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Fay at Fremantle


The Fay at Fremantle

By Aerosol Kid ::
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The people and events in this story come from my brain, not the real
world. Regardless of what that tells you about my brain, it means
that I'm not writing about you, your mom, your friends, or your
friends' friends. So you can't sue me. Neener neener.

If you're underage in your territory (and you know what I mean), then
read something else.

Note: This is a prologue, of sorts, to a story that's been playing in
the multiplex of my brain for years.

(c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

Inana was about to get herself into a lot of trouble, but she was too
busy swapping spit with the dark, wiry boy she'd just met to see it
coming. She knew Jebin's kissing was intended to distract her while
he tried to get her out of her clothes. That was fine, because she
had decided to fuck him the moment she'd laid eyes on him, not half
an hour ago. She was a little tipsy from some hurried vodka shots,
and the gravity here kept her slightly breathless. As they made out
in the alcove of his run-down flat, on this ghastly desolate outpost
moon, she realized that she was being a foolish Xhian blonde. Just
not how foolish.

To potential suitors, her sexual appetite could be intimidating, and
that was under normal circumstances. For nearly a year Inana had
relied on herself for sex, traveling with a crew of Dobao - nomadic
aliens that roamed space in a liquid-filled vessel. The need for
companionship sizzled in her veins long before they had nominated her
to buy supplies at this remote human settlement. Tonight, she was
free of her wetsuit, free from telepathic alien-talk that made her
mind feel like a Möbius strip, and free to mingle with her own

She had paced the airlock as the ship settled into its berth at
Indlespur, on the light side of a bleak moon called Fremantle. This
new outpost served as a base for gas-mining operations in the upper
atmosphere of the pale gas giant that filled the sky. It was a week
from the nearest gate and another two weeks from anything she
considered civilized. But her guardians usually shunned contact with
humans, and when they had hesitantly adopted Inana after her last
ordeal, that's how she'd wanted it, too.

Barely five minutes after stepping onto the surface, with the Dobao's
yellow urges of caution aching dully in her head, she had ignored her
errands and headed straight for the nearest bar. After tossing back
the two most delicious shots of shitty vodka she'd ever tasted, her
eyes had landed on Jebin. He had a nice smile, a good complexion and
long nappy hair. Their courtship had been intense, if economical.
On the way back to his place, she had clung to his arm in giddy

Her zipper seemed to have more sense than she did, for it foiled
Jebin's attempt to undress her. "What's with your damned space-
monkey suit?" he cursed softly in her ear, as he shivered from the
effects of her physiology. Inana shook a bit, too. She couldn't
decide if it was from the alcohol that flushed her cheeks or from her
feverish need.

Still, she pried his hands away from the rugged orange pants that
stubbornly refused to join her field jacket and bra on the floor.
"Why are you in such a hurry to stick it in?" she teased, shifting
his hands upward to her hot skin.

He groaned, and she sensed real pain. They'd been tumbling around
the room just long enough to kiss and grapple and lose half of her
clothes, but this seemed to be all the foreplay Jebin could stand.
His ravenous rubbing and kissing provoked an autonomic response from
her body; an emission of powerful pheromones that was clearly driving
him to insanity.

*If I don't let him fuck me now, he's just going to shoot off on my
leg,* came the bratty rationalization. She herded him across the
flat to his bed and efficiently undressed him. He tried to stick his
tongue in her ear, so she pushed him down, and was surprised to see
him bounce off the mattress very slowly. *Not one of those stupid
no-grav beds...* Inana rolled her eyes at this tackiness, but her
limbs trembled with exertion. It felt good to push off from the bed
frame and drift lazily into the air to join him. Stopping herself
with one hand against the low ceiling, she smiled at Jebin and tugged
at the zipper that had so confounded him. He watched, wide-eyed, as
her shiny orange suit bottoms slid away from her caramel hips,
revealing the flower he wanted so badly. He continued to stare as
she floated gracefully, end over end, wriggling herself into the

A beat passed as they drifted over the bed, sizing each other up. He
flashed his cute smile, spun adroitly backward to the headboard and
bumped up the grav setting. A second graceful maneuver put him on
his back under Inana, who found herself descending toward him. *I'm
starting to think I'm not the first offworld girl he's brought back
here.* Her violet eyes flashed as she straddled him, then placed the
head of his cock at her humid petals. "Okay stud," she challenged,
"ready to fuck?" His hips twitched in his madness to enter her, but
she kept him at bay. For a grim instant, Inana thought she'd gone
too far and he was about to blow his load, but he had the sense to
swallow hard and hold back.

Smiling faintly, she slipped his tip inside her, and allowed herself
to sink toward him in the light gravity, taking him to the hilt. Her
nerve endings burst into song.

*Careful...Remember last time?* Inana bit her lip at the thought. It
was a little late in the game for good judgment, and her well-
developed pleasure centers were quite prepared for her sudden flash
of clarity. While she tentatively wondered at her recklessness, her
legs moved her through a second stroke. She ground into Jebin's
hips, rose up along his shaft, came down hard again. And again.
Before she could lift herself back up on her shivering thighs, the
pent-up mother of all orgasms drenched her, washing her reservations
away like a spring storm clears pollen. Her head lolled and her hair
swished fluidly in the low-grav field. She made noises as she gasped
for breath that turned her on so much, she began to feel faint.

Jebin shuddered beneath her; the familiar feeling of a boy who felt
he'd fulfilled his obligations and was about to let loose. Inana
took a deep breath, held it, and willed him to be calm. Jebin's
pulsing cock grew cool as mint inside her. She exhaled slowly.
"How did you..." he managed, gaping down where they were joined. She
showed him a perfectly predatory smile and shifted so she could
better ride him. Now, she could scratch the itch that was months of
isolated space travel. Another exciting noise escaped her lips as
she fucked experimentally, and he relaxed, realizing her intentions.

Inana bit her lip and settled into an efficient rhythm, obeying hard-
wired instincts now. Still she managed, as always, to hurl a few
insults at her capricious ancestors.

*Stupid, self-absorbed meddlers! Playing with your lifecode...
Engineering yourselves into vain sexual creatures... Alluring to
everyone, resistible to no one on your perfect little planet. But
your children had to live in the real world, and you didn't give a
thought to how we would protect ourselves. Fuck you, beautiful people!*


Jebin squeezed her ass, jolting her out of the bitter reverie. She
continued to thrill at the quiet sounds she was making; at each
pleading, surprised utterance that marked the cycles as she ground
into her dazed lover's bony hips. She tried fiercely to seize the
moment and shut out the harshness and indignity that had dogged her
all her life. To fuck it all away.

*But this is how I get into so much trouble.*

She paused, whimpering in delirious confusion. Jebin took this as
his cue, and rolled her clumsily onto her back while managing to stay
inside her. He gripped the back of her feverish neck and fucked her
fast and hard, emboldened by whatever Inana had numbed his prick

He ground sublimely into her clit with each thrust and the hot-cold
washes threatened to make her pass out. It was good to just lie
there and let him do all the work. He was giving her the savage
fucking she craved now, mumbling half-recognizable dirty talk - more
for his benefit than hers. She wrapped her legs around him in tight

An entirely different amalgam flowed from Inana's sex then, and
Jebin's erection stiffened, she was sure, to a painful degree. She
bit his ear and cooed, "Don't hold back on me, now. Hear?"

"Holiest fuck!" he exclaimed. "I thought you were just a myth!"

That was Inana's biggest heads-up of the evening. No one this far
out should've known the first thing about her strange, endangered
little race. About Xhians. "What's that?" she asked, trying to
sound casual.

But Jebin was too busy fooling with the gravity setting, scaling it
back to almost nothing. He had barely resumed his frantic humping,
when he observed, "I'm gonna cum."

Keening wordlessly, he burst inside her, and Inana crested too. A
scream burst from her lips as her ejaculate sprayed around his cock,
darkening the grubby sheets beneath her open thighs. Milky-pink
droplets orbited the point of contact between them, and his limbs
floated slackly around her. A delicate floral scent invaded the

Inana had fucked up a lot tonight. She'd chosen to resent her long
isolation from other humans, instead of remembering she'd left their
company with good reason. She had offered herself as an easy lay in
a remote and dangerous colony. But her biggest mistake was to shut
her eyes and doze.


The next round of sex was odd. She could have sworn she felt a sting
on her ankle as she roused herself, but Jebin's insistent kisses
demanded her attention. Once awake, she was instantly engorged,
slick and ready for anything he might want from her. For a while she
chalked it up to persistent horniness and her eager, skinny partner.

But her weird giggling bothered her. Gone was her hesitant wariness
and self-criticism. She didn't care that she was hours late with the
supplies for her ship. And try as she might, she couldn't summon
much concern when she imagined the Dobao, turning yellow with worry,
wondering if they should try to deal with the local authorities.

"Hmmmm! Do that some more," she urged.

All her rhythms were off, and she couldn't control Jebin's adolescent
sexual pacing, but he didn't seem to mind. He was definitely in
charge of things, this time around. He'd turned off the no-grav
field, and Inana melted into the sheets, giddy with his assuredness
and enthusiasm. She was even noisier than before. Some personal
info slipped out before she had the good sense to muzzle herself, but
it all seemed okay.

Finally, she began to feel satisfied.


Sometime later, she awoke alone in the dingy greenish light that
passed for dawn on Fremantle. The sheets beneath her were still damp
with sweat and cum. The weird taste in her mouth was familiar.
Inana yawned, stretched, only to feel the bite of wire at her wrists
and ankles.

*Oh dear god no.*

Her heart leapt. She lifted her head feebly and tried to survey the
room. Her clothes were gone, so her knife and shiplink were no doubt
confiscated. There was no way for her to call the Dobao for help,
and even if she could, they wouldn't be very effective outside the
aquatic habitat of their ship, with no capacity for speech. She
might be slightly telepathic, but most humans weren't. Very few knew
what to make of Dobao thoughts.

So once again, she was on her own. Jebin clearly knew what she was,
knew her value, and probably knew how to profit from her. If she
tilted her ear toward the closed door across the room, she could hear
his voice.

Struggling against her bonds resulted only in a cut ankle, which bled
tentatively onto the sheets. Her sight grew blurry with tears, and
her heartbeat quickened, but something in her bloodstream began to
blot out her panic. This dizzy calm worried her even more than the
physical restraints. She was finally free of her treacherous,
genetically altered instincts, but now something artificial dulled
her thoughts.

"You're awake. Good. We can start." Jebin had returned as the drug
wound itself through her blood.

"...the hell is this?" Inana mumbled. She meant to lay into him with
a furious tirade, but all her venom was lost in the great distance
from her feelings to her voice.

Jebin dabbed at her cut ankle. "Try not to struggle. If you cut
yourself up, it could depreciate your value." He chuckled to
himself. "Although I doubt that, rare as things like you are out

"What are you talking about?" The words came out in a lazy tumble.
Her attempt to play dumb sounded more like a sleepy come-on.

He began to paw her clammy skin. "You really think everybody on this
damn ball is that ignorant?" His tone was cool, but the intensity of
his response scared her. "Did you think you could parade around here
without someone finding out what you are?" His hands brushed fast
and light over her abdomen. "Even if you hadn't been stupid enough
to pick me up, I had a pretty good idea the moment I first saw you."

"I don't understand," she pleaded quietly, still fighting to deny
what was happening. "What did you do to me?"

"I took advantage of the situation. You're my ticket out of this
shithole, my love." He punctuated this statement by spreading her
labia and slipping something very small and cold over the hood of her

"This is crazy!" she gasped, from the cold and from the fact that she
knew *exactly* what the thing on her sex was for. *Aseh Vesheng.*
The old art. Loosely translated from her native tongue as "spiral-
bound serpent," and cruelly named in her own language by outsiders
long ago. Now she knew the taste in her mouth and the lightheaded
feeling for what they were: the preparation for the rite.

He unrolled something she couldn't see, and began to arrange things
on the bed, next to her hip. "It's too bad you picked me, Inana," he
apologized. "I'm the only guy on this hemisphere who's not from
around here. Ever heard of the Whitt Cluster?"

Inana fought back a groan, but couldn't stop herself from wincing.
Jebin leaned in to her field of view and smiled, to show he'd seen
her reaction, that her play-acting was for naught. She cursed
herself for not recognizing his bronzed physique, angular features
and dark, kinky hair. For not correctly placing him as New Dhakan.
It was a system very near Xhia Prime.

"Yep," he laughed, thumbing her left nipple. It stiffened, and he
leaned in conspiratorially. "When I was younger, I read everything I
could find about Xhians." He put his lips to her breast, which
surprised her, caused her back to arch painfully. Once her nipple
was slick with his spit, he pressed another cold, small something
over it. Her eyes widened. "Most people say there aren't any of you
left. But I was obsessed. So I learned about the *Aseh Vesheng,*
and I jerked off to fantasies of performing it on a real live Xhian.
I was even able to buy some of the old ritual instruments." Inana
heard him tap two unseen metallic things together, and shivered. He
nuzzled her neck, before sliding his lips down her chest. "I
couldn't find all the pieces, but I think I've got enough to muddle

Inana cleared her throat. "Jebin." She hoped her reasonable,
slightly louder tone would snap him out of his frightening monologue,
or at least get his face out of her tits. "You can't keep me here.
People are looking for me." She wished she could hear his thoughts,
that her telepathic abilities didn't vary so much from person to
person, but her attacker was opaque to her.

He traced his nose through the valley between her breasts.
"'People...'" he laughed softly, and Inana's spine relaxed helplessly
under his warm breath. "Last night, you were good enough to tell me
about the Dobao that brought you here. Those aliens aren't going to
be able to do anything for you." He lifted his head, slipped his
hand behind her neck to raise hers. "Maybe you should have thought
of that before you left your ship to go cruising for sex."

Her eyes narrowed with anger, and she wondered if the drug was
wearing off. Defiantly, she shook his hand away from her head. His
fingers caught painfully in her hair, which enraged her even more.
"So what are you saying, Jebin? That I was asking for this? Huh?"

He flinched a bit and broke eye contact. *Good, yes! Feel bad about
this!* she thought at him. *I don't want to be in your little
faerie capture fantasy. Even if I am a real faerie...* Inana
swallowed hard. "I went home with you because I was lonely, and I
thought you were cute," she lectured. "We had a good time last
night. Why ruin it by getting all freaky on me? Don't be an

Jebin stared at her, hesitant.

"Untie me and give me my clothes," she growled. "And a smoke would
be nice."

She held his eyes for as long as she could, but he eventually resumed
his hungry stare at her wire-bound body. She felt her pulse quicken
under his gaze, and her resolve began to crumble. While her words
told him in no uncertain terms that she wanted to leave, her body
begged him with its pheromones to ravish her. Inana couldn't help
but betray herself. That was pretty much how the *Aseh Vesheng*

He moved to pick something up, and for an instant she hoped he might
untie her. He came round to sit at her other side, and pushed
something tiny and sharp into her neck. "Sorry kid. I've got to get
off this rock."

Inana thrashed against the wire, cutting herself in the process.
"Jebin, wait! I've got money! I can... I can get. You...
out...of..." Her arms went limp against the wire cuffs, and blood
pulsed easily from the laceration on her wrist. "No..." she
whispered finally.

He stroked her hair. "Shhhh. I checked. You're broke, babe. But
with what I can get for you, I can start all over. I'm sick of this
place, and you're just too easy to..." His stroking quickened. "It's
just too easy. I've already found a buyer.

"And I've been waiting to try this for a long time."


"Into these lips goes the will." Something cold and hard slipped
into her sex. "From these lips comes acquiescence." Something soft
brushed her mouth.

*What?* Inana's head reeled. She felt warm, tired, dizzy, tingling.
The odd phrase was repeated, very near her ear. Then she placed it:
the first incantation of the *Aseh Vesheng.*

With a jolt, she remembered everything. "Oh no," she moaned. Jebin
was actually going to do it to her. Enslave her.

Droplets of something were flicked across her chest. Whatever it was
smelled heavenly. Then she heard a chime that danced behind her
closed eyelids. Some kind of honey-flavored wax was smeared on her
mouth. "Mmmmm," she commented, licking drowsily.

"From these lips comes acquiescence," Jebin intoned.

"Into these lips goes the will," Inana murmured musically. She
paused while he fucked her with the cold metal thing. "From these
lips comes acquiescence." It wasn't hard to say the words. She had
spoken them before. And it would get easier and easier.


There were so many things connected to her. Some were familiar, some
strange, but they all felt terribly good. Some of them squeezed,
some of them fucked and some of them hummed hotly. It was getting
hard for her to tell them apart.

She lay on Jebin's bed for the second night. She felt content, but
he seemed to be in a rush. Earlier, she had wanted to leave in the
most terrible way. Now, he promised to take her somewhere very soon,
but she had to complete the rite first.

Each phase had served to assert her Xhian instincts and suppress her
resistance. To Inana, it was actually a relief. She felt at ease
for the first time since, well, the last time she'd been through the
rite. Jebin kept saying she was better off with a master. That she
couldn't reach her potential flying free in her own chaotic circles.
She wasn't sure if she believed him, but after each phase of the
ritual she was allowed to rest. And as she dozed, she thought about
her exile from humans, with the Dobao. Inana had withheld herself
from her kind, and kept potential masters away. She had roamed the
outskirts of the human hive with a band of secretive aliens, thinking
only of herself.

She felt ashamed.


The last rite was sublime, for her aching heart was finally numbed.
Her feelings dwindled to pinpricks of bleary light, winked out one by
one. There were no emotions, no improper thoughts. Only input:
touch, taste, smells, and above all words. The constant force of
pleasure eased her through the words, making them easier to digest.

She learned how to follow commands again, to perform tasks without
the taint of individuality. In time, she would color her work with
the particular tastes of an owner. She would ache to know what
pleased or did not please. But that would come later.

For now, it was important to lie still, to listen, to be fucked, to
be prepared for servitude.

It was important to relax and accept.


"Button your top," Jebin said, as he sealed his flightcase.

"Oh, sorry," Inana blushed, fumbling to make herself presentable in
her weird new clothes.

"That's better. Come over here." She shuffled over to him
obligingly, and he adjusted her lavender wig and dark spectacles.
"There. No one will recognize you, if anyone's looking."

"What?" Sometimes he said the strangest things.

He smiled. "Nothing. We have to get to the terminal."

"Where are we going?"

"Inana," he said patiently, causing her eyebrows to raise. "We've
been over this. We're going to Pasharu to see Mr. Gund. He trades
in pretty things like you."

She frowned. "But aren't I yours?"

He laughed. "You can be mine for the three weeks it'll take to get
there. But really, I'm just the middle man, babe."

She blinked at him for a moment, then followed him out the door.


By Aerosol Kid

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