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Fantasy Fulfilment 11 by Alessia Gerini

Fantasy Fulfilment Chapter 11 INITIATION Sub Title: The day before

I owe a debt of gratitude to PeeJ, my editor.

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As an Australian I use Aussie English so if you don't understand any
little bits, strange words, whatever, ask me and I'll tell you, okay.

Fantasy Fulfilment Chapter 11 INITIATION Sub Title: The day before {FF,
exhib} POV: Alessia, 1st person, past tense.

I had a quiet week at my studies and was able to study comfortably. The
dreadful stinging on my boobs undersides and spanked rear end stopped while
I worked. Somehow Angelina's 'spell' for want of a better description
allowed me to study but not watch tv or relax in any way. As soon as I
tried to relax the hot stinging pain came on with a vengeance again and
again. It only eased off after I got into bed each night. However, I
awoke on the Thursday and as had become usual my butt and the undersides of
my boobs started stinging immediately. I cringed at the thought of another
day of pain.

I showered and while dressing noticed a slight reduction in the pain.
It wasn't relief but I live in hope. Sure enough during my quick breakfast
and dash to my transport the pain reduced further. By he time I had
reached the university the pain had reduced to a minor sort of hot sting
that I found aroused me a little judging by the feel and erectness of my
nipples. After university the pain did not return. Was it all finished? I
had no idea but certainly hoped so. But I was still horny.

I decided to drop in at club headquarters to find Angelina. I wanted to
know if her punishment had really finished and what the plans were for my
club official initiation that coming weekend. I had started getting
excited about it. I was also getting a bit panicky too. 'Initiations'
into secret club's can be worse than your run-of-the-mill initiations.
Anyway my staying out Friday and Saturday nights last weekend without a
warning had not exactly thrilled my folks with whom I then still lived.
This weekend I wanted to give them reasonable notice: It's a pain but it
does save hassles at home.

As had become usual on going to the 'club' I got off the train going
straight to the toilet block and removed my bra and panties. This 'club'
rule I like, I always get turned on in public without undergarments. My
nipples always respond to the stimuli of my areolae and nipples swishing
over my top's material. Then I imagine that everybody is looking at my
proud nipples and I, being an exhibitionist in the making, liked people to
look. Many people do too and I was feeling 'hot' before this. Now I was
really burning. Anyway I arrive at the 'club' ripe for action. I waltzed
in and found Angelina, Ingrid, Ava, and one other woman were there.

I was happy to see them, especially now the pain had stopped. They
greeted me with knowing smiles and a,

"Hello, how are you?."

"Hi, so what's the story?" said I sitting so my thigh touched Ingrid but
looking at angelina while I gave Ingrid's thigh a squeeze. 'My god she is
great to feel again,' I thought. She was maybe only five foot two tops and
slight but beautifully muscled and proportioned while remaining so
feminine. Along with her intelligence and effervescent personality she is
one very desirable honey blonde bombshell. angelina still looked wonderful
to me and Ava was looking fine too. The fourth woman looked attractive and
vaguely familiar but I couldn't place her. i sat leaning forward onto the
table as i had found was perhaps not expected but certainly exciting. One
never knew if or whether a hand would sneak up inside ones top for a little

"Good, now." I said.

angelina spoke to me saying,

"Did you have a good week off?"

I lowered my voice and replied,

"Well yes and no. My boobs are only a teeny bit tender now and my butt
was giving me hell until after I got up and away today but the sting eased
right off during the early morning. Is all that finished Angelina?" I

"Yes, the pain is but you still have a hypnotic suggestion in your head
but I think it's redundant."

"Er, . . Oh okay, Otherwise I am up to date with my studies but my
initiation plans I don't know about. I'm thrilled at being accepted but
scared about what you devilish mob have dreamed up for me."

"Who said you'd been accepted?"

My chin hit the table. I could feel myself trembling in shock. Being
an optimist I'd maybe assumed too much again. I forced a brave face but I
knew my eyes were teary. I hoped my specs' would cover them.

"Angelina, please tell me I'm in."

"Of course you are. After last weekend how could we knock you back!"

"Geez, you are a terrible teases, damn you. You scared me shitless

Ingrid piped up,

"Well there goes my enema idea."

They all nearly pissed themselves laughing while I nearly flooded the
shop at the thought. I'm not into water sporttss or arse stuff at all but
it's hardly unknown. I'd learnt that some little time back but I object to
it on medical grounds. LIke a torn bowel can be very serious and cross
infections from bowel to bladder can also serious but I digress.

"By the way Alessia, do you know our old friend here?" said angelina gesticulating at the woman I didn't know or perhaps recall.

"I seem to vaguely recognise her but can't place you." I said turning
from angelina to face Audrey's smile.

angelina said,

"Meet Audrey, she is one of the originals. She started quite young."

"Hello Audey, how are you?" I gave her a friendly and respectful smile.

"Very well thank you," she said. Even her voice seemed familiar.

"Audrey, Alessia is why we are here organising her initiation for this

"Aah, so it's her, okay." grinning as she spoke.

angelina had a sly grin on her face and the others were grinning too.
I'd obviously interrupted their planning session. So I hung around
stroking Ingrid's thigh while I stifled the conversation to trivia. Ingrid
leaned over, perhaps on an impulse or maybe a pre-planned tactic, and
kissed my cheek opening her mouth, breatthing over me and tongued my ear.
Shit, she could make me hot so easily. I turned to her and she kissed me
right on my mouth long and hot riming my open mouth with her tongue so

I let her kiss me. I actually loved it, desired it, desired her. I had
no problem opening my mouth for her tongue. Her tongue led mine a merry
dance all around our mouths. After a minute or so she'd got up onto the
seat on her knees and bore down on me still skillfully kissing me. I
gripped her slim hips as the passion and lust arose in me. She undid the
top buttons of my sleeveless top and ran her hands over my shoulders
pushing the top over onto my arms. She took my breasts into her hands
pulling my now scorching hot proud nipples to even more exquisite
pleasurable sensations.

God, everyone in the coffee shop will see my boobs, us see snogging. My
thoughts spun out. The thrill of being seen was bettered by Ingrid's
touches on my erogenous zones that she'd discovered on Saturday night. She
was magnificently sexy and I needed and loved her for it. Indeed, I
returned her passion with my own touching. I also was aware of many of
Ingrid's pleasure zones from those fabulous sessions with Ashley.

She became quite rough with my areolae and nipples getting me very wet
all within a couple of minutes.n I always seem very horney after my lay off
tiime of my periods. Yes, i know one doesn't have to quit during those
days but I do; always have. My inhibitions weakened I pulled my skirt to
my waist and pixked her up slipping her between my tummy and the table on
my lap making sure that her skirt was also pulled up. Our naked tummies
and mounds met with heat and electricity flowing wildly through us. By
club rules neither of us had panties on. The thrill of such openly
exposure of my breasts and Ingrid's insistent unrestrained sexual presence
all over my exposed body was surreal.

It was hard for me to comprehend that it was real but I knew it was not
a dream although I could think of her as dreamy, no problem. Seconds later
I had forgotten that as I felt fingers enter me to the fullest possible
stretching my silky muscular walls. This sent me into a fit of craving for
her. Ingrid ground her mound into me and I pressed back. I couldn't see
who it was through Ingrid but I didn'tt care just thhen. I couldn't help
it, I thrust at the fingers squeezing the slight Ingrid against the table.
The fingers pinched hard on my engorged clitoris and shook it grinding
knuckles into my sensitive labia sending even more outrageous lightening
flashes through me. My mind reeled as I soaked up the luscious sensations.
I rushed towards an orgasm and I felt Ingrid tensing too. She was tripping
with me.

My pussy was about to explode. I bit into Ingrid's shoulder in an
attempt to stop from shouting my rapture to all the coffee shop patrons.
My orgasm came over me quickly and intensely. I was barely aware that
Ingrid was holding me tightly as I rode with the tide of extreme bliss. As
I regained my grip on the world I felt Ingrid's fingers squeezing hard into
my back. Her mouth and rasping hot breath on my neck and over my breasts was devine as she also came. We both trembled as our orgasms eased. My
groin and thighs were covered with our feminine honey and Ingrid whispered,

"Welcome back," our lips meeting erotically in our whispering.

"Shit Ingrid honey that was wild, I was only gone for four days. Next
time I'll make it a week."

I sat there knowing I'd have a huge wet patch on my skirt, feeling high
and flushed floating in a haze of lust. I came to my senses just enough to
look around the shop. Only the three women sitting on the other side of
the table were to be seen looking and they chatted as if nothing untoward
had happened. However, by the way their eyes shone, they were clearly
aroused by our show. Ingrid then sat beside me her skirt still pulled up
so that I could see her wet thighs and looking at me with her face in a
lustful grin. Her gorgeous breasts still heaving from our exertion, her
nipples clearly excited and visible through her white silk shirt, she
looked beautiful. She startled me by saying,

"So are you going to let us plan your initiation or are you going to
hang around here for ages?"

Absolutely besotted and bewildered I muttered,

"I but Ingrid I'm still horny. Oh fuck, I'm even hornier. Oh,
shit, please."

"Please what Babe?"

"I'm on fire and need you, come with me, you can't do that to me then
just kick me out. Ingrid, oh please."

I got to my feet and felt a sticky warmth running down my thighs. My
skirt was soaked at the back, I smelt and tasted it, it was our come no
doubt about that. angelina then said to Ingrid,

"Go with her but take her to Liz's boutique and book up a dress for her
on my account, okay, you know what we talked about? She has several that
met my specifications and I have them held for Alessia but we really should
see how well they fit Alessia, right! Then you pick one but bring it home
with you, okay?"

My ears pricked up, 'Liz davenport' is a top local designer, very
exclusive, very expensive and I was getting something from her boutique,
WOW! Hell, I couldn't go in this wet come soaked skirt smelling like this.

"Is that alright with you Alessia, Sweetie?" asked angelina staring at
my sill proudly erect nipples. That made feel really good, she still found
me attractive. Angelina's smiling green eyes met mine and she looked so
sexy too. She had a cleavage that highlighted her braless breasts tantalisingly and she also had hardened nipples. My god, she had nipple
clamps on almost identical to mine. She had deliberately leaned so that I
could see them on her exquisitely long nipples and her areolae were a
little puffy. I looked again from her breasts into her eyes as she looked
into mine. She gave me one of her special smiles that weakened my knees
and raised my temperature. Somewhat strangely I felt a stronger bonding
between us but even more sttrange to Ingrid also. It puzzled me but I felt
as if I was falling for them both. Silly girl, I clearly loved both of

"Oh yes, it sure is thanks angelina but what's wrong with the clothes
we've already got?"

"Nothing, but we've changed my earlier plans a bit and anyway we may
still use them."

"Um, okay, but I've er got a bit of a problem right now," I lowered my
voice a lot, "My skirt is covered in our come. It's a wonder you can't
smell me."

"I can smell both of your fragrances and I'm wet from it and from
watching you two horny pups go wild in front of us like that. What more do
you want from me?"

"I didn't mean anything mean or greedy by that. No, nothing more but I
really can't go now, not like this. I'm all wet, my skirt is staurated:
look." I turned showing them.

"Well I hate to tell you this as it's quite a wonderful sight but do up
your top, girl or we'll all want a piece of you and then you'll never get
there." angelina and the others were all laughing now. I was undone from
my waist, much of my chest distinctly discernible. I was a bit embarrassed
and but could see it was funny and laughed with them. However, the more I
thought about flashing my boobs at them the more ecstatic I became. That,
however, didn't solve my problem. Damn it, I was still as horny as hell
too and the way Ingrid was holding my hand so was she. What to do? I
didn't do up my buttons letting them look at me. I got quitte a buzz from
these women's sttares. I knew, pretty much what they would do to me and I
liked them to think about me. I wracked my brains, nothing useful came to
mind. If I could get to a washing machine and dryer I could fix it in
fairly short order.

"Okay, is there a laundry-mat anywhere near here?" I said.

"Yes," Audrey said, "but its over near the subway on Gugeri Street, it's
a ten minute walk though all those shoppers but you can go through the car
park and dodge a lot of them."

"Geez, do I have a choice?"

Nobody said anything so I said to Ingrid,

"Okay, are you coming with me?"

"I just did." she nearly doubled up laughing.

"Yeah, I did notice," I giggled trying to be sexy, I continued, "Well,
"Funny" girl, well are you coming to the landro-mat with me, please?"

"Yeah okay, lets go."

Then I did up my top's buttons. We both looked flushed and still hot
for each other. We left and walked swiftly down a little back street full
of boutiques and headed across the car park. My boobs bouncing caught
Ingrid's eyes and she couldn't stop looking or laughing. I've news for
her, as petite as she is her 34 Bs got up a sexy sway too. We arrived
still smoldering for each other. There were no men there and only one
woman with a little boy.

I stripped off the skirt wiped myself with it then shoved it into the
machine with some liquid soap for a good wash cycle. Ingrid shielded my
naked legs, bum and pussy but i teased her by moving around. I started
unbuttoning my top to show off at the young mum but Ingrid maybe thought I
did it for her. The young mum seemed preoccupied with her washing and her
boy. That was okay I guess, but I really wanted her to notice me. I was
starting to really enjoy the shocked, amused or lustful look on faces in my
short exhibitionist career.

So I played a game and when Ingrid moved forward I moved back exposing
my bottom half. The little boy saw my nakedness but not his mum. He
couldn't have cared less and started playing peek-a-boo with me. Ingrid
pushed me around to the back end of the joint to keep me from flashing to
the little tyke. She grabbed a handful of my trimmed pubs. I yelped
loudly and mum looked up at us. Ingrid held me down, by my pubs, for god's
sake. The young mum packed her stuff and left before I could get up to too
much mischief.

Ingrid threw my skirt into the dryer while I rubbed my mound. Geez,
that hurt and I got damp again. The rubbing did much more than ease the
pain. Then little bully Ingrid insisted that I put my panties on but not
before we kissed long and strongly again. The thrill I got was intense.
Kissing Ingrid was fabulous especially feeling her hot little body pressed
against me. Her soft breasts pillowing against mine as we squirmed kissing
is an exquisitely erotic feeling. She has a way of using her lips and
tongue that's wonderfully sexy. And if she gets under my chin into the
nape of my neck she can make me feel lusciously alive all over.

She went for my boobs under my half undone top instead. I quickly undid
the top two buttons and let the top fall over my 36 Ds. She suckled me
with that soft tongue doing me big favours while I squeezed her pert little
round butt cheek with one hand and held her head witth the other. I had
missed the feel of another quite badly since the previous weekend. I felt
a need to make up for hose 'lost' days. So there at the back of the
laundro-mat Ingrid worked wonders on me. I cuddled her as she sent me into
a state of sublime blissfulness. The dryer finished its cycle and we were
out of small change but I realy wanted to continue with Ingrid but we had
to go to Liz Davenport's. We couldn't miss that so Ingrid and I very
reluctantly broke off.

When she reached for my hopefully dry skirt I grabbed her boobs squeezing her nipples. They sprang to life in my fingers. I rolled them
right through her cotton top and kissed her neck. She didn't know whether
to laugh or squeal in pain. She did both we and snogged for a minute or
three. Ingrid grabbed my bare butt cheeks squeezing them and pulling me
hard onto her. I knew that I was naked at the back of the laundro-mat.
The thrill of being seen was becoming outrageously erotic to me. I got
very damp yet again thinking about being disturbed, about coming in public
view, my areolae and nipples throbbed the more I thought. Being with
Ingrid was fabulous but unhelpful in cooling off not that I really wanted

I got my dry but slightly rumpled skirt on and we headed off to Liz
Davenport's shop. We had nearly past it on the way from the 'club' so it
wasn't far and we were soon there. We introduced ourselves and were shown
through to a change room. The woman serving us brought in a deep blue
dress. It was short, had the lowest cut cleavage I'd ever seen. It came
down to below my belly button and was held together from just by my boobs by the sheerest skin coloured chiffon and it also had a low back with a
zipper down to my butt cheeks. Slits on each side seam to high thigh and
it was lined with soft satin in the kind of built in bra, well it had half
cups but they were only there to give the cloth body and a smooth look.

I fell in love with it immediately. I slipped into it and Ingrid
drooled down her bib watching me strip as much as seeing me in the dress.
My heeled sandals didn't do much for it but it just barely covered my
areolae and my navel piercing looked fine through the sheer front. It was
very sexy. It made me feel as if I was a goddess of sexual arousal. And
that is a real buzz for me to turn on sexually other people especially
other women is just an awesome feeling. A feeling of power.

I took a walk about and a look in the mirror slowly turning around. My
hand on my hip i did the sexy model walk thing pouting around he boutique
floor. Ingrid said it was absolutely superlative on me, my reflection
certainly supported that statement. I had never worn a dress so blatantly
sexy or so expensive.

However, another dress was brought in for me to try on. It too was a
knockout in braided black and of quite sheer material. It also had a very
deep cleavage that would lace up only to the underside of my breasts from
just below my waist. It was the sort of dress that is too easy to fall out
of if you know what I mean. It had a low cut back but not quite as low as
the first and its zipper would just pass my hips. It was the same length
and had the slits up the side seams as far as the first dress. This dress
being see through would be as exciting to wear and very sexy, just as sexy
as the first.

I asked Ingrid,

"Please lace it up for me?"

I knew she would do it slowly, touching me in all the right places so I
was ready for her but first she reached inside the dress and pushed my
panties down. The feeling of her hands on my tummy sliding down over my
hips was fabulous as she eased them out of view. She managed to brush her
hand over my nipples several times doing the laces up. I quivered in
delight each time. She knew why I had asked her, she knew what teased me
the most and I loved her for understanding my desires. She could make me
feel so alive so easily. She steered me out of the dressing room before I
could kiss her or feel her but I knew she was feeling hot too.

Again I turned in front of the mirror in the main part of the shop. I
might never get to wear a dress like this again so I wasn't going to hide
myself in the dressing room. Ingrid thought this fitted better than the
first. I thought they both fitted beautifully. Again I posed all over the
shop and of course in front of te mirror. I fiured out how I could
"accidentally" fall out of the dress, well getting one boob out would be

Ingrid got yet another outfit. This one was a two piece suit but
definitely not day or office wear. It was designed to wear just a really
lacey bra underneath and it was see through too. Roughly about the same as
the second dress. The jacket top was cut a bit like a man's dinner suit.
Long silk lapels buttoned low. The skirt was full length but open at the
front showing the wearer's legs to above mid thigh. All in a deep
burgundy. I had to get a bra to wear so I got mine from my briefcase. It
was a plain, no frills bra but under that jacket with that skirt it gave us
an idea of what a matching set might look like: Wonderful. I wandered
around outside the dressing room looking in the mirror at the mirage in it.
With the right this outfit would be outrageously sexy. Clothes may not
maketh the woman but these outfits were making this one very wet and very

After several minutes of posing for passers-by and a couple of other
patrons my nipples got so hard and the moisture between my legs was getting
ready to drip a bit I called it a day and went back to the dressing room to
take it off. Ingrid followed me asking me about accessories, like matching
shoes, handbags, etc. for the three outfits. Did I have them, blah, blah.
Well I could do the black dress justice and, surprising Ingrid, I did have
the burgundy pretty well covered. Ingrid asked about gloves! That
surprised me as I'd rarely worn them and no I did not. What the hell would
I need gloves for, I wondered. Hmm, well both dresses were sleeveless so I
could wear gloves with either so I told her I didn't have any evening
gloves but I knew my hand size and told her. Anyway Ingrid wanted me to
put the second dress back on, the black one.

Ingrid hands wandered all over my front once again as she laced it up.
Oh, fuck, she got me steaming again. The dress really was superb and
fitted me so well. She left me to get gloves while I slipped out of the
dress. When down to my panties that I pulled up properly I noticed that my
left high school graduation ear-stud was missing. I searched the dressing
room floor. I found it on the floor quite quickly but it gave me an idea.
It was of tremendous sentimental value as well as an expensive gift set
from my parents. I pretended to get a bit panicky and opened the door to
retrace my recent movements. Owing to myopic condition I crawled on my
hands and knees searching the carpeted floor.

I could feel the weight of my breasts hanging under me. I looked at
them; they looked great. I checked them out in the mirror, my nipples now
rock hard, they swung majestically and when crawlig I could knock them with
my arms for added effect. I had certainly not overlooked in my mock
distress that I only had my panties on, at least, that would be my excuse
if asked. I'm blubbering,

"I've lost my diamond stud, come and help me find it."

Ingrid caught onto my game and got in the way of the 'assistant', who on
seeing me, came rushing over not quite knowing what to do. She probably
had seen some of her patron's semi naked before but not one practically
naked wearing cheap panties crawling about her shop. This blubbering
customer who was about to spend a lot of money was making quite a fuss. I
made sure my boobs swayed and jiggled for all to see. I got up on my knees
and begged her to help find it right in front of the shop door. I thrust
my 36 D breasts out as I looked up and over to her. My nipples I knew were
as hard as rocks and must have made quite a show. Of course, many people
stopped and looked to see what was happening, to see my crying and begging
the assistant to help Ingrid and I find my stud.

I barely was able to keep it up I was very aware of the gathering crowd
outside arousing me tremendously. I also found Ingrid's fending off antics
extremely funny and the assistant was close to hysteria. Ingrid was
cleverly not appearing to get in the way of the 'assistant' but always
seemed to be either looking for my stud or trying to understand the
assistant but deliberately misunderstanding her. She actually wasn't
getting her message through very well at all. She was continuously being
oblique or ambiguous.

I have no idea what she would have done if she had got passed Ingrid.
But I planned to grab her around her knees, thrust my boobs into her thighs
and looked up blubbering for her help. I was by now very wet and my body
flushed in excitement. My clit and my nipples were throbbing like crazy. I
waned to come badly, even in front of the mob gathering outside. The
thrill was overwhelming and I pretended to suddenly notice everyone looking
through the windows and the door and beckoned to them to come and help.

When near the shop front door again getting up on my knees thrusting my
breasts at them I asked a couple of girls to come and help me look. I had
not stopped crying but of course I wasn't upset I was crying with laughter
and exhilarated and into acute sexual stimulation. Nobody but Ingrid
seemed to want to help me. After several minutes my pussy started to drip
my honey juices, enough to dampen my panties. My nipples and clitoris
throbbed in a glorious unison with my pulsing heartbeat sending waves of
excitement throughout my body and mind. It got so as I couldn't take
anymore without my 'mistress' pussy dribbling much more heavily. While I
would not normally worry too much about that I may already have done more
than enough to embarrass Angelina, so I said quietly to Ingrid,

"Enough, I've had enough."

Ingrid then shouted, "Hey, here it is."

I looked at her, "Oh god, thank god, thanks."

In feign surprise I realised that I was virtually naked and in mock
shame tried to cover my breasts and scuttle back to the dressing room,
which I did. Ingrid, of course, followed me where I vainly tried to regain
my senses but I was too far gone. I leaned up against the wall, my legs
shaking and touched myself. The tip of my clitoris peeked through its
sheath and at my touch I received an electric like jolt that rushed through
me. It was awesome and I loved it. My body was burning hot, my mind blown
away by the scene I'd caused and the whole episode was sending my mind
whirling in a sexual frenzy. I touched my clitoris again and it was
electrifyingly glorious. I gasped in rapture then started panting and
swallowing. I was set to explode.

Ingrid saw what happened and came to me kissing me intensely while she
fingered me deeply, hard and fast and rubbed my wet clit till I came in a
dazzling mind blowing relief. Sinking to the floor with my legs splayed
out Ingrid followed me down gripping my pussy hard. He fingers still deep
while her thumb held my mound, her hand squashing my sensitive bits
underneath. I continued to orgasm again and again as she held me tightly
and kissed my neck. I shook uncontrollably until my spin out subsided. I
looked into Ingrid's eyes thanking her with mine: we smiled at each other.

Ingrid now knew how to get the most out of my orgasms prolonging them in
thunderclouds of sheer bliss. She had some tissues that she used to mop up
my honey femme juices murmuring about waste. I gradually came down wanting
so badly to repay her in kind but she said later. Under the circumstances
and in hindsight her decision was perfectly reasonable. Right then I
wasn't too worried about social politeness all I wanted was to satisfy her.
It was not to be, however, so Ingrid helped me put my street clothes on
and my hands shook so much I couldn't get my stud back in so Ingrid did it
for me. I went with Ingrid to the counter. The assistant had calmed a
little but couldn't look me in the eye. I knew I had a stupid big grin on
my face. Ingrid told me to go back to the coffee shop or go home, saying

"You'll get this tomorrow if you're good."

"Oh, is that right," I retorted pouting like a spoilt kid.

"Yes it is."

"Alright then, I'm off."

I left in a mock huff. A few of the spectators were waiting for me and
I got hand clapping, cheering and whistles. And quite a few raunchy
comments. I got all flushed with embarrassment and I quickly walked back
to the coffee shop and the booth near the back. After checking to see if
anyone had followed me I sat, my bare butt tingling on the chilly vinyl and

"Ingrid will be here soon."

angelina replied, "I don't think so, I told her to take the best one
home and she will."


"But we want you to meet us at seven O'clock at the Princes Hotel. Just
dress as if you were going to the cinema, alright?"

"Yeah sure but where is that?"

"In Murray Street near Queen, okay."

"Oh yes, I know it, I'll be there."

"Good, be ready for anything. Bring your vibrator and nipple clamps
with its chain. Can you also stay over Saturday night?" angelina spoke
sweetly as if there was nothing unusual about such a request, the others
had wicked grins on their dials.

"Yes, that's no problem." I replied as nonchalantly as I could while I
could feel my body temperature and pulse rate rise appreciably, all over

I said my good byes and left with my nipples now proudly erect at the
mention of those clamps. Having had sore nipples from the abuse they had
had last weekend there had been no thought of putting them on again. Until
now! And although I could have used the vibrator with my periods I didn't
like the idea but now they had just finished I could use it again. I got
on the train to go home without my undies on. The draft blowing through
the railcar's doors each time they openned which was at every station
giving me chill thrills on my dampness each time. I didn't really get a
chance to completely pull myself together before getting home.

With my mind racing on things sexual and my initiation's unknown's I got
quite damp and stayed that way. On arriving home I showered and dressed in
clean clothes and tried to study but I found that almost impossible. My
'mistress 'pussy' would not leave me to concentrate on anything but 'her'.
So I watched television and gave her the attention she demanded. And I
thought about what was in store for me over the next two or three days. I
got more and more excited but very apprehensive too.

For what are the sexy dresses? Nipple clamps! Vibrator! Geez, a
girl's mind could not get around all the probabilities. Once again my
'mistress' demanded my attention before I evenstually went to sleep.

I'll let you know what happens.

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