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Filling In


Filling In

I was asleep on my side when I awoke to the feeling of my panty covered
ass being exposed and the head of a dick touching my hole. Lifting my leg,
the cock slid into me, filling me completely. I moaned and another cock
touched my painted lips. Opening my mouth, it slid in. I felt so good and
natural as my men used my holes.

It wasn’t always like this. For the last week, I’ve been Brenda. My
given name is Brad and have been playing the part of my twin sister. Its
summertime and she and my mother went on a tour of potential colleges which
left me with my dad and older brother. They caught me playing my favorite
game of dress up and now I’m at their beck and call. I don’t mind. In
fact, I love it. I’m taking care of the house and my men. I spread my
legs for them faster than a speeding bullet. I feel so feminine dressed in
my sisters clothes on my knees or bent over taking their cocks in my holes.
I always wanted to be a girl and now I’m one, even if it is for a short
time. I think my sister and I got some wrong genes or something. She’s
the tomboy and I’m the queer.

Growing up, Brenda and I would play dress up. She would dress me in her
clothes and then put on my clothes. From the start, I loved wearing her
clothes. She loved wearing my clothes as much as I loved wearing hers.
After we were dressed, we would act as if we were boyfriend/girlfriend.
She would be the dominant one and I would meekly do as she asked. When we
got older, she put makeup on me which I learned to do myself. We stole one
of mom’s old wigs making me look even more girlish. She taught me how to
be a girl and I would give her tips on how to be a boy. Our favorite scene
would be where I invited her to tea and act like a proper lady. She would
try to seduce me and I would do my best to fend her off. I would tire of
the chase and we would hug and kiss. It never went any farther. We had so
much fun. When we got to high school, we stopped playing together but I
continued to dress in her clothes every chance I could get. She knew I was
doing this as she would never comment on her missing clothes. She never
told anyone as it was our secret until now.

So anyway, last Saturday morning, the women left. Dad and Billy went to
play golf and I was home alone. I was excited having the house to myself
and my dick was proof. Before getting out my stash of clothing, I jumped
into the shower where I shaved what little body hair I had off, leaving a
small bush above my cock. After my shower, I applied my makeup. First I
did my eyes, using black eyeliner then a brown eye shadow. Then I applied
some rouge to my cheeks and topped it off with fire engine red lip gloss. I
brushed my wigged hair so that it fell across my face. I added dangling
earrings to my recently pierced ears. Looking at myself, I was so turned
on that I wanted to masturbate right then and there but forced myself not
to. I was leaking as I prepared to put on my panties. I rubbed my thumb
over the head of my cock picking up the liquid and sucked my thumb like it
was a cock. My semen tasted so good. For awhile now, I masturbated into
my hand and licked it clean. I loved the taste.

The panties I chose were simple white silk. Slipping them on, I pushed
my hard cock between my legs. I had practiced walking with my cock between
my legs until it felt natural. Next I slipped on thigh high white
stockings. A shiver went through me as I smoothed them out, starting at my
toes and working higher.

Next I put on a silk camisole over which, I put on a red silk blouse. I
love the feel of silk; it makes me feel so sexy. For a skirt, I picked a
black skirt which fell to mid thigh. I added a pair of red pumps to finish
off the ensemble. I was too turned on to paint my nails as I didn’t have
the patience. Looking in the mirror, I say a teenage girl that men would
go nuts to have. I felt so sexy and slutty. I vamped around the room,
feeling so feminine and horny. I had been fantasizing about cocks for a
long time but today I had a need to feel one in my hand, my mouth or my ass
pussy. I was so horny that I wanted to jerk off but that would have ruined
the spell and returned me to the boy that I was.

It was time to make the grand entrance. I imagined that I was at a
party and everyone was waiting for me below. I flowed down the staircase,
oozing all the female sexually I possessed. As I got to the next to last
step, the front door opened. Dad and Billy were back from their golf game.

Not a sound was heard. I froze and their mouth’s dropped. They had
caught me. Instead of running away, I pushed forward . I was so horny and
here were two studs.

“How would you boys like a blowjob” I said in my most sexy voice.

Without waiting for an answer, I fell to my knees andI had their cocks
out in seconds. sucking dad’s cock in my mouth, I bathed the head with my
tongue as I stroked Billy’s cock. Dad’s cock tasted like I imagined a
cock. I engulfed as much as I could. My need to taste cock was
overwhelming. I was crazy with lust. As his cock hit the back of my
mouth, my throat naturally opened to accept the pole and it felt like it
was halfway to my belly. I was in heaven. I was sucking my first cock and
I already loved it. Pulling my mouth off Dad, I sucked Billy down to the
root while I stroked dad.

They still hadn’t moved or said a word. I wanted to get them so crazed
that they would fuck me and take my ass cherry. I kept switching back and
forth, sucking them for a few minutes then moving to the other. They were
groaning and it was time.

“Who wants to be the first to fuck me” I cooed, looking from one face to
the other as I stroked their dicks.

Surprise had been replaced by lust. They looked at each other and
grabbed me, carrying me by my arms and legs to the dining room table, where
they bent me over on my stomach. Billy went for my head and stuffed his
cock down my throat and was fucking in and out of me. Dad pulled up my
skirt exposing my panty covered ass. Giving me a slap, he pulled my
panties down just enough to expose my hole and rammed his cock into me.

The pain was intense and I saw stars but I wasn’t going to let them know
that. I couldn’t have screamed even if I wanted to. Billy had a tight
grip on my head and was thrusting his cock down my throat over and over
again. Dad had grabbed my hips and was pounding into my ass with all his
might. My cock had slipped from between my legs and was the hardest it had
ever been. The pain was subsiding and a warm glow was moving through my
body. I moaned around Billy’s cock which made him fuck my mouth even

I was in heaven. My fantasies were coming true. I truly felt like a
girl, pleasing her men. I never wanted it to stop. I tightened my anus
around dad’s cock which sent a shockwave through my body. Dad, feeling
this, moaned and rammed me harder. Dad found his voice and said

“I’ve known you were queer for a long time and lusting after cock. So
here it is”

He fucked me and fucked me.

“Till the women get home, you will be the woman of the house. You’ll
cook, clean and spread your legs whenever we want.” he said, he pounding
into me with all his might.

“Yea, you faggot, you’re going to be our slut” Billy exclaimed. His
cock missed my mouth and I responded

“Fuck me, you studs. I’m here to serve, just fuck me!” I cried.

Billy’s cock found my mouth again and I sucked for all I was worth.
Then I felt empty. Both cock had been withdrawn.

“Pleaseeee, I need your cocks” I moaned, “don’t leave me like this. I

They just laughed. Dad had moved to the couch and had taken off his
clothes. His dick rose in the air and I found myself licking my lips.

“Come here, little girl, you want it? Dad asked, stroking his dick

I just nodded and pulled my panties completely off. I moved so that I
strattled him. Taking his cock in my hand, I impaled myself on his man pole and began fucking myself I was bouncing up and down, trying to feel
his cock in my belly.

“Such a slut” I heard his say as he grabbed my hips and helped me fuck
myself. My cock was rubbing against my skirt sending bolts of ecstasy
through my body. As I fucked myself, it felt so right . I was pleasing my
man and that’s all that mattered. I was moaning so loud that dad said

“Billy, shut the bitch up” to which he responded “With pleasure”

He rammed his cock down my throat so hard that I gagged and sank down on
dad’s cock. I didn’t stay there very long as he moved me up and down on
his member. I don’t know how long this went on, billy fucking my face and
dad moving me up and down on his cock All I could feel was the cock in my
ass and in my mouth. That was my world: two cocks, my ass and my mouth.

Dad slammed me down burying his member ad deep as possible in me and his
hips thrust up. I felt liquid coat my guts. It too much for me. My cock
erupted shooting my seed all over the inside of my skirt. At the same
time, I felt Billy tense and explode in my mouth. I gulped down his jism as fast as I could. I had been fucked and I loved it! In fact, I wanted
more. I was addicted in less than an hour.

Pushing me off, dad ordered me to clean him off. Taking him in my mouth
I lovingly sucked. I could taste both semen and stool. It was a
bittersweet taste and my cock jerked to attention again

When I was finished, dad commanded me to the kitchen to make lunch. I
reached for my panties but he told me to leave them off. I walked as sexy
as possible and as I passed Billy, he slapped me on the ass. I felt so
free and feminine. I could dress like a girl and more than likely I would
end up on my knees or bent over. My cock got hard just thinking about it.

That was a week ago. I haven’t worn any male clothes in a week. In
fact, I haven’t been out of the house as one or the other of my men has
filled my aching holes. I was a good girl and denied them nothing. The
only clothes I wear are baby dolls, panties and stockings. I’ve put holes
in the knees of all my stockings so that Billy had to go to the store to
get me more.

I love being a girl and could spend the rest of my days like this but
the other women in the family will be home soon. Maybe I’ll tell you about
what happened when they did sometime.

Tyler Thane


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