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First Haph 1



If you're under 18, the following text is not
for you. Skip or erase the file. If you're over 18, you
can officially decide for
The following work of total fiction contains
scenes of graphic sex of several kinds, some of which
is nc, kinky, and/or downright weird. This story
includes fairly strong elements of restraint/bondage
(of a sort) and of impregnation/insemination (of a
Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 1998,
(as are the typos, and spelling & grammar errors), and
any resemblance to persons or events living or dead or
stories already written is both purely coincidence,
and, frankly, hard to believe could even be possible
(at least the persons/events bit). Some time is spent
on set-up and post-mortem, which arguably makes the
real meat of the story better, but which can be skipped
if you're just too horny to wait.
The reader is free and welcome to copy and
circulate this story within free legal forums, as long
as this disclaimer is included and no alterations to it
or the content are made.
Hope you like it.

| | First Haph:
| | Ortiya's Children - SF NC Cons M/F alien/F
| | Anal Preg Weird
_|____|_ First story from Monocle.
(O) o In which a group of interstellar bounty
/ > hunters searching for a fugitive find instead
| ~~ a brand new breed of sex offender. This is
| the first story in a possible multipart


First Haph: Ortiya's Children
By Monocle

- Part 1 of 3 -


CASE #302-204B
Apprehend Dr. Haru Ortiya, formerly of
Geneticorp Labs for crimes of industrial espionage,
theft of material and resisting arrest. Suspect is

Open (Start: 07 23, 2302)

Command: Comdr. Mogomry Reiss, JGF24387
Stats: 32 standard yr, 14 w BP Corps.
Ht. 5'8" Uniform: D362436
Hair/eyes: Blck-strt/blu
Marks: BP tattoo, left glut
Pilot: Lt. Comdr. Sem Simans, AJD34505
Stats: 34 standard yr., 10 with BP Corps.
Ht. 5'11" Uniform: 46-34
Hair/eyes: Blck-crl/gry
Marks: BP tattoo, right glut
Forensics: Lt. Genna Haph, APS91945
Stats: 22 standard yr, 1 with BP Corps.
Ht. 5'3" Uniform: B322030
Hair/eyes: Rd-crl/grn.
Marks: Birth, left arm
Weapons: Lt. Geary "Thomp" Thompson, POS029953
Stats: 28 standard yr, 9 with BP Corps.
Ht. 6'3" Uniform: 50-44
Hair/eyes: Blnd-strt/brn
Marks: None


The lab was musty from lack of circulation and
the decay of the late Dr. Ortiya. The crew of the
Hunter had landed about a five hour trek away, due to
both the desire to show up unannounced, and the lack
of sufficient landing space in the jungle-like area
surrounding the fugitive scientist's hideaway. The
unclaimed, unnamed planet on the edge of explored
territory was pleasant enough, obviously habitable, and
remote enough to have hidden the good doctor for
almost a year before the Bounty Police could zero in on
him. Finding him dead - for a few weeks at least - was
a disappointment, since the bounty was less for the
return of the equipment and data only, but at least
they didn't have to worry about subduing a potentially
violent criminal.
The group spent the night camped inside a
portable security perimeter, each member taking a watch
as an extra precaution. In the morning, Commander Reiss
assigned Lts. Haph and Thomp to return to the Hunter
and fly her back, so they could hover and hoist the
equipment (some of it rather heavy) into the hold. She
and Sem would locate and secure the machinery and data
logs for retrieval and wait, keeping contact every
hour. The hike in had been uneventful, but training had
instilled good habits (usually) in the Commander.


Lt. Haph

Genna and Thomp trudged back to the Hunter
through the woody growth. The second check-in with the
Commander had been about a quarter of an hour ago, so
they were probably almost halfway back to the ship.
Genna followed the burly Thomp, thinking it
might be nice to get to know him a little better, maybe
even the way the Commander and Simans knew each
other... The people of Genna's homeworld were long-
lived, and took full advantage of it by allowing each
stage of life to be relished to the fullest. By the
standards of her people, Genna was just past childhood,
and, by the throwback, 'traditionalist' ways of old
Terra, that meant she was only now beginning to explore
the realm of the 'adult'.
Genna was pondering these changes and how they
might manifest during her tour in the Bounty Police
when, from a tree with round, plate-like leaves at the
edge of a small clearing, some...thing dropped onto
Thomp's head. Thompson's cry of surprise was cut off
abruptly as his neck was broken cleanly by a twist
of limbs. He fell limply to the ground as the creature
jumped off him and turned towards Genna, who had drawn
her blaster with the sound of Thomp's yell.
The black thing scrabbled towards her as she
backed away holding her blaster level as she could,
then suddenly leapt for her, a flying mass of insect-
like segmented legs. Genna pulled the trigger, but the
shot went wide. The thing collided with her midriff and
she lost balance, landing on her rear with her arms to
the sides supporting her. The blaster, knocked from her
grasp by the impact, flew some meters away.
Immediately, four pairs of limbs closed vice-
like around her narrow waist, pinning her arms to her
sides. The limbs grabbed or hooked on to each other
across her back, she couldn't see which, and locked
into position. That left five more free pairs, two
above and three below. The top-most limbs whipped
around in front of Genna's face, and she instinctively
flinched backwards, upsetting her equilibrium and,
since her hands could no longer support her, fell onto
her back.
In a panic, Genna bent her knees, sliding her
feet up to allow her to push off, or at least roll over
and stand up again, maybe to run. Too fast for her to
react, the lowest pairs of limbs bent unnaturally
backwards, away from her body, sliding between her
slightly parted legs and grabbing them, two pairs
curling out around her at mid-thigh, the other pair
just above each knee. These steel-strong limbs also
tightened, pulling her thighs up and apart until her
knees were almost at her sides. At the same time, the
upper two pairs of limbs wrapped around her torso, one
pair wrapping around her chest, and another snaking up
to encircle her neck gently, but firmly. Genna drew
breath for a scream, but the limbs tightened around her
throat before any sound escaped. She was held, unable
to breathe, for a few seconds before the limbs relaxed,
but Genna almost passed out anyway from fear in that
short time.
All motion stopped for a few seconds, and
Genna bent her head to look down and assess the
situation. Whatever it was, the creature was smooth and
black, it's skin hard, but rubbery. It looked like it
was mainly made of legs, but the central part of the
body was about a foot long, lying on her from her mid-
belly to mid-breast. The flat body was about a foot
across at the top and bottom, with a thinned "waist" in
the middle giving it the appearance of a squashed hour-
glass cut lengthwise in half. The legs sprouted from
all three segments - three from the top, three from
the middle, and three from the bottom. Three slits
lined the top of the thing's body, about an inch wide,
and an inch apart, parallel to Genna's imprisoned body.
It may have been breathing, as she could see small
gill-slits in the hide over where it lay on her
stomach, and could feel it gently pulse as it held her.
It couldn't have weighed more than 15 kilos.
Slowly she calmed. She still had on her
environmental jumpsuit, which was lightly armored. Her
range of motion was quite limited, but she could move
her wrists and ankles and bend or straighten her knees.
If she could activate the distress signal on her
wristpad, Commander and Simans would come to rescue,
not soon, but hopefully soon enough. Cautiously, she
tried to wriggle her wrists to get at the small
terminal on her left wristband.
At that moment, The middle slit in the thing's
'head' opened, revealing what looked like an eye. Genna
froze. The eye was iridescent black, and stared at her
unblinkingly. After about a minute of this, it bulged
out, and she watched with some revulsion as the eye
extended out from the body on a kind of stalk. The eye
surveyed Genna's trapped form from top to bottom, only
a few centimeters from her at all times. The faint
liquid sound of its movement was quiet enough to be
drowned out by Genna's elevated heartbeat. Finally, the
eye returned to its slit-socket, which closed.
As Genna was about to resume her efforts at
accessing her wristpad, the thing started moving again.
It unclasped two pairs of limbs, the lowest pair from
her thighs and one from under her breasts. These limbs
each extended single claws from slits at their tips and
began to whip and slash around wildly. Genna shrank
back in fear and turned her head to avoid the worst of
the slashing attack, but the claws were not trying to
cut her. Quickly and apparently effortlessly they were
shredding her jumpsuit from the boots up and the neck
down. Strips of the armor fabric and underlayers went
flying as the limbs thrashed. As parts of the suit were
torn, sometimes another limb would momentarily release
itself to help or to grab and toss away larger chunks
before resuming its hold. Over the next couple minutes
all of the limbs participated in the removal of the
outfit, though at least 6 pairs of limbs were always
holding her arms and legs immobile. The arms of the
jumpsuit were among the last items to go, and with them
the wristpad terminal and her only hope at rescue were
flung away into the underbrush.
In the end, Genna lay on the soft ground
exactly as she had when the creature first attacked,
but now completely stripped, save for the thing itself
covering and holding her. Its grip had changed - one
pair of limbs still encircled her neck, and the next
her torso, but the rest of the limb pairs alternated,
bending up to wrap around her spread lower and middle
thighs and bending down to hold her body and bind her
arms to her side. Her breasts were now half covered,
her nipples barely exposed above the top of the thing's
Genna felt the warm, gentle breeze of the alien
world across her body, realizing that even her most
private parts were exposed as the wind gently ruffled
the sparse hairs of her pubis. The gravity of her
situation settled on her as she realized just how
helpless she was. Her arms were locked to her sides,
her thighs held wide apart, her nether lips and anus
exposed to the pale green sky. Tendrils of fear began
to invade Genna's thoughts as the she began imagining
just why she was being held in this position.
A minute or so passed, and Genna's fear grew
steadily. The creature's pulsing/breathing motions now
deepened and quickened, and it seemed to shake a little
as if physical effort. Genna watched with frightened
eyes as the two slits on either side of the eye-slit
began to move - migrating outward across the smooth
black surface of the thing's body. Upon reaching a
point just below her exposed nipples, the slits opened
like tiny mouths and extended over them and their
aureoles, covering them completely.
Genna was now almost paralyzed with fear, but
didn't scream with the reminder of the limbs lightly
gripping her neck. She started and winced slightly as
the slit-mouths began a light suction. The sensation
almost didn't register as Genna was so tightly strung.
But as her nipples hardened in auomatic reaction to
their stimulation, it was becoming apparent what this
alien creature was trying to do, though why?
Almost immediately after the slit-mouths closed
on Genna's breasts, from a dilating notch in the bottom
of the smooth black body emerged a pale white,
segmented tendril. The transparent tube was finger-
width at the end, widening to about couple centimeters
in diameter over the first or three short segments. It
slid down across her abdomen as it continued to
extrude from the thing's body, passing through the
thin thatch of her pubic hair, and grazing her hooded
clit, sending a slight jolt of sensation and fear up
her spine. It glistened with a clear honey-like
secretion, making its trail across her skin a slow,
warm, oozing feeling. After gently parting exposed
outer lips, the tentacle-thing arched upward away from
her, and then curled under, so that the tube's opening
directly faced the soft entrance to Genna's trembling
cunt. The gentle contact of the tube's mouth with her
dry slit was like anelectric shock, and Genna panicked
in her bonds, crying out and frantically struggling to
free herself. But her arms were held fast to her sides
by the creature's hugging limbs. They only tightened
with her struggles, until she was gasping for air,
forcing her to stop squirming.
As she caught her breath, Genna looked down
again and her eyes widened as she saw something moving
inside the tentacle.
An amber bead emerged from the creature's body
and begantravelling slowly down the length of the
tentacle-tube. The bead distended the tube to almost
double thickness as it passed through. Genna could feel
the lump press against her skin as it traveled slowly
but inexorably down the length. It pressed against her
clit and pussy lips, rounded the tube's bend, and
arrived at the junction of the tube's end and her
beginning. The tube's opening dilated and pushed the
bead into the very entrance to Genna's vagina. The bead
now nestled in her vaginal opening was only about two
centimeters in diameter and felt cool, hard, and smooth
to Genna's fevered skin. As she shivered in her
confinement and watched, she felt and saw the bead
begin to melt, warmed by her body heat. In about a
minute, it reached the consistency of a thick, syrupy
gel, and now seemed to produce it's own mild heat.
Then Genna's greatest fear was realized. The
black thing imprisoning her pulsed and swelled its
body, extending a new segment of the tendril-limb from
its body and burrowing the end segment into her pussy.
The amber gel-syrup made it easy for the segment to
push open her until-now dry labia and enter her.
Overflowing ooze spread outward, warming her pussy,
while at the same time some of the lubricating stuff
was pushed inward with the tendril. The finger-width
segment slid only a centimeter or two into her, barely
past her lips, but Genna squealed as though jabbed by a
red-hot poker, flailing her lower legs using the only
freedom of movement she had. The sound brought a mild
tightening of the limbs around her neck, but apparently
was of an acceptable level, and Genna was still allowed
to breathe. In the pause of a few ragged breaths, Genna
realized she could actually only barely feel the
tendril's intrusion. Only the faintest warm pulsing
betrayed the foreign presence just inside her.
Genna watched anxiously as another amber bead
emerged from the creature and began its passage down
the tube. This bulge traveled a bit more quickly than
its predecessor had - across her lower belly, over her
clit and around to her entrance in about a minute -
though she was not judging time well in her frightened
state. The bulge distended the segment inside her to
allow passage, stretching her pussy further open as it
passed into her. Genna tried flexing, clamping down
with her inner muscles to prevent the bead's progress.
Her contraction slowed, but could not stop the
intrusion. The bead inexorably pushed all the way
inside her. She felt the cool hard ball squeeze out of
the end of the tendril embedded in her tunnel. Like the
first, it warmed and melted, the viscous gel adding its
heat to hers. Then the creature pulsed, pushing a
second, slightly wider segment up into her, the tip
now almost as far inside her as her pinky could go, on
those nights when she dreamt of her future lovers...
She shuddered (from what? the memory of her
self-exploration, the fear of her situation? the
unyeilding but gentle sensation in her cunny?) and
shook her head to clear it. This was no time to drift
off. She was facing the greatest terror of her life.
Genna felt another bead bulge start on it's way, and
could do nothing but watch and tremble. She was
perspiring now, but she hadn't been struggling to free
herself after the warnings the creature had given her.
As the third bead passed over her clit, Genna gasped -
the slit-mouths attached to her nipples began sucking
with greater force now, drawing her aureoles and
nipples further into the small hungry maws. It was
almost painful. But not quite.
The suction began a slow oscillation, harder,
then softer, then harder again, just to the edge of
pain, then slacking off. Genna had barely registered
this new sensation when the third bead reached her
entrance and pushed along into her, stretching her
lips ever so slightly wider than before, forcing a
small moan from her as the bead was pushed up through
her snatch and deposited deeper inside her. This bead
was lodged up against her hymen, and Genna quailed at
the slight cool pressure, slowly turning into buttery
warmth within her. She had found her own hymen during
her young self-explorations. Once, while masturbating,
she stuck her middle finger inside herself as far as it
would go, just to see what it was like, and just
brushed it. She quickly removed her finger for fear of
damaging her virginity, and had since pleasured herself
only shallowly, relying on stimulating her clit and
pussy lips instead...
Her own sigh startled her as she felt the thing
push it's third, two finger-wide segment into her. The
amber syrup oozed out of her pussy, displaced by the
tentacle's slow entrance. The slimy stuff spread over
her labia and down over her anus, which contracted at
the warm contact.
The tubes' opening was now pressing lightly on
her virginity, and Genna could only breathe shallowly.
The sensation of being as filled as she'd ever been,
and having her breasts suckled on, and being so
completely helpless was affecting her. She was aroused
and, despite the situation, in danger of becoming lost
in the seductive feelings. She could feel herself
beginning to add her own juices to those being pumped
into her, bead by bead, her body heedless of what, with
almost dread certainty, she knew would be happening
But she couldn't surrender to this... thing,
whatever it was. She opened her eyes, only then
realizing they had been closed, in time to see and feel
the two lowest pairs of limbs that were wrapped around
her thighs and wrists let go and begin bending in
different directions, like segmented snakes. The pair
that released her wrists coiled up to her belly, then
slithered down between her legs. The claw tips were
thankfully retracted, making the ends of the digits
smooth and finger-like. They began gently caressing
from her inner thighs to her pussy lips, then
delicately traced those from the outermost parts to
where the tentacle entered her. They moved in an
irregular pattern, and every touch was electric. One of
the two remaining free limbs, also clawless, curled up
and around to touch her belly, which jerked at the
ticklish contact. The tip slid down her honey-coated
belly to push between it and the tentacle. It oozed its
way onto her clit area and stopped as Genna gasped at
the new contact, her lithe body trembling in it's
prison of limbs.
She was exhaling from that gasp when she felt
the touch on her puckered rear entrance. The last free
limb had curled the other way, out around her left
thigh, and was now just resting on the syrup-covered
bud of her anus. This limb had also just a smooth
rounded end. Genna's panic began to rise again and she
strained her legs, testing the strength of the
remaining limbs holding her thighs so widely open.
They didn't budge.
The creature throbbed again and the digit over
herclit started gently but firmly rubbing around and
up and down her clit, drawing it out from its
protective hood and stimulating lightly. It was
becoming overwhelming; Genna groaned and arched her
back and neck involuntarily. The creature allowed her
this freedom, flexing with her. The greatest terror of
her life now mixed with the sexiest feelings she'd ever
had as warmth began to spread over her sex and breasts,
deep into her belly. The edges of Genna's anxiety
blurred with her growing pleasure. With a slow sigh,
she again lifted her head to see what was going on,
and was againshocked and struck with renewed fear at
what she saw.
First, the eye was open again, staring deeply,
blankly at her. Second, another amber bead was on its
way down the passage. But this bead was not round.
Through the transparent skin of the tendril she saw a
conical shape, point forward, making its way to her
Genna let out a desperate whimper and began to
struggle again, heedless of her earlier experience.
The grip holding her couldn't be broken, and limbs
began to contract slowly. Two things then happened
simultaneously, causing her to stop her mad efforts
before her breathing was cut off. First, the suction on
her nipples now began to alternate, left then right. At
the same time, the general contraction of all the limbs
resulted in more pressure on her clit and anus, and she
stopped struggling suddenly when she felt the limb at
her rear push through her anal ring and just into her
Genna was breathing too quickly now,
hyperventilating with fear and overloaded nerves. The
syncopated suction at her breasts and swirling pressure
at her clit sent shocks of raw pleasure through her
system. The pulsing within her cunt was becoming
stronger and hotter as her own inner muscles began to
react and squeeze the invading member of their own
volition, sending sparks of sensation up her pussy and
into her belly. Genna began to shake her head slowly
from side to side, as if the physical gesture of denial
would stop the tidal wave gathering within her.
It was the contact of the fourth bead bulge
with her pussy lips that set it off. Overwhelmed by
stimulation and fear, Genna climaxed. It was nothing
like she had ever felt playing with herself. Her entire
body spasmed as her head shook from side to side and
her knees bent and unbent. Her mouth contorted to an
"o" shape as a moaning squeal she couldn't recognize as
her own pealed from her. Everything was on fire - her
pussy, her breasts, her ass, her whole body. She
spasmed again. Her cunt and ass muscles squeezing,
milking their invading limbs as the bead bulge pushed
into her, flaring her labia wider still as the base of
the cone entered. Genna's quakes caused another limb-
squeezing reaction from the creature, and the limb at
her rear was pushed in further, setting off the next
spasm of her climax and another, higher pitched almost-
scream from her mouth.
Genna's cunt was alive with tormenting
pleasure. The bead was pushed deeper and deeper, past
her spastic muscles. The pressure reinforced the waves
of climax, intensified further by her increasing terror
at the inevitable conclusion of the passage. Another
convulsion struck her just as the conical bead was
pushed out of the end of the tendril and into her
hymen. The point pierced her virginity and the tear
widened and completed as the small cone was embedded
all the way in. The pain of her deflowering was
submerged and lost in an avalanche of pleasure as both
slit mouths sucked hard on her nipples and digits
strummed her pussy lips and clit and the limb in her
ass pushed deeper. Genna screamed at the top of her
lungs, unchecked by the limbs at her neck. She ran out
of breath, drew another and screamed again as the
orgasmic spasms continued. And a third time, until her
straining muscles couldn't push any more. All this
time, the black unblinking eye watched her.
Genna went limp, her only motions now were her
heavy breathing, pounding heart and contracting pussy
and ass muscles from the last aftershocks of her come.
She could barely moan as the thing pushed its tube
another segment deeper into her, through the now melted
bead, scraping by her torn hymen. Genna shuddered as
another small secondary orgasm shook her.
The next... minutes? hours? passed as more
amber beads, round again, passed along the tendril and
up deeper and deeper into Genna's cunt. Each bead
seemed slightly larger than the last, stretching her
lips and passage just a little bit more as it distended
the now three-centimeter-thick tube and passed,
swallowed within her. The creature now held her
weakened body gently, almost tenderly, cradling her as
much as imprisoning her. Genna whimpered and moaned
quietly from fear and pleasure, the pain of her lost
virginity quickly carried away on the hot honey of the
melted beads and dark caress of finger-like limbs. The
thing was slowly fucking her to oblivion.
No, not fucking. It was filling her, impaling
her, centimeter by centimeter, bead by bead, and
segment by segment, in her cunt and her ass. Every
heartbeat was another hot, contracting pulse within her
and suction on her overstimulated nipples. Every pulse
found her lost further in a haze of sexual terror.
Slowly, languidly, without her even noticing it, the
thing was raising her level of excitement again.
Until the end of the tube bumped into her
cervix. The slight jarring contact revived Genna
slightly from her stupor. The thing was as deep in her
as any man could or would ever be, filling her pussy
tightly and completely. It couldn't go further. The
digit up her ass was also as far as it could go. It was
now wrapped snug against her outer thigh and pulsing up
her nether passage. Perhaps this was the end. The thing
couldn't go any deeper. Maybe it would stop and let her
go now.
The trapped, invaded girl's hope turned to ice
as she saw another bead start down the tendril. This
one was milky green, but otherwise the same as others
had been. It moved quickly along the tube and pushed up
inside her, forcing a grunt from her as it stretched
her pussy lips. She felt it pass all the way into her
against the walls of her channel, to be expelled
against her cervix with a slight pressure; there to
melt as always. Two more of these beads followed and
another was on its way when Genna began to feel strange
cramps in her lower belly. It was mildly uncomfortable,
but not painful, given all that had happened to her.
The cramps continued as the fourth bead was deposited
in her and a fifth one, also green, and disturbingly
bullet shaped started along its way.
Genna couldn't imagine or accept what happened
next, as the last green bead forced its way into her,
and was pushed up against, and then _into_ the
softening, dilating muscle of her cervix. Her sense of
reality began to crumble as the creature pulsed again
and pushed its invading member deeper, a sharp spike of
pain making her gasp as it forced her cervix open a
finger width. The creature was now in her womb.
Adrenaline again surged through her overtaxed
body as her panic rose once more. Worse still, her cunt and ass muscles still contracted out of her control as
her sexual stimulation continued unabated. Genna's body
used what little freedom the creature gave it to betray
her, trying to hump itself further against the
intrusions. The creature obliged her, pushing deeper
still into her uterus, seemingly to the very core of
her being.
Everything stopped for one breath, then two.
Genna couldn't even think as her body tightened
instinctively in dread anticipation of... something.
Something horrible.
The black creature's body started to tremble,
first gently, then more severely. The tremors were
transmitted through all its limbs. The vibrations added
to the alternating suction of the slit-mouths at her
nipples, and down to the massaging digits at her clit
and pussy lips. They were also transmitted down the
tendril-tube, deep into Genna's cunny and womb. The new
stimulation touched every inch of her body, and brought
her higher and higher. Genna's moans grew louder and
more desperate as she rose and reacted to sensations
she'd never imagined.
A thick black fluid coursed down the
transparent tube, turning it black as the rest of the
thing's body. It expanded the tube to the width of the
largest bead, reaching the entrance to Genna's pussy
and stretching her lips wide as it flowed into her.
This time, there was no contraction. Her pussy stayed
stretched to its maximum and her cunt was filled to the
limit as the fluid filled the tube. The additional
strain added some discomfort to the mounting pleasure,
pushing her looming orgasm just out of reach. The
expanding tube reached her cervix and stretched that
opening too, causing another cramping sensation.
Genna felt a heat enter her belly as the black
ichor in the tube oozed into her womb. Her overloaded
senses were pushed to the edge again. The overstuffed
feeling in her stretched cunt was massaged into
white-hot pleasure by the vibrations of the tentacle.
She felt herself falling into nothingness. Before she
closed her eyes for the last time, surrendering
completely to the sensation, she glimpsed three tapered
blue bead-bulges traveling down the tube. As the first
spasm of her ultimate climax hit her, she thought in an
almost detached way that they looked like robin's eggs.
Genna came, and came, and came. The back thing
vibrated, sucked, stroked, and pushed its eggs deep
into her pussy, up to her prepared belly. The crescendo
of her orgasm hit when the egg-beads were forced, one
at a time, through her dilated cervix, to be implanted
in her nutrient-filled womb. The pleasure-pain of the
final impregnating spasms finally overwhelmed her.
Genna blacked out, spiraling down into darkness on
wave after wave of unbearable climax.

End of Part 1

First Haph: Ortiya's Children
By Monocle


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