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Archived Sex Stories

Family Fantasy Book 2


FROM THE AUTHOR: Firstly the usual stuff WARNING This novel covers a wide
range of explicit sexual practices, so if you are offended in any way by
stories with strong sexual content that you may consider abhorrent were it
practiced in real life, please cease reading now and delete the file. If
you are aged under 18, you have no right to read any further and MUST
delete NOW! LEGAL STUFF This story is Copyright by the author who retains
all rights whatsoever over publication in any form. It must not be
published on any pay-site or used in any publication for profit without the
author's written approval. The file may be reposted to Newsgroups but must
not be changed in any way, must be posted in its entirety and must contain
this note "FROM THE AUTHOR" in full. GENERAL All names are fictitious and
do not intentionally relate to any person, either living or dead. Most
stories by the author are book-length size and the first chapter or two are
usually taken up "setting the scene" so to speak. If they are not read or
given just cursory glance, the atmosphere that is intended may well be lost
on the reader. Anticipation of what is to come can give as much joy as
"getting there". All my stories are archived at where you will find zipped files
in MS Word9 and Text formats and uncompressed Text format. I would indeed
appreciate comments and constructive suggestions and may be contacted at - NOTE: remove the "REMOVE"

family FANTASY © February 2002 BOOK TWO OF THREE (MFF, MFFf, Ff, Rom,
forced, coerced, nc, 1st.time, teen, spk, menst, ws, bdsm, etc)

Sexual Fantasy Fiction By Writer'sCramp

Synopsis Book Two: The Simmons and Wrights begin their new Commune by
marrying and sharing each other's pleasures. Amber's alter-ego, Cynthia,
emerges following a crisis and ultimately leads to two new female members
(a daughter then her mother) joining the family. At first, forced into
sexual situations but later accepting the pleasures these bring. A very
pregnant Amber finally gives birth to twins and they all look forward to
her rejoining their sexual games with several maidenheads due for the
taking in the final of this Trilogy, Book Three.

Characters: Richard Simmons, wealthy businessman Amber aged 18, wife of
Richard Cynthia, Amber's fantasy alter-ego Roger Wright Margot Wright, wife of Roger Virginia, aged 17, daughter of Roger and Margot Edith Higrave,
wife of local parson, aged 48 Jane Higrave, aged 22, daughter of Edith
Arthur and Joanne Mellors, Butler & Housemaid

Preamble Final Scenario from Book One:

'You dirty old man,' Roger stated and once again, all agreed.

Scene four showed Virginia run into the room obviously in distress,
being chased by Amber who was shouting at the young girl. She was finally
caught and Amber dragged her in front of the couch, accusing the girl of
masturbating her husband. The actions were so good, everyone realised what
Amber meant. Finally the girl nodded her guilty plea and was immediately
slapped hard across the face. She pushed the schoolgirl onto the floor,
straddling the youngster and as she raised her own skirt high to reveal no
underwear at all. Then a steady stream of urine splashed onto the girl's
chest and finally her face. She tried to twist away but the urinating
woman's legs held her in place. Finally Amber squatted over the girl's
face draining the last of her bladder directly into the open, screaming
mouth. Immediately Amber clasped a handful of the girl's hair and dried
her wet vaginal entrance before standing up as the monitor went blank for
the forth time.

'Well?' Richard asked of them.

'Yes, that's good,' Amber stated and Margot nodded in agreement. She
then pulled Virginia to her and congratulated the young performer for such
convincing performances.

'I'll bet you didn't even know people did some of those things, did you
darling?' She asked her soon to be daughter.

'No, but it made me excited,' she added. Then in Amber's ear she
whispered, 'And later I made myself come without asking mom or Dad.' They
giggled and Amber winked at Margot.

The four tapes were distributed but no one really expected ever to need
to use them in self-defence.

'The one thing we must do,' Richard advised, 'is to make sure they are
locked away so no-one from outside can get their hands on a copy.' They all
agreed that was important.

Then their minds were put towards their forthcoming marriage.


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think of my stories. I DO need the feedback.

BOOK TWO Chapter One

The wedding was simple and because of the implications of anyone from
outside the two families knowing what they intended, all formalities were
carried out in the presence of only one witness, Virginia who was involved
in all aspects of their forthcoming marriage.

Virginia in fact, was not only the Bridesmaid to both Amber and Margot,
but also the Best girl for Richard and Roger. She was the sole witness to
attest the event on a scroll Margot had made up and to top it all off, she
was also given the privilege of acting as the Marriage Celebrant.

While Joanne and Mellors knew the two couples were shortly to begin
living together, they thought as a "New Age Family", the fact that it was a
marriage between the four friends was not divulged even to them. The only
aspect of the wedding that they were to participate in was the wedding
feast for which Mellors and Joanne were given full responsibility. However
to them, it was simply a feast, a lavish banquet in celebration of Margot &
Roger moving in.

Both men were starting to feel the frustrations of being denied any
sexual privileges over the past few weeks, Richard experiencing his first
wet dream since before his own wedding to Amber. However both had honoured
their pledge not to take part in any sexual activity at all before the

Joanne and Mellors were instructed not to interrupt the two families
where the marriage was to take place in the drawing room. The banquet was
scheduled for 8 p.m. that evening but at six o'clock the two husbands were
standing on either side of an isle as two wives, clothed in identical
wedding gowns walked themselves down the isle, arm in arm, to the recorded
sounds of the wedding march.

Although only seventeen, Virginia conducted herself with all the poise
of a professional, and the ceremony progressed smoothly with deep love and
affection from all five participants. The words had been agreed well
beforehand, including some very descriptive aspects of lovemaking all of
which Virginia handled with happiness and seemingly, understanding. She
certainly showed no sign of embarrassment when required to ask the two
males to promise that their penises would always be available to either
wife whenever they sought sexual satisfaction.

As the ceremony reached the finale, Virginia read the words:

'I now pronounce you all husbands and wives to each other,' just as the
script was written. Then she added, 'as well as fathers and mothers to me
just as I am now daughter to you all. May our lives be filled with the
richness of love and understanding from here on in. We may now kiss one
other deeply and wetly.'

She sniggered and the five newlyweds embraced as one, the deep wet
kisses being exchanged with abandon.

There was plenty of time before the feast was to begin and the five
stood in the centre of the room hugging, kissing and touching. Laughing at
suggestive pokes and squeezes. Virginia made sure she was not left out and
moved between all the adults allowing them to love her just as they were to
each other. She learnt for the first time the thrill of feeling another's
tongue deep inside her own mouth, saliva mingling as they clasped each
other happily. She yearned for the love from each of her fathers and
mothers, returning to them as much as she could. It wasn't long before she
began to feel the urgency of her own sexuality demanding more and more
pleasure. More than any kiss could give her.

Her body told her from the trembling thrills that were building up deep
within her groin that it urgently needed relief. Relief that she knew her
fingers could provide under the bed covers

'Mummy, I need more,' she whispered in her mother's ear. 'I want
someone to touch me. Please,' she pleaded.

Margot certainly knew what her daughter needed. In fact she needed
exactly the same to ease the deepest feelings she had felt in a long time.

Margot took her daughter aside, leaving Amber at the mercy of two highly
oversexed men.

'You must wait. Just as we must, so you must wait,' Margot explained.
'You know that you can't let anyone touch you properly until Daddy makes
you a whole woman when you turn eighteen. Only your own fingers can ease
the ache until then, and you cannot do that until you go to bed. Do you
understand? You mustn't do anything yet.'

Tears of frustration flowed as she acknowledged her mother's statement
and knew it was right. At least once she was in her room she could do
something about it. Meanwhile she saw that both her fathers were earnestly
molesting Amber's body in the most intimate ways. Amber in turn was in a
state of bliss as two pairs of large male hands wandered over every curve
and hillock, squeezing breasts, caressing her face and buttocks, wandering
way up under her wedding gown where the only place they could be was
directly into the vee of her crotch. They kissed her, nuzzled her breasts through the gown with their teeth and licked her skin wherever they could.

Watching intently, Virginia could only remain quiet, still feeling the
strain of unfulfilled sexual desire. Both fathers saw her looking closely
at their actions but neither showed any sign of embarrassment or a wish to
stop. Margot than rejoined them just as Richard held out his hand to
Virginia and beckoned her to him.

She moved to his side, taking his outstretched hand. To her disbelief,
he pulled her palm downwards onto his thigh and slid it slowly towards his
genitals until she felt the hardness of her second father's manhood inside
his trousers. It was far larger and harder than she had ever imagined.

Richard looked intently into her eyes and whispered gently, 'You are
holding my cock which one day soon will bring you great pleasure and joy.
Be patient little one.'

He squeezed her hand over the shaft and then lightly kissed her hand.

The newly-weds were finally summoned to the dinner-table and partook of
what could only be described as a feast fit for royalty. However they were
now fully aroused and eager to consummate their marriage in the manner that
each had dreamed of over the past weeks.

Virginia had planned their walk upstairs to the master bedroom herself,
without the knowledge of her parents. As they rose from the table, she
placed the two women together with Richard next to Margot and Roger beside
Amber, bidding then to entwine their arms around each other and then to
follow their daughter. She walked before them, casting rose petals in
their path, all the way up the stairs and into the bedroom. The four
adults were happy to play along and all five entered into the nuptial
bedroom with joy.

Before the sex-starved husbands could begin to have their evil ways with
their new wives, Margot clasped her daughter to her.

'Thank you my darling, for being so mature and making our day so
marvellous. You were wonderful. Now I think it's time for you to go to
your own bed. Give everyone a last kiss.' She kissed her daughter with
more than motherly affection.

'But Mummy,' Virginia protested. 'Not now; I want to stay and share
with you.' Roger kissed his daughter and patted her bottom, indicating she
couldn't stay and great sobs burst from the young girl.

Amber came to her rescue. 'Wait darling,' she said to her new
daughter-in-law, and moved to Roger.

'Roger, my dearest husband, undress me in front of everyone. Let our
daughter at least see the start of our marriage and then I'll take Virginia
off to bed. I'm sure Margot won't mind looking after you both until I

There was silence for a few seconds while each one in the room began to
realise what Amber had meant. Margot was first to speak, prompting her
husband to do as Amber wished.

As each garment was removed it was handed to Virginia who laid it at her
feet, never taking her eyes from Amber's face. At last the pure white bra,
panties and suspender belt rested on top of the heap as Roger knelt to roll
his new wife's stockings down her smooth legs leaving her naked in front of
them all. She pecked him lovingly on the lips saying, 'I will be back to
give myself to you shortly,' as she took Virginia's hand and walked from
the room.

Not a word was spoken until the two young women had reached Virginia's
bedroom, and closed the door.

'Do not speak,' Amber told her, turning so both young women faced each
other. Amber 18 years old, nude but with no sign of her pregnancy showing,
and Virginia 17 years old and still the purest of virgins.

'It's your turn to lose your clothes,' Amber said, as she began to
undress her newly acquired daughter. Before long Virginia was naked and
Amber never ceased to wonder at the beauty of this young nymphet, whom she
had seen nude only twice before. Virginia was visibly trembling with
desire, not knowing what Amber would do next, but quite sure that it would
involve some form of intimacy that she dearly wanted.

'Don't forget, you are not to speak. Understood?' The young girl nodded.

Amber drew back the bedclothes. 'Alright, into bed. I am going to help
you go to sleep.'

Virginia lay on the bed and Amber laid down beside her.

'I know you wanted to join in our wedding night and you had been so good
during the day. But that was something between the four of us, especially
for the first night. You come as part of the package as a daughter to us
all but daughters don't usually join their parent's marriage night, you'd
have to agree with that. If you want to, you can come in tomorrow morning.
I know we would all love you to. Would you like that?'

Again the girl nodded, feeling happy at the prospect.

Amber kissed her gently on the lips and bade her to close her eyes. She
then lightly cupped the child's breast and Virginia felt the hand slide
over the breast and down her stomach until it came to rest on the hairless

Amber herself, was highly aroused at the prospect of her wedding night
but never hurried from the gentle masturbation she was giving the young girl. She let her finger slide gently along the lips, at last alighting on
the nub of the clitoris. Amber pressed her finger firmly on that sensitive
organ as she manipulated it deftly.

Virginia soon began to react to the much sought sensations, her breath
hissing between clenched teeth, moaning louder as her orgasm approached.
Just as her body became rigid with the onset of climax, Amber lifted her
finger off, making the young girl plead for more.

She didn't wait long, and before the sensations had any chance of easing
off, Virginia felt the finger return to the rhythmic motions again.

This time Amber pressed more lightly on the young girl's clitoris so
that the orgasm took longer in building to the crescendo of release she
sought. Virginia's body finally took over as she arched her back against
the bed, great gasping sighs joined with squeals of delight, slowing to
deep sobbing relief as the tensions left her.

Amber maintained the manipulation of the vagina for several minutes but
with a gentleness that gave calm to the girl beside her. Before long she
heard the steady breathing of a sleeping child and slowly ceased her
movements altogether. She remained still for several minutes to be sure
the girl didn't wake, finally easing herself from the bed and covering the
naked figure before she left.

When she returned to her bedroom Amber was confronted with a sight she
could never have imagined and it took her some time to see what was really
taking place.

All three were divested of their clothes and from the garments strewn
around the room, she knew they had not taken long with preliminaries. As
she moved to the bed she saw Richard on his back, Margot lying on top fully
impaled on his penis, with Roger lying face down over Margot's back. Amber
had to move down to see that Roger was in the act of sodomy with Margot's

She moved to the gaggle of heads, all of whom were grunting and hissing.

'Have they made you come yet, darling?' she asked Margot, politely.

'Not yet, but they have. Record time too I should think,' she stated
between breaths.

Amber decided she needed a cock as much as anyone, but the organ she had
anticipated as having first use of was plunged deeply inside the asshole of
her new wife.

'Roger,' she whispered in his ear. 'I'm back. Don't use up all your
energy before you poke me up.'

He looked up and stopped pumping his wife's rear, pulling his penis out.
Amber was very pleased to see he had been wearing a condom. While she
loved everything about Margot, she didn't want to receive an anal-juiced
cock either in her pussy or her mouth the first time Roger took her.

'They are like sex starved maniacs,' Margot declared. 'Roger came in my
mouth the moment it went in, and Richard had about as much control. He
shot all over my tits as he was sliding down. God, Amber, have we married a couple of quickies?'

Amber laughed as the two husbands smiled sheepishly.

'I don't think we have to worry too much. But if we want some
satisfaction tonight, we might just have to give it to each other. After
three months of abstinence they'll probably look for their own relief just
like most men with us coming a distant second.'

'I resent that,' Roger cried out. Richard backed him up but them
immediately started feeling Margot up again, his prick standing rampant.

The bed was enormous and both couples had little trouble in making love
on it at the same time.

'I love you Amber, and I've waited too long for this,' Roger said
sitting up and looking on as Amber rolled the condom off his penis. He
moved to lay her over and couple with her but she refused, instead pushing
him back and taking his penis in her mouth. She washed away any taste of
rubber the condom had left and the stickiness of his secretions inside the
sheath. He made no further move to stop her, being content with the
feelings she was producing. Eventually, she turned herself around to lay
along his body in the 69 position, never once straying from the
deliberations on his manhood.

'Oh, God, that's good,' he gasped and began to tongue her vaginal
entrance. She was very wet.

Beside them, Richard was consumed with passion, pumping his cock into
Margot with all his strength. Neither couple worried about what was
happening beside them. They were totally immersed in the lovemaking with
their own partner, taking their individual pleasure but too, making sure
that they gave the other just as much.

Amber felt the first stirrings of her first orgasm with Roger. She
pushed her vulva hard against his lips as his tongue roamed over her most
sensitive membranes. It is good, she thought. Different to the way
Richard made her feel but just as satisfying in it's own way.

All the while she made sure to give just as much to Roger, rubbing her
tongue over the head of his penis with ever-faster motions, gently stroking
his balls, tickling the hairs, bringing him on.

They never let up and just as she felt the first pulse of his orgasm
rush along his cock, he clamped his tongue against her clitoris,
immediately setting off her long awaited climax. Rather than take their
own release, each continued to pleasure the other long after the throbbing
ceased and they lay together in blissful peace for a long while. Amber had
not swallowed, retaining his semen in her mouth. After his penis had
softened, she moved around to face him, smiling with the satisfaction of a
well-serviced lady, and leaned over to kiss her new husband. His open lips
came to meet hers and as they met, her lips opened to let his sperm drain
into his mouth.


'I didn't want to waste any,' she told him innocently and pressed her
lips to his again. He rolled her over, returning her gift and this time
she swallowed. They laughed, and cuddled each other, his head resting on
hers as they watched Richard and Margot complete their first act of

Their lovemaking went on into the small hours of the morning, until all
had had their sexual appetites well sated. Exhausted and yet all at peace,
they slipped into deep sleep. The wet cold semen spots were not even

Chapter Two

Early the next morning Virginia poked her head around the door to see
all four still sound asleep on top of the giant bed. The room was warm and
none had needed to cover themselves so four naked adult bodies lay before
her eyes. She had put a nightdress on and after surveying the sight for
some time realised they were all genuinely asleep and so crept into the

Richard was lying on his back, an arm under Amber's head, his sex organ
within touching distance of Virginia's hand. Soft though it was, it looked
large and threatening to the young eyes and the thought of having something
that size pushed deep into ones delicate pussy was beyond belief. She had
seen her father's many times, mostly in the same floppy condition, but this
one was much larger. It would surely split me open she thought in horror.

As if mesmerised, she reached out to touch it with the tips of her
fingers. It certainly felt soft and smooth and she let her fingertips run
along the entire length, from the crinkly black hair to the deep pink
bulbous head. Finally in an automated state her hand clasped the organ and
raised it off his stomach.

Virginia looked at in wonderment, the end sagging slightly over the edge
of her hand. She knelt beside the bed to get a closer look now using both
hands and squeezing slightly. There was no reaction from the penis, which
had been well used during the past night, but the soft handling of the
sensitive skin woke Richard. He suspected Amber had begun to tease some
life back into her "big man" and lay for some time enjoying the feeling
before he realised it could not be her. He looked down to find his new
daughter carrying out a most intimate inspection of his most intimate part.

'And just what do you think you're doing?' He asked rather more sternly
than he had meant to.

'Oh. Sorry, Dad. I didn't mean to look but I couldn't help it.'

The voices had wakened the others and while they made no attempt to
cover their nakedness in front of this seventeen year old, they all voiced
their indignation at the intrusion, mostly in fun.

'But Mum said to come in this morning,' Virginia objected.

'Yes I did,' Amber agreed. 'But I didn't tell you to start playing with
your father's prick, you little devil.'

'It may be early but I think our daughter deserves to be punished.' They
all agreed, anticipating what Richard had in mind.

He sat around on the edge of the bed and pulled her between his open
legs. 'Raise your nightdress above your waist and hold it there,' he told

She blushed but obeyed, providing a titillating view of the totally
hairless pussy slit. His penis now semi-hard almost touched his daughter's
opening as he turned her over his knee. She could feel his penis as a soft
lump pushing into her stomach.

'Seeing it's only early, I will give you just ten on your rump.' Without
further ado he laid them on and they were over quickly.

As she stood up tears forming, her backside stinging badly, she noticed
the wet patch on her stomach where her father's penis had been pushing.
Then she saw the penis, now fully erect, causing her to gasp in surprise at
the size. This would never fit inside me she thought.

Richard made her stand, facing away from the bed with the calves of her
legs pushing solidly against the mattress. He then told her to lift her
nightdress above her head, placing her hands on her head. She was left
virtually naked, the nightdress covering only her arms and face as it was
held in her hands.

'Margot, I am going to fuck you in the presence of your inquisitive
daughter,' he said. 'And you are going to describe everything that
happening to you. She won't see but she'll certainly feel and hear.' It
was said coarsely to provide the greatest shock value to the young girl.

Margot half knelt taking hold of the young girl as her support. Richard
placed one of Margot's hands firmly clasping one of her daughter's breasts,
the other arm around her waist.

Richard knelt behind his new wife and after placing his cock in the lips
of her opening, thrust forward savagely. His movements were relayed
through Margot's body to Virginia who stood firm as her mother's support.

'Tell her what happening,' Richard commanded.

'Oh, darling,' she half whispered in her daughter's ear. 'He's pushed
his prick right inside me, all the way in. Can you feel him pushing in and
out now?'

Virginia attempted to nod yes.

'It's feeling wonderful. Oh, he's moving faster. Feel how fast he's
pushing inside of me. I'm going to have an orgasm soon. Oh, it's so good.
Harder, Richard darling, harder,' she encouraged. 'Virginia it's soon.
I'm coming soon. Oh, how he makes me feel so good. You will love this
when it happens to you. Now. Now. I'm coming now.'

She held her daughter very tightly, squeezing the young girl's breast and waist.

'Aaagh!' Her breathing quickened as her body stiffened with the reaction
of orgasm. She squealed aloud.

'I've come, darling,' she whispered. 'He's still pumping inside me.
Now I can feel him shooting. He's coming too. His sperm is shooting up
inside my pussy. Virginia darling. It's so good,'

She clung to her daughter until Richard withdrew, feeling the sperm run
down the inside of her legs and fall onto the bed. She allowed Virginia to
lower her arms and the shiny nightdress fell back into place. mother and
daughter embraced as Margot sat down on the bed not worrying about the
sticky mess beneath her.

'We are going to make love again darling. That's what being married is
all about, and it's not really right for you to stay just now. Is that

'Sure Mummy, I understand. Thank you Dad, for letting me stay this
long. It was exciting,' she added sheepishly.

Both Amber and Roger also kissed her, Amber whispering in her ear, 'It
was exciting for me last night too.' Virginia left, feeling very proud.

The four parents made a vow not to be so blatant with their lovemaking
in front of Virginia in future, at least not until she turned eighteen and
virtually became one of them. However they did not want to let the girl feel she was on the outer, so decided to make it a rule that no door would
be shut during their sex sessions. If Virginia wanted to come in while
anyone was in the act, then they would not turn her away. They thought
however that should the girl see what they were up to, she would most
probably move away.

They started to put a few more rules in place and Margot became their
official scribe for the time being. They thought it would be a good job
for Virginia later, but until the girl was inducted into full womanhood,
Margot would fill in.

The first decision made was that each of their birthdays would be named
after the person. On Margot's birthday they would refer to it as Margot's
day and so on. On their day, they had the right to do anything and to
demand anyone in the household to do whatever the birthday person desired.
Nothing was to be declared taboo. While this left the matter of physical
harm or the like within the whim of the individual, they decided that trust
was paramount and that all four trusted the others completely. They in
effect placed their well being in the hands of one person for three days of
the year.

Roger pointed out that if one decided to become really rough or totally
unreasonable, at least the hurt party could get their own back when their
day arrived.

The first day of each month was to be known as He-day when it was up to
the wives to carry out every wish of the men. She-day was the fifteenth
day of the month when the women had their turn.

They all agreed that menstrual periods did not give the women any
special privileges and if any husband required pleasure, then they would
provide it regardless.

However the women turned this around so that if they needed the service
of a stiff male member during their period, it was to be given.

The last day of the month was Couple-day, when the two legally married couples would remain faithful to their legal partner, showing love and
affection only to that person.

'That's enough,' Roger said. 'I'm dying to be pleasured. Richard's
already done it once today and I've missed out.'

'Poor Roger,' Amber crooned, rolling him onto his back as she slithered
on top and inserted his penis inside herself. 'Don't move Roger. Let me
do all the work. You just enjoy the pleasure.'

'Not without me,' Margot declared, straddling his face and slowly
pressing her vagina onto Roger's mouth. Amber and Margot put their arms
around each other's necks, kissing as Amber maintained the steady riding of
Roger's cock.

While Roger used his tongue on his wife's pussy, he was much more aware
of the climax building up within his genitals. The sliding vagina never
slowed, taking him higher and higher towards the ecstasy of a male
ejaculation. She heard his gagged breathing and felt his shuddering body
take over as he spurted semen within her body but she maintained her
movements, never slowing. It was some time before she felt the rigid
member softening and by then, Roger was crying out for her to stop. The
sensitivity was too much to bear.

'Margot, I'm all yours,' Amber said, instructing her to get off her
husband's face. She held Roger tightly, clinging to his whole body, making
sure his manhood didn't slip out of her sheath, as she rolled him over so
she was lying on her back.

'Margot you are to make sure not a drop of his sperm escapes, do you

'Yes, I understand.' Margot moved so that she laid on her stomach facing
Amber's pussy.

As Roger lifted himself off Amber, Margot's mouth clamped itself onto
the younger woman's gaping hole and sucked the slimy residue into her
mouth, swallowing many times. Eventually, with Roger's help, Amber sat up
and then crawled over Margot's torso into the sixty-nine position. Margot
never let her new wife's vagina go, the movements allowing most of the
remaining semen to flow out into her mouth.

In front of the men, two women spent more than two hours in blissful
lesbian love, each reaching several climaxes. Finally exhausted, they lay
in each other's arms and slept soundly. Their husbands left them in peace.

Richard had made arrangements with his office that only matters of
importance were to be relayed to him and left his two most senior people to
run the business. In most ways it was self-perpetuating in any case and
there was no reason for him to attend daily.

Roger gave his junior partner in the practice a 50% share for little
cost, leaving a still handsome return for himself. Roger was to be called
in for only the most influential patients, otherwise all he had to do was
collect half of the income and stay at home with two of the world's most
sexy women.

Chapter Three

A rare call came for Richard, which he decided, required his immediate
attention. He gave his spouses little information of the gravity but he
was away well into the night. When he returned, he looked pale and washed
out. They were all concerned but he brushed them aside seeking the
solitude of the den 'where I can think it all out in silence' he told them.

Near midnight, he called them together.

'This is serious,' he told them. 'I have just been blackmailed into
providing a service for someone that in normal circumstances I would never
consider, no matter what the money. But they've got hold of a confidential
document that if it were made public, our shares would crash and leave
little to salvage.'

He went on to describe the situation in detail but it was so complex
that none really grasped the full significance except to know that until it
was all fixed, if the payment demanded wasn't made, Richard would not only
be broke but would most likely find himself fighting a jail sentence as

'What the blackmailers don't know,' Richard went on, 'is that in less
than one week other international deals will take place that will make
their document obsolete and of no use to them at all. But if they chose to
make the document public before then, those deals will fall through and I
will be seen by our shareholders, the public in general and the Public
Prosecutor, as a thief and con-man. The shareholders will lose over a
billion dollars and I own half of the shares.'

'You're worth a half a billion dollars?' Margot asked incredulously.

'It doesn't matter now,' Roger stated flatly, head resting in his hands.

'What if you pay up? How much do they want? How do you know they won't
want more?' Roger rattled off.

'It's not how much they want, but what they want,' he told them. 'If
they get what they want, the deals will be all finalised before they have a
chance to ask for anything else. It's just what their demand is that makes
it so impossible.'

'What is it, darling,' Amber encouraged.

'Something I can't give them.'

'Well, what?'

'It doesn't matter. I can't give it.' Richard just shook his bowed head
in helplessness.

'This is important to us all. Tell us what it is they are demanding.'
Amber was becoming agitated at his reticence.

'It's crazy but they don't want money or goods or anything like that.
They want my wife to spend twenty-four hours teaching a fifteenyear-old son
about sex. They want you to fuck a fifteen year old boy for one full day.'

With the disclosure, the stress of the last day took hold and his body
was wracked with emotion and he cried loudly before them. Amber cradled
his head to her chest, looking up at the others for comfort for herself.

'They mean me, don't they? They don't know anything about Margot and
Roger. They want me, don't they?'

'Yes, baby. They want you and they can't have you.'

Tears streamed down Amber's face, but more in sympathy for her broken
husband than for what she knew was in store for her.

'Do you know who "they" are? Do you know who the boy is?'

'No, we have no idea although we should be able to track down how they
came by the document. But that will take time.'

'But there is a chance you can eventually find out, isn't there?'

'More than a chance, a good chance,' he agreed.

'I will do it,' Amber declared.

'No,' Richard stated flatly.

'We have no choice. I will do it and in a weeks time when it's all
over, we'll find those bastards and they'll pay. They'll all pay, no
matter how many there are,' she cried out as an ultimatum to these unseen

'Amber...,' Richard started to object.

'Don't worry darling,' she soothed him. 'I've made love to two men and
two women in my short time as a wife. One small boy will be of no
consequence. But you must promise me one thing?' Her statement was rather
a question.

'Yes, what?'

'You must promise me here, before all of us that you will never become
bitter because of the blackmail. Once it's over, it's over and we'll get
on with our beautiful lives again. Please promise me that. No unhappiness
once I return from the assignment. Promise me, Richard.'

The others understood too and encouraged Richard to accept his wife's

'You have my word. When it's over, we will return to normal, I

'When do I have to go?'

'All we have is the key to a hotel suite.' He handed her a typed sheet
of paper. 'This came with it.'

She read aloud: "Be in this suite before midday tomorrow. At exactly 12
noon, the boy will knock twice and then enter. He will not divulge his
true name - call him Peter. Your job is to teach him how to make love to a
woman for the next twenty-four hours in whatever way you choose. At
exactly midday the next day but not before, you may leave. Room service
will deliver all meals but the boy is not to be seen by anyone when they
enter the room. Make sure his learning is thorough; he will be put to the
test after you leave but understand that if you have not succeeded, the
document will be released to the media within the week."

'At least that gives you the time to complete your other deals before
they want to ask for more,' Roger said.

'Roger, Margot, would you mind if Richard and I have tonight to
ourselves,' Amber asked.

They naturally agreed, happy to be able to do something to help.

Their lovemaking was soft and caring. Richard found it difficult to
achieve an erection and couldn't climax, even her moist warm lips produced
no seed, but he masturbated his young wife to orgasm several times before
they decided to sleep.

She left their bed early, having Mellors drive her to the city where she
took a room in the same hotel. Just before noon, she took the lift to the
appropriate floor and let herself in.

The suite was of three rooms consisting of a lounge, dining room and the
large bedroom a door from which led to the bathroom. In ordinary
circumstances she would have called it majestic, but took little notice,
thinking only of what was to eventuate very soon.

She couldn't take her eyes from the clock and on the stroke of twelve,
two light taps were heard and the door opened.

The boy looked more like twelve or thirteen, baby-faced, straight blond hair and an innocence that could only have been genuine.

'Are you the lady?' He moved cautiously towards her.

'I am, Peter. My name is Cynthia. Please come nearer and don't be shy.
Did your father explain why you are here?'

'He said you are going to teach me to be a man.'

'Good, then a man we shall make of you. Tell me, do you have any

He just shook his head.

'Do you have a special girl friend then?'


'Do you like girls, Peter?'

'Oh, sure but I don't play with many. I don't think girls like me,' he
confided, moving closer to her.

'I wonder why,' Amber mused. 'You are a very attractive young man. I'm
sure they would if they got to know you. Tell me. What do you like most
about girls?'

He blushed furiously and said nothing.

'Come on, you can tell me. I am your teacher, but if I don't
understand, then I can't teach you.'

'Miss Cynthia, I like to look at their chests,' he told her, looking
most embarrassed.

'Do you mean you like girl's breasts, Peter?'

'Dad calls them tits.'

'Don't you think breasts sounds nicer?' He simply nodded.

'Do you like looking at my breasts, Peter?' She had noticed his eyes
hardly strayed from them.

'They look very nice, Miss Cynthia. Big,' he added.

'Have you ever touched a girl's breasts?'

He shook his head.

'Or ever seen a girl without any clothes?'

'Oh no, Miss Cynthia.'

'Have you ever looked up a girl's dress. Looked between her legs,

'Once at school when the wind blew it up,' he agreed.

'Did that excite you?'

'Yes, Miss Cynthia but it didn't last long.'

'Come here, Peter,' she smiled at him.

He came and stood beside her armchair, facing her side.

'Peter, I think you are a beautiful young man. I want to kiss you on
the lips very much. Do you mind?'

'No, Miss Cynthia.'

She took his face in her hands and just brushed her lips over his,
returning then to gently massage his lips with hers, a dry softly given

He never moved, remaining half stooped over, unable to do anything.

'Sit on the table just there, Peter.' It was almost a low stool and he
faced her directly.

'I liked our kiss,' she confided and continued to set the scene for
their twenty-four hours together. By now she was quite sure that this
naive boy opposite her had no knowledge that she was here as a result of
being blackmailed. Her father was guilty as hell but the boy was not. She
decided that rather than take her wrath out on him she would do exactly as
she had been told to do and teach him about sex.

'Your father has asked me to help you learn about being with girls. You
are a grown man and very handsome. Very soon you will be dating lots of
girls and there are a lot of things you should know.'

As she spoke she looked at him from time to time but not so that she
would embarrass him. At the same time she was slowly pulling her skirt up
to knee level and even more slowly, spreading her knees. To do this and
not make it look blatant, she would from time to time, clasp a knee with
her hands or swing one of her legs from side to side, but always making
sure that little by little, the boy got a better and better view of what
was under her dress.

'Do you understand, Peter? I want to teach you as much as I can about
sex. Does that embarrass you?'

'A little, Miss Cynthia.'

'Well firstly, you must stop calling me Miss Cynthia. My name is simply
Cynthia and I want you to call me that. Call my name, Peter.'

'Cynthia. I will call you Cynthia from now on. Thank you Cynthia.'

'Now Peter, I don't want you to feel embarrassed when we talk about sex.
Sex is so natural, everyone has sexual feelings and they are always
exciting and very pleasant so why should we be scared to talk about it?'

'But I don't know anything about it, and my Mummy never let me ask
anything about it.'

'Say, "Sex is good", Peter. See how easy it is to say?'

'Sex is good,' he said shyly. And then with a wide smile he looked
right at her and repeated it.

He was by now having great trouble taking his eyes away from the wide
gap between her knees that were directly in front of him. He tried in vain
to make sure that when she looked at him, he was looking somewhere other
than up her dress. He was sure she caught him several times but she gave
no indication that she was aware of where he was gazing.

She continued talking, 'That's good, Peter. Sex in fact is much better
than good and I hope you'll learn that before I go.' She smiled as she
explained further, 'The fact is, sex is delicious.'

Peter smiled with her.

'There's just one more thing I want to say to you. If I'm going to be
the teacher, then you must do everything I tell you. Is that understood?'

'Yes, Cynthia,' he agreed.

'That also means until I tell you otherwise, you must not do anything
without asking me. And I do mean anything, Peter. Until I think you are
capable of doing things by yourself, you must ask my permission to do
everything, even if it is to go and get a glass of water. Is that
understood, young man?' The last question, more sternly.

'Oh, yes Cynthia.'

'Good. Do you think I'm pretty, Peter?"

'Yes, Miss Cynthia... I mean Cynthia.'

'Which part of me do you think is the prettiest?'

'Oh, all of you is pretty, Cynthia. I think you are pretty all over.'

Amber persisted, 'But if you had to pick just one thing, which would be
the prettiest?'

'Please Miss,' he bowed his head.

'I want you to be honest, Peter. Remember you promised to do anything I
said. Now tell me, and don't call me Miss,' she reminded him.

'I'm sorry Cynthia,' he apologised. 'I think your tits are the
prettiest,' he told her, blushing furiously. He was embarrassed but he
still couldn't draw his eyes away from the pantied crotch that was clearly
in view now.

She cupped both breasts for a moment. 'Why do you think these are?'

'Because I like tits, I guess.' He squirmed, now unable to look anywhere
but up her dress.

'Peter,' she cried out in a shocked voice. 'You are looking up my

'No. No I'm not,' he almost squeaked.

'Yes you were, I saw you. I'm shocked.'

'No, Cynthia, I wasn't. Truly.'

'And now you're lying. I saw you looking up my skirt. You were peeping when I didn't know my knees had parted. How awful of you.' She stood up,
letting the skirt fall to it's normal length, somewhere around her calves.

'What did you see?' She demanded.

'Please Cynthia. I saw nothing.'

'Yes you did because you were staring.' She raised her skirt to her
knees. 'I want to know what you saw. Did you see my knees?'

He knew he had been caught red handed. 'Yes Cynthia,' he finally gave
in and agreed.

She raised her skirt higher to reveal the tops of her stockings. 'Did
you see as far as my stockings?'

'Yes,' he whispered, now the picture of misery.

'Look at me when I'm speaking,' she directed, sternly. Taking the folds
of her skirt in her hands, she lifted it higher. 'Did you look at my
suspenders? Did you see that far up my dress?'

'No. Not that far,' he told her without any conviction.

'Tell the truth, Peter. I can tell when you're lying to me. Well?'

'Sorry. Yes I did.'

'Oh, no!' She cried out as though incredulous at what was to come next.
She pulled the skirt as high as it would go, restrained only by the waist
belt. 'You saw everything didn't you?' she asked in a shocked voice. 'You
looked right up and saw my panties. That's a very private place, Peter.
You didn't even ask my permission to do that. Aren't you ashamed with

'Please, Miss Cynthia,' he pleaded, falling onto his knees from the
table. 'I am ashamed of myself. I'm very sorry.'

She let her dress fall back into place but remained standing in front of
her chair.

'I'm ashamed of you too, Peter, but at least you apologised, so I
forgive you this one time. If you are naughty again and don't ask
permission, then I will have to punish you. Is that clear?'

'Yes, Miss. Oh, thank you.'

'Come and kneel in front of me. Back straight. That's right,' she
directed. His face came to somewhere near her navel.

She cupped her hands on top of his head. 'Were you excited when you saw
my panties?'

'Yes Cynthia, I couldn't stop looking.'

'Did it make your penis hard?'

'Yes, and tingly too,' he confided, still looking into her belly button.

'Put your hands on my hips, Peter.' He did so, holding them there very
lightly. 'Now I want you to slide them around me so you are touching my
bottom. I want you to learn what a girl's bottom feels like.'

She could feel the hands sliding around her, almost as though he was in
fear of breaking a fragile glass.

'You can feel them, Peter. They won't break. Squeeze them a little.
Run your fingers over them and feel how round and firm they are. Can you
feel the crease?'

'Yes I can,' he agreed. Hands were now wandering everywhere, fingertips
up and down her crease and under the moons of her bottom.

'That's enough, Peter. Now I want you to slide your hands down my legs
until you go past the edge of my skirt. Wait,' she chided, 'slowly, not so
fast. Enjoy the time feeling my body. There's no rush. You should never
rush a girl when you are making love to her,' she told him. 'Girls like
these things to be taken very slowly so they can enjoy all the pleasure
building up within them.'

'I'm sorry, Cynthia.' He slowed the pace but his hands rode down in a
steady straight line. There was no exploration in his mind, just tension.
Sexual of course, she thought.

'Now, Peter. What you are going to do now is very intimate. You will
be doing what you have never done before, so you must be very careful. But
relax and enjoy it. Come on now; take some deep breaths and relax.'

He did as he was told but still didn't seem relaxed in any way.

'What I want you to do now Peter is to run your hands under my skirt and
up my legs. Take your time. Feel the stockings and the bare skin above
them. You can touch my suspenders and feel how they hold my stockings up.
Run your hands over my legs as much as you want. But remember, do it
slowly so I can enjoy the feeling also. I'm sure you'll like it too.'

He needed no further encouragement and in fact the palms of his hands
roamed all over her legs. Front and back, inside and out. She felt him
reach the un-stockinged skin and linger, then move on only to retreat
downwards again. He was more purposeful this time, braver perhaps she

'That does feel good Peter. Do you like it too?'

'Oh, yes, Miss. It feels lovely'

'Now higher, Peter but when you get to my hips, I want you to stop.' He
took a long while to stop but finally did so.

'Do you realise what you've done Peter? You have your hands right up
inside a girl's dress for the first time. How do you feel?'

'I feel funny, Miss Cynthia. I have a strange tickling feeling, you
know down there.' He still found it more comfortable to call her Miss

'You mean in your penis?' She knew it was.

'Yes. I don't know what's happening. It's different, like millions of
tiny bubbles exploding inside my stomach.'

'Do you like the feeling?'

'I think so, but it's something like wanting to go to the bathroom
urgently only more ticklish.'

'It will feel even better later,' she told him. 'But for now I want you
to do something very special. I want you to feel the top of my panties and
then very slowly, pull them right down and take them off me. Slowly now. I
want to savour the lovely feeling of having a man take down my panties.'

He was a very clumsy, fingers everywhere, but he finally managed to hook
them around the elastic top. He had great difficulty manoeuvring them over
the seat of her bottom but at last they were free and sliding easily
downwards. She stepped out of them and held the soft warm material over
his face.

'Smell my panties, Peter. Can you smell my body in them? Just picture where they've been, Peter, over my bottom, and covering my pussy. Can you
feel the warmth of my pussy?'

'Oh, Miss, something's happening. Someth..'

'Peter,' she said sharply. 'Think of cold water, nothing else. Cold,
cold water. Quiet. Be perfectly still. Stay calm. That's it, relax.'
She knew he was approaching orgasm. Maybe even his first.

'What's happening to me?' He had never had such sensations building up
inside him before.

'It's alright,' she calmly told him. 'Just relax, but don't move for a
minute or so. Just relax.' She could see the crisis was subsiding.

She laid the crystal white panties on the arm of the chair beside her,
and sat down, pulling him closer to her. He was still kneeling up

'You nearly had an orgasm. Do you know what that means?'

'No, Miss.'

She decided that if he were more comfortable calling her Miss or the
like, she wouldn't correct him.

'Have you ever played with yourself, your penis I mean, and made it hard
so that it felt very sensitive when you touched it, Peter?'

'Not like just then though, Miss.'

'You've never had white liquid squirt out?'

'White? Oh, no Miss.' He wasn't even sure what she meant.

'In that case, Peter my darling boy; it's time we made a man of you and
gave you your first orgasm. You will love the feeling. Say it, an

'An orgasm? I don't know what that means.'

'It won't take long now," she explained, smiling at him. Now, you've
taken down my panties & I have nothing on under my skirt, remember? Well
it's my turn to take your clothes off but I'm going to cheat and take them
all off.'

While she was talking she began to unbutton his shirt. He was hesitant
but made no move to stop her.

'Stand up now.' She undid and removed his shoes and then his belt. 'Now
for the grand unveiling,' she declared, far more aroused than she would
have liked to admit.

In un-zipping his trousers, his erection was unmistakable.

'What do you call this, Peter?' She lightly cupped his genitals through
his underpants.

'Mummy calls it my wiener,' he told he shyly. 'But at school, we call
it a prick.'

'Most grown-ups call it their penis or their cock,' she told him. 'I
think cock sounds best, so from now on that's what you will call it.
O.K.?' She added, 'But perhaps not in front of Mummy or Daddy.'

'Yes Miss,' he agreed shyly.

His cotton underpants clung closely to his manhood and her hand glided
lightly over the material, causing shock waves to soar through his body.
Never had he experienced such feelings. She clasped her hand around the
trunk of his penis, holding it gently while looking into his eyes.

'It is very large, Peter. You should be very proud. Not many young men have a cock as big. Come closer.'

She pulled him so he was standing between her knees.

'You touched my bottom, now it's my turn,' she told him. Her hands
clasped the cheeks firmly as she massaged and roamed over the thin
material. Then, moving to the front she lifted the waistband over the
protruding head of his cock and slipped the underwear down.

'Oh, my goodness, look at that. It is even larger than I expected,' she
told him encouragingly. In fact, it was no larger than she would have
expected for a pubescent boy.

However it did stand up firm and straight, surrounded by crinkly black
hair. His previous efforts had left several wet spots on his underpants
and a drop had again formed on the opening. He was shivering from the
excitement of such intimacy. A grown woman sitting before him, she fully
clothed (well almost except for her panties resting on the chair beside
her) and he, totally naked, being fondled as he had never been before and
going through all the anxieties of not knowing what was to happen next.

She slipped her hand along the shaft, catching the drop of seminal fluid
on the palm of her hand and wiping it over the head of his penis.

'Do you know what this is called, Peter? What I am doing to you?'

'Touching, Miss?' He had no idea what she had meant.

'This is called masturbation. I am masturbating you Peter, but your
friends at school probably call it jerking-off. Now I want you to listen

As she spoke she continued to masturbate him, making sure the tension
didn't build up so much that he would come before she was ready for him,
but just enough to keep his senses in chaos.

'Do you know what fucking means, or sexual intercourse, Peter? Do the
boys talk about fucking at school?'

'Oh yes, Miss Cynthia,' he agreed. 'It's something they do to girls.
One boy said he really fucked with a girl but he wouldn't say what he did.
I think it's when they have babies, isn't it?'

'It's really when two people want to make love, Peter. It's something
done in private and you shouldn't talk about it to anyone else. It's a
secret between the two people and no one else. There are lots of ways to
make love but it always finishes when the man puts his cock inside the
girl's pussy and discharges his sperm. It makes both the man and the girl very excited and the feeling is wonderful.'

She let his penis go from time to time to ease the chance of
ejaculation, but knew he was close to coming.

'What I am doing is something like fucking, but my hand is taking the
place of the girl's pussy. You are going to fuck me properly later, Peter
and I know that once you've felt just how good it is, you will want to do
it with many more girls. But we will teach you slowly. Come on now, let's
go and sit on the sofa.'

'Oh, Miss, I feel just like before. Bubbles are going off all inside
me. It feels good but I don't know what's going to happen.'

She sat on the sofa and told the naked boy to lay along the seat with
his head and upper body resting in her lap, his eyes looking into her face.

'Close you eyes, Peter,' she told him.

Her fingers trailed along his sensitive chest, stomach and over his
genitals, to brush lightly as a feather over his pubic hair and scrotum.
He was so touch sensitive that he cried out with the pleasure she was
giving him.

'Don't worry about what is going to happen next, my dear,' she told him.
'Just remember the feeling for the rest of your life, it will be beautiful
for you.'

She again took his cock in the palm of her hand and began to firmly
masturbate him to orgasm. After just a few movements she felt his body
begin to stiffen, his mouth open almost as though in agony and deep loud
grunts grew in intensity as the throes of his first climax took control.

'Aargh!' he cried. The first spurt from this virgin penis shot straight
up his body, and spattered a line of semen along his chest, face and onto
Amber's breast where she cuddled his face with her other hand. She
continued to pump his erupting cock to give him the longest sensations she
could for this first time orgasm. His legs were shuddering with intensity
as eruption after eruption of sperm fell over his naked body.

She brought her lips to his ear.

'Quiet now. Don't move, just relax and feel the sensations slowly
quieten down. Sleep if you want to,' she whispered reassuringly. The
trails of sperm shone in the light and some had run down the slope of his
chest onto her skirt and the sofa. He didn't move for over an hour and she
remained perfectly still, allowing him to rest peacefully. Amber felt at
peace with herself and the world.

He finally stirred, opening his eyes to look into her face. She leaned
over and kissed him full on the lips, the tip of her tongue circling his
mouth, leaving a trail of saliva.

'Don't move just yet. I will go and clean you up.'

She eased herself from under his head and shoulders and returned with a
warm face washer to wipe the sticky trails from his body. His manhood
still stood stiff and straight.

'Was it good?'

'Yes, Miss Cynthia. I've never felt anything like that ever before.
Can we do it again? Please,' he begged.

'Don't worry we'll do everything. More exciting that ever, just be
patient.' He watched as she lovingly washed the remains of his emission

'Do you remember what you said was the prettiest thing about me?' She
looked at him with a wide smile on her face.

'Yes Miss,' he agreed.

'Stand up then.' He did so and she moved close to him taking his hands
and pressing each one onto her breasts. 'They are yours, Peter. Feel
them. Squeeze them. You can even pinch them if you want to and hurt me;
make me cry out. You can do anything you want with them.'

She was still fully clothed but he didn't need a second invitation to
begin feeling up her hand-sized mammaries. He did all she had suggested,
seriously and with emotion except that he didn't hurt her once.

'Are they as big as your Mummy's? Have you seen your Mummy's breasts without any clothes, Peter.'

'No, Miss, I haven't seen them but hers are big and floppy. Yours are
beautiful and hard. I love your tits, Miss,' he said, entranced with his
ability to manipulate them.

'I don't have anything under my shirt, Peter. You can take it off.'

He raised the top over her head and the pink tipped bosoms awaited his

'Feel me,' she directed. He did.

'Kiss them, Peter. And suck them too. Hard. See if you can taste my
milk,' she urged him knowing he wouldn't be aware she had no liquid to
offer. 'That's good, Peter. You suck my breasts so beautifully, it makes
me feel good,' she encouraged. In fact of the four people who had been
given the privilege of doing that, Peter came a poor last. Margot won
hand's down in that department, followed by Richard and Roger, equal

She felt his erection touching her stomach and legs from time to time as
he moved from one tit to the other. Cold trails of pre-come juice ran
across her at that level.

'Come into the bedroom, Peter. You will find it easier there.' He was
far stronger than she had expected and he lifted her up, his lips clinging
to her breasts as he walked. She opened the door and as they entered he
set her on the floor, never once stopping from the mischief he was up to
with the mounds before him.

She eased herself apart and he took a deep breath.

She turned around. 'Undo my skirt, Peter and remove the last of my

The skirt was easy but it took some time for him to work out how to get
the suspenders undone and the stockings off her legs.

'Well done,' she congratulated him.

He made no attempt to touch her and she was pleased to see he was
waiting for her instructions before he did anything. It didn't stop him
from feasting his eyes over the nakedness before him though.

'Don't move. Just watch me and do what I tell you.'

She laid herself on the centre of the bed, arms stretched out in the
shape of a cross and her legs only slightly open.

'Very soon I am going to teach you how to give a girl the most beautiful
feelings, Peter. But as this is the first time you have seen a naked lady,
I think it's time to let you explore my body. As soon as I close my eyes,
you can do anything you want to me with your hands and mouth. But you must
not use your cock to give yourself any pleasure. You are not to try and
put your cock inside me. Is that understood?'

He couldn't speak and simply nodded his assent.

'Do whatever you want then. You can feel any part of this nude girl that you want. Lick me, kiss me, squeeze me or even hurt me.'

She closed her eyes but it was some minutes before she felt his weight
on the bed and his hands spreading her legs apart.

He certainly didn't hurt her but despite the prying of his fingers into
her most intimate sexual parts, she never felt any pleasure either. His
tour of discovery centred almost entirely on her vagina, with a finger
roaming around the lips, occasionally trying to penetrate inside. But the
lack of moisture made the entrance unyielding and he hadn't the experience
to open the outer lips where he would have found the slippery moisture he
needed. He obviously had never been aware of that favourite of feminine
spots, the clitoris because not once did his finger intrude onto the nub.

She finally opened her eyes to see his face still entranced at the dry
slit of her pussy.

'Do you find it interesting?'

'Oh yes, Miss Cynthia. I've never seen this before,' he told her

'We're going to have a bubble bath. Would you like to get in the tub
with me?' She had asked impishly. 'You never know what you might find
under all those bubbles.'

His face showed it's usual eagerness as he sat up.

She continued, 'But first, I'm going to show you something very special.
Something that only your special girls will do for you and only then if
they like you very much. Lay over on the bed.'

It didn't take long to do as he was told. She placed a pillow under his
bottom, stretched his legs wide apart and pushed his heels into his bottom
so he was in the traditional woman-on-top position. She moved around
between his legs and watched his eyes as she lowered her mouth to his cock.
One of the things that surprised her was the fact that since he reached his
first erection, his cock had not softened at all, even after his lengthy
first ejaculation.

Her wet lips encompassed the head and then swallowed up most of the
length of his stiff manhood. He looked at her in amazement but soon found
the attraction of being fellated by this naked woman, more than he could
stand. The eruption of sperm came almost immediately but she continued to
pump, using her tongue to add pressure to the pulsating weapon.

She felt the semen gush into her mouth and swallowed quickly but despite
the young man's vigour, he was no match for her husband's ejaculations.
Not only was Richard's penis twice the size of the one between her lips,
giving her much more room to store the deposits before she swallowed but
the amount of sperm was far less. She wondered whether Peter's performance
would increase, as he got older. He was more that ten-year's younger than

After he had completed his climax, she pulled herself along his body and
kissed him full on his lips. Traces of sperm still remained but he never

'That's twice you've come young man, so it's about time I was given some
pleasure. After our bath you're going to do the same to me,' she told him.

'But you haven't got a cock,' he blurted out.

'Think about it then,' she answered.

The bath was fun for both of them. He took great pride in bathing her
whole body and finally managed to slip a finger into her vagina, but wasn't
game to push it far. She never encouraged him, keeping that as something
to do later. After they had soaped each other, she laid back into the
rounded end and pulled him back between her legs so his back was tight
against her stomach.

Without a word she began to masturbate his cock, which still remained
hard. He had climaxed only a few minutes before, and she took considerably
longer to bring off his next climax. Neither was concerned when his semen
streamed into their bath water. She held him in her arms for a long time
until the water started to cool before they got out to dry each other off.

'At least that made your cock soft, Peter' she declared as she knelt
before him to dry the sensitive organ. After powdering him all over, the
naked pair returned to the bedroom where she stood him in front of the
mirror, and taking him in her arms kissed him long and hard so that he
could see how it was done. His lips responded very well.

'Do you like me?'

'I love you, Miss Cynthia,' he confirmed solemnly, his hands roaming
over her bottom cheeks.

'I want you to watch me, Peter. Stand at the foot of the bed.'

She lay in the centre of the bed, her bottom raised by a pillow and her
feet pointed towards him. Very slowly she pulled her heels back to her
bottom cheeks to provide him with the clearest view yet of a woman's sex
organs. Not only could he see the whole of her vagina opened to him, but
her bottom hole also presented itself to his view.

'I am going to show you something very private,' she told him, dipping a
finger into her mouth and placing the wet digit on her vagina.

'Remember how I used my hand on your cock to make you come?'

'Yes, Miss.' How could he ever forget?

'When a girl wants to have the same pleasure she does what I am going to
do.' She shut her eyes and began to masturbate herself in front of him.
The finger first played along the line of labia, the shiny surface deep
pink, and began to move around the opening that was slowly showing.
Finally as she could feel the sensations starting, she concentrated on her
clitoris, showing him just where she gained the most pleasure. Her finger
circled the little nub, which had grown considerably in size, speeding up,
slowing down and occasionally rubbed very fast from side to side. As her
orgasm came near, she would delay the ultimate pleasure by dipping her
finger deep inside her pussy from time to time.

The boy looked on, goggle-eyed, his erection pointed to the sky.

Between gasps of pleasure she commanded him not to touch himself, as she
didn't want him to come again so soon after climaxing three times during
the afternoon already.

'Soon you will be allowed to pay homage to my pussy, Peter. But until
then, keep your hands behind your back.'

'Yes, Miss,' he promised, acting immediately.

'Ugh!' She was nearing her long awaited climax and her body was jerking.
'Just watch, young man, nothing else. If you try to touch me or yourself,
I'll spank your bare bottom.'

'I promise, Miss.'

She then allowed her bodily functions to take over as her loud gasps and
jerking body signalled the onset of orgasm. She always relished the

'Peter, quickly. Keep your hands behind your back but put your tongue
where my finger has just been. Press hard and don't stop until I come

He said nothing but laid along the bed pushing his face into her
hairless slit. His technique needed a lot more practice she thought to
herself, but at least he's bringing back the feeling. I think he will make
me come again if he can keep going.

The boy never gave up. It took over fifteen minutes and in the end he
was struggling with exhaustion, at least his tongue and mouth were, but he
was proud to feel the tremors building through her loins until her crotch
pushed and fought his tongue for supremacy. She finally won and took the
pleasure of her second climax as the victor's spoils. He never stopped
until at last she languidly gave him permission.

She rolled him over to take the pressure off his sensitive cock, which
had been pressed into the mattress for so long. It was a wonder he never
came, she mused.

'That was lovely, Peter. I can see you are going to be a very sought
after lover as you grow up. Just remember to give your companion all the
time and pleasure you can. She will reciprocate with more than you could
ever imagine.'

'Yes, Miss. Thank you for letting me give you this pleasure. It gave
me a great thrill to feel you receiving it.'

'No, thank you, Peter. It was beautiful.' She held him in her arms for
some time but the intrusion of his erection against her thigh reminded her
that this virile young boy still have the ability to come again. She
wondered how many times he could really come in one afternoon.

'It's your turn again,' she told him. 'You can make any choice you
want; whatever you say, I will do to you because you were so good to me.
Now you just tell me what you'd like me to do to you.'

'I'm not sure, Miss. I like everything,' he said non-committal. 'You
can do anything - I know I'll like it.'

'No, you must say what you want. Would you like to feel me up again
(you know how to put your finger right inside now), or lick my pussy? I'll
rub your cock until you come or if you want I'll suck you off again. Did
you like that?'

'That was the best, Miss,' he agreed. 'I'd like that again,' he told
her, remembering the thrill he had in knowing that she had swallowed all of
his sperm.

'Or just maybe,' she teased, 'Just maybe you'd like to fuck me?' She
said it as a question, looking at him very slyly.

His face reddened as he realised that was probably the ultimate but he
had no real idea of how he went about that particular task. He shuffled on
the bed but finally decided he had better admit his lack of knowledge.

'Yes, Miss, but I don't know what to do,' he told her, tears filming his
eyes with embarrassment.

'The first thing you must do is wear a rubber,' she told him, taking a
packaged condom from the bedside cabinet.

She kissed the tip of his penis and then placed the moist sheath over
the head, rolling it down as far as it would go. The fit wasn't all that
good but she never made mention of his small dimensions, giving the
rubberised tool several squeezes. She rolled him over on top of her still
holding onto his penis and automatically he used his knees to position
himself within her open thighs. It took little effort to guide his cock to
the entrance.

'Push down, darling. Gently.'

He slid within her cavern simply and smoothly and he giggled at the
sensation of knowing he was actually in the process of fucking for the
first time.

His first thrusts were fierce, thinking nothing of her, only of himself.
She clasped her legs around his hips and placed her hands on his upturned
bottom cheeks.

'Slow down, not so fast,' she cried out, not for herself but to help him
last as long as he could.

'Enjoy it all, my darling boy,' she whispered. 'Just take your time and
let your pleasure last.'

It was all too much for him. As the first surge rushed along his penis,
he jerked heavily, pushing him deep inside then sank with all his weight on
top of her as he allowed his climax to fill the rubber container. She
found it hard to breath but gave him the privilege of rest.

'Good?' She asked, turning his face towards hers as it rested on her

'Very good,' he agreed like a veteran.

She could feel him softening and twisted around to make sure he didn't
dislodge the condom or spill any into her unprotected opening.

Holding the used rubber pouch above her, she poured some of the milky
contents onto her breasts.

'Rub it in, Peter. I hear it's very good for a girl's complexion.'

He delighted in the task, which lasted forever because the sticky
substance turned into a creamy coating once it had been massaged over her
skin, and was slow to dissipate. When he had nearly finished, she poured
the rest onto her breasts and he had to start all over again. She in turn
delighted in the sensuous hands gliding over her breasts and nipples,
almost sleep inducing she thought.

She took one of his hands in hers, and holding up his largest finger,
slid the wet condom onto it. 'You made it wet, you get rid of it,' she

'Can't I use it again?'

'No, never,' and she pulled him down and they wrestled on the bed like
children. After they tired, she laid on her back.

'Lick my breasts clean,' she instructed. 'Then I will suck you clean

They woke late in the evening, and she rang room service for dinner to
be delivered.

Chapter Four

'It's late,' she stated, and I think we can both do with some sleep.
But I give you this promise: whenever you want to, from now until I leave
at midday tomorrow, you can make love to me whenever you wish. If I'm
asleep, just start whatever you want to do; if I wake up I'll enjoy it too
and if I don't wake up it'll probably give me beautiful dreams. I liked
your lovemaking with me, Peter,' she kissed him passionately.

'Thank you, Miss Cynthia,' he responded. 'I love you.'

'Goodnight, Peter.'

She reached to turn off the light and as soon as it was dark, she felt
his hand slide between her legs.

'I want to do it again, Miss Cynthia.'

She rolled onto her back and never worried about protecting herself.
After he finished, again no pleasure for her, he sank back onto the bed
with a deep sigh of satisfaction. As she rolled onto her side the now cool
sperm ran down her bottom cheek onto the bed but she made no move to clean
it up.

Her awakening the next morning was no different. She opened her eyes to
find herself on her back with the boy nearing another ejaculation. She
watched his face as it contorted with pleasure but made no move to assist
him in his endeavours. As before, he shot his emission deep inside and
rolled over exhausted, leaving his sperm to drain out of her body; that
seemed of no consequence to him.

'Do it again, now, Peter. Immediately. Come on young man, you've taken
your pleasure three times and given me nothing. Do you think that's fair?
You should be thinking of your partner's pleasure before your own so this
time you are going to keep fucking me until I come or I'll tan your hide so
raw you won't sit down for a week.' She wasn't pretending; this time she
meant it.

'I can't, Miss. I've gone soft.'

'Then rub yourself hard, but do it quick or I'll beat you.'

He tried hard but the exertions of the last ten hours and the pressure
she was now putting on him to perform his manly duty, left him little
chance of success.

'I'm sorry, Miss Cynthia but I can't make it hard,' he pleaded.

She looked angry and grabbing his arm pulled him over her knee, holding
his legs firmly between hers, with her left arm around his waist. Without
a word she began spanking his behind as hard as she could. He screamed
trying to twist away but her hold was too good. Despite her hand hurting
probably as much as his tender bottom, she never slowed.

'If I can't feel your dirty little prick grow hard soon, I'll bite the
dangling bit of gristle off; you'd better believe it,' she threatened. She
was tiring and her palm burnt so she decided to take a new tack.

Grasping a handful of hair she pulled his head upward none too softly
and then began whispering dirty suggestions in his ear. 'You know, Peter,
if you get hard, you get to push your cock inside me again. You won't get
the chance much longer. Remember how good it feels. I'll suck you off.
You like that, I know. Remember how it feels when you shoot off inside my
mouth? I swallow all your sperm right down. Remember, Peter? You can do
that again as long as you fuck me properly and give me some pleasure.
Would you like to watch me pee, Peter? You can see it shoot right out of
my piss hole, all golden and warm. You could put your finger on it if you
wanted to. Have you ever seen a girl peeing?'

At last she began to feel growth, a cock beginning to grow into a real
weapon again.

'If you make me happy, Peter you can piss on me if you want to, right
over my tits. You'd like that, to see your pee splashing all over me.
Some might go into my mouth maybe.'

The manhood in question was at last firm enough for her purposes, and
she hoped that all his fucking of the last few hours would slow down the
next climax until she had a chance to achieve a genuine male-organ induced
orgasm of her own.

She pushed him onto the bed leaving him on his back, the cock now firmly
aloft. Instead of stretching out herself, she took the initiative and
straddled the boy's body, plunging her vaginal entrance over his maleness
and began to fuck. His face was tear stained from the spanking he received
and she realised he was probably suffering with his bruised backside
pressed into the mattress by her body weight.

'Don't you come, my little friend, until you give me some real pleasure.
You hold yourself back and think of a snowfield or something but don't come
until I say you can. Do you hear?'

'I will try, Miss.'

'You'd better,' she warned. 'If you come before I'm satisfied, you're
not the man I thought you were and you won't get the chance to bonk me
again. I'll lock my pussy up. Understood?'

'Yes, Miss Cynthia.' There was little doubt he was enjoying himself
already for he was swaying his hips in time with the rhythm of her

She took his hand and showed him how to manipulate her love button while
she continued to plunge herself up and down on his cock.

She sat with her back straight, and looked as though she was sitting on
a horse during a dressage event in the Olympics. The movements were good.
They made her sexual feelings grow and before long she was gasping at the
eminent happening, a self-induced climax. The first real one since she had
left her three spouses for this assignation.

'I can't help it, Miss Cynthia. I'm going to shoot off,' the boy wailed. She had warned him of what would happen and he didn't want to lose
this, his first access to pussy.

But it didn't matter because his own thrusting trying to keep up with
her rhythm, gave her the vibrations needed to take her over the edge also
and they came almost simultaneously, both exhausted.

She pulled herself off his quickly deflating penis and crawled along his
body leaving a trail of semen as she went. In a gesture of personal
revenge she pushed her very wet sex hole onto his face and smeared her
stickiness all over. She was surprised when, rather that gagging at the
wetness he opened his mouth and drank in what he could.

They both enjoyed the dirty sex they had made for themselves. She
kissed his red and wounded backside and decided a bath was in order.

Just as they were dry she said, 'Do you want to see me pee?'

He nodded, smiling widely.

She sat on the toilet and leaned back, her legs spread as wide as she
could and as he knelt in front, he could see the small pee hole near the
top of her pussy. She held the lips apart with both hands and he saw the
yellow liquid began to trickle into the bowl. He was fascinated and didn't
move until she had emptied her bladder. As the last drops fell she handed
him some tissues and instructed him how to pat the area dry, which he did
with enthusiasm, smiling into her face as the task was completed.

'Peter, there is very little time left. I am going soon and you'll
never see me again. Just remember, give your girl all the pleasure you
can. Forget about your own and you'll find she will give you more joy than
you could ever expect. And take your time; pleasure her slowly and let it
build up.'

'Please don't go, Miss Cynthia. I love you,' he pleaded, tears forming.

'I must go.'

She held him close for some time, neither speaking, then she rose and
dressed herself. Her last garment she didn't put on. Instead she slipped
her panties over his feet and pulled then up his legs where they fitted
tightly over his erection.

'Lay back,' she told him and as her last farewell, masturbated him until
she felt the strength of another orgasm rush along the cock and spill over
inside the knickers. As soon as the first wet stain appeared, she moved
quickly, closing the door quietly behind her.

Chapter Five

Wanting nothing now but to get away from the hotel, Amber rushed out of
the foyer to find Richard standing in the middle of the pavement. He
grabbed her, holding her tightly and they clung together as much in relief
that she was safe as in the fact that her ordeal was over.

He guided her to the waiting car, Mellors sitting behind the wheel. As
they clung together in the back seat, he said 'Thank God. After I let you
go all I could think of was what they were doing to you. I imagined the
worst and that I mightn't see you alive again. I was crazy for agreeing.
Oh, thank God your safe. Are you alright, my darling?'

'Yes I'm not hurt. You can't imagine what it was to see you waiting
there when I came out, darling Richard. Thank you. I love you so.' She
put her arms around his neck and held him tightly.

'Did they hurt you?'

'No, it wasn't like that, and the baby's fine. Just take me home to
Margot and Roger. Don't ask me now. I'll tell you afterwards,' she told
him, her voice almost breaking with emotion. She buried her head into his

'We know who it is,' he told her calmly.

'Richard, it wasn't the boy. He was innocent. He had no idea that they
made me go there. Don't harm him. Richard?' She saw the look in his eyes
and beat his chest with her fist. 'Richard you must believe me, he didn't
know I was forced to be there.'

'All right, I understand. It's the others I want.'

She breathed an inner sigh. 'Take me home darling,' she asked.

They were waiting on the front steps as the car drove up. The reunion
was filled with emotion and relief as they saw she looked unharmed.

'Please,' she pleaded with them. 'You've got to clean me. I wasn't
hurt and I'll tell you everything but first I need you all to do what I
tell you without any argument. I just want to clean off the stench of
being made to be there like that. The boy was nothing. It was just being
blackmailed that was so sickening. Take me and scrub me clean. hurt me
when you do it but clean every inch of me. And when you've done that, I
want each of you to beat me fiercely. Mark me until I cry out in agony; it
is the only way to take away the feelings I have for those filthy animals that blackmailed us. And when I can't stand it any longer, make love to
me. All three of you, I need your beautiful love. Make me sexy again.'

Richard acted first, scooping her up in his arms as he carried her into
the main bathroom. While he and Roger stripped her, Margot ran the bath,
very hot. She placed firm sponges around the bath and they all understood
what they were about to do.

'Scream out for all you like,' Richard told her as he picked her up and
plonked her into the hot water, the three of them holding her firmly.
Scream she did as the heat bit into every crevice. Water went everywhere
but try as she may they gave her no chance of escape. The sponges scraped
rather than washed and she soon took on the complexion of a sunburnt
beach-goer as the combination of hot water and hard sponges took effect.
Special attention was given to her feminine parts. Her breasts were rubbed
red raw as was the crease from the top of her bottom downwards and up again
between her legs. Both men held her spreadeagled as Margot pushed and
rubbed a sponge over the heated tender flesh of her vagina and anus. Her
clitoris received special attention too and Margot was worried that she may
have gone too far and actually scraped the skin off this sensitive and
protected little button.

Whilst the burning subsided as her body acclimatised to the heated
water, the chaffed skin being tenderised by the harsh sponges, continued to
hurt. She did as she was told, and cried out as loud as she could. At
last Roger decided she could take no more without the possibility of the
baby being harmed and they allowed her out.

The towels were soft and the powder soothed. Her burning body soon
turned to a steady tingling feeling; she felt herself going limp as Roger
steadied her.

The next realisation was lying on the big bed in their communal bedroom,
her three spouses gently stroking her body all over. It felt wonderful.

'So! You're awake,' Margot declared. 'It's about time.' They were
still fully dressed but she realised they had changed their clothes from
the wet ones she had seen them in last. Amber realised though that she was
completely nude.

'I get first crack,' Roger told her and without further ado, rolled her
over onto her stomach, a pillow raising her bottom higher.

He spanked her hard, not saying a word. But just as she had asked them,
he gave no mercy and his hard palm laid into her bottom time after time.
His hand landed over every segment of her behind and the onlookers saw the
bright pink of her whole body, turning bright red over her rear end.

It hurt dreadfully, but she made no effort to scream out or to stop him.
She was sobbing loudly as some relief from the pain but she accepted the
spanking as part of being cleansed from the filth she had undergone.

'Fifty,' he stated. 'That's enough.' He was breathing deeply now trying
to catch his breath from the exhaustion of his task.

Margot was next. She rolled the girl over and Amber saw the thin cane
in her hand. 'This will hurt more,' Margot told her and immediately began
to flick the springy rod over her breasts and along her stomach, down as
low as the hairless love mound. Most of the cuts landed on her sensitive
breasts though and those that hit a nipple were beyond any pain she had
ever felt in her life. Although Amber clenched her teeth, saliva spraying
between her teeth as her lips curled open, she couldn't help but squeal out
in agony. Eventually Margot finished off with ten cuts aimed directly at
the nipples, five on each side. Somehow, despite Amber jerking strongly
after each cut, Margot never missed. The pain didn't stop after Margot had
finished and the two men held her arms to the bed to stop her from rubbing
the now swollen nipples. Dark red lines now crisscrossed Amber's body from
breast to mons veneris. All in the room knew the bruises would take many
days to fade away.

Giving the stricken woman no time to recover from Margot's beating,
Richard literally dragged her across his knees. Her agony worsened as her
wounded stomach and breasts pressed against his knees. Richard saw the
reddened buttocks where Roger had just spanked and began to land a school
cane over the red, leaving deeper red streaks, which soon rose up on the
surface. He realised the intensity of her beating and while he had no
intention of easing up on his part of the cleansing, he decided that six
hard cuts on each cheek was enough.

Amber only felt knife cuts. It was as though someone was slicing her
posterior with a sharp knife, opening each cut to the bone. She was beyond
everything, beyond the pain threshold, beyond crying out, beyond feeling.

When it was over they laid her on the bed on her side.

'The exorcism is over, my dearest Amber,' Margot whispered in her ear,
kissing with her lips.

Amber felt the soothing coldness, she knew not what, but she knew it
soothed her bruised body. All three were anointing her with cold creme,
gently rubbing it into the wounded skin, massaging, loving. The redness
remained as it would for some time, but the agony left her, allowing her
the privilege of sleep. The tension of going into that hotel room against
her will, combined with the heat of the bath and her beating, soon
dissipated as her body relaxed under the soothing influence of tender hands
and cool moisture. She slept but no one left her side.

When she awoke, they didn't have sex with her but instead gave her sex.
His or her hands and mouths wandered into every crease and over every
mound, stroking, kissing, sucking, and licking. Her breasts became
fireballs of passion, so sensitive that her first orgasm was achieved
before anyone even touched her pussy. Again and again, fingers rubbed the
surface of her nipples, still swollen from her beatings during the
afternoon. Fingers nipped the dark rosebuds as lips caressed and teeth
teased the tips; their hands never left the targeted mounds and she laid
still, taking in all the love they were giving.

While Roger continued in his homage to her breasts, Margot and Richard
began their exploration of her lower parts. Their hands had been liberally
covered with body creme and slid easily over her tender skin, stoking the
fires of sexual passion. They concentrated on vagina and anus, fingers
probing the depths. At times they alternated, one entering her anal
opening just as the one already deep inside her vagina withdrew. Then they
would change the rhythm so that both entrances were violated at the same
time. As her passion grew, other fingers were added so that two were
thrust into her anus and a whole hand of fingers pushed as far as the main
knuckles into her vagina. She felt the pleasure but none of the pain.
Richard didn't mention it but he was pleased to see her anus taking the
width of his two fingers at once. She was nearing the time when he felt
confident of breaching that maidenhead with his own large instrument
without causing her an injury.

It was Margot's finger that finally pressed onto her clitoris and began
to masturbate the limp child, her wife. Her dearest wife, she thought.

Richard kept thrusting his two fingers deep inside her rectum, the
orifice now lubricated with her own body oils. Amber could feel the
thickness inside her but only pleasant feelings were generated. There was
no pain but that was most probably because Margot's assault on her clitoris
was overriding all other sensations. Even Roger's deliberations over her
breasts were nothing compared to the woman's touch of the most sensitive
nub on her body.

Writhing in orgasm again and again, they made no effort to cease their
attentions; the more climaxes she received the less she would remember her
ordeal just finished.

Finally, Margot took complete control, evicting both men from the room
and calling for assistance from Joanne. When the maid entered, she was
made to strip naked and take over the manipulation of her mistress's
clitoris until Margot divested herself of clothing also. The two women
then indulged themselves in lesbian pursuits with the now delirious younger
woman for the rest of the night. Tongues lapping clitoris were the order
of the night.

Chapter Six

Amber was nursed back to strength and well being by the two women over
the next two days, receiving no further sexual favours. Margot allowed her
out of bed only to relieve herself at the toilet, otherwise total rest was
decreed. The only time Margot left Amber's side during those two days was
to offer herself to her two husbands so that their demands on Amber
immediately she alighted from bed, would not be so great.

On the third day after Amber had returned from her ordeal, she dressed
and spent most of the day telling her three spouses exactly what had
happened in the hotel room with the fifteen year old boy. She kept nothing
from them and made sure that her story portrayed the boy as the innocent
party, sent there by his corrupt father to be taught the ways of sex. He
had never forced himself on her at any time and only did what she had
commanded of him. During the telling, Amber realised just how much
practical teaching she had imparted to her pupil over the period of just
one day. She also came to the conclusion that her hatred for whoever had
stepped into the room at the beginning, had soon faded simply because she
had seen he was not party to the obscenity of blackmail.

Richard in particular, listened throughout the day, holding her hand as
though not to let her out of his sight again.

'I am so thankful that you were not harmed,' he told her. 'When you
went inside I had no way of knowing what they intended to do to you and
imagined the worst. Margot and Roger comforted me but if you had not come
out when you did, I think I would have gone crazy.'

She kissed him dearly. 'And all the time I was in sexual congress with
a minor. Poor Richard. I'm sorry I couldn't have let you know.' They
stared into each other's eyes. 'I want you to know, my darling that he
gave me no pleasure, but I do admit I gave him plenty and he did learn more
than most boys of that age.' She smiled a far away smile and giggled. They
knew she was over the severe trial she had endured.

Richard was called his office, during the afternoon. He never told them
what it was about, but later he rang to tell them the good news that his
international deals had been sealed and the stolen documents could harm
them no longer. They needed him at the office for the rest of the night
but he would return the next afternoon with a dinner guest. They were all
to wear dinner suits and formal wear.

Amber breathed a sigh of relief knowing there was no way they could
force her to undergo a repeat of their demands.

In celebration, the three made love; passionate, loving love, long into
the night. Roger wore himself out quickly, ejaculating first into Amber's
vagina and secondly into Margot's warm mouth. His second erection took
Margot a long time to provide him with another orgasm but she was diligent
because she knew that once he came a second time, he would have nothing
more to do with sexual activity for several days. This left Amber and
herself to love each other in the way they knew best, without interruption
from any male organ. As a penance, Roger was made suck his emissions from
Amber's entrance and swallowed it all down.

He lay on his side at one edge of the bed, watching his two wives
partake of their lesbian delights, but not even that produced any desire in
him and he quietly drifted off into deep sleep. After the two women sated
their own desires they slept entwined in each other's arms. That was how
Virginia found them when she came in the next day to say good morning.

During lunch around the pool, Roger who was reading the morning papers,
suddenly sat bolts upright and said, 'Shit.' He had their attention.
'Listen to this,' he said and began to read from page three:

"Police are unable to take further action in the

case of the seriously mutilated man found last

night, in the forest south of the city. His name

has not been released, nor have details of his

injuries but our reporter's investigations have

led us to believe his wounds were of a severe

and sexual nature.

We have reason to suspect the man had been tied h between two trees
upside down and then had his

sexual organs removed with a serrated bread

knife. They were found beside the body by

a park ranger who heard his weak cries and

investigated. The man had lost a large amount

of blood but hospital sources state he should live.

The man has been unable to give police any help

with their investigations, as he cannot remember

anything of his attack."

Roger continued, 'They go on to praise the quick thinking of the Ranger

Both Amber and Margot had turned pale. Amber looked at Roger and simply
said, 'Richard did it, didn't he?'

'We won't know until he gets back,' Roger calmed her. 'Let's not jump
to conclusions.'

'But he told me he knew who did it. His exact words were, "We know who
it is". That's what he said. Oh, God, what has happened? He's started a
gang war. They know who we are and they'll come after us. They'll kill

Amber was losing control of herself, and Margot quickly held her tight,
kissing her hard to stop her talking. 'Quiet, baby. He wouldn't do
something stupid like that. You know what he's like; leaves nothing to
chance and you know he wouldn't put any of us in danger. It's probably got
nothing to do with us, just a coincidence. Wait until he gets home, you'll

Margot's words helped and she realised she hadn't gotten fully over her
ordeal. She put her arms around Margot and Roger who were sitting each
side of her. I do love you two so much. Thank you for caring so much.'

Chapter Seven

Richard returned some hours later but their many questions were silenced
when they saw a young girl step from his car.

'This is Jane,' he told them. 'Jane works for me and may be staying for
a few days.'

'Oh, no...' Jane gasped when she heard what Richard had said, but he
took no notice.

'At least she's staying for dinner and the night then, aren't you my
dear?' He didn't look in her direction but she responded quickly.

'Yes, Mr. Simmons.'

He introduced her to all in the room, and Jane saw they were dressed in
evening wear, far more lavishly then her long sleeved frock.

'I haven't brought anything,' she explained.

'It doesn't matter, my dear. You look lovely,' he patted her shoulder
in a fatherly fashion.

They saw a young girl, probably in her early twenties, five feet six
tall and a slim attractive figure. Her dark hair rested on her shoulders
and while her face couldn't be called beautiful, she was indeed pretty,
perhaps demure, Amber thought. The other thing running through Amber's
mind was, who is she, is Richard having an affair so soon after we were all

Jane's frock was white with little floral motifs embroidered on the
collar and above the bust line. It had long sleeves and was buttoned up to
her neck. The outline of her breasts was tight against the fabric as were
her hips and waist and while simple, it gave then a clear idea of the kind
of figure beneath.

Richard retired to dress, leaving her in their care but despite their
questioning small talk, her shyness kept her answers to a few words. At
least they discovered she worked in Richard's private office with a pool of
several typists and had been with him for nearly a year. She lived quite
nearby with her parents, her father being the parson at the local
Episcopalian congregation. This made them raise their eyebrows. What
would the parson think of his little girl dining in the presence of these
sex deviates? Margot and Amber smiled at each other in a knowing way. It
also made Amber more comfortable; it confirmed her faith that Richard
wasn't dallying with this young lady.

As Richard returned, Joanne called them to dinner, and for the first
time Jane noticed all the women were wearing the same gowns, a light cream
in thin material which hugged their figure at the bodice but flowed down
over their hips. She thought they looked stunning, even the youngest whom
she was to know later as Virginia.

Richard escorted Jane into the dining room, and gave the other women
some idea of what was to come at some later time during the evening. 'I
have asked Jane here tonight as there are matters of great importance that
need to be dealt with that only Jane can help us with. Isn't that so,

Jane looked downwards, most uncomfortably, and agreed with a feint,
'Yes, Mr. Simmons.'

'Yes, well we'll look into those after dinner. Meanwhile I'm sure
Joanne has a fine meal for us. Let's enjoy ourselves shall we,' he smiled
at them all.

The family spoke of many things during dinner, only Richard trying to
bring Jane into the conversation from time to time with little success.
Downright timid, Amber thought to herself. Jane for her part remained
decidedly quiet, and looked ill at ease throughout, glancing at whoever was
speaking but never holding her head up and never allowing anyone to make
eye contact. Despite the food being of the highest standard, she hardly
ate two mouthfuls, just picking with her fork.

Finally after all had finished, Richard changed the course of their
conversation as he spoke directly to Jane.

'Well, Jane, I think now's a good time to commence talking about the
problems that came to light today, don't you?'

'Oh, Mr. Simmons, please not here. Can't we talk in private?' she
asked almost pleading.

'Nonsense my dear, these people are all part of my family and they have
every right to hear about...' He hesitated deliberately. 'To hear about
these gravest of matters.'

Now all eyes were on Jane, and saw the girl beginning to lose control of
her cool.

'You see, my dear, what you have done was not only the vilest of acts
because you used the trust I had placed in you and cheated me for your own
personal gain. The consequences of your actions affected every one of
these dear people present so it is their right to hear and witness what is
to take place.'

By now Jane held her hands to her face and she began to weep
uncontrollably. What Richard said had also given the other three adults
some inkling of what this was all about. Only Virginia was unsure, as she
had not known why Amber had gone away for the day recently.

'This is not helping your cause, Jane,' he told her calmly. 'Pull
yourself together now.'

She tried and slowly gained control over the heavy sobbing.

'Jane stole a highly secret document from my office a few days ago and
sold it to someone for money,' he told those around the table. 'Isn't that

'Yes, Mr. Simmons, but I didn't sell it. Like I told you, someone
asked my mother to help him or her get the document and they gave her the
money. She explained that if I got it for her, she would get enough money
to let them retire. They are very poor, my parents,' she told him as
though trying to justify her deed.

'That's of little consequence to me, Jane. The fact is the loss of that
document was disastrous and had it not been for the actions of one person,
may have caused the downfall of our company. I told you that I fully
intended to have you charged with industrial espionage which would see you
go to jail for many years, probably at least fifteen. I not sure I
shouldn't still do that to stop you from doing such a thing to anyone else
you may go to work for.'

'Oh, no Mr. Simmons, please, you said you wouldn't if I came here
willingly and took punishment from you instead.' She was now pleading with
him not to change his mind, her face full of anguish.

'That is true,' he agreed. 'But the condition I put on that was that
you were not only to be willing to accept my punishment, you were to accept
any form of punishment that I decided and that it would continue until I
was satisfied you would not attempt such a vile thing again. Wasn't that
what you agreed, providing I didn't call in the police?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Well then, before these people I want you to acknowledge those facts
with your own lips. Repeat after me:

"I promise that I will allow myself to be punished for the dreadful
things I have done, in any way that you decide and in whatever form you
wish regardless of my own feelings. I also agree that I will undergo these
punishments for whatever length of time you decide. I know I am able to
leave whenever I wish but that if I do so before punishments are complete,
that you will lay charges against me with the police."

Jane gave her pledge word for word and was then made to sign the same
agreement, which Richard drew from his jacket. She signed it without

'Stand up young lady.' She burst into tears again.

'Stop that. Now you will go with Joanne here and do everything she
tells you, without question. Listen carefully to what she instructs
because if you fail, your punishment will be all the more severe.'

'Oh, please,' she pleaded, almost holding her hands out for support.

'When you have carried out her instructions, return here and knock on
the door three times then wait until you are summoned. From the time you
re-enter, you are in our hands until I decide you have received sufficient
discipline to change your ways for the future.'

'Yes, Sir.'

She followed Joanne out dutifully, without further sound.

As soon as she left, questions came from all sides, and he had to
quieten them down to bring them up to date.

'She's how the document got into the wrong hands,' he told them. 'Apart
from being naive and obviously manipulated by her mother, all she's guilty
of is stealing a copy of a document that would have made little sense to
her. Her mother is apparently a high flier in local society and her
husband's income as a parson came nowhere near paying the bills for her
high lifestyle, so she conned her easily-led daughter to do her dirty

Amber butted in. 'But how did the man that paid her, know Jane just
happened to work for you and had access to the document?'

'He obviously had a good network going and from whatever source
discovered the connection. Probably through the mother's society friends.'

Margot then asked, 'Did you do that to the man in the forest yesterday?'

'That was the man who did the blackmailing. My people located him as he
took his son home through fire escapes and the basement garage. They
really were a bunch of amateurs at getting away,' he conceded. 'I didn't
do it, nor do I know, or want to know who did, but he deserved more.'

'Richard, you didn't hurt the boy?' The question came from Amber.

'He's untouched and probably doesn't even know his father is, shall we
say, laid up. He's back in his boarding school.' At least she took comfort
from that.

'Then this Jane,' Roger began to ask a further question. 'She is the
one responsible for Amber's ordeal?'

'The father is responsible. She had no idea what her action was to lead
to or that there was even blackmail involved. But she's now in such a
state that she will do anything she's told. Let's adjourn to the study
where there's plenty of room and plenty of good solid leather armchairs. I
hear they were used extensively for the beating of beautiful young women in
earlier days. Hmm?'

When they entered the room they found most of the furniture moved to the
side walls and in the centre on a large round fluffy rug, were five
armchairs set out in a horseshoe, a leather-topped oblong ottoman in the
centre and just in the opening of the horseshoe, laid on the floor was a
large mirror. It was perfectly round and about three feet across, made of
much thicker glass than usual.

'I will sit at this end, with Roger opposite and you three ladies will
sit in the centre chairs. We may have a little wait before Jane returns,
but I'm sure the anticipation will be worthwhile.'

The lighting was subdued all except for three hidden spotlights, one
shining directly onto the mirror and two onto the ottoman. Virginia had
said little after she heard what Richard had in store for Jane and seated
her in the centre seat, at the back of the horseshoe.

Richard smiled at her. 'Don't worry, Virginia. She will receive only
what's due to her and will probably grow to like it after a while.
Remember how you behaved after one of your spankings?'

'But I've never seen anyone else get spanked,' she said. 'What have I
got to do?'

The others laughed and Amber leaned over to kiss her on the cheek.
'Whatever you want to, or nothing at all, just see what happens,' she told
the youngster. 'Just remember, whatever you see, hear or do, stays as a
secret between us forever. I know you understand that.'

'Yes, Mum,' she agreed, now smiling happily. She had suspected she
might have been part of the punished rather than one of the punishers.

After what seemed an eternity for those waiting in the room, they heard
a small knocking on the door.

'Come,' Richard called tersely.

The door opened slowly and her head appeared around the door. 'Come on
girl, don't take all day,' Richard almost bellowed at her.

She moved quickly then, closing the door behind her, and standing with
her back pressed against the closed door. She saw the seating arrangement,
which all but filled the room, and moved to the open end of the horseshoe
as motioned by Richard.

'Stand on the round, Jane.' She stepped onto the mirror as instructed
and whimpered.

'Were you instructed by Joanne?' Richard asked purposefully.

'Yes, Mr. Richard.'

'Then you know that by entering this room you have accepted the
opportunity to be punished for your wrongdoings rather than have them
reported to the police?'

'Yes, Mr. Richard but I'm terribly sorry for what I did. I'll never do
it again,' she pleaded.

'Nonsense, girl, you knew exactly what you were doing and now all you're
sorry for is that you got caught. Isn't that more like the truth?'

'Yes,' she whispered, her head now bowed in abject penance.

'Your punishment will be, I'm sure, far worse than you ever expected.
It will not only hurt, and hurt badly. It will also cause you great
humiliation and at times acute embarrassment. From this moment you can
consider yourself under discipline. You will do everything you are told to
do, without delay or objection. Do you understand?'

'Yes, Mr. Richard,' she agreed, her head still bowed.

'From now on, you will call the three ladies present as "Miss" and the
men as "Sir". Your punishment will last until midnight one week hence and
you may not leave our presence until then.'

'Oh, I didn't know I'd be here that long,' she gasped. 'I didn't tell

'You can take care of that tomorrow. Now, hand's back.' Immediately she
stood facing the five seated figures with her feet spread on either side of
the mirror, hands clasped behind the middle of her back.

'You have taken good notice of Joanne's instructions. Just remember,
until you are told, you are not to move off the mirror for any reason. Now
let's take a good look at the naughty guilty girl.'

Joanne had dressed the girl in an ivory shaded clinging silky dress,
very short, in fact from where they sat they could just see the edge of her
panties below the loosely flowing hem of the garment. The top of the dress
was held high up under her neck by a thin silken cord, which then ran up
and over each shoulder to support the garment firmly against her protruding
chest. The bodice seemed to be split right down the front but the opening
was held closed with the two sides being drawn together along the neckline
cord. The dress was tied around the waist with a silk cord. The only
other garment was a pair of slippers of the same material.

Richard reached down beside his chair and flicked a switch, which lit a
bright light at the base of the mirror. The brightness was shielded from
the viewers, but the mirrored reflection gave them a clear view of the
girl's panty-covered crotch.

Richard reached down again and lifted into view a long thin whip.

'They tell me that this is used by trotting drivers to ure their horse on to victory. I'm sure it stings the horse, but it must be much worse on
tender bottoms.'

He flicked it and caught Jane on the backs of her thighs just below her
bottom cheeks.

'Ouch,' she squealed and jumped.

'I did that Jane, so you would know we mean to punish you properly. It
will land many more times on your body, but all the harder unless you
co-operate in your disciplines. Do you understand?'

'Yes Sir,' she nodded but the fear was clearly evident in her eyes.

'Good girl. Now we want to learn all about you. Please answer our
questions quickly and most importantly, very honestly. If we find you've
told a fib, the whip will be used most severely. Now let's start by
telling us your full name and how old you are. The others may like to ask
you some questions too.' He looked at them with a knowing look.

'My name is Jane Rosemary Higrave and I am 22 years old.'

'You still live with your parents?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Do you have a boyfriend?' Amber got this question in.

'Oh. No, Miss.'

'Have you ever had a boyfriend?' Amber continued.

'I don't think so, Miss, at least not one that I date.'

'But you're twenty-two. Are you a lesbian then?' Roger warmed to the
line of questioning.

'Please, Sir, of course I'm not. That's a disgusting thought.' Tears
were now forming and her voice began to waver.

'Have you ever kissed a boy, Jane?' Margot tried to make her question
sound innocent.

'Only on the cheek, Miss.'

Amber then couldn't help asking the next question. 'Are you a virgin
then Jane?'

'Oh, please Miss. That's not nice.' She was blushing fiercely.

The crack of the whip made the girl jump again and she squealed loudly,
dropping a hand to rub the stinging thigh.

'Just answer the question,' Richard instructed. 'And don't lower your
hands again.'

'Are you, Jane?' Amber prompted.

'Yes, Miss.'

'An intact virgin? Is your maidenhead still intact?' Amber pressed.

'Oh. Please,' she hesitated but thought better of it. 'Yes, Miss, I
still have my hymen.'

'Then if you've never had sex how do you ease your sexual feelings,
Jane?' Richard asked the hard question.

'Have you ever had an orgasm?' Roger, this time before she had a chance
to answer the first question.

'I… I don't know sir.'

'Do you masturbate then, Jane?' Amber pressed onwards.

'No, I don't have to talk about these things,' Jane pronounced
indignantly but the whip landed before she had even finished the sentence.
Twice. Hard.

'In fact, Jane dear, you do have to tell of these things. It is part of
your humiliation and you can expect far more intimate questions than these.
You deliberately refused to answer so you will now pay the price. Turn
your back on us. Good,' he said as she did so. 'Now bend over and touch
your toes. Don't get up until you're told to.'

'Oh,' was all she said before doing so, knowing full well that her
pantied tooshie was to be displayed for all to see. Richard used the tip
of the whip to lift the short skirt above the panty line and they were all
fascinated by the beautifully taut buttocks on view before them.

'Stand up and face us again, Jane. Now answer the question. Do you
play with yourself?'

'I am so ashamed to tell you,' she answered blushing violently again.
'But you make me so helpless to refuse. Yes, Sir, sometimes I touch myself
in the dark when I'm in bed,' she finally admitted, her head bowed in

'Good girl. That wasn't so bad after all, was it?' Richard asked as
though a statement. 'Now we can proceed, I hope, without any more
nonsense. Does it feel nice when you tickle yourself?'

'I like to feel my fingers down there, Sir. It makes me tingle and I
breathe faster.'

'How often do you do this to yourself?' Amber added to the question.

'Just sometimes, Miss. I feel so guilty afterwards,' the young girl admitted.

Amber looked at Richard. 'I think she should show us what she does to
herself. It sounds such a dirty thing to do for an unmarried lady, that
she may need to be severely punished for it unless it is done with the
utmost of taste,' Amber declared, setting up the next scenario.

'You are right, I do declare,' Richard agreed, and then questioning the
girl again, asked, 'Do you remove your nightclothes or make your bottom
naked when you do this, Jane?'

'It's usually after I have my bath and I get under the covers without
anything on,' she admitted.

'In that case, I think you can show us exactly what you do, just where
you are. All you need to do is lower your panties a little and you can

Jane hesitated and immediately the whip cracked across the backs of her
thighs, causing her to jump as she cried out in surprise. The treatment
caused her to immediately slip her hands under the silky nightgown and push
her panties to mid-thigh, holding them in place there by opening her legs
slightly wider. Then in abject horror, knowing so many eyes were gazing on
her predicament, so many men seeing her as no man had ever done, she moved
both hands under her skirt again and while trying not to expose her most
secret of places to their view, allowed one finger to lightly caress her
virginal opening.

She had closed her eyes, which allowed her to imagine she was in her
room, alone and in bed, and the tips of her fingers sent shivers along her
spine as the nerve ends reacted to this familiar and beautiful caressing.
Before long she felt her breath quicken and her legs begin to tremble. It
seemed as though she had never experienced what she was beginning to feel
now. Never had she felt the desire not to stop. Never had these feelings
been so intense and never had they arrived so quickly or with such force.
It was as though she couldn't stop herself and so her finger pressed harder
against the swollen lips, brushing over the special place just above the
entrance until in front of all those looking on, this innocent virginal
twenty-two year old girl experienced the oncoming orgasm that she had no
way of stopping.

As the climax took control, she cried out in rapture at the feelings
travelling through her very being, tears streaming from her eyes, gasping
for breath and finally collapsing onto the mirrored surface as her legs
gave way. She sobbed uncontrollably at the feeling of release; her orgasm
staying with her for an eternity before it finally subsided leaving a
feeling of pure luxuriant bliss.

As she laid there in peace with herself, not caring that everyone had
seen the intimacies, Margot went to her side clasping her in a warm
embrace, holding the girl tightly and whispering encouragement in her ear.

No one else made a sound, all being quite overcome at what they had seen
before them. For many minutes all was still in the room until Jane finally
stirred, opening her eyes to look first at Margot and then around the room
towards the others who had witnessed the spectacle.

Margot helped her stand again, motioning that she should remain on the
mirror. As Jane went to wipe the tears from her eyes and cheeks, Richard

'Leave your tears, Jane. They will serve to remind you of the power of
your womanhood and the results of your emotions. Allow them to dry

'Have you felt like this before?' Amber asked.

Catching her breath once again Jane replied, 'Never like that, Miss'

'That is but the start of learning what being a woman is all about,
Jane,' Richard explained. 'You have much more to experience but I must say
I was moved by what I saw, as I'm sure your other Masters and Mistresses
were too.'

All agreed, including Virginia who had not said a word during the whole

'It is time to move on,' Richard said. 'Come here and stand in front of

She struggled to walk as the panties still at thigh height made it

When she stood almost touching his knees he instructed, 'Place one
finger between your legs again, Jane.' When she had done so, Richard asked,
'Is your pussy very wet, my dear?'

'Yes, Sir, it is.'

'Good. Now remove your panties and hand them to me.'

She dared not hesitate, thinking of the cruel cuts the whip had made
when she last did so, and as they had all seen her slide the silken garment
down this far; there wasn't any more embarrassment to remove it completely.
As she leaned over to retrieve the garment however, she became acutely
aware that Roger and those on that side of the room had a close up view of
her nakedness, and probably saw everything she held so secret.

As she straightened up, she blushed pink again and couldn't help
glancing around to see the knowing smiles of those who saw all.

'After being with us for a week, I can guarantee you will not be
embarrassed about anyone looking at your naked tooshie, my dear,' Richard
promised her, smilingly.

'Please let me go home. Please, Sir, I won't ever steal anything
again,' she pleaded.

'I promise you, Jane dear, you will have the choice of leaving here
after one week, or if you like we will call this whole thing off now and
just call in the police. That was our bargain, wasn't it?'

'Yes, Sir.'

'Good, then let's see what you have to offer. Remain perfectly still,
hands back.'

Immediately she spread her legs apart and her hands were held against
her back as she had been instructed.

Richard, watching her eyes closely, brought the panties to his nose and
sniffed deeply. 'Yes, you do smell delightful down there,' he assured her
with a smile. He then leaned forward and clasped her hips over the silky
material. 'Step closer,' he instructed and she moved between his open

'Firm hips,' he commented and as his hands slid to cup her buttocks,
added, 'and remarkably firm cheeks.'

She remained very still, remembering the sting of the whip had she

'Has anyone seen you nude, Jane? Not your Mother, but any boy or man?
Has your father ever walked into your bedroom when you were changing?'
These were asked while his hands were firmly massaging her bottom cheeks,
his eyes following the embarrassment registered in her face.

'Oh no, Sir, mother would never let him.'

'Have you ever thought what it would be like to make love with a man,
Jane? Do you dream about doing that on your wedding night? Do you think
about how to have sex with a man?' Richard was now causing the innocent
before him, to go through the cruellest of torments, for while she had some
idea of what sex was about she never knew what was expected of the girl.
Just that her husband, whoever he may turn out to be, would do everything
and tell her what she must do. Despite her age, she had no idea of how the
act of intercourse took place other that her vagina and the man's "thing"
became connected.

'I'm not sure,' she said hesitantly. 'I thought I would learn after I
was married.'

The others in the room remained silent and still, watching all that was
going on before them, excited as they anticipated Richard's next moves,
seeing his hands continue to caress her bottom.

'The first thing you must do, Jane, is to learn how to undress yourself
in front of your husband or lover, without feeling embarrassed for exposing
yourself to his gaze. Can you imagine yourself doing that?'

'Oh, no, I think I would die,' she exclaimed in shock.

'I'm sure you wouldn't. In fact, it's time for you to learn that being
naked in front of others is no big thing at all. Half the people in the
world are made in exactly the same way as you, and most women have
displayed their bodies to at least one man, and a lot to many men. So you
are not unique, just shy.'

'But I couldn't,' she pleaded, her eyes filling with tears again.

'Nonsense. You've already shown your bottom to Roger and the ladies
opposite you, and it's only fair that we all should see the real Jane.
After all, it's only a small part of what you caused dear Amber here to
endure by giving the information to your mother's friend.'

'I'm really very sorry, Sir,' she almost begged.

'Return to the mirror,' Richard directed, dismissing her objections.
The others could clearly see her vagina and pubic hair reflected toward
them but the young girl was apparently oblivious to that exposure. 'Now,
Jane, I want you to remove the cord from around your waist. Good girl,' he
assured her as the silken garment clung more loosely to her body.

'Turn and face the fire, Jane. Now I want you to lift the skirt high so
we can all see the shape of your bottom.'

By now she had learned that to disobey would only mean pain as well as
humiliation and so she chose the latter rather than both.

'Good. Yes, you truly have a beautiful bottom my dear. Keep your legs
on either side of the mirror. Don't you think she makes a beautiful
picture standing before us?' He asked the others and in a chorus, they

'Now, Jane, I want you to slowly turn to face us and as you do so, lift
your skirt so that we can see your hip as it turns towards us and then as
you face us completely you will hold your skirt high to display your secret
place in all it's glory.'

She didn't move. 'No, Sir, I can't,' she explained, but before the
final word left her lips, the whip had stung her bared buttocks three times
with a pain so great that she lost balance and stepped off the mirrored
surface. She quickly returned, receiving another cut from Richard, and
knew she had no choice but to accept the humiliation they were requiring of

It was worst when she had completely turned to face them, knowing her
most intimate place was open to everyone's gaze; to men, women and a girl much younger that herself. All looked into the apex of her legs, spread as
they were to the sides of the mirror so that her entrance was open and
exposed. She bowed her head, hoping Richard would tell her to lower the
skirt. He did but not for many minutes.

'You are a beautiful woman, Jane. We will all gain much satisfaction
over the next week as each of us leads such a beautifully formed woman
through the humiliation she so rightly deserves. Now I think there is only
one more item before your first discipline and then you can go off to bed.'

'Thank you, Sir,' she said as she made to move.

'You weren't listening, Jane. You still have one area to display to us.
Then you will receive your first of many punishments. Then you can go to

The girl looked at him, stricken.

'You are not wearing a brassiere, are you Jane?'

'No, Sir, Miss Joanne said I mustn't.'

'Then please cup your breasts and hold them firmly.' He wanted to see
just how well formed they were.

'Thank you, now you can expose your breasts to us.' She looked at him,
unsure of what was required.

'Slide the bodice open so your breasts are displayed.' She now
understood and found that the whole front opened wide as she slid the
material along the cord below her neck. Her hands covered the mounds but
at Richard's command, she placed them behind her back.

All saw that these breasts were not large, but were breathtakingly
beautiful. Firm, as they would expect for a girl of this age and tipped
with the pinkest of rosebuds.

Richard stepped in front of her, whispering, 'You must not move.' He
took each breast in his hands and kissed her firmly on her lips. He felt
her body go limp and quickly put an arm around her waist to steady her.
But her ordeal was not over.

'Present your bosoms to each person sitting before you. You will allow
each to caress and feel your breasts. When you have completed that, you
are to understand that for the next week, you will wear this tunic, just as
it is, with your breasts on display always. Joanne has a new tunic for
each day and you will not need panties.' He pushed her towards Roger, whose
erection was clearly seen. It took Amber's prodding to allow the girl to
get away from his lecherous hands.

Amber simply cupped each breast, kissed the nipples lightly and eased
her towards Virginia.

Virginia was not backward and caressed the protuberances generously to
the extent that Jane felt the stirring of sexuality deep within her.
Margot allowed those feelings to grow stronger, finally kissing the young girl deeply.

Jane instinctively knew she had to present herself again before Richard
who had returned to his chair. But instead of grasping for her breasts,
she felt a lone hand between her legs as Richard cupped her love mound. A
single finger traced lightly along the opening.

'You are still very wet, Jane. That's good because it means you will
become a good lover with such lubrication.'

With that, he led her to the leather ottoman between their chairs, and
spanked her bottom fiercely. Roger and Margot had to hold her hands and
legs to stop her getting up, and her screams echoed throughout the room.
Virginia achieved orgasm just watching but no one knew.

Her sobbing lasted long afterwards and as the sounds subsided, Margot
eased the girl up and cradled her face to her chest.

'It's all right, little one, the punishment's over for tonight. Quiet
now,' she encouraged, feeling the young woman's arm cling to her waist.
Margot then softly caressed the spanked girl, easing her fingers ever lower
until they cupped her vulva. Jane made no attempt to stop the roving hand
even when she felt Margot's finger push deeper into the crease of her
pussy. She just accepted the woman's softness and enjoyed the feeling as
her clitoris was stroked lovingly. The wetness remained and Margot used
this to advantage, sliding her finger in ever widening circles, urging the
punished girl to new heights. Jane finally realised that for the first
time someone else was doing what she herself did and enjoyed under the
bedclothes, but this was far nicer. This was intense. This had to be the
best feeling.

'Don't be shy, little one,' Margot urged. 'If it feels nice just come
when you are ready. Don't hold back. It's O.K. to come, really.'

By now her teeth were clenched in nervous tension and gurgling sounds
emitted from deep within her throat. There was no doubt she was nearing
her climax and she relished every minute, forcing the sensations to

'Yes,' she almost cried. 'Please don't stop. Thank you, oh, thank
you,' she gasped as the greatest feeling in her virginal life flowed
through her body. She shuddered in orgasm, squealing with uncontrolled
pleasure, holding Margot so tightly that the instigator could hardly

Richard could see that the young woman had taken all she could in this
the first of seven days. He rang for Joanne.

'Bathe her now, Joanne, and don't put her through anything more tonight.
Bring her to our room by eight tomorrow after her morning bath. Same
attire,' he instructed his maid.

'Yes, Master.' She knew just when to use the servant vernacular.

'We'll talk then, my dear,' he told Jane but she didn't seem to hear.

Chapter Eight

As she left, they rose to depart for bed and Amber put her arm around
Virginia's shoulder, noticing the young girl had been very quiet.

'Are you all right, darling? Do you think we were too harsh on Jane?'

'Oh no, Amber. You did no more than I had to bear when I was punished
in front of you & Richard. In fact,' she added conspiratorially, 'It made
me feel rather sexy watching someone else copping it. It's just that I
hope she doesn't start shouting "rape" as soon as she gets away from us in
a few days. At least I was punished & made to do sex things by my parents and in front of friends but to her we're just strangers who forced her to.
Do you see what I mean?'

'Don't forget that if she does go to the authorities, we've got proof
that she stole Company secrets for profit and it involved her mother and
father who could not afford to have those kind of details made public,'
Richard assured her.

Margot added, 'Remember too, darling, that this young lady was awoken to
the joys of real sexual love and emotions. I wouldn't be at all surprised
if by the end of the week, she'll be pleading to be able to stay on with
us. And that gives another hold over her blabbing to anyone.'

'Did it feel good for you, Mom, when you felt her up. I nearly wet
myself,' Virginia asked shyly.

'Yes, it did you little imp. Now off to bed and dream nice dreams.'

She kissed them all goodnight and as she was halfway up the stairs,
Richard called out to her, 'Tomorrow's going to be a good day for you,
Virginia darling. Goodnight.'

At eight sharp the next morning, a gentle tap on the door and Joanne
entered without waiting to be told. 'I have the young lady ready, Master,'
she advised. 'She's still very nervous.'

Richard smiled appreciatively. 'Good, that's just the way I want her to
be. Bring her in.'

Joanne had to lead her by the hand, almost like a mother giving comfort
to her daughter. Jane wore a silken gown identical to the one last night
except this was ice-green in colour. Her bare breasts protruded just as
she had been told to do and she could not bear look her tormentors in the
eye. She saw that the two men wore pyjama bottoms and their wives were
clad in nightdresses, although Amber's was low cut and revealed ample
cleavage. Modesty caused her to lower her eyes, as she was indeed
embarrassed and ashamed.

'You look just as beautiful as you did last night Jane. Did you sleep
well?' Richard asked as an icebreaker to their conversation.

'Please, Sir, I was exhausted and slept deeply, thank you.' They saw the

'And did you have any dreams?' Amber asked in anticipation.

'I don't think so, Miss. At least I can't remember any.'

'But you remember what happened last night?' Roger asked this with
almost a leer on his face.

The young woman turned deep pink and before answering, emitted a long
sigh. 'I could not help but remember that, Sir,' she finally agreed.

'I must congratulate you on your courage last night, Jane. Most young women in your position would not have coped at all, but you did rather
well,' Richard commended her. 'Is your bottom still sore?'

'When I touch it or sit down it is, Sir. It hurt dreadfully last

'But other things felt far better, I'm sure,' Amber encouraged. 'If I'm
not mistaken, I do believe you reached several climaxes in one night. Many
young wives wouldn't achieve that in a year. How did you feel about that,
Jane?' Amber was trying to extract a positive answer from the girl.

'It's so distressing talking about things like that, Miss. I've never
talked about such personal matters to anyone before. And it was so
humiliating having to do those things in front of so many, especially with
th... the Sirs watching.'

'Even with that, you did enjoy the feelings they gave you, didn't you,
Jane?' Amber pressed for an answer.

'Yes, Miss, I did.'

'It's right that you talk about being humiliated, Jane,' Richard told
her, adding, 'because that's exactly what was intended. Because of what
you did so maliciously, and for your own gain, punishment and humiliation
has to be expected.' He added, 'and there is more, much more to come before
we, as the victims of your selfishness, can feel compensated properly. Do
you understand, Jane?'

'I am really very sorry for misplacing your trust, Sir. I truly won't
do it again,' Jane almost begged.

'I'm sure you won't, young lady,' Roger agreed. 'But the fact remains
that you have not yet paid the price. You have had a sentence pronounced
against you of one week's punishment & humiliation and in this court, there
is no remission for good behaviour.'

'Oh,' was all she could respond.

'You have beautiful breasts, Jane,' Margot said in an effort to diffuse
her confusion. 'Don't you think so, dear?' she asked the young woman.

Jane instinctively raised her hands to cover the protruding flesh but
thought better and simply said, 'They're so small.' Her eyes remained

'I trust you are not wearing any underwear,' Richard asked more harshly.

'Joanne said I was not to, Sir.'

'Good. Show me anyway.'

'Sir?' She asked not understanding.

'Show me you have no underwear on, girl. Raise your skirt, for goodness
sake. Do I have to bring out the horse whip again?'

'Oh!' Jane quickly realised two things: one was that there was no way
she wanted to feel that terrible sting again and second was to understand
that regardless of her feelings, she was not going to be released from the
humiliation of exposing her most private parts to these people whom she had

She raised her skirt as required until her pubis was fully exposed to
their sight. She dared not lower the garment until told to do so.

'What we want you to understand over these next six days, Jane, is that
what we will require of you is not simply sexual gratification. Heaven
knows we can give that to each other whenever we want to and in whatever
way we choose, and we do keep each other fully satisfied, believe me. I'm
sure you can see we are a loving family. It is our wish that at the end of
this week you will not only feel you have repaid your debt to us for the
abuse of our trust, but that you will slowly grow to love us as we do love
you already. That at the end of six days, you will come to realise that
sexual feelings are not wrong or dirty but in fact where love is present,
sexual gratification is wonderful and fulfilling. We want you also to
learn that being punished, even harshly, is good for everyone and simply
helps one to achieve greater understanding and love for those around them.'

While Richard was talking Jane continued to hold the skirt around her
waist but was now more interested in what he was saying than in her nakedly
exposed state.

He continued, 'I want you to think on these things as the days progress.
We are not ogres trying to destroy you, just people enjoying life, and I
hope helping you to do so too.' He now came to the most important part of
his speech and had rehearsed what he wanted to say many times. He just
hoped it would come out sounding right and convincing.

'There is one more thing that I want you to consider carefully, Jane.
It is a decision that can be made only by you but you can discuss it with
any one of us if you want to. It is very personal but I hope that after
you have considered all the aspects, you will want to say "yes". As these
next six days go by, as you learn more and more about yourself, your
feelings and your feelings toward each of us, that you will agree on the
final evening of your enforced stay, to offer your maiden state, your
virginity, to this family before you.'

Jane's face turned white as she listened, almost unable to comprehend
what she had heard but deep down knowing what had been asked of her. Then,
as before, a deep crimson hue of embarrassment flushed across her face.

'No. No, I couldn't,' she gasped, almost losing her footing, looking
for something to cling to for support.

Margot rose to her side. 'It's all right; hold on, you don't have to
make a decision yet. Richard has just asked you to think about it. You
don't have to agree right now.'

'Jane,' Richard said to gain her attention, 'just wait and see how our
relationship develops and talk to any of us, just the ladies if you want. I
can promise you now, that you will not be forced in any way. We have no
intention of raping you to take your maidenhead from you. It must be your
choice and you do not have to make it now, just think over all that I have
just said. Alright?'

'She'll be right in a minute, Richard. Won't you, dear?' Margot gave
her shoulder a squeeze and the troubled girl smiled back at her protector.

'I think a walk in the garden would be good,' Amber cut in. 'Just us
girls, come on. We'll be back soon boys.'

They both put arms around Jane's shoulders and as they went through the
door, Jane tentatively encircled their waists with her arms.

'Christ, Richard, that was something. I had no idea you were going to
preach a sermon,' Roger exclaimed. 'I had visions of holding her down and
one of us getting lucky enough to take her cherry before we let her go. Do
you think she'll agree?'

'Agree or not, it is the only way. If she didn't get the chance to
agree, and we simply raped her, no matter what threats we hold over her
would persuade her from reporting us to the police. Touching and pawing
and beating is one thing but rape and of a virgin at that is quite another.
No, we just have to make sure that by decision time, she has not only come
to trust us but to love us and love the way we make her feel. She really
does have to agree herself.'

Roger thought for a while. 'Yes I can understand all that. You're
right, of course. And I suppose if she agrees you intend to get first

'Well, the way I see it, Rog,' Richard drawled with a Southern accent.
'You get to deflower your own daughter pretty soon, so I do believe this
one's mine.'

'Damn it all, Richard. You got to poke a hole through Amber's hymen
too. It's just not fair. Let's flip a coin for it?'

'Why don't we wait and see whether any of us is going to score first,
and then let the lady herself choose?'

'Aw, Jesus, Richard when she gets to see your dong, there's no way she's
going to choose me to do the deed.'

'Well, thank you, my man, that is a compliment. You might take heart in
the fact that if I'm as big as you say it might scare her off, then she's
only got you left.'

'Yeah, you're right. I'm still in there with a chance.'

Richard went to his study to make some business calls & Roger dozed off
on the bed until the women returned.

'Jane's fine,' Amber declared as they returned, all still arm-inarm.
Jane even had a semblance of a smile on her face. Both women gave the girl a chaste kiss as they lounged onto the bed, Roger claiming Margot around
the waist, tickling her stomach as he leaned down and placed his open mouth
over one of her covered breasts.

'Roger?' Margot spoke as though she was embarrassed at this intimacy in
front of Jane.

'Do you know what a lesbian is, Jane?' Richard asked the question as he
strode into the room.

'Wha…? Oh, I think so, Sir. It's when two women um, touch each other.'

'Very good,' he said, clapping his hands silently towards her. 'And
have you ever had a lesbian experience, Jane?'

'Oh, no, Sir, never,' she exclaimed, profusely embarrassed again.

'Stand up, Margot. Beside Jane.' Then to Jane he instructed, 'I think
Margot loves you, Jane. Will you ask her if she does please.'

'Oh, please,' the embarrassed girl pleaded, knowing full well she would
have to do what she was told.

'Jane!' Richard cautioned.

The stricken girl, nipples hardening visibly, turned to Margot and asked
simply, 'Margot, do you love me?'

'Jane, of course I do. You are beautiful and I can see you are a
wonderful girl, even though you carried out such a detestable act against
us. I know you are nervous and tense because you're just learning what
womanhood is all about, but I can see in you a most caring and thoughtful
person. From the moment you arrived, I knew I would love you. Love you as
I do my husband, my darling. Yes, my love, I love you dearly and I look
forward to the time when you gain the confidence and understanding to love
me just the same way. I know you will and all of us will help you in your
journey towards that state of mind.'

She reached out and took Jane's face in her hands. 'Come darling;
forget your inhibitions and your guilt. Kiss me.'

Margot drew the young woman closer and placed her lips to Jane's in a
soft, endearing kiss. Jane drew back for a moment and then capitulated,
her thoughts lingering on the words Margot had just spoken.

Margot's three companions looked on in amazement, stunned at Margot's
seductive speech and intrigued at the scene before them, as Jane by now had
raised her arms to cling to Margot in a passionate loving embrace. No one
made any move to separate him or her, happy to wait and see what the next
step in this relationship would be.

As they broke, Roger whispered to Amber in consternation, 'And just
where does this leave me?'

'Oh, my goodness,' Jane exclaimed as she composed herself, giving a
little nervous laugh. 'I've never kissed anyone quite like that before.'

Richard now took control as he usually did.

'Jane, I want you to hold Margot's breasts. Feel them, squeeze them;
learn what it is like to touch another woman's secrets.'

She didn't need to be asked a second time as her small hands pressed
against the nightdress covering the older woman's chest. 'Oh, Margot,' she
almost whispered. 'They are so firm. You too have beautiful breasts.'

Margot placed her hands over those of the young girl, holding them
tightly. She pecked little kisses against Jane's lips, little throaty
sounds coming from deep down.

'You can remove her nightdress, Jane. Lift it over her head.'

Jane did as she was told, and Margot stood naked before her. Margot
held out her arms, smiling lovingly at the young girl and they embraced
again, this time bare breasts pushing together. Again the kiss lingered.
Margot moved so they could both see themselves in a fulllength mirror. As
Jane glimpsed her image she gasped and blushed but made no move to part.
Margot felt like a teenager on her first heavy date but Jane felt more than
that. Jane felt love for the first time, a tingly, breathtaking,
unbelievable feeling that she had never felt before. She clung all the
tighter to this, her first love.

'May I remind you two lovebirds that you have company and there's a
husband here who's got his nose out of joint,' Amber finally piped up.

It caused the men to snigger, and Jane to finally break away, crimson at
the thought of what she had just been doing.

'Oh, my goodness,' was all she could repeat, while still holding one of
Margot's hands.

'Touch Margot's nakedness, Jane, feel all of her with your hands. Go
on. It's alright, you can,' Richard encouraged, drawing this young woman
deeper into the web of their ways, and now being more sure than ever that
Jane's answer in a few days time would be a positive one.

She never let go of Margot's hand, simply used her free one to explore
this new territory. breasts were first, each being cupped in turn and
massaged deeply. Nipples lightly pinched, belly button circled and poked,
bottom squeezed and stroked as though it were a baby's. Finally Jane
covered the pubic area and allowed her hand to slip between Margot's legs
as she laid her middle finger along the damp pussy lips. She did not
intrude further even though Margot opened her legs wider.

'I think I love you too, Margot,' she whispered, brushing Margot's lips
with a gossamer soft kiss.

'I'm sorry to break up this touching scene, but you've still got a lot
of learning, young lady,' Richard pointed out. It seemed to bring Jane
back to earth for as he spoke, he clasped the young woman's exposed breasts and squeezed.

'One of those things is that punishments are still part of your
learning. Look at this, do you know what it's called?' He held a leather
strap about eighteen inches long and three inches wide, stiff and yet very
pliable. At one end three cuts about four inches in length ran through to
the end giving a tasselled effect.

From the loving environment she had entered just minutes before, the
look of this instrument of punishment shocked her immensely.

'It's called a tawse,' he informed her, 'and it's what naughty girls receive when their daddy is unhappy with them. Now come and bend over my

His tone made her cringe but when she hesitated he lifted the belt to
strike her and she moved quickly to his side, lowering herself over both
his knees. She knew that her position exposed her whole bottom to him and
all those in the room but worse was to come.

'I want your legs wide apart. Understand? Wide so we can see all
you've got between those pretty little thighs.'

One hand already rested on her bared bottom cheeks and began insinuating
itself down the crease towards her holy of holies. She could not resist
and gave in to his demands, slowly stretching her legs as far apart as she
could. The wandering hand soon found her moist opening and began to pinch
at the parted pussy lips, not hard but most noticeable.

'Good girl, now your new lover is going to complete the mornings
punishment; six cuts of the tawse on your bare bottom. Do not move or you
will receive six more for every time you do. Understand?'

'Oh, God, yes sir,' she almost cried as the hand continued it's

Margot kneeled down and spoke softly to her. 'I will do it quickly. Be
brave my love.'

With that Margot then moved to the other side of Richard who let her
pussy go to give Margot clear strike at the upturned bottom. Jane had
little time to react. The first three had landed before the first scream
left her lips and the last three fell just as quickly. It was agony, for
Margot laid them on hard but as soon as the last strike bounced off the
pliable flesh, the burning eased to a dull ache.

'Roger, rub some creme into this poor girl's bottom,' Richard instructed
and she was raised off his knee and deposited onto Roger's. Someone took
her ankles and opened her legs again but Jane took no notice of the
intrusion. The cold creme was heaven, sheer heaven and it was rubbed in
expertly, reducing the hurt to almost nothing. However Roger didn't stop
there and slowly his hand too, descended down her bottom crease and
rippling fingers soon found her vagina again. Cooling creme was again
administered over this tender area even though the strap came nowhere near
there and his fingers began to manipulate the sensitive portion of her

'If you love my wife,' he explained, 'then you love me too, so you
mustn't mind me touching you here. My wife has a pussy just like yours so
now I've got a pair.' He was relishing every minute of his task and added,
'You mustn't come right now, that's forbidden, but I'll bring you near so
you can remember how you felt last night.'

Jane just lay over his knees, accepting her penance without a sound, but
feeling the sensations slowly building. In the position she was in she
could also feel the hardness of his penis pressing into her stomach.
Finally as she started to breath erratically, he patted her on the backside
and made her stand up. She saw the wet spot on his pyjama pants as she
rose, but soon forgot that as both Margot and Amber cuddled her closely.

'Have you read up about intercourse, Jane,' Richard asked.

'No, Sir,' she answered.

'You mean you truly don't know how men and women really make love?'
Richard remembered the naivety when she answered similar questions earlier,
but was surprised that she really did not know.

'Then today my dear, you are going back to school to learn something
that's more important to you than any arithmetic or language lessons you
ever took. The one criterion we demand is that you enter into the
classroom without any of this silly embarrassed nonsense we've seen so far.
Do you promise you full involvement, Jane?' The last sentence was more of a
demand than a question.

'Yes, Sir, I promise.'

'You are here to learn, not participate, so watch and listen closely,
young lady. I will be asking questions later and if you cannot answer
satisfactorily, you will receive another punishment.'

Margot was laid on the bed with a pillow lifting her buttocks high up.
Jane was to move around as each part of the operation was explained or
demonstrated; it was up to her to ask about anything she did not

Amber took the first lesson, explaining the various positions a woman
could be made love to. The missionary position was used because it left
Margot very open to inspection. Her legs were splayed well apart with
heels pushed towards her bottom to open her vagina to full view. The
salmon pink inner lips glistened with moisture. Amber explained why a
woman needed the man to participate in lengthy foreplay to lubricate the
vaginal entrance for easier insertion and to arouse the woman towards more
sensual lovemaking. Amber in fact made love to Margot in front of them,
kissing deeply, making sure Jane could see her tongue moving in and out of
Margot's mouth. Her hands moved lovingly over Margot's creamy skin,
annoying breast and nipple, squeezing, whispering sweet loving words. She
moved between Margot's legs, kissing her inner thighs as she worked her way
ever closer to that divine apex. Her tongue left a trail of saliva along
each thigh until finally, she nuzzled her nose into Margot's crinkly dark
pubic hair.

Margot was not just lying still, for Amber's exertions were having a
distinct effect on the older woman. The foreplay was working and all could
see and hear Margot's build-up in sexual pleasure.

'Jane,' Amber instructed. 'The most beautiful thing any man can offer
his lover beside his virile penis, is to worship her pussy with his mouth.
It is an exquisite feeling and you must learn how so you can show your man what you would most like when he asks you.'

She then placed her open mouth over Margot's moist vaginal opening.
Jane leaned over so she could see more clearly and was so near she could
hear Amber's heavy breathe. Jane was intrigued with what she saw and
despite the two men also looking on, found she was not embarrassed in any
way by being involved in these most intimate happenings. She realised this
was probably because of all the intimacies carried out on her own body by
these people had in fact been pleasurable rather than humiliating and that
it took their demands to make her understand that.

Amber lifted her mouth so Jane could see her tongue at work on Margot's
now very wet pussy lips. She could see tongue push deeply into pussy,
withdraw and then be inserted again. Tongue, flattened and wiped along the
length of pussy lips and over clitoris. Margot literally bucked and gasped
each time it reached her clitoris, seeking more, pushing her groin upwards
trying to gain that little extra pressure from Amber's lips.

'She's very near to coming,' Amber told Jane. 'You practice on her now.
You've said you love her so I'm sure you'd like to give her the ultimate
satisfaction a lover can.'

'Wha... me? Oh, Miss, I couldn't.'

'Yes you can and you will. Now change places.'

Jane moved her face near to Margot's glistening pussy lips but hesitated
at the last moment. She heard Margot pleading for her to do it and when
she felt a hand pressing the back of her head onwards, she gave in. For
the first time in her life Jane tasted the sex juices of another woman and
was surprised to find it was not distasteful at all. The musky aroma rose
to her nostrils leaving her with a heady feeling, almost as though she were
dreaming. Amber's voice brought her back to reality.

'Use your tongue, Jane. Tickle her clit and push it deep inside her
pussy. That's what she wants to feel.'

Margot again began to jerk around and Jane put her arms under Margot's
legs and clasped her buttocks to give her mouth a firmer hold of Margot's
pussy. The smooth texture of Margot's pussy on Jane's tongue was beautiful
to feel; so warm and so tasteful. Vibrations ran throughout Margot's limbs
and torso and seemed to emanate from where Jane's mouth was firmly pressed.

'Yes, my darling,' Margot cried out. 'Yes, please more. Don't stop
now. I'm almost there.'

Jane pressed harder and her tongue flicked every sensitive part of the
woman's sex opening. Jane tried to concentrate of the clitoris because
that produced Margot's strongest reactions but her writhing made that one
spot quite difficult and so Jane had to press her tongue wherever she
could. She delved deeply inside the pussy making Jane shudder for that gave
off the strongest taste of the inner Margot but there was little doubt that
each time she annoyed the clitoris, Margot gained a higher rung towards

Margot finally reached the ultimate experience, muscles taut, her whole
body thrashed in deep sexual spasm as Jane held the woman's buttocks hard
and pressed her mouth and tongue into the centre of the eruption. Even as
Margot quietened down, Jane continued the pressure with her lips and
finally Amber eased the younger woman away from the task she had been set.

'Come, my dear,' Margot said to Jane, holding her arms open. Amber
helped the young girl climb along Margot's torso, to be clasped in a tight
embrace. Jane was lying in the man's position on top of Margot and the
older woman wrapped her legs around the young girl, just as she would have
done to a lover. The two women were cuddling and giggling and the others
let then alone, happy to see this loving relationship developing.

Chapter Nine

Amber finally untangled the two women and proceeded to explain various
coital positions.

'You know don't you, Jane' she asked, 'That the man inserts his penis
into your pussy when you have sex?'

'I knew that happened, Miss, but I don't know how, really,' she said

Amber then tried to demonstrate how a penis stands erect by gesturing
with her hands against her own body, to explain that the organ rose from
the groin.

'So when your lover lays on top of you, his cock is at just the right
position to slide right inside. Just like this.' She stretched herself
over Margot's body and began to demonstrate the act of intercourse by
pumping her hips in coital motions.

The men were now smiling between themselves and finding it difficult not
to laugh our loud.

'Oh, my goodness,' Margot cried out. 'Another lover so soon? My luck
is definitely changing.'

'No it's not,' Amber responded. 'I don't have a cock to do the deed
with. Sorry.'

Amber then turned Margot over onto hands and knees, and again
demonstrated with pumping hips, the sex act from that angle.

'Because I'm pregnant, Jane...,' she went on.

'Oh, Miss I didn't know you were having a baby. How wonderful,' Jane
cut in.

'Yes, we're all happy. But what I was going to say was because of that,
we can't have proper sex because a cock might hurt the baby. But we've
found a much nicer way to have sex.'

She turned the naked Margot onto her side and lay down behind her.
'This way,' she went on, 'allows my man to caress my breasts like this.'
She demonstrated by clasping Margot's top bosom. 'At the same time, he can
push his cock inside me but because of the angle he can't push too far up
me. It also helps him to make love longer before he ejaculates his sperm.
Doesn't it, my dear?' She turned to Richard but both men answered 'Yes.'
They laughed together.

'Don't take any notice of those sex maniacs, Jane dear. All men are
filthy beasts when sex is involved.'

Jane giggled nervously.

'This afternoon, you are going to be privileged to witness the sex act,
Jane. I know you will find it exciting and beautiful,' Amber told her.
Jane could only blush at the thought.

'Meanwhile I think it's Virginia's turn to help with your midday bath,'
Richard informed her, ringing for Joanne to bring Virginia in.

'Oh, goodie,' Virginia chimed. 'Come on, Jane. Lets not waste time.'
The two girls left.

Richard then turned to Amber. 'And whom, may I ask, is going to perform
for our pupil's benefit?'

'Why, Margot & Richard of course,' she stated matter of factly. 'I'm a
pregnant lady so you can't bonk me, my dearest man. And I'm afraid Roger's
going to lay bare his manhood for the benefit of her education. I'm sure
he's not adverse to a little show and tell.'

'Amber, you're a witch,' Margot pronounced and they all embraced.

Jane followed Virginia into the bathroom.

'At last I'm going to see you naked. Are you embarrassed?' hVirginia
smiled as she asked the question.

'Not as much as I would have been last night.'

'Then let's get on with it. Stand still and let me get you ready.'

She turned the faucets on and soon steam filled the top part of the

'It's going to be too hot,' Jane complained.

'You'll cope.' Virginia stood in front of the girl, eyeing her still
exposed breasts. She closed the opening of Jane's nightdress top and then
moulded her hands over the mounds. 'Just a handful,' Virginia commented.
'Mine are bigger but yours are prettier. Now lift your arms.'

She lifted the satin nightdress over Jane's head.

'Stand still while I inspect you.' She walked around the naked girl,
touching as she wished, poking, prodding. Her hand rested on the top of
Jane's bottom crease and allowed a finger to slowly travel downwards,
between the cheeks. It stopped at the anal opening and Virginia pretended
to push inwards. 'Oh, not there, please,' she pleaded.

'You don't get the choice. I can do whatever I want and you've got to
agree.' She wiggled a finger Occasionally and Jane jumped but Virginia made
no attempt to intrude inside the orifice.

'No-one's put their finger inside me there either but I saw Dad do it to
Mom with his prick once,' she told the innocent girl. 'So I suppose we'll
all get to feel what it's like before long.'

'It sounds terrible. Did it hurt her?'

'I don't think so, but it made Dad spunk inside her. I heard him

'Oh!' The thought shocked her.

'I want you to kiss me like mom did. I peeked in and saw you. Was it

'It made me all weak,' she confided. 'And I told her I loved her. I've
never done that before.'

'They've made you do lot's of things haven't they? I like coming, do

'I never knew it could be so good until you all made me do it last
night,' she confided. 'But now I know. Yes I do like it. In fact it
makes me ecstatic with pleasure.'

'What are they going to do to you this afternoon?'

'I think they are going to make me watch them having sex,' Jane answered

'Oh, wow. No matter what, I'm going to be there for that. They
wouldn't let me in this morning so I sulked but it didn't work. Now kiss
me like mom did.'

Jane did the best she could but it was really Virginia who took control
of their embrace. Their lips clung together tenderly, tips of tongues
peeping between lips, Virginia's definitely insinuating itself deeply
inside Jane's mouth to fight her own more docile pinkness. Jane held her
arms around Virginia's back while the younger girl wound her arms around
Jane's neck. They loved together.

'Do you think I'm a lesbian?' Jane asked as they broke apart, suddenly
realising she was in love with all three women.

'Nah!' Virginia brushed the question aside. 'Once you've been fucked
I'm sure you'll like the men too. They can make you feel so nice without
having to use their pricks and I'm sure they weren't given pricks for
nothing. I'm looking forward to giving my cherry away. It won't be long
now, then I can fuck as much as I want.'

'You want to lose your virginity? Why?'

'As long as you choose the right person to pop your cherry so you can
remember that for the rest of your life, what's so good about being a
virgin. God, at least when I give mine away I can use tampons instead of
those messy pads every month. And I can then fuck too instead of just
using my fingers. Think about it. Now let's get you bathed.'

Jane "ouched" and "oohed" as she stepped into the hotness but Virginia
made her kneel and then lay down. It wasn't long before her body adjusted
to the temperature.

Virginia took delight in holding the hot washer over the girl's breasts as they seemed the most sensitive. But she did her job well, soaping every
crevice with her hands and as expected, paying particular attention to the
most intimate parts.

'You've got hair everywhere,' Virginia commented. 'Even under your

'Don't you?'

'Hang on. I'll join you.' Virginia stripped her clothes off quickly and
jumped in the large bath. Jane saw the hairless pubis immediately.

'Gosh, I had hair there when I was twelve,' she stated in amazement.

'So did I but I take it off with wax now. Feel it. It's very smooth.
Dad says it makes me look young so I keep doing it. Have you seen Amber's
pussy? It's hairless too. She told me Richard likes it like that and he
calls her his child bride. Aren't men ridiculous?'

'I suppose so,' she answered absently. 'Did you say your Dad has seen
your sex?'

'Sure, every time he spanks me he gets a good look. Doesn't yours?'

'Gosh no, he'd turn purple. Anyway only mom used to spank but only over
my pyjamas. Oh, that's nice.'

Virginia had sat down behind Jane, straddling her body, and was now
caressing the older girl's breasts, pressing her own into Jane's back.

'Nice tits, Jane; as I said before, a good handful.'

'Ouch!' Jane objected as Virginia pinched both nipples as though she was
trying to pull them off her chest.

'Kiss me once more & then we'd better get back downstairs.' Jane
obliged, lovingly.

Virginia dried her quickly, not pausing to dally at the more interesting
parts and then dried and dressed herself. Jane picked up her nightdress
and began to slip it over her head. She had worn nothing but this, or a
similar garment since they divested her of her clothes yesterday.

'No, you won't need that any more today,' Virginia told her. 'Richard
said you are to present yourself completely naked this afternoon. It seems
more fitting for a good lesson in fucking.' She giggled at her coarseness
and then saw Jane's look of horror.

'I haven't had to take all my clothes off before,' she complained.

'Well perhaps it's you that's going to be fucked.'

'Oh, Miss, it just couldn't be, I'm sure.'

'Are you now? Well, we'll see. I'm just glad you have a clean pussy.
It's not fit to present a soiled one to your lover.' Virginia knew they had
no intention of taking the girl's maidenhead by force but found it
interesting to put the doubt into her mind.

'Come,' she said. 'If you're late you'll cop another beating and
probably so will I.'

They entered the bedroom to find the four attired as they were before.
Margot completely naked, Amber in her low-cut nightgown and the two men in
pyjama bottoms except that Roger had changed into black. They all stood as
the two girls entered.

'Well, about time, you were nearly late.' Richard took Jane's hands and
held them out to inspect the nude young woman.

'We shouldn't have waited so long for this moment. You look charming,
my dear. Doesn't she look gorgeous, everyone?' They all agreed.

'And so pink; Virginia must have had the water very hot, I think. Or is
this just one large blush from a virginal young lady? Eh, Jane. Which is

'The water was very hot, Sir, but I think I am embarrassed also.'

'Come and sit on my knee,' he directed. 'You deserve a big cuddle and a
kiss for looking so beautiful.'

As she had learned during these few hours, she moved immediately as she
had been told and curled up in Richard's arms. He stroked her arms
lightly, lifting her chin to kiss her warmly on the lips.

'I want you to lay on the bed, Jane. On your back please,' he said

'Oh, please sir, not that. You promised you wouldn't make me.' Tears
welled up and overflowed.

'And when you're comfortable, my dear, I want you to part your legs,
just as Margot showed you this morning. Do as your told now,' he
encouraged her, his voice not threatening but she knew what was in store.

'Please don't make me. Please, Sir.' She saw her pleadings were to no
avail. He lifted her off his knee and she moved towards the bed, pulling
herself along the cover until her head touched the pillows. They were all
watching her intently. She then lifted her bottom and placed one of the
pillows beneath, amazed to discover how comfortable she was as she lowered
herself onto it.

With eyes closed, she tucked her heels backwards until they touched her
bottom and then with the greatest of will power, began the humiliating task
of exposing all to the prying eyes looking on.

'Jane,' she heard someone whisper close by. She opened her eyes and
through the blur of tears, found Margot kneeling on the bed beside her.
Then amber's voice came from the other side.

'You missed out on lunch so we kept some for you.' Jane began to raise
herself up on her elbows but both women gently held her down.

'No, just lay still and we'll feed you. You mustn't move and you
mustn't speak,' Amber told her. Then they began to feed her with small
tasty titbits; meat, cheeses, crunchy biscuits, little bits of salad.
Margot drank from a glass and then put her mouth to Jane's lips, releasing
a sip of wine into her mouth. Then Amber put two dark red cherries in her
own mouth and a moment later, deposited the cherry flesh minus the stone in
Jane's mouth.

No one spoke, and Jane lay there in a state of peace. At least until
she felt the warm wet tongue press itself against her widely spread pussy lips. The women pressed her firmly back against the bed as Virginia's face
rose over her from above her head.

'I love you too, Jane,' she said as she clamped her mouth over Jane's,
stopping her from crying out and making it difficult to breath.

'Calm yourself, little one,' Margot whispered. 'Breath slowly through
your nose. Don't panic, just enjoy what you are about to experience.'

But that was more difficult than ever. She tried to shake her head free
from Virginia's clamping lips to no avail. All she could think of was that
only the two men were free to be molesting that most private part of her
body and what Virginia said about using her body for a sex show was true.

'We can't help you if you struggle so,' Amber told her, just as two
hands began caressing her breasts. Those were male hands too because both
women were using their hands trying to hold her still.

Her breasts soon reacted to their stimulation and her nipples became
rock hard under the palms of whoever was responsible. But the greatest
reaction of course rose from within her loins. Whoever was down there was
using only his tongue. She could feel no fingers or hands at all, just a
stiff warm slippery tongue that never stopped. She was sure it intruded so
deeply inside her vagina that it must be fighting to rupture her precious
hymen. It flickered in and out, tickling the spread labia as it withdrew,
pushing hard against her fiery nub as it found its way back inside her
vagina, never stopping, but with every stroke building the fires of arousal
throughout her whole body.

Breathing was now almost impossible for she could not draw enough air
into her lungs before the demon tongue pushed it out again as her passion
rose to indescribable heights. Can't breath, suffocating, dying was all
she imagined until finally her body needed no more and the paroxysm of
sexual fulfilment overflowed. Shuddering, shuddering, shuddering. The
three women released her at the very apex of her orgasm, now just holding
her face and arms in love. The evil tongue never stopped, nor did the
hands that so beautifully caressed her breasts but she made no move to
escape from their attention, but lay back on the bed, exhausted and sweaty.
Her whole body was wracked with emotion and she cried softly, not from
anger at being violated but from joy for the most beautiful feelings she
had ever enjoyed. Slowly she calmed and the men ceased their attentions
but no one moved away from her. They remained in place as she closed her
eyes savouring the feelings she had just experienced.

An hour passed before she stirred, opening her eyes to find each of the
participants still where they had been. The surprise was to find it was
Roger who had washed her pussy so well with his tongue and Richard had been
the champion breast stroker. One by one they sat up and touched her with
their hands in some unwritten ceremony of affection and at that moment Jane
knew that Virginia was right about giving up one's virginity. It had to be
taken sometime to consider it all and if it was to be someone she would
always remember, then what better than these loving people? And too, she
was right about menstrual pads. Her mother's tampons would be certainly

There was happiness in the room, and a large glow of satisfaction
spreading across Jane's face.

'I thought I was going to be raped,' she told them. 'But instead you
gave me such pleasure. Thank you.'

'Sex is good isn't it,' Virginia declared.

'Ho, ho. Listen to the expert,' her father laughed.

'I promised you would be privileged to see the sex act in its entirety,'
Amber said. 'But I think you may be too exhausted after your session.
What do you think?'

'Miss, I'd be most disappointed if you didn't let me see,' she replied

'I thought that would be your reply. Now Margot and Roger have offered
to perform for you...'

'Have we, now. That's news to us,' Roger declared.

'Hush up, Roger,' Margot said.

'Margot and Roger are going to make love,' Amber continued, smirking at
Roger. 'But as you have never seen a naked male before, we are going to
prepare Roger with little explanations as we go.'

'That's because Roger's so little down there,' chided Margot.

'And that's a lie for a start, young Jane.'

'Lie on the bed Roger,' Amber demanded.

She took Jane's hand and gently pressed it onto his groin. 'You can
feel he's still soft, he's not ready to please a lady yet.'

Jane could certainly feel the soft organ lying flaccid under his
pyjamas. She watched anxiously as Amber untied the string holding the
garment up and then slid it down his legs with a little help from Margot.
The limp penis came into view, nestling on a bed of dark crinkly hair, his
balls laying in the crease above his closed legs.

'This is all men think about, Jane. Women's pleasure is the last thing
on their minds when it comes to lovemaking so unfortunately it is the
woman's lot to achieve her pleasures before he pours his gunk into us.'

'I don't understand, Miss, about what he pours into you.' Jane asked so

'Sorry, darling, I call it gunk because it sticks to anything it
touches. I'm sure you've heard of sperm that makes babies; that's what he
shoots up our pussy when he comes.'

'Oh.' She said highly embarrassed.

'And it's also our job on many occasions to get his stick hard enough to
poke up our pussy. They get worn out so easily, these men. One or two
little comes and they're dead beat. But you'll learn lot's of tricks
believe me and it all becomes one big game with the ultimate goal of
achieving our orgasm before he falls asleep.'

Jane was slightly surprised that Amber was handling Roger so intimately
in front of Margot and Richard. She also noticed Virginia lurking quietly
in the background, no doubt hoping she wouldn't be sent out of the room.
Jane was sure Virginia would never have been allowed to remain when her
parents made love.

Amber rolled Margot onto her back and she took up the same position she
had this morning, her legs widely separated in offering her sex hole.
Amber then spread a clear gel liberally over Margot's pussy, tickling her
clitoris as she did. Both women giggled.

She then took Roger's still flaccid penis in her hands and spread the
same gel over his penis, but instead of releasing him she continued to
massage the organ. Both hands moved about energetically, up and down his
penis until she could see it slowly thickening. Amber leaned over and
whispered in his ear for a few moments, the result being that the once
limpid penis tightened considerably until it stood straight up. Amber
brushed the tip with her lips as he sat up.

'He's all your's, Margot. Happy riding.'

Roger moved immediately on top of hs wife, between her outstretched
legs, and Jane saw penis and vagina connect as though they were controlled
by magnetic forces. Roger eased his weapon in slowly and purposefully
until their pubic hairs merged together. Margot clasped her arms around
his neck and her heels lifted to dig into his upturned buttocks.

'Easy,' she said. 'You don't have to show off, just give me pleasure
before you ice-cream me.'

Amber moved Jane to the end of the bed where she could clearly see the
sexual connection and she gazed in amazement at how easily they fitted
together. Roger began to pump his hips up and down and Jane watched
fascinated as his penis pushed in and then withdrew with such precision.
Froth began to form around the two connecting organs, which appeared to
give more lubrication.

She looked back at Margot and saw the look of serious pleasure on her
face. She was holding her husband tightly, very tight, lips curled back
from clenched teeth, as she endeavoured to reach her climax. Margot's
pelvis was now pumping in time with Roger's thrusts and both were moving
with more determination.

'Not yet, Roger, just hold on a little longer. Wait, wait.' Margot was
almost hissing in his ear but it wasn't long before she achieved what she
wanted. Her face turned crimson as she strained to reach the climax and
her high pitched squeals told everyone that Roger had done his job well.
She convulsed with pleasure, body jerking, heels beating up and down on his
buttocks, breathless. Jane witnessed it all, but was even more startled
when Roger began grunting like a pig and shouting obscenities into his
wife's ear. She held him tightly, clasping her legs around his hips in a
wrestler's hold as Roger jerked himself to climax into his wife's vagina.

Richard helped Jane up and they stood at the end of the bed, still
watching the satisfied couple. Richard stood behind her, his arms circling
her body, expertly massaging the young girl's breasts. She was breathing
erratically, mouth open and eyes wide.

'They have just made love, Jane,' he whispered seductively in her ear,
all the time caressing her tender skin. 'See how happy they look. Roger
pushed his cock into his wife and they gave each other the ultimate
satisfaction. You can find that pleasure too, Jane. You can be part of
this loving family if you wish. Watch closely. His sperm has exploded
inside her, inundated her vagina and when he leaves her, so will his sperm.
It will be lost. Watch as he withdraws from her pussy, Jane. You can save
it if you want. You can pay homage to her, your loved one. You can save
her lover's sperm for her. Do you want to do that, Jane?'

All the time Jane looked at the naked couple as though in a daze, Roger
still laying on top of Margot, his face nuzzled into her neck as he laid
full length, delighting in his fulfilment, seeking strength to move.

Richard kept whispering in Jane's ear, his hands continually moving.

'Do you want to, Jane? I can tell you how.'

The girl still engrossed at the scene before her, could only nod assent.

'You can show her your love too, Jane. Wait until they move and watch
closely. I will tell you what to do. Listen to me, Jane. You are the
purest of the pure. You have so much to give and if you love her and us
you will give your all. You have three maidenheads you can offer. Think
and then say you will, Jane dear. Offer your most precious maidenheads,
three in all.'

His seduction changed as each sentence was uttered. Jane was still
entranced at the scene before her and seemed as though she did not hear
anything he said, but his words were installed deep within her memory.

'See. They are moving. Watch as his cock leaves her love nest, Jane.
See his sperm, it is leaving her already. Save it Jane, don't let it go to
waste, put your lips on her opening, Jane and drink in her offerings.
Drink it all Jane for it must not be lost. Drink her secretions. Taste
the elixir. It is good and she will love you for your thoughtfulness. Go
now. Replace his cock with your lips and draw all the maleness from her
body. Do it now, Jane.'

He pushed against her back slightly and the entranced girl knelt down
pressing her face between the still open legs. Jane knew not what she was
doing. It was as though she were hypnotised, but suck the discharge she
did, swallowing as it entered her mouth, licking the stickiness until none
remained. Margot lay still, enjoying the softness of virginal lips as they
lathed her entrance clean. Bliss. Pure, beautiful bliss, she thought to
herself as the young woman continued her ablutions. Laconic sleep took
control as Jane continued.

Richard could see that Jane had awoken from her tranced state and sat
her up on the edge of the bed before she was able to react to what she had
just completed. Traces of fluid showed around her lips but Richard simply
took her in a deep embrace, kissing every part of her lips and face, not
allowing any guilt to enter her mind.

'That was beautiful, my darling girl,' he said. Her body still limp and
he had to hold her firm in his arms. Finally picking her up, he laid her
down beside Margot and the rest of them departed from the room.

Chapter Ten

Richard then saw Virginia had been present throughout the performance
and had obviously seen all that had taken place, including the lovemaking
between her parents and Jane's cleaning up of Roger's discharge.

'What are you doing here? You were not permitted.'

Roger backed up Richard although he was not unhappy because his daughter had witnessed his performance.

'You know we forbade you to attend Jane's discipline today, that's why
you were allowed to bathe her. Why did you disobey?'

She knew she was in for a disciplining herself regardless of what she
said so she tried to sound as contrite as she could to lessen the
punishment as much as possible.

'I'm sorry, Daddy,' she crooned, trying to show contrition. 'It's just
that after bathing her I couldn't help but stay. I'm dreadfully sorry.'

'Special punishment after dinner tonight,' Richard snapped, looking most
annoyed. Richard had never instigated her punishment before nor had she
been subjected to "special punishment". She acknowledged and ran to her

Richard retired to his office, needing to follow up on business matters,
while Amber followed Roger into the library.

'Was it exciting performing in front of us all?' She smiled cheekily at

'I can perform with Margot any time,' he laughed back. 'She's one sexy
cunt. Anyway, did it excite you to watch?'

'Hm.' She pondered in thought. 'I suppose so but it's not as good as
coming yourself.'

'Not a voyeur I see,' he retorted. 'It gets me off just watching sex.
Don't you get a kick from porn movies? What about the ones we made on

'Only the one I acted in. I think I need a good cock to get me revved
up or at least a good tongue and finger.'

She lounged in a chair in front of Roger and suddenly remembered his
reaction when he peeked up her skirt before they married. Raising one leg
onto the coffee table so he could see all, she closed her eyes and slowly
began to lift her nightdress, high enough so she could masturbate without
hindrance and bet herself he would not move but be content to just watch.
As he'd just come inside Margot he probably hadn't any more semen to
discharge now anyway.

She took her time building the pleasure slowly and mentally paid herself
the bet when after her climax some thirty minutes later he had not touched
her. But she found she was wrong on one count for as she opened her eyes
she saw the semen trails over his pyjama trousers and onto his torso, the
result of his own hand. He rested; sound asleep where he had ejaculated.

Richard had sent instructions through Joanne to both Jane and Virginia
on what they were to wear for dinner. The four wedded adults were attired
in casual wear and the younger girls wore what could only be described as
"Alice in Wonderland" looks. Both were dressed differently but they looked
like very little girls. breasts were barely discernible; each wore a full
dress with puffy sleeves and a white lacy pinafore over the top. They each
had white stockinged feet with black shiny flat shoes strapped to their
feet. Virginia had her hair plaited on each side with a white ribbon
around her forehead while Jane's hair was held in place with a long

Everyone made complementary remarks as they entered but Richard cut the
conversation by calling the table to order.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Miss Jane and Miss Virginia.
Both young ladies have consented to be with us this evening for special
reasons. Miss Jane has spent the day learning of personal matters while
she ponders over a decision, the consequences of which will be of the
utmost importance to both her and this gathering. Tonight, she sits for an
examination of what she has learned.'

Jane blanched, having forgotten Richard's instructions that she was to
be examined on what she had to learn today.

'Virginia on the other hand, knows of the special reason she is honoured
tonight. Virginia has disappointed all of us and is here to accept the
penance of all naughty little girls who have disobeyed their parents.'

Virginia made sure she was not smiling at this pronouncement. Whatever
Richard had in store, she was sure, would be the worst beating of her life,
and there had been many severe ones so far. She shuddered at the thought.

'I trust both of you have taken your tablet?' They both said yes.

Joanne served dinner and Richard spoke from time to time, always setting
the stage a little further towards the entertainment of the evening.

Virginia had some idea of what might take place because of the
underclothes she was directed to wear but Jane, although she knew she was
to suffer in some way, had no idea what was in store for her. Both had
been given a brief scenario by Joanne of how they were to behave for
various questions and Richard was about to put those scenes into play.

'Come, Virginia, come and sit on Uncle Richard's knee.' She seated
herself as requested, placing an arm around his neck. 'And how old is my
little niece now,' he smiled warmly as he spoke.

'Oh, you know, Uncle Richard. I'm seven and a half.'

'And you've been a very naughty little girl, I'm told.'

'I'm sorry, Uncle Richard. Yes I didn't do what Daddy told me to.'

'Then you have to be punished, don't you?'

She didn't answer, instead bowed her head.

'First we must find out if you have done what you were told, this time.'
All could plainly see his hand slip under the little girl's dress, moving
higher and ever upwards. His fingers sent shivers down Virginia's spine as
her came to the elastic-banded top of her stockings and found warm tender
flesh. Higher his hand moved and his knuckles could be seen raising her
dress as they progressed. Finally he located the bull's-eye at the
junction of her limbs and cupped the juvenile pubis, gently running his
fingers over the material of her little panties. Once he made sure they
were the ones he wanted, he withdrew his wandering hand, whispered to her
and she moved to her mother's knee.

'Touch me there too, Mummy,' she pleaded, loud enough for the others to
hear clearly. Margot did so, and the little girl moved on to Amber and
then Roger who took considerably more time feeling up his own daughter.
She finally returned to her own place, not unduly put out by the intimacies
forced onto her.

'Now it's your turn,' Richard gestured to Jane who walked around the
table to sit on his knee. He rested one hand in the lap of her dress, the
other holding her under the armpit.

'I hope you can tell me you've been a good girl, Jane. Have you worked
hard at your studies today?'

'Oh yes, Sir,' she answered. 'I've learned much today.'

'And how old are you, my dear. A little older than Virginia, I think.'

'Yes, Sir, I'm much older, I'm twelve.'

'Good girl, now tell me, Jane. What did you learn about today?'

'I learned how to have sex, Sir. What a girl must do to please a man and make him happy.'

'And what must a girl do to make sure she's always ready to make a man happy, my dear?'

They didn't tell me that, Jane thought. She had to give an answer so
said, 'She must bathe regularly,' hoping that sounded right.

'That's not correct, Jane. What a girl must do is make sure her pussy is always moist so her man can have access whenever he wants sex with her.
Also for when he rubs her with his finger so he won't hurt her tender
little hole. You should have known that, young lady.'

'Oh, yes, Sir. I'm sorry.'

'What colour is sperm, Jane?'

'I think it's a milky colour, Sir.'

'What does it taste like?'

She had no idea. She could remember extracting the runny liquid from
her beloved Margot's pussy but in her trance like state never recalled the
taste. ' It's very sweet,' she tried to bluff her way through.

'I think you're guessing. That's two questions wrong already. I'm

She put her hand over her mouth in pretended shock.

'I hope you can answer the next one. What does a woman's vagina taste

She looked at Margot and smiled. 'That's easy. It's a most beautiful
musk. At least Margot's pussy is.' Margot smiled back at her.

'Good. Correct. And where are your three maidenheads, Jane. You must
get this right or you will have failed your examination.

She remembered something deep within her memory about three maidenheads
but for the life of her, couldn't remember where she had seen that

'I don't think I know them all, Sir. I know I have one inside my pussy,
but I don't know any more.'

'Think, girl, think. What is a maidenhead? Could it be where no man has ever put his cock?'

'Yes that is true, no one has put his cock inside my vagina,' she
agreed. 'But I can't think where else. Unless ... Yes, my second
maidenhead must be in my ear, for there is an eardrum, just like my hymen.
But how could he put his cock inside my ear and what for? And I'm sorry
but I don't know where the other one could be,' she admitted defeat.

'Well I'm afraid that's not good enough and as I told you this morning
your tardiness requires us to render further punishment.'

'Please, Sir, not again. I couldn't stand the strap on my bottom again.
It hurt me so much. Please I'll learn tomorrow, I promise.' Emotion rose
and tears flowed again.

'Richard, no, it's not right,' Margot interjected.

'Margot, be quiet,' he snapped at her. 'For that, you'll receive the
same as this naughty young girl is to get.'

'Richard, please listen,' Margot continued.

'Silence. Double and it will be given by the girl herself.'

Tears and deep sobbing came from Jane. 'Oh, please, Sir, don't hurt Margot. I'll take everything she was to get. Don't hurt her. I love
her,' the stricken girl pleaded, holding his arm.

'It's too late,' he said. 'If you'd have learned your lessons better,
none of this would have happened. Now sit back in your chair. We'll talk
about it later. Margot drink your wine. You'll probably need it.'

Jane returned to her place and the meal progressed mostly smoothly.
Jane ceased her sobbing finally but took little part in the conversation.
Margot gave Richard a sly wink, which Jane couldn't see; she was happy.

As Joanne returned with another course, Richard spoke again.

'Tomorrow, Jane, you will experience new feelings. I'm afraid it may
not be to your liking all that much but you have no choice. Tomorrow you
will spend the morning with Joanne and her husband. Mellors likes young ladies, doesn't he, Joanne? Especially little girls like you. I think
what she has on now, would be most appropriate, what do you think, Joanne?'

'Yes, most appropriate, Master.'

'Good. Then Jane, after your morning bath you will dress in these same
clothes and be the guest of the Mellors'. You will do everything and
anything they tell you to. Everything, no matter what they say. Do you

'Yes, Sir, I understand.' She didn't stop to think what "everything"
might be, but was in no position to dispute it in any case.

'Afterwards, Roger will bathe you at lunchtime. You can tell him
everything you did with the Mellors.

'Good-oh,' Roger acknowledged with anticipation.

'And another thing,' Richard stated. 'Jane, from now on you will
address us as Uncle Richard & Uncle Roger, and the ladies will be called
Aunt. Understood?' She nodded. 'As soon as you come to a decision on that
most important of questions, you know the one I mean, we would be very
pleased for you to call us Mummy and Daddy, just as Virginia does.'

'Oh, yes, Richard, that's wonderful. Isn't it Jane?' Amber was very
happy at this announcement.

Jane's smiling face said everything.

'You are thinking of your answer, aren't you, Jane' Richard prompted.

'Oh, yes, Uncle Richard.' She emphasised his name.

'And have you come close to making a decision?'

'Please, Uncle, I almost did this afternoon when you were stroking me. I
felt so wonderful. But I'm not sure just now.' She tried to emphasise her
concern about this evenings events still to come.

'Then perhaps we will ask you again, before you go to bed. It's
important that you decide once and for all, very soon as some matters need
attending to.'

'Yes, Uncle.' Jane decided to leave it there for the moment, although
she was sure she was going to capitulate eventually.

'Now Virginia, your parents and I have been talking and we think it's
time that you called both lots of parents Mummy and Daddy, instead of
calling Amber and I mom and Dad sometimes and Amber and Richard at others.
Would you like that?'

Virginia was out of her chair in a shot, arm around Amber's neck kissing
her profusely. 'Thank you, Mummy, that's great.' In turn, Richard received
the same accolades. They had obviously sorted out some problems the young girl had.

By now the table was cleared and they retired to the same intimate room
where Jane was introduced to the family and her first punishment the
previous night. The U-shaped set-up of couches and armchairs was evident
except two chairs were at one end with the two couches facing each other.
The huge padded ottoman was in the centre.

Virginia and Jane were seated in the two armchairs; Amber sat opposite
Roger, Margot beside Roger and opposite Richard.

'Come, little Jane, come and stand on the ottoman. Down this end and
turn around to face Virginia. That's good. Now everyone can see. Hold
onto my shoulder so you don't fall. Legs apart, just near the edge.
That's the girl.' His arm was around her hips, resting on her bottom.

Standing on the centrepiece, she was just slightly taller than Richard.
A little hesitant at what was to come.

'Don't be afraid, but you mustn't move. First we must make sure you've
put on just the clothes you should have. My, for a girl of twelve you
haven't grown a bosom yet have you?' It needed no answer, being more of a
statement. He used his free hand to brush over her flattened chest,
obviously bound somehow to compress her perkiness in. One day soon,
they'll be sprouting then all the boys will get interested. I don't
suppose you've grown any hair on your little pink pussy either?' She needed
to respond to this.

'Yes, Uncle, I've got lots down there, since I was ten,' she declared

'Really? We might have to remove that then. I mean for a girl with no
breasts. You might find that a smooth pussy feels very nice. Ask your
Aunt Amber sometime.'

'Now I'm going to do something and I want you to tell everyone what it
is, because they won't be able to see everything.'

The hand on her bottom suddenly brushed against her stockinged calves
and began to slide upwards under her child's dress. 'Start telling them,'
Richard prompted.

'Uncle Richard is running his hands up my legs, under my dress,' she
described. 'He's reached behind my knees, now he's at my stocking tops and
tickling me.' She giggled a little but didn't move.

'His hand is higher now, on my bare legs. Oops! He's touched my
bottom. He's patting it. Now rubbing it. It feels very nice.'

Richard had felt what he wanted to find, a pair of cotton knickers.
White, as he had instructed, he was sure.

'Good girl. Now I'm going to ask some questions and you will answer.

'Yes, Uncle Richard.'

'A man, your uncle has his hand on your bottom right under your dress
and he's squeezing. Isn't that naughty?'

'A little, but it's nice.'

'Now he's moving his hand down a little and you can feel him touching
something. What is it?'

'He's touching my botty hole.'

'What do you do with your botty hole, Jane?'

'Oh, it's secret.'

'Tell everyone. No secrets now.'

'Oh.' Despite her bravado, she had turned scarlet.

He poked a little harder and she grabbed his shoulder for balance.

'Oh, I do pooh there.'

'Do you wash it clean each time, Jane? It needs to be very clean

'Always, Uncle.'

His hand moved between her legs and she jerked a little as it cupped her
pubis. 'Tell them, Jane'

'His hand is covering my pussy, all over my pussy.'

'And I can feel all the hair you have growing there. I'm sure you'll
find it much sweeter if it was smooth. Keep going.'

'He... He's tickling my pussy hole with his fingers. It really
tickles.' She wiggled her bottom slightly but made no move to stop him.

'What do you do with this, Jane?' He poked his finger inwards.

'Please, Uncle. You know that's what I will use to give pleasure to you
and Uncle Roger,' she smiled shyly.

'Anything else?'

'Well, it's to give me pleasure too. Oh, and where I do pee pees.'

'Is this where one of your maidenhead is found?'

'Yes, it's inside,' she agreed.

'And you're sure you don't know where the other two are located? It's
certainly not in your ear,' he informed her, still running his hand over
her panty clad privates. 'Goodness, I couldn't imagine trying to stick my
cock in your ear, Jane.'

'It'd never fit anyway,' Amber sniggered.

'I'm sorry, Uncle, I don't know.'

'Tell her where another maidenhead is found, Virginia,' he directed,
motioning behind Jane's back that the answer he wanted was her mouth.

'One is her mouth, Daddy. But I don't have one there. Mine's been
taken,' she divulged proudly.

'My mouth? Put it inside my mouth. What for? Oh, Virginia, you are a

'But, Jane dear, allowing a man to enter your mouth so you can suck his
penis honours him greatly. You will learn to pleasure your men that way
very shortly.'

She looked at those around her, mouth open, uncomprehending that it
could be pleasurable. 'Oh,' she uttered, shakily.

'And the last one is found just here, Jane.' His index finger pushed the
fabric of her panties between her bottom cheeks until the girl realised her
anus was being identified.

'You couldn't do it there,' she shrieked, trying to pull his finger from
its resting place. 'It's too small. It wouldn't go in.'

'It not only goes in very nicely, my dear, but it gives your man much
pleasure and in time you will learn to look forward to him wanting to love
you there.'

He turned the shocked girl towards him, now sliding his other hand under
her dress. 'I am touching you where you shouldn't let any man touch you,
Jane, but I know it makes you feel nice. Everyone is watching you, knowing
what I am doing underneath your dress. I am feeling you up, Jane.' His
hands rippled over every surface of her lower body, tickling, prodding.
'Tell them I am feeling you up and that you want me to keep doing it
because you feel sexy.'

He turned her back to face the others, and she blushed profusely as she
addressed them, her head bowed in shyness. Eventually he lifted her down
onto the floor, making sure that as he did so, her dress was lifted high
enough for all to see her white cotton knickers before his hands withdrew.

Chapter Eleven

'And now, Margot, I think it's your turn. Stand up.' Richard stood in
front of her and they embraced in a passionate kiss.

'Please punish me for objecting to your decisions, Richard. Punish me
very hard.'

He walked her to the end of the ottoman, directly in front of the two
younger girls. 'Are you wearing panties, Margot?' He asked as he clasped
one hand over her breast. 'I notice you are not wearing anything under
your blouse. She feels very firm, Roger. Much more than a handful.'

'Yes a real man's woman. Great fuck, too,' he added with a grin.

'I agree,' Richard said, which made Jane gasp. 'Well, Margot? Any

'I'm naked under my dress, Master,' She answered in her "master and
slave" idiom, which again caused Jane to shudder with anxiety. Richard
then spoke casually into what seemed, the air. 'Mellors, the medium stiff,
I think. Perhaps a slightly springier one as well, please.'

Within seconds a tap at the door and Richard called, 'Come in.'

Mellors walked to the ottoman and laid two canes down. Each shaped as
illustrated in English schoolbooks with a curved handle. Mellors left the
room without a word being said.

Richard stood Margot with her shins against the ottoman and bent her
over so her hands clasped each side. 'Back bent and bottom high,' he
instructed. The others were intrigued as they had not seen Margot put
under the cane before.

'Jane, you were the ultimate cause of this punishment so you can assist.
Raise her skirt well over her hips so we can get a good go at it.'

'Please don't punish her, Uncle Richard,' she pleaded. 'She was only
trying to protect me. Let me take her punishment. I will take all her
smacks. Please, Uncle Richard.'

He took no notice. 'Raise it up, there's a good girl.' As usual
everyone knew that the beating was inevitable and Jane gave in, lifting the
skirt so it fell over her back and literally covered her head as it fell
down her sloping back.

'Now that's what I call a pretty picture,' Richard stated as the bare
behind came into view. 'Spread your legs, Margot, for goodness sake, ee
haven't got all day. More, woman, come on now.' Margot displayed to the
two younger women in fine detail. Her vagina, gaping open because of her
widely spread legs, glistened salmon pink, labia engorged with sexual
anticipation, formed two knife edges surrounded by a forest of dark curly
pubic hair. Her clitoris stood up like a mini penis and just above, her
puckered crinkled anus looked straight into Jane's eye.

'Has Margot prepared herself for sexual intrusion?' Richard asked Jane.
She didn't understand what he meant. 'Has her pussy been made ready for
sex?' He was not pleased with the young girl.

'Feel her then. Is she lubricated for easy access? Will he slip in

Then she understood and reached out to touch the gaping pussy. Surely,
the slippery lubricant was present. 'Yes, she is, Uncle.'

'Good. Then you can administer the punishment. Six cuts on the
posterior as hard as you can. I will forgive the others I ordered
providing they are hard. But if you go soft, she will get an extra six
cuts for every soft one you give. Choose your cane and begin. Virginia
will call the count.'

'Oh, Uncle, not me please. I couldn't bear to hurt dear Margot.'

'For God's sake, do it Jane. I need it now,' Margot almost screamed at
her with nervous tension.

'Forgive me, my love,' Jane wept and struck Margot across the centre of
her two bottom cheeks, a red welt marking both sides.


Margot flinched but bit her lips and made no sound.

The cane landed again, slightly higher, with a loud crack. Jane dare
not give a soft cut and Margot cried out.


The third was as loud, sending burning fire through her body and her
scream vibrated around the room.


Jane decided to end this quickly, landing two very quickly, below where
the first landed, almost on the crease where her thighs met her bottom
cheeks. Margot's shriek lasted until the last one landed.




Jane threw down the cane and collapsed to her knees on the floor,
weeping violently. 'Forgive me,' she sobbed.

Margot was crying silently, unable to move from her caning position for
the pain was so great. Amber had tears in her eyes but remained passive.
She had no wish to upset Richard while he was in this state.

Roger shuffled in his seat but said nothing. Richard sat back in his
chair waiting for the tension to ease, not wanting to play out the total
beast he felt himself to be right at this moment. He was content with
Jane's effort, as his roaring erection showed. Amber knew he would want to
be well and truly screwed tonight but she knew it would have to be oral and
hand manipulated.

Jane moved to Amber's side. 'I've got to go and pee,' she whispered.
'I'll be back soon.' As she made to leave, Richard said sharply, 'Jane, sit

'But, Uncle, I've got to go. It's urgent.'

'After what you've just inflicted on Margot, you'll stay until she's
recovered. Not before.' Jane sat but knew she had little time before it
became critical to expel the liquid now pushing urgently towards its escape

Roger stood up and moved to Margot's side. She had not moved, her red streaked butt still uncovered and raised in the air. He produced a tube of
soothing creme and began to massage it onto the tortured area, his hands
moving slowly. No one saw anything sexual in what he was doing, rather
they were pleased to see Margot receiving relief to her painful buns.
Finally, Roger helped his wife up, kissed her cheek lovingly and eased her
into her seat. Despite the pain deadening salve that had been rubbed in,
it was still tender but manageable, she found as she sat.

Richard then placed a crystal vessel on the ottoman. Round and squat,
about twelve inches high and half as wide again, the rim curved inwards and
then back to leave a somewhat flattened ball with an inch wide lip around
the top. A small pouring lip was shaped on one side and the container was
of the heaviest crystal. Heavy and expensive.

'Now you can go, Jane dear.'

As she started to make for the door Richard instructed, 'Not outside,
Jane. We have all the facilities you need to ease your predicament. Come
on, up on the table.'

She looked aghast, first at the bowl and then at Richard. He certainly
wasn't joking. And then she realised her humiliation was to continue. She
hadn't been beaten tonight, but the indignities to her person certainly had
not lessened. There was no choice and she stepped up, facing the end where
Virginia sat. Soon the others had moved to that end too, anticipation
written all over their faces. Margot was no exception. Perhaps they had
all gone through this ritual before, she thought, but it's simply ghastly.

'Lift your dress well up, dear and you can squat down but don't sit on
it. We'll just place it under you. There, now down you go.'

She tried to slip her panties down but Richard indicated that she was to
leave then on. So she squatted with her bottom resting on the backs of her
legs, the front of her dress bunched up around her tummy. They could
clearly see her white cotton panties, tight around her waist and the pubic
area it covered. The crystal "potty" was directly below her bottom, the
back of her dress behind the container.

'Open your knees just a little more, dear,' Margot suggested. 'You
don't want us to miss seeing you wet your little panties, I'm sure.' Jane

'Whenever you're ready, Jane,' Richard prompted. 'Release your water.'

She had no choice on two fronts. Firstly the whole brigade of onlookers
required her to do this humbling thing and secondly, she physically
couldn't hold on any longer. She now realised the pill she had taken
earlier had been the cause of her discomfort and wondered how Virginia was
holding out as she had taken one at the same time.

She felt the first trickle run down the inside of her panties and then
those looking directly into her crotch saw the yellow stain grow larger on
the white cotton fabric as a stream flowed freely into the crystal pot.
Slowly the level rose until it was about a quarter full. Many golden
droplets had splashed around the sides to give a sparkling effect.

Her panties felt hot against her tender skin from the expelled urine and
she could not remember ever wetting herself before. While she knew they
had expected to see exactly what they had, it was no easy matter to
participate in a public peeing. Had she known what she was to participate
in over the coming months, this would have seemed very tame indeed.

'You poor little dear,' Margot cooed, as she patted the wet spot to
remove any excess droplets. Amber lifted the potty from beneath her, she
exclaimed, 'Ooh, it's so hot.' In front of Jane, she kissed the side of the
bowl and winked at the young lady who had provided the warmth.

'Now, Joanne,' Richard spoke and almost immediately the maid entered
with an armful of items, one being a washbasin.

'Jane has disgraced herself Joanne. Please clean her up and get her
ready for bed.'

Joanne worked methodically, removing the girl's shoes, stockings and
finally her Alice in Wonderland dress. She was left with a pair of stained
panties and a chest bound with a crepe bandage that had been wound several
times around, making the twenty two year old woman look all but flat

She slipped the wet panties down Jane's legs and placed then in a
plastic bag. Next a kettle of warm water appeared, and was poured into the
basin. Jane was made to step in, and Joanne proceeded to soap the young woman from her waist down to her toes. After the soap was rinsed off
Joanne had her step onto a small bathmat and patted her body dry with a
warm fluffy towel.

Then the ottoman was cleared and a white folded cloth was laid over the
end on which Jane was motioned to sit. Not a word had been spoken since
the maid came into the room as all were intrigued at what was happening.
Joanne motioned for Jane to lay back on the table, her legs over the end
where she had been sitting. Baby powder was sprinkled over the whole area
that had been washed. Tummy, pubic region and down her thighs, gently
rubbed in and then Joanne held her heels and lifted her legs high
proceeding to cover her rear portion with the cool powder too.

To Jane's dismay, Joanne then folded both sides of the cloth she had
been sitting on, over her waist and pinned the two ends with a large safety
pin. As Jane tried to object, both Joanne and Richard placed hands on her
shoulder and with their fingers to their mouth, indicated that Jane was to
remain silent and still. A sanitary pad was placed over her vaginal and
anal openings and the third corner of what everyone now saw was an
oversized baby's nappy, was brought up between her legs and fastened
tightly with another safety pin.

The young woman who had wet her pants like a baby in front of everyone
now wore the most appropriate garment. Joanne produced one more item and
proceeded to slide it up the baby's legs. Jane saw the oversized pair of
rubber pants go over the nappy and resigned herself to her fate. The
strapping around her breasts was left in place and Joanne pulled a large
babies smock over the baby's head.

'Now it's baby's bedtime. Everyone must kiss Baby Jane goodnight.' They
all played the game, cooing and smiling directly into her face, tickling
her under the chin, pecking her on the cheek. Joanne raised her up and
Baby and Nursemaid left the room.

Neither spoke as Joanne walked her to her room, but when Jane walked in
all she saw was a normal sized baby's cot where her own bed had been that

'I can't sleep like this, Joanne. I'll need to pee in the night and
probably something else too. Besides the cot is too small, I won't fit.'

'What you are wearing is just what you need if you wake up in the middle
of the night,' Joanne reminded her. 'As for the cot: well you'll just have
to make do I'm afraid. Those are the orders.' She lowered one of the cot
sides and pointed to where the young woman was to move.

Joanne sat on the side of the cot. 'I think baby needs a drink to put
her to sleep,' she said and opened her shirt to expose a large soft breast.
She cuddled the young woman in one arm, lifting the breast to her mouth.
Jane felt decidedly cosy as she snuggled in the cradling arms, gently
suckling on a nipple that was never going to produce any nourishment, but
was soft, warm and beautifully scented. After an exhausting day sleep
overtook her quickly, and Joanne laid her baby all curled up on the cot,
pulling a pink baby's blanket over her.

Chapter Twelve

Meanwhile, Richard and Amber had walked up the stairs arm in arm, joking
to Roger and his two ladies that they have some ticklish matters to attend

Roger looked at Margot, and then with an arm around his daughter said,
'Would you like to sleep with us tonight, darling?'

'Yes please,' she agreed excitedly, and the man of the family strutted
up the stairs, a woman on each arm.

Margot immediately divested herself of her dress and stood in front of
the mirror, trying to twist her rear around to look at the damage.
'Christ, that hurt,' she said. 'One of these days I'm going to take my
revenge on Richard. He might fuck well but the bastard takes delight in
torturing his womenfolk.'

Roger laughed at her antics in trying to look at her battered bottom.
He moved the standing mirror behind her and she saw the full detail for the
first time.

'No wonder I'm hurting,' she mused, drawing her breath in quickly as she
ran a finger along one of the raised lines.

'It'll go down soon,' her husband consoled. 'Besides it made me horny
watching you take it. You did it with style, you know.'

'Little consolation,' she quipped back.

'Come here, honey,' Margot smiled at her daughter. 'Let's get you
undressed. Daddy's got a surprise for you.'

'Oh, goody, what is it?' She asked eagerly.

'Wait and see.' As she lowered Virginia's panties to the floor, she
added, 'I'm surprised your other Daddy didn't make you wet your pants too.
I suppose he's already seen you do that, hasn't he?'

'Yes, in the tub,' she recalled.

Margot lifted the dress over Virginia's head to expose another pair of
bound breasts. Hers though, were too large to look as though she had not
matured and a mound rose up from her chest. Margot unwound the tape and
the young girl rubbed circulation into the squashed mammaries. 'That feels

Both women now naked, stood in front of their husband and father.
'Looks like your turn now, Daddy.'

Margot sat down on the edge of the bed, pulling Virginia beside her.
'Take your shirt off, Roger and come and stand here.'

'Now for part one of your surprise, Virginia. You have the privilege of
undressing your daddy. Go to it.'

The girl smiled coyly. 'Oh, boy,' she exclaimed as her hand reached for
his belt. She saw his erection well before his trousers were removed but
made no remark. The trousers down, he stepped out of them and she caught
the elastic waistband of his jockey shots and guided it over the pressing
penis. She had seen his erection before, several times, but never this

He stood in front of his daughter, not moving, proud of what he was
displaying, allowing her all the time she wanted to gaze on his upstanding
weapon. Her hand reached out to touch but Margot, sitting beside her,
caught her before the connection was made.

'Not yet, darling. There will be plenty of time for touching later.
Not until you move from maiden to woman. Then it's yours whenever you

'Yes, Mummy,' she almost whimpered.

'Tonight's not over yet. Part two is just beginning,' she smiled
mischievously, motioning Roger to lie down on the bed.

'Tonight you are going to make yourself come in front of us and you're
going to use your Daddy's cock to do it,' Margot explained. She reached
over and carefully brushed her hand along the topside of his still taught

'Come on now. Sit on top of Daddy but make sure his naughty thing
doesn't go inside you. Put your legs each side and sit so your pussy pushes down on it. Careful now.' Margot smeared some jell over his penis
and into Virginia's spread pussy lips. 'Now, darling, lay down closer onto
his chest. Good.'

Virginia was lying almost along his naked torso, the lips of her vagina parted by his hard penis, which rested lengthwise in her crease. She was
smiling at her father and he smiled back, anticipating what was about to

Margot pushed her daughter's bottom slightly telling her to slowly draw
herself along her daddy's cock, very slowly as she didn't want to come off
the end of it because she would surely find it then poking it's ugly head
inside her virgin pussy. It didn't take the young girl long to work out
the rhythm and she was soon moving at a fair pace, her pussy lips and
sensitive love nub rubbing along the surface of the erect and strong male
organ between them.

'Not too fast, dear,' Roger gasped. 'It makes me feel good too but if
you don't slow down I'll come first and then you'll have a lot of mess and
nothing hard to push into you. Slow, dear one, slow and purposeful. Enjoy
the sensations that are building up inside you. I know what they're like.
They're in me too.'

Margot was taking great care that her young and inexperienced daughter didn't lose control. The retention of her virginity was most important as
it's taking must be witnessed by all but not until the girl's eighteenth
birthday. But she wanted Virginia also to feel the joy of a man's cock as
it projected her towards orgasm.

'Mummy, it's so good. I can feel me coming soon. Don't stop me. It's
wonderful. Daddy it's wonderful.'

Margot knew too that at the onset of her climax, Virginia could jerk and
shudder so strongly that penetration might be accidentally effected. It
was a tense time for mother as well as father and daughter. Each was
interested in one thing only. The two active participants in effecting
their own orgasms and Margot who had to make sure his weapon didn't stray
into the nest of nests, which would be outright disaster.

Eventually, Roger did come first, spewing his milky seed over both his
and his daughter's stomachs. He felt it run down both sides of his waist
onto the bed. Just as his shuddering ended, Virginia took up the same
movements, as a mighty climax rocked the young girl. She tried to maintain
her sliding motion to keep the feeling from easing but all too soon her
thighs relaxed and she was left with a feeling of quiet satisfaction. She
laid her face on her father's chest, kissed it and closed her eyes to soak
up the last of the intensity.

Margot's hands had gone between then to make sure the ejaculation was
not spreading to anywhere near the girl's sex entrance, and she finally
rolled her over to lay down beside her father.

'Oh, Daddy, that made me feel so good. I loved doing that. We fucked,
Daddy. Well almost anyway.'

'You made me come and feel so good too, little one. You will be a great
lover when you get older. Thank you.'

Both were ready to doze off and Margot made no move to stop them. She
would wait until morning to take her pleasure.

They finally rolled together, a woman on each side of him, arms flung in
all directions over each other and drifted into deep comfortable sleep.

Morning came early for Jane as she felt the urgency to urinate that
wakened her. She swung her legs over the side of the bed only to discover
a barrier in her way and in her half roused state realised she had been
sleeping in the cot. Knowing that she was instructed not to leave the bed
until Joanne had come in to wake her, she lay back on the pillow,
contemplating how to hold on for it was still very early. Then it dawned
on her that she had been dressed specifically for this purpose. She wore a
nappy. Nappies were for peeing in and she needed to pee. And pee she did.
So much that she wondered just how much the absorbent material and the
sanitary pads folded around her genitals could hold before they leaked.
But the feeling of warmth that spread over her skin from her own urine soon
turned the worry into pleasure as the wet fabric moulded itself closer
around her tender parts. It was as though she was being cuddled with many
arms all clasping her together. Soothing enough to drift back into sleep.

The next sensation was that of Joanne quietly shaking her. 'How's my
baby this morning,' she cooed. 'Did she sleep well. And has she got a wet
old nappy? I'll bet she has. Let's take a look.' Jane saw that Joanne was
still in her nightdress.

She lay back on the bed with her legs over the side as Joanne undid the
two large safety pins and opened the nappy. The chilled morning air rushed
over the warm damp skin. 'Oh, yes you have done a big wee wees haven't
you?' Jane could only nod slightly. 'Let's get you into the bath and
cleaned up. Joanne unwound the bandage that had flattened the young woman's breasts the previous night, giving each a squeeze.

After she stepped into the tub and sat down, she wasn't allowed to do
anything as Joanne held her with one arm behind her head, just as a mother would with a baby, and washed the "baby" all over, including her hair.

Jane liked the way Joanne dried her. It was not done as an act of
sexuality and yet to Jane it was intensely erotic. The warm soft towel
patted her everywhere as she stood with her thighs apart. Joanne took care
of every little crevice, hands gently touching skin as she steadied the
naked girl against the towelled hand, which patted and stroked the still
damp areas.

'Remember what Mr. Richard said, Jane. When you are presented to Mr.
Mellors, you must do everything he tells you, no matter what it is.'

'What will he want to do with me?' She asked with trepidation.

'Whatever he wants,' she replied. 'Sometimes he is very nasty to the
young ones, but you must let him do everything.'

'I don't want to,' she whimpered, verging on tears.

'You know you have no choice, so stop whining. Here, put your dress
back on, but nothing else. You will meet Mr. Mellors in bare feet and no
underclothes. He likes to feel up young girls like you without any
hindrances. Now remember, just do as he says. Nothing else.'

She led the trembling woman by the hand through to their private
quarters, Jane in her peach coloured Alice in Wonderland dress, flared in
the skirt so that it stood well away from her legs, the white pinafore in
front. And Joanne, in her floor length silky nightdress, which clung to
her body with every movement.

Chapter Thirteen

In the kitchen, Mellors was eating breakfast. 'Well, well. So here you
are at last little girl. Come here.'

She moved to stand in front of him and he pulled her to his side, a hand
holding her thighs under her dress. 'How old are you, my pretty?'

'I'm twelve, Mr. Mellors.'

'I like little girls like that,' he said, his hand now rubbing the backs
of her legs. 'And do you have hair on your cunt? Hey? What colour is
it?' His questions were asked crudely.

'Yes, Mr. Mellors, it's dark brown.' She knew this was just another
part of her humiliation but it was quite different to the way her new found
family members had gone about it. Already she felt dirty at the touch of
this old man and she was sure worse was to come.

'Well a girl of your age shouldn't have hair on her cunt. It should be
hairless, smooth as a baby's bottom. Understand?'

'Yes, Mr. Mellors.'

'Jo, make sure she's hairless before she leaves today.'

'Do you get the curse?'

She didn't know what he meant.

'Your period, Jane,' Joanne explained. 'Do you have a monthly period

'Oh.' She went bright red, never having been asked by the others about
that subject. 'Yes, sir,' was all she could say, still blushing, looking
at the floor.

'Ha, she's embarrassed,' Mellors laughed. 'I suppose you don't like
talking about it?' The statement was really a question, and he watched her

'No, Mr. Mellors, it is embarrassing,' she emphasised.

'That's what you're here for. So? When is it due next then?'

'Oh. Next week, I think.'

'And what do you use to catch it in?'

She looked at Joanne uncomprehending.

'What type of sanitary pad do you use?' Joanne added.

'Modess, mostly.'

His hand was now on her bottom, running up and down the crease, probing
for her anal opening.

'Open your legs, girlie. Can't you see I want to feel up your

She did so, only to feel a finger pushing right at her back passage.
'Wider,' he almost growled and she spread herself uncomfortably. His dry
finger hurt as it attempted to push inside what she now knew was one of her
virgin passages.

'I suppose no one's ever got inside there. It's so tight.' She breathed
a sigh of relief as the finger left the crinkly closed hole.

'It's a good place to fuck,' he told her. 'One day you might come down
here again, to let me to fuck you there. Just wait and see,' he laughed in
her ear.

His coarseness continued. 'Have you got any tits yet?' His free hand
pushed at her chest and felt the mounds, small as they were. 'At least
it'll give me something to suck,' he laughed, patting her bottom
intimately. 'Do you like having them sucked?'

She didn't answer.

'Well, girlie? Someone's sucked them, haven't they? Did it give you a
thrill? Did he run his tongue over them and make you feel good? Talk to
me, little girl.'

Jane knew she wasn't very good at holding back the tears and they once
again welled up in her eyes. As she answered in a whisper that she liked
the feeling, they ran down her cheeks and dripped onto the front of her

Mellors told Joanne to set some breakfast for their guest. 'Got to keep
your strength up so you can do all you've got to this morning,' he told

'Do you want some juice?'

'Yes, please.'

Joanne went to the fridge and brought out a large bowl, placing it in
front of Jane. It was then the young girl saw what was before her, and
paled. The bowl was the one she had peed into last night and the liquid
was that which she had deposited.

Mellors told Joanne to pour him a glass, and one for each of them too.
'Nothing like virgin's piss to get one stoked up in the morning, that's
what I say.'

With that, he put the glass to his lips and emptied it. He licked his
lips and looked at both women. 'Come on, get it down. Does wonders for
the complexion, I'm told.'

Joanne drained her glass too, leaving only Jane's conspicuously full.
Both watched her, Joanne nodding to her, prompting her to do as she was

'Please, I don't think I want any thank you Mr. Mellors,' she almost

'I told you to drink it all and I meant it. Now drink.' His hand was
squeezing one of her bottom cheeks very hard.

She gave in, reaching for the glass, not knowing how she could ever
swallow her own urine without being sick. The glass was cold and the
contents had obviously been chilling in the fridge all night.

With courage she took a deep breath, lifted the glass to her lips and
began to swallow. Several mouthfuls had gone down before she realised what
had happened. The liquid was sweet and apple flavoured. They had given
her exactly what they had first offered. Juice. Apple juice.

The look on her face was such that even Joanne sniggered a little but
Mellors laughed out loudly. 'I told you virgin's piss was good for you,'
he roared.

Once he settled down he moved her around and told her to open her legs
again. His hand slid around her buttock to her front and cupped her mound.

'Plenty of hair for sure,' he mused. It'll feel and look a lot better
when we get rid of it.' The hand slid slowly downward and a finger traced
the beginning of her slit all the way to down.

'Are you really virgin, little girlie? Cherry? You've never had a cock
stuck up here?' The finger was probing, dangerously close to her opening,
trying to push inside. She tried to pull away but this only made him more
insistent. 'There can't be too many twelve year old virgins about these
days, I'll bet. You sure you're not lying?'

'Please, Mr. Mellors. Don't do that. I don't want my hymen broken.
Please don't.'

'If you're lying, I'll tan you're hide good,' he warned. 'Are you
really a virgin?'

'Yes, Mr. Mellors, I am.' Why should she have to tell this old man such
intimate things? He shouldn't be allowed to do this she thought but knew
Uncle Richard had given him the authority. She only hoped he had been
instructed not to damage her virginity for she had made up her mind that
this afternoon she would offer it to her new family.

'Joanne here, lost hers when she was nine. Didn't you woman?' Joanne
acknowledged the truth.

'I fucked her when she was nine and almost every day since. Not always
up the cunt either. Isn't that so?' He looked at Joanne for reply.

'It's true, Jane.'

'And I feel like fucking right now. This little bitch needs to find out
what it's like to get fucked. Take her into the bedroom, strip her and get
her ready. I want a piss and then I want a fuck.'

Jane was beside herself with fright. She objected to Joanne leading her
to the bedroom, but the older woman was much stronger and eventually won

'Joanne I don't want to. I won't let him. You must make him see I
don't want to let him do it to me. Uncle Richard wants me, not him.' Try
as she might, Joanne soon had the only garment she wore unzipped and laying
on the floor. Her nakedness was of little consequence to her right now,
for Joanne was instructing her to lay out on the bed and she knew what that
was for.

Finally in exasperation, Joanne slapped her hard across the cheek. 'You
will do as your told, Jane. I have no intention of getting into trouble
with my husband just because you won't do what he wants. Now lay down and
get your legs open. You're going to invite him to lay on top of you and do
what he wants. If you don't, I'll deflower you myself with my finger.
Then you'll have no excuse not to cooperate.'

Jane was sobbing uncontrollably. Hands held to her face failed to stem
the rivers of tears falling onto her bare skin, and when Joanne pulled her
around this time, she let herself be manoeuvred so that she fell backwards
onto the bed. Joanne pushed her further up so her head was lying on the
pillows. She gave up when she felt Joanne spreading her legs widely apart.

'God! What a sight,' she heard Mellors say as he came into the room.
'No wonder I feel like a fuck with that laying there. Look at her, legs
wide enough to take my photo.' He laughed loudly again.

'Look at me,' he directed, and she opened her eyes to see him naked at
the foot of the bed, cock standing rampant, curved and large. He crawled
onto the bed and moved up towards her outstretched vagina. 'It's not often
I have something as pretty as this to keep me hard.' He moved his lips near
to her opening and blew gently into the inviting cuntlips.

'Now listen, girlie. I want you to frig yourself, do you understand?'

She placed a hand over her vaginal opening and made a poor attempt at
what she was told to do.

'Keep it up and don't stop. If you come, just keep on going. And I
want you watching me while I fuck my woman. Don't you close your eyes
once? Just keep watching. I like little girls watching me fuck. It makes
me horny and them too.'

Joanne removed her only garment too and lay down beside Jane. Their
hands touched and fingers joined together.

Mellors then went about his task. Jane saw the large cock of this old man disappear into Joanne's vagina without any preliminaries. It just sank
right inside in one smooth stroke, making Joanne gasp. Jane wasn't sure
whether it was from pleasure or pain but at least she didn't look as though
she was being hurt. Jane did as she was told but by now was masturbating
with more purpose and her pleasure was beginning. She watched the couple
beside her. Mellors watched the younger girl taking little notice of the
woman he was fucking. Joanne was trying to reach her peak quickly for she
knew if she didn't do so before he came inside her, she would not climax at
all. Mellors was moving fast now, pumping as hard as he could, reaching
for his own satisfaction, using the sight of the young woman beside him,
naked and masturbating, as his road to climax. His ability to reach climax
before losing his erection had been a problem for some time and he usually
required added stimulation to go the whole way. That was one reason for
wanting to sodomise his wife more frequently these days. At least that was
different and usually enough to achieve his orgasm.

At last his pleasure erupted in the form of deep grunting noises as his
legs stiffened and his pumping became furious for a short time. He slumped
onto his wife's body, caring little that she had not achieved her full
right to this act of pleasure.

Joanne cried out in frustration, used to being so close but not quite.
She felt his organ shrivelling inside her and the small stream of his
discharge dribble down her pussy lips. If she left him alone he would
simply go to sleep where he was and she helped him to roll off her,
clasping a hand over her vagina to stem the loss of his fluids as she went
to the bathroom to wash.

Jane simply lay where she was, looking at the sleeping man, his limp
penis nestled in the crinkly nest of his groin, and oozing the remains of
his climax, which glistened on the hair. She had ceased masturbating and
realised she hadn't come either. Joanne returned, and helping her off the
bed, took the naked girl into their sitting room.

'Once Mellors has done it to me,' she explained to Jane, 'I have to stay
naked for the rest of the day. He only lets me dress when I have to answer
their bell.' She pointed upstairs to Jane's new family.

'So, I suppose you'd better keep me company. We'll be nude and
naughty,' she laughed and Jane laughed with her. 'He doesn't do it to me
every day either. It's just him boasting. Once a month is probably
exaggerating these days.' Joanne giggled at the thought of disclosing this
intimacy. She held out her arm and Jane snuggled in, feeling safe now, in
Joanne's arms.

'It isn't over yet, though,' she warned the young woman. 'He's got
other things in store and they all centre on feeling you up in some way.
Just give in to it all and bear the humiliation. He wouldn't do any of
this if the Master hadn't instructed him to. Unless they instruct, he just
remains as Master Richard's servant. And so do I,' she added.

'I really thought he was going to do it to me,' Jane told her comforter.
'When he knelt on the bed with his thing so big, I really thought he was
going to push it in me. I was frightened.'

'I know you were and that was just as he was told to do. Never mind I'm
sure your virginity's safe. At least from him it is,' she reassured.

'Joanne? Does it hurt?'

'What, fucking?'

'No, the first time. Mum told me it hurt a lot. Does it? It scares

'Don't even think about it, darling.' She kissed the girl on her
forehead. 'Every woman goes through what you're doing now. Wondering
about the pain and all. But when the time comes, that will be the last
thing on your mind. All that will be important then, is for you to be
loving the man who lies on top of you. All you want is to feel his manhood
pressing inside of you, to give you love and make you a woman. Don't
worry, my pet. Just give yourself and the hurt disappears. Making love
when you are young is beautiful and you just never want to stop. Remember
what I've said when the time comes; you'll see I've told the truth.'

'Thank you, Joanne.' She snuggled closer, feeling the sweat of their
unclad bodies, mingling.

'What a loving couple,' Mellors sniggered to wake them from their
reverie. He stood before them completely naked also, his flaccid penis
nothing of the size it was earlier.

'Come here, little girlie,' he decreed almost with a sneer. 'We've
still got a lot of feeling up to do before you go.' Jane arose from
Joanne's arms and stood between his opened knees, her eyes on the limp
organ flopping in his groin, arms at her sides.

'Yes, you can look at it. See what it does when I start to feel you up,
stick my fingers up your tight little cunt? See how big it gets then?' He
laughed callously. But he was right. As soon as he reached for her pussy and began to manipulate the opening and her clitoris, his own organ began
to come to life too, slowly growing in size. It swelled, still looking
soft, but expanding both in thickness and in length.

'See what you can do to a man,' he told her. 'Little girlies with no
clothes on and with a finger in their cunts do good things for a man,
especially an old man like me. It makes us want to fuck them. Watch
what's happening there. See it getting big? Soon we'll be able to fuck,
you can sit on top and push yourself down. Would you like to do that?'

'Oh, no, Mr. Mellors, I shouldn't want to do that at all. It would
take my virg...' She suddenly realised what she was saying, and blushed
deeply, feeling the blood as it rose under her skin.

'Ha, ha, so you don't want me to take your virginity away. Is that
what's troubling you?'

'Yes, Mr. Mellors, I couldn't do that,' she continued to blush at the
words spoken by this old man. He must be at least fifty, she said to

'Then maybe you'll just use your hand. Pretend that's your cunt and rub
it up and down my cock. Have you ever touched a cock before? Would you
like to do that, eh?'

She was aghast at the thought. 'No, Mr. Mellors,' she answered
carefully, thinking that she was probably expected to do it in the end

'Well before you leave, you'll not only do that but you'll drink the
juice that spurts out as well. Suck all my spunk up and swallow it down
your pretty little throat.'

Jane blanched at his suggestion, remembering that she had in fact tasted
semen from Uncle Roger after it had started to discharge from Margot's
vagina only yesterday. She had then found the taste not unpleasant but the
thought of having to swallow this old man's eruption was just unthinkable.
It would have to taste simply awful. The thought alone brought her to near
fainting and Mellors reached out to steady her.

'Careful there, we don't want you hurting yourself, at least not until
you've completed all the chores you are going to for me. If you can't
stand while I'm getting to know your cunt a little better, you'd better
kneel down and get acquainted with my cock. It needs stimulating.'

He pushed her down between his legs and her face looked directly at the
now hardening penis, a small droplet of clear fluid forming at the tip from
the small slit. She couldn't take her eyes off it and just as it had grown
large enough to begin to slide down the side of his weapon, Mellors caught
the drop on the tip of his finger and pointed it at her. She seemed
mesmerised and as his finger neared her mouth she opened it automatically
for him to deposit the wetness onto her tongue. There was such a small
amount that she tasted nothing and in fact didn't realise what she had just
been a party to.

While she remained in her trance like state, Mellors took both her hands
and clasped it around his penis, slowly sliding them up and down the shaft.
Soon he let her hands go and she continued the movement, all the time
tantalised at the sight of the purple bulbous head before her eyes. His
pre-orgasmic discharge wet her palms and was spread along the full length
of the shaft making her task that much easier. He soon felt the desired
result of her manipulations, lying back in the chair allowing the young girl to bring him nearer and nearer his objective. Two orgasms in a
morning were unusual to say the least he thought and then the real spasms
started. 'Stop, let go,' he cried out, breaking her sense of reverie. She
jumped and let go immediately, sitting back on her heels, shocked at what
she had been doing.

'You nearly made me come, you naughty little girl,' he teased her.
'When you know the second time must be inside a pretty lady's mouth. Do
you want to make me come like that?' He was smiling evilly at her and all
she could do was shake her head.

He made Joanne change places, and the younger girl now knelt at his
side, watching as Joanne replaced her hands with her mouth. The long erect
pole rose up from his loins and drove inside his wife's mouth. She had
obviously done this before because she looked very comfortable with what
she was doing.

Her hands held the erect penis near it's base, keeping is steady as she
moved her mouth along the whole shaft, from the very tip until the full
length was embedded deep within her throat. Jane marvelled at just how
much sex organ must be pushed right down Joanne's throat, and yet it didn't
seem to worry her at all. It didn't take long for Joanne to bring Mellors
close to his climax.

He gasped several times with urgency and immediately Joanne allowed the
erection to slip from her lips to rest on her now outstretched tongue.
Then slowly, ever so slowly, as her eyes stretched upwards to gauge Mellors
reaction, she began to move her tongue backwards and forwards along the
underside of his cock head. Only slight movement was needed and soon,
Mellor's whole body jerked at the first onset of orgasm.

Jane saw it all very clearly. It was the first time she had actually
seem semen discharge from a man's erection, all the rest were released
inside one of the women's vaginas and Jane only saw the residue as it
seeped out afterwards. She was amazed at the strength of the first spurt of semen as it snapped from the tip of his penis, directly along the
flattened tongue and into the open mouth. Only the first splatter was of
that force, with the rest only managing to deposit the milky substance onto
Joanne's tongue and she then had to suck it inside her mouth. Joanne
continued her wifely duties, never trying to move away while his cock
continued to deposit even small spatters on her tongue. Finally she sucked the head inside again, using her hands to flush any sperm that still
remained inside the trunk of his organ into her mouth. With a last lick of
her tongue she released her husband's now soft appendage.

'Come,' she told Jane. 'He will sleep now. Come with me, we have just
one more thing to do.'

Leading Jane to her bedroom, she laid her on the bed, spreading her legs
wide but making no sexual moves towards the naked girl.

'Mellors told you that all the hair on your pussy must go before you
leave here. Actually, that was a requirement from Mr. Richard, you know.
I think he likes the look of naked vaginas,' she added.

She came back and began to spread a thick waxy substance all over Jane's
pubic hair, placing what appeared to be strips of fabric over the sticky
substance. She was careful not to let any touch the tender pink flesh
inside the girl's opening. 'There now,' she said. 'Just a few minutes and
most of your short and curlies will be gone in a flash.'

Jane was soon to find out just what a flash was like, for without
warning, Joanne took hold of one end of the fabric and ripped it quickly
from her skin. The shock was worse than the hurt and she cried out in
fright, clasping her hand over the spot that had just been processed.

'Oh, look,' she said in amazement. 'It's all gone. My pussy hair is
all gone.'

'Well just that strip,' Joanne reminded her, taking hold of the second
end and produced the same result. Jane was ready for this one and there
was little hurt. When the final patch had been removed, Jane ran her hand
over the surface of her now hairless crotch, surprised at it's smoothness,
and rather proud that her vagina looked much like Amber's and Virginia's.

Joanne made one more sortie looking for stray hairs and when she was
satisfied the job had been completed properly, stood the naked woman with
the hairless pussy in front of a mirror.

'You're going to send the Masters wild,' Joanne confided. 'You look
quite delectable.'

'Thank you, Joanne and thank you for looking after me this morning, I
was scared, you know.'

'Now just get yourself along. You want to be gone before Mellors wakes
up and you're already late for your midday bath. Master Roger will be
chaffing at the bit.'

Jane made no effort to retrieve her dress, simply leaving in the naked
state she was in.

Chapter Fourteen

As she walked into the upstairs bathroom, Roger arose from where he was
sitting on the edge of the steaming bath. 'You're late, young lady,' he
reminded her sternly with a smile on his face.

'I'm sorry, Uncle Richard.' She didn't try to make any excuses.

'And what do we have here?'

Her hands covered the hairless pubis as she looked at him coyly.

'I'm different down there,' she told him, but he had to raise her hands
himself to see the result of what he had known was to be done to her.

'My, oh, my,' he whistled. 'A baby's pussy on a grown up girl. How old did you tell Mellors you were?'


'And that's just what your little slit looks, too,' he agreed. But
without any move to touch, he motioned for her to step into the hot water
and with gentleness and feeling, she was bathed, perfumed and powdered. He
even had a nightdress for her to wear, which made her feel better, knowing
she was about to be presented to the entire family for the first time in
her new-look state. She was shy and pleasingly embarrassed.

They all looked up as she entered the room, wearing the virginal white
nightgown that swirled around her body.

She went straight into Margot's arms, hugging her tightly as tears of
pleasure fell from her cheeks. She moved to each one hugging and kissing
them with softness and feelings of love.

After this was completed, Richard asked, simply 'Well?'

'It was terrible,' she declared. 'But it made me feel very sexy. I
don't have any hair on my pussy now.'

'Show us,' Amber asked.

'Please, Miss Amber,' she interrupted. 'Can I say something first?'

Without speaking Amber urged her on.

'I've been with you for three days now, and have been subjected to many
things that I had never thought possible. At first I was disgusted and
embarrassed, doing what you made me do because I had been caught in an act
that would have brought terrible scorn on my family and me. But as time
went by I found these things more and more exciting, I think because
everything that has been done to me has been with love and feeling.'

She continued, 'I have seen you all undressed. All of you have touched
me in sexual ways and you have made love in front of me without
embarrassment. You have made me kiss you and your private parts, made me
drink the men's emissions and you have punished me cruelly and painfully at
times. I could never have imagined anyone participating in these things
let alone grow to cherish and desire more of the same. But I do desire
these feelings. You have all taught me the beauty of being a woman, of
maturing to womanhood and having adult feelings and desires. And with all
my heart and soul I am now asking you to take me in as one of your family.
I give myself to you and offer my virginity as sacrifice for my entry to
your family.'

She couldn't look them in the face but desperately hoped their answer
would be the one she desired. Her face was bowed to the floor, tears
flowing as the emotion of offering herself overwhelmed her.

'Look at me,' she heard Richard say. She looked up with her wet eyes,
pleading spread across her face.

Richard spoke for them all. 'Jane, our dearest Jane,' he spoke softly.
'We have all waited with anguish in our hearts to hear you say those words.
You came to us as a thief and we rightly punished you. But it was our hope
you would see that while our treatment of you was humiliating and harsh at
times, you would begin to realise it was always to make you understand the
beauty of sex and pleasure. We are a family of pleasure. All of our
moments are devoted to the pleasure of our own bodies and of those around
us. So it is our pleasure to say, 'yes, we accept your offered sacrifice
of virginity and entry to our family'."

Shouts and squeals of joy rose within the room as everyone hugged
whomever they could with happiness. Only Virginia remained subdued,
quietly sitting on a chair as she looked at the revelry going on around
her. Amber noticed the young girl's dejection first and went to put an arm
around her shoulder.

'What's the matter, sweetheart? You should be happy, you've just gained
a sister.'

'No I haven't, she's just taking my place. She gets all the fun and I
have been left out,' she sniffed.

'Oh, Virginia darling, that's simply not true. We all love you both
very much and you will never be left out. In fact, now that she's going to
be your sister I think it is most appropriate that sisters should share the
same room. And as you've only got one big bed in your room, it looks like
you'll have to share that too. Now who knows what that will lead to? I'm
sure you can imagine plenty of things though. What do you think about

By then the others had seen Virginia's reticence and Jane came and knelt
down in front of Virginia.

'I'm very glad you're going to be my sister. You know so much and I
know it's going to be fun learning all I can from you.' She put her lips
against Virginia's ear and whispered, 'Especially when we're in bed

The younger girl brightened up instantly and embraced her new but elder

'Oh, thank you, Jane, thank you. Yes I think it's going to be neat
too.' She then whispered, 'Especially in bed. Oh, yes, especially then.'

As the family grew by one, the depth of love, understanding and
anticipation grew tenfold.

'There's plenty to be organised. I think we should have a round table
conference,' Richard spoke and they all agreed to meet after dinner that
evening. They went away to dress but Jane was forbidden to wear anything
but the nightdress. 'It looks so sexy the way it swirls when you walk even
if we can't see what's beneath it just yet,' Richard explained.

They finished dinner quickly, all wanting to talk of the arrangements to
be made.

It was decided that the women would go shopping tomorrow to attire
themselves for the coming event.

'For goodness sake,' Roger groaned. 'The girl's going to lose her
virginity, not get married.'

'But, Roger dearest,' Amber smiled sweetly. 'The deflowering of a
maiden is far more important than a wedding. She can be married as many
times as she wants to but deflowered just once. Isn't that so girls?' They
all agreed it was.

'Besides, you men now have four women to service and service properly,'
Margot reminded the men. 'We think you're going to need all the sexual
stimulation you can get to keep us happy so we've decided to add a few
little risque items to our lingerie drawers. You men could do with spicing
up some of your own underwear too.'

'Well, I can't tomorrow,' Richard told them. 'I've got appointments all

'Richard, that's not fair,' Amber complained. 'You're away more often
than not these days. We're all feeling left out.'

'It's business and I've got to go. But it'll all be over in a few
weeks. Besides, with the size of your belly these days, you won't let me
use my most favourite nest anyway.'

'But I still need to be pleasured, Richard. I suppose Roger and the
other girls will have to keep me happy between them. I only need a finger
or two, you know,' she reminded him slyly.

'And I'm sure there'll be plenty of willing helpers.'

Jane blushed, Virginia smiled and the other adults laughed at the sexy
banter between them.

'Who is going to do it to me?' Jane asked, her voice breaking with

'Why, darling, I will,' Roger declared. 'Besides Richard took Amber's
last so it's my turn.'

'Excuse me,' Richard spoke up. 'But I do believe you are on a promise
of your daughter's maidenhead in just a few weeks. It's definitely my

Margot spoke up. 'Perhaps we should give Mellors the privilege and then
you'll all be even.'

'Bullshit,' declared Roger. 'I suppose Richard does have a valid

'What do you say, Jane dear? Who do you want to surrender your pussy to?' Margot smiled encouragement to the young woman.

She hesitated for a moment. 'I know it's a most important matter to
decide and that this is an act that men fight for. But does it have to be
a man that intrudes into my most secret of openings the first time? Why
couldn't I allow a lady, Margot for instance to break my hymen and then one
of the men could enter me to his full length afterwards?'

'Now there's a thinking lady for you,' Margot swooned. 'I think it's

'All but for one thing,' Richard reminded the smiling women. 'In this
house, the man will deflower the vaginal seal, spill the virgin blood and
deposit the first flood of semen. In this case, I will be that man. Jane
dearest, to answer your question, I will have the great honour of proving
your virginity and bring you to full womanhood. I will deflower you.'

'Yes, Mr. Richard, I knew you would be the one. I'm sorry but I was
just teasing.'

'His cock's big, Jane, a lot bigger than Dad's,' Virginia told her.
'But if Amber can take him inside of her and I know she loves doing it with
him, then you can too.'

'Oh, I never thought of that,' Jane blanched.

'Don't worry, Jane darling,' Amber encouraged. 'He is gentle as a
kitten and Virginia is right, it is good. By the way young lady, she
looked at Virginia. 'How do you know I like it so much?'

'Well from all the noise you usually make, I'm sure it's not because
he's killing you,' Virginia giggled.

'The women will ready Jane for the big night,' Margot declared. 'And
it's only two nights away. There's a lot of work to do.'

'Make sure you purchase a white silk shawl,' Richard reminded her.

'What for?' This came from Virginia.

'You'll see,' she was told.

'Neither of you men are to have sex, oral, manual or any other way until
the evening. It won't kill you,' Amber glared at Roger. 'It's only two
days away.'

'Now, Jane dear,' Margot said innocently. 'I'll have to ring your
mother to invite her here. What is the number?'

'Wha...? Oh, no, mother couldn't come,' she gasped, turning quite pale.

'Of course she can. We would all like to meet her.' And then she
stopped talking for a moment. 'Oh, I see. No dear, not to your
defloration but later. I want to invite her over on Sunday. You will have
been with us for a week by then and I'm sure any good mother would want to
make sure their daughter is being looked after. Especially when you tell
her you want to stay with us for a while longer. There's no need to tell
her it will be permanent. Not for the moment anyway.'

'Oh, thank goodness. I thought you were going to let her watch.'

'Well, if you'd like that...,' Richard suggested.

'No thank you. Mum'd die.'

Her composure was returning to normal after the banter.

'There is just one more thing,' Roger told them. If lucky Richard here
is going to do the deed in just two days, Jane hasn't got time to go onto
the pill. You couldn't expect her to be protected in that short time and a
swollen belly like Amber's wouldn't exactly be something her parents would
rejoice over. Richard will have to wear a condom.'

'Not bloody likely,' Richard roared.

'He's right, dear,' Amber backed up. 'You couldn't let her get
pregnant, not yet anyway.'

'No, it's all right, Uncle Richard. I'm already on the pill. I've been
taking it for two years.'

'Hoping to get laid no doubt,' Amber said cattily.

'Be nice, Amber,' Margot berated her wife.

'Amber, I never thought of that until I came here. No, Mum's doctor
said it would help my periods become regular and I've taken it ever since.'

'Thank God for that,' Richard raised his hands to the heavens.

'Are your periods right now,' Roger asked.

'Yes, Uncle Roger, exactly every four weeks and they always last six
days.' Jane was amazed at being able to talk openly about this most private
of female occurrences.

'At least after Richard has his way you'll be able to use tampons
instead of those messy pads,' Margot told her. 'When is your next period,

'I think it's next week, about Wednesday. I can go and look; I keep a
diary,' she explained.

'Just as long as it's not this week. Richard wouldn't know whether it
was virgin blood or menstrual.'

'Go and get your diary, dear. Just so we know. Bring it down with
you.' Jane went out as the others kept talking.

'That's another thing we'll need to do, Roger,' Richard said. There'll
be five women in this household including Joanne, all having periods. I
think we should rearrange their periods so only one female has a period at
any one time. That gives us at least four women to pick from when we need
a fuck,' he said coarsely.

'A little menstrual blood never stopped you before,' Amber reminded him.

'But it's more hygienic isn't it, Roger?'

'Ha, I suppose so, especially if you want one of the women to suck you
clean afterwards.'

'Roger, that's gross.'

'You didn't think so the last time we did it during your period. You
were a raving sexpot. Remember what you did when I waved my red coated
prick in your face?'

Margot didn't reply but Amber now pressed her to answer. 'Well, Margot
darling, just what did you do?'

'She swallowed my prick whole. It never worried her then.'

'Oh, Margot, you'll have to visit me when I get my periods back. It
does make you sexy doesn't it? While the cycle is in the bleeding stage, I
mean,' Amber kissed her on the neck. Margot's face was red but she didn't
mind. She looked across to Virginia who didn't seen to know what the
conversation was all about.

'Here it is,' Jane said holding a small book aloft. 'Yes, it's
definitely next Wednesday.'

'Let me see, Jane.' Richard held his hand out for the diary and Jane
hesitated only momentarily before handing it over.

'I wish to read it, Jane dear,' Richard explained.

'Oh, Uncle Richard, it's secret. No-one has ever read my diary.'

'Maybe not until now, but in this household nothing is secret,
especially from the men. I will let you have it back tomorrow. There may
be things you need to explain to me then.'

'Oh.' She blushed scarlet, knowing full well the intimate jottings she
had entered from time to time.

'Now I think it's time you young ladies retired for the night,' Amber

Virginia readily agreed, remembering her newly declared sister would be
joining her. Each young woman did the rounds of the four adults, kissing
and hugging each parent in turn. At each stop, breasts were cupped and
bottoms squeezed and the girls were pressed to insert their tongues deep
into each parent's mouth before the kiss ended.

Margot instructed both girls to take the utmost precaution to protect
their own hymens from being ruptured.

'If you feel so excited that you have to touch each other between your
legs, use your tongue and definitely not your finger. Just one slip would
be disaster.'

'Sure, Mum.'

'Yes, Aunt Amber, we'll be careful.'

They held hands as they left the room.

'A pity we haven't got a video camera in their room. Imagine what
they're going to get up to.'

'Yes, just imagine,' Roger responded, his eyes still on the long
departed images of the two girls.

'We've got a lot on over the next couple of months,' Margot reminded
them all. 'Once the defloration of Jane is over, then Amber's baby will be
due in just three weeks.'

'That's right,' Amber agreed. 'And about time. I'm sick of not getting
any nookie and my belly's so heavy.'

'After that, there's only three more months and Virginia turns eighteen.
We all know what that means, don't we, Roger?'

'Too right,' he agreed. 'My turn to take a virgin.'

'And somewhere in between, I'm going to seduce Jane's mother into our
ranks.' Margot's statement stunned them all.

'What? You can't be serious. Madame Straight Lace the Parson's wife?
She'll get us all into trouble.' Richard was usually game to take on any
challenge but this one was beyond his wildest imagination.

'Well, first,' Margot explained, 'we've got something over her. She was
an accessory to the theft that led to Amber's humiliation with that young boy. We can prove it and all. So if she becomes difficult, we use the
sledgehammer approach and at least she'll keep silent. Even if we don't
get to feel her up.'

'You won't succeed,' Richard stated.

'I'll bet you I do.'

'What do you bet?'

'If I win, you become my slave, no holds barred, for a month. I get to
do absolutely anything I want, no matter what.'

'And if you lose?'

'You get me on exactly the same terms but for three months.'

'I'll call you on that bet.'

'There's more than just winning her over, you know. If we win her, just
imagine having our very own padre. Not one that preaches religion, but one
that provides us with the legitimacy of pleasure. A church of pleasure.
He could pray for everything that is good and sexual. He could be the one
that sets up fantasies or that makes the unclean woman clean after her
menstrual period, just like a Jewish rabbi does. Maybe he has to have
first fuck of each female after her period ends to cleanse her, or he makes
up a new cleansing process each month. It'll take a lot of pressure off
you guys; you're going to run out of steam pretty soon once the two
youngsters become eligible to claim the use of your cocks and they'll
probably pester you continuously. There are all sorts of opportunities to
have a registered parson on side. Besides he probably hasn't been getting
much in his line of work so he'll be as randy as a teenager.'

'It does have possibilities,' Amber agreed, giggling.

'Well just take it easy,' Roger warned his wife. 'We've got a pretty
good thing going here now, especially with the two young ones. We don't
want to blow it.'

'Neither do I, but the possibilities are worth exploring. Agreed.'

They did agree, although with some hesitation.

'I promise you this, the husband is not even mentioned until I have won
the mother over completely. If I do that, then it could just be in her own
interests to win her husband's cooperation too.'

They left it at that, all knowing Margot was no dummy and wouldn't
progress the liaison further if she saw trouble brewing.

As they began to climb the stairs for bed, Roger suggested they all go
to his room. 'It's been a long time since we've seen Amber in the raw.
With only three weeks to go, I want to have a feel of her. Alright?'

'You've seen hundreds of pregnant women,' Amber complained.

'But not one I could feel up and suck her tits.'

'All right, but you may get a mouthful of milk,' she giggled.

They sat on the end of the bed and watched the hugely pregnant woman as
she struggled to remove her clothing.

'Not the most graceful these days,' Amber smiled. 'I have done better
strip-teases.' Margot saw she was having difficulty and rose to assist,
taking plenty of time in removing the final bra and bloomers, for that's
what they almost were, large enough to pull over the distended pregnancy.

'Just feel this lady's jugs,' Margot inspired the men. 'They're truly
beautiful, firm and tight yet without a hint of droop. They're so tight
they must be full of milk. See the size of her nipples. She's most
sensitive but I can already feel them tightening. Just about the right
size to clamp you mouth over, Roger.'

They were all laughing softly, more from the anticipation of the sexual
encounter. 'Come here, both of you,' she directed the two men.

Amber decided she had to sit down and the men rose to allow her in fact
to lie on the bed. Margot pushed the men each side of the pregnant woman
and gave them the signal to each take a nipple between their lips.

The milk was of course, body heat and it was some seconds before they
realised they were drinking from the woman's weeping breasts. Both men used a hand to rub and feel the distended stomach and both had gained
strong erections.

'Just remember, you are not allowed any sexual contact with your
penises. If you come, you'll forfeit the right to take your girl's
maidenhead. The stakes are high.' Margot's reminder soon slowed them and
they released Amber's swollen bosoms.

'I wonder what those two are up to,' Richard mused as he and Amber
walked past the girl's room.

'Probably everything you suspect them of. But let's not disturb them. I
want you to make me come. It's been so long and what you did in there
turned me on. Please come and suck my pussy.'

He needed no further invitation, and clamped his lips to Amber's pussy lips as she laid down on the bed.

'That's beautiful, my darling,' she sighed. 'Please don't stop.'

Chapter Fifteen

The girls indeed were enjoying themselves.

If anyone had been watching, they would see the look of anticipation on
their faces as they walked hand in hand upstairs. As they closed the door,
Virginia turned the key to lock it and both girls bent over giggling,
nervous at what was to come.

They stood facing each other.

'What now?' Jane asked, hoping Virginia would make the first move.

'Go to bed, I suppose,'

'Not yet.' She knew she had to take the first step. 'Kiss me,

They stepped closer and without touching, their lips met in a simple,
moving first kiss. Jane remembered their bath together only a couple of
days ago and inwardly trembled with anticipation of those feelings

Virginia stepped back and pulled at the small pink bow embroidered on
the bodice of Jane's nightdress. 'Have you got anything on under this?'

'Why don't you find out,' Jane suggested almost in a whisper.

The younger girl placed her hands under Jane's armpits and as she began
to move them slowly downwards, Jane pushed her chest forwards and stretched
her arm back behind her head, eyes closed, luxuriating in the feelings this
newly gained sister was producing.

The hands moved slowly, cupping the sides of her chest, moving around as
she came to her breasts so the palms could brush over the edges of the
protruding flesh. Downwards, past the narrow waist, over the firm hips,
downward and around to cup the fleshy buttocks, taught because her arms
were clenched behind her head. Over the buttocks, smooth from the silky
material, down the backs of supple thighs, over perfectly formed calves
until her hands held the hem of the nightdress against Jane's ankles.

Virginia was by now kneeling at Jane's feet.

'Now really find out,' Jane whispered almost inaudibly.

She felt Virginia's hands begin to move slowly upwards, tracing exactly
the path they had already travelled, but this time, beneath the garment she
was wearing. When she reached Jane's bottom, her hands roved forward and
soon found the naked pubic mound. She wasn't as amazed as Jane thought and
probably had been told that Jane was to lose her pubic hair this morning.
Fingers tingled over the bare, soft skin, rubbing up and down the almost
closed pussy-lips. As a finger began to intrude into the opening, Jane
pulled away slightly.

'Please, darling, not your finger. Remember what Mummy said. Not now.
Wait until later but you can use your tongue now.'

Virginia looked up from her kneeling position into Jane's eyes and both
young women smiled lovingly to each other.

As Virginia rose, her hands continued their upward path and the
nightdress lifted with the movement. Soon both hands encountered the
firmness of breasts, peaked with a tiny hardened almond. Jane felt the
tweaking and liked the feeling. She lifted her arms upward and Virginia
moved the silken nightdress over her head, leaving her completely naked.
The garment fell down Jane's back and Virginia's arms clasped her around
her neck. They kissed passionately, their salivas merging wetly.

'I love you, Sis,' Virginia murmured.

'And I, you.'

They broke apart, Jane holding her new sister at arms length.

'Now it's my turn. I want to see you take all your clothes off.

Virginia giggled sheepishly. The outer garments fell to the floor and
then she raised the chemise over her head, leaving just a lace bra through
which pink nipples clearly peeked, and a matching lacy panty.

Jane moved behind the girl, cupping her breasts over the bra, moulding
the roundness in her palms, breathing heavily as she nuzzled the younger
one's neck with her lips.

'You are so beautiful. I love every inch of you.'

She undid the clip allowing the undergarment to fall away and knelt to
slide the panties to the floor. She spun the younger girl's hips around
and planted a wet kiss on her vaginal opening.

They moved to the bed without another word or gesture. Each seemed to
know what the other needed and a soft bed where they could explore each
other intimately was indeed what both young ladies needed most.

Both lay on their sides facing each other, each face resting on an upper
arm, the other hand gliding over the partner's nakedness. Smiles of
contentment, no move to touch vaginas, just pleased to be in the others

Virginia whispered, 'I love you, Jane.' It was enough to commence an
embrace that lasted what seemed forever. They kissed, breast to breast, an
arm over each other's waists clasping themselves together.

Very slowly, Virginia slid on top of the elder girl, spreading her legs
so her crotch rested over Jane's mouth. Just as she felt Jane's tongue
flick against her labia, she pressed her mouth over Jane's entrance and
they slowly brought each other to a series of climaxes that would remain in
their memories for the rest of their lives.

They awoke next morning being kissed awake by Amber.

'Come on, you two lovebirds. It's time to go shopping. Up and dressed
so we can go and spend some of daddy's money.' She hesitated for a moment,
looking at the two naked bodies, entwined in each other's arms. 'My, what
did you two get up to last night? You are both shining with vitality. Was
it nice?'

'I'll say,' was all she got out of Virginia. Jane simply blushed with a
contented smile.

Richard went off as he said he had to, and after Amber had made a phone
call, they headed for the city. Roger got plenty of goodbye kisses and
Amber stroked his crotch over his trousers. 'No cheating while we're

They headed for the dress shops, usually the up-market ones, and after
much chatter and trying on, settled on red silk calf-length skirts and
gossamer thin see-through blouses for Amber and Margot. The same but in
virginal white for Jane and Virginia with the exception that Jane's skirt
had buttons right down the front.

'Why is mine different?'

'Just wait, darling, you'll see,' Margot told her.

The most exciting though was the lingerie shop for it was just on
closing time. As they arrived at the door, a saleslady was waiting to show
them in.

'Welcome, Mrs Simmons. Just as you asked, the shop and I are at your
disposal. If you can't find what you want, I'll be nearby. Just browse
and try on whatever you like.'

'Wow, Mum,' Virginia whooped. 'This is great. What are we getting?'

The two adults obviously knew what they wanted, moving firstly to the
panty section where they chose sheer see-through French nickers, again in
red for the adults and pristine white for the girls. They were so sheer,
not even a gusset had been sewn into them.

Even more exciting, Amber insisted that they should be tried on and
instead of retreating to a change cubicle, each female simply tried them on
where they stood. No one was to around to see except the manageress and
she made no move to change their minds.

Next, Jane was fitted for a pure white silk camisole and had to remove
her upper garments. 'Just to make sure it fits perfectly,' she was told.
'Don't want to have a sloppy garment covering these beautiful breasts now,
do we?'

'What about bra's, Mum? And suspenders? I've never worn those them

'Maybe next time,' Margot told her. 'They are not needed for now, just
some elastic-topped stockings. These too, were in red and white to match
the other garments.

Amber asked the manageress to bring two extra pairs of French knickers,
but in black and much larger than those already purchased.

Virginia looked at Amber quizzically but never questioned her.

Last of all, silk nightdress and gown sets were brought out, all
matching in cut but two each in black, white and red. To really fit these
all the women stripped naked in the centre of the shop, giggling and poking
rude remarks at each other, especially when intimate areas were bared. The
garments were excessively expensive but fitted perfectly, clinging to all
the curves of each female. The feel was luxuriously sexy. Amber in her
pregnant state, protruded greatly, but the filmy material and her own
stature produced an aura of majesty.

'Now I know who the black ones are for,' Virginia declared excitedly.

'Just you be quiet, you little imp,' Margot said patting her bottom to
silence her enthusiasm.

Jane hardly said a word, realising that all this effort was being
expended for just one thing, her loss of virginity. But through it all,
excitement bubbled deep within her.

After they left the shop, Margot went off on her own, meeting up with
them half an hour later.

'Success?' Amber asked.

'Yes, It's just right.'

'What?' Virginia asked.

'Don't ask.

So she didn't.

The rest of the day and into the next morning, all the adults were
highly active, organising. The girls were left to their own devices, being
brushed off if they tried to take up any time with their parents. So the
next morning, they decided on a picnic lunch by themselves in the garden.

It was like two little girls excited because they were going to have a
dolls tea party.

The place they chose was secluded and cool, beneath the branches of a
large spreading tree.

They chatted for a time and then Virginia became serious.

'Are you scared?'

'Yes. All I knew before I came here six days ago was that the first
time would be so painful it would make me scream out. I'm a coward when it
comes to pain anyway.'

'I know that,' she agreed. 'I saw how you performed when you got your
bottom spanked. Fair screamed out, you did. But Richard will be gentle,
Jane. I know he will.'

'I hope so. But you said his thing is so big. That'll probably make
the agony all the worse. It's just that I've grown to love you all so much
and you've taught me that sex is wonderful. When any of you touch me, I
simply melt with desire. You know what I mean, don't you?' The youngster
nodded in agreement, smiling.

'I'm sure it will be worth it afterwards,' Virginia encouraged.
'Besides, after Richard does it to you, I'll be able to put my finger
inside you and make you feel good. I'd like that part.'

'Do you think I'll bleed much?'

'Don't know, Jane. But Dad's a doctor so it'll be alright.'

'I wonder how he'll do it. Richard, I mean. They showed me how to have
sex in so many ways, which way will he want me to be so he can stick his
thing inside me?'

'I bet they've already got that worked out,' Virginia said
conspiratorially. 'They seem to know just what everyone is going to do
without speaking, so I reckon they've talked about that between themselves.
Besides, Jane, it's called a cock,' the young girl complained. 'You never
want to call it by a name. It's not a thing, it's a cock and he's going to
stick his cock right up your cunt and fuck you.'

They looked at each other and went into hysterics.

'He is, isn't he? I'm going to get fucked. Fucked. Fucked,' she
called out between fits of laughter. And then added quietly, 'And I want
him to, very much.'

'Me too,' Virginia agreed.

'God, imagine what Mum would do if she heard me talking like this.
She'd have a heart attack.'

'Just imagine after Dad does it to me too,' Virginia started.

'Your Dad's going to fuck you?'

'Sure. On the day I turn eighteen, which isn't very far away. Then we
won't have any restrictions on what we can do to each other. What will you
do to me first?'

'Poke my finger up your pus..., up your cunt as far as I can and make
you come a hundred times.'

'Oh, yes please.'

'Once Richard does it, Dad can fuck you too, you lucky thing. They'll
probably do it in front of everyone and make you blush. I can't wait until
I get fucked,' Virginia mused in anticipation.

'Remember all the other things they do,' Jane reminded her.


'Well, you know. sucking cocks. And what did Richard mean by my
backside being another maidenhead.'

'I've never seen them do it,' Virginia told her, 'but I think they stick
their cock right inside our arse.'

'I don't believe you. How do you know?'

'It's just how they say things sometimes. Imagine how much that'd hurt.
God, I'd die.'

'It won't be long now. Here comes Joanne, looking for you, I'll bet.
She probably wants to make us pretty so they can all feel sexy. I'm

And sure enough, they both had to return to the house to prepare for the
evening's entertainment.

Chapter Sixteen

They sat at a round table, set for a banquet, silverware and glasses
sparkling. Soft music wafted over them and the lights were low except for
where Jane sat. That chair was bathed in brilliance from hidden spotlights
hidden above.

Virginia and Margot sat next to the Virgin. Then Roger and Richard and
finally, Amber sat across the table, directly opposite Jane.

Both men wore tuxedos and black ties, looking very suave. Margot and
Amber wore identical clothes; red silk calf-length skirts, red stockings and very high-heeled shoes, which raised their height considerably.
Virginia wore the same but in white.

Their only visible clothing once they were seated was their very soft,
very see-through long sleeved blouses, red to match but with nothing

breasts were on show for all to see. breasts that were almost clear to
one's view as though nothing covered them at all. breasts blushed pink
from the hue of the filmy fabric covering them.

Jane sat in the brightness wearing the same in white, but the camisole
beneath her blouse hid her breasts.

They spoke in soft tones, occasional laughter rising between one or two
people. Both women sitting beside Jane whispered encouragement from time
to time, smiling, leaning over to peck her on the cheek.

Jane herself was pale, remained quiet throughout and picked infrequently
at the exquisite food before her.

She had never tasted alcohol before arriving here and found the wine
quickly took effect as she drank. Sweet wines were her favourite and
Margot took careful watch over what she consumed. The last thing they
wanted tonight was for her to become too tipsy or worse, unconscious. The
intention was for this young maiden to get through the evening's
proceedings with her clear consent, to participate in the pain of
deflowering and the joy of the sex afterwards without ever having the
chance of claiming she was forced into it, later on.

Richard looked at Jane, smiling softly. 'I promise you little one, I
will take all the time you need. It will not be as difficult as you think.
Ask Amber. We took three days of trying before her hymen broke but she was
not subjected to any great pain. Isn't that so, darling?'

'It's true, dear. Besides it was fun trying. I came a million times,
but Richard held off until he was all the way inside me before he came
once. He will be very gentle.'

The last thing any of them wanted was for Jane to chicken out now, for
they had no intention of taking her with force, no matter what her

'Will it really take three days?' Jane asked aghast at the thought.

'I promise you we will do it tonight. It's just that Amber's cherry was
made of leather.'

'Oh, Richard, you're so crude. I'm just made of strong stuff.'

Jane's tension eased a little and then more so as Joanne entered

to serve another course. She was completely naked, back straight, and
chest pushed out. Almost a goddess, Roger thought.

While they all had seen Joanne nude at some time, neither girl ever
imagined naked staff would serve them. Both watched her in awe, eyes wide
in surprise.

'Just a little surprise for you, Jane dear,' Margot whispered.

It was enough to make Jane finally respond. 'You look superb, Joanne,
thank you.'

'Thank you, Miss,' Joanne answered, continuing to serve. No one made
any attempt to touch the nude servant and she left without another word as
she finished her task.

Neither was any of their conversations crude or filled with innuendo.
Mostly, it was loving banter, excitement filled, complementary on one's
looks and the like. Jane was amazed at that, considering some of their
comments especially when they were having a sex session, and especially
when they all knew what was about to take place.

She couldn't hold out any longer.

'Where's it going to happen?' She rushed the question.

'In good time, dear, let it all be a surprise. It will be most
comfortable. Just anticipate the pleasures of what is to come.' Margot was
a persuasive woman.

Joanne came and went several times and they began to feel replete. Jane
had finished two glasses of wine and felt a little lightheaded. Margot
suggested that was enough and shortly afterwards, Richard looked at Jane
and simply said, 'It's time, Jane.'


Roger moved around to draw Jane's chair back as she rose. The two women
sitting at her side helped her up, kissing her on each cheek, cooing

They led her upstairs but to a room she never knew existed. Once inside
the door it was quite dark and she realised that the floor, walls and
ceiling were covered in black carpet. The room was completely round, with
an oblong cushioned bed in the centre. It too, was black.

As she looked around, she couldn't even see the doorway they had entered
through, but the mirrors soon became evident. Half of the ceiling was in
fact one large mirror, right over the top of the bed. At each end and to
the sides of the bed, floor length mirrors were affixed to the walls. But
because of the black carpet everywhere else, until their reflections were
seen, the mirrors only reflected black.

Lighting came from the ceiling, unseen unless she was standing directly
under one of the small openings.

'Come, little one,' Margot held out her hand and led Jane to the edge of
the bed. She found it cushioned with a silken fabric but firm.

Amber walked to the other side and spread a triangle of white material
over the bed, a little to one end than the centre. Jane looked at her,
questioning, but she was not answered.

'Just hold still,' she was told. The four adults then lifted her high
and onto the bed, her bottom resting on the white fabric. She was tense
but comfortable.

Amber and Margot then began arranging the way she laid, spending
considerable time at their task. Her long flowing hair was spread out
around her head so that it laid over the bed in perfect symmetry. Her arms
were laid at her sides, palms resting on the bed's surface. Her clothing
smoothed out so the silky skirt fell over each side of the bed, her legs,
almost together, clearly outlined beneath.

Roger slipped a small tablet between her lips. 'Suck this very slowly,
my dear. It will sooth but not make you sleepy.'

Margot whispered in her ear, 'We are going to leave you for a short time
and then we'll return. Just close your eyes and listen to the music. But
don't move. You look so beautiful, my darling. Stay just as you are now.
Richard is a lucky man.' Her lips brushed Jane's as she turned away.

Jane couldn't see where they had gone but the room was silent except for
the soft music that she now heard for the first time. It was sleep
inducing and she dozed off without realising.

'Jane,' she heard a soft voice calling. She opened her eyes to see all
had returned. They were dressed differently. Roger and Richard now wore
large black capes and she realised they were the gowns purchased yesterday.
Amber and Margot wore similar red ones and Virginia, her white one.

Jane couldn't see beneath them but expected they each had on the
matching nightdress. She couldn't imagine what the men wore beneath, but
in the excitement of what was about to take place, it remained in her
conscious for but a moment.

'I have the task of undressing you, Sis,' Virginia said quietly and
began to slowly undo the buttons on her blouse. The others, a man and
woman standing on either side looked on in silence. Virginia worked
methodically and in silence, and slowly. Very slowly. Her hands made no
contact with Jane at all.

With all the buttons undone, Virginia opened out the blouse so the sides
lay over her arms. The camisole covered her breasts still and the young girl made no move to remove it. She stepped to the end of the bed and from
the bottom of the skirt began to undo the buttons, moving slowly upwards.
The silk fabric slid over each edge of the bed as it was slowly released,
and Jane's stockinged legs became more and more exposed.

Virginia still moved slowly for there were many buttons and she moved
along the edge as the gap in the skirt widened. Finally, only the
waistband held the dress on Jane's body and this fell apart as the young girl released the clip.

Jane now laid before them, the camisole covering her breasts and a pair
of wispy thin French knickers that left nothing to the imagination, were
her only covering. All four adults lifted Jane's body slightly and
Virginia removed the skirt that was under her, making sure the triangle
under her bottom was not disturbed. Virginia moved to stand at the end of
the bed, looking along Jane's now almost exposed body.


She looked to where the voice came from. Roger and Amber were standing
together, Amber's gown now parted to reveal a naked body except for the
same see-through nickers in red. Amber opened Roger's cloak to reveal he
was wearing nothing, his penis erect and jutting out. She took the weapon
in her hand and sensually stroked it's full length, backwards and forwards,
all the while maintaining eye contact with Jane. Serious and not smiling
she continued to pleasure the man, allowing Jane to see the intimate detail
of the masturbation.


She turned her head to the other side where Margot and Richard stood.
Margot was naked except for her filmy knickers and Jane saw her move behind
Richard to remove his cloak. The sight of his erection caused her to draw
in her breath. Compared to Roger, his penis was huge, thick and long. The
skin shone over the upcurved maleness and Jane knew he would never fit
inside her tight female opening. She was going to be ripped apart.

'No,' she cried out, trying to sit up but hands eased her back, caring
hands with gentle pressure.

'Shhh, little one, it will fit. I know how you feel but believe me it
will slide safely inside you. It did when I was a virgin like you and
after it's over you will be proud in the knowledge that this large
instrument was made perfectly for you.'

'No, Amber, it's too big.'

'Quiet,' she reassured. 'Just trust me. Offer yourself to Richard.'

'Oh.' She could think of nothing else as she watched the large penis
glide to the end of the bed. Margot moved with him, and with Virginia's
help, slipped the diaphanous panties down Jane's legs, parting them widely
and then tucking her heels back into her bottom. She knew she was exposed
and ready for the penis to move towards her. She never saw the man, just a
floating monster that was about to enter her most intimate and private
entrance and tear her flesh apart.

Amber whispered in her ear. 'Hold your arms out to him, darling. Offer
yourself. Receive him.'

She felt his weight on the bed between her legs, felt the first touch of
flesh as he moved nearer, pressing against her stockinged legs, stretching
them wider, and opening her entrance further.

He knelt above her, looking into her eyes, hands pushed into the bed
near her shoulders, neither saying a word, both seeing each other,
anticipating the next feeling. He lowered himself and she felt the
pressure of his weight, not heavy, but pressure. He lowered his face and
kissed her chastely on the lips as she felt his torso press harder, the
thickness of his penis now pressed into her groin. Hard, firm, large. Too

She felt him lift again and then hands played around her vagina.
Something cool was being applied to her entrance and she instinctively knew
one of the women was assisting him to begin the entry that was to make her
a woman.

The tip pushed firmly through the labia, smoothness, she remembered.
His penis had been well lubricated and the head slipped easily inside,
stretching her entrance widely. She could feel it, pressing, not knowing
how far he had entered but well aware of an experience she had never known

Virginia stood at her feet again, in full view of Richard's connection
with her new sister's sex hole. Fascinated, she watched the muscles in his
bottom tense as he made another drive deeper into the young virgin's
furrow. She saw Richard lift himself and the penis popped out and was then
pressed lengthways along the girls vulva, just as she had done on her
father's cock the other day, she thought to herself.

Richard rubbed his manhood along her crack, making sure the tip of his
weapon pushed against her clitoris to produce some of the sensation that he
too was feeling.

Margot and Amber had moved so their lips were beside Jane's ears, and
they whispered encouragement from time to time. Their hands held constant
contact with the girl, not sexually but as support, fingertips resting on
her shoulder, brushing hair from her brow, stroking her cheek or lips.

'Look into his eyes,' one pair of lips urged. 'See your lover. See his
concentration as he begins to give you pleasure.'

'Relax, darling,' other lips soothed. 'Let it just happen. Feel what
is taking place so you can remember this night forever.'

Jane saw purpose written all over Richard's face, sweat on his forehead,
his eyes watching her closely, watching for any sign of pain.

'Cling to him, Jane,' the lips suggested. 'Fold your legs around his
bottom. Hold him to you.'

She automatically spread her legs wider just as he rose again and placed
the tip of his penis back inside her vagina. As her heels tightened around
his buttocks, she felt the same pressures again within her body.

'Touch his face, darling,' other lips instructed. 'Raise your arms and
bring his face to yours. Kiss his lips, Jane. Encourage him. Tell him
you love him, your lover, Jane darling.'

As she did so, stroking her fingers against each cheek, she felt a soft
pillow lifting her head slightly to give her better access to his face.
She placed a hand behind his neck, pulling his face to hers, and she kissed
his lips, so softly, giving her consent in an unspoken smile.

As he returned her kiss, he whispered, 'Soon, my love. We will do it

She felt him press downwards with his torso and a force began to build
deep inside her. As though a fist was pushing very hard right inside her
stomach. The pressure stayed firm, not hurtful but forceful.

'I am as far as I can go, Princess,' he said. 'Be courageous.' With
that his hips thrust downwards, sliding her whole body somewhat, creating
pain for the first time. It hurt her and she was unable to stop the cry of
pain from her lips.

He didn't ease up, remaining still for a moment, moving his knees to
gain a better grip of the bed.

'Hold me tight, Jane.' Her arms wrapped around his neck as they lay
cheek to cheek. She knew the next thrust would be dreadful.

It came quickly, strong and agonising. She screamed and in doing so,
added further to the thrusting of his penis to complete her change to
womanhood. The membrane tore apart, nerves biting mercilessly within the
sheath of her vagina. Biting like a bee on tender flesh.

She cried in agony, her women companions holding her face and hands as
she fought to escape her captor, the one who had caused this suffering.

And then she felt the intrusive male organ deep within her very centre.
Almost comforting, certainly in it's rightful place and in her thoughts,
hopefully the first of many times.

The pain remained, not as intense, but certainly pain and yet counter
feelings were taking over, slowing the movement of pain which travelled
from her mutilated sex to her brain, almost saying to her unconscious that
after the pain, pleasure will remain permanently.

She strained to find his lips and kissed him passionately. He had not
moved from the moment he plunged into her depths, knowing that a virgin's
blood had been spilled, refusing to irritate the broken hymen any further.
But her kisses brought added desire and this man, this lover whose wife knelt beside them, knew he could not remain still any longer. His loins
withdrew making her draw breath fiercely as spears of fire bit around the
injured circle where a few moments ago a hymen had protected her from man's

Slowly he pushed down, virginal discharge flowing from her sex onto the
white silk shawl beneath, a red stain spreading as it soaked into the

She bit her lip but never stopped his progress, knowing she wanted this
to be completed. This deflowering had to see the blood mixed with her
lover's semen before she could call herself woman. She urged him faster
but his movements never altered, quickly withdrawn only to slowly refill
the empty vagina again with his manhood. He made sure that on every
re-entry, his pubic bone pushed hard against her clitoris for his purpose
was to give her as much pleasure as he himself, would finally achieve.

He raised himself up on his arms and began to move more quickly inside
her. Virginia looked mesmerised at the act of intercourse taking place
before her. The evidence of Jane's virginity now well sealed in the
stained shawl.

Margot and Amber maintained their caresses. Margot's hand now under the
camisole, massaging a soft breast.

The sense of oncoming orgasm dulled the pain of movement within Jane's
vagina. A feeling nothing like anything a finger or tongue had produced
within her so far was building quickly. Fiercely.

Richard, already in a highly excited state from the anticipation of the
act he was now carrying out, knew his climax would arrive within seconds.
The gentle cries from her throat told him she was nearing hers too and he
was satisfied now that he could seek his own fulfilment. Several sharp
thrusts and sperm rushed along his cock to splash inside her. He
maintained his thrusting as the semen discharged, manipulating her sex bud
until she finally gasped her high-pitched announcement of fulfilment.

They lay together, exhausted. His penis slowly became limp and slipped
from her pussy, allowing the red tinted sperm to drain onto the shawl.
Virginia saw it all.

Margot and Amber remained perfectly still. Roger had not moved
throughout the experience.

Half an hour later, Jane stirred. 'Thank you, my lover,' she whispered.
He responded by clasping the breast he was holding, a little tighter, a
smile on his lips, but he didn't open his eyes.

Amber wiped Jane's sex clean with the shawl and wrested it from beneath
their bodies, folding it carefully so none of the slippery discharge could

They left the two lovers asleep on the bed, naked. It was warm and they
needed no covering.

Chapter Seventeen

Next morning, Jane and Richard had not surfaced and they were left to

'Are you jealous, Amber?' Margot wanted to make sure this teenage wife and mother-to-be was not secretly envious of her husband staying with his
new lover.

'I don't feel jealous or anything like that. I was proud of his
performance. Jane did well too. Imagine what a videotape of last night
would fetch on the black market,' she smiled.

'It was something, wasn't it?' Margot agreed. 'She is a beauty, that
one. It made me a little jealous, when I think back on my first time. At
least Roger was the one but his performance was nothing like your

'Our Richard's,' she emphasised to Margot. They laughed.

'By the way, I've invited Jane's mother over this afternoon. She sounds
very nice. I just hope we can convince her that our ways are good for both
her and her daughter,' Margot said.

'Just be careful, dear. Back off if it looks as though she's going to
take offence. If it wasn't for this pregnancy, maybe I should try and
convince her?' She asked this as a question.

'Well, let's make some plans. I have a sneaking suspicion she is a
frustrated vicar's wife and a chance to break out may be just what she
needs.' They spent some time working out a game plan and were both
confident of how they were going to approach the lady.

Just before lunch, the lovers arrived, arm in arm and stark naked.
Richard all smiles, Jane all blushes.

Amber and Margot made a big thing of welcoming the new woman into their

'Thank you, Mummy,' Jane said to both of them, not being sure how to
address her two mothers at the same time. She agreed her experience was
wonderful and turned to kiss Richard on the lips. 'Thank you too, Daddy,'
she crooned.

'Come here, dear,' Roger instructed her. 'Let's see the damage this
brute did to your pretty little pussy.'

In front of the all, he sat her down and spread her legs widely, pushing
the lips apart. 'Maybe I was exaggerating,' he said. 'Looks pretty good
to me. No bleeding and no real tearing.' He placed some ointment on his
finger and pushed it inside her vagina.

'Now no fucking for two days and no playing with yourself, clitoris
only, understand?'

'Yes, Daddy.'

'Looks like she is ours alone,' Amber said to Margot. 'At least we'll
not make her bleed any more.'

'Daddy fucked me again this morning and I didn't bleed then. All I did
was come. I love fucking,' she told them all. 'I hope Daddy Roger will
fuck me soon and of course, my Mummies too,' she smiled impishly.

'You'd better watch your language, young lady,' Amber warned her. 'For
the daughter of a parson you seem to be growing worldly too quickly. And
especially with your real mother to visit us this afternoon...'

'What?' She shrieked. 'Amber, how...'

Amber stopped her. 'Mummy, young lady. When we are by ourselves, you
will refer to Margot and I as Mummy. Understood? Now you may apologise.'

'Oh, I'm sorry, Mummy. Please forgive me.' She sounded contrite, more
to make sure she hadn't earned a punishment rather than being genuinely

'Mummy, what's my mother coming here for?'

'Why, to visit you, dear,' Margot told her. 'We thought that since
you've lost your virginity you would want to tell your mother all about it.
I'm sure she'd be pleased to learn her little girl has grown up.'

'Aha,' she smiled. "You're having me on. You wouldn't tell mom what
I've done. You wouldn't, would you?' She now felt far less assured than

'No we wouldn't and just mind you don't give our little secrets away

'Do you think your mother's happy, Jane,' Richard asked.

'She pretends to be for Dad's sake, but I think she hates having to be a
parson's wife,' Jane said thoughtfully. 'They have very little money and I
think his church treats him very badly. I remember him saying to mom one
day when they didn't know I was listening, that his head elder told him
that he had no chance of going to another church and he has to do what they
tell him. I think the only reason he stays is that he hasn't got any money
and can't find another job anywhere. Who'd want to employ a failed parson?
That's what he says.'

'Well at least he's got your mother to comfort him.'

'Hm, maybe. But I don't think they are very close. Even sleep in
separate bedrooms. I don't know why. Gosh if they don't, you know, do it,
Mom's sure missing out. I really like doing it, don't I, Daddy?' She had a
look of fulfilment spread across her face.

'Perhaps they do it when you're at work.'

'No, I just think they don't do it at all.'

Amber and Margot looked at each other knowingly.

Chapter Eighteen

'How do you do, I'm Edith Wright.'

Amber and Margot met her at the door, welcoming her to their home. The
men were nowhere to be seen, but Virginia and Jane were in the library when
the guest entered.

'Hi, Mom.'

'Hello, dear. My, you do look nice. Is that a new dress? I haven't
seen it before.'

'Yes, Margot bought it for me. Mom, I've had a great time with Virginia
here. It's been neat.'

'And you look so happy,' her mother said. 'Almost glowing, I'd say.
Yes, I see country life has worked wonders.'

Amber put Edith at around forty-five years old, maybe a little younger,
she thought. Almost Margot's build and with the same dark, wavy hair.
Tits a little bigger, look firm too but that could be the bra. Nice hips
and good looking legs. Amber pictured Richard working himself up between
her legs and smiled at the prospect.

They talked small talk while tea was served. The two girls left on cue
leaving the three women to continue.

'You're very large, my dear,' Edith said. 'Are you due soon?'

'Yes, in a week or so. An indiscretion on our honeymoon, I'm afraid.
But it was all worth it. From being a virgin one day to feeling a
thrusting penis inside me every five minutes the next, was something I
wouldn't miss for anything.'

'Between us girls,' Margot explained, 'it's just that Richard, her
husband, has apparently proved to be the lover of all lovers. If you
believe everything she says she married Don Juan, Cassonova and Tom Cruise
all rolled into one.'

'Oh, my, that's enough to take one's breath away,' she giggled
nervously, fanning her face with her hand.

'One good thing about two families sharing the same house is that at
least we women have someone to talk to who understands our needs and
feelings. Not just a man who doesn't know from Adam how to really treat a
lady.' Margot thought to herself that was a good introduction to their next
step of seduction.

'What she means, Edith, is that when the men have had their way with us,
at least we can discuss it and work out better ways to do it next time.
You know what men are like; open our legs, bang away and go to sleep.'

'Oh, dear,' Edith was speechless. 'I don't know what to say.'

'Amber, I think we are upsetting Edith. After all she is the wife of a

'No, please, it's alright. It's just that I've never thought of talking
this way since I was at school, long before I met Geoffrey. As you say, I
don't get the chance to say what I'm thinking.'

'I can understand that, Edith. I don't know how you manage to cope with
all those fuddy-duddies that want to entertain the parson's wife. It must
be terribly boring.'

'I've never said this to anyone but strangely I feel more at home with
you than I ever have with my husband. Yes, it is boring. More than that,
it's sheer hell. Never having enough money to buy even the barest
necessities, living off what other people give us, usually because they
don't want it themselves. Trying to back my husband, but never feeling he
has faith in me, mainly because he has no faith in himself. If there was a
way to give it all up we would but it's hopeless.'

'What does he say? Why can't you just move out and go on welfare? Or
is it because he's dedicated to his work?' Margot asked sympathetically.
'Surely, when you're alone together you talk. We do that best after making

'Making love? That's a laugh. Geoffrey hasn't made love to me for
years. He has his own ways to gain satisfaction but I'm not included.'

Edith was on the verge of tears and both women knew they were near to a
breakthrough in only their first discussion.

'You mean he has other women? The parson?'

'No, not other women, just magazines. He has sex books posted

to him and uses those to get his satisfaction.'

'He masturbates, doesn't he, Edith?' The question was really a

'Yes, all the time. He knows I see him doing it sometimes but it
doesn't worry him. He even does it during his services under the robes and
takes pleasure in telling me later. He is good to me but for some reason I
don't attract him any more. Oh, God, it leaves me so frustrated.' Tears
welled up and she wiped her eyes with a handkerchief.

'My poor darling.' Margot moved over to sit besides her, putting an arm
around her shoulder.

She whispered in her ear. 'You can give yourself the same pleasure,
Edith. With your hand. Both Amber and I do sometimes.'

'But it's not like making love. I want to feel a man over me pushing
inside of me, snoring afterwards. I need to feel wanted. I don't like to
be lonely, Margot.'

She couldn't stop the tears flowing. Sobbing deeply, she held one of
Margot's hands, resting her head on the other woman's shoulders.

No one spoke for some time, her sobbing finally subsiding.

'If we could find a way to stop the loneliness, Edith, would you like
that? To break away from the boredom, the bleating parishioners; would you
like to experience that?'

'Oh, yes, I'd give anything to be able to do that. But there's no way
for me to keep my daughter and my husband; he wouldn't give up his job, no
matter how much he detests it secretly. It just couldn't happen.'

They talked over the rest of the afternoon, but refrained from any
further sexual content. Just happy to build friendships.

As Edith departed Margot hugged her shoulder and spoke softly into her
ear, 'we will get together again, very soon. We both loved having you. I
hope you enjoyed the day. Jane is having a great time and we'll look after
her. Please come again. I'll ring you.'

'I'd like that. Thank you for being so understanding.'

'We'd both like you to come back again, Edith,' Amber pressed her hand.
'I think we might become very close friends. Very close indeed.'

'I do hope so, Amber dear.'

As Edith left, she was beaming at the thought of returning.

Later that evening the four parents were entertaining themselves in the
main bedroom. Margot was participating but her mind wasn't on the
lovemaking that was being performed on her body. Roger was laying on top,
pumping deeply into her but she was thinking of ways to win over Edith's

'She's a very lonely person,' Margot explained to no one in particular.
'Doesn't get any pleasure from her own hand and certainly not from her

'Who?' Roger queried.

'Edith.' When she saw he hadn't comprehended, she added, 'Edith. Jane's

'Oh,' he murmured without interest.

'Amber, what do you think?' She looked over to see the naked and very
pregnant Amber laying on her side with Richard's manhood held firmly
between her lips. Richard was making all the movements, thrusting deeply
inside her mouth, Amber simply providing the sheath to give her husband his

'God, you're no help, are you?' She sighed in exasperation.

Finally she reached over and took the phone in her hand, punching in a
set of numbers.

'Edith? It's me, Margot. Yes, how are you? Good. Are you alone? Oh,
is he? Well perhaps you can just answer yes or no, then he won't know will

She changed the phone to her other ear, smiling at something Edith had
said, oblivious to Roger's rutting between her legs.

'Edith, remember what we talked about today? Yes? Good! Well it made
me so excited, I was bubbling up inside. What? You too? I'm glad.
Edith, I want to tell you something. Something about what I'm doing right
now. Don't say anything just listen. O.K.? Nod a few times and agree so
he won't realise I'm doing all the talking. I'm in bed, Edith. But I've
thrown off the covers and am touching myself between the legs. Do you
understand? Can you picture it? Well, it's very nice. I've been doing it
for a while, thinking about you, and it's building up. Ugh!' She shuddered
as a spasm shook her body.

'Oh, Edith, it feels so good. No, Roger's gone out, don't know where.
My finger is moving very slowly, just around that spot. You know where,
don't you? What? Yes, I've got my nightdress on but it's pulled right up.
Ugh! Ugh! Oh! Oh, God, Edith, he's come home. Roger's just come in the
bedroom door but I can't stop. He's watching me while he's taking off his
clothes. Oh, Edith, he's going to lay on top of me; he's going to make
love to me. What, Roger? Edith, he wants to know whom I'm talking to.
I've got to tell him. I'm talking to Edith, Roger. Jane's Mother. Oh,
he's pushed inside. He knows it's you Edith and he wants me to keep
talking to you. Yes, darling, push harder. Oh, yes, that's good. He's
watching me talk to you, Edith. No, don't hang up. Please don't, Edith. I
just want to share my pleasure. Edith? Edith, are you still there? Good.
Oh, I'm getting close. I think he is too. He's red in the face and
sweating. Ugh. It's here. Edith, I'm coming. Ah! Ah! Yes, Roger, come
too. Oh, you're good to me. Shoot it all. I can feel it inside me. Yes
my darling, just lay there. Relax. Edith? Did you hear? I just came and
my husband has filled me with his come. He's getting off now. Says he's
going out. Oh, Edith, I need someone. Oh, can you come over? No, he'll
be gone. I'm all alone. Can you come? Please say yes. Please come to
me. I just need someone to be with me, to hold my hand. Please, Edith.
Yes? Oh, thank you. Please hurry. I'll make sure the doors open. Just
come up. You know which room? Good. Wait; don't hang up for a minute.
Edith, tell me something. Have you ever made love to a woman? No? Me
neither. Hurry over.'

'Well, that was a performance and a half.' Amber remarked. She had
completed her task and was licking her lips clean of Richard's discharge.
'What are you going to do now?'

'I'm going to seduce her.'

'So I suppose you want us to vanish'

'Yes please, but not until Roger has really deposited his load in me. I
need to look the part when she arrives.'

Amber pointed a large swollen breast at Roger. 'Come on, Roger. Suck
my tittie as you come. Taste my milk.' It was enough to send him over the
edge; face contorting as the male pleasures took over, spewing sperm deep
inside Margot's pussy.

'God, you women are something else,' he laughed once he had calmed down.
'Just make sure I get a suck of that tit before the baby comes. I've
earned it.'

'Of course you haven't earned it,' Amber complained. 'You get all the
pleasure and we get to clean up. We earn it, you just take it.'

'Talking of cleaning up,' he said looking at Amber, 'I do believe it's
you're turn.' He withdrew from Margot's vagina and poked it towards Amber.

'Suck me clean. It'll save me washing before I go out.'

She obeyed him willingly.

Margot heard the light tap on the door and pretended to be asleep. Soon
a small voice called, 'Margot.' She never reacted but knew Edith was near
the bedside.

'Margot, dear.'

She stirred but didn't open her eyes. A hand gently touched her

'Margot. It's me, Edith. Are you alright?'

Margot thought she acted very well as she flinched and then looked up
into Edith's eyes.

'Oh, Edith, you did come. Thank you. I must have fallen asleep. Have
you been here long?'

'I've just arrived and found you asleep. Are you alright?'

'Yes, in fact I feel fine. Always do after making love.' She followed
Edith eyes, which were looking, down her body to where the nightdress had
been pulled up and her splayed legs offering an open view of her genitals.
Droplets of sperm still clung to the hairs between her legs and she was
sure Edith could see the trail where his semen had dribbled from her vagina and onto the sheet.

'I'm sorry I look such a sight, Edith. It's just that when Roger wants
to poke me I get all worn out. I know how you must feel with your husband
not making you happy that way, but I get so lethargic,' she told the rather
flustered woman. 'Could you use a tissue to wipe some of the gunk away?
Don't if it upsets you.'

'Oh,' she looked up shocked at the thought of being so intimate with
this woman whom she had just met. Then realising that she had come over
because this was the woman with whom she had felt more understanding and
empathy than to any of her friends. 'Oh, no, dear. It's all right. I
don't mind.'

She stood up to collect the tissue box, sitting back on the edge of the
bed and began to mop up the sticky discharge that Roger had left.

'I need you to stay with me, Edith. Just to be here and to hold your
hand. It's just that this always seems to happen. Roger has his way with
me, even though he usually helps me to have an orgasm, and then always
finds something else he has to do instead of cuddling me. Do you
understand what that's like? You sort of feel unfulfilled even after

'Indeed I do,' Edith replied. 'But at least, he does make love until
you have an orgasm. I haven't had one for I don't know how long. Years.'

She finished the ablutions on Margot's pussy and fought with the
tissues, which clung to her because of the stickiness. She finally allowed
them to fall on the floor.

'Edith, remember what I asked you? On the telephone?'

'Yes,' she could only whisper, thinking of what might be coming.

'Can we?'

'I've never...,' she hesitated. 'I told you I've never loved a woman.'

'I want to, Edith.'

'I couldn't. I wouldn't know how.'

'Nor I, but I want to.'


'Undress, Edith. Come into the bed with me. We can learn together. I
need you.'

Both women were quivering with anticipation. Margot was sure that Edith
wanted to and she kept pressing.

'Take my hand. Hold it.' As Edith reached out, Margot clasped her hand,
pressing the back of it to her lips in a long kiss, finally laying her
cheek over the kissed area.

'Lay with me, Edith.'

She saw she had won as Edith unhooked the dress behind her head and
reached back to draw the zipper down. She extracted her arms and let the
garment fall around her ankles. Next came the slip to reveal pants and
bra. Not the kind of underwear you would call erotic Margot thought but she
hadn't come here with that on her mind.

'Don't be embarrassed. I haven't done this either, at least not since I
was at school and then that was only for fun, not sex.'

Edith slid under the covers and Margot leaned over her, holding herself
up on one elbow.

'Close your eyes.'

She ran her hands over the older woman's face, soothing her anxiety,
gently touching cheeks, eyelids, and mouth. She kissed Edith on the lips
in a chaste way, and then inched the tip of her tongue between the woman's
closed lips. Her tongue wet the dry lips, dry from nervousness, finally
kissing wetly, mouth open, forcing past her teeth and against Edith's
tongue, which she fought lightly.

'Relax, Edith. We won't get zapped for doing this. I feel good already
and so should you.'

'I know but I'm scared.'

'Of me?' She asked this a little incredulously.

'No of someone seeing us.'

'I promise you, no one will.'

Her hand slid down to cup a large pliant breast. Not as firm as hers
and probably developing a little droop but I'll find that out when this
tank of a bra comes off, Margot thought.

'Oh, Margot, I never thought I would feel anything from a woman's touch,
but this is so arousing.' She never opened her eyes, enjoying the
sensations that were causing her to shiver with anticipation.

'Have you ever sucked your husband's penis, Edith?' She whispered in her

'Have I wha..? Oh, goodness, no, never. I couldn't.'

'Someday you will and then you'll know what it is to be aroused.'

'Oh,' Edith said almost silently, trying to imagine what the act would
be like.

'Lay over, Edith.' Margot laid on her side, her body moulding itself
around Edith's, an arm over the woman's waist, holding her tight.

'Goodnight, Edith. Sleep well.'

'Oh, Margot, I must go home. Geoffrey will worry.'

'He hasn't worried much about you at all from what I can make out.
Anyway, why shouldn't he worry about you? It's about time he did. Don't
even think of him. Sleep tight.'

She kissed her on the ear lobe, and settled down to sleep.

Margot woke early to find Edith in exactly the same position she had
been last night. She stirred and this woke Edith also.

'Good morning. Sleep well?' Margot smiled knowingly and knelt over her

'I must have. I didn't move.'

'I know.' She leaned down and kissed Edith full on the lips. 'Women can
love without it being sinful.'

Edith said nothing, lost for words at what was happening.

Margot unclasped Edith's bra and said, 'Now take off your knickers. I
am going to kiss you again but this time I want you naked.'

'Margot,' she said. 'I've never done anything like this before. I
don't think I should.'

'Nonsense. If your Geoffrey were here in your place, do you think he
would hold back? If he's like any other man, I'd probably be raped by

'And you did such wonderful things to me last night, Margot. Yes, I
want you to do it.' She raised her behind off the bed to push her undies
down. They could more correctly be called bloomers, Margot thought, but
never showed any indication of these thoughts to her companion.

'Help me to learn.'

After sucking one large nipple into her mouth, Margot's hand wandered
downward to rest on the crinkly hair between Edith's legs. She slipped a
finger inside Edith's pussy and began to manipulate her clitoris and sex

'Tell me when you're nearing an orgasm, Edith. I want to be ready to
feel it from the very beginning.'


'Tell me first, not afterwards,'

'Ugh! That's nice, Margot. Please don't stop.'

'Come if you want to. I'll keep going.'

It wasn't long before Edith bit her lip and called out, 'It's getting
close. Oh, I'm coming, Margot.'

'Enjoy it, Edith. You deserve it all.'

Sometime later, after the woman had recovered her composure, Margot
lifted her face from where it rested against Edith's cheek.

'Edith, I want you to go home now. But just to add a little to what
we've shared, you must not wear any underwear until I see you again.'

'Margot,' she cried out. 'I couldn't.'

'If I feel up your dress next time and find even a slip, I will be very

'But Geoffrey will know.'

'If he does realise, it should give him a thrill.'

'He'll think I'm mad.'

'Or maybe, just sexy.'

'It is very naughty.' She giggled at the thought.

'The next time we meet, we'll go shopping and buy you some nice
underwear. I guarantee Geoffrey will see you in a different light when he
sees you undressing then.'

'Don't leave it too long, Margot. Oh, you make me feel so good.'

'But a little naughty too, I hope.'

'Certainly that.'

Edith wore just her dress, the rest Margot pushed into a bundle. 'This
goes out,' she declared.

She took Edith in her arms. 'We haven't even begun to make love, Edith.
Next time it will be very good.'

'I just know it will. You excite me so much, Margot.'

She left to return to Geoffrey, trying to think up a story that sounded

'Have you won her over?'

'If her orgasm was any indication, I think I could get her to divorce
her husband tomorrow. Yes, at least on the sexual side, I think we've

'Then what we have to do now is introduce her to the rest of the family.
A little compromising might do the trick.'

'You've got an evil mind, Richard Simmons,' Margot declared.

'Just a dirty one.'

She mused on that for a while, looking into his eyes and realising
Richard was not really his usual bright self. And then she understood.
With Amber nearing her confinement, his sexual urges were probably not
being fully met.

'Are you in need of some relief?'

'I think that's exactly my problem.'

'Then it seems I'm the right lady in the right spot at the right time.'

She moved over to kneel in front of him, between his legs and while
looking straight into his eyes, felt for his zipper, undoing it. A knowing
smile covered her gentle face. Richard's face remained passive, but Margot
saw his cock was anything but that. The greatest problem she had with this
man was the sheer size of his prick, especially when she intended to use
her mouth on him. It was not only long but also so thick it stretched her
mouth to the limit leaving no give for her to work the weapon in and out.

For Richard though, it felt like fucking a virgin, her lips so tight
around the swollen shaft that he gained instant sensations as she began to
force her lips along the shaft.

She knew this man could last longer than her own will power if he wanted
to. She had seen him fucking his wife, giving her numerous multiple
orgasms without taking a single climax for himself. He had at times, then
rolled over, hugging his well satisfied wife, and they had both gone to
sleep fully complete within themselves.

When she sucked Roger off, she took delight in watching the changing
signs of his oncoming climax, his reddened face, a clear sign that she was
about to receive his emissions over her tongue. She couldn't do that with
Richard. His cock was so large that once impaled inside her mouth, all she
could do was look down onto his stomach, so strong was his erection. So
every time Richard came in her mouth, it was a surprise, the only warning
was the split second before as she felt the semen rush through the tube of
his penis and surge into her mouth.

Sex with Richard was always good, no matter what it consisted of. He
experimented, trying ways she had never attempted with Roger. Some gave
her little pleasure but most produced the utmost satisfaction. It was
always the unknown with Richard whereas Roger could be relied upon to use
only three or four tried and true positions. One was to suck him off
without any satisfaction for herself, and another, the one that he would
attempt every time if she didn't object, was to sink his cock deep inside
her rectum. Sodomy with Roger never gave her any feeling of pleasure
unless she masturbated herself at the same time. Then, the climax was as
good as she ever experienced.

Her mouth pushed back and forth over Richard's cockhead, she doing all
the work. He simply lies back in the sofa, watching her efforts, not

Surprising her, he erupted quickly, pulling his cock out and with
jerking movements as each spasm overtook him, allowed the spurting semen to
splash over her face and chest, wetting her blouse. She let him finish,
not objecting to the grossness. revenge came as he closed his eyes in
fulfilment from the ejaculation, and she leaned over him, smearing her
sperm splattered face over his smug smile.

Chapter Nineteen

Edith rang the doorbell and almost immediately, Margot opened the door.

'Don't say a word and close your eyes,' Margot commanded and Edith did
as she was told.

Margot walked her into the study, leaving her standing in the middle of
the room.

'Remember, don't open your eyes, no matter what you hear or feel. And
above all, no sound.'

'This is the woman I was speaking to on the telephone when you fucked me
the other night, Roger,' Edith heard Margot say, and gasped.

'Not a sound,' Margot warned her, pinching her bottom hard.

'She should be naked under her dress,' Margot continued, talking to
Roger. 'Cup her breasts and make sure she isn't wearing a bra.'

Edith's face turned bright red as she listened and she couldn't help but
say, 'Oh,' when a hand was clamped over a breast, squeezing and feeling her
all over. Edith still wasn't quite sure whether in fact Roger was in the
room at all as he hadn't spoken a word or made a sound.

'Remember, Edith, not a sound and don't open your eyes. If you don't
want to co-operate, then you are quite able to just leave and not return. I
hope you want to stay. Nod your head if you want to stay with me.'

There was no hesitation, Edith nodding strongly.

'Good,' Margot said, satisfied that this woman indeed was in her power.
Margot moved to her side and put an arm around her shoulder. Edith could
feel the hand at her breast, still moulding and squeezing it. She told
herself that Margot was playing a game with her, pretending Roger was also
in the room.

'Is she naked, Roger?'

'I'm sure she is,' the deep man's voice stated and then Edith knew this
was no game between just her and Margot.

'You are fully nude under your dress, Edith? Just as we agreed?'

Edith simply nodded again.

'Good.' Then she said to Roger, 'I'm going to lift her skirt, Roger.
You may look.'

Edith felt the hem rise and at the same time, her face flushed deeply
pink as she knew her most private area was about to be displayed to someone
she had never even seen before. Here she was in this predicament, of her
own choosing, allowing a woman whom she had just recently met to expose her
body to the husband and she was allowing it to happen. And it excited her.
Brought feelings of wantonness, of urges she had not felt in a long while,
feelings of need. Yes, I want it to happen she told herself. Don't panic
just let it happen.

'She has beautiful legs, Roger. And just look at the hair covering her
pussy. Oh, yes she is a beauty. I just knew she was,' Margot prattled on.
Roger said nothing but Edith knew he was looking at the apex of her legs,
staring no doubt.

'I'm going to remove all your clothes, Edith and you will stand still
while Roger explores all of you. That's what he likes best, looking and
feeling. I'm sure you will feel his hard cock as it brushes against you. I
can see the bulge. You've made him big.'

Oh, God Edith thought to herself. How could I ever have got myself into
this situation and yet I want it all to happen.

Two arms came around her from behind and he pulled the naked woman back
against his body. He bit at her shoulders and neck, not making a sound,
his hands roving over her breasts and stomach, squeezing and kneading her.
Sometimes hard, sometimes so lightly that shivers ran up her spine.

Then he lowered himself and for the first time in her life a man other
than her husband, fingered her vagina. A finger inserted between the lips
of her pussy. Probing. Pushing further. Right inside, as far as it could
go, so far that she felt the rest of his hand pressing into her groin as
his finger reached deeply in.

'Lay down on the mat, Edith,' Margot told her. 'You are going to be
pleasured by a man. A real lover, Edith. Let Roger have you. Enjoy the
feeling you have wanted for so long.'

Edith felt her body respond without any effort on her part. She just
let herself be laid out, her eyes still closed. She almost swooned into a
faint, thinking of what she was allowing to happen. And then his body
pressed down onto her, legs spreading her thighs, no further preliminaries
as his hard cock prodded around her vulva.

Margot was obviously assisting, for Edith felt a hand brush over her
mound and the tip of his penis touched her opening.

'Oh,' she gasped again, almost completely overwhelmed.

She was so wet she could feel the juices running down her groin. So
much that it helped Roger impale his weapon deep inside the parson's wife in just one sound thrust. He lay there, not moving for what Edith thought
was an eternity. The hardness easily felt, stretching the little used
vagina, pushing the full length deep inside as she lay passively beneath
Margot's husband.

Roger commenced his deliberate thrusting, in and out, fast, fast,
sometimes slow. Pubic mound grinding into pubic mound. Penis pushing hard
against her clitoris each time it slid back inside, annoying her sensitive
button with every thrust. Sliding over that button, even catching it
sometimes as it withdrew as well. Every touch driving Edith nearer to the
ultimate of sensations. Ever nearer and yet still so far away, the need
for release growing with every thrust and every withdrawal. Slopping
sounds as the connection became more and more lubricated. Juices
overflowing and running between her bottom cheeks onto the carpet.

She couldn't help it. Murmurs turned to gasps, gasps to cries, cries to
groans then groans to a now uncontrollable squeal of passion. And between
the squeals came her urging. Urging this lover above to work harder,
faster, and deeper.

'Oh, Please don't stop,' she cried out. 'It's so good. Please give me
more. Please push harder.'

Neither Margot nor Roger made a sound. The cries came solely from the
woman being pleasured. She was nearing the edge now, climbing higher
towards her peak. Her body began to move in unison with the man above her,
her arms tightly around his back, urging him on. Thrusting her pelvis hard
against his crotch with every thrust now, she began to jerk as the orgasm
took hold. The centre of her body arched upwards, pushing hard at him,
hard, urgently.

'Yes,' she cried loudly. 'It's here. Oh, God, I'm coming. Yesss,' she
hissed as she lost control and the shuddering urges of orgasm overtook her.
'Oh, it's good. I feel so good,' she screamed.

While her shuddering continued, Roger kept thrusting, and just as her
climax ended his began, spewing his seed deep inside her vagina in great
white globs of sperm.

Soon after the last spurt, Edith felt the weight rise from her as Roger
withdrew and crawled from between her legs.

Edith heard a soft voice in her ear, 'Don't move, my love, and don't
open your eyes. Just lay there and enjoy the feelings.' What Edith didn't
know was that as well as Roger, another figure left the room, taking the
video camera with her. Virginia had recorded every moment of the seduction
of this parson's wife.

The next evening Edith rang the doorbell again, being shown into the
library by Joanne. Margot, seated on a leather sofa, looked up as she

'Edith, darling.' She held out her hand and Edith took it as she sat
beside Margot.

Margot smiled sweetly, kissing her on the cheek. 'You remembered?'

'Yes, I think so,' Edith answered quietly, quite embarrassed.

'Tell me so I know you haven't forgotten anything.'

'I'm wearing what you told me to. Just the pair of knickers you gave me
last night, and stockings. Nothing else beneath my dress.'


'I've lubricated my pussy and my rectum with moisturising creme, and
painted my nipples with rouge just as you told me to. Oh, Margot, I feel
positively indecent, especially after what your husband did to me last
night. I never thought anything like that would ever happen to me, let
alone allow it to happen and then to enjoy it so much. What can you think
of me? What does your...?'

Margot interrupted the babbling. 'Hush up. We both think you're a most
wonderful woman, sexy and exciting. After you left, he fucked me again and
made me come twice. Never feel ashamed of doing things that make you or
someone else, feel so good.' Margot kissed the woman full on the lips,
inserting her tongue deeply inside Edith's mouth.

'Oh, my goodness, I feel quite faint.'

'We have a special surprise for you, Margot but you must trust us. Do

'After last night, I'm sure I do.'

'I hoped you would. Now close your eyes.' Edith felt the blindfold
tighten over her eyes and then cold tape pressed across her mouth. She was
both blind and dumb. Margot lifted her elbow and Edith knew instinctively
she was to stand up.

'Come. You are going to make Roger very excited. Do exactly as he
says. Exactly, Edith, understand?'

The blindfolded helpless woman nodded in agreement.

They obviously moved out of the library because she heard the door open
and then close shut. A second door did the same. She heard Margot speak

'Roger, you have a visitor. And she has dressed herself especially for

'Edith, this is a surprise. It's two nights in a row now. Am I to
think you liked what happened last night?'

Edith could only nod.

'You made Margot so sexy she fucked me silly as soon as you left. You
have a special effect on women, Edith dear.'

His hands again roved over her body, cupping breasts, bottom cheeks and
finally her vulva, pinching and squeezing her tender places through her
cotton dress.

'I see you are not wearing a bra again. You have such beautiful
breasts; they certainly don't need to be confined. Undress for me, Edith.
Let it fall at your feet. Let me see your tits. I'm going to suck them.'

His hands left her body as she fumbled to unhook the buttons down her
back. Neither Roger nor Margot helped but finally enough were undone to
allow the garment to fall down over her hips and onto the floor.

'Keep your eyes closed,' she was instructed. She felt the blindfold
being released and almost immediately her arms were pulled behind her. The
blindfold was then bound around her arms and she stood before her two
sexual partners, knowing her entire clothing now consisted of a pair of
black stockings and the most sheer of French knickers. She could only
imagine how her rouged nipples stood out from her breasts, for she was
highly aroused, waiting for fingers and hands to begin playing all over her
exposed and tingling body.

'Edith, I am going to ask you to open your eyes in a moment. But before
I do, I want you to answer just two questions. You can nod or shake your
head. Understand?'

She nodded.

'Did you enjoy me fucking you last night, shooting my sperm so deep
inside your pussy that it took nearly an hour to ooze out?'

Edith nodded vigourously.

'You have the choice of leaving now, and we will not molest you further,
or you may remain and allow us to do anything we want with you. I repeat,
anything, Edith. You could be committing yourself to a life of misery
afterwards. Think carefully, Edith. Do you want to leave?'

The woman shook her head forcefully.

'So you place yourself in our hands?'

She nodded with conviction.

'I'm very pleased, Edith. We too, want you to remain. Now listen
carefully. In a moment I'm going to let you open your eyes, but when you
do, you must stand perfectly still, look straight ahead and not react in
any way to what you will see, no matter what you find. Wait,' Roger
commanded. 'Not yet. Listen first and then take a moment to settle
yourself. Are you ready?'

She nodded again, the elasticised gag firmly in place.

'All right, open your eyes, Edith.'

She found herself in a brightly lit room, so bright she had difficulty
in seeing at first. But then what she did see shocked her beyond belief.
From the way Roger had spoken, she had expected to find him and maybe
Margot, naked in front of her and had steeled herself for something like

But what she saw curled up in a very large armchair in front of her was
her own daughter. Jane. Jane, looking at her mother in her near
nakedness. Jane, looking on, smiling. Knowingly looking at her mother,
hearing how Roger had described their lovemaking last night. Jane, knowing
everything of her mother's indiscretions, seeing her mother as she, Edith
had never expected to be seen, ever.

Margot stood at Edith's side. 'Stand erect, Edith, but show no

Edith finally closed her eyes in shame and tried to bow her head.

'Look up, Edith. You must do as you're told. Open your eyes and look.'

Edith then saw that beside Jane, another young girl sat on the knee of
another man whom she had never met before. This second girl was quite
naked, her large breasts pointing upwards, firm and youthful. The man cupped one of the young girl's breasts in his large hand.

At least Jane was dressed Edith thought.

'Your mother is a very beautiful woman, Jane,' Margot declared, passing
an arm around Edith and massaging one of her breasts in front of everyone.
'We have made love, your mother and I, and then I watched as she made love
to my husband last night. Didn't you, Edith dear?'

The gagged woman, now deathly pale, nodded.

'Come here, Jane.'

Edith watched her daughter rise and walk towards them. Jane placed her
hands on each side of Edith's face, removing the gag and lovingly kissed
her on each cheek, and then over each eye.

'Don't be embarrassed, Mother. We are all friends here. Believe me,
you are safe. Safe from everything.' Her hands slid down onto Edith's
shoulders and then with the lightest touch, glided over the mounds of her

'I love you deeply, Mummy.' She looked lovingly into her mother's eyes,
standing very close.

Margot added, 'There's no need to be shocked, Edith. Your daughter is
part of us, part of our family, just as you are now. Jane has loved us
just as you have, Edith. There is nothing secret about lovemaking.'

Edith then collapsed in sheer nervous exhaustion.

Chapter Twenty

She opened her eyes to discover she was laid out on a sofa, still
vulnerably naked, wearing only the diaphanous French knickers that kept
nothing from the gaze of all those looking down at her. They were all
around her, including her own daughter, looking at all she had to offer.

'Oh,' she gasped, trying to cover her nudity but failing. She realised
they had removed the bindings around her arms.

'You have not yet been given permission to speak,' Richard reminded her.
He then spoke to Jane standing by his side.

'Your mother is indeed beautiful, Jane. But I warrant you haven't seen
her in such a predicament before. I can imagine you at her age being just
as beautiful. See how her breasts still stand up despite her laying down.'
He ran his hand lightly over one mound.

'I must leave. I shouldn't be here like this,' Edith cried out, trying
to sit up. Richard assisted her. She was now completely flustered,
embarrassed because her daughter knew she had made love to two in the room,
and most uncomfortable because so many others saw her as she had never been
seen before.

'You shouldn't feel afraid, Edith,' Margot encouraged. 'Why, Jane was
just as shy at first, but after she became used to displaying herself in
front of everyone, she soon began to enjoy the naughtiness of it all.
Didn't you dear?' Margot looked for Jane to respond.

'It's true, Mummy. Don't be ashamed because I'm here.'

'You are going to do much more than just sit before us in the state
you're in, Edith,' Roger said. 'Now that you've made love to Margot and
me, I think it's someone else's turn to receive your caresses. Soon, dear
Edith, you are going to make love to Richard, in front of all of us. You
are going to receive his seed and enjoy the thrill of orgasm and we are
going to watch.'

'No, please,' she pleaded, knowing this must be a dream. She couldn't
believe it was real. It just couldn't happen like this.

'You are very naughty, Edith, my dear. You were told to remain quiet
but persist in speaking. People in this family are punished for not
obeying and you are no exception.' She looked around to see Richard
speaking, shocked by what he had said.

'Over my knee, woman,' he commanded, and she felt herself propelled
across his knee by several hands, Jane helping too.

'Jane, you have the privilege of removing the naughty woman's

Edith couldn't believe it but soon felt warm hands slide inside the
elastic of her knickers and ease them slowly down, pushing her hips to get
her to raise herself so they could be slid down further. She just laid
still, not saying a word, breathing short and fast. Scared.

The first smack stung and she bucked in reaction to the loud smack. And
then the large hand came down many times until the burning pain became
almost unbearable and she burst into tears, crying out uncontrollably.

'Stand up,' Richard told her as soon as he finished.

The naked girl who had clung to Richard for most of the evening then
began to undress him, until Edith gasped in shock when his shorts were
removed to display his massive erection.

Without further ado he instructed her what to do.

'You will sit on top of me, insert my cock up your cunt and fuck me
until both of us come. Do not stop for anything, Edith, or the
consequences will be unpleasant, far worse than you've just received. You
will learn I take great delight in chastising women no matter what their

She was given no time to complain, as he immediately laid down on the
carpet and others pushed her into a squatting position and then downwards.
Her sheath sucked his penis deeply inside, the organ far larger than she
had ever imagined, and yet the feeling was intense. Without being told,
she held onto his shoulders for balance and began to rock backwards and
forwards, sliding her vagina along the length of his cock. She had never
done this with her husband and yet the action seemed almost second nature.

His hard body sent shivers up and down her spine as their lovemaking
grew in intensity. Sweat formed in little ridges on her forehead and began
to run down her face and along the valley of her breasts to mingle with the
actions between her legs. She knew her climax was near and the onlookers
knew too as her face became redder, her breathing fast and the deep throaty
sounds started to flow from her lips. Oh, God, this is good she thought,
not believing sex could reach these heights. Thoughts about those looking
on never entered her mind, simply intent now on reaching her orgasm. She
wanted the man beneath her to shoot his semen deep into her womb. Geoffrey
would never have lasted this long even in the days when he actually had sex
with her and she was sure Richard would come inside her any second, but how
wrong she was.

Her own climax erupted, melting her nervous system with violent
contractions and shuddering, taking control of her very being. She had to
stop. She couldn't keep moving as the orgasm roared through her and she
slumped in a heap on top of him.

'Move, Edith, don't stop. Fuck me until I come. Don't stop until you
give me the same pleasure you have just given yourself.' Richard pinched
her nipples until the pressure was agony taking away the last of her
orgasmic sensations and she began to sway backwards and forwards once more.
Her knees, thighs and arms began to ache with exertion for this was
definitely something she had never been used to doing before. Heaven
forbid, she thought. Imagine me doing this to Geoffrey; he'd have a heart

She wasn't allowed to speak to tell him she was exhausted and yet she
knew she had to keep going to give her partner, even if she had been almost
forced into the partnership, the pleasure she had already received.
Finally she couldn't go on and had to speak.

'I'm sorry but I can't go on,' she told him. 'Please come inside me so
I can rest.'

He pinched her whole breasts with his palms, urging her to continue.
The hurt made her jump and in that sharp movement, she felt his body
shudder as hot sperm inundated her insides. The spasms seemed to last
forever and she tried to maintain some sort of movement as long as he kept
shooting. The feeling was exhilarating, the male seed shooting deeply, the
aftermath of her own orgasm still present somewhere deep inside her, the
exhaustion of her lovemaking, all coming together in this final act of sex.
Man and woman, both unknown to each other, resting from the throes of
lovemaking, his stickiness draining from her most intimate recess, their
sweat mingling. She slowly lowered her body onto his, her breasts squashed
against his firm chest.

'Oh, my God, that was wonderful,' she whispered, laying her head beside
his. His placed an arm around her shoulders and hugged her tightly.

After she had recovered some composure, she looked around as someone
touched her arm. Jane knelt beside her, a look of pure joy on her face.
Understanding, acknowledgment and acceptance of what had taken place before
everyone in the room.

'Richard fucks very well, Mummy, doesn't he?'

'Oh, my God, you saw it all. What have I done in front of my own
daughter,' she wailed in guilt.

'I loved watching, Mom. I saw the pleasure he gave you, the orgasm you
had. I saw it all, but don't feel guilty. I loved seeing you like that,
my own Mummy.'

'But your father will leave me when he finds out.'

'How's he going to know? I won't tell him.'

'Oh, Jane dear, it was so good. Never like with your father. Oh, what
am I saying?' She covered her eyes in shame.

'Mummy, don't be ashamed. I know what it is like to fuck Richard. It's
the most beautiful feeling. Just remember the pleasure he gave you.'

'You know what it's like with him?' She was shocked at the thought.

'Yes, he has fucked me, Mommy. In fact he took my virginity. I am a
true woman now and it was a beautiful experience. All the others watched
while we did it too.'

'I can't believe this is happening,' she stammered.

Roger then spoke up. 'Edith, we want you to think of yourself as one of
our family now. It is not shameful to enjoy something that is pleasurable
and nice. Just say to yourself that it was a beautiful experience and you
want to have many more like it. We want you to be part of our very close
family. I want you to enjoy all the fulfilment of everyone loving each and
every member. Can you imagine waking up each morning and not knowing whom
you are going to make love to next? It could be Richard or me just as
easily as anyone of the women here. And you have such choice. Everyone
has their own specialties and their own favourite feelings. Between us, we
all satisfy each other very well and in any way you want or need at the
time. Nothing is forbidden if you want to participate but you can reach
your orgasms in any way and with whom you want.'

Edith was flabbergasted and couldn't find the words to answer him.

'But what about my husband?' She almost whined.

'Don't worry about Geoffrey,' Margot said. 'Just leave him to us. He
may very well feel that being part of our family is to his liking too.'

'He wouldn't, I know.'

'Edith, just forget about him. We will talk to him.'

'Oh, no, you mustn't.'

'Trust us, Edith. You will not be brought into the discussions until he
has fully committed himself,' Richard assured her.

'Of course, there's Phillip,' Jane reminded everyone.

'Oh, goodness, yes, if we all become part of this gathering, he will be
left alone and he's such a wimp of a boy.'

'We have ways of dealing with wimpish behaviour, Edith. We'll just have
to think about how to handle him.'

'Now I think it's about time we all headed off to bed. Edith, you can't
drive home at this hour. You'll have to stay the night.'

'But Geoffrey will be waiting.'

'What for? To bonk you?'

'No, of course not. He never does that now. No, he'll just be waiting
up. Probably reading one of his books.'

'You mean the girlie ones,' Margot asked sarcastically but Edith didn't
catch the sarcasm.

'Oh, probably,' she said, her head hung in exasperation. Then she
looked up quickly. 'Oh, Jane,' she gasped.

'You have a daughter who sees almost everything you and your husband do,

'Oh, Jane, you knew too? Oh, dear.'

'Just ring him and say you are staying for the night,' Margot suggested.

Edith made the call. 'He's O.K.,' she told them.

'Good. Now Jane, you can take your mother to bed with you. It's time
she learned to love you properly,' Richard instructed.

'Me? With my daughter? Oh, no.'

'You will not only do it, Edith. You will do everything Jane tells you
to, and you will enjoy it. Then in the morning we all want to hear from
your own lips just what you did. Now do as you're told.' Richard dismissed
her firmly.

'Come, Mummy, I know you will enjoy our love. Come.' She pulled her
near naked mother to her feet and they walked hand in hand.

Chapter Twenty One

When they entered the bedroom, Edith immediately saw the double bed in
the middle of the room.

'Jane, I don't think this is a good idea. After all, I am your mother.
It's not natural.'

'Oh, Mommy, don't be such an old stick in the mud. I know you've made
love to Roger and Margot and Richard. That one made my eyes bulge with
envy. And you've done it with Margot. I know you enjoyed every moment of
those sessions. After all, Daddy doesn't give you any pleasure these days,
I can just tell. Does he make love to you at all these days?'

'Not for a long time,' she admitted candidly. 'But that's got nothing
to do with having sex with my own daughter. That's incest and lesbianism.'

'We are both adults and we both want to do it, isn't that so? You do
want to touch me, Mummy, don't you?'

She bowed her head and thought for a long while. 'I do, my darling.
Very much. But deep down inside I know I shouldn't. Oh, I don't know what
to do.'

'Just be quiet and stop feeling guilty. Remember what Richard said?
You have to do what I tell you and I'm telling you to make love to me. Now
stand still and feel what I'm doing.'

The daughter raised her hands and gently closed her mother's eyelids.
Then she pressed her lips firm and softly against her mother's, one hand on
her mother's neck to hold her firmly, the other, cupping one of the naked
breasts pressing towards her.

'I love you, Mummy,' she whispered in Edith's ear. 'Put your arms
around me and kiss me.'

Soon both women were embracing, holding each other with love in their
hearts. Jane's arms moved around her mother's back and gently began to
massage the naked flesh, leaving trails of tingling sensation on Edith's
skin as fingers roamed, touching, squeezing, massaging. She moved to
Edith's bottom cheeks and began to rotate her fingertips in ever-widening
circles around the firm pubes, occasionally running down the crease as far
as she could reach, to return to the circles that were beginning to stir
sexual sensations throughout Edith's body. Sensations that were centred
deep inside her vagina.

Jane finally withdrew her arm and stepped slightly back from her mother,
Edith's arms still circling Jane's waist. Jane cupped her mother's face in
both hands and kissed her tenderly, pushing her tongue deep inside Edith's
mouth, saliva's mixing, loving sensations, and ardour rising within each

'Oh, Jane, you make me feel like I've never felt before. Oh dear, your
father never made me feel like this. I love you, Jane darling.' Edith's
arms fell to her sides as the sensations built up inside and brought her
near fever pitch.

Jane stepped back a little further and let her hands run down her
mother's shoulders, around the edges of her breasts and back to finally cup
upthrusting bosoms, finger and thumb encircling each pointed nipple. Jane
leaned down and took one teat between her lips, licking, nuzzling, sucking and nipping it between her teeth. She annoyed the other teat in the same
way, massaging the breast that was not being kissed, with her other hand.

'I've got to sit down,' Edith gasped, quite overcome with emotion and
sexual stress.

'No! Stand still, I haven't finished.'

Jane knelt down, letting her fingers trail down her mother's waist to
cup the bottom cheeks once again, bottom cheeks clad in such fine material
that Jane could plainly see her mother's pubic hair beneath the knickers.

She began to draw the only garment Edith wore, down her legs, pressing
her lips to the hairy mound, as it was uncovered. The panties were dropped
to the floor and Edith raised a foot to release them.

'Open your legs further, Mummy.'

Edith's vagina opened in front of Jane's eyes, the bright pink flesh of
the inner lips glistening in the soft light.

'Oh, Mummy, you look so beautiful down there.'

Her lips pressed forward and she kissed the tender flesh, feeling the
body warmed moistness. Her tongue ran along one side of her mother's pussy lips, returning down the other. Edith's knees buckled and she almost

Jane stood up to steady her mother.

'I really have to sit down,' Edith mumbled.

'Soon, Mummy, first you'll have to undress me seeing as how I had to
undress you,' she looked coyly at her mother. 'It might surprise you too.'

'You've made me so weak,' Edith said. 'But I can do that.' She too
looked back into her daughter's eyes with a knowing smile.

'There's only one zipper,' Jane explained. 'Right down the front.'

Edith clasped the zip and drew it down the full length of the dress. As
the garment opened Edith gasped with the realisation that her daughter wore
no underwear at all.

'We're not allowed to have anything underneath,' she explained. 'It
lets anyone who wants to feel us up or have sex, easy access to the
important bits.'

'Oh,' was all Edith could think to say as she surveyed her twenty-two
year old daughter's naked body.

'Do you notice anything else?'


'Look down.'

'What do you mean?'

'My pussy, see, no hair. I have to keep it hairless because it makes me
look younger.'

'It looks just like when you were a young child,' Edith smirked.

'That's the kind of female they like to have sex with in their
imagination. Feels sexy though, especially when I masturbate.'

'Can I?' Edith cupped her daughter's love mound, and ran a thumb over
the smooth skin.

'It does indeed feel sexy. Oh, what am I saying?'

'Just being honest, Mom. By the way, Richard and Roger will probably
want you to stay hairless too. All the women are except Margot. She's the
oldest and gets special privilege in that regard.'

'Well I think I'm a little older, so maybe I'll get that privilege

Jane giggled. 'Nah, Go hairless, it feels great, especially in silk

They embraced again and soon found themselves lying across the bed,
still in each other's arms, kissing, giggling, and poking at flesh neither
had ever imagined they would ever be poking.

Jane's hand cupped her mother's quim and the older woman shuddered as
the middle finger began to insinuate between the open crease and into
Edith's vaginal entrance. Jane's thumb then came into play as it molested
the now swollen clitoris, making Edith gasp in pleasure.

They lay side by side, looking into each other's eyes, smiling a smile
of contentment at each other. Jane had her arm under Edith's neck, and
pulled her mother's face towards her.

'Kiss my breasts, Mummy.'

Edith began to realise her daughter called her different names under
different circumstances. "Mom" was when she was talking matter of factly
about something that wasn't sex related. "Mommy" was when they were
discussing personal or sexual things and "Mummy" was when she was actually
engaged in some sexual activity. Edith found this stimulating and she
began to watch for the different names.

But right now, with the thrilling sensations tingling deep within her,
she found it not difficult at all to place her lips around one of her
daughter's pert nipples, gently sucking and stroking the hard point with
her tongue.

'That feels so good, Mummy.'

She sucked deeper and a substantial portion of the breast entered her
mouth, tongue urgently licking the tip, worrying the hardness. She cupped
the other breast with her hand, gently squeezing and massaging the soft
pliant mound.

'Oh, Mummy, you do that so beautifully.' She giggled and added, 'I
wonder what Daddy would say if he knew.'

Edith released the nipple from between her lips and half sat up.

'Goodness, don't even think such things. He probably wouldn't say
anything, just fall down dead with a heart attack.'

'I'll bet if he got the chance he'd do just what you're doing.'

'As long as he thought he would get away with it he probably would. But
he's so scared of losing his position, he would probably just run away.'

Jane changed positions and straddled her mother's torso, knees each side
of her waist, and bent down to take he mother's nipple between her lips.
Then with both hands, she caressed the mammaries such gentleness only
another woman could give.

Edith closed her eyes and lay still, enjoying what she felt.

Jane moved again, turning herself around so she sat facing her mother's
vulva. She slid her knees backwards and both women were soon in the
traditional sixty-nine position, Jane making the first move by placing her
mouth over the wet pussy lips in front of her. She soon felt Edith
reciprocate, Edith placing a pillow under her neck to give herself easier
access to the liquid vagina staring down at her.

In all her life, Edith had never participated in any lesbian activity,
but almost by instinct, knew what she must do. Her tongue protruded as far
as it could into her daughter's pussy, lathing the tender flesh with her
saliva, hoping the pleasure she was giving the young girl above her, was
something like she was experiencing from Jane's ministrations.

They both found it difficult to keep up the pace of tonguing each other,
both experiencing oncoming climaxes and having to breath fast and deeply
while at the same time trying to give the other as much pleasure as they
could. Edith began to gasp and then cried out first as her whole body
reacted, bucking and jerking uncontrollably. Jane held her mother's
buttocks as tight as she could so the entrance wasn't wrenched from her
mouth too often. Edith felt her daughter's rear end beginning to tremble
too, and she clasped her mouth all the tighter, thrusting her tongue hard
at the swollen clitoris which she had been concentrating on for some time.

Jane came. Muscular spasms straightened her knees, which clenched her
mother's head firmly and stopped Edith from continuing. The young girl cried out loudly, the thrill of orgasm taking total control of her body

Her climax was long and sensuous, filling her being with the most
magnificent of pleasures. Nothing feels as good as this she told herself.
'Oh, Mummy, it feels so good.'

Then Edith reached her point of no return for a second time, the nervous
twinges building within her so she could not control the screaming that was
heard throughout the house. Edith too, knew this sexual encounter had
given her the most intense pleasure of her life.

Both women went limp as they soaked up the slowly diminishing feelings
that had been transmitted through their bodies. Jane finally turned
herself around and laid down beside her mother, now her lover too.

'Was it nice for you, Mummy? You made me feel better than any other
time I ever came. I will remember this time for ever, it was so good.' She
kissed her mother gently and lovingly on the lips, laying her face against
Edith's in lethargical fulfilment.

'I can't tell you just how wonderful you made me feel, my dear,' Edith
said. 'It gave me the greatest pleasure I have ever felt. Oh, to think we
could have done this to each other for so many years if only we had known.
You were beautiful to me, darling. Thank you.'

Jane looked into her mother's face and giggled. 'You are covered with
my pussy juices. Your face is all wet and you smell just like my vagina does when I take my fingers out.' She leaned over and licked her mother dry.

'You are just the same. Hold still.' Edith reciprocated, smiling all
the time she was cleaning her daughter's face.

When they went downstairs to breakfast, the rest of the family were
already together, talking and laughing. Richard looked up and said,
'Behold, our incestuous lovers have emerged.'

Edith's face turned red as they all looked at them, but especially as
she thought, at her. Jane came to her aid.

'Well she is my mother and she hasn't seen me for a whole week. Of
course she wanted to show me how much she missed me. Didn't you, Mom?'

'Oh, I suppose it was something like that.'

'I think it was quite different to that,' Roger stated. 'In fact,
Edith, from the noises we heard coming from your bedroom, I do believe you
gave each other a gigantic orgasm and I'll bet you enjoyed every moment of
it. Isn't that the truth?'

'You heard everything? Oh.'

'Not just heard, my dear,' Margot told her. 'Your door was open just as
it must always be in this house and we couldn't help but take a little

'So, Edith, you did enjoy the pleasure of your daughter's body, is that
right?' Richard asked this time.

'You all know so it's useless denying it. I'm so ashamed.'

'Mom, that's terrible. You know you loved it just as much as I did, so
don't be ashamed. I am so proud of what we did, I could tell the whole

'No, you mustn't,' Edith mumbled.

'We have no intention of that, Edith,' Margot assured her. 'But we do
think it's time that you became completely open before us, your own family now, about your sexuality.'

'I agree,' Richard said. 'Let's adjourn to the study. Edith has just
one more test to complete before she can be admitted as a family member.'

When they had assembled, Edith found she and her daughter was left
standing while the others were all sitting in the large comfortable
armchairs. Virginia who had not said a word since she and Jane had joined
them, sat still, taking in everything that was happening.

'Firstly, Edith,' Richard spoke. 'We want to see you undress your
daughter. Everything off and do it slowly. We all enjoy seeing Jane being
made naked before us.'

Edith looked embarrassed but Jane looked at her in anticipation. mother reached out and began to undo button and zipper, raising the frock over
Jane's head. Jane then, with arms outstretched, did a slow pirouette to
let all see she had on only flimsy underwear, so flimsy that her hairless
mound and nipples were quite visible through the thin material.

mother then removed the remaining garments, leaving the twenty-three
year old naked before them. Another full turn to let all see her charms, a
wide smile of understanding on her face, and Jane came to stand in front of
her mother.

'Kiss me, Mummy. Kiss me just like last night, and cup my boobs.'

All Edith saw was her daughter and lover before her now, the smile
enticing her to proceed further. The others in the room were of little
significance at this moment, as she cupped one of her daughter's breasts,
the other hand around Jane's neck as she pulled her close in a sexual
embrace. Lips and tongues entwined and the lovers took their pleasure

Quietness. No-one spoke, just looked on. Enjoying the incestuous
embrace, allowing the couple to make their own pace. Finally they parted,
a heavy sigh coming from Edith lips.

Roger stepped behind Edith and began to undress her, caressing the older woman through her clothes, nibbling her neck. Edith simply stood still as
her excitement rose. When she too was naked, Roger motioned her to lay
down on the ottoman couch and Jane, without any bidding, then knelt over
her mother in the sixty-nine position. Jane began to kiss her mother's
vulva, licking and pecking at the tender pink flesh. Edith began to
reciprocate but soon found a pair of legs straddling her face and a large
penis aimed directly at her daughter's vaginal opening.

The sex organ was not large enough for Richard's so she knew Roger was
kneeling above her, ready to impale her daughter. Jane raised her behind
to give him better access and Edith watched in amazement as she saw the
penis enter it's rightful place and then began thrusting deeply in and out.
Never before had Edith seen this act so intimately. She could see the
juices build up around the thick pole and turn frothy white, occasionally
dripping onto her neck and chin.

Both Jane and Roger were nearing their climaxes, their cries and groans
intensified. Finally, Roger let out an animal-like grunt and his whole
body shook as he ejaculated into his sex partner. His thrusting continued
however and soon Jane screamed loudly as though in agony and her body
shuddered in orgasm.

She finally lowered her bottom so her vulva lay on Edith's chin. Only
then did Roger withdraw, sliding his penis back and over Edith's nose and
forehead before he rose.

Edith heard a small voice in her ear.

'Suck, Edith. Suck all his spunk out of your daughter's pussy. Don't
spill a drop.'

She did just as Roger had instructed, clamping her mouth over the gaping
entrance, tasting the sticky sperm as it oozed into her mouth. She began
to suck and lick and knew Jane was taking pleasure from what she was doing
by way her daughter moved. She clasped her hands over Jane's bottom
cheeks, continuing to suck the juices from within.

Finally, Jane turned and sat up on the edge of the couch, a leg still
resting over her mother's middle.

'You were very good, Mom,' she said. 'I didn't think you would do it
when they started, but you passed with flying colours. Didn't she?' She
looked around the room. They all agreed Edith had earned her place in the

After a round of kissing and hugging, during which Edith felt Virginia
squeezing her breast in silence, Richard took her hands, helping her to

'The only condition that you enter by is that nothing is taboo.
Nothing. Do you agree to that, Edith?'

'I think so.'

'That is not good enough. You must agree without doubt. You may ask
anything of us and we can ask of anything from you. Now, do you accept.'

'Yes, Richard, I do accept.'

'Good. Now everyone, I have an announcement. Amber is in the early
stages of labour and Roger and I are taking her to hospital...' They mobbed
him before he had the chance to finish. A horde of women all trying to hug
him at once was quite a sight and he took some time to untangle himself.

'Wait,' he shouted. 'Just let me finish. You can all wish her well as
she comes downstairs, but keep it a little quiet, can we? It's not the
best of times to get crushed in a gaggle of kissing women.'

They all laughed, understanding, but the excitement of the prospect of
the first baby to be born within the family, remained.

Roger remained cool.

'We don't know how long we'll be, could be a few hours or all day and
night. I'll ring when we know what's happening. Meanwhile, with Edith
going home to her husband, you're three sexy women. I'm sure you'll find
something to fill in your time.

'Very funny, Roger,' Margot said sarcastically

Chapter Twenty Two

The phone rang at three o'clock the next morning, and Margot lifted the
receiver. Jane and Virginia slept soundly beside her.


'It's a boy,' Richard said.

'Oh, that's wonderful, Richard. Are they well?'

'And a girl.'

'What? What did you say?'

'She's had twins, a boy and a girl. They are all good. Amber's fine
and want's to come home already, but yes, they're all fine. Oh, Margot, I
can't tell you how happy I am. And Roger. You should see Roger. You'd
think he was the father.' Then he hesitated. 'He's not, is he?'

'I promise you, Richard dear, he never had a chance to poke your little
wife until after we knew she was pregnant, so you can hold the claim to
fatherhood. Just tell her we all love her and are thrilled at the news.
I'll wake the girls and tell them. Then I think we'll all make love.'

'Lucky Margot, enjoy yourselves. Don't know when we'll be home. Love

Margot woke the sleeping nymphets beside her and after their excitement
died down she revitalised it again by making love with them until they all
fell asleep exhausted and replete. Margot began to understand just how
passionate Jane could be when in a state of sexual excitement.

In the morning, both girls demanded another round of sexual favours
before they let her rise. She laid between them, all naked, and fingered
their pussies to orgasm. They both then took a nipple between their lips
and sucked while they inserted their fingers inside her sensitive entrance.

'I like sex with women,' Jane declared after Margot had recovered.

'Me too,' stated Virginia, as she nuzzled into her mother's neck.

They then made plans for a right royal welcome for when the men came

As it turned out, neither man returned home that day. Richard decided
to stay with Amber and enjoyed the thrill of being a parent for the first
time. The babies were at Amber's side for most of the day and both parents revelled in their new role, cuddling and feeding. Both enjoyed the site of
Amber breast-feeding, and Amber made no attempt to cover up while the
babies suckled, much to the chagrin of nursing sister.

Amber poo-pooed her protestations but Richard simply reminded the
uniformed woman that these exposed breasts were his wife's and he had
sucked on these nipples for far longer than these babies were ever likely
to. Amber giggled as the nurse hurried from the room, red-faced.

Richard leaned over and whispered in Amber's ear that he was thirsty and
it was about time for his 'feed'.

'Don't be greedy. If I let you have a go you'll drain them dry. Just
wait until I get home then there'll be plenty. Our wet-nurse will provide
for the babies, so you and Roger can taste to your heart's content. Come
to think of it, the girls will probably want a turn too.'

Roger too, remained at the hospital, making sure no untoward symptoms
showed up. He had the nursing staff bring Amber's charts after every
recording was made and neither Richard or Amber was aware of the intensive
care being given by him in the background. Amber's delivery was as good as
any doctor could wish and she was to find herself on the way home in just
four days.

Both Roger and Richard kept Margot and the girls informed, and the three
kept themselves entertained without any trouble. It was Virginia's idea
that they were to remain naked until the first man returned and this was to
be his surprise. Then Jane decided that if they were to be unclothed, then
so should Joanne when she served their meals, but Mellors was not to have
the pleasure of seeing their nakedness.

Margot decided that as this was Jane's idea, she had to explain their
requirements to Joanne herself.

'O.K. But do you think she will agree?'

'She will obey. She hasn't any choice'

'Alright, then let's see.'

She rang and soon Joanne was standing before them, knowing something was
about to happen the moment she saw them undressed.

'Joanne, we have decided to remain naked while all the men are away.'

'Yes, Miss,' she acknowledged, knowing more was to come.

'Firstly, you must make sure Mellors does not intrude on our privacy and
secondly, as you will be among us constantly, we have decided that you
should be dressed likewise. Do you understand?'

'Yes, Miss. I will undress and return.'

'Wait,' Jane stopped her. 'First I need to ask you something. What are
you wearing underneath your dress?' The maidservant hesitated, looking for
guidance from Margot. Finally, she replied, 'Blue underwear, Miss. I'm
sorry it is not very exciting but I wasn't told to wear anything more

'That's O.K., Joanne. Perhaps you will remove your clothes here, then
you won't have the problem of trying to describe them to us.'

'Yes, Miss.'

She began to remove the garments, slowly and self-consciously, looking
at each of the three women from time to time. They all saw what Joanne had
meant by nothing exciting, for the knickers were large, covering her entire
posterior, and the bra, plain with no lace to give even the slightest hint
of a nipple through the fabric.

Margot came to her help as she moved behind the flustered woman and
undid the tight bra clip. She covered the exposed breasts with her hands
and then slid them beneath to lift them upwards.

'See how large they are girls.' And then in a softer voice in Joanne's
ear, 'And they are very kissable.' With that she kissed her on the neck and
knelt down to remove the last of her clothes.

Virginia sucked in her breath as she saw that Joanne too, was hairless
in her pubic region. 'Oh, Joanne, you've lost your hair down there too. I
think hairless is best, don't you? It's so smooth.'

'Yes, Miss. Now that I've got used to it.'

'Does your husband like it like that,' Jane asked.

'I think so, Miss. He says it's easier to lick... Oh, I'm sorry,
Miss.' She had turned scarlet at the thought of telling this young girl such intimate details.

'You can tell us, Joanne. So he likes to lick your pussy without any
hair, is that true?' Jane liked the thought of being able to press her for
such private details.

'Yes, Miss.'

'And you enjoy it? Does it make you come?'

'Only if he keeps doing it, Miss. Sometimes he finishes too soon for

'What does he like doing to you the most, Joanne?' Virginia asked this
question with almost a giggle.

'Oh, Miss, I couldn't...' She looked to Margot for guidance but got
little comfort. Finally she gave in. 'Miss, he likes to use my back
passage but it does hurt me so.'

'You mean he pushes his cock up your backside? God, that's ... What do
they call it, Mom?'

'It's called sodomy, and you know very well men want to do that to their
women, you little fiend. Joanne's man is no different.' Margot smiled at
Joanne as she then asked, 'And what do you like the best when you have sex,
my dear?' She was indeed aware of the maid's unease.

'Oh, Mistress, what a thing to ask, it's so very personal.'

'Of course it is, my dear. That's why we want you to tell us. After
all, you are here as our servant are you not? I'm sure that Master Richard
would require you to answer immediately, or would you prefer the

'Oh, no, Mistress.'


'Oh, I know I must tell. It... It's just that I receive the most
pleasure by myself. I know it shouldn't be so but it's the truth.'

'I masturbate too, Joanne,' Jane confided. 'But there are other ways to
enjoy sex.' She looked quickly at the others. 'Gosh, here am I so new to
anything to do with sex and I'm trying to tell you. Well anyway, I like to
have sex with other women. They are gentle and know how to make me feel so
good.' She considered this for a moment and added, 'But then again, I love
being fucked by a man, even though it's only happened twice.'

Even Joanne joined in the laughter at these revelations.

'I don't know what you're talking about,' Virginia said, adding, 'Seeing
as how I'm still a virgin and all. But I can't wait until someone sticks
his cock inside me. Oops, sorry Mom.'

'Just make sure you do wait, young lady. But I know what you mean. Sex
is something to enjoy and look forward to.'

'When did your husband have sex with you last, Joanne?' Jane asked.

'Just this morning, Miss.'

'Did you come?'

'No. He didn't wait for me.'

'He doesn't sound very considerate,' Jane commiserated.

'Not always, Miss, but sometimes he is very nice.'

'Well, what I say is we have four pussies and four mouths here right
now. Why don't we make use of them?'

They all thought it was a great idea. Jane made sure Margot sucked her
pussy and she pulled Joanne onto the floor where she placed her lips over
the maid's shaven vulva and pressed her tongue deeply inside. Virginia
completed the circle, closing her legs around Joanne's face as she began to
lick her mother's warm and wet pussy.

Joanne came first, obviously the result of pent up needs from this
morning and soon the others began to enter into the ecstasy of climaxing.
They had no idea how long they participated but if anyone had been looking
on they would have known more than two hours had elapsed, and no one had
changed partners or pussies.

Finally, Margot broke the chain and bade Joanne to stand before them.
Then at their bidding, Joanne reached down and clasped her hands around her
shins, exposing her genitalia openly.

Margot reached out and took a finger from each of the girls, and with
her own, prodded the brown sphincter with the thickness of three fingers.

'Don't move,' the wriggling woman was told.

'You're hurting,' she complained.

'Not as much as if you don't stay still,' Margot reminded her.

Margot removed the fingers and with her other hand smothered the tight
opening with her saliva. She replaced the three fingers and told Joanne to
push as though she were sitting on the toilet. With that, the clump of
fingers slid smoothly inside, stopped only by the much larger clump of
hands on the end of the fingers.

'Just pretend this is your husband having his evil way, Joanne. Now
what does he do next?'

'Oh, you're splitting me apart,' she complained but added, after
receiving a stinging slap on the posterior, 'He would now start to push in
and out, Mistress.'

'Like this?' Margot began to move the three digits in harmony.

'Yes, Mistress. Oh,' she added as one of the fingers began a circular
movement of it's own.

Margot inserted fingers from her other hand inside the troubled woman's
vagina, diddling her clitoris and quickly bringing her near to climaxing
yet again.

'Do you want to go all the way, Joanne?'

'Yes please, Mistress.'

'Good. Then you do the fucking. Fuck our fingers and maybe I'll keep
annoying your pussy.'

Joanne didn't hesitate, moving her rear end backwards and forwards on
the women's fingers, sweating as she worked, enjoying the sensations,
wanting Margot to keep doing what she was to her vagina. Finally, orgasm
overtook her, and she jerked so violently that both entrances were shaken
clear of the intruding fingers. Joanne cried out more in ecstasy than in
frustration and she managed to remain standing as her nervous shuddering
slowly subsided.

'Turn around,' Margot directed and immediately pointed the finger that
had massaged her vulva into the maid's mouth. 'Lick it clean.'

As that task was accomplished, the finger that came from the other
opening was thrust into her mouth. Joanne tasted the bitterness of her
rectal juices but continued until the taste had vanished. In turn the two
girls presented their soiled fingers for cleaning too and Joanne knew she
had to complete the task before she was to be released.

Finally she was made to kiss each of them passionately, a task that was
completed with enthusiasm by each woman.

The three women were dozing in each other's arms when Roger came home.
As one, they rose and marched downstairs arm-in-arm, still as naked as when
Joanne was with them.

'Daddy, you're home,' Virginia cried out with glee. 'Good. We've got a
surprise for you for looking after Amber so well.' They led Roger upstairs
to one of the bedrooms.

'Daddy,' Virginia said. 'Jane is going to let you suck her pussy. She
is all sexy and wet down there and you will like her taste.' Jane moved
onto the bed and straddled the tired doctor. He soon lost his tiredness as
the most beautiful of pussies brushed against his lips.

'Please enjoy me, Daddy,' Jane whispered. She pressed her vulva a
little closer as he opened his mouth to receive the warm wetness. His
tongue began to intrude.

Meanwhile, Virginia slid his cock into her mouth and began to lick and
suck her father's sensitive organ. By now it had grown hard and long,
thrusting towards the softness of her lips, allowing himself the pleasure
of this young girl's love.

Margot came into his view as she sat in front of Jane, and began to kiss
the young woman passionately. Then moving down, she placed her lips near
his ear and whispered dirty suggestions to him.

'Suck her, Roger dear. Enjoy the taste of this young girl while I watch
you. Can you feel you own daughter sucking your cock. She wants you to
come inside her mouth. I know you like that almost as much as you want to
fuck her maiden pussy. It won't be long, darling. And when you've broken
through that maidenhead you can fuck her in the arse once she's lost that
cherry. Imagine that. First her mouth, then her pussy and then her tight
little bum-hole. You get to use any hole you want.'

And then her demeanour changed.

'I'm missing out here, you bastard,' she sneered. 'Two young girl's are
having sex with you and all I can do is talk dirty. Just remember, if you
come in your daughter's mouth before your second daughter has her climax,
I'm going to bite your cock off. Christ, imagine how much that'd hurt. So
keep on sucking Jane's cunt, you lucky bastard, and make sure she comes
soon. Oops, I think you've just succeeded. Feel her shuddering? I can
see an orgasm coming on. She's jerking. Hold on to her, don't let her
clit go. Good. That's the way. Keep annoying her little love button.
Nip it between your teeth. Not too hard. Just enough to push her over the
edge into pleasure.'

Then to Jane she called out, 'Come now, darling. Use his tongue and

Jane's face had turned bright red, with beads of perspiration forming on
her forehead. She was past the point of no return, gasping for breath,
groaning as though she was in great pain, yet with nothing but pleasure
being received. Legs tense and quivering as the centre of her orgasm burst
through her nervous system. Cries of relief, of pleasure, and then of joy
as her bodily pleasures subsided.

Margot reached over and hugged the young woman tightly, kissing away the
final throes of sensation. lesbian kisses, tongues touching, saliva
mingling. They thought little of Roger who was being nearly smothered as
the two women kissed.

Virginia could feel her father's penis tighten and then the first surge
of semen hit the back of her tongue. She maintained her rocking movements
as he discharged inside her mouth, milking him of all he had to give.
Finally exhausted, his penis softening, and his body relaxing from the
pleasure his daughter had given. Despite the difficulty of breathing, he
simply relaxed, taking a breath when he could. Finally, Jane moved off his
face and sat near his side, still kissing Margot passionately on the lips.

Virginia sat at her mother's side and pushed the kissing women apart.
Without saying a word, she pressed her lips to her mother's and Margot felt
a large glob of slippery sperm flow into her mouth. In turn she kissed
Jane and transferred the remaining semen into the third girl's mouth.

'Look, Roger. Watch,' Margot directed him. He raised himself up on an
elbow as Margot brought Virginia's lips to one of Jane's breasts.

'Release it very slowly, Jane,' Margot told her.

Roger was amazed to see a steady stream of white semen fall from Jane's
mouth, down her chin onto the breast to be vacuumed into his daughter's
mouth. Not a drop was spilled and the two younger girls kissed each other
when the seminal exchange had finished. To complete the surprise, each
woman then kissed Roger long and hard, making sure he tasted his own sperm
on each of their lips in the process.

Later that day, Richard returned home after ninety-six hours solid at
the hospital. He was completely exhausted and they made no move to force
him into any sexual encounter. A simple kiss of congratulations from each
woman was all he could handle.

He hugged Roger. 'Thanks for watching over her, Rog. I knew you spent
much more time there than you needed to. It was good to know you were in
the background.'

'I just wanted to make sure she would make it back here without any
problems surfacing,' Roger said with great gallantry. 'I miss fucking
her.' They all laughed because they all knew he was really being modest.

Amber came home the next day, twins and the new Nanny with her.

Chapter Twenty Three

Roger decreed that vaginal penetration was forbidden to Amber for three
months from the day the twins were born. Richard didn't object because he
expected something like that. But when Roger also forbade Amber from any
sexual contact, even from her own hands for the first month, protests were
heard from all the family.

Edith had now permanently moved in with her new family, giving Geoffrey
the excuse that she was there to supervise the recovery of a very 'sick'
woman after a traumatic childbirth. He made no objection whatsoever.

Amber spent most of her time with the twins and the live-in Nanny,
sharing the feeding routines with the Nanny. Amber wanted her breasts to
continue producing milk well after the twins had been weaned because her
aim was to be the 'milk-cow' for all the family members once she was
allowed to begin sexual games again.

Amber and Sandra spoke a first name basis, Amber making sure there was
no mistress and servant attitude between them. In fact, it was the
family's choice to not make any sexual overtures towards Sandra, rather to
employ her simply as a Nanny, with the activities of the family remaining

Her background was thoroughly screened by Richard's sources and found to
be impeccable. She was an unmarried mother whose baby was stillborn, a
fact she had been aware of for nearly three months before the birth, and
she readily took up the offer to become the Nanny and wet-nurse to the
twins. The nursery was separated from the main house and there was no
chance Sandra could ever stray either by design or by mistake.

When Amber returned to the company of her family the first time, she was
pressed to describe Sandra's tit's, Roger being the main instigator with
the others joining in as a chorus.

'Well, I've got to disappoint you all, but I've never seen them,' she
explained with a smile spreading across her face. 'She keeps them covered
as though she was breast-feeding in the main street. I must say I've tried
to put her at ease by taking off my whole top and letting the babies go for
their lives, but she hasn't taken the hint yet. I think she's self
conscious because she blushes every time she has to feed and never looks at
me when I feed them.'

'But surely you can see how big they are?' Roger pressed.

'Oh, they're big enough, Roger darling,' she smiled. 'And you know how
our tits go when we're carrying milk so I suppose her nipples are large and
brown but I can't tell you any more. Of course, I could pretend if you

They urged Roger to shut his eyes and dream about how she looks and he
thought he might do that tonight. They were in a jovial mood and Amber
decided to bring some influence back into their diversions, even though she
wasn't allowed to take part.

'I haven't got much time, but tell me Richard dearest. How are you
coping without your number one wife to keep you satisfied?'

'I miss the pussy and look forward to the bottom but despite all that my
love, there are now four other wives who are providing many diversions.
Now take Edith here...'

'Oh, yes please,' Edith giggled embarrassed at what might be coming.

'Well Edith here learned that she has no less that six openings with
which to pleasure her men, and she used every one on me last night. Didn't
you, Edith dear?'

She was more than embarrassed, a gasp of air sucked deeply into her
lungs as she blushed. 'Oh, Richard.'

'You must explain, Edith,' Amber pressed and the others urged her on as

'Come on, Edith. No secrets between us now. Describe how you pleasured
me last night.'

'I know none of you are going to let me off,' she sighed. 'Well first,
Richard started by masturbating between my breasts.'

'And good tits they are for that too,' he interrupted.

'Then I used one of my hands until he almost came. When he'd calmed
down he started to have normal sex...'

'What's normal sex in this house?' Roger laughed, making Edith more

'Be quiet Roger,' Margot demanded.

'Well, he began to have sex inside my vagina...'

'You mean he fucked your cunt.'

'I suppose that's right, but he still didn't come. Them he made me use
my other hand as soon as it came out of my pussy so it was all slippery and
I think that gave him a lot of pleasure.'

'Damn right it did.'

Edith then fell silent but was urged on by Amber who was enjoying the
older woman's discomfort at having to describe their lovemaking to
Richard's real wife.

'And then, Edith?'

'Oh! Well, then it was my turn to use my mouth and I sucked him until
he almost came in it. He called out just in time, I think, didn't you,

'I admit it was close. You nearly got me, but not quite.'

'No, not quite and then you made me use opening number six.'

'I can't wait to hear this,' Roger smirked.

'And I'm sure you know exactly what he did then. Yes, he rolled my onto
my hands and knees and took me doggy style. At least that's what he called


'Now Edith, you know we all want to hear exactly what happened.'

'Oh, but the girls,' she blanched.

'They probably want to hear more that anyone, isn't that so, ladies?'
They both agreed.

'Wait, Edith. I think it would be best if you showed us, so we can
fully appreciated how you went about pleasuring the man,' Margot
interjected and produced a rubber dildo, substantially smaller that
Richard's erect manhood.

'No...' But she knew she would.

'Had he made you naked by then?'

'Yes,' she answered with anguish. "I was naked the whole time."

'Then let's not delay.'

As with all the women, she wore a skirt and blouse, which were quickly
removed to show her total nakedness beneath, to the extent that all pubic,
breast and underarm hair was absent also. Amber had not seen her in this
fashion before and was most impressed at the stature of this, the eldest of
the family females. Despite her forty-eight years, breasts were firm and
taut, as was the rest of her body. Little sign of looseness could be seen
and Edith was more than pleased that she had remained fit throughout her
life, not knowing that her daily exercises would eventually pay off this

She stood before them, too embarrassed to think of what to do next.

'You said he turned you onto your hands and knees?' Amber asked as a

'Yes.' She knew what was expected of her now and knelt down on the

Margot stood behind her now. 'What next, Edith?'

'Then he pushed himself inside and began to...'

'And began to what?'

'Fuck me,' she whimpered. 'He fucked me in my bottom hole.' Her head
was bent in shame.

'Have you ever been fucked in your backside before, Edith?' Margot asked

'Never. Not even with a finger.'

'You are holding the cock, so show us what happened. Was he holding
onto your hips like this?' Margot was now holding the embarrassed woman's
hips tightly.


'And he inserted his cock inside?'


'Well, you have the cock. Insert it.' Margot felt her passions rising
as she directed Edith firmly.

Both girls looked on, eyes agog. They saw Edith first suck the head of
the rubber phallus and move it between her spread legs until the tip
pressed into her rear opening. Margot assisted to direct it straight but
it was Edith who pressed it inside her own rectum, tentatively at first and
then as it slipped in easily, with more assurance.

Margot flicked a small switch on the end and the vibrator sprang to
life, causing Edith to jump.

'Did he come in there, Edith? Shoot all his spunk inside your bottom


'And then?'

'Then he rolled me on my side with his cock still inside me, clutched my
breasts and held me tightly and then told me to go to sleep.'

'And did you?'

'I did and I think Richard did too, because we were just like that when
I woke up. He did it the same way again this morning. I'm sorry Amber,
but I did enjoy it, especially the second time.'

'Don't apologise, Edith. He's your husband just as much as he is ours
now. I hope he gave you an orgasm?' She spoke this as a question.

'Twice this morning, although only he reached a climax last night.' She
was now feeling more relaxed as the details flowed from her lips, and
seeing that Amber wasn't put off one little bit because of the tale she

Richard laid back in his chair with an air of smugness.

'Damn it all, Richard. You got to take Jane's cherry, then Edith's and
now Edith's anal cherry. That's not fair, and we didn't even get to watch
a maidenhead being taken.'

'It was just one of those things,' he explained nonchalantly. 'By the
way, Edith, have you expelled my discharges?'

'It's all still inside me,' she smiled sheepishly.

'When that imitation cock slipped in so easily, I thought you hadn't.'

'Well all things considered, Edith. You've done very nicely for
yourself so far,' Margot declared. 'All your maidenheads taken, orgasms
and lots of new experiences. I think the prick can stay inside you until
the batteries run out.' Everyone thought that was a good idea.

She wandered naked about the house for more that four hours, making sure
the instrument never slipped out, before the batteries stopped. To her
amazement, several orgasms or near orgasms shuddered through her system
during that time. Anal intercourse had become almost as pleasurable as the
real thing and she wondered what it would be like if a man was inserted in
there at the same time as one was having normal sex with her.

When they had settled down again, Richard told them he had an
announcement to make. Eagerly they listened, because Richard's
announcements were always exciting.

'Amber has just two month's to go before she gets to open her legs for
us again, and just after that great event, our dear Virginia turns
eighteen, which in itself will be a festive occasion.'

'I can't wait,' the young girl cried for joy.

'Neither can I,' Amber added.

'Nor I,' Roger stated with glee.

'I'm sure all of us are waiting in anticipation,' Richard agreed. 'But
wait we must, and now that Amber can participate except for the real thing,
sorry dear, I believe we will combine both events with a great feast, in
fact a week of feasting and loving, culminating with four maidenheads being
offered and taken.'

'Four?' Several questioned.

'First and foremost, Virginia will present herself for sacrifice of her
most sacred possession and then three anal openings are to be broken in.
Amber, Jane and Virginia will all present themselves for their final

'Oh, God, a feast of deflowering as well as food,' Roger declared.

'Precisely,' Richard agreed, 'and even though it's still two months
away, we need to start planning. Agreed?'

They did, enthusiastically.

'Roger naturally, is promised Virginia's pussy, and I will have the
pleasure of debasing Amber's pretty little backside.'

'Oh, my goodness,' Amber cried in mock terror. 'He'll kill me with his
monster,' and she held the back of her hand to her forehead in despair.

'As I said, I'll take Amber's rear entrance,' Richard continued, smiling
at his wife's antics. 'That leaves just the two girls.'

'One for you and one or me, eh Rich?' Roger said slyly.

'I was rather thinking along the lines of Margot and Edith deflowering
their own daughters, Roger,' he explained. 'Sorry.'

Before Roger could object, both mothers declared the idea as acceptable
and excellent, realising they would be using either fingers or other
devices to achieve the task. The matter was settled there and then and
they all went into a clutch of hugging, despite Roger's disappointment.

'Afterwards, I am taking you all on a holiday.' He held his hands up.
'Don't ask where, it's secret. Won't be for long as Amber needs to be back
with the twins, but it will be a good break after a week of debauchery.
And when we return, I have another surprise. A big one, but don't even
think of asking what. It's a secret too.'

'After that,' he went on. 'We still have to devise a way to bring
Geoffrey and Phillip into the fold. We two men are being worn out with all
the demands you women put on our bodies.'

'Oh, you poor darlings,' Amber cooed.

'Yes, well you may think it's funny. But then we'll be a full family.
Four men, five women and two babies, all fucking one another. Babies
excepted, of course,' he added.

Planning for all these events began in earnest, priority being given to
the week of loving and feasting. Richard told then he would need to be
away for most of the time leading up to the week but would be home most

The family was in a state of excitement as each one was given their
tasks to put the festivities together.


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