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Flash (exh)


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Flash (exh)

by Hecate (

Camille had spent all morning getting ready for her appointment. She
put on, first, a pair of translucent silk panties, and then some sheer silk
stay-up stockings. She loved the feel of the silk as it caressed her body.
It moved against her, brushing lightly so that she felt small goosebumps
everywhere it touched, leaving her skin feeling enervated with sensation.
Next was an almost transparent white silk blouse. This brushed her breasts as she moved, tingling against her breasts, making her nipples start to
engorge. The aureoles were visible through the silk as her breasts pressed
against it. Over this she was going to wear a silk and wool suit. Very
proper but with the skirt just a little short, though still covering the
tops of her stockings, and a v-neck jacket that showed her blouse and her
cleavage, but covering her where her nipples showed through the blouse.
Then a pair of patent black leather shoes to complete the ensemble. She
looked at herself in the mirror. The image of a businesswoman was
reflected back. Only she knew how sexy she felt. How her nipples were
grinding against the smooth silk of the blouse, how the silk panties were
gently rubbing against her every time she moved, how she was feeling
herself begin to moisten with excitement.

The car arrived on time and dropped her at the imposing eighteenth
century building. She climbed the steps, and went into the building. She
took the elevator to the first floor, walked along the corridor, and
entered a magisterial office through the open door. She closed the door
behind her. The figure at the massive oak desk pointed her toward a comfy
leather chair and she went to sit down. Now the fun would start. As she
sat she carefully allowed her skirt to slip upwards against the leather
seat. Eyes were staring at her and the questions began. By now she was
excited to the point where her panties were damp. She could feel the
wetness between her thighs. Part way through the questions, she complained
of the warmth in the office, and removed her jacket, pushing her breasts forward against the silk, her now erect nipples making pink points in the
cloth. Half way through she began to open her legs; the short skirt easing
back until she was sure enough light was available for the wet patch on her
panties to be seen. She rubbed herself carefully against the leather seat;
making her panties caress her pussy, pull on her clitoris. She noticed the
questioner move one hand below the desk. The questions came faster,
breathing faster, diction more strangulated, until an obvious moan came
from behind the desk Camille found herself having a small orgasm in

The Judge rose from behind the desk, and smoothed down her skirt. She
looked at Camille. "Well, that's the best briefing I've ever had, but
you're due for a good spanking when we get home, you little minx!"

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