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Fantasy Fulfilment 01 by Alessia Gerini


Fantasy Fulfilment Chapter 1 {FF, FF+F, fant, mast, exhib} By Alessia
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Fantasy Fulfilment {FF, FF+F, fant, mast, exhib} By Alessia Gerini.
Copyright 2000


Back in my undergraduate days I had to take a long train ride to get to
and from the university. A really boring trip and the train were always so
damn crowded. I used to have to stand most of the time, as to get a seat
one had to be early, but I was hardly ever early. My timetable only gave
me just enough time to catch this one, home, that is. Anyway, at least
sometimes a girl would be close enough for me to perv at. I even got to
look down their tops occasionally. Not that I ever really got to see much,
but I would mentally undress them. You know, fantasise about their bodies,
what they'd taste like, whether they would be hot in bed, all that usual
kind of stuff. The trip took about 50 minutes by a one-stop express and a
girl can get hot, sweaty and wet in that time. The worst part of train
rides for me, was, at times being groped. Gezus, guys would grab anything,
and in the crowd one hardly ever knew who it was.

I found a spot near a door that was reasonably safe from these
intrusions, but one that also overlooked the main seating area. The spot
was really for passengers using wheelchairs, but luckily it was hardly ever
used, anyway there are four of these spots, one inside each doorway. To
overcome the boredom when there was nothing else to look at, I began to
amuse myself on the way home, by holding my bag of books in front of me,
then slipping a hand up my shorter skirts and playing with myself behind
the bag. It got so that I'd wear short skirts, or front buttoning ones,
regularly. boy did that relieve the boredom.

This little enjoyment did, however, lead me into an interesting saga.
I'll tell you about it.

Chapter 1

A couple of weeks into my second year I noticed a tall, striking woman
who would get on the train and stand opposite me. She gave me a friendly
smile. 'Fair,' I thought, 'not at all bad looking,' returning her smile.
She was very well groomed and she wore expensively cut tailored business
suits. She had short well-cut auburn hair that showed off her creamy skin
and green eyes. Only in her late twenties, I guessed, as her` figure was
firm, and she had clear smooth facial skin. Her suits made it hard to see
her body, but she did have shapely legs and a nice tight rounded butt.

I was immediately attracted to her. And that smile! It did things to
me and I love those feelings. She regularly got off at the only stop en
route. She always smiled at me before she alighted and I always returned
it; it made me feel special. I liked her a lot and each time she smiled at
me, that gorgeous tingling came over me and made my nipples spring into
their proud position too, hard as pebbles. God, I love those sensations.

It definitely seemed she always had that effect on me and I enjoyed it
so much. It got stronger each time I saw her, to the point that I only had
to see her to become aroused. When she smiled at me I would get so many
heavy tingles, I sometimes thought I might come if she just touched me.

After about three weeks her 'spot' was taken, and then I found her
behind me. She leaned into my ear saying, "Hello, sexy." Her voice, deep
and melodic, sent shivers through me. My body reacted as if she'd smiled
at me. Throughout my aroused, foggy state I thought, what's this *sexy*
business. God, don't tell me she's seen me *playing*'

When she got off she mouthed, "Good bye Sweetie." and smiled.

Before I thought about it I'd mouthed back, "Bye, see you tomorrow."

For the rest of the trip I fantasised about being with her as my boobs and groin slowly came down after the effect of her smile. I rushed home
and relieved myself.

She was beautiful and I loved her, well, lusted after her. As I lay
awake that night, I started to wonder about the magic of her smile. I
remembered that each time she smiled at me I got these gorgeous feelings
right through me. Her smile was an instant turn-on. I have been in love,
and have been turned on by my lover's presence, but this was different. I
didn't know this woman, yet she was instantly able to get my nipples
proudly hard and going wet, just by smiling at me. And each time I saw her
smile the sensations were increasingly intense and hitting me faster, plus
I looked forward to seeing her. It was quite strange. Lying there just
thinking about her turned me on, and I found my fingers circling on my
clit', getting me off wonderfully.

Wanting to look sexy for her, the next day I wore my, not quite
waist-length top, and front-buttoned full skirt and my briefest bikini
panties. I freshened my make up, perfumed and combed my hair before taking
my spot on the train. She was late. 'God, please let her make it.' I
thought. When I saw her rushing down the passageway, my heart skipped more
than a beat or two.

She took up station behind me again giving me a big smile; I smiled back
while my body beautifully responded to her presence. She spoke softly into
my hair saying just, "Hello," but it as not an ordinary 'Hello' somehow she
made it sound erotic.

My knees went weak, my heart rate increased. I managed to say, "Hello,
you nearly missed it." I became very aware of her leaning against me.

"Yes, too close," she breathed into my hair. "I wouldn't have wanted to
miss you, would I?"

Miss me? Surely she meant the train. My body was responding stronger,
more intensely than ever. God, I was a mess of quivering, aroused female
flesh. I loved it. Forgetting my usual game, I raised some courage and
slowly leaned back onto her. Quickly she was onto my new game and twisted
a little to look out of the window, half turning on to me.

'God,' I thought, her breast pressed into my back. It felt great. The
cheek of her buttock was against my hip and waist; that felt good too. She
must have known this because she moved onto me as the train swayed.
Unconsciously I sighed in my pleasure. 'Hell,'" I thought, I hope she
didn't hear that: wrong, she had. She gave a little cough as she slid her
hand under my top to rest it just on my waist. 'Oh, god, heaven,' I
thought. I turned my head as far as I could towards her, gasping in a lung
full of air as my knees wobbled.

"You're hand is ... " my voice barely a whisper, "wonderful."

Very carefully, very slowly her hand, so soft on me, moved upwards. I
froze! My back going goosy, nipples hardening, my breathing rate
increasing. This immaculate woman was hitting on me big time, and I loved
it. I bit my lip as her fingertips touched the underside of my right
breast. She ran her fingertips back and forth, gradually feeling me
through my bra. My heart was now pounding in my chest, and my pussy had
started dampening badly. What should I do? I'm trying to think while I'm
getting more and more aroused. In the meanwhile the fingertips are easing
beneath my under wire. Shit, my bob will pop out soon. I was scared out
of my brain, but so damn excited. I looked around, nobody was taking much
notice of anything; lots of bored faces, a few chatting.

'Oh, god, it's going,' I whispered to myself.

I heard a muffled giggle next to me, then, "You are a one aren't " the
woman said softly.

Just then my bra popped off my breast flicking my nipple as it went.

"Ah, oh, mmmmmmmmm ... " came out of my mouth.

Two or three people looked at me. I pretended nothing had happened but
inside I churned; my panties were now distantly wet. I became flustered;
the woman laughed softly, her fingers running over my areola and nipple.
It was bloody glorious, but what was I supposed to do, for god sake. I was
scared silly in case anyone saw, but I had almost willed it to happen. Now
my fantasy was happening and I just stood there taking it. I wanted
desperately to turn to her and kiss her everywhere, but I couldn't do that,
not here anyway. She pinched and rolled my nipple between her finger and
thumb, I winced as the pain and the pleasure hit my brain and pussy in
quick succession. It was exciting and highly erotic, yet scary. I was
terrified of being seen, being caught, being exposed.

My libido is just so strong sometimes it frightens me. But right now my
lust hadn't yet taken over from my brain, but I knew it would if this kept
up much longer. I quickly decided to wait until she got off at her
station. She did it again; I nearly dropped my bag of books, as I slammed
my hand over my mouth stifling my groan. As scared as I was, the thrill
was fantastic. I wanted more time with her doing this to me. I was
starting to dribble a little down my legs. I reckoned twice more and I'd
lose it. Her stop was close now. Her fingers quickly moved to my other
breast, flicking my bra off my boobs and she squeezed my left nipple just
enough to hurt a bit but so it sensitised it and made me hornier.

'Oh, god, damn it,' I murmured, I was hers, I thought through my
hazy-eyed, aroused self. Once more was going to be enough to send me to
the 'I'll do anything' mode.

The train was stopping, she said, "Follow me." It wasn't an order
'voice' but a request. I was in no condition to refuse, god, I wanted to
go, so I did. She made a passageway to the train's door and I followed her
onto the platform when she alighted. She went into the ladies restroom. I

She said, calmly and quietly, "Take your bra and your panties off and
give them to me." I complied. Her eyes shone as she viewed my nakedness. I
loved her looking at me with me with lust in her eyes. It was how I felt
about her. I was definitely turned-on big time by now.

She stuffed my undies into her shoulder bag. She then stunned me
completely by taking off her own. I gaped at her, mouth open. She had a
glorious body, her skin so creamy and beautiful breasts about 34C cups I
guessed. Not as big as mine but her areolae were almost pink and her
nipples were long thin ones. Her legs, oh god, her legs long lean covered
by the sheerest of stay up stockings with lacy tops. Her pubes were shaved
off, all but a decorative trimmed black vee shaped patch on her mound. So

She said softly, "Come with me."

Dumbstruck, I followed, she let me catch up and wordlessly we walked,
side by side, down a moderately busy street, shops and small boutiques down
each side. This was an expensive shopping district.

Now slightly calmer, I found my voice asking, "Who are you?"

She reassured me, "Alessia, my name is angelina and you have a 'mission'
if you want some excitement in your life. I'll explain soon. We are
almost there."

How come did she know my name? What did she want from me? Excitement,
of course, but what? Why no undies?" Questions, so many questions running
through my head, but somehow I knew that if I waited, all would be
revealed. I was not scared, but felt an unprecedented sexual excitement
building in me. I had reckoned that this was ultimately going to be erotic
but ... The questions persisted.

She took me by the hand and led me into a coffee shop. Of course I
followed her in, and we went to a cubicle at the rear of the shop, where
the lighting was subdued and with distinctly cosy ambience. We shuffled
around in the seat, so that we were side by side at the rear of the booth.
By now I was so aroused, but also intrigued almost beyond endurance.

"What is going on?" I asked.

"Alessia, patience." Before I formulated a question her, hand went to my
neck, her soft long fingers playing over my skin just below my hairline.
My spine arched as I quivered in anticipation. God, what next? Her other
hand went to my knee causing me to draw a deep breath as my nipples shot
out to their stiffest, proud selves once again.

"Angelina, I can call you that?" I asked in a quavering voice. "What is
my mission?" She picked up on that quaver in my voice. "Why me?"

She was softly spoken and explained, "Alessia, we are a small group of

"How do you know my name?" I bravely broke in.

"Research. As I was saying, I recruit new members. Do you want to find
out more?" she asked.

"Y..yes," I stuttered.

"But you want to know why you, right?"

"Well, yes?"

"For starters, because you are lesbian, and we only need women like

"How can you be so sure of that lesbian bit?" I asked defensively.

"Oh Alessia, if you were not, you would have at least protested by now.
Or perhaps you could be bisexual, but I know otherwise. I have powers,
powers that tell me these things amongst others."

"I ... you seemed to know from the first time I saw you on the train
that I liked you, but I hadn't guessed that you knew I was lesbian." I said
looking at her in a new light. "Does this mean you are too?"

"Yes I am, and I lead a sort of club here."

My mind, distracted by her touch, didn't then question her further, but
knew that I must sometime soon. Her slender fingers found my ear lobe, and
she had moved her mouth closer to my other ear as she was speaking to me. I
didn't know what to do with my hands so I put them on the table, and then
propped up my chin with my hand under it to face her better. A younger
woman came from nowhere and slid in beside me. She was a very attractive,
brown-eyed, silver blonde, well groomed and carried a very sexy smile. She
wore a cut off T-shirt but well done, not a sloppy look at all, and a short

angelina introduced me to Ingrid. I lowered my hand to the table so I
was able to converse with both women. Ingrid seemed highly excited, saying
to Angelina, "I have my mission drafted for you to see."

angelina grinned widely at both of us. As my tingles came I saw that
Ingrid was affected also. Angelina's fingers moved under my top over my
shoulders. It seemed to be a signal as Ingrid looked into my eyes,
interlocking her fingers in mine on the table. She felt good.

"I have my mission figured out," she said again.

"Good, Ingrid, I'll go through it with you when I've seen to Alessia.
Please stay with us."

Not waiting for an answer angelina said to me, "If you want me to I will
help you, to accomplish your wildest fantasies, whatever they are, although
there are some caveats, the major one is that you cannot include
non-consensual acts. But you may be devious and seduce."

"You mean my sexual fantasies?" I spluttered.

"Yes, of course." Ingrid chipped in.

"You do have some don't you?" angelina cooed. "Like right now; what do
you want?"

I actually desperately wanted to come in that coffee shop, even if I let
out Meg Ryan 'When Harry Met Sally' noises.

I said, "Remember the coffee shop scene in 'When Harry Met Sally', well,
right now, my fantasy is to really orgasm in a similar scenario."

I looked at them both a little coyly, but neither was even slightly
fazed, and was, it seemed, waiting for more. So I continued, "My fantasies
are mostly exhibitionist. Like um ... walking out of the ocean at a
crowed beach stark naked. Or, making love to somebody in a very public
place. Stuff like that."

"Well," angelina grinned, "That shouldn't be a problem, those are common
fantasies. If you join us we can help you devise plans that accomplish
these things while minimizing the risks, and gradually raising the stakes
to greater fulfilment, until you feel free enough to allow your fantasies
take you anywhere you want to go."

"That sounds like too much. I couldn't do a lot of the things I
fantasise about," I grinned.

"Maybe not now, but the question is do you want to take the next step
and learn how to play out your fantasies 'safely'?" angelina became serious
in tone, but her eyes kept shining and her mischievous smile continued when
I didn't immediately reply. "I can help you with your "When Harry Met
Sally." fantasy, now, if you give me permission."

"Oh, yes please," I said almost instinctively. angelina smiled and I
noticed Ingrid grin.

"Ok, Alessia, put both hands face down on the tablecloth, move forward
on your seat and sit up straight." Excited by her smile and the unknown, I
did as requested.

angelina leaned to my ear saying quieting, "Are you ready?"


She kissed my ear breathing in it, and then ringing it with her tongue's
tip sending goose bumps down my back. I involuntarily arched my back and
drew a quick breath. angelina was on my right, and she slipped her right
hand under my top on to my bare waist again. She slid her soft fingers and
palms over my tummy, gradually moving it again.

I guessed what was coming; the excitement must have been written all
over my flushed face. I was aware of Ingrid watching me. I had not
experienced a near stranger being so intimate, and I was very aware or my
reactions. It was exciting. I desperately tried to keep a straight face
while my body and mind were sending glorious signals back and forth: all
over me.

I looked around to see if anybody was looking. No, thank god, that fear
of being seen was still strong in me, but strangely, now it was very much a
part of the thrill and was a turn-on in itself. Sitting up straight
allowed my top to fall away from my torso, but that wonderfully smooth hand
was approaching my boobs from below. I asked myself, 'Would she really
...?' Then her fingers touched the sensitive undersides of my breasts that
were now, of course, bare of any bra type of encumbrance.

Shit, she is. She is going to touch my breasts, and the sensations
swept over me. Only a few people had gone past, but they had been there,
and they could have seen. They would see this. My god, her hand was
fantastic as it now cupped one breast after the other. I couldn't help it,
my breathing increased. Her expert fingers ran around my areolae, and now
rock-hard nipples. She got my left nipple between her middle fingers, palm
underneath, and squeezed and pulled. The unbelievably wonderful sensation
went straight to my pussy that somehow, had got itself wetter than a sliced
watermelon. My labia had swollen and I became acutely aware of the
throbbing within it.

angelina leaned close again, brushing her lips on my cheek as she spoke
close into my ear, "Do you mind if Ingrid helps me?"

At this stage anyone in the coffee shop could have helped for all I
cared. Gasping for air I nodded, "Yes," swallowed quickly so as not to let
out the moans and groans I wanted to. I looked at Ingrid. Ingrid had a
Cheshire cat smile on her face.

angelina spoke across me to Ingrid asking her if she would slip her
hands under the table and, "Fix sweet Alessia up from down there."

Mind racing, pulse racing, gasping for air I desperately clamped my
mouth shut, knowing that with such sensitive boobs, any more stimulation,
especially of my now highly sensitized pussy, and I would quickly reach the
point of no return and loose control. The terror of being caught was now
not lost on me, but added to the intensity of the extraordinary pleasure
Angelina was inflicting on me with just her hand. Just then Ingrid's hand
slid up my inner thigh. 'Mmmm', god no. I bit hard on my lip and wished
for her to slide right in deeply and thumb my clitoris. But no, she barely
touched my labia. Very gently she parted my legs until they were pressing
hard up against hers and Angelina's legs. Each of them put their legs over
mine, hooking their feet behind, locking my legs apart. Each of them
pulled my skirt up so that even I could see my pussy. I looked down, my
labia had stretched just slightly apart, swollen and the bright pinkness
inside exposed a little. I was totally vulnerable to them now.

Seeing myself like that while being at their mercy, I found so sexy, but
I suddenly realised that if anybody came past they had to be able to see me
totally exposed. I guessed that being so sexually excited had stopped me
caring but, yes, I would have been so acutely embarrassed, I would have
died with shame. The thrill of this in my mind contradicted my normal
reactions. Both were running their fingers slowly, softly up and down the
sensitive skin, over my inner thighs. After this teasing for a few
minutes, the fingers started brushing over my vulva. Each time their
fingers got near, they just brushed over it, getting closer and closer to
my gaping outer labia. My wetness had increased to, I'm sure, an oozing.
I'm certain I could feel my juices flowing down to my butt. The fingers
started lingering there longer and longer. I was certain my juices had to
be dripping on the floor. My juice's aroma was becoming more obvious, more
pervasive. I find the fragrance of pussy juice highly erotic, highly
arousing, even my own, especially my own. God, anybody walking past must
be able to pick it up, oh no, oh god, yes, wow smell me like this, to
breathe it in.

It's unbelievable. angelina starting to run her middle finger up and
down, between my puffed lips inserting it by just a fingernail length. I
tried to thrust at her finger ... no chance ... I, oh, jeez, I ... my
boobs ached, my pussy was ready to explode, but my clit hadn't been touched
even then. angelina and Ingrid both were working my labia, running along
the inside to wet their fingers. I was on fire; each stoke, as gentle as
they were, shot straight to my clit, my nipples, my brain, right through
all of me. I desperately tried to stay in control, to be aware, to
remember this right to the end, though I just wanted to lose myself in the
pleasure of it all. The teasing, the exquisite pleasure was almost
unbearable. I had lost much of any useful vision, my eyes totally glazed
over. I had not yet yelled out, but oh god, what absolute bliss my
ultimate orgasm would be. My breathing had become erratically fast pants.
A finger pressed against, my lips, it was wet. I opened my mouth. The wet
finger covered my tongue with my own juices. The musky, aromatic taste
told me it was my own juice. I greedily sucked it, then another, a third.
To me my taste has always been such a delicious turn-on and I love it.
Angelina and Ingrid were also sucking their fingers with relish.

It became obvious to me that two sets of fingers were giving me this
sumptuous snack and glorious pleasure. The fingers were now entering me,
but avoiding contact with my clitoris, for all but an occasional wondrous
brush. Were they trying to break me? I didn't know, I didn't care, and I
had to have release. I had to orgasm, now, now, oh now, please. I
couldn't think of anything else.

Two or three fingers suddenly plunged into my deep, tight cavern,
sliding on my juices until they could go no further. Then out, then again
plunging into me. Oh my dear, sweet pussy became the centre of everything.
After how many deep insertions that I can hardly manage to recall clearly,
the plunging fingers twisted so the thumb came in contact with my strained,
viscously throbbing, bean-like clitoris. The thumb, not hard but still
twisting firmly, exquisitely giving pleasure. My world was pure pleasure
in its extreme. My juices gushed, or at least, it seemed that way to me,
as the wave after wave of pure pleasure rushed through me, over me. I lost
control completely, my back had bucked me back and forth as my body
stiffened and twitched with each wave. This was what I loved most, the
glorious totality, the take-over of an orgasm, or more precisely, multiple

The orgasmic waves gradually subsided. I found my face on the table,
while gorgeous, smooth hands ran over my back, sides and breasts. As I
stated to regain a sense of whereabouts, and as I sat back against the
seat, I found myself being kissed all over my face.

As my eyes opened I saw angelina with a straight, but loving look,
asking me if was all right.

After such a fantastic orgasmic experience? "All right, you ask, no, I
don't feel all right. I feel fantastic. Give me a moment to get my breath
back, and then I'll have another, please."

I heard the two giggle as I carefully checked to see if anybody was
looking. angelina then spoke in a very serious tone and I turned my head
look directly her, "Alessia, I am going to offer you membership to our
club. It is, you will understand, exclusive and secretive. You may join a
few of us for coffee now, and then give me your answer tomorrow.
Understood? But also understand this, there are rules about secrecy and a
few less serious ones, such as never wearing your underwear in here."

"Can I answer now?" I asked laughing.

"No," angelina said with a smile, "you will tell us tomorrow after you
hear the rules. Come on girls, coffee and cake for all."

Another three lovely women appeared, sliding into the seat around the
table. I wondered whether they had watched. My god, I was becoming
aroused again at the thought.

END PART ONE - Continued . . .

Berne convention stuff about my copyright (c) 2000

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