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Free For All


Free For All


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - Standard Disclaimer. This is a work of fiction for
adults only. If you are under the age of eighteen, please immediately do
what I would have done when I was your age. Which is, delete this story from your hard drive and/or leave this internet site. I know you've left
now like the good little boys and girls you are. But if you haven't or for
the rest of you, enjoy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -

This is second part to a story called ‘Camping with Peter’. I recommend
that you read it first as I don’t plan on a prologue.

The next morning I woke up with a naked ten year old boy in my arms.
That had never happened before but I didn’t mind. Actually I kind of like
it. Not that I was planning to give up girls, but Peter might make a tasty
treat just for something different. His cock was hard and pushed into the
bottom of my stomach. My cock was between his legs against the bottom of
his ass. I reached down and ran my hands over his small smooth butt. I’d
felt it before when I wiped him, but I hadn’t taken the time to enjoy it.

I pulled him up out of my sleeping bag until his crotch was in front of
my face. He didn’t wake but he turned toward me. I sucked his small cock
into my mouth. It felt warm and the taste was hard to describe but I
didn’t hate it. I worked my tongue around the outside of his shaft and
then let it fall from my mouth. I looked up and he still hadn’t woken up.

I lifted his cock up out of the way and took his balls into my mouth.
They were almost completely smooth, I could feel about five little hairs
and that was all. I could feel his balls move within the sac just like
marbles. I ran my tongue over the bottom of the sac.

“That feels good, don’t stop.” Peter said half awake, so I didn’t. I
kept massaging his balls with my mouth. With one finger I traced the crack
of his ass, he shivered and opened his eyes. “I”ve got to cum really bad.”

I spit out his balls and took his cock into my mouth once again. I
could swear it was bigger than yesterday. Maybe we should get the other
boys and have a contest now. He might beat Josh and B.J.

I could easily take his entire cock into my mouth and now I worked it in
and out letting my tongue tease the tip like he’d done to me last night.
He grabbed the back of my head and tried to force his four inch cock
further down my throat, then he let go with a torrent of warm goo. It
flooded down the back of my throat so fast that I really didn’t have a
chance to taste it. I swallowed it all and released his cock. “That’s a
great way to wake up.”

“You’re welcome.” I answered. “Lets get you dressed.” I slipped a clean
pair of underwear on him and then did the same for myself. We got up and
walked outside. Carl was already up and sitting by the fire. He was only
wearing his underwear. The sun was already out and it was going to be a
nice warm day.

“Come on.” I said to Peter and we walked into the woods. I dug a hole and Peter squatted over it and took a crap. I grabbed some leaves and
wiped his butt very carefully. Then I squatted over the hole and added my
crap. After I’d cleaned up and pulled Peter’s underwear back on we walked
back to camp.

Carl looked at us kind of funny. “How come you two keep disappearing
into the woods. Does Peter need you to hold it for him?”

“As a matter of fact...” I said, holding one of Peter’s bandaged hands
in the air, “He does.”

Carl turned red and stuttered for several seconds before he could form
words. “I didn’t mean anything. I was just joking.”

“I know,” I reassured him. “But you don’t need to say anything to
anyone else. I’m sure it would be embarrassing for you if someone had to
hold your dick while you pee.”

“That’s the truth. How are his hands?” Carl asked, changing the

“They look like something out of a horror movie, but they’ll be okay.” I
answered. “Peter, go yell at the others, it’s time to get up.” Peter took
his orders seriously, sticking his head into each tent and yelling ‘get up’
at the top of his lungs. But within a few minutes the other four boys had
joined us. B.J., Josh, and Tyler were all wearing underwear, but Nathan
was still wearing his long t-shirt from last night.

“What’s for breakfast?” B.J. asked.

“I’m not even sure who’s going to cook it.” I answered honestly.

“I will.” Carl volunteered. And within a few minutes, each of us had a
plate stacked high with pancakes in front of him. B.J. played wife and
cleaned up and we all sat in front of the fire and were contented. Nathan
started telling a long and somewhat improbable story about his eleven year
old cousin Alex and a pair of sixteen year old twin cheerleaders. Nathan
was a good story teller and everyone enjoyed the story whether they
believed it or not.

Nathan had been sitting on the ground, flashing the rest of us every
time he shifted position. Josh jumped up, “It’s time for some of that
wifely duty. Oh baby, oh baby.” and jumped on top of Nathan knocking him
backwards. I could tell that Josh had a real hard-on in his underwear
which he started humping into Nathan’s naked crotch.”

The others were watching but before anyone could join in like they did
last night, I yelled, “Josh! Get off of him right now!” I sounded mad and
put a lot of emphasis on the word ‘now’. But I’d meant to sound mad.

Josh rolled off Nathan and stood up. He looked at me like a puppy who’d
just got caught chewing a shoe. I stared at Josh, from the corner of my
eye I could see Nathan just laying on the ground, his legs open and his
hard cock pointing straight at the sky. “Josh, don’t you know that it’s
not polite, not to remove your underwear first.” Josh stared at me. It
took him several seconds to realize that he wasn’t in trouble. Several
more to think about what I’d said, and a couple more to decide to do it.
He pushed his underwear down and stepped out of them. His cock was
definitely hard and he jumped back on top of Nathan and started humping
away, cock rubbing against cock.

Tyler jumped up, pushed his underwear off and approached the pile. He
hesitated for a second and then jumped on top of Josh and started humping
his butt. Carl and B.J. were staring, rubbing their crotches but Peter
knew he wanted to join in the game. He came up to me and I pulled his
underwear off for him and he ran over and pushed his cock between Tyler’s
legs and started humping. I’m not sure whether the pile of bodies was
ridiculous or erotic but B.J. had his cock out of his fly and was jerking
off without a care in the world. Carl was still rubbing his crotch through
his underwear.

“Okay, break it up.” I shouted just as B.J. came and squirted his load
into the fire. It took a few minutes for the four boys to untangle
themselves. I noticed that everyone was still hard, B.J. was the only one
to get off.

“Nathan, didn’t you say the first night that you got all hot and
bothered when you milked a cow?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. My cousin Ellie taught me.”

“You have way too many cousins, but it’s your lucky day.” I walked over
to Carl and pulled him up. He looked embarrassed about rubbing himself but
I didn’t give him time to think. I pusher his underwear down and lifted
him up on the stump until he was on his hands and knees, his cock hanging
straight down just like a cow’s teat.

“Say moo Carl.” and Carl mooed “Get to it.” I ordered Nathan.

Nathan walked over to the stump, started to grab Carl’s cock, but then
turned away. He looked at me, “It won’t work, I need one for each hand.”
Tyler ran over and jumped up next to Carl. Nathan turned back and grabbed
the two cocks and started milking.

Carl still looked embarrassed, but Tyler looked like he was in heaven.
Nathan had the yip of his tongue sticking out the left of his mouth and
pumped away, his hand sliding up and down the two enraged teenaged cocks.
Nathan was still wearing his ridiculous nightshirt but the hem of the shirt was laying on his hard cock.

I signaled for Josh and B.J. to come over to me. When they did, I
pushed B.J.’s underpants to the ground and pulled the two naked boys onto
my legs. I put my arm around Josh and grabbed his hard cock. “You looked
like you were having fun humping ol’ Nathan.” Josh looked surprised that I
had my hand on his dick but managed to nod. “And judging by the way you
tried to put out the fire,” I said turning to look at B.J., “You got really
hot watching Peter hump Tyler, who was humping Josh, who was humping
Nathan.” And my hand took hold of his limp dick and started to massage it.

“Oh Yeeeah.” B.J. said as his cock started to come alive. While I
played with my two cocks, Nathan kept working on his, Carl had a big grin
on his face now and was really getting into being milked, Tyler had been
grinning from the beginning. Peter got up and stepped behind Nathan. He
squatted down until his hard little dick was under the back hem of Nathan’s
t-shirt, then stood up and slid his cock between Nathan’s legs and started
humping his legs.

What a picture, if a Forrest ranger were to come along now, we’d either
wind up in jail or the sexual hall of fame. Josh stiffened and before I
could react, shot his load into the air where it came back and splattered
all over the three of us. This got B.J. excited and he came and added his
mess to Josh’s. At almost the next second, Carl and Tyler came together
and I watched as Nathan pumped out squirt after squirt of white goo onto
the top of the stump. If he’d had a metal bucket, it really would have
looked like he was milking the two boys. As we all watched Nathan continue
to milk the two boys shrinking cocks, Peter thrust forward, yelled and shot
his load between Nathan’s legs. He pulled back, giving me a brief
tantalizing look at the bottom of Nathan’s ass and his cock plopped out
from between the other boys legs and his shirt fell back down.

“Damn that was good.” Peter said and everybody except Nathan nodded and

“What about me?” Nathan asked, turning toward me, his hard cock still
holding up the front of his shirt.

“Don’t you know the wife never gets off.” Carl said as he climbed off
the gooey stump. “That’s why most of them have battery powered friends in
the night stand.” Nathan pouted. He looks real cute when he pouts. I
stood up, pushing Josh and B.J. off my lap. Then I pushed my underwear
down my legs and kicked them off. I had a monster hard-on.

“Nathan come here.” I said. Nathan came over and stood in front of me.
I twirling one finger in a signal for him to turn around and he did. I
slipped my hands under his armpits and lifted him up and settled him on my
cock so that his ass and thighs squeezed my hard-on and the tip of my cock
was pressed against the bottom of his ball sack.

“Okay, everybody line up in front of us, smallest to tallest. The boys quickly lined up with Peter in front, which is what I wanted and Carl in
the back. Behind Peter was Josh, then B.J. and Tyler. They were all
scooted together so that everyone except Peter had his limp cock pressed
into the ass of the boy in front of him. “Peter, take Nathan’s cock into
your mouth and hold it there for two seconds. The other boys looked a
little uneasy but not Peter, who of course had experience which is why I
wanted him in front. Peter leaned down, let his tongue come out and tease
the tip of Nathan’s cock and then sucked the whole five inches into his

He held it there for the required two seconds and then spit it out. He
moved to the back of the line and pressed his hardening cock into the back
of Carl’s legs, he was too short by a couple of inches to reach his ass.
“Josh.” Josh hesitated, but after all Peter had done it. He leaned down
and tasted Nathan’s cock with his tongue then he sucked the whole thing in,
just like Peter had done.

Nathan looked like he was enjoying all this attention and I knew my cock
felt good in the valley between his legs. I wondered what it would feel
like to fuck the tight little ass that was pressed against my pelvis and
decided right then that all six boys were losing their ass’s cherry today
and that Nathan would be first.

Josh let Nathan’s cock slid out of his mouth and moved to the end of the
line. B.J. took his place without hesitation, leaned over and pulled
Nathan’s cock into his mouth. After a couple of seconds he let it slide
out, reluctantly I thought and wondered if B.J. had done this before.
Tyler stepped up, grabbed his own half hard cock in one hand and the base
of Nathan’s cock in the other and lowered his mouth onto the eleven year
old boy. None of the boys was hard again yet, but all of them were on the
way. Tyler finished and still holding his own cock, lined up behind B.J.
and tried to push his half hard appendage between B.J.’s butt cheeks.

Carl definitely looked uncomfortable but all the others had done so he
lowered his mouth onto Nathan’s cock, keeping him mouth wide open as long
as he could and then closed his lips on the other boys cock. Once he had
the cock in his mouth he relaxed, evidently deciding that this wasn’t so
bad. After three or four seconds he let Nathan’s cock free and moved to
the end of the line again. Carl’s magnificent seven inches was completely
hard and he lost no time in sliding it between Tyler’s legs and starting to

Peter was back in front and I said, “Okay Peter. Suck him off.” Peter
immediately fell to his knees in front of us and took Nathan’s cock back
into his mouth. From my vantage point, I could see that Peter’s tongue was
busy inside of his mouth. I looked at the rest of the group. “B.J., suck
off Josh.” B.J. turned the boy in front of him around and went to his
knees without hesitation and quickly sucked Josh’s four and a half inch
cock into his mouth. “Tyler, do Carl.” I ordered. Tyler stepped forward
so that Carl’s cock slipped from between his legs, turned around and leaned
down to take at least half of the older boys seven inches into his mouth.
Carl for once didn’t look embarrassed, he looked like he wanted to push the
rest of his cock into Tyler’s face.

Nathan came and shot his load into Peter’s mouth, which the ten year old dutifully swallowed. I quickly lifted Nathan off my cock, turned his
around and pulled his face down until he swallowed my incredible hard dick.
I swear the thing was so hard that I could have used it to drill mine
shafts in the Rockies. Peter moved over behind Tyler and started humping
his legs.

I felt Nathan move his mouth up and down on my shaft while his tongue
worked on the tip. I looked around and all my boys seemed happy. B.J.
was definitely enjoying working on Josh’s cock and Josh looked like he was
almost ready to explode. Tyler seemed to be enjoying the feeling of
Peter’s dick between his legs as he tried to swallow the entire length of
Carl and I’d never seen Carl smile that much ever. I sure felt good with
Nathan working on my cock like a pro.

Just then Josh started cumming and he pulled back out of B.J.’s mouth
and his sperm shot all over B.J.’s chest. “You know the rules, Josh,” I
called. “You make a mess, you clean it up. Lick it off.” Josh hesitated
and then dropped down and started licking B.J.’s chest. I watched Carl
stiffen up and start to shoot into Tyler’s mouth. I could see Tyler’s
throat working as he tried to keep up with the flow coming from Carl while
Peter humped merrily away. After a minute, Tyler released Carl’s now
flaccid cock with a satisfied smile. “Okay, Carl. Your turn to make Peter
happy.” I ordered. Peter lost no time in pulling his cock from between
Tyler’s legs and presenting it to Carl.

Carl dropped to his knees and inspected the 4 inch pole sticking
straight out from Peter’s pelvis. He reached up and took it in one hand
and gently stroked it, then tasted it with his tongue before sucking the
whole thing into his mouth. “Josh, go suck Tyler’s lollipop.” The two boys moved quickly to comply. “B.J., you can hump Nathan’s rear end.” I was
still sitting with Nathan leaned over me to suck my cock which made a nice
target for B.J. Now this is what I call a camp out.

B.J. came first, shooting his load all down Nathan’s legs. Nathan
didn’t have time to mind, because I came next, and he worked at swallowed
the huge load I was depositing down his throat. Before I had finished
Peter started shooting and Tyler was right behind him.

The boys all moved apart, back to their original positions. Josh, Carl
and Tyler all looked a little embarrassed, they hadn’t planned on a giant
gay orgy, but B.J., Nathan and Peter all looked happy as could be. I had a
feeling that B.J. had done things like this before and Nathan had at least
fantasized about it.

I know that I’d never done anything like this before, but I didn’t want
it to stop, so I decided that I needed to keep the action going before
Carl, Josh and Tyler could think to much about it. “B.J. you made a real
mess on Nathan’s legs. You clean up the right one and Peter you clean up
the left one.” The two boys moved quickly, knelt down in front of Nathan
and started licking his thighs. The other boys watched and I could tell
they were starting to get turned on again. By the time they finished
Nathan was hard again, but nobody else was.

I stood up and walked over to Nathan and pulled the bottom of his
t-shirt over his cock. Then I walked over to our supplies and picked out a
box. I turned around and showed it to the troop. “You guys up for this?”
I asked and everybody except Nathan shouted yes. Nathan pouted and stroked
his cock under his t-shirt. We set up a large ground cloth next to the
fire and I set the box in the middle of it and everybody made a circle
around it. Then Carl opened the box and started setting up the Monopoly

The troop loved Monopoly and we played it every chance we had. I know
it’s not a traditional camping activity, but we had fun. I was always the
top hat, Carl was the race car, Nathan was the thimble and Josh was the
cannon. B.J. was a coke bottle cap, Peter was a button and Tyler was a
dime, we had lost some of the pieces. The picture would have made a great
advertisement for Monopoly, five naked boys and a naked adult and one boy with a hard-on under a t-shirt sitting in the woods playing their game.

“Okay, one new rule. If you have a hotel and somebody lands on your
property, in addition to the regular rent that person will do whatever you
say for twenty seconds.” The boys all grinned at the thought, even Carl,
Josh and Tyler who’d been having second thoughts. Nathan was the banked
and counted out every bodies money. And we started. I should mention that
all of us were good players, but Peter had the damndest luck and usually
won. We always went by age, which meant that Peter was first and I was
last. Peter rolled a five and immediately bought a railroad.

We’d been playing for about thirty minutes when the first hotel went up.
Peter landed on Baltic and since he already had Mediterranean, he
immediately built hotels on both. A couple of minutes later, Josh landed
on one and handed over the rent then looked at Peter for his orders. “I
think I want a twenty second blow job.” Peter announced to nobodies
surprise, and Josh crawled over to him. Peter leaned back on his elbows
and waited. Peter’s cock was soft and only about an inch long, but josh
leaned down and sucked it into his mouth and went to work. He must have
done a pretty good job because when I called time, twenty seconds later and
he let go, Peter was hard.

We went back to the game and a couple of turns later Tyler landed on
Baltic. He handed over the money and started to crawl towards Peter, but
Peter said, “You know, poor Nathan’s had that hard-on forever. I think he
needs it worse than me.” Tyler reversed course and went over to Nathan
who’d been sitting beside him. He lifted Nathan’s t-shirt to reveal his
cock. His erection had gone down a little but was still hard. Tyler
leaned in and sucked his cock into his mouth. Twenty seconds later he let
go, Nathan was completely hard again and I wasn’t sure whether the action
had helped or hurt. Then I looked around the group and saw that everyone
was hard by now.

Next I landed on Pacific and that completed the greens set for me and I
built two hotels, I didn’t have enough money for three. A couple of
minutes later, B.J. picked up Park Place to go with Boardwalk and the game
was starting to get dangerous. The game stayed like this for about ten
minutes. All the property had been bought and only three of us had hotels
up. Peter had all the railroads and the utilities were split between Carl
and Nathan.

Nathan landed on boardwalk and didn’t have enough money to pay but B.J.
took his utility for the balance and then asked, “Can I have Nathan hold
off his command for a couple of minutes?” I thought about and said yes,
though I didn’t have a clue what B.J. had on his mind.

B.J. landed on Pennsylvania where I had one of my hotels and I had him
suck my cock for the allowed twenty seconds. It was almost cruel and
unusual punishment when Carl called time and he stopped. With the money I
got, I put a hotel on my third property.

Next Peter landed on park place and B.J. had a huge grin on his face.
After Peter had payed, he said. “I want Nathan to suck my cock now, and
Peter can suck my balls at the same time.” I like the way this kid thinks.
Nathan and Peter moved over to either side of B.J. and started on their
assigned tasks. B.J. looked like he was in heaven until I called time and
put a stop to it.

But I’d had a plan when I suggested Monopoly and it was time to start
putting it into effect. My target had been cooperating nicely. The game
continued and it wasn’t long until B.J. landed on one of my hotels.
“B.J.,” I said, “Nathan looks like he needs some attention.” B.J. started
crawling over to him. “But his cock looks ready to shoot and we don’t want
to lose that cute little tent pole in his shirt, soooo...” I smiled evilly,
“I want you to lick his butt crack really good.” Everybody looked startled,
especially Nathan. “Nathan get on your hands and knees for him.”

Nathan moved quickly and B.J. got behind him and lifted the shirt to
expose his tight little ass. B.J. put his hands on Nathan’s cheeks and
gently pulled them apart and then ran his tongue from the bottom to the top
of Nathan’s butt crack, then he pushed his face between Nathan’s cheeks and
really gave the crack a workout concentrating on Nathan’s asshole.

I really hated to do it, but as my watch clicked off twenty seconds I
yelled “Time!” as I did, B.J. stabbed his tongue into Nathan’s asshole and
Nathan came. We all watched as B.J. removed his face from Nathan’s ass
and Nathan grabbed his cock with one hand and pumped it up and down milking
the rest of his sperm onto the ground.

“Wow.” I said. “I guess we lose the little guy after all.” The rest of
the boys laughed as B.J. crawled back to spot with a satisfied look on his
face and Nathan looked embarrassed for shooting his load. What followed
was a hectic burst of trading activity which wound up with Carl owning the
yellow set with one hotel, Nathan had red and couldn’t build because he had
no money. Josh had the oranges and built two hotels. Tyler had the
violets, States and those with one hotel and I’d picked up another set, the
light blues and had hotels on all three. 22 properties with 14 hotels, and
6 of those were mine.

But unfortunately, my luck didn’t hold. The next turn I landed on
Mediterranean with doubles. After I’d payed the rent and sucked Peter’s
little cock, I rolled double 6's which put me on States and sucking Tyler’s
cock, then double threes and I was doing Josh who wanted his asshole licked
just like Nathan. Finally I rolled a 7 which landed me on Atlantic, the
only yellow that Carl had a hotel on. Carl decided that he wanted his
balls sucked. Naturally after my turn was done, more hotels went up with
the money I’d just spent.

The game went on for several turns without anyone hitting a hotel except
his own, then back to back, B.J., Tyler and carl all landed on a red a gave
Nathan his twenty seconds each. Then I landed on New York and Josh blew in
my mouth while I gave him his twenty seconds.

“I want to propose a rule amendment.” Carl spoke up. “If someone builds
a second hotel on their property, cash rent stays the same but slave time
becomes a full minute.”

I looked around and everybody was nodding so I said, “Motion passed.”
There was a flurry of buying and Nathan was kept busy doing the banking. I
smiled while I watched him making change. Peter had two hotels on each of
his properties and I had two on two of mine, but everybody else only bought
extra houses because they didn’t have enough money.

Then Nathan landed on free parking and scored big, over eight thousand
dollars, which he started raking in with a big smile. “Attention.” I
shouted and everybody froze. “The International Monopoly court is now in
session.” The boys looked at each other with serious expressions. I stood
up and moved back to a camp chair and sat down, I needed a black robe.
“Nathan, stand.” He did so quickly, coming to attention and staring
straight ahead. He looked kind of funny, standing at attention with his
cock at attention too, his shirt bunched over it.

“Nathan Baird, you are accused of cheating. Item 1; several turns ago,
starting from the railroad, you rolled a four and counted off five spaces,
landed on go and collected double salary. Item 2; when you were selling
houses and hotels you sold yourself houses for half price and kept several
hundred dollars of Peter’s payments. Item 3; starting from electric
company, you rolled a seven and proceeded to free parking instead of New
York where you belonged, cheating twice, once by collecting the money from
free parking and again by cheating Josh of your services. How do you
plead?” I asked in my most judge like voice.

“Guilty, sir.” He answered and I’d swear that his cock drooped a little
bit. Now I should mention that cheating at Monopoly is not really frowned
on in our troop but getting caught is. There is always a penalty,
sometimes it’s cleaning up after a meeting or doing an inventory of all the
camping gear. Today we were going to be a little more creative.

“Do you have anything to say before the court passes sentence?”

Nathan hesitated for just a second, biting his lip. “No sir. I’m ready
for sentencing.”

“Very well. The court passes a three part sentence. One, free parking
money will remain in the center, all your houses and hotels will revert to
the bank, and one of your properties will revert as well, you can choose.
If, in the course of the game you land on that property before anyone else,
you may buy it back if you have enough money. Do you understand part one.”
he nodded. “You may proceed.” I ordered.

Nathan knelt down and quickly followed my instructions, choosing to give
up Kentucky. Then he stood back to attention. “Sentence carried out, your
honor.” he announced.

“Part two. You will give great pleasure to Tyler, Peter and Carl in
whatever order you choose. You will start with there assholes, proceed to
their balls and finish with the best blowjob that any of them have ever
had. Do you understand?” Nathan nodded. “Proceed.”

The three boys had stood up and moved together with Carl in the middle.
Nathan walked behind them, knelt down and started licking Peter’s ass. I
signaled B.J. and Josh and they came over and sat on my lap while we
watched. Nathan had finished with Peter and moved to Carl, because he was
behind their backs we couldn’t see much but we all enjoyed the way theirs
cocks bounced up and down from pleasure or anticipation. I reached around
the back of the two boys sitting on my lap and started stroking their cocks
as we watched. Nathan moved over to Tyler’s ass and B.J. reached down and
started stroking my cock while Josh gently fondled my balls.

Nathan came around front and started with Peter’s balls. I pushed the
other two boys off my lap and pulled them to the side of me, then I guided
B.J.’s mouth down on my cock and soon after Josh’s mouth onto my balls. I
let my hands slide down their backs to their butts. And started exploring
these wonderful small tight asses they had. Nathan had moved to Carl by
this time.

I lifted my hands off their butts and sucked on my two forefingers.
Then I put my hands back and started forcing my fingers between the butt
cracks until I found their assholes, then I slowly started working my
fingers in. Nathan finished on Carl and moved to Tyler about the time I
got to the first knuckle. I was a little surprised that neither boy complained about the penetration. “Switch.” I said softly and they did,
Josh sucking my cock and B.J. working on my balls.

I pushed my fingers in to the second knuckle and looked up to see Nathan
move off Tyler and start sucking Peter’s cock. Peter came almost as soon
as Nathan’s lips closed on his cock. Nathan dutifully sucked until he had
the last drop and moved to Carl. Like Tyler earlier, he had trouble
getting the whole thing in his mouth but he tried.

Meanwhile I kept pushing until my finger was completely buried in the
two tight little asses beside, then I started fucking my finger in and out.
Judging from the muffled sighs and groans coming from the two boys, they
must have liked it. Carl finally came and Nathan moved over to Tyler, who
like Peter, came almost as soon as Nathan had his mouth in place. ‘

The three boys collapsed where they were and lay panting with silly
smiles on their faces in a tangled heap. Nathan came back and stood in
front of me. He smiled at the erotic scene in front of him. “Sentence
carried out, your honor.” he announced for the second time trying to keep a
straight face.

“Very well.” I said. I removed my fingers from two butts and pushed the
two boys back, then I stood. “You have done fine so far.” I added and
moved over by Josh. We will start part three.”

“I’m ready.” he announced.

“Kneel in front of the chair.” He moved up to the chair and knelt in
front of it. “Now sit up and lay your stomach on the chair.” He looked a
little confused but did it. “B.J., lubricate his ass.” B.J. moved up
behind him, lifted his shirt up and pressed his face between Nathan’s
cheeks and started licking, trying to push his tongue into Nathan’s
asshole. I think B.J. had figured out what was coming, though Josh and
Nathan were clueless, and the other three were still breathing hard and
didn’t even know what state they were in.

B.J. pulled his face from Nathan’s ass and with a big grin, announced
“Ass ready sir.”

I moved behind Nathan and knelt down scooting forward until my cock was
pressing at his butt crack. My cock was already nice and lubricated from
the blowjob that Josh and B.J. had been giving me. I pulled his cheeks
apart and pushed my cock right up onto his puckered little asshole. I
think he was getting the idea now, but I said, “For the final part of your
punishment, you will lose your cherry to Josh and B.J. and I” Actually he
would lose his cherry to me, but Josh and B.J. would get to fuck him too.

Nathan’s eyes widened but he said nothing. B.J. grinned and Josh
looked amazed. “Ready Sir.” Nathan said. My cock was still well
lubricated from the licking it had gotten from Josh and B.J.. I reached
around and grabbed the front of Nathan’s hips and started pulling him
toward me while pushing forward with my cock. His asshole resisted for a
second and then the head of cock slide in.

B.J. had a huge grin on his face and didn’t even realized that he was
playing with himself as he watched the first inch of my cock disappear into
Nathan’s butt. Carl, Peter, and Tyler had recovered had come over to stand
around us. Josh looked at them and announced proudly, “I’m next.”

I pulled my cock almost out of his ass and then pushed it back in, going
three inches this time. Carl had moved behind Tyler and pushed his cock
between Tyler’s legs and started humping. B.J. quickly followed suit with
peter. I pushed my cock about five inches into Nathan’s eleven year old ass. Carl had reached around and was fondling Tyler’s balls with one hand
and his cock with the other. Peter was rubbing his own cock as B.J.’s cock
rubbed between his legs.

I pulled my cock out until only the head was still inside and gave a
final push and buried the entire length of my shaft ibn that tight little
ass. Nathan didn’t seem to have any trouble with it so I started fucking
him for real. It only took a few strokes before I started to cum. The
orgasm was fantastic. After I filled his ass with about five gallons of
semen, okay maybe I exaggerate a little. I pulled out. All the boys seemed fascinated at the sight of my cock pulling out of Nathan’s ass.

I stood up and moved back. “Josh, get B.J.’s cock ready.” Josh looked
disappointed, he’d thought he was going to be next, but he moved over in
front of B.J., pulled Peter to the side and leaned down to take B.J.’s cock
into his mouth. I quickly glanced at Nathan, and he was waiting patiently.
Josh released B.J.’s cock and B.J. moved up behind Nathan. Without a
word, Peter and Josh moved to either side of Nathan and pulled his cheeks
apart revealing his still leaking asshole. B.J. fell to his knees,
grabbed his cock and guided it to Nathan’s waiting hole. Without a pause
he pushed his entire four and half inches deep into Nathan. He pumped
three times and then gave a cry that sounded a lot like a mastodon in a tar
pit. Or at least that’s what it sounded like to me, and pulled out still
squirting his seed all over Nathan’s backside.

Josh wasted no time getting his turn. He took B.J.’s place behind
Nathan and pointed at Peter and then pointed at his cock. Peter got the
message and walked over and leaned down to suck on Josh’s cock. After
three seconds, Josh pushed him out of the way and stepped up to Nathan. He
rested a his cock on the target, grabbed Nathan’s hips and pushed.

As soon as Josh was inside, he reached around and started working on
Nathan’s cock and balls. Then he whispered, loudly enough for all to hear,
“Have I told you how sexy you looked in your black nightgown. From the
corner of my eye, I could see Carl cum all over Tyler’s legs. I’d expected
Josh to cum as quickly as B.J., but he surprised me as he started moving
his cock in and out of Nathan’s butt. Hell, I’d only lasted a few strokes
myself, but Josh seemed to have staying power.

We all watched as Josh moved his cock expertly in and out of that tight
chute. And by the time he finally came, Nathan came with him. As Josh
pulled out, I looked around and realized that Josh and Nathan were the only
ones without hard-ons. Their show had gotten everyone, including me hard

Nathan stood up, a little stiffly I thought and turned and faced me,
“Sentence carried out, your honor.” he said. He didn’t look like someone
who had just been punished.

“Very well.” I replied, noticing a trail of semen that was leaking down
his leg. “Go down to the river and wash up and then you’re free.” He
jogged away and the rest of us settled back at our monopoly game. Nathan
was back before his turn and we played for several minutes, but every
bodies mind seemed to be off the game so we gave it up. I ordered
everybody to get dressed, we were back several minutes later and cleaned up
our camp then took off for a long hike.

I tried to concentrate on the beautiful scenery as we walked but my mind
kept returning to the orgy we’d just finished and the feel of my cock in
Nathan’s ass. Nathan was walking up in front of me and watching his butt
move in the tight jean cutoffs he wore was every bit as beautiful as the
magnificent trees that surrounded us. By the time we got to our turn
around point I had a major hard-on again.

We settkled in a clearing for a break and sat on some fallen logs.
Peter sat next to me and I pulled his head toward my lap. He didn’t resist
and started to nozzle my crotch through the denim fabric of my jeans. The
others just sat quietly and watched. After a minute, I pushed Peter back,
undid my zipper and freed my cock. Peter’s mouth engulfed it before I
could ask. I reached down and slide my hand into the shorts he was wearing
and started playing with his cock.

Nathan was sitting on the other side of me and I reached down and
started rubbing the crotch of his cut-offs. “Uhhh, I’ve been thinking.”

I looked up at Tyler who was sitting across from me. “Well, thinking is
good exercise.”

“I don’t want to be gay.”

He looked so serious that I had trouble not laughing. “I think that’s a
good idea..”

“You do?” I have to admit that my credibility a little considering that
I was playing with two cocks at the time and getting a blow job too.

“Yeah, I feel sorry for gays. girls are wonderful.”

“But.. “ he looked at Peter’s head in my lap. “But...”

“Look. Do you see any girls around?” He shook his head no. So did
Josh, B.J. and carl who were listening intently to the conversation. “We
made do with what we had.” He didn’t look convinced. “Do you know Angie

The four boys smiled and nodded. Angie was a student teacher at their
school, looked like she should be in Playboy, and though the boys probably
didn’t know it had posed for Playboy’s ‘Girls of the Pac-10' while she was
in collage.

“Well, I know her better.” I said with the kind of smile that said I
really knew her better. “And given the choice between playing with her
tits and getting sucked off by the whole troop...” I didn’t have to finish
the sentence.

“Now I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t plan to give up girls any time soon.”

“Try this, “ I continued. “Imagine the hottest girl at your school.
Now imagine she wants to give you a blowjob, but so does Peter, or Nathan,
or whoever. Who you going to pick?” They were all nodding now. “There are
basically three choices. You can be hetero, and this was just
experimentation or getting your rocks off or whatever. Or you can be gay and you’re giving up girls and sticking with cocks.” I couldn’t help giving
Peter and nathan’s cocks a little squeeze as I said that. “Or last, you
can be bi and enjoy the best of both worlds. I used to think I was
straight, but now I think I swing both wayssssssss.” I said as I erupted in
Peter’s mouth. I looked down and watched as Peter milked the last of my
semen with his mouth.

They must have bought what I had to say, because when I looked back up
Carl was busy with Tyler’s cock and B.J. was doing Josh. I decided that I
wanted a shot at Tyler’s ass next, as I eased down the zipped of Nathan’s
cut-offs. Troop meeting were definitely going to get more interesting in
the future.

Now all we needed was to run across a troop of girl scouts. Or even

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