined with the
hot shower, and her mother continued to bath her, moving the washer over
her body as she lay docilely on her bed enjoying the attention being given
to her.

'Bill, go and get some more warm water in a bowl. Amber is covered in
perspiration. Her dream must have been terrible. Quickly now.' And off he

'The last time I did this dear, you were still a little girl. Now look
at you. I had no idea your bubbies had grown so large and you've even got
hair down there,' she giggled.

'Oh, Mom,' Amber blushed, loving it all.

Her father returned and her mother continued to clean her daughter,
father looking on.

'Open your legs dear, so I can clean down there.' Amber obeyed knowing
full well that both parents could clearly see into her vaginal area now.

'My, you are sweaty down there. It's almost as though you had...' and
then bit her tongue when she realised her daughter had only had intercourse
in her dreams.

'It's as though she had what, Martha?' Her unsuspecting father asked his
wife. 'You mean peed herself? Ha, ha, ha,' he chortled.

'Your disgusting, William Nelson. Can't you see she's had a nasty

'Now roll over dear and I'll do your back.' Amber was loving every
minute of this little charade, and feeling the slowly abating sensations
still with her, she was very content and rolled over as her mother directed.

'God, I've paddled that backside enough times it's a wonder it's still
not red,' her father commented. 'I should give you another dose now for
waking us up in the middle of the night.'

She turned her head to find him still taking in her form. As she
watched he came around the other side of the bed and said to his wife,
'Give me the washer, Martha. I think that backside is mine to wash, I've
spanked it often enough.'

Reaching out, he had taken the flannel from his wife and began to gently
wipe the sweat from her bottom cheeks. As Amber watched her father she
realised he was being more than just a loving father. She could almost see
an urge in his eyes as he looked intently at her bottom as he moved the
washer over the fleshy mounds. He had cleaned her flesh several times over
without any sign of letting up when his wife spoke in the usual demanding
manner that she always did to her husband.

'I think that's enough William,' she said and he jerked his eyes up and
away from his daughter's derriere.

Amber laid back again feeling her mother's hands moving over her
shoulders down to the small of her back. She didn't even wait for her
mother to tell her to open her legs this time, but did it automatically,
feeling the washer move down the crease of her bottom to clean her there.
It was still a wondrous, continuing feeling between her legs and she
luxuriated in the attention.

Once her mother had completed the cleansing, she ordered her husband to
remove the towels and water and told Amber to roll over onto her back
again. Then she took her in her arms and said gently, 'I think I know what
happened dear. Do you want to tell me all about it?' But Amber decided to
continue her little charade.

'Oh, Mom. I don't know why I dreamed it but it seemed so real. I
dreamed I was coming home from work and these three men came out from the
dark and grabbed me. I don't know where they took me but they made me take
all my clothes off in front of them and then one of them took his belt off
and beat me with it until I danced around the room while they clapped their

'He wanted me to dance higher so my titties would bounce around and they
laughed at me. They wouldn't let me stop and I got so tired that I just
dropped on the floor but that made them angry and one of them, I think he
was the leader, took his pants down and made me look at his thing. It was
horrible. He said if I didn't start dancing he would tell the other men to
hold my legs apart and he would rape me. He really said he wanted to 'Fuck
me.' Is that the same as raping?' She asked ever so innocently.

'Yes, it's just as degrading anyway,' her mother agreed, still holding
her tightly. 'What happened then dear?'

'Well I couldn't keep dancing for much longer, so he did what he said he
would. They put me on the floor, one man each held one of my legs and the
leader who had taken his trousers right off knelt between them and made me
watch as he pushed his thing into my pussy. I screamed but they only
laughed. The leader then held my titties in his hands and squeezed them so
tight that I'm sure it hurt because I squealed. I think I woke up then and
found you sitting on my bed. It was really horrible. I don't think I ever
want to let men do that to me, Mom. Never.'

She cried on her mother's shoulder, only then realising her father was
standing beside her mother and had probably heard the whole of this
fictitious story.

'Come on dear, it was only a nasty dream,' her mother consoled her.
'When you find the right man and marry him, you'll enjoy making love to him
because that is what it will be, love, not rape. And you will find out
that lovemaking is very pleasurable, won't she, William?'

'Yes of course you will, love. It's very nice indeed. Tell me, love,'
he continued. 'What do you think happened for you to have such a dream?

'I don't, Dad.' she answered, smiling to herself. 'Do you think it
might have been because I saw your thing peeing in the bathroom tonight?'

'Bill, you'll have to be more careful,' his wife pointed out. 'No, I
don't think the sight of his little thing would give you dreams like that,
dear. Now put your nightie on and try to go back to sleep and forget about
your dream.'

She kissed Amber goodnight and marched her husband out of the room.

Amber lay awake for a long time thinking about the words on the card,
about her first orgasm which she was sure she had just experienced. She
thought about her parents and particularly her father, seeing her totally
naked with her most private parts quite open to their view for an extended
period. About her father's hand virtually massaging her bottom, and about
her mother's hand reaching between her legs, in total innocence in the
cleaning-up process.

She eventually drifted off to a peaceful sleep, but not before she heard
moans, groans & grunts coming from her parent's room, similar to those of
her own only a short time ago. She smiled as sleep engulfed her.

Chapter Three

Amber woke the next morning feeling as good as she could ever remember,
but while the events of last night were still in her memory, she was more
intent on getting ready for work, than thinking about them.

Her father had already left, and her mother broached the subject that
was clearly the centre of her mind.

'Amber dear, how did you sleep? Alright? No more bad dreams?'

'No Mom, I slept like a kitten,' she said not taking much notice of her

'Your dream last night must have been terrible dear. Is it still in
your memory?'

Amber could see that her mother wanted to continue with the discussion
so she resigned herself to continuing with the little white lie that she
had started.

'No Mom, I'm alright now. But what I can't understand is how I dreamed
such things. I didn't know men did those things to women so how could I
have dreamed about them? Do they? Does Dad things like that, Mom? I
couldn't stand it.' She looked pleadingly to her mother for reply.

'Oh, come on dear, I wouldn't worry about all that. It's true some men can do terrible things to girls, much worse than you dreamed last night.
They can make girls do the most disgusting and degrading things just to get
their weird sex kicks. That seems to be in the make-up of men. But not
all are like that.'

She went on. 'When your father needs to have sex anything he does is
always good because he loves me. And when he wants some of those different
things, he always makes sure I'm happy to do them with him, so it is not
just one-sided.'

To Amber, the conversation was getting interesting and she asked
mischievously, 'But what kind of things do they do, Mom? I need to know
because if I ever get married I suppose my husband will want me to do them
too. Won't you tell me? Please. What will they make me do?'

Her mother felt she was being backed into a corner but was sure her
daughter's questions were innocent and she just needed reassurance about
married life. After all, for the whole of Amber's life they had been
totally open and honest with her and after the anxiety of last night's
nightmare it was time to enlighten her. Martha also remembered the one and
only sex talk she had given her daughter just after the start of her first
period and had realised for a long time that she had not done that very
well at all.

'Dear, sex is not something to fear at all. When your husband puts his
penis into your vagina he can give you such wonderful feelings you never
want it to end. The greatest trouble comes as he gets older and starts to
get lazy. Then all he wants to do is push it in until he comes and then
rolls over and goes to sleep, leaving you unsatisfied and having to clean
up the mess. From the outset, you need to do just what I have done. I let
him only have sex when I'm ready for him and make him take his time with
plenty of foreplay. If he needs sexual relief at other times, I might
masturbate him until he comes but usually I make him wait until I'm ready.
Do you understand what I mean, dear?'

'I'm sorry Mom, but I don't understand. What do you do when you
masterplay and what do men do that is disgusting and degrading. That's
what I don't understand. And where does he come from?'

'I can see that you have a lot to learn dear, so I'll try and be
patient. Firstly, a man's urge is to release his sperm into his wife's
vagina. The time of release is called an orgasm and when he spurts the
sperm out of his penis he gets an incredible feeling of pleasure. That's
what coming means and what he is always wants. He can achieve the same
feeling by masturbating which he does by holding his penis in his hand and
gently rubbing it up and down until he comes. Many men do this because
they don't have a wife to have sex with. Sometimes I rub your father's
penis until he comes in my hand rather than in my vagina. This gives him
some relief but saves me from cleaning his sperm out of my vagina if I'm
not in the mood for him to have sex with me. Do you see what I mean now.'

'Oh yes I suppose so. Thanks, Mom. Do you do other things?'

'Now Amber, you know this discussion is very private . You mustn't talk
about it to anyone else because it is about our intimate lives and no-one
else's business. You will honour our talk as a secret won't you?'

'Of course I will, Mom. I know it is very private and can only be
talked about within our family. Can you tell me more things that you do?'

'When your father was younger he was like a young bull. You know,
wanted to have sex every five minutes and in the strangest places. And he
wanted to do things that I at first thought were vile, but when we did them
they weren't so vile at all. Now if I tell you about some of them I want
you to understand that they might sound terrible, but when you love your
partner the way we did and still do, they aren't really terrible at all.
In fact some were very nice indeed.' She smiled with a faraway look.

'O.K. Mom, but you're keeping me in suspense. What were they?'

'On the second night of our honeymoon, we were in a little motel
somewhere and your father was petting me because he wanted sex again. This
was in his every five minutes stage and I knew he was very worked up. He
already had his penis inside me and was moving in and out of me like they
do, when he suddenly pulled it out and aimed it over my breasts. The sperm
shot out like a machine gun, spurt after spurt and splattered all over my
breasts and stomach so you can imagine I didn't get much sexual
satisfaction. And with his come all over me I looked a mess but instead of
getting something to wipe it off as I thought he would do, he started to
rub it into my skin just like skin cream. 'Come on Martha,' he laughed.
'This is the best body lotion you've ever had.' I think it was because it
soon became a smooth creamy substance and took him ages to get rid of it
that way. While he was rubbing, of course he was massaging my breasts and
nipples which even today are extremely sensitive. I told him I almost had
an orgasm from him just doing that, which prompted him to use his fingers
on my clit and that finally did make me come. It was beautiful.'

'Did it hurt much the first time Dad did it to you, Mom? Some of the
girls say it's absolute agony and excruciatingly painful. That scares me.'

'I was a virgin right up to the time your father took me to bed on our
wedding night. He told me he had never made love to any other woman and to
this day I still believe him. So he was a virgin also. I think he was
just as scared as I was when we finally got into bed, because it took him a
long time before he got up the courage to make his attempt on my cherry.
That's what an intact hymen is called by most people. I knew even less of
what to do so I simply laid there on my back. He had been kissing and
petting me for a long time and I felt very happy but still scared knowing
that his big penis which I'd never seen erect before then, would soon be
intruding in a place where no-one had ever been before.'

'Well what happened?' Amber was eager.

'He moved my legs apart pushed up my nightie and laid on top of me. I
felt his penis which was very long and hard pushing all around but it
wasn't anywhere near my pussy. He kept prodding everywhere until he
finally hit the right spot. As soon as the point touched the entrance I
could feel the pressure but he had to let his knees get a better grip of
the bed and then he pushed very hard. All it did was to hurt a bit but not
much. He looked up at me as though it was all over but I told him to push
harder because only the head had entered my pussy. So he pushed and pushed
and the pain grew but it wasn't too bad. Anyway he was going red in the
face trying to break my maidenhead when all of a sudden I felt a biting
stab of pain just as if a large rubber band had been snapped on my stomach
and he burst right through and started to laugh.'


'Truly dear, the pain lasted only seconds. There was a lot of blood
though and I could feel it running down my bottom cheeks onto the towel I'd
placed under me. You should have seen the patch of red it made. Must have
been about the size of a football. Your father then had his way with me
and came inside me very quickly. I didn't get very much pleasure from the
first time because every time he went in and out his penis rubbed against
the ruptured skin and it was quite tender. Thankfully he only took me that
once on the first night.' Martha was now quite enjoying her secret
reminiscing with her daughter.

She looked at the time and was aghast to find it was now after 9.30 and
Amber had no chance of being at work on time.

'Quickly,' she said. 'You're late, you'll have to get to work.'

Amber too was startled but having also enjoyed the intimacy with her
mother wanted it to continue.

'Mom, you ring them & say I'm sick and won't be coming in today. I'll
make us a cuppa and we can keep on talking.'

It didn't take them long before they were back to their first really
private chat.

'Some of the girls at work said men swear and use filthy language when
they do it. Does Dad do that too?'

'He only did that a few times. No, his favourite pleasure after
straight lovemaking, was to use my breasts as his vagina.'

'Gosh how does he do that?' She asked in utter

'Well, it is easy really. As you know my breasts have always been
rather large, much more pendulous than yours unfortunately, and he would
simply sit on my tummy, make me squeeze my breasts together with my hands
and then slide his penis between them. It was nice to feel his hard stick
pushing in between my bosoms but it gave me very little sexual feeling. It
was always exciting to watch him come that way though. He would usually
push the head right through the gap between my breasts just as he was ready
to spurt, and the first few shots which were stronger, sometimes reached as
far as my chin while the rest ran down over my neck. Sometimes he would
catch the running sperm in his hands and rub it all over my breasts or even
his own chest, but mostly by the time the last spurts had shot from his
tool he was ready to roll off and go to sleep. So it was left up to me to
clean myself, the bed linen and sometimes even his own penis before I could
go to sleep.'

'Yuk. Doesn't it sting when it gets on your skin. It must be messy,'
she mused.

'It doesn't have any effect to your skin at all. If it did imagine what
it would do to the tender flesh inside your pussy. In fact because it's at
body temperature you rarely feel it hit you at all, especially when he
shoots off inside you. Come to think of it, it doesn't have any smell or
much taste so you could say it had all the properties of water - except it
does have the ability of starting off another human being inside you.'

'Yes, that's right it can be dangerous can't it. Tell me Mom, do you
always have an orgasm when he takes you to bed?' She had to think about how
her mother knew what his sperm tasted like; it must have been splashes from
when it sometimes hit her chin, she thought. Yuk.

'Oh! If only that were true. In fact that's the main reason that I now
control the sex strings in this household. These days he'd be quite
content to roll on, a few pushes in and out, squirt his few drops and then
start snoring. When we were first married he was very conscious of making
me come every time but even then I had to fake my climaxes quite often just
to keep his ego up. But now he can't hold out for longer than a few
seconds so I make sure that he masturbates me to orgasm at least once
before he gets the chance to dip his penis in my little honey pot. But
even if you don't come every time, the feeling is just wonderful if both
partners set out to make the other one happy. You must remember that,
Amber. It is the one thing that will help your marriage stay together for

'Mom this has been a fantastic talk. Can we keep going?' She asked

'Yes I'm enjoying it too dear. I've never spoken as intimately as this
to anyone, not even your father. What else would you like to know?'

'This is getting even more personal Mom. Can I ask it?'

'O.K. I'll answer anything I can but remember it's only between us for
life. Not even your future husband whoever he may be, is privy to any of
this discussion. Is that a bargain?'

'Absolutely guaranteed,' her daughter agreed, smiling happily.

'Last night after you and Dad left my room you made love didn't you? I
heard you moaning. What did you do?'

The question made Martha instantly blush the deepest pink which in turn
made both mother and daughter burst into fits of laughter. After their
final sniggers and the tears were wiped away Martha regained her calm.

'You little devil, you were still awake. Yes we did have sex and it was
all because of you. The sight of you stark naked before him for all that
time was just too much for him to hold back. He took me by surprise when
he snatched the washer and started to wipe your bottie down and I was a
little scared that he was about to lose all control of himself. Thankfully
he didn't. Anyhow as soon as we got into the bedroom he couldn't stop
talking about how you looked. I think what stunned him the most was the
fact that you didn't mind him looking at you even when I had your legs open
cleaning up your pussy. You really are a little minx you know but a sexy
one. You'll drive men wild, you mark my words.'

'Yes but what did he do to you?'

'Just as I told you before, I hold the sex strings these days. I could
see he was chaffing at the bit but had no intention of having to clean up
at that time of the night. So he made me come with his finger. He's
really very good at that you know. You will certainly like it when your
time comes. He had to make me come twice; that was the moaning you heard
because it was wonderful, and the second time around he took nearly 20
minutes to get me off. His prize was that I masturbated him into a condom.
At least he had to do the cleaning up but he enjoyed his thrill and got the
relief that your naughty body made him so desire. I should really spank
your bottom for being so brazen in front of your poor father. Perhaps I
will sometime soon, but I probably won't let your father know; it would
give him an immediate orgasm in his pants.'

'Oh, Mum you are funny. Poor Dad he sure takes a lot from you but
probably deserves all he gets. A man should always think of his wife's
pleasure just as much as his own shouldn't he?'

Both women were enthralled with their new found ability to talk so
openly and intimately with each other and both wanted this closeness to
continue into the future.

'What does Dad do with his sperm when he catches it in a condom, Mom?
Does he still rub it all over you? Gosh I'd give anything to watch
sometime. Do you think I could?' At that suggestion Amber went bright red as she realised the impertinence of her question.

'Ha, ha,' her mother laughed. 'Now that's just a bit too much to expect
and from the colour of your face I think you know that too. No, I couldn't
agree to that, but if our door is open sometime when you hear moaning and
panting then as long as I don't see you, who is to know? Just never let me
catch you peeking because I would thrash you sixteen years old or not, and
your father would probably have a go too. Is that understood?' And Amber
knew she was deadly serious.

'Yes, I understand, Mom. Sorry I asked," she said contritely then
continued. 'Mom, do you ever masturbate yourself? You said men often did,
but do you? We haven't got a penis to stroke but you said Dad made you
come with his finger so can you do it to yourself?'

Martha knew the subjects would eventually turn around to become the most
personal imaginable but she could see her daughter was searching for
information and this may be her last and only chance to instruct her.

'I think every woman has masturbated herself to an orgasm at some time
in her life. Yes, I do it often when I'm alone and it's probably the most
satisfying kind of orgasm because you can time it to your own need.
Husbands tend to just bring you off as soon as they can, but we can make it
last as long or as short as we like. Or we can do it over again as many
times as we want, whereas your father would simply lose interest once he
has his come.'

'But Mom, what do you do to make you come? I don't understand,' and she
went red again because she knew that little white lie was creeping in

'Dear, it's so simple. Just place one or more of your fingers on your
clit and start to rub gently. It doesn't take long to feel the delicious
sensations building up. If you want to hurry up, just rub a little faster
or press a little harder or do all three and 'Whooppee'. It's only a
matter of time and you find yourself shooting towards heaven.'

'My clit? What's that? Can you show me, please?' She pleaded thinking
that she already knew but just wanting to make sure. 'Come on please, Mom.
Point out my clit. I really need know,' she said as she rose, lifted her
skirt and slipped her panties to her knees.

Her mother was aghast and it showed.

'Please Mom. You saw more than this last night and I'm not ashamed to
show my pussy to you; you're my mother. Please show me.'

Her mother reached out and took her hand, holding Amber's index finger
between her thumb and finger.

'Yes, I suppose you have a right to know. It's called your clitoris,
clit for short and it's just a little button of flesh which becomes the
most sensitive part of your whole body when you rub it, when a woman has
sex. It's located just here at the top of your pussy, but you have to push
its cover back a little to feel it.'

She parted the soft hairs, placed her daughters finger on top of the
little nub and gave it a wiggle.

'There, can you feel it?'

'Yes, yes I can. What do I do? Just rub it gently? Well here goes;
tell me if I'm not doing it right, please Mom.'

'It is something one does in private young lady. I think you should
stop.' But it was Martha's turn to go red again.

'No, Mom. It's O.K. I just want to do it once to make sure I've got it
right. I think I have because I can feel things happening to me. Oh, it's
beautiful.' Her hand was travelling rapidly over her little bud and the
first grunts of satisfaction were audible. She was laying almost flat on
the sofa and her mother sat very still almost mesmerised at the very
private event taking place before her eyes.

'Amber, I think that's enough. You shouldn't be doing this in front of
me. Please stop now.'

'No, Mom. It's alright, it's alright. Oooh. Ohhh!' Her voice had
risen, 'I think it's happening. Yes, I'm coming. Yessssss. Now. Now.
Ohhh. Ohh. Oh.' She continued to moan as the tremors rose then slowly
subsided within her.

After a long silent pause Amber gained her composure, aware that her
face and body were bathed in perspiration.

'Oh, Mom. I know what you mean now. Coming is wonderful. Beautiful.
Exciting. Oh, Thank you. Thank you.' She clung to her mother for ages and
neither woman uttered a sound. 'Please kiss me Mom; kiss me like Dad does
after he's done it to you. I want you to love me. Please Mom.'

She groaned at the thought but went ahead anyway by placing her lips
over her daughter's, and giving a long, deep and gentle kiss. But it
wasn't the kind a husband would have given in the throes of sexual
excitement. Amber would learn all about rough kisses...and tongues
inserted deep within her mouth, in due time.

Their lips parted, she pecked her daughter on the forehead, and she
smiled saying, 'You're a wicked and shameless little hussy. I pity the man who marries you. I don't know how he will ever keep up with your appetite
for things sexual.'

'Now off you go and have a shower. Your father will be home soon and we
don't want to leave any evidence of what has happened here today for him to
see. Just one more thing Amber dear, when you play with yourself again
make sure you wash your hands afterwards. The smell of your pussy juices
are a dead giveaway.' She smiled knowingly at her daughter and immediately
Amber understood.

'You mean you knew all along? You could smell my pussy odour and knew I
had been masturbating and didn't say anything. Why?' She asked sheepishly.

'Just think what your father would have done if he had known his
innocent little daughter was diddling. No it's better to keep the secret
between ourselves. Now off!'

Chapter Four As she showered, Amber was amazed at what had taken place
over the last two days. She had rarely even thought about sex or what part
it should play in her life, and yet in such a short time she had not only
learnt so much, but she knew that these urges she had experienced were
going to become a driving force in her life. She knew she just had to have

Just as she had changed into her nightie and gown the doorbell rang.

'I'll get it,' she called to her mother.

The man facing her said, 'I have flowers for the most beautiful girl in
the world. Would that be you young lady?' He smiled.

'I think so,' she said taking the large basket of red roses and

Amber couldn't believe it. He hadn't forgotten her after all. This
time she knew she had to tell her mother, and took them in to show her.

'Mom, can you believe this?' And proceeded to tell her mother all that
had happened with this now, mysterious stranger.

She found the card and read it out aloud, 'To the most beautiful girl in
the world. You were not at work today, and I missed seeing you. I hope
yesterday's surprise didn't frighten you away. Your beauty far surpasses
the roses but my hope is that when you see them, you will think of me a
little. We will meet soon.'

Amber could hardly contain herself. 'Mom, isn't it exciting and

'Yes, very mysterious.'

'I've never seen him in my life before yesterday. What do I do now?'

'I guess there's nothing much to do until he shows his face again. Just
be careful, Amber, you never know where strange men's motives may lead.
Remember that. Now put them in your room and try not to embarrass your
father too much.'

After supper, her mother went out to visit her lifelong friend Vera, and
as usual would not be home until late. They played cribbage once a week
into the wee small hours.

This left Amber alone with her father, and the events of last night
flowed through her mind causing those tingly feelings to make their
presence felt somewhere deep inside, all over again.

'Daddy,' she asks shyly. He lifted his head out of the newspaper.
'Daddy, about last night!'

'What about last night?' He felt his face reddening.

'Well, I mean when you were in my room with Mom. You know, after my bad

'Yes, what about it?' He squirmed a little in his chair.

'Well, when you were in there I didn't have any night clothes on, and
you were looking at me.'

William Nelson didn't like the way this conversation was going.

'I don't want to talk about it. Anyway it was nothing,' he said burying
his head in his paper again.

'But Daddy, I need to ask you something. Can I please?' She prodded

He sighed. 'What is it then?'

'Well when you saw me, was that incest?'

'For God's sake Amber. Of course it wasn't incest. That's a disgusting
thing to ask.'

'But when I had my legs open, Daddy, you could see right inside my
pussy. And you saw my titties too. I thought that's what incest is. You
know when a father plays with his little girl's private parts, isn't that
incest, Daddy?' Amber was now finding the situation very much to her liking
and relished the ability to make her father feel so uncomfortable.

'Now stop this, love. For one thing I wasn't playing with you, I was
just looking on as your mother tried to soothe you after your nightmare.
Secondly, incest is when a father actually touches his daughter's sex for
his own sexual pleasure. I didn't touch you at all, Amber. I love you for
God's sake.'

'But you did wipe down my bottie, Daddy and you took a long time to do
it. Didn't that give you sexual pleasure?' She pressed.

'I did that because I was closer to your bottom than your mother was.
And I didn't have any sexual pleasure in doing it,' his guilt showed the
lie for what it was. 'You are a beautiful girl, love, but what happened
was not incest.'

'Did you like seeing me with no clothes on Daddy? I was very
embarrassed when I saw you looking up my legs at my pussy but I knew you
were my father so I didn't mind. Do you like my titties. They have grown
big haven't they?'

'Yes, I said you were a pretty girl, love. Now let's leave it at that
shall we?' He hoped to close the subject.

'Daddy,' she persisted. 'I liked you looking at me 'cos I know you
helped make me and I wouldn't mind if you played with me. I wouldn't mind
you doing incest to me. I think it would be super. You can if you want
to. I promise I won't tell anyone, not even Mum. Would you like to see my
titties again? I can take off my nightie if you want me to. Will I
Daddy?' And she obligingly opened her robe.

Her father was almost beyond himself and didn't know how to get out of
this awkward situation. The erection ballooning in the front of his
trousers was mute testimony to the fact that he was indeed aroused by the
suggestions his naively innocent daughter had just made.

'Come here, love,' he said reaching out for her. 'We've got some
talking to do.'

He sat her in his lap and immediately knew that was the wrong thing to
do as she snuggled into him and put an arm around his neck. The erection
had not subsided and he was sure she could feel it pressing into her bottom

'Amber, incest is not a good thing and if I did play with you in a
sexual way I would be breaking the law and would go to jail. I love you
very much and I do see you as a beautiful young girl and I do indeed think
that if you were not my daughter, and I was your age again, I would like to
do things with you. So please don't think I am rejecting you because I'm
not. But you shouldn't say things like you have just said because they can
arouse whoever you said them to and get yourself into a situation that you
mightn't like. Do you understand?'

'Not really, Daddy. You see I would only tell someone who I trusted
completely, the things I said to you tonight. You are my Daddy and when
you made love to mom you started my life. Don't you see? If you were the
one who created me then I want to be as close and as honest with you as I
possibly can. That's why I don't mind in the least you looking at me when
I haven't got any clothes on, in fact I love it. You see, I am a part of
you.' She looked lovingly into her father's eyes and went on.

'Daddy, I know that talking to you like this has affected you; I can
feel your thing sticking into my bottom, and if I didn't create sex urges
in you, then it wouldn't be hard, would it? So that means you must like to
hear me say these things. Isn't that true? Besides, what's wrong with
something that makes you feel good. If we both feel good by doing
something together then there can be nothing wrong with it.'

She waited for a reply but none came. Bill Nelson was indeed stirred
and near to coming inside his pants. But touch her he daren't because he
knew the stigma of a trial and prison sentence due to any one caught in the
act of incest.

'You know I'm not allowed to do these things to you love, no matter how
much I'd like to. Besides your mother would kill me if she found out we
had done something like that.'

'Daddy, I'll make a deal with you. I like you looking and would sure
like you touching me too, so if you don't touch my pussy when we do things,
then it wouldn't be as bad, would it? Besides, if you did do things to my
pussy you might break my hymen and I promised mom that I'd stay a virgin
until my wedding night. Of course after I'm married, whenever that will
be, that wouldn't be a problem any more would it?. But look, you could
touch me anywhere else you wanted, as long as no one sees, and it will be
our secret forever.' She giggled cheekily, 'I'll even make it easy for you
to look sometimes especially under my dresses, you just wait and see. Now
promise me that you won't touch me there and you won't tell anyone ever?'

'Oh God, love. You make it sound so easy but it won't be. What if
someone catches us? But if you're game then we'll see how it goes and if
someone sees something we'll have to bluff our way through. Let's not be
too blatant, we'll be cautious. Remember it would be very serious for me
if we were ever caught so please, please be careful. God you make me feel

'Well, you ought to feel how wet I am between my legs. Oh, that's
right,' she giggled. 'That's off limits isn't it but I'm pretty worked up
as well and there's only one way to ease that quickly. Perhaps I'll let
you watch; you'd like that I know. Why don't we make a pact so that
neither of us can accuse the other without being guilty also. What do you
say?' She looked him in the eye smiling mischievously.

Her father looked back at her, smiling also. 'I bet you have something
in mind, you little devil,' and they both laughed together.

'As a matter of fact I do,' she replied. 'Mom won't be home for a long
time so I suggest that we both masturbate ourselves together. You do that
sometimes, don't you? That would be the closest thing to real incest that
I can think of, and neither would be able to ever tell on the other. Do
you agree?'

It sounded very right to Bill Nelson but Amber's main reason for this
suggestion was not that it implicated both as having equal guilt. She was
sure that if she ever needed to use anything against her father, and she
had never considered that option, anyone with perhaps the exception of her
mother, would automatically believe her side of the story. No, she had
another reason. This was her best chance ever to see a man masturbating
himself, a man experiencing orgasm and a man's sperm. It excited her as
much as any of her sexual exploits to date.

Of course Bill Nelson jumped at this strange turn of events, and whilst
still worried at the thought of being caught, the urge to participate in
this totally illicit act overwhelmed any feeling of guilt or doubt he may
have had. Having received her father's consent, she began to set the

'Well Daddy dearest, what you must do first is to go and take a good hot
shower and then come back in your pajamas. That will give you a better
opportunity of having your thing out in the open when you start so I can
see clearly. When you come down, I will be ready to start and give you a
good view. Don't say a word, and act as though you are alone in the room
but of course we'll both be silently watching each other, won't we? I read
somewhere that men come more quickly than girls so you'll probably finish
first. Then you'll get the opportunity of watching everything I do. Does
that excite you? Ah, yes I think it does too,' she answered herself slyly.
'Just make sure that once you have come, you are not to move an inch and
certainly must not start to clean up before I have had time to look closely
at the result of your efforts.'

By the time her father returned, Amber had removed her nightdress and
commenced her actions. Directly opposite his lounge chair, she laid in her
chair almost flat on her back, legs widely spread and feet resting on the
floor. One hand cupped and circled her left breast, leaving the nipple
exposed but being slowly rubbed with her index finger. Her right hand
having found the bud of her clitoris, was slowly massaging the small area,
sometimes in circular motion, sometimes just from left to right.

She gave an occasional moan or grunt as the sensations started to grow
but as her father entered the room, she slowed her actions deliberately.

It took Bill Nelson all his will power not to utter a sound as he looked
at the sight before him. Pert breasts, with both nipples visible and the
only part of her vagina that he couldn't see was the small area above the
pink lips which were open wide and wet. The whole entrance was in his
view. As her fingers moved over her flesh the lips of the virginal orifice
opened and closed but never fully shut. Her juices must have been flowing
for some time because the whole area glistened.

In keeping with his promise, he assumed his seat, undid the pajama cord
and opened the fly to it's fullest and spread his legs as far as he could.
One rampant penis stood in the air.

Both occupants of the room watched the actions of the other without a
word being spoken. Both serious. Both in a world of their own.

His hand clasped the head of his organ and spread the glistening liquid
that had appeared on the tip. He then began a pumping action making sure
that his fingers never fully left the head which by now had turned a dark
shiny purple. Slowly at first but before long the action speeded up and
fingers and hand began to squeeze and rub in sequence as he manipulated the
large stem towards his ultimate goal.

Amber was fascinated by her father's actions and amazed at the size his
penis had grown; a far cry from the floppy piece of gristle she had seen in
the bathroom only last night as he shook it dry after finishing urinating.

Here was the strength she had always known had to be associated with the
male organ but until now, had never seen. Here too was the drive of the
male of the species; intent on his own pleasure which by now was clearly
visible in his face. He took very little notice of her own actions only a
matter of feet away, and had increased the speed of his hand as it moved
over and around the swollen head. Shiny. Slippery. Wet.

Finally after only a few minutes he gasped, grunted and as the first
spurt of semen reached the centre of his chest, gave a guttural, 'Ahhh,'
and allowed the orgasm to complete its course.

Amber saw it all. The first three or four convulsions of his body saw a
stream of semen shoot from the small opening of his penis with incredible
force. His hand now moving only slowly prolonged his ejaculation and
several shorter spurts continued to erupt, finally leaving a glob on the
end of his manhood, which slowly dripped onto his pubic hair.

'Oh, God,' he expressed as the tremors subsided. As the two had agreed,
he then lay still, eyes slowly opening to watch the scene in the chair

Amber had been near to coming before she slowed her actions to a
standstill while she watched her father complete his side of the bargain.
The excitement though, had not subsided and it wasn't long before the full
strength of her own climax was near.

'Now,' was the only word she uttered as her own orgasm took control of
her body. A high pitched whine emitted from her lips as her fingers
pressed deeply into her mound and clitoris. The sound progressed to gasps
for air as she gave her father full view of this very private act.

Fingers rubbed the nub hard and fast in her effort to continue the
feelings for as long as possible. At last for her too, the sensations of
her loins slowly waned to a delicious feeling of contentment. For a short
while she closed her eyes until her body returned to something near normal.

When she stirred she was pleased to see her father had not moved. His
hand still lightly clasped his now flaccid organ and his eyes were shut.
She remembered her mother's statement that men usually dropped straight off
to sleep after climaxing and assumed her father had done just that.

Slowly she moved to his side and knelt beside his chair. One rivulet of
sperm had run off his stomach and had soaked into the fabric of the chair,
but the rest had remained where it had fallen. She could observe the
distinct squirt trails of each spurt and found that one shot, probably the
first she suspected, had reached almost to his chin and the hair on his
chest had a dewy appearance as little lines of sperm had formed pearl
chains from the individual chest hairs where they had dropped onto his

The greatest amount of sperm had fallen around his belly button and
level with the head of his organ. She slowly reached out and ran a finger
through one of the larger pools, amazed at the slipperiness of the liquid,
and finger painted a few strokes across his stomach. She sniffed it and
was satisfied there was no real smell, but although she pointed the tip of
her tongue towards the sticky substance, she balked at actually tasting it.

Although her father's eyes were still shut, she was not sure whether he
was asleep or not, and noticed that a firm if not full erection had
replaced the softness of his penis. The temptation was too much for this
young girl who in the last 24 hours had learnt more about the strange urges
of adulthood than she had ever known

Tentatively her thumb and finger gently squeezed the head and moved down
the stem squeezing as she went, to be further astounded at how hard this
virile male appendage could become. As she returned to the tip, her small
hand gently clasped the head and remained still.

She glanced at her father's face and found he was fully awake and
looking directly into her eyes.

'Well Daddy, that was about the most exciting thing I've ever seen in my
entire life. It was incredible. Did it feel good? Mine did and I hope I
gave you a good show.' The excitement clearly showed in her face.

'If you don't let that thing go, you'll see another demonstration young lady,' he said, easing her fingers from around his glans. 'I think I've
had just about all I can take tonight. Yes it was more than fantastic but
it was still wrong and I'm not sure that it will ever happen again. But
you did make me excited you little she-devil.'

He swung his legs over the lounge and made for the bathroom.

'I'm off to clean myself up and then to bed. Just you remember our
secret stays that way forever, O.K.?'

'Ha! Ha! Sure, Daddy, it has to. And thank you for agreeing to let me
watch you. It was exciting,' she called after him.

When he came out of the bathroom, before his eyes Amber stood; one arm
leaning against the wall, the other on her hip and nothing on her body.
'Just a final look before mom gets home Daddy. There may not be another
time,' she whispered.

Chapter Five

Unbeknown to her, there wasn't to be another time. For seven days,
flowers continued to be delivered; always a dozen long stemmed roses,
always red, always a covering note and always with something different
penned in the stranger's hand.

On the seventh evening when she got home, he mother met her at the door.

'Amber, there's someone here to see you. It could be your mystery man,'
she whispered slyly. Her mother was beside herself.

Amber walked into the living-room and the tall man turned from the
window to face her. He looked passionately at her.

'Good evening Miss Amber Nelson, my name is Richard Simmons,' he said,
smiling as he reached out to shake her hand. 'Forgive me if I appeared so
mysterious but I just had to think of something to gain your attention; I
hope you don't think too badly of me,' he said, and continued, 'I would
very much like to spend some time with you and get to know you better. You
truly are the most beautiful girl in the world, Amber. I would be very
honoured if you would accompany me to the theatre this evening. That is,
if your parents would also agree. Please say yes,' he asked waiting for
her reply.

Now that he stood before her, Amber found that this man to whom she had
given very little attention when she was serving him just a week ago, was
in fact a man of strength. Not just in the physical sense but very much so
in strength of character. She knew nothing of him, not where he lived or
worked or in fact even whether he was married or not. But from his
attitude, the look of his face and his firm but gentle handshake she knew
that she would be safe with him, this almost stranger. And she knew that
his presence excited her like no boy had ever done before.

'Yes I'd be delighted to accompany you, Mr. Richard Simmons, but you've
a lot of explaining to do and a lot of apologising too. Don't you think
so, Mother?' She asked swinging around to wink at her mother, unseen by Mr.
Simmons. But the chemistry between these two young people had already
begun and both knew it.

'Mr. Simmons, we don't know you at all and you come in here expecting
to take our daughter out without so much as an introduction.' Her mother stood firmly, most indignantly playing up for her daughter's benefit.

'I do apologise Mrs. Nelson. I can understand your thoughts and know
what you mean,' he agreed seriously. 'I can assure you that my motives are
entirely honourable and have here my identification which gives my home
address. You will find me in the telephone directory and are welcome to
call there to check up on me if you wish. Unfortunately you would get no
answer because I live on my own.' He did not however, mention his butler or
housemaid who had been forewarned to not under any circumstances answer the
phone this evening.

But his address certainly impressed, being the equivalent to New York's
Fifth Avenue or London's Mayfair.

'Yes, well thank you, Mr. Simmons. I suppose if Amber's is happy then
it's alright but please have her home early.'

'I will indeed, Mrs Nelson. Thank you.'

'I'll just go and change. Gosh I'm starved. Mum can you get me
something to eat please,' she called out, racing up the stairs.

'It's alright Mrs Nelson, I will take Amber for a snack before the
theatre. I'm really very sorry to upset your routines, but you have a very
beautiful daughter and I just had to finally meet her.'

Everything about Richard Simmons was impressive, from the way he acted,
his clothes, the car he drove which she thought when she first got in, must
have been as expensive as any house in this neighbourhood.

Amber returned downstairs. 'Mr. Simmons...'

'Please call me Richard,' he asked. 'May I call you Amber?'

'Alright, Richard, and yes you can. Richard, how did you know my name?'
She asked, still intrigued.

'That was easy,' he explained. 'Your mother told me when I called this
evening. The tricky part was following you home the day you sold me the
perfume. I wasn't sure whether you saw me or not.'

'So that's how. I thought one of my friends from work must have told
you. Thanks for the present though, and for the roses, they are

'I'm glad,' he beamed. 'Well, shall we go then?'

From the car he had parked outside, to the restaurant where he was
obviously known by everyone, and then finally the theatre itself where he
had the best seats in the house, Richard kept up a happy banter. Amber was
in a dream, hardly knowing it was happening but nevertheless taking it all
in. He was interesting, charming, thoughtful, and rarely took his eyes off

By the end of the evening, as his car pulled into the kerb outside her
home, Richard had heard Amber's life story, not that there was great
excitement about that, but he was fascinated, taking in everything she had
to say.

'You're home,' he stated, getting out of the car to open her door.

As they walked to her doorstep Richard took her hand gently, and looking
lovingly into her eyes said, 'The evening has been wonderful Amber. Thank
you for making it so.'

'May I call on you again?' He asked.

'Oh! Ye...' She stopped abruptly not wanting to let him think she
wanted exactly that.

'Richard, I think that would be nice. Perhaps you could call me
tomorrow evening and we could discuss it. Thank you for a lovely evening.
Goodnight.' She made a dash for the front door not knowing what else to do.

'Goodnight,' he called. 'Yes I will telephone.' He slowly made his way
back to his car and drove home. Amber's mother waited up until she got
home and was more than impressed to see not only that this handsome
stranger had delivered her daughter home early & safely, but also to learn
that he had never once attempted to make a pass or even tried a goodnight

The courtship progressed for many weeks. Every outing was exciting and
he acted in the most chivalrous manner towards this 'most beautiful girl in
the world'.

At home and at work, Amber couldn't stop talking about her new found
boyfriend as she called him. The time eventually came when things started
to become quite serious and some three months into their courtship, he
invited Amber and her parents to his home for dinner.

It was during that evening that Amber first realised just how wealthy
this young man really was. The home was a mansion in the most expensive
area of town, servants abounded, 'I brought a few more in for tonight' he
confided to her, and the decoration throughout his home was something Amber
and her parents had only seen in the movies.

It was also during that evening that Richard asked for Amber's hand in

Her parents of course agreed immediately and Amber shyly but excitedly
said, 'Yes'.

From that time on, both Richard & Amber's private conversations became
far more intimate, each wanting to learn of the other's thoughts and
preferences. Richard had never once made a sexual advance towards Amber
and so far they had not gone beyond holding hands and kissing each other
almost chastely.

Although he still refrained from anything more intimate, their
conversations were destined to turn to more personal and private matters
when they were alone together.

In fact it was Amber who commenced these intimacies.

'Richard, have you ever thought of what we would do on our wedding
night?' She half turned looking at him shyly.

'I've dreamed about it every night since you agreed to marry me, my
darling,' he confided. 'When I think of making love with you I almost lose
control of myself.'

'It scares me, Richard,' she confessed leaning her head on his shoulder.
'We've never talked about it, but I am still a virgin and all my friends
have told me how badly it hurts the first time. I don't really know how to
do it properly, anyway.' It was only then that he realised what she had
really told him. A virgin?

Amber looked into his eyes innocently and he saw the beginning of a tear
at the corner of her eye. She in fact had a pretty good idea of what
lovemaking was all about and how to participate, but she was sure it was
better to let her betrothed think she was totally innocent on these

'Amber, I had never thought about you being a virgin or not. Oh, my
darling girl, I do love you so. You've kept your body pure for your
husband. Thank you. Thank you.'

He continued, 'You shouldn't worry about it, you know. I love you so
much that I could never hurt you. We will make love together very slowly
and I promise I'll be gentle. Don't be scared, just look forward to that
magic moment with all the anticipation you can imagine. It's very nice,
you know.'

'What is?'

'Making love.'

He put his arm around her shoulder, squeezed her tightly and kissed her
passionately. Their lips met, slightly opened and Amber felt the tip of
his tongue brush against her upper lip. The kiss was soft and tender; just
as she thought it would be.

'Ohh,' she sighed as they parted. 'You get me so excited, Richard, I
hardly know what's happening to me. You know so much and I know nothing.'
And she snuggled tighter into the arm around her shoulder.

'Richard, have you ever made love to another woman? I mean, if you have
I don't mind because I know men need to do it a lot and all that, but I'd
like to know. Have you?' She found herself looking down at her knees as
she asked this most intimate of questions.

The question shook Richard for it had come unexpectedly and so
innocently from his wife-to-be. Indeed he had led a sometimes hectic
sexual life until now and there had been a number of earlier conquests.
But in the months of courting Amber he had found his sexual drive becoming
increasingly urgent, being some months without engaging in sexual
activities of any kind, not even of a personal nature. But looking at this
innocent child-like woman beside him, he knew that he would remain strong
until he had wooed her to their wedding day. He clasped both her shoulders
and turned her so that they looked into each other's eyes.

'Amber, the time has come when we must start to be totally open and
frank with each other, don't you think!' It was a statement rather than a
question. 'I think we should make some ground rules now so that we can
achieve that objective. It will tie us even closer together.'

'Yes, Richard. I think that we need to talk about these things,' she
agreed, not quite knowing what he was getting at.

'Good. My darling, during the wedding service, the parson will ask
whether you will 'Love, honour and obey' your husband. You've heard that
phrase I'm sure and it is very important both to you and to me. You see
Amber, I firmly believe that the man should always be the master of the
house in all respects and I sincerely hope that you agree on that point.
Do you Amber? Will you obey me in every way?' He watched her intently.

Amber was not really sure what her thoughts were on this aspect but she
knew that no matter what, Richard was the man for her and if Richard wanted
to be master of the house then she would certainly not object. In fact she
was sure that it would be for the better in any case.

'Of course I want you to be the head of our family and I would be
honoured to do all those things, especially the 'Love' bit that you
desired." She gave a little giggle as she added the reference to 'Love'.
"Yes, I will obey you, my future husband, always.'

'I'm pleased, darling, but I must be sure that you understand me fully.
I have thought of nothing else but loving you since we first met, and my
dreams of making love to you make me ache for you all the time. But I must
be sure that you also understand what it really means to 'Obey', Amber.
When you agree to obey me during our wedding I need you to mean that you
will obey me in every way, no matter what I ask of you or require you to
do, regardless of what it might be, that without hesitation, you will do
whatever I say.' Richard kept pressing the point.

'It may sound pretty scary but I want you to think of the worst thing
that you could possibly imagine being asked of you, and then because you
trust me as your husband and master and have agreed to love me, to honour
me and to obey me, you would immediately do whatever I ask.' He was quiet
for a few moments to let the seriousness of it all to sink in, then

'Would you obey me in every respect, every time and forever, my darling
Amber?' Richard had now committed himself. He hoped he had not made his
point too strongly and yet he knew he could not go into this marriage
without having made his stand. He had done the same when he employed the
Mellors' as his butler & maid and while they had been taken back at first,
realised that their agreement to his requirements had not only secured them
with safe and long term employment but was highly beneficial, financially,

As much as he deeply loved his wife-to-be, he knew he had to have total
control from the outset or his long term plans may never be fulfilled.

Amber knew too, that decision time had arrived. There was no doubt in
her mind of the faith and trust she had gained in her husband over these
months of courtship, and she was certain that in agreeing, their lives
together would become more strongly bonded.

She leaned onto his chest, placed one hand around his neck and hugged
him tightly. 'Oh, Richard, I trust you with my very life. Of course I
agree to let you be total master of the house, of me. Yes, my darling I
will obey you in every way no matter what.' Their kiss was the most
passionate and deep they had ever had. It lasted an eternity and as they
broke apart finally, Amber became aware of the wetness between her legs and
realised that her sexual urges had indeed been triggered.

'I want you to make love to me so very much, Richard,' she sighed.
'You've never made any sexual advances towards me in all the time we've
been together and as it's only a week before our wedding and especially our
wedding night, I know we can't start now. But dearest, I am so worked up
please don't stop me.'

She took both of his hands cupping them together and kissed each palm.
Then ever so slowly while her eyes were focused on his, she placed his two
hands over her breasts, squeezed and said, 'Until our wedding night, my
darling husband. My breasts are yours, please hold them tightly and kiss
me again.'

Richard moaned as he felt those firm young breasts pushing through her
blouse. 'Oh, God,' he whispered, caressing firmly as their lips pressed
eagerly together.

Although her bra cushioned the tightening of her nipples, Richard could
feel the points growing harder in his hands as he kept his firm hold of
them. He too, felt his sexual urges building as they maintained their
passionate kiss. By now both had opened their mouths and could feel the
other's tongue touching. They both knew their desires were reaching the
point of no return and Richard finally made the break, gently releasing her
breasts and their lips parted. Both were perspiring and knew they would
regret going any further.

They leaned against each other for a long time, hands held, until they
calmed down. Richard finally broke the spell. 'Now my brazen young lady,
I think that before I take you home, it's time for you to prove your total
obedience to me, hmmm? What do you say?' He smiled slyly at her.

She played along wondering what he intended.

'My master has but to command.' She sniggered, waiting.

'Stand up in front of me. Good. Now, I want you to make me a gift of
your panties young lady. You may remove them now.' His tone made her
realise just how serious he was, and the request shocked her, not because
of the request but at it's implications.

'But Richard I have my period. I need it to hold the napkin in place,'
she pleaded and felt her face starting to turn pink.

His resolve never faltered. 'I have asked you to do something and
expect you to do it. Obey, Amber,' he demanded. 'The other problem is
yours not mine. I guess you could just hold the napkin in place with your
hand, now couldn't you? Do not let me see under your dress, I have the
rest of my life to do that, but remove your panties now and present them to
me quickly. I want to feel the warmth of your body on them. Do it now.'

Slowly Amber slid her hands under her skirt trying to make sure she did
not raise the front too high, until she reached the waistband. The panties slid down bringing her sanitary pad with them. She was now half bent over
and had to remove her napkin from the panties, placing it back over her
vulva, and closing her legs so that it would not slip. She then clasped
the panties which were caught between her knees, and slid them to her
ankles as she awkwardly stepped out of them, not wanting to dislodge the
moist Kotex again.

She handed the silky pale pink knickers to her fiancée and said, 'These
are now a part of me and I gift them to you with my love.'

Richard immediately held them against his face and breathed in deeply.
'Yes I can feel your warmth and I can smell you in them. They will be mine
for ever. I do love you so,' he said kissing her softly.

He said nothing more of her period or the predicament she was now in,
having nothing to hold the half soaked sanitary napkin in place but her
closed thighs. As though he was not aware of her problem he led her out
the door and into his car to take her home.

'Richard you are terrible,' she complained. 'I might stain the

'You have learnt tonight, my darling, that one of the pleasures I have
is in seeing you obey under embarrassing situations. This is just one of
them. Perhaps we might stop off for a drink somewhere, what do you think?'
He smiled at her.

'Richard Simmons, you are a sadist, that's what you are. All I can do
is hold it in place with my hand. I hope it doesn't leak. Oh, Gosh,' she

'If it does, you'll clean, my dear, so I'm sure you'll be careful.'

She knew he meant it, and the thought whilst repulsive, excited her as
much as she had been all night. Because the thought was really one of
subordination on her part and of domination on his. She liked the thought.

'Thank you for passing your first test, Darling. There will be more but
you will also have your own times. I know our lives will be excitingly
fulfilling. You are my love.' He walked her to the door and after a brief
soft kiss, said, 'We'll talk again tomorrow for there's more that we need
to put in place before our wedding day. Goodnight, my sweet.'

She managed to escape upstairs without meeting her parents and made for
the bathroom where she showered and replaced her panties and sanitary pad.
She saw then that luckily her period was nearing it's end and there was
only a light stain on the used pad which she flushed down the toilet.

At least I'll have almost three weeks of married life before my next
period she thought to herself.

Even by the time Amber went to bed, she could still feel the sexual
tensions bubbling within her body. It was almost as though Richard was
still holding her breasts. If she had not been wearing her panties to hold
the pad in place she knew she would have started to play with her pussy.
The urgency was there. Instead, she laid on her back, raised her nightie
up to her armpits and clasped her breasts. She told herself that not even
Richard had touched her so intimately for there were two thicknesses of
clothes between his hands and her flesh. But his turn would come very
soon, then he could do anything and everything that he or she so desired.

The ache in her nipples continued and she squeezed them tightly, so
tight that she moaned gently before cupping each whole breast again. I'm
so glad I'm a woman she told herself; I have so much to offer my darling

It wasn't long before she drifted into a long and soothing sleep, waking
the next morning to find her nightie still above her breasts and one hand
still cupping the taught mound.

Chapter Six

Work gave her little satisfaction that day as she waited for the time
when she would be with her beloved that evening.

As usual, Richard arrived right on time and as usual Amber kept him
waiting for a short time while she finished getting ready.

'You'll have to do it smarter than that young lady,' her mother prompted
as she came down the stairs. 'You can't keep your man waiting,' And as
though secretly, she whispered to Richard so that her daughter could hear,
'A couple of good hard spanks on the rear end will soon shake her up. Ha,
ha.,' She laughed as they left.

On the veranda Amber turned to Richard, put her arms firmly around his
neck and kissed him long and passionately. 'I missed you so much.'

'Me too. Your mother was right you know.'

'What about?'

'Giving you a good spanking for keeping me waiting. I was on time but
you kept me waiting. I think that deserves one, don't you?'

'Hmm! So you like smacking young girl's bottoms, do you? Does that
mean I'll live with a pink tinge all over my beautiful tooshie?' She
laughed, thinking he was being funny.

'Oh, very much. It all comes under the heading of obedience in my book.
If I said I was to pick you up at a certain time, I would expect you to be
ready without any excuses. But, my little sweetheart, I'm sure we'll sort
it all out before long.'

He clasped her, 'I love you, Amber. Kiss me like that again.'

It lasted an eternity and as usual, Amber could feel her urges growing
deep inside. Her panties had turned moist and she could feel the cool pool
of wetness clinging to her pussy lips.

They broke, both breathing heavily.

'Oh, God! I don't know how I can wait, my darling Richard,' Amber
sighed. They held hands as walked to his car.

As they moved off Richard told her, 'It's only three days to our wedding
so I thought it's about time you met my household staff. They'll be your
staff too, when we get back.'

'I'd like that. It should break the ice. I hope they don't see me as
an intruder. What are their names?.'

'There's only two. Arthur, in fact I call him Mellors, is my butler &
valet, and I guess he'll continue in that role. His wife is Joanne. She's
younger that he is by a good few years I think, but although they don't
show it too much before me, I think she rules the roost. Joanne is the
housekeeper and cook, but once you arrive, we'll promote her to your
personal maid as well as looking after most of the house chores.'

He looked at her, trying to gauge her reaction to what he had just said.

'You mean I'll have a maid to look after me? Wow, I've never done
anything like this before. I wouldn't know what to do.'

He laughed loudly. 'It's easy. Whatever you want, tell Joanne & she'll
do it. Makes life easy you know. She'll still be doing some things for me
within the house, but most of the time she'll be all yours. They live in
the servants quarters so they're always on call.'

'Just so that you can see what they can do, they're preparing dinner for
us tonight. Just act natural & don't worry. It'll be easy.'

When Arthur answered the doorbell, she was surprised because she had not
seen him when Richard hosted the dinner for her parents on the night of
their engagement. However Richard informed her that Arthur & Joanne had
been given the day off that night and caterers had been employed.

Arthur bowed, welcoming her to the house. He was not what Amber would
call the impressive type, but she told herself, that's probably what
butlers are all about.

Joanne was another matter. Certainly several years younger than her
husband and Amber guessed she would be in her early twenties. There was a
welcoming smile, a little curtsy and certainly no hint of animosity at all.

Joanne was pretty. Blonde, a peach complexion and with a slim build
that impressed even Amber. She wore a uniform which could not be described
as a French Maid's, but her feminine features were shown off to perfection.
The skirt was short, well above the knee and showed off her tiny waist and
rounded hips. It was tight enough for her little bottom cheeks to be
accentuated, but then fell away to halfway between her hip and knee, in a
fashion that said, 'If the wind blows, you'll see my knickers.'

The white blouse was tight across her breasts which stood out proud &
firm and there was little doubt that Joanne was well aware that they were
globes to be admired. The outfit was simple and stunning. It was finished
off with a black bow tie placed tightly around her neck.

'Joanne, why don't you show Miss Amber around the house,' Richard

'Yes, certainly Master,' she curtsied to him this time. 'Would you like
to follow me please, Miss Amber.' She moved off, and began to give a
commentary on the various rooms. Amber was still stunned at Joanne's
response to Richard's request.

'Joanne, you just called Mr. Simmons 'Master' and me 'Miss Amber'. Do
you do that all the time?'

'Of course, Miss Amber. Your husband... Oh, I'm sorry. Your fiancée
still, isn't it?. He has us call him that on all occasions. I think it's
because he likes be the master in all respects, and he's already told us
what to call you, Miss Amber.'

'Well, at least it won't be Miss for much longer, Joanne. Then you can
call me simply, Amber.'

'Oh! No, Miss Amber, that wouldn't be right. I count it an honour to
call you Miss Amber.'

'Oh!,' Was all Amber could respond.

'Miss Amber, can I say how pleased I am that the master is finally
getting married. He will at last have someone who can make him happy and
satisfied the way he needs to be. I hope I can be of as much service to
you as I have been to the master.'

'Thank you Joanne, I'm sure you will be.'

They had reached the master bathroom, and Amber stood in the doorway
staring in amazement. It's almost as big as our whole house she said to
herself. Opulent luxury, but I can't wait to come home from our honeymoon
and soak in that bath with Richard. We could almost swim in it.

Joanne showed her through the cupboards and drawers. There were stocked
with all the towels, robes, and toiletries that she could ever imagine
using. And nothing but the best. There were numerous perfumes so
expensive that her store just didn't stock them.

'I have taken the liberty of placing your Modess napkins here in this
cupboard, Miss Amber. If you would prefer a tampon, I can have them
changed before you get back. There's also several packets of condoms in
this drawer, if you prefer to use those. Do you use a contraceptive pill
also? You can have a prescription sent here for us to collect it if you

All this was advised without any indication of embarrassment, but it
left Amber speechless.

'Thank you Joanne. I'll let you know,' was all she could say.

She quickly moved back to the main hall where Richard was sipping a
glass of wine.

'Well, are you suitably impressed?,' He asked warmly, kissing her
lightly in the lips.

'Over-impressed, more like it. Richard, the house is wonderful, but
there's some things we must talk about. Can we now?'

'Let's talk over dinner, shall we?,' And he guided her into the

'Joanne, you may serve dinner now.'

'Yes, Master,' she acknowledged, curtsying as she left.

'That's what I mean. She called you 'Master'. And she won't call me
anything but 'Miss Amber'. I thought that only went on in English manor

She continued, 'And she was most personal. Do you know she not only has
put in a supply of sanitary napkins for me, she's also stocked up on French
letters and wants to pick up my Pill prescription if I use them. I was

He hooted with laughter. 'Well my dear, she is after all going to be
your personal maid so I don't suppose that's going to be the most personal
things she'll do for you. What about cleaning up the bedroom after we've
made love a half a dozen times.'

'What? Only a half a dozen times Mr. Simmons? I'm disappointed,' and
she laughed happily. 'But it sounds delicious.'

And then what he had said suddenly dawned. 'Do you mean she'll collect
the afters from our lovemaking. That could be a sticky mess. I couldn't
imagine anyone agreeing to do things like that. I guess I've got a lot to
learn about having a maid.'

Joanne entered to serve their dinner.

Richard continued as though they were the only ones in the room, and
Joanne gave no indication that she could hear what he was saying.

'I have a rather special relationship with Arthur & Joanne, and of
course you too will share that after our wedding. They have pledged their
undying loyalty to my, rather our, service and are completely dedicated to
serving us. Isn't that so, Joanne?'

Joanne had certainly heard the conversation and responded immediately,
'Of course, master. We are here to serve you in all your needs. Will that
be all, Master?' She waited for his direction, head slightly bowed.

'Thank you, Joanne.' She left the room and Richard commenced to eat.

'You've still got a lot to tell me haven't you?' Amber prompted him.

'I'll tell you all in due time,' he smiled back at her. They enjoyed
their meal.

'Let me give you a demonstration, but don't be shocked. You'll learn
the reason for their willingness in time and then you'll understand.'

He rang the small call bell beside him on the table.

When Joanne stood by his side, he said, 'Tell cook her dinner is
marvellous, Joanne. But I think a little spice needs to be added. Joanne,
when you serve desert, I think we'll have it topless.'

'Yes, Master,' she responded without hesitation and left.

'What? You don't expect to get an early peek at my little titties, do
you? I'll have you know I'm a pure single girl and no-one has looked upon
my lily-white body but my parents. Your turn comes once we're married my
good man,' she admonished him slyly. Laughing but not really sure what
this very sexy husband-to-be had in mind. Topless, no less. Good Heavens.

'Just be patient & wait,' was all he said.

And she did, but not for long.

For Joanne came through the door carrying a tray with their deserts.
She was naked from the neck to her waist.

Amber stared, unable to take her eyes off those breasts. Firm, shiny
with baby oil and with nipples standing hard and sharp.

'Serve Miss Amber first, Joanne.'

Joanne had placed the tray down, bending to set it before Amber. Her
breasts although firm, were nowhere as firm as Amber's and they seemed to
grow as she learnt forward.

I could put my hand under them and lift them up or squeeze them tight,
Amber thought to herself but all she could say was, 'Thank you, Joanne.'

Amber noticed that Richard had not seemed to take any notice of his
maid's nakedness. Rather he was more consumed with watching his future
wife's reaction. He was smiling to himself as he watched.

'You may remain, Joanne. Just stand in front of the table and slowly
turn around please.' Joanne did exactly as she was told.

Was there no end to this man's power over his housemaid, Amber thought
to herself, all the time watching the display before her.

'What do you have on under your skirt, Joanne?'

The question rocked Amber but this bare-breasted woman didn't hesitate.

'Sheer stockings and a small suspender-belt Master, and I have a pair of
black lace see-through brief panties on. I am not wearing a slip this
evening, Master.'

'You have nothing else under your skirt, Joanne?'

'No, Master. Nothing.'

'Thank you, Joanne. You may go.'

'Yes, thank you, Master.'

'Richard, you amaze me. And you excite me like no-one else ever has.
That was very sexy. Oh, you make my panties wet.'

'And what are you wearing under your skirt, my dear?' Richard laughed.

'On our wedding night you will find out. Not before.'

'Can't blame me for trying.'

'There's still something you haven't told me yet. Have you made love to
any other women before? From the performance you've just orchestrated, I
suspect the lady with the golden boobs was probably a conquest. Come on, I
want to know.'

Amber moved around and whispered in his ear, 'I won't be upset you know.
All men do it, I know and I can accept that. I just want to hear you say

'And you won't be upset with me?' He marvelled.

'Not a bit. Tell me.'

'There were a few, but most were not for love, just lust. I'll tell you
about them sometime, not now. But I have not seduced Joanne. At least not
all the way, and I'll tell you about that sometime too.'

He continued, 'We have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow morning,
for physical check ups. It may take a while so I think you should take the
day off, it's the last day before our wedding in any case.. I'll pick you
up but I want you to be on time. Do you think you could?'

'Maybe,' she smiled. 'Yes, that's good. We should have a physical.
After all I might be pregnant already. Can you get pregnant when you kiss
the man you love?'

'Not unless you're carrying out other activities at the same time!'

'Oh! You're so wise. Then let's kiss some more.' She had become an
expert in kissing the man she loved.

After they broke apart he told her, 'You have a further test of
obedience tonight, young lady. And then tomorrow night you and I will make
our private vows to each other and make our mark of promise. We'll talk
about that tomorrow.'

'And what are you commanding me to do tonight, Oh, Great Master?'

'You do trust me don't you, my darling?' He asked.

'Implicitly,' she agreed.

'Realizing that Arthur, Joanne, Cook and I are in the house, but not
knowing where they will be at any time, I want you to go to the bathroom,
leave the door wide open, and remove all of your clothes in front of the
mirror. You will then study yourself for several minutes before taking a
shower, again leaving the shower door wide open.'

He continued, 'Without drying yourself at all, you will return to this
room stark naked, give a full bow from the waist while you are standing in
front of the Mirror over there, and say aloud, "I present myself for your
pleasure." After five minutes, you will return to the bathroom and still
without drying yourself, replace all your clothes and return to this room.
I will then take you home.'

'Just so you can get an eyeful, before you marry me. Not likely.'

'It's all a matter of trust isn't it?'

'Yes, Oh, Great and Powerful Master.' She said mockingly as she rose.
She made an exaggerated bow towards him, stating, 'You'd better not be
playing peeping Tom when I return.'

But she carried out his wishes to the letter, and returned feeling
elated and excited to find that her total trust in him had been proven for
no-one entered the room during the five minutes that she stood around in
her birthday suit.

Whilst her clothes had soaked up much of the water from her body, it was
evident that she had not attempted to dry herself in any way.

Richard had returned also and summoned Joanne who dried off all the
wetness with a fluffy towel. She could feel her clothes clinging to her
body and Richard made no move to let her change.

She was waiting for him when he called the next morning to take her to
the doctor.

No other patients were in the surgery when they arrived, and the sister ushered them into the consulting room.

'I am Doctor Wright,' he introduced himself, 'and this is my wife and
also my nursing Sister.' After making notes of their past medical history,
the Dr. stood up and said, 'Well young lady, I think we'll start with you.
Please disrobe and lie on the couch.'

'Doctor, we're not married yet and I'd prefer to keep my secrets to
myself until our wedding. Do you have another room?'

'I apologise. I thought you were living together,' but he didn't seem
the least concerned. His wife showed her to another room. 'You may
undress here. Doctor will be along shortly. You might as well remove all
your clothes; it is so much easier for the examination. I'll remain with
you throughout.' This made Amber decidedly more comfortable.

Quite naked, she was positioned on the examination table, on her back,
with her legs from her knees down, hanging over the edge. Amber was
embarrassed at the vulnerability of it all but didn't object to the sister.
'Doctor makes all his gynaecological examinations from this position,' the
sister explained then stood back and appraised the young woman.

'My, you are a pretty one. Your husband is a lucky man.'

'Thank you,' said Amber continuing to look up at the ceiling.

'I'll complete your breast examination now to save some time,' she said.
'Do you give yourself a regular check-up?'

'No, I never have.'

The sister placed her cool hands on one breast and gently pressed,
moving her fingertips in a circular motion until the whole breast had been
checked. She then copied these actions on the other. 'Please sit up
straight for a moment, dear,' she instructed. As Amber did so, the sister moved to her side and clasped one whole breast in her hand, and then with
the palm pressed firmly onto the nipple, continued a circling action that
moved the whole breast.

'Ahhh!' Said Amber as the stimulation of the now erect nipple started to
take effect. The sister was conscious of the reaction and immediately
changed to the other breast and continued in the same manner.

'Oh, oh!' Amber moaned softly, letting her head fall back on her

'You have very responsive nipples, haven't you? Just lay still while I
continue,' the sister instructed. When Amber was lying as she had been,
the sister continued the now obvious stimulation.

'It's alright to react like that,' the sister advised. 'Many young women do. Just relax, we're nearly through' Amber was now breathing
heavily and she knew she could easily reach orgasm if the examination
continued much longer.

Thankfully, it was finally over. 'There. All done. Your breasts are
quite clear. Now, just to get you ready for the Doctor.' She moved to the
end of the table where Amber's legs were over the edge. 'Doctor will tell
you what to do but I will just clear the way for him. Would you please
lift your legs so that I can clear your pubic hair from the entrance. Good

Amber felt a comb separating the hairs from either side of her vaginal
entrance. 'You really were excited weren't you? Your entrance is quite
wet. Leave it that way. The Doctor will need to see how your glands
lubricate the area. Are you cold at all?'

'No,' said Amber. She was shivering but it was not from the cold.

Dr. Wright arrived and immediately moved between Amber's outstretched
legs. 'Please place your heels on the edge of the table and open your
knees as far as you can.'

Amber knew such a request was coming but she still blushed as she
realised her vagina now presented itself wide open to the doctor's view.
Wide open and decidedly wet she thought, recalling the sister's words.

'You still have your virginity intact,' he remarked and the sister moved
so she could view this phenomenon. 'We don't see many of your age these
days. You are also well lubricated. That will assist when your hymen is
ruptured. Good.'

He then asked, 'I suspect you become sexually aroused very quickly. Am
I right?' The conversation was all very professional and the sister at his
side never reacted to what Amber thought were extremely personal questions.

'I think so, Doctor,' she agreed.

'Well, you most certainly have not experienced arousal through sexual
intercourse but you would know how quickly you respond to masturbation. Do
you achieve satisfaction quickly that way?'

'Yes,' was all Amber could respond, blushing.

'I thought you would, seeing the secretions that have surfaced on your
labia. You will discover that intercourse will produce far more intense
pleasure than your finger, don't be scared of it. You are probably worried
about the unknown, am I right?'

'I'm frightened about the first time. My girlfriends have told me it's
quite painful.'

'Yes it is if you want to do it the old fashioned way. I'll talk to you
both about it.'

By now, he was not undertaking any form of examination, but his hands
were encircling her pubic region, with his thumbs touching near to her
anus. It tickled and seemed to fascinate the doctor. He just looked.

Finally, realizing Amber was aware of where his gaze was centred, the
Doctor told her to roll onto her side and to assume the foetal position.
Before she knew it, he had inserted a rubber gloved finger inside her
bottom and moved it around inside. It was a feeling Amber had never
experienced before, but one that she would do many times in the future.

Still naked, he led her to the scales where she stood facing him, and
then to a measuring gauge attached to the wall where she had to place her
back against the coldness while he took her height measurement.

He sat down and commenced to write whilst she continued to stand
unclothed at his side.

'Does your menses cause any trouble? Any ill feelings just before or
afterwards? No? Good.'

He made all the other normal checks and allowed her to dress.

'He is a fine doctor, dear,' the sister affirmed when he had left the
room. 'Just has his own ways of going about things.'

You're telling me, thought Amber.

When she had returned to the main office, he addressed them both.
'You're both in the peak of fitness, and I'm sure you'll have no trouble
settling into married life. Like most couples I'll bet you never empty the
cookie jar though.' The two men laughed, Amber didn't have a clue what

'Your fiancée's virginity is fully intact and appears strong. That
means she will experience considerable pain during her defloration and I
would suggest you allow me to place a scalpel cut to the edge, to ease her

'No!' Amber interrupted. 'I want my husband to take my virginity in the
way he should and if that means I will go through some pain, then so much
more is my love for him. But thank you, Doctor, for your suggestion. I
think we should go, Richard. Goodbye, Doctor, and thank you again.'

She just wanted to leave the presence of this unorthodox medico who had
seen all there was to be seen of her, and far more than even her fiancée
had ever been privileged to view.

Richard followed saying, 'Bye Roger, bye, Margot. Thanks for everything
and especially the prescriptions. We'll see you when we get back.' As they
got into his car Amber said, 'You seem to be very familiar with them.'

'Didn't I tell you? They are my closest and best friends. That's the
Roger who will be my best man.'

'What?' She shrieked. 'And he got to look right inside my pussy. How
could you, Richard?' She felt herself blushing all over at the thought.

He laughed at her and she remained silent for most of the journey home.
Suddenly, she remembered what he and the Doctor had laughed about: 'What
did he mean by not being able to empty the cookie jar?"

He laughed at her innocence. 'There is an old saying that if the
newly-weds put a marble in a cookie jar every time they made love in the
first year and then took one marble out every time they made love after
that, the cookie jar would never get emptied.'

'Oh! You men. Well, we're going to prove that wrong aren't we? I'll
make sure of it.'

'Does that mean you're not going to play around much in the first year?'
He looked aghast.

'No, silly. It means I'm not going to get tired of making love, ever.'

'I hope I get to live past forty,' he mused. They loved, deeply.

Chapter Seven

They dined at his home that evening; the last night before their
wedding. He did not make any moves to bring his dominance of the servants
to the fore and in fact Amber found the evening extremely romantic. They
sat side by side, and throughout most of the meal, held hands, only
breaking apart when one of them needed to cut their food. Their
conversation was soft, quiet and intimate. Almost sweet nothings, Amber
told herself and her love for this man grew deeper and stronger by the

'Come with me,' he said as they rose from the table. 'I have something
for you.'

In his study, which was Amber's favourite room in the house because it
held so much of her man's presence, (but I'm sure this favouritism will
quickly change to the bedroom when we arrive back she told herself) Richard
picked up what appeared to be a book.

'Do you recall our discussion about making a private vow to each other
before our wedding?' She did.

'I have had our pledges specially prepared; I'm sure you will accept
what I have written on your behalf. Would you please read and make your
pledge to me. Then I will make mine to you.' He handed her the 'book'
which she found to be in fact just two pieces of delicately carved timber
joined together by two gold hinges. On the two inner pages were carved in
intricate detail, a series of sentences, magnificently enamelled in gold
and black.

It was a beautiful piece of workmanship, and Amber marvelled at the
vision of it not yet realizing what had been written.

'Yours is on the left hand side. Please face me and read your pledge to
me, Amber.'

It took her moments to concentrate on the content and then she began to
read aloud:


On this eve of our nuptials I give you my

solemn pledge THAT:

-You have my eternal love forever.

-My purpose for living henceforth is to

satisfy your every wish and desire without


-I acknowledge you as master of my being in

all respects and submit my body, mind and

will into your total control.

-I will honour, respect, trust and obey you

in all circumstances.

-My obedience to your wishes is irrevocable

to the day I die and my responses will be

immediate no matter what you command of me

-Should I displease you in any way whatever

I acknowledge your right to institute

discipline and punishment in any form and

to any degree of severity you so choose.


By the time Amber had finished reading, her voice had reduced to a
whisper as though she were entranced. Tears had formed at the corners of
her eyes which remained transfixed upon his face.

Before she had any chance to react to the meanings in her pledge,
Richard began to read his pledge to her.


On this eve of our nuptials I give you my

solemn pledge THAT:

-I will love and honour you forever.

-I will provide you with all that is

necessary to live a satisfying and

meaningful life.

-I will guide you towards a goal of

ultimate fulfilment and sensuality

throughout our lives together.

-I hold your resolute trust to me in all


-I place my mark upon you as a sign of

my acceptance of responsibility to guide

your life towards total fulfilment.


'Oh!. Richard, this is wonderful. Beautiful.' She reached one hand
around his neck, the other around his waist, and laid her cheek on his

'Oh! Oh! Richard, please hold me. Tightly,' she whispered.

He could feel her whole body begin to tremble and shudder.


As the tremors slowly subsided she looked into his eyes and whispered
very seriously, 'Oh! Richard, I just came.' Tears streamed down her

He placed his arm under her legs and lifted her to the leather couch
where he comforted her, holding her body gently to him. She remained in
those comforting arms, unmoving for an eternity.

When she stirred, he held her face between his hands and kissed the
tears away. No words were spoken and the peace of their inner-being was
almost unbearable.

She whispered again, 'Thank you for choosing me, my dearest.' Their lips
met and lingered.

Finally, he summoned Joanne.

She showed none of her subservience that were evident last night.
'Joanne, bring the marker please.'

She placed a small metal box before him. Amber saw him take what
appeared to be a sewing needle and a vial of red liquid. 'Remove your
engagement ring please, Amber,' he instructed. She was intrigued.

'I am going to place my mark on you in terms of my pledge.'

He took her hand, palm upwards and placed a drop of the red liquid on
her ring finger, directly over the surface that was covered by her
engagement ring. He then placed the point of the needle onto the red drop
and with a sharp stabbing motion, pushed the needle through her skin and
immediately withdrew it.

By the time she had reacted by shouting, 'Ouch!' and jerking her hand
away, the needle had already been removed.

'You now possess my mark, which will remain with you for the rest of
your life,' he told her. 'One red dot; a tattoo. Your wedding ring will
cover it and no-one will ever know it's there except you and me. Has it
stopped stinging yet?' He was smiling into her face.

'I suppose so,' looking at her finger dubiously.

'Now you do the same to me.' It didn't take long for her to complete the
task, and she was proud of her efforts and of the mark that was already
visible on her finger.

When Joanne was dismissed, he said, 'You have one test to complete.'

Oh! God, she thought, what will it be this time?

'I will sit on this chair with my back turned to you. You are to then
remove all of your clothes one piece at a time and place it on the table
beside me. Do it slowly. You will then move directly behind me, place
your hands on your head and whisper in my ear that you are completely naked
and that I may look at your body as you stand upright. Your test is
whether or not you trust me not to look at your nudity until after we're
married. Just to make it a little more interesting, I want you to know
that since I first met you, Amber, I have not indulged in any sexual
activity whatsoever; that's six months. Can you understand what a man's
sex drive can do to him in that time? Do you think my will-power will be
strong enough not to turn around and take in the sights that I know will be
behind me?'

'Oh! Richard, you are absurd. But yes I trust you implicitly, so just
imagine in a few moments, your future wife will be stark buck-naked
pleading with you to look at her but because of your willpower you don't
get to peek until tomorrow night. Suffer, my beloved,' she giggled as her
blouse was placed on the table beside him.

Amber arrived home early so that she could get a good night's sleep.
After showering, she walked to her room holding a towel against her chest
which left the rest of her unclothed. Her parents were just moving
upstairs to their room.

'Night, Mom. Night, Daddy.'

'Goodnight, dear,' her mother beamed. Her father stared, open mouthed.

'Martha, I'm going to talk to Amber. It's my last chance before she
gets married.' He walked straight into her room without knocking and found
his lovely daughter now not even wearing her towel.

'Daddy, I haven't got anything on,' she gasped, covering her breasts with crossed arms.

'Don't worry, love. After all I'm only your father,' he reminded her,
sitting down on the edge of her bed. 'We haven't had a chance to talk
since our little show and tell episode. I just wanted you to know that
since then, I've had an insatiable need to diddle your mother more and
more. She thinks I'm a new man, but really every time I plug her pussy, I'm
imagining it's you between my legs. You've resurrected a randy old man.'

'That's nice for you,' she stated without any tenderness.

'Look, love,' he continued, 'I know you are marrying the man you love
tomorrow and I, really we - your mother & I - want you to have our love and
blessings. But I'm going to miss having you around, and I don't want to
lose the fantasy I'm living with at present. Do you think there's any
chance we could do something else together later on?' He was almost

'Daddy!' She was shocked. 'Are you asking me to let you "plug my pussy"
as you put it? Now that would be real incest wouldn't it? And me a
married lady then. I couldn't let you do that, at least not without
telling Richard first, and then what do you think he'd do? Probably take a
knife to your balls, I suspect. No, I think once was enough. Anyway I'll
be spending most of my time on my back with Richard 'plugging my pussy'
won't I? You'll just have to live with memories of our masturbation orgy.
But just to keep your fire-down-below glowing, perhaps I'll let you have
another peek of me sometime. Can't say when, and it's only maybe. You'll
have to wait in hope. Just keep fucking Mom, Daddy. That's your best

She was well aware she had gone overboard with her teasing, and also
that she remained naked in front of him. But all that was really a payback
for her dirty-old-man Daddy. He deserved teasing. He'll probably go and
bonk mom again right now. 'Good night, Daddy,' she smiled sweetly, urging
her father out of her room.

All the preparation put into the wedding was rewarded with everything
miraculously going to plan. The ceremony moved Amber to tears and Richard
gave a memorable speech at the reception. They were both eager to leave
and used the excuse of not wanting to miss their flight as the reason for
leaving early. They made their farewells with kisses all round.

When Amber came to her father, she placed her mouth to his ear and
whispered, 'Here I go, Daddy. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall
now, you naughty, naughty man?' He went red in the face, and Amber made out
she was wiping her lipstick from his lips to cover up his embarrassment.

Before they knew it, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Simmons were being chauffeured
to the airport, where they did have only a short wait before being whisked
off to their exclusive honeymoon retreat. They never let go of each
other's hand once.

The resort was more than anything Amber could have imagined. Richard's
wealth enabled him to have anything he wanted and he chose the best for his
new bride.

At the door of their suite, as the bellhop opened the door, Richard
carried his childwife over the threshold and kissed her smiling red lips.
Alone at last.

They stood at arms length holding hands and gazed for an eternity into
each other's eyes, smiling, giggling like little children and finally
laughing out loud as joy and excitement overwhelmed them. They embraced,
kissing deeply. Mouths open. Tongues fighting. Tongue kissing tongue.
Bodies clasped tightly. Deep breaths. Heavy breathing. Emotion.
Excitement. The allotted hour.

'Undress me, my husband,' Amber whispered shyly. 'Undress me, please,'
she pleaded as her urgency intensified.

He may have the charter to be 'The Master' but the child before him held
more mastery over him at this moment than he could ever have imagined. He
was her slave, not the reverse as he had planned.

His fingers shook as he unbuttoned her blouse. In most appropriate
fashion, Amber had clad herself in virginal white lingerie. A chemise
faced him as he held the blouse open. She gave him little help, just
moving her limbs slightly to allow him to remove the garment.

Her skirt was easier. Slide the zip down her hip, unclasp a small hook
at the top, and he eased the dress to the floor. She raised her feet ever
so slightly to step away from it.

She now stood before him, a picture of purity. He clasped the bottom of
her chemise and slowly raised it over her head. Her breasts were not
small, but encased in a filmy lace brassiere as they now presented
themselves, they looked small, soft and vulnerable.

Now was the time to kiss her and he did. She responded and very soon
their breathing quickened.

His hands now gently enfolding her, rested on each side just under her
armpits. He slowly moved them downwards, fingertips touching soft pliable
skin, then virginal white brassiere, followed by the warmth of her skin
again. He had never seen her belly button before, and placed his lips to
the indentation. His tongue bathed it.

From the moment he commenced to undress her, they had not spoken. The
silence was broken only by gentle moans and sighs, mostly coming from the
lips of his wife. His fingers continued their downward path, to her
shimmering panties, silky smooth, gently contouring her mount of Venus.
Blonde pubic hair could be seen beneath the sheer lacy trim that surrounded
the silky material and he placed his hands on the globes of her buttocks
and pressed his cheek into her love mound.

She wore a lacy suspender belt beneath the panties and the clasps
protruded below, clipped onto the sheerest of pure white stockings. One
hand now moved inside the Vee of her legs, pushing the fabric of her
panties into her crotch. He then gently ran both hands down that
stockinged leg, to stop at her high-heeled shoes. He then had the pleasure
of his hands moving back up the other leg to nestle again inside the most
beautiful vee he could ever have imagined.

He was still kneeling and pressing his face into the vee, inhaled
deeply. The aroma of her perfume and body secretions mingled together,
increasing his arousal to new heights. His hands grasped her bottom cheeks
tightly. Although he had not manipulated any sexual areas of her body,
Amber was also highly stimulated. She breathed deeply through clenched
teeth, supporting herself by leaning on his shoulders as he nuzzled her
pubic region.

He rose, kissing the exposed areas of her skin as he straightened. He
nuzzled her neck with his tongue. 'Quickly, help me to undress,' and they
both set about the task feverishly.

After he had removed all but his shorts, their mouths met intensely, and
he lifted her into his arms, walking into the bedroom.

She began to weep quietly. 'Richard, I'm terribly frightened. Oh,
Richard, please be gentle with me. Please, Richard.' The anguish of not
knowing just what lay in store made her all the more uncomfortable and soon
great sobs were coming from her throat, tears streaming down her face.

'Richard, I'm so scared. Please don't hurt me.'

'Amber, it's alright. I won't take your virginity tonight. We'll take
all day tomorrow if we need to or however long you need. But I'll not hurt you, my darling. Trust me to do that. Tonight is a night of touching and
coming with pleasure.'

'But Richard,' she whimpered, 'then we won't consummate our marriage on
our wedding night.'

'We will consummate every night of our lives,' he promised, and laid her
down on the bed.

'I love you so much,' she murmured.

As she sat up presumably to kiss him again, he reached behind her and
unhooked the clip on her bra. The straps slid down her arms and for the
first time, her breasts were exposed to his gaze.

'Oh! God. How can one woman be made so beautiful? And she's all
mine.' It was as though he was dreaming.

Before him were breasts that stood firm and erect larger than he had
expected, certainly far more than his hand could cup. The nipples were
their most outstanding feature, each being more than two inches across,
with the whole aureole seemingly standing up from the rest of the breast.
The point of the nipple was then on another plateau so that there was four
distinct levels. Firstly her chest wall on which each breast sat. The
bosom was then topped with this large bright pink rosebud of a nipple which
was in turn topped by the pointed teat that stood out perhaps a further
half inch, now very hard and erect.

His lips moved to the left breast and he sucked the rose-bud between his
teeth. The nipples were so round that he had to open wide but once the
sucking action took over the whole nipple slid inside. His tongue could
feel the distinct levels. He sucked, bathing the nipple with saliva making
the tip harder to the extent that before long his tongue could not bend the
pointed tip.

While his lips ministered to her left breast, his right hand cupped the
other, and fingertips soon located a second taught nipple. His palm rubbed
over the whole surface while the nipple being rolled between finger and
thumb started to turn Amber's whole body on fire.

He had not touched anywhere near her vaginal passage and yet she was now
in the throes of a massive orgasm. Legs had gone stiff and were trembling
uncontrollably. Her whole body arched upwards so that only her heels and
shoulders were left in contact with the bed, her strength beyond the norm,
took the weight of her husband as well.

She was screaming as if in agony, still urging him on.

'Ahhh!. Yes, Richard. Yes. More please. Oh! It's beautiful. Don't
stop now. Please don't stop.'

Richard had never seen a woman reach orgasm with such intensity, and had
no intention of easing up. The display before him could never have been
imagined and his only objective was to carry her through to the finality of
reaching the peak of ecstasy.

Her eyes were closed tightly, mouth wide open and making half growl,
half crying noises. Beads of perspiration stood out on her forehead as the
tremors throughout her body showed she had reached the ultimate peak.

'It's here, Richard, I'm coming,' she cried, almost screaming as her
body jerked itself over the hump of orgasm. Richard maintained his actions
never easing.

Amber took some time to gain control of her body, as the sensations
waned and the trembling slowly ceased.

She sighed deeply as she finally caught her breath. Richard had now
released control of her breasts and was gently bathing her face with his
lips and tongue. He tasted the musky saltiness of her sweated brow and
then removed the tears which had run down her cheeks.

'Are you alright, darling?' he asked.

In a state of exhaustion, she looked at him and murmured, 'Thank you, my
husband. Thank you. I never knew anyone could make me feel like that.
I'm so happy.'

He leaned over, covering her naked breasts with his chest, took her face
in his hands and kissed her deeply. 'I didn't know a woman could reach her
orgasm by just touching her breasts,' he told her.

'They've always been sensitive, but I've never felt anything like this
before. Richard, it was exquisite. Oh! I'm so lucky. Thank you. Thank
you.' She raised one of her arms and let it fall onto his hip, where it
then slid down between their bodies.

'You've made me feel so good and haven't even thought of your own
pleasure. But I can see your body saying something to me,' she smiled
shyly at him. The back of her hand brushed across his rock hard penis.
'Now it's your turn,' she said sitting up and rolling him onto his back.

'If you're not going to cool this demanding gentleman inside my pussy tonight, I'll just have to satisfy him some other way, won't I?'

'Yes, Ma'am.'

Her hand ran ever so lightly along the firm ridge of his shorts.

A large round wet patch was evident. 'Oh! Why, you've leaked,' she
consoled his organ, lightly touching her lips to the source of the
dampness. He was amazed that she showed no distaste for his bodily

Her hands caught the elastic of his shorts, and while intently watching
his face rather than what her hands were doing, she lifted the shorts over
the head of his manhood and slid the garment down towards his knees. She
didn't bother to remove them completely.

Richard saw his wife visibly shaken when her eyes fell on his naked
penis for the first time. The colour in her face faded, then flushed pink
as she realized how large it was. The only other rampant male organ she
had ever seen was her father's, but she could never have imagined one
growing to the size now displayed to her gaze.

'Oh! My God. It's so big and strong. Richard, that would never fit
inside me,' she said aloud, unable to take her eyes of the monster.

Richard was in fact very proud of his weapon. He had viewed many
pornographic magazines, and had never seen one picture showing a larger
one. The few women he had sex with in the past had all marvelled in some
way or another at it's size, and he was sure that there were many men around who could never have boasted of having a larger one.

Before his child bride, the organ stood to attention, curving slightly
back towards his stomach, and crowned with a large plum-red head, shiny and
stretched skin tight. A bead of clear glistening liquid grew slowly larger
and slid over the tip and onto his stomach. Amber saw it fall, leaving a
spider web-like string along the path of it's fall.

Amber placed her finger on the driblet now resting on his stomach. She
caught the spider-web trail on her hand and brought her lips to the
wetness. 'My husband's making,' she murmured rinsing the shiny trail with
the tip of her tongue.

She had not let her hands touch this monster before, but brought her
lips to the very tip of his penis and again allowed the tip of her tongue
to reach down to the narrow slot and wipe his secretion away. She kissed
the tip chastely, then seeing it again begin to expel it's shiny liquid,
she washed it once more, this time allowing entrance to the tip just inside
her lips.

Having seen her father masturbate, she had a good idea of what she must
do next, but found that she could not place her small hand right around the
shaft. It was just too thick. So both hands clasped his penis and she
began to pump them up and down the shaft.

'Wait,' he stopped her. 'Wet it first. With your mouth,' he added when
she didn't seem to comprehend.

Despite all the books she had read, and the very private discussions she
had had with her mother, Amber had never realised the ability a woman had
to please a man by sucking his penis. 'Cocksucker,' had just been a term
of derision she had heard at school, and she had never been aware of just
how literal the word was.

So she began to lick her husband's shaft, making sure a liberal amount
of saliva was distributed over it's surface. She now felt the strength of
his manhood. Except for the shiny bulbous head, the shaft was not smooth
at all. Blood veins stood out all over, and his pubic hair where it grew
on the shaft, seemed to come from tiny raised follicles, giving the surface
a soft but uneven texture.

When she thought it was wet enough, she placed both hands around his
penis and restarted her pumping action. Gently and slowly as she had seen
done by her father. The head was now releasing a substantial amount of
secretion and she ran her fingers over it from time to time to claim the
clear slippery liquid before it fell away.

She knew she was doing a fair job because of the noises being made by
her husband. Groans of pleasure. Grunts. Heavy breathing.

The penis fascinated her, and she leaned across his stomach, one elbow
resting on either side, with both hands still moving slowly up and down.
Her position allowed her to face almost directly into the slot of his penis
and she saw the flow of secretions getting greater as his moans of pleasure

His shorts that were around his knees held his legs almost together, but
he managed to part them slightly. She was aware of the increased tension
in his body.

'Oh, that's good. I'm coming soon,' he warned her.

She didn't heed the warning though and continued her actions.

For a man who had been stimulated by fantasies of this night for the
past six months, without indulging in any physical sexual act, Richard had
held off his first ejaculation in half a year, very well.

But the explosion had to come.

'Ahhh! Now,' was all he said, as the first spurt of semen shot from his
engorged penis. The large amount of viscous sperm shot over Amber's left
breast, across her face and into her hair. His body shuddered as each
spurt was pumped out and his wife being directly in the line of fire,
caught most of the milky substance over her body. Several shots reached
her face, before the force of each one declined. The last few spurts fell
on breast and stomach. Compared to her father's discharge, Richard had
released a gallon of sperm, she thought.

Amber was not sure what to do next and remained very still, mesmerised
at the power of the unknown force that had just been displayed. She kept
hold of his penis until finally, he reached around her, unclasping her
hands from his weapon.

He saw great globs of sperm spread over her body and said, 'I'll go and
get a washer.'

'No.' She now regained composure. 'This is the first of your seed,
darling, and it should have been sown in my vagina. Instead, it will still
be held within the depths of me. Please help.'

With that, she ran her tongue over her lips, claiming the semen that had
fallen there. 'Bring the rest of it to my lips,' she instructed him. They
spent some time removing strings of the sticky substance from various parts
of her face and neck, and placing it onto her tongue or lips. She licked
his and then her own fingers clean, and raised herself to her elbows.
'Please help me clean my breasts.'

She reached out a finger to start, but he held her hand, and instead,
began to lick her breasts and stomach, taking his sperm into his own mouth.

'Oh! Richard,' she exclaimed, but allowed him to continue. When he had
finished, he kissed her and she felt the remaining sperm now running from
his mouth into her own. Every drop was swallowed .

They laid down clasping each other tightly, and slept. Richard had not
yet removed her panties or made any move to touch his child-wife's most
treasured offering to her husband - her virginity.

Chapter Eight

Amber was woken early; as she opened her eyes she found it was still
dark. Richard's hand was clasped around a breast and she felt him gently
rolling the already taught nipple between his fingers. She could feel his
firmly erect manhood pressing into her buttock and the trail of lubricating
ooze running down her bottom cheek.

Then dread took over in her mind. She half turned towards him, not
wanting to break his grasp which was starting to cause the same feelings as
she had last night.

'Is it time?' She whispered.

'Not to deflower you. But it is time for me to at last claim my right
to see your most treasured possession.' He sat up. 'Come on, off you get
and stand beside the bed.'

She did so, standing there in nothing but her panties, suspender belt
and stockings. Sleep was still in her system, but the smile of
acquiescence and innocence was beautiful to the husband who, sitting on the
edge of the bed, took in all of this view of loveliness.

He reached out and slowly lowered her panties, holding the bottom of
each side between thumb and forefinger. His penis stood up like a
flagpole, with his precome continuing it's trail now down that flagpole.

Her pubic hair, still very blonde, but slightly darker than her hair,
shimmered before him. He stopped the panties slide for just a moment to
brush one hand lightly over the curly bush. It was so soft to his touch
that he was hardly aware he had made contact. To Amber, it was as though
lightning had struck at her very being; her body was bubbling and she felt
an eruption would take place any moment. She leaned her hands on his bare
shoulders to give her strength to remain standing, as the panties began
again their slide towards the floor.

He left them around her ankles, now being far more interested in what he
had just uncovered. The lightness of her pubic cover enabled Richard to
see the clear outline of her vulva. He gently combed the curly hair away
from the virginal vaginal entrance with his fingers and then almost as
though he was scared of tearing this delicate flesh, he used his thumbs to
open the outer lips just slightly more.

'Oh! God! Richard, your going to make me come already,' she gasped.
He continued his search but suddenly pressed his lips to her pubis and
said, 'I want to make you more comfortable.'

He stood up, and lifted her onto the bed, laid out at full length on her
back. What a picture she was. Amber knew so too, and very slowly spread
her legs apart as he sat at her side. He leaned over one thigh so that his
face was directly in line with her entrance, and his fingers continued
their interrupted search.

Salmon pink labia now displayed themselves to his gaze, and as Richard's
finger softly moved along the length of the lips, towards her clitoris,
Amber gave an intense shudder. 'I'm going to come Richard, if you don't
slow down.'

'That's what we're here for. Enjoy it.'

The finger retraced it's course twice more, and she went into paroxysms
of lustful pleasure. Her body again arched itself as she endeavoured to
grasp the last of the sensations.

'I'm so fortunate to be a woman. men just can't feel like this.' She
made no attempt to move and Richard resumed his minute explorations.

Her pussy lips were widely extended, quivering. Richard was amazed that
this child-like creature could achieve orgasm after orgasm with so little
as a rubbing of her skin. breast manipulation alone could bring her to her
peak in a matter of minutes and just the touch of his hand against her
pubic hair brought her so close to coming that he only had to slide his
finger along her pussy lips to send her red in the face again.

He imagined the future; if she was so sensitive, she had the ability to
achieve an endless orgasm, which to a newly married husband, was too good
to be true. But how could he manage to keep up with her needs. And she
was yet to feel the pleasure of a deep thrusting penis inside her vaginal

'Richard, please do it now.' She wanted to get it over with.

He kissed her and rose from the bed. 'Close your eyes for a minute,' he
told her.

She heard scuffling in the room. 'Lift up your bottom.'

She felt a cool sheet slide under her buttocks.

'Amber, don't be afraid. But I'm going to photograph your defloration.
Then we can see it over and over whenever we like. It's just for us,' he
assured her. It didn't worry her that much and there was no doubt about
her trust of him.

Looking up, she saw two video cameras on tripods. He was aiming one
from the end of the bed, which would look directly between her outstretched
legs. The other was set at the side of the bed, to give an overall
panorama of their efforts.

He moved to both cameras and pressed buttons to begin the recording of
her defloration.

Moving to the bed, he spread her legs wide, and kissed the centre of her
virginity, making sure both cameras could see the detail. He knew she was
going to find his entry difficult as her vagina was very small and
unstretched. His weapon was just the opposite.

He took a tube of lubricating jell, smearing a large amount onto her
pussy lips and endeavouring to get as much as possible inside. He covered
his hand with another lot and for a moment, masturbated it over the entire
length of his own sex organ.

Moving between her outstretched legs, his penis rampant, curving upwards
almost in arrogance, he manoeuvred the tip onto her pussy and pushed
sufficiently for most of the head to enter. She gave no sign of discomfort
so he pushed harder but immediately met the impenetrable barrier. She
could now feel the pressure, but didn't cry out. Now, he thought, comes
the real test.

'Do it ,Richard. Please get it over with.'

He had no intention of bulldozing his way through, but knew it had to be
done. Laying fully on top of her now, his whole weight pressed down in an
endeavour of take her mind somewhat off what was happening between her
legs, he slowly pushed, buttock muscles taught and now perspiring.

She felt the hurt immediately and cried out, but made no move to stop
him. 'Keep going,' she instructed.

He held her shoulders tightly so that her body would not slide up with
his thrusts. He took a deep breath and pushed again, but the hymen would
still not rupture.

She screamed in agony and fought him off. 'Wait,' he said and eased his
engorged penis from her entrance. 'Take a few minutes to ease the pain,'
he told her.

He held her in his arms, kissing her all over, face, breasts and
stomach, realising they had been making love for almost an hour. He knew
that he must finish the task, and again moved on top of her. The insertion
went easier this time until he encountered the brick wall again. He used
all his effort to break through, pressing firm & continuously, holding her
shoulders to him so she wouldn't slide away.

And then he felt it happening. Instead of breaking through and taking
the virginity of his new bride, he felt the onset of only his second orgasm
for the last six months. There was nothing he could do to stop it. He had
desperately wanted to hold off until he had inserted himself fully within
his wife's deflowered pussy but saw this wasn't to be.

The first surge raced through his penis shooting into her still blocked
passage, and the shock of it all sent his body into a series of violent
shudders that he could not control. The slipperiness of the sperm now
surging around the head of his penis lubricated the passage and the first
violent shudder almost straightened his body which in turn pushed his penis
forward with enormous force.

Amber cried out in pain as her hymen was irrevocably destroyed and his
penis pushed to the hilt of her vaginal passage.

He laid there allowing the sensations of this long awaited ejaculation to subside. Then without waiting further, he commenced to pump
deliberately & forcefully within her body. Amber was feeling not only the
stinging of her torn membrane, but the beginnings of something she never
knew could feel so exciting - the movement of a large engorged male organ,
deep within her being.

Despite the premature ejaculation, the erection never lessened and he
now quickened his pace as he felt his wife's body becoming taught with high
pitched screams and moans being continuously emitted.

'Yes, Richard. Don't stop. Don't stop,' she pleaded.

She achieved orgasm while he maintained his deep pumping. The pressures
her tight vaginal opening brought on his penis were strong and in the space
of ten minutes continuous thrusting, brought his second orgasm. He gasped
long and loud, roaring like a raging bull. He held her tight and their
sweat-streaked bodies clung to each other.

Finally he withdrew, and looking down, Amber saw his manhood, still
rising firm and hard, covered with her virginal blood and his semen.

'Don't move, Darling,' he instructed. 'Let your blood run out. It
won't take long, and we'll have the evidence of your purity forever. She
could feel the semen flowing down her inner thigh, over her anus and
merging into the bed. US After some minutes, he said, 'It's over. Are
you sore?'

'Just a little. It's nothing. But it hurt badly at first. I thought
you were going to split me in two. Did it feel good for you, I mean
pushing right inside me. Once you started moving inside me, I couldn't
believe how wonderful fucking could be.'

'Amber!' He shouted in mock amazement. 'I never would have thought my
new wife knew such words.'

'I know all the sexy ones.' And she went on, 'Richard, your poor ol'
piston is covered in red. Let me kiss it.'

She leaned over and placed her lips to the stained and straining
manhood, licking the whole instrument clean with her tongue. She showed no
trace of distaste at all.

'Thank you for being so gentle, my wonderful husband.'

She took his penis between both hands and began to masturbate him
towards another come.

'I think my poor pussy needs a rest for tonight, but this handsome
fellow certainly deserves a reward. Will you look at that,' she said in
amazement, as thick globs of white shot into the air over her hands and
onto the bed. 'He's got his treat at last.'

He removed the bright red stained silk sheet from beneath her bottom,
and they slept long and happily.

The next morning, Amber resumed their activities of yesterday. As she
straddled his torso, his organ just seemed to melt into her pussy and she
began to move herself un and down over his rock-hard erection. Her hands
pushed against his shoulders and she looked lovingly at his face. There
was little doubt that she enjoyed the feelings stirring up within her.

'Richard what's your most sexy fantasy?'

He thought for a moment and then smiled. 'My most sexy one has now
become real,' he said. 'I imagined a 14-year-old blonde virgin schoolgirl
was under my complete power and control. I could make her do anything I

'Well you've almost got it I suppose, except I'm seventeen and left
school last year. But I was a virgin until yesterday and I promised I will
do anything you want. Anything, Richard,' she emphasised.

'God looks after me just too well,' he conceded.

'What kind of things would you want her to do?' She asked, smiling

'Just some of the things you're going to do for me over the years,' he
told her. 'If I tell you now, they won't be surprises.'

But the thoughts raised the level of his excitement, and he came inside
her pussy. Amber never stopped pumping and his erection remained strong
and hard. It didn't take her long to achieve her own satisfaction.

They spent their days either clasping each other in sweaty sexual
embraces, always making sure that each of them reached orgasmic heights
before they finished, or clasping hands or waists as they walked around the
beaches or markets. They had little wish to join in with the locals, just
being satisfied and happy in each other's company.

'Come on,' he said, grabbing her hand. 'Let's walk.'

'Hang on. I'm naked,' she screamed.

'Oh! So you are. I'm getting so used to seeing you like that, I didn't
realise. Dress yourself in front of me.'

She gathered some clothes dropping them on the floor beside her.
Picking up a blouse she slipped her arms through the sleeves and did all
the buttons up. No bra meant her nipples were very prominent and this
reverse strip tease in front of her husband was indeed sexy. The only
other garment was a skirt which she stepped into, did up the side zipper
and a holding button.

'Right.' She said. 'Let's go'

'I like to think of my wife's pussy floating freely in the breeze,' he
said. 'But just this time, I think panties are warranted. Put 'em on, and
do it slow,' he smirked.

She came back with a pair of plain schoolgirl style white cotton brief,
bent over to step into one foot, then the other, and very slowly slid them
up her legs. She looked into her husband's eyes throughout. His eyes
followed the path her panties were moving.

'Seen enough, Master?'

'Don't get sassy with me,' he said, patting her bottom lightly.

As they left their room he gave her a small pill. 'Swallow this.'

'What is it?'

'Doesn't matter. Just do it.'

And so the dutiful wife swallowed. They made for the nearby parklands,
where they had walked many times, along the winding lanes and paths.

She was very much in love and the day was just wonderful. But about 20
minutes out, she suddenly had the urge to pee.

'God, I've got to go. Where's a loo?'

'You don't need to go anywhere, and in any case the nearest lavatory is
20 minutes back. Don't let's break the magic of the moment. She walked
for a few more minutes but the pressure of her bladder became extreme.

'Richard, I must go,' she pleaded. 'I'll do it behind a bush.'

'No. There's too many people. Just hold on.'

'I'm going to pee my pants. What'll I do?' She shrieked.

'Alright. Come over here. Sit down, but not on your skirt; it'll
stain. Just sit on the grass - the pressure will ease.'

But it didn't.

'Richard, I really have to go.' She was now extremely uncomfortable.

'Alright. Then wet yourself,' he told her. She had no choice. The hot
liquid flowed out, staining and wetting her panties dreadfully. She knew
the wet patch was large because the cool grass soon made her aware of her

Richard told her to sit for quite some minutes, "to let the liquid soak
away" he advised.

After ten minutes, during which neither spoke, he stood up, pulling her
up with him. She could feel a line of wetness run down her inner thigh,
and then right down her left leg.

'We've got a long way to go yet,' he said, as though nothing more than a
rest had taken place. You'll pay for this, she thought, but played out his

She felt the wet knickers throughout the rest of their walk, but never
mentioned it to him at all. He's probably waiting for me to complain she
smiled to herself, but I won't. And then she felt the urgency build up
again; she couldn't believe she needed to pee again, only ten minutes after
the last time.

It took some time to realise that the small pill she swallowed when they
left had been the cause, and that Richard had known exactly what reaction
it would give to her body, specifically to her bladder.

'I... I've got to go again,' she stammered.

'I thought you went ten minutes ago.'

'But I need to pee again, Richard. What'll I do,' she writhed.

'Well, I guess you'll just have to pee again, won't you?'

'There's nowhere to go. No bushes and people will see.'

'Then you'd better do it as we walk along. Go on, but walk ahead of me.
I want to see it.'

He pushed her a couple of yards ahead. 'Do it now,' he demanded

And she just had to. She felt the warm urine running down her legs,
into her shoes, splashing onto her dress. Her panties were sodden. At
least no-one had passed them while she peed, but the wet skirt and legs
would be a dead giveaway should they see her now.

'Richard Simmons, you're a beast,' she said as he caught up with her.
'What'll I do. I've got pee running all down my legs,' she cried.

'We'll just have to keep walking until it dries,' he laughed at her
discomfort. 'Wouldn't want the hotel to see you in this state as we walked
into the foyer, would we?'

And so they kept walking. The wetness on her legs and skirt slowly
dried in the balmy evening air, but her panties remained very wet. They
were heading towards their hotel now, but the continued wetness between her
legs started to chafe and by the time they reached their room, she was
walking on tip toes to try and ease the stinging of her raw flesh.

Richard ran a hot and deep bath, bathing her like a baby. Lifting her
out, he dried her, patting the tender patches very gently. He then carried
her and laid her on her back on the bed.

'Open your legs widely,' he instructed.

She felt his hands applying a cool medicated cream to the chafed areas.
It felt nice, relaxing and shortly thereafter, stimulating as his hands
continued to massage the cream into her pores.

Amber was then to receive for the first time in her life, the most
arousing event of her short life.

He parted the hairs on her pussy and she felt his lips attach themselves
to the tenderness of her vaginal opening. His actions never stopped.
Sucking deeply until the inner lips were well inside his mouth, she felt
his tongue sliding along the whole length. He let his tongue slide as far
as he could inside her pussy, then move back to the lips which were now
palpitating and she could imagine them opening and closing as his tongue

God, it felt good, she whispered to herself.

He then moved his ministrations to the most sensitive area of all, as
his tongue pressed firmly over her clitoris. The sensations were building
up fast, and her body jerked in time with the movements of his tongue. She
was moaning, urging him to continue.

He would push his tongue as hard as possible onto the nub, and with the
pressure maintained, wriggle the tip over this little magic penis she
called her clit, until the feeling became unbearable.

'Ahhh,' she cried, now moaning and sobbing. Her climax was nearing it's
peak, as suddenly her body took over and she shuddered uncontrollably while
his tongue never ceased it's molesting actions.

'Keep doing it. Harder. Ahhh,' she gasped, never wanting it to end.
Suddenly, as the orgasm subsided, she wrapped her legs around his head,
trying to squeeze the last sensations out of his tongue and into her own

'I want that again. Many times, again,' she half laughed and cried at
the same time. 'Oh! God, Richard, that was good. You can do it whenever
you want. I'll lay like this forever if you'll keep doing it.'

Chapter Nine

Amber kept count of all their lovemaking, and when they were walking
through an arcade shopping mall, she saw just what she was looking for.

"Give me some money, darling.'

When she came out of the shop, she was carrying a largish parcel which
she handed to him. 'This is the start of our counting house,' she
informed. 'Now let's find a toy shop.'

They returned to their room, and she unwrapped a large container that
was labelled 'Cookie Jar'. She then opened her second parcel, from which
several packets of coloured marbles laid on the table.

'The green ones are when we both come; the red ones are for when I come
only, and the blue ones mean only you came.'

She then proceeded to transfer a number of each colour into the jar,
almost covering the bottom. 'Not bad for just one week,' she agreed, proud
of the many acts they had experienced in this short time. There was
notably more green than the other colours.

'So, you really are going to prove the old wives tale is incorrect,
aren't you,' he asked with a large smile on his face. 'When I start to get
old & decrepit, and I think that may start in about a week's time, you will
really have your work cut out. Just remember that.'

But, he was just as proud of the score so far as she was and he had
every intention of making sure the jar not only filled up in their first
year, but became empty almost as quickly.

The honeymoon came to an end all too quickly as Richard needed to get
back to his business.

Richard had given her some instructions on how to cope with having a
personal maid at her beck and call, but the end result was that Amber had
overriding say in how she wanted Joanne to help her. It was up to her to
instruct Joanne and work out some basic work rules.

'Just how do you make Joanne & Arthur do the things you want?'

'It's a long story, but you can be certain they will continue to obey me
indefinitely. I'll tell you this; if they do not, or try to run away, they
will not only be arrested but unfortunately, extradited to Soviet Russia,
where after much torture and needless pain, they will be executed. Sounds
dramatic, doesn't it? But it's all true. It was only a fluke that I
overheard their plight, and seeing the chance to secure a permanent staff
in one hit, and get a very obedient pair into the bargain, made me decide
to give them refuge. They never leave the house and will only occasionally
even venture into the garden.

He went on, 'They are looked after very well, all the care they ever
need, free food and clothing, medical, anything they really need. No, they
know they are onto a good thing and I only have to hint of making a phone
call to immigration, and they smarten up their act immediately.'

'But what happens if they are ever caught? Won't you get into trouble
for sheltering them?'

'They will never say anything, and all I have to say is that they've
been good employees for the whole seven years they've been with me. As far
as anyone is concerned, I know nothing of their real reason for staying
with me. They have no choice but to stay, and to cater for any desire I

'Joanne will do the same. No matter what you want her to do, she has
been instructed to cooperate fully. Try her out whenever you want to. The
only time she will ever disobey you is when I have given her a task to do.
She will always obey me first, and only afterwards, will she carry out any
of your wishes. You can discipline her whenever you want. However, Arthur
will only do your will if I have told him to do so.'

They arrived home and after apparently excited welcomes from all of
Arthur, Joanne & Boris the Boxer dog, the two servants carried their cases
upstairs and began to unpack.

Amber thought this was an appropriate time to find out just how much
Joanne would take from her as new mistress of the house. She followed her
maid upstairs.

'Joanne, we haven't had a chance to talk yet, but I'm looking forward to
having you look after me. It's just that you will have a close and
sometimes I guess, intimate knowledge of what happens in the household, and
I just want to be sure I, I mean we, Richard and I, will have your complete
loyalty and confidence at all times. Can we really count on you for that.

'Oh, yes, Mistress Amber. Of course you can. I am here to serve you in
any way you wish; whatever you need I will do.'

'Do you really mean that, Joanne? Will you really do anything I ask of
you?' She asked putting great emphasis on 'anything'. 'No matter what it

'Of course, Mistress Amber. Anything at all. You only have to tell

'I'm sure we're going to get along just fine, Joanne. I want our
relationship to be close and friendly so that we can talk over things when
we want to. You know, anything at all. I think women need other women to
talk with and listen to from time to time, don't you? It's just that, if
we are to become close, I need to be sure that everything that you do or
hear or see while you are with us, remains completely confidential to
yourself. Privacy is so important don't you agree?'

'Yes, Miss Amber. I certainly do. That's why my husband & I have
remained here for so long without wanting to go elsewhere. We also seek
the privacy that this household provides for us.'

The sadist in her, was starting to rear itself in her mind.

'When you showed me around last time, you took delight in pointing out
the more personal things. Do you remember? Sanitary pads, and condoms.
Show me exactly where they are.'

She walked to one of the bureau's, and opening a drawer to show Amber,
she explained, 'I hope you didn't mind me looking after such personal
things, Miss Amber, but I thought you may need them soon so I brought them

'My period isn't due for a week or so yet, but it was thoughtful. I may
start to use tampons, seeing my husband has taken away the need to use only
napkins. These will be fine, but you could also arrange some Tampax
perhaps. Do you have any trouble with your cycle?' This was the first time
she had asked her maid for any intimate information and she wasn't sure
just how it would sound, or how Joanne would accept her probing.

'My period doesn't trouble me much, Miss Amber,' she stated matter of
factly. 'I am very regular, and it's arrival doesn't keep me from my
duties,' she reassured her new employer.

'I don't think I'll be needing these things though,' Amber said holding
a packet of condoms. 'My husband seems to want an instant family and I'm
not using any contraception at all.'

As an afterthought she added, 'Could you use them? You are welcome to
take them.'

'Thank you, Mistress Amber. But my husband doesn't use them either.
He's impo.. Oh! Mistress, he hasn't been able to have sex for a long
time.' And she broke into tears.

Amber couldn't believe her ears. Arthur was certainly several years
older than Joanne but looked in the peak of health.

'I am sorry Joanne. I didn't have any idea there was a problem or I
would not have raised the subject.' She sat Joanne on the edge of the bed
and put her arm around her shoulders.

'Do you know the reason? Isn't there anything that can be done to help
him?' And she continued, 'There, there. Don't cry. You can tell me all
about it if you would like to.'

She sat while Joanne continued to silently weep, hoping she could bring
her around to talking openly about this most intimate of problems.

'Oh, Miss Amber. I'm sorry, but I couldn't help crying. I don't think
there's anything that can be done, but we haven't been able to go outside
to see a doctor anyway. It's just that for the last two years or so, no
matter what we do, he can't get an erection. I've done everything I can
think of and tried to be very sexy for him, but nothing works.'

'Do you mean you haven't had sex for two years?' She tried to imagine
how that must have frustrated both of them.

'That's right, Miss Amber. All we have been able to do is touch each
other but Arthur hasn't been able to come since it started. He was very
upset at first, because he wanted to do it with me, but lately he seems to
have lost interest in sex altogether. Even when I touch him or try to
cuddle, he just turns away. He doesn't even want to touch me anywhere.
I'm so frustrated, because he was a terror before and just didn't stop
doing all sorts of things to me. Now he doesn't want to touch my boobies
or anything.' She began to weep softly again.

Whether she was trying to win sympathy, Amber wasn't sure, but her
appetite for the unusual was well and truly whetted and she let Joanne
continue between sobs.

'He says that he still loves me, Miss Amber but he just never shows it;
you know, like men should do.'

'But Joanne, men are just like that. They only think of themselves and
what's between their legs. If Arthur can't get that kind of feeling, as
other men do, that's probably the logical answer. I'm sure he loves you
otherwise he wouldn't stay with you.'

'Do you think so, Miss Amber? Oh, I'm so glad I told you. Please don't
let Arthur know though; I would be so ashamed if he knew I told you.'

'Tell me, Joanne. If you're husband doesn't want sex with you, how do
you ease the sexual urges you get from time to time? You do have those
burning desires, don't you? How do you get rid of them?' Now she knew she
was venturing onto very thin ice. If Joanne became upset, she knew she
would have to apologise to her maid for snooping, and that wouldn't be
easy. Embarrassing more likely. She waited for Joanne to respond.

'Oh! Please, Miss Amber. I've never talked about such things. You
embarrass me to even think about talking to you.' She began to sob again
but made no move to leave.

'I'm surprised, Joanne. When my husband asked you to serve us without
any clothes at the dinner table the other night, you didn't seem troubled
at all, and yet when two married women are talking in private about things
we have both experienced, you become embarrassed. And just think; as you
are now my personal maid, you will see the most intimate of things taking
place or at least the result of them having taken place, in our bedroom. I
really couldn't stand having someone who gets embarrassed all the time.
Besides, I'll want you to assist me in bathing and dressing so you'll be
seeing me in a lot less than you wore at the dinner table a few days ago.'
She continued to turn the screws tighter. 'I must have your complete
cooperation in all things, Joanne. Do you understand?' 'I'm sorry, Miss
Amber. It's just that I've never talked about such personal things before.
I think I'll like being open and honest with you, and I promise that I will
from now on.'

'I'm pleased you feel that way, Joanne. You may find me a hard
task-mistress from time to time, but I expect you to obey my wishes at all
times, just as my husband expects Arthur to, and in fact, just as my
husband expects that of me. Does the prospect of receiving punishment from
me if you fail to carry out my instructions, frighten you?'

'I will do as you wish, Miss Amber. I really will. I cry when I am
punished; I can't stand being spanked,' she added.

'You'll have to tell me more, but first, let's return to the subject of
your sexual feelings. You still haven't told me how you overcome the
frustrations of not making love to your husband?'

'Oh! I'm so embarrassed. I get these feelings almost all the time,
Miss Amber. All I can do is to touch myself, you know between my legs.
Sometimes it helps, but not always.'

'And just exactly what do you do, Joanne?'

'Oh! Miss Amber, please,' she pleaded, tears in her eyes again.

'I need to know how my servants cope with all their problems, and this
is one, so I want you to tell me, Joanne,' She managed to look
angry. 'In fact, as you're so shy about telling me, I think it would be
easier if you just showed me. That will also prove to me that you really
do intend to do exactly what I ask of you. Look on it as a test, Joanne.
So! Show me what you do. Now, Joanne,' she demanded almost too fiercely
she realised.

She needn't have worried about Joanne's reaction to her firm demands.
Rather than object further, the harsh tone of her voice seemed to stir
Joanne instantly, and she simply responded: 'Yes, Miss Amber.'

With that, Joanne laid back on the bed, with her legs from the knee down
bent over the edge, and resting on the floor. She then spread her legs
apart quite widely, raised her bottom to allow her skirt to be pulled well
up over her hips to display a pair of brief black panties. She hooked her
thumbs into the waistband and pushed the panties down her thighs. All the
time, her eyes, although closed, shed tears of humiliation which flowed
down her cheeks onto the bedclothes.

She placed her index finger in her mouth, withdrew it covered in saliva
and placed the finger squarely onto her clitoris which by this time was
highly visible as the inner lips of her pussy were widely open.

Amber was astounded that here before her eyes, a grown woman was
displaying her innermost secrets to her mistress, without any hesitation
whatsoever. Amber was conscious of the embarrassment being suffered by her
maid, but she had no intention of letting her off the hook, now that the
situation had progressed to this most intimate of stages.

Joanne commenced to manipulate her clitoris with gusto, around and
around, sideways and up and down. From time to time she gave little sighs
or moans but never once eased the swift movement of the finger. Amber
never took her eyes from her maid's face; she was intent on seeing the
emotional reactions that the masturbation should produce. And those
reactions didn't take long in building up.

Before long Joanne was shaking her head from side to side, her mouth now
open and gasping for breath. She was now in a state of almost constant
moaning as an orgasm began to build within herself and her hand although
more jerky in action never stopped the fast movements. Her thighs seemed
to tense and her toes were pushing hard into the floor. She clenched her
teeth, lips curled back, and her back and buttocks arched tensely off the

'Aghh. Oh God.'

Her face was sodden with perspiration as the climax took hold of her
body with heavy shudders and loud moaning squeals. Her hand finally
stopped as she gasped large amounts of air into her lungs. For minutes she
laid on the bed, breathing deeply, trying to gain control again.

At last she opened her eyes and suddenly realised her Mistress stood
before her and had witnessed the whole scene, something no-one had ever
done before - not even her husband.

She struggled to regain control of her body movement, and at last sat
up, aware that the lower half of her body remained uncovered.

'Oh, Miss Amber. I am so ashamed, letting you see me do that to
myself.' Her sobs commenced again.

Amber's answer was almost a whisper. 'Do not apologise. You simply did
as I told you to. Thank you for doing that. You may remain on the bed. I
will leave you to recover.'

With that, Amber quickly left the room, needing Richard's hard cock
desperately. She found him in the living-room going through his mail.

Chapter Ten

Rushing to him, she urgently entreated him, 'Richard, please fuck me.
Fuck me now. I need your big cock deep inside me until I come. Rape me,
my husband.'

By now she had divested all of her clothes and stood before him,
pleadingly wanting him to stir into action. He made no move as she laid on
the floor before him, her legs spread wide, heels pressed into her buttocks
so that her vulva was stretched to it's fullest.

'Why?' He asked, innocently, looking steadily on his totally bared wife.

'Pleeeease,' she pleaded. 'I just need to come. I'm so horny. Do it
now and I'll tell you why later. Please fuck me hard, my husband.
Pleasure me.'

And he obliged. Removing a large hard cock from his fly he simply laid
on top of his desirous wife and the tube pushed all the way inside in one
action. None of his body touched her except the penis. He then began the
equivalent of press-ups with all the action centred around his pelvis,
pumping in and out.

Amber commenced almost immediately her noisy build-up to climax; her
head shaking violently from side to side, stilted breathing between loud
moans and finally deep guttural groaning, almost like a growling dog. Her
pelvis was pushing into her husband, meeting is thrusting.

'Don't stop. Keep going. I'm nearly there,' she hissed between gasps
of air.

The climax had to come and finally she shrieked at the top of her voice,
'Now. Oh God, now. I'm coming.'

Richard maintained his thrusting for a while longer, never once losing
the rhythm of his timing and never once showing sign of fatigue from what
must have been an exhausting performance. He never came, and on pulling
out of his wife's vagina, he replaced his penis inside his trousers, and
went back to reading his mail, leaving his exhausted wife to recover at her
own pace.

'You've got some mail,' he told her, seeing she had nearly revived,
holding out an envelope to her.

Amber read of an invitation to dinner the coming Saturday night, from
Roger & Margot Wright.

'What do they mean,' Amber queried. 'It says 'Forget your own bath
night - come to ours'.'

He laughed loudly. 'I may have mentioned our last Saturday night
Chicken & Champagne ritual in the bath when I spoke to Roger on the phone,'
he told her.

'You mean you told him about our lovemaking,' she almost screamed. 'How
could you, it was a secret for us alone. I suppose he's told Margot too;
the invite looks to be in her writing. Soon the whole town will know what
we did.'

'They are my closest friends, Amber and I know they'll become yours too,
once you've got to know them. They're good company and lots of fun.
They'll never tell anyone of our secret, just as they trust me, and you
too, to never talk about theirs.' He tried to calm her, seeing the
indignation and hurt in her eyes.

'Did you tell him everything? I mean, step by step what we did?
Everything?' She was becoming very upset and tears showed at the corners of
her eyes. She turned her back on him and walked to the doorway.

The fact that he had indeed given Roger a blow by blow description of
what took place, would not have helped his cause, he knew very well. He
moved up behind his wife, wrapped his arms around her, his hands clasping
firmly onto her bared breasts.

Nuzzling her ear lobe, he spoke softly into her ear, 'Of course I
didn't. That's just for us to know. I just happened to mention the chicken
& champagne and he thought it sounded very sexy.'

He poked his tongue into her ear, and she felt his warm breath. His
wandering hands massaged the bosoms and he knew she was aroused as nipples
became hard and erect against his palms. 'How could I ever tell him about
how you cleaned my cock after I came all over the place?'

She smiled to herself, remembering how she had lapped every drop of
sperm from his chest and face after her masturbatory endeavours caused him
to shoot into the air in the middle of their bath.

'Well, what do they mean by 'their bath night'? Do they want us to get
into the tub with them?' She blanched palely.

'I can assure you that is not their intention, but telling might spoil
the surprise. Just ring and tell them we'll be there, and don't ask any
more questions.'

By now he had turned her around and pushed her to her knees. He reached
his arms out to each side of the door-frame and in a commanding voice said,
'Suck me until I come.'

Amber had grown very fond of having this large organ thrusting in and
out of her mouth but this time decided to take the slow path to fulfilment.
After sliding his pants and shorts as far down his legs as possible, she
held the base of his taut prick firmly in place and ever so lightly ran her
tongue along the length of the shaft and back again, never touching the
same place twice.

Amber persisted a long time in her ministration of the shaft and never
once allowed her tongue to leave the velvet smooth skin. Her eyes never
left his face, seeking evidence that she was making an effect on him.

His eyes remained closed and his body taught and unmoving in the

Suddenly she heard a sudden intake of breath and whilst she continued to
watch for more signs, she flattened her tongue and held it in a steady
rocking motion immediately under the head of his penis. Her mouth remained
wide open and his cockhead appeared to just rest on her tongue.

It took her more than half an hour of this gentle manipulation before he
gave a telltale grunt, his whole body jerked involuntarily and jets of
semen sprayed over her face. Some landed straight in her mouth but most
shot all over her face and into her hair making shiny trails as the thick glutinous substance slowly ran down, dropping onto her breasts, stomach and

Amber held the base of his penis as still as she could, trying to aim
the liquid into her mouth but she had little success. To her credit she
made no move to turn away and accepted the spurting jets of sticky liquid
to land where it would.

As the climax subsided he whispered for her to remain still and after
some minutes pulled back to survey his sperm-coated wife. He appeared well
pleased as he moved to the house intercom and spoke into it.

'Joanne, come to the library and bring a washer and warm water.
Immediately,' he added sharply.

Amber remained in her upright kneeling position, feeling the semen
continuing to run down her cheeks and chin. Her eyes remained shut as she

'Joanne, my wife has made a mess of herself. Clean her up.'

'Yes Master,' Amber heard and then felt the warm washer cleansing her
face and the rest of her body. She finally felt a warm fluffy towel drying
her off.

'Leave me,' she commanded, having yet to open her eyes.

When she did so, Joanne had disappeared and Richard had returned to his
mail. She moved to him and still naked, sat in his lap.

'Hello, Big Boy,' she greeted him, enfolding her arms around his neck.
'Thank you,' was all she needed to say.

As soon as they entered the house, Roger Wright took Amber by the
shoulders, gave her a chaste peck of welcome on the cheek and then holding
her at arms length said, 'You look lovely my dear, but somehow you're

'Am I? How?' She smiled back at him, caught up in his infectious charm.

He looked intensely into her eyes and said very seriously, 'From the
look in your eyes I think it must just be that you're no longer a virgin.'
He looked most serious but then burst into laughter, giving Richard a
knowing nudge.

'God. I didn't realise his thing went that far up,' she responded
looking still virginally innocent. Then realising just what she had said,
turned a bright shade of crimson, to which all burst into laughter.

It didn't take long for Amber to become completely at ease in the
company of Roger & Margot and she knew that she would share the close
friendship that Richard already did. The fact that they were her doctor &
nurse and had seen her in the most intimate of poses during Roger's medical
examination, seemed of little consequence in this social atmosphere.

It also didn't take long for their small talk to move on to a more
personal level and after she had talked for a time of the places they had
visited on their honeymoon, both Roger & Margot started to draw the more
intimate aspects of their time away.

'Now tell me my dear,' Roger asked. 'Was this young bull elephant of a
husband of yours gentle with you the first time? He was so worked up at
the thought of finally doing the deed on you he was almost beside himself.
Did he do it gently or just rut away without thought for your feelings?'

Both Roger & Margot were on the edge of their seats waiting for her to
respond. She could feel the pink blush rising on her cheeks as she looked
to Richard for support, but he just looked sheepish and said, 'Don't look
at me. He asked you, not me.'

She didn't know what to say but knew the blush had covered the whole of
her face & must have been very noticeable.

She was saved from answering when a young girl came into the room,
dressed in nightdress and Robe.

'Hello dear,' Margot said to her. 'Come in and meet Richard's new

'Amber, this is our daughter, Virginia. Say hello to Amber, darling.'

They exchanged pleasantries as the young girl sat beside her mother.

'You were about to say something when Virginia came in, Amber,' Margot
prompted innocently.

She felt the blush returning rapidly. 'I think we should change the
subject,' she suggested nodding towards the newly arrived Virginia.

'Oh nonsense Amber. We are very open about sexual matters with Virginia
and she enters into all our conversations, don't you dear?' She put her arm
around her daughter's shoulder and gave her a squeeze.

Virginia in fact, so far had acted in a most shy and demure manner, and
despite her looking around fifteen or sixteen years old, certainly gave no
indication of knowing about anything more sexual than a chaste goodnight
kiss from her mother.

'Yes Mummy, we talk about everything,' she agreed, looking towards Amber
eagerly. Roger then kept the conversation moving along the same theme.

'Our daughter may appear most innocent, Amber and indeed she lives up to
her name by having a pure virginal body, but we have tried to teach her in
all aspects of sexual conduct. We have never held back from any subject
and she is fully aware of the act of deflowering. We have always taught
her the importance of never having to be ashamed or embarrassed about her
body or of sexual practices. So you can talk away; she will find it very
educational I should imagine.'

Now she had four people all waiting on her next response, because now
Richard too was eager to hear how she was going to get herself out of this
improbable situation.

'Don't be shy Amber,' Margot urged. 'We're all interested to know how
you felt when Richard took your virginity.'

They were certainly interested, Amber thought to herself and finally
decided to play their little game, particularly as Richard wasn't showing
any wish not to talk about it.

'Well it looks as though I'm not going to get out of this, so I'll tell

'I'd rather you played show as well as the tell bit,' Roger added. 'You
know, 'Show & Tell'. That'd be rather exciting'

'Roger, shut up,' Margot told him. 'Let the poor girl get on with her
story. Go on, Amber. You can tell us now.'

'My dearest Richard was in fact very considerate and gentle. I was as
scared as I've ever been, not knowing just how much he was going to hurt me
or whether I would do it right. But he's such a darling and never rushed
me at all. In fact it was the day after before he finally took my

Roger burst in. 'What, he didn't bonk you for twenty-four whole hours?
I don't believe it,' he stated incredulously.

Looking at Richard he asked, 'How did you hold off for that long. You
amaze me.'

'Well he didn't exactly hold back everything for a day. In fact his
beautiful balls must have been so full that he hardly stopped coming from
the moment we got to our room. It's just that he didn't force me into our
first real sex until he thought I was ready.'

'Did it hurt, dear?' Margot asked.

'I remember every second of my defloration Margot, and while I can
remember the moment he broke through with some pain it was so quickly
replaced with the most intense pleasure that the pain was nothing.'

She saw Virginia watching her intently. Margot spoke to her daughter.
'You see darling, I told you it didn't hurt much. As long as the man sets
out to be gentle and compassionate it becomes a most precious time in a
young girls life. You should look forward to your time with pleasure.'

'Yes Mummy,' she almost whispered, continuing to watch Amber in awe.

'I suppose you'd better come and let me examine you sometime soon,
Amber. Occasionally there's a tear that needs repairing after a loss of
virginity.' Roger suggested, and then smilingly added, 'Unless you'd like
to let me have a look right now. We could do it on the coffee table.'

'Watch out for this dirty old man,' Richard warned you. 'He'll try to
get into your pants before you know it.'

'Well, it was just a thought.'

Margot chipped in. 'Richard's right, Amber. My husband just doesn't
know his age. Any new pussy that comes along he thinks should be his to
try. I just hit him in the balls from time to time to bring him back to

'At least he's still with you, Margot. Tell me Roger,' she asked. 'Do
you still keep Margot satisfied, or has her pussy lost it's attraction for

'Stir him up, Amber. I must say he still manages a hard-on pretty
easily and keeps me fully satisfied. He's a good lover.' She ran her hand
along his leg towards his crotch, but stopped short of making contact with
his penis. 'Aren't you, my lover?'

'With a body like hers, what man couldn't keep it up,' Roger agreed.

All through dinner, the patter of conversation revolved around
intimacies most of the time, with all but Richard and Virginia showing an
effect from the good wines served. Richard had drunk as much as anyone but
never once gave the impression of being the slightest tipsy or even happy.
Virginia had been allowed only a small glass of wine topped up with mineral

As dinner was nearing it's finish, Margot informed everyone, 'Tonight
being Saturday, is Virginia's special bath-night and I think it's about
time to prepare. Off you go darling.' She pulled her daughter's chair back
to help her get up but Virginia seemed reluctant.

'Mummy, not with Richard and Amber here,' she pleaded softly. Then
looking to her father for support, 'Daddy?'

'Nonsense, baby. Anyway, you should call them Uncle Richard & Aunt
Amber now they're married. They really are part of our family now.'

'Virginia, do as your told, right now,' Margot said sharply. 'If you
hesitate, it will be counted against you next Friday.'

Immediately, Virginia reacted. 'Yes, Mummy. I'm sorry,' and left the
room hastily.

Amber looked wide-eyed at Richard, but got only a knowing smile in

'She's just a little shy,' Margot explained. 'She'll get over it and
we'll join her shortly. We make a big thing of bath nights for Virginia.
It's one way of helping her to overcome her shyness. She's already sixteen
but is still learning to build confidence in herself.'

'Oh,' was all Amber could respond. 'What's significant about 'Friday'?'
Richard asked Margot.

'Friday? Oh, that's Virginia's punishment night. She has to account
for her wrong doings of the week on Friday nights, and if she deserves to
be punished, she receives it then.'

'Does it happen often?' Amber asked. 'I mean the punishment.'

'Like all children she needs strong discipline to help her grow into a
presentable young woman. Yes, I guess she is disciplined most weeks.'

'It certainly makes her a loving little girl for the next few days,'
Roger added. 'But like all children, by the end of the week, she's usually
got several misdemeanours to answer for. Do you know, I think just like
adults going to confession, she is cleansed of guilt by owning up to her
wrong doing and taking an appropriate punishment.'

'What kind of punishment do you give her?' Amber was now most intrigued.

Roger answered, 'It's not always a good spanking or the cane. Sometimes
just something that exerts her body, makes her take more care for next
time. You know; some brisk exercises or the like that brings up a good
sweat and stiff muscles the next day does wonders.'

'Perhaps we'll invite you to one of our Friday nights Amber,' Margot
smiled to her.

'Oh,' was all Amber could say once again.

Margot stood up saying, 'I think Virginia should be ready for us now.
Shall we go and see?'

Amber noticed Richard as they moved out. He hadn't said a word but
seemed overeager to see what was in store for them. She herself couldn't
imagine, but after the conversations of the last couple of hours, she was
sure nothing would surprise her.

Margot led them into a smallish room which comprised simply two large
leather lounges placed in a wide vee before an enormous fireplace where
several logs were burning making the room warm and cosy.

On the floor, between the fireplace and the lounges was what could only
be described as an old-fashioned tub, about a metre round, made of copper
overlaid with brass fittings, and about half a metre deep.

Steam rose into the air and it was obvious that it had been filled with
hot water. Amber thought to herself; 'so this is where the bath-night
comes in'.

'Make yourselves comfortable. I'll hurry Virginia along,' Margot
advised them.

Amber & Richard sat together, with Roger sitting on the opposite lounge.

Roger explained to Amber, 'We've had Virginia bathe before us ever since
she was a baby, to let her know that her body is something that should
never be hidden from loved ones. She usually likes the intimacy of doing
so in front of Margot and I, but the only other time that someone else took
part was some months back when Richard was over. She was shy at first, but
trusts us implicitly and soon adjusted. I guess she'll be a little
hesitant tonight with you here, but Margot has talked to her of the
consequences of not doing what she is told. Just act friendly and she'll
soon be her normal self.'

Amber looked at Richard accusingly. 'You never happened to mention that
you had attended Virginia's bath night, Richard. Were you embarrassed to
tell me?'

'No, I wasn't embarrassed. It's just that I didn't want to spoil the
surprise. Just wait until you see Virginia at her ablutions. It's
absolutely breathtaking.' With that, he kissed her with open mouth,
unworried at Roger being directly opposite.

'I must say, I'm looking forward to a kiss like that from the new
bride,' Roger announced.

Just then, Margot entered holding Virginia by the hand. She had been
crying as her eyes were still damp.

'Welcome our guests to your bath-night, dear,' her mother instructed.

'Please Mummy...,' she pleaded but after seeing her mother's stern look,
she emitted a deep sob and turned to those on the couch.

'I welcome you to our house and am pleased that you are sharing this
personal ritual with me. As usual, Mummy will bathe me and I hope the site
of my cleansed body will please you.'

Amber answered, 'Thank you Virginia.' The men remained silent, eyes
glued to the young girl before them. Amber couldn't tell who was more
worked up with anticipation, her father or her new Uncle Richard.

Margot moved to her daughter's side, slowly undid the buttons on her
robe and removed it to reveal a form clinging nightdress of translucent
material. One could almost see through it. Almost but not quite. Buttons
stretched from the neck to somewhere near the girl's navel, and the
material contoured her body as though it had been painted on. The young girls breasts stood out and because she was standing no more than a metre
from any of the onlookers, all took in the perfection of her form.

'You may commence to undo your nightdress, Virginia,' her mother instructed.

She started from the bottom, nimble fingers working slowly upwards. The
material showed no sign of stretching open and Amber marvelled at the
manufacture of the garment.

Amber glanced at Richard who was completely entranced at the sight
before him. She saw from the large erection in his trousers that he was
indeed aroused, not in an uncle-ish way, by what was unfolding between his
eyes. But the same could be said for Roger. His erection too was most
noticeable to the extent that a damp patch had emerged on his light
coloured slacks.

As Virginia reached the area of her bosom, she then started on the
buttons from the top and worked her way downwards, ever reducing the number
of buttons holding the garment in place.

The last button undone, Margot stood behind her daughter, and parted the
opening so that all could view her breasts to their fullest. And they were
indeed full. For a girl of sixteen, Virginia had grown breasts far larger
that Amber's but the remarkable feature was that while they were not large
in roundness, they stood straight out from her chest wall as though two
large mugs had been used to mould them there. They hardly tapered off,
just rounding smoothly in the front with deep pink nipples pointing towards

The three watchers all took a deep breath at the same time as the sight
enveloped them at once.

Virginia had maintained a subservient attitude from the beginning and
her head was still bowed, hands to her side.

Her mother was fully aware of the reaction of the three watching her
daughter, and slowly slipped the nightdress off her daughter's shoulders
and let it slide to the floor, leaving Virginia completely naked before
their eyes. Completely naked was an understatement, because she was more
than that. From her neck down, Virginia's supple body did not have a
single hair on view. Her sixteen year old pubis was completely devoid of
pubic hair and the crease of her vulva was plain for all to see.

'Oh, you are so pretty Virginia,' Richard breathed out deeply, stunned
at what was on show before him.

Amber could not utter a word.

Virginia made to turn to her bath, but her mother prompted her to remain
on view, allowing all to gaze on the body of an Aphrodite. She then turned
her daughter around showing the rear view to the onlookers. Virginia's
buttocks were small and compact, and it was obvious this young girl had the
figure that every woman on earth would be jealous of.

'Come, dear. Let me bath you.'

Virginia stepped into the tub, and obviously found the water quite hot
as she said, 'Ouch.'

'Don't be a baby. Stand still,' her mother told her. She did so but
was obviously in discomfort.

Margot took a large sponge from the water and commenced to brush it over
her daughter's firm skin. There was no doubt the water was very hot as
even in this warm room, steam rose in clouds. When she came to her
daughters breasts, after an initial wipe of each one, Margot plunged the
sponge into the hot water and immediately returned it to encase a
protruding breast where she held it firmly for a long minute.

Virginia was obviously well used to this practice as while reaction
showed in her face to the burning water, she never once attempted to pull
her mother's hand away.

Margot repeated the action on the other breast, allowing sufficient time
for the heat to transfer from the sponge into the breast.

'I find that heated water treatment is excellent for keeping her skin in
the peak of perfection. It open the pores and cleanses completely.
Virginia finds it a little uncomfortable, but if she wishes to keep her
body in the finest trim, she has to suffer sometimes. Don't you darling?'

'Yes Mummy, but it does burn so.'

Margot had moved to the vee of her legs.

'Come on, don't be so slow. Open your legs so I can clean your pussy.
Come on, you know it's right to the edges.'

Virginia parted her legs until they rested against each side of the bath
tub. This in turn, allowed the three viewers to clearly see into the
parted vulva. The inner lips were also stretched and the pinkness of her
vaginal entrance was open for all to look upon.

Just as they were focusing clearly, Margot drove the hot sponge directly
into her daughter's private parts and held it firmly in place, the hot
water running over Margot's wrist and down Virginia's outstretched legs.

'Ouch. Mummy, it hurts too much,' she cried out as she tried to twist
away but Margot took no notice. 'Hush up. You want to stay beautiful,
don't you?'

With that, Margot plunged the sponge back into the tub and returned it
firmly between her daughter's open legs. This time Margot placed her other
hand firmly against her writhing daughter's back to make sure the heat was
not dislodged.

After withdrawing the sponge, Margot instructed Virginia to turn around
so that she could wash her rear parts. They knew there was no need for
this and that in fact she was turned around for a view of her rear end.

With her legs still stretched against each side of the tub, Margot
pressed against the girls back so that she had no choice but to bend over.

'Hold yourself steady against the edge of the tub,' Margot instructed

The consequence of this was for not only her back passage to come into
view, but the whole of her vaginal entrance presented itself to the three
viewers. Margot went further by using one hand to part the bottom cheeks
wider so that both entrances were seen clearly. From the close distance,
all could see every crease of both openings.

Amber found herself breathing in short gasping breaths, almost as though
she were approaching orgasm. She knew this was not so, but she was indeed
aroused. Without looking, she placed her hands on Richard's thigh and
moved it slowly down towards his erection.

'No,' he gasped, moving her hand off. He was close to coming with only
the pressure of his trousers touching his organ.

Margot ran the sponge over the girl's buttocks and wiped the crease
clean, trying all the time to leave the viewed area open to her guest's
scrutiny as much as possible. Finally Virginia was allowed to straighten
up and she turned to face her audience again. Her head remained shyly

Margot knelt down and lifted one of her daughter's feet onto the edge of
the tub to scrub her legs and feet clean. This gave the viewers a further
look directly into her open vagina, and of course again, when Virginia
changed the foot that rested on the edge.

'There, all done sweetheart. Out you come, and she held her daughter's
hand as she stepped out onto the mat beside the bath. Margot took a warm
fluffy towel and quickly dried her off, paying particular attention to the
sexual parts, but not taking the time to give the other three in the room
any further intimate views.

When she was dry, Margot stood her for a short moment within touching
distance of her father and the two guests. None made an attempt to reach
out, as all were gazing entranced at the hairless vulva before their eyes.

'Well done, sweetheart. It wasn't bad at all was it now? It's bedtime
now. Come on, give everyone a goodnight kiss.'

Virginia turned to her mother, took hold of her hands and pressed them
firmly onto each of her naked breasts. 'Goodnight Mummy,' she said,
kissing her mother deeply.

She did likewise to her father and it was obvious to all the adults in
the room that Roger made the most of his task of saying goodnight. His
hands enfolded the breasts, squeezed tightly and held her to him while he
partook of a prolonged deep kiss. 'Goodnight, darling,' he whispered.

She then moved in front of Richard, and stood between his open legs.
Young girl, taught firm breasts aiming at his eyeballs, hairless virginal
vagina as near his cock as it could possibly be. She hesitated until her
mother prompted, 'Don't be shy, dear. He is after all, your new uncle.
Give his hands a big squeeze to let him know you love him.

With that, she reached out and took his hands in hers, clasping them to
her as she had done to her parents. Richard made no attempt to break the
contact, leaving it to Virginia to do so. When their lips broke apart, he
was left breathing heavily.

Amber could not believe the firmness of this child's breasts. At
sixteen they had developed to be far larger than her own, and they were as
though she was holding the tightest of tight balloons. She imagined that
if she ran her thumbs over the surface, they would squeak just as a balloon
would. The other thing she was not ready for was the French kiss she
received from this innocent looking child; the moment their lips met,
Virginia's tongue had intruded and never left until she pulled away, quite

'Oh. I'm breathless,' she sighed, unsure of how to react in front of
her husband and the girl's parents.

'We have tried to teach her all about growing up,' Margot explained.
'We don't want her to venture into the world without knowledge of what to
expect. Don't you think it's important?'

Without giving Amber a chance to respond, she continued, 'Why don't you
take Virginia up to bed and see she's tucked in properly, Amber. I'm sure
you will find it stimulating and she would like you to do that. Wouldn't
you, dear?'

'Yes do come, Aunt Amber. Please.'

In fact Amber was happy to do so. She liked the youngster, not much
younger than herself but certainly younger in maturity and experience.

Virginia took her hand as soon as they left the room and led Amber up
the stairs to her room.

'Do you think I'll be pretty when I grow up,' she asked coyly.

'Of course you will, and look at you; you're grown up already.'

'Mummy says my titties will probably grow bigger yet seeing as I'm only
sixteen. I hope they do. Big titties seem to make boys look at you more.'

'Don't you worry about that,' Amber assured her. 'Your breasts are
simply perfect as they are.'

'Thank you Aunt Amber. I'm glad you like them.'

On impulse the young girl pressed Amber's hands to her breasts and held
them there almost as though she were hugging her aunt.

'Sometimes I get so excited I touch myself. Do you do that?' She asked
so innocently, looking Amber straight in the eyes.'

'How do you mean?' Amber asked.

'You know, between my legs. It makes me feel so good and sometimes I
come. It's wonderful. Will I show you?'

She gave Amber no time to reply but laid across her bed, opening her
legs so that Amber saw all, and placed her finger directly on her clit.
She pulled Amber to the bed and had her sit beside her so that Amber had an
uninterrupted view of this very public masturbation.

Virginia seemed almost proud of what she was doing with certainly no
show of embarrassment. 'I only touch my pussy,' she declared, continuing
the swirling motion with her finger.

'Isn't it silly,' she mused. 'This is called a pussy but they don't
call the other hole anything. Seeing as how I do poo-poo from it just like
the dogs do over our awn, I call that my puppy. So I've got a pussy and a

She giggled, and with eyes closed now the first shudder of a building
orgasm shook her body. She had reclasped Amber's hand to her bosom again
and continued the action on her clitoris.

Breathing became short and faster, and occasional grunts emitted from
her lips.

'Oh I love this feeling,' she almost swooned. 'I think it won't take
long. Oh. It's wonderful. Quickly. Kiss my breasts, Amber.'

She pulled Amber down onto her chest and immediately squealed just once,
long and loud as the climax took control; legs taught, almost straight and
yet shuddering violently. She maintained the stimulation with her finger
even though the orgasm had taken over, and Amber could feel the intensity
through her body.

Amber didn't kiss them but placed her cheek against the girl's breasts,
watching as the climax took control. Neither girl moved or uttered a sound
as the reaction in the younger girl subsided. Amber sat in amazement,
looking down on this naked teenager who had proceeded through a
masturbation without so much as a blush. Finally, Amber felt she should
move but as she disengaged her hand from her adopted niece, it was evident
the experience had simply put Virginia to sleep.

Amber had the intense urge to firstly place her hand over the naked
vulva before her. A very wet vulva because the glistening secretions were
clearly evident in the crease of her vagina. The sight mesmerised her but
in the act of lifting her hand towards the target, she suddenly awoke from
her reverie. With a start, she quickly rose from the bed, folded the
covers over the nude body, leaving her undisturbed.

Chapter Eleven

Returning to the others, she found them smiling knowingly which
unsettled her all the more.

'Did you find your task stimulating?' Roger asked with a strange smile
on his face.

She took a deep breath and answered, 'More than I thought.'

Amber couldn't help but notice the glances passing between the other
three. She was lost for words. 'I think I've just been set-up,' she

'Why? What happened?' Roger asked her so innocently.

'I think at the tender age of seventeen, I was nearly converted to
lesbianism. Do you know what your daughter...,' and she stopped in
mid-sentence not able to describe what she had witnessed.

'Despite her shyness she does have a preoccupation with sex, doesn't
she?' Margot agreed as though Amber had finished her sentence. 'That's
what they say about the quiet ones. What did she tell you?'

'It wasn't what she said,' Amber explained. 'She masturbated herself to
orgasm right in front of me. I almost found myself joining in, it was so

'There you go, Richard,' Roger stated. 'Amber's all hot and bothered.
You'd better take her home and do to her what any good husband should.'

'Yes, Richard,' Amber agreed almost breathlessly. 'I think we should go
home.' Both Margot & Roger laughed good naturedly making Amber turn a
brighter shade of pink.

She leaned down and whispered in his ear, 'Take me home. I'm so horny
and need to get laid.'

She felt quite sluttish as she sat back watching Richard's reaction but
was surprised to see anger flicker briefly in his eyes.

'I think I do need to straighten a few things out with my wife. I'm
sorry to leave so early. Turning to Amber he commanded her sternly to
thank Roger & Margot for dinner and then made for the door.

Their hosts suspected the sudden departure was sexually motivated and
accepted their leaving without further comment.

Roger added, 'Be good,' as they drove off.

'Richard, that was rude,' Amber complained.

'Don't talk to me about 'rude', young lady. You're the rude one; in
fact you acted like a slut and deserve punishing. Now be quiet and wait
until we get home.'

'Richard, I ....' She was cut off forcefully.

'I said be quiet and I meant it,' he hissed and kept his eyes on the

'What's wrong, Richard? What ...'

'Be quiet woman. Just you wait until you get home.'

Amber sat still, not knowing what had brought on this unexpected
reaction from her husband.

Neither spoke until the reached home. As the car pulled up at the front
door, Richard pressed the horn and kept it blaring until Mellors rushed
down the steps.

'Mellors, fetch me a switch from the games room; make it a thin one.'

Mellors acknowledged and hurried back into the house.

'Get out of the car. Quickly.' He commanded her firmly.

He walked to the front of the vehicle and waited until she stood beside

'Stand still.'

As she did so she realised he had knelt down because she felt his hands
move under her skirt pulling her panties down around her ankles. Then, in
one action, he lifted her as though she were feather-light and laid her
face down over the bonnet of the car, arms over one side and her legs
hanging over the other.

'Don't move a muscle,' was all she heard. Amber had no idea what was on
Richard's mind but decided it was best to remain quite still as she had
been commanded. She soon felt the heat of the motor seeping through her
clothing; heat that was getting hotter by the second.

The next sensation was of her skirt being pulled up over her buttocks,
exposing her rear and legs to the chill of the night. Her panties still
clung to both ankles.

Amber heard the crunch of gravel on the driveway and Mellors voice
asking, 'Will this be satisfactory, Master?'

With Mellors obviously standing nearby and her naked behind resting over
the car, she was pleased that it was pitch dark with only a feint glow from
the front door producing any light at all.

'Remain, Mellors. You will help the mistress to the house when I've
finished with her.'

She then heard Richard's voice directed at her.

'If you want to act the slut, then I'll treat you as one.'

The very moment he finished talking, a blinding pain exploded within her
as he brought the switch down on her rear with all his might.

She screamed loudly, placing a hand over the burning surface in
protection and endeavoured to look around.

'I told you not to move,' he reminded her harshly as a second cut landed
on an unprotected portion of her bottom.

'Richard, please stop. You're hurting,' she cried out but straightened
back over the bonnet and took her hand away from her burning seat.


Swack! Two more searing cuts bit into her tender flesh in quick
succession. The pain was unbearable and she was now sobbing

Swack! Each swing of the cane landed on a new area; a new area that
joined the pain and striping to the others that had already landed.


'Oh, God. I can't stand it. Please stop,' she screamed between sobs.

The heat from the bonnet on the front of her legs and bared crotch was
also burning into tender places but was nothing compared to the pain in her

Her heavy sobbing slowly subsided as she heard her husband instructing

'Take her up stairs and have Joanne bathe her. My wife is to present
herself completely naked to me in the library in exactly one hour.'

Amber couldn't believe Richard would discuss such intimate matters with
his butler but having felt the effect of his wrath for the first time, she
was not about to object further.

'Come, Mistress. Let me help you upstairs,' he urged, gently taking one
arm and helping her to slide down the bonnet onto her feet. He knelt and
removed her panties from her ankles but did not hand them to her. Placing
an arm around her shoulders, he then led her through the front door and
upstairs to the bathroom. He pressed a small button on the wall to summon
Joanne and then proceeded to fill the bath while Amber remained motionless
in the middle of the room, still not understanding what it was all about.

As Joanne entered, Mellors passed on the master's instructions and then
departed. Amber noticed he had left her panties on the edge of the
dressing table.

Joanne said nothing but commenced to unbutton Amber's clothes, gently
removing each garment until she stood naked. It was the first time Amber
had stood before her maid in this state, but she was quite oblivious of her
state of undress. When the skirt was removed, Joanne had let out a loud
'Oh!' when she saw the blue-red stripes across her mistress's buttocks.

This brought Amber out of her trance-like state and she reached for a
towel to cover her nudity.

'Please, Mistress. You must bathe, it is the Master's wish.'

'Leave me.'

'Mistress, if I don't bathe you as he wishes, the Master will punish me
as well as yourself. Please step into the bath.' She took the towel from
Amber and led her to the steps.

As soon as she took her first step into the bath Amber realised just how
hot the water was.

'Ouch,' she exclaimed, taking her foot quickly out.

'The Master requires that your skin must be brightly pink when you
present yourself to him, Mistress. You have no choice but to endure the
hot water. It will not scald but it will be very hot until your body
adjusts. Please don't argue. The Master will get very angry if you are
not as he wants to see you.'

Amber suddenly remembered her recent beating recalling how she had seen
his anger erupt for the first time.

'Just let me go into the water slowly then,' she finally agreed.

The water burned fiercely as she walked down the steps but she realised
that the burning ache in fact did fade away as each inch of her legs became
used to the heat. That was until she moved to sit down and then her
striped bottom touched the water and the agony of those six cuts with the
switch returned with even greater intensity.

Joanne saw what was about to happen and restrained Amber from standing

'Please, Mistress. Just accept the pain; it won't last long.'

The burning brought tears to her eyes but she clenched her teeth and her
buttocks and finally was able to withstand the temperature as the pain

She just sat, allowing her maid to carry out her duties. The hot washer
burned her nipples as it moved over her breasts and it seemed that Joanne
dipped the washer back into the hot water more often and concentrated on
her titties much more than the rest of her body.

At least when Joanne moved down to her genitals that part of her had
already grown accustomed to the heat. But the friction of the flannel over
her sensitive pussy lips soon started to arouse.

'Please kneel up so that I can clean between your legs, Mistress,'
Joanne instructed.

Amber felt her maid's hand move over all the sensitive parts of her
crotch from the top of her pubic hair, over the vaginal opening, past her
rectum where Joanne in fact pushed a washer covered finger upwards, and on
to the top of her bottom crease. Finally, after the whole of Amber's body
had been cleansed, Joanne shampooed her mistress's hair.

'Please immerse yourself under the water to remove all the soap,' her
maid instructed. The bath was certainly big enough but as Amber laid back
the heat again caught the upper part of her body which had not been under
water. However she was able to stand burning and rose from the bath.

Joanne dried her off and dressed her hair, spending a great deal of time
with the hair drier and on her make-up. Amber was then commanded to stand
before the mirror with her legs wide apart, which she did without so much
as a murmur.

Her maid lathered her pubic hair with hair gel and after it had been
well rubbed in, combed a part right down the centre of the blonde curls
that covered her pussy so that her clitoris and vagina were clearly
visible. A few minutes with the hair drier made sure the jell had set.

'Just a little lubricant on your openings, Mistress, and you're ready.
There's not much time left.'

Amber felt the coldness of the lubricant as Joanne smeared it over the
inner lips and inside her vagina, and Joanne's finger intruded gently a
short distance inside her rectum.

Joanne picked up Amber's panties from the dressing table and said,
'Quickly, Mistress. It is time.'

They walked downstairs, Amber completely naked following her maid, but
as they reached the library door, Joanne opened the door and stepped aside
indicating that Amber should proceed into the room. Joanne stepped inside
also and remained beside the closed door.

'Come here.'

Richard was sitting in a large leather lounge chair facing the
fireplace. Amber moved to her husband's side.

'Stand in front of me, arms clasped in the small of your back.'

Amber saw that he was reading a book and had not looked up. His voice
held no intimacy towards her.

'Bow your head; you will not look upon me until I tell you to,' he
instructed. She obeyed instantly, eyes now focused on his slippers. He
appeared to be wearing a dressing gown and pajamas.

She felt as though he was now looking at her but wasn't prepared to look
up at his face to find out. She was operating as though she had been
brainwashed from all that had happened to her during the evening.

'Turn around and display your stripes,' he commanded and she obeyed, now
feeling his eyes roaming over her backside.

'Good,' he said. 'I made a fine job of it. Is it still hurting?'

'Yes, it is.'

'Joanne, come here please,' he called, and Amber heard footsteps.

'Tell this woman how she is to address me when she is under discipline.'

'Mistress, you must address the master as 'Sir' whenever you respond to

'Remember that Amber. Failure to do so will mean harsher punishment
every time.'

'Yes, Sir,' she responded instantly.

'Spread your feet; I want to see how wide you can open your pussy lips
without using your fingers.' Amber obeyed, finding it difficult to hold her
balance with her arms clasped half way up her back and legs stretched so
wide that her groin bit with pain.

'Look, Joanne. There is your mistress stretched before your eyes. Ha
Ha,' he laughed gently. 'Is there any wonder this woman raises my cock so

'It is a sight to behold, Master.'

With her head still bowed, Amber could not believe her loving husband
was treating her with such humiliation, particularly in front of her own
personal maid. She struggled in her mind to find a reason for his harsh
and apparently loveless attitude, when suddenly she remembered Richard's
comments just before their wedding. What did he say, she thought and then
remembered too, the charter both had signed on the silver plaque. Now it
started to all make sense. Richard treated her this way for the personal
satisfaction of domination. Most probably of sexual gratification as well
she thought. Yes, that was what this was all about and because it was the
first time he had carried out his premarital promise she had not been ready
for the sudden change. So if this was the first time, there was probably a
lot worse to come. But at least she could reassure herself that Richard
did still love her. All she had to do was play along with his little game
and give him the pleasure he desired. Let him see her discomfort in the
humiliation and pain he was subjecting her to, without letting him know
that she now understood what was behind his actions.

Amber heard Richard continue his intimate descriptions to her maid.

'What tits. They're not as big as yours, Joanne, but they're firm &
tight. Look at the nipples; they're standing out like pencils. God,
they're good to suck.'

'You have chosen a beautiful young girl, Master,' Joanne agreed, not
knowing what else to say.

'I like what you have done to her pussy. The parting of the hairs is a
masterpiece. You can see all of her crack without having to shave off any
of the hair. What a sight she makes. Did you lubricate both her cunt and

Yes, Master. Both.'

Amber then heard him speak to her. 'You look uncomfortable, Amber. You
can close your legs a little but make sure they are still open. Joanne is
going to add to your humiliation by making you come.'

'Oh!' Amber almost moaned, and with the greatest of will-power, made
tears run down her cheeks. She hoped she looked far more humiliated that
she really felt.

'You will close your eyes, do not move until after you come and if you
make a sound I will spank your striped bottom until you faint. Do you

'Yes, Sir,' she whimpered.

'Good. Close your eyes. Do it now, Joanne. Not too fast.'

Amber felt an arm go around her bottom and clasp her hip. The pressure
on her caned posterior burned but as soon as she felt the cool finger zero
right onto her clitoris she soon forgot all the hurt and concentrated on
the feelings within her loins.

Joanne certainly knew what she was doing. The single finger never left
her mistresses clit, making light circling motions that never stopped.
From time to time, the motion changed to up or down or from side to side,
but each time returned to the circle. It took very little time before the
feelings of arousal started to flow through her nerve ends and Amber did
not know how she could remain still or more importantly, remain quiet
throughout an orgasm. To move, she knew, would mean unbearable pain and
she wanted to avoid this at all costs.

The finger although never ceasing it's rhythm, now pressed harder making
the movement over or around her clit more sensitive by the second. She
clenched her teeth and knew she was hissing but even with the onset of the
final stages of orgasm, she managed not to cry out. Suddenly, it was
there. Her legs stiffened and shuddered. Her head was flung back as though
she had been hit in the face and the whole of her body raked with
unbelievable tremors as she struggled to maintain her balance. She felt
Joanne's arm trying to hold her firm and the finger still pressed hard
against her clit ceased it's movement. Just as the final spasms raged
through her body, Amber was unable to withstand the forces any longer and
collapsed onto the carpet.

As she lay there, her emotions took over and her body shook with deep
sobbing. Tears flowed freely. Have pity on me Richard she thought. I'm
crying from sheer bliss not hurt or humiliation but if that's what you
think, that's ok by me. Nothing was said by anyone in the room until long
after Amber's sobbing had subsided. Amber lay still in a state of sheer
bliss, eyes closed to await her husband's next move.

Richard knelt by her side most concerned at his wife's apparent

'Joanne, quickly. Go to our room and turn back all the covers.'

He thought she had simply fainted from the emotion of the evening. Her
breathing was strong as was her pulse, but he wanted to be sure. He lifted
her up, one arm around her shoulders the other under her thighs and began
to walk upstairs.

Almost immediately Amber seemed to regain her senses and placing both
arms around her husbands neck, proceeded to rein kisses all over his face,
neck and ear lobes.

'I love you. I love you. I love you,' she continued.

'Why, you little ...,' he stopped in mid-sentence, realising she had
been playing possum. He kept moving towards their bedroom, his still naked
wife in his arms, her kisses continuing.

'Joanne, put two pillows under her bottom as I lower her down and
several for her head. I want her to clearly see what is next in store for

Amber found herself laying in an almost S-shape; head and shoulders
raised upon the pillows, her back flattened onto the mattress, bottom
raised high on top of the pillows and her legs laying on the mattress on
the other side of the pillows. She saw that she was intensely vulnerable
and once again open to both her husband's and maid's gaze.

'You can make all the noise you want,' he told her. But you are not to
move. Now close your eyes until I tell you to open them.'

Amber did as she was told, waiting for whatever was in store for her, a
smile of anticipation on her lips. She felt her arms being laid along her
sides, then of hands spreading her knees wide apart and pushing her heels
towards the crease of her bottom. She didn't have to open her eyes to know
her slash was widely open and that she was about to be fucked, probably in
the presence of her maid. At least that's what she expected to take place.

'Bring her off again, Joanne but make sure it lingers this time. She is
not to come until I tell you.'

Amber awaited the touch of a finger on her widely opened vulva but was
surprised instead to feel warm firm lips completely engulf her most private
opening. Immediately a taught hard tongue began to probe all over the open
flesh, worrying her clit, sliding down one edge of her pussy lips and up
the other side, intruding deeply into her entrance, tickling her pussy hole but always returning to her little love button which was being aroused to
ever rising levels of passion.

It seemed to last an eternity and Amber's breathing became shorter and
faster. Pleasure erupted from her lips as orgasm approached and her
breathing became a continuous high pitched moan. She could feel
perspiration running off her forehead, down the sides of her face matting
her hair to her skin. Her climax was just seconds away.

Suddenly all movement ceased and the warm mouth and tongue left her.

'No,' she cried. 'Don't stop now. Please don't stop.'

She attempted to raise her hand but was forced to return it to her side.

Just as suddenly, her weary frustration turned to immediate shock as
coldness, deep coldness spread over her vaginal entrance. Joanne was in
the process of anointing her widely parted pussy with a liberal coating of
refrigerated lubricant. It took Amber some time to realise what had
happened and even longer to feel the well known finger that was encircling
her clitoris.

Joanne pressed down heavily, moving the finger in one direction fast,
ever faster. Despite the initial shocking coldness, Amber's re-arousal was
intensifying rapidly, evident by the panting and before long her short fast
breathing just as before. This time orgasm approached rapidly. It may
have been only a finger but the expert manipulation caused Amber to think
this time she would crash through the orgasmic barrier. She longed for
nothing but release but as before, just as her squeals rose to their
highest pitch, the masturbation cruelly ceased once more.

Amber's need for release was desperate. To be brought so close to
ultimate satisfaction and then be left with ultimate frustration made her
cry out in anguish.

Almost immediately after the finger left her, Joanne's warm mouth
enclosed her pussy once more. As the tongue became active, Amber felt
weight on the mattress as Richard straddled her upper body and sat heavily
on her bosoms.

'Open your eyes,' he told her. She found him sitting on top of her,
still wearing his pajamas but with his rampant prick standing erect,
pointed directly towards her face. The whiteness of the protuberance stood
out in stark contrast to his black silken pajamas and looked very regal
indeed to his adoring wife.

Joanne continued to administer her oral caresses but this time her
movements were gentle in the extreme and Amber felt the gossamer light
tongue wafting over the surface of her pussy as though the lightest of
feathers was being constantly eased over the whole of her lower abdomen.

Richard leaned forward and pressed the end of his manhood to his wife's
lips, all this being shielded from Joanne's view by his back. She allowed
it to slide in, stretching her mouth wide open.

'You are going to fuck my cock until I come,' he declared callously. He
took two handfuls of her hair and jerked her head towards him, at the same
time as he thrust his loins forward. With her arms locked to her sides by
his knees she could not fight against this harsh two way action. His penis
sank it's full length inside her mouth, the knob embedding well into the
opening of her throat.

She felt panic begin to take over as she could not breath, but the
action was quickly reversed as he pushed her head away from him so that
only the tip remained in her mouth.

Richard carried out his movements with calculated slowness and she
quickly learned to breathe as the penis withdrew, holding her breath until
the next withdrawal. Concentrating on this helped her to overcome the
sense of gagging as her throat was violated each time.

Meanwhile, Joanne's ministrations to that most sensitive part of her
body continued and each of the three participants could feel the slow but
inevitable onset of orgasm flooding through Amber's body. She felt it
throughout her whole being; Joanne felt it through the tremble of Amber's
loins as she strained to finally reach the pinnacle of satisfaction;
Richard felt and understood the jerking motions which now became stronger
with each thrust of his penis deep inside her mouth.

Richard was now grunting as his climax drew closer and he clenched her
hair tighter and harder, but Amber could find no relief from her torture.
She could not express any emotion of the impending explosion that was very
near, deep down in her loins, and knew she must concentrate solely on
providing much needed air to her lungs.

Finally, long after she had lost all track of the time she had been
subjected to these dark sexual demands, orgasm rose within her genitals,
spreading it's uncontrollable urgency to every nerve in her body. With
it's onset, Richard found release in the knowledge of her coming and
allowed his cock to discharge it's copious whiteness inside her mouth. She
could now breathe freely through her nostrils as she swallowed all of her
husband's fluids. She did not allow him to withdraw until his spasms had
ceased and she had removed all trace of his emissions.

'Leave us,' Richard told Joanne.

He could see his young wife was near exhaustion after the demands he had
put her through, demands she probably could never have imagined. But
certainly nothing to what he had in mind for the future; it was just a
matter of degree and the need to ease her into each new stage gently but
firmly. The power of domination had produced an exhilaration beyond his
wildest dreams and probably the best climax he had ever experienced. He
wanted there to be many more just like it.

He slid his body level with hers, embracing tightly. Their lips and his
kiss was deep and passionate. He was surprised he could taste nothing of
his semen so recently discharged; she had swallowed all trace within

Amber returned his passion with equal feeling. 'I love all that you do
to me my dearest husband, my lover,' she purred, smiling fervently into his
eyes. Burying her face into his pajama clad chest, she sighed contentedly
and drifted into a deep sleep.

Neither moved from their embrace until they awoke late next morning.

Chapter Twelve

Amber found Richard's hand clasped to her breast as she woke and
couldn't let the opportunity pass. She gently eased herself from his grasp
and turned so that she was facing his sleeping body. Carefully she
inserted her hand inside the fly of his pajamas and found his penis semi
erect. She used no pressure but allowed her fingers to lightly glide back
and forth along the shaft which quickly responded. Soon the now erect
purple head pushed against her hand but she made no move to hold it
tighter, and continued her light touch. It was soon very stiff and pulsing
in her hand. He rolled over onto his back, still sleeping and this gave
Amber much easier access to the monstrous phallus that had so demandingly
violated her mouth and throat last night.

She didn't have to wait long before his legs stiffened and his back
almost arched upwards. Her hand lightly moved to the tip of his penis just
as the first jerk took over and she felt the stickiness erupt onto the palm
of her hand. Amber moved her hand almost imperceptibly over the underside
of his prick, and allowed his juices to gush onto her fingers. She knew he
was able to ejaculate many times during orgasm; he had done that on
numerous occasions inside her vagina and mouth, but she was amazed just how
long it took before his climax subsided. She took great delight in wiping
the sperm off her hand onto his pubic hairs and than patted his pajamas
onto the large lake of semen still lying on his stomach. Much of the
sticky substance had already run down his sides also leaving wet tracks as
they ran.

'Good morning, my sadist husband,' she smiled at him as his eyes opened.
'I think you peed your pants; they're all wet.'

He felt down and realised the wet dream he had was indeed real until,
that is, he noticed her hand was still sticky with remnants of his

'I think you know more than you're letting on.'

'If you think that,' she said, 'I suppose you'll want your masochistic
little wife to bare her tooshie for another beating.'

With that she rolled over onto her stomach, giving him full view to her
still naked, caned bottom. When she felt his hand massaging the twin
globes she was surprised that last night's pain had gone and all she felt
was pleasure.

Their heads lay facing each other on the pillows, his hand maintained
it's stroking of her bottom and all was good with the world.

Finally, Richard rang for Mellors and ordered breakfast in their room.
When it was served, he told his butler to have Joanne come to their room.

'Joanne, about last night.'

'Last night, Master?' It was a question, even though he could have only
meant one thing and fear showed in her eyes.

'Last night you humiliated the Mistress of this house in front of her
husband. My wife thinks you took great delight in what you did and now
wishes to make amends.'

'I do?' Amber looked at Richard in amazement.

'Please, Mistress. I was only doing what the Master told me to,' she

'Present yourself after dinner tonight, with a cane in your hand. No
underwear,' Richard commanded. 'And stop snivelling girl. Go now.'

After her maid left, Amber looked to her husband for an explanation.
'What are you going to do? As if I didn't know,' she added.

'It's not what I'm going to do, rather what you are. I will show you
that while I might treat you as a masochist, and you can expect that quite
often, being a sadist makes you feel pretty good too. You are going to be
a sadist to Joanne tonight, and you are going to do it very well.'

'You mean I'm going to do the caning?' She looked horrified.

'Of course, and more. It will arouse you sexually, I can assure you.
But you have to approach the punishment with a better reason than just
caning her because I have told you to. Has Joanne told you her tale of woe
about her husband never making love to her?'

'Yes, as soon as I arrived on the first day,' she agreed.

'Then you must go and take Mellors to task for his inattention to his
manly duties. You may get a whole new insight into the real situation.'

Amber was now intrigued. What did he mean she wondered. So she decided
to act immediately to find out.

Moving into the study, she rang for Mellors who attended promptly.

'Mistress?' He sought her wishes.

'Mellors, something distresses me and you can help,' she said, going on
quickly before he had a chance to answer. 'Your wife has informed me that
you are not carrying your manly duties towards her. Is that true?'

'My manly duties Mistress? I am a good husband to my wife.'

'She tells me you refuse to make love to her which leaves her in a state
of frustration. No woman can feel satisfied with her marriage if her
husband does not show his love towards her. Can to explain why you

'Refuse, Mistress. Oh, please, I do not refuse to have sexual
intercourse with her; it's just that I have asked her to participate in a
way that she refuses and we have had a disagreement,' he explained, now
most uncomfortable in the presence of his female employer.

'What do you mean, Mellors? What does she refuse?'

'Please Mistress, it is most personal.'

'While you're employed by this house Mellors, I expect you to keep
nothing from me, ever. Now answer my question.'

'Mistress, I beg of you,' he pleaded.

'I don't want to bring my husband into this discussion, but I will if
necessary. Now tell me.'

'I am very embarrassed Mistress, because it is of a sexual nature but I
will explain what I meant. During our lovemaking I tried to enter my wife from behind and she refused to let me. All my cajoling has not changed her
mind and I now have a strong desire to have sex with her in this manner. I
am very embarrassed at telling you.'

'You mean she won't let you have sex doggie fashion,' she asked,
incredulous that she was having this conversation at all, let alone with
her husband's butler.

'Well, not exactly doggie fashion, Mistress. I was desirous of
penetrating her back passage but she wouldn't let me, saying it was

'Oh, my God. You mean you wanted to sodomise her?' This was a whole new
experience for Amber as she had never been penetrated that way herself and
had never thought of a man wanting to do that to a woman when they had a
soft warm vagina to offer instead. Only homosexual men did that she

'Yes, I'm sorry for having such vile wishes.' All Mellors could see now
was his job being on the line.

'And do you still want to do that to her?'

'Oh, Mistress. I apologise. No, of course not.'

'It's not a matter of what I want Mellors. Do you still think of doing
it that way?'

'I do, Mistress. But she refuses.'

Amber then decided how she would handle the whole situation.

'Mellors, your wife has been summonsed to present herself for discipline
this evening. You will attend also. I believe you have every right to
demand any satisfaction you desire. After all, she is your wife. Do not
tell her of our discussion or that you will be present. You may go now.'

After dinner that evening, Amber and Richard moved to the library,
Richard apparently intending to spend a quiet evening reading. Amber
however, waited in anticipation of what her husband was expecting of her in
relation to her treatment of Joanne. But just as much for what she had
planned by punishing her maid for not obeying Mellor's wishes.

Mellors moved quietly into the room as he usually did awaiting his
master's beckoning. He stood quietly and very still near the doorway, but
out of sight of Joanne as she entered also quietly and definitely in
trepidation of what she knew would take place very soon. Pain. Pain for
her; probably unbearable pain. The expectation was overwhelming.

She stood directly in front of Richard, eyes on the floor and head
bowed. She had been through this before and knew her station. Richard took
no notice of her, continuing to read his magazine. Amber remained still
also, watching the tableau develop in silence.

Joanne wore a dress of the lightest material which gave the appearance
of accessibility as the folds fell over the contours of her body. It
consisted of short puffed sleeves, a high neckline, and the long skirt fell
to midway between knee and ankle. The material clung tightly to her bosom
and waist but was quite loose over her hips and flowed downwards covering
most of her legs. The background was white with the lightest of floral
pattern, and a silken sheen could be seen against the light.

'Have you bathed?' Richard broke the silence.

'Yes, Master."

'And naked, completely, beneath the dress?'

'Yes, Master. Just as you instructed.' Her voice trembled and she
maintained her downcast stance, hands clenched in front of her.

'Turn around slowly.'

Joanne let her arms fall to her sides, and slowly pirouetted, never
lifting her eyes from the floor. Amber saw that the dress was buttoned
from top to bottom, right down the back; complete accessibility was indeed

'You are to be punished for the humiliation and embarrassment you caused
to the mistress, Joanne. It will be severe. Do you have anything to say
before your pain commences?'

'Please, Master. I did not mean to offend,' she pleaded. Then turning
towards Amber but still with head bowed, she pleaded further.

'Mistress, I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me. I can't bear it.' But she
knew it was to no avail.

'Stand before your punisher and let her be satisfied you've nothing
under the dress.'

Amber lost no time in running her hands over the dress and around the
full bottom of the scared woman before her. She pushed her hand between
the vee of the servant's partly open legs and found the soft flesh so
pliable that no underwear could have been worn.

'Feel under the garment, Amber,' her husband instructed.

Amber did so, and her hand encountered the crisp pubic hair immediately.
'She's certainly naked down there, Richard,' Amber confirmed.

'Make sure she has nothing up top either. Lean over, Joanne.'

She did so, bending at the waist so that her upper body was almost
parallel with the floor. Amber clasped a very soft and pliable breast in
each hand and knew no bra was worn.

'Mellors, move the low table in front of us and place the instruments on
it,' Richard instructed his butler.

Joanne gasped loudly, straightening up and looking around for her
husband; she did not know he was in the room.

'No! Not in front of my husband.' She now looked in anguish toward

'Be quiet immediately,' he commanded, and she luckily did so.

The long, low coffee table was now in place, several cushions lay on the
floor beside it and on the surface, four ominous switches and riding crops
lay, awaiting to be used.

'You may go Mellors,' Richard told his butler. But Amber quickly said,
'I think he should stay, Richard,' and of course he agreed.

Amber removed all the switches and placing a pillow on one end of the
table and commanded her maid to lie full length along the table, face-down.
The pillow was adjusted under her hips so that her behind was pushed well
upwards, and Joanne was told to clasp the two table legs nearest her head,
very tightly.

Joanne was now sobbing silently and tears flowed down her cheeks from
closed eyes. Fear of what was about to be done to her became
uncontrollable but Amber gave her no support.

'Spread your legs so that each one rests over the corners of the table.
Quickly,' she added. Joanne did as she was told and the soft fabric of her
dress fell between her open legs, showing the full contour of her bottom.

'Mellors, undo the buttons on your wife's dress. Start at the top.'

There were many buttons, as they were closely spaced and the task took
him several minutes. As he proceeded, the dress opened and the silky cloth
fell away to Joanne's sides; even as he proceeded past her upturned bottom
cheeks, the fabric's weight pulled away from between her legs and fell over
the sides of the narrow table.

Only the short sleeves of the dress now covered the sobbing maid, the
rest of her body open for the other three who were looking on in
anticipation, to see. Dark pubic hair protruded from between the vee of
her open legs, and Amber could see the open vulva glistening pink.

She thought of massaging the upturned bottom cheeks but resisted the
temptation. Instead she chose the thinnest and most whippy switch, gently
stroking the tip over the naked flesh before her.

'You can scream as loud as you like, but if you try to move away from
the table, you will be tied down and given double the punishment I intend.
Do you understand?'

'Please, Mistress, don't hurt me. I'm sorry for what I did. Please
don't punish me this time.'

'Silence,' Amber demanded. 'While I let you shout out, you are not to
utter another word until I've finished. Unless you disobey, you will get
twenty strokes of the cane'

She continued to stroke the switch over her maid's bottom and finally
lifted it away. Joanne anticipated what was to come and flexed her bottom
cheeks but Amber saw the movement and purposely waited a full thirty
seconds before bringing the switch down as hard as she could across the
bare bottom.

Joanne's reaction was immediate. A loud scream of anguish as the pain
of the supple switch bit deeply into the soft flesh. The burning pain
jerked her body off the table and her arms clenching the table legs became
taught and held the pose for several seconds before she laid back gasping
for breath.

'One,' Amber counted.

She then proceeded to lay on the strokes as hard as she could, each one
falling on a different area but all of them being directed across so that
each red welt ran parallel to the last. She counted each stroke after it
had fallen and Joanne's shouting had died down.

For all the pain she was suffering, Joanne took her punishment well.
After the first few strokes, her screams had diminished to a permanent
howling, interspersed with a higher pitched shriek as each cut landed. But
for all she was going through, she made no effort to move off the table.

By the time Amber had counted fifteen, even the shrieks eased and her
body no longer shuddered as the switch landed.

As Amber called out 'Nineteen,' she noticed that the first cut had
started to turn from the original bright pink to a duller purplish hue. As
a final teasing, she did not land the last cut but instead told her near
uncomprehending servant that she was stay upon the table until she was told
what to do next.

Rather than laying on the last stroke, she went to her husband, clasping
his face in her hands and whispered in his ear so that neither Mellors or
Joanne could hear, 'Richard, This has made me so horny. I want to fuck you
silly. Thank you for letting me do this. I'm going to punish and
humiliate her more than she suspects. Watch what I do and when I've
finished, take me upstairs and fuck me until I burst. I love you. I love

She finished by kissing him deeply and returned to her task.

The pain in Joanne's buttocks was still intense but she thought the
punishment was over and allowed herself to relax. This in itself eased her
discomfort considerably. Her eyes were still closed and she didn't realise
her mistress had returned. The final stroke landed directly on the small
crease where her bottom cheeks met her thighs. The crack of the switch
reverberated around the room and the shock literally lifted Joanne off the
table as her body jerked upwards. She slumped back and her arms let go of
the table legs she was holding. Her crying had stopped but the tears
rolled down leaving puddles on the table top.


Amber motioned to Mellors to remain where he was and returned to her
husband, sitting on his knees and wrapping her arms around his neck as they
kissed deeply. The spectacle had certainly made Richard aroused as Amber
was aware from the hardness pressing into her as she sat in his lap.
Without worrying about either Mellors or Joanne being in the room, his hand
travelled under Amber's skirt and found her wet and sticky pussy. A finger
slipped easily inside and his thumb found her highly engorged clitoris
which he began to manipulate expertly. She clasped him tightly, enjoying
the sexual lust growing within her, and decided she would make no sound of
her approaching orgasm. In doing so she held him tighter and tighter until
the pressure from her arms around his neck was intense, but he never slowed
the movements of his finger which was now moving in and out of her vagina and his thumb which was gliding over the well lubricated knob of her
clitoris with pressure and speed.

She tensed her whole body as orgasm approached but was unable to remain
silent as the intensity of her sexual release took over. She wailed loudly
and the shuddering of her whole body left the others in the room under no
doubt that she had just experienced orgasm.

No one in the room moved for many minutes in the silence that followed.

Finally as she rose from her husband's lap, she whispered to him, 'I
have a surprise for you.' She sat down beside him and commanded Joanne to
stand in front of her.

The punished maid's face was a picture of misery. Her eyes were red and
tears still traced their way down her cheeks making what little make-up she
had on, streaked. The dress, still held up by the sleeves around her arms
hung limply down her front.

'Remove your arms from the dress.'

Joanne did as she was told and in her nudity, faced her employers.
Amber's hand now rested over her husband's groin and slowly stroked the
taught fabric of his trousers in full view of her maid.

'Turn around, and show me your punishment.'

Amber was shocked and amazed at her handiwork. Where each stroke had
fallen a dull purple line of bruising now showed and each line bore a
swollen welt that stood out on the surface of her bottom. Amber reached
out to run her hand over the markings which caused Joanne to gasp out.

'Be quiet and remain still.'

She now took sadistic delight in running her whole hand over the
streaked surface, wanting to feel the raised surface, hot to her touch, and
at the same time knowing it caused her punished servant even greater

'I take it your behind still hurts?' She asked.

'Oh, Mistress. It's excruciating. Can I please rub some ointment on

'No. That would only ease your punishment. It was given so that you
will remember not to be disrespectful to me again. As this is the first
real punishment I have given you Joanne, I wish to see how your injuries
heal so have decided that you will not wear any clothes, nothing at all and
that includes jewellery and hair attire, for a full month. When anyone
says to you, 'Show' you will immediately spread your legs wide open, bend
over and touch your toes. You will not move then until you are told to

'But my period, Mistress. It is due in a week's time.'

'I meant what I said, you are to wear nothing and that includes sanitary
pads or tampons. You will just have to clean yourself regularly.

'Yes, Mistress,' she agreed as tears formed in her eyes once again.
'Good. Now I have something else to discuss with you, Joanne. Your
husband has brought a charge of not carrying out your wifely duties to us.
Is that so?' Joanne looked nonplussed.

'Come here, Mellors.' Amber instructed and then directed her questioning
to her maid

'Your husband declares that you will not agree to carry out all his
sexual needs which in turn means he is not able to give full attention to
his responsibilities to us. What do you have to say?'

She blushed deeply, knowing she was again in trouble for something very
personal, but not knowing what.

'Mistress, we have intercourse whenever he wishes,' she explained
looking sideways at her husband for confirmation.

'I'm sure you do,' Amber agreed. 'But there is a special way to have
intercourse that you will not agree to. Is that not so?'

'Oh, Arthur. How could you?' She exclaimed, shocked and angrily looking
at her husband. Turning then to her mistress she explained, 'Mistress he
wants to do unnatural things. They are filthy and I'm afraid they would
injure me badly.'

'A wife's duty is to cater to any desire her husband has, no matter what
it is. Isn't that so, Richard?' She asked of her husband with a knowing
smile on her lips.

'I would expect nothing less,' he answered. Everyone looked to Joanne
for a response but none came.

'Tell me, Joanne. You have seen your husband's erection many times?'

Blushing deeply red she agreed she had.

'And you know the size of what you deposit into the toilet bowl from
time to time, I'm sure?' She asked this as a question rather than a
statement. 'Which one is the larger?'

'Oh, Mistress. Of course that is larger than Arthur's thing, but his is
so hard. It would tear me apart. I don't want to let him.' She was now
very scared because she knew she was losing this contrived argument.

'There are many things more important than what you want or don't want,
Joanne. It is more important to us to have our staff at their peak rather
than be frustrated because a wife refused to grant his wishes. Now I'm
telling you that from now on whatever he wants to do to you or wants you to
do to him, you will agree to immediately. Is that understood?'

"Mistress, it will...'

Amber didn't allow her to continue and asked fiercely, 'Is that clearly
understood, Joanne?'

'Yes, Mistress. I will obey you,' she agreed as her sobbing restarted.

Richard interrupted, 'What exactly does he want to do, Joanne?'

Joanne's embarrassment became acute. 'Oh, I cannot say, Master.
Please, no.'

'In detail please, Joanne,' Richard persisted.

'Arthur wants to push his thing inside my other opening, Master. It
will hurt so.'

'You mean he wants to sodomise you. To fuck the arsehole of his wife.
Is that it?'


'That's been the right of every husband down through the ages. You may
have a vagina to offer him but your second hole is just as much his
property to do with as he wishes. You have no right to refuse. Ever. In
fact I have a good mind to send you to the punishment room immediately for
what I have just learned.'

'Oh, no. I couldn't take any more now, Master.'

'Amber, you take over. I'm sure you know what must be done,' Amber
stated, giving her the cue to complete what she had started out to do.

'There is no time like the present, Joanne. What you are about to do
will hurt all the more because of the state your bottom is in, but you can
only blame yourself for that.'

After doing as she was instructed, Joanne found herself back on the
table, kneeling on a high pillow, legs as far apart as possible, with her
back arched down so that her face rested on the table surface. Her hands
held the edge of the table.

She had been in a similar pose many times when Arthur took her from
behind, doggie style. But she knew this wasn't to be the same.

Amber made her push her bottom upwards and backwards as far as she could
and then directed Mellors to remove his, by now, rock hard penis from his
trousers. It stood up, shiny, purple and leaking seminal fluid. Amber
held the nozzle of a tube of lubricant to Joanne's anus, squeezing copious
amounts inside and on the puckered mouth of the opening.

'You may begin, Mellors.'

He needed no urging, placing the head of his penis onto the sticky glob
of lubricant and then slowly pressed his body towards his wife's backside.

Amber had now moved to face Joanne.

'Push Joanne, as though you were trying to do poo. It will make it
easier for you,' she whispered to the whimpering woman. 'Now push your
whole body backwards as hard as you can. It will be over soon.'

Penetration was effected and while Joanne didn't cry out, she gasped
deeply as the organ sank quickly into the depths of her rear passage. She
had lost her anal virginity in the presence of her Master and Mistress.

Arthur held his wife's waist tightly as he commences to pump in and out
of the newly violated anus. Joanne gave no sign of pleasure at what was
being done to her mainly because every time her husband pushed inside, his
groin collided with her wounded and striped backside which sent messages of
pain to her brain. It wasn't the kind of lovemaking that gave her any
feeling of pleasure, although the tightness of the organ thrusting into her
body, particularly at the opening, was such that she thought she could gain
some satisfaction once the bruising had healed. At least she had not been
split apart as she had thought would happen.

ejaculation came, known to Richard and Amber by the grunting given off
by Arthur, but felt clearly by Joanne as her bottom was filled with her
husband's sperm.

Amber took Joanne's face between her hands and kissed her deeply before
directing her further.

'You must do two things after being sodomised,' she instructed her maid.
'Firstly you must not discharge the sperm within your body until tomorrow.
This simply is a gesture of gratitude to your man for wanting to pleasure
you in this very private way. The act will give you intense pleasure at
times, and you will learn to look forward to those times.'

'Secondly, you must always cleanse your man's soiled penis after the
act. It must always be done in one way. You will take his penis in your
mouth and caress and suck it until the taste of your fluids has completely
disappeared. Joanne, if I ever hear of you not doing this, your punishment
will be more severe than you had ever experienced before. Remember that.
Now, on with your task.'

Joanne blanched at what she heard, especially the second part, but knew
she was given no choice in the matter.

She carefully sat on the low table, conscious of the burning in her rear
that the pressure of sitting caused. Now in front of her husband, took his
semi-erect member in her hand and encased it's head with her lips. The
bitter taste was not unbearable and while she could feel the clammy
lubricant on her lips it quickly melted when mixed with her saliva. As she
continued her ministrations, she noticed that while all trace of her anal
fluids soon vanished, a growing organ which had become rock hard again
replaced them. Mellors held his wife's head and she knew she must continue
as their employers looked on. His pleasure reached it's peak quickly as he
deposited his second discharge, inside her mouth. She swallowed. Richard
then lifted his wife and carried her upstairs to their bedroom.

Chapter Thirteen

'Now just what do you know about sodomising a ladies rear end, my little
Miss Innocent,' Richard demanded of his wife, as he dropped her face up on
the bed. They never consciously closed their private doors these days, and
simply made love or whatever was their whim at the time unworried that
their servants could interrupt their pleasures.

She giggled. 'Well, I've never had the pleasure if that's what your
asking. But I do have an imagination and do read some of your dirty books
from time to time. It's amazing what a lady can learn if she just fossicks
around,' she declared, still laying on her back but now slowly spreading
her legs so that Richard could look directly up her skirt and see her

'Rape me, Richard. I want you to be dirty and rough to me. Please
baby. I need it badly. What you made me do to Joanne made me nearly wet
myself. It was magic. Just like what your fingers did to me in front of
them. Oh, God! Richard fuck me.'

All the time she was whimpering her needs, Richard was slowly removing
his clothes and was naked by the time she had finished.

'Why, hello little girl. What are you doing in the park and all alone,
this late at night?' Richard asked, bending over and taking her by the

Amber caught on quickly that her husband was setting up a scenario and
soon got into the rhythm of it all.

'Oh, Sir. I'm lost and I'm so scared,' she retorted in a little girl accent.

'There's no need to be frightened now that I'm here. I'll protect you
and help you find your Mummy and Daddy,' he confided. 'My, you are a
pretty little girl. What's your name and how old are you, my dear.'

'My name is Cynthia,' she answered quickly. 'And I'm twelve years old.'

'Isn't that nice,' Richard soothed. 'My house is just around the
corner. We can go there and I'll ask you some questions and maybe we can
find your Mummy together. I have some lovely toys for you to play with,
and lots of lollies. Do you like sweets, little girl?' The dirty old man image was being acted out magnificently.

'My Mummy says that I shouldn't take lollies from strange men because
they might do naughty things to me,' she explained shyly.

'Oh, I think your mommy might be right sometimes, but I'm not one of
those kind of men. Why I've got a little girl just like you and she loves
me very much,' he said comfortingly.

Richard, stark naked and bearing a rampant erection, was walking a fully
clothed Amber around the room, holding hands with the little lost child and
doing his best to feel like the child molester he was setting himself up to

'And what kind of naughty things did your mommy tell you these strange
men might do to you, Cynthia?'

'She didn't tell me exactly what,' Cynthia explained. 'But I think she
meant that they might watch me, you know like when I went to the toilet or
something,' she answered innocently.

'Well were almost here now and then you'll be safe. Do you need to go
to the toilet?'

'I think I might need to do pee pee's,' Cynthia agreed. 'Can I use your

'Of course you can, Cynthia. But my home is so small that we only have
a potty under the bed. You can sit on that to do pee pee's. Have you ever
used a potty?'

'I don't remember. But I need to go so much that I will try to use it.'

'There's a good girl. Here we are; come inside and I'll get the potty
for you.' Richard pretended to open a door and pushed her through. 'Just
wait a minute and I'll get the potty for you.'

He returned a moment later with a large china water bowl.

'There you are. Just push your little panties down and squat over the
potty. Then you can do pee pee's and you'll feel better. Go on now,' he

'But you'll see me doing it,' she looked appropriately aghast.

'Don't worry about that. I've seen my little girl doing it lots of
times. Come on now. Get those panties off and I'll hold your hand so you
won't lose your balance.'

Cynthia was now smiling and didn't need any more encouragement. Turning
her toes inwards to give more of an impression of the little girl, she
leaned down scooping up her skirt and making sure Richard got an eyeful,
slowly lowered herself. She held her skirt high and held out a hand for
Richard to steady her an she eased herself over the rather large bowl. She
didn't sit on it's edge, but straddled it, legs wide apart. While still
holding her hand, Richard moved around so that he was facing her and knelt
down to watch, putting out his other hand to better steady his crouching
child wife.

A wide open vagina faced him and almost immediately a dribble of golden
urine commenced to fall. The dribble soon turned into a torrent which
splashed into the side of the bowl, causing a fine spray to waft over
Cynthia's spread thighs and also onto Richard's naked knees directly in
front of her.

Neither worried about the misting urine. Richard's eyes were intent on
seeing the stream from his wife's pussy fall into the bowl which was now
more than an inch deep in urine. This was the first time he had witnessed
this phenomenon and looked on, fascinated.

Amber thought nothing of the bodily function that was taking place from
her nether parts, but watched Richard's fascination of the scene, in
amazement. He likes to watch me pee she thought to herself in wonder.

When the stream finished Richard helped her to stand up straight, and
looked at the lemon coloured liquid that lay in the bottom of the basin.

'You really did need to go to the toilet didn't you, Cynthia?'

'Oh, yes. But I need to wipe myself clean with some toilet paper.'

'Come into the bathroom and I'll do that for you.'

Like every bedroom in the house, this one had an ensuite and Richard led
her in, her skirt still around her waist. He lifted her effortlessly and
sat her on the cold surface of the bench beside the wash basin, making sure
that she didn't sit on her skirt. After liberally wetting a washer with
hot water he lifted the front of Cynthia's dress and pushed her legs well

'Open up so I can clean you,' he said, pushing the hot washer right onto
the open lips of her vagina.

'Ouch. That's hot,' Cynthia winged, but couldn't get away from the
heat. He held the washer hard against the burning pussy lips until he could
feel the heat subsiding.

'For a little girl of twelve, you've got a lot of hair growing on your
pussy Cynthia. A lot more than my little girl.'

'Mommy says I'm very developed for my age,' she confided. 'See how big
my titties have grown.' She pushed her chest out proudly. 'Mommy says I
might grow enormous bosoms because they're this big already. I'd like
that. Do you like big bosoms, Uncle Richard?' She looked into his face with
such innocence.

'I like all sizes of bosoms,' he agreed. 'Especially ones just like

He went on, 'Has your mommy told you about other things that are nice?
Things that grown-ups can do to make you feel nice?' The dirty old man was
making his move, thought Amber to herself.

'Oh, yes. mommy brushed my hair a lot. I like her to do that. And
when Daddy tucks me in at night, he tickles me all over, especially my
bosoms. That's fun.'

'Would you like me to teach you some other nice things, Cynthia? I'm
sure you'll find them much nicer that those.'

'Alright. What are they?'

'Well first you'll have to take a bath so you'll be all clean and
cuddly, then I'll show you.'

He lifted her down onto the floor and proceeded to remove her clothes.
Blouse, skirt, shoes, socks and ankle-held panties became a pile on the
floor. He moved around her and released her breasts from the constricting

'You are such a beautiful young girl, Cynthia. Probably the most
beautiful girl in the world if I'm not mistaken,' and he gave his wife a
subtle knowing smile.

He washed her clean, paying particular attention to those parts that a
man always finds most interesting in a nude twelve year old who stands in
her bath only inches from him. But the breasts were washed the cleanest
and he didn't use a washer on those as he found that hands could lather the
soap over the contours far better than any washer could. Cynthia made no
move to stop him as evidently she found the ablutions very much to her

The drying process was short and quick as Richard's mind was now on the
games that lay ahead. He walked her back to the bedroom, lifting her into
the centre of the soft and fluffy bed where she lay totally exposed to his

Cynthia had made no reference at all to Richard's nudity nor to the fact
that throughout the whole of this tableau his erection had never eased.
The purple headed, shiny smooth penis stood as a firm salute to this twelve
year old alter ego that lay before him.

'Now Cynthia, what I am going to teach you is a special secret that only
you and I must know about. You will like what we are going to do but you
must never ever tell anyone about it. Otherwise God will know and punish
you terribly. Will you promise never even to tell anyone that you have a
special secret? Not even your mommy or Daddy. It is special just for you
and me. Do you promise?'

Shyly Cynthia whispered, 'Yes, I promise, Uncle Richard.'

'Good girl. Now first I'm going to show you how to touch yourself in a
very special place to make you feel tingly all over. It's something that
you can do whenever you want to as long as you're on your own. When you're
in bed at night, or out in the woods walking alone or even when your
sitting on the toilet, and it will make you want to do it over and over
again. Doesn't that sound nice?'

'Yes, Uncle Richard.'

He moved onto the bed and sat against the bed-head, opening his legs and
gesturing Cynthia to rest against him, between his legs. He manoeuvred her
so that her hip was pushed into his groin and she was laying along his half
sitting body almost on her side, with the crease of her bottom pushed into
his left leg and his genitals resting on her hipbone.

Softly his fingers moved in a mosaic pattern over her exposed skin which
left tingling sensations running in all directions. It didn't exactly
tickle but her freshly washed skin was sensitive to his lightest touch and
strange feelings began to happen in her most secret of private parts. His
fingers dwelt on her nipples, circling each breast slowly and lightly until
both aureoles stood up stiffly from the mounds on which they grew. Each of
his hands cupped and squeezed these virginal peaks between tweaking and
stroking the nipples to maintain their taughtness.

Slowly then, his right hand left it's breast and meandered downwards,
leaving the left hand to care for both mounds.

Cynthia by now, was making low moaning sounds from time to time as the
sensations grew within her. Sensations no twelve year old could be
expected to experience at this tender age. Sensations that started deep
within, shooting outwards to all parts of her being. Sensations that
caused secretions to flow. Indescribable, beautiful sensations.

Richard's hand continued to trace it's way down her belly, past the
dimpled navel and into the crinkly blonde hair that covered her mound of
love. He didn't stop, allowing one and then a second finger to insinuate
themselves into the crease of her vulva. She was half laying on her side
and with one leg almost on top of the other, he found further access

He pressed against her left thigh and it didn't take her long to
understand he wanted her to lift her left leg over his, to open her vagina more fully. At once his fingers hit the right spot as they settled on the
swollen nub of her clitoris. Adult fingers molested this child's little
hillock. Slippery from the juices that flowed freely over her vaginal
opening, fingers slid over, around, up and down, crossways, gently, firmly,
softly, hard, never ceasing.

She emitted one continual moan now. Sensation turned to breathtaking
thrill. Nerves became uncontrollable as they took over. Shuddering.
Impossible shuddering. Arms, legs, thighs all tightened and stretched
without her bidding. Shivering but not cold.

Fingers never ceasing. Strong, pushing her towards the ultimate goal.

Orgasmic squeals echoed from her; building, reaching to the highest of
peaks. Sobbing, crying, groans, body rolling in the cradle of her Uncle's
naked thighs, unstoppable.

And then it arrives. The release, magnificent. Nothing like this.
Nothing. More, I need more, she tells her body. Fingers never ceasing,
maintaining their motion.

Again. It's coming again. More. Building. Oh, God. Don't stop. And
the explosion starts all over, not as intense but longer, much longer.

Cynthia is covered in perspiration from the heat of her exertions and of
Richard's body. She can smell his man smell; so beautiful. She rests,
head bowed on his chest. His fingers are still clasped over her vagina,
the other hand covering her left breast, not moving. She sleeps and he
makes no move, erection still taught.

Her awakening comes as Richard gently squeezes her breast. She does not
know how long she has slept.

'Did you like the feeling, my little twelve year old?' He asked softly,
not trying to rush her waking up.

She maintained the pretense. 'That was the most wonderful feeling ever,
Uncle Richard. Thank you for showing me. Sometimes I had funny feelings
down there but you made them so much better. Thank you.' She leaned
upwards and kissed him full on his open lips.

'There's one thing more I want to show you,' he said, taking her hand
and placing it on his ever-hard erection.

'If you rub this the same as I rubbed your pussy, you will give me the
same pleasure.' He closed her hand around his penis but finger and thumb
could not reach around.

'I have a better idea,' she said sliding down the bed so that her face
was level with his cockhead.

Her mouth descended over the shiny plumb coloured head, tongue
lubricating and teasing. After an eternity he erupted, filling her mouth,
taking his satisfaction.

They both slept, she resting her head on his thigh, his deflated penis
still encircled by her lips. She was proud no sperm had been lost.

They both awoke together, finding themselves in almost the same
positions the next morning. Amber smiled as she pulled herself along his
body and snuggled into his chest, his protective arm around her shoulders.

'I love what you do to me,' she smiled. 'You made me feel so sexy last
night. Thank you, my darling,' she said, kissing him passionately, their
tongues entwining.

Chapter Fourteen

They lay together for a long while, until Richard decided it was time
for breakfast. He leaned over and pushed the bell that would bring Joanne
to take their orders.

She arrived almost immediately, stark naked, firm breasts pointing out
the way for her, and both Richard and Amber realised the instructions she
had been given. Neither Amber or Richard were embarrassed at their own
nudity before her, for they had both come to terms with carrying on with
their private lives without worrying about the possibility of the servants
seeing them even in their most intimate moments. This was why they never
made the effort to close their doors when they began to make love any more.

'Show,' was all Amber said, and immediately Joanne came to the side of
the bed, turned around, spread her legs widely and bend over as though she
were touching her toes. Her purple striped backside was displayed before
them together with anus and vagina which gaped widely open because of her
stretched feet.

Richard ran his hand over both globes, and gave them a sharp pat which
made her draw quick breath.

'Does it still hurt, Joanne?'

'Yes, Master. I didn't sleep last night because of the pain. It's
eased a little now.' She remained bent over as she spoke.

'Your mistress couldn't make it to the toilet last night Joanne. As you
go down to bring our breakfast, take the bowl with you. Just mind you
don't spill it though.'

'Resume,' Amber told her, and Joanne immediately moved to the urine filled bowl, lifting it up with great care.

After she left Richard told her, 'By the way, it's Virginia's birthday
next weekend and I've invited the three of them to dinner on Friday and to
stay over that night. It should be interesting because as you know Fridays
are Virginia's punishment nights. I'm sure Roger and Margot will not let
her off lightly just because they are here and not at their own home. It
will probably help to further your education in human behaviour.'

'Do you mean they'll make her do what they did when we went over there?'
Amber was highly intrigued.

'That will be up to Roger, but I imagine he will make it a memorable
occasion. Perhaps even more so than the last time.' He grabbed her,
nuzzling his lips between her breasts and making farting noises with his

'Seeing as how you seem to know all about the subject of sodomy,' he
growled at her as she tried to escape from his grasp, 'I think it's time
you gave up your second maidenhead to me.'

He tried to push her to her knees, laughing.

'No, Richard,' she screamed. 'No! That's my present to you for our
first anniversary and not before.'

She twisted around and fell on top of him, legs astride his hips and in
a split second sat back so that his penis slid full length into her vaginal
sheath. They did not stop their lovemaking until well after Joanne had
left their breakfast tray on the bedside table.

As they ate, Amber suddenly gasped, 'Oh, God. What about Joanne.
She'll be nude & in the middle of her period. And little Virginia will be
coming too. What'll we do?' She looked to Richard for help.

'Don't worry about it. After the initial shock they'll get used to it.
I'd better check with Roger though, with Virginia here,' he conceded.

Mellors answered the doorbell and allowed the Wright's in, showing them
to the library. Virginia, clothed in a simple shirt and jeans, was excited
to see Amber again, remembering their intimate moments in her bedroom as
Amber had gone to tuck her in. She was primed up because it was her
sixteenth birthday and wanted to share her eagerness with this newly found
friend that she was now visiting. Roger carried a small overnight bag and
Margot was as usual, dressed to turn any man's eye. Her cleavage could not
be overlooked.

Amber and Richard rushed into the room, apologising for not meeting them
at the door.

'He just takes so long to make love, we're late for everything,' she
confided wickedly.

'Lucky you,' Margot smiled, kissing her on the cheek.

'My, Margot, I do envy what your showing. If I were a man, Roger
wouldn't stand a chance of keeping you,' Amber giggled, finding it
difficult to remove her eyes from Margot's low cut dress. Richard had also
noticed immediately.

'You don't have to be a man you know, darling,' Margot retorted slyly,
and they all laughed, all getting the message except for Virginia.

Everyone wished Virginia happy birthday and Amber gave her a
gift-wrapped parcel, making her squeal with excitement. She sat on the
floor and opened it quickly, holding up a long sleek silky white nightdress
with string sleeves and a lacy bust line.

'It's beautiful Aunt Amber. Gosh, thank you,' she said as she pulled
Amber's head to hers in a kiss.

'It's from Uncle Richard too,' Amber explained. Virginia leapt at
Richard, catching her legs around his waist and both arms around his head.
She kissed his ear, said thank you and squeezed him tightly before jumping

Her enthusiasm set the scene for the evening and their friendly and
intimate conversation flowed as Mellors served drinks.

'Can I have a glass of wine, Mom?' Virginia pleaded.

'Of course, dear,' her mother agreed and Virginia took a glass of white
wine from Mellors' tray.

'I meant to ring you, Roger, about a little surprise but I forgot,'
Richard told him.

'Amber's pregnant?' Margot asked with excitement.

'I am not,' Amber denied.

'Not that, but it'll still be a surprise. I wanted to tell you
especially to save Virginia being shocked, but I guess now, we'll just have
to wait & see,' he told them deviously.

'Tell us now,' Margot pleaded.

'You'll find out soon enough,' he answered.

'I hate it when you do that Richard Simmons,' Margot told him. The
banter continued until Richard decided it was time to go to dinner.

'Mellors, tell Joanne we'll be ready in ten minutes,' he instructed as
they made their way into the formal dining-room.

After they were seated, Mellors returned to pour the first of their
table wines. Virginia held hers out but her mother instructed the butler
to only half fill the glass and top it up with iced water.

'You don't want to be light headed for afterwards, Virginia,' her mother placated her.

'Why, what's on later?' Virginia asked innocently.

'Just be patient. Remember it is your birthday.'

'Oh, good,' Virginia agreed. 'Another surprise.'

'Well something like that,' her mother conceded.

Joanne then made her entrance, pushing a serving trolley bearing a large
soup terrine.

'You weren't kidding, old boy,' Roger stated, unable to take his eyes
off the naked servant before him.

'Gosh!' Virginia said, looking on wide eyed.

'I've never seen you dressed this way, Joanne,' Margot calmly said to
her. 'It's very agreeable.'

'Thank you ma'am,' was all Joanne could say, blushing deeply. She
proceeded to serve the soup, first to the ladies and then Roger and
Richard. Virginia's eyes never left the firm breasts that vibrated around
the table.

Richard explained Joanne's predicament to their guests.

'You see, Amber punished her last night and she is forbidden from
wearing any garment for a full month. We couldn't reverse the decision
just because we are having visitors, so the penalty stands.'

'What did she do?' The question came from the fascinated Virginia.

'Just something she shouldn't have and so she had to be punished as a
lesson for next time,' Amber told Virginia seriously.

'Isn't that what we tell you about punishments Virginia? It is to teach
you not to do something wrongly again,' her father said.

'Yes, Daddy,' she agreed, remembering many punishment sessions she had
been subjected to. She asked Mellors to refill her wineglass.

'Not too much, dear,' her mother prompted.

'Yes, Mom.'

Richard continued his explanation.

'I must give Amber her due. For a seventeen year old, her first go at
wielding the switch was well done. We'll have a closer look at the results
a little later.

'Yes, please,' Roger agreed, evilly.

'You are just a dirty old medic. I think the only reason you became a
doctor was to get innocent young girls into your surgery and undress them,'
his wife declared.

'Is that what you do all day?' Richard was obviously envious.

'That's what he'd like to do,' Margot said. 'At least when it does
happen, it gets him in the mood for later.' She stuck out her tongue to

'If he treats all his women patients the way he examined me, it's a
wonder he could control himself until he got home to you,' Amber told her,
making a masturbating action with her half closed hand, blushing violently
at what she had done and bursting into loud laughter. The other three
adults all followed suit, and Virginia looked at them in amazement as
around the table, four half closed hands were pumping up and down, the
owners of each roaring in laughter.

As everyone had expected, the meal was superb. After Mellors cleared
the table, they rose and moved into the den where a roaring fire burned
warmly. Two large leather couches, one on either side of the fireplace,
and a single armchair at the end of the couches facing the fire all but
filled this small but cosy room. Richard moved the armchair out to allow
them to enter the enclosed rectangle, and before reclosing the space, asked
Mellors to have Joanne serve coffee.

After she had completed her task, Richard told her to wait in case they
needed further assistance. Virginia remained hypnotized at the sight of
Joanne's upstanding breasts and took little notice of the adults
conversation. Joanne stood unmoving, aware of the young girl's watchful
eyes; aware also of the rather bawdy comments being made about her by the

The wine at dinner had put each in a happy frame of mind but by no means
drunk, and their intimate friendship was growing by the minute.

Margot spoke to her daughter, 'I do think it's time for you to get ready
for your session, dear. You know where your room is. Off to shower. I've
laid out your clothes on the bed.'

'Mom, please. Not here. I thought you wouldn't do it here. Not in
front of Aunt Amber and Uncle Richard. I couldn't.' She burst into tears,
deep sobbing and hands covering her face. 'It's my birthday,' she reminded
her mother.

'It is not for you to say. Don't disobey me, Virginia, now off you go.'
Virginia knew better than object any further and left the room.

'Joanne, come here please,' Richard instructed.

'Please, Master. I've been standing for some time and haven't been able
to clean myself,' Joanne explained.

Margot and Roger were intrigued.

"Just do as you're told. You don't want another session so soon do

Amber and Richard sat on one couch directly opposite Margot and Roger on
the other. The naked Joanne moved into the square of seats, standing side
on to both couples, hands at her side facing the fire.

'I thought you'd like to see Amber's handiwork more closely,' Richard
explained to his guests. He directed Joanne to face him and then said,

Immediately Joanne responded, spread her feet widely apart and bent down
towards her master and mistress which in turn presented Margot and Roger
with a highly patterned backside and gaping vulva which glistened red from
her escaping menstrual blood. Richard watched their reactions closely.

'Oh, Amber. You've cut her inside,' Margot exclaimed, shocked at what
she saw.

Roger was smarter. He placed his finger on the opening and brought it
to his nose. 'That's not from a cut. She's in her menses,' he said
loudly, hardly believing what he saw.

'So that's what she meant by wanting to clean herself. Amber, for
seventeen, you have an evil streak,' Margot giggled.

'The punishment included her not wearing anything and as it's for a
month, unless she had got herself pregnant, it'd have to include one of her
cycles. It just happens that it's now while your here. I really wanted
you to see my stripes,' Amber added, a little miffed.

'Well those are superb, my dear,' Roger agreed. 'Beautifully laid on,
I'd say.'

He took the opportunity to run his palms over the still swollen pubes,
but made sure he kept away from the somewhat sticky vaginal secretions.

'Must say, I've never seen a woman in quite this pose before.
Interesting.' he added.

'You have a beautiful body, Joanne,' Margot told her. 'I'm sure the men here would like to touch it intimately. Would you object to that?'

'If the Master instructed, I would not object,' Joanne explained matter
of factly.

'And if the women here wanted to feel your smoothness, would you allow
them to do that?'

'Yes, ma'am. If my master agreed.' She looked directly at Margot as she

'Resume,' Amber stated. Joanne rose and retreated from the room.

They sat in silence for a time, Amber snuggling into Richard's side as
he placed an arm around her shoulders. He whispered in her ear and she sat
around so that she was directly opposite Roger.

'You are a very sexy woman, Margot, and I suspect a very naughty one,'
Richard accused. 'But then, given the chance, I suspect all women are. I
do believe you made a pass at Amber's maid tonight. Now that is something
I would like to be present for.' He looked directly at her, impishly.

'Me too,' Roger agreed.

'And me,' Amber piped up.

Richard whispered to his wife again. She looked into his eyes as though
she was trying to understand what he had said.

'What are you two on about,' Roger quipped.

'Newly-weds,' Margot stated with a smirk.

All giggled and their conversation continued, usually full of double
meanings or sexual innuendo. It was only Roger who became aware that
Amber's legs, which were resting on the edge of the small coffee table
before them, were imperceptibly widening apart. Slowly, so slowly.
Simultaneously her hand was carefully gathering in her skirt until she had
drawn the hem just level with her knees, giving him clear vision of the
widening vee directly in front of him. Richard, Amber and Margot were
chattering happily away, but Roger's mind was elsewhere. He took several
quick glances towards Amber and Richard but they were apparently oblivious
to what Amber's knees were showing.

They'd finally opened to the stage where he was looking right into the
crotch of her panties and saw she was wearing pink. He couldn't tear his
eyes away; it was as if he were in a hypnotic spell. There before him was
the spread thighs of his friend's seventeen year old bride, pink panties snugly fitting over her crotch and nobody was aware that he could see all.

'Margot, do you know that your husband is staring up my wife's skirt
like a peeping tom,' Richard declared in a loud voice.

Amber didn't move.

Margot looked, then punched Roger on the shoulder. 'Roger!' she
screamed in mock derision.

'Oh, shit,' stated Roger.

'Did you enjoy looking, Roger dearest,' Amber asked sarcastically,
moving her feet to the floor to take away his view.

Amber stood up, moved across and placed a long wet kiss on Roger's lips.
'I'll bet it gave you a hardon, though' she declared.

Margot grabbed for his crotch. 'It sure did.'

They were still jibing one another when Virginia returned to the room.

She was dressed in a schoolgirl's uniform. Black lace-up shoes and long
white socks. A cotton school dress with buttons down to the waist, and a
very short skirt, covering just a few inches below her bottom. Only the
top button was undone. She wore a standard school hat with two ribbons
tied around ponytails in her hair.

In her hand she carried a regulation school cane, three feet long, and
curled into a half circle at one end.

Her shower had obviously refreshed her and she smelled of talcum powder.

She didn't say a word, simply standing just inside the door, the cane
held in both hands and her eyes looking to the floor.

Roger removed the table from between them, and as Richard moved the
armchair, Margot told her daughter to come and stand in front of them.

'Virginia, please explain to our hosts what this is all about,' her
mother instructed.

The young girl turned to Amber and Richard and in almost a whisper
explained as best she could.

"Well," she said shyly. "Saturday nights are when mom and Daddy punish
me for anything I have been naughty for during the week. It usually hurts
and I cry but please don't worry because Daddy tells me that all naughty
girls get their bottoms caned regularly and become better girls for it.'

'Explain what happens dear.'

'I have to wear different clothes each Friday so that my punishments are
different. Sometimes mom tells me not to go to the toilet all day so that
by night-time I really need to go but she doesn't let me until my spanking
is over. She left the cane on the bed so I knew that would be tonight's

Margot then stood behind Virginia, placing her arms over her daughter's
shoulders so their cheeks touched. She laid her hands flat against the
girls waist and pushed the school dress downwards so that it was tight
against the young girls body.

She then preceded to explain to Richard and Amber in graphic detail,
what was about to happen.

'As Virginia said, Friday night's are her punishment nights and these
are usually kept strictly secret between Virginia and her parents. But
seeing you have become close second parents to her, and as you have
participated in her bath night a few weeks ago, both Roger and I felt that
it was only fitting to include you in her punishment tonight, seeing we are
guests in your home for the night."

She looked around at the others then continued. 'Although Virginia
turned sixteen today, and you can all see that she is a beautiful and fully
developed young lady, her father and I decided early in her life that for
her own benefit it was essential that she grew up well disciplined. Since
the age of ten, Virginia has kept a carefully maintained diary of her wrong
doings. As soon as we catch her doing something naughty, she is made to
write her wrongdoing in the diary, and every Friday evening she presents
that for our inspection. Each misdemeanour is given a number of demerits
according to how serious her naughtiness has been. If she has less that
ten demerits she will receive no punishment that week although whatever
demerits she has, are carried forward into next week.' Margot saw that she
had the entire attention of all in the room.

'Virginia is completely intact and the purest of virgins. Nothing has
ever gone past her outer pussy lips, not even her own finger, and the
greatest sin she could commit would be to allow her hymen to be broken.
Not only would it devastate her father, it would earn her so much
punishment she would have no hope of standing up or sitting down for
several weeks. It would simply mean that the skin on her bottom would be
so cut up with the cane that it would take that long for the cuts to heal.
She has been well warned, haven't you dear?" Virginia nodded.

'Most of her misdeeds though, only earn two or three demerits, so if she
behaves herself she has every chance of not being punished for several
weeks. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. Her father and I decide how
the punishment will be given. Sometimes she received a simple spanking
over her pajamas or nightie. Sometimes she has to raise her nightdress and
receive a ruler or the back of a hairbrush on her bare bottom.
Occasionally, when she has had a hard punishment, she is made to go to
school for a whole week without any panties on, so she has to be very
careful not to let her skirt lift up. Sometimes her Daddy spanks her,
sometimes her Mom, whom she calls mommy during her punishments, and
sometimes both of us attend to her rehabilitation,' Margot continued. 'We
try to make each session different to stop her being bored with the same
thing every Friday.'

Virginia had begun to blush deeply as these intimate details were given
to her uncle and aunt. She was becoming very embarrassed, as a young lady

'Now, darling. Please read out your list of naughties for this week.'

Margot left her standing in the middle of the rectangle and sat beside
her husband, taking his hand. Amber realised both parents sitting opposite
were highly excited, and sat on the edge of the couch, almost fidgeting.

Virginia drew a small notebook from her uniform and began to read it's
contents out aloud, never looking up to see the others watching her.

'Being late for School two days, four demerits.

Getting mud on my uniform, one demerit

Forgetting to set the table, one demerit

Touching myself without asking permission first, four demerits

Screaming at mommy when she wanted me to go to bed,

four demerits

Soiling my panties, two demerits"

'That's all, Mommy,' she stated handing the notebook to her mother. She
stood still, awaiting the verdict of the judge and jury, her parents.

Throughout Margot's discourse, both Richard and Amber sat in wonderment
on hearing these revelations. They were highly stimulated at the prospect
of what might happen next. Amber was sure her pussy was so wet it must be
making a wet patch where she sat on her skirt. She could clearly see the
bulge in Richard's lap.

Margot whispered to Roger who nodded his ascent.

'This is a serious night, Virginia. You have earned sixteen demerits in
just one week, and didn't even write down the fact that you disobeyed my
instructions not to empty your bladder until you were given permission.
Rather than carry those demerits they will be added on to this week's
total. That makes twenty in all, a very high total indeed. You have not
reached that many for several months and deserve a severe disciplining
tonight, young lady,' Margot remonstrated severely.

'In fact I do believe you have been so naughty this week, you could not
possibly be sixteen years old. For the naughty little girl that you are,
how old do you think you should be?' Margot waited for her daughter's
hesitant reply.

'I think I have been so bad I must only be ten years old,' she
whimpered, head definitely bowed in acquiescence.

'It could be, that for all these wrong doings you are even younger than
that, but I think ten years old is close enough,' she said sternly to her
wayward daughter.

Then turning to Richard and Amber she said, 'We try to be authentic as
possible. Underneath her dress she is wearing regulation underwear also,
as you can see.'

With that Margot lent down and lifted the front of her daughter's dress
high enough to reveal tight fitting white cotton school briefs. Before
lowering the dress she gave the underpants a little pat across the mound,
smiling at Amber knowingly, as the dress fell back into place.

'Time to get ready, dear. Move down to the end near the armchair where
the glow of the fire will show you off better, and then commence to undress
please; all off tonight,' Margot added.

'Please, Mommy. Not all my clothes in front of Uncle Richard and Aunt
Amber,' she pleaded knowing full well that it would do her no good.

'Everything, and make sure it is done slowly. You can think over your
naughtiness as each garment is removed. If you're only ten years old you've nothing to hide and anyway, your uncle and aunt have seen you taking
a bath already so it's nothing new to them.'

Virginia knew when to quit and her hands moved to the top button of her
school dress. Very slowly her fingers loosened the button and proceeded
through the rest. She removed her arms to display a white cotton singlet.
She pushed the dress past her hips and allowed it to fall to the floor.

Next removed was the cotton vest, then her hands went around her back
and after a few moments of wriggling the clip of a small white cotton bra
was undone. Virginia held the garment to her chest as she slipped each
strap from her arms and taking hold of the edge of each cup, slowly
released her breasts to their gaze. Both Richard and Amber had of course
seen this young woman nude only a few weeks before, but the new sight of
those magnificent bosoms left them in awe. All four adults were fascinated
at the sight. Large, fully developed, so firm that not the faintest sign
of sag was visible, with each hillock topped by mushroom pink nipples,
pointed and hard.

Before the four onlookers stood a ravishing young blonde woman, dressed
in shoes and socks, a school hat and the tightest fitting cotton brief.

Margot broke the silence.

'Come here dear, and show yourself.'

She stepped in front of her mother who placed both hands on her cotton
clad bottom and felt all over, finally sliding them to the front where she
again explored the surface of her daughter's underpants.

Virginia moved to her father who without speaking, turned her around so
that she faced Richard and Amber who looked on, not moving a muscle. His
hands roamed for a long time over his daughter's derriere, one hand then
sliding around her hip to wander over her front, especially low down.
Amber's sharp intake of breath was heard by all as she saw the other hand
insinuate itself under Virginia's crotch to cup the girl's whole pubic
region, one finger raised higher than the others pressed firmly into the
vaginal entrance.

Virginia's eyes were closed and she made no movement, allowing her
father to continue his obvious enjoyment as he wished. Finally, he gave
her bottom a sharp loving pat, withdrawing both hands.

She moved to Richard who looked straight at Margot.

'You have Virginia's permission to touch, Richard,' Margot assured him,
smiling. It is all part of her humiliation'.

His hands slowly went around her body to clasp the bottom cheeks and
circle the luscious globes covered in thin cotton. He tried to look up
into her face, but immediately in front of him stood two luscious breasts which took all his will power to leave alone. His hands fell back to his
lap as he glanced at Amber. She was not watching her husband, but rather
the tightness of the young girls loins.

Amber had the final turn. She placed her hands on the child's bottom,
pulling her closer and laying her cheek against the girls stomach, began to
slowly revolve her hands over the firm bottom flesh. As she did so,
Virginia lowered her face and laid in on the top of Amber's head and they
stayed connected thus for what seemed an eternity. Amber finally was
unable to stop herself cupping the girls pubis for a moment, and as she
broke away, placed a gentle kiss near her belly button.

Virginia whispered, loud enough for all to hear, 'I love you,' and moved
towards the armchair facing them.

No-one spoke or moved. All eyes remained on Virginia's next move.

Very slowly, her thumbs hooked into the top elastic of her briefs and
she began to push then downwards. The mark where the elastic band sat on
her skin was not noticed as this final garment edged lower and finally
started to uncover the most secret grotto that all now waited breathlessly
to view.

Just as for a few weeks ago, Virginia had removed all sign of pubic hair
and as the first evidence of the start of the vaginal crease popped into
view, several deep intakes of breath could be heard. She continued the
slow lowering of her pants and finally her vulva was fully exposed to the
four pairs of eyes, all seeing the same moving scene. Virginia let the
briefs slide down her legs and she stepped out of them.

Her mother held out her hand which Virginia took as she was pulled to
her mother. She was not allowed to cover her nudity, and in fact Margot
increased the young woman's humiliation, by pulling her backwards to make
her sit on Margot's knees. The knees then spread to open Virginia's legs
widely and display her hairless pussy to Richard and Amber who were but an
arms length away.

'Virginia must be only ten years old,' Margot declared. 'You can see
she hasn't grown any hair on her little pussy at all, Have you darling?'
She gave her daughter an encouraging hug, kissing her on the side of the

'Don't you think our little girl looks pretty, Uncle Richard and Aunt
Amber?' Margot asked and both agreed. Margot ran a hand over one breast as
she smiled at them.

Without further talk, Margot placed her daughter across her knees and
pushed her back so her hands rested on the floor.

'I will spank you six times, Virginia, and as usual you can scream as
loud as you like. You will then receive eight cuts of the cane with an
interval in between. Your father will complete this week's punishment by
spanking you a further six times over your caned bottom. That will make
twenty strokes in all. Do you understand?'

'Yes, Mommy,' she cried.

'Please count each stroke. If you don't I will continue until you
recommence,' her mother warned.

The six smacks were delivered with all Margot's strength, very quickly,
spread evenly over both cheeks. Virginia managed to count each stroke but
between each, squealed from the first moment to well after the sixth and
tears flooded down her face. Her bottom burned dreadfully and was very

'Go and sit on Aunt Amber's lap. You can have five minutes rest before
toe cane.'

The naked, sobbing girl snuggled into Amber who was by now, highly
emotional about the punishment handed out already. In fact the screaming
had upset her but the sight of Margot's hand landing on the girl's
unclothed body sent a thrill of excitement throughout her own body.

Finally, Margot led her daughter to the large arm chair, placing her
hands on the arms near back, pushing her back down firmly so that her face
rested on the seat the seat. This left her bottom standing high and pushed
out. Finally she spread the girl's feet so they were clamped against the
outer edge of each side of the chair, this time making both vulva and anus
available for all to see.

Roger took the cane and flexed it between both hands. He was smiling to
himself. Amber was about to interrupt by demanding that the punishment
cease when he looked directly at her, put a finger to his lips and motioned
her to remain quiet.

The first cut landed but was given lightly. Virginia flinched, counted,
'Seven,' but did not cry out. Although each of the next three cuts were
wielded harder than the last, they were not given to inflict great pain.
Both Virginia's discomfort and Amber's concern were eased.

Roger took one of his daughter's arms and helped her to stand straight
again. She rubbed her pink bottom, twisting around to look at Amber and
Richard with a smile of relief on her face.

'Cheer up, dear,' her father told her. 'It's half over.'

The small table was again placed between the two couches and Virginia
was made to lay lengthwise over it, resting her hands and feet on the floor
at either end.

Margot took the cane from her husband and looking meanly over her
daughter, swished the cane through the air. Then she landed it squarely on
the whimpering girl's bottom... gently. Virginia raised her head, not
believing this was a stroke.

'Count,' she was told.


As before, the remaining three fell lightly and it was obvious Margot
and Roger had planned their actions well in advance.

However, Roger then lifted his daughter over his knee, capturing her
legs between both of his. One arm pushed her back firmly down and held it
there. With his other hand, he opened her legs further apart and when he
was satisfied, smacked one cheek of her bottom with full force. If
Virginia thought she was to receive the rest of her punishment lightly she
was mistaken.

Then, instead of continuing, he massaged the smacked cheek and gently
pushed his hand down her bottom crack. All could see that his finger was
manipulating her pussy lips and Margot reminded him, 'Careful, don't go too

He smiled at his two friends opposite, and then landed another hard
smack to her other bottom cheek, making her cry out.

Again his fingers worked their way into her vagina and worried it for
several minutes. The action was obviously favourable to Virginia because
she began to move her hips to the rhythm of his actions.

A further loud crack echoed around the room and as his fingers slipped
between her legs, she opened then wider. He masturbated his young daughter in front of everyone, hand and fingers moving fast. Roger was oblivious of
the others in the room and the friction of her squirming on his knee had
the expected effect of increasing his erection to near orgasmic
titillation. Virginia felt the growth of his maleness pressing into her
lower stomach but his manipulation of her clitoris was such that nothing
mattered except for him to continue and bring her to the peak of

Virginia gasped as smack number eighteen landed hard and accurate on the
centre of her left bottom cheek. By now her behind burnt with a fire that
only one happening would soothe it, a full and prolonged female orgasm.
She yearned for the release it would bring and sighed as she felt her
tormenting father's fingers slide over her pussy lips once again to begin
his intrusive manipulation.

It seemed as though he would not stop this time, as Virginia began to
show the tell tale signs of approaching ecstasy. She clenched her teeth,
breathing fiercely, grunting as her head shook wishing the orgasm on to
it's pinnacle. Just as her legs began to shudder and her moaning became a
continuous high pitched scream, Roger hit her hard again. She cried out.
Teeth shivered, making a clicking and she called on her father to help her.

'Daddy please don't stop this time. Please help me. Help me,' she
cried out in anguish. Roger's face was beaded with perspiration and he
knew he was near to ejaculating into his trousers, such had the wriggling
body of his daughter affected him. He desperately wanted to come himself,
but certainly not in front of his friends. He used all his will-power to
lower his fingers to the girl's slippery crack and began to worry her
clitoris again. It was not his intention to give her the pleasure of an
orgasm during her punishment, but it was his plan to keep her frustration
at this high level. He planned to speak severely about some of her
misdeeds while her level of response slowed down. There was only one smack
to go, and as soon as she reached fever pitch this time he cracked her
bottom in the final stroke of punishment.

Quickly releasing her to relieve the pressure of her body on his penis,
he made her stand before him, sobbing deeply in frustrated anguish. She
held her crotch tight and Roger had to slap her hand away.

'Now young lady, I want to talk about some of your demerits this week.
Stand up straight and stop that crying,' he told her unkindly.

'Yes, Daddy,' she sobbed.

'I can't believe a grown lady of your age would wet her pants. If you
have the urge to pee, then you must do it in the toilet, not in your
panties. Is that understood?'

'Yes, Daddy. But I was in a test and we weren't allowed to leave the
room. I just couldn't help it,' she tried to explain.

'Then you should simply have held it inside you. The next time this
happens, it will be an instant ten demerits and you know what that means.'

'Yes, Daddy.'

'Now I don't know how your mother and I are going to stop you playing
with yourself without permission,' Roger went on, detailing her errors more
for the spicy conversation for Richard and Amber's benefit than for his

'You know that if you play with yourself without someone watching you,
you could work yourself into such a state that you might push your finger
right inside your pussy. You know that, don't you?'

'Yes, Daddy. You told me that, but I'm sure I wouldn't let myself do it
because I do want you to be the one.' Richard and Amber remained intrigued,
but not wishing to interrupt the dialogue before them they remained silent.

'You may make yourself come whenever you want to, but you must ask our
permission first, and one of us must be with you to make sure you don't
lose control of your self. It is most important that you keep your
virginity intact as we have talked about so often. If you are told not to
come, then you must not touch yourself at all. We won't tell you this
again. It will mean a chastity belt if you are caught again and I can tell
you, you will not like that.'

'A chastity b... .' She stopped before finishing her sentence. 'You

'Believe us, Virginia.'

'Darling,' her mother said. 'Go and take another bath, it will make you
feel a lot better.'

The naked young woman departed, leaving her school clothes on the floor.

Chapter Fifteen

'Margot, do you really give her permission to masturbate, and then watch
as she does it?' Amber was incredulous at the thought.

'Before I answer that, I want to say something,' Margot stated.

'We've become very close friends. No, much closer than that. The four
of us have become almost as intimate as a married couple and have done and
talked of things that no ordinary people would usually do. You have put
your maid through a series of most personal acts and have trusted us with
that knowledge. Most people who witnessed what you did would have reported
your act to the police as obscene, but you didn't hesitate in front of us.
Do you agree with that?' She looked to Richard and Amber nervously, for
their agreement.

'It's true what you say, Margot,' Richard said. 'And the truth is, we
do trust you both to keep our deeds to yourselves and in the greatest of

Margot showed her relief at Richard's response.

'I'm pleased you feel that way. You see, Roger and I hold you as our
dearest, our closest and our only private friends also. If we didn't, you
would never have been invited to our daughter's bath ritual and we
certainly would not have carried out her punishment, with all it's
intimacies and incestuousness. The truth is, both Roger and I are highly
sexed. We need deeper diversions and activities than you could ever find
in a normal marriage where the husband masturbates himself in his wife's
vagina for five minutes once a week. We have developed our urges and have
gone to great lengths to satisfy them. It takes imagination, daring and a
lot of damned hard effort, but the result is such that we keep ourselves at
peak sexual arousal always.'

'Oh, my God,' Amber cried out. 'We have the greatest sex, but I want
what you've got.' She held out both hands and Margot took them. Richard
smiled and Roger beamed.

'Amber, you are the most wonderfully honest young woman I know. We love
you and were thrilled when Richard took you for his wife. We want to get
to know you even more than Richard knows you now,' Margot smiled openly at

'Gosh. Better than Richard knows me. He knows everything.' And then
what Margot said dawned on her.

'You mean, sex and all that don't you?'

'We mean, darling girl, Everything with a capital E.'

Just as Amber was about to respond, Virginia returned. She looked
fresh, clean, powdered and still quite naked. This vibrant young woman,
aged sixteen, looking fourteen, except for the upstanding firmness of her
breasts which made her look eighteen, showed no sign now of shyness and
happily paraded between her parents and her Uncle and Aunt. Her crimson
red buttocks were mute evidence to the paddling she had just received.

'Amber, why don't you take Virginia up to her bed and tuck her in as you
did last time,' Margot said.

'Please do, Aunt Amber. I'd love you to kiss me goodnight,' she assured
Amber excitedly.

Quickly she went to her mother and sat on her lap.

'Thank you for my punishment, Mom. I deserved it.' Taking one of her
mother's hands she squeezed it around one of her breasts as she kissed her
with a deep open mouthed kiss.

'Goodnight, Mom,' she said and them whispered something in her ear which
no one could hear. Her mother nodded, smiling.

Moving to her father's lap, she repeated the process except that Roger
grasped both breasts firmly, massaging them. They kissed as though they
were husband and wife, hungrily.

'Goodnight, Daddy. I hate you for not making me come,' she said
smilingly and honestly.

Richard received the same goodnight kiss, and Amber noticed him blushing
as he took the opportunity of feeling Virginia's breasts for as long as he

Virginia broke away, saying quietly, 'Don't worry, Uncle Richard.
'You'll be able to touch me plenty more times.'

'Virginia, before we go up, why don't you put your new nightdress on,'
Amber suggested.

'Oh, yes,' she squealed and ran to get it.

She handed it to Amber and lifted her arms up in the air for Amber to
slip it on. The silky material slid sensuously down her slim body, after
being helped over her breasts. It fitted superbly, and the nipples could
be clearly seen through the lace bodice. After saying goodnight to the
room in general, they held hands and went up to Virginia's bedroom.

Margot waited until they were out of earshot before speaking.

'Richard, I want to follow on with our discussion. Tell me, who is the
leader, the decision maker in your house?'

'Why, I am, of course,' he declared.

'Good. I thought that had to be so. Just so that you know, Roger
thinks he is, but he always bows to my wishes when the crunch comes. Don't
you, darling?' She gave his knee a pat.

'Richard, do you see the possibilities of the four of us becoming
closer. I mean really closer?'

'I'm not sure what you mean, Margot, but you interest me. Keep going.'

'What I am about to suggest could be outrageous. Most people would
probably say I was sick and put me away. But whenever the four of us get
together, something wonderful starts happening. We are all on the same
wavelength. I said Roger and I were highly sexed. We are. We need sex in
many different ways. It excites us. But we found we were just taking the
pleasure ourselves. We could never share he excitement with anyone else
because what we do is not acceptable to the great majority.'

'Go on Margot,' Roger said. 'I'm intrigued too.'

'Richard, we've been friends for a long time and have shared some
intimate secrets between us. But it wasn't until Amber came along that
this friendship turned into something else. Would it shock you to hear me
ask you to fuck me? Or more so, if Roger or Amber looked on?'

'Oh, Christ,' Richard exclaimed. 'You are as desirable as Amber to me
but until now I'd never have thought of doing more than fantasize about it.
Before we go any further, I'd like to hear what Roger has to say,' he
declared, hoping to defuse this very sexy moment a little.

'I'm as stunned as you, old boy,' he said, although far too eagerly.
'Neither Margot or I have ever strayed from each other up to now, although
we have balked at nothing in our sexual activities. And I mean, nothing.
If either of us wanted to do something out of the usual, no matter what it
was, the other always agreed. I am interested in hearing my sexy little
bitch of a wife out further,' he stated.

'I take it Margot,' Richard asked. 'That you are suggesting wife swapping?'

'That's too simple. What I am suggesting, is that the Wright and the
Simmon's families marry. That we hold a ceremony where I and Roger take
you and Amber for our legally wedded husband and wife. That sex between
any two of the four of us, in our eyes, is sex within the marriage. There,
I've said it.'

'Jesus H. Christ,' Roger exclaimed.

'Hell's Bells,' Richard uttered, wide-eyed. 'You don't do things by
half measure do you?'

'I've thought about this for months,' she told him.

'Where does Virginia stand in all this,' Roger asked.

'I thought about that for a long while too. As far as the outside world
is concerned, we are just two families, good friends. When Amber bears
children, they will officially be yours, you and Amber's. But in our
consolidated family all the children will be ours, that is, belong to all
four of us.

'That's fine while they're little, but when they go to school the whole
world will know what's going on. Kids wouldn't understand how to keep
their secrets and it'd soon get back to the other parents,' Richard said,
thinking up excuses for why they couldn't do it. From his point of view,
he would very much like to fuck Margot, although he had never thought of
having an audience of the other spouses looking on. However, the seeds of
the idea excited him immensely.

'Roger,' Richard asked. 'If I said yes,' would you go along with it?
How would you feel if I got into your bed and had sex with Margot while you
looked on.'

'Let me ask you a question. What would you do if I took Amber up the
arse while you looked on?'

Margot chipped in. 'What would you both do if Amber and I made love on
the carpet in front of you. Or how would of you both cope if either Amber
or I said we wanted to see you two men making homosexual love in front of

There was stunned silence as each digested what had just been asked.

'I'm glad you continued this discussion after Amber went upstairs. She
is the most uninhibited woman I know, but at age seventeen, we've got a lot
of talking and thinking to do before we come up with a solution that is
totally acceptable to all. We can't proceed beyond our intimate friendship
as you call it, Margot, until each one of us is fully committed and
agreeable. It would not only break up the friendship, but probably both
our marriages, and I certainly don't want that,' Richard stated, hoping he
had made his position clear.

Margot then spoke.

'I think this will turn out to be the most exciting and enduring move of
our lives. But you are right, Richard. Especially for little Amber, you
must talk it all through with her. For me, I would love to love each of
you equally in every respect. I would pledge my life, body and soul, to
loving each of my husbands and wife. Please talk encouragingly to your
wife. I will too, if you wish.

'There's just one thing,' Roger said. 'There's no way on this earth
you'll get me to let him stick his cock up me.'

'Nor you, up me,' Richard declared. 'But I must say, the thought of
watching Margot and Amber at it together rises the old fellow a bit.'

'Typical men,' Margot snapped with a smile.

Meanwhile upstairs, after they entered Virginia's bedroom, she walked
Amber to her dressing table mirror where they looked at their own images.

'Aunt Amber, your present is beautiful, don't you think so?'

She cupped both breasts, the nipples showing under the lace ringed by
her thumb and forefinger.

'Do you like me?'

Amber was unsettled by the seriousness of the question.

'I do,' she agreed. 'I think you are a lovely young lady.'

'But do you like me?' She asked a second time. 'You see, Aunt Amber, I
love you. I love you like mom loves Daddy. I love you, Aunt Amber.'

She then pressed Amber into a tight embrace, kissing her full on the
lips, her own lips working themselves over Amber's in sheer love.

'Please touch me. Darling Amber, please touch me,' she pleaded. It was
the first time she had not used the aunt prefix. 'Take your hands and push
them under my nightdress. Feel me, Amber. Touch my pussy and my breasts the way your husband does to you. Please love me too.'

She had taken Amber's hands in hers, holding them lightly to allow Amber
to make the move she was so desperate for. Amber looked into the sweet
loving face before her and saw the pleading eyes of the young girl.
Finally she decided to act.

'I love you too, Virginia. Very much. But I also love my husband very
much and can't give you the love you seek. Not all of it. I can only
share some of it with you.

Still standing before the mirror, she turned the young girl around and
standing behind her, slowly lifted the nightdress over her head. Both
women watched the scene before them. Amber's hands cupped each breast as
only another woman can, fondling, caressing, pulling at tight nipples, and
pinching them between sharp fingernails. She kissed Virginia's neck, just
under her ear, and nibbled her ear lobe, sucking and licking it.

Two sets of eyes looked into the mirror. Virginia moaned, purred with
delight at what she was feeling. At Amber's urging, they turned to face
each other and she allowed Virginia to control the kiss that followed.
Amber urged her towards the bed where the younger girl fell backwards, onto
the softness. Amber leaned over the naked girl, opened her mouth and in
turn sucked each nipple between her teeth, nipping, gently biting.

'Amber, make me come. Daddy wouldn't and it made me feel terrible. I
want to come.'

Amber whispered in her ear, 'But neither your mom or Daddy have given
their permission,' she reminded the urging girl.

'Mom said I could if you were here,' she said. 'Remember when I
whispered to her and she nodded?'

'You don't miss a trick, do you? I've a good mind to spank that red bottom again,' Amber laughed. 'But I won't. I love it too much.'

Her kisses moved down the young girl's torso, Amber's tongue never
leaving the skin.

When she arrived at the hairless vulva, she gave the entrance one long
lick with her tongue, depositing as much saliva as possible in the opening.
She sat beside Virginia, leaning one arm on the bed on the other side of
Virginia's body for balance. With the other, she placed one finger on the
very centre of the young girl's clitoris and began to masturbate her
towards the orgasm she so much needed.

Amber had never touched another woman's vagina, only her own and she
found the experience arousing. Her own urges were becoming stronger and
stronger just as Virginia's movements were strong. Amber guessed there was
only moments to go before the girl reached her peak and tumbled over the
precipice, taking her fulfilment with her. She applied her finger more
firmly which made Virginia cry out and then immediately move into the
throes of orgasm. Amber never stopped her movements until all sound and
movement had ceased.

She removed her finger and sat up straight, her back still towards the
girl's face. Moments later she swivelled around to see a face covered with
gratitude, eyes moist with welled up tears. Virginia pulled Amber to her
in a soft yet firm embrace.

'Thank you Amber. That was the most wonderful feeling I have ever had.
Thank you, my darling.' She kissed Amber full on the lips tenderly.

'I love you with all my shared love,' Amber whispered, folding the
covers over the naked girl. By the time Amber reached the door, Virginia
was asleep.

When Amber returned to the others, she felt the tension in the room.
She also felt the urgency within her, for her own relief and decided to
ease both.

'I don't know what's going on here, but it needs fixing. Margot, do you
know your daughter just seduced me into bringing her to orgasm. It made me
so hot I need some relief as much as I think you all do.' By now she was
almost gushing, unable to stop talking as her mind led her to take a step
to a level she had never been before.

Turning to Roger she said, 'Well you've seen up my dress so there's
nothing new to see there now. So if I take it off it shouldn't shock you,
and boy do I need what I'm going to do.'

She undid the zipper and pushed the loose dress to the floor, showing
off the white silk panties to all.

'Richard, I need to make use of your bulge.' She pushed him down in the
couch where he sat so that his body was almost straight out, his back
resting in the crease of the seat and back, and his bottom on the edge of
the seat. She then straddled his body, pressing her panty-clad vagina hard
onto his erection which had been evident for most of the night.

She then proceeded to masturbate herself against his hardness, eyes
closed and concentrating only on the taking of pleasure for herself.
Margot and Roger looked on in stunned silence aroused beyond belief at what
was taking place before their eyes.

Amber had been highly aroused before she commenced and needed little to
bring her to the stage where she could not control her voice or the
shudders that coursed through her body. She maintained the fucking motion,
rubbing her vagina up and down on Richard's stiff penis, and it wasn't long
before he too neared his climax.

'You're going to make me come,' he told her, not caring that Roger and
Margot were aware of all that was going on.

'Not yet. Please hold on a little longer,' she pleaded, but immediately
moved into her climax. Her continual scream was loud and long and she
never once stopped her pelvic movements, enjoying the continued thrills
that coursed through her.

'Oh, God. You've made me come too,' Richard told her, taking great
gulps of air as his sperm pumped into his trousers.

The couple slumped together and laid still. Roger and Margot looked at
each other and remained silent.

Amber was first to stir, rolling off her husband's lifeless body onto
the couch beside him. She saw Margot and Roger watching her and started to
giggle. She couldn't stop and soon Margot and then Roger joined in too,
tears streaming from their eyes.

Amber noticed the wetness from his sperm spreading across Richard's
slacks and that sent her into even greater uncontrolled laughter. Richard
just opened his eyes and looked a little sheepish.

'You've heard me in the throes of coming,' she told them. 'Just make
sure when you go up to bed, you don't close your door. You're just across
the hallway and it is only fair that we get to hear you at work. And after
what's gone on here tonight, I'm sure you've got a lot of work to do,' she
grinned knowingly.

Margot moved to sit beside her, kissing her lovingly and folding an arm
around her shoulder.

'I might have silent climaxes,' she suggested.

'I'll bet you don't.'

She looked lovingly at her husband.

'Thank you for the use of your manhood,' she said. 'I'm sorry I made
you waste a discharge, but I'm still so horny. Take me to bed, my lover.
You can tell me what all the gloom was about when I came back just now.'

She moved across to Margot and kissed her full on the mouth.
'Goodnight, mon cherie,' she declared.

As she got up, she kissed Roger passionately also saying in a low voice,
'When you do it with Margot, just think of what I've got under these
panties. It could make you all the harder for her.' She winked goodnight
at him.

As soon as they reached their room Amber asked, 'What was that all about
down there. Were they upset because I touched up their daughter?' She was
deadly serious because she didn't want to do anything to affect the
relationship that now existed between the two couples.

Richard shook his head.

'Far from it,' he said. 'In fact Margot had just told us what she hoped
would happen to us as a group and it was so unexpected that Roger and I had
some difficulty coming to terms with it.'

He then went on to describe Margot's idea of a joint marriage, and some
of the things it could mean for them.

'Richard, what do you think? I want you to be totally honest with me.
Please don't say just what you think I might want to hear. Tell me how you
felt when she told you,' Amber said, being as serious as she had ever been.

'I will tell you exactly how I feel, darling, on one condition.'


'That you then tell me what you think as honestly as you can. After
that, if there are any problems from either of us, that we discuss them in
detail between just you and me and resolve any differences so that we know
exactly what we want when we talk with them again tomorrow. Agreed?'

'Agreed,' she stated.

'Good. Frankly, I find the whole idea stimulating and arousing. That's
not to say I'm looking for other sex partners because you don't please me.
Nothing could be more from the truth. I adore you and I adore your sexual
ability. I could love no one as I do you and you have never left me
wanting in any way, physically, mentally or sexually. You are a demon in
bed and I don't want to see you change in any way.'

He stopped to put his words together for the next part of his discourse
when the noises of heavy lovemaking reached them from across the hall.
Both sniggered at the sound and it helped break the tension they were going

'Amber darling, what I see in this proposed marriage of four people is
that it really is a marriage of two couples. No matter what happens in the
future, I'm sure we will always be together, just as I could never see
Margot and Roger splitting up. But in declaring some kind of binding vows,
which are only between the four of us, and not the rest of the world, we
draw ourselves tightly together. So tight that you could not tell the
difference between the four of us and a normal married couple. It would
also overcome any sense of jealousy that might have occurred if one of us
was found having sex in whatever form with one from the other couple.
Incidentally, what do you think of having sex with Margot; becoming a

'Before I answer that, darling, I think I ought to tell you whether or
not I'm in favour of becoming a quadruple instead of just a couple,' she
stated. 'You're right,' he agreed.

'Right. Then this is what I think. Richard the very thought of the
proposal sends tingles running up and down my spine. I love them as I love
no other, except you of course,' and she kissed him quickly. 'I am in
favour, and look forward to talking over the details with them tomorrow.
I'm sure there will be lots of sorting out and it is so good that we have
got to get it right first time.'

She looked at him slyly.

'I have dreamed of laying down with Margot and doing lovely things with
her. Does that make you uneasy?' 'No, but until she suggested it I had
never even thought of it. It'd send me wild and I'd probably want to join
in,' he smiled as he told her.

'There's some things we'll all have to agree to though,' she said. 'For
instance, I've gifted the virginity of my anal opening to you for our first
wedding anniversary, darling. I want you to be the first one to break
through that invisible maidenhead.' She looked at him eagerly seeking his

'That will have to be a firm condition,' he acknowledged.

'And Richard, if both you and Roger will be fucking me, when I get
pregnant I won't know who the father would be. I want to make sure that
only you can do it to me until I'm sure I'm pregnant. At least for the
first time,' she added.

'I certainly agree with that but it will not make old Roger very happy.
Here am I fucking my two wives while he can only poke one of his, and the
one he has fucked for years at that. We'll have to come up with something
to keep him happy.'

'Yes. What we're saying is that he can't screw my pussy until after I'm
pregnant, and he can't screw my backside, sorry for being so blunt,' she
giggled, 'until after our wedding anniversary. I guess I'll just have to
improve my blow jobs and give good head,' she sniggered, picturing Roger
ejaculating down her throat. 'He'd probably be happy with that until he
gets a chance at some other holes,' she stated matter of factly.

'The other thing we've got to agree on, is the mechanism for either
couple to divorce the other, or by mutual arrangement if it just doesn't
work out,' Richard told her. 'Remember, we'll all have indulged in things
which outsiders, meaning the rest of the community, might consider
obnoxious or even downright criminal. For instance, incest with young Virginia, or homosexuality, that is if we ever get around to touching each
other, Roger and I, I mean.'

'Richard, as much as you couldn't imagine it, we women will require both
of you to do it, I assure you. Now you've got me going again; stop
talking, strip off my clothes and fuck me hard. Love me as you never have
before, my darling husband.'

She snuggled into his shoulder as his arm encircled her, and kissed him
sexily, tongues rubbing together. She loved what his hands did to her

Soon, Margot and Roger listened to the sounds coming into their room.
It was enough to make Roger erect again, and Margot took full advantage,
rolling on top of him and plunging her vagina over and down his long hard
cock. The two bedrooms produced simultaneous climaxes.

Chapter Sixteen

Richard and Amber walked in to breakfast, hand in hand, still feeling
the afterglow of the last hour's lovemaking. Roger and Margot had beaten
them down and were already tucking into ham and eggs served by Mellors.

'If that's what your advertising,' Richard said to Margot. 'Then I'm

Both Margot and Roger were still in their night attire. Roger's pajamas
were pajamas, but Margot wore a nightdress. A nightdress that clung to
every hill and dale, that swayed with every movement she made. That
seduced both Richard and Amber alike.

'And we haven't even discussed the price,' she smiled back at him,
pushing out a hip that then showed off a profile of her bust line.

Amber ran and kissed them both good morning but the next hour was spent
talking about anything but what all of them wanted to. Amber decided
someone had to broach the unspoken.

'Margot, about last night.'

'Ha!' Roger laughed. 'We heard the springs hit the floor, you made so
much noise. And then again this morning. God, your insatiable,' he

'Did Roger perform well, Margot?' Amber asked sweetly, pulling a
sarcastic face at Roger.

'Looks don't always tell the tale, Amber dear. He performed, I went red in the face three times, but he's still waiting for permission to shoot,'
she explained, looking at Amber roguishly.

'Let's cut the crap,' Roger almost shouted. 'We all know there's a lot
to be said. Let's talk.'

It was the cue they all wanted.

'Are we still friends, Amber?' Margot asked dubiously.

'Richard and I talked last night,' Amber started, not knowing how to
commit herself and Richard to the proposed marriage of marriages. She
wanted to come right out and say 'Yes' but thought a dramatic build up
would set the acceptance better. She finally continued by saying, 'The
fact is Margot, I was shocked at your suggestion. Shocked.'

She saw the look of disappointment forming on Margot's face.

'As soon as Richard told me your little scheme... '

Margot interrupted, 'If you don't want to be... '

'Wait, Margot. I haven't finished,' Amber rushed on. 'When Richard
told me of your little scheme, we nearly rushed into your room to propose
to you, but it was about the time you went red in the face for the second
time and we thought you probably wouldn't have heard us anyway. Margot and
Roger, you seduce us, you excite us, you arouse us, but most importantly,
we love you dearly. Yes! Let's start thinking about the details.'

Both women hugged each other with excitement, kissing. Then Margot went
to Richard who took her in her arms kissing her passionately. Roger came
up to Amber but hesitated, maybe looking for approval before he embraced
her. She did it for him, holding out her arms and he clutched her to him,
kissing deeply but Amber noticed, he left his tongue at home.

When they had all ceased their show of affection, Margot looked around,

'Well, what about you two boys. You've just taken the first step to
marrying each other; aren't you going to kiss or something?'

Richard reddened and Roger hesitated again, attempting to hold his hand
out to be shake. Richard made the decisive move, and they both hugged each
other, breaking apart quickly.

Margot and Amber laughed.

'Do you have any concerns?' Margot asked them.

'Only a couple,' Richard advised, telling them of their needs for
Amber's yet to be achieved pregnancy, and her first anniversary gift.

Roger, if not miffed, was certainly disappointed at the delay he faced
in getting inside Amber's panties.

'Roger, darling. I do give great head,' Amber explained. 'And there's
always your tongue. You can't make me pregnant with that but you can do a
lot with it. And you'll still have all of Margot's openings. Time will
fly,' she encouraged him.

They talked through the day, not even stopping for lunch.

'We'll have to propose to each of the other partners,' Margot reminded
them. 'And after that, I suggest celibacy, well at least no penetrations,
orgasms or masturbating until our wedding night. Agreed?'

'I do,' Amber declared enthusiastically.

Both men just grunted. They had accepted that Amber's orifices, except
orally, were out of bounds until the stated events occurred. Also that
Virginia remained untouchable and intact until at least her eighteenth

Much discussion ensured about how to announce the union to her because
she was a vital part of the expanded family unit. Both Richard and Amber
were bestowed with privileges of punishment and oral titillation of the
young girl (but only on bath nights, or after punishment or humiliation
sessions) once she accepted that they had become her new parents also.

'Has Roger really been denied his climax, Margot?' Amber then asked.

'Damn right there, little lady. She is a sadist when it comes to
dishing out pussy.'

'I just like to teach him a lesson or two from time to time. Last night
he suggested that he call me Amber so he could say he'd screwed Amber even
before the marriage. Now, didn't that deserve a little bit of punishment?'

'He deserves everything he got,' Amber agreed.

They laughed and went back to talking, the only one remembering Roger
had remained unfulfilled was himself.

'There's something else,' Richard said. 'Let's just for the moment, say
that there is no restrictions to our new sexuality, which sounds exciting I
guess. But what if Roger or I, during the height of one of our sexual
urges, wanted to do something, or for that matter wanted one of you girls to do something so abhorrent to you that you just couldn't agree. You know
how we get; before the explosion nothing is impossible, but the moment the
first spurt breaks through we become cuddly rabbits. How would you handle
it? Would it be enough to cause a catastrophe for the group? It could,
you know.'

'And what might that act be, darling?' Amber asked sarcastically.
'You've not got to that stage with me yet.'

'Oh, I don't know,' he said, throwing his hands in the air in
frustration. 'Well for instance, shit! I've never had the urge to use it
sexually but a lot do; they write about it. Could you handle a turd being
pushed in your face or somewhere else.'

He was getting frustrated at not explaining himself as he wanted to.

'I don't think I could,' Margot agreed.

'Or what about necrophilia? That's sickening. Or the abuse of a tiny
child. Or what if we were in the middle of a B & D session and just got
carried away. They sound outrageous but in the height of one's sexual
drive how do you stop them continuing?' He thought he had put that in a
better context.

'I don't think any of us would go to those levels,' Roger stated. 'I
have done some pretty weird things with Margot over the years... '

'Margot, you've just got to tell me,' Amber cut in conspiratorially.

'Ha Ha,' Richard said sarcastically. 'The point I was trying to make is
that while I think the four of us would know when we were approaching the
limit we would stop. But maybe we should have some signal to warn us, a
word or phrase or a sign in case we were gagged.'

'I know you men. You do become animals sometimes, cuddly though you may
be after the big discharge, and for once Roger has come up with a good
idea. Well done, darling. Remind me to reward you later.'

'Oh, thank you God,' Roger said looking skyward and all laughed.

'What if we used the phrase "Have Mercy" she suggested and for a sign,
placing one hand in the air with your fingers stretched wide open. Neither
would be common and both would stand out. I must say though, I too don't
think any of us would step over the normal limits. But I think it's best
to have these things worked out.'

They all agreed, and for the next few minutes, four adults practiced,
crying out "Have Mercy" while holding their outstretched hand in the air
over their head, usually someone else's.

'I've got one more thing, no two, to sort out,' Roger stated. 'We're
doing this for the long term, am I right?' He asked looking at each. They
all agreed.

'Good. Well then, we all know that we men as we get older lose some of
our drive as time goes by, whereas you women seem to require more and more.
Sex, I mean,' he explained.

'Now, if we are meant to keep servicing your growing sexual needs, we're
going to need greater stimuli. At least you've got to provide that until
we all get past it, and I think the best way of doing that is for you two,'
pointing at the two women, with the tits, he thought to himself. 'For you
to give your undertaking to keep yourselves sexy at all times. If you look
around at most of the middle aged housewife set, they've let themselves go
to pot and wouldn't register a spark of excitement to their spouse's

'Here, here,' Richard agreed smirking to Amber especially.

'As long as it goes two ways,' Margot answered. 'Look at all the
beer-gutted middle aged men around. That has got to be the biggest
turn-off of all time. So if we've got to offer you our promise to looking
alluring for ever, God forbid, then you two have to guarantee you'll stay
fit. At least fit enough to service us to orgasm whenever we need it.'

'You tell 'em, baby,' Amber said throwing a fist in the air.

'Agreed boys? You look pretty good now and we want you to stay that

'Fair enough,' Richard agreed, and Roger smiled his assent.

'Another thing,' Richard said. 'And then I want to take my wife upstairs and wear her pussy raw.'

'Oh, boy. Can we watch,' Roger asked.

'Only after we're married. Listen will you,' he answered.

'We're heading towards a razor's edge in what were doing and there's
always a possibility of one upsetting one or more of us. Perhaps they
refuse to participate in some activity or just get up in a bitchy mood or
something. But we need to have some kind of appeal process. If someone
doesn't want to fuck or suck or whatever the partner was trying to do, they
should be able to have the problem resolved. I propose that if two are in
dispute, then they should lay their problem before the other two. Once
three are agreed that the action is correct, that is if the two listener's
agree with one side or the other, then a three to one majority means that
the objecting party also agrees to go along with it, no matter why they
didn't want to in the first place.

'That makes us judge and jury,' Amber added. 'But what if it ends up
with even votes. Two agreed and two disapproved?'

'Then what is proposed is defeated and it doesn't take place. I hope
that we can quickly resolve the problem of the two married couples and
become a married quadruple. That is, the two couples shouldn't necessarily
side with their present spouse in everything. Rather that each of us sees
the three others as their joint partners, and not just their two extra

'Richard, I love you dearly,' Margot told him. 'But what you say is
true, especially for the early months of our relationship. We will all
need to guide each other, but something a little formal like that should
help to overcome most of our differences.

'It should go further,' Roger said. 'What about the threat of divorce,
either by one or more of us. What if one couple wanted to dissolve our
quadruple marriage? It would probably have to come to an acceptance by the
other couple, but it could get as messy as any ordinary couple. If one
wanted to end the relationship, then that should come before the four of us
and we should agree to talk out all the differences, just like a marriage
counsellor. I don't know how we should set up all these so called
tribunals and it could be that we will just handle them if and when they
happen. But the worst would be where one of us doesn't agree with the rest
and in a fit of anger or whatever, accuses the others in public or through
the court system. It would be disastrous.'

'Maybe we could specify something in our wedding vows,' Amber suggested.
'I know I promised to obey my husband in all things; now that's a pretty
open statement. So I just open my legs and obey him when he commands. men are on a pretty good thing if you ask me,' she added petulantly.

'That sounds like a good idea, Amber. Now one last thing.' They all
groaned but he continued.

'Well it's important too. We've talked about disagreements and stuff
but we all plan on going beyond the limits or normal sexual practice. Take
what we've done with Virginia so far and I'm sure we'll think of plenty
more unorthodox ways of meeting all our urges. What if one of us should
get sick of it all and instead of just departing quietly, they go to the
police or somewhere and make a charge of gross sexual conduct or incest or
something. I think we need to each have some kind of insurance against
that person. We don't have to decide now but if you'll allow me, I'll put
something in place which will give us all a hold over the others. That way
no-one can accuse the others without facing the same accusations

'I'm happy with that. I'm sure it will never be needed but at least it
will ease any doubts that could arise in the future,' Roger agreed.

'Good,' Richard said in finality. 'Now let's do it.' He picked Amber
up, grinned at Roger and Margot and charged upstairs. Amber squealed all
the way.

'I promised you a reward,' Margot reminded Roger.

'Can I collect now?'

'You can choose whatever you wish.'



'You know what it's going to be then?'

'I think so,' She got up and walked into the library, knelt on one of
the leather armchairs and rested her head and shoulders over the back of
the chair.

Nothing more was said.

Margot soon felt hands insinuating themselves under her skirt which was
slowly inched up and eventually thrown up and over her back.

Then hands meandered over her flesh and pantied bottom, prodding,
poking, and feeling all over her most private parts. Except they were not
so private to the doing the feeling. He took great delight in running his
hand over the covered vulva, cupping the fabric and running fingers up and
down the crease of her vagina. Rubbing for an eternity, until finally she
felt his fingers hooked into the elastic of her panties and slowly pulled
down her legs. She loved the anticipation, the coolness of now naked skin,
and the thrill of knowing what was next.

She knew he would leave them around her knees, pushed down her thighs as
far as they would be, but not removed further. He had once told her it
kept her opening all the tighter. She was sure it did.

Fingers returned to her vagina just for a moment, to be replaced with
the warmth of a tongue, pointed and firm now sliding down the length of her
crease. When it reached her anal opening it went no further but pushed
into the puckered buttonhole. Wet. Wet and cool but mostly wet, she
thought. It won't be long now.

Roger was large and hard by now, knowing his passion was about to be
fulfilled. A passion that was rarely met, but for some reason, had been
granted this time.

The bulbous head pushed into the buttonhole, slippery from his own
secretions and the saliva he had deposited on the opening. He took firm
hold of her hips and began to press harder, slow and gentle but harder. He
felt as though it was trying to swallow him up for once started, it slid in
smoothly, not stopping until the full length of his penis disappeared
inside her tunnel.

Margot gave one grunt as the sphincter was forced open but made no
movement, allowing him to have his way with her back passage. Allowing him
this rare enjoyment, something he may not be privileged to experience for
some time to come if she had her way.

Roger began to pump, out, almost all the way out and then push hard,
push it right back up her tunnel again. He worked slowly, knowing he would
not last long. He never did when he had the chance to sodomise his wife.
It ended all too soon, but at what pleasure. Everyone has their
preferences and this was always his first choice. Pity he couldn't use
Amber this way for some months, but then he usually got this chance with
Margot once or twice a year so he probably wasn't being disadvantaged too

At the thought of Amber's backside, he could not hold back any longer,
shooting great splashes of sperm into the depths of her rectum. He
continued pumping wanting to take every ounce of pleasure available before
this unique happening was terminated as she pulled her back entrance away
from him.

Perspiring profusely, he shouted obscenities to the air, anything to
keep the feeling. Don't stop, he prayed.

All too soon his eruptions eased. Margot felt every one and made no
movement while they lasted, but when they ceased, she gently pulled herself
away, feeling his still firm erection pop out of her entrance.

She stood up and pulled him to her, hugging him closely, knowing the
final oozings were being wiped against her skirt but not worrying.

'Was it as good?'

'Better,' he gasped still having difficulty in breathing. 'The best,'
he puffed, laughing as though he was worn out. She pulled her panties into

'Margot, leave my sperm in you please. I want to know you're carrying
it inside you for the rest of the night.'

'It'll probably give me the runs, but alright. I'll try not to let it
go for as long as I can,' she agreed.

As they walked up to their bedroom they passed Virginia coming down.

'Are you alright, darling,' Margot asked. 'You look flushed.'

'I'm O.K. Mom.'

'That good. Now darling, we want to give Richard and Amber a special
surprise this evening, so not more trips to the toilet until bath time.

'Oh, Mom. Not in front of Amber again,' she whined.

'Be off with you. I know you adore parading yourself, especially in
front of Amber. You can't fool us all the time. Just remember, no more
potty. Oh, and you'd better wear just panties and pajamas down to dinner.
That should save some time.'

'Yes, Mom.'

When they reached their room, they heard their future spouses threshing
about bed. They both would have liked to peep, but resisted the

Chapter Seventeen

After dinner, with the table cleared by Mellors, the five were left

Margot spoke to Virginia, too loudly, the young girl thought.

'I think it's time for your bath, dear. You haven't been to the toilet have you?'

'No Mom.'

'Or wee'd when you took your bath, this afternoon?'

'Mom, I couldn't help it. As soon as my feet touched the water I
couldn't stop. But I did stop before it all came out,' she whimpered,
knowing it meant some further demerits for next week.

'Richard have you got any of those pills Roger gave you for Amber?'
Margot asked, while still glaring at her daughter.

'You mean the fluid tablets? Yes, there's some left.'

'Please get one for this naughty girl to use. We will not start until
you return,' Margot assured him, seeing his displeasure at the thought of
missing out on anything.

He returned, handing the bottle to Margot who gave Virginia one tablet.

'Swallow this down. You won't need a drink to help you; it will slide
down easily. It shouldn't take too long to work.' Virginia dutifully
swallowed it down.

'I'm very annoyed at you, young lady. Your fireside bath will have to
wait until the tablet works. I think we'll give it a little extra time to
work properly this time.'

'Yes, Mom,' Virginia agreed. Conversation went on, but Virginia was not
made part of it this evening. Rather she was left to her own thoughts.
Thoughts of a filling bladder which she knew would have to be emptied
before long.

Virginia noticed that her parents and Richard and Amber were extremely
happy this evening. They were laughing, making fun at each other and from
time to time, getting out of their seats to kiss or hug one another.

From time to time they would look her way but from her chair across the
room, she couldn't pick up much of what was being said.

Within half an hour, the tablet was well and truly working. She
desperately needed to release the pressure within but wasn't sure whether
or not she should disturb her mother. The ache that grew became unbearable
and she finally had to bring her predicament to their attention.

'Mom,' she called out.

'Don't interrupt, Virginia. Be quiet,' was the response.

'But, Mommy. I must go to the toilet. I'm bursting and it hurts.'

'Come here.' Margot held out her hand and Virginia walked to her, taking
hold. The four of them were sitting in a semicircle and Virginia stood in
the middle, close to all.

'I told you, we would give the tablet time to work properly, seeing as
you disobeyed me,' her mother told her. 'But I guess it's worked pretty
well now, is that right?'

'Please Mom,' I'll wet my pajamas if I can't go now.'

'That settles it then. Off with your pajama top and let us all see the
naughty girl as she should show herself.'

Virginia had the buttons undone in a second, the urgency of the pressure
far outweighing any embarrassment at standing with naked breasts displayed
to her parents and friends.

'Now the pants, but leave your panties on.'

Margot gave her tummy a squeeze just to add to her discomfort. She

'Now dear, you are really going to wet yourself and show us all what a
little baby you really are. Bring that tray over here.' Margot pointed to
a large plastic tray about three feet square with four inch high sides that
rested against the wall.

Virginia found that it's base was covered with several layers of towels.
It was placed within the semicircle, close to the four adults sitting in
front of her.

Margot stood the topless sixteen year old girl in the centre of the
tray, the only garment she wore was the white cotton panties, small over
the crotch, with a narrow band of elastic around her waist.

'Just spread your legs a little more, dear. That's it. Now, you may
relieve yourself in front of everyone. We are all watching your little
pussy very closely. Off you go, dear.' Margot was doing all she could to
humiliate her daughter, and from the flushed face, and quivering chin, she
was succeeding very well.

Virginia had no choice. The pressure of her full bladder meant she just
had to do it in front of them all. She was about to wet her panties in
public with everyone knowing exactly when she did it.

Keeping her legs well spread so that the crotch of the cotton knickers
were tightly fitted, she bent her knees slightly, and immediately the
gusset coloured as the yellow liquid surged through the fabric, running
down her legs into the tray. The urine was hot on her legs and stung in
one or two spots where she had small scratches, but the relief she had as
the pressure was released made her teeth ache, it was so wonderful.

'Wait dear. Stop a minute,' her mother told her. She found it
difficult as try as she might, the wee kept dribbling out no matter how
much she tried to control the flow. Finally however she managed it.

Margot knelt beside the wet girl and with difficulty, rolled her wet
panties over her hips and down her thighs, bringing her hairless naked
pussy into view.

'You may now finish, dear.'

This was different because not only would they be able to see the stream
shoot directly out of her pee hole, but it probably would shoot out at an
angle over the edge of the tray.

She tried to push the remaining liquid out of her in little spurts but
the moment her pee hole opened, pee gushed out. She was relieved to see
that it did fall straight down, hitting the roll of wet thigh level panties and then down the inside of her legs still.

The four voyeurs were entranced and moved to witness the event. None
had seen such a display before even between themselves and to see a naked
girl present herself this way was sexually thrilling to each of them.

'I've finished, Mom,' she declared once the stream had stopped.

'That's nice dear. Take off your panties and unroll them. Hold them
out, but don't let then drip on the floor,' she was told.

Margot allowed her daughter to display herself for several minutes. No
one spoke as they surveyed the luscious girl in their midst.

'Good girl. I think a bath is in order and for being so good, you
deserve to be pleasured afterwards. Would you like that?'

'Oh, good. Thank you, Mom.' Her excitement was evident and both Richard
and Amber wondered what this woman they were about to be betrothed to, had
in mind next.

Virginia's bath was similar to last time, in front of them all, with the
girl's most attractive parts being worried with hot washers and sometimes
wandering fingers. Virginia took great joy in this ritual. Her
humiliation had finished and she was acutely aware of her feminine charms
and how to display them to advantage.

After she was dried, Margot laid her down on the carpet, first on her
tummy to rub baby powder over her back and buttocks, including the crease
which was pushed open with fingers allowing eyes to spy the puckered anal
opening. Then onto her back where liberal quantities of powder was
sprinkled and rubbed over every part, including her vulva which opened wide
as her knees were spread purposefully.

After the boys moved the bath tub away, Margot sat Virginia on her lap
and the little girl cuddled up to her mother feeling wonderful but
anticipating what was to come next.

Margot began to stroke her daughter slowly, hands moving the length of
her naked body, down arms, along, curled up legs, over her back, cupping
and massaging the pert breasts.

'You could use my hands for your brassiere, darling. They fit so well,'
she told her daughter, kissing her ear. Virginia smiled.

Margot continued and most time was spent worrying both bosoms,
fingertips running around nipples making then tighten and more pointed.
Breasts being cupped and weighed. breasts being kissed and occasionally,
the tip of Margot's pink tongue leaving a wet trail over a nipple.

Virginia closed her eyes, relishing the attention she was receiving,
soaking up the feeling that was building deep down inside her pussy.

Margot took the contented girl's face between her hands and kissed her
full on the lips, gently, lovingly.

She ran her hands along both thighs several times, reaching from knee to
the vee of her pubic region, each time pressing a little stronger until at
last, thighs began to slide apart. Further. Further, until Margot had
free access to the girl's temple of love. The centre of her enjoyment.
That part which one rubbed to gain pleasure. Real pleasure.

By now, she was purring. Humming softly to herself, not caring that
three other people were watching her being pleasured. Not caring that her
firm breasts were seen, nor that her mother was now inserting a finger into
the crease of her most private spot. Waiting for the pleasure to build as
her clitoris was rubbed, pressed, tickled.

'Like it, darling?'

'Yes, Mommy. That's so nice. Please keep doing it.'

'Would you like someone else to do it for you, darling?' Margot knew the
answer even before she asked, but at least they could hear her answer.

'No, Mommy. Please don't stop. You are making me feel so good.'

Margot looked at the others in turn. Not a sound was made as they each
thought their own thoughts, avidly watching the spectacle before them.

Margot moved slightly, giving them a better view of the action taking
place over the girl's open vagina. She was nearing her peak, Margot
realised, but didn't hurry proceedings, giving the girl time for her
feelings to grow slowly. Then Virginia took a deep breath as her whole
body rocked in one shudder after the next, on and on, the vibrant tension
of nerve on muscle and she squealed long and loud, breathing heavily. Her
whole body stretched taught, legs and torso laying straight out, balancing
over Margot's lap, legs still apart enough for her sex to be clearly
defined. Margot continued to rub the little nub until she felt the child's
body slowly relax. The orgasm complete. The child asleep.

'Roger, carry her upstairs. Be careful with her,' Margot instructed.
Margot suspected her husband would make good use of his time alone with his
daughter, particularly in the state she was in but she was confident that
he would not harm the untouched membrane inside her pussy or the invisible
hymen still intact in her rear entrance.

'Margot, you make me so hot,' Amber told her.

'And that goes for me too,' Richard added. 'I look forward to our
wedding night, and especially what you have in store for my sexy little
nymphet here.'

'Amber and Richard, my lovers. I long for your touch too.' Margot
looked at them lovingly as they moved to her, kissing her more than
lovingly as they said their goodnight's.

As Roger returned, Richard and Amber looked at each other, nodded their
silent assent and Richard spoke.

'I know we've already agreed that sexual relations between all of us
will either not begin until our marriage, and for each of us as couples,
not occur from the time our marriage proposals are accepted.'

'That's right.' Margot agreed. 'Although I think we meant no sex from
now just to make our sexual needs all the stronger for the wedding night

'I didn't agree to that,' Roger backed Richard up.

'Well, whatever we did decide, I just thought you should know that Amber
has been off the pill for a month and her first period has just finished.
So from tonight, we are in the business of making babies, morning, noon and
night and all times in between.'

'Fantastic,' Margot affirmed.

'We've decided to keep a total record of our children in the most
intimate detail and that's going to include coverage of her conception, her
trips to your surgery for checkups, the growth of her own body, her
birthing and all the things that come later.'

'You don't get to watch. No voyeurs until after we're married, but you
may get to see the video of our baby making after that.'

'Right on,' Roger punched the air, leering at Amber.

Richard then gave Roger the video camera to tape their supposed return
home, and after coming in the front door, Richard and Amber embraced
passionately, kissing as only a newly married husband and wife can, before
indicating they were going up stairs for more than just to go to bed.

'Sorry, Roger,' Richard said, taking the video from him. 'We'll tape
the next scene ourselves. Goo..ood night,' he whistled as they walked

Once in their room he rang for Joanne who arrived still naked.

'Show,' Amber said and immediately Joanne turned and bent over,
displaying her still menstruating vagina.

'Good girl,' Amber said. 'Resume.'

Richard had trained Joanne in how to use the camera over a long period
and she was probably the most proficient in the household at recording.
She was briefed on what was required, and as they undressed, she taped
their preparations.

Their aim was for authenticity so Richard and Amber, without any sign of
embarrassment, commenced their foreplay which led to a twenty minute
copulation, the likes of which Joanne had never imagined possible, but she
gave no indication of her thoughts. Both Amber and Richard experienced
orgasms and his sperm jetted deeply into her womb.

After some minutes to recover from their exhaustive session during
which, Joanne kept filming, Richard gave Amber a warm kiss and they
snuggled against each other as they fell asleep.

The next morning, Richard was quick to seek out Roger.

'I think we did it,' he told Roger.

'What? Fucked?' He asked coarsely.

'Well, that too. But I really think we made a baby last night. It was
so great. When can you tell? Can you do some tests.'

'Six weeks time,' he told Richard. 'We will get a definite answer then,
not before. So keep bonking until then and keep some records of when you
do it. It will let me pinpoint the day of conception and hence help with
picking a birthing date.'

And so they did. They made conventional love more times in that six
weeks than they had in their three months of marriage. The only
unconventional sex was their foreplay which covered every possible act they
could thing of to excite their bodies to perform at their peak. Richard,
to continue having orgasms and shoot his seed into his wife's vagina to
conceive. Amber, to remain at her most aroused state and give her body the
will to seek out that one little sperm cell that would combine with her egg
to start their child's life cycle.

Little did they know that Richard's premonition was correct. The first
night of sex six weeks ago produced the necessary joining of their cells
and already, Amber's pregnancy was six weeks old.

'I want some urine,' Roger told her. He held a clear plastic jar in one
hand and another with a blue top in the other. 'Go and take a pee,' he

'I can't wait,' Amber said, pulling down her panties in front of them
all and pushing the jar between her legs. They clearly heard the splash of
liquid as she filled it. Roger took the warm container of yellow liquid
and sniffed.

'Nice,' he smiled.

'Get on with it, Roger,' Margot said in exasperation.

He poured a small amount of her urine into the other jar, shook it
gently and sat it upon the table.

'Ten minutes will tell the tale,' he said. If it stays yellow, your not
pregnant. If it turned a greenish blue, you have already started to be a

For six minutes they watched, no change occurring. They talked,
laughed, tensed themselves, and sweated. Then all at once Roger stirred
himself, looking closer.

'By Jove, I do believe it's positive,' he said. By then they all could
see the slight colour change and the house erupted in shrieks, laughter and

'Wait a minute,' he said steadying them all.' Let's make sure.'

But there was little doubt as the greenish colour became deeper and

'No doubt about it,' Roger declared. 'I'll have more tests done
tomorrow, but my love, you are most definitely pregnant. Congratulations,'
he said giving her a most chaste but lingering kiss on the cheek. The
naked Joanne, now accepted as part of the furniture, receiving only an
occasional pinch from Roger, taped the whole event.

Margot hugged and showered her with kisses. 'You know, it really is our
child too,' she told Amber. 'It was conceived after we had all agreed to
marry and will be born after the marriage is consummated.'

'It's our child, all four of us, and we all become responsible for it's
upbringing,' Richard declared, and they hugged as a foursome.

'Roger, darling,' Amber smiled at him. 'The real good news is that now
you get to poke me on our wedding night. Happy?'

'Thank you again, God,' he looked to the heavens.

'And for you Richard darling,' Amber continued sweetly. 'You don't get
to fuck me any more until our honeymoon. I'll miss the climaxes you give
me.' She dropped her bottom lip in mock disappointment.

'But just remember,' he promised. 'After the wedding I get access to
both of you, over and over again. Oh, thank you, God,' he mocked Roger's
pet phrase.

'Show-off,' accused Margot.

Chapter Eighteen

The next morning, another family gathering took place. The four adults,
Virginia, Mellors and nude Joanne were all present. Joanne after receiving
her usual command presented her bottom to the rest and Amber was happy to
see her period had ended. She still had two weeks of nakedness to go.

Richard commenced, addressing Mellors, Joanne and Virginia.

'As the three of you know, Roger and Margot and Amber and myself have
grown very close over the past weeks and we have made a huge commitment to
each other. It is something that between the seven of us is to remain in
the strictest of confidence for the rest of your lives. What I am about to
tell you will not be even hinted at outside those in this room now. I want
your personal assurance that no matter what you think of our decision, you
will never disclose any shred of information to anyone, regardless of the
circumstances. Do I have that?'

'Of course, Master,' Mellors was quick to respond.

'Yes, Master,' agreed Joanne.

'I promise, Uncle Richard.'

'Good. In that case, I am pleased to announce the forthcoming marriage
of Roger and Margot and Amber and myself, to each other. We are to change
our status from two couples to one quadruple. It will be just between
ourselves. To the outside world, we are just two married families, and
close friends.' He looked at each trying to gauge their reactions.

Mellors and Joanne seemed ill at ease, although Joanne's eyes sparkled.
Virginia looked dumbfounded.

'Mellors and Joanne, your role in the household will not change, in fact
you will become more important and in charge of more staff that will need
to be retained to care for our expanded family.' Immediately Mellors
expression changed to one of evident happiness.

'Thank you, Master. Will we call you both master and mistress?'

'Yes you will. Roger and Margot have identical rights to those of the
Mistress and myself. Until we decide to the contrary, you will address
both ladies as Mistress and myself and Roger as Master.

'Very well, Master.'

'You may go now Mellors and Joanne. We want to talk with Virginia.'

Margot went and sat beside her daughter.

'Did we shock you very much, dear?'

'Oh, Mommy. What's to become of me,' she looked into her mothers eyes,
trying hard not to cry.

'Don't fret, dear. Don't you see, you will be getting two Mommies and
Daddies and you know that we all love you very dearly. Our new family will
just become all the closer and you will see just as much of Richard and
Amber as you will of us,' Margot explained, genuinely concerned that
Virginia must see where she fits into this somewhat strange alliance.

'Virginia, it is absolutely essential that just as Richard said, you
must never talk about our new family to anyone, not even in fun. Those
outside just would not understand and if anyone found out, not only would
Daddy and I be in trouble with the police, but Amber and Richard also.'

'Oh, no,' Virginia reacted. 'I wouldn't do anything to get you into
trouble. I love you all so much and I do love the idea of having Richard
and Amber as parents also.'

'That's between just the five of us. To anyone else only Daddy and I
are your parents, but within our family you get to have two Moms and two
daddies and we all love you just as much.'

It didn't take much to convince Virginia that this strange turn of
events was really for the better and she became just as excited about it as
the four adults.

'Virginia, my darling girl,' Amber called her over. 'Richard and I love
you so very much and we want you to call us mom and Dad too. But just so
we all know, from now on why don't you call Margot and Roger, mommy and
Daddy, and for Richard and myself, Dad and Mom. It's only when there's
someone else with us that you'll have to remember to call us Amber and

'Oh, Amber, or I mean, Mom, that sounds neat.'

The four of them then hugged the young girl tenderly and the bonding of
this new family group had begun.

Several days went by and all were becoming irritable with each other.
The life of a celibate was not all it was made out to be as far as these
four were concerned. Richard decided to take matters into his own hands.

'Tomorrow,' he told them after dinner. 'Tomorrow, we are all going out
and by the end of the day if each of us hasn't become engaged to each
other, I'm going to get angry.'

'Promises, promises,' Amber declared sarcastically.

'And just where are we going,' Roger wanted to know.

'Wait and see,' he replied.

'Everyone is to dress in the clothes they feel best suited, that's a pun
folks,' he laughed and continued. 'That they feel most comfortable in to
become engaged. And in the evening we will come back, pick up Virginia and
all go out to dinner. Does anyone have any objections to all of that.' He
looked around, hoping they would all agree to his lead, and was pleased to
see all were more than eager.

'There's just one thing,' Margot complained. 'I've got my period.'

'Margot,' Roger said exasperated. 'We're not going to fuck you, just
getting engaged. The fucking comes after the wedding.'

'I know that, but it just doesn't seen right.'

'Don't worry, darling,' Amber encouraged. 'I'm sure Richard won't
change his mind and I certainly won't either.'

'Alright then. We leave at 10 o'clock and each proposal has got to be
meaningful,' Richard said, now taking the leadership role and all seemed
happy at that. 'Roger and Amber have to propose and be accepted by each
other. The same with Margot and I. Then Margot and Amber will do the deed
and I think, Roger, that they should do that in front of us. We haven't
had much in the way of titillation for some time and they owe us. What do
you say?'

'Right on, old man. I look forward to that.'

'Hang on,' Amber interrupted. 'If Margot and I have to propose, so do
you two.'

'Here, here,' Margot agreed.

'Bullshit,' Richard objected coarsely.

'No, Amber's right. You've got to too, and in front of us,' Margot
stated, sending both women into fits of laughter.

'Well, we'll see,' Richard agreed begrudgingly.

Mellors arrived at the front drive dressed in his chauffeur's uniform
right on time. He did not toot but waited patiently.

All four descended the steps promptly, dressed in their finest, both
girls alluring in low cut ensembles, Amber's dress also cut well above the

'Now, tell us where,' Roger demanded.

'Just wait,' Richard told him to a roar of objections from the two

They travelled for about half an hour into what any of them could only
describe as "the back woods" because there was little evidence of other
inhabitants as they drove through large stretches of forest. Suddenly,
they turned into a poorly made gravel road which seemed to peter out just
as they turned again into a high fenced gate which opened automatically.
The car drove through and along a track hidden by more heavily timbered

'I think Mellors is lost,' Roger stated.

Into view came a high walled brick fence, probably eight feet high,
Roger thought, and the road stopped at a heavy metal gateway. The car
stopped, Mellors pressed a button on the dashboard and both gates opened
inwardly, slowly.

As they drove through, all were amazed at the change of scenery.
Outside, unkempt forests, but here was the equivalent of a botanical
garden. Manicured lawns, tall trees, immaculate gardens with plants and
flowers of every nature. Pathways meandered throughout, and a small
flowing creek rippled under a stone bridge just ahead of them. Mellors
drove slowly, allowing them to take in all the sights. No one spoke for a
time and then as they realized what magnificence lay before their eyes,
questions came from all sides.

Richard laughed. 'Just enjoy,' he told them. 'If we are going to do
this right, then we needed a good setting and I was able to arrange this

The car stopped a short way into these magnificent grounds. No
buildings were seen, nor had any gardeners or workmen. Richard refused to
answer any more questions as Mellows opened their doors and they stepped

'I do believe this is the Garden of Eden,' Margot declared, still
stunned at the beauty.

'Richard, how did you find this place? It's so beautiful,' Amber

'I told you, no more questions.'

'I suggest we don't waste any more time. Amber dearest, take Roger for
a walk and a talk. I'm sure you'll both find something to say.' He kissed
her a peck on the cheek, smiling happily at her.

'Margot, come,' he commanded, holding hands as they walked in one
direction, Amber and Roger doing the same in another direction. They had
decided two hours were sufficient to become betrothed.

'Well, sweetheart,' he said to Margot. 'This was all your idea so I
think it's fitting that you should have the first word.'

'That's nice, isn't it,' she stated. 'And all the time I thought the
man was meant to propose to the girl.'

'I love you, Margot. From the moment I heard your suggestion I knew it
would work. I've married a child almost ten years my junior and haven't
stopped making love to her in over three months, and yet when you came up
with this. It just added the cream to my pie.' He placed his hand around
her waist and she reciprocated. They stopped to face each other and their
lips brushed, kissing softly, passionately.

'Oh, Richard. I do love you so much too,' Margot replied. 'Here am I,
thirty four years old, married to a good doctor a good man who loves me
dearly, and yet I want to make love to both you and Amber as much as I want
to with Roger. How can you want to marry a woman twice your own wife's

'Because, my dearest, you make me feel just as sexy in other ways. I
don't see you as thirty four, but as a beautiful and ravishing woman who
excites me as no other woman does.'

He pulled her down onto the grass and they embraced and kissed hungrily.
Her hand ran along his inner thigh, lightly, tickling the nerve ends of
that sensitive area. For all the sexy talk they had experienced together,
both before and after Amber came along, they had never touched this

'I am very sensitive down there, darling,' he told her. 'I don't like
having to wear a chastity belt even if it is a make believe one, and after
taking my pleasure with Amber whenever and however I chose, going celibate
is not easy for a man in his prime.'

'Don't think you men have all the problems,' she advised. 'I'm sure
Amber is just as strung out as I am. I need sex. Roger isn't bad at it
and makes me come almost every time but he doesn't have all that much
imagination. But I have seen the bulge in your trousers and frankly, your
manhood scares me. It looks so big.'

Her hand slid purposefully upwards until it lightly cupped his genitals
over his slacks.

'Oh, my God. It's bigger than I could have imagined.'

She allowed her hand to run over the contour of his penis and balls, as
her other hand pulled his face to her lips.

'I love you, Richard Simmons. I want to marry you. I promise I will
never cease to make you happy. I will carry out your every wish no matter
what you want me to do. Anything, Richard darling, anything at all,
whenever, however. And I will love Amber and Roger just as much and do for
them anything they desire also. I will become the sex slave to my three
loving spouses.'

She was kissing him frantically, gasping out her promises between
kisses, needing him.

'Make beautiful love to me and say you will marry me.'

Richard clasped her hand that was roving over his most sensitive cock
and removed it.

'Any more of that and you'll make me come,' he explained. 'I want you,
Margot. I want to make love to you right here and now. I am desperate,
just like you. Your period couldn't stop me, probably just make me want to
do it to you all the more. But we made a promise to our other half of this
quadruple and until then, we've both got to be strong.'

They were kissing fiercely, building up the very sexual desires they
were trying to hold back. His hand cupped her breast for the first time
and he squeezed and massaged it tightly, causing her to gasp in pain, but
she made no move to stop him.

She laid on her back, pulling him on top, not worrying what the grass
may be doing to her clothes, and clasped her legs tightly around his back.

'Just getting in practice for later,' she explained, but neither made
any move to sit up. They held each other in their arms, laying in this
position of sexual intercourse as they kept talking.

'Margot, will you marry me, as well as Roger and Amber. I promise you
endless love but you may not like all that I will require of you over the
years. I have many demands, some will hurt you dreadfully from time to
time, but all will end in the passion and pleasure of orgasm, I guarantee.
You have said you will do anything and that is what I will always require
of you, anything and everything. I will be a hard taskmaster and a loving
one. Please, my darling, say yes.'

'Yes, my dearest Richard. Yes I will become your wife and accept your
every desire. I love you so.'

Their kissing and touching went on, unstopped until Margot spoke again.

'Richard, I must ask you also; will you marry me, take me as your wife.
I will require your undying love always and your sex. Especially your sex.
Oh, God, how I long to feel your cock inside me. Will you marry me, my

'Thank you, my future wife. Yes, I will marry you for ever and will
love you always.'

He broke her hold around his waist and laid down by her side. They had
not had sex but both felt a soothing comfort as though they had experienced
orgasm. They held each other closely.

Amber and Richard strolled arm in arm along tracks that crisscrossed the
gardens. They had not said a word since leaving the others, and it seemed
that each was waiting for the other to be the first to talk. Finally Amber
decided to break the silence.

'The silence is beautiful, Roger. I feel at peace here, don't you?'

'Amber, darling. How can you consider marrying a man who is more than
twice your age. old enough to be your father for that matter. You're a
vivacious young woman with a virile young husband. Why would you want to
be committed to having sex with an old man?'

She giggled at his lack of confidence.

'Do you want to make love to me, Roger?'

'Of course I do. Ever since I first met you I have been envious of
Richard, being able to poke you whenever he wanted to, pouring his sperm
inside you every night. I have laid awake at night, picturing what he was
doing to you and it made me so horny every time I had to wake Margot up to
have sex with her.'

'So? Now you'll be able to do it for real, whenever you want to. Now
that should get the adrenaline flowing. Can I feel?' She giggled again as
her hand flattened against his crotch. His erection was evident.

'But why do you want to let me?' He was looking for some kind of
reassurance and she was well aware of it.

'Because I've grown to love both you and Margot as much as Richard. I
do want to become part of our larger family and participate in everything
you want to do. I love you, Roger and I want to have sex with you. Does
it make you feel sexy that a seventeen year old girl wants to put your cock
between her legs and let you push it inside of her? Wants you to come
inside of her. Whatever you want to do to me you can, Roger and I will
enjoy every minute. You must promise just one thing; I must receive
orgasms. I just need to come every time and you must help me to do that.'

'When you let me see up your dress the other day, you remember?'

'How could I forget,' she laughed. 'The colour your face went when you
were sprung was fantastic.'

'Well I nearly came inside my pants, just managed to hold off. It was
fantastic. Different to seeing Virginia in the buff. I think I'm a voyeur
at heart, but what you did was so sexy. Disgusting and sexy. No!
Fantastic and sexy.'

'Let's sit,' she told him. She sat with one leg folded under her and
the other knee upright so her short skirt fell down her thigh and gave him
uninterrupted view if her pantied crotch.

'You can look, Roger, but you mustn't touch,' she told him sexily. 'Has
Margot let you have sex since we decided to stop until we're married?'

'She wouldn't even let me fondle her,' he said, his eyes glued to her

'Same for Richard,' she told him. 'But then think how wonderful it's
going to be on our wedding night. Your cock will be so tight it'll come
out my mouth,' she talked dirty to him. 'I'll have two holes to fill with
my bottom to become available later. No panties to cover my pussy then,
darling Roger, just little ol' me, all juicy, wet and needing you.'

'Oh, hell. Stop. I'm going to come.'

He frantically unzipped and released his penis just as the first spurt of semen hit the grass in front of her. She made no move to touch him, but
watched the remainder of his climax, fascinated as his seed fell over the
lawn. He made no attempt to hide his embarrassment from her and after the
ejaculations ceased, she leaned over and washed the final drippings from
the end of his penis with her lips.

'This is our secret, Roger dearest. I'm sorry I made you do that. I'm
also very envious that you can come without even masturbating; you're very
fortunate and I've missed out on climaxing. She kissed him happily,
knowing the last of his semen mingled with her saliva and his. . 'Amber,
will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?'

'Yes, dearest Roger. Yes as long as you agree to become my husband and
promise to keep me sexually satisfied for the rest of your life.'

'I promise. And thank you.'

They returned to the main lawn just as Margot and Richard returned to
the car.

'Well?' Richard asked the question for all of them.

All agreed that they were now betrothed.

'That's settled then. Now come with me.'

'No,' Amber said. 'What about the lesbian bit?' She asked feeling

'And the homosexual bit,' Margot piped up.

'Come on and be patient,' Richard told them.

The four walked further along the road all arm in arm, The two girls in
the centre, Richard beside Margot and Roger with Amber. The road took
several turns as it wound around these pristine gardens and finally they
found they were walking up a fairly steep incline. This levelled out into
a large flat area and they stood facing the sea in front of then with the
city skyline in the distance a little further along the coast. They had an
uninterrupted view of the coastline from this vantage and looked down into
the gardens they had just left, on their right.

Some sort of pine forest grew to their left and the outline of a ragged
mountain range stood out as they turned to look inland.

'It is the garden of Eden,' Margot declared again.

'Richard, who owns this fantasia?' Roger wanted to know.

'We do. That is, I and Amber and You and Margot. It is my wedding gift
to us all.'

'It can't be,' Roger said uncomprehending. 'You can't.'

'I can and I have,' Richard told them all. 'In the car is four titles
each a quarter share of this land in each of our names. No one can sell
their share except to the others who would all receive a third each. But I
hope and trust we never find ourselves in that position.'

'Oh, Richard. It's too beautiful. It's wonderful,' Amber clutched her
husband in her usual loving embrace. 'I had no idea you had anything as
beautiful,' she told him.

'Beside you and Margot and Roger, I don't,' he told her.

'Richard, you can't do this. We can't afford it,' Roger told him.

'There is nothing to pay. I've owned this, or rather one of my
companies has, for years not knowing what to do with it. Nothing could be
put to better use than for us. And don't think you have to reciprocate.
It is given with love for all of us.'

He then went on.

'Now, I think it is time to hear the proposal of two lovely young ladies
who for some reason want to marry each other.'

The two women embraced in a moving and sexual kiss, holding each other
tightly, mouths open and tongues caressing. Amber, as usual, was crying
and Margot kissed away the tears that formed.

'Amber, my darling Amber. I love you so desperately and want you to
love me just as much. Let the men poke their dicks into us, let them give
us the joy of sex, let them have their way with us and our bodies. Let
them animalise us when they want. Let them love us as we do to them. But
then, let me love you and you love me as only women can. Please say you
will marry me, my darling.'

'Yes. Oh, yes, darling Margot. And please say you will marry me and
love me always too.'

'I will, my dear.'

Still clasped together, they kissed for an eternity, with so much
emotion and love. Neither man said a word.

After they broke apart, smiling, crying and laughing with happiness,
Margot prompted the men.

'Now, let's see how two he-men handle a proposal together.'

'Shit,' Richard bleated.

'Do it Richard,' Amber laughed. 'It won't be over until you do.'

Finally both men took each other by the shoulders, and Roger spoke

'Will you marry me and become my husband, Richard?'

'Yes if you will do the same for me.'

They then hugged and Roger whispered in Richard's ear, 'And if you think
you're going to stick that monster of yours up me, I'll kick you in the

They broke away, each smiling to the other, knowingly.

Some days later Richard called them together and as they sat down, saw
four video cassettes on the table.

'We've all worked hard at putting our insurance together and it's time
to see ourselves in action.' He placed one of the tapes in the machine and
they all watched the crackling on the screen intently until the first
pictures flickered into focus. Rather than using his own video camera which may have looked more like an acted movie, they had played their parts
in front of the security camera. This made the pictures smaller as it's
wide angled lens was used, the result was nevertheless clear and in colour.

The first pictures showed the whole room with Roger sitting in an arm
chair, reading. Despite the smaller dimensions, he was clearly
identifiable. Virginia walked in dressed in her school uniform and Roger
beckoned her to him but as soon as she reached the chair, his hand ran
quickly under her shortish skirt. She jumped and tried to rush away but a
hand grasped her arm and she was pulled in front of him. Still holding her
with one hand, Roger admonished her with the other, waving a finger in her
face and shouting at her. The film was silent but the whole proceedings
were clearly understood.

His hand went back under her skirt and the young girl was now crying
pitifully, her free hand rubbing wetted eyes. She tried to push her bottom
backwards away from his wandering hands but he jerked her forwards, making
her stumble between his legs and half over his body.

He pulled her hand to his crotch, motioning that she was to unzip his
fly but she refused, trying to pull away again. A fast slap hit her bottom
and she stepped between his legs using both hands to undo her tormentors
trousers. At the same time he undid his belt and raised his behind. She
was seem to grasp his pants and pull then down to reveal a hard erect penis
standing in the air.

The young girl gasped, holding both hands to her mouth in shock but he
gave her little time to react as he pushed her into a kneeling position
between his widely spread knees. Grasping a handful of her hair, he
callously pushed her face towards his rampant organ. She could not resist
his strength and finally her mouth opened to receive the swollen weapon.
He pulled her head backwards and forwards several times until, releasing
her, she continued the sucking motion.

His ecstasy was evident as too, was her horror but she maintained the
rhythmic motions. Finally his hips shuddered and quickly pushing her face
sideways to rest on his lower stomach just as the first spurt of semen
erupted splashing directly over her face. Several more globs landed,
forming rivulets which ran downwards, across her eyes, nose and over her
lips before falling onto his bared lower stomach. As the ejaculations
eased he pushed his still oozing member back into her mouth as the screen
went blank.

'Roger, I always knew you were a monster,' Amber declared sarcastically.
'But I'd like to see you try and talk your way out of that if you ever
accused me of anything.'

They all agreed there was some fine acting though.

Scene two then sprang to life showing Margot standing by the couch where
her daughter sat. From her bag she withdrew a large flesh coloured dildo
and demonstrated just how a real one looks on a man by holding it against
her crotch and swaying her hips suggestively. It was obvious she was
encouraging the young girl to feel the artificial penis and as soon as the
small girl clasped her hand around it, Margot lunged her hips backwards and
forwards as though in the act of copulation.

She then sat down beside her daughter again, motioning that she had a
better use for the implement and after raising her skirt and removing her
pink panties, Margot laid herself along the couch. It didn't take long to
realise the mother was showing the daughter the true use for this man-sized
implement as it was soon inserted deeply inside her vagina. After plunging
it several times, Margot took her daughter's hand and demonstrated how she
wanted Virginia to manipulate the instrument. The young schoolgirl learned
quickly and was soon masturbating her mother with enthusiasm, so much so
that before long, Margot's body arched upwards and shuddered violently in
the throes of a massive orgasm. As she recovered, mother kissed daughter deeply but far more than mother-like.

Margot then laid Virginia along the couch, raised the young girl's skirt
above her waist and began to remove her white school panties as the screen
went blank.

All moaned in anticipation.

'Yes, I think we'd get you on that one, Margot dearest,' Richard agreed.

Scene three saw Richard on the same couch, masturbating his large
erection as Virginia walked into the room. He grasped her hand and held it
against his penis as he continued the jerking motions, never letting her
pull away, as much as she tried. The semen spurted high and over his naked
legs and arm but he never let the crying girl go. Finally he used her hand
to smear the sticky fluid over his still erect penis and balls. Large
tears streamed down the frightened girl's face as the screen once again
went blank.

'You dirty old man,' Roger stated and once again, all agreed.

Scene four showed Virginia run into the room obviously in distress,
being chased by Amber who was shouting at the young girl. She was finally
caught and Amber dragged her in front of the couch, accusing the girl of
masturbating her husband. The actions were so good, everyone realised what
Amber meant. Finally the girl nodded her guilty plea and was immediately
slapped hard across the face. She pushed the schoolgirl onto the floor,
straddling the youngster and as she raised her own skirt high to reveal no
underwear at all. Then a steady stream of urine splashed onto the girl's
chest and finally her face. She tried to twist away but the urinating
woman's legs held her in place. Finally Amber squatted over the girl's
face draining the last of her bladder directly into the open, screaming
mouth. Immediately Amber clasped a handful of the girls hair and dried her
wet vaginal entrance before standing up as the monitor went blank for the
forth time.

'Well?' Richard asked of them.

'Yes, that's good,' Amber stated and Margot nodded in agreement. She
then pulled Virginia to her and congratulated the young performer for such
convincing performances.

'I'll bet you didn't even know people did some of those things, did you
darling?' She asked her soon to be daughter.

'No. But it made me excited,' she added. Then in Amber's ear she
whispered, 'And later I made myself come without asking mom or Dad.' They
giggled and Amber winked at Margot.

The four tapes were distributed but no-one really expected ever to need
to use them in self defence.

'The one thing we must do,' Richard advised, 'is to make sure they are
locked away so no-one from outside can get their hands on a copy.' They all
agreed that was important.

Then their minds were put towards their forthcoming marriage.


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