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Fantasy Fulfilment 02 by Alessia Gerini


"Fantasy Fulfilment 2" (F-solo, FF, FFF, fant, exib, oral)

By Alessia Gerini Comment will be delightfully received at or in my guest book at Alessia's webpage at

The usual **LEGAL** stuff about this being adult material. Leave now if
you are too young to read sexually explicit stuff, 18 in most
jurisdictions, some require you to be 21. Look this newsgroup's name it's
called, or so these alone should warn you that the stories will be about sex. If you are an adult and don't like this sort of thing,
don't read it, go elsewhere.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce, archive, and disseminate this
story by any means, as long as the following conditions are met:

1) The entire text of the story is reproduced, archived, or
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2) The story is not reproduced, archived, or disseminated as part of any
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This may or may not be fictional in respect of me but the
representations of other people are fictional and should they resemble
anyone then it is entirely unintentional and/or coincidental on my part.
Do not bother asking me if this is true or even based on any actual
happening because I'm not telling.

------=--------=--------- "Fantasy Fulfilment 2" Sub title "Fantasy Two,
the Plan and Execution"

Acknowledgements I thank PJ for the editing, Ted Kidd for some of the
ideas and Blair Brek for pointing out some introspection I needed to do.
Although for the most part this story stands on its own but reading Chapter
One first will greatly aid the premise of this story. (See my website). I
make no apology for writing this in Australian English, so no whining about
my use of "Aussie" slang, turn of phrase or spelling, okay. Enjoy.


Following my gorgeous new friends giving me such a fantastic orgasm, I
felt flushed and excited. I went home on the train somewhat late that
evening, (surprise, surprise) but I had the forethought to phone mum and
let her know I would be late. My mind was running wild with ideas for my
'mission', to fulfil a sexual fantasy. My first thoughts were to do a good
exhibition of myself in a public place, nude, of course. Nudity around my
home was accepted by my parents as normal, but I had often wondered what
might happen if I did it in public. Some of my most common fantasies
revolved around this theme.

Perhaps I should go back a step here:

I had just been invited to join a club. A special club for lesbian women who meet often, actually daily if one wanted to. The purpose of the
club, it seemed, was ostensibly to fulfil sexual fantasies. However,
something nagged me into believing there was more to it than that, but I
would not be privy to that until at least my next attendance tomorrow. I
had overheard one of the members excitedly speaking to the 'leader' of her
'planned mission'. Unfortunately, I didn't get to hear it so, as I said,
my mind was full of plans for my first 'mission'. A 'mission' being no
more than the fulfilment of a fantasy. I had already assumed that I would
be accepted as a member. 'Jumping the gun', sure I was, but the thrill I
had recently had left the residue of an adrenaline rush.


That night I lay awake for ages thinking of things I had always wanted
to do, but had never been game enough to. I eventually got to sleep after
some good old-fashioned masturbation. The next day I got through my
lecture and tutorial, and had to spend time reading up economic theory, but
my mind was elsewhere. To be precise, on 'pussy'; so much so did she
interfere with my concentration that I had to go and punish her severely,
twice! That did help a bit, but when it comes to such things 'pussy' never
really learns. She just begs for more; indeed, if I did not know better I
would believe she was trying to make me her slave. And I must admit that
she does take over from time to time, but I also must admit I allow her to;
I enjoy that submission. Listen to me trying to kid myself; pussy is my
'Mistress' and I her slave. I obey her beck and call unquestioningly; with
tender love and deep affection, I pamper her.

Anyway, that afternoon I got to the train in good time to take up my
usual spot and waited for 'her' to come - Angelina, the club's leader. The
previous evening, angelina and Ingrid, one of the members, had excited me,
and 'Mistress' insisted that I allow them to pamper pussy to orgasm in a
coffee shop.

My boobs, nipples and pussy readied themselves by getting hard and
'puffy' wet. She didn't turn up.

Shit,' I thought. I was so disappointed but my guess was she would be
waiting for me in the coffee shop. I got off the train dashed into the
public toilet to remove my bra and panties; I'd already been given that as
a club rule the previous day. Then I took off like a rabbit through the
crowd to the shop, my damn 36D boobs bouncing, my nipples swishing over my
soft cotton top making them rock hard again.

'Phew, she's here,' I thought as I entered; I could see angelina seated
at the rear, at the same table as yesterday.

I looked to see if anybody was with her, yes Ingrid was. I went by the
table and was beckoned in. I lifted my skirt so my bare butt was on the
seat. The chilly vinyl on my vulva triggered a blood rush to the area
gloriously engorging it, my clitoris along with it. It turned me on
instantly; my 'Mistress' took control. I shuffled my butt along the seat,
immediately sitting next to Angelina, looking at her sensuously, my nipples
stiffening further.

Ingrid grinned at me. "Hello," we both said to each other
simultaneously; I smiled sheepishly remembering her part in yesterday
afternoon's play.

"Hello Angelina." I cooed as sexily as I could as pussy drove me to
whatever my destiny was to be.

"Good afternoon Alessia, how are you?" angelina smiled broadly, and in
her deep melodic voice continued, "I can't promise a repeat of yesterday,
but you seemed to enjoy that immensely."

"Enjoy it? WOW: That was so exciting and absolutely delicious, thank
you both." I beamed at Ingrid then angelina who gave me one of her
"special" smiles.

Immediately a fresh tingling flushed in the pit of my stomach, and my
nipples hardened to little knobs of throbbing me.

- Damn boobs are sore after that run but I wouldn't like to be without
these pleasure givers when each brush of my ultra sensitive nipples are so
exciting me, - I thought, as my arousal intensified.

"How do you do that to me? You know I love it, don't you?" I asked
Angelina, not attempting to suppress my aroused state. "Doing what?"
Angelina said enquiringly, looking at me with a lovely smirk on her face.
"Ah, you think know it's my smile that gets you going."

"It must be the powers you said you have," I replied.

"Yes, I have the power of suggestion, amongst them. That is all it is,
it's like mesmerising, but not as strong. You are an easy subject, as you
are really quite uninhibited in your sexuality and desires. I could use
the power of suggestion on you to the point where you really orgasm. Not
only do I enjoy turning you on, but it helps me in aiding you to achieve
your fantasies."

"Oh, god, unbelievable, am I that transparent to you?"

"Yes, you are, but don't worry, the other women are too."

"Oh, good, that's a relief. I would hate to believe that I was the only
one that you can 'see' into in that erotic way," I said, "You have a
'mission" for me?"

"Well yes and no, but first, I should tell you that the 'club's' purpose
extends past fantasy fulfilment. We came into existence along with the
beginnings of the women's liberation movement to overcome sexual
discrimination and homophobia, especially against lesbian women. Second,
to overcome the fears we have that tend to paralyse us into inaction, that
is, to give us the courage to act with forethought and decisiveness. This
courage carries over into our business and personal lives, and we are
happier and more outgoing for it."

angelina paused for a sip of her drink and looked at me questioningly,
then continued when I continued gazing into her gorgeous green eyes. "Oh,
okay, actually you have a 'mission' for yourself. I'll explain, but first
there are protocols built into our 'club' to assist you achieve your
fantasies with relative safely. I will discuss your fantasy with you,
working through ways to accomplish your intent. If it's complex then
you'll write a 'mission plan', if not, we'll decide to go ahead without
one, but either way you always must write a detailed report of two things.
First, what you did and second, how you felt. Do you understand that and
agree to all of it?"

"Yes, surely."

"Now, the rules." angelina went on, getting serious again, "You know
about not wearing underwear in here. That is simply so that you feel free
and sexy amongst us, and occasionally we play games when that becomes um .
. . useful," She said with a wry grin and twinkling eyes. "Secrecy, you
know about. This one is obvious; we do not want everyone knowing who we
are or what we do. We have never been betrayed, but there are
contingencies in place. What I will say is that 'revenge is sweet', and
that it would be devastating to a betrayer. Okay?"

She peered into my eyes as if she were reading my mind. All I did was
start getting the shop seat damp. She continued, "You can demand that
anyone of us help you actively participate in any fantasy mission. If you
do you will be on oath to 'owe' them one assistance in one of their
missions. And you will do whatever your assigned part is to achieve their
fantasy." Still looking at me in the eyes as I took this in. She pretended
to brush off something from my shoulder running her hand down over my
breast, flipping her fingers over my throbbing nipple in the process.

'Shhhheeesh ... ohmygoddoitagain,' I thought sucking air in hard. I
could hardly think, but that last rule sounded fair at the time. "We also
have occasional parties when your presence will be required, especially for
your initiation."

'That sounds um ... interesting,' I thought through my hazy mental
processes as I gazed into Angelina's eyes. I was melting in lust after
her. I would have agreed to anything, but I pulled myself half out of that,
"Further, I am the sole arbiter of what is or is not reasonable for your
part in any mission participation, or any other 'club' issues, and lastly,
but importantly, you will follow my orders as club leader. Okay?"

"Yes all that is quite clear I think, but . . ." angelina cut me off.

"All right, first, sign here" she pushed a Document headed 'CLFFC
Membership Application and Rules' following my scrawly signature on the
line at which she pointed.

"If I may, a question?" I said.

"Of course, what is it sweet Alessia?"

"You said you have a mission for me. Please what is it?" I inquired

"You tell me. You said you wanted to be an exhibitionist yesterday,"
Angelina responded, "You want to make out with a dog, right? Get an
obstruction between you and people. Let them watch you strip for a dog, to
let it fuck you stupid."

I sat there dumfounded, "No way, never, flash, yes, but no dog."

"Oh, well just let one lick you then, just to see how good he feels."

"No, no dogs, you're joking, right?"

"Okay what then?" angelina said suddenly grinning. "You have a mall
where you could expose yourself, don't you? Perhaps a woodland, a park, a
beach? You could do a 'Lady Godiva' on your bike, you know, ride it naked
down through the town."

"Well, I wasn't thinking of doing anything in my local neighbourhood, I
do have to live there, you know," I said laughing, because I would love to
do exactly that. "I was thinking of getting naked in some public place and
maybe touching myself up, but after yesterday, I thought I might masturbate as well, or at least idly pull on a nipple or fondle my boobs."

"Oh yes, very sexy if you pose just right, nothing very lewd but more
like provocative. Okay, how about going to a restaurant, a bar or, say, a
library with just an overcoat on, pick a quiet spot with say two or three
girls and see what they do when only they see you undo the buttons on the
coat, then turn towards them so they can see you naked underneath, and play
with yourself in front of them? That wouldn't be very difficult for a
start." angelina suggestively inquired.

Ingrid laughing said, "You may even get lucky."

"A library, yes, that sounds like perfect, I would be scared as hell,
but it would fit my fantasy, and the prospect of a pick-up was in my mind
too, but that would have to be as a bonus. WOW, what a pick-up line." I
said somewhat nervously, but highly excited. We all laughed loudly.
'Phew, no way was I going to let a big dog near me, thank god she got off
that, I don't believe she was serious. Shit, I've heard some women go with
their pet dogs, but no way, not for me.' I thought relieved.

"All right, lets fill out this scenario a bit. I take it that you can
get to a library without much trouble?"

"Yeah, my old university library will be good for this. It's like a
rabbit warren."

"When you get there what would you do, like you couldn't just walk in
stark naked, later maybe but not at this stage, or could you?" angelina chipped in, a twinkle in her gorgeous eyes.

"Ooh, whoa! I'd love to but I'd be arrested." My 'pussy' lips twitched
as I thought about it. I was definitely going to leave a wet patch behind
when I left.

"Well I have a long jacket, or a natural coloured suede lambs wool lined
overcoat, that comes down below my knees."

"How long is the jacket?"

"Um ... about down to the top of my thighs; it would just cover my
pussy by a few centimetres."

"Umm, the leave the jacket till another time, the overcoat I think,
anything else?"

"Stay-up flesh-coloured stockings, my special best sheer ones and light
camel courts with medium to high heels. That would be so sexy!" I said
getting nervously excited and very aroused by the thought of exposing
myself like that.

'Oh, shit, god, I can do it, yes,' I thought getting a bit stickier on
the seat, as the flushes of excitement rushed from my pussy all through me.
angelina slid her hand over and onto my tummy, touching me so softly.
With that my nipples stood up proudly once again. 'Oh, yes again like
yesterday please.' I thought leaning forward a bit to give her access to my
boobs; the throbbing knobs on my breasts begging to be touched, 'Angelina,
play with me,' I pleaded silently. 'Oh, yes.' she looked at me as if she
were picturing me dressed like that.

God, what was I doing letting practically a stranger play with my
intimate parts like this. She was taking me over. I had to take back
control of myself. But my 'Mistress' ordered me to let the green-eyed
goddess 'play' with me. 'I cannot disobey 'Mistress',' I thought.

"You would look fabulous. Alessia, I am getting aroused merely thinking
of you like that with the overcoat undone, just hanging open flapping, and
you walking towards me. Your gorgeous breasts." angelina looked at my
breasts, nipples obviously hard, poking clothes peg marks into my top. She
continued, "Trimmed short and curlies staring at me. I would accept you
into my arms and with a lot more in mind," her eyes sparkling lustfully.
As she spoke I could see her undressing me in her mind; her eyes roaming
over me.

"Me too." I said flushing even more, and remembering yesterday's orgasm
with Ingrid, and her playing with me. Continuing I said, "I would wear
jeans and a sweater, and take a bag and change in a toilet cubicle before
going into the library. Then walk out afterwards, carrying the bag and
change again when I've completed my mission."

"Okay," she said, "I don't think you need a written plan for that simple
mission. I suggest you do it as soon as you can. Tonight would be great,
but I would not let men see you, especially on your first time out. The
danger isn't great, but you don't want to get raped or roughed up, do you?"
Her hand on my tummy moved upwards! 'Ah, oh yes.' my mind raced as her
palm closed in nearer to my breast its softness moving up over my lower

"Yes, I am nervous, scared stiff excited, but I can do it." I panted, my
heartbeat increasing as her fingertips touched the incredibly sensitive
undersides of my boobs.

"Go now, get it done. You will love it, I can tell. Give me a kiss and

I started trembling with arousal that had become stronger. I leaned
over to her and she held my face, gently kissing my lips. I returned the
soft kiss. Angelina's tongue found its way into my mouth tasting me. Mine
followed hers in a glorious dance. I felt her hand brush over my areole
and nipple. I moaned my delight into her mouth. I got to my feet, but I
couldn't stand upright, the table stopping me. Fingers brushed over my
vulva sending my kiss into a wild passionate one. She held it for 20 to 30
seconds then gently pushed me away whispering, "My dear sweet Alessia, are
you sure you would not like to have one of us nearby to help if you need

"No thanks Angelina, I'll be okay." I swallowed shaking in my
electrified, flushed body.

The fingers traced my now swollen, sensitised and wet labia. I groaned
softly as one finger entered me. I saw Angelina's eyes carefully watching

'Oh, my god, she's gorgeous, but how can I just stay here and let her
touch *my* pussy like that,' I thought. I stayed half standing, spreading
my legs in a very vulnerable, but submissive stance letting her have her
way. She knew I loved it; she knew it was energy draining; she now knew I
would willingly submit to her or any of the dominant women. Her nail ran
several times over my clit. Slowly she withdrew her finger, my 'fragrance'
blatantly evident. She then sucked my honey-juices from her finger as if I
tasted like the most delicious of sauces.

"Good luck and be careful. I'll see *you* tomorrow sweetie. One last
thing, you must not touch yourself until you undo at least two buttons of
our overcoat in the library. And don't ask why, just obey me."

Ingrid said, "Good bye and good luck," blowing me a kiss.

"Good bye and thanks," I managed to get out of my trembling mouth with a
questioning look.

Gasping for breath, I got out from the table feeling so horny, so
excited, so aroused, so terrorised at what I was embarking upon. I wanted
her to take me so badly, but I obeyed her and so reluctantly left the
coffee shop. I had sounded confident, but I was so scared. My wobbly legs
got me to the train and home. How, I remember not. My thoughts now
centred on my mission; 'What the hell was I doing this for?' I thought. My
'Mistress' told my why; she had started tingling when angelina had started
talking about dogs, or even before that.


I begged mum to lend me her car: eventually she agreed. I gathered the
stuff I needed in my bag, and left heading for the library. I went to a
changing-room block, slipped off my 'regular' gear and put on my best
stay-up stockings and shoes. The stockings had lacy tops and were really
sexy looking with my flesh-coloured matching panties, but without my
panties on, oh my god I was feeling so sexy.

'Oh, my god- I thought' I loved what I saw in the mirror, my lightly
all-over tanned body, hairless pussy, but trimmed three- centimetre pubes
and firm round breasts.

'But what am I doing here?' The combination of the sheer terror of my
plan and the excitement of what I was about to do, aroused me so much. I
put on the overcoat. It was so soft and felt so damn good on my boobs, and
it swishing over my skin stiffened my nipples, immediately messaging my
body to heightened arousal. I brushed my hair and freshened my lipstick
and perfume. I put on a lot more eye shadow than usual, taking care to
get, for me, an over-the-top sexy look. I took it out past my eyes, giving
me a really great 'Cats' look. Satisfied, I got my bag and went into the
library, dumped my bag with the others, but where I could grab it easily if
I had to leave quickly. Then I went right in, trembling with excitement
and apprehension.

I headed for the far side from the entrance, and then nervously, I
decided to follow the windows round to the left. There are small reading
tables next the windows, placed there for their excellent light source. I
looked for girls in their late teens through to mid-twenties. No luck, so
I retraced my steps and went all the way to the right. Another blank, I
was starting to get really wet in my groin, and my with nipples rubbing on
the wool, it was making them as sensitive as hell. Indeed, my whole body
felt so good against the soft wool, I was getting dangerously close to
climaxing. I went up the stairs to the next floor and headed for the
windows again.

Looking from one end to the other, I could see two girls two rows of
bookshelves along, and near the far end, another three. My heart
fluttered. From between the shelves, I looked at the two closest,
definitely prospects, but there was no table close enough to sit at, to
allow me to undo my coat slowly and to catch their attention with my
stockinged legs, before the going to the 'Full Monty'.

Well, I wasn't planning that, but it had occurred to me. The two girls looked up at me. They exchanged quick glances and looked back
interestedly. They were attractive, but in the wrong place for my plan. I
thought: 'Pity, they would have been perfect.'

Instead, I walked all the way to the girls at the far end. This was
better. There were more bookshelves to disappear between if I had to, and
a staircase and two lifts for escape. And six big tables as well as the
window ones, several of which I could sit at and do my thing. I picked a
table by some bookshelves and sat on a chair. The sudden pressure on my
highly charged vulva nearly threw me into a climax. My heart rate must
have been alarmingly high. I have rarely been so aroused. I was almost
panicking in fright and yet at the same time so excited. A strange mix of
emotions, indeed. I looked over at the three women. They were perhaps a
little older than me, attractive, well groomed but dressed really sexily.
'Promising,' I thought.

The library was not very busy and there were only the three of us in
this section. Good for my plan. I got a book from high up on the
shelving, one that required me to climb a short ladder. I wanted them to
notice me. It worked. They both stopped whispering and looked over at me.
I quivered and made a big fuss over getting to the table that was one away
from them, but one where I could sit sideways, then turn towards them.

I plonked my book down with a slap on the table and sat down carefully.
I would have come if I had sat down normally. I swivelled my legs under
the table. That too nearly triggered me off.

'Oh, shit I wanted to come but not yet,' my thoughts running wild.

I opened the book. I slipped my arms under the table, took a deep
breath to steady my hands, and undid the lower two buttons feeling my
thighs as I did so. They felt cool, but I was flushed in my face. I
glanced over at the three women; they were whispering again. I could not
quite make out their conversation but I thought they were talking about me;
I caught something about a coat. I took another deep breath attempting to
gain some slight control. My thoughts were racing between terror, extreme arousal, and getting my body to work sufficiently well enough to enable me
to do what I wanted it to do.

I turned towards them sticking one leg out straight, leaving the other
still under the table, bent normally. As I undid the next button I pulled
the straightened leg up bending it, letting it fall outwards. I was
looking down to see what they should be able to see.

'Oh, shit, girl you're doing it, stop shaking so fucking much or you'll
never get the last two buttons undone,' I thought. God I was so wet I
couldn't believe it. My juicy pussy glistened under the bright reading
lights. My 'Mistress's' aroma wafted up to my nostrils stirring me on; I
love that sexy musky smell. I heard them stop whispering and I heard them
gasp, then giggle. I looked at them again with a grin on my face; they
were looking wide-eyed at me, staring at my pussy and legs. I tried to
look sexy but my heart was nearly bursting through my chest. I may have
succeeded, I don't know.

Undoing my top buttons with noticeably shaky fingers, I held my coat so
they could see my nakedness, dropping it back over my shoulders a little. I
was, I thought, offering myself to them hoping one would touch me. My
boobs seemed to me to be bursting, my pussy dripping juices, my body was on
fire so intense was my arousal. I felt their eyes all over me, burning
into my flesh, devouring my breasts and pussy . . . I imagined their
hands, bodies, lips on me, kissing my mouth, face, neck, breasts, tummy,
thighs and oh god, yes, my 'Mistress' . . . her most of all. I willed
them to look at me. I wanted that badly; I don't know why. My excitement
was overwhelming; almost!

I stood and walked towards them slowly, looking at them for their
reactions I realised that although shocked, they were grabbing their things
readying themselves for a hasty retreat. I braved a sexy grin although I
felt I might panic.

"Just touch me, see if I'm real," I said more huskily than my usual

They stole a quick look at each other as I kept moving towards them,
thrusting out my aching boobs. The closest woman suddenly thrust out her
hand grabbing my left breast and squeezing and twisting it viciously. I
hadn't known what to expect but it wasn't that. I groaned in pain. It
hurt like hell. Tears quickly formed blurring my vision, but I heard the
vicious one say, "She's real, let's get out of here." The pain was real
too, but I loved it. It took me close to the edge of orgasm, nearly
exploding in my highly aroused state, but, damn it, not quite. The women
left me there holding my bruised tit in one hand, steadying myself on the
table with the other, gasping: 'Oh, the agony and the ecstasy of it,' I
screamed inside my head.

I felt humiliated by their rejection, but not shamed by failure. I soon
caught my breath long enough to take refuge between two nearby rows of
bookshelves. I leant back against the shelves. Squeezing the tears from
my eyes by clamping them tightly shut, I tried hard not to burst into tears
at my achievement, limited as it was. I had done what I had set out to do
and my hand slipped to my 'Mistress' for the pent up release she needed
after many hours of tension. When I opened my eyes I saw approaching me
one of the younger girls, about my age, I had seen earlier, with an amazed
and concerned look on her face.

"Are you alright?" she inquired holding out her arms as if to hold me.

"Y.. Yes," I lied, "I'll be fine."

Suddenly I remembered my state of dress, or I should say undress, but
now the stranger was hugging me. She felt so good I that burst into tears
on her shoulder and hugged her right back.

"It's all right sweetie," she whispered into my ear as her arms
encircled me.

"Oh, thanks." I blubbered tears into her hair. As I spoke my lips
coming into contact with her neck. 'Oh, she feels exquisitely soft and
warm,' I thought as my body reacted to her touch.

I head her say, "Over here, Jessie, I found her crying, and, guess what,
she's only got this coat on."

I couldn't stop myself. I kissed her neck, snuggling my face against
her soft cheek, pulling her body onto my bared, burning flesh.

The girl continued in a loudish whisper to her friend, "And she has one
fantastic body. Her tits are big and bloody gorgeous." She stroked my neck
and patted me on the back while she called to her friend. Her friend
quickly joined her. "Hey . . . honey I love you holding me. Please hold
me. I want you touching me, I . . . god, please touch me . . . " I
managed to say to the girl holding me, as I snivelled into her hair,
holding onto her around her neck with one hand, finding one of hers and
guiding it around my waist, but under my coat.

"You want me to touch you?"

"Oh, g . . . god y . . . yes, please." I stammered, "Anywhere,
anyhow." By now I was petty sure these were the two girls I had seen

"Yo, honey, Jessie and me are um . . . well, gay, are you sure you want

"So am I. Please just fucking take me ... you . . . I, oh, shit . . .
don't believe it ... yes, oh, yes. Please!" I begged.

Opening my bleary, tearful eyes I made out the two students. Well I
guessed they were. Both seemed concerned about me, but looking at me
lustfully now and then, feeling me as I again leant against the
bookshelves. They were definitely the two I had seen earlier. I thrust out
my body for them to pleasure me. I couldn't believe my luck. I tried to
grin at them. Their comforting had seen me through my extremely emotional
state; now I was simply just highly sexually charged.

"Okay, sweetie, you're really gorgeous. It'll be our pleasure. I'm
Abby, she's Jessica. What's your name?"

Two sets of hands feeling me bringing my blood back to boiling point.
Groaning in the sweeping sensations of the delectable knowing hands, I just
lay back in delirium. The exquisite pleasures of those precious hands now
supplemented by a mouth suckling a breast. Then both boobs were being
sucked. I was now only aware of my burning, oversensitive body's rapid
building up inside me ready to cum. I could hear my groans of delight. I
had gone past the point of no return I had totally lost it. Any touch of
my clitoris now would have me over the edge in seconds. I felt a hand
cupping my dripping labia, my lower tummy stiffened quickly followed by my
back arching. The aroma of my juicy pussy hung in the air assailing our
senses, driving me towards my ecstasy.

"God, I'm going to cum . . . oh shit, yes, yes!" I let go, just letting
it happen.

Fingers entered me quickly and expertly finding my g-spot, massaging it
skilfully. My bean-like clitoris was squeezed, sending me into a
mind-blowing release of my love juices, as spasm after spasm shook through
me. I sank to the floor, my jelly-like legs no longer wanting to hold me
up. I knew my legs were splayed out in a most unladylike manner, but
'Mistress' was shooting enormous burning pleasure signals to leave them
gapping apart. I obeyed her instinctively.


I opened my eyes seeing Abby's face looking up at me, her mouth, her
lips, her tongue working magic in and around my sensitised labia, vagina and then holding my clitoris expertly between her teeth. I was in seventh
heaven and the glory I felt must have been obvious. Jess was close to me
leaning over squeezing a boob, nipple and all increasing the intensity of
my bliss. She leaned further to kiss me as my orgasms slowed. I kissed
her back passionately, her mouth and tongue were a wonderful desert to
finish my still twitching body. Abby stayed sucking me till I finished. I
was high on these two delectable women. I still have no recollection of
her going down on me, but the effect was an unmitigated rapturous series of
orgasms. Abby kissed up my belly and breasts until we were all kissing,
licking my love-juices off Abby's face and fondling, feeling and caressing
each other.

After a couple of minutes Jessie broke off saying, "Hey, we'd better get
outta here." To Abby and me: "You were a bit noisy," and giggled, "horny

"Shit, yeah," Abby spoke up.

"God, your two are fantastic, I'm still as hot as hell; I want you
both." I giggled, "Geez, I can't bloody move."

They helped me to my feet, buttoning my coat somewhat reluctantly. I
told Jess I had some wipes to get my smeared makeup off. She had laughed
when she looked at my face. I must have looked terrible, but I still felt
steamy hot and highly elated. In fact, Abby and Jess were flushed too.
They ushered me down the staircase and outside through the back door. I
then remembered my bag. Abby offered to get it. I described it and she
ran off to fetch it for me.

While Jess and I waited, she held onto me, directing me into a shadowy
doorway in the old sandstone building near the library ground floor. I was
in such a horny state I wanted to hold her, make love to her and Abby.
Jess held me from behind, her left hand slipping between my coat buttons to
fondle my right breast. I sighed in contentment as she rolled my nipple
between her thumb and fingers. It was delightful and I leant back onto her
to enjoy her magnificent ministrations. I felt my body readying for a long
loving session with these two new friends.

Abby came back in a few minutes with my bag. I kissed her cheek; she
felt fantastic. She was flushed hot from running or maybe it was from our
session. I know now it was from both. She saw Jess's hand inside my coat
and grinned, "Lucky bitch," at Jess.

"C'mon, let's get to the toilet block and clean up, you're still a
mess." Abby giggled.

"You should see you," Jess laughed softy with Abby and me. "And you
went in the library like that. You look fucked."

"Hell, we all look like we've been doing exactly what we've been doing,
let's go." I giggled again.

We headed for the toilets post-haste and cleaned up enough to look
reasonably presentable. Then they broke the bad news. They both had a
tutorial they had to co-present in less than thirty minutes. I would not
be able to reciprocate until they finished, but I had to get the car back:
I wouldn't have time. Abby suddenly realised that I had not told them my
name. She asked me and I told her. We swapped telephone numbers promising
to get together really soon. They both then rushed off, each first giving
me a hot kiss. I was left there still feeling as horny as hell.

Copyright (c) by Alessia Gerini


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