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(MF, wife cheat. Voy)
A family room affair
by allgoo19 (

It was 11PM. Kevin was supposed to show up and
pick up his kid at Cathy's house 11:30. It was his
routine he made four days a week. Kevin was 29 years
old, about to become a single dad because of separation
from his wife. Cathy had become increasingly anxious.
Lately, Cathy and Kevin were flirting shamelessly,
while her husband was away at work. Cathy was a 36
years old house wife and in her sexual prime. It
started innocently just brushing of the hands or foot
each other while they were chatting. In last few days
things have changed a little. Cathy started wearing
teddies as she comes to the door to let him in the
house. Last night, she wasn't even wearing panties.
Kevin took it as a cue, and fingered her for the first
time. It didn't take Cathy long time to reached her
climax because of anticipation, excitement built up in
her while she was waiting Kevin. They didn't go any
further that night because of the feel of guilt, fear
of getting caught. Kevin wanted to have sex with her
and told her so but she said tomorrow would be better
for her.
Bill, Cathy's husband worked in night shifts all
week nights. He was 51 years old. He and Cathy had been
married for many years and he knew Cathy had a strong
sexual drive. Being a lot older, he couldn't give her
attention nearly as much as she needed. There had been
many times, Cathy tried to seduce him in many ways but
Bill declined most of the time. He felt guilty about it
but he just couldn't get into it. They had talked about
getting someone involved in threesome, but he was
afraid Cathy would leave him for another guy and break
up the marriage. He was too old to get back into dating
Bill had known Kevin for a long time. He also knew
Cathy and Kevin worked in the same office while back.
When Kevin needed a child care in the evening for his
young son because of his separation from his about to
become ex-wife, it seemed quite natural to everyone,
Cathy had been chosen for the child care taker.
On the night, Bill had some headache and didn't
feel so good, he decided to go home early.
When he got back home, he parked his car on the
drive way and stepped into the front door. He saw Cathy
standing by the door in her black teddies and looked
"Hi, honey, um, you came home so early. What
happened?" Cathy was thinking it was Kevin parked the
car on the driveway. She didn't expect to see her
husband this early.
Bill felt something unusual the way she acted and
looked at this time of the evening. A few things went
through his mind quickly. He knew Kevin's going to be
here soon to pick up his kid. Why she was wearing
teddies knowing it? Bill started to see the whole
picture and looked into her eyes as if to say "I can't
believe this."
"Oh, this? I was just trying on different teddies
for you tonight, before Kevin gets here." She made a
quickest excuse she came up with.
"This is the last one and I was going to change
back to my shorts and T-shirt."
Bill thought about what action he would take next.
Ask her more question? Tell her that he knows she is
having an affair with Kevin?
He chose to let them go loose and catch solid
evidence. He decided to act as if he was convinced by
her explanation.
Cathy changed her cloth and poured a glass of wine
for him to relax his headache while he watched TV. She
unconsciously tried to keep meaningless conversation to
avoid the silence falling back on them.
Little before 11:30PM, Kevin drove up to Cathy's
house. Since he left Cathy's house last night, he
couldn't stop thinking about her all day long and was
all worked up. It's been a long time since he had sex
with his ex-wife.
As Kevin approached the house, he saw a car
belongs to Bill. He was surprised at first and then
disappointed. He parked his car on the street instead
of on the driveway as usually he does.
As he knocked on the door and waited, Cathy opened
the door and invited hm in. With using her silent
facial expression, she tried to send him a message and
he read it. He also understood why she was wearing
shorts and T-shirt, unlike last night.
Cathy and Kevin walked into the family room and
Kevin said hello to Bill. There was an obvious tension
in the room.
Kevin took a seat on the couch placed away from
where Bill was sitting. Cathy took a love seat couch
between the two.
Trying to break the ice, he started talking about
the nasty divorce going on between his ex-wife and him.
He tried to get both Bill and Cathy into the
conversation at first, but Bill was not interested in
such a topic and started to doze off. Or at least the
other two thought he did.
As Kevin saw Bill started to fall sleep, he saw a
possibility that he almost gave up. He'd waited this
opportunity since yesterday and couldn't get it out of
his mind. He pretended to keep talking to Cathy calmly
but his heart beat became quicker by second while
peeking to Bill's face to see if he would wake up.
Cathy noticed this and became increasingly nervous. Her
blood started boiling. She also started to watch Bill's
reaction. The nervousness heightened their excitement
almost unbearably.
About after 10 minutes of agonizing wait, Kevin
stood up quietly and walked toward the love seat
Cathy's sitting in. Cathy thought about stopping him
but a fear of making noises by arguing and anticipation
of excitement made her decide to play along.
Kevin sat next to her, wrapped his right arm
around her back and cupped her breast with the other
while she started kissing her neck. Cathy quickly
melted in his arms and offered her mouth to his. As
soon as their lips touched, the tongues snaked out from
their mouths simultaneously for searching for each
They had to watch Bill's reaction very carefully.
That made their nervousness and excitement even more.
Bill kept pretending he was asleep. He could not
open his eyes even slightly because if he did, they
would stop. He was experiencing unusual level of
excitement he hadn't had for a long time. In the
beginning, the reason was to catch them in action, so
he would get upper hand whatever comes out next. But
now, the reason had changed into for his own arousal.
He couldn't hear anything but the sound of their
breathing and the fabrics they wore rubbing against
each other.
Kevin reached lower on her body, unbuttoned her
shorts and unzipped it. She wasn't wearing any panties and he felt her pubic hair directly. He touched her
clit roughly without warning. It was so painful and her
whole body jerked in protest. Cathy put her hand on his
and pulled it up in silent. Kevin took the hint and
touched it again more gently this time. His fingers
steadily circled over its shaft.
Watching her husband in her corner of her eyes,
Cathy came for the first time. She was opening her
mouth as wide as she can to minimize the breathing
noise from her mouth as the air comes through it. The
fear of her husband waking up any moment heightened her
excitement. At the same time, she felt a need for
making Kevin cum quickly and get it over with.
She pulled her shorts half way down her thigh and
reached over for his cock. Then she saw Bill moved in
his couch and turned away from them. Cathy's heart
almost stopped. She thought he was stirred and waking
Bill was hearing their breathing sound quickening
and caught the noise of Cathy cumming. He knew they are
not going to stop until Kevin cum. He was dying to have
visual stimulation. He needed to see them even a part
of their movement. He took a gamble and turned away
from them toward the windows.
The gamble paid off. It wasn't as clear as he
wanted it to be because of the dim light in the room,
but he could see Cathy's waist down to Kevin's knee.
They were in spoon position on their side. He saw
Cathy's exposed ass, shorts down to her knees. She was
just reaching for Kevin's cock sticking out from his
pants fly.
Kevin couldn't wait to insert his cock in a pussy for the first time in a long time. As soon as it
reached Cathy's opening as it was guided by her hand,
he started to shove it in full force. Cathy panicked
and sent him a message by pushing her hand against his
thigh back away from her. He got the message. There
were no words exchanged.
Once his cock all the way in her pussy, he started
to move it in and out steadily, while his left hand
rubbed against her clit, breasts with the other. Kevin
had to keep his hip movement slow. If he moved any
faster, the noise could be loud enough to wake Bill up.
That lengthened the pleasure unexpectedly. Cathy could
feel the friction of Kevin's head generates every time
it passed through her pussy opening. There was no room
to move around any other way, no time to waste. Cathy
wanted Kevin to cum as quickly possible while as many
cum as she can get. She still had a fear of waking Bill
up and getting caught.
They never forgot about Bill. Each and every
passing moment, they looked at Bill if he would wake
up. That kept them excited.
Bill watched in the window reflection as their
hips moved in unison. They never made unnecessary
noises. He caught the noise Cathy makes when she
reached her climax a couple of times since they
started. Cathy made a different kind of noise because
of her effort to hide it from Bill catching it and the
fear of getting caught by him.
Kevin couldn't hold it any longer. He thrust his
cock all the way in twice, three times, four times then
erupted in her pussy. Cathy could feel his cum shooting
in the deepest part of her vagina. That triggered her
final and best orgasm of the night. Cathy had always
been emotionally satisfied when a guy cum with her at
the same time.
Bill watched as Kevin made a final few thrust. His
cock was so hard he felt it could burst without
touching it.
Cathy and Kevin stayed in the position quietly as
they tried to catch their breath for a brief moment.
Kevin pulled his cock out of Cathy's pussy and put it
back in the pants, quietly zipped it up. As he stood
up, he saw his cum running out between Cathy's lips.
Kevin went to the other room, carried out his kid in
his arms and left.
Cathy pulled up her shorts up as she heard Kevin
left. She was still enjoying a feel of his warm cum in
her pussy. She scooped up some of it in her finger and
ate it.
Bill heard the sound of a front door open and
closed as Kevin left. Many things went through his
mind. It's going to be a long night for him sleeping in
the couch.



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