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Fantasy Fulfilment 05 by Alessia Gerini

Fantasy Fulfilment Chapter 5 Preparations For An Initiation: Sub-title: The
Second Shop (FF+F, exhib, voy, toys, cons, rom) By Alessia Gerini (c) 2001

FOUR: The Second Shop

"Bloody hell, what are we here for?" I gushed, as a couple of blokes
came into the sex shop after us. They tried not to stare at me, but I just
knew they were.

I was led to the counter where a young woman about my age said to us,
"Well hello, and what can I do for you two today?"

After carefully appraising me with evident approval she looked at the
tall, slender angelina in a 'you-lucky-bitch look'. She was now giving
Angelina the once-over, for she is a strikingly attractive woman. I
remembered, through my other thoughts that angelina did not yet have on any
underwear. Her fabulous thirty-four C cup breasts must be moving nicely
under her sleeveless, beautifully tailored vest. I looked up at her, but
she looked cucumber cool. But perhaps not, her nipples were poking bumps
in her vest and she appeared to have rouge on her cheeks.

"I want to see some of your smaller vibrators, a few dildos, a few
strap-ons and massage oils please. Oh, and is there a private room for us
to look at these, this is embarrassingly new for my friend."

I was as aware of all four men in view gawking at me, as I was at the
very friendly and very good-looking redhead behind the counter looking at
me. God, here I go again, as I felt my arousal coming over me. My mind
was in acute embarrassment and humiliation mode, but my body was hot, fiery
with sexual excitement. My body's reactions were, as one might expect:
breasts sensitised, nipples throbbing hard, pussy puffy and pulsating, and
my juices flowing. I strongly suspected that these panties were somehow
designed to stimulate one's vulva or even to trigger orgasms. Angelina's
words got through that muddled mind of mine.

"Please?" I murmured blushing even more.

"Yeah, okay but I'll have to get somebody to mind the shop or the stock
will walk out the door. Won't be a sec," she opened a door behind her and
yelled out, "Hey, Dad, can you take over here for a bit. I've got a couple
here who want privacy."

"Okay Lil, I'll be right with yiz," said a gruff voice from within.

"Thank you," angelina said to 'Lil, who was now collecting the items

"Geez, you two've got guts coming in here dressed like that."

angelina laughed; normally I would not have been seen dead in there, but
my subconscious mind loved every second of the exposure: the men staring,
the redhead looking at me, being with Angelina, and the outfit I wore were
all arousing me so very much. Indeed, in retrospect I think I was really
enjoying those feelings. I know my blood was flowing freely, as were my
juices. The tensions within me could only lead to a massive release
sometime soon.

'Dad' came out all nicely dressed and groomed, looked at us and gave a
long low whistle before kindly saying, "Well, you both look bloody great
and ready to break some hearts. Go on in then."

Lil had a box full of 'things' and motioned for us to follow her. We
were ushered into a small, sort of living room sparsely furnished. A TV, a
couch, two old-fashioned matching chairs, a coffee table, a chest of draws,
a standard lamp with dilapidated shade, a couple of large prints on one
wall and a large mirror on another finished it off. I must say it was
clean and tidy but could have been quite nice with a bit of money spent on
better seating and some paint. From the coffee table upon which Lil had
put the 'toys' and stuff, angelina picked out three dildos. One shiny
pink, plastic one about fifteen centre metres long, round and thin compared
to some of them, but it still looked very big to me. I had seen pictures
of ones like these, but had never used them so I really did not know
exactly what I would like, or even if I would like any of them.

She picked out another pink one about 20cm long, sort of lumpy with
things sticking out from its bottom end and even fatter. It was scary to
say the least; it made me draw in a deep breath in apprehension. Both
women looked at me as if I liked the dildos, but I remained speechless.
Angelina picked out a very long creamy, slimy looking one in red and a
fourth, but in comparison to the others, a very small one. Then she picked
out two weird looking ones that I thought must be strap-ons. I wondered if
these were for my initiation. I was not told. Some of this was to play
havoc in my mind for the next week.

angelina then inquired about wrist and ankle cuffs, stating that she
wanted suede, soft ones. The idea of these churned in the pit of my
stomach. The thought of being restrained for angelina sent my arousal back
into full speed ahead. I felt my nipples spring proudly hard once again.
Angelina asked for soft rope and chains and a suitable collar to match the
other items. I thought, 'Oh, fuck; I would love to be led by Angelina.
I'd follow her anywhere.'

angelina then asked Lil if they carried erotic jewellery, "Sure," came
the reply, "What did you have in mind?"

"Nipple clips with adjoining chains in gold or sterling silver and
perhaps, clitoris clips."

On hearing this I nearly came right there on that chair. I had not
heard of these things before, but the thought of wearing them as jewellery,
blew my mind. I had pinched my nipples and used clothes pegs on myself as
extra stimulation when masturbating that, although painful, increased the
pleasure, but to wear nipple clips as jewellery was a surreal thought. I
would be permanently turned on I knew it. My thoughts centred on that.

I heard angelina ask me: "Do you think you would like a nice set of
these? I think you would get a real buzz from wearing them. I love
wearing a set at home, but only the nipple ones. Although I do 'wear the
clitoris attachment occasionally for that little extra buzz. Well, what do
you think?"

"Oh, Angelina, yes please."

"Well, I see you're a little excited by them."

"Yes, very much," I gushed, my boobs and pussy throbbing with every
heartbeat and my heart was on overtime, pounding in desire for angelina and
for this 'jewellery'.

"God, you are a sweet, but very sexy thing, Alessia."

"I guess," I said, unable to take my eyes off these gorgeous things and
wondering just how great they would feel.

Damn it, I was nearly coming just at the thought of wearing them. I was
so damn hot right then, I didn't believe it.' My mind was a raging chaotic
sex machine, urging me to greater heights, like coming again then. Not in
there with the sales girl, and all these blokes watching me, no way. Well,
maybe the girl watching might be hot. I had to get a pair and get
somewhere private quickly. Lil had come back with a dozen or so pairs of
nipple clips, each with detachable joining chains, and clit clips for each
set. My brain boggled; I knew that I wanted a set badly. Some had
adjustable pressure clamps. These intrigued me. Yes I wanted adjustable
ones. Two sets were 'pretty' and I thought about wearing a set with a
dress with a deep cleavage. Would I be game? Yes, I would, I would love
it. guys might not get what I was wearing, but girls would figure it out
given time. And would I love turning them on, oh yes!

angelina said, "Okay Alessia, which set would you like to wear for me."

Wear them for her? I wondered what that meant, but I hoped it meant she
wanted me. The episode in the other shop suggested she did, and maybe as
much as I wanted her.

"I would wear any of them for you Angelina. But for me either this pair
or that pair," I said, picking up one set and pointing at the other. I
stood up to hold them up to me and to look in the wall mirror. Both pairs
were adjustable for pressure and had detachable sterling silver chains
between them. The prettiest pair had hand-painted, enamelled tiny roses on
them with little butterflies as the tightening screws. I chose that pair.

Without a by your leave or anything, she quickly swivelled around and
undid the front of my see-through top and started putting them onto my
highly sensitive nipples.

"Aaaaaaaaaarh, Ooh, fuck, angelina I can't . . . " my voice trailed

I could not control my body, I had lost it. I stood there shaking at
the knees as Angelina's hands fiddled to slide the clamps on. She got them
in place and tightened them to squeeze me just a little bit. My nipples
soon began to throb in them delightfully as the constant stimuli kept them
erect and sensitised them further. I looked in the wall mirror at them as
they took me to a higher level of arousal. Each throb sent pleasure
messages to my pussy. My clit had now sneaked its way out of its sheath
and it too throbbed as its tip brushed across the material of Angelina's
thong panties. I was so wet again I could smell it. It was taking all my
mental power not to orgasm in front of Lil.

angelina approached me from behind as I trembled, staring glassy eyed at
my throbbing nipples. She reached round and clipped onto the joining
chain, a gorgeous crystal that pulled ever so slightly on both nipples.

She said, "This will protect you from evil spirits and keep you healthy.
Remember not to tighten these more than this or you'll cut off your blood
supply and get into big trouble, promise me you won't do that."

"Oh, okay, I see what might happen. I could loose my nipples, shit,
that would be awful. Th . . . thanks." I stuttered as she pressed herself
against my back; her firm breasts, unfettered by a brassier, flattened
somewhere near my shoulders, her tummy and mound firmly against my lower
back and buttocks. She felt fabulous. I started to juice up even more.

"Lil get a few small, but really quiet vibrators, please. They must be
multi-speed and long lasting, battery-operated ones. Got that Pet?"
Angelina had turned and spoken quietly, but I heard her.

When Lil had gone, angelina whispered in my ear, "I'm getting you a
special present for your initiation, for you to keep, to use and to
remember me always."

"I will never, ever forget you Angelina," I whispered back.

With us both looking in the mirror into each other's eyes, she circled
my stimulated nipple tips with the pad of her forefingers, and then pinched
them with her nails very lightly. My eyes shut in ecstasy and I nearly
came, but angelina knew how to take me to the edge and keep me there for
longer and longer periods as she built on her knowledge of my likes and
erogenous zones. As she let go of my nipples she kissed my ear, neck and
shoulders. Running her hands over my tummy and then up and down my sides
making my skin tingle even more. God, what bliss.

The door opened, Lil came in with half a dozen ten to fifteen centre
metre vibrators, and placed them on the table for inspection. angelina pushed aside a couple immediately, calling me over to see the four that
were left. I noticed Lil looking at me in a funny way, but I had become
used to her being there even though I was flushed with sexual excitement
and half-naked with 'jewellery' on my nipples. I could sense her being
turned on by me and I was really enjoying watching her getting aroused.
Angelina watched me watching Lil and smiled when I sat carefully on the
edge of the couch to look at the vibrators.

She went through each one with me, educating me on various attributes of
this over that type. As she explained these things to me she kept running
her fingertips over my bare skin making my body sensitive to her touch.
The intimacy was a delight to me and I made no secret of that fact by
touching her whenever I could.

She asked me, "Is your g-spot, um . . . actually, I should ask if you
have one?"

My mind asked, Shit, do I have to say in front of Lil? Lil' was looking
at me in a very interested way.

"Yes I do, it's great to get me off nice and slowly, I love it," I said
teasing her, and I was not lying.

"Okay, are you best stimulated there, or is your clitoris your best
trigger spot."

"My clit is quicker but no stronger in the 'big O' department. Oh my
god, Angelina, is this really necessary, does it make that much

"Well not really a lot, but it does make some difference. It's more a
personal preference than anything."

"Okay, so I don't know anything about these things, but they all get you
off, right? Can you just choose one for me and let's go? I'm getting

"All right Alessia Sweetie." angelina giggled, "I'll get this one, it's
good for g-spot stimulation, but has a little thingy that you can stick on
your clitoris and switch it on separately. It sort of sucks onto and you
can even set it to get tiny charges from the batteries that tingle like you
wouldn't believe. I think you'll love it. Put it in now, please."

Geez, I'll lose it if I've got that up me and switched on. But that
'please' wasn't an 'ask' please, it was an 'order' please. Oh, shit, well
here I go and Lil's here too she'll come too judging by her face. Hee hee
hee. Naughty thoughts about Lil and me raced through my mind. Seeing Lil
did it for me, I had to see her face as I inserted the vibrator. Another
thought hit me and I said to Angelina, "Yes, Angelina! You're the expert,
please put it in for me."

She grinned at me her eyes shone sparks of lust and said, "With
pleasure, just lift up off the couch a little, I'll pull your thong down."

I lifted my bum off the couch as she asked and she pushed herself
between the table and me, slowly easing them off. My juices were
immediately evident to us all; the aroma churned my stomach much like the
smell of freshly brewed coffee does. My sopping wet thong was now at my

"Spread your legs really widely, Darling Alessia. This won't hurt a
bit, but don't come all over me, okay?" angelina said grinning but looked
at me in 'that' way that I had learned was serious.

Oh, shit, another order! I lay back and spread my knees to watch her
and wait for it to enter my most private part with baited breath. Over the
past few days my 'mistress pussy' had become less private, but more excited
than she ever anticipated, and she loved it. angelina just let it touch my
sensitised labia, moving it a bit, getting it juiced up and slippery. I
held on for dear life, clenching my fists, as she wet it. The shooting
sensations from it were wonderful.

She sensed me tensing up, she said softly and gently, "Alessia, give me
a little help, relax and hold your labia open a smidgen for me, okay? Nice
and slowly."

I felt like screaming, 'For god's sake, Angelina, I need to come so
badly, fuck me with it, quickly, like now!' But I couldn't say it.

I knew she'd say no, instead I said in a hushed and trembling voice,
"Sure, like this?"

I unclenched my fists but grit my teeth and carefully pulled my labia up
and out from the crease between my tummy and thighs really close to my
pussy until my labia opened to about hallway down. My spread legs helped
open me up lower down, my swollen labia lips helped but I was so wet my
lubricating juice would allow that vibrator to slide in easily.

"Perfect, now relax, relax sweet Alessia, I'm going to ease it in
slowly; you'll feel it filling you and it will feel so very good, but you
won't come now, will you?"

"No." I heard myself say.

An amazing feeling started from my 'mistress pussy', making me feel as
though the whole world was my body, revolving around my pussy. I could
feel my walls stretch to accommodate and welcome the intruder. I felt like
it was filling me and of course it was. I was floating on a cloud of
ecstasy, in a dream-like state.

After thirty seconds or so angelina spoke quietly to me saying, "It's
all in now Darling Alessia; does it feel nice?"

"Oh, Angelina, yes. I'm off with the fairies."

"Great, now stay relaxed because I'm going to turn it onto low speed, so
when I do you will, in your state, want to orgasm fiercely, but you won't
will you? When I say you can then you may."

"No, I won't Angelina, angelina I feel er . . . euphoric, like so
happy, so fucking horny I don't believe it! Would you kiss me, please?"

"Of course, darling girl."

She stood, then leaned onto me, taking my face in her hands and gave me
a peck on the lips. Sparks zapped between us, then a longer kiss. My back
arched and my head twisted to meet her mouth as the quivering down my spine
made me thrust my hips forward a whisker. I opened my mouth a little
feeling for her lips and tongue. Mine met hers and I revelled in the long
sensuous kiss. A full-on electric current glued us together. I grabbed
her head.

She undid her vest allowing her breasts to brush and press lightly on
mine. My nipples and now areolae were sensationally sensitive. We both
shuddered at the sensations, her nipples looked as hard as mine felt in
their constraining 'jewellery. Shit, the clamps are making my whole
breasts sensitive sending 'mistress' pussy signals of sexual euphoria. I
was really having very hard time not to explode.

My moans of ecstasy filled the room. The whole scene had a wonderful
fantasy-like quality. Everything was sensuous, erotic and my body's
nervous system tuned into my 'mistress', who was and had been on the
knife's edge of a massive orgasm for a long time now, and was still
building up within me. I had trouble believing my juices had not flooded
over yet. And yes, I could detect another woman's juices, surely angelina must have been turned on by the last hour or so; how could she not be?
Yes, it was Angelina's aroma, I recognised it! Her pussy's fragrance
wafted over me, thrilling me that I, little me, could so affect my
green-eyed goddess.

angelina broke the kiss leaving her breasts exposed again; her beauty
mesmerised me. I stared at her breasts, they drooped just a bit, but not
so I would worry if I were she at thirty or so. She had light coloured
pink-brown areolae and nipples. Long, slender nipples now hardened and
crinkly with passion. A gorgeous match with the rest of her flawless skin,
so creamy with it having a very light, all-over tan. Not a strap mark to
be seen anywhere. No doubt about it, I was passionately in love with her.

With a smile that further melted my heart, she softly said, "Now
gorgeous, remember not to come. Are you ready for me to turn it on?"

"Yes," I said simply.

She barely touched my labia, but just that was electric and then I heard
a faint click and heaven rapidly enveloped me. I was conscious of groans
of pleasure emitting from me, but also some moans not of my making. I
looked at Angelina, she was smiling sweetly at me, but it wasn't her making
the noises. She indicated to the other side of me. I rolled my head to
see Lil with her dress up around her waist, her panties on one foot,
feeding her 'mistress' one of the dildos. She looked at us looking at her,
but she didn't even pause. Looking at us seemed to turn her on even more.
I knew how she felt; she was way past the point of no return. She really
was quite attractive, but the expression on the face of a woman at the time
just before and during orgasm, is a wonderful sight for especially if I was
the instigator of the passion. And she had that delectable look on her
face then. Lil groaned long and loudly as her orgasm threw her hips
forward and she finished bucking on the floor.

"WOW!" I said to her, "Was it as good for you as it was for us?"

angelina and I laughed. Lil looked as if she was about to cry in shame,
but angelina comforted her, sitting her next to me. As I was fit to
explode myself I shouldn't have laughed, but I put my arm around her
shoulders giving her a cuddle.

"It's okay, we are all girls, one for all, all for one," said Angelina.

"But you guys are lezos, right? I'm not a lezo!"

She continued after a few seconds, "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude,"
she said a bit ashamed at her outburst,

"You really have been nice to me, considering what I did."

"Hey, we've been insulted worse than that. Anyway, we aren't going to
tell anybody. And we did turn you on hotter than a lot of guys, isn't that
right?" said Angelina.

"But I like guys."

"So, you can get off with girls too. What's the problem?" angelina continued.

"Um . . . no, I don't think so . . . oh, hell, yes you did . . . I .
. . I'll have to think about it."

"Go on Honey, touch Alessia's nipple. To her it'll feel fantastic."

"Yeah, go on, it's okay to want to feel somebody else and I will love
it, I promise," I said, coaxing her. Shit, did I want her too, oh yeah!

"Really, you'd like me to touch you?"

"Sure, I want you to."

Her forefinger sneaked out towards the rock hard nipple tip, not far
from her face; I steeled myself for the shock, my heart pounding in
excitement and then she was very softly touching me. angelina was right, I
loved it, and it seemed as if her finger was sparking tiny shocks that
started at the point of contact, quickly spreading outwards in a swirl of
prickly warmth. I sighed a blissful sigh and smiled at Lil; she looked
into my eyes, I could see she was enthralled. But I would never have let
her touch me like that normally; I did it for Angelina.

I said, "Did that feel awful, it felt great to me?" I wasn't lying - it
did feel great.

"Er . . . no, not awful at all. You did like it didn't you, I could
see you did?"

"Oh, Lil you are nave, yes I really did. Would you do it again only
this time run your finger around the 'jewellery'," I asked, with my
heartbeats quickening.

"Are you sure?" Lil said with a little more enthusiasm.

"Oh, yes, I'm sure," I whispered, steeling myself again.

"Yeah, okay."

She ran her finger around my areole twice. As ready as I thought I was,
I had not expected it to feel so good. Reflexes deep within me forced me
to squirt lubricant juices out, to run visibly down my labia. The crotch
of my thong was now dripping out the sides onto my thighs. Somehow I
stopped from coming, or screaming in ecstasy, but for me to have done both
would have been so easy.

"Oh, wow, I never thought I'd ever do that to another girl. You liked
that?" Lil enquired smiling of me.

"Oh god Honey, you'll probably never know how much."

"You really like those clamps on your nipples, don't you?"

"Yeah, even one is fabulously horny but I usually use clothes pegs
without any adjustment and they hurt where these don't hurt because they
are not tight. If I wanted to I could come by just putting one on and
letting myself go. It takes a while learning how to do it, but when you
get it, it's so fucking good. Is your name Lillian?"

"Yeah, Lillian, that's me. Geez, I'm going to practice that. I mean
putting them on me."

"Get a pair, I'll put them on for you, okay?"

"Oh, shit no, I couldn't let you touch me like that. I'm not gay."

"Oh, spoil-sport, I won't hurt you. I promise to be gentle."

angelina saw the state of arousal I was in and decided to get me home.

"Right Alessia, leave Lillian alone and get your new outfit on, we had
better go."

Turning to Lillian while buttoning her vest she said, "Sorry about that,
Lillian. Be a sweetie and pack up those things I chose. I'll pay in cash
and here's my personal card, it's got my phone number on it; give me a call
if you want to explore this side further."

"Yes, sure, right now. Is Alessia for real? I mean, oh, embarrassing."
"You can ask - it's all right."

"How come she's not coming?"

"I told her not to."

Lillian turned to me mouth gapping open saying, you're not coming
because she said not to?"

"You got it."

"I couldn't do that, especially with that vibrator going in me. Why?"

"Do you mean, why do I take notice of her?


"Because I want to please her and when I do come it will be amazing. I
will have multiple orgasms and many after shocks, and it will last for
ages. I will probably want more and more orgasms by denying myself one now.
The vibrator feels fantastic. I must get used to the full feeling and its
effect, but I doubt that will be very hard, judging how it's making me feel
now. I only wish I'd tried one before. Shit, Honey, I'm having trouble
talking straight. I must concentrate."

"I don't understand how you can do it. You must have iron willpower.
Is it really worth it?"

"Yeah, for me it is anyway."

Talking about it was heightening the effect of the nipple clamps and the
'mistress' stimulator. My body was now hyper sensitive, and my 'mistress'
was pulsating in mini orgasms, while I was spurting pussy juices that felt
like I was spraying it out. It was amazing to me that I could hold on for
so long and I didn't know when angelina would allow me release. I felt as
though I would be letting her down if I just let it happen, but geez, it
would blow my mind just to let go right then.

"Oh okay, so I might not be able to?"

"With practice, maybe, who knows?"

"Hmm, okay, I will give it a go."

Passing the box to us she said,

"Here is your stuff ladies - hold on I have a gift for you. Some
special oils came today, I'm told they're magic, have fun trying this one.
It has some kind of stimulant in it."

"That's very sweet of you, thank you."

angelina grabbed me by the arm and Lillian tucked the box under her
other arm. We walked steadily out of the shop, arm in arm. Feeling her
skin, her closeness was tantalising me; I loved her touch as much I loved
her. men in the shop gapped at us again, but the sunlight was now dim, it
was early dusk. Several people walking on the footpath boggled at us. I
didn't care about them staring anymore. I was on a mind-bending lecherous
and carnal high, like nothing I had ever experienced before. I wanted to
come. I wanted not to come. I wanted Angelina. I wanted to feel like
then forever. I had started to quiver slightly with the acutely aroused
state I found myself in, but with no release in sight.

I set my mind on enjoying the exciting high and it was exciting. My
body screamed for release, but the sensations I was experiencing were
unreal. Everything I touched or saw was so erotic to me, even the slight
breeze that wafted over my face and skin, felt so good and seemed to
stimulate every erogenous zone I had and some I was discovering by my

Lillian had followed us out with a second box, and while I was getting
in the front of the car, she waited saying,

"You two are amazing, I've worked in this shop for ages and I've never
got off in front of customers before. I've never seen girls do what you've
done. Incredible."

"Lillian, I've never done anything like this before either and, yeah,
incredible is the word. I am so fucking horny. You'd better go or I'll
kiss you, or worse."

I grinned, she giggled put the box on my lap and gave me a quick peck on
my lips. Somehow my breast got touched during that exchange and I went
giddy in the ecstatic sensations that ensued from my nipple in particular.
God, she had soft sweet lips too. I was right on the edge of an almighty
orgasm. angelina shut her door, started the engine and we waved, good-bye
to Lillian: that helped me calm a bit. I had been on a breathtaking high
for a few hours now, and although I had come once since in the dress shop,
I knew I had to explode soon. I just had to.

Continued in Chapter 6 Copyright (c) 2001 by Alessia Gerini

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