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Just a little standard disclaimer: This story describe sexual activity, so
please don't read this if you're underage or very very sensitive. This is
a pure work of fiction, and any resemblance to actual people or events are
purely coincidental. Keep in mind that elementals are all siblings born
from mother Nature. Having said that, this is not an incest story, so stop
snickering. Please don't repost or archive any of my stories without
specific permission from the author. Feedback is encouraged, by email to

Found by the Creek By Shon Richards

Brother/Husband Cloud didn't like it when she wasted her time watching
the stranger. He would get very angry when he saw her whispering around
the stranger, moving his coat and touching his lips as he spoke his strange
language. Brother/Husband Cloud would scold her in the evening, thunder
echoing through the woods. She would yell back her defiance, screaming at
him so loudly the birds could not sleep and the squirrels wept.
Sister/Wife Wind was a difficult, flighty wife at times, and with the
arrival of the stranger she was even more so.

Wind didn't want to anger her brother/husband, but she didn't feel any
sympathy for him either. Cloud spent all day drifting through the sky,
watching the animals fight, talking to his brother clouds and spying on the
Tuscogee tribe women when they washed. Wind was confined to the lonely
hills, and in all her centuries, this was the first time a man had ever
appeared. What made him even more special was his strange skin. He wasn't
dark like the women Cloud spied on. This man was as pale as Cloud, and his
hair was as red as father Sun. He carried strange things with him and did
even more mysterious things by sister Creek. Wind could never heed her
brother/husband's requests; the stranger was just too fascinating.

The stranger would spend every day sitting in sister Creek. He would
use strange tools made of wire and metal and for some reason, he would pass
these tools through Sister. sister Creek giggled every time he did this,
and she told Wind that the strange tools made her ticklish. Wind didn't
believe her. She knew the difference between ticklish giggles and the
sudden joyful sighs that sister Creek was making. Wind couldn't help but
notice sister Creek's sly smile that appeared every time the stranger would
start to work. The stranger's touch was new and foreign, but sister Creek
was enjoying every moment of it.

While sister Creek sighed and shuddered, Wind would examine the
stranger. He wore a hat that covered his hair so Wind would knock it off
constantly in order to see the red locks that fascinated her. His pale
skin was just as fascinating, so she would blow herself fiercely against
his clothes, trying to move past his long coat and his wool shirt so she
could feel and see the white, hairy skin he wore. The man would fight her,
clutching his clothes to him and speaking forcefully in his strange tongue.
Wind would relent and watch peacefully until her curiosity got the better
of her and she would press hard against him again.

One day, Wind was watching the stranger fondle sister Creek and the
stranger began to sing. His song was like the song birds sing but much
more complex. Wind also couldn't understand what he was saying, unlike the
bird's songs that were simple songs of desire. Wind listened, fascinated,
as the man sang. Although she didn't understand a word, she was moved by
the emotion. The tone was sad and mournful yet had elements of the desire
that Wind heard in the birds' songs. For once, Wind was completely still
as she listened to his song. Even sister Creek was silent in her moans as
the man sang. When it was over, Wind pushed at his lips fiercely, but he
would not sing again.

That night, Brother/Husband Cloud was very angry with her. Wind was
singing the snatches and bits of the man's song that she could remember.
Brother/Husband Cloud was jealous of the man, and lightning cracked the
skies as he poured his anger on her. She yelled back at him, screaming
with her endless voice about the naked women he watched over the hills.
She screamed about how late he would come to her when the women were mating
with their men under the night sky. Back and forth they clashed, until
finally Wind wrenched herself from Brother/Husband Cloud's embrace, and she
went screaming down to the stranger's tent.

It was night, and the campfire was dead, yet the stranger was up,
walking around his tent. Wind paused in her anger and became as still as
Mother Earth. The stranger stepped over the bush, and unzipped his pants.
Wind waited for him to relieve himself like she had seen before, but he did
something strange. He stroked his penis, and it became stiff with desire.
He kept stroking as Wind watched silently. His cock was so much smaller
than Brother/Husband Cloud's, yet his cock became very red. Within
minutes, he uttered a groan and sprayed his seed down onto the bush. Wind
was amazed; the amount he ejaculated was so small, yet the man wouldn't
stop shuddering. His seed was not nearly as massive as Brother/Husband
Cloud's downpour, yet the stranger appeared to be completely overcome with

When the stranger was done, he zipped his pants back up and went back to
sleep at his tent. Wind quickly moved to the bush and examined what he
left there. It was so strange to her. When she desired bliss, she simply
lifted herself up and merged with Brother/Husband Cloud. When
Brother/Husband Cloud tired of just watching the women bathing, he would
call on her and she would spread her legs for him no matter how angry she
was with him. The idea that someone who desired bliss would have to mate
with himself was alien to Wind. It seemed so lonely and sad. It explained
why he sang those songs. He was calling for a mate and when the mate never
came, he had to have sex with himself.

Wind went back to her Brother/Husband, and though he was still mad at
her, she mated with him. She had to do something to drive that lonely
image from her mind. She wrapped herself tightly around Cloud and bucked
against him until the rain fell to the ground and she shrieked with
passion. Yet, she still thought of the lonely stranger.

Wind came to the stranger's tent the next morning and watched as he
fondled sister Creek. Wind was silent as she watched the man for she was
thinking about last night. Since she was quiet, the stranger sang loudly
today. He was trying to fill the quiet with song, but to Wind it sounded
like he was even more desperate to find a mate.

"Sister Creek," Wind whispered. "The Stranger is so lonely, he needs a

"I know, I saw him yesterday, making love with himself," sister Creek
answered. "Maybe you should go to the Tuscogee women and see if they will
mate with him".

Wind became very angry and the leaves shook as she yelled at sister Creek. "No! Brother/Husband Cloud looks at them all day! I will not ask
them to steal the attention of the stranger too!"

sister Creek was quiet, for she was wiser in the ways of the world than
Sister Wind. She concentrated on Wind's moods although the stranger was
doing something wonderful to her with that strainer he was always using.
Finally, she came to a decision and babbled softly for sister Wind's ears

"Once, long ago," sister Creek began, "Sister Pine fell in love with a
great bear. She loved the smell of his fur when he rubbed against her, and
she lusted for his powerful arms that dwarfed those of her Brother/Husband
Pine. One day, sister Pine became so distraught, she wailed to Aunt Moon
to help her."

"What did Aunt Moon do?" Wind asked as she watched the stranger stretch.

"Aunt Moon crafted a necklace of silver and gave it to sister Pine.
With this necklace around her neck, sister Pine could change her shape to
anything she desired. She became a she-bear, and found the bear she
desired. They mated, and their passions were heard through the hills.
They lived together for many years until the unthinkable happened."

"What?" Wind asked.

"Sister Pine forgot that bears grow old; she grew old and died," sister Creek explained. "Sister Pine passed away and joined the Great
Thunderbird, just a few feet from here."

"That is so sad," Wind sighed. The stranger looked up as he thought he
heard a mournful tone in the wind.

"Yes, but the necklace she wore," sister Creek went on, "is still there.
Mother Earth has tried to cover it over the years, but I still know it's

Wind was quiet for a few long moments. "Why are you telling me this?"
Wind asked.

"Just passing the time," sister Creek lied. She giggled as the Stranger
splashed her.

That night, Brother/Husband Cloud stayed by the Tuscogee tribe. They
were having a special dance, and there were many women dancing and mating
under the stars. Wind waited and waited, but Brother/Husband Cloud was
staying there all night. Aunt Moon hung silently above Wind, and she
couldn't help thinking about sister Creek's story. It didn't take Wind
long to act.

Wind swooped down at the spot sister Creek talked about and tore at the
ground. She usually had to hold back her strength to not damage anything,
but tonight she released her full strength. The hole she dug was a scar on
Mother Earth's body, but Wind promised to repair it later. All that
mattered now was finding the necklace. To Wind's delight she found it!

The necklace was slippery and as white as Aunt Moon was. It glowed when
Wind picked it up, and the length of the necklace curled around her on its
own. Wind was fascinated, and she slipped the necklace around her.
Closing her eyes, she tried to imagine the form she wanted.

At first, Wind imagined a form as white and pale as the stranger's. A
body immediately formed around her, as white as Aunt Moon with hair the
color of snow. This body fascinated her, but it looked too strange to her.
Wind wasn't sure if this form would be pleasing to the stranger, and she
had never seen a woman of his tribe. She dismissed the body and tried to
think of something else. Wind realized that there was really only one
female human form she knew. Wind concentrated, and thought of a form
similar to the Tuscogee women.

She looked down and smiled at her new, familiar shape. Her skin was a
dark red, and as smooth as the pebbles in sister Creek. Long hair fell
against her back, and Wind was proud of the way the black hair caught the
moonlight. She was pleased with her heavy breasts; they were exactly the
kind that her brother/husband loved so much, full and ripe with nipples as
prominent as strawberries. Wind placed her hands on her hips, amazed at
the sensual curves that were just as she had hoped. Filled with wonder,
she lowered her hand down to her sex, gently touching the dark folds. Wind
was amazed at how sensitive she was there, and how easily she could excite
herself. Wind stood there for a few minutes imagining the possibilities.

The stranger was asleep in his tent, his feet peeking through the cloth.
Wind walked through sister Creek, who watched with wonder at her sister's
new form. Gently, Wind tugged at the stranger's foot. He awoke with a
start and a flurry of motion as scrambled out of his tent, yelling all the
time in his foreign language. Wind fell back, and fell on her round ass,
laughing at his panic. Why was he so scared? The two of them have spent
the last month together!

As he stood up outside his tent, clutching his pants around his waist,
the stranger continued his rant. Wind just looked at him in disbelief
until realization hit her. He didn't know who she was! Wind laughed, her
laughter as delicate as chimes. That silenced the stranger. His face went
from anger and fear to something more confused. Then his mouth opened as
he faintly recognized her laughter.

Wind seized the moment of his confusion. He stepped closer to him and
touched his face. When he didn't flinch away she gently pulled his head
down. She opened her lips and kissed him. She wanted to touch her lips to
his in the hope of somehow absorbing his ability to sing. Her tongue went
shyly into his mouth, exploring and searching for the music he carried.
The stranger was hesitant, but not unwilling. His arms wrapped around her
as he drew her closer and kissed her deeper. Wind was amazed at how weak
her legs felt; when she nothing but a breeze she had never enjoyed the warm
sensuality that comes simply from a hug.

The stranger's fear was melting, and so was something between Wind's
thighs. His hands were so firm on her shoulder blades, and they felt
wonderful as they drifted down to her naked buttocks. Wind shivered in the
darkness as his hands traveled to the curves of her brown bottom. When his
fingers squeezed into her flesh Wind cried out with her chime tones. Her
skin felt so alive wherever he touched. She wanted to be wrapped up in him

His mouth broke from her lips, and she whimpered at the loss of his
tongue. Those whimpers changed to soft moans as his mouth kissed down her
neck. The stranger's mouth was hungry as it tasted her skin. Wind
reflected that it was the same level of passion she had seen when he sifted
through sister Creek. Her moans deepened as his mouth kissed her neck; her
shoulders and even further down. Wind titled her head back and shivered as
his mouth descended to her breasts. His hands shifted around and cupped
her heavy breasts, raising them like fruit to his mouth as he desperately
bit into her brown nipples. Wind couldn't believe the bliss she felt as
his mouth sent thunder shocks through her breasts. No wonder the Tuscogee
women almost bared their chests. If they were always this magical, Wind
would never cover her breasts again.

The stranger licked and bit at her nipples while Wind ran her fingers
through his red hair. She had often touched his curly hair but never
before with real hands. It was dirty and greasy to the touch, but it felt
so real. His hair was rough like his hands, and it had a smell that was
distinctly his. Wind couldn't help running her fingers over the hair as
the stranger kept giving her such blissful pleasures with his mouth.

He said something to her, a low growl deep with lust. Wind didn't know
how to answer, but when the man let his pants drop, she knew she didn't
need to speak to answer him. His cock was erect and virile, nestled in
curly hair as red as the hair on his head. Wind touched his cock, circling
her dark fingers around his pale flesh. The stranger froze and moaned into
her chest. Wind wrapped her fingers around his cock and pulled slightly,
trying to imitate the motions she saw him doing. She was unsure of
herself, but the way his cock grew in her hands eased her mind. The
stranger was moaning louder now as her hand became more confident.

He pushed her away, and Wind was worried that she had done something
wrong. She felt better when she saw the smile on his face and she was so
happy when she took her hand. He pulled a blanket out of his tent and laid
it flat on the ground. When it was smooth, he pulled Wind down to the
ground. The blanket was scratchy against her smooth skin, but it smelled
of him and that comforted her. The stranger gently pushed her onto her
back, and with his callused hands he parted her thighs. Wind shivered, and
her whole body tingled with anticipation.

She felt him press against her, and she was shocked at the feeling of
expanding when he entered her. Her sex, already amazing by it's
sensitivity, astounded her by easily accepting all of his girth. She was
ready for him, and her sex was ready with luxurious smoothness as his cock
rushed in. His cock seemed to be endless, filling her with inch after inch
of solid strength. She thought of Brother/Husband Cloud, and knew his
softness could never again compare to the hardness of the pale stranger.
It was exquisite.

The stranger lowered himself onto her and Wind happily wrapped her legs
and arms around him. Dark perfect legs wound around his hips, pulling him
down deeper into her. Her hands felt the solid muscles of his back and
Wind moaned as she strained to pull him down. She looked up at the
stranger's face, inches from her own. He was muttering something in his
odd language, and Wind didn't understand a word. She just knew that the
sadness in his voice was gone, replaced by a happiness that Wind herself

He moved within her, and Wind moved to meet him. Their bodies flowed
like snakes together, smooth simple motions from heads to toes. Wind
couldn't believe how completely his cock filled her, and she couldn't
believe how every thrust took her to a new level of pleasure. Her fingers
dug into his back and her thighs clenched as she craved more of him. Wind
cried out to mother Earth and father Sun, begging for more of the
stranger's body.

The stranger was deep inside her, but Wind knew instinctively that he
could be deeper. She pushed the stranger away, and he stopped in his
blissful thrusts. She couldn't see his face in the darkness, but she tried
to soothe him as best she could while she rolled him onto his back. When
the stranger understood her intent, he laughed and relaxed as he lay back
on his blanket. Wind climbed onto his body, holding his cock as tenderly
as she could. She guided him into her, dropping her fluid sex onto his
engorged flesh. The shock of re-entry was amazing, and Wind uttered a long
tortured groan as she slid down his cock. When her sex merged completely
with the stranger's cock Wind finally knew contentment.

She shifted as the stranger began to pump upwards. Her hands dug into
the hair on his chest as their sex overwhelmed her senses. Wind felt her
long black hair as it fell forward, covering and teasing her breasts with
their feather-like touch. Her breasts shook with each shock of his cock
penetrating her. The stranger's hands held her hips, guiding her as she
rose and fell on above him. She shuddered and almost cried at the wonders
between her legs. Her thighs tightened around his hips wanting to squeeze
his whole body inside her.

The stranger moaned, shook, and Wind felt the splash of his offering
inside her sex. The sudden rush of warmth surprised her, but it also
aroused her further. Her own sex shivered at the hot stream, and Wind was
stunned by the approach of her own orgasm. She threw her head back, her
hair whipping the night as she did. With her face pointing up in pleasure,
she was shocked to see Brother/Husband Cloud floating above her in the sky.
She was terrified but her body was in the throes of orgasm. She was pinned
on the stranger's cock, shaking and reeling from the bliss of her orgasm.

As she sat there, paralyzed by both guilt and pleasure, thunder cracked
above her. Rain fell into her gasping mouth, covering her long black hair
and soaking her full sensitive breasts. Wind couldn't believe it.
Brother/Husband Cloud was pouring his seed onto her, soaking her human body
with the discharge of his desire. The stranger was too busy with his own
discharge to notice the double reception she was receiving. Wind was so
amazed she just opened her mouth and accepted her brother/husband while her
sex accepted the stranger.

The stranger laughed when he came back to his senses. He gently pushed
Wind off him and his shrinking cock and headed towards his tent to escape
the rain. When he turned back to beckon Wind, he was saddened to see she
had vanished. There was nothing out there except his wet blanket and
something that sparkled in the dirt. He picked it up, and saw that it was
her silver necklace. The stranger smiled, knowing the pretty Indian would
come back for this.

Wind flew to her husband, saddened by the loss of her sensitive body yet
also happy again to be free and flying.

"Brother/Husband Cloud, what are you doing back so soon?" Wind asked,
too shocked to feel guilty.

"Mother Earth told me you recovered a necklace," Cloud rumbled. "She
was afraid that you would leave and die a human. I came back to stop you."

Wind thought on this and answered. "No, I wouldn't become a woman. I
only wanted to comfort the stranger, and I was mad. I was mad that you had
left me again."

Silence came between the two, and the whole forest was quiet as they
listened in.

"Wait a moment," Wind said. "How long had you been watching?"

Brother/Husband Cloud was unusually meek. "Long enough . . ."

"And why did you make rain without me?" Wind asked.

"Because my desire for you was too strong to wait," Brother/Husband
Cloud shyly admitted.

Wind cuddled up to her spouse. "You liked the body I wore, didn't you?"
she teased. She softly caressed portions of him.

"Yes," Brother/Husband Cloud moaned.

"You would like to see it again, wouldn't you?" Wind teased.

In answer to her question, he made love to her.

The stranger was happy to see the beautiful Indian return the next
night. He was a bit confused at how she sneaked into his camp without him
seeing her. One moment he was cooking and the next moment she was standing
beside him, wearing the necklace he had stored in his tent. He didn't
care. He was just happy for another chance to get between those dark

He just wished it didn't rain every time he made love to her.

The end.


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