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Five Short Poems


Five Short Poems (Redman}

I'm going to keep writing these until someone posts
something better. Someone, please stop me!
Comments welcomed at
(c) December 2000
Like a faucet
Like a faucet
Her first gush is cold.
Twiddle the nobs,
I bathe in warmth.
Turned on too much,
She scalds my skin.


Winter nights in the Redman household
Up writing all night,
I crawl between cold sheets.
Her side is warm.
Together, we heat the whole bed.


To an unnamed poetess who wrote to me after I posted my poems
Your poems when seen from afar are gossamer,
Spider webs glistening on a dewy morning,
Light, airy lovelies that settle comfortably on my mind.

When seen up close, there is a callused hand on the stylus,
The fierce beating of an all-too-human heart,
And the rippling deltoid of intellect.

I'm glad you left your footprints
For me to follow through the thicket.


there's contrast in:

your pale flesh
on my dark sheets

your moans
against my silence

your deep passion
and my unmoved heart.

my skin is brittle; i crack.
yours -- soft to oozing.


May I seduce you?
I'm monogamous in body
But adulterous in mind,
I think of other women all the time.

That's why I write these words.
May I take a moment to seduce you?

My physical hands have never strayed
But the tendrils of my intellect
Long to stroke the breasts of your brain,
The clitoris of your cortex,
The thighs of your thalamus,
The cervix of your cerebellum.

May I woo you with words, seduce you with syntax?
I want your nipples to tingle when you read my name,
Thinking of how I touched you from afar.
Spread the legs of your consciousness
And let me ease into your psyche
Until, for just a moment, you and I
Are not alone, not separate, not strangers.

In some strange mix of the ether of the Internet,
We can connect, can coagulate, can fornicate.
"We." No longer "you" and "I,"
Separate and apart, but "us;"
The eternal us of everyone plus you.
Joined with me, you join with everyone.
We're lonely out here, on the outside of you.
Spread your legs and let us in, my dear.
May I seduce you, in the name of all humanity?



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