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Fantasy Fulfilment 07 by Alessia Gerini


Fantasy Fulfilment Chapter 7 Sub Title: SATURDAY NIGHT: Alessia and
Angelina {FF, exhib, toys, rom}

By Alessia Gerini (Edited with thanks by PeeJ) Comments will be
delightfully received at or in my web-page guest book here
and I take this opportunity to thank anyone who wrote` but to whom I didn't

Fantasy Fulfilment Chapter 7

angelina got to her feet, picked up my vibrator, and stood over me. In
the soft light, small beads of perspiration like frost on a glass shone on
her giving her a shimmering glow. Several big ones ran down her thighs or
maybe they were beads of her juices. Whichever, she had the look of a
lover who was catching her breath looking at me softly, sexily. I was
still sweating too; that has been a really intense loving session. I
understood from the glint of her green eyes that she had not yet finished
with me for that evening. I looked up at her, seeing the undersides of her
breasts with her long nipples still in their hard, aroused state.

That excited me as I loved her and felt that I could, we could, make
wild passionate love all night. God, even all the next day too. Her labia
and, indeed, right now her whole pussy glimmered with her juices smothered
over her, and I had my share over me. Its aroma, strong and seductive,
still seeped from her. Mine still oozed too and its aroma also hung in the
air. A heady mixture indeed! My orgasm had lasted forever, well so long I
found it hard to believe its longevity. My chest still heaved from my
recent exertion. I lay there looking up and I could see her private
regions, well not so private to me anyway. In my mind I tried to hold that
gorgeous picture of my new-found lover.

I was in awe of her and a little tentative after my earlier
indiscretion. I knew there would be consequences. On thinking about it, I
began to cringe in fear. One does not get off lightly after an attempted
rape. at least, non-consensual sexual advances such as I had made not long
ago, especially not with someone in her position as club president. And,
as much as I knew, her powers of mesmerism might be used against me.

Heaven knows what would have happened had Ingrid not thrown me off
Angelina. I had never done anything like that before, although once or
twice I had idly fantasised about doing something similar. I had never
believed I was capable of rape.

She put her out her hand for me and gratefully I took it, as my legs
felt jelly-like following that sustained workout. She pulled me to my feet
and led me into her bedroom and over to the picture window. It was dusk
and as there were no lights on in her room; people would not have seen us
through it even though the heavy drapes were open.

The view over the wide river estuary was magnificent. The street and
the freeway lights twinkled in the darkening surrounding suburbs. The
still water reflecting lights in long slithers across it and some coloured
marker beacons, and shop sign's lights mingled with them oh, so prettily. I
tingled in aprehention at the thought of being seen, hair dishevelled and
totally naked with my still-hard nipples almost touching the plate glass.
Also still naked, angelina stood beside me our arms entwined and after
taking in the view for a few moments she said,

"I'll turn on the spa and we can have a good soak. Do you like it
really hot? I do, I like to get out all pink then invigorate myself under
a cold shower."

"Sounds wonderful," I lied. I hate cold showers but to lie in a spa
with her, oh yes I could cold shower.

"Good, don't move till I get back will you!" she ordered, and ran her
soft palm down my back and over my fleshy buttocks. I watched my nipples
zap out hard in a reflex response. They may have been sore, but they were
still very sensitive and active. She felt great and with her experience
she was rapidly learning about my body's erogenous zones. She didn't know
it then, but I knew I could get off just by my boobs being teased, kneaded
or sucked and tongued just right.

"Oh, okay, no." I wondered what that was about, I soon found out.
Angelina had gone into the bathroom and had turned on the spa taps to fill
it; I could hear the water running. She had then turned on a couple of
scarlet red shaded bedside lamps that gave off a tranquil warm glow. The
ambience was becoming warm and cosy. Her bed was large with gorgeous
colours of aqua, deep reds and purple shades in the cover and sheets. The
bed was made from rich-red polished Jarrah complete with bedposts and
turned railings. The foot of the bed was a lower copy of the bed head.
The carpet was lush and thick but not a shag pile; it felt great under my
bare feet.

Suddenly I was floodlit in a very bright pool of light.

"Don't move," she said.

Shit, I felt so exposed to the world. Goosebumps shivered right through
me. Again my nipples shot out straight and hard as if they defied the
world to see them in all their glory. Everything I'd learned told me to
duck out of sight, but angelina wanted the world to see me absolutely stark
naked. I froze, as still as a rabbit caught by a spotlight. angelina came
to me from behind and asked me to raise my arms above my head. I did so
taking my hair holding it up off my shoulders and upper chest with my
fingers. In that apartment I could not now have been more obviously
exposing myself to any outside and unseen eyes; not even if I had tried.
horror flushed through me as I raised my hair exposing even my neck.

"Feel the exposure, Alessia Darling, feel the eyes lusting after your
breasts, your pussy, the round smoothness of your buttocks, your luscious
nakedness, your essence, your very existence. They all want you and you
alone, nobody else; you are at the centre of the universe right now, at
this minute there is only you. Show yourself to them; turn slowly in a
full circle. Put this scrunchie on to hold your hair high on your head.
Run you hands over yourself as if you're asking them to ravage you. Feel
your breasts - offer them to all - flaunt your hips and pussy to them all.
Tell me how you feel as you go. Go on, do it now!" She handed me the
scrunchie and I put it in as she had instructed me; my fingers trembling in

"Yes, my Darling, I feel so revealed, like someone performing a sensual
striptease, but my knees are trembling in fright. I feel I should defy you
and hide, but I love you and wish to please you. I also feel like an
animated life size statue as if I were like a trophy you won. I don't know
why but I am becoming so highly stimulated by it all.

My pussy is swelling and becoming so juicy just for you; ready and
awaiting you. My sore, abused nipples are so hard they throb with each
heartbeat. My heart races, nearly jumping out of my chest thinking that
everyone is lusting after me. That boys and men masturbate their hard
cocks, wanting to fuck me; the women are jealous, or also masturbate over
me, but I am yours, and I want you."

I was rambling on in my terror. I ran my hands over myself as
provocatively as I could holding my breasts, running my hands down over my
hips to my thighs passing over my pussy on the way back up till my hands
were way above my head. I wriggled and writhed as if in ecstasy as I went.
I felt wonderfully sexy. I really concentrated on trying to excite

I wanted her and I could sense my own arousal at exposing myself, but
with her right there naked, my mind was torn between her, the words she
spoke and the world looking n at me. At that point I was now facing the
window again. The terror continued within me despite my arousal. All I
could see in the glass was my reflection.

"I feel elated, somehow freed from a strange restraint, but so hot, so
hot for you," I said desperately concentrating on her.

Angelina's hands snaked around me sending my body quivering. Handing me
the vibrator she said,

"Put it in, my Baby; carefully wet it first then ease it in, pull it out
a bit if you hit dryness, don't just force it because that will hurt. Use
your natural lubricant or spit on it. I want you high again. C'mon and
let's get you steaming again, if you can. We must see if you can get up
there to float in the sea of lustful ecstasy once more."

I pictured what I must have looked like from the other side of the
window, and in my mind I saw a sexy bitch on heat that loved showing off
her body. My mind told me it was wrong, but I became highly aroused
sexually again despite my aversion to the spotlight. The lights blazed on
me from all sides leaving nothing to the imagination. I had never felt so
naked, I felt shame, but oddly elated. It was as if my inner self was out
there to be read by anyone, by everyone.

That was scary. I wanted to be seen as a seductive woman, one who
enjoys her body, who uses it to its fullest potential in sexual ecstasy and
one who wants all to enjoy it with her. These ideas flooded into my mind,
but normally I would not think blatant sexuality like that. It was as if
Angelina had my mind in her palm doing with me at her desire. As much as I
wanted to I could not escape her will.

I took the toy from angelina and ran its pink tip in the moisture
between my labia. I again shuddered at its touch; it was cold, but
Angelina came up to me from behind; she cupped my breasts saying to me
breathily in my ear,

"I offer your breasts to all that want them."

Her breath in my ear was so tantalisingly horny, it gave me a tingling
feeling from my ear to my pussy. She held my boobs high and proudly
towards the glass. Pressing her nakedness against my back, Angelina's
breasts with their hard nipples and soft torso, pressed onto me once again.
My skin crawled goosebumps and my sore nipples again stimulated by the soft
pinching she started giving them. If it were possible, they stood boosted
even more proudly in a carnal defiance of social mores. My stomach churned
while my mind was aghast by this scenario.

angelina had me displaying myself naked and lasciviously to the world.
She had convinced me that everyone wanted my body to do their will with it.
And I simply stood there transfixed by her aura. angelina kissed all
around my bare neck, my shoulders, my ears, poking her tongue in one. I
went weak and my body responded by awakening my passionate feelings more
and more, as I grew even further excited by her very public attentions upon
my naked, exposed body with my brain fantasising about the thoughts
instilled into me by Angelina.

She said breathing in my ear, "Go on my sweet, let me help you smoothly
slide my present deeply into you, but this time after a few minutes we'll
turn it on to medium speed. I must watch your face so maintain eye contact
with me. Look at my reflection in the window through which they all stare
at your beauty, but know the world is watching you."

She held my hand and guided our pink 'friend' slowly into my 'mistress
pussy', filling me with its girth. My juicy pussy wet it as it went in,
but angelina moved it out then back in several further times. I was still
unused to the glorious stimulation of it filling me, but it truly was
breathtaking. I swallowed hard, nearly in tears with the joy of taking
this thing into me, with my love coaxing, coaching me in the techniques I
needed to best enjoy it. Without her I may never have tried one, but with
her helping it was so highly erotic.

"Go down on your knees and look into my eyes."

"Yes Angelina," I heard myself say, and I sank down, my knees cushioned
by that sumptuously spongy carpet and looked into those green eyes, then
looked down at 'mistress' pussy. My labia, pushed apart by my new pink
friend, were bright pink too as they closed around it, holding it. The tip
of my clitoris crept out from its sheath as I watched.

My arousal continued to grow, my body tingling, flushing blood to my
breasts and my vulva's whole area. I looked back up at Angelina. I became
vaguely aware that the window went all the way down to the floor. We were
still in full view of the world. I saw her face framed by her shoulder
length auburn hair; she had literally mesmerised me. She slowly moved
closer to me so that I had to strain my neck back to keep eye contact. Her
sweet bouquet wafted strongly in my nostrils. Her lovely womanhood,
centimetres from my face, reminding me of her face in the little dress shop
that very afternoon.

"Look at me; I want to see your expression when you see me as I saw you
earlier today." As I looked up she leant backwards a little and bent her
knees outwards revealing her perfectly smooth but puffed labia. She was
obviously very aroused as she was sopping wet with her pleasure juice. For
me the sight of her aroused pussy was glorious and I badly wanted to bury
my face in it. The vibrator filling me felt so wonderful; I wondered what
I would feel when I turned it on. That thought alone turned up the wick
up, heightening my arousal even further. I was feeling scorching hot and
desperately needed her to take me. I felt as if I may have reached the
sexual high that I had that afternoon, if not, I was getting there.

"Oh Alessia Darling, your face is wonderful. Am I that special to you?"
Lusting for her I nodded saying,

"Oh, yes."

"I believe you do; it's written all over your face, a mix of lust and

I did love her, she was right. She reached for my hair, running her
fingers through it.

"Alright Alessia, I want you to hold your new friend in you and sit on
your feet."

"Yes, Angelina."

I sat back, the tops of my feet face down, my butt touching my heels.

"Very good, my girl. Now kiss my feet!"

"Oh yes, Goddess."

I kissed her feet, a humbling, but exquisitely exciting thing I could do
to please or pleasure her. My concerns were turning from nudity to her
dominance of me.

"Now lick them for me, Alessia."

My thoughts were now racing; where was angelina taking me?

She ran her fingers up and down shoulders to my arms and back again. I
sighed in delight at her teasing softness. She smiled a knowing smile. My
body tingled in ecstasy at each touch. I was barely able to stand it. But
she was provoking in me a state of libidinous tension I had not before
experienced. It was truly delightful. My back arched involuntarily
pressing my thrilled body against her ankles.

"Slowly, kiss up my shins feeling the calf muscles of my legs, but look
down now, humble yourself for me. Spread your knees wide so that I can see
our friend poking out of you, but hold it in. Use your pelvic muscles to
hold onto it," angelina ordered.

I felt lewd and humiliated. I blushed deeply, now unsure of myself;
somehow I had been put under her spell and in her control. I wondered if
sex slaves felt like this - did angelina want me as her slave? Was this a
part of a training programme? I didn't want that, but I felt a compulsion
to obey her no matter if it were humiliating or lewd. I did want her and
if this is what she wanted then I would obey. I felt tears coming on, but
I didn't understand why. Were they tears of shame mixed with the joy of
knowing she desired me? But I was sure that she did anyway. I became

angelina spoke again, instructing me, "Stroke the backs of my thighs,
feel my muscles, my tendons, get to know them intimately, but don't look up

I moved my hands up from her calves over her hamstrings to her taught
thigh muscles. Jeez, she felt wonderful, her skin satin smooth, silky
soft, her muscles unobtrusive but strong and lean. For the moment my lust
returned - it was simmering away just below my uncertainty. I reached up
to her buttocks and down the sides of her thighs, carefully noting the
bulge of her extensors and the long fibres of her abductors, I realised the
extraordinary sensuousness of my touch. It felt fabulous to me.

She must have had a liking for that too or why did she ask me, "Kiss my
thighs, Alessia, rub your cheeks over my legs, open your mouth and run your
wet lips over my thighs. Breathe your breath over me; run the tip of your
tongue over me until I say to stop."

'Oh my god,' I thought, as I followed through her instructions with a
relish. Such eroticism is unbelievably luscious. My body was aflame with
desire, my juices, dribbling off my pink friend, still filling me. She
moved her legs apart and lowered herself, letting me smooch my face over
her like a cat might, mouth and lips all over her. I was able to smell her
womanly fragrance, as I tasted her delicious syrup. Then she passed lower;
I kissed her tummy, then just caught a little of her breast. I took it in
gluttonously. Her breathing matched my short, grasping breaths.

She ran her palms up my sides, across the top of my chest to hold my
face again. Unrestrainedly, she kissed me on my lips. And I sensed a
change in her demeanour. I kissed her right back, covetously grasping her
to me. Our mouths and tongues excited each other's in frenzied passion.
Our breathing became faster as our nostrils flared to breathe. Breaking to
kiss each other's cheeks, or neck, or ears, or breasts from time to time,
we were both reaching an ecstatic sensuality that we knew would end in a
glorious climax.

angelina rolled me onto my back, her hands all over me and mine all over
her; our hands exchanging our ardent feelings, giving off electrically
charged sensations. Then she concentrated on my nipples once again. Oh,
shit, my poor nipples knotted in their soreness, but the sensations from
them made me groan in perverse pleasure. Her breasts were thrust in my
face. I opened my mouth sucking and licking her salty skin.

She had started to perspire again. My love held her breast for me to
suckle; I did take her in, sucking each as they were offered to me. God,
she had gorgeous breasts, so soft, but yet so firm too. She purred with
each twirl of my tongue over her luscious flesh. Then she reached for the
toy deep in me and turned it on quickly, moving through slow to medium
speed. It flattened me; I hadn't expected it then. As the scrumptious
effects of her lovemaking, then the toy, took me away, I bit her chest
somewhere then groaned long, deep-voiced, and animal like.

I felt an orgasm rapidly overtaking me. Somehow I managed to twist and
to go down on her, tonguing and sucking her juicy clitoris before my own
orgasm hit me. It tore into the core of my existence shaking me into a
frenzy ablaze, all but oblivious to everything but her presence. She
seemed to be with me in this utopia, as I could feel her holding me during
my blinding climax.

When I came back to earth angelina was still in the last thrusts or two
of her trip, and my mouth was dripping with her sweet nectar that I had
gobbled up when latched onto her convulsing clitoris. angelina had her
face on my tender, sensitised labia lips; she was panting and kissing and
it felt so exceptionally sexy that I felt I would soon be sent back to
where I had just been. I sat and looked at her. With her chest still
heaving she looked up at me, grinning divinely. I grinned back.

We both lay there side by side, sweating profusely, I said, "We had
better turn the water off or we'll be swimming soon! Oh my sweet god, I've
outdone myself again. I can't believe I have just exceeded anything I had
earlier today. You are fantastic."

"God, my Sweet young Alessia, so are you. The taps turn off
automatically at a pre-set level, don't worry about that."

"Turn off your present, Sweetie."

"Spoilsport," I replied.

"Yes, I'm afraid you're right, I have bad news for you, but depending on
your decision, I think that you will be better off getting this off your
back, so to speak."

"Oh, er. . what is it?

To be continued . . .

Comments please, to I thrive on them! Alessia Gerini
Copyright 2001


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