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Archived Sex Stories

Family Fantasy Book 3


Firstly the usual stuff
This novel covers a wide range of explicit sexual practices, so if you
are offended in any way by stories with strong sexual content that you
may consider abhorrent were it practiced in real life, please cease
reading now and delete the file.
If you are under 18, you have no right to read any further and MUST
delete NOW!
This story is Copyright by the author who retains all rights whatsoever
over publication in any form. It must not be published on any pay-site
or used in any publication for profit without the author's written
approval. The file may be reposted to Newsgroups but must not be
changed in any way, must be posted in its entirety and must contain
this note "FROM THE AUTHOR" in full.
All names are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person,
either living or dead.
Most stories by the author are book-length size and the first chapter
or two are usually taken up "setting the scene" so to speak. If they
are not read or given just cursory glance, the atmosphere that is
intended may well be lost on the reader. Anticipation of what is to
come can give as much joy as "getting there".
All my stories are archived at
where you will find zipped files in MS Word9 and Text formats and
uncompressed Text format.
I would indeed appreciate comments and constructive suggestions and may
be contacted at

FAMILY FANTASY © February 2002

Sexual Fantasy Fiction
By Writer'sCramp

Synopsis Book Three:
The final book in this trilogy. Edith and Jane become full-time
residents and several maidenheads are offered and taken. All move
in to secluded mansion built secretly by wealthy leader, Richard and
Edith's husband is coerced into the family, taking on the role of
family high priest, a task he quickly begins to relish. Geoff and
Edith's son, Phillip is 'trained' in a FemDom roll by the two younger
girls who relish their task, eventually bringing the youth into full
membership. Final members are inducted, the wife and pre-teen daughter
of Geoff's hated nemesis the head elder in his old so-called church.
This book in a small way delves into the less accepted practices of
human relationships, so readers should be warned of this aspect. As
you will see from the sudden ending, there is much room for subsequent
volumes but I have no intention of going down that path at present –
too many other stories await completion.

Richard Simmons, wealthy businessman
Amber now aged 20, wife of Richard
Cynthia, Amber's fantasy alter-ego
Roger Wright, medical doctor
Margot Wright, wife of Roger
Virginia, aged 18, daughter of Roger and Margot
Geoff Higrave, ex-vicar, repressed but learns to adapt
Edith Higrave, wife of local parson, aged 48
Jane Higrave, aged 22, daughter of Edith
Phillip Higrave, aged 15, wimpish and easily led
Arthur and Joanne Mellors, Butler & Housemaid
Alice Koning, aged 29, wife of Geoff's church elder
Jessica (Jessie) Koning, her daughter aged nearly 10

Final segment from Book Two:
'I'm sure all of us are waiting in anticipation,' Richard agreed. 'But
wait we must, and now that Amber can participate except for the real thing,
sorry dear, I believe we will combine both events with a great feast,
in fact a week of feasting and loving, culminating with four maidenheads
being offered and taken.'
'Four?' Several questioned.
'First and foremost, Virginia will present herself for sacrifice of her
most sacred possession and then three anal openings are to be broken in.
Amber, Jane and Virginia will all present themselves for their final
'Oh, God, a feast of deflowering as well as food,' Roger declared.
'Precisely,' Richard agreed, 'and even though it's still two months
away, we need to start planning. Agreed?'
They did, enthusiastically.
'Roger naturally, is promised Virginia's pussy, and I will have the
pleasure of debasing Amber's pretty little backside.'
'Oh, my goodness,' Amber cried in mock terror. 'He'll kill me with
his monster,' and she held the back of her hand to her forehead in despair.
'As I said, I'll take Amber's rear entrance,' Richard continued,
smiling at his wife's antics. 'That leaves just the two girls.'
'One for you and one or me, eh Rich?' Roger said slyly.
'I was rather thinking along the lines of Margot and Edith
deflowering their own daughters, Roger,' he explained. 'Sorry.'
Before Roger could object, both mothers declared the idea as
acceptable and excellent, realising they would be using either fingers or
other devices to achieve the task. The matter was settled there and then
and they all went into a clutch of hugging, despite Roger's disappointment.
'Afterwards, I am taking you all on a holiday.' He held his hands up.
'Don't ask where, it's secret. Won't be for long as Amber needs to be back
with the twins, but it will be a good break after a week of debauchery. And
when we return, I have another surprise. A big one, but don't even think of
asking what. It's a secret too.'
'After that,' he went on. 'We still have to devise a way to bring
Geoffrey and Phillip into the fold. We two men are being worn out with all
the demands you women put on our bodies.'
'Oh, you poor darlings,' Amber cooed.
'Yes, well you may think it's funny. But then we'll be a full family.
Four men, five women and two babies, all fucking one another. Babies
excepted, of course,' he added.
Planning for all these events began in earnest, priority being given
to the week of loving and feasting. Richard told then he would need to be
away for most of the time leading up to the week but would be home most
The family was in a state of excitement as each one was given their
tasks to put the festivities together.


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the feedback.

Chapter One
With the installation of the twins and Sandra, the new wet-
nurse and nanny, into the nursery, the whole family began to plan the
forthcoming week of debauchery and feasting with enthusiasm
bordering on lechery.
Commencing with the taking of Virginia's virginity by her
own father, and finishing with the deflowering of Amber's anal
maidenhood by Richard to mark the restart of her sexual activity three
months after the birth of the twins, and many mouth-watering and
erotic experiences in between.
With Edith and Jane becoming full-time houseguests, it was
decided that their marriage to the rest of the family would take place
during this week along with the two younger girls sacrificing their
remaining maidenheads.
'That'll mean I'll be a bigamist,' Edith told them seriously.
'I'm already married to Geoffrey you know.'
'We promise not to tell anyone,' Amber agreed,
conspiratorially. 'Don't forget that the five of us are already married to
each other.'
'Oh, yes, so you are.'
'Anyway, once we get Geoffrey indoctrinated you won't have
to worry about it. He'll be just as guilty as you.'
'If... you get Geoffrey to join,' Edith corrected her.
'Of course he'll join. Once he gets a look at my tit's, he just
couldn't refuse,' Margot encouraged but Edith still wasn't convinced
although she smiled at the thought.
Everything was thought through, discussed amongst
themselves and finally decisions taken. Food, clothing, especially
lingerie and playthings, timing of various events were all carefully
chosen. Roger could talk of only one thing, the destruction of his
daughter's hymen on her eighteenth birthday, which was to be the first
day of this fantastic week.
But it became clear to him that he wasn't going to get much of
a say in how he was to achieve that. The women, including Virginia
herself were orchestrating all of these highlights.
With the family growing, Joanne was given additional staff to
help with the housework. Although her duties remained with looking
after the family and their personal pleasures, two housemaids were
taken on. It was Joanne's task to make sure the family's secrets were
never discovered, or even hinted at. But it did leave Joanne free to
cater to her Masters and Mistress' needs.
Roger, as her physician, continued to forbid Amber from
engaging in sexual intercourse for the three months after the twins
were born but that didn't stop her from indulging in all the other
activities of the family.
Little was seen of Richard over the last few weeks since his
pronouncement of this week of family debauchery and they had all just
assumed he was working on some big project at his office.
He returned home several nights a week, and on most of these
occasions, Edith, the oldest of the womenfolk, seemed to receive most
of his attention when sexual urges needed to be satisfied.
Invariably, as soon as he sat down with the family, he pulled
the elder woman onto his knees and began to run his hand up under
her skirt. She of course enjoyed the attention, not because he chose
her over the other younger women, but simply because she thrilled at
what his hands could do to her. She was thankful that none of the
women ever complained that she was getting a greater share of his
attention because she didn't want to be the one to stir up trouble
between them, but she never complained when he chose her to soothe
his sexual needs.
His fingers rubbed her clitoris and pussy mercilessly and in
front of everyone she frequently gasped her way to orgasm, sometimes
several within minutes, becoming the centre of innuendo and jokes
from everyone as she squealed and sighed in satisfaction.
'You realise why he always picks you first, don't you, Edith
dear,' Margot asked as Edith recovered from another climax.
'I'm sure it's not because I've got the tightest pussy,' she
tittered, always feeling self conscious in front of the others.
'It's simply because you've been deprived of this satisfaction
for so long that he's helping you catch up with us.'
'No it's not that,' Richard responded. 'It's because she always
becomes so embarrassed when she starts going red in the face in front
of everyone else. Gives me a great feeling of power. Edith, remove
your clothing. Quickly.'
By now she had learned that any hesitation to one of their
commands was promptly rewarded with some form of corporal
punishment, so her hands moved automatically to begin unbuttoning
her garments. When naked she stood before them, and was
commanded to kneel on hand and knees.
'Well, Roger. It's your turn this time. You've been winging
so much; maybe this will shut you up for a while. Her rear end
awaiteth your evil thoughts.'
'Oh, I knew this was going to happen soon,' Edith cried out. 'I
can't stop you, Roger. No, what I mean is, I want you to do it, but I
wasn't thinking of putting on a show, especially that way and with my
own daughter watching.'
'Don't worry, Edith,' Roger placated, as he too stripped
naked, his penis standing up stiffly. 'Jane's seen it all before. Just with
different actors. Haven't you sweetheart?'
'That's right, Mom. It's about time you did it in public.'
Roger had already lubricated his condom-covered cock and
had begun to enter the kneeling woman before Jane had finished her
sentence. He clutched the upthrust hips tightly and forcefully pushed
his organ through the tight opening, until all could see he had coupled
with the woman completely, the full length of his cock embedded in
Edith's rectum.
His strokes were purposeful, strong and rhythmic, soon taking
away the biting pain of his initial penetration to produce a feeling of
well being deep inside Edith. It certainly wasn't the same as being
fucked normally but the pleasurable sensations were there and she had
to admit to herself that sodomy wasn't all that bad.
Edith knew her breasts were swaying beneath her from
Roger's thrusting and while it neither hurt nor annoyed her, she was
conscious that the onlookers, her family, saw all. She wished Roger
would hold them, caress the sensitive nipples, squeeze or even pinch
them. He indeed was receiving sexual fulfilment, probably greater
that if he were simply fucking her pussy because her anus was so
much tighter. But while the entire initial hurt had ceased quickly and
the violation of her back passage was pleasant, she was gaining no
great sexual joy.
He made no move to assist in that way. Instead, he held her
by the shoulders and maintained his slow in and out motions,
occasionally grunting in her ear when the stimulation peaked from
time to time.
Finally, someone came to her aid, for she felt a hand slip
between her legs to softly rest over her widespread vulva. A finger
settled firmly on her love nub and as her body was pushed back and
forth by Roger's exertions, so did her clitoris rub hard against the
finger. Her own sensations soon grew to nearing a climax, something
she knew she would never have achieved simply from being
sodomised. She must remember to thank whoever had come to her
'It's a tight arse you've got, Edith my girl,' Roger whispered
in her ear. 'Tight as a virgin. I'm going to shoot soon, just hold tight.'
With that she felt his whole body go taut, shudder in the
pleasure of his climax and then with one thrust deeply and hard, as
deep as he could inside her bottom hole, he spilled his sperm into the
rubber sheath covering his cock.
Roger stopped his thrusting and while Edith could feel the
tremors of his penis still pushing out the remnants of semen, he knelt
unmoving, embedded inside her, enjoying the thrill of the receding
orgasm. She was thankful though, that whoever was manipulating her
clitoris had not stopped. Despite the increased weight of Roger as he
leaned more heavily on her now that his load had been released, the
finger never stopped and she closed her eyes to enjoy the final rush of
feeling as her own climax surged within her body. So fierce that she
slumped on the carpet, expelling Roger's cock from its tight sheath.
Roger rolled over on his back, his penis now subsiding within
the condom. The white fluid trapped inside, rested on his stomach.
'God, that was good. Edith, that was so good.' He was
speaking as though only half conscious, giggling from the highs of his
climax. 'That's why I like to fuck you in the arse too, Margot dearest.
You should let me do it to you more often. God, that was good.'
Margot already knew his predilection for this form of
intercourse, but she used her right of veto more as a form of blackmail
and control rather than from dislike for the activity itself.
'You know you don't get that privilege unless you've been a
very good boy,' she patted his cheek as she knelt by the two reclining
'Edith, it's not over yet. Come on, sit up,' She urged the
satiated woman.
'What do you mean?' Edith opened her eyes.
'You've got some cleaning up to do. Come on.'
'What?' She asked, resting on an elbow, not understanding
what Margot meant.
'Our men's seed cannot be wasted, you know that. Now down
with it.'
'Down where?'
'Do I have to demonstrate? If he had come in your mouth,
you would have swallowed it all down. It's no different now.'
'What? Out of the condom?' Her eyes showed she was aghast
at the suggestion.
'No more warnings, Edith. Do it or face the consequences.'
'Oh, I never thought...' But she knew she would, for the
alternative punishment would be far worse.
She knelt beside her violator, slid the rubber from his now
shrivelled penis and held the opening to her lips; raising the sac of
secretions with her other hand until the liquid ran into her mouth. She
swallowed small amounts several times until all was gone.
'Now rinse his manhood clean, Edith. Finish the job.'
This was less distasteful for she didn't mind the act of fellatio
at all. In fact relished the power it gave her over the male species. A
pity Geoffrey never tried to get her to do this she thought, but quickly
realised that in those days, if he had she would have adamantly
refused, as the goodly parson's wife.
It was only then that she realised Jane was the one who had
manipulated her to orgasm, for her daughter was now kneeling
immediately behind where she and Roger had copulated.
She looked at her daughter and whispered silently to her,
'Thank you.' Jane smiled back.

Richard allowed the women to handle all aspects of their
forthcoming week of debauchery, and much planning had been carried
out. With just one month to go, it was decreed by all the womenfolk
that both men and Virginia were to abstain totally from any sexual
contact. The men begrudgingly promised but Amber poo-pooed their
apparent unhappiness by accusing them of being relieved at not having
to perform sexually. 'We've worn your little dicks out, haven't we?
The rest will do you good.' Roger silently agreed but never announced
it publicly.
Virginia complained bitterly as well, but she was given no
chance to even try and promise that she would not secretly play with
herself. Amber decided that one of the four women would be with her
twenty-four hours a day to make sure she never indulged in any form
of self stimulation even for a moment. Virginia soon realised that
meant she had one of them with her at all times, sleeping, bathing,
using the toilet or even just sitting around.
She had tried to bribe Jane into an illicit sexual encounter but
at dinner that night her sin was disclosed to all and Richard punished
her cruelly with a racing crop over her bare bottom. Certainly nothing
sexual, just burning pain that she would not readily forget.
She had no difficulty in bathing naked in front of her
chaperone for she had done so many times, but felt silly sitting on the
toilet with someone watching. It was difficult not to make a tinkling
noise as she urinated and couldn't defecate without making a splash
along with the subsequent smell. During the five days of her period,
she even had to change her sanitary pad in front of them.
Virginia was given one further instruction; that she had to
cover her entire body from sunlight for the whole month. She was not
to venture outside at all, and was made to wear long sleeves, slacks,
gloves and a dark veil throughout the day.
'Why am I being punished like this?' She whined with self-
indignity. 'I feel repressed.'
'For several reasons,' Amber explained. 'Firstly, imagine how
sexy you'll feel when you get to wear nice clothes again. And it will
stop those dirty old men from having sexy thoughts about you when
they see you. They're on a sex-free month as well, you know and my
dear, as much as you think celibacy is terrible, imagine their
desperation as they cannot satisfy their lusts in any way. But mainly it
is to keep your lovely body milky white, as a young virgin should be
on the night her maidenhead is violated.'
'It's just awful,' the young girl complained but it did her no
There was one consolation though and she found herself
looking forward to the twice-daily body massages she received
morning and night from whoever was in charge of minding her at that
time. Copious amounts of warmed baby oil were massaged into her
skin at each session. Into every crevice and surface so that within a
few days her skin was soft and naturally glowing. She could but
imagine how beautiful she would look and feel by the end of the
Each session was the same. Immediately after her morning
bath, she placed herself on the special massage table that had been
installed in her bedroom. Laying tummy down, the warm oil was
poured on her back and legs and massaged into her pores by soft and
loving hands. While it was not sexual, it was the next best feeling.
Hands that slid over her bottom cheeks, working the liquid deeply into
the crevice, the finger sliding back upwards to remove any surplus that
may have been left in the groove or her puckered opening. Soft hands
that spread the warmth all over her back, working it in to every pore,
over the backs of her arms, and then again downwards, to massage
every muscle in her legs, even between each toe. The final stop in this
position each time, was to feel a finger press again into the groove of
her bottom to press just below her anus, but low enough not to touch
her most sensitive of openings, where several droplets of warmth fell,
only to be squeezed inside. The finger did not intrude inside and
remained there just long enough to push the small amount of oil
After she was instructed on the first day, no words were
spoken during any anointing. When her back was completed she
turned herself over, eyes remaining closed and she positioned herself
as she had been told. Laying on her back, arms spread out so they
rested over each edge of the table, legs straight out but opened so her
feet were pointed towards each corner.
Arms and legs were first attended in the same manner, with
toes and even between her fingers receiving the warm soothing
treatment. Hands then massaged the oil into her armpits, down the
sides of her torso and finally stomach, breasts and lastly, her love
mound and vagina. As always, Virginia longed for those palms to
press and squeeze her breasts and nipples, to mould and caress, but
always she was disappointed. Rather, taught fingers poked, prodded
and scraped the soft muscle tissue to ensure the greatest amount of
moisturising oil soaked into her delicate skin. The same happened
when the fingers finally alighted on her hairless pussy. No caressing
of pussy or clitoris, no sexy pleasures that she longed for, just fingers
making sure that by the end of the month, this virgin body would be
offered to her daddy in it's purest beauty. Soft, pure, milk white and
translucent, desiring the bodily pleasures she now so desperately
sought. Finally a film of oil was left over her vaginal opening and she
was lifted onto the floor and dressed.
The same procedure took place each night after her bath
immediately before she was put to bed, leaving her unfulfilled
sexually but unable to help herself in that way because one of her
minders was always sitting at her beside until she was well asleep.
She did enjoy those times just talking with her female family but
whenever she tried to steer the discussion to one of an intimate nature,
the subject was quickly changed. She began to appreciate the poetry
that was read to her, mostly romantic but never crude.
Even the days of her menstrual period changed nothing in this
routine. In the first two heavy discharge days she knew her blood had
shown as she lay on the table, legs open, because the warmth was felt
on the cooler outer lips. The masseuse made no change in her actions
except that a fresh sanitary pad was pressed into place each time
before she stood down.

The women planned well and conspiratorially, never letting
Virginia or Roger into their discussions. Richard was rarely in the
house, having a substantial workload at his office. A major deal is on,
he would tell them when he stayed away days at a time. Amber was
not included in the planning when Margot, Jane and Edith worked on
the details for the deflowering of her rear passage by Richard. Nor
was Jane or Virginia allowed assisting with any matters relating to
either girl losing the virginity of their back entrances.
New garments were bought, many made specially to order;
magnificent and expensive lingerie arrived almost daily. Caterers
attended many briefings and expensive and exotic wines were
delivered. For the twenty-eight days preceding the first night of
celebrations, Joanne attended a live-in course on video camera film
making by the city's foremost tutor. She was the only participant.
While Virginia's sexual urges were denied her completely
because a minder was always nearby, Roger felt no less denied, but far
more frustrated. As the days of abstinence lengthened, so did his
needs, and on several occasions he was caught massaging himself
through his trousers. His denials of a climax were always disputed by
the women who treated him with derision and showed little affection
towards his manly needs.
Being on his own for most of the time made his task difficult
because he had much time to contemplate his withdrawn desires and
the lack of understanding by the women who previously catered to any
whim he sought, making him feel alone and unloved. Even the thought
of what was to take place between he and his young virginal daughter
in just a handful of days ahead was of little help as all it did was
remind him again and again of his great need for sexual release.
Not so the remaining four females who shared one bed
together each night and indulged themselves in all forms of lesbian
delights whenever and with whomever they desired.
On the last night before "The Debauching" as they all called
the week ahead, it was decided that each of them would divulge the
most erotic act they had experienced over that month and have it
performed with whoever had given them the most pleasure in that act.
To make it more exciting, Roger was made the pawn for the night, but
this in itself was part of their planning for the start of tomorrow's
games. Virginia had fallen asleep and was quietly handcuffed to her
bed so even in wakening she could not manipulate her sensitive zones
in any way.
Roger was tied to the wall, naked and standing up, but the
way he was fastened left him with no ability to move at all. Even in
exhaustion, he could never have fallen or moved from the position he
now found himself and his view of four naked women kissing and
fondling each other, was more than his deprived manhood could take
without standing taut and erect. So his erection stood tall.
Finally the four sat at the head of the bed in a semi circle,
facing Roger but no one ever looked in his direction, as though he was
not even present.
Edith spoke first, a little giggly from embarrassment.
'When it comes to sex with ladies such as you,' she added,
bending her head self-consciously. 'I don't think I can better being
rubbed to orgasm by any one of you, but especially after I've had my
backside well tanned. I've got to say you all know how to masturbate
me very well, but Amber seems to bring out the pinkest in me when
she takes me over her knee, so I've got to choose her tonight.'
Amber beamed as they all applauded her.
'Alright,' she said, moving down to sit on the end of the bed.
'Come here and stand in front of me,' she directed Edith severely.
Roger looked on, his state of excitement becoming more pronounced
as the tableau before him progressed.
Amber's punishment of Edith's bottom was indeed harsh with
one hand thrashing the older woman mercilessly while the other
manipulated her towards orgasm. Tears rolled down her cheeks onto
the floor, as she flung her head violently up and down in a state of
both agony and ecstasy. They all saw the ecstasy finally roar through
her body but the cruel beating she received, never eased until the final
throes of the climax ceased.
The stories of sexual fulfilment continued into the night, until
both Jane and Margot agreed that they received their greatest thrill
from the simple act of lesbian love they gave each other. As they laid
head to toe in the classic sixty-nine position, pleasuring each other's
sex with their tongues and lips, Roger sighed and groaned as his taut
penis began to spurt torrents of sperm into the air and onto the carpet.
He had achieved orgasm without any stimulation whatsoever,
his arms stretched against the wall.
'Don't worry, Roger dear,' Margot chided. 'It should save you
from prematurely ejaculating tomorrow when you perform over your
daughter's pure young body.'
The women showed little concern or even much interest in
the globs of mess deposited on the floor or even the string of sticky
fluid that hung from the tip of his now soft penis as they returned to
watching Amber and Jane in their lovemaking.

Chapter Two
Finally, the day to start their celebrations arrived and as
orchestrated by the ladies of the house all met in the den at 10.30 that
morning. No one was late, and their excitement was evident from the
chatter and good-natured joking amongst themselves.
'It's a pity about your daughter, Roger,' Amber commiserated.
'What?' Roger looked at Virginia with concern.
'Her period arrived early.'
'Oh, not today,' he cried in anguish.
'Looks like we'll have to put it off for a week then,' Edith
joined in.
'I can't wait that long. Oh, how did that happen?' He was now
looking for someone to blame.
'It's all right, Daddy. I'm as sweet and clean as any pure
virgin,' she reassured him.
'You'll pay for that, Amber, my dear,' Roger warned.
Margot came up to Virginia and hugged her tightly. 'Happy
eighteenth birthday, darling. It's taken a long while to arrive. We are
so proud of you, you know.' She kissed her daughter full on the mouth
and the others followed suit, handing her presents galore.
Except for the birthday girl who was still dressed in her
preparation clothes that she had worn for the past month, all the other
women wore beautifully fitted roman slave-girl costumes, which
accentuated their breasts, cleavage and waist. One shoulder was bare
and the material filmy but not quite sheer enough to show any detail of
what they might be wearing underneath. Each costume was in a
different pastel colour, giving each woman her own sense of
The men were dressed in expensive but light suits, showing
off the fact that they were both slim and very fit.
As Virginia opened her presents she found she had received a
full outfit similar to those worn by the others but her was in the purest
of white and included what seemed to be a complete set of underwear
as well.
'It's time to discard all of those clothes you hated so much,'
Margot told her. Virginia squealed her excitement and raced upstairs
to change, Jane following with Joanne, now the house photographer in
pursuit, her video camera whirring. They were given one hour to
complete that task and return for the start of lunch.

'I give you Miss Virginia Wright, pure and unspoiled, fully
intact and offering herself to the male who is to make her a whole
woman,' Jane announced to the gathered family. Jane held Virginia's
hand high up as she led her into the room and walked straight to
Roger, laying the young girl's hand onto Roger's outstretched arm.
Virginia was beaming, flushed pink with excitement and
coyness as she smiled up into her father's face.
'You look just beautiful, darling,' Roger declared as he leaned
forward to kiss his daughter chastely on the corner of her mouth. The
others looked on, agreeing with Roger's summation.
Virginia stood with them, dressed in the same clothes as the
other women but because her costume was crystalline white, purity
seemed to exude from her very being. The garment showed off the
firm swell of her young bosom with its deep valley, to such an extent
that those looking on felt the urge to slide their hand inside to caress
the softness. The deprivations of the last month and the care lovingly
tendered to her skin over that time were now clearly seen. Her bare
shoulder was of the purest alabaster white, untouched by the sun for
the past month, without blemish, firm and vibrant. Only the lightest of
make-up was used, and her long dark hair fell down to the small of her
As Margot moved to her daughter's side, Virginia whispered,
'I'm scared, Mummy. I know it's going to hurt but I want more than
anything to lose this barrier to my ultimate pleasure.'
'It will be over quicker than you imagine, darling,' Margot
reassured her. 'And you couldn't have anyone better than your father
to remove your virginity. He's a wonderful lover, Virginia. He will be
very gentle.'
The young girl turned to tell her father that she was happy he
was to be the one but Roger had disappeared.
'Where's my violator?' She asked no one in particular.
'He's preparing himself, my dear,' Edith told her.
Her state of excitement seemed to increase as she hugged and
kissed her family one by one. When she came to Jane the two
youngest girls hugged as lovers would and their lips clung together in a
very sexual embrace.
'I feel so horny,' Virginia said aloud. 'A whole month of
absolutely no sex wasn't fair. No matter how much Daddy hurts me in
his violation of my innocent pussy, the pleasure of being able to have
sex with you all at last will outweigh all the pain he gives me.
Especially with you, my darling sister,' she added in a whisper only
Jane could hear.
'Me too, dear,' Jane answered, kissing her ear lobe as they
'Let's move to the Sacred Altar of Love,' Amber directed.
Some tittered as they moved out.

The two older women lead the novitiate to the small room
where each of the females had received their punishments from time
to time. It was small and intimate, warm and cosy. Richard who had
no involvement so far was content to remain that way, leaving the day
in Roger's care. Jane and Amber each took one of his arms and
accompanied him, all being followed by Joanne who now looked the
part of movie maker to the stars.
Roger was already in the room, dressed in a black robe held
together by a white tie around his waist.
The room was dark except for two spotlights that shone on
the white silk covered altar in the centre of the room. The usual
armchairs and lounges encircled the altar and as they drew near all
could see the silk shawl folded neatly and resting on a pillow near the
centre of the Sacred Altar of Love, as they were to call it from now on;
near the centre and just where her bottom would lay in a few minutes
more. Soft music played in the background.
Roger was placed at the end of the altar. There was just
enough room for Margot and Edith to move Virginia around between
the chairs and the raised altar so that everyone could clearly view all
the proceedings.
Edith began, calling for silence and attention.
'We are here today to celebrate the coming of age of this
young woman who offers the sacrifice of her virginity to the male
responsible for her creation.' Edith then turned to the nervous girl. 'Do
you, Virginia, confirm you wish to be deflowered by your father in the
presence of these your family?'
'I do.'
'Virginia, do you, in the act of this supreme sacrifice which
can never be reversed once given, then give yourself as wife to each
one present.'
'I do.'
'Do you, Virginia, once having given your virginity, offer
yourself as wife to every member present to do as they wish with you,
in the obtaining of their own and your personal pleasures as every wife
'I do, most happily.'
Margot then spoke to Roger.
'This young woman has pledged her defloration to your care.
Do you accept this offer and undertake the task with devotion, love
and tenderness?'
'I do.'
'Do you confirm that you have remained celibate over the
period of this last month, in preparation for the task now given to you?'
'I do.'
'Are you ready now to carry out the task?'
'I most certainly am.' All present could see the erection
pushing against the fabric of his robe.
'We will therefore prepare the young virgin for the
A murmur of ascent rippled among the onlookers as Edith and
Margot moved Virginia in front of Amber. Edith began to undo and
remove Virginia's frock as the young girl stood erect, looking lovingly
into Amber's eyes, a wide happy smile spreading across her face.
As Virginia stood in her underwear, Margot asked Amber to
remove another piece of clothing which she was to keep. Amber
reached up to undo three small buttons and then eased Virginia's silken
chemise off her shoulders. A glistening white bra beneath held the
virgin's protruding breasts firmly erect.
Amber encased the young girl firmly in her arms and kissed
her lovingly.
As they stepped before Richard, Edith removed the half-slip
to reveal the tall slim figure dressed in silk panties, suspender belt and
sheer white stockings and bra.
'You may remove one garment to keep as a reminder of this
There were really only two choices, the bra or the suspender
belt. Not wanting to spoil the build-up, he began to undo the stockings
from the suspender and finally reached around the young girl, placing
his face against her stomach as he undid the clip.

He kissed her navel as he straightened up, a wide smile on his
face. As she moved off, Virginia kissed him chastely on the lips.
Edith knelt down to remove Virginia's stiletto pumps, and
then purposefully rolled the sheer stockings down each leg, finally
removing them from her feet.
When requested, Jane had no hesitation in releasing the young
girl's breasts from the mounded bra. As she knew they would, the
eighteen year old's breasts stood perkily firm and upright, no sign of
drooping in the least, and Jane in her love for her sister and wife,
softly kissed the cherry red tip of each breast. 'Take courage,' she
Roger had looked on in silence as his daughter was slowly
deprived of her wedding clothes. Now finally, she stood with her two
mothers and wives in just silky French knickers, loose leggy knickers
that gave anyone who wanted, easy access to her holy of holies.
Margot stood her in front of the seated three, and knelt beside
the virgin daughter. She slipped the knickers down and helped the girl
to step out of them. Virginia was naked, her body as though
translucent, white without any tan-marks at all. A body beautiful,
hairless from her neck down, neither underarm hair nor any around the
circle of each nipple, remained. All her leg and body fuzz removed
and her pubic region as clean as the day she was born, every inch of
her body creamy white and glowing with youthful vigour.
Edith led her to Amber, sitting her down on Amber's lap.
Amber massaged the upstanding breasts as she had done many times
before, kissing the pointed nipples, licking the round of each aureole
before sucking the taught flesh between her lips. She held the girl
warmly with love.
Virginia responded and found she wanted more. Her loins
began to develop the prickly heat that only an orgasm could cool and
she longed for a hand to be pressed between her thighs. But Edith and
Margot watched closely and made sure that contact stayed only with
the young girl's breasts.
They moved her onto Richard's knee. 'Oh, Uncle Richard,'
Virginia gasped in mock surprise. 'What a hard lump I'm sitting on.'
'You will make it harder still a little later, my dear,' he
promised, his hands cupping her breasts firmly, fingers rubbing each
nipple. Her arousal was growing and she desperately needed release
but her minders forbade her this pleasure.
Jane's touch increased her needs acutely as she lovingly
plundered the young girl's firm hillocks, squeezing and then
massaging, kissing and then licking until a climax neared. But the
young girl knew she mustn't let her body go that far until she gave
herself to her waiting and patient father.
Finally Edith and Margot lifted the virgin child upwards and
settled her on the altar, her bottom placed exactly on the pillow and
over the folded white silk scarf, the instrument that would catch and
record for all time, the results of her first sexual encounter with the
male of the species.
They laid her down, legs together and arms at her side. Her
long dark hair was laid out right around her head, black against the
white of the altar, accentuating the beauty of her face and ruby red
lips. Despite her earlier concern, Virginia was now at complete ease,
looking up at her father still standing at the foot of the altar where she
now lay.
Margot stood beside Roger, making sure he remained in full
view of the young girl looking on. She placed a hand around his neck,
pulling is face to hers and kissed him deeply. 'Are you aroused?' She
'Indeed I am.'
She removed the white tie from around his waist and opened
his robe. Roger stood naked before them, penis taut and upstanding
with a drop of seminal fluid on its tip.
'You can kiss your daughter, on her lips and breasts only,'
He moved to her side and took her face between his hands,
gently kissing the red smiling lips. As his mouth opened, so did the
child's beneath him. Their tongues met and played together as
breathing became deeper and quicker. He moved his mouth to her
breasts, sucking first one and then the other as far as he could inside,
worrying each nipple with his tongue.
'The time has come,' Margot prompted, moving Roger down
to the end. She moved her daughter's legs apart and pressed her heels
back into the pillow beneath her bottom. Virginia's vulva, hairless and
shimmering from the lubricant that had been placed there, invited her
father's immediate intrusion.
Every move, every minute sensation was being recorded by
Joanne who, because of the quality of equipment, was able to remain
well back in the shadows, working unobtrusively.
Roger placed his knees on the divan between his daughter's
widely spread knees. But instead of positioning himself for the
onslaught, leaned down and began kissing her inner thighs, licking,
trailing saliva ever closer to her opening. Finally as her hips began to
sway with arousal, the tip of his tongue traced the edge of her labia
upwards until it rested in her clitoris momentarily only to trail back on
the other side. His hands never touched her skin, just the fineness of
his pointed tongue made contact. Upwards again, directly up the
centre, feeling the smooth sides of each of her sex lips, pink and
As his mouth settled over the soft opening, his tongue began
it's work, nuzzling her clit, dipping into her parted opening until he
could feel the membrane he was about to rupture. Returning to her
clit, his tongue hardened and quickly brought the girl near to
He was not allowed to continue.
'It's time, Roger,' Margot instructed.
His knees moved forward and Virginia could feel her mother's
hand directing the instrument that would shortly remove her hymen for
all time.
She thought to herself that no matter how painful this would
be she must stand it without crying out. She had waited so long for
this day to arrive, the day she was to become a woman, the day from
which she could have full intercourse with whomever she pleased.
Those seated saw Roger's purple headed penis press lightly
into the crease of the young girl's pussy, Margot's hand still guiding,
gently tickling the shaft.
Virginia felt the intrusion immediately, almost sensing her
sex lips being separated by her father's cock as it slid further inside.
Feeling the thickness of his weapon, like nothing she had ever known
before but somehow knowing this is how it would be.
She lifted her arms to encircle his neck as he leaned closer to
her, almost lying along her body, his weight pressing down on her
pelvis, his eyes closed in concentration.
'Make love to me, Daddy, I want you to do it, to make me a
woman at last. If I cry out, don't stop. I love you, Daddy.'
Margot had released his penis once it was inserted into her
daughter's opening, and moved her hand onto the young girl's clitoris.
It was slippery with lubricant and she began to rub her finger against
the swollen love nub, sending shivers along Virginia's spine.
Roger was perspiring, not from exertion but from the nervous
emotion of what he was doing. Here he was, a practicing physician in
his forties, making love, sexual intercourse no less, with his eighteen
year old virgin daughter, his wife by their side arousing his daughter's
sexual urges with her finger, and in the presence of the rest of his
newly found family. It was slow motion unreality, a dream almost, but
it was indeed happening for he could now feel his cock pressing
against the barrier. He had gone as far as he could without rupturing
that prize of prizes, one step before removing her virginity once and
for all.
He could simply use the short vaginal tunnel that he had
entered so far, to masturbate himself to a climax and leave her in
peace. But this was what he had waited for these long months, not
that he really had to wait until she turned eighteen, but that was how
the agreement had always been and he was not about to give it up now.
'I'm pushing against your hymen, darling. Am I hurting
'It's not hurting much. I do love you, Daddy. Keep going.'
She was still clinging to his neck and pulled him down to kiss him
with love in her eyes.
'I'll try to break through gently, dear. Tell me when it begins
to hurt.'
Virginia felt his manhood pressing harder inside her, as
though the whole of her insides were about to be torn apart. It wasn't
pain but simply the unnatural pressures inside that she found so
unpleasant. She wanted to get it over and done with.
Roger pressed harder, shifting his knees to give him greater
strength. The hymen wasn't breaking as he had hoped but rather than
thrusting with force, he continued to push gently.
Virginia cried out when she felt the sting as part of the
membrane gave way but it was by no means enough to give her father
full access. Roger felt it give slightly too as his penis moved forward a
little but knew he still had some way to go. He pushed until he turned
red in the face, and knew he must be hurting her by now but the barrier
held firm to his intrusion.
The young girl's face showed the strain she was feeling and
Roger eased back, withdrawing his penis only slightly to ease her
discomfort for a moment. The finger tickling her clitoris was nice, but
not enough to take her mind off what was happening deep inside her.
Margot slid her free arm under Virginia's neck and began to
whisper encouragement.
'Just hold on, darling. Be brave. It will be worth it, you
know. You can help your daddy do it. When he presses down again,
you press your pussy up against him. It might help to finish the job
more quickly. Don't worry if you cry out. We won't mind. It's
allowed you know.'
This inexperienced young woman listened and as Roger
pressed himself down on her again, hard against her maidenhead, she
thrust her torso firmly upwards and screamed at the burning ache this
brought on herself. But then she heard he father breath deeply and felt
his body suddenly much closer and much deeper inside her. He had
dislodged that which changed her from a maiden to a woman and she
knew the worst was over.
Everyone realised Roger had broken through at once. Virginia
burst into tears, not from the physical pain, although that was severe,
but from the sheer joy of knowing she had given her father the honour
she had promised for so long. She was crying for joy and clung tightly
to her lover as he now began his thrusting movement that a man would
do once inside his woman.
Between tears and deep sobbing laughter, she spoke her joy.
'Thank you, Daddy, it's just wonderful. I feel wonderful. Keep doing
it. It doesn't hurt much. Come inside me, father. Leave me with your
sperm. Come quickly, Daddy.'
Roger had remained completely celibate for a whole month,
and despite his discharge last night he felt the great need for release. It
was not long before he knew he would not control his body any
further, and growled in contentment as the orgasm burst forth
depositing his sperm at the door of his daughter's womb.
'Oh, my little darling,' he cried in satisfaction. 'You've made
me feel so proud. I'll remember this until the day I die. There's lots
more to come,' he promised her, kissing her ear, as he relaxed once the
ejaculations eased. They remained entwined for many minutes, not
moving and saying nothing. Just relishing their sense of mutual
As Roger moved to dislodge himself, Margot helped him to
withdraw from their daughter's body. 'Stay still, darling,' she told the
young woman, as Roger's cock slipped out of the warm sheath. It was
stained red and they all saw the stream of fluid flow down his
daughter's vagina and onto the white shawl beneath her. Bright red
virginal blood mixed with his sperm was deposited onto the cloth
which she would cherish for a lifetime, her proof of virginity, the
giving of herself to be deflowered by the one of her own choice.
Without spoken word, Roger sat on the side of the divan and
Amber moved to his side, kneeling and taking his stained penis softly
into her mouth. She washed his manhood with her tongue, bringing
him to a further erection by the time she had finished. But neither he
nor she wished to proceed further, both wanting to watch as Margot
began to clean her daughter.
'Lay still, darling. Let me clean you up before you move.'
Margot lifted the now bloodied shawl to soak the remaining
fluid from between her legs and down her bottom cheeks. Having then
carefully removed the shawl from beneath her daughter, Margot
opened the young girl's legs and with gentle motherly kisses to the
tender flesh between her thighs, began to lick the remaining secretions
away. Showing no distaste for this messy task, she worked slowly
along the crease of the girls bottom until that was clean and them
placed her mouth fully over the open vulva, cleansing the area with
her tongue and lips until she could feel no more liquid draining out
and the metallic taste of blood had disappeared.
She placed a sanitary napkin over the weeping entrance and
slipped a pair of cotton panties up Virginia's legs to hold it in place as
she sat up.
'Well, darling,' she smiled to her daughter. 'We really can't
call you Virginia any more because you're not one now, are you?
Would you like to be called Ginny from now on?'
The tired young woman smiled and agreed that it was most
appropriate. She sat beside her father, resting her head on his shoulder
as they watched Jane and Edith fondling Richard very intimately over
his trousers.
'It would be easier if you took his pants off,' Ginny giggled.
She looked on as Richard received a cock bath from the loving soft
lips from the two women.
'How soon before I can be fucked again, Daddy?' she looked
into his face innocently.
'Well right away if you want to, but it might be better to wait
until morning when I can examine you properly. It's still too bloody
inside to see clearly yet and by morning all the soreness will be gone
too. Why don't you take Jane up to bed with you? She can sooth you
to sleep and then you can get up to all the mischief you want when you
wake up.'
The two youngsters walked out arm in arm, Ginny wearing
only her white cotton panties, and Jane, having been reduced to bra,
panties, suspenders and stockings in the same pastel shade as her frock
which Richard had helped her discard. As they went through the door,
the parents could see each girl stroking the other's bottom cheek.

Chapter Three
Roger looked at his wife and said, 'I've been a good boy for a
whole month. Didn't wank off once, you know. And even if I do say
so myself, I think I performed rather well just now. Don't you think I
deserve my favourite dessert now?'
Margot knew immediately what he wanted, and began to
remove her dress. 'You did do well, my dear. And I know exactly
what you want me to do. I'll even let you name the way you want me,
you deserve it.' She stood facing him, a cheeky grin on her face.
The others stopped what they were doing and looked on with
'Well first, we'll dispense with the chemise and slip,' Roger
decided, helping her off with the garments. 'And I want your tits
naked. Nothing like a good pair of tits to fondle when you're enjoying
yourself.' The bra was unclasped and Margot's fine upthrust breasts
awaited his touch.
'And it's not much good covering that cute little tooshie. Off
with the panties but leave your stockings and suspenders on.'
That was a little more complicated because Margot had to
undo her stockings before she could lower her panties. She made a
face at Amber as she turned around to undo the back clips, then in
front of everyone, slowly pulled her knickers down, mooning Richard
and Amber who were sitting behind her. 'Ouch,' she cried out as
Richard gave her behind a hard crack with his hand. Edith simply
looked on in amusement while Joanne kept recording.
Roger fumbled around in the toy box where they kept their
sex toys and withdrew something, which he tried to keep from their
'You,' he pointed at Edith. 'Come here, front and centre and
kneel in front of this woman.'
'Yes, sir,' she said, picking up the tone of his voice
He handed her a tube of lubricating gel. 'Cover her cunt and
arse with this, quickly. The better the job, the easier it'll be on the
woman. Make sure plenty goes up her arsehole.' Roger rarely spoke
this coarsely, but they could see he was working himself into a fine
state of arousal.
He smacked Margot hard on her butt. 'Open up your legs,
woman. Can't get access like that.'
He was standing behind Margot, clasping one arm tightly
around her waist, pulling her back into him. With the other hand, he
reached between her legs and harshly pushed a thick dildo vibrator up
her pussy as hard as he could. Margot jumped at the intrusion, not
expecting anything like that.
'Now, you,' he pointed at Edith again. 'Fuck her cunt with that
and don't stop. Push it in deeply and make her come as many times as
you can. But don't touch her clit, that's mine. Understand?'
'Yes, sir,' Edith said, and began to move the imitation penis in
and out, pushing hard on each insertion.
The action, while pleasant to some degree, hurt each time it
was pushed against her womb, and she gasped several times. Edith
understood her problem and eased her motion, making Margot much
happier. In fact, the sexiness soon began to develop within her.
'Now you, bitch.' He pointed directly to Amber who gasped at
the name she was called. 'Don't like that do we? Well you are a little
bitch, a little bitch in heat, licking virginal blood off cocks. Only a
bitch would do that. Kneel beside me,' he instructed.
She did so, sitting back on her heels.
'Up, lazy bitch, kneel up straight or I'll have you whipped.'
Roger was playing out a fantasy and loved every minute of it.
'Seeking as how you like bloodied cocks so much, we're going
to find out how you like other tastes in cock. You, bitch, are going to
clean my cock whenever I tell you and it'll have come from a very
different place to where the last one had been. Now lick my cock and
put a lot of spit on it. Otherwise your dear Margot will get a very sore
Amber took his penis between her lips, pushing her face
forward to take as much of the organ as possible into her mouth. She
lathered her spittle over the hard flesh, making sure that as she
withdrew it, as much as possible remained.
Roger, now rampant, turned back to Margot, bending her over
and pressed his hardness against the tight rear entrance. He entered
her immediately; her rectum stretched wide, but certainly not enough
to tear the tender flesh. When his cock had penetrated her bottom to
it's full length, one arm went around her chest grasping a breast, which
he squeezed tightly. He then pulled her up until she stood almost
straight, but sitting back slightly on his thighs.
His other hand clamped over her vulva, feeling the dildo
being worked in and out by Edith. He pressed two fingers onto
Margot's clitoris, her love knob now hard with arousal and began to
rub it vigourously. Then he began pumping his penis firmly and
smoothly inside her bottom, sodomising his wife, buggering her as he
began to bring on his second orgasm in as many hours.
'Squeeze, bitch,' he hissed in Margot's ear, her body jerking
up and down as his rhythm was maintained. 'Squeeze my cock with
your arse, make it tight, come on, it's my pleasure, not yours. Squeeze
my prick hard.'
He then stopped and withdrew from her body, turning to the
kneeling Amber. 'Suck, bitch, lick the juices from her arse. Lick her
Amber responded as she was told, again sucking the shiny
penis inside her mouth. As her tongue caressed it, she was acutely
aware of the bitter anal taste in her mouth, Margot's taste. But she
carried out her task until he returned his manhood back to Margot's
rear opening, thrusting furiously in and out.
Margot was working into frenzy herself; jerking to the rhythm
of his thrusts and the reaction she had to his fingers on her clit. The
smooth vibrator was pleasant but it was the ravishing she was
receiving in her anus and the harsh masturbation carried out by Roger
that brought her to near climax.
'God, do it harder, Roger. I'm nearly coming. Finish me off
quickly; I can't stand it any longer. Come inside me,' she pleaded,
almost with the coarseness Roger had been displaying. And then he
did come. Unable to hold out any longer he pushed his legs almost
straight, thrusting inside her as deep as he could and feeling the
beautiful release of sexual pleasure as his penis ejaculated torrents of
sperm into her rectum. Time and time again, he pushed, trying to go
that little bit deeper. It was sheer bliss-producing release after being
denied for so long.
Finally just as he was ready to collapse to the floor, Margot
began to shudder with her own climax. He could feel her whole body
rising in crested waves of pleasure but could only hold her as his worn
out body fell to the floor. She went with him, their sexual connection
unbroken, and they lay exhausted together on the floor.
'I love you, my Roger,' Margot kissed him gently. 'But
you're a bastard,' she whispered.
'Well girls, it looks like we'll have to do our own thing. I can't
see these two being any use to us tonight,' Richard told Amber and
Edith. 'All I want is some quiet loving. Let's go upstairs and see what
we can find to do.' They wanted nothing more.

Chapter Four
Two days later as they sat around the dinner table, Richard
told them to expect a guest for dinner tomorrow.
'Yes,' he said. 'Geoffrey will be joining us. I thought he
should meet us, and we him.'
'You mean Dad? But that's when we going to...' Jane bit her
'Yes, Jane, that's when you're going to what?' Richard
prompted her.
'As if you don't know.' The young girl reddened. 'All right,
it's when Ginny and I are going to lose the last of our maidenheads.
Dad can't be here then. You won't make us do that, Richard?' She was
aghast at the thought.
'You're right, you know, Jane dear. He will be here then, but I
agree, I don't think he could cope with such a display first time up;
then again maybe he could,' he mused.
'He most certainly could not,' Edith agreed vehemently. 'If
you're ever going to convince him to join our happy family, it's got to
be gradual and with a great deal of finesse. If he gets his back up,
he'll never be persuaded. He's a pig-headed man sometimes,
especially when he takes his holier-than-thou attitude. You'll need to
be very subtle.'
'I'm sure Edith's right,' Roger agreed. 'But then Richard is a
master of subtlety.'
'I certainly don't want to miss seeing these two youngsters in
their final deflowering, but it would be a nice touch if that act was
carried out right in the very next room to where he will be dining. Just
imagine it; his very own daughter being buggered for the first time,
just a few feet away, and him being the only one who didn't know.
What do you think?'
The very thought of what Richard proposed intrigued them
all. This was more than naughty, it was wicked, and in almost the very
presence of a vicar at that. And so it was arranged.

When Geoffrey arrived Edith, Richard and Amber met him.
They carried out the usual pleasantries, Edith staying by his side,
prompting him when conversation lulled, fairly beaming to have him
near her side again.
'You haven't met Roger and Margot Wright yet,' Richard told
him. 'Roger's a physician and they're our closest friends. They're in
the house but are working on a major project at the moment. In fact, I
think Jane is with them too. They'll probably be in later on to say
'That's nice. I miss having Edith at home since she's been
staying here, and certainly Jane too. Almost like the family has
deserted me.' He was genuine and straightforward and Edith and
Amber could see a closeness developing between he and Richard.
'Yes, I can understand that,' Richard agreed. 'Edith has
become almost one of the family and so has Jane. Jane has made
wonderful friends with Ginny, Roger and Margot's daughter and
they're almost inseparable.'
'That's good. She needs to develop friends away from those
she meets through my church.' He laughed and added, 'A stuffy lot,
those at church, I'm afraid.'
Richard took the cue. 'Edith has told me of the difficulties
you have with your members. It must be a very stressful career, with
very little reward, I imagine.'
'That's an understatement, certainly on the financial side
anyway,' Geoffrey Higrave said rather unhappily. 'The fact is, I went
into the ministry with high ideals and a deep desire to serve. I was a
workaholic in my early days, placing my work before even my dear
family, something I regret so much now. I thought that if I worked
hard, my flock would follow me, listen to me, and believe in me. I
thought my ideals would be taken up by many and the goals I
originally set for my self would grow through the community and
'But it didn't work out that way?' Richard prompted,
listening closely.
'Indeed they didn't. What happened was that I became a
servant all right, but I was serving a bunch of staid old men who
couldn't see past their own blind little minds. Nothing I tried to do that
was new ever got off the ground and I just hit my head against the
proverbial brick wall to get them to agree to anything. They don't
argue, they just never agree. I've lost my desire for the work, but
unfortunately, with the poor record I've developed over the years
because of this, there's no chance of me ever moving to a new parish.
Unfortunately I can't resign because I'm only qualified to do what I'm
doing now. At least it's a job even if I can't offer my family some of
the little luxuries I would like to.'
He stopped and considered what he had just said.
'I'm sorry. I never meant to pour out my problems like that.
It just happened.'
Edith leaned across and kissed him on the cheek. 'Don't feel
bad, darling. You've been a good husband.'
'I haven't, you know, Edith dear. If you only knew, you
wouldn't say that.'
'I've got to tell you, Geoffrey...,' Richard began.
'Please, call me Geoff. I'd prefer that.'
'Geoff it is then. Good. I hope you don't mind, but Edith did
tell me she thought you weren't happy in your work. Used up and
burned out was how she described it.'
'She's right, I'm afraid.'
'You may not be interested, but when Roger joins us, we
would like you to consider a proposition we have been discussing. It's
highly confidential, extremely so, and before we go into details I
would need your personal assurance on that score. But you might find
it of interest. We'll talk shortly.' He thought for a moment. ' I've just
remembered, I forgot to make a phone call. I'm sure Edith and Amber
will keep you company for a while. Excuse me.' He went into the next
'I don't know what Richard has in mind, Geoff, but he's a
smart man. He has something interesting, I'm sure,' Amber said.
'I'm sure it is too,' Edith agreed.
'Edith,' Amber spoke. 'You never told me your husband was
so handsome. I'm jealous.'
'I don't know why, Amber dear,' She said. 'Couldn't get
anyone more sexy than your man.'
'I don't believe I heard right,' Geoff jumped in, surprised. 'How
could you say something so intimate?'
'Don't worry, darling. This is a very close and open family.
They keep no secrets from each other and I suppose that's grown on
me since I've been here.'
'That may be so but,...'
'You'll get used to us, Geoff. What you don't understand is
that we've developed our family and our close friends too for that
matter, on the premise of deep love, and total openness. Nothing is
taboo nor should it be if that love is built on total trust. Don't you
agree?' Amber asked innocently.
'I think so, but from what I've seen of the human race so far,
what you propose is unattainable.'
'It's not so here, darling. I've seen the way they go about their
lives, and Geoff, it's simply beautiful. I, and I know Jane too, have
just grown to love these people as we never have before.'
'It seems too good to be true.'
'Wait until Richard talks to you again,' Amber urged. 'Then
you'll understand better, I'm sure.'

Chapter Five
As Richard walked next door, he was confronted with three
naked females entwined in each other's arms, and one un-naked male,
but with his penis in his hand, wanking slowly. The video camera
whirred in the background.
'How's it going Richard,' Roger winked. ' They've just
'Well you'd better get on with it. We've got to get back in
there soon.'
On closer inspection Richard spied a rather lifelike erection
amongst the women and as they untangled themselves he saw Margot
sported a superb latex cock strapped to her loins.
'If you'd just get Edith in here, we could start.'
'Oh, Edith, could you spare a moment, please,' he called from
the adjoining door.
As she entered, she immediately lifted her dress over her head
to disclose no other garments except an identical male protuberance
held against her stomach with sticky tape. When she removed the tape
the dildo sprung to attention.
'The neophytes will pay homage to their mothers,' Richard
Each girl stood and kissed their mother on the lips, then on
each breast and finally knelt to take the rubber penises in their mouths.
The actions were precise and exactly in time with one another as
though they had practiced the acts at length, which they had.
Margot and Edith then lifted their daughter's to stand before
them, and each couple embraced closely, the upright penises pushing
between each girl's legs, but not penetrating any opening.
Then together, both girls knelt again, resting themselves on
the many rugs and cushions that were scattered on the floor, heads and
shoulders pushed into the floor, bottoms pointed skyward. Their legs
were stretched wide apart, and they were placed so their heads were
almost touching, and they held onto each other's hands.
'Do you freely offer your anus for deflowering?' Richard
questioned them.
'Yes, we do,' both said.
Margot and Edith knelt behind their respective daughters.
Without further ado, both mothers guided their appendages to the rear
entrance of the girls before them and inserted the head into the
opening. They grasped the girl's hips and slowly pressed their
artificial penises deeper and deeper inside their daughter's. Jane made
no sound but Ginny, who just three days ago underwent, the violation
of her vaginal maidenhead, winced at the intrusion as her sphincter
muscle was slowly stretched open.
'Push as though you're sitting on the toilet,' Margot
whispered and felt the penetration ease as Ginny did so.
Both girls soon received the full length of the dildos up their
rectal opening. Neither enjoyed the feeling for they were stimulated in
no other way, simply that their final barrier to complete womanhood
had just been given up.
After only a few withdrawal and thrusts into the virginal
backsides, Margot and Edith pushed the rubber protrusions as deeply
as they could and then undid the harnesses holding the contraptions to
their loins, leaving the girls with the erect rubber still inside.
'Put on a pair of knickers, you two youngsters. These pricks
of pleasure are not to be removed until you wake in the morning.
Edith, quickly slip your dress back on and rejoin Amber and Geoff. I'll
be there soon.'
As the girls rose gingerly, holding the rubber dildos in with
their hands as they each pulled a pair of cotton briefs up their legs,
Richard kissed each on the forehead.
'You will appreciate a real cock up there now. It will be far
more enjoyable.' Then to them all he said, 'Just wait for a while. I'll
call you when we're ready.'
'We're not going in to meet Daddy like this,' Jane wailed.
'Only if you put a dress on.'
'But we can't sit down with this stuck up our...'
'Then stand up.'
'Oh, God,' she complained. 'You never make it easy, do you?'
'That's because you're the female and we're the male of the
Roger remained silent and put his own member away, having
enjoyed the spectacle but stayed chaste with better things in store for
him later in the evening.

'I've just hurried up your daughter,' Richard said as he
rejoined Geoff and the two women. 'She should be here soon.'
'Good,' Geoff smiled. 'I haven't seen her for quite a while.
It's awfully good of you to have her and Edith stay over.'
'It's nothing. We've enjoyed the pleasure of their company.
Now! How have you two been keeping yourselves occupied while I've
been away?'
'Well, Geoff has been wondering what you have to talk to him
about. Richard, I think he is really quite excited, even though he
hasn't a clue what you and Roger want to suggest,' Amber prompted
but just then, Jane came in.
'Hi, Daddy, what a surprise to see you here,' Jane smiled as
she leaned over and gave him a peck on the lips, something she had
never done before.
Geoff, at first a little taken aback, warmed to her greeting and
pulled out a chair beside him. 'Come and sit next to me. I've missed
'Oh. I think I'll stand. I've been sitting all day.'
'Nonsense,' Richard spoke up. 'Go and sit next to your
father. Can't you see he's pleased to see you?'
It didn't surprise her that this apparent head of the house had
trapped her into more discomfort. Wasn't that all he did ever since
she arrived? She thought to herself. Gingerly she sat on the padded
seat, feeling the harness press into the cheeks of her bottom and then
the hardness inside of her press deeper as the pressure of her sitting
returned the dildo to it's full depth inside her rectum. She sighed with
relief as she realised she could sit without a great deal of pain.
'Don't you think Amber's beautiful, Daddy?' Jane asked
innocently. 'She been a real friend to me since I've been staying.'
'Yes, she is charming,' Geoff agreed, embarrassed at being put
on the spot in front of the others, and smiling self consciously at
Amber as he spoke.
'Well I think she's really beautiful,' Jane pouted. 'If I were
Richard I'd feel very privileged to have someone to love who was so
'And one day young lady,' Richard interrupted. 'Some young
man is going to be very privileged to have you to make love to.'
Geoff felt his face flushing at the intimacy of this
conversation but made no attempt to join in.
Amber saved the situation as far as Geoff was concerned.
'I think it's about time we left and let you men talk over what
you have to,' she declared. The tension eased considerably.
'You're right,' darling,' Richard agreed. 'Tell Roger we're
ready. Edith, would you wait next door? I'm sure Geoff will need to
talk some things over with you later.'
'Sure. Bye dear,' she whispered to Geoff as she left.
Before either of them could begin to speak when they were
left alone, Roger walked in. 'Hope you haven't started without me,' he
said, walking up to introduce himself to Geoff.
Richard began. 'Geoff, before we start, I've got to make one
thing very clear. That is, we need to have your unequivocal promise
of total, I repeat, your total secrecy to what we are going to speak. I
ask this because what we will put to you may shock you greatly, and if
you were to disagree with what we propose and you decided to make
the conversation public, we, that is our family as a group could be
highly embarrassed at any disclosure. Do we have that assurance,
Geoff? No matter what you think, what is said between us tonight is
to remain completely confidential and between only us, forever?'
'I must say you have me at a complete advantage, but I
suppose I can agree. Yes, of course I do. No matter how I feel, I will
not disclose any part of the conversation to anyone else.'
They all smiled in satisfaction.
'Good. Now we ask you hear us out until we've explained our
proposition in full before you come to any decision. In other words,
please to not let yourself come to any decision before you've heard us
out fully. Agreed.'
'You have me sitting in the edge of my seat. Yes, agreed.'
'All right then, let's start. Geoff, we know from what both
Edith and Jane have told us, that you are both unhappy with your
work, your calling as it were, and too, that you feel trapped and see no
way of leaving.'
'Yes, that's very true.'
Richard continued. 'That the career you have lived with for
so long has left you and your family virtually destitute, living from
hand to mouth almost daily and because of the stresses that has
caused, you and your family have drifted apart as it were. You have
lost the closeness, the loving feeling that you had when you first
'That's true too.'
'Geoff, if we could offer you the chance to not only break
away from the millstone of that career but to guarantee you financial
security for life and to bring your family more close and deep loving
than you have ever experienced, if we could show you how to enjoy
life, to open yourself to total fulfilment, as it were, to carry out every
fantasy you had ever dreamed of, would you want to take up the
'I can't believe that's possible, Richard. But as I promised, I
will reserve my judgement for later.'
Roger then took over. 'Geoff, we've told you we are a loving
and close family, and that's what made Edith and Jane so comfortable
in staying with us for the last few weeks. In fact, I think it was a
blessed relief especially for Edith, for her to get away from the
pressures that your parishioners were thrusting on all of you. Now I'm
going to tell you something that may shock, but please hear us out.
Since Edith came, she has learnt to be totally open with us as we are
with her. We have spoken intimately with her, and she with us.
Geoff, we know your personal life has reached the stage where you
don't make love at all. You now have no sexual life whatsoever. Yes,
she told us, Geoff. And we also know about the books you keep in
your desk. No, wait, Geoff, hear me out.' Geoff had begun to stand, a
look of deep humiliation and shock spread across his face. But at
Roger's insistence he sat again, his face aghast at this most private of
revelations. He had no idea Edith knew of the literature he secretly
bought from time to time.
'It's all right, Geoff, just let me finish.'
'Yes, go ahead,' he agreed, his voice quavering.
Richard took over. 'We tell you of this because we want you
to understand how we have developed our family together. It is so
close, so loving, where no secret is withheld, no matter what it may be.
You could not imagine the beauty of openness and love, Geoff, until
you experience it yourself. We are not fanatics or a religious sect or
anything like that but we are a family, a family where love in its
deepest meaning abounds. And if you decide to join us, you will soon
find that we are not cranks. But we must make you understand that
once Edith and Jane experienced the way we live our lives, the
personal intimacy of daily loving, they have chosen to be a part of this.
We and they too Geoff, want you to join as well.'
Roger again took over. 'Money is no concern here, Geoff.
Look around, you can see for yourself. We are asking you to give up
the lifestyle you have wanted to leave for so long but couldn't see how
to, and come and live with us as part of our one large family.'
'It is incredible, too impossible to comprehend. I just can't
believe it. What would I do though, if is came here? I'd go around the
twist with nothing to do.'
'I'm sure Edith will fill in a lot of unknowns,' Richard said.
'But as a preliminary, I would see your specific role as something akin
to that of a Rabbi without any of the religiousness. Perhaps with some
responsibility for the discipline within the family thrown in. You've
got to remember we are a family of love and sometimes love requires
the harshness of discipline. I've read somewhere that in Jewish
traditions, each month after a woman's period she has to go to the
rabbi to be cleansed before she can have sex again. Isn't that so?'
'I don't know the details but yes, that's right. They have a
ritual cleansing.'
'With your experience, I'm sure you can develop a ritual
cleansing of your own each month. Something to excite both yourself
and the woman involved. I'm sure once you've settled in, it would be
a challenge to think up something new each time.'
'I might seem an innocent and naive vicar but as you've so
clearly told me, you know of my predilection for certain reading
matter so I'm not exactly all that innocent in these areas. Am I right in
assuming the loving family you have talked about includes sexual love
in more ways than just between one partner?' Geoff didn't show it, but
he felt more comfortable in speaking of sex to these two than ever
'That is a part of being with this family but I suggest you talk
with Edith first,' Richard advised. 'Do I detect a note of interest in
your voice though? Are you ready to follow up our offer further?'
'It's all so complex, so unbelievable, and I'm unsure of just
how I could fit in to what you are suggesting, but yes, I am interested.'
'Good. Then we'll not talk any further tonight. But I want you
to talk as long as you want to with Edith tonight. Ask her everything
you can think of and then drive home. Promise us you will take no
action at all until you return here in exactly one week. Then you can
cross-examine us as much as you like. O.K.?
'Don't look so bewildered, old man,' Roger assured him as
they rose to shake hands. 'It's all very simple really. And most
'Until next week then,' Richard said.
'Until next week,' Geoff agreed, sitting down to rest his
shaking knees.

Edith joined her husband as soon as the two men left.
'Are you shocked?'
'I had no idea you knew about the books,' was all he could
'Oh, those are nothing. I've known about them all along. I
came here first because they found out I was the one who had Jane
take those plans from her work. But all they did was take me in as one
of their own, just as they did with Jane.'
'They talk about sex. Have you...' He left the question
'Who with? Richard?'
'And Roger but dear, it is more than sex. It didn't even feel as
though I was being unfaithful to you. They were compassionate and
considerate, even in the punishment they dealt out for my wrong
'They beat you too...?'
'They spanked my bare bottom. In front of everyone,' she
added for shock value.
'Oh, it's all too much. What if they blackmailed us? They
could be setting us up to destroy us.'
'Now why would they want to do that? We've got nothing of
value so they couldn't extract any money from us. Besides their wealth
knows no bounds, I've seen that. Geoff dear, believe me, they are
good people. I want to stay with them and so does Jane. And I want to
be with you too but only if you come here. I just couldn't go back to
that den of vipers you call your flock. Geoff, this is your chance to
break the shackles of an unhappy life. I want to be there when you tell
then to stick their job. They'll never find another patsy like they've had
in you and me for all those years. Just think how that would feel?'
A whimsical smile passed over his face. 'That's for sure. I
think I'd like that. But what about the sex? Would you still have it
with the others?'
'Of course, that's what's so wonderful. We all share in each
other's pleasure. And you would too.'
'You mean with the other wives?' His voice had raised
several notes higher, incredulous. 'I can't believe it.'
'It's true, dearest.' She leaned over and kissed the side of his
lips. 'Believe me, they would make love with you whenever you
wished. And in so many ways you just couldn't imagine. In fact,
there is nothing they would refuse if you asked. All the family seek is
that you dedicate yourself totally to the pleasure and love of every
member, every member of the family and it will be returned to you.'
'Does Jane know?'
'About me having sex with the husbands?'
'Jane is part of the family, Geoff.'
'She has...?'
'She is no longer a virgin, dear,' Edith said softly, letting the
knowledge sink in.
He sighed. 'I know she is an adult. It's just that I never
'When you are loved as she is by the family, me too, normal
conventions just don't apply. You will find that out.'
'Geoff,' Edith continued. 'All this must have been a shock, but
believe me, this is the way to turn. It's the only chance you'll probably
ever get to rid yourself of that unrewarding job and your life
afterwards will be filled with fun and pleasure. I know it will. You
just need a little time to yourself to think it through but in the end,
you'll have to make your own decision.'
'I think you're right, about the way to go, I mean,' he agreed.
'I'm just bewildered.'
'It's time you went home. Spend tomorrow completely on
your own, drive out into the country if that's the only way to get away
from those vultures, and think it through. I have a letter for you. You
must not open it until tomorrow when you are completely alone. Then
read it and follow it exactly as it says. By the end of the day I'm sure
you'll come to your own conclusions.'
He said no more, even when they reached the front door and
she kissed him full on the mouth, feeling her tongue tickle his lips.
They had not kissed like this in many years. She closed the door as
soon as he was through, without saying another word.

Chapter Six
Amber ran to her side as soon as the door closed.
'Well?' Amber asked.
'I think he's hooked, but you will probably have to reel him in
tomorrow night.'
'That's good, he will come, I just know it, she told Edith
reassuringly. "Now, Roger wants you in his bed. I think you're going
to get it in the arse tonight. He can't stop talking about how you and
Margot deflowered the two girls tonight.'
'That doesn't surprise me. He's a real bottom man. Oh, well,
let's go. Do you want to come and watch? Get some hints for when
you lose yours?'
'Ha. Tempting but I've been warned off sex by the Master no
less until after he violates my last untouched bastion of purity in a
couple of nights. Have fun.'
'Thanks. Depends on what kind of mood Roger's in.'

'God you took long enough,' Roger complained. He sat on the
bed, naked and erect.
'Sorry, Roger dear, but Geoff needed some comforting. You
two shocked him out of his wits I think.'
'Will he agree?'
'Once he realised he gets to screw Amber, I think he began to
drool. I never even mentioned Ginny and Jane. We'll know by
tomorrow night though. He doesn't know it yet but he's got a date to
keep which will open his eyes.'
'Good. Now for my pleasure. After I saw you and Margot in
action on your own daughters, I couldn't wait. You know what I want.'
He made the statement.
'I think so. Does it involve opening a very tight doorway?'
'Bingo. Got it in one.'
'Well then, how do you want me?'
She slipped the dress over her head and stood with legs
slightly apart, her pelvis pushed forward so the lips of her hairless
pussy were just separated. 'And now?'
'Shut you eyes and put these panties on.'
She thought he was dressing her in an elasticised foundation
garment for it even stretched tightly around her legs as it was slipped
upwards. But she soon realised the item was made of rubber and as
it's tightness began to slip over her hips she felt the built- in dildo push
against her slit and slide inside. The instrument was inside the rubber
panties, not facing outwards as a man's penis would.
'Oh,' she said in amazement.
When it was fully in place, the rubber clung to her like an
elastic band, the false penis pushed deeply inside her sex, but she felt
her bottom cheeks exposed. The rubber panties somehow held the
front of the garment tightly in place while the rear left her bottom
available for exactly what Roger had in mind.
'You can open your eyes now.' As she did so, she saw him
reach between her legs and immediately the rubber penis began to
vibrate inside her pussy.
'Nice?' He asked.
'Quite nice thank you.'
'Good. Now present to me what you know I want most.'
'You want my breasts?'
'You've just changed my mind. No, I want your arse cheeks
over my knees. I'm going to show a certain smart young miss just how
to behave.'
'Well thank you kind sir. Smart young miss? I'll buy that.'
'Then it's going to be an expensive purchase.'
His hand belted down on the exposed bottom cheeks
mercilessly, stinging, burning, and then soon, burning fiercely. Smack,
Smack, Smack. He laid his hand heavily until she couldn't help but
cry out in agony.
'Please, Roger, stop, it's hurting. Oh, God, no more. I'm
sorry. I'll do what you want. Anything.'
When he stopped, her rear was burning red, and tears
streamed down her face. He stood her between his legs and each hand
squeezed a bottom cheek. His mouth opened and bit hard into her
bare stomach. 'Don't dare make a sound until I tell you.' She didn't
know how long he clenched and bit and gave herself up to the pain,
letting him do what he was doing without so much as a cry.
Finally, she didn't know how long, perhaps half a minute of
exquisite pain, he released her.
'Did you say, "anything"? I could do anything to you? Is that
what you said?' The side of his face was pressed to the bite on her
'What? I can't hear?'
'Yes,' she said louder.
'Then you will be my toilet for tonight. After I've fucked you
where I'm going to, I won't leave the bed until dawn. When I need to
go to the toilet, you'll be it. Understand? You'll drink it all down.
Spill a drop and you'll be sorry. Understand?'
'Yes, what?'
'Yes, sir, I understand,' she said, adding, 'but what if you need
'You mean take a shit?'
'Yes, sir.'
'That's different. We'll think about that if it happens.' He
looked at the bite on her torso. It was red but the skin wasn't broken.
'I do get carried away, don't I? Sorry. Did it hurt?'
'It hurt like hell,' she told him.
'I'm not sorry.'
'Yes, sir.'
'On you hands and knees, bum up high, legs apart.'
She took the stance she knew he wanted, spreading her knees
as wide as she could, as much to ease her pain of entry as to give him
access to her anus.
'Want the vibrator on or off?' He asked.
'On, I think.'
As usual, Roger didn't mess around, but at least he used
plenty of baby oil on himself and her own opening. He slid in easily
and she felt no pain at all. A strange sensation, she thought. Just like
crapping but in reverse. He held her hips firmly and began to thrust in
and out, maintaining a steady motion, not too fast to make him come
quickly, but enough to feel the ache in his loins slowly build up.
'I do love sodomising,' he said aloud to himself. 'Oh, Edith
baby, you do feel good. Tight as a virgin and I ought to know,' he
giggled. 'What's it like for you?'
'Feels like I want to take a crap.'
'Doesn't the dildo feel good?'
'Nice but not real sexy.'
'Then think dirty thoughts. That'll help.'
'What kind of dirty thoughts?'
'Blimey, I don't know. Whatever turns you on.'
'You just keep fucking, Roger dear. I'm happy just to give you
pleasure. Come whenever you want to.'
'You're a good woman, Edith, and you've got a good arse.'
He was now clasping her breasts for support, pushing himself
hard into her backside. She could hear his breathing get faster and
faster. animal grunts became louder as did his thrusting and she knew
his ejaculation would erupt any moment.
From her position she could do little to urge his pleasure on,
unable to stroke or kiss, so she just gave up her rectum to whatever
pleasure he could make for himself.
It came very quickly then. His body jerked as though he was
delirious then tightened and he pushed himself hard against her
opening to take enjoyment as his sperm shot upwards filling the tight
canal with whiteness. He held her there for many minutes, saying
nothing, resting his weight down on her heavily, half asleep, enjoying
the pleasures as his body began to relax.
'That was good, Edith sweetheart. You've got a beautiful
tooshie,' he whispered as he withdrew his deflated penis and lay down
beside her.
'I know you like getting inside that little hole,' she whispered
back, leaning over his chest to kiss him passionately. 'Stay still and I'll
clean you up.'
He loved the warm washer as it glided over his sex, washing
the juices away. His eyes closed and he felt himself drifting off to
sleep as she dusted talcum powder over the damp parts of his body.
Edith was still wearing the rubber pants when he woke up
next morning. He flicked her exposed bottom cheeks with his hand
and she turned over, opening her eyes.
'Is it still tingling inside?'
'The battery gave out sometime while I was asleep. It just
feels like a large warm cock inside me now. Want to replace it with
your own?' She smiled at him wickedly.
'If I do that, I'll never get it up again for tonight. Thanks but
I'll take a raincheck.'
'One day we five women are going to bring you off that many
times you won't be able to raise life in it for a week,' She warned him.
'And by the way, the spanking you gave me last night hurt real bad.
I'm sure I've got bruises.'
He looked and agreed. 'Yes, you're right. Pretty proud of that
really,' he quipped as he put his arm around her, cupping a supple
breast. They lay in each other's arms until they got up.

When Geoff reached his car after being almost
unceremoniously pushed out the front door by his wife, he looked at
the envelope she gave him but decided to wait until he got home
where he could read it properly. The happenings of the last few hours
were running through his mind in all sorts of ways, making it difficult
to come to terms with what had been offered to him.
Firstly, the opportunity to get out of the hole he was in
seemed almost a miracle. He did love his wife despite his lack of
affection over the many years but began to realise that was because of
the pressures the work had been placing on him. He couldn't believe
that other women would offer themselves to him sexually and yet
that's what Edith had clearly told him. Something he could only
fantasize about in the privacy of his study up to now. And that Amber
was something else too, so young and vivacious. Would he ever be in
a position to have sex with her? It was just unbelievable. But deep
down he knew he was going to take up this opportunity and it wasn't
just because if he didn't he would lose Edith and Jane. He wanted to
savour some of the thrills Edith had talked about. Jane? He had no
idea what it would be like living amongst these people, having sex
with the wives when his own daughter knew all about it. And even
she was indulging in activities with the other men. But then, he
justified to himself, she is an adult. Has the ability to do what she
wants without his permission any more.
He was standing in his lounge room holding the letter without
realising he had even arrived home, let alone having parked the car
and gone inside.
He sat down and tore the envelope open. A single sheet of
paper and a ticket of some kind came out.
The letter was typed but he saw his wife's name signed at the
bottom. He began to read:
Dearest Geoff,
Tomorrow night you have a choice to make.
It will not be easy but I do hope you will
choose to join us as we spoke, because we,
Jane and I still love you very much but we
both know this family is where we want to
be for the future.
To help you understand a little more you
are to do exactly as I tell you.
Tomorrow you will go to the show this
ticket is for. The person on your right
will direct you further, and you will then
do whatever that person says, no matter
what it is. You will know the person so
there will be no doubt as to their
You will wear a suit and shirt only. That
means no underclothing of any sort.
You will not speak, just listen. After the
show, you will go to another place. No
matter what or who you see there, you will
acknowledge nothing - it will be as though
you are in an empty room with just this
one person and you will do exactly as
instructed, again without speaking at all.
At the end of the evening, the person with
you will ask one question.
Your answer will be either Yes or No. You
will have no other opportunity, ever.
If your answer is "Yes", you will be told
what to do next. If it is No, the person
will leave and we will not see each other
We do love you so. Please say Yes.
Your devoted wife,

Geoff saw that she signed it simply, Edith. He was stunned at
the thoughts that went through his mind as he read the letter again and
again. He felt his penis hardening at the thought of what might take
place tomorrow night. And yet he still had no idea what had been
planned for him. As it did many times before, his hand moved over
his crotch as he began to stimulate the hardening organ. But this time
will power took over and he finally withdrew the stimulation.
Sleep didn't come easy that night, as his mind couldn't stop
thinking of what the future held for him. The vision of the lovely
Amber, young, sweet and highly sexy kept forming before him. What
was he to do? Could he change his life that much almost overnight?
If he cut his ties with the church, what chance did he have of re-
entering if his decision was wrong? Probably none, he thought,
picturing how wonderful his resignation would be, of words he so
often wanted to speak with ferocity only to cave in to the demands of
his board time and time again.
When a fitful sleep finally took over, it was enough to
produce his first wet dream in many years. Remembering it's contents
the next morning he realised that not one of the sexy women who had
entered his world over the last twenty-four hours, starred in the film of
his mind. It was still very clear and he replayed the memory many
times that morning.
She was young, very young. Still a child, so young she had
not yet developed breasts. Nine or ten, he thought as he remembered
but her origins were a mystery to him. There was no one he could
relate the apparition to, no relative, no child of a parishioner. He
couldn't remember ever seeing her anywhere. But there she had been,
dressed in a swimsuit of bright colours, kneeling beside the deck chair
he was laying in by some imaginary pool. They were quite alone and
she called him "Uncle".
'I will make you happy, Uncle,' she had said, reaching across
to mould her small hand over the outline of his erect penis. As she
clasped the shaft over his shorts he could feel the first surge of wanton
sexuality, far stronger than any masturbatory sensations he could
achieve himself. Her hand slid down and under the loose leg of his
shorts, fingernails sending shivers of pleasure through his loins as they
scraped against his sensitive skin. He could feel the dribblings of
lubrication oozing from his penis as he slept, wanting his vision to
continue with what she was doing. He remembered fighting against
the desire to ejaculate, wanting her to move ahead to what she was
about to do.
She was humming to herself, happy with what she was doing;
perfectly comfortable with the action she was taking. The small hand
found his swollen flesh and gently closed, holding it tenderly. Then
she began smearing the slippery liquid over the bulbous head, creating
untold sensations. He felt himself putting his hand to his face, even in
his sleep, from the sheer pleasure this dream was producing. Then,
without any warning, his climax burst. He was wide-awake and yet
dead asleep. His hand held the tip of his penis tight so no semen
would be spilt and yet he felt the sticky substance all over the inside of
his pyjamas.
About then he woke, realising what had happened. The child-
like image was still clear in his mind as he half sat up, knowing his
nightwear was soaked in semen. He lay back for a long time, resting,
considering the pleasurable sensations he had just experienced, and
not caring about the wetness around his loins. Trying to resurrect the
apparition of a breastless child as she toyed with his manhood, wishing
he could recreate the experience again.
Afterwards, he slept well until morning light woke him. His
pyjamas were stiff with dried sperm and clung to his pubic hair as he
peeled them off. Even this caused arousal as he relived the
He took Edith's advice, switching off the telephone and drove
to a favourite seaside resort where he spent the day thinking about the
decision he was expected to make later that night. By the end of the
day he believed he had made his mind up, and drove slowly back to
ready himself for the theatre.

Chapter Seven
Geoff was ushered to his seat at the end of a row, about
halfway to the stage. The seat beside him was empty. He was very
early; only a few others scattered throughout the theatre.
He felt self-conscious for not wearing anything under his suit
and imagined everyone could see his erection. He remembered
everything Edith had instructed in her letter; especially that he must
not utter a word unless told to. He had come to the conclusion that
either Edith or Richard would be joining him in the seat next to him,
discarding by elimination all the other names he could think of.
As time passed, the orchestra set up and began to tune their
instruments and he kept looking back for a face that he knew. As the
lights went down he began to think he had been misled, tricked into
something silly by Edith for some reason. Then just as the first cords
began to play, the usher's flashlight pointed to the seat beside him, and
a woman wearing the most delicate of perfumes sat down.
'Hi, remember me?' Amber smiled as she leaned over and
pecked his ear lobe with a kiss, her perfume wafting towards him.
'Sorry I'm late. Did you think I wasn't coming?'
He opened his mouth to answer then remembered he wasn't
supposed to speak. So he simply nodded.
She slipped her arm inside his and rested it on the armrest. He
looked towards her but all he could focus on was the deep upstanding
cleavage right below his eyes.
'You're allowed to look,' she smiled. 'I've dressed especially
for you, but you mustn't touch. Not yet, that is.' It was only a whisper
but he heard clearly. Her hand fell over his and pulled his palm onto
her thigh, her fingers entwined between his.
'You'd better watch the show,' she suggested. 'If you can, that
is,' she added with a snigger. He had no idea what was happening on
the stage. All he was conscious of was the heady beautiful perfume
that wafted towards his senses and the silk of her skirt where his
fingers rested. He couldn't stop his erection and knew the wet spot
was growing by the minute, his penis being unprotected from leaking
because he wore no underpants.
At interval he put his hand over the lump in his lap but was
conscious of her knowing his predicament. He also saw her clearly for
the first time. Her breasts were thrust out, less than half covered by
the jacket she wore, the opening very deep on her chest. Both jacket
and skirt matched, black and silken, very tight, leaving nothing to his
imagination. He knew exactly where her nipples were because they
pointed through the soft material of the jacket.
'Do I pass?'
He could only nod.
'Enjoying the show?'
He couldn't answer because he really wasn't aware of what
had taken place.
'I mean here, not up there,' she said, clutching her free hand
over the cleavage.
He nodded, aware of his own self-consciousness.
'You mightn't want to, but we could leave now if you want
'Good, then let's.'
He was sure everyone watched them as they stood up, but
most were looking at Amber alone. She hailed a cab and he soon
found themselves stopping in front of the most exclusive hotel in
Amber paid, tipped the doorman and they walked to the
elevator. For the first time they were alone and she reminded him of
his silence. 'Remember also, no matter what you find in the suite, you
will totally ignore everything. Your attentions will centre only on me.
He could only nod again.
'If you can't, we may have to finish there and you can just go
home.' She opened the door and they entered a large room, dimly lit,
and immaculately decorated. They stood in the living area with
several armchairs and divans. At one end was a small kitchenette and
at the other, a large bed, the covers turned down. She walked him
towards the window in front of them and he looked out over the vast
expanse of fairy lights around the harbour.
'Kiss me, Geoff,' she said, and manoeuvred him in front of
her. Her hand reached up and pulled his mouth down onto hers. He
felt the warmth and wetness and then as he opened his eyes he saw
her. There in a chair directly behind the door they had come through,
illuminated by an unseen spotlight, sat Edith. Naked, she was
watching, a smile of understanding on her face. She raised a finger to
her lips to silence him. She said nothing and didn't move.
He tried to break away from Amber's arms but she clenched
him tighter.
'Remember, Geoff, your attentions must centre on me,
nothing else. Now put your arms around me. Feel for my bra. Can
you feel it?'
He shook his head.
'Run your hands down my back, over my bottom. Can you
feel the edge of my panties? Touch me all over, feel my body. Can
you feel my panties?
He felt faint but managed to shake his head again.
'Maybe I'm not wearing any then? Think of that. By the
way, I can feel your cock poking into me. Have I aroused you?' She
held his face between her hands and looked into his eyes.
She turned him sideways so both were in Edith's view. He
glanced in his wife's direction, but Amber forced him to face her
again. 'Only on me, Geoff.' It was a clear warning. He looked back
into her eyes sheepishly.
'You can look down my breasts if you want to. Kiss them,
here on top.' Her hands guided his lips onto her soft firm flesh. He
kissed; disbelieving what was happening and knew his arousal was
dangerously close to climaxing.
'Don't you dare come yet,' she said but broke apart to give him
time to calm down.
She sat him on a divan immediately opposite Edith. She
looked on but he dared not even glance in her direction.
'Do you like tits, Geoff?' Amber whispered in his ear, gliding
her tongue faintly over the lobe. 'There's only one button keeping
them from your sight. Will I undo that button for you?'
He nodded furiously.
'It's just below my bust see? Oh, look,' she said in surprise,
'you can see my nipples pushing through the jacket. Run you fingers
over them if you want to.'
He needed no second bidding, delighting in the firmness of
her flesh pushing out like fingers. She was smiling. 'Now undo the
button, but you mustn't touch this time. It's only for looking. Only
family can touch, you know.'
The button was easy but as he tried to open her jacket as well,
she clasped it to her chest. 'Oh, Geoff, you naughty man, I never gave
you permission to open it. Just to undo the button. I'll be the one who
decides whether you should get to look or not. Understand?'
He felt foolish as he nodded like a little boy.
'Tell me now,' she asked in a voice that Edith could surely
hear. 'How long has it been since you've touched a woman's breasts?
A long time?'
He agreed with a nod.
'You had Edith you know. Wouldn't she let you or did you
just lose interest in her? You can speak for the moment.'
'I don't know why. I still loved her but it seemed wrong at our
age and in our situation, being clergy and all. I've thought it over a lot
since we talked last night and know I've been stupid and selfish. I
wish we had been closer.'
'I see,' she said. 'Does that mean you have come to a decision
then on what we talked about last night?'
'I think so. But it's still so different, almost unbelievable,' he
'As unreal as these?' She slowly opened the jacket and
slipped it off her shoulders, showing her magnificent bosoms to him,
naked and upstanding. 'Or as unreal as Edith's over there?' She
allowed him to look at his nude wife, seeing her, as he had not done
for many years.
'I must have been mad,' he whispered.
'What was that, Geoff?'
'I have been so stupid. My wife is still beautiful.'
'Of course she is. And she makes love beautifully too. I've
seen her make love to Richard and Roger and she is a wonderful lover,
This startled him but he realised that nothing should surprise
him about this family now.
'In fact I know from first hand experience, because she's made
love with me too, Geoff.' She sat back to gauge his reaction. She
cupped her breasts and spoke softly and slowly, 'You can make love to
her again, Geoff, and to me too but you would have to be a member of
our family to do that. Edith wants you, we all do, but only if you join
us with all your heart.'
He knew the moment of decision was here.
'Geoff, I will ask you only once: Do you wish to be part of
our family, to join us without any conditions except that it will be
forever. You must answer now, Yes or No.'
'Yes, I do,' he answered without hesitation.
'I'm so glad,' she said kissing him as she clasped his hands to
her bosoms. She then stood up and holding his hand walked to Edith.
'Make love to him, Edith and when you're finished talk of the details.'
Amber put her jacket back on, kissed him gently and left the room.
'Well, dear, it's finally happened. Come, let me undress you.
My how wet your pants are.'
He came quickly and then with her astride, more slowly and
luxuriously. For once he sensed that this sex was given and taken
with love and affection. He had made the correct choice.
'Just make sure I'm with you when you give those hyenas the
flick. I want to see their faces,' she told him the next morning.
'But it will be a few days before you can move in. The whole
family is booked for a week in the Islands and Richard has a surprise
for us; I think you get to share our surprise in that but we don't know
what it's going to be. As soon as we return, we'll pick you up. We can
then go and tell your so-called elders we don't need them any more.
Leave everything in the rectory except the personal things and you'd
better bring those books. You'll get all the clothes and anything else
you need from the family. Just one thing, Geoff, no sex at all until you
join the group when we get back. I'll ring you.' She gave no more
instructions but before she left they had sex again and it was good.
Geoff stayed in the room until checkout time, luxuriating in
the opulence and the feelings of fulfilment Edith had left with him.
Four times in two days he said to himself. He could wait another week
or so and looked forward to being able to walk away from the people
he had worked with for so long under such unhappy circumstances.

Chapter Eight
The following night after dinner, Amber's turn to lose her
final maidenhead arrived. She arrived at the dinner table wearing
only a sheer black nightgown. Her breasts and hairless mound were
clearly seen through the gossamer thin fabric and she maintained a coy
and nervous manner throughout dinner. When Margot remarked on
her quietness she blushed and admitted she was scared of what was
about to take place.
Richard who was directing the evening took a great deal of
time in coming to the climax of their week. He had Ginny come to his
side first, putting an arm around her waist.
'Well young lady of eighteen years, you have been made a
woman at last and we all congratulate you on your patient waiting.
Was it as bad as you thought?'
She kissed him on his cheek with a giggle. 'Not nearly as
bad, actually I must say Daddy was wonderful. Richard,' she then
asked. 'Why haven't you had sex with me yet? It's been almost a
whole week I've been waiting.'
'Just be patient, little one. You have a whole lifetime of
offering yourself to this, your family. But it may even come more
quickly that you expect,' he hinted. His hand massaged her bottom
cheeks as he put out his other arm for Jane when he called her to him
'And you, my dear. You and your new sister here have given
up your final virginity. I saw it all and know the hurt was nowhere as
bad as you'd expected. Will you offer your bottom hole to any one
who desires it?'
'Of course, Richard. I like feeling a man's cock inside my
pussy best, but if my lover desires the use of my other entrances I
would never refuse. I must say,' she continued, 'I've only known sex
for a few short months but the feelings it gives me are so intense, I
could not live without being made love to regularly now.'
'And soon you'll be able to offer all your openings to a new
member,' he told her.
'A new member?'
'Your own daddy,' Richard reminded her. 'You will feel his
hands just like this.' His hand slid down over her bottom, and returned
back upward but this time beneath her skirt. 'Will you like that, my
dear? Letting your daddy feel you up under your dress, pressing his
finger inside you?'
'I will but I think he will get a greater shock when he finds out
I will actually let him do it,' she giggled, disbelieving her father could
ever carry out such an act.
'He will learn,' Richard told her. 'Now, I want you two
youngsters to take care of Roger's needs this evening. I charge you
with the task of carrying out his every wish. Agreed?'
'Yes, Richard.'
'You bet,' Ginny also agreed.
'Edith and Margot will assist Amber with her final ritual and,
my dear,' he said to his wife, 'I think your time had come.'
'I suppose so,' she looked discouraged.
Joanne was again in the background, recording every move
that was taking place.
'Offer yourself,' Richard told her.
'My master,' Amber knelt before him on one knee, her head
bowed in submission. 'I offer my final virginal barrier, my anal seal
for your taking and pleasure.'
Edith and Margot placed her in front of one of the large
lounge chairs, bending her over so her arms steadied her and her face
rested against the seat of the chair. They lifted the nightgown
upwards so that the whole garment was tucked around her shoulders
and covered her head. The rest of her body was naked, bent almost
into a vee at the waist, legs spread well apart, offering her sex
openings to her violator.
Richard had divested his clothes and stood nearby in full
erection. While Edith took his organ and massaged lubricant over the
whole length, Margot rubbed both of Amber's openings with the same
slippery ointment, massaging deeply inside her vagina and her tight
anal entrance.
'Loosen up,' she encouraged the frightened young wife. 'It is
your husband you are offering yourself up to, not some rapist or the
She began to rub her finger along the sharp lips of the
younger girl's pussy and over her clitoris, bringing to near climax. As
Amber tingled with pleasure, Margot slowed down her ministrations,
just holding the young girl below the onslaught of full orgasm.
When Edith nodded that Richard was also ready, Margot
directed Amber in a totally unexpected move.
'It is not Richard who is going to take your maidenhead,' she
divulged. 'In fact darling, you are going to take your own final
'What?' Amber looked back, trying to focus on what was
happening behind her through the fuzz of her nightdress.
She was made to stand, Margot's finger still rubbing the
young girl's clit, maintaining the excitement. Richard was laying on
his back, the table and chairs having been silently pushed to one side.
'Your husband's penis awaits you, Amber. You will sit
astride him and break your own maidenhead.' As Margot lifted the
shimmering nightdress over Amber's head she whispered, 'When you
make contact with his cock, my darling, pretend you are going to the
toilet to take a crap. You'll find your hole opens much easier and it
won't hurt you at all.'
Richard looked up between Amber's legs as she stepped over
him and began to squat into position above the large and erect penis.
Her pussy and anus glistened from the lubricant. He reached up and
steadied her thighs, her hands resting on the shoulders of Edith and
Margot. Edith guided the penis directly in line with the target as
Amber lowered herself still further.
'Can you feel it now?' Margot asked Amber as the two sexes
'Then lower away and remember what I told you.'
Amber felt the head of his cock intrude inside her back
entrance as she slowly lowered herself down. She felt the stretching
but received no pain at all. It just felt as though she was in the middle
of a large motion, but this one was in reverse.
'Good,' Edith encouraged. 'You're halfway there. Just keep
going slowly.'
Margot still masturbated the young girl who was now
shivering with arousal. She was near to coming but pleased Margot
continued because it took away the fears she may otherwise have had.
Because there was no pain, Amber decided to complete the task in one
action and sat down fully on her husband's upthrust cock.
He was now as deeply thrust inside her anal canal as he could
physically be, feeling the tightness of her sphincter muscle around the
base of his cock.
'Now make me come,' he told her.
She fucked herself on his pole, up and down, almost until the
intrusive cock came out but not quite. Thrusting as he would into her
cunt if he were on top of her. Her flesh didn't tear as she thought it
would, simply stretching from the intrusion.
She began to puff from exertion but never slowed, smiling
down at him as he enjoyed the sex that was being performed on him.
She felt her own climax nearing as Margot continued to diddle and
wanted nothing more. Sodomy, she thought, didn't give her a great
sexual thrill, especially when a finger was playing with her clit as it
was, but she was sure Richard was receiving a great deal of pleasure.
And so he was. His moans of pleasure were rising and he
warned her of his own impending explosion.
His body jerked feverishly as his load of semen spouted inside
her back hole and he began to thrust his hips to take as much pleasure
as he could. Halfway through his climax, Margot brought Amber to
fulfilment as well, her feminine squeals of pleasure filling the room,
captured clearly on video as Joanne zoomed in to make sure she
showed the violation was that of sodomy, not coital.
With his cock still deeply embedded inside her backside,
Amber stretched herself along his body, laying her whole weight on
him, kissing his lips with sexual passion and thanks.
'It didn't hurt at all, darling,' she told him. 'You can do it this
way whenever you want. And then added, 'As long as you have
someone else to wank me off as well. I loved your erection in there
but it didn't give me much feeling,' she confessed.
'It was good for me though,' he told her. 'Perhaps a good hole
for when your period's here.'
'Or for when Roger's up my other hole,' she reminded him
slyly. 'There's room for three now,' she told him.
They looked over to see Roger being set upon by both
nymphets, one with his cock deep inside her sitting opposite the other
whose pussy was covering his face almost fully. The two girls were
caressing each other's breasts, occasionally rising to thrill his cock or
allow him to breathe. His hands played with the vulva of the one who
sat astride his face, tickling her clitoris just as Margot had done to
Edith began to sponge Richard's cock of semen and lubricant,
and then between Amber's legs. All four laid in each other's arms,
falling asleep as soon as they became comfortable.
It had been a strenuous week.

Chapter Nine
They flew out on a chartered jet and it seemed they had the
resort to themselves. The two couples and the three single women
each had a suite of rooms but never remained isolated. In fact only
two or three rooms were occupied at most times as they shared each
other's beds and revelled in the idyllic setting of palm trees, crystal
blue waters and gentle warm breezes.
It soon became obvious that no-one else shared the complex
and when Amber first plunged into the water naked, they all turned
nudist while on the beach, making love under the palm trees, feeling
the warm breezes wafting over their naked skin. It was peaceful and
relaxing, a fitting reward for the exertions of the past week.
Richard and Roger gave up trying to please the five women
sexually and took great delight in watching the many lesbian scenes
that took place, each woman trying to outdo the others by inventing
new ways to make love or bring the partner to a crashing climax. The
women decided that one climax per day for the two men was all they
should expect, and they took turns to receive the precious semen from
each ejaculation.
No one missed out and each woman achieved several
orgasm's each day, mostly from their lesbian activities but the men
made sure their fingers and tongues assisted regularly.
The week came to an end quickly and while it had been
strenuous sexually, they were all refreshed as they entered the aircraft
to return home.

As promised, Edith had telephoned her husband and set a
time for their meeting with the elders, for the following morning.
Geoff then telephoned and insisted that the head of the elders, the one
whom had made his working life the hell it was, schedule a meeting of
all the elders and their wives for the morning.
'I don't care whether it's inconvenient or not. The meeting
will take place and you will all be there, every one of you and your
wives. And on time,' he added. This unusual tone of authority was
enough to achieve what he required. The elders had no idea what it
was about and they were in for a shock, Geoff thought to himself.
Edith had arrived early and they had arranged for Mellors to
be outside the rectory exactly fifteen minutes later.
'I won't bother to thank you for coming at such short notice.
It seems to me something I could expect from you all. You all have
made life difficult and unrewarding for my wife and me over most of
the years I have been employed here. Especially you, the head of the
elders. You have gone out of your way to belittle anything I have ever
done or said. Not once have you supported me, as you should. The
wives are little better. You women have treated us and especially
Edith here, with disdain and unfriendliness.'
Murmurs of outrage were heard but Geoff, who by now had
turned red in the face with rage, shushed their objections. 'Let me
finish,' he said holding up his hand.
'As of this minute we vacate this position, we do not resign. I
can only wish on you all, the vipers sting, that you may all rot in hell
when the time comes.'
'You can't do that,' the chief roared. 'What do you expect us
to do without a pastor? You'll never work anywhere else. How can
you survive?'
'Not your concern, but our lives are immensely enriched even
by the thought of leaving.'
They turned to go, collecting just one suitcase. The limousine
was waiting as planned, the gathering gaping at the luxury in front of
their dwelling. Before they could seat themselves and close the door,
the wife of the head elder ran to the door and spoke quietly but with
agitation to Edith.
'Edith, I've wanted to do what you're doing for a long time but
didn't know how. Can I ring you? Please help me,' she pleaded, tears
streaming down her cheeks.
Edith looked startled and then scribbled a telephone number
on the back of an envelope from her bag. 'You can only leave a
message there,' she said. 'But I will talk with you when I can.'
As the limo drove off Edith confessed to Geoff, 'I don't know
why I gave her that number. She was no better than any of them. Oh,
well,' she mused.
'Oh, sweetheart, we've done it, broken the grip that we were
living under. We can at last learn to live again, and I tell you, it will
be more than living. It is going to be exhilarating.'
After they returned from their flight yesterday, Richard had
booked them all into the city's only five star hotel. They drove straight
there, and in the dining room, met together as one family. Even
Mellors and Joanne joined them.
After welcoming Geoff and asking about his departure from
his previous employers, Richard spoke of what was to happen next.
'Firstly, just to set the record straight, I've got to tell you
Geoff, that while it is good to have you in our presence, you are still to
be initiated into the family. That will happen tonight and I'm sure the
others look forward to that.' There were smiles all around at what
might lay in store for this unsuspecting man.
'Well, my dear family, I know you've been waiting to hear of
my surprise. So, we're going on a picnic.' He looked around, smiling
knowingly at their bewilderment. 'And I want you all to enjoy
yourselves. It's going to be a little crowded in the limo so I'll sit up
front with Joanne and Mellors. The rest of you will have to squeeze
into the back. Seven should fit in there quite easily. And stay
excited,' he called as he got into the front seat. 'It's the way to be when
we get there.'
They were all nonplused, unbelieving that this secret he had
talked of for so long had been of such little apparent importance. But
then Richard was one for the understatement, so they joked amongst
themselves as the car travelled, trying to guess what was waiting at the
end of the rainbow.
Geoff remained silent, remembering what Richard had said
about him not yet being initiated into the family. Just what did that
entail? Surely after all this, they were not setting him up for
something bizarre, he wondered. No, not with Edith and Jane being
so fully involved. His eyes wandered to the show of legs facing him,
or rather unclad thighs which were enough to cause an erection to rise.
Even Edith showed more of herself than he had ever seen for a long
time and he had to agree, she certainly had good legs and a great
bosom. Her lovemaking on that last night was so different to any he
had experienced with her in all their years of marriage and he found it
hard to understand how she could have changed so much so quickly.
'I do believe Geoff is looking us over,' Amber smiled sweetly
as she snitched on him. 'Now you stop being a naughty boy and just
be patient. What you can see now is not even the start of the sweets
that will be dished up once you are officially inducted into the family.
Isn't that true girls?'
They all agreed, Ginny and Jane watching him and smiling
mysteriously. It didn't make any of them cover up at all, with most
skirts well up around their thighs, just covering any panties they wore.
He was still unaware that they were forbidden to wear panties of any
The car finally slowed as they came to a gate on the narrow
roadway. 'I do believe we've been here before,' Margot said to no one
in particular.
'I think you're right,' Amber agreed. 'If I remember rightly,
the last time we were here, didn't Richard and Roger get up to
something together?' Her smile was wicked.
'Don't you start, you little telltale,' Roger retorted. 'We were
blackmailed but it was worth it. Now just be quiet.'
'Yes, sir,' Amber saluted with a giggle. The others didn't press
the point.
They came to the second gate just as before, but couldn't see
beyond as the roadway swept sharply around the forest which from the
gate, seemed impenetrable. But as they drove through, as soon as they
turned to where the gate was then hidden from the sharp turn, forest
turned into gardens. Those that already had been there once before
when they had pledged themselves to each other, remembered the
beauty of the layout and the immaculate way the gardens were
They came to the area where they had stopped before and the
car slowed. Richard got out and the others followed.
'Why, this is beautiful,' Edith said in wonder. 'How did you
gain entrance to something like this, Richard? No, don't tell me. It's
who you know etc.'
'So, the rest of our family are here for their betrothal,' Margot
said knowingly.
'Maybe, but that's not the real reason,' Richard explained with
a curious smile. He seemed to be more excited that his usual calm
self. 'Come, let's have our picnic.'
Mellors and Joanne had already begun to set up a lavish array
of eats, with wines and an ice bucket. Most helped but those that
hadn't been there before begun to walk around, taking in the
breathtaking beauty of these very private botanical gardens.
'Let's not wander too far,' Richard called. 'It's eating time'
'This is where we came when the four of us pledged our troth
to each other when we became engaged,' Margot told Edith. 'I thing
it's only right that you and Geoff and the two girls should do so too,
then soon we can all be married to everyone. Don't you think so,
Richard,' she looked to Richard questioningly.
'I'm sure that's a good idea, except that if Geoff has to come
and talk to Roger and me, we'll do it in our own sweet time.'
'But in front of we women, my darling, you can't get out of
that so easily,' Amber declared with the backing of all the other
females. The men were outnumbered.
'Oh, shit. I feel so stupid,' Roger complained.
'I'm not sure what you lot are talking about but from the
reaction of my two comrades here, I don't feel too comfortable either,'
Geoff added.
'It's just a little family tradition, Geoff. If we women are to
seek the betrothal of each member of the family, that is, both the men
and the other women, we think it's only right that we should expect
you men to ask each other to be your own spouses. That's not too
much to ask is it?' Amber looked at him with the question furrowed on
her brow.
'You mean you want me to have sex with them?' Geoff was
aghast. 'I couldn't do that. It's worse than obscene.'
'Here, here,' Roger backed him up.
'Roger well knows that he has never had to have sex with
Richard, but they have in fact taken each other in wedlock just as we
women have taken each other as wives. 'Boy,' she exclaimed, 'this is
getting complicated.'
'But you girls do sex together, we don't,' Roger reminded
'And, Roger dear,' Amber shot back, 'we won't do sex with any
of you males until you agree.'
'Touche,' Roger conceded.
'Geoff,' Amber asked in front of them all, 'will you marry me
and become one of my husbands?'
Geoff looked around for support of what he had to do but
received no indication. 'I.... I suppose so.'
'Thanks very much for the vote of confidence,' Amber said
sarcastically. 'I would have thought that the chance of fucking me
legitimately as my spouse would be all that was necessary to jump at
the opportunity. You do want to bonk me, I suppose?'
He turned red in front of them all and then smiled as he
replied, 'Oh, yes I do want to do that, dear Amber. It's just that I
wasn't sure what was the correct thing to do. Yes, I accept your
Amber moved to his side and began to kiss him deeply, her
lips open, tongue pushing past his lips to fight his own inside his
mouth. His breathing quickened, as did his erection. He felt a hand
slide along his trousers and cup his crotch, sending shivers of arousal
through him. In return, he placed his hand over one of her breasts and
began to squeeze, disbelieving what he was finding himself doing.
'No more of that until you are initiated,' Margot said putting a
halt to his explorations. He could feel the wetness oozing from the
end of his hard penis and looked down to see the wet spot on his
'No need to cover it up, Geoff,' Edith told him. 'We can see
you've been leaking,' she giggled. They were eating and drinking as
throughout the company various people were asking each other for
their hand in marriage.
'As our resident vicar, you'll get to do the honours and then
sign all the marriage certificates,' Richard told him. 'Even your own.'
'But they'll never accept these at the Registry.'
'Of course not But you won't lodge them there, only with us.
There's no way these marriages could ever become public knowledge.
To the world, you are married to Edith. To us, you will be married to
each of the seven of us. Eight when young Phillip joins us, although
we haven't worked that one out yet. But don't worry, we will.'
'I can't believe I have changed my lifestyle so much in such a
short time,' Geoff said shaking his head.
'Anyway, enough of this,' Richard said, looking excited again.
'Have we all finished? Then let's go.'
'Wait, I'm still peeing,' Amber protested, sitting on the mown
grass. They could see her skirt spread around her and realised she was
emptying her bladder directly onto the lawn.
'You've probably killed the grass,' Ginny giggled.
Amber whipped a napkin under her skirt to pat away the dew
left on her person. 'All done,' she said looking down to where she had
been sitting. 'No one would know,' she said smiling.
'So you're taking us for a walk around the grounds?' Edith
asked, as Richard placed his arms around the waists of Amber and
Margot. The others linked arms and they began to walk up the road as
one line. 'Come on, you two,' Richard called, looking around to
Joanne and Mellors who were busily cleaning up the picnic things.
'Leave those and the car. You're part of this little party too.'
They were both smiling when they caught up, pleased to be
'This looks like the yellow brick road,' Jane said as their feet
crunched over the crisp gravel surface. 'Is this where the Wicked
Witch of the West lives?'
Happiness was the order of the day, even Geoff felt part of the
group as Ginny started to sing "We're Off To See The Wizard". The
others joined in and their voices spread across the serene gardens as
they walked up the slight incline.
'Just wait until you see the view over the crest,' Amber told
Jane who was next to her.
And then as they reached the top, they looked on in wonder,
speechless, as though they were part of a movie where the hero had
fought against unendurable odds to win and claim victory, unheard
music passing through their minds. The seascape, the slope to the left
covered in trees, the mountain range in the background, was all there
as Roger, Amber and Margot remembered. But now, where there had
been the flat-grassed area between the sea and the treed hill, bathed in
perfect morning sunshine, stood the most magnificent Southern-style
mansion. A Southern mansion, thought Margot, columns two stories
high, white and pristine, filling the whole landscape in white majestic
grandeur. A home to outdo any. The road curved around to a formal
entrance, a large fountain circled by manicured grass in the
foreground, the road circling that.
'Richard,' Amber squealed. 'How...? How did you do it? We
were here only a year or so before and nothing had been started. Oh,
it's so beautiful.' She crushed her arms around his neck, pulling him
down to her height, kissing passionately. 'I know it's ours,' she said.
'But I, none of us, had any idea this was what you were working on.
It's beautiful. Are we going to live here?'
'It's certainly ours, all of us,' He looked around at all of them.
'This is our new home, away from everything and everyone. As of
now, I give this over to our loving, our own loving where inhibition is
prohibited, where nothing is taboo, where we are without fear of
disturbance.' He looked around his group of followers and with his
arms outstretched as though he wanted to hug them all at once, he
decreed, 'This is your home until your dying day.'
The others just looked on at what was before them, still
unable to appreciate the greatness of what had been achieved.

Chapter Ten
'Come on, let's go and look closer,' Richard said and they
continued along the road, all in silence, contemplating what was to be
seen inside.
If they thought their previous home was grand, this was
opulent luxury. He took them straight upstairs. 'You can explore the
living areas later,' he said. 'But come and see your new bedrooms, that
is where your thoughts are, I'm sure.'
At the top of the stairs, a balcony curved in a semi circle,
overlooking the large formal entrance hall on the ground floor. He
pointed left. 'That is the nursery and Nanny's quarters,' he said.
'Mellors and Joanne's suite is around to the right. You can look there
later, but first come and see where we will accommodate our
particular desires.'
He walked straight ahead along a wide corridor directly in
front of the staircase. 'We have six doors as you can see. The four
main bedrooms are identical except that two have a reversed floor plan
to the other two. The two bedrooms nearest the staircase are small,
for any houseguests we may wish to accommodate. They have an
ensuite and dressing room, but look over the nursery wing and butler's
wing on each side. Don't worry there are no adjacent windows,' he
said, looking at Joanne who smiled.
He walked a little further to where a double doorway blocked
the whole of the corridor. 'This,' he explained, 'is our security. I
have the only access at present, but each of you will be logged into the
security system today. No one else can enter without assistance from
one of us. He placed his open hand on a panel beside the door and
immediately a soft click was heard and the door opened. They filed
through and as he placed his hand on a similar panel on the other side,
the door clicked shut. There were no door handles.
'What if we had a fire?' The ever-practical Roger asked.
'This can't be removed but it will open the door from this side.
It's not dependant on a power supply.' Richard showed them access to
an invisible panel containing a key permanently fixed inside. 'Just turn
it and move quickly. The door remains open only five seconds before
you need to activate it again.'
They now stood in a large oval room, wood panelled with
hidden lighting, two adjoining doorways on each side. Luxurious
divans and armchairs were spread around the walls; two large padded
ottomans were side by side in the centre.
'You could call this our entrance hall, but it's really the
playroom,' he said. 'There are no locks on these doors. I've had
Amber's and my belongings installed here in the front left room,
Margot and Roger in the right front. The two girls, I'm sure you'd be
pleased to share a room,' he queried then with his eyes. 'Yes please,'
the responded simultaneously, laughing with excitement. 'Good. The
two girls are next to us and Edith and Geoff next to Margot and
They all began to move to their respective rooms.
'Not yet,' Richard stopped them. 'Come in here and let me
show you our room. I know you will share your room with your true
partner only so often so we can all look together because they're all the
same.' Richard opened his door and they all moved inside. The large
round bed, which could be seen as soon as they opened the door,
would easily accommodate them all. It was raised two steps above the
floor line. Past the bed the sea and coastline spread before them, the
floor to ceiling-high glass windows had no partitions, each pane
abutting the next to give an uninterrupted panorama of the sea. A
balcony ran in a semicircle around the outside of the circular window
with access to each room through a sliding pane beside the adjoining
'I purposely made sure that by opening the front door, if you
wanted to peek in on your neighbours activities that is, you would
straightaway look at the bed where no doubt those activities were
taking place. But if you didn't want to do that, then this is available.'
He moved to the wall between his and Roger's room, pressing a button,
which slid what appeared to be curtains back along the adjoining wall,
away from the front window to disclose that the adjoining wall was in
fact a clear glass panel.
'It's a special Polycarbonate actually,' he said. 'If either side
opens their curtain they can see clearly into the next bedroom, but the
occupants in that room can't see into yours, and won't even realise you
have opened your side. If the curtains on both sides are opened, you
can see each other clearly, and if both sides are closed, neither can see
through. It's also useless trying to pull aside your side of the curtain to
see whether the other side has opened their's. You either have it open
or closed. But I'm sure you can appreciate the possibilities here.
Incidentally, both the girl's and Geoff's rooms have the same facilities
into the two guest rooms but the guests can't move their curtains; you
can look in on them but they can't see into your room. All the rooms
are sound proofed too, but the two guest rooms can be listened to by
means of a small device that has been installed.'
'Now that has possibilities,' Roger beamed in anticipation.
The bathroom was behind the circular bed and it was so large,
everyone fitted in easily. A large spa bath took up one whole corner.
'They were specially moulded,' Richard said, 'because each one fitted
into a different corner patten. 'We may not all fit in at once but it will
be fun trying. Here you have the toilet, bidet and shower. Plenty of
room in front of the mirror and all that. The whole house is fully
climate controlled, the bathrooms are steamless and odourless. They
guaranteed me that. If you want to watch your performance in bed, a
switch will open curtains behind the bed; all you have to do is turn
yourselves around on the bed. And you can roll back a panel over the
bed to look at the bum of whoever is lying on top of you, or whatever
your inclination is. By the way, the curtains between each room are
the same in the bathroom too; you get to watch your next-door
neighbour shaving, showering or sh... shampooing - whatever.'
'You have a walk-in dressing room beside the bathroom.
Unfortunately, I couldn't work out how to spy on that so it is the only
place you can do something in private if you really have to.'
'These rooms are enormous,' Roger gloated. 'Some people
haven't even got a whole house as big as this.'
'But then, dear Roger, we're not just "some people" are we?
We are The Forum.' Amber said adamantly.
'Now that's very true,' Margot agreed. 'At least as soon as we
induct Geoff into our ways. Will that be tonight, Richard?'
'Indeed it will. Ginny is going to entertain us by taking her
first bath in our new home,' he informed them.
'Oh, oh,' Ginny sighed.
'No climax for you, Geoff, before then, but if the others are
inclined towards something they have the family's blessing as it were,'
Richard said.
They were brimming with excitement as each couple went to
explore their own rooms. Even Mellors showed his excitement.
'Mellors and Joanne,' Richard called to them, 'you're invited to the
frivolities after dinner tonight.'
'Thank you, Master,' Joanne replied. She still knew her place
and realised she was probably going to be part of the entertainment,
but didn't worry.

'Well, my dear?' Richard asked Amber when they had all left.
'It's incredible, my wonderful husband. I can't imagine how
you did all this so quickly but it's just wonderful. I've really got to
thank you properly, haven't I?'
'Oh yes,' he agreed. 'But many more times than just once.
What do you have in mind?'
'Do you want something special?'
'No, you surprise me.'
'All right, put a robe on, nothing else. I'll be back soon.' She
threw the robe over his face from the dressing room and a few minutes
later returned as a little schoolgirl, uniform and ponytail included.
'Hello, daddy, I'm your little daughter, Cynthia and I'm ten
years old. I love you, daddy. Will you kiss me?'
She snuggled up on his knee as Richard lowered his mouth
over hers, tongue insinuating itself deep inside her mouth, running
over her front teeth, pushing against her tongue, saliva flowing
between them. They kissed passionately for many minutes, Amber
breathing heavily, gasping for air when she could.
'Oh, Daddy that's nice. Do you want to touch me under my
dress, the way you like to? It makes me feel nice and tingly.'
'Like this, little girl?' The paedophile husband asked.
'Oh, that's nice. I can feel your fingers tickling me right
between my legs. Daddy, you naughty Daddy, you're putting your
finger on my secret place, I can feel you,' she whimpered. 'Mummy
says that it's very naughty for a little girl to let anyone do that. But oh,
it feels so nice. You can keep doing it, Daddy. Oh, you've pushed
your finger right inside, haven't you?'
'Yes, do you like it still?'
'It's lovely, Daddy. Keep on doing it. You know like you did
last time.'
'Like this? Rub my finger up and down like this? Is that what
you like?'
'Yes, Daddy, keep on doing it. Oh,' she gasped. 'There's that
hard lump again. You've got that hard lump inside your pants, I can
feel it.'
'That's what makes me feel nice, you know like when you rub
your hands along it. Remember how you like to do that?'
'Oh, yes, I remember and sometimes it spits out sticky milk all
over my hand, doesn't it?'
'Only if you've been a good little girl,' Richard smirked.
'Will I do it to you now, daddy?'
'I don't think that'd be a good idea,' he said. 'Not if I'm going
to perform properly tonight.'
'O.K.,' she said. 'But you'll keep playing with me under my
dress, won't you, Daddy?' She was fully aroused and didn't want to lose
the opportunity of an orgasm with her dear Richard.
'Sure, little girl, I'll just rub you here. Is that nice?'
'Yes, very nice. Harder please Richard.'
'Daddy, remember?'
'Please do it hard. Push inside and on my clit. Oh,' she
squirmed. 'It's nearly here. When I come, don't stop, not until I tell
you.' Her eyes were closed, enjoying the sensations of sex he was
causing within her body. Moans and grunts merged as she neared the
moment when she could let it all take over.
'Yes, darling, it's here. Keep pressing my clit hard. Oh, oh,
oh, Richard it's great,' she called semi-conscious with pleasure. As the
waves of pleasure churned deep in her groin, she pressed herself
against his hand while he continued to manipulate her, shuddering
with every new sensation.
'That's enough,' she gasped after the tremors died down.
'God, you're good to me, my darling Richard. Daddy,' she corrected
herself. She stripped herself naked of the school dress and laid down
against the pillows. 'Take your clothes off too and come here,' she told
He laid between her spread legs, resting his head and neck on
her breasts. She rested her arm over his shoulders, softly rubbing her
hands over his chest.
'From the look of that cock,' she giggled in his ear, nuzzling it
with her nose, 'I think you'd enjoy a real live little ten year old to have
your evil way with, wouldn't you? A little virgin with no hair at all on
her pussy, one that when you pushed your great big cock in her face,
would scream in fright. Then you could force her to spread herself so
you could take another cherry. Think how good that would be, my
darling. Does it make you hard?'
He was concentrating, she knew, on what she had suggested.
'Perhaps we could find one for your birthday, from
somewhere,' she added. No sooner had she suggested it, than Amber
felt his body stiffen and a powerful spurt of semen shot from his cock,
spurting up along his body, over his shoulder to spatter against his and
her own face. She let his climax take its coarse, amazed at the
reaction her suggestion had produced. Her arms slowly held his face
tighter and she placed her cheek against his.
'My, my,' she whispered. 'That did arouse my little boy,
didn't it? Rest now, my darling. Close your eyes and go to sleep, rest
yourself on my breasts.' She kissed the side of his face, and rubbed her
cheek against his, smearing the droplets of sperm between them. Her
hands caressed his chest and the sticky fluids soon dried. She
hummed him gently to sleep and surveyed the breathtaking views
through the windows in front of her.

No one took a great interest in dinner that evening, all rather
looking forward to the events planned for afterwards. Richard who
had woken with a sheepish grin, after his most unexpected orgasm,
was the most silent, and saw Amber look towards him on several
occasions. She was concerned at his quietness when he almost always
took leadership control of the group.
But once most of their chatter had subsided, he took his cue
and the old Richard had returned.
'Are you all happy with your accommodations?' He asked.
There were unanimous cries of approval and he continued. 'I'm sure
we will all settle in here quickly. Nanny and the twins arrive
tomorrow and all the house staff is fully installed already. While only
Joanne and Mellors will care for our personal needs, some of the
trusted staff will need to enter our rooms daily but Joanne or Mellors
will always accompany them. Sometimes I suppose one of us will
need to stand in but it is absolute, no one without access to the security
system is allowed in there without being accompanied by one of us.
Ever. If any revelry is going on, we will always be forewarned.' He
pointed out a warning light system in each room, which would indicate
any non-family intruder.
'We must always be careful when we are not inside the
Colosseum, that's the upstairs oval area. I call it that because it's
round and lots of sacrifices will be made there over the years.' They
thought that was most apt.
Richard continued, 'If we decide to participate in some form
of debauchery say in the dining-room after dinner, there is an
electronic locking system that we can control to keep anyone out until
we are ready. The same goes for most of the rooms downstairs. Just
remember there is many more staff here now, simply because of the
size, both of the house and our growing community. By the way, we
have some beautiful gardens to idle the time away. They will be
totally devoid of grounds-staff on weekends but not on weekdays. We
all need to be careful about that.'
'I think it's about time you got yourself readied, Ginny my
dear. Your mom will go with you.'
As she passed Geoff, she whispered, 'I'm doing this for you,
Uncle Geoff.'
'There's lot's more surprises tomorrow. Afterwards Geoff, you
will hold all the privileges of office and even some special areas of
responsibility but you will learn of those soon enough. Let's just
savour this wine and our own company for a few minutes until the
girls are ready for us.'

Chapter Eleven
Geoff was allowed to enter first. The room was empty, with
chairs and divans spread around in a tight circle in the centre. The
outer circle was almost in blackness but hidden spotlights in the
ceiling provided brightness in the centre. There, in the centre was the
same old-fashioned tub that Richard and Amber saw Virginia bathe in
that first time.
'They aren't here,' Geoff spoke to no one in particular. As
they all sat, they heard voices as Margot and Ginny were talking as
they walked into the room.
'Mommy, I won't have to take my bath in front of them, will
I?' She pleaded.
'Of course, that's why they've been invited.'
'But it's embarrassing. He'll see my..., you know.'
'Yes, he will. And you will do exactly as I tell you, young
lady, or I'll spank you in front of him as well.'
By now, Margot had pushed the apparently reluctant woman-
child inside the inner circle and they saw Ginny dressed as a young
girl, gingham frock and long white socks. She had a plait down the
centre of her back. Her breasts indeed protruded forward against the
tightness of her bodice, drawing in quickly around her narrow waist.
'Here she is, ladies and gentlemen. The young lady who
needs her bath in the warmth of your presence,' Margot introduced
Ginny, pushing her to the front, nearest Geoff.
'Now, dear, step forward and welcome your guest.'
The young girl shyly stepped up to Geoff and insinuated
herself between his knees. She stretched her arms around his neck and
pulled his face into her breasts. 'Thank you for coming, Uncle Geoff.
Mommy says I have to take my bath in front of all my friends and
especially you because you haven't seen me do so yet. I hope you
enjoy it.'
'Good girl,' Margot praised her as she stepped back. Geoff
had made no move to touch her with his hands but had felt the
firmness of her bosom pressed against his face. He glanced quickly at
Edith who smirked a smile at him.
'Now we can't take a bath with our clothes on, can we?'
'No, Mommy.'
The young girl undid the buttons holding the shoulder straps
of her frock and flipped them over her shoulders. The bodice fell to
her waist and she undid one more button, which allowed the skirt to
fall down over her hips. She stepped out of the skirt and Margot
removed it. Next she lifted the white cotton singlet over her head and
handed it to her mother, leaving her in front of Geoff in only a pair of
long white socks, white cotton briefs and a white cotton bra, which
seemed far too small for the size of her majestic breasts. She looked
at the floor, her hands at her sides.
'She's growing into a well developed young girl, don't you
think, Geoff?'
He tried to answer but only a croak rose in his throat. He
could only nod, red-faced in front of them all.
'I'm sure you agree. Please undo her bra, Geoff. She has so
much trouble doing that,' Margot explained.
Ginny took a step towards him and turned around. Geoff's
hands shook with nervousness as he reached up to the clip. He was all
fingers and took what seemed to him to be long minutes to separate
the two parts. Ginny held the garment to her chest as she turned to
face him. She knew very well how magnificent her breast
development was and took great delight in very slowly lowering the
bra. She saw the intensity of his eyes as he anticipated what was
being displayed to his gaze. The deep cleavage slowly showing her
vibrating flesh and finally the dark cherry red of her erect nipples as
she lifted the bra away, became the focal point of his vision at that
'Oh, my God,' he whispered, reaching out to touch without
even thinking whether or not he should.
'Wait. Not yet,' Margot said, pulling Ginny one step back.
'She has more to show yet, haven't you, dear?'
'Yes, Mommy.'
Margot moved her daughter in front of Edith, sitting beside
Geoff. 'You may have this honour, Edith,' Margot offered.
Edith reached around the girl and massaged her bottom for a
moment, then slipped her thumbs inside the waist elastic of Ginny's
panties and slowly lowered then to the floor. The view of her
prominent mound and the hairless slit was clearly in Geoff's view and
he moved quickly in distress.
'I think I'm going to come,' he cried out, trying to stand up.
'Don't you dare,' Edith said sharply, and dug her elbow into
his side. The shock and the swiftness settled his arousal somewhat
and he sat back. 'That's better,' Edith responded.
'She is a beautiful young woman, don't you think, Geoff?'
Margot's hand cupped her daughter's breast and slid downwards over
her slim stomach and brushed her fingers over the hood of the
distended clitoris. 'She is built to make love, as you will find out,
'Now, dear, who would you like to take down your stockings?'
'I think daddy would like to.'
Ginny stood before her father, next to Geoff. Roger needed
no encouragement. Both hands cupped one thigh and progressed
upwards to the vee of her groin, massaging the lips of her vulva gently,
then sliding down to roll the stocking off that leg. He then repeated
the same for her other leg, letting Geoff see his thumb sink into the
opening of her sex before sliding down again.
'You are naughty, Daddy,' the young girl giggled, enjoying his
touch, but more so, delighted to show off her privateness in front of
this new member to their family.
'The water is very hot, dear,' Margot reminded her. 'But just
remember, no shouting out and you are not to step out of your tub.'
'Yes, Mommy.' They could all see the steam rising off the
She stepped into the water, knowing it would burn, jumping a
little as her ankles smarted. Her face twisted but she managed to get
the pain under control. As always, Margot used a large soft sponge
and filling it with the hot water, clamped it over the girl's breast,
knowing it not only burnt the tender flesh but also the skin of her
stomach and the crease of her vulva as it ran downwards.
Margot pressed a fresh full sponge against the other breast,
holding her other hand against her daughter's back in support. 'Ouch.
Ouch,' Ginny winced, unable to pull her tender breasts away from the
heat that burnt so much.
'Stop being a baby,' her mother smirked. 'The hot water is
good for your pores. It opens them.'
Edith had never seen Ginny being bathed either and while the
power that Margot was displaying over her daughter, was erotic, she
was more interested in seeing Geoff's reaction. He looked on,
mesmerised as Margot put the young naked girl through this torture by
Edith leaned over and whispered to her husband, 'Just make
sure you don't come. It's not your time just yet,' she warned.
'I can't believe this,' he breathed heavily back. 'I had no idea
how personal The Forum was. But I think I'm glad you pushed me to
join. It's giving me what I've missed for so many years, sex that is
arousing and so poignant. Edith, I need to come soon or I'll spill in my
'For your own sake, my darling, I hope you don't do that. The
women will surely make you sorry if you spoil their fun.' He looked at
her, trying to understand what she was saying. 'Just watch,' she told
Margot leaned down to refill the sponge and instantly, pressed
the heat between the pleading girl's spread legs, holding it tightly in
place as the hot water ran over her hands and back into the tub.
'Mommy, ouch,' she called out, lifting one leg out of the
water as the heat bit into her tender vaginal flesh. She put the leg back
again, knowing full well the error of trying to jump out completely.
Margot pressed her shoulders and made her half squat, opening her
legs wider as she did so. Again the sponge was re-wet and thrust
against the more widely opened vagina, causing Ginny to squeal in
'You know you must have a clean pussy to make love with,
my dear,' Margot explained innocently. 'Don't you?'
'Yes, Mommy, but it hurts me so much.'
'I'm sure it does, but if it were any cooler, you wouldn't give
us such a wonderful show, now would you?'
'I suppose not, Mommy. Have you finished now?' She asked
'Just one more wash and then we'll dry you. You have been a
good girl, and I'm sure the others will want to thank you very specially
when you've finished. Now turn around. Just one more little area to
wash and your done.'
Margot turned her so her back was facing Geoff and the
others. She was made to bend over and hold the edge of the tub for
support. Ginny knew exactly what she would soon be showing to
everyone. They're going to see the lot, she thought.
'You know what to do young lady. Head down and tail up.
That's it now spread your legs. Wider,' Margot patted her bottom
smartly. 'You can't expect me to wash you clean if you don't co-
operate,' she berated.
Geoff and everyone else certainly saw the lot. Her bottom
hole puckered up, deep brownish pink and tightly closed. With no
pubic hair at all, her vagina was spread open, the sharp petals of her
labia glistening from the hot wash they had just received, vaginal
opening round and damp. The hood of her clitoris covered the little
sex nub but it's swelling was clearly seen, pointing downwards as she
leaned over.
Margot washed the crease far more than she needed and
looked directly at Geoff as she pressed a finger to the girl's rectum,
inserted to the first knuckle. She moved it in and out a few times, and
then washed the little pucker with the sponge again. Before she
allowed Ginny to rise, Margot stroked the taught bottom cheeks,
sliding a hand to cup the spread vagina, one finger slipping inside and
wriggling around for a moment. Ginny gasped with pleasure when her
mother finally withdrew the intrusive digit.
'I think you're clean now, darling. Out you get and let me dry
you off. It will soon be time for our new member to become more
intimately acquainted with you. I don't think he can take much more,'
she added, smiling directly at him. He turned a vivid red, knowing
everyone was looking at his reaction. A couple giggled, and Edith
patted a reassuring hand on his thigh.
As Ginny stepped out of the tub, Mellors emerged from the
dark and slid the tub away, replacing it with one of the ottomans, the
end just inches away from Geoff.
Margot patted Ginny's body dry, jiggling her breasts and
tickling under her arms. She then spread the towel along the leather-
upholstered ottoman and sat Ginny down on it, directly opposite the
now rampant Geoffrey. His demeanour left nothing to the
imagination, the long hard erection making an umbrella in his lap, the
large wet spot at it tip, spreading quickly from his obvious arousal.
Ginny lay down, her well spread legs hanging over the end,
and almost touching Geoff's feet. Margot, pressed the girl to spread
them wider. 'It is only fair this first time,' Margot encouraged her.
'I'm sure Geoff has never had the pleasure of seeing such a beautiful
young girl's pussy so close before. Have you, dear?' She asked him,
causing him to jump with nervousness. All he could do was shake his
After she patted Ginny's sex crevice dry, she said, 'I think
you're all dry now and it's time for some powder. Geoff will you do
the honours this time?'
'How?' He asked looking totally embarrassed.
'Just like powdering a baby's bottom, Geoff dear,' Margot told
him. 'Sprinkle some on her and gently rub it in.'
'Margot, I don't think I can,' he almost whimpered. 'If I move
I think I'll come inside my pants.'
'Edith, you'd better assist. Undo his pants and remove them
and the underpants. That should stop the friction. You see what
happens to someone who just masturbates for sex relief,' she
admonished him. 'We will have to teach you better control than that
for the future. Can't have you shooting off before you've pleasured
your partner, now can we?'
'I'm sorry,' he looked around at the others, feeling most
unsure of himself.
Edith had unzipped him and held the pants away from his
erection as much as she could. As he stood up, his tight penis poked
through the fly of his underpants for them all to see for the first time.
'We were going to wait until later for you to display yourself,
Geoff, but it seems the deed has been done. What do you think of
that, Jane dear? Quite a sight, is it not?'
'Well I have seen it before,' she giggled, 'but Daddy didn't
know. I think it's almost as big as Roger's. Can we measure them
later?' She was almost helpless with laughter now, her father looking
at his daughter in a new light. How could she have seen me like this
before? No doubt I will find out in time.
Edith had removed her husband's pants but left his Y-fronts
on, the firm organ sticking out but not in danger of setting off an
orgasm now.
'Now you can move better, Geoff. On with your job,' Margot
urged him.
He moved to the side of the young girl and sprinkled a small
amount of talcum powder onto her stomach. He looked at Margot for
directions but she made no move to assist him. So he let his hand
reach out and with the tips of his fingers, lightly rubbed the powder
over her stomach and belly button. He put the container down, not
wanting to go further without getting the go ahead to do so.
'There's a lot more skin to smooth yet, Geoff. Surely we don't
have to spell it out for you?' Margot's voice was full of sarcasm.
'Come on, Uncle Geoff,' Ginny laughed. 'Powder me all over.
Every bit, especially the good bits.' She laughed at his uneasiness.
Geoff decided to proceed, first covering her breasts and arms
in whiteness and then using his palms to spread it smoothly over the
whole of her skin. He took little time with the tops of her arms and
then hovered over her upturned breasts for a long moment before
cupping each mound with his hands. He could not believe how firm a
young bosom could be, having only touched Edith's in his entire life
and not for many years, let alone when she was young and firm like
this. He could not even remember how her's had felt when they
honeymooned, it was so long ago.
He squeezed and massaged the large hillocks, taking sexual
pleasure like his magazines had never given him. Those sitting
around the room saw his penis drip lubricating fluid onto the floor
from time to time, from the arousal this chore was producing. He felt
a great urge to climax, the longer he kneaded her breasts, but delighted
so much in what he was doing that he knew he mustn't explode just
'Down there now, Uncle Geoff,' Ginny said, pointing to her
genitals. 'Do it slowly please.'
He used the white powder liberally and then felt himself
reaching between the legs of this very young woman. His hand
descended to her mount and as he rubbed, slowly slid downwards until
one hand actually cupped her groin. A dirty old man was finally
feeling up this delightful young girl he thought to himself. It's a
dream. I know I'm going to have a wet dream soon. Oh, my God.
Who would have thought... He stopped himself from thinking and
returned to what he was required to do.
He desperately wanted to insert his finger between the lips
that he was now caressing, really feel her up, he contemplated but the
courage to do so was just not there. Instead his fingers gently brushed
the cleft, never straying inside the puffy outer lips.
After many minutes her skin glowed peachy red, hot from the
hot bath she had just completed, and then paler as her natural skin
colour merged with the thin covering of powder he had spread over
'It feels lovely, Uncle Geoff. Do you like doing it to me?'
'Yes, I do,' he whispered with emotion.
'Then I'll turn over and you can do my back.'
He spent little time on her back but as his hands came to the
upward curves of her bottom cheeks, so too did his arousal, the sex
fluids dripping now in a continuous string from the tip of his penis to
the floor.
Finally he used one hand to spread her bottom crease, the
other sprinkling powder along the curved line. He used a finger to rub
the surface evenly, even over her bottom hole but never inside as
Margot had done. When he reached down that far he knew it was just
a matter of millimetres before he could tickle the entrance of her sex
again. He tried a couple of times but again his courage left him.
'Your hands are very nice,' Ginny encouraged him as she
rolled back over again, her round face full of happiness as she lay
down looking into his face. 'You didn't make me come though. girls
like to come, you know,' she mocked him. He didn't know how to
respond to such brazenness in front of her family, even Roger who was
sitting almost in front of the action.
'Don't worry, darling,' Margot told her. 'You will be given
your orgasm tonight. You won't miss out.' She then looked at Geoff,
handing him a tube of what looked like glue.
'You won't have the privilege of having sex with this young
lady tonight, Geoff but it will happen soon. However, you can make
her ready for a sexual encounter later tonight. She will receive her
father's loving and I will be there to assist. Now take this and rub the
lubrication deep inside her pussy. A slippery vagina is better for them
both. Roger can slip inside much easier and her pussy won't become
chaffed. Make sure plenty goes inside.'
Geoff was stunned at the openness of this information. The
very act of incest wasn't even taboo in front of this family. His
thoughts turned to what Jane had said again. I've seen it before she
had said. Surely Edith won't let that happen.
'Geoff?' Margot prompted him.
He looked up and then began to open the cap. Clear slippery
liquid was squeezed onto his finger. He reached out to spread it over
the puffy outer lips when Margot leaned over and opened the lips with
two fingers. 'Inside, Geoff, don't waste it on the outside. Push it right
inside and spread it around. All over, now.'
At last he had been given permission to insert his finger as
deep as he wanted inside this little girl's pussy, and he wasted no
further time. First smearing some over the inner labia and then over
the sex hole until he knew the time had come. His index finger pushed
on, deeper and deeper as he spread the shiny liquid that remained. He
finger fucked her in front of both his family and hers and everyone
was happy. Indeed, Ginny was very happy, the sensations shooting
from her brain to her groin in milliseconds, saying pleasurable things
to her sex. 'That's so good, Uncle. I'll be glad when it's time for you
to fuck me properly.'
Although he didn't want to, time had dictated he should cease
his caresses and this middle-aged man withdrew his finger from the
vagina of the girl who could almost have been his granddaughter.
Ginny sat up. 'Thank you, Uncle, that was nice.'

Chapter Twelve
Margot manoeuvred him to the foot of the ottoman where her
daughter sat. As soon as he stood there, Ginny placed her arms around
his hips and drew him, his bare penis included, to her naked body.
She jiggled herself and breasts caressed penis.
'Careful, dear,' her mother said. 'Don't make it too hard for
our new friend on his first night. I think a nice kiss would suffice
Ginny looked up into the eyes of the man and with a giggle,
lowered her head to kiss him on the tip of his outstretched cock.
'Thank you again, uncle,' she said happily.
Geoff finally slumped back into his chair.
Richard then spoke for the first time since they arrived in the
'I'm pleased to say you've passed the first test, Geoff. In fact
the only test you'll have tonight is to make sure you don't ejaculate
before you go off to your bed. Ejaculate and you'll not receive
permission from any woman here to have sex for another month. And
even then you'll have to pass another evening's initiation before you're
eligible to join us fully. It won't be easy,' he added.
'I'll agree with that,' he acknowledged whimsically.
'Just remember, you're still under test conditions.
'It's time to meet each of your new wives more intimately. I
hope you can hold out, for control now will offer untold pleasures
immediately. We'll start with Edith. I'm told; you've made love to her
several times in recent days. That's more than you've done in the last
several years, isn't it?'
'I'm embarrassed to say yes, but it's true.'
'Stand up, Edith,' Richard told her. He put an arm around her
shoulder. 'She has in fact fucked each of us several times since she
became part of The Forum, Geoff.' He clamped his other hand over a
breast. 'You've missed out here, Geoff. Nothing was held back and
I'm sure she'll detail all the ways she's offered herself if you ask. A
particularly good sodomite, Geoff,' he went on. 'And her entry to the
world of lesbianism leaves one gasping at her ingenuity.' He undid the
buttons of her blouse and cupped a bare breast. 'You have a good wife
here, Geoff. You owe her a major apology for your lack of care over
all those years.'
He removed her blouse completely and allowed her to resume
her seat beside Geoff. She smiled at him with love in her eyes,
blowing him a silent kiss.
'Margot, here,' Richard continued, having her stand beside
him, 'has special standing amongst our ranks. Until Edith arrived on
the scene, Margot was our senior female and because of that was not
required to remove any body hair. She retains that status and is the
only one who wears her pubic hair with pride. Show him, darling.'
She was already standing immediately in front of him and
without hesitation lifted her skirt up above her waist, displaying the
black fluffy hair around her crotch. She stroked it with her hand and
then parted it with two fingers to disclose her feminine slit.
'You can see she wears no knickers, Geoff. None of our
women do, nor do they wear bras. It just makes our access easier if we
want to feel them up or even takes a quick dip into their pussy. No
woman will ever stop you from taking any form of sex you desire with
her, Geoff. But if you commence, you are expected to provide them
with as much pleasure as you take. Remove your top, my dear, and
then sit down.'
'I look forward to our next encounter, Geoff,' she smiled at
'You've already had the opportunity of see Amber's bustline,
haven't you, Geoff?'
'Yes, when we first met.'
'They are very beautiful. And large,' he added.
Amber stood beside her husband. Officially, Amber is
married to me but she is also married to Roger and Margot within our
household. Each one has the rights to her body and feelings. When we
become married to you and the others also, you gain those rights as
well. Every right you've ever fantasized about, Geoff.'
'There's something rather special about her breasts though.
Did you notice when she bared herself?'
He thought for a moment and shook his head. 'No, only that
they were very arousing.'
'Amber gave birth a few months ago and has retained her
ability to provide milk, even though we have a wet nurse as a Nanny
for the twins. Show him again, darling.'
Amber smiled directly at him as she undid her blouse to
reveal her large nippled breasts to him again. The nipples were
different, Geoff realised, large and brown, with the teat firmly pointed.
'Take one between your lips, Geoff. Suck as though you were
her baby.'
Amber lifted a breast, offering it to him and waited until he
slowly moved and she felt his lips press around her tender nipple. She
loved the feeling of being sucked there. It was different to when she
wasn't producing milk. Far more erotic now she thought, as the nipple
was squeezed and suction applied. She held her hands against his ears,
cradling his face, urging him to continue.
Geoff didn't realise he was receiving her milk at first but the
volume slowly increased and he felt the additional liquid filling his
mouth. He swallowed and began to suck with fervour, neither liking
of disliking the liquid but rather, relishing the fact that he was suckling
a grown woman's breast, a woman whom he had only recently met, the
wife of the man standing with her.
After some minutes Amber pushed him slightly and pulled
her chest away, making her nipple drop from his lips. 'Enough for
now,' she smiled happily. 'You will have many more chances,' she told
'And you will see more of this lovely lady tonight,' Richard
told him. He then continued. 'Well, you've seen Ginny in all her
glory and from the look of your cock she was a very moving sight.
Am I right?'
'Indeed,' Geoff smiled. He looked around Richard to see
Ginny still lying back on the ottoman, her legs widely spread, the
glisten of lubrication shining between the crevice of her sex.
'Then, there's only one more important person to meet
tonight. Of course, you've seen Joanne as she's helped out today and
you'll see her far more intimately later. But let me introduce you to
someone a little more close to you. You're own flesh and blood so to
He held out his hand and Jane sheepishly took it and stood
with Richard in front of her father. Geoff self-consciously covered his
erect cock with his hand as she looked down into his lap.
'That's not going to do you much good,' Richard rebuked him.
'Not after tonight, anyway. Now I've already told you we have all
made love to this lovely young woman. In fact, you should be
congratulated for siring such a beauty. You must be wondering how
this angelic young daughter could allow such things, but I can tell you
that once she had broken the ice in her growing understanding of her
sexuality, she has stopped at nothing in her search for total fulfilment.
Can you imagine Jane, naked before us all, stretched out on the bed,
pleading to have her virginity taken? She allowed me that privilege,
Geoff. I deflowered your daughter and she has the proof. I'm sure she
will show you if you wish.'
'Yes, it's true, Daddy. Richard did it and it was beautiful.
He made me feel like a princess.'
'Edith has made love to her too. That becomes lesbian incest
to anyone outside The Forum, but her acceptance of loving women is
something you will yearn to watch over and over. She is a true
exponent of female sexual love, Geoff.'
'Undress, my dear,' Richard told her.
She did not hesitate, her nimble fingers quickly working
downwards over her chest to open the blouse completely. Richard
parted the garment to display her girlish breasts. She had always lived
at home but he had never seen her naked since she was a small child.
He had never thought of her as a sexual being, just his daughter, and
yet now as she stood proudly displaying herself to his gaze, he wanted
'Just a little less that a handful each at my guess,' Richard said
as he cupped one of her mounds. 'They're certainly not as big as
Ginny's but just as arousing, eh?'
He couldn't answer, again speechless.
Richard removed the shirt and swept her hair back over her
shoulders so her bosom was left completely uncovered. 'And the rest,'
Richard instructed.
Still looking straight into her father's eyes, smiling all the
while, she reached around and unzipped the skirt at her side. It fell to
the floor and he saw her total nudity, devoid of pubic hair, sex lips
pouting and pink.
'Beautiful?' Richard asked. He held out his other hand to
Edith who stood and was pulled beside Jane. 'Kiss your daughter, my
dear,' he told Edith.
She immediately put her arms around her daughter and
pressed herself into the younger girl, lips pressed together, mouths
obviously widely open as they explored each other's tongues. Edith
broke away and lowered herself enough to take one of her daughter's
breasts in her mouth. She sucked hard and Jane moaned with pleasure
as mother's tongue lathed the taut nipple with her saliva.
'Jane and Edith will love you this evening, Geoff. You will
finish the evening by having sex with both your wife and your own
daughter, all the way, ejaculating inside their pussies if that's what you
wish, or anywhere else you desire.'
'I can't hold on much more,' the excited man cried out in
agony. 'It's just too much. Never could I imagine how wonderful my
life could be changed, but I'm so near I can't move for fear of failing
my test.'
He was standing now, his back bent slightly, trying to stop
any sensation in his groin and especially over the taut shiny skin of his
mother and daughter still hugged, but had stopped their
overtly sexual touching.
No one tried to touch him, allowing him time to get his
feelings under control again. He was left completely alone; no one
looked in his direction, no eye contact at all, all worried even that may
be enough to take him over the brink. Slowly he straightened, trying
to relax, breathing shallowly almost as a woman does in labour. His
erection did not go away and the discharge from it's tip continued,
several small wet patches seen on the floor. But eventually control
returned and he stood straight, still not prepared to touch anywhere
near his groin but now not ready to discharge the sperm that had built
up within him over the last week or so.
'God, that was close,' he admitted with a smile.
'Just relax for a moment, dear,' Edith suggested. She most
certainly didn't want him to fail this test. If he had to wait another
month, he might just chicken out of the lot and in frustration and guilt;
blow the lot to the press. She didn't think he would but just wasn't
'I think we all deserve a drink, Richard,' Margot said and
miraculously from the sidelines Joanne emerged with a tray of filled
glasses. All talk of sex had ceased and they spoke mostly about their
new surroundings, excited about what Richard had achieved.
'You have done well, Geoff. Extremely, I should say. In
your position I don't know how you managed to hold off your crisis as
you did. There's just one more test but I'm a little concerned because
this one brings more than just visual. I think a little more time is
warranted. Try and get that hard-on down a little,' he suggested.
Edith had moved behind him to massage his neck and
shoulders. Those that had bared various parts of their bodies remained
nude but more subdued and less obvious. Roger even got onto the
subject of fishing to take his mind off his bodily sensations. Finally
the erection deflated and he used his underpants to wipe away the trail
of liquid that had been discharging from his cock.
Edith helped him out of the underpants and removed his shirt
as well. He was now quite naked, his cock standing almost straight
out but much smaller and quite soft.
Richard let his composure continue for some time and then
instructed him on his final test for membership to The Forum.
'If you manage to pass this last test, and it shouldn't take too
long,' he said, 'I want to instruct you on what your duties as such, will
be after you have become fully initiated. But first, your final test.'
Ginny had left the couch where she had laid to be powdered.
'Sit here,' Richard motioned to the end of the ottoman. 'Have
you ever dreamed of spanking a young girl's bare bottom, Geoff?'
'Yes,' he nodded his head, too embarrassed to look up.
'I'm sure you would have at some time. We all do but few get
the chance. Your chance is here tonight, Geoff. Amber here...'
'Oh, God, not me,' a plaintive cry was heard across the room.
'As I was saying,' Richard continued. 'Amber has been
naughty. In fact very naughty and it has been decreed she is to receive
a dozen on the bare backside. You will render those smacks, Geoff.
Hard smacks. She is not to be let off easily, do you understand?'
He looked towards the victim, seeing the agitation in her face
and finally realising he was going to spank this naked young woman.
He looked at her naked swollen breasts, and imagined lifting her skirt
to reveal a bare behind that he was now expected to punish with his
own hand.
'When any woman here receives her punishment she is
humiliated as well, usually by the punisher feeling her up whenever he
wishes during the punishment. You have our full permission to
explore any part of her body you wish. In fact we insist that you do so
between each smack. The catch is that both she and you will be quite
naked. Her nakedness will be grinding down on your nakedness, her
crotch, laying over your erection and your task is not to come during
the whole display.
Geoff looked up quickly, first to Richard and then Amber
trying to work out if this was not a game they were playing. But as
Amber began to divest herself of the last piece of clothing, he knew he
had only a small chance of succeeding. The same aroused feelings
began to grow within him even before the session had commenced.
How could he have a gyrating woman rolling over his erection for an
indefinite time without it having the worst effect of all happen to him.
He knew he had to concentrate completely on not how he was
to do the job or how he felt about it. He had to deaden the sexual
arousal he now felt and just do a job. Spank and feel, spank and feel.
Don't even think of her as a female, just a heavy weight resting over
his knees. Don't even think of his cock. Do the job quickly. He
didn't want to fail because success would bring so much more
pleasure. If he failed he wasn't sure whether he would ever be able to
pass later. These people would surely make the task more difficult
next time. He had to pass the first time.
'All right, I'm ready,' he said, sitting up straighter, his knees
ready to accept the bundle to be spanked.
But Amber wasn't going to let it be that easy. 'When I get
spanked, I come every time,' she said slyly, a smirk on her face as she
leaned over his knees. 'The harder you hit, the more I come. Hit me
very hard, Geoff darling.' Sex was oozing from her lips and her body.
Her hands glided over his naked skin as she eased herself down, soft
hands, sliding down the calves of his legs. Very sexy loving hands, he
thought. But then he concentrated. It was nothing. Her hands clung
to his ankle once she was in place.
He placed her where he could get the best aim and opened his
legs further to allow his now erect cock to nestle a little lower, away
from her hairless slit which pushed down onto him.
His hands wandered over the hills of her bottom, but in his
mind he was in the supermarket feeling melons. It was nothing else.
His eyes were closed and those around him thought he was
concentrating on the arousal that would have been natural. Thank
goodness he had climaxed so often with Edith just a week or so
before. It helped to stem his arousal somewhat.
His hand fell twice, quickly and hard. His eyes still closed,
concentrating on things other than nakedness. Amber cried out after
his hand had risen the second time, they were so quick. He explored
her bottom crease, his finger rubbing against her anus for a moment
before he raised his hand again to bring it down exactly over the centre
of her crease. The force vibrated downwards, hurting as the loud
crack filled the air.
'Three,' Ginny called.
He explored further, his hand slipping further down, pushing
legs apart until he felt the moist opening of her sex. Rather he was
testing packets of meat for tenderness. Would he buy this one? This
one seems better.
The fifth and sixth were harder. She screamed loud and
writhed over his lap in pain. 'Ouch, that hurt,' she squealed.
The hand that was pressed against her back now moved to
cup one of her breasts, which hung down, heavy with milk. If he let
her back go, she may writhe upwards away from me, he thought and if
he squeezed a tender nipple, she might forget about trying to make
him come. And so he did that at exactly the same time as number
seven landed.
She cried out in agony. Both spots hurt simultaneously.
Allowing her to settle only momentarily, he brought his hand down
again, exactly on the same spot as the last.
'Bastard. That hurt,' Amber screamed, squirming on his lap.
His left hand let the breast go, and his right, the one that had
been smacking, moved between her legs where he inserted two fingers
into her sex hole. The ninth and tenth were landed on each cheek with
his left hand, awkward and almost backhanded but they still carried
great force. He shut his eyes and mind to her sobbing moans. All
those in the room could see she was working towards sexual arousal
breathe hissing between her teeth, legs stretching over his lap,
vibrating with emotion.
'Eleven,' Ginny called.
His left hand rested on her bottom and took a large pinch of
the reddened flesh. He squeezed hard and at the same time, pushed
his thumb hard against her clitoris, grinding the pad over the swollen
sex nub. She succumbed to her pleasure, rather pain and pleasure
combined for his pinching hurt dreadfully, burning upon the already
burning raw flesh. Just as her climax surfaced, as her legs stretched
out taught and her moaning grew to crescendo, he removed his thumb
and with his free hand landed the hardest smack of all. Her body
shook from his violence and her own climax.
'Twelve,' Ginny declared.
Amber rolled off his knee onto the floor where Margot and
Ginny cuddled the now sobbing young woman.
Geoff looked down and was stunned to realise his penis was
only half hard. Richard and Roger were surprised and when Richard
commented, Geoff answered, 'I think it's called will power. I hope
that's what it was,' he added.
'I'm amazed and impressed,' Richard congratulated him with a
handshake. 'I never thought you would come through and yet we all
wanted you to. I think you deserve some restful stimulation so we'll
talk tomorrow. I do believe Edith and Jane have some surprises in
store for you.'
'Indeed we do,' Edith agreed. 'Come, darling, lets come to
bed.' She put her arm around his waist and encircled Jane's on the
other side. They disappeared through their door together.
'Now, young Ginny, you manslayer, I think you should
accompany your mom & Daddy tonight. You can choose your
favourites tomorrow,' Richard said. He lifted Amber in his arms.
Come, my pretty. I'll carry you over the threshold.'
When they arrived in their room he immediately went and
opened their curtain to look in on Roger, Margot and Ginny. To his
surprise, not only was their curtain drawn also but so too, the curtains
between them and Geoff and Edith's room. Everyone was happy to
show off his or her lovemaking openly. Richard stripped and joined
his large breasted wife on the enormous round bed.
'I'm thirsty,' he said, sucking a large brown nipple between his
lips. She giggled with pleasure.

Chapter Thirteen
When Geoff, Edith and Jane entered their room, it was Jane
who opened the curtain without even consulting her parents. They
didn't object.
'Well, my darling husband, I'll bet you never expected to find
yourself in such a household as this. And here you are with your
naked daughter just waiting to make love to you. So am I, Geoffrey.'
She moved in front of him and took his face between her hands. 'You
will never know how often I wanted you to come to me and make
love, my dear. I knew you were taking some pleasure on your own
and so did I from time to time when the urges got too strong. But I
missed you touching me, putting your hands where you thought it was
naughty to do. Just inserting you inside me, that's what I missed.
And now we can do that without fear of upsetting anyone.'
'Mummy, do be quiet. Can't you see Daddy's ready to make
love to his loved ones,' Jane smiled. Geoff's cock stood up in full
'Let Jane make love to you, darling. I know you'll come
quickly but there'll be plenty of time for many more. Jane dear, why
don't you love him and let him come inside you quickly. Then we'll
both love him.'
Jane moved slowly to his side. 'Lay down, Daddy. On your
back and let me make you come. I know you must be desperate for
that anyway. You can make me feel nice later.'
In the daze he was in, he did as she said. He felt the bed
move and then watched Jane as she spread her legs over his waist.
Someone, probably Edith, he thought, guided his tight cock and he felt
Jane's legs lower down his sides. Her sex enclosed the head of his
cock and then she sat down, encasing his manhood deep inside her.
She remained motionless, steadying herself with her arms each side of
his head.
'Open your eyes, Daddy,' she whispered.
Her face was near his, smiling and yet serious. 'You're inside
me, Daddy. Inside your little girl, all the way,' she said. Do you want
to touch my breasts? You can do whatever you want to.'
Edith was resting by his side, watching closely, a hand
caressing the side of his face. Jane knelt up, slipping his cock almost
out of her sheath, but not quite. She sat again and the sensations deep
within him said it was time. He screwed his face up with emotion as
his orgasm began. Jane knew immediately and felt the first surge of
semen shoot inside of her pussy. She moved herself up and down, up
and down in rhythm with his ejaculations. Each spurt of semen was
made just as she pushed her vagina as far as she could onto his cock,
withdrawing as the surge abated.
'You must have been waiting for a long time, darling,' Edith
cooed in his ear. 'I can see you're still coming. Just enjoy it.' She
spoke to Jane. 'Does he feel good, dear?' She asked.
'Oh, Mummy, he's wonderful. You should feel how powerful
his spurts are. They must be shooting stuff right up into my tummy,'
she giggled.
'I know what you mean. Remember, he made love to me four
times last week,' Edith said.
'Daddy, you're cock's as hard and strong as Roger's and that's
something. Wait until you see him in action.'
'You probably could if you looked next door,' Edith said, but
no one was interested.
'I can't believe I've done all the things I've done today,' Geoff
said, breathing heavily as his climax subsided. 'And you two. It's a
dream, I know. So wonderful.'
'It's just the beginning, darling,' Edith said. 'Remember there's
three other women here also, all ready to do whatever you want.'
'I think he's finished,' Jane said. ' Mummy, you'll have to help
me or we'll get a wet spot on the bed.' The young girl slid herself to
one side of her father as his still firm penis slipped from her vagina,
shiny from the secretions he had deposited, Jane clamped her hand
over her pussy and laid on her back, legs spread. Geoff was amazed to
see Edith clamp her lips over Jane's sex hole and obviously began to
suck his fluids from her daughter. She was doing much more, he soon
realised as Jane stretched her legs, shuddering and moaning as Edith
continued to lap at her opening.
'Oh, Mummy, that's so nice but please let Daddy bring me off
the first time. Daddy, make your daughter come, please.' She
swivelled around so he had to move very little before her vulva was
open before him. He had never sucked Edith even once but knew very
well what was required from the sex books he had read.
He clamped his mouth over the opening, still wet from his
own semen although Edith had removed most of the secretions. His
tongue pushed as deep as he could and then as if it were something he
had done many times, began to tickle her clitoris. She delighted in the
slow rubbing of his tongue, inching her ever nearer to orgasm but with
a slow purposefulness she had never experienced. Geoff never tired
until he felt the shivers run through her body, her groin pushing against
his mouth as she finally succumbed to the peak of arousal. Jane
finally slumped back on the bed. He kissed her moist opening and
collapsed onto his back beside her.
'It's just so wonderful,' he murmured as he drifted into a
fulfilled sleep.
'Looks like I'll have to do you tonight, Mummy. O.K?'
'O.K. by me, baby.' Jane slid on top of her mother in the
typical sixty-nine position, and began to lick her pussy lips.
'Life is just so wonderful,' Edith cooed.

'Daddy.' Geoff heard a gentle voice calling but in the depths
of sleep thought he was dreaming. He had an erection because he
could feel it pressing against something. He opened his sleep ridden
eyes and realised this was no dream.
Jane was smiling at him, lying beside him, one of her hands
holding his onto her breast. 'Good morning, Daddy, you slept well.
We must have tired you out last night.' She kissed him on the lips.
Jane had never done that, he told himself and then quickly
remembered last night. Everything had changed since last night. Now
he had two women in his life, two very sexual women.
'Good morning, darling,' he whispered then realising
something was happening to him. He began to sit up but Jane pressed
him back.
'It's all right, Daddy. It's only Mummy making you feel
good.' God, he thought, I'm being masturbated. Well who am I to
But masturbation it wasn't. Nothing like he had ever
experienced with his own hand anyway. The slurping sounds
corresponded to the intense feelings he had in his loins.
'Mummy said she had never sucked you before, daddy. I'll bet
it feels good. It's all right to come in her mouth, you know. Just let it
happen, you've got a lot of catching up to do.' She looked at him,
chuckling at his reactions, at the thought that here was his daughter,
innocently rubbing his hand over her bosom while her mother, his
wife, was sucking his now very hard and sensitive cock.
He smiled back into her eyes. 'Life is just too good,' he told
his happy daughter as his head fell back on the pillow.
'But you've got to promise that after you've come for Mummy,
you've got to make love to me properly. You know, on top of me like
the real man you are, and don't stop until you make me come a million
times,' she giggled, kissing his lips again.
'I'll try,' he said. 'But twice in a few hours wears this old man
out, you know.'
'I'll bet the combined force of me and Mum could make you
come a dozen times, you naughty man. If we can't get you hard,
maybe we'll have to bring in the other girl's too. It's just like having a
new girl every day, new flesh to feel and fuck. No man could
withstand that force for long. And I do want you to make me come,'
she said. 'Properly,' she added.
'We'll see,' he agreed, feeling his arousal climbing fast. He
reached down and touched Edith's face as she slipped her lips
backward and forwards over his cock. She never slowed, and soon he
had no choice but to discharge into her mouth. Violent shuddering,
animal like growls from his clenched teeth and a stream of sperm was
deposited deep in her throat. She swallowed every spurt, and after he
was finished, continued to suck on the now deflating penis until all the
after tremors had ceased.
'Good morning, darling,' she smiled as she crawled up his
body and laid down beside him, an arm over his chest, tickling her
daughter's free tit with her fingernails.
'I'll bet he tastes good, Mummy?'
'Very sweet, and a very strong ejaculation, darling,' she
complimented him.
'I don't think I'll come for a week,' he murmured blissfully.'
'Just a little rest and then it's my turn, Daddy. You're going to
fuck your little girl and make her happy, aren't you?'
'I'd love to, darling. But you've got a job ahead of you,' he
told her.
'Once you start, once you see me stretched out, and my pussy
just waiting to be violated, you'll get hard, I know.' She let her hand
glide over his scrotum, touching just the hairs, tickling. Softness,
sensations beginning to raise that he just couldn't stop.
'Why, daddy,' she said with glee. 'You're getting hard again
already. Is it little me who did that?'
'Fraid so,' he admitted, feeling like a young bull again. Ready
to take on a whole army single-handed. Her hand continued to tickle
and she laid over onto her back, legs together, knees nudging his thigh.
'Kiss me, daddy. Kiss me and make love to me. I ache for
you to do it to me, Daddy.'
He raised himself onto his elbow and leaned over, kissing her
almost chastely. 'I never dreamed...' He stopped talking as her arm
rose around his neck pulling his mouth to hers. They kissed
passionately, relishing every moment. His hand roamed over her
body, moulding the twin peaks of her bosom, pinching each nipple
gently. Wandering downwards, circling her belly button, tickling her
stomach, finding the door to her pleasure. His finger pushed the hood
of her clitoris upwards as he gently squeezed the little love nub
between thumb and forefinger.
'Ahh,' she moaned, opening her legs a little, giving him access
to her pleasure zone.
He moved on, pushing the outer lips apart with his fingers,
running a single digit the length of her labia, tickling the sharp leaves
of her sex before pushing inside, pushing as deep as he could, his
thumb now pressed against her clitoris, trying to bring her near to
'You'll have to start soon, daddy,' the girl whispered. She
opened her legs wide, offering him unhindered access to her hairless
pussy, trying to pull him on top of her.
'Please,' she whimpered.
He moved on top and she used both hands to open herself for
him. 'Make it wet,' she said.
He leaned down and gave her pussy one long lick, leaving a
trail of glistening saliva. She gasped from the sensations this sent
through her body.
Positioning his cock at her entrance he lowered himself,
amazed how easily he slid inside. Edith moved herself up and put an
arm under Jane's neck. She laid back looking up into Geoff's face as
well, one hand caressing her daughter's nipple.
'I think he's enjoying you,' Edith told Jane.
'So am I.'
His cock had reached its full depth in the first thrust for she
was so wet inside. He felt her tightness, a young pussy used so little
for her twenty-three years, he thought. He began to work his cock in
and out, slowly but purposeful, taking his own pleasure, hoping she
was feeling the same.
This was nothing like masturbation, he always told himself.
Yet, this feeling was unbelievable, but then the very act was
unbelievable. incest with his adult and yet child-like daughter, with his
wife's consent and in her presence, and probably with other's looking
on as well. The very thought brought him near boil-over point. He
felt Jane writhing beneath him, shaking her head from side to side,
crying out as though she was being tortured and yet he knew she was
feeling the very opposite. Fighting to bring her to the peak of passion,
to climax and afterwards, have her own father ejaculate deep inside
her body.
He concentrated to delay his pleasure, hoping he could bring
her to orgasm first, grinding his pubic hair against her naked pussy,
pressing down on her love nub with his pelvis each time he pushed his
hips down. She came quickly then, her legs shuddering
uncontrollably, now lifted almost straight up, thighs clenching his
waist as hard as she could, breath hissing with pleasure as the first
wave of orgasm took over.
'God, oh God,' she cried out. 'It's good. Harder, daddy, push
more keep me coming. Agh!' Sounds rang around the room as her
writhing took him over the precipice also, shooting load after load of
sperm at the door of her womb. He groaned with ultimate pleasure,
pushing as hard as he could against her sex with his torso, trying to
extract every drop of his seed to deposit inside her body.
He collapsed on top of her, not caring about the weight she
must be bearing, resting, regaining breath and strength. Jane too, was
breathing heavily as though puffed out and slowly they both regained
He tried to slide over her side but she turned with him and
they remained connected, penis still inside vagina. She looked at her
father, her lover, and began to giggle with him for the pleasure they
brought to each other.
'Thank you, Daddy, it was wonderful,' she told him, stroking
the side of his face.
'No, my dear,' he said. 'It's me who thanks you with all my
heart. Never could I have known such beauty as we three have felt in
these last few hours. And you, Edith, my dearest, we still have our
time to come. It will be soon, I promise.'
'You're a changed man, Geoff,' she told him. 'Wonderfully
changed. I'm so excited for the future now.'
They decided to take a spa together. 'It's to relax he told
them. No sex please, it's getting worn out.'
They talked happily, as the bubbles invigorated their bodies.
'I didn't know what being un-circumcised was until I saw your
cock all soft like that,' Jane told him. 'Richard and Roger have had
their foreskin removed. Doesn't it stop some of the sensations?' Jane
asked innocently.
'Don't know, but nothing could have been better than just
now. Who cares?'
'You fucked me well enough to make me pregnant, Daddy,'
she laughed, looking at her breasts to see if they had changed.
'Oh, goodness, you couldn't be, could you?'
'She's on the pill, dear,' Edith reassured him.
'Little devil,' he said, and then a blank look appeared on his
face. 'Wait a minute. What about Phillip? I'd forgotten completely
about him. He doesn't even know we've moved out of the vicarage.
What are we going to do when he comes back from college? That's
soon, next week I think.'
'It's all right. I've spoken to him. He knows he's coming here.'
'But... But he can't come here. He wouldn't agree with
what's going on here. He's talking about going into some religious
school as a teacher. He'd never accept what he will surely see here.'
'You're right about that but think about him for a moment. He
could never do anything that even verged on leadership or anything
like that. We don't like to admit it but our boy is a bit of a wimp,'
Edith spoke her thoughts vehemently.
'Mum's right,' Jane agreed. 'He jumps at the first hint of
trouble and I can't imagine any teaching establishment taking him on.
He's got a big fall coming if it hasn't already happened.'
'What we thought,' Edith continued, 'is that when he finally
gets that message, he will have nowhere else to go. No money.
Goodness, he only got into college by sheer fluke when the other two
boys opted out, and little likelihood of gaining employment. He's
going to be a sorry young man for some time. We'll keep him in one
of the guest rooms and see how he goes. If he tries to make trouble,
we'll handle that when the time comes, but I'm almost sure he'll just
do as he's told and be too weak to cause any trouble at all.'
'I think we three girls can handle him, Daddy. If he starts to
carry on, that is. Let's not worry about it. Now, do you think you can
make Mummy as happy as you did, me?'
'Only with my tongue, my dear,' he looked at her
'That's good enough for me.'
She sat on the edge of the spa bath, leaned back against the
wall, opened her legs and closed her eyes. His tongue connected and
her body began to vibrate internally straight away. When he had
finished Edith was fully satisfied. 'It's like having a brand new
husband,' she told Jane afterwards.

Chapter Fourteen
No one surfaced until lunchtime, and they arrived at the
dining room in pairs and threesomes.
'Everybody worn out, I take it,' Richard asked. There was
little response. 'But from the look of you all, you've enjoyed
yourselves, eh?' They all agreed with that.
'We're going on a little tour of the grounds this afternoon. Just
to get you acquainted with everything. I hope it will suitably impress.
After lunch, they returned to the Colosseum and he showed
then one further door, so well camouflaged they would never have
found it without his help. This one's important. Not even Mellors or
Joanne knows about this because it's our escape way if anything
should ever happen. He led them through and found it spiralling
downwards to come out in the washroom in the underground car park.
The door they came out of was similarly hidden and when closed, no
one could pick where it was.
'There are four roads on the property, and we are going to tour
them all, the last one also known only to us.'
They all got into the limo and Richard drove, taking them
along the same road they drove into the property yesterday. 'You all
know this road, it's main entrance to the house and all the staff
including us, will use this to come and go.'
He turned back when they reached the first fence line and
returned to the car-park entrance.
'Next will be used mainly by us, Mellors and some of the
house staff.' He drove off and they found themselves heading towards
the ocean. As they reached the edge where the high cliffs fell down to
the sea, a road had been ingeniously built, unseen as a road from
anyone out at sea. A channel had been carved out from the edge so
that the road's surface was some two metres deeper than the cliff face.
'A car can drive down here and no-one out at sea could see it because
we're below the level beside us.' They found themselves sweeping
downwards, obviously down to sea level. But surprisingly, they saw
more than that.
The road stopped at a sheltered bay, worn into the cliff over
the centuries, almost an L-shape so that the foot of the L was curved
backwards, hidden from prying eyes. A boat shed was constructed at
the end of the small bay and two rather large motor launches floated
against the small wharf. 'One's for fishing, the other is a little more
up-market. That's for cruising, anywhere you'd like to go. It's ocean
going and as seaworthy as the QEII. We've even got a Captain and a
couple of crew to look after us. Take us all at once, too.'
'Don't you have boaties sneaking a look? They'd get access to
the property without you ever seeing them,' Roger queried.
'Not with the security systems they've put in here. If anyone
brings their boat through the narrows around the corner, most likely
they'll rip the bottom from under them. There's warning signs. If
they do navigate through the maze, infrared systems first threaten and
secondly send up flares warning off the intruders. We've had no-one
even try to come up there.'
'And I suppose the Captain knows exactly where to
'You've got it, Rog.'
They explored everything, especially the cruiser which left
them gasping at the luxury of it all. 'There's even a jacuzi on board,'
Amber commented excitedly. 'One can get up to all sorts of things in
a jacuzi,' she said.
Richard drove back up the same road and then they headed up
the hill where the pine plantation grew. Here again the road or
vehicles using it couldn't be seen, for the road had been built below the
level of the hill. As they reached the beginning of the plantation, the
road took a sharp turn to the left and as soon as they were among the
trees, it turned sharply right, virtually cutting off any indication that a
road was built into the plantation.
Nearing the top the land levelled out and they drove through a
tall gateway, which opened automatically as they approached and
closed quickly when they were through. From here, the trees and
surrounds became another area of well-kept gardens, manicured grass
along each side of the clearly defined gravel road, colourful shrubs and
flowering bulbs dotted everywhere. The car pulled up at the front of
what appeared to be a house and Richard led them up the steps and
It was in fact a large cabana, stretching the length of a full
sized swimming pool, which glistened clear blue in the sunlight.
Surrounding the pool were many lounge chairs covered with thick
waterproof cushions, tables and large beach umbrellas. From a paved
walkaway around the pool, manicured lawns stretched back to the tree
line some hundred metres of so away and large trees were spread
around providing shade for those who sought that.
The cabana appeared to have several roller doors to shut out
unpleasant weather, and spread around the room were divans and
leather couches. Against one end, a large double bed with lots of large
pillows was already made up. 'There's a bathroom through there,'
Richard pointed.
'It's wonderful, Richard dear,' Amber kissed the side of his
cheek. 'A most wonderful playground.'
'I forgot to mention one thing,' he told them seriously. 'The
security here is probably even greater than in the house. You can drive
here only in the limo because the gates are attuned to that specific car.
And the fence is electrified. Anyone trying to climb over won't get
fried but it'll give him or her a hell of a shock, for want of a better
word. Now all that is necessary because there is one rule for coming
up here. You can come up here whenever you want to but this circle
inside the fence line is our very own nudist colony. No clothes are
allowed, ever,' he stressed.
'Well you've got my vote on that,' Roger beamed. 'I've never
actually been to one of those, a nudist colony, I mean.'
'I thought there was no nookie in a nudist colony,' Margot said
'Don't believe everything you hear,' Amber said. 'If people get
together to take their clothes off, it's not just for a sun tan, believe me.'
'We're all breaking the rules then,' Ginny pouted. 'Richard
you should have all your clothes off, you naughty man. Fancy
disobeying the rules,' she berated him.
'If he had thought of that and accused one of us girls,' Edith
spoke up; 'He'd probably put us through a punishment session. Thank
goodness he's just as guilty.'
'We could all take our clothes off now,' Jane said shyly. 'I
mean just to see what the water's like.'
'You just want to look at your father's cock again,' Ginny
accused her. 'I saw you getting fucked this morning. Couldn't hear
you moaning but I'll bet you were making a noise from all the writhing
you did. Was it nice?'
'I can tell you, Ginny,' Geoff spoke up. 'She seemed to enjoy
it. But I loved it.' He put his arm around his blushing daughter's
shoulder and smiled at her.
'Well I'm going in,' Amber declared and stripped naked in a
moment, having only to remove her frock. She wore no underwear at
all. The others needed no further prompting and before long eight
naked bodies frolicked and splashed about in the pool.
'I hope this is one of those nudist colonies where sex is
allowed,' Amber asked no one in particular. ''Cos I want to get laid.
Someone, anyone is welcome, but I want to come.'
'My turn,' Ginny declared. 'We haven't made love for, oh,
days at least.' They were on the lawn, under the bright sun, Ginny head
to toe over Amber's body, at bliss as they licked and sucked each other
to a happy orgasm. Some of the others watched, Geoff especially,
while the rest contented them in the water.

As they returned to the house, Richard told them there was
one more area that he had developed but would only take them there
when the time was right. He wouldn't elaborate. Then he called
Geoff aside to discuss what he had in mind for the newest member of
The Forum.
'I don't want you to give up your authority to act as a priest,
'Vicar, actually, but it's all the same I suppose.'
'Yes. Anyway, keep your licence but there's no way we want
to be preached to. I'm sure you understand what I mean. I have in
mind two things that you could especially do but it will probably take
you a while to think through the details and put them into action.
Firstly, I want to set up some pseudo-religious body that would kind of
give us some credibility with the authorities should they ever have
need to investigate what goes on in this sealed-up property. I won't be
surprised if someone tries to drive up our road, come to the first fence
and then get suspicious about what we are doing here. So far nothing
is illegal and I don't perceive it for the future, but you never know.
Can you work out some kind of association we could hang our hat on
and look credible in the eyes of some cop who might just force his
way in? It will probably take you some time, but work on it.'
Geoff nodded his head, understanding what Richard was
meaning. 'Yes, that sounds feasible. I'll start putting a few notes
together today. We'd need to get legal advice, of course. What else?'
'I think we may have mentioned this briefly when we spoke to
you about joining us. What I want you to work out and be in charge of
is some form of ritual you could perform on an on-going basis that
would keep the womenfolk interested and sexed up. You know how
the Rabbi has to cleanse a Jewess after her menstrual period?'
'Yes, they have strong laws about that. I don't know exactly
what they do but it is some form of ritual washing.'
'What I had in mind, revolves around the younger one's
periods, where you as High Priest could act out some cleansing
routine. But it would be up to you how you do it. You could do the
same thing every month, whatever you chose, or you could do
something different each time.'
'I'm still not sure what you mean.'
'Well, for instance, and this may seem squeamish, but what if
they had to come to you on the last day of their period and you could
penetrate them to cleanse. Or you could humiliate them with their
sanitary pad or even make them penetrate you during their period.
After just these two days and what I saw through the bedroom
windows, you impress me as a man if ingenuity. I'm sure you can
make up some rules, which they'd be required to obey on pain of
severe punishment. Roger would be a big help with some
pharmaceuticals to change their system from time to time, perhaps.'
'Yes, I see what you're getting at. I'm sure there are some
things that would spice that part of their lives up. We've got two who
have passed through menopause though. God, I never imagined even
thinking of stuff like this before. It's incredible.'
'Yes, I expect it is,' Richard agreed then continued. 'You
could work out something different for Margot and Edith, then. One
reason for this is to take away some of the pressure from us three men
to perform sexually for five women as often as they want. I can tell
you, Geoff, Roger and I were getting worn out before you came along.'
Geoff smiled knowingly. 'Strange, isn't it? Here was I
wanking off pretty regularly thinking Edith didn't want sex and she
wasn't pressing me because she thought that I didn't want to because of
religious beliefs. Well let me tell you, when Edith and I had sex four
times in about ten hours after Amber got us together, and then after I
committed incest with my willing daughter, sex has changed my whole
outlook. I may, probably will,' he changed his mind, 'get worn out
like you and Roger, but it's fun doing it.'
'What makes it easier is something new every so often. When
Jane and then Edith came along again, we were like two dogs fighting
for a bitch in heat. Still are for that matter, but it's not easy to keep up.
I'm sure Roger and soon, you will tell me that.'
'Don't kid yourself, young man,' Geoff laughed.

At dinner, one week later, Geoff spoke up with authority for
the first time.
'Ladies and Gentleman,' he spoke clearly, bringing immediate
silence to the room with his deep resonant voice.
'Thank you for your attention. I have some news which
involves us all and I ask for your undivided attention.' He smiled a
knowing smile as he looked at each of them.
'As you know, under Richard's direction I have been given the
task of instituting a series of rituals that this house, known by us as
The Forum, will operate under henceforth. Should the need ever arise,
we will be known by any outsider who might intrude on us, whether it
be the law or some private citizen, as The Church of Divine Love.
Each of you become members and to the outsider, our purpose is one
of family support, the families so chosen by the Church will be given
refuge and succour under the roof of the Church. The Church's
benefactor is an undisclosed international philanthropist who supports
those under the organization's care. We are a religious and welfare
institution according to the charter lodged with the authorities but do
not seek any form of government relief, so there should be no cause
for anyone sticky-beaking about. I'm telling you this to prepare you
should anyone ever intrude into our space.'
'So we don't refer to that name to anyone except if someone
starts to ask questions?' Roger asked to clarify what this was all about.
'Exactly. And between ourselves we are simply The Forum.'
'O.K.' Roger acknowledged.
'The next part does involve us though, or at least mostly our
female members here.'
'I knew it,' Amber piped up.
'But I'm sure, not all,' Geoff said. 'Following on from what I
have just said, tonight Richard as head of The Forum will formally
induct me as High Priest of The Forum. My role will be one of
spiritual guidance. Again,' he added, 'not in a religious sense but more
in the form of personal spiritual guidance. My role will be one of
cleansing, cleansing the mind and the body of each one of you ladies
on a regular basis. Your menstrual effusion will centre around some
of these rituals but as time goes on, more areas will be involved.'
'Just what does all that mean?' Margot asked with an
uncharacteristic smirk of suspicion on her face. 'And beside that,
neither Edith or I are cursed with the monthlies any more, thank God,'
she added. Where does it involve us then?'
'Young woman,' the High Priest spoke to her sarcastically, 'I
suggest you learn a little patience before you question your High
Priest. That and many things more, will be taken care of shortly,' he
then explained. 'Tomorrow morning, I as your High Priest will begin
my work in the Guest room beside my bedroom. It will be known as
the Room of Purity from then on. Remember that. It will only be
vacated if more than one guest room is required.'
'I will receive each of you separately into my presence at
ninety minute intervals starting with the eldest and at that time you
will learn of your responsibilities for the rituals. You will wait outside
my door, your head will be bowed and you will not speak or
communicate in any way with anyone while you wait. Do not be late, I
warn you. As females, you will not talk of any matter discussed
between you and your High Priest, to anyone, be it man or woman.
Neither will any female ever watch any activity that takes place within
the room from the bedroom joining the Room of Purity, although there
may be times when more than one female and perhaps some males
will be required to attend at the same time. The men most certainly
may watch through the viewing area, in fact are encouraged to do so
and they will be kept fully informed of what takes place. But as
females you will only know what happens between you and your High
Priest, no-one else.'
'I can see we're going to get a licking and won't be able to talk
to anyone about it,' Amber moaned.
'Only the individual will know. Joanne has already acquired
the attire you will first wear before your High Priest and from then on,
he will make known to each one what is expected of her for the next
visit. Your demeanour before the High Priest will always be that of a
young, innocent and demure woman, quietly spoken and never
outspoken. Her head will always be bowed until she is instructed
otherwise. Remember that especially. He will not tolerate
'Seems to me you are setting yourself up with a harem of your
own,' Roger accused. 'What about us?'
'My involvement is in your interests too. Time will show
that.' Then he added something that made the women smile with
'Other rituals will commence from tomorrow as well. From
that day, The Forum will celebrate certain special holidays. Woman's
Day is exactly one week after each woman's menstrual period ceases.
On that day, the woman has total control over the rest of The Forum
from six a.m. until midnight. There are no restrictions except for two.
Whatever she requires must never cause physical damage in any way,
although certain pain may be part of her domain on the day. Secondly,
no action may be taken that could bring The Forum into disrepute with
the rest of the community, especially where there is a possibility of our
activities becoming public knowledge.'
'I do like the sound of that. If we are too hard pressed by
anyone, we have the chance of getting our own back,' Amber smiled,
'Just remember that it's Men's Day the following day though.
Make your demands too harsh and you may face a pay back,' he
reminded her. 'But there's more for you yet,' Geoff continued. 'The
women who do not have their menstrual flow, are each granted a
similar day every four weeks, under the same conditions. So you all
have the same benefits.'
Geoff continued his speech. 'The anniversary of each
member's birth will be celebrated in any way that member wishes. No
restrictions will be enforced except that common sense must prevail.
No member can object to whatever is required of him or her by the
celebrant on that day. You will be pleased to know it will be known
as Birth Day.'
'Ah, how original.'
'As for the rest of the time, what ever you wish to do remains
unchanged. You can do your own thing or someone else's for that
matter. Love, sex and companionship is the keystone of our life here,
as I've learnt very quickly and I know you all want that to remain
'Here, here,' Roger said and the rest clapped their applause as
Geoff sat down.
'Stand before us,' Richard directed Geoff.
As he stood, Richard took a table knife and moved in front of
Geoff. Tapping him on each shoulder as if he were decorating an
English knight, he said, 'I hereby induct you as High Priest of The
Forum to do as you will while in the Room of Purity. As you leave
that room, you become simply a member of The Forum again. We
men will watch your progress with uhm, ... interest, I think is the right
'With lust, more likely,' Margot stated.
'So when do I have to be there?' Ginny asked.
'Young woman,' the High Priest answered severely. 'It is up to
you alone to work that out. Just do not be late. Ever.'
'Oh, God,' Ginny wailed. 'Arithmetic was not my best
'Why don't you be late to see what his threats are all about,'
Roger suggested. 'I'd like to watch.'
'The old voyeur from way back,' Margot accused.
'You will find your attire for tomorrow on your bed's, my
dears,' Geoff informed them. 'Not to be worn tonight though.'
That caused the exit of all as they rather excitedly made their
way upstairs.

Chapter Fifteen
Geoff and Edith followed the two girls into their room. 'Oh,
going to have a family affair are we?' Amber sniggered.
'Probably,' Edith sighed. 'But we've really got to get some
things sorted out to handle young Phillip when he arrives in a couple
of days. I think blackmail might be the order of the day.'
'What are we going to do, daddy,' Jane asked when they had
all flopped onto the gigantic bed.
'Mind those garments,' Geoff warned. 'Go and hang them up.'
When the girls returned, Jane continued to speak her mind.
'He really is a wimp. I can't see how he could ever join in
what we do. What if he objects and races away accusing us all of
molesting him and incest or something?'
'That's where you two come in,' Margot said. 'Very soon
after he gets here you two have got to get him into a compromising
situation and we'll talk about how to do that now.'
'Perhaps if you let him fuck you, Edith. mother and Son at it
when someone walks in to catch you,' Ginny suggested with a grin.
'He probably doesn't know what fucking is anyway,' Jane
'I'll bet he does. He's fifteen for goodness sake. I'll bet he
and his school mates talk dirty all the time as long as no-one's around,'
Ginny declared. 'From what I can make out with the men here, they've
got just one thing on their mind all the time. How to get inside our
little panties.'
'Well you certainly don't hinder them,' Edith accused. 'I'll bet
you haven't got any panties even now.'
'I'm not allowed. You know the men make us stay available
for their dirty little dicks. Anyway, you haven't got any on either.'
'That's right,' Edith admitted and lifted her skirt for all to see.
'Feels good too, like swimming in my birthday suit.'
'Let's just get back to the subject, can we,' Geoff reminded
them and then went on. 'I want you two, Jane and Ginny to go to the
train and collect Phillip and this is what you'll do.' He went on to give
them instructions and they talked these over in detail.
After they agreed to the course of action, Ginny finalised their
thoughts when she said, 'I suppose we work on the assumption that
once he's got the taste for pussy he'll agree with anything to get more.'
'That's about it,' Geoff agreed.
'Good. Can we be naughty now?' Ginny asked. 'I want to
come so much, it's killing me.'
'Trust you,' Edith smiled.
'Want to do it to me, Geoff?' Ginny offered, laying back with
her legs spread widely, skirt pulled up to her waist.
'Love to, little girl,' he smiled. 'But I've got to keep my virility
up for tomorrow. I'll take a raincheck. Jane, why don't you keep her
happy? I've heard the two of you put on quite a performance. Edith
cam keep me in the brink while you show us your stuff.'
'Yes, sir.' Jane saluted and immediately lifted her frock over
her head and knelt beside Ginny.
'Come, lovely one, let me take your clothes off.'
They sat side by side, facing each other as though they were
sitting in a love seat. Their arms encircled each other and lips clung
together in a deep loving kiss. Jane leaned down and took a nipple
between her lips, sucking and kissing together, smothering the
cherry red nipple with her tongue, tickling the hardness, giving
pleasure to the younger girl without seeking anything in return.
She pushed Ginny down on the bed and lay besides her, still
kissing the same breast, while her other hand cupped the other,
bringing that nipple hard with her thumb and forefinger. Ginny began
to gasp softly as her pleasure grew.
Edith took one of Geoff's hands and opening the buttons on
her blouse, slipped his hand inside and over one of her breasts, not
looking at him nor saying anything. She withdrew her own hand then
pressed it down over her blouse and squeezed he hand around her
breast as hard as she could. She made no move to touch his hard cock
which rose up making a tent inside his pants for his instruction was
that he was not to be helped to climax before tomorrow's rituals began.
'Hurt me,' she whispered. 'Squeeze me as hard as you can.'
He needed no second reminder as his large hand compressed
her soft flesh. He squeezed her hard, painfully hard, so much that she
grunted several times but she never tried to stop him.
They watched on as the young girls switched themselves
around into the sixty-nine position, Jane on top, wetting each other's
pussies with their tongues. Ginny was already aroused considerably
and Jane continued to pleasure her with her tongue and fingers, which
were now pressed against the younger girl's clitoris, annoying the little
sex nub. Ginny soon gave up trying to please Jane as her own climax
approached and she laid her head back on the bed and began to cry out
and moan with pleasure.
No one spoke, just looked on and saw the onset of the
ultimate sexual experience, the onset of orgasm in this eighteen-year-
old sexpot, stretched out before them. When it arrived, Ginny cried
out with deep-throated sounds, almost ranting with sexual expletives.
'Oh shit, baby. Do it. Fuck me; fuck me with your finger.
Make me come. Oh fuck, it's great.' She continued to espouse
anything that came into her head until those watching saw her legs
stiffen, straighten and shudder, teeth clenched, her torso lifting off the
bed as the ultimate pleasure overtook her body. Her brow sweated
freely. It took some minutes before she was able to regain some
control and she never bothered with the stream of sweat that ran down
each side of her face. Eventually Jane licked the salty dew away and
pecked the satiated young woman on the lips.
'Mummy,' she said. 'I think you'll have to make me come. I
really need to,' she pleaded.
Geoff, whose cock had left a large wet patch on his trousers
where the tent was still prominent, relaxed and finally withdrew his
hand from inside her clothing. 'Make love to our daughter,' he
instructed his wife. She took pleasure in this further act of incest,
wondering to herself just how long would it be before she was doing
the same kind of things with her son as well. Sex in all its forms was
becoming a very deep pleasure within her life. Sex was indeed
wonderful, she agreed as her finger manipulated the tight bud above
her daughter's sex hole.

Chapter Sixteen
Geoff opened the door to see Edith standing just as he had
instructed at dinner last night. No one else was in sight.
'Enter,' he told her, shutting the door behind her.
Edith saw a cushion on the floor between where she stood and
a long padded altar type piece of furniture placed at the foot of the
bed. The altar was about three feet high. She walked forward until
she stood by the cushion, her back remaining straight, her head still
bowed as she had been instructed, and hands at her side.
'Remain still. Do not move,' she was instructed. She felt her
husband, now as the High Priest, circling her, looking at her from all
Geoff was pleased. He had not seen the clothes he had
requested Joanne to have designed, worn by anyone but they were
exactly as he imagined they would be. The fabric was very soft and
flowed around her body showing off every curve. Edith wore a fawn
pastel coloured gown, which came halfway down her calves, showing
she wore no shoes or stockings. The waist was held in tightly with a
belt of the same material, tied at the side. The back was high, coming
over her shoulders and around her neck where it was held together
with a small clasp.
There appeared to be an open join in the gown beneath her
arms and down to her waist where the material covering her back and
that of her bodice met. The bodice, while not tight, fell in folds over
her breasts and clearly outlined the contours of her twin mounds. The
nipples protruded and Geoff realised his wife was already aroused
even though she knew not what he had in store for her.
'Do you like your gown?'
'You will address me as Eminence when you are in this room.
Now, do you like your gown?'
'Yes, Eminence,' she answered quietly, not looking up, trying
to retain the demeanour of young, innocent and demure as the women
were instructed. Goodness knows how I can handle the role of young
she thought and smiled inwardly.
'When is your menses due, female?'
'My menses has ceased, Eminence.'
'When I was about forty four, Eminence.'
'I never knew, but by then your husband never demanded
conjugal rights, did he?'
'That's correct, Eminence.'
'Then, female,' he asked more roughly, 'what did you do to
attain sexual relief?'
'I...' She didn't know what to say. 'I... I don't know,
Eminence,' she stuttered.
'How could you not know, female? It was of your own
making. Did you seek it elsewhere?'
'No, Eminence,' she said looking up at him, shocked that he
would even suggest it.
'Your instructions, female, are to keep your head bowed.
Now, what else is there? I suppose the obvious is that you used your
hand on your own flesh. Is that it?'
She hesitated and took a deep breath. 'Yes, Eminence, but
just a few times.'
'Did you give yourself an orgasm?'
'Not always, Eminence.'
'So for several years you had no sexual union with your
husband, you masturbated just a few times and yet you achieved some
kind of gratification. At least enough to satisfy your needs, is that
what you're telling me?'
'Yes, Eminence, that is so.'
'I demand, female, that you describe in detail how you gained
gratification if you had no sex with men and only a few times, an
orgasm by your own hand. How?'
'I... I dreamed, Eminence. I dreamed I was being raped.
Many times I woke up in fright, remembering clearly of just being
raped, always by the same man. And every time, I woke in the middle
of an orgasm. Every time I remember dreaming the same dream, I
'Many women would be envious, female. But you sound as if
you are embarrassed. Do you remember the dream?'
'Yes, Eminence, vividly.'
'Describe it to me in detail. Leave nothing out. It was always
the same?'
'Yes, Eminence, always. I received a letter in the mail and it
instructed me to drive to a house. When I knocked, the door swung
open and I walked in. It slammed shut and I couldn't turn the handle
to open it again. A voice told me to remove my underclothes and lay
down on the rug and as soon as I did so this man, always the same one,
stood over me, naked. I can still see him with his erection just looking
down on me. Without saying anything, he pushed my legs apart and
knelt between them, pushing up my skirt. Then he penetrated me and
raped me for what seemed a long time. I woke up every time just as I
felt him come inside me and I was in the middle of my own orgasm.'
'And your husband never realised this?'
'I didn't think so, Eminence.'
'This man? Do you remember what he looked like?'
'Yes, Eminence,' she whispered just loud enough for him to
'Is it anyone you knew?'
She hesitated, a sob sounding deep in her throat.
'Yes, Eminence, I know who it was.'
'Well, female. Who?'
'My... my brother, Eminence. I dreamt my brother raped me
and every time it happened, I came.' She began to cry in humiliation.
'Your brother? Well I'll be damned,' he said incredulously.
Then with more authority said, 'female, you indeed need cleansing,
deep cleansing. It will hurt but it is necessary.'
He walked behind her and she felt the material of her gown
being lifted up her legs. His hand worked for a moment with the gown
at the top behind her neck and she felt the back being pulled
downwards before realising he had brought the hem right up her back
and attached it to what she supposed was a clip on the neck. Her
whole bottom was nude for she wore no underclothing.
She then found him standing in front of her, his hand reaching
to her shoulders. But instead of holding her there, he lifted the top of
the bodice where it was affixed to her shoulders and it came away
easily, the sound of velcro strips being pulled apart in her ears.
The whole bodice was lowered until it fell from her waist
downwards, exposing her breasts, the nipples still taut and hard, and
dark cherry coloured. Despite the fact that this was her husband, the
one who she willingly gave her body to do as he would, she blushed
deeply, still bowing her face to the floor.
'Oh,' she exclaimed as a hand cupped a bosom.
'Kneel, female. It is time to worship that part of your High
Priest that requires constant attention.'
She kneeled, holding her back straight.
'Part the robes,'
She found the split directly down the centre and opened the
garment to locate a very aroused male appendage.
'Kiss that which delivers the seed of life to the female.'
Her lips nipped the tip of his penis, sensing the drop of
wetness that clung to the small slit. She pecked the staff several times
and with one hand resting against its length, rubbed her cheek over it's
'Allow it's length to penetrate. Push yourself forward and
provide a proper receptacle.'
She opened her lips and pushed her face forward, swallowing
the hardness. She could not fit all it's length inside and began to pull
He placed his hands on her head and pushed the back of her
head towards him.
'You must learn to receive all of the staff of life. It must
penetrate deeply, regardless of the female's abilities. She must learn
and learn quickly to receive her priest's staff.'
She felt his hand press her forward, slowly but insistently as
he invaded her throat deeper than she thought she could ever take.
The hardness hit the back of her throat and still she was not pressed
against his pubic mound. Her eyes focused blurredly on his crinkly
black hairs just a few centimetres from her lips. She gagged but he
persisted and she felt his cock enter her throat. Soon he was fully
inserted and he pressed her head tightly against his groin.
Holding her there, he began to chant unknown words. She
knew she had to keep her urge to vomit in check and found the power
from somewhere to avoid panic. After long seconds he withdrew
slowly, only momentarily before he forced himself back into the
depths of her throat, remaining then, quite still for longer before
withdrawing. Three times he invaded her throat that way and then
withdrew all but the bulbous head of his prick from her lips.
'Suck your High Priest, female. Lick and suck until you are
told to stop.'
He stood upright, balancing himself by holding her head, and
took his pleasure, caring nothing for any feeling of her own.
Finally he pulled back and withdrew from her mouth
'Our time is almost up. Your instructions are that as you do
not experience menses now, you will be required to assist when the
first female in menses attends her cleansing. You may find your role
at that time most distasteful, but regardless, you will attend, attired
exactly as you are now. You will be informed on the morning of that
day and you will not discuss this fact with anyone. Do you
'Yes, Eminence.'
'Before you leave, I will cleanse your mind for this month.
Stand and rest upon the altar. Kiss it's surface with your lips. You are
to be cleansed with pain, four cuts to each cheek with the cane. Do
you understand? Let your breasts hang downwards.'
'Yes, Eminence.' She closed her eyes.
She felt his hand grasp her breast as she waited, and heard
him whisper.
'What a fool your husband has been. A damn fine piece of
womanhood. I will make use of your body when you enter here next.'
She heard the swish and felt the burning as the first stroke
landed directly across both cheeks. She bit her lip to stop any sound
but knew not how she could withstand the pain from the three still to
come. He wasted no time with the remaining strokes, each one
landing harder than the last.
He moved close behind her, pressing his stiffened manhood
against the punished flesh, rubbing himself through the robe he wore.
Clasping her breasts with both hands he pulled himself as tightly
against her rear and gave her his final commands.
'You will remain as you are now clothed for the rest of this
day. You will practice throat exercises with this instrument and be
fully able to swallow its length without hesitation when you return in
four weeks time. Kneel and kiss the staff of life, then leave.'
'Yes, Eminence, thank you, Eminence.' She left with head
bowed and did not look in Margot's direction as she went through the

Chapter Seventeen
Margot entered upon the High Priest's summons aware of the
way Edith was dressed when she left the Room of Purity.
'Stand and remain silent, female. That's all you are, female.
Made for man's pleasure and destined to attend to his every whim. Do
you accept that?'
'Never respond to your High Priest again without
acknowledging his position. In your eyes he will always be eminent.
You will finish every sentence by acknowledging him as Eminence.
'Yes, Eminence.'
'You are here to learn your role within the Room of Purity and
you will listen well, female. I take it your menses has ceased?'
'Yes, Eminence, about two years ago.'
'Then we will find other alternatives towards your cleansing.
All females require cleansing regularly; we may decide that pain is the
best form of cleansing, cleansing of the mind. Do you like to receive
pain, female?'
'It hurts so much, Eminence. I cringe from it.'
'But if it gives your High Priest pleasure in dispensing it?'
'If your Eminence wishes the indulgence, I would submit.'
'It is more than indulgence, female. It is the excitement of
dominance. Would you deny your High Priest the chance to attain
sexual relief?'
'Never, Eminence.'
'Then pain you will receive. Now, I have been watching you,
female. You have never offered yourself to the newest member of The
Forum. Why have you denied him the pleasure of your flesh?'
'I have not done so on purpose, Eminence. But he has always
had other female company so far.'
'Do you offer yourself now?'
'Whenever you wish to use me, Eminence.'
'Tell me of your earliest memory of sexual activity, female.'
'When I was about twelve, Eminence, it was with a boy who
was my friend.'
'We were with some others walking in the park. For some
reason we were left behind and sat down to talk. He just leaned over
and kissed me right on the lips and at the same time, grabbed my
breast with his hand, over my clothes.'
'Did you make a scene?'
'No, Eminence, I was shocked at the naughtiness of it but it
sent shivers through me. I thought it was wonderful. Then he just ran
'Did he do it again?'
'No, Eminence, he never even talked to me for several days
and then didn't mention what had happened. I thought I was in love
but he was scared I would tell on him, I think.'
'Who took your virginity?'
'My husband, Eminence, although he wasn't my husband then.
We were still at college.'
'Well, female. Describe it. How old were you?'
'I think I was still fifteen, Eminence. Roger was eighteen. He
took me to a drive-in movie called "And God Created Woman". It was
very sexy for it's day and I was embarrassed but it got Roger so worked
up his hands were all over me.'
'How long had you been dating?'
'Several months, Eminence, we were known as a pair among
our friends by then and had many heavy petting sessions but he had
never got his hands on my... my...'
'Your cunt, female, is that what you mean?'
'Yes, Eminence, he had never touched my cunt.'
'But I suppose his hands roamed frequently around under your
blouse with your blessing? Had you ever let him take your top off to
expose your tits?'
'Probably a couple of times by then, Eminence.'
'Well, go on, female.'
'I knew he was worked up as much as he had ever been
because his weapon was hard and had made a large wet mark on his
pants. For a while he tried to cover it up but finally he grabbed my
hand and clamped it over his crotch. I had only brushed my hand over
his bulge before them, but I knew he always liked me doing that.
Anyway we were sitting in the back seat of his car and he had taken
off my blouse and bra and was making me feel so worked up too by
the way he was kissing and licking my breasts. He just kept on and on,
all the time pushing my hand over his erection while he was kissing
me. It made me feel sexier than I had ever felt before. My other hand
was around his neck and we were kissing each other very passionately,
using our tongues and moaning sexy cries.'
'Were you wet between your legs, female?'
'I think I was almost as wet as he was but mine didn't show.
Finally he broke apart and almost crying with passion, begged me to
open his fly. I had never done that before but wanted to more than
anything. As soon as his thing...'
'His cock.'
'Yes, Eminence, as soon as his cock sprang out he clasped my
hand around it and began to push his hips up and down. He was
making love to my hand. I didn't know what to do so I just let him.'
'And? What then, female? Tell your High Priest every
'He ejaculated all over me. I didn't know what was
happening and screamed but the goo landed all over my hand and
splashed onto my skirt. He just held me tight, groaning and pushing
himself against me. I'd never seen a boy have a climax before and the
stuff that was still all over my hand and soaking into my dress made
me feel a little, well a little squeamish. But he was still pushing
himself into my hand, holding it tightly to his cock with his own hand
clenched fiercely around mine. I knew he must have enjoyed it all
because he was kissing me all over saying how much he loved me and
to keep doing it.'
'But you still retained your virginity. That little hole of yours
was still intact?'
'Yes, Eminence, but not for long. Once he realised I was still
holding his cock tightly, his hand started to move up under my skirt.
He kept whispering little love words and I knew he was entering the
forbidden zone but by now I didn't really care. He kept telling me to
open my legs as he pushed his hand higher. Open a bit more baby he
kept cajoling and I did. I just let him have his way. It wasn't long
before his hand clutched me over my panties and roamed around for a
while. A short while I suppose but I was getting so excited again
because he was kissing me and licking me all over, my face and tits
were damp from his saliva and I felt feelings between my legs I'd
never known before. He inched a finger under the leg of my panties
and I felt his cock growing hard again. He was still pushing
backwards and forwards into my fist as it held his cock and he was
breathing hard and fast. I want to touch you there he kept saying and
then hooked his finger around the crutch of my panties and tried to
pull them down. Lift up, he told me but when I didn't move he pushed
me backwards against the seat and used both his hands to grab the last
piece of resistance to his getting all the way in. I was telling myself I
was being felt up for the first time. This boy was touching me where
no one had ever touched but it felt as though the inside of my pussy
was like a fizzy drink bubbling away. I was out of control and made
no move to stop my panties from being slid right off. Once that
happened, he was between my legs in an instant, pushing the skirt out
of the way and forcing his cock inside. I was wet down there but it
still hurt, like chaffing as he just kept pushing himself into me.
'Why didn't you tell him to stop? It sounds as though you
were acting just like a tart would.'
'I know that but it didn't matter. I just wanted him to do
whatever it was he wanted to. I was feeling so worked up, nothing
mattered. Anyway, he finally got a little inside until he reached my
hymen but he was so aroused he was growling like an animal and just
kept on pushing. It hurt like hell and I cried out but nothing was going
to stop him by them. He broke through and kept on thrusting until he
shot off inside me again. That's how I lost my virginity, Eminence.'
'You didn't come?'
'No, Eminence, not for a long time afterwards. Roger never
knew how or even had the inclination to try and make me happy, just
as long as he could get inside and squirt off.'
'When did you have your first climax then?'
'It wasn't until our first wedding anniversary. I made love to
him and forced him to wait until I was able to achieve some
satisfaction. After that he realised I needed to come too and almost
without fail, he held off or helped me to come afterwards. He even got
to the stage where he could make me three times before he shot off.
He's a wonderful lover, even now.'
'Do you still like sex?'
'I adore sex, Eminence.'
'Is there anything you wouldn't do?'
'I have never objected to anything yet, Eminence.'
'You would do anything?' He emphasised the last word.
'I think so, Eminence.'
'I have a vision, a fantasy if you like, of commanding a female
to have oral sex with some kind of animal. If I wished it, would you,
female, agree?'
'I have promised to follow my High Priest, Eminence. But I
have never thought of doing such a thing.'
'Answer my question, female,' he hissed.
'I suppose I would be obliged to do as I was commanded.'
'Good. Move to the cushion. Kneel.' He waited until she was
settled. 'Have you been used during your menstrual period?'
'I have had sex then, Eminence. Once'
'Then you have been used, female,' he said roughly.
'Remember that. Did it make you feel more sexy, more easily
'I think so, Eminence. 'But Roger finished so quickly I can't
really remember.'
He leaned down and clasped the bottom of her dress to the
same clip that he used with Edith's dress. In fact her gown was exactly
the same as Edith's except Margot's was pale green. He massaged her
breasts through the material for a long moment before commanding
her to stand again.
'Can you swallow a whole cock, it's full length down your
throat, female?'
'I can with Roger, Eminence. As long as I am leaning over
the top of him. If he tries to push himself down, I gag.'
He handed her a sealed bag, similar to that given to Edith.
'Practice with this. In two weeks time, you will make your first
official visit to The Room of Purity. By then you will have learned to
swallow the full length of what's inside, without displaying any sign of
distress. If you fail, the ritual of cleansing will indeed be unpleasant
for you.'
'Now, female, I intend to feel you up completely. Make no
move.' He released her bodice and took each breast in his hands,
squeezing and massaging the whole surface, putting his lips to the taut
nipple, biting, licking sucking. As he did with Edith, he moved behind
her and clenched his hands over her tits while he pushed his already
hard cock against her bottom. His hands soon wandered backwards
and inside her gown from behind to find the thick bush of crinkly hair
surrounding her pussy.
'So, you've been allowed to keep your hair?'
'Yes, Eminence, Richard decreed that, when I was the elder
woman. Even when Edith arrived, I was still allowed to keep it.'
'Remove your garment and lay yourself upon the altar, so you
are ready to receive your High Priest's cock.'
He watched as she readied herself, laying on her back, legs
widely spread, her arms reaching out to receive him, pussy spread
open so the pink moist split smiled at him. He could no more resist
the invitation that could a starving man faced with table of food.
He knelt between her legs and lowered himself on top of her,
the first time he had fucked this beautiful mature woman. Parting his
robes, she guided the head of his cock straight to her opening and he
let all his weight push down. Nothing stopped him as he quickly sank
the full length of his shaft inside her. He began to thrust but found
himself nearing a climax, and slowed to a stop; finally withdrawing
when he was sure the sensations had faded.
'There are other females that require my staff to remain hard
today,' he told her. 'The next time you present your cunt though; you
will service your High Priest completely. That is the female's ultimate
purpose, to provide a vessel for the male's ultimate pleasure. And at
some future time you will have the privilege to service another male
animal. The timing will be a surprise. Indeed a surprise all round,' he
'The next visit also begins the time of cleansing. As you have
no menses to cleanse you will be subjected to the cleansing of you
body and mind through the rites of pain in many forms. Sometimes it
will be unbearable but you have no choice but to accept. It is time to
leave. Kneel again and kiss the staff of life which will bring to you the
bliss of pleasure after pain.'
She parted his robes and took the tip into her mouth, tickling
it with her tongue. Kissing its end as she rose, the High Priest
commanded her to dress and leave her clothing as it as for the rest of
the day. She exited and was surprised to find no-one waiting outside.

Chapter Eighteen
The High Priest left the door open and moved back to rest
against the altar while he waited for the late Amber to arrive. She was
over five minutes late as she rushed to the door looking contrite.
The High Priest took her arm and literally flung her inside,
slamming the door behind her.
'You were warned,' he said viciously.
'I'm sorry, but...'
'You do not have permission to speak. Be quiet.' He gave her
a severe dressing down and made her aware of the ground rules for
presenting herself before him.
'Before we proceed further your High Priest will spank the
late female. A spanking she will not lightly forget. Disrobe. You have
not yet presented your flesh to the newest member of The Forum.
Just played with him and his urges. I believe that deserves some form
of punishment also. Do you not agree, female?'
'Yes, Eminence, but please may I speak in my own defence?'
Her head was still bowed as she had been instructed.
'Against my better judgement, I suppose so.'
'I'm truly sorry for being late but I was unable to come any
'I was being used for sexual pleasure, Eminence.'
'What? You allowed yourself to be defiled just before you
presented your body to your High Priest? You should have refused.'
'It was one of my husbands, Eminence. We are unable to
refuse them having access except on Woman's Day or our own Birth
Day, Eminence.'
'Which way did he take his pleasure?'
'With my pussy, Eminence.'
'Is his seed still inside you?'
'Some, Eminence.'
'Did he give pleasure in return?'
'As he always does, Eminence.'
'Then I shall take my pleasure in the form of spanking your as
yet unseen bum. Disrobe and lay your flesh along the altar'
As she was in the process of doing so, he asked, 'Are you still
carrying milk?'
'Yes, Eminence, I am still feeding the twins as well as the wet
'Has your menses returned yet?'
'Just occasionally. I am still by no means regular. Roger says
it will be that way until I allow my breasts to dry.'
'When was the last bleeding?'
'Nearly six weeks ago, Eminence.'
'You will report to your High Priest on the second day of your
next period. What sanitary wear do you use, female?'
'Tampons, Eminence.'
'The next time you will use pads. Your sex canal is to be
saturated when you report. You have permission to wear panties to
hold the shield in place.'
'Yes, I understand, Eminence.'
'Do you become more aroused during menses? Have you had
sex during your period, female?'
'I feel definitely more sexy just before and just afterwards,
Eminence. I have never been fucked while I was bleeding though.'
'Then there is something new to experience, female. Whether
or not sex during your menstrual period is more sexy.'
'Before you lay down, let me feel your tits, female.'
He was gentle, she found. Softly massaging the swollen
mounds, brushing his fingertips over the large brown nipples, making
simple feelings more intense as he kissed each point before placing his
lips over each and gently sucking. drawing the body-warm milk into
his mouth. Partaking of liquid he had never tasted before.
'It is good,' he declared. 'Does the drawing of the milk make
you feel anything?'
'Only the easing of the itching of tender nipples, Eminence.
The babies are a little rougher than you.'
She saw he was ready for her to assume her position. She laid
along the leather-bound couch, the altar, and her feet near the end,
head resting on folded arms. He moved her arms upwards and her
breasts were squashed further beneath her body. But instead of
spanking, she felt his hands wandering over her body, pinching,
tickling, stroking. His palms cupped her upthrust buttocks as he
explored the round contours, gently rubbing her skin, pressing apart
the crease. She felt a finger slide downwards as his exploration
became more intimate, hands parting her legs so the feet rested over
each side of the altar, freeing access to her orifices.
It was pleasant, she thought, not concerned that a virtual
stranger was probing her most secret places. This was her High Priest,
he had untold access, his will was foremost.
A finger entered her holy of holies and he began to speak to
'I can't believe what's happened in such a short time, female.
Just a few weeks ago I was a vicar in a job I hated with a wife and
children whom I thought treated me with disdain. Then I was
introduced to a group of people who I was to learn, had been bonking
my wife and daughter for weeks. And they wanted me to be part of
their group too so here I am feeling up the wife of the leader, probably
while he watches, while she lays here, letting me do whatever I want.
My cock is so hard I'm scared of coming, but I want to hold off until at
least I get through having my way with two more youngsters, one of
them, my own daughter. I could be dreaming.'
His finger was inserted deep within her, frigging in and out.
She sighed with pleasure, from the feelings going on within her, from
the gentleness of his voice, the incredulity that emanated from his lips.
'Roll over, female. Show yourself to me.'
She laid there, not looking into his face, feeling his eyes roam
over her body then his hands as they began to touch her, gliding over
swollen breasts filled with mother's milk, waist and hips taut from her
tender years, her love mound denuded of hair, holding the gateway to
her precious openings. Fingers dallied at her entrance, patiently
spreading the petals. Hands prised her legs apart, widely, opening the
lips as though waiting to be kissed. He leaned over and placed his
lips softly over her entrance. She could feel his warm breath as he
exhaled, smoothing the moistness.
And then his kiss lingered more than chastely. He sucked and
his tongue pressed forward, wetting her even more than her own body
fluids, sliding along the tight crease of her vulva, sliding upwards until
it reached the hard nub of her clitoris. She sucked air into her chest as
the sensations jerked her mind.
His hard tongue pressed against the little lump, pushing up
under the hood that protected it when not aroused, back down again to
tickle it sideways. He had brought her well along the way towards
orgasm when he lifted his face.
'Finish yourself off, female. I want to see you come. Quickly.
Masturbate until you come in front of me.'
She groaned with frustration and disappointment as the
sensations quickly drained away, her groin left in limbo as his face
rose. She brought one hand to cup her mound, a finger insinuating
itself within the crevice, feeling for the point that had to be
manipulated for her to reach the peak of response. She spread her legs
wider and tucked her heels into her bottom to make the centre of her
enjoyment more accessible. Fingers rotated against the love-nub, then
crossways and up and down until she reached the similar peak she had
when his tongue was stimulating her.
Fingers, she knew, were the best. After Richard's big cock,
that was, but tongues were softer, gentler and brought her pleasure in
rippling waves that rolled through her again and again. But fingers
caused the landslide she knew she would bring on herself. Slowly
building and when the time was right, a massive orgasm that took
one's breath away but lasted for such a short while.
She closed her eyes, not caring about the man at her side
watching every movement she made, or probably the men watching
through the adjoining wall. They were all part of her Forum of lovers.
She was sorry her wives could not see her pleasures but they had their
own times here so they were really all equal.
The onslaught was near, her breath rushing between her teeth,
her heels lifting up as waves of pre-orgasmic pleasure raced to her
brain. She let herself go completely, crying out as though in pain and
yet wanting it to happen so much that there was no way anyone could
make her to stop now. The crest was near and then so quickly on her.
She rubbed herself harder, pressing with all her strength on
the little lump that brought so much joy, legs high and quivering,
mouth twisted in concentration as she urged the feelings to never stop.
The veins and sinews in her neck taut, muscular contractions as she
reached the peak of woman's pleasure. There were no spill juices to
show she had gained the ultimate pleasure but the perspiration on her
brow spoke loud of the exertion she had expended in achieving it.
As she relaxed she felt a soft mouth cup her well spread pussy
and his soft tongue gliding gently over the parted leaves. He kissed the
opening once and moved to her side.
'Thank you, female, your display was beyond my
expectations. I have never seen such beauty. Your punishment this
time is cancelled, my dear.' He helped her sit up and then stepped
between her knees to hug and cuddle her as a loving husband would.
They embraced and snuggled their faces into each other's necks for
many minutes.
'You are to report to The Room of Purity for the next two
mornings, female,' he whispered in her ear. 'Tomorrow you will
conduct an act of incest on your son before me and the camera.'
'No,' she gasped in shock. 'The children were not to be
touched in any way. They are only six months old.'
He held her at arms length and with venom in his voice,
reiterated his requirements. 'In this room, your High Priest commands
ultimate obedience. You will present both yourself and your son in
total nudity and then carry out everything I command, without
exception, is that understood?'
'Yes, Eminence,' she agreed almost unable to speak.
'The following day at the same time, you will commit similar
acts on the female. The acts will not hurt them in any way and at
their age what takes place could never be understood as anything but a
mother playing with her child, playing with them in happiness and
He continued. 'Never, ever question your High Priest, your
High Priest of Love, Sex and Understanding, if you want the whole
title. Never again or you will suffer.'
'I apologise, Eminence,' she sobbed, thinking only of what she
may have to do tomorrow. But she knew she would do as she was
She stood zombie-like as he dressed her, replacing her bright
yellow gown and tying the belt around her waist. He attached the
hem of her dress and released her breasts from the bodice, then told
her to wear the gown for the rest of this day.

Chapter Nineteen
Jane was on time. Her gown was the same as the others, soft
sky-blue in colour.
'You are nothing but female, grown for the pleasure of men.
Have you been sodomised yet.'
'Yes, daddy, several times.'
'In this room you are nothing but flesh and sex openings. You
have no father, just a High Priest who has total control over you,
remember that'. He went on to explain his requirements.
'I understand, Eminence,' she smiled to herself.
'When is your monthly period due to commence?'
'In about a week, Eminence. Soon, but I'm not exactly sure. I
can tell you later.'
'It's not necessary. Seeing you've lost your maidenhead, I
assume you too use an internal tampon?'
'Yes, Eminence, Carefree tampons.'
'This time and unless you're told otherwise, you will wear
external pads. Nothing inside your vagina. And this is to go between
your opening and the pad. Put a fresh pad and this on one hour before
you report to me on the morning of the second day of your period. But
do not wash yourself between your legs when you change at that time.'
He handed her a sheet of translucent paper, very flimsy.
'You have permission to wear underpants while you use
sanitary pads. I don't know how you could keep them in place
'Yes, Eminence.'
'I have asked the others. Have you been fucked during your
period before now, female.'
'No, never, Eminence.'
'Good. There may be a first time for that but when and who it
will be with is unknown to you at present.'
'What single act gives you the most intense gratification,
'Gosh, I don't know,' she mused. 'I think it's probably having
one of my wives, Margot I think, make love to me with her mouth.
But being fucked by any one of my husbands nearly always makes me
come too.' She had a wistful smile on her face, her thoughts forgetting
to acknowledge his eminence.'
'I have already fucked you, female. But I've never carried out
the act of sodomy on anyone. It is a wish,' he told her.
'My body is available for anything you want to do with it,
Eminence,' she answered innocently.
'What does "anything" mean, female?'
'It means whatever you desire, without restriction,' her voice
almost sobbed as she acquiesced to what she knew he was leading up
'There are many things you would never have suspected, that I
will one day wish to perform upon you, female. You may one day rue
your answer. Still it was brave.'
He lifted the hem of her gown to expose her buttocks.
'I will sodomise you now. Lean against the altar and spread
your buttocks with your hands.'
As she did so he spoke again. 'I see you have prepared both
entrances with lubricant. Good.'
He pressed his hardness against the crinkled bottomhole and
found himself sliding easily inside. She gave no indication of pain
except she tried to open her legs wider and began to stand on tiptoe.
It was the High Priest that first began to grunt as he felt his
climax approaching far more quickly than he wanted. It took all his
will power to hold back even though he felt a small amount of pre-
seminal fluid rise up and spill inside his daughter. When he regained
some control he withdrew and stood, holding the base of his cock in a
strangle hold to avoid ejaculating. There was still one more female to
come and it was this one he intended to shoot his semen into today.
'Turn around, female. Kneel, and wash your High Priest's
staff. Carefully.'
She found his cock still hard and slightly stained from where
it had been withdrawn. She had done this before and knew the bitter
taste she would encounter. It was not an unpleasant task to clean his
manhood, for any taste quickly subsided as she swallowed her own
juices. She maintained her stance, licking and sucking the length as
far as she could inside her mouth until the bitterness was no more.
'Thank you, my child,' he said almost paternally. 'We will
share many moments together. He drew down the bodice of her gown
and after lathing each nipple in saliva, sent her away as the others had
been, her breasts and posterior bared to all.

Ginny had no intention of acting the shy, innocent type. She
was looking forward to her session and the smile on her face showed
exactly that as she walked through the door.
'You must take the correct stance, female,' he said
'But, Sir, I just want to let you fuck me. I need it,' she pleaded
with a wide smile.
She received the rounds of the kitchen and as punishment,
found her bodice removed and each nipple being severely pinched. So
hard that they had turned white on the tips.
'If you make any sound, I will press harder until the flesh
becomes pulp. Your High Priest means what he says, eyes down with
a demure and innocent presence unless you are told differently. I
assume you understand that now?'
He then went on to give her the terms of her presence within
The Room of Purity and she was glad when he finished because only
then did he release her agonised breasts.
'When is your next menses, female.'
'In three weeks, Eminence.'
'On the first day, you will remind me that it has arrived. On
the morning of the second day before sunrise, you will remove the
protection you were wearing and you must not wash between your
legs. Insert this into your vagina and leave all other protection off.
You will report naked to me here at ten o'clock and if there is any
leakage, you will simply let it run down your thighs where it will no
doubt quickly dry.'
She looked at what he had handed her and found to her
horror, just a piece of crumpled paper, not thick but soft like a tissue
but more translucent. It was the same as Jane had been instructed to
wear over her shield.
'I take it you too have been buggered? Had a man's cock up
your backside?'
'Yes, of course, Eminence, all of my holes are for the use of
any husband to calm his desires.'
'Does it hurt?'
'Not now, Eminence, I've learned how to accept the hardness
so it feels no different to going to the toilet.'
'Does it arouse you?'
'Not so much, Eminence, I much prefer a man's cock up my
pussy. I come every time that way.'
'Do you now? I'm impressed. Are your breasts still
'No, just tingling now, Eminence. But it hurt real bad at the
time. Did you see the tears in my eyes?'
'I did but it was of no concern to me. You deserved it all.
Now you can calm my desires, female. You will not receive any
pleasure except in the knowledge that I will.'
He removed the robe to disclose complete nudity beneath. 'I
have carried out many sexual activities today on five females over
nearly eight hours. I am exhausted and yet highly sexed. You will
suck the seed from my body and drink it's richness down and you will
do it slowly and tenderly. Strip naked and commence.'
He laid down on his own altar, cock raised high. She moved
to his side, kissed him lovingly on the lips then climbed up on the altar
too, her knees straddling his face. She lowered herself down into the
sixty-nine position, holding her vagina just out of reach of his tongue.
He had no desire to reach up but her muskiness wafted over his
nostrils filling him with erotic feelings. Her child-like hands cupped
his testicles, tickling the hairs, sending urgent signals to his brain. No
sooner had she sucked his hardness inside than she felt the first tensing
and semen spurted into her mouth. She moved her mouth quickly up
and down along his cock until the last of his load had been spent,
swallowing when she was filled, giving him all the pleasure she could.
Not until he was quite soft did she release him, rubbing the damp flesh
against her cheek and then turning around to cradle his face in her
arms, kissing him as his eyes closed. They slept together in The Room
of Purity until sunrise.
She lifted her head when the light woke her.
'Phillip's coming today. Jane and I have to get ready. Thank
you, Geoff. It was wonderful.'
'Eminence,' he growled the correction as he clipped her
naked behind with his hand.

Chapter Twenty
Ginny was more excited than Jane at the prospect of Phillip's
'I don't know why you're so worked up,' Jane told Ginny. 'It's
only Phillip and he's probably going to be more in the way than enthral
you with his stimulating conversation. I tell you he's an absolute
wimp. Hasn't got a brain in his head and never makes any constructive
'Well, Jane dearest,' she leaned across to her older sister
speaking slowly and intimately. 'He's another cock. Don't you see?
No matter what he's like, he can always get a hardon to please li'l 'ol
'Don't count on it, Sis.'
'Anyway if he's that dumb, at least we can make him the
scapegoat around here.' She paused for a moment in thought. 'You
know, Janie. If he is that weak, we might be able to make him our
very own sex slave.'
When Jane looked at her incredulously, she explained further.
'Just think about it. The men here use us as their sex slaves, don't
they? Well I know we all like it that way but they do. Just imagine
what we could do with him if we put our minds to work. He could be
on call twenty-four hours a day to keep us happy if we need a little
extra on the side. Two of our men are getting near to conking out after
sex now. It won't be long before they go on to a weekly cycle. You
know what I mean; two of the three will soon only be able to fuck us
once a week. That'll soon wear the stud out, especially with five
women all wanting their fair share of cock every week. We wouldn't
have to wait our turn at all. Just holler and there's our very own
private cock.'
'Sometimes you're gross, Ginny but I do hear what you say.
Really can't imagine spreading my legs so my brother can dip into the
honey pot but he might be a bit of a diversion for the quiet times. He
could be our whipping boy. Now that's something I'd like to do. Pay-
back for all the nasty things he's said to me over the years.'
'That's my girl. I can't wait to see him react to having to
pleasure his own sister.'
'Don't get too excited. The last time I saw his prick, it was
smaller than a little grub.'
'My sister, the peeping Tomasina. Ha. Ha.'
'Well it was a long time ago. Come on, let's go.'
They walked outside where Mellors was waiting in the limo.
'He's going to freak out when he sees this,' Jane said. Then
looking at Ginny, she added, 'and when he sees you he'll come in his
pants. If you wear that top any lower, your tits will pop out.'
'And if I open my legs any wider, so will his eyes,' Ginny
quipped hilariously.
Jane leaned over to the microphone and spoke. 'Mellors,
dearest,' she simpered.
'Yes, Miss?'
'Do you remember when I was sent down to see you just after
I arrived?'
'Oh, yes, Miss, I most certainly do.' He wasn't sure what was
to come next.
'Well, I'm going to visit you again. Have you heard?'
'The Master did say something, Miss.'
'I'll look forward to this time much more than I did the last. I
hope you're preparing yourself well. Plenty of exercise and not much
of the other, you know. I expect to feel very satisfied when I leave you
this time.'
'Yes, Miss. I will do my best to please.'
Ginny looked at her enviously. 'You dirty pig,' she accused.
'How come I can't get an invite down there into his sin bin?'
'Just a matter of knowing the right people to talk to, Sis,' she
said proudly.
'Well, I'll probably be next. He has to have something
different from time to time or he'd get bored with just Joanne. Nice tits
though,' she mused.
'I agree. Very suckable.'
'Here we are,' Ginny said. 'Let's hope he's smart enough to
catch the right train.'
'Don't count on it. Christ, your tits do hang out. You'll have
the platform in uproar.'
She cupped her breasts proudly. 'Not bad for eighteen years
old even if I do say so myself and Jane dear, no bra either, see? Firm
as pumpkins.' They both laughed as they got out.
They didn't wait long before the train arrived.
'Is he really the nerd you've described, Sis?' Ginny asked.
'Pretty much so. It's just that he is never interesting. Always
slow to catch on, you know what I mean?'
'I guess I'll soon find out.'
'There he is, looking lost as usual. Phillip,' Jane called out
and her boyish-faced brother saw her and walked over. His eyes were
focused on Ginny's vast expanse of bosom even before he reached
'See. What did I tell you?' Jane whispered from the corner of
her mouth.
'I'll bet he's got a hardon already,' the younger girl retorted.
'Hello, Jane,' he mumbled, not knowing where to look next.
'Hi, Phillip, this is Ginny. We live at the same house
'Hello, Ginn...' He murmured again and then realising what
his sister had told him, asked, 'What? At the vicarage?'
'No, silly, we don't live there any more. Lots have happened
but the best is that Ginny is now almost your sister, as well as me.'
'How come?' He asked her with a blank look on his face.
'Oh, don't worry about it. You'll learn about everything soon
enough. Now say hello to Ginny.'
'How do you do, Ginny?' He reached out to shake her hand,
most embarrassed and unsure of just where to look. Her taut breasts
stretched before his eyes but he knew he shouldn't be staring. The
drawing power of the large cleavage was too much though and he kept
glancing at her chest from the corner of his eye.
'Lot's of things have changed Phillip but I'll let mom & Dad
tell you all about it. We've got a fair trip to get to your new home.'
'Wow,' was all he could say as they stopped at the limousine
with Mellors opening the door for him.
The two girls giggled at his reaction. Jane made a big thing
of instructing Mellors to drive them home.
'Yes, Miss,' Mellors responded.
'Who's is it?' Phillip asked.
'Ours,' both girls answered together.
Phillip sat on the back seat next to his sister. Ginny sat
immediately opposite, with her back facing the way the vehicle was
'How did your studies go?' Jane asked for something to say.
She wasn't prepared for his reaction.
'I... I...' His face puckered as if he was in agony and loud
sobbing began.
'What's the matter?' Jane asked in a surprised voice.
'Oh, please don't tell Mum & Dad, Jane, but I... I've been sent
home. They won't let me stay there any more. I don't know what to
do, Jane.'
'What on earth happened? Were you expelled?'
'I think so. The head said I wasn't good enough and then
when they saw...' He began to sob loudly again.
'What did they see? Phillip, for goodness sake, what
'I can't tell you,' he said between sobs, now most distraught.
'Look, if you don't tell me everything, I'll tell Mum & Dad as
soon as we get home.'
'Oh, please don't Jane. It's shameful.'
Jane caught the gleam in Ginny's eyes.
'Tell me, Phillip, now,' she demanded harshly.
'I'll tell you when we get home. Not with Ginny here.'
'I told you, Phillip, Ginny is almost like a sister to you now.
We all live together and share everything, so out with it, right now.
You're worse that a girl,' she taunted.
He leaned over and tried to whisper in Jane's ear.
'Don't be so rude, Phillip. Ginny has as much right to hear as I
have. Now out with it.'
Ginny then leaned towards him, knowing full well that her
cleavage became more greatly exposed to his view as she did so. He
couldn't help but stare as she leaned nearer.
'I really am as good as a sister now, Phillip. Don't be
embarrassed. What happened?'
After some moments he looked away and then said to them
both, 'Well, if you promise not to tell?' He looked to his sister for
'Just tell us what happened, for goodness sake.'
'Well,' he started, looking back at the very deep crevice of
Ginny's breasts, 'After the Head told me I wasn't going to be a teacher
at the seminary, I felt terrible. I went to my room and couldn't stop
crying. I thought I was doing well, but he told me I had no aptitude for
teaching and I had to leave.'
'That's too bad, Phillip. Really terrible,' Jane said trying not
to show any sarcasm in her voice.
'That's not it,' Phillip said and went on. 'That night I was in
my room and the head walked in to see if I was all right. But he saw
what I was doing before I could stop.'
'What on earth was it?' Jane asked incredulously, realising
something very personal was about to be told.
'I cant...'
'Phillip?' She looked at him fiercely.
'Well I was...' He hesitated. 'I was uhm, playing with myself
and he saw it,' he said quickly and quietly.
'You mean you were wanking off?' Jane asked with
appropriate abhorrence. She looked at Ginny who could hardly
contain herself.
'Yes. Jane you won't tell Mum & Dad, will you.'
'I should, shouldn't I Ginny?'
'If you don't, you might be in as much trouble as he is,' Ginny
told her wisely, trying desperately not to laugh.
'I think you're right. I'll have to, but I'll wait for a while and
think about it. I never thought my own brother would do such a filthy
thing. What do boys do when they do that? I've only heard about it.
What did the Head see?' She looked straight at Phillip as she asked.
'Please don't make me tell you, Jane. It's too embarrassing.'
He was now begging and both girls knew they had him in a position
they never imagined possible.
'Well seeing this is your first day back, we'll leave it till later
but you've got a lot of explaining to do, young man,' she warned.
'Yes, Jane.'
Little was said after that, each of then pondering over what
had taken place. Ginny, sitting directly opposite the gawking Phillip,
closed her eyes as though she was drowsing. Quite purposefully her
legs began to part as her breathing became deeper and Phillip soon
saw what lay before him, apparently not seen by his sister who was
beside him and looking out the window. The gap between Ginny's
knees was widening almost by the second and her short skirt left little
to the young boy's imagination.
He had an almost uninterrupted view up her legs to the very
secret of places where his eyes had never been before. He had
dreamed many times about spying on naked girls and seeing what
really was beneath their dresses but never had the chance. Here was
that dream almost coming true and just a matter of inches from his
eyes. Her bosom stood up so the crevice between her breasts also
caught his gaze and he could not help the erection that was now
poking upwards inside his pants.
'You dirty little boy,' Jane screamed, having seen where he
was looking and then glancing down at his pants. 'Ginny, quickly,' she
warned. He's been looking up your skirt while you were asleep. Close
your legs.'
He saw the injured girl opposite snap her legs closed and then
before he could react any quicker, she leaned over and gave his face a
blinding smack with her open hand.
'You pervert,' Ginny cried out in mock disgust. 'What were
you doing that for?'
'Please, Ginny, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to look, I just couldn't
help it.'
'Yes, you did. You did mean to look and just because I didn't
know my legs had parted. If you didn't mean to, you could have
looked out the window like any gentleman would have. Why didn't
you do that, you filthy boy.'
'I didn't think, Ginny. I looked but I didn't realise it.'
'Yes, you did,' she accused him adamantly. 'You knew
exactly what you were looking at. What did you see?'
'Nothing. Truly, Ginny, I didn't see anything.'
'Liar, you saw right up my dress, didn't you? You saw what
should be my secret place, didn't you? Answer me, pervert.'
He looked at Jane for support. 'Truly, Jane, I didn't mean to
'Don't talk to me,' his sister hissed. 'It all adds up, doesn't it?
Being caught by the Head for something disgusting and then peeking
up your new sister's dress when she wasn't looking. Just wait until
Mum and Dad hear about this.'
That was too much and he began to wail in fear. 'Oh. Please,
sis, I don't know what I will do if Mum & Dad find out. They'll kill
me. Please don't, Jane. Ginny, I'll do whatever you want if you don't
'You don't deserve any consideration,' Jane said unhelpfully.
'Ginny and I will think about it but whatever happens, you've got a
beating due to you that you won't forget for a long time. Either mom
and Dad will give it to you or Ginny and I will. Understood?'
'Yes, dear Jane, I know I've been bad. Please, will you do it?
Don't tell Mum and Dad. You don't have to tell them. I don't care if
you beat me.'
'We'll think about it. But you still haven't answered Ginny's
'What was...?'
'I asked you, pervert, what did you see?' Ginny stressed the
question slowly, one word at a time.'
'Honestly, I didn't see anything secret, Ginny.'
'Did you see this far?' She opened her legs a small way but he
didn't dare look. 'Look, stupid. I'm asking you a question. Did you see
this far?'
'Oh.' He looked and in a near daze said, 'I think I saw a little
further. I'm sorry Ginny.'
'What? As far as this, then?' She opened her legs further and
pulled her short skirt higher along her thighs.
He blushed scarlet red as he became aware he could now see
the join of her two legs but her thighs pressed together to stop his view
any further.
'I don't think that far.'
'So you didn't see the hair, then?'
'Oh, no, Ginny, I didn't.' He still blushed furiously at this
'Lucky for you then, pervert. When we get home, you can say
hello to your parents, then Jane and I are going to decide what to do to
you, you dirty little boy. I bet you got a hardon when you looked,
didn't you. And stop looking at my tits. They're mine, and you don't
get to look at them without my permission. Is that understood, filthy
boy? And don't kid yourself, I'll probably never give you permission

Chapter Twenty One
Meanwhile, Amber knocked on the door of the Room of
Purity and was bid enter. She stood inside, naked, carrying her baby
son, also unclothed.
'Lay upon the altar, female, holding your son above you.'
He held a large camera and had already begun to photograph
them, talking, instructing all the time.
'Cradle his face between your breasts. Let him suck a nipple.
Good. Now lift him so you can kiss him. Gently now. Good. Push
your tongue between his lips. Right, that's great. Laugh with him.
Keep him happy. Now lift him up so you can kiss the very tip of his
little penis. Now your tongue. Brush it against his little cock. Now,
put your lips around it. Now right inside. Yes, suck it in. I hope he
doesn't pee. Spread your legs; rest his cock against your pussy. A bit
higher, can't get a good shot just there. Good, that's right. Now lower
him down. Let him fuck his mummy. Great. Push him down a little
further so he can kiss your pussy. Great. God, it's giving me a hardon.
Wonder if my mother let me do that. Look, he's licking. Got a one-
track mind, that boy. Put his hand over your hole. Great. Now lay him
down and you go between his legs to kiss his dick. Lick it. Great,
female, that's the lot. Go and put him back in the nursery and then get
back here again. Hurry.'
When she returned, only a few moments later, she found her
High Priest lying on his back, legs apart. Now you be my mommy. I
have need of relief.
Amber stood at the end of the so-called altar but found she
had to kneel up on it to reach his erection. Her lips pecked at the tip
of his penis and then slowly engulfed the hardness until it's full length
was enclosed in her mouth and throat.
'Yes, female, that's the way. Make your High Priest very
happy. He wants to flood your insides with his seed. Don't stop until
his urges have subsided.'
She began to move her face up and down on his stiffness,
forcing herself not to gag each time his penis penetrated her throat
cavity. The thrill of power beat through her mind as she moved telling
herself this man beneath her would do absolutely anything to keep her
doing this if she decided to veto his request. But she knew there was
no way she would ever object. The very existence of this family, The
Forum, depended on each member agreeing to anything any other
member desired in the fulfilment of their desires. If she objected, then
she could not expect others to always agree when she wanted
something special to be done to her. In any case, she had never been
subjected to anything that wasn't in some form, pleasing to her own
It took very little time before this middle aged sexually
repressed ex-vicar reached the heights of passion. She knew when his
body began to arch, that he had soared to the crest and soon a single
grunt rose from his lips and his whole body jerked as the first semen
rose from his depths and shot against her tongue. She swallowed each
spurt, pushing her tongue against the little slit to feel the strength of
every tremor as his body discharged the white globules into her mouth.
She rested with his soft penis still inside her mouth for nearly
fifteen minutes after the last discharge of semen flowed. He stirred and
without any words, they transferred to the bed where both slept until
lunchtime, cuddled in each other's arms.

Jane stood behind Phillip and signalled to Edith with her
thumb and index finger formed into a circle, that the two girls had
already got Phillip into some kind of compromising position. Edith
nodded so slightly that the young boy never noticed the unspoken
'Welcome home, darling,' Edith hugged her son. 'There's a lot
of changes since you went to college but we'll talk about that later.
Your father's busy at present but you'll see him at lunch we expect.
Now, the girls will take you up and get you settled. They know their
way around so just do as they say and everything will be fine. You'll
like it here. We've got some very wonderful and close friends, far
closer than ordinary family. I know you'll just love being here once
you settle in. Off you go now.'
'Did you hear what mom said, Phillip?' Jane asked as they
walked up the stairs to the first floor.
'Yes, of course I did.'
'I mean about doing what we tell you?'
'Oh, yes.'
'Good because if you don't, we intend to tell them everything.
'Yes, I promise.'
'You'd better,' Ginny added. 'I can't imagine how they'd react
if we told everyone at the dining table about what you've been doing.
You better believe we will tell if you don't follow instructions.'
'I said I would be good, Ginny,' he said meekly.
'Gosh, is this my room,' he asked most impressed as he
looked around at the opulence of the left-side guest room.
'You can enjoy this for the time being. We might decide to
send you out to the stables to sleep there unless you behave.'
'Where's Dad?'
Little did he know that just across the stairway his supposedly
puritanical father was sleeping in the arms of a nineteen year old
mother of two after being fellated to orgasm just a short time earlier.
'He'll be back soon,' Jane told him. 'You must be hot and
sweaty after all the filth that's gone through your dirty little mind this
morning. Go into the bathroom, take all your clothes off and shower.
When you've dried yourself come back here. Do exactly that and
nothing else, understand?'
'Yes, Sis, I won't be long.' He was happy to leave them.
'You didn't say anything about putting anything on before he
returned,' Ginny reminded her.
'On purpose. Let's see if he listened closely enough.' They sat
on the bed and pecked each other's lips as though a secret pact had
been made between them.
'Want to take bets?' Jane looked at her co-conspirator.
'I think we'll both want to bet on the same side.'
'You're right. There not much chance of him just prancing out
in front of us starkers.'
'Let's unpack his case. We might be surprised.'
'Bingo,' Ginny said with glee not long afterwards. She held up
a copy of Playboy. 'Dirty little prig,' Jane said. 'He'll pay for this, for
sure. Hide it under the case.'
It wasn't long before they heard Phillip calling out. 'Jane?'
'What'll I wear?'
'Just do what I told you.'
'You didn't say.'
'Just exactly what I told you, Phillip,' she demanded. 'Think
back. Now hurry.'
'Oh, I don't know what to do. Tell me, Sis.' He was now
pleading for some instructions. She had certainly not said anything
about clothing.
'You are making us very angry, Phillip. Just get back here
The door opened and he emerged, a towel wrapped around his
'Did I tell you to wear that, you stupid boy?'
'No, Sis, but you didn't say what I should wear.'
'I did, Phillip. I said when you've dried yourself, come back
'But I wasn't wearing anything when I finished drying
'So?' She looked blackly at him.
'I've got to come back in without any clothes on?' He almost
screeched his question in disbelief.
'Well you've done nothing but try and look down Ginny's top
and right up her skirt when she wasn't looking. I think it's only fair
that you pay for that by showing us what's under your clothes.'
'I can't,' he objected, now white-faced.
'You so easily can and you will without further objections. No
more chances or I'm marching straight down to talk to Mom.' She had
called the ultimate bluff.
'Will I take it off here?'
'No, go back into the bathroom and return here as you were
supposed to.'
'The bloody long walk back will do him good,' Jane
whispered to Ginny who sniggered with excitement.
The very pale fifteen years old returned apprehensively, a
hand clutching his genitals.
'Now that's better, Phillip. Just remember, you've exhausted
all your second chances. Disregard our instructions once more and I
guarantee we'll be downstairs immediately. And this will be going
with us.' She brought out the Playboy magazine and threw it onto the
'You're a smutty little boy, Phillip Higrave.'
'Yes, Sis, I'm sorry.'
'From now on, you'll keep nothing from us. Do you agree?'
'Good. Now put your hands behind your back. Just to test
your promise.'
Reluctantly the hand covering his privates swept around to his
back. The blush was so crimson it not only covered his face and neck
but most of his chest as well.
The two girls stared at his groin with glee, seeing a drooping,
shrunken piece of maleness even smaller than the scrotum that hung
shrivelled beneath. He sported a good crop of dark crinkly pubic hair
but none showed above that point. His chest was devoid of hair at all.
'God, men are ugly down there,' Ginny said derisively. 'They
are really gross.'
'Turn around, you little pervert. Let's see what your bum
looks like,' Jane told him.
It was a small compact area of flesh, taut and firm.
'Hm,' Jane murmured. 'At least that's something to spank I
'But we'll have to get rid of all that disgusting hair,' Ginny
'You're right about that. Probably carries fleas anyhow.'
'Yes, probably. Does it itch down there where your thing is?'
Ginny asked, matter of factly.
'No,' he answered indignantly.
'Turn back now,' he was instructed. 'Now lift it up. Let's see
it closer.'
He picked the tip of his shrunken manhood between thumb
and finger, gingerly raising it a small way.
'It looks too small for a cock,' Ginny said.'
'Maybe he's not a man yet,' Jane queried her sister.
'Hm. Perhaps he's not a man at all. What if he's just a
deformed girl?'
'You might be right, Ginny. He just could be some poor
deformed female, but doesn't know it. In fact I think you're right.
She is a girl. We'll have to call her Phillipa, instead.'
'What do you think about that, Phillipa. You're a girl the
same as us. Now there's no reason to be embarrassed in front of us.'
'I'm not a girl, Ginny. I'm a boy.'
'No, I think Ginny's right. You're just a poor girl with a big
problem. Ginny, we've got to dress her properly. Will you go and
find some clothes. You're about Phillipa's size.'
'Sure, I know just what's needed.' She quickly vanished from
the room, leaving the still blushing boy naked in front of his sister.
'It's wonderful to know I've really got a sister instead of a
dirty minded brother,' Jane said.
'I'm a boy, Jane.'
'You will just do what we tell you, you little shrimp. Just
remember that, do what you're told and in the end it will be to your
She leaned forward. 'Put your dick down. Anybody would
think you're trying to play with yourself again.'
But as soon as he did so, she grasped the lifeless instrument.
'If you were a real man, you'd have a hardon by now. There's no doubt
about it, you're a girl all right.
'Yes, Jane.' His face still flushed, he dared not look down at
Ginny rushed back. 'Here we are. Just right for you,
Phillipa,' she said with glee.
'Oh, yes, just right,' Jane agreed. She picked up a pair of pink
frilly panties and showed him. 'Your little pussy will feel lovely in
these,' she said, making him blush all the more.
She held them down near the floor and he stepped into them
without even being told. They fitted perfectly and Jane patted his
bottom. Then looking up she said, 'This bra's a bit big, Ginny.
Looks like she needs a training bra instead. Here, Phillipa, put this on
for now but we'll change it tomorrow.' She picked two handkerchiefs
and stuffed them inside the cups. At least that'll show something until
'Jane,' he pleaded. 'Mum will see. I don't like this.'
'Well you'd better start liking it because this is what a little
girl should wear, training bra and all.'
Both girls pulled stockings up his legs and then to his shock,
clipped them to a suspender belt Jane fitted around his waist.
'Put these on, Phillipa and make sure you don't damage
them.' He looked down at the high heels on the floor in front of him.
Try as he might, he couldn't slip them on and had to bend over to
achieve what he was told to do.
'Nice legs, Phillipa,' Ginny whistled appreciatively.
Walking was almost impossible but he finally managed to
walk to the bathroom where Jane told him just a little make-up was all
that was needed.
He was made to look at himself in the mirror as she applied
lipstick, a little facial powder and mascara to his eyelashes. To finish
the whole effect, Ginny pulled a blonde wig over his head and the
transformation of Phillipa had been completed
'Why, Phillipa darling, you look absolutely gorgeous. Doesn't
she Ginny?'
'Sure does. Why if I were a man, she'd drive me wild. You're
beautiful. Gee, Jane,' she said excitedly. 'Now we know its Phillipa,
not some crumby old brother, there's nothing to stop us getting
undressed in front of her now.'
'No, that's right. But don't forget she still has to get punished
for being such a dirty little pervert, don't you think? And there's that
filthy magazine.'
'Please don't hurt me, Jane. I'm scared,' he almost sobbed in
'Ugh. Look at that, Jane,' Ginny took the cue. 'I think she's
becoming aroused. Look at her clit, it's growing bigger.'
And indeed, the panties were bulging out in front of them,
much to his distress. 'I can't help it,' he whined.
'Typical. Thinks she's going to enjoy herself. Tell me,
Phillipa.' She held the copy of playboy out to him. 'Do you enjoy
looking at pictures of naked girls in here?'
He didn't answer so Jane opened it to the centrefold, laying an
almost half-size naked woman onto the bed. 'Is this what makes you
stick up? Hm. I'll bet that's it, look at her thing Ginny. It's positively
gruesome,' she chided, seeing the bulge tenting out towards them. She
must be a lesbian as well.'
'Why don't you just look at real girls?'
'I don't know any who would let me?'
'You've never seen a real girl without any clothes on,
Phillipa? Answer me.'
'No, never, Jane. Truly.'
'You've never spied on Jane when she was in the shower? Or
when she was getting dressed, Phillipa Higrave?' Ginny demanded of
the cringing boy. 'But I'll bet you would like to, wouldn't you? Haven't
you wanted to hide in her room when she comes in to change? You
could look at her when she didn't know and see everything she's got.
That's what lesbians want. Would you like that?'
'No, I wouldn't do that, Ginny, really I wouldn't.' Phillip was
becoming overwrought at the continued sexual tones of both the girls
as they pressed him relentlessly.
'I'll bet you would love to see Jane without her clothes on.
Imagine it, Phillipa. Imagine her standing in front of the mirror
looking at herself. She might even touch something. You know, rub
between her legs or her titties. You'd like to watch that, be truthful.
Wouldn't you? Wouldn't that make your clitty get big?'
'Please, Ginny. Don't make me say.'
'Then what about me? Would you like me to take my clothes
off in front of you? I mightn't even mind if you looked. I might just
stand still and let you reach out a hand and touch me some place.'
Phillip was distraught. Sure he wanted that. His mind was
wild with imagining but he knew that if he admitted any of these
feelings he'd probably have to kill himself. The consequences were
just too bad to think about.
'I know what we'll do,' Jane said. 'We'll help her consider.
Lay on the bed, Phillipa.' She held the Playboy up, showing him the
centrefold again. 'Seeing as you like this naked girl so much, you can
make love to her. Do you know how to make love?'
'Of course I don't,' he almost squeaked he answer.
'Then we'll teach you. Lay back. Now, here's your lover.
Look. She's even taken off all her clothes for you already. I'll bet
she's excited. Just like you, Phillipa. Your clit's stiff as a pole, a lot
bigger than mine. We know all about the filthy thoughts that go on in
dirty little lesbian's minds.' She ripped the full centrefold out and laid
it on top of him, the naked girl facing him.
'See, she's laying on top of you. No doubt about what she
wants, is there? Kiss her tits, Phillipa. That's right, lick them all over.
Are they soft?' He made no reply but licked the paper where the
breasts were.
'Can you feel her squirming all over your clit? That's what
she's doing. I can see her,' Jane commentated, watching his erection
which remained stiff in the panties. Ginny looked on in amazement.
'Girls love to be kissed on their pussy, Phillipa. Kiss her
there. Push your tongue into her hairs and kiss her on her slit. Gently.
Not too hard. girls are very tender down there. Good. I think you
have done this before, Phillipa. Have you been lying to us?'
The boy couldn't answer and just shook his head, while he
maintained his tonguing of the paper pussy.
'Oh, Phillipa, you've pushed your tongue right through her.
Look it's coming out the other side.' She lifted the centrefold and he
could see the wet hold he had made over the crotch.
'Well I suppose that's O.K. You can make real love now.'
Jane pulled the top of his panties down and his erection sprang up.
She pushed the wet hole over it.
'Congratulations, Phillip, you're right inside her now. Does it
feel good? I hear that it gives boys an incredible feeling to stick their
thing inside a girl. Is it nice?'
'Yes,' he whispered.
'You're fucking a girl, Phillip. But don't you do anything
dirty like coming inside of her. Not unless she says it's alright.'
'No, I won't.'
'I think she's had enough of fucking, Phillip. Pull your dick
out of her pussy,' Jane directed, looking at Ginny with a smirk.
Jane helped him to remove the paper doll from his hardness.
'Well, Phillip, you've just done the next best thing to having
sex. Was it good?' Jane asked with a smirk.
'Yes, he whispered,' lying still and fully exposed to the two
girls gaze.
'It's time for your beating then. Seeing it was her skirt you
looked up, she is going to do the spanking. That's fair, isn't it?'
'Please don't hurt me too much,' he whimpered, sitting
upright, now very scared again. His erection had deflated noticeably.
'Phillip, I'm not going to hurt you at all,' Ginny told him.
'What you've done yourself is what's going to hurt. Now stand up in
front of me. I'll tell you what to do.'
He did as instructed and saw Ginny take the playboy
magazine and roll it up tightly. 'This is what's going to hurt. If you
hadn't bought this filthy magazine, you probably wouldn't be getting a
walloping now. Now, lower your panties down to your ankles and lay
over my knees with your hands on the floor to steady yourself. If you
buck around and fall off we'll have to start all over again.
'Yes, Ginny,' he said bending down to drop the panties.
'How many does he deserve, Jane? A good dozen?'
'That's probably too easy on him but I suppose it'll do for the
first time.'
'Right, twelve wacks on the bare backside. Just make sure
you don't shoot your spunk over me while you're getting it. You'll get
a hundred if you do.'
'Please don't hurt, Ginny. I'm really sorry.'
'Too late, pervert. Now lay over me.'
He moved quickly and felt Ginny's hand stroking his bottom
cheeks. It felt very sexy, sending blood streaming up his shaft again.
'God, he's got an erection again,' Ginny told Jane. And then to him she
said, "Remember, piggy, if you wet my skirt, you'll pay for it.'
The first wack landed over both cheeks and Phillip gave a
loud gasp but remained still. The same for the next several which
began to redden his behind, but he made no move to get away. After
six, he was panting with pain, grunting with each stroke. The folded
magazine was heavy and Ginny wasn't going to make it easy. In fact
she enjoyed her role, it was usually she who was on the receiving end.
She landed one hard stroke making the boy cry out. 'Please,
Ginny. It hurts so much.'
'Good,' she responded and continued to lay it on. His hard
penis pushed against her legs and she knew there was an even chance
of him spurting all over her. It would be rather good she thought.
Give me a chance to belt the living daylights out of him.
The tenth landed very hard and he burst into screeching tears,
his body wobbling as he tried to ease the burning in his rump.
She eased up a little for the last two and then held him down
with her hand pressed unto his lower back.
'You're not going to do anything filthy now, are you?' She
asked, feeling his erection still hard on her thighs.
'It's not my fault,' he cried out. 'Help me up.'
'Stay very still, Phillip. Don't you dare come over Ginny's
skirt,' Jane warned him fiercely. 'Control yourself.'
Ginny lifted her hand and he pushed himself up, trying
desperately to get off her before he made a mess of himself. 'Stand
still, you fool,' Ginny said. 'Don't you know movement makes it all the
worse. If you shoot spunk over me, Phillip, I'll kick you in the balls
and smear your gunk all over your face. Now get control,' she snarled
at the distraught boy.
They let him calm down and were pleased he didn't climax.
Both girls had things in store for him, mostly centred on their ability to
bully him in any way they wanted. Finally he calmed down and they
saw his cock softening.
'Did it hurt that much,' Jane asked. 'It didn't look too bad to
me,' she said without sympathy.
'It hurt a lot,' he told her, rubbing a hand over his fiery bottom.
'She made me cry,' he said indignantly.
'Oh, did she now? Well, if you think that was bad, we've got a
lot worse in store. What I think you should do right now, young man,
is to apologise for every filthy thing you've done and thank her for
making you a better boy.'
He looked at his tormentor and capitulated once again.
Standing in front of Ginny, he lowered his eyes and said, 'I'm sorry for
what I did, Ginny. Please forgive me.'
'And?' Jane prompted him.
'Yes, and I have to thank you for spanking me.'
Ginny smiled knowingly at Jane. 'He's behaved himself for a
good while now, Jane. I think he deserves a treat.'
'Maybe,' she agreed and bent over to whisper in Ginny's ear.
Whatever she said made Ginny happy because she nodded
vigourously, and walked out of the room giggling.
'She'll be back soon, Phillipa, with your treat.' Jane said.
'Leave your panties around your ankles and sit up on the bed, near the
pillows,' she indicated.
Phillip knew he was still vulnerable to their gaze but relieved
that his thing had deflated somewhat. It seemed so much worse when
they saw him in a state of erection.
Ginny returned, having changed into a frock, which came
down to her knees, buttoned up the front right to her neck. It still
showed all her curves but covered much of the display of flesh she had
shown before.
'Gosh, it's hot in here,' Ginny declared, sitting on the edge of
the bed. She looked at the expectant boy sitting above her. 'Oh,
Phillipa, I can see your pussy,' she giggled. He blushed deeply as
Jane controlled what was to happen next. 'Well why don't
you lay down then, dear,' she suggested to the hot girl. 'That'd be
nice,' Ginny agreed, pushing her bottom onto the centre of the bed and
laying back. She pulled her skirt up above her knees saying, 'I've just
got to cool down.'
Jane looked at her brother. 'We're all girls here, aren't we,
Phillipa?' Watching Ginny laid out in front of him, he just nodded.
'Yes, right,' Jane agreed. 'We'd know if Phillip was here because his
little dick would be sticking right up by now and he'd probably be
thinking of raping her but with us three girls it's alright.'
She continued, setting the scene to tease him cruelly again.
'Of course, if he was here, if his dick rises up, then we would have to
stop what's going to happen next. It's just for us girls, right, Phillipa?'
'Yes, Jane, that's right.' He looked between his legs, mindful
that an erection would stop the next happening.
'Oh, it's still so hot,' Ginny moaned.
'Let me help you darling,' Jane said moving to the end of the
bed. 'Is that better,' she asked, folding the skirt higher up Ginny's legs,
watching Phillip as she did so.
'A little more, Jane dear,' the hot girl instructed.
This time, tops of stockings were exposed and even the hint
of pinkness in the deepest vee of her legs.
Jane looked at Phillip and then glanced down at his groin. 'No
movement, Phillipa? That is good.' His very being was trying
desperately to waylay any thoughts of arousal.
'Is my darling girl still hot,' Jane asked, kneeling on the bed
and pecking her lips with a brief kiss.
'Yes. It's still very warm.'
Jane folded the skirt to her waist this time, exposing pink silk
panties, tightly fitting over the hot girl's secret region. 'Let me try and
cool you down, darling,' Jane cooed, and began to slide her hands over
the exposed thighs, pushing legs wider apart until she was able to
cradle the silken covered crotch with her whole hand.
Again, Jane watched Phillip as he tried to sit still and
unmoved by the exciting scene in front of him.
'Is that nice, darling?' Jane asked, looking straight at Phillip.
'It feels lovely, Jane dear. Keep doing it. But it makes me
even hotter.'
Phillip felt the stirring in his groin and put his hand over the
offending organ. 'Hands off, Phillipa, don't try to cover your pussy
up.' He pulled away but knew his ability to remain unaffected was
about to end.
Jane looked back at Ginny as she brushed her hands over the
silken clad crease. 'Still hot, darling?'
'Worse than ever.'
Jane moved a little and leaned over the hot girl's chest. 'This
will help.' She began to slowly undo the buttons at Ginny's neck,
spreading the garment as she progressed downwards. Her eyes
remained on Phillip's cock and she was pleased to see the manhood
growing. It wouldn't be long before Phillip was disappointed again.
Ginny's chest was exposed to show a matching bra just able to
hold the upthrust breasts, a large amount of flesh falling out around the
edges. Still watching Phillip, she leaned down and placed a kiss right
between the two tits, lingering as she dared the boy not to grow his
erection. 'Will I take it off, darling' Jane asked as her hand reached for
the clasp between the large breasts.
'Yes, please, dearest Jane,' the younger girl cooed.
And then Jane's voice turned harsh. 'Oh, you filthy beast,
Phillip. It was you all the time, and spying on Ginny again. Pull your
panties up and go into the bathroom.' He rushed out shamefaced,
blushing with intense embarrassment and regret because he wasn't
going to see what the girls would do next. 'And don't you dare touch
yourself,' he heard a voice call out after him.
Jane fell over Ginny as they both burst into fits of laughter.
'Would you have shown him my tits, sis?'
'If his cock hadn't risen I would but I knew there was little
chance of that. He is after all a boy and they've got just as dirty minds
as our daddies.'
She placed her lips over Ginny's and they kissed each other
passionately, arousal growing within each. 'We'd better go down,'
Jane said breaking the embrace. Ginny pulled her down one last time.
'I do love you, my darling sister,' she said looking at her with wet,
loving eyes.
'Me too,' Jane responded.
Phillip was allowed to put a shirt and trousers on over his
feminine underwear. 'What about these?' He asked with concern,
pointing to the small breasts that pushed against his shirt.
'They're only imitation,' Jane said non-committaly.
'But everyone will see.'
'Then they'll know you are a girl,' she said matter of factly,
amused with her ability to browbeat her younger brother so easily.

Chapter Twenty Two
Conversation flowed around the dining table and Phillip
realised no one had noticed his pseudo-breasts. He began to feel much
better, especially with his parents directly across from him.
Much of the conversation was over his head though. When
Richard asked Amber if she had been satisfied, she told him, 'No, but
Geoff was relieved. He even poured me a drink. It was very creamy.'
Phillip saw his father smile to himself.
'What are you three youngsters going to get up to this
afternoon?' Edith asked.
'We're going swimming, Mommy,' Jane said.
'That's nice, dear. Does Phillip know about the pool?'
'I've told him he hasn't been swimming like it before. He'll
love it.' They never asked him if he wanted to go.
'Mum, I haven't got any bathers,' he said, speaking at the table
for the first time.'
'The girls will fix you up when you get there, dear,' his mother
'Can we take Joanne too,' Jane asked.
'Certainly, she'll love to go.' Edith rang a small bell and
Joanne soon appeared, wearing a short maid's costume, mostly black,
the skirt falling midway between her waist and knees, black stockings
and a little white lace apron. It was smart but not blatantly sexy.
'Jane and her friends want you to go swimming with them,
Joanne. Will you ready yourself, please?'
'Certainly, Mistress,' she answered.
'Thanks, Joanne,' Ginny smiled.
'You can tell me all about it when you return, Phillip. I
believe it's a lovely pool.'
'Sure, Mum.'

Phillip was impressed as the limo drove them through the
high gates and he saw the pool shimmering in the sunlight.
'Gee, it's great,' the boy said excitedly.
'It is,' Jane agreed. 'But, Phillip, there's something else.
Uncle Richard has made a rule that mustn't be broken. This is a nude
pool. Do you know what that means?'
He looked at her and then Ginny, shock showing on his face.
'You mean we have to swim nu... um, without bathers?
'That's right. That's why Mum said we would fix you up.
There's no need for bathers.'
'But Joanne...?' He couldn't finish the question.
'She'll be that way too. Don't worry, her husband will drive
back. He won't see.' Phillip saw Joanne smiling whimsically at
'So at last you get to see us in the altogether,' Ginny laughed.
'As long as we decide to let him come in with us,' Jane added,
'He'll see you, Jane. His entire sister, everything you've got
that should be private from a brother. Do you want him to see your
secrets?' Ginny looked squarely at the boy as she spoke, daring him to
object. He didn't.
'What if we gave him a spanking first, for what he's going to
see later? That'd even things out,' Jane suggested.
'Well, if you don't mind him looking at you all over, I suppose
that would be alright.'
'Let's wait until we get inside,' Jane said finally.
As soon as they entered the cabana Mellors returned to the
house. The three women stood in a semicircle in front of the unsure
'What about you, Joanne? Do you mind this thing,' she waved
her hand in his direction, 'looking at you while you swim.'
'I think you should decide, Mistress,' Joanne said non-
'Ginny?' Jane asked.
'If I catch him looking I'll squeeze his balls until they turn
blue,' she declared, challenging him with a fierce look.
'I won't, Ginny.'
'All right then. Will you take a spanking now, just in case you
do spy on our pure bodies?' Ginny smiled at Jane's question.
'Will it hurt, Jane?'
'Probably worse than before,' she said. 'But then, you might
get a better look than before, mightn't you?'
'I'll let you, Jane. I'd like to go swimming here.'
'Then we'd better start. Joanne, you get to do the honours.
Remove his clothes.'
He stepped backwards on hearing this unexpected summons.
'No, Jane,' he pleaded, but Joanne wasted no time and quickly
removed his shirt and trousers.
She opened her mouth in surprise at seeing female attire
beneath his outer clothes, but made no remark. She simply reached
around his back to unclasp the bra, which pulled him against her
breasts. Her perfume was wonderful and her relaxed a little.
She then knelt and removed the rest, looking for long
moments as she discarded the silk panties lastly, exposing an already
rising cock near her face. She stood up, still very close to the boy,
almost daring him to look into her eyes, but he found himself unable
to do so.
Jane placed a high-backed chair near and told Joanne to sit
down. Phillip looked at his executioner, sitting with her legs slightly
apart, still wearing her maid's outfit, waiting for him to be told to lie
'Pull your skirt up a bit, Joanne. Don't want that soiled.'
Phillip watched. There was not much to pull up but she bunched it
into the pit of her lap, the tops of her stockings and the suspender
straps on view to him.
'Over you go, Phillip. No, not that way,' she chastised him.
'Lay yourself right along her legs with your head under her arm. That's
right, your legs sticking out in front of her.'
His erection rested in the crevice between her legs and as
soon as Jane was satisfied with his position, he felt Joanne's legs close
to hold his penis firmly in place.
'Spread your legs,' he was told. 'Over the outside of hers.'
He found he could just touch the floor with his toes to give him
balance. 'Now hold the chair with one hand and put the other around
her waist. If you fall it will be all the worse for you,' his sister said.
'Look, Jane,' Ginny giggled. 'His behind is still red from my
beating. He's going to be sore after this.'
Joanne rested one hand on his back, sending thrilling feelings
along his backbone. The other lay lightly on his bottom.
'Can you get a good swipe at him, Joanne? Jane asked.'
'Yes, Mistress, I can indeed.'
'Then lay it on. Don't stop until I say so. If he's got to see his
sister in the raw, he's going to pay dearly for it.'
It was the hand resting on his back that did most of the
damage, coming down time and time again, almost on the same place.
She used her other hand only occasionally to rest the first, and the
force was much harder than he'd received during the morning. The
two girls sat in front of Joanne and saw directly between his legs.
The hurt was so great, the young boy soon cried out and
began to wriggle his bottom around, knowing full well he had no
chance of escape if he was to gain the reward when it finished. But in
wriggling, he also moved his front around as well, producing friction
on his hard manhood like never before. The silken feel of her
stockings, holding his hard shaft in place between her two thighs and
his own body, soon developed urges in his crotch like he had never
felt. No hand had ever made him feel like this. The burning posterior
was nothing to the needs he felt on the other side.
Joanne felt him begin to jerk and nodded to the two girls as
the first shower of pearly liquid shot from his pole and all over her
stockings. She stopped spanking and used both hands to hold him
tightly against her thighs, making sure he didn't rise until she could
feel the throbbing of his penis had ceased.
'He has disgraced himself, Mistress,' Joanne declared loudly.
'I'm afraid he's spilled over my stockings.'
'Oh, you filthy beast, Phillip, get up and let us see what you've
done?' Jane scolded him forcefully.
He struggled to lift himself off Joanne's lap, trying
desperately not to make the mess any worse. When he was able to see
what he had done, his face crumpled in shame, for it couldn't have
been any worse. Joanne remained seated, unmoved as the other
spectators looked down at the pool of pearly white secretion that he
had deposited on her legs, so clearly defined against the black of her
stockings. Most lay in the crease between her closed legs, thick and
sticky, slowly draining along the furrow towards her crotch. But one
spurt had obviously projected itself along the thin furrow that was
formed between her legs and his body as he lay upon her, and could be
seen reaching even beyond her stocking tops and underneath the hem
of her short skirt.
'Yuk, Phillip, what a mess,' Ginny cried out.
'I'm sorry, Joanne. I couldn't help it,' the panic stricken boy
cried out, stepping back. 'Jane, I didn't mean to,' he pleaded.
'So that's what you boy's shoot up our poor pussies to make
babies,' Jane said in an over exaggerated voice. 'If you don't clean it
up, Phillip, you'll give her a baby. Hurry.'
'How...? What can I do?' He was bewildered and panicking.
'Take her stockings off before it goes inside her sex, you
stupid boy.'
'Me?' He asked stunned.
'Hurry, idiot. Look, it's running down to her spot. Undo the
clips and take her stockings off.'
Joanne made no move to help the fumbling boy as he
rummaged beneath her skirt to find something to undo. Finally, he
found how to work the unfamiliar suspender clips but then she was
sitting down and removal of the stockings was impossible.
'Could you stand up a little, please, Joanne,' he asked and as
she did so, the pool of semen flowed back towards him and down her
legs, making a greater mess. But it gave him the chance to at last get
the black silkies below her thighs and take them off completely.
'You'll have to take them home and wash them out for her,'
Jane demanded. 'It had better be a good job too. If it's not she might
get pregnant the next time she wears them. Now clean her legs where
it's gone higher.'
He knelt again and saw the milky white trail running right
under her skirt. 'Excuse me, Joanne. Is it all right to...' He couldn't
ask for permission to delve into such an intimate spot.
She helped by lifting the short skirt up off her legs and with
his handkerchief he began to wipe the droplets of her creamy white
thighs. That was, until he realised he was looking right into the sex
hole of this adult lady and worse, she wore no underwear.
'Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realise...' He was speechless.
'Got an eyeful, didn't you?' Ginny sneered. Now you get in
the pool up the other end and don't you look at us even once. We
don't want you to see anything if we jump out of the water or
something. Your life will be unbearable if you do, you little sneak.'
He was happy to get away and slid over the edge to wallow in
the shallow end. It took all his will power not to turn around when he
heard squeals of fun and loud splashes as the three girls jumped in.
The unhappy boy remained in the shallow water, looking out
over that end the whole time, hearing the happy shouting female
voices, knowing each of them was quite naked but out of bounds as far
as his eyes were concerned. He had learned quickly since he came to
this place that these girls, especially his sister, could make life
unbearable cruel if he stepped out of line again.

Chapter Twenty Three
Amber knocked on the door of The Room of Purity as
required the next morning, holding her baby daughter, naked in her
arms. She faced her High Priest, himself as stark as she.
'Do you think she could receive my rod if it were well
lubricated and entered slowly, female?'
'No, Eminence,' she cried out, shocked at the suggestion. 'It
would rip her apart.'
'I thought as much. Still, it was a fantasy. Give her to me.
You will be the photographer and I the model.'
He took the baby and lay on his back on the altar, holding the
child above his face, laughing and tickling her ribs.
'Take as many photo's as you can, we'll sort out the best to
keep when they're developed. This is for her eighteenth birthday
present. I like to plan ahead," he sniggered.
Amber in the bottom of her heart, trusted this man, so newly a
part of The Forum, but still held her breath in trepidation as he
lowered the small body onto his chest and moved so he could kiss the
pulpy sex with his lips.
She worked the camera frantically, taking her photos from as
many angles as possible. He did not direct her but kept changing his
poses. Several kisses to the little hole, a tongue just touching the
entrance, a finger, two fingers, turned around into a sixty-nine
position, legs kicking happily, a giggle from time to time as soft skin
was tickled, a tongue just in the entrance again, moved down so the
face rested against an erection, glans shining in the flash light, then
offered as a feeding teat, the offer accepted, inside but not far, small
lips seeking nourishment, sitting up it's back to the holder, erection
pointing to the small entrance, touching, pearly droplet forming on the
shining head brushed onto a tender thigh, sitting down between
adult legs, small hands holding a taut pole, mouth seeking food
again, asleep laying face down on a hairy chest.
She took them all without a word between the two. When
finished, she lifted the sleeping child and left the room silently, but
like yesterday returned quickly. He had not moved.
'You are my daughter,' the High Priest stated. 'Love your
She straddled his waist, leaned down toward his face and
whispered, ' I am but five year's old but my love for you is strong, my
father. My little pussy is untouched but for you alone and I will
impale it as a sign of my love.'
Amber needed no assistance to manoeuvrer herself over his
cock and impalement happened in one smooth motion until she felt his
crinkly black hairs tickling the lips of her cunt. When his root was at
it's deepest, she leaned down and kissed his lips, then drew her torso
upwards until the purple glans glistened in her sex entrance. This
broke the kiss but let her offer a swaying milk-filled nipple for his
pleasure. With each upward sway, she changed breasts, allowing him
a brief suck with each connection.
They did not speak nor give any indication of the state of their
arousal. She suspected he would burst forth inside her first, denying
her own climax as this was the first time he had connected with this
nineteen-year-old child-bride. She felt his loins jerk and the first
stream of discharge flooded her channel well before she neared her
own pleasure. But it worried her not. The High Priest had been
serviced to his satisfaction and she had her women, especially her
Margot and Jane, who willingly filled her needs.
She watched his face, fascinated at the lack of emotion as his
spurtings peaked and then slowly subsided.
'Did Daddy like what his little girl gave him?' She cooed near
his ear.
'Leave, female,' he commanded without emotion. She lifted
her body off the stake buried within her and walked through the door,
feeling his sperm flowing out, dribbling down her legs.

'That woman made contact today,' Edith told Richard when
they were alone.
'That devil of an elder's wife. Remember the one I gave our
phone number to as we drove off.'
'Oh, yes,' he remembered.
'She rang the other house and the staff transferred her. She has
no idea of where we are.'
'Good. It has to stay that way. What does she want?'
'She's desperate to leave her husband and after she saw us
give them the flick so easily, wants me to help her do the same. She's
desperate, Richard. Very scared of him, he's an overgrown bully and
has probably mistreated her all their married life, and her words were
something along the lines that she'll give anything to get away
'Oh, yes? I never took much notice when we left them.
What's she like? How old?'
'I'm probably biased because she was just as bitchy to Geoff
and me as any of them. He's ruled her life with an iron fist and she
always looks pretty frumpish, you know, no make-up and clothes from
the charity bin. I don't think she's had much pleasure out of life since
marrying him. Even before that. Her parents were just as bad.'
'How old?'
'They've got a child so I suppose around thirtyish.'
'And the child?'
'I think she's about nine or ten,' she mused.
'What did you tell her?'
'That I don't know how she could expect me to help her after
the way she treated me. You've no idea how she carried on,
apologising profusely, literally begging me to help her get away. I said
I would have to talk to you.'
'You told her my name?' He sat up in surprise.
'Good heavens, no. I really said I'd talk to Geoff, but knew
you'd know what's best to do. She's going to ring this afternoon while
her husband's at work.'
'I'll tell you what to do, Edith. When she rings, tell her there's
someone who might be able to help but he's not sure he wants to get
involved. Paint me as tough and hardnosed, one who can't stand fools.
Tell her too that if I decide to help, I'll make the offer only once. She
would either take it or leave it, but really that you don't think I'd be
interested. Make her think there's little hope and then set a time for
her to meet you in a hotel room in the city in a couple of days. I'll be
there with you. It could be a little bit of fun.'
'Are you going to help her? She looked at him, incredulous
that he'd want to get involved.'
'We'll see,' he answered non-committaly. Reaching for her
hand, he pulled her on top of him. 'Go to your room and dress like the
girl next-door, quiet, demure, the works, underwear and all. I'll be
there in fifteen minutes.'
She smiled. 'Yes, Master.'

At the dining table, Ginny purposely sat beside Geoff.
When the conversation had begun in earnest, she leaned over
and nervously whispered, 'It's arrived, Eminence. My period.'
'Oh, has it now? When is the strongest flow?'
'Present yourself at three o'clock then. Wear your gown just
as you left The Room of Purity last time. You may wear panties over
your sanitary pad. Make sure it hasn't been changed since early
morning. Tell no-one.'
'Yes, Eminence,' she whispered, looking around to make sure
no one had overheard.

'You have practised as your High Priest dictated, Margot
dear?' Geoff asked her when he was alone with her after dinner.
'Yes, I have, Geoff.'
'And succeeded?'
'I think so. Do you want a demonstration?' She smiled
'Not now, tomorrow at two thirty will be sufficient. Be on
'What do I have to do?'
'You will be told then.' He walked off, smiling to himself.

The knock on the door came at exactly three o'clock.
She stood just inside the door, waiting for instructions. Her
bodice folded down and firm breasts standing up perkily. She was
tentative for no one had ever become involved with her menstrual
period before. Even the first one was quickly fixed when her mother
handed her a pad and told her to go into her room and put it under her
She swivelled, conscious that with the back of her gown
hooked up to her neckline, her pantied bottom was shown to him. She
felt his hands cup her bottom cheeks, stroking kindly, and then fingers
that followed the contour of her sanitary pad underneath her panties.
She knew he was kneeling because his hand continued to
stroke gently, slowly sliding between her legs as she opened them
wider, cupping her mount and then tracing the pad to it's highest point
in front.
'Do you feel well, child?'
He does not call me female she realised. Maybe it's because
I'm in the middle of my period.
'Yes, Eminence.'
She looked into his face as she turned.
'You are the first one. There will be others.'
'Eminence?' She asked, not understanding.
'Your bleeding is the first cleansing, child. It is special. Do
not be embarrassed. It is simply part of you. Is that not true?'
'Yes, Eminence.'
'Remove your gown.'
It was easy to slip it from her body, and she stood naked
before her High Priest except for white cotton knickers, which
supported the sanitary pad.
'Is the flow strong?'
'I think so, Eminence. I have not changed since this morning
as you said. If I don't change it soon I think it might start leaking.'
'Good. Very good. Lay upon the altar, child. Prepare for
your sacrifice.'
'Wait,' he said.
He placed her hands on the altar, above her head, one palm
cupping the back of the other hand, and swept the long blonde hair up
and over her hands. Her head rested on a shallow pillow and he
pushed her feet apart until they rested near each edge of the altar.
'Raise your knees and bring your feet half way towards your body,
'Are you comfortable?'
Fear of the unknown ran through her mind but she was at
ease, in full acceptance that whatever was in store was beyond her
'Close your eyes, my child. Relax every part of your body.
His hands wandered over her exposure, soothing, relaxing,
and removing any fears she may have had. A simple kiss on the lips,
on a nipple. A hand cupping a breast, both breasts, gentle massage.
Tickling. Beautiful feelings. 'Do not move. Your final covering is to
be removed.' She laid in expectation of panties being slid up her
thighs but felt only a quick touch of cold as something pushed beneath
the elastic of her panties.
She flinched at the touch. 'Remain still, child. Hush,' his soft
voice encouraged.
The garment wasn't drawn along her thighs. Rather, she felt
each side of her panties being cut away and soon felt the soft fabric
being peeled away from her groin. Her pussy cooled as the air touched
the moist skin where her pad had pressed over her vagina. She felt
both the pad and panties gently extracted from beneath her bottom, but
kept her eyes closed as he had instructed. She had seen many soiled
sanitary napkins anyway. It would have been nothing new to her.
But to the one standing over her, what he held was entirely
new. Never in his life had he seen a soiling such as this. Bloody
stains covered the whole centre area, darkest, dark red blood, where he
imagined the very opening of her sex would have rested, and fading
away to the edges as the pad absorbed her discharged fluids. There
was little odour, he found, holding near his nose and smelling a
carefully hidden fragrance bound within pad. He realised too, she had
covered her pussy with perfume and this too was pleasing to his
Her High Priest looked at her genitals, open because her
knees were parted as he had arranged. Tinges of pink were smudged
around her opening, hairless as ever, but there was no sign of any
bloody secretion in her entrance.
'Remain still, my child,' he whispered tenderly. 'Do not move,
no matter what you hear or feel. Perfectly still.'
'Yes, Eminence,' she whispered back, feeling sleepy in the
comfortable position she was placed. Then he spoke again but not to
'Watch the entrance,' she heard him say. 'Tell me when the
first showing appears.'
'Yes, Eminence,' a woman's voice said. Ginny did not pick
who was in the room with them but of course she had no choice in this
He had moved back to be near her face. 'We will wait until
your discharge grows, child. Relax. The pleasures will be yours. Do
you need to urinate at all, little one? You have lain still a long while.'
'I may need to go soon, Eminence. But I am not urgent.'
'Good. You will be allowed to release your stream soon
enough.' He spoke so softly, the woman there with them had probably
not heard, Ginny thought. What does he mean she wondered?
'Eminence,' Ginny heard the woman finally speak.
He moved away from her and heard the woman say, 'There is
a showing.'
'At last,' he said, and began to instruct the woman whom
Ginny realised was her mother once she had spoken again. 'Your lips
and tongue will cleanse the child's vulva.'
Before he could continue, Ginny heard a gasp and her
mother's quavering voice saying, 'No, please, not that.'
'Your lips and tongue will cleanse her,' he said as though he
hadn't been interrupted at all. 'Push in as deep as you can. Do not
hold back, female. It is required.'
'Please, Eminence. She has her period.'
'And she requires cleansing, female. Start now.'
Margot leaned between the girl's legs and Ginny felt lips
cover her vagina, soft lips enclosing the whole opening. Her mother
began kissing her, the tongue deliciously washing her pussy sending
thrills along her spine.
'Is her tongue inside, child?'
'No, Eminence.'
She heard a swish followed by a loud crack and the lips left
her, Margot unable to withstand the pain of what had struck her.
'Rejoin the child, female and do as instructed. When her
channel is clean, and only then, you may pleasure her bud until she
comes. Your mouth must not leave its station until you are told. You
will swallow everything you find. They are your child's fluids. Are
they not sacred to you, female?'
Margot capitulated and drove her tongue inside, pushing until
she could reach no more. She tasted the muskiness of every female
and the metallic taste of her blood. There was something else too but
she couldn't identify it, not sweet and yet not unpleasant. Scented
maybe. Her feminine spray at this time, she pondered as her tongue
bathed the discharging tunnel. She was in fact replacing the need for
the girl's sanitary wear. Would this man require her to do so every
month, she wondered.
Soon, she realised the tastes had cleared other than the
muskiness of female, something for which, Margot never tired. She
turned her thoughts to the girl's pleasure and her tongue glided over
Ginny's hard little love nub, the beginnings of orgasm, just
commencing. Much further to go, Ginny thought but the feeling was
nevertheless, wonderful.
Both women heard their High Priest say, 'you may relieve
your bladder when you wish, child. Your cleansor will capture the
Margot had never tasted menstrual flow on her tongue, just as
she had never participated in what she knew as golden showers. But
through her own daughter she was to experience both activities
together. If she rose now she could expect more of the biting pain the
last hesitation had brought. So she steadied herself to accept her
daughter's second flow.
Ginny needed to go, not desperately, but nevertheless, would
have been able to sit on the toilet and produce a stream of the golden
liquid. Her mother had been commanded to receive it, and in her
relaxed manner, the young girl decided to rid herself of the build-up.
Peeing sometimes made one's teeth ache with the sheer joy of it
passing through the small opening. They tingled with delight this
time, knowing that her mother had no choice but to drink her pee.
Taking a deep breath, she held it and tightening her stomach muscles,
expelled the liquid as fast as she could.
Margot received, swallowing fast many times, wondering
whether she could take it all. How much was there, she asked herself.
But the first fast stream soon slowed to a trickle and ceased.
'Thank you,' Ginny said quietly.
'Rise, female. You have done well so far.'
Ginny felt the lips leave her private place, feeling satisfied
although she had not even approached orgasm.
'Lay on the bed, female. We will wait for the next colour to
show itself before we can continue.'
'Please, Eminence. Not again, I beg you,' Margot pleaded.
'Your lips will not touch her sex again today, female. But
there is still more to be done in her cleansing. There is also more to be
done about the disobedience by a female of her High Priest.'
'What?' Margot asked, surprised.
'Lay on the edge of the bed, female. Your gown is still open
at the back?'
'Yes. Yes, Eminence.'
'Then be still.'
Ginny heard the swishes, quickly followed by loud, hard lash
that obviously rained down on Margot's bear buttocks. Her mother
cried out loudly after each one landed, the final few caused the
tortured woman to cry continuously from the pain.
Ginny didn't count but was sure at least a dozen strokes had
landed. She kept her eyes closed, a tear forcing it's way through,
feeling every stroke of pain her mother received.
'Never dispute your High Priest again,' he warned her.
'I'm sorry, Eminence, I promise I won't,' she sobbed.
'I don't think you will either. Come now. Is she showing
colour again?'
'There is a droplet, Eminence.'
'Take it on your fingertip and paint her nipples. When her
High Priest mounts her, you will masturbate her clitoris. It is your role
to ensure she comes at exactly the same time as her Confessor. Begin.'
Ginny felt her vagina touched and then wetness on each
nipple. Then the wonderful feeling of a woman's hand on her most
sensitive place as she began to receive sexual arousal once again. Her
Priest knelt between her legs and without delay inserted himself deep
inside her vagina, beginning to steadily pump in and out.
'Please tell me when, Eminence. I don't know when you'll
come unless you warn me.'
'It is nearing,' he said. 'Soon.'
Ginny was not close yet but decided her mother had received
enough punishment. She would feign a climax as soon as she felt his
first surge, regardless of how close her mother had brought her. It was
becoming public awareness among the women of The Forum, that
Geoffrey, their illustrious High Priest, had a short wick when it came
to the act of sexual intercourse. They had to stick together.
As usual, his grunting came quickly and with no forewarning
to Margot who was responsible for arranging the simultaneous climax.
But to her dismay, the moment he began to shudder in paroxysms of
pleasure, so too did the youngster beneath him. There was little doubt
in Margot's mind that Ginny had reached nowhere near her peak, but
the display was sufficient to satisfy the ego of her lover.
'You will roll on top of me, child. Carefully.' He clasped her
body to his and in a series of contortions, remained connected until
finally she rested on top of him.
'Lift yourself off, child. Let the secretions drain from your
passage onto your High Priest's staff. Then sit higher on his chest.'
She did as instructed, feeling the globs of sperm trickle from
her entrance.
'You, female. You are to carry out that which you've
practiced for the past week. Cover my length with your mouth.'
Margot looked aghast at the red stained pool of semen matted
on his pubic hair, draining down over his testicles. Much of his cock
was still coloured with her daughter's menstrual cycle but her task was
clearly stated. She had practiced and managed to cover the full length
of not only the dildo he had provided, but on a number of times,
Roger's cock also. This was no bigger but was coated as Roger's had
never been. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth and felt the
slippery organ slide between her lips and on down into her throat
cavity until her lips were hard pressed against his saturated pubic hair.
Time after time she swallowed the juices of his cock and
suckled the crinkly pubic hair until all trace of the stained liquids
disappeared. The priest's cock finally began to deflate, unable to
remain erect after depositing his climax of sperm into her daughter.
When it became nothing but soft tissue, small and wrinkled, covered
even by it's built-in hood, he finally told her to stand back.
'Go to each of your rooms and shower, my children. Her
cleansing is complete. Thank you both.'
Ginny stepped onto the floor, seeing a trail of shiny pink-
tinged fluid where she slid her body along his torso and chest. He lay
still, recovering from his most strenuous bout of sex since joining The
When they stepped from the room and closed the door,
Margot said, 'Come to my room, darling. We'll shower together. I
think I need to brush my teeth too. Thanks for the orgasm, you little
'That's O.K., Mom. I didn't want you to get any more on your
backside. After the shower, I'll kiss it better.' They walked arm-in-
arm, naked daughter and semi-exposed mother, in love with each
other's company.

Chapter Twenty Four
Edith opened the door, looked at the woman who had
knocked then stepped back to let her in. There was no familiarity on
her part.
'This is Mrs. Koning,' she said to Richard. 'He will listen to
you. I don't know why,' She then explained rather ungraciously.
'Come and sit. I don't have all day,' he said gruffly.
'Oh,' she uttered, flustered, thinking she was coming to talk
with Edith alone. She sat on the chair in front of his armchair. He sat
in authority.
'Well. What is it?'
'Oh, thank you. I didn't know you would be here. I asked
Edith if she could help me escape from my husband.'
'He's made my life unbearable, sir. Can you help me
'I may be able to. It all comes down to whether I want to or
not.' He gave little encouragement. 'I'm thinking of the way you and he
treated my friends, Edith and Geoff Higrave. You made their life a
living hell and you are supposed to preach forgiveness. Why should I
forgive your unkindness?'
'I admit I did, sir. But it was his entire making. He made me
do those things. If I didn't it would have been worse for me when we
got home.' She looked over at Edith with pleading eyes. 'I am sorry for
every terrible thing I did and said to you Edith. I didn't want to.'
Edith didn't respond, leaving Richard to control the meeting.
'Why don't you just leave him?'
'He, they would never let me, sir. I would be made a recluse
but they would never let one of their members separate from the
menfolk. Anyway I have nothing to take. No money, nothing. He
controls everything.'
'There are courts.'
'But how could I compete with their assets. Their lawyers
would swamp any trainee the courts would appoint to represent me.
Please, sir, when I saw Edith and Geoff walk out on them so easily I
knew this was my only hope. I have no family or friends outside the
Group. No one to help me.'
'Does he beat you? What's so bad you want to leave?'
'He does sometimes when no one else is around. But mostly
it's the humiliation he pours on me every moment of the day, in front
of our daughter, in front of friends. He never lets up. And he says it's
all in the course of my learning discipline. You could not believe how
it effects you, the incessant browbeating.'
'Hm. I could help you, but what I offer may be worse than
what you face now.'
'I don't understand, sir. It just couldn't be.'
'If I took you away, and…' He hesitated. 'You say you have a
daughter. Do you want to bring her too?'
'I have to, sir. She must come with me. She detests her life
too and I couldn't face leaving her to him to raise.'
'How old is she?'
'Nearly ten, sir. She's a lovely child. Would never get in the
way. Please, sir, will you help? I beg you. I'm willing to do anything
you ask if you will help.'
'I'm sure you would but you may not like what "anything"
means. What I may require could be far worse than you have now.
"Anything" my dear woman is infinity, there are no conditions. Think
about it.'
'Nothing could be any worse than now sir. I beg you, sir.
Please help.'
'I tell you this, woman. I have the means to take you away
from where you are now, and your daughter. I can do it and no one
would find you. I can arrange a legal divorce and ensure that your
husband gets no rights to your daughter, ever. My world is powerful.
I can do all that.' He emphasised the last sentence, word by word. She
smiled and breathed a deep sigh. 'But you will pay dearly.'
'I have no money, sir,' she almost cried thinking the worst. 'I
cannot pay you.'
'What I require is not money. It is you. I require you to give
yourself, your body, mind, spirit, and heart, your very life and anything
that you possess, to me and the small group of people associated with
me. Edith is one of those.'
'I don't understand?'
'Do you know what it is to be a slave?'
She hesitated but only for a moment. 'Someone who is owned
by another and does what he commands.' Edith noticed the colour had
drained from her cheeks.
'And woman, the word "everything" is very operative. Is that
not so, Edith?'
'It is, Master,' she answered, hearing the woman's deep
intake of breath when Edith answered her Master.
'Yes, I am her Master. She is my slave, as it were. Of
course, her life is one of luxury and love. But she will agree to any
desire her Master's have. If you came to us, you would begin at the
very bottom. The lowliest of the low, and you would suffer the
greatest and undertake the worst of duties, until you passed the various
stages. Then you may begin to lead a reasonable life, fulfilling and
loving in say, a year or so. Is it worth the risk, woman?'
'You could take me away from him as easily as that, sir? And
my daughter? Would she become a slave too?'
'Not your daughter, She would be cared for by others
although you may not have the privilege of holding her for many
months, years maybe.'
'Then I ask you, sir, to help us escape. I agree to your terms.'
'I ask you one more question before you make a final
decision. Do you know what a sex-slave is?'
'Oh, oh.' Her eyes closed momentarily. 'Is that... will that be
my role? And my daughter?'
'Tell her, Edith.'
'The women are all sex-slaves to their men's every whim, but
the pleasures are great. In fact, we are all slaves to each other; even a
woman can demand relief from another of her sex.' Edith laid it on and
saw the woman cringe, imagining only the worst.
'You seem unsure. Don't answer now. We will meet again
tomorrow once you've thought your decision through. As for your
daughter, her role will be in our hands, not yours. But I tell you this,
no one in our household ever objects to their treatment, at least not for
long. There will be punishments, which means pain but all women
suffer this throughout their lives, isn't that so. I can promise you this,
woman; despite the pain all our women are fully satisfied and enjoy a
life of comfort and pleasure. It is enjoyable. So too, will yours be once
you have progressed. Go now. But if you accept, you will be tested
Edith opened the door and she left unsteadily, without another
word being spoken.
'That shook the bitch up. I think you've won her though,
Richard, darling. Oh, God. It's made me so randy. Love me please.'
Edith looked back as they left and noticed the wet spot on the

'How is he progressing, Jane,' Edith asked.
'He hasn't grown up one little bit, Mummy. Slow as slow and
so easy to humiliate. He just stands there and takes it. Thinks he's
going to get a look at Ginny's secrets or me but somehow he always
misses out. I think he's being driven crazy with our teasing. It's fun
though. He gets a hardon so easily.'
'Doesn't every male?'
'Yes I suppose so. But I don't think he's even had his pole up
any girl. He just dreams about it and gets another stiff. At least with
we girls, we've got a lot of power over men, haven't we? I mean, let
them get a sniff of pussy and they melt in our hands.'
'Yes, most of the time, but when they get their back up, its
look out backside or whatever other part they want to punish.'
'Anyway we've given Phillip a few red buns. I think he likes
it too. He's come most times in the middle of his beatings.'
'I think it's about time he became a fully-fledged member,
Jane. Go easy on him for a couple of days. Just keep his pecker up
from time to time but make sure he doesn't climax. I'll speak to

The woman entered again, looking exactly as she had
yesterday. No make-up, mousy hair with little style, clothes that
spoke of charitable institution hand-me-downs, with little semblance
of fit. A woman defeated, was an apt description.
She was shaken to find not Edith but another female in
attendance. Someone unknown, for she had never seen Amber
'Don't sit. You may not need to stay long at all,' Richard said,
matter of factly. 'That is unless you have decided to accept.'
'Please, sir, I need to know what will happen to me and
especially my daughter? She must not be harmed.'
'There will be no bargaining,' Richard dictated. 'I told you
yesterday, accept and you will be rid of your husband forever. He will
not contact you again, neither you nor your daughter. But in
accepting, your very existence is in our hands. You will be nothing
until such time as you prove your worth as a member of our group.
Nor will you be responsible for your daughter, that will be our task and
you will have no say in the matter, at least not for the moment. If you
do please the members of our family, however, you will eventually
become one yourself. But the growth will be difficult and at times
painful and humiliating. Just remember this; we have not lost an
initiate yet, have we, slave?'
'No, Master, we have all been privileged to join in the end.'
'So, your choice is one of two. Either stay as you now exist
and bear the indignities of an unjust sect, or decide on change,
regardless of the consequences but with the future far better than you
could ever imagine.'
She stood in front of them both, wringing her hands, unable to
choose. Finally, with anguish she seemed to come to a decision.
'Sir, I know there is no future where I am now, especially for
my child. So I choose to accept the future you offer. I don't know
whether I can stand what I have to face, but I must try. I beg you
though, to protect my little daughter. She is so innocent.'
Richard breathed an internal sigh, catching Amber's eye as
though to say, at last, success.'
'I told you there would be a test?'
'Yes, sir.'
He swivelled his chair so his back was to her. 'Disrobe,
completely. I wish to hear your appearance described.'
'Oh, so soon? I didn't realise. I'm not prepared.'
'He's not looking,' Amber told her. Only I will see today.
Quickly. Don't hesitate.'
'Where can I go?'
'Nowhere. Right here, and no further delays,' his voice
reverberated loudly.
There was little style as she undid buttons and peeled the
garments away. Underwear consisted of an ill-fitting flesh coloured
brassier, which Amber would have described as a tank cover. Her
underpants were more like bloomers, hanging loosely over her
buttocks and thighs.
'Underclothes are useless and tasteless,' Amber spoke.
'I'm sorry,' the woman almost cried. 'I don't have anything
'And her form?' The man's voice asked.
'Better. Much better. Quite good. Tight breasts, a little sag
but exercises should correct that.' She reached out and squeezed the
woman's breast making her cringe away. 'Don't ever do that again,' she
said slapping the distraught woman on the cheek. She squeezed harder
and was pleased to find she did not pull away.
'You will like her nipples,' Amber remarked. 'Almost black
against the creamy white of her skin. Amazing.'
'Good. And her triangle?'
'Black and thick.' She ran a hand over the woman's pubic
region. 'Rough.'
'A pity, I was hoping for red. Well it has to be removed. Do it
'Remove what?' The woman asked frantically.
'All this hair. It interrupts our men seeing your slit and makes
you easier to enter.'
'To enter what?' The bewildered woman asked.
Amber looked at her strangely. 'To enter your sex, what did
you expect? men like to have sex and we enjoy it too.'
'Oh. I've never had...'
'You've never strayed, don't tell me. It's so obvious.'
'No, but I've never had sex.'
'Just with your husband? You are sexually pure?'
She began to cry, holding her hands to her face. 'I've got to
tell you. I have never had sex with my husband. Not properly.'
'What do you mean, woman?' Richard's interest had risen
considerably. 'You've borne a child?'
'Yes, but... it's so difficult for me to describe. My husband in
all his religious zeal, decided I had to be virginal when I conceived.'
'And so?'
'Well, he never consummated our marriage in the true sense,
sir. He discharged his, his...' She began to cry again.
'Get hold of yourself and explain.'
'Well he deposited his discharges on the outside of my, well
my sex, and I had to lie for hours each time until it had drained inside.
He never broke my maidenhead.'
'You mean to say he wanted you to be the same as the Virgin
Mary? And you were? You had your baby even though your hymen
wasn't ruptured?' Amber was awestruck.
'Yes, the church thought it was a miracle although they never
reached the stage of glorifying the event as such. Instead they held my
husband up as a true leader for having the will-power to desist from
having his way with me.'
'I don't believe it,' Amber said. 'How long were you married
before you had your baby?'
'Over two years.'
'He waited that long before he made love. It's amazing.'
'No, he has never made love properly. He just does the same
to me now, not very often, but just spills his discharge on my stomach.
I can't answer why. He goes into a rage whenever I tried to talk about
it, but he has never done what a normal husband would.'
'So, even now, what is it twelve years of marriage, and you've
never carried out the sex act?' This time Richard asked the question
incredulously. 'I too, don't believe it.'
'I swear it's true, sir. I couldn't lie about something like this.
It's just that in my position I knew I had to tell you.'
'Oh, my God. A virgin after twelve years of marriage and an
infant from a virgin birth. I have much to think about.' He had to
change the subject for the time being.
'Go and do as she tells you. I require the hair to be removed.'
'But what if my husband sees, sir?'
'Will he be looking at you naked tonight? I think not. And
tomorrow you will not be under his care any more.'
'Tomorrow? I'm going tomorrow?' Her eyes brightened
considerably. 'And my daughter too?'
'Yes, both of you. Tomorrow you start your new life but you
have considerable matters to be attended to before you join the family.
Amber here will arrange your transformation over the next few days.
Hair, make-up, new clothes, especially undergarments and nightwear.
You will not know yourself, but don't begin to think that is the end. It
is only the beginning and you have much to suffer.'
They made arrangements for her departure, including what
she was to write in the note she would leave.
Amber was also given full instructions for the renewing of
this tardy woman and her daughter. The three were to become close
friends over the next week as money was spent without concern for the
amount. The thought of what the unpleasantness of the future would
be, lingered in the woman's mind, but deep down as the excitement
'Make sure her senses are not aroused in any way sexually,'
Richard warned Amber. 'There's just one thing, woman.'
She looked at him, concerned that her hopes might be dashed.
'What is your name? And your daughter's?'
'Oh, yes, I'm sorry. I should have said. My name is Alice and
my daughter is Jessica; we call her Jessie.'
'You will come to know every member intimately, dear Alice,'
he said. 'Think of it as pleasures awaiting you, nothing else.'

Chapter Twenty Five
A few days later, Amber had been recalled for a family
gathering, Alice and Jessie, remaining in their hotel room for an
evening alone. The Forum met in the Colosseum, all seated in a
darkened side of the room, watching Edith as she sat beneath a
spotlight in the centre of the room. She was dressed in a silken
negligee, moulding her curves, breasts thrust out, nipples pointing
through the soft material. The material shimmered in the bright light,
and the onlookers imagined they could almost see through it, but they
were mistaken.
When the knock came, she said simply, 'Bring them.'
Joanne led Jane and Phillip in, placing them so they stood at
each side of their mother.
Phillip wore silk pyjamas, dark blue in colour. He was
blindfolded with what appeared to be the same material.
Jane was not blindfolded and wore a nightdress of the same
blue silk and a jacket of lighter but matching colour worn over the
nightie. The jacket came to just below her bustline, the front unjoined
and buttonless. Her breasts pushed the front of the jacket away from
her body, opening it further but still covering sufficient to hide her
twin mounds completely. Where the jacket stood open between her
breasts, they could see the top of the nightdress was of the finest
fabric, almost completely see-through, showing the pink hue of her
skin beneath. The blue silk obviously commencing below her breasts.
Edith placed an arm around each child, cupping a bottom
cheek in each hand. 'Well, my dears,' she said. 'Tonight is Phillip's
big night. Do you know why, Phillip?'
She pulled the boy tighter to her, rubbing her hand over the
silky material covering his bottom.
'No-one has told me anything,' the boy explained, bewildered
by his inability to see anything.
'No? Well, it's supposed to be a secret anyway. Your sister
has told me all the bad things that's happened to you since you
arrived.' He gasped at the realisation, remembering some of the things
he wouldn't want his parents to ever know. 'Yes, everything, my
darling boy, even what happened at the pool.'
'Mum, I'm sorry. I couldn't help it.'
'Of course not, it happens to all men. That's the way these
things happen and I know it makes you feel special when it does. Isn't
that true?'
His blush was vivid red against the darkness of the blindfold.
'Yes,' he whispered.
'So to make up for all the nasty things the girls have done to
you, tonight, darling, you are going to become a man.'
'I don't understand, Mum,' he said in all innocence. 'How do I
do that?'
'Well, firstly you're going to be privileged to touch a lady's
breasts. Both Jane and Ginny tell me you have been trying to do that
ever since you arrived. Correct?'
'I didn't mean to be so bad,' he whimpered.
'It's all right, Phillip. You have permission. But there is just
one condition.'
He knew he was being led along again, the outcome being he
will have no chance to comply and permission will be withdrawn
before he succeeds.
'That is, you must control your desires throughout the
evening, Phillip. You are not to allow yourself to climax until you are
told. If you do, it will be a long time before you're given the chance
He groaned loudly.
'It is simply a matter of will power, dear. When the urges
grow so strongly, just turn your mind to other things. A snowfield or
the beach, perhaps. It just needs positive thoughts at the right time and
you will succeed.'
'I'll try, Mum.'
'Good boy. Now come here and give your mommy a big hug
and kiss. It's been so long since my little boy did that.'
She pulled him to her, spreading her legs as he moved
forward. Her arms held him to her chest tightly and she pressed her
open mouth over his virginal lips. He received for the first time, a
lover's kiss, feeling her tongue press inside his mouth, wetness
covering his lips, soft hands holding his head as she kissed
'Again, darling, it was so good.'
One arm went around his waist, stroking his back, wandering
down over his bottom, while the other held his head to hers. He felt
the most wonderful sensations as she continued, tickling his earlobe,
stroking his cheek, and running fingers through his hair. With her
other hand she pulled his bottom closer, pressing his genitals into her
groin, feeling the stiffness rising under the thin silk of her nightdress
and his pyjamas, such thin fabric separating each other's sexual flesh.
'Remember, darling. Will-power.'
She then took each of her son's hands and moulded them to
her breasts. 'You used to suck them, son, with such tenderness. Then
they were a source of nourishment but now they can be a source of
joy. Feel them, son. Do they feel beautiful? Tell me you love them
once again.'
'I do, Mummy. I love touching them. They feel beautiful,' the
young boy almost sang from the feelings this activity brought to his
inner being.
'You can kiss them through the nightdress, dear. Suck the
nipples into your mouth. Yes, that feels lovely for me too. One day
soon, you will touch them when I'm unclothed. And you'll be allowed
to look as well.'
She felt his body flinch and he uttered the groan of one who
was nearing orgasm. 'Stop,' she commanded, pushing him to arms-
length away. 'You were forgetting. Control yourself. It is for your
lover's benefit as much as yours. Have the sensations eased?'
'I think so,' he told her.
She ran her hand over his crotch, the thin silk causing little
resistance, and felt his erection had not subsided at all. But rather than
ceasing her titillation, she continued to stroke his hardness, cupping
her hand over it, gently running fingers over his testicles, coming back
to engulf the length with her closed hand. Keeping him as near to
ejaculation as she could without pushing him over the edge.
'Is this nice, darling?' She spoke softly, sending shivers
through him, causing teeth to chatter with excitement. He was so near
to coming, and yet with concentration, found he could defeat the urge
of just letting it shoot off when he reached a certain point of
'Yesss. Yes, Mummy. It is.'
'Just hold on. Don't give in. Keep your mind firm.'
She knew the time had arrived to give the boy some rest. She
let his hard cock go, making sure the pyjamas didn't cause friction that
could take him over the edge.
'Good, boy, you've done well. I didn't think you would. I
haven't touched you like that, ever, Phillip. It excited me too.' A
chaste kiss on the lips ended the session and she offered him a cool
drink, allowing him to sit on a chair nearby, still blindfolded.
After just a few short moments she stirred him again.
'You have more to do, young man. Stand up.' He stood and
she walked him in front of her again. 'Are you still hard?'
'I don't think so, Mum,' he said quietly.
She spoke to the other one who he knew was in the room with
them. 'Lower his pants a little. Just until his manhood is exposed.'
He felt the silk being slowly pulled down, felt the coolness as
his penis and a strip around his bottom was made nude.
'Yes, I can see you do indeed require some help. You are soft
again. Not the way a young man standing in front of two ladies
should be. Touch him, my dear. Help him to rise, to prepare for the
The blindfolded young man felt soft small hands cradle his
genitals, gently tickling the hairs around his scrotum, tracing a finger
along the length of his quickly hardening cock, circling the head with
a rounded thumb and finger.
'You are to have the pleasure of mounting this young woman,
of making love to her as a man should until she overflows with climax.
Then, and only then can you inundate her with your discharge? Ah, I
see that has had the desired effect. Strong as a ramrod again. But just
remember, she must be pleasured to the fullest before you release. Do
you understand? As before, you must control your urges until the
female partner had been brought to the fullest of pleasures.'
'Yes, I understand, Mum,' the excited boy answered, not quite
knowing what was to happen next or how he could fulfil his
'Good, then it's time to meet your partner.' He felt hands
untying the blindfold and as it fell away, gasped when he saw who
stood beside his mother.
'But I thought...' he mumbled in surprise.
'You thought you were going to pleasure Ginny, didn't you?'
'But instead, you find your own sister will be the one. Is she
not beautiful? Will she not make an ideal partner for your first foray
into true lovemaking? Well?'
'Yes, Mum. She is very pretty.'
'Indeed, and from now on, you will call me Mother. Anything
else sounds very crude when matters of sex are under discussion.
Now, you may open her jacket. Slowly now, enjoy the vision of her
He reached out with both hands and opened the garment,
which covered her breasts from view, finding them completely
unclothed, pushing forward, nipples hard in anticipation of what was
to come. Hesitantly he reached for one and then both as his hands
cupped the naked mounds, the first touch of a female breast ever and
especially, his sister's.
'Kiss them, boy. Place your mouth over them and kiss the
firmness, make her feel as though you want them more than anything
else in the world,' his mother prompted. Indeed he did want nothing
else at that moment. His lips covered first one and then the other,
running his tongue over the hard nipple, saliva glistening each time he
moved to the other. He was stooping slightly which saved him from
brushing his genitals against her body, thankfully so.
The thrill of orgasm was foremost in his loins, the need to
discharges his love fluids so strong deep down in his mind, and yet as
he sucked and massaged the mounds before him, he knew he must
hold back from any thought of climax if he was to be allowed to
continue. It was difficult, a matter of controlling his mind as he had
never done before.
He felt her body shudder and she breathed an almost silent,
'Oh,' as his lips sucked her sensitive nipples.
'Are you ready, dear?' Her mother asked.
'Yes, very much.'
'Then remove the jacket.'
Phillip watched as she removed the garment, the thin see-
through material of the bodice of her nightdress covering her top
except where her breasts were exposed, glowed pinkish from her skin
'Lay yourself down on the couch, dear, and raise your
nightdress well up. She did so, exposing herself to well above her
waist, the silky material bunched together just above her belly button.
Phillip stared down at her, taking little notice as his mother undid and
removed his pyjama top. She pushed his pants down until they fell to
the floor but he felt no embarrassment now, conscious only of the next
stage. Was he really going to plunge into the depths of his older
sister? This was what the boys in his class bragged about and here he
was about to do the same to his own sister.
His mother stepped to his sister's side and with both hands,
spread her knees so widely that he could see inside her sex opening,
glistening with moisture, coral pink and the most beautiful sight he
had ever seen.
'Remember well, Phillip. She is to be pleasured to the full
before you take your own satisfaction. Do you know what to do?'
'Not really, Mother. I've never done this before.'
'But you've dreamed about it?'
'Yes,' he agreed, blushing furiously.
She ran her hand lightly under his testicles causing untold
ripples of pleasure to rise, hardening his upright cock even tighter.
'Kneel between her knees. You are going to penetrate where
you never have before. You are going to fuck your sister, Phillip,
while you mother watches. Does it excite you?'
'Yes,' he almost hissed.
'Then lower yourself. I will help you to find the opening.' He
felt her hand take the head of his penis in her fingers and as he
lowered his torso, felt penis connect with the warm and slippery flesh
of his sister's open cunt.
'Just press gently, it will slide inside,' she told him. Jane had
not spoken a word, simply complying with her mother's wishes, happy
at the thought of being serviced by a virgin, not distressed at all that
she was yielding to the act of incest with her brother.
He felt the tingle of oncoming discharge, finding it impossible
to stop the fast growing sensations boiling within him.
'I can't stop,' he cried out, terror stricken that he would come
and spoil the future sexual pleasures he had been promised. As soon as
he spoke the words however, a force descended upon his bare bottom
as his mother's hand landed a stunning blow that shocked the very
being of the boy who cried out in pain and surprise. The thrill of sex
left him for the moment, enough to let him gain control.
'Concentrate on not coming, you ungrateful boy. Your sister
must come first; she must be pleasured before you shoot inside her
pussy. Concentrate on your thoughts. Let her think about coming, not
you. Now, work more slowly. Raise and push yourself but think of
other things.'
The act may have been new to him but his technique was
perfect, grinding his hairy groin hard into her mound with every
plunge of his cock, pressing her clitoris to ever higher sensations,
slowly withdrawing so the ripples of oncoming orgasm intensified
with each stroke.
She was approaching her fulfilment and with ever quickening
breath her noise level grew with every thrust, shaking her head from
side to side, calling on this young lover to push harder, 'Love me,
darling,' she called, holding his face between her hands. Her heels
circled his buttocks, giving him less and less movement with each
thrust but increasing her own sensations as he delved deeper and
deeper within her wet and sensitive channel.
'Now, oh, yes here it comes,' she gasped finally as the sweat
between their two bodies made slapping sounds. 'Ugh. I'm coming,
Phillip. Oh, it's so good,' she cried with pleasure, her whole body
shuddering in the throes of sexual bliss. Her arms clasped him to her
and she whispered closely into his ear, 'Come now, dear. You can
shoot inside me now.'
The agony of holding back was over and he allowed himself
two quick thrusts and the juices that had simmered just below the
surface gushed along the hard tube of his manhood and the ecstasy of
release groaned from his lips.
'Keep pushing, darling,' Jane told him. 'It will keep the
feeling going,' she cajoled, thrusting her crotch hard and fast into him
in perfect synchronisation, feeling the thrusts of his ejaculation
flooding inside her.
He could not begin to describe the feelings that sped through
his body, the first feelings of true sexual fulfilment, now quickly
draining his energies but still so wonderful all he wanted to do was
rest his tired body on this naked flesh beneath him.
'Roll over, Phillip,' his mother instructed and as he lifted his
head, the rest of The Forum clapped in unanimous approval. He took
some time to focus on those who were seated in the darkened corner.
'How did you get in,' he jumped up in alarm, withdrawing his
semi-deflated penis and trying to hide it with a hand.
'It's all right, dear,' his mother pacified him. 'They were
simply onlookers and obviously pleased with your performance. See,
they're still clapping. You've earned your entry to the family circle,
The Forum, and from what we've seen I do believe your virility is
destined to become a legend in the household. Every lady present is
yearning for a chance to feel your handsome cock inside them.'
'Me? To do it to all of them?' His mouth was opened in shock
at the news, shock but quickly changing to anticipation as the news
sunk in.
'Yes, whenever you like. You also move into Jane and
Ginny's room tonight. I'm sure they'll make use of that hard cock you
were sporting but make sure you spread yourself around. And I need
your services just as much as any.'
'But, Dad...?'
'He saw it all and I'm sure was most impressed.'
The boy, now crowned a man in his own right, looked down
at his sister as she languished in fulfilment on the couch, her legs still
widely spread and rivulets of white sperm dripping from her opened
pussy onto the leather surface.
'Thanks, sis,' he said. 'It was fantastic.'
'There's plenty more,' she offered. 'You were good.'
'Take Ginny and settle him into his new room,' Edith told her
daughter. 'I'll bet he's still got plenty to discharge,' she purred.
Jane showed no sign of concern as she rose and took his hand,
feeling the sperm draining down her thighs as they walked to Ginny
and left the room arm in arm.

Chapter Twenty Six
'This is Alice and Jessica,' Richard introduced the two
females to the rest of the group at dinner the next evening. 'They will
be staying with us for some time.'
Pleasantries were exchanged, Alice moving around the table
as Richard introduced her to each member. They were all dressed in
suits and dinner wear, Alice being given no indication of sexual
dominance whatsoever. She began to feel more relaxed as the meal
progressed and the family banter around the table lulled her into a
totally false sense of security.
Towards the end of the meal, Richard called Joanne and
instructed her to take Jessica to bed. 'It's been such a big day for
young ladies,' he said. 'I think it's bedtime. Take her to Amber's
room, Joanne. You can sleep with her tonight,' he explained to the
'Oh, good,' the girl agreed happily, having built a close
rapport during the week or so Amber had been with them in the hotel.
When they had left, Richard gestured for Alice to stand beside
him, putting an arm around her hips, and pulling her into his shoulder.
'You all know why Alice is with us,' and there were murmurs
of agreement around the table. 'Amber has also instructed you very
clearly on what is expected of you?' He asked.
'Yes, sir,' she responded hesitantly, finding the words
difficulty in the presence of so many people.
'What you don't know of Alice, though,' he said to the others,
'is that she has a secret so captivating that it will not only surprise but
dazzle you with it's potential. 'Isn't that so?' He asked the trembling
woman, rubbing her bottom as he looked into her face.
'Yes, sir.'
'Well don't be so shy. I think you can tell everyone your little
secret,' he urged, rubbing her hip and bottom cheek intimately.
'Oh, I couldn't, sir,' she almost shrieked, shocked at both what
he had asked and the intimacy of his hand. Never had she
experienced this in her life before.
'Well, I'll let you off this once,' he cajoled, 'just as long as
you stand perfectly still. Can you do that?'
'Yes, I can do that, sir.'
But when she felt his hand slide down over her buttock and
thigh and back up beneath her dress, she couldn't help but jump
'You promised,' he said harshly. 'You promised not to move
but you did. When we've finished tonight, I expect you to remind me
that you are to be punished in front of everyone here. Now don't
forget, it will be worse if you do.'
'Oh,' the stricken woman sighed.
'Now as I was saying,' he continued as she felt his hand rise
again under her skirt until his palm cupped her panty clad bottom.
'Alice here has an amazing history which I am about to disclose to
Another sigh of shock left the woman's lips.
'For you see,' he told them, massaging her buttock as he
spoke, 'although having given birth to a lovely daughter, she is still in
every sense but one, a true virgin.'
There were surprised queries from around the table.
'I can't believe that,' Roger said, always the cynic. 'To have a
baby she's had a cock up her so how can that be?'
Alice was surprised at the forthright words Roger spoke.
More so when she felt both hands now under her skirt and her panties
being drawn slowly down her legs.
'Well, Roger, that all makes sense,' Richard agreed. 'Except
that the act of penetration has never taken place in any form. That's
what you have told me, isn't it, Alice?'
'Yes, sir, that's correct,' she gasped from embarrassment of
not only this public disclosure but also from the sight of her white
skimpy panties that Richard was helping her step out of in front of
'Lovely, Alice.' He held the underwear to his nose and sniffed
in the female scent. 'Just lovely. We are all going to enjoy what you
have to offer each one of us. Now, while I continue with your story,
just raise your skirt, very slowly until we can see what you have been
hiding all these years.'
He instructed her so matter of factly that she couldn't believe
what she had heard.
'Oh, Sir, I couldn't. That's too much to ask.' Her face had
paled significantly as though she were going to faint.
'You could do so very easily, as a matter of fact. Just lift the
skirt slowly. They should be titillated first and then shown your
secrets. Of course, you always have the opportunity of leaving us and
taking your daughter back to your husband. We are not holding you
against your will. It's either that, or stay with us on the terms we have
discussed. It really becomes tiresome having you object to everything
asked of you. Now, what is it to be?'
Richard knew full well she had weighed up all the options
before agreeing, and this was just her way of showing she was not
happy at the blackmail she was being subjected to.
'I'm sorry. I have no choice but to do as I'm told.' Her hands
took the skirt at about mid-thigh and began to pull the material
upwards, bunching it in both hands.
'As I was saying, Alice's husband in a rather strange religious
ritual decided that the act of penetration of a woman's vagina before
she gave birth was contrary to his teachings. So his sexual relief was
by his own hands, masturbating and depositing his sperm over her
vaginal opening, hoping that somehow, sperm would eventually find
it's way inside and his wife would be responsible for the second virgin
birth in history.'
'You mean to tell me; he never took you on your wedding
night or any time after that until you became pregnant? How long did
this go on for?' Roger asked in disbelief.
She found it difficult to answer as she was concentrating on
what her hands were doing, as she slowly exposed herself for the first
time in her life to anyone but her husband. She jumped as Richard
pinched her bottom, urging her to answer. 'Perhaps you should leave
your skirt until later. Concentrate on your story for the moment.'
She felt relieved at this.
'Thank you, Sir. Well, we were married for over two years
before I finally conceived. I was just eighteen when we married and
my hymen was fully intact when my labour began, nearly four years
later.' It seemed easier to talk now, the fear of disclosing such
intimate details being quickly overcome once she realised none of the
occupants were overtly suggestive to what she was doing or saying.
She then listened as one of the women asked a question. 'I
couldn't imagine any of these men here ever being able to hold back
from taking his conjugal rights on the first night, let alone never trying
to penetrate you. How did he resist for so long? What did he do to
bring himself to his climax?' Margot was as intrigued as any of them.
'Oh, it's so difficult to talk about these things,' she said half
whispering; blushing at what she was about to discuss. Those in the
room listened to the quiet voice intently, none more so than the three
youngest, especially Phillip who had a rampant hardon as he listened
to these most intimate disclosures.
'My husband never touched me for nearly a week after we
were married. I thought he didn't like me at first but when I asked him
why, he said he was fighting the devil, trying to defeat the temptations
of the flesh and that I had to wait until he believed he had done so.'
'God,' Roger breathed deeply. 'I had no trouble at all with the
sins of the flesh. I liked every bit of those sins,' he declared.
'But it was different with my husband. He was brought up
within our assembly and knew nothing but what he had been taught by
his parents and the elders. He knew only that the devil was at work
and woman was the cause of all sin. That's what they secretly taught
their children from the time they were able to understand.'
'So what made him finally come to you?'
'He simply came in one evening and bade me to disrobe. It
was the first time he had seen me undressed. He stared at me for a
long while not saying anything, just looking at me all over. I was very
shy and embarrassed. I didn't know what I should do.'
'I think we're getting to the juicy bits at last,' Roger
murmured, listening intently.
'At last he told me to get under the covers and close my eyes.
I could hear him undressing and then he threw all the bedclothes off of
me and sat over my legs. I was so scared because nobody had told me
what to expect, not even my parents and I never went to a proper
school, just one run by the parents of the Assembly.'
'And what happened then, Alice,' Margot asked.
'Well I didn't know then, but learned later. All he did was use
his own hand to make himself discharge and he did it over my
stomach and private parts. He made me lay still for the rest of the
night telling me it was the way babies were conceived. I could feel the
fluid because it became cold and I knew it had squirted all over my
stomach and even my... even my bosom. That was all he ever did and
until Jessica was born I never once saw him doing anything. I always
had to keep my eyes closed but just occasionally in the morning there
was still some of the white liquid that hadn't dried up, especially when
it ran into my belly button.'
'It's incredible,' Amber spoke quietly. 'Firstly why a man
could ever withhold himself from penetrating his wife and then
thinking she would get pregnant by dribbling it onto her pussy.'
'What happened to finally make you pregnant, Alice dear,'
Margot asked.
'Well, after more than two years of doing the same thing
almost every night I still hadn't conceived so after bringing a doctor to
me and finding I was healthy down there, he began to deposit his seed
directly into my opening and I had to... Oh, how can I describe it? I
had to pretend to be riding a bicycle upside down. It was very
strenuous but I was finally pregnant. He never did anything then until
after Jessica was born.'
'But didn't he kiss and fondle you? Surely he played with your
tits and pussy?' Margot continued her questions.
'No, he never touched me between my legs ever, and I can
remember him stroking my chest over my nightclothes only a few
times. You see we were taught that all sex was a sin so to remain pure
to his teachings he couldn't touch me.'
'Did you teach those kind of things, Geoff?' Amber asked,
'No, never. But when those demons got themselves together,
Edith and I were prohibited from joining in their teachings. That was
the main reason we were living almost in Coventry, used to legitimise
their group to the outside world, but excused from being involved in
any of their practices. And she,' he said pointing to Alice, 'was just as
pontifical as any.'
'Please, sir,' she answered, 'I...'
'That's enough,' Richard said interrupting her intended
explanation. 'We'll talk about that later.'
'So when you got pregnant, what did the doctor say when he
examined you and found you were still a virgin with a bun in the
'Well, he was one of the Assembly and was most impressed
that my husband had obeyed all their teachings. I think it was the first
time any of the women had conceived in that state.'
'I'm sure it was,' Roger agreed.
'And after the birth,' Amber asked, 'how did he have sex with
you then?'
'Not much different than before but he did touch me a lot
more, especially my chest. He used my... my bosoms to make himself
discharge. You know, sort of rubbed himself between my... uhm, my
mounds. And he was fascinated at looking between my legs. Lots of
times he made me spread myself just so he could look inside my... my
hole. But he never touched me there,' she added.
'Did he let you watch when he discharged then?'
'Yes, once I'd had Jessica he didn't stop me from looking
'But he never touched your pussy still? He never gave you
any pleasure at all?' Margot couldn't understand how a healthy young
woman with attractive looks could ever have been denied such basic
marital love.
'Not so much pleasure, madam,' she said, not really
understanding what Margot meant. 'But I was happy that he liked it
when he discharged. I could see he enjoyed doing that each time.'
'But he never helped you to climax? What do you do to get
satisfaction? Use your finger, is that it?'
'I'm sorry, madam. I'm not sure what you mean.'
'You've never come, have you?' Margot asked incredulously.
'My god, Richard, you'll have to remedy that.'
'Indeed we will,' he agreed. Then he turned his attention back
to the young woman.
'Thank you, Alice, for being so frank. I'm sure it wasn't easy.
But then nothing in your life for the next year will be. Now where
were we? I think you were lifting your skirt to show us your little
secret treasures, weren't we?'
'Yes, sir'
'Then let's get on with it. There are several of our company
who are simply aching to see how you look underneath, and we've
even removed your panties haven't we?'
'Yes, sir. But I've got nothing on underneath. They'll see
my... ' She hesitated.
'Your pussy? But that's what's so exciting. A lady who has
never done such things is about to expose her most secret places for all
her new friends to see. Start now, Alice, but do it slowly. We want to
be teased a little.'
'Oh,' she moaned in the lightest whisper but began to raise the
fabric as she was told.
They looked on expectantly, admiring her legs, as they
became more and more exposed, lovely legs, pale, almost ivory,
shapely, sexy as any model, Roger thought. He had a hardon in
anticipation of getting his hands on them as soon as he could.
As the garment was almost level with her vulva, Richard
stopped her. 'Not too fast, my dear. Let's keep them waiting.' His hand
encircled her hips and openly moved down to the bare skin of her
thigh. Then in slow motion, he massaged the bareness, cupping her
bottom cheek, caressing the thigh, moving between her legs where no
man had ever touched in the twenty-nine years of her life.
She stood transfixed, a look of shock on her face which was
turning the deepest red as the realisation that her femininity was being
breached. She felt the finger brush beneath her bottom, between the
creases tickling the hairs below her sex. The sensation was so
different to what she had expected. Wonderful, a feeling of needing
more and yet not wishing to disclose the pleasure to those watching.
She lost her breath, gasping at the vibrations that were running up her
spine, telling her brain that she wanted him to continue yet shy to her
very inner being at having her secret opening violated in front of
'Please sir, I can't stand it. Please, no more.' Her knees were
trembling, making the very act of standing still almost impossible.
'Nonsense, my dear,' Richard chided, continuing to probe so
lightly around her vagina. 'You are only just learning the thrill of sex.
There is so much more to experience, so much more to delight in.
Open your legs a little more. Good girl.'
They saw his hand cup her vulva, the middle finger seeming
to go deeper into her crevice, moving infinitely slowly, growing her
pleasures higher than she had ever thought possible.
'Please, sir, I really can't take any more. I think I'm going to
'In that case, perhaps we'd better stop. I'm sure there are other
things you can do to please us.' He removed his hand and as her skirt
fell back in place stood up behind her. Hands circled her waist and
then moved slowly upwards, clasping her rib cage from both sides.
'You really do have a most attractive body, young lady. I don't know
how your husband could leave you alone, sexually I mean. Anyway,
no matter, we'll help you make up for the lost pleasures you have
By now his hands cupped the woman's breasts, the first real
time she had experienced something like that also. 'I'm glad to feel
you have not worn a bra. No woman does in this house. Doesn't it
feel more free this way?'
'It feels strange,' she said. 'Especially when you do what
you're doing. I'm beginning to tingle all over.'
'And it feels nice?'
She hesitated for just a moment. 'It feels exciting. I've never
felt like this before.'
'Good, that's how it should be. Now I think it's time you
displayed these beautiful breasts to us all. Just undo the buttons and
slip your blouse off. As quickly as you can,' he added.
Blushing, she looked downwards as her fingers nimbly undid
each button. Gasps of appreciation were heard around the table as the
blouse exposed her tits to them. They were firm and small with
darkest rose-petal nipples that stood out hard from the excitement she
now felt.
Richard cupped each breast and pulled her tightly back
against his body. 'They are beautiful, Alice. Just a small handful
each. Can you feel what they are doing to me?'
He pushed his erection against her bottom. 'You've made me
hard, hard enough to fuck you. Do you know what that means? It's
something you've never done, isn't it?'
'Yes, sir. My husband never did that to me.'
'But you will soon find out how pleasurable it really is. Soon,'
he whispered in her ear.
He then deftly unclipped her skirt and allowed it to fall to the
floor. 'I now present the naked Alice to you all. She will move around
and sit on each of your knees, just to introduce her properly. No
penetrations, but anything else is permitted.'
The Forum members clapped in appreciation of both the sight
of this beautiful young virgin and the thoughts of what they might do
when it was their turn.
'Alice dear, it's time you met each of our family a little more
intimately. They are longing to know you better. When you sit on
each of their knees, you are in their hands. Whatever they want you to
do, you will do without hesitation, willingly and lovingly. You will be
to each one, as though they are your intimate partners exclusively. I'll
be watching so don't disappoint me.'
'I'm frightened, sir. Do I have to?'
'Do it. You can choose the order you move around, but
everyone must have the privilege of your company before you retire
The poor girl moved towards the women first, thinking they
would have empathy for her predicament but Margot soon showed that
wasn't so.
'Kiss me, Alice. I am your lover and we will soon be licking
each other's pussy. Kiss me passionately first.' Margot's lips closed
over hers and she felt a tongue insinuate itself between chattering
teeth, just as her breasts were squeezed tightly. 'When we are alone,
I'm going to bite you all over and then kiss every hurt. Now squeeze
my tits as hard as you can,' Margot commanded.
Alice thought of herself as Alice in Wonderland, not knowing
what she would be doing next, fearful and yet so excited at the
eroticism she was experiencing for the first time. She was made to
feel Roger's cock, the first time she had ever felt the hardness of a
man's erection with her hands. His hands were all over her tits and
cunt as she worked.
Phillip ejaculated over his trousers as she rubbed his cock.
Both young girls made her feel them up under their skirts. Edith
spanked her, lightly but embarrassingly. Amber required her tits to be
sucked and Alice had to drink the milk she extracted. Geoff made her
sit astride his lap, facing him while he tickled her nipples, all the time
hinting at the terrible things he was going to do to her in the next days.
His threat of sodomy brought a cry of despair from her lips but she
remained seated, feeling his hardness pushing through his trousers at
her vulva.
Finally Richard sat her on his lap, her back to him, her legs
straddling his, opening her vagina widely. One arm held her firmly in
place as he stroked and massaged a breast while his other hand teased
her sex hole, the lips and clitoris. Never had she felt such sensations
shooting through her body. His finger played lightly over the little
love nub, which stood up proudly, while the others moved closer to
see everything. Soon she was gasping for breath, seeking more,
needing more than she ever imagined this pleasure could be. Fast
breathing turned to grunts and as she reached her pinnacle for the first
time in her twenty-nine years, her voice cried out with high-pitched
screams of lust. Legs stiffening, trembling body and loud cries told all
present that she had finally reached the ultimate sexual pleasure.
Tears streamed down her cheeks as she rested back into Richard's
body while the spasms that raged through her slowly quietened.
'Oh, I can't believe the feeling could be so good. It's
wonderful, just beautiful.' Tears glistened in her eyes as she
languished in her arms.
'Stand up and unzip me, Alice. Put you hand inside and bring
out my penis, my cock.'
She did it hesitantly, thinking he was going to take his
pleasure now, just as her husband did, with his hand.
The size of it amazed her; so large she couldn't believe they
grew that big. But when he turned her around to face him and then
made to push herself down on this upright rod, she turned visibly pale.
'Oh, I couldn't do that. It's so big it will tear me open,' she
cried out. Nevertheless she had no option and felt other hands lifting
her high over Richard's lap and depositing her spread vulva directly
over his manhood. Unbelievably to her, instead of hurting, she slid
straight down, feeling the tickle of her pubic hair brushing against his
balls. Her feet were just touching the floor and under Richard's
direction, she began to rise and fall over this large phallus, pushing it
where no man had ever been, building even more exciting feelings,
different from those his finger produced, even more intense deep
feelings than before.
As the tingling sensations rose she looked straight into his
face, smiling her thanks to this man who was pleasuring her as a
woman should be pleasured. 'It's so wonderful, Richard,' she
whispered, using his name instead of "Sir" as she had been instructed.
She felt other hands on her now and looked around to find several
others had moved close and were stroking and rubbing various parts of
her body as she rose and fell over his penis. Amber's finger found the
swollen clitoris and began masturbating her at the same pace as her
movements over Richard's cock. Her legs ached from being stretched
so wide over his lap and having to move herself up and down. But the
ache was of little consequence and was countered by the sensations
within, the feeling of bubbles rising inside her groin and floating
upwards into her head, making every nerve end tingle as she moved.
The same feeling that she had just experienced was building to far
greater intensity and this time she knew she was nearing her climax.
'Oh. Oh, dear God,' she cried out with passion, lifting her
hands to his face. 'You're making me do it again. It's happening
again. Oh, it's so wonderful.'
Richard felt her whole body stiffen in the throes of female
ecstasy, vibrating uncontrollably, unable to continue her movements
over his cock, just managing to stay upright as she endured the intense
peaks of pleasure.
She slumped against her lover. 'Thank you. Thank you,' she
cried, resting against his chest.
When he decided she had recovered somewhat, he roused her.
'I haven't come yet.'
'What?' She asked dreamily. 'What did you say, Richard?'
Her eyes were still closed.
'On your feet woman. You are going to finish me off first and
because you showed so little regard for your partner's pleasure, you
are going to be washed by each man as you have never dreamt of.'
He pulled her down on her knees and with a ferocity she had
not seen in him, found her face propelled towards his shiny wet penis.
In shock she opened her mouth to gasp and found it filled with his
manhood. Roughly he grasped two handfuls of hair and began to
masturbate her mouth over his hard cock.
'Lick and suck, selfish bitch,' he growled, 'and when I come
you'll swallow it all.'
She felt the first splash hit her throat as he groaned out his
pleasure, shooting spurt after spurt inside her mouth. She had no
choice but to swallow the sticky fluid, gasping for breath as each gulp
was taken. When he was satiated he pulled his cock out and wiped the
stickiness over her face.
'Now bitch, lay on the floor.' As she did so, one by one the
men moved into a circle over her and she saw each penis being
clasped by a female hand. Each cock was trained over her face and
each hand began to masturbate its member. She first noticed that the
cocks hardened at different speeds, the young boy's grew strong very
fast while Richard's still remained somewhat limp after having just
ejaculated down her throat. The women were urging on their men,
and soon, one by one, orgasms were achieved with sperm spurting
over her face and breasts. Richard climaxed last and she was made to
lay still until the last of his essence splashed over her. The whole
Forum encircled her now looking down at the body drenched in male
'When you pleasure a partner next time, bitch,' Richard said
calmly, 'perhaps you'll remember your job is not done until both of you
are satisfied. Now go to your room. It is not to be washed off for
twenty four hours and you will remain naked for that period.'
The distraught woman struggled to stand, feeling the wetness
begin to run down her body, and made her way towards the door. She
hesitated and turned back to them.
'Sir, I was to remind you I had to be punished.'
'You just have been,' Richard said, turning his back on her.

Chapter Twenty Seven
Amber and Richard walked quietly into their room to find
Jessica still awake, lying in the centre of their bed.
'You should be asleep, you little imp,' Amber said.
'I'm too excited to sleep' she answered.
'Well we're coming to bed to sleep and so must you.'
Neither Amber nor Richard showed any concern at undressing
in front of the nine year old. They pulled back the covers and slipped
in each side of her, naked.
'You haven't put your pyjamas on,' Jessica reminded Amber,
surprise shown on her face.
'We don't wear any. Now go to sleep.' They switched off the
lights and after a while heard the young girl breathing deeply in her
sleep. They too, slept.
Early next morning Richard slipped in beside Amber under
the blankets and began to make love, slowly so as to not move the bed
and wake the youngster but as Amber was nearing her peak, a little
voice asked, 'Are you alright, Amber?'
She looked at Jessica and quickly answered, 'Sure. We're just
making love.'
'Does it hurt?'
'No, it's beautiful. Richard makes me feel wonderful.'
'Then why are you crying out?
'Because all women do that. It feels so good.'
'Can I watch?' She began to lift the covers to see what the
adults were doing.
'No, not this time. Maybe another time. Just hold my hand.'
Jessica soon felt Amber's hand close tightly around hers and shudder

The following day, a knock at the door and Geoff responded
with, 'Come.'
The woman stepped inside and closed it as instructed.
'Well, well, the Lady Elder. Welcome to hell.'


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