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First Haph 3


If you're under 18, the following text is not for
you. Skip or erase the file. If you're over 18, you can
officially decide for yourself.
The following work of total fiction contains scenes
of graphic sex of several kinds, some of which is nc, kinky,
and/or downright weird. This story includes fairly strong
elements of restraint/bondage (of a sort) and of
impregnation/insemination (of a sort).
Content is my own (Monocle), copyright 1999, (as are
the typos, and spelling & grammar errors), and any
resemblance to persons or events living or dead or stories
already written is both purely coincidence, and, frankly,
hard to believe could even be possible (at least the persons/
events bit). Some time is spent on set-up and post-
mortem, which arguably makes the real meat (heh) of the story
better, but which can be skipped if you're just too horny to
The reader is free and welcome to copy and circulate
this story within free legal forums, as long as this
disclaimer is included and no alterations to it or the content
are made.
Hope you like it.

| | First Haph:
| | Ortiya's Children - SF NC Cons M/F alien/F Anal
| | Preg Weird
_|____|_ First story from Monocle.
(O) o In which a group of interstellar bounty hunters
/ > searching for a fugitive find instead a brand new
| ~~ breed of sex offender. This is the first story in
| a possible multipart series.


First Haph: Ortiya's Children
By Monocle

- Part 4 of 4 -


Commander Reiss

"Oooooooooooo, yessss! Do me Sem, do me deeper!"
Sem's cock slowly slid its dark 9 inch length back
into Mogomry's aching snatch. The starpilot knelt behind his
Commander, gripping her sensuous hips and thrusting into her
from the rear, her pale legs widely spread to either side.
The Commander had her arms stretched out in front of her
like a cat, her long straight black hair splayed around her
head and back as she bowed her back and pushed against him,
trying to get Sem to impale her even further.
"Aaaaaaaahhhssssss," she hissed. She loved the
rear-entry 'dog' style. It felt so animalistic and raw, and
Sem did it so well, his slightly downward turning rod
rubbing her in all the right places inside from this angle.
Sem reached around with his right arm and found the
bud of Mogomry's clit easily - it was already standing out
from its hood and throbbing with the stimulation of their
lovemaking. His touch made her jump with a "Gahh! Ohhhhhh"
as she melted further into his fucking. She quickly
approached climax, as Sem kept pounding into her and rubbing
her clit and labia around his cock.
"Yeesssss, ohhhh, more, morrrrre," Mogomry whined as
Sem began grunting with his own rising lust and effort. He
brought his other hand around her and grabbed her left
breast in his hand, the ample tit providing plenty to hold
on to. He savagely pulled her onto him with each thrust.
"Fuck me, lover, make me cuuummmmm -ooooooooooo,"
she moaned as Sem pulled her almost to a kneeling position,
still pistoning in from behind. This position allowed him to
kiss and suck her neck as well as fondle her breasts,
nipples, and clit.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she almost whispered as she rose
higher with each deep push into her, until she seized, and
began jerking almost uncontrollably.
"Ohh! Yes! I'm coming! Uh, unh, unh, Oh! Cummmming!"
The Commander screamed and babbled insensibly. She came, as
usual, for almost a minute as Sem continued slamming her
back onto him over and over. The Commander's strong cunt
muscles squeezed Sem's throbbing penis, bringing him over
his cliff. Sem swelled and grunted as his orgasm erupted
from him into the ebbing glow of Mogomry's climax.
"Ooooooh, come for me, baby. Come in me.. Give it
to me. Put it deeeep.. That's it.." she cooed into his ear
as he burrowed is face in her shoulder. His cock was buried
to the hilt in her pussy, spurting its juice while she
milked it inside her.
Finally, Sem was spent. He gently released her from
his grip, and she went back to all fours, stretching
luxuriously and pressing her ass back onto his slowly
softening shaft.
It had been a good idea, Mogomry thought, to send
the two 'youngsters' back for the ship while she and Sem
prepared the bounty for pickup. It had taken them all of an
hour, leaving them at least four more to kill before the
Hunter arrived. The pilot and Commander could think of no
better way to spend the extra time than the usual way, which
resulted quickly in the setting up of the security perimeter,
the shedding of clothes, and the commencement of serious
screwing. They had barely paused long enough to answer the
second check-in from Lts. Haph and Thomp, Reiss taking the
communication while Sem had been preparing her to be mounted
by tonguing her from behind. She had worked hard to keep her
command voice straight as familiar, sexy sensations coursed
up her slit and to her twitching anus with each lap and of
Sem's dexterous tongue...
The recent memory brought a pleasant sigh to
Mogomry's lips as Sem finally withdrew his softened member.
"Missing it already?" he quipped, "Well there's
plenty more where that came from, my dear Commander. Let me
get us something to clean off with, and we'll see what's
next on the agenda for the day. As I remember, we've
covered tonguing and screwing, which leaves fucking,
sucking, humping, and banging still to go!"
The Commander began to move to a sitting position,
but was stayed by the hands of her lover on her firm ass.
"No, don't move," He said, "I'll clean you up
myself. Besides, I love watching my come leak out of you."
"Sem, you are a horrid, perverted man."
"That's why you can't get enough of me."
He was right. And so she stayed stretched out, eyes
closed, ass in the air, as the breeze ruffled her curly, wet
pubic hair and Sem's sperm oozed out of her pussy and down
her open legs. It felt deliciously sleazy.
Sem quickly moved to a rucksack to rummage out a
towel and didn't see the many legged, razor clawed beast
emerge from where it had tunneled under the perimeter and
leap for him. He crumpled soundlessly as a claw cut his
The Commander felt a presence behind her and
something landed on her back. She smiled, wondering what
Sem had in store for her next, as that weight obviously
wasn't a towel. A warm, heavy blanket-like thingnow covered
most of her back. She felt something encircle her waist and
hold on, kind of like Sem's arms, only smaller, and.. more
of them?
x "What's this?" She asked, eyes still closed, hips
swaying teasingly for him, "another toy you picked up from
the Emporium on Walston 5?" She was greeted by silence as
she felt more arm-like things wrap around her hunched legs,
locking her in her cat-stretch position. Several smooth,
warm fingers began caressing her on both sides from her
legs, up her waist to her breasts, where they wrapped
around, trapping her nipples between squeezing digits.
"Ooooo. Kinky. I liiike it. She purred, her
excitement rising.
"What does it do next?"
As if in answer, she felt something like a thick
warm finger that grew longer and longer ooze across her
lower back and down the crevice of her upturned ass,
causing her to hiss as it dragged across her puckered
rear opening. It divided her pussy lips and plunged slowly
inside her. It was narrow, maybe a little more than a
finger-width at first, but as it steadily pushed in it
thickened rapidly. When it was several centimeters in her,
it was already thicker than Sem's cock, though that seemed
to be the limit - four centimeters thick.
"Aaaaaaauuuuuuhhhh," Mogomry breathed as the steady
penetration forced the air from her. Her passage was still
slick from her juices and Sem's come, so the new invader
had little trouble sliding ever further up her cunt. The
contact dragging across her asshole added to the sensation.
The smooth, segmented, uneven texture of the thing sent
strange and erotic sensations through her most sensitive
"Oh, god, yessss.. Deeper Sem, make it go deeper!"
she whined as the strange member pushed further in, now as
deep, now further than Sem could go. It pushed all the way
up her passage as her muscles squeezed and massaged it,
until it hit the end of her cunt and pushed up against
the barrier of her cervix. Mogomry was full, her cunt lips
and pussy muscles stretched tight by the thick interloper.
"Oh my god. Ooohhh, lover, you've outdone yourself.
Mmmmmm," she groaned as the thing pulsed and throbbed,
wiggling slightly inside her,
"What is it? It almost seems alive."
Mogomry continued humping into the thing with the
little freedom it allowed her. With one hand she brushed her
hair aside and looked up and around, to see how Sem was
controlling his exotic new toy, expecting to see his hands
wrapped around her breasts, pinching her nipples between his
fingers. She froze in shock and horror at the scene that
greeted her. Three eyes stared at her. Two belonged to her
now dead lover Sem, collapsed about 10 feet away. The third
looked just as vacant, but iridescent black and attached to
a stalk that went behind her out of sight.
"Oh God! Sem!" cried the Commander, followed by,
"Guuuhhhh oooohh, Noooo..." as whatever was inside her
pussy pulled out and shoved back in all the way. Mogomry's
sensual hips swayed within their imprisonment. While
registering the situation of a rational level, she was too
far gone in her arousal to do much but protest weakly. Her
body quickly betrayed her on its rising waves of hot
sensation. The thing drew out and pushed in again, beginning
to fuck her slowly, powerfully; its segmented probe rasping
against her sensitive asshole.
"Wh.. what are you oooooo! Uh, uuunnhhh..
stop iiit! Get ooouuuut of meeee! Ooooo ooooo, fuck,
fffffuck... Noooooo nooooo, sstooop," Mogomry tried to reach
around with her right hand to grab at and disentangle the
unseen attacker from her. Her hand was quickly seized in a
vice-like grip and pinned to her side. Another restraining
limb grabbed at her left arm and did the same. Mogomry was
now completely immobile save for her neck, which she could
turn from side to side. She could see very little around her,
and nothing of her attacker. She and Sem had played restraint
games before, but this was further than she'd ever gone, and
the feeling of helplessness and powerlessness pulled at the
Commander with unyielding erotic currents, despite the fact
that it was not her lover playing games, but something else
with an unknown and likely sinister agenda.
"" She breathed, barely a whisper,
with each thrust of the invader. She could feel her sex
tingling, getting hotter and wetter. She knew that if this
kept up she'd reach orgasm and stay there. The Commander
was multi-orgasmic, and Sem had once kept her coming,
moaning, quaking, and shuddering, for ten minutes straight
using his expert tongue, cock and fingers, ending only
because Mogomry passed out from overexertion.
"Ahh! Oh, please no more.. no.. more.. more..
moooorrrre.." Mogomry moaned louder as two finger-like
digits curled around her thighs and started massaging her
labia around the fucking intruder, moving rhythmically up
to her clit and down to the bottom of her stretched open
"Oouuuhhh!" Can't come.. Don't come.. she thought.
"Guh! Aaaagh, Nnnuh! Unh, unnnuh.." coming.. coming..
Cuuuuuum!" Her body would not be denied the tidal wave of
ecstasy. Mogomry convulsed with her climax, her cunt muscles
squeezing the intruding member over and over.
"NNnnnnnnnNNNnnnnnoOOOoooooOOOOo," she moaned as it
continued fucking her, voice rising with each deep stroke.
Her orgasmic fugue kept her suspended at the sensual peak,
just has she had feared. Nearly incoherent from pleasure and
terror, Mogomry registered the bulge travelling down the
snakelike organ only dimly, not reacting until it pressed by
her rear opening and stretched her pussy lips even wider than
"Nnnnnaaaaagghh! Wh..whaat is that? OooooooOOOgh
AaaaaaaAAAIh!" she grunted as the bulge traveled up her cunt,
further in with each thrust, to be shoved at her cervix with
a slight pressure as her orgasm renewed.
"Ohgod..Ohgod.. Ohhhhhhh..," the Commander's breath
was growing ragged as she began to tire, though her body
shook as though shocked, and her pussy clamped down hard each
time the thing fucked into her. It pushed two more of these
bulges up her snatch, one at a time, and Mogomry could only
make low moans and hisses and grunts with each spasm.
"MMMMmmmmMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMmmmmm," The cramping and
loosening of her cervical muscle was lost in the rhythmic
throbs of her dominated body.
"MMMMmmmmMMMMmmmmmaaaaAAAAAIIIIEEEE!" She screamed,
eyes wide, as she felt the invader drive into her with
increased energy and force its way past her cervix and into
her womb, intensifying her whirlpool of climaxing sensation
further still, and bewildering her completely. Mogomry fell
into sexual delirium, imagining that it was Sem, black body
and cock grown to monstrous proportions, madly fucking her
bound body right up into her womb.
"Ooooooohh god! Whaaa? Godnooooo.. Ooooooooo,
lover yesssssss!" she hissed as she was filled beyond even
her wilder imaginings. The limb pushed all the way into her
and pumped in and out several times, before shoving in as
deeply as possible and holding there trembling with a deep
vibration that conveyed throughout Mogomry's body. Then she
felt it widen to an almost unbearable thickness, making
Mogomry wince and cry out as something hot and thick was
pumped deep into her.
"Ooohhhhhyessss. Fillllll meeeee, Fuuuck
mmmmmmeeeeeeeEEEEAAGH!" Another bulge stretched her cunt
muscles as it passed into her, and was delivered into her
womb, the fuck-tube vibrating and shaking with exertion.
The sensations resonated with Mogomry's own quaking body and
traveled along the digits stimulating her clit and breasts.
"AAAAAAAUGH! Fuckmefuckmefuckme.. ooooooOOOOOOOHH!
cumcumcum.. CuuuuuuummmmmmMMMAIIIEE!" The helpless Commander
squealed and screamed senselessly hunching and tensing
erratically as three more bulges were forced into her, each
one pushing her climax higher, shattering her mind into
splinters of ecstasy. The knowledge of what was happening to
her, that some _thing_ was being pushed, implanted into her
added an undercurrent of horror that made the climax almost
unbearable. Finally, completely overloaded, Mogomry slipped
away, her body still spasming with the ebbing orgasm minutes
after losing consciousness.


"After that, it was a lot like what you said. It
imprisoned me in some kind of web, fed me through it's tube,
and fucked me over and over again, feeding these things, or
something," the Commander gestured to the little beasts
still clasped above her ankles.
"Finally getting a look at it really gave me the
creeps. I thought I'd seen everything, but a sex-machine ET?
Maybe because I'm bigger than you, the sedative effect didn't
work as well. I was awake more often, and the thing was
almost always frigging or fucking me, pumping that black goo
into me. I don't think I've come so much in my entire life as
I did this last... month and a half." She said it almost
nonchalantly, but shivered nonetheless.
"I managed to escape once, too. Woke up enough to
wiggle out, couldn't find the weapons or comm, so I just ran
for it. I made it a couple hundred yards before it tripped me
up with those damn legs, then jumped on me and fucked me
unconscious again. It took no chances after that, keeping me
more doped up than before, until 'birthing' time." This time,
she shuddered.
"When I woke up for real again I was trussed up like
at first, like it was going to screw me dog-style again. My
stomach felt a swollen and tight. But instead of fucking me,
it heated me up with all those fingers tickling every part of
me, one diddling my ass, until the contractions came and I
pushed out four of these little monsters during the weirdest
orgasms I've ever had.
"After having me feed the critters a couple times,
two jumped on my legs and the big one disappeared into the
brush with the other two. I ran all the way here to get a
laser to cut them both off before either could react."
"Good thing I was here," Genna said, "Knowing what
these things really are takes some of the nightmare out of
it," she frowned, "some. We've got more studying to do, but
I'm sure we can find a way to get them off you if you want,
and leave them behind."
"Do you want to be rid of yours?" the Commander
asked, pointing to Genna's wrist-hugging passengers.
" Don't know why, but I'm sort of attached
to them. I guess I'm their mother, after all, strange as it
sounds. Perhaps I'll...share one with my sister, when we get
back home."
"Hmmm," Mogomry mused, eyeing her own 'children.' "I
know a Sector Commandant who might like to meet one of these
...when it's older," She grinned evilly. "Well maybe 'like'
isn't the right word, but they should definitely get
"Ok, Lieutenant, lets get going. We have dead to
bury, and bounty to collect."
"Aye, sir!... I wonder if they can be trained?"
"You know, retrieval, scouting, protection...other
"I think the 'other things' come naturally to them,
"I hope so," she whispered
"What was that?"
"Nothing, Commander."


First Haph: Ortiya's Children
By Monocle


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