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Fantasy Fulfulment 08 by Alessia Gerini


Title: Fantasy Fulfilment Part: Chapter 8 Author: Alessia Gerini (Edited
with thanks by PeeJ)

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web-page guest book here and I take this opportunity to thank anyone who
wrote but to whom I didn't reply.

Fantasy Fulfilment chapter 8 Sub Title: SATURDAY NIGHT - The Punishment
{FF, Fdom, exhib, humil, spank}

"I want you and Ingrid to be good friends. You two are about the same
age and are both intelligent. Furthermore, you are both lesbian and who
knows you may even become much more than good friends." angelina said.

"But what about us?" I cut in.

"Yes, a good question and you deserve a straight answer. I do love you
but I am much older than you think and for selfish reasons, I think, I have
not corrected some assumptions you may have made. And maybe you have
deliberately blinded yourself so you could not see some things you didn't
want to know. However, I do take the blame and hope you can forgive me."

"Oh god, angelina what are you trying to say?"

"Ingrid is my daughter and I am probably much the same age as your
mother. So I love you, but more like a daughter, not as a long-term
partner. Oh Alessia, I'm sorry, you are so sweet and beautiful and making
love with you has been absolutely the best - you make me feel so young and
vibrant again, I couldn't resist. Can you, will you forgive me?"

I sat there stunned; she had totally floored me but I still loved her. I
even felt flattered by what had she said: 'absolutely the best', but she
hadn't said 'It's over' or 'never again' or anything other than, maybe, she
wanted me to hook up with Ingrid rather than her. I liked Ingrid, she was
really very nice. I could be and was very friendly with Ingrid. She
wasn't Angelina, but we could be friends - why not? It was implied, but
it's not like she's ordering me to have sex with Ingrid, or not stopping
loving her. I realised I was staring at her blankly and she had a worried
look on her face.

I said, "I knew there as something special between you two. I don't
know what I thought but it wasn't that, and I'll love you anyway, although
I can see a cloud hanging over us. You aren't Ingrid's real mum are you?"

"No, she is adopted - but keep that to yourself, we never make a
distinction, I am her mum."

So clutching at straws, I said as kindly as I could, "Yes, I shouldn't
forgive you, but I do."

"Alessia, you are a darling, I thought you would just scream at me and

"I still love you Angelina, but I will spend time with Ingrid as I know
we can be friends - if she still wants to after the dinner episode."

"I will talk with her, she is a good listener and understands my needs
better than I do sometimes."

"Okay so what's the bad news?" I said laughing a bit weakly.

"You won't like it after what I've just told you."

"C'mon angelina stop stalling, of course I won't."

"I'm serious."

"Angelina, c'mon, please."

"Alright," she sighed and continued, "Alessia I have decided on your
punishment for attempting to rape me. I will do it now before Ingrid
returns and because she is probably still angry with you, you know that I
will talk to her and she might forgive you.

It will be humiliating and painful. I will leave you after I finish
with a post-hypnotic suggestion that I will not tell you about. You now
have two choices: first, get dressed and leave the club and me, or take
what I give you and hope the other members accept my punishment as
sufficient. I will give you a few minutes to think about it."

So saying, she got to her feet a little unsteadily and looked down on me
a little sadly, I thought.

I went to stand up, but she stopped me short, stating a little sharply,
"Stay down on the floor; you may sit on your feet if you wish. "Angelina
was serious and getting more so. "I will quickly freshen up and be back
for your answer. Your answer will be simply be 'I will go' or, 'I will
submit to you and stay'. Then either you get dressed and leave, or stay
and accept whatever I have decided. No questions, okay?"


Somewhat bewildered I sat on my feet and watched her go into the
bathroom and close the door. To leave was unthinkable, but equally, what
on earth was in store for me. Pain? I could handle some pain, but just
how much could or would she inflict? A lot, I thought, cringing inside,
and also I would have been given a post-hypnotic suggestion. What would
that be? My mind raced through possibilities. The thought of leaving
really did not come into question. I wondered about pain - my boobs were
already as sore as anything. Sitting naked in front of the window I was
becoming aroused again.

But I was thinking about being punished, about humiliation and pain,
more than being exposed. What was I becoming? All this wonderful sex was
glorious, exciting and way beyond anything I had expected, but was it
changing me? Was I worried about the changes in me? No! Was I doing
things I hated? No! I loved it all. Am I worried now? Yes, well,
nervous as hell,anyway - the fear of the unknown. Will angelina really
hurt me? I think so, but not physical injury surely?

The bathroom door opened, angelina was still naked, but god, she looked
good but stern and really serious. She looked down at me saying, "Well,
what's your answer?"

My stomach churned, my skin crawled in apprehension, it crawled in
anticipation, my throat had gone dry, and I gulped and said as bravely as I
could in a soft, quavering voice, "I will submit to you and stay."

"Alright, I expected you would say that. I'm not sure that pain's
appropriate, but it's traditional and it's humiliating. I think for those
two reasons the members will accept it, but only if it's sufficiently
severe; the deterrent will be in the hypnotic suggestion. Do you
understand me Alessia?"


angelina moved closer to me saying, "Do not look at me. Keep your eyes
lowered. If you must, you may cry out or just plain cry, but you will do
exactly as I say no matter what until I say I'm finished."

Her voice was soft but cool. Her feet were now a little in front of me.
Although I was still highly aroused, she had me frightened; a shiver went
through me.

"Bend down and place your forehead on the floor at my feet."

Now trembling, I did her bidding.

"This will hurt, you understand, but I doubt you have ever experienced
corporal punishment before, certainly not like this or if you have, not for
a long time so ready yourself as best you can. Now push your head down and
straighten your legs. I want your buttocks high up, as far up as you can
push. Stand on your toes."

Slowly and gingerly I pushed my legs straight; I had to sort of stand on
my head, then I stood on my toes. My butt cheeks were pointing almost
straight up while my boobs hung down so I couldn't see up very well anyway,
but I looked into the window and could see our reflection.

She said, "Walk your feet to me steadying yourself with your hands."

I walked on my toes a bit closer to her. I must have been visibly
shaking in fear and arousal. None of this had hurt, but I was acutely
aware of being exposed and it was very humiliating.

"I see you still have my present deep inside you. I will leave it
there. Now Alessia, I will move my fingertips over your skin and wherever
my fingertips touch you your flesh will start to sting and the longer I
touch you the more it will sting. Even after I stop touching it will sting
harder and stronger until I say it will stop."

I could see her bend down and with one finger she gently ran it over the
tender underside of my left boob up to the tip of my nipple, then the same
on my right boob. I felt the tingle of her touch that I love so much, but
when she stood and held me with her knees I felt a strange, prickly warmth
building over the parts of me she had touched.

I felt very aroused by that feeling. angelina looked at my butt saying,
"It's arousing you. I see a little dampness appearing here and here."

She brushed her fingertips over the lower half of my pussy, touching my
labia lips from about halfway down, nearly to my anus. Of course, the
vibrator stuck out almost in the middle of that area. I gasped, the
tingling sensation started almost instantaneously. I then felt her
fingertips pressing firmly in the centre of each buttock, circling
outwards. This was a very different sensation, a hot, prickly, stinging
feeling over an increasingly large area. She had covered the entire area
upon which I normally sit. In the reflection in the window, I watched her
survey the area she had covered. She seemed satisfied, but my eyes were
getting a little tearful, as although it did not yet hurt a lot, it was
slowly getting worse.

After a short while she covered all the same areas again. She ran all
four fingers over the soft undersides of my breasts and smoothed around my
areolae, softly and quickly. The stinging increased significantly and it
was now painful. I did not cry out but the tears would not stop and ran
down my forehead. The pain felt real, although I had figured it to be her
mind controlling mine. Knowing that did not help. It was becoming a
burning sting. Shit, my boobs are burning off. Oh, god, I'm finding out
what hell is like, my pussy lips feel like I've been sitting on a fire, and
my butt gravel rashed, I thought but then I knew I would be totally aroused
through all of this.

angelina had let that sink in. Then again, but sparing my boobs she ran
her fingertips over my butt again. I started to feel as if I was being
whipped; the sting was now very acute, coming in short sharp stabbing
jolts. This was serious pain and I sobbed quietly, desperately trying not
to cry out mercy. I don't know if I moved. My boobs throbbed and stung
like I had scratched them falling naked down a brick wall. My pussy lips
puffed up and burned worse than being flicked by a wet towel. My butt!
Oh, shit, I'd been slapped by my mum a few times when I was a kid, but this
was unbelievable. My sobs were clearly audible now and I had started
sniffing. Being upside down made it harder and worse. My poor pussy had
dribbled my nectar and it flowed into and around my pubs.

Sting was a strange description for the pain I was now experiencing. I
felt like I was being whipped very quickly by a bunch of small flexible
wires or the like. Through my tears I became aware of still being sexually
aroused. So far, I had not cried out, though as the shit-awful pain
increased, I was having more trouble suppressing myself. angelina had
stopped touching me with her fingers, but the pain slowly increased just as
she said it would. Then she started with her fingers again. Oh no, not
more, oh fuck no, please n, my mind screamed at her.

She soon stopped running her fingers around my body. I started to feel
the whipping sensation slow so that I could count to five between each
whack, but it had become more intense and I couldn't believe that I felt
more and more aroused as the seconds passed. I was now yelping at each
slap, but I also was actually starting to enjoy it and I became aware that
if it lasted just a little longer I would orgasm yet again. The signs were
all there, throbbing breasts, dribbling pussy juice, hot flushes rushing
through me, albeit, in time with the whipping. Most amazing to me though,
was at each yelp of pain I was getting higher and higher erotically. I was
damn well sexually enjoying a thrashing. Angelina, I think, sensed this
and said to me,

"I'm going to take out the vibrator."

Suddenly I felt a huge hole, a strange emptiness deep within me as it
was removed.

She said again, "Get on your hands and knees,"

I lowered myself, jerking at each blow, and wailing at each one too.
Then angelina belted me severaal times on each butt cheek with her hand.
That was too much for me and I orgasmed fearlessly. Oh, my god, that was
so good. angelina was as dumbfounded as me and had held me tightly
throughout each fantastic orgasmic spasm. I had fallen flat on my face on
the carpet only to spring up quickly, off my boobs. The carpet felt like a
bristly doormat on my sore boobs. I ended up on my side gasping, with
Angelina by me saying something that I didn't understand.

There was a knock on the bedroom door, "May I come in?" Ingrid called

angelina quickly glanced at me and called back, "I'm coming."

She grabbed a nightgown and wrapped it around herself as she let Ingrid
in. Ingrid audibly gasped as she saw me from behind.

"What have you done to her?" she queried.

"I punished her for trying to rape me."

"Shit, look at her bum, its as red as a Coke can and she let you do that
to her?"

"Well, I told her it would be very painful and I gave her the choice to
leave. I couldn't let her get away with rape could I?"

"She didn't rape you, you loved all that. I saw your face when I pulled
her off you. Sure, you had to do something, but this is too much. Mum,
really, how could you?"

"Hey, Alessia are you okay?" Ingrid asked, kneeling down by me.

"Yeah, I'm okay, but my butt is bloody sore." I grinned at my little

She smiled back, took a tissue from her bag and wiped my tears away.

"Was she very cruel?"

"No it wasn't too bad," I said. My orgasm had been outrageously intense
and I was still coming down from it. My come must have run out down the
front out of sight if she couldn't see it. How come she didn't smell me, I
don't know. May be she could, I had come everywhere near my pussy , my
aroma was obvious even to me. I was embarressed and felt humiliated.
Looking at myself I could see pussy juice oozing over my thigh; my pussy still hot. I was still hot.

Looking all guilty, angelina suggested to Ingrid, "Why don't you two go
clubbing or something nice like that. It's only just past nine o'clock. I
could fix up Alessia in a half an hour or so, what do you say?"

"Yeah, cool, your shout, okay?"

"Hey, do I get a say in this?" I said laughingly.

"Oh shit, sorry honey, do you wanna go with me?"

"Yeah, sounds super cool."

"Okay, you get her ready Mum, and I'll change into somethin' sexy."

When Ingrid had gone, I said, "Angelina please stop the stinging?"

"It'll sting for awhile Sweetie; sorry I got carried away and hit you
with my hand, it's that that is hurting. I've taken the other sting away."

"Hell, what happened to me?"

"I'm not sure, but we'll talk about that later. What are you going to
wear? Go shower and I'll see what you've got."

"Maybe something from our shopping trip?"

"Okay, maybe, I'll look."

To be continued.

Alessia Gerini Copyright 2001

Comments please, to I thrive on them!


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