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Family Lust (inc oral anal)


Family Lust (mf,mff,mfff,inc,oral


This is a true story about my family, so no flames if it doesn't win any
awards. If you don't like oral sex, incest, or group sex, then READ NO

My parents, David and Cathy, are pretty cool. They are young, good
looking, and they have incredible bodies. My mom is 38, and she has the
body of a 20-year old. Her 39D breasts curve nicely into her flat stomach
and her round ass is nice and hard. She has blond hair and a nice tan.

My dad is 39, and he also works out. Frequently, my parents go to our
private gym together, and lock the door. Several hours later, they come
back, covered in sweat. But anyways, my dad is said to have a ten inch
cock, but I have not seen it since I was five, so I don't remember.

My sister Lisa, is also really hot. At 18, she is almost a full two
years older than me, but she lets me hang around with her and her friends.
She looks like my mom, except her tits are even bigger, and she has a nice
tan, with no tan lines. I have always dreamed of fucking Lisa and eating
her pussy, but I had never approached her about it.

We have always had frank family discussions about sex, and there is no
topic that is off limits. I remember my parents talking about which was
the best position to have sex in. I remember how pleased my mom was when
she saw my cock bulge at the sight of my sister naked. Of course, most
guys would get hard looking at those two large jiggling meats and that
round, tight ass, not to mention an incredibly tight cunt.

We had gone out to see a movie and we were disappointed to find that it
had sold out. Lisa, who was well aware of my lust for her, mentioned that
she wouldn't mind having sex with me.

"Mike, If you wanna fuck me, then we can make time. mom and dad don't
care if we do. They want us to be close." Shocked as I was, I was amazed
at the swiftness with which I responded to her solicitation. "Okay, lets
go home early"

As we pulled into the driveway, my sister reached over to rub the bulge
in my pants. This made me want her even more. As we entered the house, we
noticed our parents were out exercising, as was evident by the fact that
the condoms were not in their usual spot in the kitchen!

Before we went upstairs, my sister went and turned up the thermostat in
the house to 85, since this would make us sweat more, and more sweat means
more natural lubrication. As I followed her upstairs, I almost burst just
watching her incredibly firm ass and her huge tits.

Once in her room, I closed the door behind me and she immediately began
taking off her earrings and her watch, and her other jewelry. She then let
her blond hair down. I took off my watch, and kicked off my shoes and
removed my socks. She took off her shoes and socks, and I couldn't believe
how hot she was.

She then removed her tank top, and revealed most of her chest, and then
she slipped off her shorts, leaving just her lace panties and her bra on. I
slipped off my tee shirt and my shorts.

"Are you going to finish undressing me?", she inquired.

"You have to undress me first.", I responded, already perspiring.

"Ok, you asked for it." I thought I had done something wrong, but I was
pleased when she knelt down, and used her teeth to remove my briefs. I
couldn't believe it as she slipped them down off of me, leaving me stark

I now proceeded to unhook her bra with my teeth and I let it fall away,
freeing those 40D's from their prison, revealing how big they really were.

I couldn't believe this! I was going to fuck Lisa, the most beautiful
girl I knew, and she was letting me. I then knelt down to undo her
panties. Her panties were already wet from her pussy juices and I knew that
it would taste good.

I thrust my face into her panties and breathed in a breath of her
aromas, before I revealed her nakedness. Taking the waistband in my teeth,
I slid them down below her knees, then off of her feet. She stepped out of

I was know kneeling in front of Lisa, both of us completely naked, and
we were starting to sweat from the heat in the house, combined with our
mutual lust for each other.

I began by kissing her left foot and licking it, then moving up to her
ankle, making sure that she was enjoying it. I could feel several drops of
her sweat fall on my back.

I then worked my way up to her knees, and I reached up to touch her
pussy with my right index finger. I could not believe her wetness and her
tightness. She came a little bit on my finger, and I tasted this, and
licked my finger clean.

As my face met her wet cunt, I carefully avoided her clitoris, hoping
that she would sweat more first. She did. I licked her cuntlips up and
down, and fingered her ass hole.

I paused to look up at her. She had her eyes closed, and she was
moaning in pleasure. I licked my lips and could taste her pussy juices
covering my whole face. I worked my way up until our lips met, and she
licked her pussy juices off of my face, and she moaned loudly.

Lisa then guided my member into her hot cunt, and I was overwhelmed by
the ease with which it entered her. Her blond hair was soaked with sweat
and it stuck to her shoulders.

I guided her over to her bed and laid down on top of her on the bed.

"Fuck me hard Mike! I want to sweat! Later I'll do anything with you!"

My hands firmly gripping her back, I locked my lips with hers as
Ifuriously thrusted in and out of her cunt. Her breasts hugged my chest as
I fucked her like a locomotive. My cock slopped in and out of her sweaty,
slippery cunt, and she moaned louder and louder as I humped her.

Lisa then rolled around on top of me and began to bounce on top of me,
causing gallons of sweat to pour out of her hard body. She sat up and rode
my pole, bouncing up and down on top of my cock.

"Mike, I'm gonna cum! I can feel the sweat on my neck!"

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! oh!!!!"

I grunted as she swayed erotically on top of me. I still couldn't
believe that my sister was fucking me hard. She laid back down and started
to lick my neck. She was a fucking machine! Feeling my balls up in my
sac, I knew I was about to spew gallons of goo.

"Lisa, I'm ready!"

Lisa's pussy clenched down onto my cock and gripped it so hard, like a
vise. I unloaded jet after jet of my semen into her wet, slippery cunt.
She let out a final grunt and a large jet of sweat.

She slowed down her bouncing on me and I couldn't believe that she had
more juice. She worked her way down until my dick stared her in the face.
She took my meat in her mouth and sucked me all the way down to the base,
sucking her cheeks far in. Her tongue worked its magic on my prick, and
she did me for a good thirty minutes before I unloaded my biggest cum ever
into her mouth. What she couldn't swallow she let dribble out of her mouth
onto my chest. Just then, I heard my parents coming in the house.

We rushed to put our clothes back on and Lisa ran to put the thermostat
back to 70. We each ran to a bathroom to wash off the sweat from our


Lisa had been at the beach all day and was a little restless from lying
around. She had been to one of California's many nude beaches, and I could
tell that she probably had masturbated, judging from the fact that she
didn't want to screw right away.

She ran up to her room, stripped off her clothes, and laid down on her
bed on her stomach. I went up to talk to her to see what was wrong. I had
stayed home to do some housework for extra money, and I was wearing just
swimming trunks and sandals.

"I've never experienced anilingus, Mike, and this one guy tried to get
me to let him do it to me. I said no because I wanted you to do it tome

was more than willing to do anything for my sister, whom I loved. I
agreed to perform anilingus on Lisa, but she told me I had to be totally
nude, as she was.

I kicked off my sandals, and slipped off my swimming trunks. I had
decided that I would not rub my dick while eating Lisa, instead waiting for
later, when we would eat each other out, when we could rub oil all over
each other and run around like complete animals, fucking and sweating like

I crawled on top of my sister and spreaded her ass cheeks apart. I bent
down and inserted my face into her ass. I licked her tight little ass ring
and sphincter. She moaned in pleasure from my oral stimulation of her ass.

I slobbered all over her sweaty ass checks, and gripped her legsas I
sucked on her ass.

"Mike, that feels soooo good! Ungh! Ungh!"

Crouching on top of her, I could feel myself drip sweat onto Lisa, the
sister whom I had fucked, and was now performing anilingus on.

With each stroke of my tongue, I could feel a long string of saliva as I
licked Lisa's ass and the area around her hole. She was panting loudly and
she was drenched in sweat.

I decided it was time to enter her. I opened my mouth wide, stuck out
my tongue, and pushed it into her ass hole. She lurched forward as my
tongue penetrated her tight ring. I was surprised at the wonderful taste
of the inside of her ass, the salty taste mixed with the sweat from her
body. I pumped in and out of her, sealing my lips on her ass hole as she
reached around to pull my head into her.

I bounced up and down in and out of her, listening to her deep gutteral
moans as I satisfied her lust. I could feel her sweaty ass cheeks on my
face, but I could not see much. I sucked her ass hole way into my mouth,
listening to her groan. I had transformed my sister into an ape!

As her ass clenched down on my tongue, I could tell that she wasbucking
wildly and climaxing. My face slipped and slid all around her wet,
throbbing ass as I kissed her bunghole and licked the sweat off of it.
Gasping for breath, we slowed down to a more rhythmic pace, and I gradually
settled down on top of her, with my cock between her legs, and we sleptfor
a while.

When we awoke, I had forgotten that I was lying on top of my sister, and
I was a little bit surprised, but I eventually recalled our raw, passionate

"Mike, will you have anal intercourse with me?"

I was a little unsure how I was going to get my nine inches inside of
her ass, but then I recalled that our sweat is a really good lubricant.

"Lisa, we have to get really sweaty first, so that I can fit inside of
you. I wouldn't want to hurt you at all. Plus, its harder to rub in and
out without lubrication."

"Okay, lets turn on the heat in the house then"

I got up and off of Lisa, so that we could go adjust the heat in the
house. As she got up, I eyed her sleek body, her muscular, voluptuous
thighs and that incredible ass. She flipped her blond hair back and blew
me a kiss as she walked over to the thermostat.

"Mike, how does 90 sound?"

90! Wow, we would be sweating in no time.

"Lisa, lets fuck around a little bit first, but 90 sounds fine! Why
don't we take a shower together?"

"Good idea."

With that, she disappeared into the bathroom, and started up the water.
I followed her in and embraced her. She closed the bathroom door so that
it would steam up quicker. We climbed into the shower and began to kiss.

"Lets wash each other." I agreed silently with this.

Lisa grabbed the bar of soap and began to lather it all over her hands.
She knelt down and began to soap up my feet. I lifted each foot as she
soaped it up and rinsed it off. She then lathered up my ankles and rinsed
them off, working her way up to my calves. She gave my left kneea little
kiss as she stroked my legs.

She then lathered more soap on my thighs and rinsed it off. Now she was
rubbing suds into my ass, and gently fingering my ass hole. She then stood
up and washed my chest and back, and my shoulders and my neck, and then she
washed my face and gave me a kiss on the lips. She shampooed my hair and
rinsed the suds out.

"Lisa, are you forgetting something?"

She looked at me with that evil grin that she always gives me when our
parents talk about something sexual at the table. She knelt down and with
both hands she rubbed soap suds all over my dick shaft and my balls, making
sure that they were nice and slippery.

What she did next still amazes me and makes me hard to this day when I
think about it. She deep-throated my cock and sucked off every last soap
sud off of me, moaning furiously at the same time.

"Oh god Lisa! Oh my god! That feels soo good!"

I held in my semen while she did this, and this made her more hot. She
got up and I could see a trickle of precum on her lips, so I knew that she
had me close to an orgasm.

I still managed to soap up and rinse her off in the same manner that she
did me, and when I was all done, I lathered her pussy up in soap, and then
ate it out of her in the same manner that she cleaned off my dick. The
sweat from our previous encounter was still subtly detectable, and
thishelped to revive my passions for her.

I could not believe what had happened in the course of a few days. I
had teased her pussy, I had vaginally fucked her, I had performed anilingus
on her, and I was about to perform anal intercourse on her as soon as we
were done washing ourselves.

After our shower, we turned off the water, and stepped out. To our
amazement, the water on our bodies was quickly evaporating to be replaced
by sweat from the heat in our house.

We quickly went back into the bedroom, and Lisa laid down on her stomach
in her big bed. I was amazed at how her body was glistening from the sweat
and how well it lubricated my dick.

I straddled her ass and gently pushed the tip of my dick into her ass
hole. I needed a little bit more lube, so I slobbered into her ass hole and licked it some more, then I spread some saliva on my dick. I then
pushed the first inch into her, and it went in with no trouble at all.

"How does that feel?"

"Good, keep pushing! I want to get that thing inside of me!"

I pushed as hard as I could and managed to get another two inches into
my sister's ass. Now just six more inches to go, I thought to myself.

Lisa exhaled as I pushed another inch in, this time gripping her
shoulders and pushing like crazy. I could feel buckets of sweat pouring
out of us, and I could tell that it was giving us a workout.

Lisa relaxed her buttocks and I got another two inches in. Okay, I was
now two thirds of the way in. I took a deep breath and began pushing with
all of my strength, pausing once to brush back my sweat soaked hair.

Finally, I had an idea! "Lisa, I'm going to hold on to your shoulders,
if you can hook your legs around me and pull."


She did that, and it worked. At last I had all nine inches of my ock in
my sisters ass. I began to slowly work it up and down, an inch at time,
impaling my balls into her ass cheeks each time. The sweat began to
lubricate us some more, making it easier and easier.

Finally, I was thrusting in and out of my sister's ass, and I could tell
that it was streched a lot to accomodate me. I reached around, and grabbed
her tits and began to stroke them while I pumped my cock into her.

With each thrust in, she exhaled, and then as I pulled my cock out of
her, she inhaled. I could feel our raging passions taking over as my dick
slammed into her faster and faster. She reached down and rubbed her pussy furiously, and she told me that she was cumming all over her hands. My
sister panted and wailed like a wild primitive animal as I pistoned myhot,
throbbing cock in and out of her tight anus.

"Lisa, I'm gonna explode!"

"Ungh! I'm ready!"

Faster and faster I thrust in and out of her, until I could hold it no
longer! I unloaded my cum into her ass, overflowing it and covering her
ass cheeks with jism.

I knelt down to lick off the cum and she moaned violently, spasming
still from her orgasm.

"That was great... ", she said breathlessly as we cooled off in the
heat of our lust. Our bodies were absolutely sopping, and the whole room
reeked of sweat, saliva, and my incestous cum.

"I'm going to exercise, Mike, then I have a really fun idea that we can
try later!"

As we left the room, we heard a loud moaning coming from our parents room. We stepped in, only to find dad lying on his back in the bed, and
mom, sitting firmly on his face, covering it completely. We could hear
muffled moans as he was obviously eating her out, and mom was just moaning
like crazy, sitting erect, on top of him. They were both covered all over
with some of those special erotic oils that dad got mom for their
anniversary, and they were obviously very sweaty.

Our mom's pussy hair was drenched with sweat, oil, and pussy juices, and
our dad was busy licking it off. As mom rubbed her dripping pussy on dad's
face, Lisa gave me that evil glance. She went back into her room and
grabbed an empty container. She then returned with it and proceeded to
fill it up with some of our parents' sex oil.

Our parents didn't know that we saw them, because they were now moaning
like crazy, and my mom was bouncing furiously on top of my dad's face.

"Oh David, eat my dripping pussy! Fuck me! Ohhhhh! Ungh!!!!"

mom was now panting furiously, and its a good thing she had her backto
us, otherwise she might not climax as well. My sister and I were going to
try something so hot, so erotic later, that we had to cool off and watch
our parents fuck. It was incredible! My mom's tanned body covered in
sweat and oil! I wanted to join in, but I knew that that wouldn't be a
good idea yet. I wanted to see them cum.

"Oh! Ohhhh! Sssss! Ahhhh! Ungh!"


Then the floodgates opened. My mom came all over my dad's face and her
blond hair dripped sweat all over, and my dad's dick shot cum high into the
air, and it collapsed to flacidity. I had become familiar with that
smacking sound associated with trying to eat a pussy that is covered in
sweat, and this made me hard just thinking about it.


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