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Finger Lickin Good


"Finger Lickin' Good"

When I was sixteen, my boyfriend and I both worked at Kentucky Fried
Chicken. His name was Rex. One night, our manager had to get going so he
asked us to close up the restaraunt.

MANAGER: Spring, are you sure you two can handle this?
ME: Yes, sir, you already counted the money and
locked up the office. So, all we have to do
is clean up, stock up and lock up. Don't
worry, we got it.
MANAGER: Okay, but don't tell anyone I let you
guys do this or my ass is grass.

He left and we started cleaning. While Rex cleaned up the kitchen, I
went into the freezer to mop it down and put stuff away.

I had already put everything away and was mopping when I felt Rex come
up behind me and put his arms around my waist. He lightly started kissing
my neck. I turned around so I could face him. I smiled at him.

ME: Hey sexy, we're supposed to be cleaning. Are
you done with the kitchen already?
REX: Yes, boss. We just need to stock up now.

I started to say that we needed to get done, but he kissed me. I tried
to stop him at first, but he just held me tighter. I finally gave up. He
was too strong, and his kisses felt so good.

When he moved his mouth down to my neck, I asked him "Shouldn't we be
cleaning? We are on the clock."

REX: Okay be right back.

While he was gone, I finished mopping and put the mop away.

Then I went back into the freezer to wait for Rex. He got there a few
seconds later.

REX: Okay, I timed us out and stocked up real quick.
ME: Then shouldn't we leave?
REX: Wouldn't you like to know what its like to
have sex in a freezer?
ME: It's cold.
REX: I'll keep you warm.
ME: Where are we going to do it? On the floor?
REX: Oh damn, be right back.

He was back in seconds with a condom and the blanket he always kept in
his car in case we decided to have sex on the beach.

He laid it on the floor, and pulled me over to him. He started kissing
me and easing me onto the blanket. He laid me down and started kissing my
neck as he unbuttoned my blouse.

Then he lifted me up enough to remove my blouse and bra. He laid me
back down and got on top of me. He continued to kiss my neck as he
caressed my breasts with his hand. I took off his shirt and ran my hands
all over his back and butt.

Then he moved his mouth down to my breasts. He kissed them gently all
around my nipples. I kept trying to move so that his mouth was right on my
nipples, but he kept kissing around them.

I started squirming a little and let out a little whine. He looked at
me and smiled and told me I was so cute when I whined. Then he lightly
brushed his tingue on my nipples one by one. I started moaning softly. As
his tongue played with my breasts, he started removing my slacks and

When he had me completely naked, he kissed his way down to my stomach.
He moved his tongue all around my stomach and navel.

He started down to my pussy, and then rolled me on to my stomach
instead. He moved himself up again and kissed the back of my neck. Then he
started kissing me all over my back. He kissed me all the way down to my
feet. He paused on my ass and kissed me there.

Then he rolled me back over and and kissed the inside of my thighs.
Then he started kissing my pussy softly. He kept licking and sucking on it
until he knew I was going to cum.

He stopped and took off the rest of his clothes. Then he laid down and
pulled me on to him. I tried to put his dick inside of me, but he stopped

So I moved myself down and put his throbbing cock into my mouth. I
sucked and licked it as hard as I could. I moved my mouth up and down
slowly at first and then started speeding up. Just when I thought he was
going to cum, he pulled me off of him and out the condom on.

Then he laid me down and entered me. He started slow and I put my arms
around him. Then he started going faster. He kept that pace for awhile. I
started moaning. Then I flipped him over so I had control. I moved myself
back and forth on his dick fast. He squeezed and caressed my breasts as I
moved on him.

I started to move a little faster and then felt my orgasm coming. I
slowed down a little and screamed in absolute pleasure.

When I was done cumming, Rex turned me over and entered me from behind.
I had never tried this position before, but it felt really good.

Rex started going really fast and hard. He was squeezing my breasts so
hard that I started whimpering a little. Then I heard him scream. He came
hard and fast. He pumped into me a few more times, and then just collasped
on to me.

When he was done, I quickly got dressed. Now that we were done, I could
really feel how cold it was. I waited for Rex to finish getting dressed
and then we left, got some drinks and went home. I could never look at
that freezer the same way again :P

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