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Fantasy Fulfilment 03 by Alessia Gerini


Fantasy Fulfilment Chapter 3

{F-solo, exhib} Sub Titled: "My Report (Getting Home and Getting It
Done)." by Alessia Gerini (Edited with thanks by PeeJ)

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some require you to be 21. Look this newsgroup's name it's called, or so
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This may or may not be fictional in respect of me but the
representations of other people are fictional and should they resemble
anyone then it is entirely unintentional and/or coincidental on my part.
Do not bother asking me if this is true or even based on any actual
happening because I'm not telling.


Fantasy Fulfillment Chapter 3 {F-solo, exhib} Sub Titled: "My Report
(Getting Home and Getting It Done)." by Alessia Gerini

I was in the small toilet block in the university Art's Faculty's upper
story where I had cleaned up, but was still naked under my coat. I was
left flushed by Abby and Jess, horny and panting for more. The office and
other staff had gone for the night and the few academic staff that might
use this block would probably be in lectures or taking tutorials. The
place was pretty safe from intrusion. I could not help it, I had to have
relief. I leaned forward, my forehead against the door, undid my coat and
massaged my breasts taking my hard nipples in my fingers, squeezing and
pulling them. My god, it felt so very good. After a few minutes, I let my
right hand slide over my body, stopping to tease my trimmed curly pubs as
my "Mistress" commanded my attention. I spread my legs and placed my knees
against the door.

Cupping my puffed and sensitive vulva was a joy. I was drenched by my
love-juices; the aroma swept up to my nostrils to be sensed and enjoyed. I
worked my outer two fingers over my labia spreading them and then my centre
two fingers past my outer, then inner labia, into my waiting "Mistress,"
who loved the touch. Avoiding my swollen, throbbing clitoris I twisted my
hand, guided my fingers to my g-spot deep within me, firmly massaging it in
small circles with the pads of my fingers. My thoughts fantasized about
Angelina - that it was really her fingers masturbating me. My god she is
wonderful - the green-eyed beauty.

Quite soon I was lost in the sensations from my "Mistress". that swept
throughout me, but centered on 'pussy'. I squeezed my clit then rubbed it
quickly, but the effort was no chore, I adored it. I kept building up the
pleasure until delectable spasms swept through me, ending in orgasms that
literally brought me to my knees. The waves of pure pleasure subsided
leaving me breathless, but feeling wonderfully relaxed. I licked my
fingers clean, thoroughly taking in my perfume in the process. I often
hear women talk of the smell of their juices as if they were horrid. I
don't understand this; I find I love mine. The sexual tensions of the past
few hours had now eased, but I also kept thinking of Abby and Jess as well
as Angelina, and that kept me aroused.

I reluctantly changed back into my jeans and sweater, and set off home
with one hand up my sweater feeling my breasts, giving my nipples little
tweaks. These sent rapturous shivers through me keeping my "Mistress" damp
and sensitive. My mind tracing back over the sensuality of the last
forty-eight hours. My first physical contact with the green-eyed angelina on the train, then an unbelievable orgasm in the coffee shops, courtesy of
Angelina and Ingrid. The agonizing 'orgasmic drought between then, and in
the library within the last hour. Oh god, my thoughts wandered to remember
my boob being twisted by *that* woman. 'Shit, yes, it was still tender', I
thought, after feeling it again. But that only made it more sensitive.
Touching it made it even more erect, hardening it in a flash, setting off
another chain reaction of sensually pleasurable sensations through me.

I detoured a little to drive down the ocean road for the view.
'Bulldust', you came here to get yourself off again. You love the chill of
the ocean on your legs when you masturbate while walking slowly through the
water in the calm periods - like tonight, don't you?' I thought. I pulled
into a parking area over-looking the calm Indian Ocean and got out. After
throwing my shoes into the car I locked the door and wandered down to the
water's edge. A few people were fishing off a nearby groyne; small waves
slashed at the sand running up to my feet. It felt great.

I quickly took off my jeans and tied the legs around my waist. The cool
air swirled between my legs, around my backside's cheeks and my "Mistress"
went tingly, with goose bumps running over my bared bottom half. I walked
out into the cold water until the small waves splashed to my knees.

The night was fairly dark but my eyes had now adjusted to the light of
the quarter moon. Venus was still visible as the brightest heavenly body
in the Western sky. Stars and far away galaxies twinkled above, easily
seen through the wispy clouds floating past the moon, the calm ocean
reflecting these tiny pinpricks of light. How romantic: But I was alone,
very horny and the memory of three gorgeous women playing on my
"Mistress's," mind.' She again demanded attention. Sliding my hands
between my thighs I cupped her with both hands, my thumbs gently running up
and down my soft, but puffed labia. 'Oh, girl, you are wet,' I thought as
my thumbs encountered my slippery lubrication juices. With my legs parted
I gently plied my labia apart. The cool air off the water sent my blood
rushing to heat my pussy. Geez, that always gives me as good a "rush" as
most things I've tried. I uttered little moans of delight to myself.

The freshness of the ocean was exhilarating, I felt really sexy. I
decided to take off my sweater to better enjoy the cool fresh air. I
quickly had it over my head, tying it around my neck. My skin went goosey
immediately, my breasts firming, my areolae and nipples tightening into
fabulously throbbing rocks as the blood rushed there too.

I ran my hands over myself, delighting in the voluptuousness of my body,
my thoughts still on the most sensuous angelina and the multiple orgasms I
had at the hands of Abby and Jess. My hands soon retired to my pussy - my
"Mistress," cupping her once again, but sneaking my thumbs in quickly to
find my, by now, wildly throbbing clitoris. Running my thumbs over it in
opposite directions sent searingly hot pleasure coursing through me again.

I groaned in delirium into the zephyr breeze. As my body trembled as it
readied to orgasm again, I plunged my left thumb deep into 'pussy',
stretching her walls, filling myself as much as I could. "Phew, the
sensations this brings on are truly glorious, shit, girl, you love it so
much: I'll tease her till I can't stand anymore," I mused to myself.
Flicking my clitoris with one thumb while the other plunged in and out, and
with my fingers all over my labia I soon brought my orgasm to the edge,
when I eased back a little. Then I took myself up again, this time with
three fingers thrusting as deeply as I could really filling 'Mistress'
stretching her insides the way she enjoys it so very much. I was able to
get a fabulous rhythm going with hips and hand moving in unison.

After manipulating my rhythm to get to the edge and stay there for
several minutes I deliberately passed the no return point. With my head
thrown back, my eyes shut, I let myself come in waves. The pleasure was
tremendous as my pussy clamped on my fingers, but the spasms allowed me to
push it in hard, wiggling over my g-spot. I knew I was groaning quite
loudly but I kept thrusting into my "Mistress." She wanted more. This just
prolonged my coming into a series of orgasms. As my orgasmic paradise
finished and I came back to normality, I suddenly became aware of people
cheering and clapping.

Looking about, I saw a beam of light hit me coming from the groyne. It
wasn't strong at that distance, but I wasn't going to wait for a
searchlight. Shit, the fisher um . . . people were egging me on. Fuck,
talk about embarrassing. I quickly waded out of the sea. But then my
twisted sense of humor saw the funny side, and still naked, except for the
clothes tied around me. I turned and waved to them. The cheering

On an impulse, I undid my sweater and thrust my boobs at them.
Whistling and a general raucous roar went up as several torch beams were
now playing on me, but still not strongly. I ran up the beach, fishing in
the pocket of my jeans for my car keys. I found them just after reaching
my car. Just before I got in, I threw in my clothes and put the key in the
ignition, but then faced the torch-lights jumping up and down, my boobs bouncing everywhere. More whistling and cheering erupted. Shit, what a
turn-on. I got really game and jumped onto the right side of the bonnet of
the car, still bouncing my boobs. I started thrusting motions with my
hips. The shouts from the groyne were getting even louder than before.

Just about then I noticed a far-haired girl in a car about six or seven
bays away, laughing and watching me through the side window of her car.
Hell, I was getting quite an audience. A car's headlights pulled into the
car park swishing right across me. For a second I was as good as floodlit
stark naked up on my car. I decided to get out of there. As exciting as
it was I was not quite ready for this. The driver of the car must have
seen me because the car turned and floodlit me properly, its headlight
shining directly at me. The car's horn started hooting madly and in the
window of the parked car was now also the face of a bloke, as well as the
blonde, both of them wolf whistling me!

Scrambling down off the bonnet, I opened the door of my car and did an
exaggerated courtesy to those watching, feeling my boobs hanging and
swinging under me. The weight of the 36D breasts I sport have a special
feel. I love it, possibly because it is such an erotic sight. Well, it
turns me on when I watch boobs about my size hang down: Let' face it, I
love watching any boobs hanging or not. To tell you the whole story, I am
more turned on by smaller breasts, rather than very big ones. Anyway, I
then got in my car and drove off laughing out loud, albeit nervously
flushed with excitement, but fucked from my masturbating. I really had
come fiercely.

I managed not to kill anyone getting my sweater and jeans on while
driving home. With my heart pounding in my chest, I realised that I had
inadvertently done something I wouldn't have done voluntarily in a fit.
The buzz from it was outrageous; an adrenaline rush must have occurred. I
felt I could now do it again, but plan it better. I pondered the
possibility of doing it impromptu; the whole affair was along the lines of
my fantasies. I was still contemplating this on my arrival home.

On getting home I showered and cleaned myself properly, then I wrote my
report for angelina and the 'club.' I had not done one before, so I was not
sure of where I should start or finish. I called it "My Plan and Its
Execution" and for fun posted it on my website, so that those 'in the know'
can read it. I found that writing about the day was most arousing. I
found it impossible to concentrate on anything but my 'pussy' - my
'Mistress', she was most demanding. I got my-self a cold drink, putting
four large ice cubes in it.

Back in my room I undressed for bed, but before slipping between the
sheets, naked as usual, I slurped my drink down. I threw a pillow behind
my head, lying with my butt just over the edge and feet on the floor.
Getting an ice cube in each hand I massaged my breasts with them. The
freezing ice brought on another blood rush. It was cold, really cold but
the perverse side in me loved it. Of course, I love the feeling it brings.
My thoughts, although on satiating my 'Mistress' again, wondered if it was
possible to run out of come. I knew that right then I certainly had not; I
could feel that as a delectable fact.

'Funny,' I thought, 'I never do.' With those thoughts I clapped both
hands with the ice onto my pussy. Another blood rush; can I get enough,
too much, oh my god, there is something wrong with me?' 'Mistress.' never
stays satisfied for long. I worked the ice over my clitoris rubbing it
with the freezing cubs. Before long I was over the edge again, coming like
there was no tomorrow.

That time was every bit as good as my other masturbating that day, but
not even close to the climax in the library. That was very special.
Sliding in between the sheets I pulled the pillow under my head, cuddling
another pretending it was Angelina. I hope she will be pleased with my
report, I thought, slipping into a deep sleep.

To be continued...

Alessia Gerini (c) 2000

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Added Wednesday, November 22, 2000


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