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Fantasy Fulfilment 04 by Alessia Gerini


Fantasy Fulfilment Chapter 4 (FF+F, exhib, voy, toys, cons, rom)
Preparations For An Initiation: The Shopping Trip

ONE: 'Headquarters'

I arrived at the coffee shop clutching a plastic folder with my report
for angelina safely ensconced in it. My brassiere and briefs, as I had
been instructed, were tucked into it too. My nerves were a touch ragged. I
wanted my report to make a good impression on my boss, the Club's
president, Angelina.

It being a Saturday, I expected a few members to be here and I was not
disappointed. Good, I'd get to meet a few more members. As I approached,
I saw angelina and Ingrid sitting together and sitting between them
another, a very pretty honey blonde girl, younger than me. She appeared a
little glassy eyed, but looked directly at me in apprehension. I then
noticed her posture and guessed she was getting the treatment I had had on
my first visit!

I sat at a nearby table and waited discreetly, but boy, did she get
noisy. I smiled to myself, remembering it happening to me such a short
time ago. With that thought, unfettered by my brassiere, my nipples, by my
nipple's standards and to my delight, slowly woke up and pressed into my
loose vest making nice peaks in it. They felt good, very good swishing
around, the bloody show-offs.

I glanced over to her when I heard her come. I saw her shuddering and
throw herself back against the seat, eyes closed. She let out her breath
in a drawn out 'Ohhhhhhhhhh,' her face flushed and she looked gorgeous, her
eyes opening as the last of her orgasm subsided. Both angelina and Ingrid
licked their fingers, then angelina put her hand under the table and then
back up to feed the girl her own juices from her finger. I don't think she
had ever tasted her own juices before, but after an initial hesitation she
took Angelina's finger, sucking it as angelina slowly withdrew it. The
girl looked pleasantly surprised by her taste, in fact, rather delighted.

She looked down at herself and smiled as angelina and Ingrid unlocked
her legs from their spread position. angelina then beckoned to another
woman, who looked to be from a 'Jennifer Lopez' mould, e.g. bloody dark
and yummy, and yours truly. I sat next to Angelina, the other woman next
to Ingrid.

angelina introduced the younger girl to us as Alanta, and the woman as
Ava. We all smiled broadly at Alanta who, at first, appeared very
embarrassed, but we were able to get her to grin as we explained that we
all had that erotic, exhibitionist-masturbation introduction. A sort of
pre-initiation initiation. angelina ordered coffees all round and it was
then that I passed my report to Angelina. She lay it on the table and read
it while sipping her drink, smiling from time to time. Little exclamations
came to her lips or sometimes a smile, "Oh. Good. Mmm, I wonder?"

After three minutes she said to us all, "Alessia's report is quite good.
It's quite erotic, but Alessia, you ended it while still in the bathroom
outside the library. Didn't anything at all happen after that?"

Blushing I said, " Er . . . well, yes maybe I did on the way home; I
had some fun, but it wasn't directly related to my flashing in the
library," I said demurely.

"So, you would have done whatever you did regardless of your 'mission'?"
"Well no, angelina but I did write it up anyway, it was fun. I have it
here just in case you wanted it," I said fishing around in my folder
eventually finding it and blushing profusely pasted it over.

I wondered why I had thought that my antics on the beach would fall
outside the ambit of my 'mission' report. I certainly would not have so
brazenly flaunted myself before joining the club. While I mulled this over
in my mind angelina read the 'second' part. When she finished reading it
she turned to me and said,

"Good grief, Alessia, whatever made you think this was irrelevant to
your fantasy. Look at what you did almost immediately after your library
episode. In my view, that was directly related to your fantasy 'mission'.
Why on earth did you leave it out?"

"I ... I'm not s ... sure now ... I just ... oh, I'm sorry ... It
was silly of me."

"Yes, it was. You're lucky you wrote about it or you'd be sent off to
finish it. And see what fun you had, I would have missed all that. I
would have been really cross with you if I had discovered at some later
time that you had done that."

I felt humiliated and stupid being dressed down in front of the others.
My head hung in shame as I sat with my eyes down, 'What had I been thinking
- leaving out the first really spontaneous bit of exhibitionism I'd ever
done,' I thought. I must have looked miserable; I felt I had let myself
down but worse, angelina too. angelina put her hand on my lap, slowly
stroking my upper thigh. In my vulnerable state of mind this act reassured
me, aroused me very quickly. My libido kicked in so I nearly forgot that I
had been silly enough to leave out my going home episodes from my report. I
found her dominance over me, humiliating, but also strangely exciting. I
guess I looked sulky to the others, but my nipples were proudly stiff ready
for angelina if she wanted them for a little play. I had quickly learned
to wear tops no lower than my waist, ones which hung out from my body, to
allow angelina access to my boobs.

"Can you stay for awhile, I would like a chat with you?" angelina asked.
"Sure, I have all night if you want me," I said wishfully. The others
smirked except for Alanta who looked a bit surprised.

She grinned continuing the conversation with all of us saying, "We have
two initiation ceremonies coming soon, Alessia's and Alanta's; next weekend
for Alessia, I hope. I'll be informing you all tomorrow of the details."
Angelina said in her deep, but commanding tone of voice.

'Next weekend? Oh, geez, what's in store for me? Can't be too bad, can
it? Oh, yes it could, I bet it's very humiliating and it's bound to set me
up somehow, but how?' Dreadful scenarios of torture, whippings and tied
naked to a lamp-post in the main street or . . . oh, shit', my mind raced,
'No, I don't believe angelina would allow torture and that stuff, but

We all chatted trivia for a while. Ava, I discovered was from Central
South America, unhappily married, had no children, was well educated, but
had recently discovered her that unhappy marriage stemmed from her sexual
orientation. She had had a short, but wonderfully gratifying affair with
the wife of a Central American diplomat friend of her husband. She had
then realised that most of her problems with the men she had met in her
life was her attraction, not to them, but to women. She had always got on
well with the wives, even got turned on by them. She had believed that was

I thought his was a bit odd, I had known I was lesbian for years, as
early as fifteen or sixteen years of age, and I was nineteen now, while she
was at least Angelina's age, but then her Catholic and social background
had been against her, I guessed. She told me I was gorgeous. I told her I
thought she was hot too, thinking, hmm, just maybe we could have some fun.

Anyway back to the story . . .

After awhile Alanta and Ava drifted off home, leaving Ingrid, who I now
realised, was somehow attached to Angelina. By now I was also quite wet
and all horny from Angelina's hand stroking me. The trauma of thinking
'initiation', for the moment, had been pushed to the back of my mind.

She turned to me saying, "I need to take you shopping."

"Yes Angelina, for what?" I gingerly inquired, but quite intrigued.

"For your initiation," came the short, rather uninformative reply.

"Um, okay," my mind went off fantasising again, but I had dismissed
sadomasochistic possibilities as not in keeping with angelina as I had come
to know her, but this was not really very long. We had, however, built up
quite a rapport in that short time.

TWO: The Drive

"Okay Ingrid off you go, Alessia come on," she said, and passed me back
my reports, which I took, putting them back into my folder.

I shuffled my damp pussy along the vinyl seat revelling in the chill of
the shiny covering, and it's brushing over my labia and bum. I put out my
hand for Angelina, she took it, I pulled and she was on her feet steering
me by the hand out of the coffee shop to her car. We got in and she passed
me a pair of panties.

"Put these on, you will need panties where we are going shopping. I
have fixed them especially for you. They will put you in the mood. Some
of my magic, if you like."

"You call these panties," I giggled as she passed me tiny,
flesh-coloured, rather sheer, thong panties.

I put my feet through the holes and pulled them up wriggling my butt
trying to get then up snugly. I flashed a lot of bare leg and pussy in the
process. I knew angelina would probably be watching me. I hoped so
anyway. I glanced over, angelina was watching so I took my time making
certain she saw as much of me as was reasonable in the circumstances. I
even pretended to be too hot undoing the top buttons of my vest, thus
ensuring she could see my bare boobs as well. I made sure of that by
turning towards her, bending forward as I reached down with my skirt up
around my waist. I felt lecherous. I was ready for 'my' Angelina, for
anything at all.

The panties were quite tight and squeezed in between my butt cheeks and
around my vulva, but apart from that, they seemed normal at first.
However, slowly, but artificially they warmed my vulva and I felt as if my
labia were being spread apart somewhat. As I heated up down there, I felt
my blood pulsating, puffing my labia and tightening the panties even
further. It became apparent to me that if, or more likely when, my labia
were fully swollen, my clitoris would probably be forced out of its sheath
and be stimulated by brushing against the inside of these thong panties.
'What then was the most plausible outcome, continuous big O's, that's
what,' I thought, smiling at the Angelina's cunning. 'She is deliberately
setting me up to climax somewhere, I wonder where?'

While I was thinking, angelina told me that my initiation would be
special for her as she had strong feelings for me - my heart fluttered and
my cheeks flushed red. She leaned towards me a little, taking my hand,
holding it to her face. I shivered in delight at her softness. She
invited me to lightly massage her neck as she drove. Of course, I obliged.
She then slipped her fingers up my arm into my sleeve opening, tracing them
across my right breast. Her fingers lingered around my areole before
stroking and lightly pinching all around my nipple, indeed, all the most
sensitive parts of my breast. Of course, this made them progressively more
and more sensitive.

She knew it would of course, that's why she did it. As for me, as
expected I became hornier and hornier. My right areole and nipple were
given this treatment for some twenty minutes. I nearly came all over her
beautiful leather upholstery. Luckily, as she drove through the city's
central business district she needed both hands to drive, not that I really
wanted her to stop teasing my breast. She had me almost drooling in lust.
She drove to a shop on the 'wrong side of the tracks' where we parked
outside a sex shop. Hell, was I in the mood between the effect of those
panties and Angelina, I was hot and wet. I could have stripped naked right
there in the car for her and without a care.

THREE: The First Shop

She indicated for me to get out, I did and stood on the footpath waiting
for her. My nipples proudly poked out for all to see in my light
poly-cotton little vest. With each movement I made, my breasts brushed and
bounced on the insides of my top, and of course my nipples were kept highly
sensitive by any action or movement. It kept me in quite a state of
arousal, but added to this was the apprehension and prospect of going into
a sex shop. She came around from her side of the car to me, taking my hand
and leading me to a little dress shop, just along from where I first
thought she was taking me. Strangely, although relieved, I was feeling
robbed of that bit of exhibitionism in me. I looked at the clothing; I
quickly regained my exhibitionist streak; it was all sexy see-though, deep
cleavages, or short skirts. 'WOW,' I thought, 'Anything from here will not
cover much of me.' angelina picked several see-through dresses off the
racks, and a few tops and skirts as well.

"Right, Sweetie, follow me."

I followed her to the back of the shop. She handed me a skimpy
see-though top,

"Okay, let's see you in this."

My eyes boggled at the top as I took it from her. It was made of the
sheerest mushroom coloured chiffon. Shit, it was hardly there, as my hot,
juicy and sweating pussy quivered in apprehension and thrill, at the
thought of wearing it in public.

"Okay, but where is the changing room?"

"They don't have one," angelina grinned at me, "c'mon, you're an
exhibitionist, right? Well, go for it."

"Oh, hell," I blurted out, as she started unbuttoning my vest from the

By the time she had got to my waist I was so excited because she, my
Angelina, was undressing me and standing very close to my front, my boobs centimetres away from hers. With my face only twenty centimetres away, I
could see her lips with their deep-pink lipstick beautifully applied. I
could see a smear of powder, and from this distance a trace of eyebrow
pencil to match a mere touch of eye shadow. Her perfume was a light fruity
one that I didn't recognise, but it was gorgeous. It was like my dream
coming true. Her green eyes gazed into mine, her long lashes flirting with
me. My knees weakened as the effects of her aura sent a shiver up my back,
raising the hairs on my neck and even the short ones on my arms.

Only in my most romantic and wildest fantasies did I think she would be
doing this. I was stunned, but loving it. I just stood there enraptured.
Her touch so light, but brushed me in all the right places. Carefully, it
seemed, she pushed my top off my shoulders; it slid off them, down my arms,
falling to the floor. I had gone into a dreamy sort of trance. I felt
wonderfully seductive, standing almost nude, so close to the one my
licentious flesh wanted. Her soft palms and long fingers brushed down over
my breasts as if she were savouring them, wanting to devour me.

My god, she was devouring me with her eyes, while her hands magically
teased an areole, a nipple, armpits, my neck, and my ears all seemingly
simultaneously. I had rapidly become absolutely enchanted by her. My
'mistress pussy' started telling me to give in, to give her everything she
wanted. She twisted her hands over my tummy moving slowly out to the
sides, on my hips, then down; down over my waist and hips, hooking her
thumbs into my skirt and those panties, taking them down with her hands.
Her hands continued down my thighs and calves. I found myself moving my
legs ajar so the panties could slide down easier. 'Oh, oh, fuck - her face
is only centimetres from my pussy . . . god.' My mind and body were as
good as in her control, fired up with passions unfulfilled, but desired so

With my somewhat glazed eyes, I looked down at 'my' gorgeous Angelina.
It seemed to be a signal for her. She ran her hands over my skin from my
calves up the front of my thighs, around my hips, to feel my bum cheeks as
she kissed the crease between my tummy and thigh. Her aura overwhelming
me, but the sparks imparted from her hands swept up to my 'mistress pussy'
and beyond, goosing me all over. Her mouth moved up over my tummy, and she
swirled her tongue in my belly button, then down to the crease where one
leg joined the other. I heard myself moan with the exquisite sensations
her touch left, as they careered through me. Her lips moved across my skin
towards my highly sensitised labia, now swollen with blood and my throbbing
clitoris, which, by now, must have been uncovered, bared to her eyes, her
mouth, her lips her tongue and her touch.

Would she take advantage of my giving my all to her, to do with me as
she wished? I watched and waited, the tension building in my mind and body
with each second that passed. Her fingers squeezed my bum cheeks as her
tongue joined her lips and skimmed over my puffy lips. I just knew that my
clitoris, was protruding from its sheath, and was presenting itself to
Angelina. aI froze waiting for Angelina, the sexual energy, the sexual
tension built up in me was glorious, outrageously so.

In amongst the racks of clothes I heard very faint moans. They were
moans of pleasure, I was certain of it. I then spotted the shop assistant
peering through a slit between some skirts. Well I never! She was getting
herself off watching us. I could make out her legs under the skirts. They
were stocking less bare and spread. I caught a glint of her wet fingers as
she worked on her pussy. She started making sloshing noises as her juices
flowed. The knowledge of being watched sent a further thrill up my spine.

Involuntarily, I thrust my hips forwards. Angelina's tongue and lips
made contact with my clitoris. The lightening hit me in my most sensitive
body part. The orgasm was on me before I realised that I was going to
come. The lead up to it had been long, slow and fantastic. I thrust my
hips and thrust again and again at her mouth, her face. Multi-orgasms hit
me unexpectedly, repeatedly, pouring out through me wave after wave of
'the' ultimate in pleasure, for minutes, I think. I slowly stopped and
opened my eyes to find my fingers buried in her hair pressing her head into

In shock I stopped pressing her and she looked up, her green eyes
shinning, her face split with a wide smile and my juices dripping from her

She lovingly said: "Alessia, my young darling. I barely touched you and
you came like there was no tomorrow. It was amazing. You should have told
me you were ready."

"I . . . um . . . didn't know. It was dream-like, as though I wasn't
here, but with you in a kind of . . . um . . . paradise. You were
wonderful, oh my god, so wonderful."

I could feel my legs going wobbly-weak as I collapsed into her waiting
arms. I had nearly fainted. I was lying naked on the carpeted shop floor,
my juices pungent, its aroma hanging in the air; Angelina's gorgeous, but
concerned face close to mine saying, "Wake up, Sweetie, wake up."

"I'm awake," I said breathlessly.

I looked her in the eyes and said, "I love you."

My angelina knelt next to me her tall slender body so delectably close.
She kissed me on my right breast, sucking in my nipple, and then nibbling
on it with her back teeth. She worked her teeth and tongue over that poor,
abused breast sensitising it more and more. Her hand, holding a large
portion of my left breast, pulled it upwards then let it slide out through
her fingers until my breast had nearly dropped back to my chest, then
grabbed my nipple pulling it firmly. She did this, maybe seven or eight
times, and I loved it. It was a new arousal technique to me and it was
just luscious. I was nearly back to full arousal. Almost built up ready
to orgasm again. She felt the tension rising in me and slowed to a stop.

angelina kissed my ear, breathing heavily into it; I gasped at the
tickling sensuality, and then she tongued it. 'Oh, shit,' shear ecstasy.
She stopped before I pooled my juices on the carpet. She waited a short
while then she kissed my mouth very passionately, our tongues playing
together. I tasted traces of myself as my state of arousal lowered a
little from searing hot to a simmer.

Then quite abruptly she said: "Alessia, infatuated, perhaps love - I
wouldn't be so sure. Not yet anyway!"

"Do you know what?" I said smirking a little. "I'm lying here with only
my shoes on and I feel so good, relaxed, and so amorous, in lo . . . infat
. . . oh, you're gorgeous, my little Angel," playing word games with her

"Alessia, don't be cheeky!" she scolded me but I could see she was
trying not to laugh.

I whispered so very quietly in her ear, "The shop girl is watching us
and I'm sure she is getting herself off seeing us like this. What do you
want to do?"

Angelina's hand smoothly slid over my breast, down over my tummy to cup
my labia. My back arched up, lifting my bum off the carpet as the lust in
me absorbed the sparks from that hand as it swept over my skin.
Cautiously, I reached up under her vest to feel her tummy. I had never
touched her like that before: would she enjoy me or be cross with me? I
didn't know, but took the risk. She twisted herself so that I could reach
up further. We both heard a little gasp from behind the racks. I reached
Angelina's breast just as her mouth enclosed my nipple. She swirled her
tongue and then flicked it with her mouth open giving the girl a clear
view. I had cupped one of Angelina's breasts, her areole was soft, and her
nipple was surprisingly thin, but long and erect. I caressed all of it
with my whole hand, her breast was hanging down and I was able to feel its
firmness and weight. She undid her vest for me. She looked fantastic, her
areolae and nipples were a light brown, almost pink. She lifted her body
by pushing down with one arm on the floor aiming her succulent breast at my
mouth. 'Oh, it's unreal, surreal that my angelina is giving herself to
me,' I thought, while I quivered in anticipation and delight.

As I opened my mouth to take in her nipple, I heard sounds from behind
the hanging clothing. I sensed angelina also had heard them. She looked
down and winked at me mouthing, 'Let's give her a show to remember.'

I mouthed back, 'Okay.' With that angelina inserted two fingers between
my labia and deep into me. I groaned loudly with the unexpected, but
glorious intrusion. I wasn't detracted enough not to take that swinging
delectable flesh into my mouth, sucking as hard as I could on it. I
surprised myself by getting most of it in. angelina noisily gasped. I
swallowed on her, squeezing her areole and nipple in my throat. She gasped
loudly again; I swallowed again and again. I had arched my back so far I
was up on my toes, and my back was off the floor up to my shoulder blades,
hips thrusting at her fingers, my legs spread for her. She found my g-spot
then we both moaned in ecstasy.

I was very close to another orgasm, but although angelina was
undoubtedly enjoying me I could not see her achieving the ultimate in this
way. During this thought, I heard muffled groans of pleasure from the girl behind the clothes. It sent an exhilarating shiver through me. angelina then pressed her thumb on my clit, circling it quickly. My body reacted,
tightening up, back arching even more, quivering, then I let it happen:
gushing juices as my orgasm shook me, carried me to paradise. I am certain
a gasp came from behind the racks. But there I was, in the arms of the
woman I adore and she has delighted me twice inside twenty minutes or so. I
wanted so much to reciprocate that ecstasy for her. I saw her glowing,
face before me smiling broadly.

I whispered: "Oh, she's still watching," I murmured breathlessly, and
continued: "Angelina, that was so hot, you really are magnificent. Please
let me um . . . you know, er . . . oh god, I don't know how to ask you."

"Sweet Alessia, I orgasmed when you did and it was wonderful but we must
go now, we have more to do. We got our exquisite buzz from each other, the
voyeur got hers from both of us; I know who got the best deal and it wasn't
her. Come, on your feet, my Pet."

She got hold of me reluctantly pulling me to my feet and then held the
breast I had suckled. Talking to it she said: "Oh, my baby, you've never
been treated so compassionately before, have you? You made me so very
happy I orgasmed. Alessia did that for us, isn't she gorgeous. Maybe
you'll get more of that and I hope you loved it as much as I."

angelina looked at me and giggled, "Where did you learn that, it was
delicious?" she said buttoning her vest.

"I just did it. I've been doing that for ages." I said coyly.

She put a chiffon skirt on me that was more than mid-thigh long, but
fitted snugly around my hips, and sort-of clung to my thighs. My butt
cheeks filled it and must have been a treat for ass lovers. It would have
been great with a short half-slip. It looked great as it was, but perhaps
at private parties, not in broad daylight with only a see-through thong
underneath. Anyone would be able to see straight through it. My butt
cheeks would be clearly visible; the pattern in the material would not stop
that. I giggled in trepidation; it covered nothing a teeny bit of
imagination could not fill! My pussy twitched as my mind pictured myself,
a tiny thrill swept over me.

Then came the matching top that covered over my breasts and clipped
firmly, but not tightly, just beneath my not insignificant thirty-six D cup
boobs. The cleavage was outrageous; the swelling of even he inner sides of
my boobs as plain as day for all to see. The tight three-quarter sleeves
looked great, but again, my breasts were easily visible. So there I stood
wearing practically nothing, feeling as sexy as hell again, my come still
sticky between my legs, nipples rock hard, and my pussy starting to tingle
strongly all over again. angelina was trying to get my panties back on,
but I had real trouble lifting my legs. She got them on, but anybody
half-sane and not far from me would smell my 'mistress's' perfume. I was
wet and feeling thrilled but very hesitant.

Quickly she checked the sizes of the other 'outfits' and bought them
all. I don't know what they cost, but on a later inspection they were of
good quality and well cut. It must have been a lot. I had gone to gape at
the clothes while angelina attended to the purchase.

As she left the counter she turned and said to the girl assistant: "Oh,
Jeannie, did you enjoy the show we put on for you?"

The girl who looked a little flushed anyway turned bright red.

"Um . . . I . . . what show?"

"Do you mean we went to all that trouble for you for nothing? Come on
we know you watched us, we saw you; tell us, were we great or not?"

The poor girl was scarlet by now.

"I . . . didn't see you."

"Tell us the truth?" angelina commanded.

She cringed at angelina saying, "Oh, please don't tell my boss, yes you
were the best."

angelina grinned, saying with exaggerated courtesy, "Well thank you. It
was a pleasure."

Jeannie managed a weak smile at that. angelina and I laughed, but my
thoughts were turning elsewhere.

I felt my blush starting with my face, then felt it travel down my body.
I was really having trouble getting my head around going almost nude for no
more than thirty metres back to the car. Both the horror and the thrill of
doing that, was building rapidly inside me. angelina was holding my arm

I got to the front door then Jeannie from behind the counter saw me
fully now and gasped loudly, her eyes bugging out, but the look wasn't
horror or 'oh, how slutty,' but a 'god, would-I-love-to-get-at-her,' look.
I blushed coyly, just slightly flouncing my boobs to barely make them
wobble for her. Suddenly, I became even more aware that angelina was to
take me back to the car like this. Five fifteen in the afternoon, people
would be driving home from work practically, right next to me. 'Oh, shit,
ooh shit.' I thought, backing away from the doorway, bumping into angelina as she headed towards the doorway and me.

"And where are you going?" she questioned.

"Not out there. Not like this."

"Why not? You look great, doesn't she Jeannie?" angelina looked to the
girl behind the counter, who at that nodded 'yes' emphatically.

"Be brave," she whispered to me.

I gulped, "Okay, I'm ready," I lied through my teeth. I was petrified,
but something in my head was making me feel exhilarated and stimulated

"Alessia, eyes up, look straight ahead and we go with my arm wrapped in
yours. We are 'proud' to be together, as a couple, right? Come!"

I thought about being 'a couple' - coupled with angelina - oh, what
bliss. I went all to jelly at that thought. Within a few steps we were
out in the bright, warm, afternoon sun. I was unable to see very well at
first as we strode towards the car, my boobs bouncing, brushing on that
sheer top, kept my nipples highly sensitive. By the time I could see
properly, the people on the pavement were staring at us, at me! men were
wide eyed, the women looked disgusted. I heard a boy say to his mate,
"Geez, man, did you check out her tits." Car horns started beeping and
before I knew what had happened angelina and I were in the sex shop.

--- --- -- Continued in Chapter 5

Alessia Gerini Copyright 2001 Email


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