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Friend and neighbour


Friend and neighbour.
(Slow start,Rom,FM,MF,fM,ffM,Teen,1st,Cons,Oral,Mast,Exh)

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234
and he claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any
free site, but not to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains descriptions of
sexual acts between consenting adults and others. If you are
under the age of consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of material
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Otherwise read and enjoy!

Friend and neighbour.

I had know Jenny and her husband Jack for a number of years, ever
since they moved in next door to us the year their eldest child
was born. In fact Jenny was heavily pregnant and that prompted
June, my wife to offer my help while she looked out for Jenny.
From then on our friendship blossomed and lasted right up to the
present day.

Right from the beginning we were the natural babysitters for
Jenny and Jack. Having no children of our own (I was sterile)
babysitting was just like being a surrogate mother as far as June
was concerned. A second daughter had quickly followed their
first, and then a year or so later Jenny had a serious
miscarriage that left her unable to conceive any more. As it
turned out that was a good thing, because when their eldest girl
was six Jack decided he'd had enough of married life and skipped
town with a young piece of Tottie from work. This wasn't too bad,
except for Jenny. What made it bad for others is that he had the
firms wages cash in his pocket at the time. Jack must have had
things planned very well, because we never heard of him again,
not even to hear that he'd been caught. What good it did him I
never could understand, it was only a couple of hundred thousand
bucks, and that wasn't going to last him a lifetime, not even in
some South American Banana Republic. It was also doubtful whether
the girl he ran off with would stay with him for very long, she
seemed to like the high life, and wasn't going to get much of
that being on the run from the law.

Anyway, that was all besides the point, water under the bridge so
to speak. June and I spent the next few years babysitting Jenny's
girls whenever she was working evenings, there were even some
times it was just me looking after them, those times when June
had other things planned. The usual routine was for the girls to
go and have a bath, get into their night things and come down and
watch tv for a while before getting into bed. When they were
still young it didn't bother anyone that I might have to help
them bathe, such was the level of trust Jenny had in me. When the
girls were Eleven and Ten, a couple of things happened. The first
was when I was sitting watching TV, waiting for the girls to tell
me their were finished in the bath. Suddenly Lisa came running
into the living-room, sobbing out that I had to come quickly as
Sue was bleeding. Realising what was happening I scooped Lisa up
into my arms and walked as quickly as I could up to the bathroom
where I found Sue sitting on the toilet crying her heart out. I
put Lisa down, made a quick search in the bathroom and found a
packet of pads. Taking one out I got Sue to stand up, slipped it
between her thighs and pressed it tight to her, telling her to
hold it in place while I fetched a clean pair of panties. When
Sue was calm and comfortable again I finished drying her and Lisa
off, got them into their night things and cleaned up the bathroom
before walking with them down to the living-room sofa. Once there
I sat the girls on my lap and explained what had happened, and
why, telling them to speak to Jenny in the morning to get a
woman's view on things. That got me a lot of Brownie points from
Jenny, and even more from June, neither of whom had any real idea
that Sue was so close to starting her periods.

The second thing was when my bathing and drying the girls
eventually stopped. Not that Jenny said anything, nor June. Not
even the girls thought anything of having me sitting on a chair
in the bathroom patting their naked bodies dry as they got out of
the bathtub. It was me; one evening just before Sue was Twelve,
and Lisa was coming up to Eleven, I went into the bathroom, took
one look at them as they sat at opposite ends of the tub and
stopped dead in my tracks. After a few heart-stopping seconds I
took a deep breath and said "OK girls, I think you're old enough
to manage on your own, don't you. Just make sure you're properly
dried, use plenty of powder, and then get into your nighties."
This brought howls of protest, "Noooo.. please Uncle Dave, we
like you drying us, why do we have to do it ourselves?" I smiled
wanly at her, "I'll tell you why when you're dried and are in
your nighties, Oh, and make sure you pick up all the wet towels
before you come down, understood?" "Yes Uncle Dave" they
chorused, and I turned and almost ran down to the living room
where I switched on the tv and poured myself a cup of coffee from
the pot on the stove.

A while later and the girls came bouncing down the stairs, threw
themselves on to the sofa making a sandwich of me, then they
cuddled up close to me as we watched the game show on TV. During
one of the frequent breaks in the show Sue sat upright, half
turned so she could look me in the eyes and said "Uncle Dave, why
wouldn't you dry us after our bath tonight, you said you would
tell us when we came down, can you tell us now please." Realising
I had to do as I said I pulled a footstool close to the sofa we
were sitting on, got up and sat on it so I was facing the girls,
took a hand each in mine and took a deep breath. "Well, I think
that you are growing up very quickly, and that you are old enough
to do things like that for yourselves now. I bet your mom won't
be bathing you for much longer either, seeing as you're getting
to be such big girls. Besides you're big enough to start helping
your mom with lots of things round the house now, aren't you!"
The girls turned to look at each other, I saw Sue raise her
eyebrows and Lisa nod in reply, then Sue turned to me, a big grin
spread across her face and hit me with her bombshell. "Oh, mom
doesn't bath us any more Uncle Dave, she hasn't done that for
years. We only let YOU do it those nights when it's just you
babysitting." I must have looked really stupid to anyone that had
seen me just then. My eyes popped open, my jaw dropped and my
heart almost stopped beating. The only thing that brought me back
to my senses was when the girls began giggling as they watched my
expression change. When I finally managed to get my senses back I
was sitting on the sofa once more, this time with the girls
sitting on my lap, one on each thigh, their arms round my back
and their heads resting on my chest. "Girls, what about when Aunt
June sits, don't you have her dry you like I used to?" Sue
giggled into my chest "Of course not silly, we're quite big
enough to do it ourselves now you know." I shook my head, still
not quite getting it. "But why did you let me do it then?" Lisa
lifted her head slightly, looked up at me and said, with a soft
smile "Because we liked having you do it for us silly. It always
made us feel all warm and tingly inside every time we felt you
patting us with the towel. It was even better when you put the
powder on us with your hands. We always went to sleep so quickly
when you put us to bed, we felt so warm and safe and snuggly,
that's why we always like it so much when it's just you sitting."

I lay back against the cushions of the sofa, my arms still round
the pair of them, and with them cuddled tight against my body, as
I tried to make sense of what was going on. I couldn't tell them
the real reason I was refusing to continue drying them off after
their bath, that the sight of their budding breasts and the way
their young bodies were beginning to swell in all the right
places had given me a massive erection when I'd walked into the
bathroom and looked at them as they sat waist deep in the water.
I lost myself in the spinning thoughts in my head, only coming
out of my reverie when Sue gave me a dig in the ribs and reminded
me it was past their bed time. As usual the girls took my hands
in theirs and dragged me up the stairs and into their bedroom. I
made some excuse not to be watching as they climbed into their
own beds, making certain I wasn't going to get an inadvertent
glimpse of any part of their young bodies as they got beneath
their comforters. When they were both laying down I went over to
sit on the edge of Sue's bed, bent down and gave her my usual
kiss on the forehead wishing her goodnight as I sat back up
again. Tonight however she had different ideas and as my lips
touched her skin she threw her arms round my neck, pulled my head
down and pressed her lips to mine as hard as she could. "What's
that for?" I asked with a smile, "Just to say thank you for being
so good to us both, and making us feel all safe warm and snuggly
every time you put us to bed." I grinned own at her, ruffled my
hand through her hair and said softly "Well, I only do it because
you're such good girls, you know" and I gave her a quick peck on
her lips and went over to her sisters bed. As soon as I sat down
Lisa was pulling me down so she could kiss me as her sister had
done, and she too thanked me for being so good to them, and
looking after them so well. I gave Lisa a quick kiss then got up
and wished them goodnight from the door as I switched their light

An hour or so later Jenny came home, looking very tired and
harassed after her shift in the Hospital where she worked as a
nurse. As usual I had a pot of coffee ready for her arrival and
as usual I sat down with her for a while as she allowed all the
stress of work to drain from her system. As it was Friday, and
Jenny had the weekend off I decided not to mention what had gone
on this evening right now, but thought I would wait until the
morning when she was going to be rested and perhaps more
receptive to the news I had for her. I eventually wished her
goodnight, and made my way back home, to find June was sitting up
watching TV, waiting for me to get back so we could go to bed
together. Somehow I slept through the night, and a short while
after breakfast went out into the back garden with a coffee to
sit and wait for signs of life from next door. Eventually Jenny
appeared, without the girls, and I asked her to come over for a
minute as I needed to speak to her. When she was sitting down I
called June to come and join us, sitting facing the pair of them
across the width of the table, and told them what had happened
the previous evening. "I'm sorry Jenny, but I feel I've betrayed
your trust in me, and won't blame you if you don't want me to sit
the girls ever again" I said, feeling very shamefaced as I look
at her. "How have you betrayed my trust Dave?" she asked, "By
getting your daughters naked, and putting my hands on them" I
replied, suddenly realising just how disgusting it actually

The peal of laughter that rang out took me by surprise. I was
astounded when I realised both Jenny and June were laughing as if
I'd just said something really amusing. When at last they'd
stopped I got all huffy and demanded to know what I'd said that
had amused them so much. June looked at me then at Jenny and said
"You tell him Jenny, I couldn't do it without laughing again." I
turned to face Jenny, and saw she was smiling, then she said
softly "Don't worry David, I don't think you're a pervert, if
that's what you're worried about. I know you've been bathing the
girls, and I know they're the ones that always got you to do it.
When I told them they were much too old to have a man in the same
room when they were undressed, they just said 'But it's not a
man, it's Uncle Dave and he's just like our daddy, isn't he'. I
then had an argument with them which I ended up losing. That's
why you've been drying them and powdering them all this time,
when they wouldn't let me or June do it for them." I sat there
too stunned to speak as I looked from June to Jenny and back
again. Eventually I managed to say "So you've always known I've
been in the same room as the girls when they're naked, and you're
not worried about it?" Jenny shook her head, as did June, both of
them smiling. "Well, I don't care if you do approve, I'm still
not doing it any more, I don't think it right, and I'm not
prepared to put the girls or myself under such pressure any

Jenny smiled sweetly at me, "I understand David, so do the girls,
you see when they told me what happened I had to explain why you
said what you did to them, especially when Lisa asked why you
suddenly had something big in your pocket when you left them on
their own in the bath." I know I blushed because I could feel my
face burning, and things weren't helped when they both grinned at
my discomfort. Jenny helped me return to normality when she said
"Oh, don't worry, they won't embarrass you by asking any more
questions, all I ask is that you don't push them away from you
please David, that would hurt them more than you seeing them
naked" "I agree darling, just try to pretend that it never
happened, and it'll soon blow over" added June as she reached out
and held my hand. They were right of course, I continued to baby-
sit the girls whenever I was needed, and although I still put
then to bed, kissing them good night whenever I did, I never saw
either of them in a state of nudity again. Not that I didn't get
a good look at their blooming bodies, of course, they always made
sure they got my approval of any new clothes they got, even when
it was underwear, and especially when it was bikini swim wear.


My relationship with Sue and Lisa continued to grow stronger as
they matured, and I became the closest thing they had to a father
as they grew up. This was especially good for me when they were
fourteen and thirteen, the year June suddenly died of a stroke.
From when she was first taken sick to when she passed away was
only a matter of days, and the hospital told me it was best that
way as she would have been little more than a vegetable for the
rest of her life, the damage to her brain had been so severe. The
girls were wonderful to me; it so happened that it took place at
the beginning of the summer vacation, and they were able to spend
all the time necessary looking after me. It wasn't until some
months later that I discovered I had one of them constantly by my
side, day and night, for almost two weeks after June died. They
even took it in turns sleeping at my house when Jenny wasn't
working, and both stayed there when she was. I was in such a
state of loss that I would regularly burst out crying in the
middle of the night, which is when one of the girls would come
and lay on the bed with me, put her arms round me and cuddle me
until I went back to sleep. They made sure I ate properly, but
stopped short of actually bathing me, leaving that to their
mother who, being a nurse could do it as professionally as
anyone. Eventually I came out of my state of loss, and started to
make a determined effort to rebuild my life. I was lucky I had a
decent boss, and I went back to my old job as soon as I was able
to cope with it.

Things really changed for me just about a year later. I was over
the loss of my wife, although I hadn't wiped her memory from my
mind, I was managing to dwell on her demise less and less. I had
thrown myself into work, as many men do after such a loss, and
had been so successful I worked myself into a promotion. To
celebrate this event I invited Jenny and the girls out to dinner,
telling Sue and Lisa to bring their current boyfriends if it
meant them breaking a date on the night. "Oh, that's alright
Uncle Dave" said Sue, "We don't have a serious boyfriend right
now, so you can enjoy our company all the more". This brought a
peal of laughter from Jenny and Lisa, and a mystified look from
me, anyway we settled it there and then that I would call for
them on Saturday evening at seven. The evening started
wonderfully, Jenny let me in when I came to collect them, and I
stood in the hallway waiting for the girls to come down to join
us. I couldn't help gasping at the visions of loveliness that
walked side by side down the stairs, and got an instant erection
the moment I clapped eyes on them. "Down boy" whispered Jenny as
she stood beside me, and I blushed momentarily until I heard her
giggling softly. "WOW!" I gasped out loud, "You two look good
enough to eat, when did you grow up to be so beautiful?" Sue came
up to me, kissed me sweetly on the lips and said softly "We can
stay in if you really want to eat us, Uncle Dave, but I don't
think mom has had anything to eat all day, and she's really
hungry. Maybe we can do that some other time." Before I could
answer I heard Jenny say "That's enough of that young lady,
you'll be giving the man the wrong idea about you if you keep on
talking like that." "Oh, great, that's just what we want to do
mom" put in Lisa with a giggle, and she then came up to me and
gave me an equally sweet kiss on the lips. I spent the whole of
the evening in a constant state of erection, only managing to
control things by virtue of wearing a tight pair of underpants
that kept the worst of my display in check. Having every male eye
constantly turning to look at Jenny and the girls was a little
disturbing, especially when Jenny wiggled her hips as she
smoothed her tight dress down when we got up to go. "Mother, stop
that" whispered Lisa as she and Sue watched the display, and
giggled when they saw the result, men making fools of themselves
as they stared at what Jenny was doing. The drive home was far
from quiet, the girls were saying how much they enjoyed
themselves, while Jenny just sat there in silence, only replying
when asked a specific question. As we got out of the car that I
parked in my own drive Jenny took me by the hand and said softly
"David, could you come in for a cup of coffee, I need to ask you

A few minutes later I was sitting on the sofa beside Jenny, a cup
of coffee in my hand and a frown on my face, "OK Jenny darling,
what's wrong, and don't say 'nothing' I can see something is
worrying you." Jenny smiled at me, "I'm sorry David, I didn't
realise it showed. You're right of course, and I suppose I should
have taken advantage of you at dinner to make it easier for me.
The thing is, I need to go an a training course to get promoted.
The course lasts for a week, but I can't take the girls with me,
and I can't leave them on their own, no matter what they say."
Jenny paused for a moment to take a breath, which is where I said
"And you want to know if I'd look after them for you, is that
it?" Jenny nodded sheepishly, "Yes, I just didn't know how you'd
take me asking you" she replied in a quiet voice. I smiled at
her, "That's not a problem Jenny my love, just so long as I don't
have to dry and powder them after their baths, I don't think I
could get through a week of that." This brought a peal of
laughter form Jenny, who then said "Oh, I don't know if I can
promise you that David, they're very strong willed young ladies
and don't take no for an answer very often. Try closing your eyes
this time, that might make it a bit easier for you." I chuckled
and replied, "I don't think I could get away with that, my dear,
I'd still have to touch them, and that's a big no-no now they're
grown up." Just as I stood up to go the girls came bouncing into
the room, literally, as they were wearing just their thin cotton
T-Shirt nighties, and their well formed breasts moved very
seductively as they took each step towards me. "Goodnight Uncle
Dave" said Sue softly, and she slipped her arms round my neck and
pressed her lips firmly on to mine, and her hard pointed nipples
into my chest at the same time. Sue quickly let me free when Lisa
tapped her on the shoulder, I then found I had Lisa pressing her
all but naked body against mine as she too kissed me as firmly as
her sister had done. Losing myself in the moment I gave Lisa a
firm tap on her naked bottom, getting a wiggle of her hips
against mine as I said "Come on Lisa darling, I have to get home
and you have to get to bed." Lisa giggled as she stood back and
said softly "I could always come and keep you company again Uncle
Dave, especially if you're feeling lonely." I smiled at her and
said "No thanks Lisa my dear, I think I'll be ok for tonight"
and, after giving Jenny a tender kiss on the lips I wished all of
them goodnight and closed the front door behind me. As I walked
down the path towards my own front door I heard a loud scream of
joy, Jenny had obviously told them I was going to be babysitting
them again when she went away.


I slept a little longer than usual the next morning, waking up to
the smell of fresh coffee and the smell of cooking bacon. As I
sat up the bedroom door opened and in walked Sue and Lisa
carrying trays of food and drinks which they placed on the
bedclothes covering my lap. They then climbed, carefully, on to
the bed and proceeded to hand out plates of food among the three
of us. "And what's all this in aid of girls?" I asked as I began
to tuck into my breakfast. "Just a little thank you for letting
mom go on her training course. If you hadn't agreed to let us
stay with you she would have had to turn it down, and that
wouldn't have been fair as she's worked so hard to get this far."
This little interchange was followed by a few minutes silence as
we cleared our plates. As I pushed mine away from me, took up a
cup of coffee and leant against the headboard I suddenly took
notice of what the girls were wearing. Or rather what they
weren't wearing, bras! This was obvious from the way their
nipples were so finely delineated by their thin silky blouses,
and the way they moved so freely as the girls turned their bodies
from side to side. As I thought that they might not be wearing
panties either I felt my cock begin to stiffen under the
bedclothes, and was glad that the comforter was thick enough to
hide the swelling. When I finally finished my coffee I placed it
on the tray and said "Well, thanks for that little surprise
girls, I think it's time I got up and went for a shower, I'll
join you downstairs in a few minutes, OK?" Sue collected all the
crockery together and made for the door, while Lisa took my
bathrobe down from the back of the door and held it out for me to
put on when I got out of bed. When it became obvious I wasn't
getting out of bed while she was standing there, Lisa gave me a
cheeky smile, laid the robe on the bed and said softly "I guess
you need to be alone right now Uncle Dave, I'll see you in a few
minutes" and she leaned over and placed a soft sweet kiss on my
cheek then walked quickly out of the room closing the door behind

I took my shower, having to fight hard not to release the
pressure that had built up inside me. I dressed as quickly as I
could and went down to find the girls in the kitchen just
finishing off the dishes from breakfast. Wanting to show them I
appreciated what they did I stepped up behind them, slipped an
arm round each and hugged then to me as I placed a tender kiss on
their cheeks. "Thanks for waking me up so nicely this morning
girls, I really enjoyed it." They both gave a little wiggle of
their hips and told me it was a pleasure, then returned to the
job in hand. I have to admit I felt somewhat relieved that they
didn't take things any further, and for the next week or so they
behaved themselves when we were together. That was quite a lot,
as I was tending to spend more and more time sitting with Jenny
and the girls in the evenings, even if it was just watching tv or
listening to music. This usually happened two or three nights a
week, I would get home from work, and either be cooking dinner
for me and the girls when Jenny was working late, or, if she was
home I would go and eat with them, and settle down for a few
hours on the sofa until the girls went to bed. That usually meant
I had to give them a goodnight kiss, something they took
advantage of, making it more and more sexy every time it
happened. It was almost with trepidation that I approached the
day Jenny was to leave for her course, and when it arrived I took
the day off work to drive her to the airport, taking the girls
with us as they also took a day off school. When at last the
plane had taken off, and the girls stopped waving to it I put my
arms round their waists and we walked hip to hip back to the car.
I settled the argument as to who was going to sit in the front
with me by telling them to both sit in the back so I wasn't
distracted from driving. This made them laugh, and as I was
belting up Sue leaned forward, kissed the back of my neck and
said softly "Bad move Uncle Dave, we can still distract you if we
want to, and this way you can't do too much about it." I looked
at them in the rear view mirror, grinned and said "I could always
leave you here and have you walk home. That way I'd be sure of
being able to drive safely, would you like that?" not to be
outdone Lisa also kissed me, and said "We promise to behave Uncle
Dave, just hurry up and get us home, we have a lot to do today."

They did too. As soon as we got home they went up to the room
they would be sharing and sorted out the bedding etc. they then
went over to their own house and picked up the bags they'd
already packed with the clothes they would need for the week they
were going to be staying. I thought this was a bit silly, as they
only had to go a few yards to get anything they needed, but they
had insisted they did it properly, and moved in with me for the
week. That evening set the tone for the week. We cooked dinner
between us, and afterwards I cleared the table while the girls
did the dishes. We then went into the living room and I sat in my
favourite recliner while the girls sat at each end of the sofa,
laying against the corners, as they watched TV. After about an
hour Lisa stood up and said "I'm going up for a shower if that's
ok Uncle Dave", I nodded then grinned as I said "Just so long as
you don't want me to come and dry you when you're done Lisa, I
don't think I would survive that, even if I wore a blindfold like
your mother suggested." After a moments stunned silence Sue
looked at her sister, grinned and then they both burst out
laughing before Lisa came over to me, bent over and kissed me
tenderly on the cheek saying "Oh, don't worry Uncle Dave, we
wouldn't want you to do that, so you're quite safe for now." She
then went up to the bathroom and had her shower, coming down a
while later telling Sue it was all clear for her. Sue had her
shower and when she came down to the living room she stood in
front of me and said "Would you come and sit on the sofa with us
please Uncle Dave, the one thing we've been looking forward to is
to cuddle up close to you like we used to when we were little
girls." Seeing the pleading looks on their faces I didn't have
the heart to refuse them, despite my reservations at getting too
close to them. As it was I got up, sat in the centre of the sofa
and seconds later had a soft warm female body pressed close to my

Almost immediately my arms were being lifted up and laid across
the girls backs so that my hands were nicely positioned over
their outer breasts, which is where they held them with their own
hands. Despite the girls efforts I managed to move my hands down
slightly so that they were resting on their upper abdomens, an
inch or so below the swell of their firm rounded breasts. As they
seemed to be accepting this I saw Sue look up at me, and turned
my head just as she smiled and whispered "Coward, we aren't going
to eat you, you know." I smiled back and whispered just as softly
"Not a coward my dear, just a man with two beautiful girls in his
arms, that have been entrusted to his care my their mother.
Understand Sue darling?" she smiled and nodded, then laid her
head on my chest, covering my hand with hers as she began to
stroke it gently. After a couple of hours just sitting with the
girls in my arms as we watched tv Susan sat up and said softly
"I'm ready for bed, how about you sis?" Lisa nodded, her head
rubbing against my chest as she did. "Sure sis, its been a busy
day and I'm really tired too" she then sat up, looked at me and
said softly "Will you come and kiss us goodnight please Uncle
Dave?" I hesitated for a moment then Sue said "We promise to
behave Uncle Dave, really." "Ok girls, I'll trust you this time"
I replied, and grinned inwardly as they jumped to their feet and
grabbed hold of a hand each, pulling me to mine in their haste to
get me into their bedroom. With some trepidation I followed the
girls into their room, and stood there as they dropped their
bathrobes over the foot of their beds and then climbed into bed,
laying down and pulling the covers up to their chins. Knowing
what they wanted I went and sat on the edge of Sue's bed, leaned
over and touched my lips to hers in a soft tender kiss.
"Goodnight Sue" I whispered as I sat up seeing her grinning
widely, "Goodnight Uncle Dave, see, I told you I'd behave myself"
and I smiled down at her as I moved over to her sisters bed and
did the same for her. Again I was told to note that Lisa had
behaved herself, and again I just smiled, knowing full well that
they were cooking something up for the future.


That something came a couple of days later. We had decided to pig
out and have a pizza for dinner, seeing as I was going to be late
home from work, and the girls didn't really want to cook. Just
before we had finished the phone went and I was soon passing it
over to the girls to speak to their mother. As I munched on pizza
crust I heard the girls telling Jenny that they had been very
good, and were both behaving themselves, and that she should ask
me if she didn't believe them. When I was put back on to speak to
Jenny I did confirm what the girls had said, but also told her
that I thought they were being a little too good for my good.
This made Jenny laugh, and the girls giggled when I blushed as
Jenny asked me if I'd had to use a blindfold yet. As it was late
when we finished our meal the girls went up for a shower almost
as soon as they had finished eating. "Will you come and kiss us
goodnight when you go to bed please Uncle Dave?" Sue asked as I
began to clear up the packaging. I smiled and nodded, "Yes of
course I will Susan my dear, I do begin to worry though that you
might be a little too old for this sort of thing." The next thing
I knew I had the two of them clinging to me and rubbing their
firm young bodies against mine, "Not on your life Uncle Dave"
said Lisa with a grin, "We just love having you kiss us
goodnight, just like you did when we were little, its just a pity
that you can't dry us off after we have a bath." This brought on
a fit of giggling, and I patted them both on the bottom and told
them to get upstairs before things got out of hand.

I have to admit I was having a real problem keeping my distance
from the girls, something that was made harder by the fact they
obviously took great pleasure in teasing me. I left it for about
an hour before I decided to beard the two lionesses in their den.
I went and had a shower, knowing I'd need to get into bed pretty
soon after leaving the girls alone. I put on a pair of sweat
pants under my robe, a strange combination, but much safer than
my pyjamas as there was no opening in the front. After knocking
on the girls bedroom door and being invited in I was amazed to
see the pair of them tucked up in bed, the bedclothes pulled
right up to their chins and just their faces showing. As I
usually took it in turns to kiss them goodnight first I went over
to Lisa's bed, only to find her asking me to kiss Sue first. I
thought nothing of it and went to Sue's bed, sat on the edge and
leaned over to give her a kiss as usual. She took me by surprise
and lifted her arms from under the comforter, putting them round
my neck and pulling me down into a hard passionate kiss. What
also happened was that I felt a patch on my bare chest press
against one of her naked breasts as she pulled me close. As I
couldn't get out of her hug without making things worse I allowed
her to continue until she wanted to release me, then I sat up,
looking hard into her eyes in an effort NOT to look at her
breasts. I failed, and soon found my gaze dropping to her naked
chest and the pair of perfectly formed teenage breasts. When I
did look up at Sue's face I saw she was blushing slightly, and I
smiled down at her as I said softly "That was very naughty of you
Sue, I thought you'd promised to behave yourself." As I drew the
covers over her she grinned up at me, "Sorry Uncle Dave, I just
wanted to see what you'd do if I did that." "And?" I replied, she
grinned and shook her head, "Nothing Uncle Dave, just like I
expected." I nodded slowly, stood up and went over to sit beside
Lisa, "Do I get to see your breasts too Lisa?" I asked with a
smile, she blushed, grinned and nodded all at once, then pulled
her arms out, pushing the comforter down her chest so I got a
good look at her too. As I bent to kiss Lisa goodnight I
whispered "Very nice too" then got up, whished them both
goodnight once more and closed the door behind me. How I managed
to get out of there without them seeing my erection I don't know,
I do know I had to take care of it in the time honoured way of

The next few days up to the return of Jenny saw the girls holding
to their promise to behave. I still kissed them goodnight, and we
still sat snuggled up close on the sofa watching tv in the
evenings. They just didn't try to take things any further than I
wanted, for which I was very grateful. Friday came and we drove
to the airport in good time for the arrival of Jenny's flight.
The drive back home was filled with their constant chatter,
telling each other what they'd done whilst apart. They were still
at it when I parked my car in my drive, and while I pulled
Jenny's bags from the trunk and carried them into their hallway.
Before they could protest I'd given them all a chaste kiss on the
cheek, wished them goodnight and escaped out of the front door. I
didn't see Jenny or the girls next day, until just before five in
the afternoon when Lisa came over and told me Jenny said I was to
come for dinner so she could thank me for looking after her and
Susan. I thanked her prettily and said I would be there, and
grinned as Lisa said "Just come as casual as you like Uncle Dave,
its nothing formal you know." An hour later I was sitting at the
table surrounded by three beautiful women, trying hard to keep my
emotions in check, and my cock as soft as I could under the
circumstances. After dinner the girls cleared the table and
offered to do the dishes while Jenny and I went and sat in the
living room. As Jenny had already thanked me profusely at dinner
I allowed her to tell me all about her course, what it meant for
her now she had qualified for the extra skills she needed for
promotion, and how long she might have to wait for that
promotion. Time must have shot by because the girls suddenly came
in and said they were going to bed, and could I kiss them
goodnight please. I looked at Jenny, she nodded so I said ok, I'd
be up in a few minutes. It seemed to me that the girls looked
happier than they had during the last couple of days when they
stayed with me, as they almost bounced out of the room and up the
stairs. I stayed chatting to Jenny for a few minutes, then got up
saying "I suppose I better go and do what I promised, I wont be
long Jenny" "Oh, don't rush on my part David darling, I'm not
going anywhere" she replied, switching the tv on and settling
back to watch it as I left the room. I made my way to the girls
room, knocked on the door and went in when called, leaving the
door ajar as I went and sat on Sue's bed. The last thing I
expected was for her to do the same to me as she had a few days
earlier, and uncover her naked breasts as she pulled me down in a
passionate kiss. This time there was no blush, and as soon as she
released me from her hugging kiss I sat up and looked down at her
saying "Trying to get me in trouble with your mother, young
lady?" Sue giggled softly "That's the last thing I'd be doing
Uncle Dave, believe me." "Mmmm, we'll see" I responded as I got
up and went over to Lisa's bed. As I sat down Lisa grinned up at
me and very slowly pulled her arms out, uncovering herself, the
same as her sister had done. Again there was no blushes this
time, and again I said softly "Very nice Lisa darling" after I
had kissed her goodnight. I left the two of them laying there
with their wonderfully firm upstanding breasts open to my very
longing gaze, as I gently closed the door and made my way slowly
down the stairs and into the living room.

By now Jenny had poured out a beer for me, and I took a good long
pull at it as I tried hard to get my emotions under control. When
I'd finished my drink Jenny came and sat close to me, slipped her
arm round my back and cuddled up close. After a couple of minutes
she looked up at me and said softly "David darling, could I ask
you a very personal question, and get an honest answer, no matter
if you think it might hurt me by being truthful?" I placed a kiss
on her forehead, about the only place I could reach just then,
"Of course you can Jenny, and I promise to answer truthfully,
how's that for trusting you?" after a moments shuffling about
Jenny was kneeling on the sofa, sitting back on her heels, her
hands clasped in her lap as she looked at me, a worried
expression on her beautiful face. "I don't actually know how to
ask you this.." she said slowly, "Why not just say it" I replied
"It's the easiest way to ask any question." Jenny took a deep
breath, "OK, I will. David, have you turned queer?", the words
came out in a rush, and she blushed bright red, as she averted
her eyes, waiting for me response. I sat there momentarily
stunned, unable to say anything as I tried to think what might
have given her that idea. In reply to her question I simply took
her in my arms, pulled her round to sit on my lap and leaned
forward to press my lips to hers in what I hoped was a toe
curling passionate kiss. It seemed to answer her question if her
response was anything to go by, and the way she returned my kiss
made my toes curl, and my cock harden. This as much as anything
made her mind up for her, and she spent much of the next few
minutes wriggling about on my lap, trying to work my erection
between the cheeks of her butt. By the time Jenny had settled
down I realised that she had been crying, and I spent a couple of
minutes kissing away the tears that were still laying on her
cheeks. Eventually I was able to sit her up, and I then asked
"What on earth gave you the idea I'd turned queer Jenny darling?"
She turned to face me and said softly "Well, what the girls told
me, and what I saw a few minutes ago. It just didn't seem natural
for any normal guy to refuse to at least touch the girls, yet you
did, at least twice from what they tell me." I smiled, suddenly
very self conscious, "Oh, believe me Jenny darling, it hasn't
been easy; keeping my hands off the girls, I mean. Its just that
I can't bring myself to abuse the trust you've put in me all
these years. Besides, I love them and you far too much to want to
put that sort of strain on our relationship. That's something I'd
really hate to break up."


It suddenly dawned on me, what I'd just said, and I really hoped
that Jenny hadn't been listening too closely. Some hope, she had,
and showed me she had by smothering me with hugs and kisses,
sobbing as she told me how much she loved me and how much she
wanted me to make love to her and.. over and over again she
repeated herself, until I stopped her by pressing my lips to
hers. Somehow the next minute or two was spent with out lips
locked together, my sweats travelling down to my knees, Jenny's
skirt up to her waist, her blouse on the floor and her impaled
fully on my hard throbbing manhood. I realised just how much
Jenny wanted this by the loud cry of pleasure she gave against my
lips, as she lowered her pussy on to the head of my cock, then
slowly engulfed me in her hot wet vaginal passage. God, it felt
so good, especially as it was the first time I'd felt a hot wet
pussy round my cock since before my wife had died. The problem
was that I was on a hair trigger, having been aroused by the
girls when I kissed them goodnight. It wasn't long therefore
before I was groaning to Jenny that I was going to cum very soon.
All she did was make things harder for me by pulling my face down
on to her naked breasts, and pressing her nipples, one by one,
against my lips. All this was too much for me, I simply exploded
inside Jenny, making her scream out loud when she felt the heat
of my semen as it splattered against her vaginal walls as wad
after wad of cum shot from my cock. It seemed that Jenny was
almost as well primed as I was, because almost as soon as I
started to climax she began to tremble and shake as her orgasm
hit her, exploding through her body and making her collapse
against my chest gasping hard for breath that didn't seen to want
to come. In the end we were able to sit upright, and Jenny sat
back on my lap, looked me in the eyes and said "Jack darling, why
have we waited so long before doing that?" I smiled at her, shook
my head and said "I don't know Jenny darling, I didn't want to
seem too pushy, especially when the girls were around, it just
didn't seem right." Jenny just nodded, then she slowly eased her
body off my slowly softening penis, allowing a flood of our mixed
cum to gush out of her, soaking my groin, and running between my
thighs to wet the sofa cushions. When she was off my lap I stood
up, pulled up my pants and said "I guess I better get home Jenny
darling, I'll see you in the morning, OK?" she smiled at me, "Oh,
you'll see me in the morning Dave, but a lot earlier than you
think" "Why, do you want me round for breakfast or something?" I
asked as she picked up her blouse, not bothering to put it on as
she turned to me again. "Better than that darling, you don't
honestly think you're going to go home tonight do you? Not a
snowballs chance in hell buster, you're going to spend half the
night trying to fuck my brains out, and the other half with me
doing the same to you. Understand?"

I tried to argue, only stopping when Jenny threatened to call the
girls to help her get me into bed. That's why, a few minutes
later Jenny and I were pressed tight together in the shower, just
prior to helping each other get cleaned up in readiness for a
night of unbridled lust filled lovemaking. This was really great!
Standing in the shower with a good looking lust filled woman, hot
water pouring over our naked bodies as we stroked each other with
soapy hands. Having cum so short a time ago I was in no state to
do so again for a while, but I was able to bring Jenny to a
number of pretty decent orgasms as we stood there in each others
arms. In the end we had to get dried off, mainly because the
water was starting to run cold, and Jenny's shivers weren't from
passion any longer. When at last we got to bed I lay on my back,
Jenny crawled on to my chest and wrapped her legs round my thigh
as she snuggled up close too me and placed her soft warm lips to
mine in the most sensuous kiss I'd had since for ever. Despite
all my recent activity my cock still managed to react and Jenny
giggled as she felt it pressing against her thigh. When it was
hard and erect Jenny kissed me again and scrambled to her knees,
straddled my thighs and slowly lowered herself on to my throbbing
manhood. That was the start of a couple of hours long slow
passionate love making that saw me coming to another hard orgasm,
and Jenny losing count of the number she experienced. In the end
we simply lay in each others arms and drifted off to sleep, moist
and sticky and very aromatic. Next morning I woke up and very
soon realised where I was and what had happened the previous
evening. This of course gave me another erection, and that in
turn woke Jenny up, seeing as my cock was still engulfed by her
soft warm pussy. "Hmmmm.. what a way to wake up in the morning,
can we do this every morning please darling?" I chuckled softly
then said "I don't know about every morning Jenny my love, but I
agree, it's a very nice way to wake up. Now I think I better go
and have a quick shower before the girls wake up and catch us
like this." Jenny seemed as if she was going to say something,
then changed her mind as she rolled off me, giggling at the
slurping sound my cock made as it slipped from her pussy.

As quietly as I could I went into the bathroom, started the
shower going and stepped in, closing the door behind me. I
scrubbed myself down as quickly as I could, turned off the water
then stepped out of the shower to grab a towel, then all hell
broke loose. "Uncle Dave!" yelled Sue as she stood in front of
the wash basin cleaning her teeth, echoed by Lisa who was sat on
the toilet having a very loud pee. Despite their loud shouts
neither of the girls moved an inch, nor did I, but that was
because I was so shocked at being caught naked in front of two
beautiful teenage girls I'd been lusting over for years. In the
few moments I stood there unable to move my cock snapped to
attention, and my face turned bright red and felt as if it was on
fire. I suddenly snapped out of it, grabbed the towel I had been
heading for and stepped back into the shower, closing the door
tight shut as I leaned against the wall trying to catch my
breath. "Jeez sis, now we know what was making mom shout so loud
last night" said Lisa a little louder than was really necessary.
"See what you mean sis, I wonder how mom feels this morning, lets
go and ask her." Again the voice was just a little louder then
need be, but it let me know they were going, and when I heard the
bathroom door close I heaved a huge sigh of relief and once more
opened the shower door.. to see the girls still sitting there
waiting for me.

This time, before I could escape into the shower the girls were
on their feet grabbing of my hands, and pulling me back into
Jenny's bedroom where they allowed me to get back into bed. All
through this the girls still only had on their panties, and
pretty skimpy ones they were too. This meant that I was not only
seeing but also feeling their naked breasts as they brushed up
against me. When I had some semblance of modesty Sue leaned over,
kissed me on the cheek and said softly "Take that wet towel off
Uncle Dave, you don't want the bed to get damp do you?" as I did
as she said Sue went and sat beside her sister at the foot of the
bed, which is when I realised Jenny was no longer in bed, which
was logical as she walked through the door just at that moment,
carrying a tray with cups of coffee. Setting the tray down Jenny
climbed into bed, passed the cups round and sat in silence until
I at least was finished. When the cups were out of the way Jenny
looked at the girls, smiled and said "Well?" they giggled like
little girls, then Sue said "You should have seen Uncle Dave's
face mom, I thought he was going to have a heart attack seeing me
standing there and Lisa sitting on the toilet. It got his
attention though, just like you said it would." "It also got us a
proper look at a real erection too mom, and we could see why
you'd be screaming all night" said Lisa with a grin. "Oh, its
more than what you saw that made me scream girls, believe me
darlings" replied Jenny as she leaned against my shoulder. It
suddenly dawned on me that I'd been set up; "OK Jenny, what's
going on here, I thought I was going to get out of the way before
the girls here woke up and found us out." Jenny looked up at me,
smiled and shook her head, "Oh, no darling, that was just your
idea, I couldn't see the sense in trying to fool the girls,
seeing as they knew what was going on. You see darling, they came
in to speak to me hours before you woke up, and we fixed it
between us that they would catch you coming out of the shower. It
took a lot of persuading on my part not to have them raping you
on the bathroom floor." Jenny smiled at me, and a cold shiver ran
down my spine, she then said "Mind you darling, I did have to
promise them that you'd be staying over the weekend and would
make a start at showing them what making love is all about."

"But.." I began to protest, Jenny leaned over and kissed me hard
hot and passionately, she then slid out of bed, stood up, looked
down at me and said softly "Look David, these two daughters of
mine have been wanting to get into bed with you, get your hands
in their pants, and even get your wonderful hard throbbing cock
deep inside their young bodies. They've been driving me mad for
years, wanting to know why you won't take advantage of them like
all the boys at school want to. Please darling, do us all a
favour, and take advantage of them as much as you can between now
and breakfast, and we'll see about the rest when we've all got
some food inside us." With that she picked up the tray, walked
out of the bedroom closing the door behind her. I sat there
totally stunned for a couple of minutes, then gave a shrug of my
shoulders, a resigned sigh and turned back the corners of the
bedclothes as an invitation to the girls. Fully expecting them to
jump into bed with me immediately I was almost disappointed,
almost but not quite, as they both lay on their backs, lifted
their legs in the air and shoved their panties off their butts
and down their legs, finally kicking them into the air. This of
course gave me a good long look at their down covered pussy lips,
and I saw they glistened with moisture, I guess Jenny was right,
the girls were pretty hot, and very aroused.

Knowing the girls were more than willing, and that their mother
was also happy with what they wanted I decided that I would do
what I'd been wanting to do for some years. As the girls
scrambled over the bed and slipped in beside me I slid down the
bed and lay on my back. Almost before I was still I was covered
by warm naked girl, on both sides. The result of this was to
stiffen an already turgid piece of maleness, and this brought a
giggle from the pair of them as they took full advantage of me.
This took the form of grabbing hold of my hard throbbing cock in
their soft warm hands. It also made me grasp their wrists,
pulling them off and explaining just how delicate that portion of
my anatomy was. The next few minutes was taken up with me showing
them what to do when 'faced' with an erection, and how to make
full use of it. I have to admit they were quick learners, and I
was soon laying back while they took turns at gently grasping the
shaft of my cock and sliding their hands up and down it's length
while the other one kissed and licked at the swollen purple head.
As Lisa was taking her turn to jerk me off Sue decided to take a
step further and lowered her wide open mouth over my pulsating
cockhead. This was enough for me. Almost as soon as I felt the
tip of my penis touch the roof of Sue's mouth I was gasping out
that is was cumming. Either Sue didn't understand what was going
on, or she did and wanted what was happening to happen. The force
with which I exploded in her mouth took her by surprise, and
before I had stopped cumming she was pulling her head back. As my
cock left Sue's mouth with a soft 'plop' I was shooting another
wad of hot sticky semen from the end, and Lisa was bending over
to see what her sister was doing. This put her face in the right
position to stop my cum reaching the ceiling, by virtue of
receiving it on her cheek and lips.

Normally after such a strong orgasm I would have been the proud
owner of a rapidly softening penis, and that's what started to
happen; Until I opened my eyes and saw the girls sitting on their
heels giggling as they helped each other wipe my semen off their
faces, and then sucking on their fingers to clean off all the cum
they'd collected. This brought me back almost instantly to full
and throbbing erection, something that Lisa soon noticed and
pointed out to Sue. The next few minutes was spent with me being
cleaned up thoroughly by a pair of soft wet tongues. "Did we do
that right Uncle Dave?" asked Lisa as she sat there licking her
lips. I just nodded at first then, when I'd got my breath back
said breathlessly "It was wonderful Lisa darling, where did you
learn to that?" they both giggled, then Sue gave me a gentle slap
on the inside of my thigh. "Don't be so awful Uncle Dave, that's
the first time we've even seen a penis, let alone touched one."
She then looked at her sister, and continued "Mind you, I don't
think it's going to be the last time we do it, will it sis?" Lisa
grinned and shook her head, "Not likely sis, I guess all those
boys really did know what felt good when they tried to get us to
do it for them." Sue gave a deep sigh, "Almost seems a pity we
always said no, doesn't it" Lisa nodded, then turned to me and,
with a sly grin said "Uncle Dave, would it be better if we only
did it with you, or should we go out and find a couple of hunky
guys from school to show us how good they are?" I grinned back at
her, "Why not darling, I'm sure they'll be much better than I am,
especially as they're so much younger and fitter." Sue looked at
me, smiled prettily and crawled on hands and knees up the bed
until she was laying beside me again. "Don't be so silly Uncle
Dave, we didn't mean it. We've waited this long there's no way
were going to waste our time on boys now. Besides, who knows what
nasty things they might have, we don't want to catch anything
from them, especially when we know things about what some of the
girls get treated for." By now Lisa was snuggling up close on my
other side, and I was feeling a lot more relaxed about having
them so close and so naked. Being fully recovered by now I gave
both of them a playful pat on the bottom and said softly "Why
don't I return the favour after what you just did for me?" Sue
looked up at me and said "What do you mean Uncle Dave?" I bent
and kissed her tenderly on the lips and whispered "You just lay
back and see" Sue's eyes popped wide open, "You mean you're going
to EAT ME?" I gently pushed her over to lay on her back as I
smiled and nodded. I then shuffled down the bed until my head was
level with her hips.

As I rolled over on to my front Sue opened her thighs and
presented me with the most wonderful sight I'd seen for many
years, a flushed, swollen and very wet virgin pussy. The aroma
was wonderful, and I lay there for some seconds, my cheek laying
against the inside of her thigh, just allowing the scent of her
arousal to fill my head. Sue didn't want to wait much longer, and
let me know this by shuffling her hips down the bed until her
sopping wet pussy lips were nudging against my nose. Giving
myself a mental shake I glanced up the length of Sue's naked body
and saw her looking down at me with eyes so full of lust I
thought she was going to start screaming with frustration. She
did start screaming, but not with frustration, with ecstasy, as I
lowered my open lips to the top of her swollen pussy lips, and
sucked hard on her clitoral hood, pulling her turgid, pulsating
nubbin into my mouth where I began to flick it with the tip of my
tongue. I don't know if it was just that Sue was so aroused by
what we had been doing for the past few minutes, or if it was the
result of years of yearning to have me touching her young body in
a sexual manner, whatever it was she was experiencing the
quickest climax of her young life as I sucked and flicked at her
sex. As Sue jerked about above me I released my grip on her
clitty and moved my lips down her cum oozing slit, until I had my
lips covering her vaginal opening. That's when I got the loudest
scream of all as I pressed my stiffened tongue tip between her
lips and as far inside her vagina as it would reach. It was also
the moment that Sue went totally rigid, her back arched, and she
collapsed back on to the bed in total silence. I lay where I was
for a moment, getting my breath back, then I crawled back up the
bed, reaching the top just as Jenny came bursting into the
bedroom, a frightened look on her face.

"What's happened?" she said as she came to sit beside Sue,
looking at Lisa as she asked the question. "I thinks Sue's
fainted Mom" said Lisa, who also looked a little concerned. I
just lay back, my arm round Lisa as I cuddled her close in an
effort to stop her worrying too much. Jenny looked at me for the
first time since she'd entered the room. That's when she realised
what had actually happened, when she saw the state of my lips and
chin which were still coated with Sue's cum and lube juices.
"Damn, you really scared me there Dave, I thought she was being
murdered or something." "If that's what it's like to be murdered
Mom, I want to do it again please" said a tiny voice from beside
me, and Jenny looked down at her smiling daughter. "Are you ok
Susan darling?" asked Jenny, Sue nodded, "Yes Mom, but I think I
hate you." "Why's that baby?" asked Jenny, suddenly looking
worried. "For not making Uncle Dave to do that to me years ago.
And I tell you now Mom, if he wont do it again, I'm going to get
all the guys at school to do it for me until I find one as good
as Uncle Dave." Jenny leaned over, kissed Sue on the lips and
said softly "Well darling, I guess you better make sure you help
me convince him it would be a good idea for him to hang around,
don't you?" While Jenny was talking to Sue, Lisa had crawled up
to where she could whisper to me, "Can I have my turn now please
Uncle Dave?" I turned and kissed her tenderly on the lips, making
her sigh with pleasure as she wriggled her naked breasts against
my chest. "Scoot down the bed darling" I said softly, and quickly
followed her, kissing her hard nipples as I passed her chest, and
fastening my lips to her wet swollen pussy lips when I got
between her thighs.

There was no way that Sue and Jenny could have missed what Lisa
and I were doing, and Jenny took Sue's hand in hers as the two of
them watched as Lisa started to moan with pleasure as I worked on
her virgin pussy. All too soon, for me at least, Lisa was arching
her spine and going rigid as she gave a loud cry of ecstasy, then
began to thrash about on the bed as her first real orgasm hit
her, bursting in her loins and exploding all over her firm young
body until she too collapsed just like her sister had a few
minutes earlier. After getting my breath back again I scrambled
back up the bed as Jenny came round and sat beside her younger
daughter, making sure she was OK before climbing on the bed and
laying on top of me. As Jenny pressed her lips to mine in a warm
passionate kiss we heard Sue gasp out "Mom!" Jenny lay her cheek
on my chest, looked at Sue and said dreamily "What's the matter
darling, can't I kiss the man I love in front of you now?" Sue
blushed, then said in a stage whisper "But he just had his mouth
in Lisa's pussy." Jenny giggled, licked her lips and said "And I
have to admit your sister tastes really wonderful too darling, I
just wish I'd managed to get a taste of you from Uncle Dave's
lips too." Sue looked so shocked at the thought of her mother
liking the taste of a daughters orgasmic juices that Jenny eased
herself up on to one elbow, reached over to take Sue's hand in
hers and said softly "Look darling, there's nothing wrong in a
woman, or a girl for that matter, enjoying the taste of another
woman she loves. The fact I got the taste from Uncle Dave's lips
made it even more erotic for me. It makes me feel so much closer
to him knowing he's just made your sister have her first real
orgasm, just like he did for you." She paused for a moment, then
said in a quiet but serious voice "Look Susan darling, please
don't say something is bad until you've tried it, or seen someone
else try it, and know what it's like. Believe me darling, most
things to do with sex are really quite enjoyable, especially if
both parties are willing to give it a try." After giving Sue a
moment to think about what she had just said Jenny turned to me,
kissed me tenderly on the lips and said "Darling, will you please
help me show these two young ladies just how good sex can be. I
want you to make love to me right now, before I end up raping
you. Watching all this has made me so hot I'm almost burning up."
Jenny then scrambled off the bed and began to strip off ready for
getting well and truly fucked with her daughters as an audience.
As Jenny bent over to push her panties to the floor I rolled over
close to Sue, whispered in her ear, then shifted down the bed to
once more fasten my lips to her still wet pussy. As I came back
up Jenny saw what was happening and launched herself at me,
fastening her lips to mine in a hot sensuous kiss, then licking
my lips and chin clean while Susan lay beside us eyes and mouth
wide open in amazement.

Without giving the girls another thought Jenny pushed herself
upright as she straddled my hips, reached between her thighs and
grasped my hard throbbing cock in her soft warm hand and guided
the tip to her swollen and sopping wet pussy. With a huge sigh of
pleasure Jenny lowered herself onto my manhood, and wriggled her
butt about as she felt it slide deeper and deeper into her tight
grasping vaginal passage. With one final sigh of pleasure Jenny
relaxed her upper body as she felt her butt cheeks land on my
pelvic bone, she then leaned forwards until she could touch her
lips to mine in a soft loving kiss filled with all the passion
she could muster. Her kiss was so wonderful it was all I could do
to stop myself from rolling her over and laying on top of her
while I fucked her brains out. I stopped myself, realising she
wanted the girls to understand what making love was all about,
and contented myself with stroking my hands tenderly up and down
her back, occasionally cupping her buttocks in my palms and
giving them a squeeze to make her know I was still awake and
still rampant. After a few minutes of laying on top of me Jenny
slowly heaved herself up until she was resting her hands on my
chest with her arms straight, and then she began to work her hips
slowly back and forth, rubbing her clasped pussy lips against the
base of my cockshaft, and her swollen clit against my pubic
mound. All this time Sue and Lisa lay beside us watching what was
happening. As Jenny began to move faster both girls shifted
closer to me so I could slip my arms round them and cuddle them
closer to me. I don't know how it would have looked on film, but
the thought of me laying there, a naked teenage girl in each arm
and their mother bouncing up and down on my hard throbbing cock
really got to me. It's no surprise therefore that I was soon
telling Jenny in no uncertain terms that she had to hurry as I
was about to cum and cum hard.

Jenny's mind she opened her eyes and looked down into mine,
seeing at the same time the looks of rapture on the faces of her
daughters as they lay wide eyed on my chest watching their mother
making love to the man all three of them loved more than anyone
else. The looks they gave her was so powerful that Jenny's own
orgasm exploded inside her like never before, and left her a
shaking and trembling mass as she sat, head hanging, chest
heaving, and totally spent, on my slowly softening manhood. "Oh,
WOW" gasped Lisa as she stared at the way Jenny seemed to
suddenly collapse after screaming out so loudly. Sue sat up
silently and motioned to Lisa to help her lay their mother down
beside me and allow her to regain some sort of composure. As they
moved Jenny over they burst into giggles as they heard the soft
'plop' when my still semi hard cock slipped from Jenny's cum
oozing pussy. It was then I realised just how adventurous the
girls were going to be when it came to sex. Almost before Jenny
was laying in my arms Sue was sitting back up beside my hips,
telling Lisa to do the same. My eyes were just about to close
when I heard Lisa say "Sue, what are you doing?" and felt
something moist and warm engulf my flaccid cock. I opened my eyes
and looked down as Sue lifted her head, releasing my cock, looked
at Lisa and said softly "Mom said not to say something was nasty
until we've tried it. So, I'm trying this to see if it tastes as
good as mom thinks it does." Lisa looked aghast for a moment then
asked quietly "And?" Sue grinned, nodded and said softly "It's
great sis, try some." With that Lisa lowered her head, opened her
lips and almost swallowed my now swelling cock, flicking her
tongue around the head as she searched for a taste of mine and
Jenny's orgasmic juices. "Mmmm.. see what you mean sis" said Lisa
as she sat back on her heels, "I guess mom really knows what
she's talking about." The girls looked at me as I lay with their
mother in my arms and Sue said softly "Can we get a taste of your
cum on it's own please Uncle Dave?" and before I could answer
Jenny said "Is that before or after you have him pop your
cherries?" I have to admit that got the girls attention, "Can we
do it now?" asked Lisa excitedly, and Jenny looked up at her
nodded and said "I don't see why not darling, but you will have
to do something about the state of Uncle Dave's penis. As you can
see it's just a little bit too soft to be of any use just now."
This got the girls giggling as Jenny leaned over, kissed me
passionately on the lips and whispered "Don't go away darling,
we'll be back in a couple of minutes." She then rolled off the
bed, told the girls to follow her and led them to the bathroom. A
few minutes later Jenny returned with the girls, Lisa carrying a
washcloth and towel and Sue with a bowl of warm water and some
soap. The next few minutes were really wonderful; I just lay
there while I had by cock and balls washed and dried by the girls
while Jenny sat beside me chatting away as if this was some
everyday occurrence. When the girls were done Jenny got up,
collected the washing gear together and took it away, returning
to sit beside me while the girls cuddled up close to me in bed.
"I think" said Jenny "I think that it will be some time before
Uncle Dave is in a fit state to do very much for any of us." This
made the girls giggle as they lay beside me. "Therefore I suggest
that we all get a shower, then have breakfast, then discuss what
we're going to do for the rest of the day. That way Uncle Dave
will have a chance to recover, and you two will have a chance to
calm down after what you've just been through. Agreed?" The girls
nodded, albeit reluctantly, and slowly got out of bed and made
their way into the bathroom to get their morning showers. When we
were on our own Jenny smiled at me and said softly "Fancy a
shower with me David darling?" I grinned, pulled her to me and
kissed her before saying "Yes Jenny my love."

When we walked into the bathroom it was to find Sue in the shower
and Lisa sitting on the edge of the tub chatting to her. This
chatter stopped for a moment as Jenny and I joined Lisa as we
waited for Sue to finish. As Sue stepped out of the shower and
Lisa stepped in I suddenly thought how incongruous this was. For
years I'd refused to allow the girls to be in any sort of state
of undress when I was about, now, suddenly I was in the bathroom
where one of them was in the shower, and the other one was
standing in front of me drying herself while I sat, naked beside
their equally naked mother. Suddenly I felt a soft warm moist
pair of lips touching my cheek and realised I had been day
dreaming as Jenny said "Penny for them David Darling." I turned
my head, smiled at Jenny and said "I'm sorry Jenny my love, I was
just thinking how strange real life can be." Just then Lisa
stepped out of the shower and Jenny stood up, pulled me with her
and dragged me in with her.

We spent the next few minutes having the strangest shower I ever
experienced. Not actually having it with her, but knowing her
daughters were sitting in the bathroom listening to everything
that was going on, and being able to see much of it through the
glass door, albeit slightly blurred due to the frosting of the
glass. In the end we turned off the water, stepped out and helped
each other dry off, the girls helping out their mother as they
tried to get their hands on my naked body as much as possible.
When we were all dry Jenny told the girls to go and get dressed,
she and I doing the same, then all of us went down to the kitchen
where the girls prepared breakfast while Jenny and I went over to
my house next door and collected some clean clothes for me to use
over the weekend. After breakfast, and after the kitchen was
cleaned up we all went into the living room and sat down, the
girls getting to sit beside me on the sofa before Jenny had a
chance. Smiling sweetly at the girls Jenny sat on a stool in
front of the sofa and said "Right girls, I think that we should
wait until later on before Uncle Dave does anything about helping
you with your little problem." This brought howls of protest from
the girls, but were soon silenced when she continued "Believe me
girls, Uncle Dave will be in a much better condition this evening
if you allow him time to recover from our exercises this morning.
You have to realise that men, and boys for that matter need a lot
longer recovery times between orgasms than we girls." This made
the girls giggle as they wriggled their soft warm bodies against
my sides, and Jenny smiled as she continued "And lets face it
darlings, we did take a lot out of him this morning, didn't we?"
despite the girls protestations Jenny insisted that we all spend
the day as normally as possible, suggesting that we take a trip
down to town, do some serious window shopping, grab a takeaway
and have a picnic in the atrium of the Mall.

When we got home Jenny and the girls put together a light meal
and we all sat round the table chatting away as if nothing
strange was in the offing. After an hour of sitting together in
the living room after dinner, to allow our meals to settle
according to Jenny, and to allow the girls to get warmed up again
according to me, Jenny said "OK girls, lets all go upstairs and
see about getting started shall we." Sue and Lisa needed no other
words of encouragement, they leapt to their feet and dragged me
to mine then raced up to Jenny's bedroom where they were almost
naked by the time Jenny and I reached it. Seeing the girls
clothes strewn all over the bedroom floor Jenny grinned at me and
said "I think they might just be ready and willing David my love,
how about I get you ready for them?" with that she began to strip
me, slowly and erotically while her girls looked on in
anticipation of what was to come. Once naked I climbed into bed,
lay down and was immediately covered by two soft warm naked
teenage girls each of whom was wriggling themselves against me
and fondling my hard rigid throbbing erection with a soft warm
hand. Standing there Jenny gave me a strange look, that she later
told be was due to a desire to be where the girls were, then she
smiled at her daughters and said softly "OK girls, he's all
yours. If you want me, don't yell, I might just think you're
enjoying yourselves." With that she turned and walked out of the
room without a backward glance.

When Jenny had closed the bedroom door Sue sat up, looked down at
me and said "What happens now Daddy Dave? How do we do this with
two of us and only one of you?" "Well darling" I said, "I've been
thinking about this, and I was wondering if you two would like it
to be a little different to the way most of your girl friends
might have done it." Lisa rolled over to lay her naked breasts on
my chest, looked me in the eye and said "It isn't going to hurt
is it Daddy Dave?" I smiled lovingly at her and said gently "I'm
afraid it will Lisa my darling, not because I'll be doing
anything to hurt you, but because of the way girls are made. I
thought your mom had explained all this to you?" Lisa blushed as
she gave me a gently punch on the shoulder and giggled. "Not that
silly, I know it will hurt when you pop my cherry, I just meant
you wont be hurting us when you make it different, that's all." I
put my arms round Lisa's back, hugged her to me and kissed her on
the top of her head as I said "Lisa my love, I promise I'll never
do anything to hurt you, and I'll take great exception to anyone
that does, understand?" Lisa grinned at me as she wriggled up my
body so she could place a soft warm loving kiss on my lips "I
love you too Daddy Dave" she said softly, and rolled over to
allow her sister to do the same but with Sue adding "Can we do it
please Daddy Dave, I don't want to wait any longer, it's been too
many years since we both said we wanted to have you be our first
lover." I gave them both a loving pat on the butt, sat up and
said "OK girls, let's go, just promise me you'll both be patient,
and that you'll do exactly as I say." "I promise" they said in
unison and scrambled off the bed as I told them to go into the

Once in the bathroom I told them to sit on the edge of the tub
whilst I made some special arrangements, and they watch as I set
a bottle of baby oil on the wall heater, whipped up a batch of
shaving lather and put a fresh blade in my razor. When all this
was done I turned to them and said "OK girls, come and sit up on
the vanity unit." As she stood up Sue looked at Lisa, then back
at me and said "Are you going to shave our pussies Daddy Dave?" I
grinned as I nodded, "Yes darling, why, don't you want me to?"
Eyes wide open Sue nodded, "Ohh.. yes please, I've always
wondered what it feels like, I can't remember how it felt before
I started to grow hair on my pussy." A quick lift and I soon had
the two of them sitting on the unit, their butt cheeks right to
the edge and their thighs as wide apart as they could get them.
"This first bit might be a bit warm Sue darling" I said as I
gently placed a very warm wet washcloth on her wide spread pussy
lips. Apart from a soft hissing intake of breath Sue sat quietly,
her eyes closed and her hands clenched into a pair of tight
fists. While I waited for the warmth to soften her pussy fur I
bent down and ran a line of soft tender kisses from her knees up
to the top of her thighs. I know she liked this because as I
stopped and lifted my head she cried out softly "Oh.. NO.. don't
stop Daddy Dave, that feels sooo.. good." I chuckled, placed a
warm wet kiss on the swell of her lower abdomen and said "OK Sue
darling, but it means I wont have time to do anything else right
now, what do you want, me to kiss your legs, or me to shave your
pussy bald?" Sue opened her eyes, grinned at me and said "Oh, I
think I'll let you shave me now, and kiss my legs later, that way
I get to eat my cake and have it." The two of them giggled at her
twisting of an old saying, then Sue gave a loud cry of surprise
as I slapped a brush full of lather on her pussy and began to
spread it out over the soft warm swollen area to be denuded. I'll
be frank here and admit that Sue had very little pussy fur to be
removed. What there was, was soft and very fine, but I knew it
was going to be lots of fun doing what I was about to start. "Now
hold very still Sue darling" I said softly "The last thing I want
is to nick you and have you walking around with a Band Aid on
your pussy, it might make thing a little awkward." I had to whip
the razor away from where I was about to start shaving when she
and Lisa burst into hoots of laughter.

When they finally stopped I looked sternly up at Sue, grinned and
shook my head, "Please keep still darling, I don't want to be at
this for the rest of the day." As I then placed my fingertips on
Sue's swollen Labia I heard her gasp of pleasure and then "Oh.. I
don't mind Daddy Dave, this feels really great, your hands are so
tender and they make me feel all gooey inside when you touch my
pussy." I guess that was only to be expected, as was the amount
of her pussy juices that were starting to mix with the slowly
dying shaving foam while I pressed and pulled her soft warm and
now smooth skin about as I scraped the edge of the blade over it.
It wasn't long before I was done with Sue, and after removing the
last traces of foam from between her legs I bent down once more
and began to suck and lap at her hot swollen cuntal gash,
starting at her tight pink anal pucker and ending at her swollen
and pulsating clitoral bud which I sucked into my mouth and
nibbled with my teeth for a second or two. With all that had gone
before that was all it took to send Sue over the edge and make
her cry out as an orgasm exploded inside her, making her tremble
and shake as she sat on the edge of the vanity unit. Before she
could fall off the edge I grabbed hold of her, scooped her up
into my arms and whilst kissing her passionately lowered her to
stand on her feet. It was while I was doing this that I saw a
movement from the corner of my eye and took a surreptitious
glance towards the bathroom door and saw Jenny standing there
watching what was going on. I guess she saw me look at her
because she grinned broadly and stepped back slightly so the
girls wouldn't see her. Grinning inwardly I allowed Sue to stand
on her own, "Just stand there quietly for couple of minutes Sue
darling, then we can go on to the next step, OK?" She grinned and
nodded silently as I turned to where Lisa was sitting waiting
very impatiently.

I knew this from the way she was rubbing at her rigid swollen
nubbin, her eyes tight shut and a look of deep concentration on
her face. Very slowly I lowered my head between her wide spread
thighs and ran my moist tongue tip up the inside of her thigh,
making her jump at first then remove her hand and allowing me to
kiss her clit before saying "Come on Lisa darling, we don't have
time for that right now do we, at least not if you want the same
as Sue had." Lisa gave me the most lust filled look I'd ever seen
in a teenage girl, "Daddy Dave, I can assure you I DO want the
same a Sue had, and as soon as possible Pleeeaasseeee.." I gave
her a grin and stretched out to get the warm wet cloth to soften
her pussy fur, smiling inwardly as she gave a soft moan of
pleasure as she felt the warmth spreading over her groin. By the
time I was almost finished shaving her, Lisa was as close as she
could be to a climax without actually having one, and after I had
dried her off, and the instant my tongue touched her sopping wet
pussy lips she grabbed my head and humped her hips at my face as
she experienced the mightiest orgasm of her short life. I just
managed to grab hold of Lisa before she slipped off the edge of
the vanity unit, and again I scooped her into my arms and held
her close until she stopped shaking and lay calm and still
against my chest. As I stood there with Lisa in my arms I shot a
glance to the door and saw Jenny standing there, her face flushed
and her eyes wide open in amazement at what her daughters had
just experienced. I thought I also detected a twinge of jealousy
too, but got a wonderfully warm smile as I winked at her over
Lisa's shoulder.

As Lisa slowly got her breath back I turned my head to where Sue
was standing, put out my hand and hugged her to me when she
stepped into the circle of my arm. When she and Lisa had finished
the inevitable session of kissing that followed I stood with them
held close, their cheeks resting on my chest and said jokingly
"You do know girls, that now you've started shaving you have to
do it regularly or it'll begin to grow again, and that could be
very uncomfortable for you, especially if you keep doing it for a
long time. Just feel what my chin is like first thing in a
morning." They must have looked at each other across my chest
because first Lisa then Sue began to giggle and Sue said "Oh, I
think we could put up with doing this a couple of times a week
Daddy Dave, especially if it's you doing it for us." I chuckled
deep down I my chest, "Oh, I don't know about that girls, it
could get very wearing on an old man like me, I think it might be
better if you learned how to do it for each other, don't you?"
The two of them froze for a moment, then I felt them nod their
heads to each other, "OK Daddy Dave, we'll go along with that
idea, can we start to learn next time we need a trim?" I agreed
to do that for them then noticed that Sue was wriggling her butt
to and fro. "What's the matter Sue darling?" I asked, "I don't
know Daddy Dave, but my pussy feels sort of sore where you shaved
me, does it always do that?" "Yes darling, at first, but you will
get used to it. I do have something that will sort it out if you
want me to do that for you" I replied, and when they nodded their
heads I told them to place their arms on the vanity, rest their
foreheads on their arms and move their feet back until their
backs were level with the floor. A few seconds later they were in
position, and I heard a soft gasp from the doorway as Jenny saw
the suddenly changed state of my penis. It had been just semi
erect for some time, as I'd got used to having naked teenage
girls in close proximity to me, but seeing the way they were
presenting themselves to me now was more than enough to bring me
back to a full rock hard, throbbing erection.

I leaned over to where the bottle of baby oil had been sitting
warming up on the wall heater, flipped off the top and poured a
good sized pool into the palm of one hand. After placing the
bottle on the vanity I carefully rubbed my hands together,
spreading the warm oil evenly over my palms and fingers. I then
stepped up close to where their naked thighs were touching, close
enough for my thighs to be touching theirs, and then I cupped my
hands and placed them over the girls hot wet and very swollen
pussies. Less then a second later I had a squirming oil and lube
slicked pussy in each hand, both of them pushing back at my palms
as they tried to increase the pressure on their flesh, and also
to get the fingers they felt slip between their swollen lower
lips. As they wriggled against my hands the girls were moaning
and groaning with pleasure, until I removed them and placed my
palms on the base of their spines saying "Calm down girls, I want
to ask you something important." After a moment or two they were
almost still and I moved my hands to their outer thighs and
pressed them close together as I said "As you're both pretty well
aroused right now, I was wondering if it might be a good time for
me to pop your cherries." Before I could stop them they stood up,
spun round and stood open mouthed in front of me. "Would you
please Daddy Dave, you know we've been wanting it for so long."
Then Lisa looked at me and said "But wouldn't it be better in bed
Daddy Dave?" I nodded slowly "Perhaps, but I was thinking that if
I just actually broke your hymens now, let you recover in a nice
long bath, then we could go to bed and actually make love for the
first time. That way the pain of losing your virginity won't get
in the way of the lovemaking."

The girls looked at each other, something intense passing between
them, then Sue turned to me and said softly "OK Daddy Dave, but
only if you promise to bath us both, and dry us off after, like
you used to when we were little." Giving this proposition a
seconds consideration I smiled and said "Well, OK girls, your
terms are a bit steep, but I guess I could meet them, just this
once though, understand?" The way they grinned as they nodded
made me think they didn't mean to keep to that part of the
agreement, but I wasn't all that worried, as I was rather looking
forward to doing it. Before I could say anything more the girls
turned back to the vanity unit and were soon bent down again,
legs spread wide and their swollen, juice oozing pussy lips being
offered to me. I quickly oiled up my hand again and, stepping
behind Sue I rubbed some of the oil on to the head of my hard
throbbing cock, as I aimed the tip of it at her coral tinged
vaginal opening. Very slowly I pressed forward until I felt the
head of my penis slip into her virgin opening, grinning as I
heard her gasp of pleasure as she felt my manhood enter her body.
I stopped there for a moment, allowing her to get used to having
something other than a finger inside her, then I leaned forward
and placed two fingers over her hard throbbing clitoris and began
to rub them round in circles as I use my other hand to cup her
firm flushed breasts, one by one, turn and turn about. Given the
state of her arousal, and the promise of more to come, it only
took a couple of minutes for me to bring Susan to a screaming
crashing orgasm. That was the moment I stopped frigging her with
my hands and moved them down to grasp her hips tight as I pressed
my hips forward in a slow, but unstoppable movement, pressing my
swollen cockhead through her maidenhead and deep into her
orgasming young body. Any cry of pain she might have been giving
was lost in her cries of ecstasy as she felt my cock move slowly
in and out of her tight, spasming vaginal passage.

As Sue began to come down from her orgasmic high I allowed her to
slip slowly to the floor and stepped quickly behind Lisa, doing
the same as I had done to her sister. Despite being a little
younger than Sue, Lisa's pussy was no smaller or tighter, and the
head of my cock slipped between her lips just as easily. Having
witnessed what happened to her sibling Lisa was also ready for me
to bring her off, which I did a lot more easily than I had Susan.
Once more I thrust my cockhead through a hymen, and once more the
tiny cry of pain Lisa gave was lost in her screams of pleasure as
another orgasm ripped through her young frame. Giving a sudden
shudder of pleasure Lisa went silent and I felt her begin to
relax, so I lowered her gently to the floor, following her down
until I was kneeling between the girls and tenderly stroking
their naked backs as they lay gasping for breath. After a few
minutes they regained some sort of composure, and were soon
sitting on chairs watching as I ran a bath for them. As I was
doing this I heard them whispering behind me, then heard the
bathroom door open and Lisa shout "Mom, can you come please!" For
a second I panicked as I thought I'd done something to upset the
girls, then Jenny came into the room and a moment later was being
hugged by her daughters as they tried to tell them what was
happening. "Daddy Dave is going to give us a bath Mom, after all
these years he's actually going to do it for us" gasped Lisa
excitedly, "And he's going to dry us off afterwards, just like he
used to do when we were little girls, and we look like little
girls now he shaved us, don't we?" and the two of them stood back
and thrust out their hips as they showed their mother their
shaved pussies. "WOW!" gasped Jenny, "That looks really neat,
does it feel different?" Lisa nodded, "It feels really nice Mom,
I bet you'd like it if you asked Daddy Dave to do it for you."
Jenny grinned at me as I looked over my shoulder, then said
quietly "You know girls, I might just do that one of these days,
now, would you mind if I stayed and watched Daddy Dave bath the
pair of you?" With a shake of their heads and a soft giggle the
girls agreed to her staying so she sat down as I turned to the
girls and said "Waters ready girls" and stepped out of the way as
they climbed into the tub and sat down in the now waist deep

Suddenly remembering what it was like doing this I picked up a
towel and folded it into a thick pad for me to kneel on. When I
was in position I looked at the girls and said "OK, who goes
first?" almost before I was finished saying this the girls were
pointing at each other and seemed almost ready to start a fight.
I held up my hands for silence, then said, almost with the wisdom
of Solomon, "One gets washed first, and the other gets dried
first, and I think the baby of the family should be washed first,
I seem to remember we used to do it that way before."
Acquiescing, if not graciously, Sue leaned back against the end
of the tub to watch what treatment she could expect to receive
shortly. I shuffled up to Lisa's end of the tub, slipped one hand
behind her back to support her and pressed her back to lean
against my arm. I smiled inwardly as Lisa gasped with pleasure
when I began to wet her breasts and upper body with water scooped
up from the tub in the palm of my free hand. When she was nicely
wet I searched in the water for the soap, getting my hand in some
interesting places until I found it, I then gently rubbed the
soap over Lisa's chest and abdomen, avoiding her breasts, much to
her initial chagrin. I then dropped the soap back into the water,
knowing I was going to have to search for it again very shortly,
and began to rub my hand over her body, getting a nice rich
lather everywhere but on her titties. Just as she seemed about to
complain I smiled down at her, lowered my lips to hers and kissed
her passionately as I began to caress her naked, flushed and very
warm breasts with my soap covered hand. After a couple of minutes
washing Lisa's breasts I broke our kiss and allowed her head to
rest on my shoulder as I gently stroked my hands over the rest of
her upper body. I then scrabbled around for the soap again,
rolled it round and round in one hand and dropped it into the
water as I dipped my hand in and covered Lisa's sore, but still
swollen pussy lips. As I pressed my long middle finger between
her lower lips Lisa gave a gasp of pleasure, making Sue sit up in
an effort to see what was happening. Unfortunately for her the
water was a bit too cloudy for her to see much more than the
movement on my lower arm and wrist. What she wasn't able to see
was the way the heel of my hand was pressing on Lisa's pussy and
the tip of my middle finger was pressed, one knuckle deep, into
her tight puckered rose hole. Despite Lisa's initial look of
surprise as she felt my finger enter her anus it was soon
replaced by a look of ecstasy as she exploded into another
climax, kicking her legs and splashing me and Susan with water
until Sue managed to hold her feet still until she came down from
her orgasmic high. I held Lisa tight to me until she regained her
breath then said "Can you sit up on your own while I see to your
sister?", giving me a weak smile Lisa said "I think so Daddy
Dave, just don't be too long though will you, I might fall asleep
right here I feel to relaxed."

Moving my kneeling pad down to beside Susan I smiled at her and
said softly "Ready for this?" Sue grinned and nodded vigorously,
"Oh, boy am I ready Daddy Dave, what did you just do to Lisa, No,
don't tell me, just hurry up and show me, Pleeeaasseeee.." I did,
but not before I'd soaped up and washed her breasts, kissing her
as I'd done Lisa. And not before I'd spent a moment or two
cupping my soap covered hand over her swollen pussy lips. Her low
cry of surprise as my finger pressed through her tight anal
pucker soon changed to moans of pleasure, ending up in a cry of
ecstasy as she exploded in orgasm once more. I knelt there for a
few minutes while Sue recovered from her latest climax, then I
gave her a quick kiss on the lips as I said "Come on Susan
darling, it's time to get dried and powdered, and you go first
this time." That woke her up, and in a flash she was standing up
in the tub, water dripping off the tips of her nipples and tiny
rivulets running down the creases of her body. I stood up, held
out a towel and Sue quickly stepped into the warmth of it as I
wrapped it round her body. I held her close for a minute or two,
then opened up the towel and started to pat her skin dry,
starting at her shoulders, working down her abdomen and finishing
at her feet. "You missed a bit Daddy Dave" said Susan with a
giggle, and I looked up from her feet to see she had her arms
lifted up high and her thighs spread wide. "Mustn't forget these
bits, or I might get sore" she said as I smiled at her. Gently I
patted her underarms dry, then moved down to dry between her
legs, something that seemed to take longer than anywhere else on
her firm young body. I then looked round for the box of dusting
powder the girls used, to find it being offered to me by Jenny,
who I'd completely forgotten was still sitting there watching in
silence as I bathed her children. Knowing how important it was to
her, I made a big deal about powdering Sue's body, taking great
care to stroke between her thighs with the soft downy powder
puff. When I was done I hugged her naked body to mine, kissed her
tenderly and gave her a gentle pat on the bottom saying "Now go
to mommy and get into your nightie Susan darling. When I'm
finished with your sister I'll come and tuck you both into bed
and kiss you goodnight, OK?" Wide eyed with surprise Sue nodded
silently then kissed me warmly on the lips before stepping over
to stand naked in front of her mother.

It didn't take long for me to dry and powder Lisa, and she was
also soon having her nightie put on by her mother. When this was
done I took the girls by the hands and we walked, side by side,
to their bedroom, where I watched them scramble into bed, getting
a good long look at their now naked pussies as they got beneath
their comforters. When they were in bed I sat beside Sue, bent
down and touched my lips to hers in a soft tender loving
goodnight kiss. "Goodnight Daddy Dave, I love you" whispered
Susan, as I tucked her in tight. And I love you too Susan
darling" I replied, and gave her a final kiss on the cheek as she
turned over and snuggled down to go to sleep. When I got over to
Lisa's bed she was waiting for me, and threw her arms round my
neck as I bent to kiss her goodnight. Our kiss was hard and
passionate, and she was almost in tears when I finally broke off
kissing her and tucked her in. "Thanks for everything Daddy
Dave," she said softly, "Can we do some more of this another
night please?" I smiled down at her and said "Only if I know
you've been a good girl for your mother. Naughty girls don't
deserve good things to happen to them, do they" Lisa looked me
for a moment, then realising I was joking smiled sweetly and said
"No Daddy Dave, and I promise I'll be a good girl for mommy" with
that she turned over and snuggled down to go to sleep, her
greatest dream finally having come true.

Very softly I crept from the girls bedroom, closing the door
quietly behind me. As I turned to go back to the bathroom I saw
Jenny leaning against the door jamb, arms crossed in front of her
and her eyes shining brighter than I'd ever seen them before.
"Everything OK Jenny darling?" I asked as I approached her. She
shook her head, "No, everything isn't alright, and everything
won't be alright until I've received the same treatment as the
girls. Now get that wonderful butt of yours in here and get
shaving buster." By the time I'd closed the bathroom door behind
me Jenny was sitting on the vanity unit legs spread wide waiting
for me. Happily I hadn't put my shaving gear away, so I was soon
clipping away at her long soft pussy fur readying her for her
first ever shave. I was really glad the girls had gone to bed so
tired because the noise Jenny made as I pulled and pressed at her
swollen pussy lips would have brought them rushing in to see who
was being tortured. When I removed the final traces of lather
from between her legs I dropped the towel on the floor, placed my
hands on her inner thighs and pressed gently at them as I lowered
my head until I was able to cover her smooth, naked pussy with my
mouth. This and the following sucking and licking I gave her clit
and pussy brought Jenny to a screaming, crashing orgasm that
almost forced her off the edge of the unit on which she was
sitting. I managed to stop her falling and gently lowered her to
the floor where I told her to get into the position the girls had
been in when I'd finished shaving them.

As with the girls I covered one hand with warm baby oil, cupped
my hand over her baby smooth pussy lips and gently stroked it
back and forth for a moment or two. "Fuck me David, please fuck
me darling" gasped Jenny as she looked back at me under her arm.
Ever willing to oblige I stroked my oil slicked hand over the
head and shaft of my cock, placed both hands on Jenny's hips and
leaned forward so my cockhead pressed firmly at her swollen moist
pussy. Slowly and firmly I pulled on Jenny's hips, hearing her
long low groan of pleasure as she felt my hard throbbing cock
press deep inside her, and then her loud cry of ecstasy as I
rammed it in the final couple of inches. I then proceeded to
thrust my hips to and fro, forcing my cock in and out of her
clinging cuntal passage until at last she gave a long loud cry of
"I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG..". this was all that was needed to take
me over the edge. I'd been so worked up with what I'd done with
the girls, and all without actually getting too close to orgasm,
that just hearing Jenny's cry was all that it took to get me off.
Wad after wad of hot creamy cum shot from the end of my penis as
it was buried deep inside Jenny's firm quivering body. Over and
over again I spurted cum into her in an almost never ending
stream; almost but not quite. Eventually I stopped, almost as if
a hose had been turned off, and I felt my knees begin to give way
a moment after I felt Jenny begin to collapse under me. Very
gently I managed to lower Jenny to the floor, and followed her
down to kneel beside her, totally spent and unable to move an

It took a few minutes for me to regain enough strength to move. I
finally stood up, helping Jenny to her feet and guided her into
the shower where I held her upright as I turned on the water.
After a few minutes Jenny had recovered enough to be able to
return my favour of washing her back and front. I turned off the
water, helped Jenny out of the shower, dried her off and powdered
her, sitting her on a chair while I did the same for myself. When
I was done I scooped her up into my arms and, after switching off
the light as I left the bathroom carried her to her bed, lay her
down and climbed in beside her, pulling the comforter up over us,
taking her in my arms and falling into a deep exhausted sleep. I
don't know what time is was when I woke up. I do know it was with
the wonderful feeling of having a warm, naked female body wrapped
in my arms, and my hand cupping a firm rounded hard tipped
breast. As my fuzzy mind took all of this in I also realised I
hand what felt like a pair of hard nipples pressed against my
back, and that was something that just didn't feel quite right.
Don't get me wrong, it felt really very nice indeed, it just
didn't feel RIGHT! "Good morning Daddy Dave did you sleep well?"
said a voice from behind me that I suddenly realised was Sue,
"Hnnngg.. pretty well" I gasped as I felt her soft warm hand
wrapping round my suddenly stiffening cock. That was when I felt
Lisa begin to squirm in my arms, and all of a sudden I realised
that she was moving her hips into such a position that her sister
could guide my now hard throbbing cock to her hot wet swollen
pussy lips. Before I could do much about it Lisa was pressing her
butt back towards my hips and gasping with pleasure as she felt
my cockhead press between her lower lips until it was lodged deep
inside her firm young body. "Ohhh.. that feels sooo.. wonderful
Daddy Dave" gasped Lisa as she slowly wriggled her butt against
my hips. "Come on Daddy Dave" whispered Sue from behind me, "Mom
says you have to make us both cum before breakfast." Although Sue
was giggling softly in my ear as she said this Lisa certainly
wasn't, she was crying out in ecstasy as I began to gently move
my hips to and fro, ramming my cock deeper and deeper into her
vaginal passage and at the same time cupping one hand over her
firm flushed and burning breasts, turn and turn about.

I guess the girls had been getting themselves worked up as they
lay in bed with me, because it didn't take too long for Lisa to
be screaming out as her first penetration orgasm exploded inside
her. As she started to cum I pulled her naked form back against
my chest, allowing my girl-cum soaked prick to slip from her
pussy as her body arched and trembled in my arms. As Lisa finally
relaxed, and turned over to face me and press her soft warm lips
to mine in a hot passionate kiss, I felt Sue grasping my cock and
slowly but firmly begin to jack me off. Not enough to make me cum
you understand, but sufficient for her to be sure I was going to
be hard enough when it came to her turn. It was obvious that Sue
didn't want to wait much longer because I soon felt her pulling
at my upper hip as she tried to get me to lay on my back. Despite
having Lisa still hanging on to me I did as Sue wanted, and
rolled over to look up at her. "Just stay like that Daddy Dave, I
want to be on top, just like mom was yesterday." Nothing loth I
rolled on to my back, gently pulling Lisa with me so she lay with
her head on my chest. Almost before I was still Sue was
straddling my hips, reaching between her thighs and grabbing hold
of my still rampant cock. It seems Sue had been watching very
attentively when she and her sister had watched Jenny straddle me
and fuck me because, almost without a moments pause Sue was
lowering herself on to my rigid manhood, gasping with pleasure as
she felt it getting deeper and deeper inside her. When at last
she was actually sitting on my upper thighs Sue opened her eyes,
looked lustfully down at me and grinned, "Got you now Uncle Dave"
she said softly, "I knew I would if I kept at it long enough." I
smiled lovingly at her, reached up and placed my hand over her
firm hard pointed breast and said "And is it all you expected Sue
my love?" Sue gave a tiny shudder of pleasure as I made my hard
cock twitch inside her, looked me in the eye and said "Oh, yes
darling Uncle Dave, its that and more, much more." She then
clamped her eyes tight shut and began to bounce up and down on my
manhood, moving her hips in a circular motion and gasping out
loud each time she felt her clit rub against the base of my
prick. Sue had had a number of orgasms since we had been 'getting
it together', but this one was something else. She had been
pounding herself up and down on my cock for what seemed like
ages, and her expression had just got more and more intense,
without her uttering a single sound. Suddenly she went rigid, her
back arched like a bow and she let out a loud piercing scream I
was unable to silence as I was still pinned to the bed by Lisa.

By the time I had rolled Lisa off my chest and sat up Jenny was
bursting through the door and jumping on the bed to throw her
arms round Susan as she tried to stop her screaming. In this she
was successful, but only in silencing her daughter, she still
wasn't able to stop Sue from jerking and thrashing about as her
all consuming orgasm ripped through her soft tender young body.
All good things come to an end, and so with Lisa's orgasm.
Eventually she calmed down, enough at least to lay her head on
Jenny's shoulder and softly cry tears of ecstasy as her mother
gently stroked her hands up and down her back. "What the hell did
you do to her David?" asked Jenny in a far from calm voice, "Not
a thing Jenny darling, all I did was to lay here cuddling Lisa
while Sue did the rest. I guess she really wanted this to happen,
didn't she." "You.. can.. say.. that.. again" gasped Sue, sucking
in a deep breath between each word, "And I want it to happen
again, and soon." She pushed herself away from Jenny's body,
looked from her mother to me and said in a soft voice "That was
the most intense thing that ever happened to me Daddy Dave, will
you be able to make it like that next time, Pleeeaasseeee.. Daddy
Dave" and with that she flopped forward on to my chest, then
rolled over to lay beside me, her arm over my chest and her still
moist cheek laying on my shoulder. I turned my head so I could
kiss her, then said gently "Susan my darling, I don't think
anyone but you can make a climax like that happen, it wasn't
anything I did, I just lay still under you. It was your mind,
your yearning, your need to have your fantasy fulfilled, that
made it so good for you. Actually it just goes to prove that good
sex is almost all in the mind." Jenny looked at me and smiled,
Lisa lifted her head, frowned for a moment that grinned as she
lay it down again, and Sue thought about it for a moment then
giggled before saying "I guess mom has a very vivid imagination
doesn't she Daddy Dave?" Jenny gave a loud laugh then told the
three of us to get a shower and then to the kitchen where she
would have breakfast ready. Much as I tried to make our joint
shower a quick one, it still took almost half an hour for us to
show ourselves in the kitchen and sit down while Jenny placed
loaded plates of eggs and bacon in front of us. As she sat down
opposite me she said "Come on, get it down you, from the sound of
things you all need it to replace the energy you expended

Shortly after breakfast Jenny and I were sitting together on the
sofa in the living room while the girls did the dishes. I sat
with my back to the wing and Jenny was leaning against my chest
with my arms wrapped round her and my hand cupping her breasts.
We sat silently for some time, during which I gave much thought
to what had happened over the past couple of weeks, and
especially the past two days. Suddenly I bent my head, kissed
Jenny on the nape of her neck, then nibbled on her ear lobes
before whispering "Jenny darling, do you think the girls would
object if I asked you to marry me?" Jenny must have been deep in
her own thoughts because she just gave a tiny shake of her head
and said "No I don't think so darling, I think they might... WHAT
DID YOU SAY?" and the next thing I knew she was straddling my
thighs, pushing me back against the sofa wing and saying firmly
"Will you please say that again darling, I don't think I quite
heard it right." I gave a shake of my head and said "I'm sorry
Jenny darling, wasn't I speaking loud enough. All I asked was do
you think the girls would mind if I asked you to marry me, that's
all." Once she was done almost kissing me to death Jenny lay her
head on my shoulder and said "David darling, if the girls say no
to that I'll know they're beyond hope, and I'll have them
adopted. My answer, should you ask me will be YES, YES, YES, OK?"

Just then the girls walked into the room, saw the way we were
sitting and Sue smiled and said "Can't you two leave each other
alone for even a few minutes. If you keep wearing him out like
that mom, there'll be nothing left for Lisa and me." Jenny
grinned at her daughters as they stood there looking relaxed and
beautiful. "I'm sorry Susan darling, I was just discussing
something important with Uncle Dave. He wants to know if you two
would mind if he asked me to marry him." I was expecting the two
of them to launch themselves at Jenny and I, instead they took us
both my surprise when Lisa took hold of Sue's arm and said "Mom,
you can say no if you like, but I have to warn you that if you do
Sue and I will have to call our doctor and have you committed to
a Lunatic Asylum." Before we could say anything Sue whispered
something in Lisa's ear, they both grinned and Sue said "Its OK
Mom, change of plan, turn him down, please, then we can have him
to ourselves, I think it might be much more fun, don't you sis?"
By now Jenny was sitting properly on my lap, her arms round me
and her head on my shoulder. When the girls were done speaking
Jenny lifted her head, smiled sweetly at her girls and said
"Well, hard luck ladies. I'm going to say yes, no matter what you
think so there" and she stuck out her tongue like a little girl
and blew a 'raspberry' at the two of them. She then replaced her
head on my shoulder and took hold of my hand, holding it to her
breast and wriggling about on my lap like she was enjoying it.
THAT was the moment the girls launched themselves at us,
smothering us with kisses and telling Jenny how much they wanted
me to be their new daddy. In the end Jenny and I were able to sit
beside each other the girls sitting on the floor leaning against
our outside thighs while Jenny lay snuggled up against my chest.
After a few minutes I realised I hadn't actually asked Jenny if
she would marry me and, despite knowing what her answer would be
I gently lifted her head, kissed her lovingly on the lips and
said "Jenny darling, will you marry me please?" Jenny smiled at
me, then looked down at the girls and said "Well girls, you heard
the man, what do you think my answer should be?" "Yes please"
said Susan with a grin, "When" said Lisa, and Jenny turned back
to me and said softly and sweetly "Yes please David, when".

The next few week were utter mayhem. Apart from the fact that
Jenny and I still had to work and the girls had to go to school,
Jenny received the promotion she was hoping for which meant a
period of longer hours while she got herself bedded down into her
new position. In the end even this wasn't enough to hold back the
wedding, and despite some undue pressure we both managed to take
time off for a two week honeymoon. For some reason, probably
excitement, the girls never gave a thought as to what was going
to happen to them while Jenny and I were away, until that is the
morning of the great day. It was while Jenny was dressing, with
the girls sitting watching her, and offering to help in various
small ways, that Lisa suddenly said "What are Sue and I going to
be doing while you and daddy are away mom?" Without the slightest
pause Jenny said airily, "Oh, we'll think of something darling,
don't worry about it for now." That I believe was the reason the
two of them didn't look quite as happy as one would have expected
when we met at the church. All through the ceremony I kept
glancing at them, hoping to get a smile in return. I did get one
or two, but they seemed very subdued, and appeared to be almost
forced. When at last Jenny and I were declared man and wife and
the formalities were over, we made our way back home to a small
reception for all those friends that attended the ceremony. In
the end even that was over, and by midnight the last of them had
wished us good luck and goodnight, the doors were locked and we
were making our way up to bed. It was then that I asked Jenny
what was the matter with the girls, "Oh, my God" she gasped, "I
didn't get round to telling them about the honeymoon. They think
we're going to be leaving them with someone." Jenny was about to
leap out of bed to go to put the girls put of their misery, but I
stopped her, gave her a tender kiss on the lips and said "Let me
do it please darling, I really want to see them happy at least
once today." Jenny grinned, nodded her head and said "OK daddy,
go and put your babies out of their misery. Who knows, they might
even find some way of thanking you I haven't thought of." I
closed our bedroom door on Jenny's giggles, stepped over to the
girls room and knocked on the door. "Come in" called Lisa, and I
opened the door, stepped inside, closing it behind me, walked
over to Lisa's bed where I sat on the edge.

"Well girls" I began, "How does it feel to have a daddy again?"
Lisa sat up, put her arms round my neck and kissed me warmly and
passionately. "Much better than it did before Daddy Dave, and I
know mom feels the same way too." There was another moments
silence before Sue sat up, showing me she was naked in bed, "The
thing is daddy, with you going on your honeymoon in the morning,
where are Lisa and me going to be staying?" I looked at her,
raised my eyebrows, slapped my thigh and said "Blast, I knew
there was something your mother and I had forgotten. I'm sorry
girls, but we haven't made any arrangement for you for while
we're away" I paused for a few seconds then said "Oh, well, I
guess that means we'll have to take you with us. I hope it
doesn't cramp your mothers style any, I was hoping to have some
fun while we're away." Seeing as I was smiling as I said this Sue
at least realised I was actually winding the two of them up and
soon showed me this was so. After a moments pause she gave a loud
shriek, threw the covers off the bed and crossed the few feet
between the bed on a single bound, landing astride my thighs,
forcing me on to my back with the sudden application of her full
body weight. It took this long for Lisa to realise what was
happening and before I had a chance to think about how to remove
Sue without hurting her, Lisa joined her sibling on top of me. It
just so happened that that was the moment that Jenny walked in
the bedroom to see what all the shrieking was about. After a few
moments, moments I really enjoyed seeing as I had two naked
teenage girls rolling about on top of me, Jenny said "Come now
girls, let daddy get up and get to bed, he has a lot of driving
to do in the morning and I'd like him to be as fresh as
possible". In the end I was able to sit upright, albeit that I
still has Susan astride my lap, her head on my shoulder and her
arms round my chest hugging me as tight as she could, while Lisa
sat behind me, pressing her naked breasts against my shoulder
blades as she hugged me from the rear. After a few seconds Sue
lifted her head, looked round as Jenny and said "Mom, can we come
and get into bed with you for a few minutes please, we have
something important we have to talk about?" Jenny grinned then
said "Come on then girls, lets get it done, I don't want to be up
all night talking", and she turned and walked back to our bedroom
and was sitting on one side of the bed, leaving room for me and
the girls to get in beside her. In what seemed to be a scramble
for prime places I got into bed, ending up between the girls,
having Sue between me and Jenny while Lisa was left to cling on
to the other edge of the mattress. "Well, what is it that's so
important you girls have to be in bed with daddy and me?" asked
Jenny. Sue giggled, then said "Oh, we didn't have to be IN bed
with you Mom, its just so much nicer if we are. Anyway, what we
wanted to talk to you about is why you want to take us on your
honeymoon. We just thought its that last thing you'd want to do
under the circumstances."

By now I was laying on my back with the girls snuggled up close
while Jenny was still sitting up and looking down at the three of
us. "Well, the thing is girls" she said "Daddy asked me ages ago
who you would be staying with while we were away and after a few
hours thinking neither of us could think of anyone we thought
might be willing, or able, to look after you for more than a
couple of days. That's when he jokingly said we would probably
end up taking you both with us." Jenny paused for a moment while
she looked down at where the girls were laying looking up at her
as she spoke. She told me later she almost couldn't continue when
she saw how relaxed the girls looked as they lay wrapped in my
arms, I do remember she took a deep breath before she continued;
"Well, I jokingly said I thought it might not be a bad idea as at
least we'd know where you were, and what you were doing. Anyway,
we ended up agreeing that's what we'd do, and made sure there was
going to be plenty of room for all four of us, wherever it was we
ended up going." Jenny smiled down at me and the girls, then said
"The thing is girls, if you don't want to come with us you only
have to say, and we'll see if we can make some arrangements for
you in the morning before we leave." Before the girls could say
anything more Jenny put out the light and snuggled down beside
us, putting her arm over Sue's body and laying her hand on my
chest. "Just one thing to think about before you make up your
minds girls, and that is I might just need your help keeping
daddy busy while we're away so I'd really like it if you agreed
to come with us." I felt as well as heard both girls gasp, their
sharp intake of breath expanding their chests and pressing their
naked breasts against my chest and back, then Lisa said
breathlessly "You mean you want us to have sex with daddy on your
honeymoon?" Jenny chuckled "Oh, only if you want to Lisa darling,
I'd never force you to make love to daddy, that would be wicked
of me, especially as I've always said it has to your choice to
have sex with anyone. Of course if you just want to go and have a
nice relaxing holiday, that's fine too, I'm sure I could manage
on my own if I had to." "Yes please Mom" said Sue softly "I'd
like to come with you, even if you don't need help with daddy,
I'd still like it." "ME too please" said Lisa from beside be, and
she gave a tiny shudder as pleasant thoughts went through her
mind. "Where are you going Susan darling" asked Jenny as she felt
Sue trying to sit up between us. "Back to my own bed Mom, we only
wanted to come and have a few minutes while we talked this thing
out. Now we're done...." Before she could finish Jenny pressed
her back down saying "OH, well, you might as well stay where you
are now, just so long as you behave and let daddy SLEEP" Sue
giggled, turned to Jenny and kissed her lovingly "Thanks, you're
the best mom in the world, you have to be I don't know any other
girl that would be able to sleep with their daddy while their
mother is in the same bed, and we wont keep daddy awake tonight
will we sis?" there was a soft giggle from my other side then
Lisa said softly "Not tonight sis."

What a way to go to sleep! A naked teenage step daughter in each
arm, their bodies pressed up tight to my chest and their upper
leg wrapped over my thighs and their newly shaved pussies
pressing against my leg. Their mother, my new wife laying beside
us, her arm across her eldest girl as her soft warm hand gently
grasped my tumescent cock while the girls covered their mothers
hand as each one tried to grasp my manhood. As I drifted off to
sleep I wondered if things could get any better for me. They did!

Next morning things were pretty frantic, for some of us at least.
Seeing as Jenny and I had already got our bags packed most of the
time after breakfast was spent with Jenny and the girls sorting
out what they were going to take with them. I kept out of the way
as much as possible going round the house making sure all the
windows and door were properly secured, and any valuables paced
somewhere secure and out of sight of prying eyes. In the end
things calmed down and by lunch time I was packing all our bags
in the trunk of my car while Jenny and the girls made some
sandwiches to take with us. I had suggested we eat before we
start, but Jenny and the girls were too excited to eat, and
insisted we take food with us, along with cartons of juice to
wash them down with. The first couple of a potential ten hours
drive was taken up with Jenny and the girls talking about school,
boys and of course sex. Some of the things I heard were enough to
put the frighteners on any parent with a girl at the school Sue
and Lisa went to, and I was suddenly glad that they had been so
obsessed with seducing me they never seemed to have been in any
danger of being hurt like some of the girls they knew. Things
were going well on the journey until the second of our rest
stops. We all made our way to the restrooms to relieve ourselves,
and the only difference I noticed was that Sue seemed to be
taking a lot longer than usual. In the end ever she was done and
we were soon on our way again. This time though things quietened
down in the back and Sue just wanted to curl up in the corner of
the seat and go to sleep. That's how she stayed for the rest of
the journey, not moving except to go to the bathroom at each of
the stops we made on the way.

It wasn't until we arrived at the secluded cabin we had booked,
had unloaded the bags into the two rooms we would be using, and
polished off the last few sandwiches for supper that I found out
what was going on. As Jenny and I sat on the bed removing our
clothes prior to getting into bed that I asked if Sue was feeling
all right. Jenny nodded, then smiled wanly, "She'll be fine
darling, its just that her period started when we were at the
first rest stop, and she's feeling pretty down right now. I've
given her some painkillers, but I think she'll not feel like
doing very much until she's finished." By now we were in bed,
wrapped in each others arms, and spent the next couple of hours
making loving sexy noises before falling to sleep of sheer
exhaustion. Next morning I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee,
and the sound of soft voices, opened my eyes and saw Jenny and
Lisa sitting opposite each other chatting away as if a naked girl
and her mother sitting on a bed containing their father/husband
was nothing out of the ordinary. As I sat up I received a loving
and passionate kiss from the pair of them, and then had a cup of
coffee pressed into my hand. As I sipped at the fresh brew I
turned to Jenny and said "Where's Sue?" "Still in bed darling,
she's not feeling too well right now, so I left her to sleep in.
Why do you ask, I thought I told you what her problem was, last
night?" I put down my empty cup, got out of bed and put on my
bathrobe, then turned to Jenny and said "Would you give me a few
minutes alone with Sue please darling, I want to see if I can
make her feel a little better than she obviously does right now?"
Jenny nodded, looking a little mystified as she did, and I walked
out of the bedroom and across to the one Sue and Lisa were

Entering the room without knocking I went over to where Sue was
laying curled up in a tight ball, looking very unhappy, and in a
goodly amount of pain that the tablets she was taking seemed
unable to dispel. I sat on the edge of the bed, placed one hand
on her cheek and said softly "Is it really bad Susan my love?"
She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and nodded, "Yes
daddy, and it seems to be getting worse every month." As she
spoke Sue slowly squirmed round until she was laying with her
head on my lap, and I was tenderly stroking her cheek, wiping
away the tears of misery that rolled down her soft flushed
cheeks. "How would you like daddy to see if he can take away some
of you nasty pain?" I said softly. Sue looked up at me and said
"Can you do that daddy?" I smiled down at her, nodded and said "I
think I can darling, all you have to do is do as I say, relax,
and trust me. Can you do that?" Pushing herself up into a sitting
position Sue looked me in the eye and said "Silly, of course I
trust you daddy, what do I have to do?" A few minutes later I was
sitting on the bed, my legs wide apart and Sue sitting between
them, her back against my chest and her naked but for her
panties. "Now, just relax darling" I said softly "And please tell
me if anything I do doesn't feel right, of makes the pain worse.
Understood darling?" Sue nodded silently, then laid her head back
against my chest as I placed my hands on her abdomen, just below
her rib cage.

Just that simple act made Sue give out a deep sigh, and I felt
her body almost collapse and slide down the bed, stopping her by
pressing a little more firmly with my hands. "Stay upright Susan"
I said, "Its no good if you're laying down, you have to be
sitting upright." "Yes daddy" she said with a sigh, and pressed
her fingers under the tops of my thighs for somewhere to hang on
to. I placed a soft tender kiss on the side of her neck, then
began to move my hands firmly down her abdomen from her ribs to
just above the waistband of her panties. When I removed my hands
Sue gave a soft moan of "Noooo daddy, don't stop please darling,
that felt really good." I kissed her neck again and whispered
"I'm not going to stop just yet darling, but I do have to move my
hands sometimes, so stop worrying please and trust me, OK?" "Yes
daddy" she replied softly, and laid her head back once more as I
replaced my hands to her abdomen and repeated my movement.

I did this same motion about a dozen times, pressing a little
more firmly each time, and each time getting a soft moan of
pleasure from Susan at the end of each stroke. I then moved my
hands round to her sides and began to make the same strokes from
her ribs, over the site of her ovaries and round to the front of
her tummy stopping just above her firm rounded mons. Sue's sighs
and moans of pleasure were getting louder and louder, some of it
due to my hands occasionally straying over her mons, and pressing
down on her pussy right on top of her suddenly hard throbbing
clitty. It was this noise that brought Jenny and Lisa to the
bedroom door which they quietly opened far enough so they could
see what was going on. What they saw was Sue, laid back in my
arms, between my thighs, and my hands seemingly covering her
pussy between her open thighs. What I was actually doing was
masturbating Susan, through her panties, and bringing her to a
screaming, crashing orgasm a second or so before her mother could
ask what was going on. Jenny and Lisa stood there, open mouthed,
they watched Sue thrashing about in my arms as her orgasm rippled
up and down her tender young body, until she finally relaxed with
a deep loud sigh of pleasure.

That's when Sue opened her eyes and saw her mother and sister
staring wide eyed at her. "Oh, hi Mom, sis, did I make a noise or
something?" "You sure did baby" said Jenny as she came and sat
beside us, "How do you feel right now?" Sue gave a tiny shudder,
smiled at Jenny and said "Oh, I feel really great Mom, and I
really need breakfast I'm starved." With that Susan scrambled up
on to her knees, turned to me and pressed her soft warm lips to
mine in a passionate kiss and said softly "I don't know how you
did it daddy, but can we do it again next time I feel so rotten,
please?" I kissed her in return, saying "Of course we can
darling, all you have to do is ask." "So, what was all that about
David darling?" said Jenny as she climbed on the bed and lay down
beside me. "I thought Susan didn't want you touching her while
she had her period. Next thing, I walk into the bedroom and watch
her cum like an express train with your hands covering her
pussy." I slid down to lay beside her, rolled over to face her
and looked her straight in the eye, "What's this then, you're not
getting jealous of your daughters after all this time are you
Jenny darling?" Despite shaking her head she still coloured up
slightly as she said softly "No, of course not darling, its just
that.. YES damn it! I am jealous. For Gods sake, I find my
daughter allowing you to do something she said would never
happen, and enjoying it if the noise she made was anything to go
by. Of course I'm jealous, and so would any woman be that finds
someone willing to do something like that, at THAT time of the
month." I managed to shut Jenny up but only by kissing her very
hard and long. In the end I released her, allowed her to sit up
and said "Why don't you get undressed and come and let me show
you what I was doing. Then maybe you'll understand why Sue let me
do what I did to her, and why she enjoyed it."

It only took Jenny a few seconds to be sitting between my thighs,
naked but for her panties through which I'd spotted a fleck of
white string curled up inside them. I suddenly realised what the
problem was; "Why didn't you tell me you'd also started Jenny my
love" I asked tenderly. She blushed warmly, lowered her eyes and
said "Because I was so mad that it would happen right now, and a
week early too." She turned to look at me and said "The thing is
darling, all three of us start our period at about the same time,
its just something that happens when a number of women live in
close quarters for a long time. Its called synchronisation, or
some such thing." She suddenly grinned as my expression changed,
and she almost saw the flashing light above my head that
indicated I'd suddenly had a brilliant thought. "That's why all
of you occasionally had something more important to do than fuck
my brains out" I said with a smile, and Jenny grinned and nodded
"Yes darling, we didn't want you to know why we weren't
available, so we just made excuses." She then turned right round,
threw her arms round me and kissed me passionately, "And you were
too much of a gentleman to try to force the issue; which is one
of the reasons I allowed the girls to press me into marrying you.
Now, how about you show me properly, how you made Sue feel so
good when she normally feels like death warmed up." With that she
turned round, sat between my legs again and leaned back against
my chest as I slid my hands round her front and cupped her firm
swollen breasts in my hands. As Jenny moaned softly with the
pleasure she felt at my tender touch I whispered "Just relax
Jenny my love, relax and enjoy what I'm going to be doing to you"
and I began to stroke my hands over her rib cage, down her
abdomen and across the top of the waistband of her panties.

Over and over I moved my hands up and down her tummy, pressing
more firmly with each downward stroke, and making each stroke a
little slower than the last. After a few dozen times up and down
he tummy I shifted my hands round to her sides and began to move
then from her ribs, over the site of her ovaries and across the
front of her tummy again. This time though I began to rub my
little fingers across the swell of her mound, before bringing my
hands up the centre of her abdomen to cup her breasts and give
her hard jutting nipples a quick flick with the sides of my
thumbs. Now it wasn't so much a tummy rub, it was almost pure
sex. From caressing her breasts and playing with her nipples I
would move my hands down the centre of her abdomen and cup one of
them over her hot swollen mons, pressing the crotch of her
panties between her labia with one finger, before moving oh so
slowly, back up to her breasts once more. It didn't take many of
these for Jenny to suddenly freeze, then have her back arch as
her thighs clamped tight shut, trapping my hand as it sat
covering her pussy, and for her to cry out in ecstasy as her
climax caught her almost unawares. It was some time before Jenny
was able to relax, her orgasm just seemed to be rippling up and
down her body, and each time she seemed to be finishing she would
once more arch her back and give another loud cry of pleasure.
Eventually though all good things have to come to an end and
without warning Jenny simply collapsed in my arms and fainted

It was some time before Jenny opened her eyes, and it was to find
she was still wrapped in my arms, albeit that she was covered up,
and the girls were sitting chatting away to me, as I sipped on a
cup of fresh coffee, and they drank sodas from the bottle. "Hi
Mom, welcome back to the land of the living" said Sue with a grin
as Jenny looked around her as if trying to remember where she
was. "Would you like a cup of coffee Mom" asked Lisa, and when
Jenny nodded she slid off the bed and went to the kitchen
returning a moment later with a cup of steaming hot coffee. About
ten minutes later, when Jenny was fully comps mentis, and was
sitting beside me with her head on my shoulder Lisa smiled at her
mother and said "From the noise you and Sue have made this
morning Mom, I cant wait for the curse to strike me this month.
It almost sounds worth having a period if the cure is as good as
it sounded." Jenny smiled, "Well Lisa darling, I wouldn't say
that, but it certainly beats throwing pills down your throat in
an effort to make the pain go away. We'll have to see how long
Daddies cure lasts before we need another dose." That was the cue
for Sue to clutch her tummy, roll into a ball and moan "Oh, Mom,
it hurts again, can I have another treatment from daddy please"
Jenny leaned over, patted Susan on the knee and said "Oh dear, of
course you can Susan darling, but if you're that bad so quickly I
guess you wont be fit enough to come with the rest of us to the
mall in the nearest town. I think you're old enough to be left on
your own in bed, don't you Daddy Dave?" before I could answer Sue
was sitting up smiling, "Beast, I bet you'd do that too wouldn't
you Mom?"

An hour later and we were all getting out of the car in the
parking lot behind the biggest mall we could find. Despite not
long having had breakfast the first thing the girls wanted was to
hit a food stall, and very soon they were tucking into a couple
of hot dogs with all the trimmings. While they were eating we all
walked around the mall, Jenny and the girls wanting to see what
stores were there before deciding which ones to hit, and which to
leave alone. Being a mere male shopping held little fascination
for me, and I was relegated to duty donkey when bags and packages
started to appear. All this lasted until lunch time, when I was
led back to the car, unloaded piece by piece, then guided back to
the mall where I was allowed to buy them all lunch, after all
they had expended an awful lot of energy that needed replacing
during their shopping foray.

As we sat eating our lunch I noticed that Sue had gone a little
quieter than she had been when we first arrived at the mall. I
was about to say something when Jenny caught my eye and silenced
me with a little shake of her head. Being half smart I did as I
was told and just asked if anyone wanted anything else to eat, if
not we should get back to the cabin and unpack the shopping. The
short walk back to the parking lot was made with Sue wrapped
under my arm and her head laid on my chest. "How about you drive
back Jenny my love" I said softly as I unlocked the car, "You can
have Lisa in the front with you and I'll sit in the back with Sue
and see if I can do something about what's bothering her, OK?"
Jenny smiled lovingly at me, kissed me tenderly and said softly
"Thanks darling, that's a wonderful idea, I don't know why I
didn't think of it myself." A few minutes later we were on our
way home, at least to our honeymoon home, with my sitting across
the back seat and Sue snuggled up close as I slipped my hands
under her clothing and began to give her a mobile tummy rub. As
Jenny was driving at a fairly sedate speed so as not to throw Sue
and I about too much I thought I'd give her a surprise, at the
same time making Sue feel much better.

As soon as I felt Sue relax I moved my tummy rub on from basic
pain relief to sexual gratification. All this required was for
me, on an upward move of my hands, to slip my fingers under the
bottom band of Sue's bra and gently push it up and over her firm
young breasts. As my hands covered her naked titties Sue gave a
low moan of pleasure, which made Lisa slightly suspicious as Sue
had been in such a lot of pain a few minutes before. As she
turned round Lisa couldn't help but see the shape of my hands
cupping her sisters breasts, and I saw her look at Sue and grin
broadly before turning to face the front again. As I gently
palpated her breasts Sue turned her head, lifted one hand to the
back of my head and pulled me down into a hard passionate kiss.
With our lips locked tight together I slowly moved my hands down
over Sue's rib cage, across her twitching abdomen until I was
able to cup her firm swollen and very hot pussy in my curled
fingers. The instant I pressed my middle finger between her
swollen labia Sue gave a long low moan of ecstasy and jerked her
hips against my hand as her orgasm exploded inside her groin and
rippled outwards across her firm young body. Giving an internal
grin I did all I could to extend Sue's orgasm. I continued to
stroke her breasts and roll her hard nipples between my finger
and thumb while at the same time stroking my finger over her
engorged clit as she jerked her hips against the pressure of my
hand as it lay trapped between her clenched thighs. "OK folks,
we're home, time some people got dressed" said Jenny laughingly
as she parked the car beside our cabin. Giving a loud groan Sue
released my head and my hand, allowing me to press her forward
and sit upright once more. As she wriggled her torso back into
her bra Sue turned to me, leaned over and kissed me tenderly on
the lips and said softly "Thanks daddy, that was really
wonderful, I feel so much better now. I never realised before
just how horny I could be during my period, it was always so

While Jenny and the girls unpacked all they had purchased I set
about making a nice fresh pot of tea, and began putting together
a quick sauce to go with the pasta we were going to be having for
our evening meal. As I was washing up the few items of kitchen
equipment I'd used I felt a pair of soft warm hands slipping
under my shirt, then Jenny's soft voice whispering in my ear
"Could you give me the same as Sue had please darling, I'm
beginning to feel it now and I'd rather have your treatment than
fill myself up with analgesics." I dried my hands, slowly turned
to face Jenny and took her in my arms, bending my head to press
my lips to hers. "Of course darling, all you have to do is ask.
Are you feeling as horny as Sue said she was now she isn't in
such a lot of pain?" I saw Jenny blush for the first time for
ages as she grinned shyly and nodded. "God, you don't know how
badly I need to feel your cock inside me darling, I cant wait
until I'm finished so we can make love again" she said in a husky
voice I'd not heard before. "Come on then lover, lets go and get
comfortable on the bed, its so much better than in the back of a
car" I replied and we started to move towards the bedroom as
Jenny giggled and said "Oh, I don't know darling, Sue certainly
seemed to be enjoying it from what I heard." A couple of minutes
later and she was sitting between my legs, leaning back against
my chest with her naked, all but her panties, body open to my
caressing hands.

Very gently I began to stroke my hands up and down Jenny's
abdomen, moving from her ribs down to the waistband of her skimpy
panties, then back up to start again. After a few strokes I moved
my strokes to her sides, stoking and pressing my hands over the
site of her ovaries, down and round to the front of her body
until the rested on her lower tummy just above her now swollen
mons. As I felt a tiny shudder of pleasure ripple down Jenny's
naked body I touched my lips to the side of her neck, flicking
the tip of my tongue out as I moved along her shoulder, then back
again. As I did this I was slowly moving my hands up her body to
cup her swollen, flushed, naked breasts, then flicking the side
of my thumbs across the tips of her rigid nipples. Suddenly Jenny
cried out as a massive orgasm hit her like an express train,
making her collapse back against my chest gasping as she tried to
breathe. Just as Jenny gave a long shuddering sigh the bedroom
door opened a crack and Lisa peered round the edge, "Everything
OK daddy?" she said softly, "Its just that mom was making a bit
more noise than usual, and I was a bit worried." "I'm fine Jenny
darling" gasped Jenny giving a little wriggle as she lay with my
arms wrapped round her front. Lisa gave a soft chuckle, "If
having periods is going to be this interesting I can't wait 'til
mine starts. I don't suppose I could have a practice session with
daddy could I Mom?" she said grinning at Jenny as she lay in my
arms. "I don't see why not baby" replied Jenny, "But not just yet
please darling, I want to snuggle up to daddy for a little while
longer. I'll give you a shout when he's free, OK?" "Yes, Thanks
Mom" replied Lisa and she closed the door quietly as Jenny rolled
from between my thighs and pulled me down the bed until I was
laying beside her and cuddling her tightly in my arms. As we lay
together I lowered my lips to Jenny's, kissed her tenderly and
said softly "Penny for them darling?" Jenny looked up at me, and
I saw she had tears in her eyes, which I bent and kissed away
saying "What's the matter Jenny darling, did I do something to
make you cry?" Jenny gave a shake of her head, then scrambled up
the bed a bit until she was laying with her face level with mine.
"No David darling, I was just being silly for a moment, thinking
what it would have been like if I hadn't got you to ask me to
marry you. You've been so good for the girls and me, all these
years, I just don't know what would happen if I ever lost you."
Before I could do or say anything Jenny placed a hot wet kiss on
my lips then rolled off the bed saying "Don't move darling, I'll
send Lisa in and you can show her what this tummy rubbing is all
about, although I think its just an excuse to get her naked body
up close to yours" and with a chuckle she closed the door behind
her as she called out to Lisa that I was free.

Despite the fact that I'd watched Jenny and the girls undress any
number of times in the recent past, having Lisa standing beside
the bed removing her clothes still gave me an erection that I
couldn't hide even though it was still inside my shorts. Part of
the reason was that as she was skinning her panties down her legs
and off her feet Lisa was facing away from me and bending over at
the waist, her legs locked at the knees. I don't know if this was
a deliberate tease on her part, I do know what it was doing to
me. Lisa soon found out as she turned round, throwing her
underwear on the pile of clothes at the foot of the bed. "Oh,
WOW, daddy, did I do that just by taking my clothes off?" she
said with a giggle. I chuckled as she came and knelt in front of
me, "Well, I don't see anyone else in the room, do you?" I said,
and I opened my thighs so she could sit between them and lean
against my naked chest. As Lisa sat on the bed I slipped my arms
round her naked body and very gently pulled her back against me,
smiling as I felt a tiny tremor ripple through her young frame.
"You OK Lisa darling?" I whispered in her ear. She gave a nod,
"Hmmm.. yes daddy, I'm fine, it feels so good to be sitting like
this, makes me feel al warm a snuggly. What do I do next?" I
kissed her tenderly on the side of her neck, making her shudder
with pleasure, "Nothing baby, I do all the work, you just lay
back and concentrate on enjoying what is happening. Just remember
that if I do something you don't like, you have to tell me so I
don't do it again, OK?" Lisa nodded her head "Hmm.. yes daddy"
she murmured as she lay with her eyes closed and her cheek
resting on my chest. "First off Lisa darling, put your hands
behind your back, that way they wont get in the way" I said
softly, almost instantly regretting it as I felt her soft warm
hands wrap themselves round my hard throbbing erection. "Hmm.. I
could stay like this for ever" Lisa said in a soft dreamy voice.
"Just you behave yourself young lady" I whispered in her ear, and
got a giggle in reply. Despite the distraction of having Lisa
holding my cock I began to gently stroke my hands up and down her
abdomen, revelling in the feel of her soft smooth skin under my
hands and fingertips. As I stroked her tummy I explained what I
was doing and why, continuing until I had finished stroking my
hands over her ovaries and had then resting an inch or so above
her recently shaved mons. As we sat there Lisa gave my cock a
squeeze, turned her head to look at me and said softly "Don't
tell me that that's all you did to make Sue and mom scream like
they did, you have to be doing something else, don't you." "Want
me to show you that as well?" I asked smiling down at her. "Too
right I do daddy, although I can guess what it is, I still want
to try it." I kissed the side of her neck, slid my hands up her
abdomen until I was covering her breasts and said softly "Well,
when I've got them to relax and forget about the pain in their
tummy, I do this.." and I gently squeezed her breasts, "Then I do
this.." and I flicked her suddenly hard nipples with my thumb,
spending the next few minutes giving Lisa a practical
demonstration of what a tummy rub can be like. "Then, when I
think they're all nice and warmed up I move one hand down and do
this.." and as I spoke I slid my right hand down her abdomen,
covering her swollen pussy with my hand and pressing my middle
finger between her puffy pussy lips and rubbing the base against
her rapidly swelling clitoral bud. Lisa's level of expectation
was very low, and as I bent the end of my middle finger to have
it slip inside her vaginal opening she exploded in orgasm, crying
out louder than Jenny or Sue had done earlier as her climax took
over her sensory system for a few moments. When at last she was
relaxing in my arms Lisa rolled over and laid her naked body
against mine, kissed me and said softly "WOW, if its really
better than that like Sue told me, I definitely can't wait for my
period to start." Then she closed her eyes and snuggled up close
as I wrapped my arms round her, stroking my hands up and down her
back as she relaxed against my chest.

I don't know how it looked to Jenny as she came into the bedroom
a few minutes later. I do know it felt quite nice with a naked
Lisa snuggled up to me, her hand buried inside my shorts still
grasping my now semi hard cock, her legs wrapped round my thigh
as she pressed her naked pussy against me. "Owww.." cried Lisa as
Jenny gave her a playful slap on her naked butt, "Come on you
two" chuckled Jenny, "Its almost time for supper, and I'm not
serving it in bed, you all eat at the table." "That's OK Mom"
replied Lisa with a cheeky smile "I don't want to eat, I'd rather
lay here with daddy.. Owww.. what was that for daddy?" she cried
as I also gave her a pat on the butt. "You may not want to eat
Lisa darling, but I do, so move over and let me get some clothes
on." Giving me and Jenny another cheeky grin, Lisa rolled on to
her back, put her hands behind her head and said in a sultry
voice "Quite sure I can't tempt you to stay for a bit longer
daddy?" I looked up from where I was bending as I stepped into my
pants, stood upright with my now erect penis jutting out from the
front of my shorts and looked hard at Lisa as she lay on the bed.
After a few seconds I shook my head and said "Nah.. darling,
sooner eat" and carried on dressing as Jenny burst into a peal of
laughter as she stood beside me. "Aw shoot" said Lisa, then she
rolled off the other side of the bed and began to get dressed
herself murmuring "Ah well, if you can't beat them, I suppose its
best to join them" and pulled on her skirt and blouse, leaving
her underwear on the end of the bed. Supper over the girls
offered to clean up the kitchen while Jenny and I sat on the sofa
in front of the roaring fire burning in the grate. When the girls
joined us they saw Jenny sitting on my lap, her head on my
shoulder and my arms wrapped round her body holding her close to
me. That there was nothing remotely sexual going on seemed to
surprise both of them and Sue said, with a grin "What's this
daddy, did Lisa tire you out so much you can't get it on with mom
now?" Before I could respond Jenny lifted her head, looked at the
girls and said "Susan my dear, one day you will realise that it
can be just as satisfying simply laying in the arms of the man
you love, as having him fuck you into a blob of jelly. In fact it
can be even better because you can do it for a lot longer."
Giving the girls another grin Jenny snuggled down into my arms
again where she lay for a short while. "I fancy a beer darling,
would you like me to fetch you one too" said Jenny after a while
laying in my arms. "Hmmm.. that sounds like a good idea Jenny my
love" I replied and she slipped off my lap, stood up and gave
herself a tiny shake just like a puppy after it gets off a warm
lap, then started for the icebox in the kitchen. "Could I have
one too please Mom" asked Sue, "Me too please" said Lisa, and
Jenny looked at me, I smiled and she sighed "Well, OK, but just
this once, you hear." When she returned a couple of minutes later
it was to find the girls sitting on the sofa with me sandwiched
between them, my arms over their shoulders and my hands being
held on their outer breasts by their own. "I suppose you two
would jump in my bed just as quickly given half a chance" she
said with mock severity, "Now where am I supposed to sit?" "Why
not on daddies lap" said Sue as she took the bottle of Bud Lite
from her mother. "There's plenty of room on the floor Mom" said
Lisa with a grin, and Jenny looked at my broad smile, gave a huge
sigh of resignation and sank to the floor between my feet and
leant on my knees. "To think its come to this" she said, "Me
sitting on the floor while my daughters snuggle up to my husband,
and on my honeymoon too."

Despite her words Jenny was more than happy to sit where she was,
her body pressed between my thighs, and her head laying on my
lower abdomen between sips of her drink from the neck of the
bottle. We sat like this for some time, until Lisa lifted her
head, kissed me on the cheek and said softly "I'm going for a
shower, then to bed, I'll see you all in the morning" "Me too,
how about we share a shower sis?" Before Lisa could answer Jenny
said "Just make sure you leave some water for us old ones, you
girls, I know how much extra water gets used when two people
share a shower, you tend to lose all track of time when you're
having fun." The girls giggled as they got to the door, "OK Mom,
we'll be as quick as we can, I'm too tired for too much fun right
now" said Lisa as she closed the door gently behind her. And
instant later and Jenny was back sitting on my lap, her lips
pressed tight to mine in a hot passionate kiss. When we surfaced
Jenny lay her head on my chest and said softly "Can I have
another tummy rub before we have a shower please darling, I'm
beginning to feel the effects of the last one wearing off." As we
got to the bedroom door I paused, told Jenny to go and get ready
then stepped quietly into the bathroom where I'd heard water
running and not much else. On opening the door to the shower
there was a squeal of surprise from the girls and I stood there
with a broad smile on my face as they stood like statues, a hand
covering each other crotches and breasts pressed firmly together.
"Daddy!! You scared us" cried Sue as the pair of them blushed
bright red. "Hmm.. I thought this might happen" I said sternly,
"Come on you two, get yourselves dried and into bed, I'll speak
to you in the morning about this" and before they could respond I
closed the doors behind me and made my way to the bedroom where
Jenny was sitting up in bed waiting for me.

Quick as I could I stripped off and climbed on to the bed,
sitting myself behind Jenny and allowing her to shuffle back
between my open thighs. As she lay back onto my chest she slipped
her hands behind her, cupping my balls in one, and holding, very
gently, to my rapidly swelling cock with the other as I placed my
hands on her abdomen and pressed gently against her tender body.
Gently but firmly I began to stroke my hands down Jenny's tummy,
starting at her rib cage and running in a line down to the
waistband of her panties, pressing a little more firmly the close
I got to her hips and the swell of her mons. After a couple of
minutes I began to move the direction on my stroking from the
centre of her abdomen out to her sides, and was soon massaging
her body down and over the area of her ovaries, across her tummy
and ending up pressing between her thighs so I could cup my
fingers over her panty covered pussy lips. I know Jenny was
enjoying this because each time I reached the end of my stroke
she would give a deep sigh, and each time I began the upward move
back to the start point she would groan and press her hips
against my hands as if to tell me to stay. Deciding it was time
to make things a little more sexual I brought my hands up to
cover her firm flushed heaving breasts and held them there for a
moment as I tweaked her hard rigid nipples between finger and
thumb. "Feeling better Jenny darling?" I whispered as I pressed
my lips to the lobe of her ear. "Hmmm.. definitely darling, much
better. I just wish.." she paused, her eyes closed, and her body
suddenly giving a tiny shudder as some sort of thought ran
through her mind. "Wish what Jenny my love, come on darling tell
me" I whispered softly as I gently caressed her titties. "I just
wish I could get fucked right now, I'm just so horny" she gasped
as she felt my hand covering her swollen pussy and my long middle
finger pressing between her lower lips. "Hmmm.." I said "I think
someone needs to take a cold shower before we go to bed, don't
you?" Jenny gave a deep sigh, nodded her head and said "Yes
darling, will you come and make sure I behave myself please
David?" A couple of minutes later and we were standing in the
bathroom and I was taking her in my arms and kissing her.

"Do you trust me Jenny darling?" I asked softly as I held her
tight to my naked body. She looked up into my eyes, grinned and
said "I'd look a bit silly if I was stood her like this and said
'NO', wouldn't I" she replied. I chuckled, "I mean, do you trust
me enough to promise to do what I say and no questions. I promise
I'm not going to hurt you or do anything perverted, well, not too
perverted anyway" I finished with a grin. I think it was this
grin that made her agree, because she smiled and nodded "Yes
darling, I promise to do as you say, and no questions." I kissed
her lightly on the lips, leaned into the shower and started the
water running, adjusting the temperature then saying "Right, I'll
turn my back, and I want you to take out your Tampon then get
into the shower" "What.." I pressed a finger over Jenny's lips as
she began to speak, "No questions please darling, just do as I
asked." Jenny nodded, I turned away and picked up my bathrobe
then waited until she said "I'm done darling" and I turned to
face her as she stood in the shower, rivulets of water running
down her body between her breasts and down her tummy some of then
ending up dripping from her puffy pussy lips. Just for a moment
Jenny looked just like a teenager about to have her first shower
with a boy, she looked that shy. I smiled lovingly at her and
said "Turn and lean over resting your hands against the wall
darling, then I'll come and give you a nice back rub, it'll make
a change from a tummy rub." She did as I said and I stepped up
behind her and began to gently rub my hands up and down the
length of her back from shoulder to butt, occasionally slipping
my hands under her body and gently stroking her breasts and the
tiny patch of fur we left on her mons when I shaved her last.
This made her a little nervous as each time I touched her naked
pussy she flinched, as if she didn't want me getting too close to
that part of her body.

After a few minutes I stopped stroking her and stepped back
slightly from where I'd been leaning over her. Very quickly I
removed the tube of KY Gel from where I'd been holding it between
my chin and chest, took off the cap and squeezed a good big
dollop on to my fingers. I then spread it all over my now rampant
cock, making sure there was plenty covering the swollen purple
head, before replacing the cap and dropping the tube on the floor
behind me. After giving my hands a quick wipe on my hips I then
placed them on Jenny's hips, leaned forward a little and placed
the tip of my cock to her swollen pussy lips saying softly "Some
time Jenny my love wishes can come true" and slowly I pressed
forward sliding my well lubricated cock deep into her oh, so,
receptive body. That she enjoyed it was quite evident from the
loud cry of ecstasy Jenny gave as she felt my hard swollen penis
enter her aching body, a cry that didn't stop even when I began
to pump in and out of her pussy, pounding my pubic bone against
her firm ass cheeks as I pulled on her hips each time I thrust
forward with my own. Her final cry of ecstasy as her climax hit
her was so loud that it brought the girls bursting into the
bathroom to see what was going on.

What they saw when they opened the shower door was Jenny
collapsing in a heap as she slipped out of the grasp I had on her
hips and me shooting a stream of hot sticky semen over her back
as she knelt on the floor of the shower. I spent the next few
minutes washing Jenny where she lay on the floor of the shower
with the girls standing watching what I was doing, I assume in
case I decided to continue murdering their mother. When at last I
finished drying her off I supported Jenny while she replaced her
Tampon, this time not even bothering that I could see what she
was doing, then I assisted her in walking back to our bed and
helped her lay down before getting beside her. "OK girls, shows
over, time for you to go to bed" I said firmly, and they both
blushed prettily as they said a soft goodnight and went back to
their own room. As Jenny and I lay in each others arms she
shimmied up the bed a little so she could kiss me. She than said
"Why David?" "Why what?" I responded. "Why do what you just did.
It's the last thing most men would want to do at a time like
this." I pressed my lips to hers in a soft tender kiss, "But I'm
not 'most men' Jenny my love, I'm me, and I love you and you
wanted something I could give you, so I gave it you." "And how"
she sighed, and I could feel her grin spreading across her cheeks
as they lay against my chest. "You know David darling, that was
the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced. I don't know if
its because I've been without sex for a few days or what, but I
just never felt anything like it ever in my life." "Jenny
darling, didn't you and Sue tell me you always felt a lot more
horny when your period starts. Maybe that's what made it so much
better. Perhaps its something to do with your hormones, you know
those things that make men's life a misery three weeks out of
four." As she began beating me Jenny giggled and said "Oh, come
off it darling, even with three of us you don't get too bothered
when we have our periods, I'll bet you don't even know when its
happening most times, do you?" I had to admit she was right, and
after I'd kissed her once more we snuggled down and slowly
drifted off to sleep.

Next morning I woke up as I went to sleep, with Jenny spooned up
against my front, there was however a soft warm body cuddled up
against my back and on turning over I found it was Lisa and she
wasn't looking too well. "You too darling?" I asked softly as she
looked pleadingly into my eyes. She gave a nod of her head, "Yes
daddy, I don't suppose you could give me the real thing could you
please?" smiling gently I slid my arm from under Jenny's neck,
sat up against the head of the bed and patted my thighs. "Come on
baby, you know the drill, come and sit up against me and we can
get started." By the time I had opened my thighs to make room for
Lisa to sit between them she had got up, stripped off her nightie
and was rolling the waistband of her panties down so that most of
her pussy was showing. "This OK daddy, I'm not showing too much
am I?" she asked with a cheeky grin despite her obvious
discomfort. I just smiled and shook my head as she turned and sat
between my thighs, shuffling back to be as close to my suddenly
swollen cock, as she could. As Lisa placed her hands behind her
back I felt her body shaking as she giggled, "Oh, WOW, daddy, did
I do that already?" I just pulled her hack to lay against my
chest, placed a tender sweet kiss on the side of her neck and
whispered "You know you always do that to me when I see your
naked body Lisa darling, just the same as your sister and your
mother, now, behave yourself and concentrate on what I'm doing,
alright?" "Yes daddy" she sighed, and relaxed against my chest
with just the tiniest of wiggles. As I began to stroke my hands
down Lisa's abdomen from just below her firm flushed breasts to
her uncovered and equally puffy pussy all I could hear was her
deep sighs then her soft moans as I lifted my hands to take them
back to the start. Her sighs continued but I stopped her moans by
allowing my fingertips to remain in contact with her skin as I
moved them up to her rib cage. After a few minutes I began to
move my hands out to Lisa's sides, taking my progressively firmer
strokes over the site of her ovaries and ending with my hands
cupping her exposed pussy for a second or two. The first time she
felt me touch her mons with my fingertips Lisa opened her knees a
little more, then lifted her legs and placed them on top of mine,
with her feet laying on the bed, one of them catching Jenny on
her thigh. This had the effect of opening up her pussy even more,
making it obvious that she wanted the treatment to become sexual
as soon as possible. Smiling inwardly I obliged her, and the next
time I brought my hands up her body I cupped them under her firm
swollen breasts and gently squeezed them before flicking her
nipples with the side of my thumbs. After a couple of minutes of
caressing her breasts I moved one hand down to Lisa's hot swollen
pussy, placed a finger each side of her hard erect clitty and
began to rub them gently back and forth against her mons. This
was the moment that Lisa exploded in ecstasy, her orgasm taking
over her sensory system as she thrashed and jerked in my tightly
clasped arms.

Eventually even the best orgasms must come to an end, and so it
was with Lisa's; after one final arching of her back she just
collapsed against my body, her mouth slightly open, her chest
heaving as she gasped for breath. Jenny chose this moment to made
known that she was awake, and she turned over just as Lisa opened
her eyes and turned her head to offer me her pursed lips. When
I'd kissed her as tenderly as I could Lisa looked at where Jenny
was beginning to sit up and said "Oh morning Mom, it was OK for
me to borrow daddy for a few minutes wasn't it, you see my period
started during the night and I felt pretty rotten when I woke
up." Jenny grinned, "It's a bit late for me to be saying NO,
isn't it young lady" she replied, then when she saw Lisa's face
drop she smiled, leaned over to kiss her baby daughter and said
softly "Of course I don't mind darling, next time though please
try not to kick me awake." As Jenny and Lisa had a friendly
argument I just lay back, my arms still round Lisa's body, my
hands gently caressing her wonderful firm breasts, and my thumbs
stroking and flicking her hard erect nipples. That's how Sue
found us when she walked into the bedroom a few minutes later,
looking a bit peaked herself as she sat on the edge of the bed
beside me. Seeing how Sue looked I gave Lisa a pat on the thigh
and said softly "Come on baby, make room for your sister, she
looks like she could use some of the same." Looking at her sister
Lisa grinned and said "Sorry sis, I guess I enjoyed things a bit
too much, come and have your turn, I'm going for a shower." Jenny
also took this opportunity to roll out of bed saying "And I'm
going to make a start on breakfast, I'm famished."

Suddenly left alone with me Sue climbed on to the bed, then came
and sat on my lap, slipping her arms round my neck and kissing me
warmly. "Actually daddy, I was wondering if I could have the same
as mom had last night. I'd understand if you say no, I don't know
if I'm going to like it myself feeling sort of dirty being like
this, only mom seemed to enjoy it, and she seems to feel much
better this morning that she usually does, and I'd like to try to
see if it makes me feel any better." Seeing as her face was
buried in my chest as she was talking I couldn't see her
blushing, but I could feel the sudden extra warmth of her cheeks
against my skin, and also the moisture caused by her silent
tears. Gently lifting her away from my chest, I placed a finger
under her chin. Lifted her head so I could see her eyes and
smiled lovingly as I placed a soft warm loving kiss on her lips.
"Susan darling, of course I don't mind. I didn't mind with your
mother, and I wont mind with your sister, so why on earth should
I mind with you. Come on darling, lets go see if your sister has
used up all the hot water." When we got into the bathroom it was
to find Lisa just stepping out of the shower all dripping wet,
rosy skinned and looking very sensual. Had I not had Sue to take
care of I would have been tempted to take full advantage of
Lisa's obviously receptive body. Wanting to take full advantage
of this opportunity I began to strip at the same time as Sue, and
we stood there for a moment or two watching Lisa as she dried
herself. As I stood there, my cock slowly but surely swelling and
stiffening, the girls looked at me, then each other and Lisa said
"What's going on here sis, are you and daddy going to.." before
she could finish Sue grinned shyly and nodded, "Soon as you get
out of the way sis, and as soon as daddy turns his back so I can
get myself ready." For a moment I looked slightly mystified, then
it dawned on me that she didn't want me to be looking as she
removed her Tampon. "Oh, right, sorry Sue darling, I didn't
realise, I'll just go and start the shower.." and I stepped past
two very naked and desirable young women, entered the shower and
pulled the door to behind me while I turned on the water and
adjusted the temperature. A minute or so later the door opened
and Sue stepped in to stand beside me as Lisa, standing there
wearing a pair of the skimpiest panties I'd ever seen, smiled at
us and said "Bye daddy, have fun sis, I'll see you in a little
while, OK!" Sue just nodded, smiling shyly and blushing prettily
before closing the shower door and turning to face me.

"Are you still OK with this Sue darling?" I asked softly. She
stepped up close, slipped her hands round my neck and kissed me
passionately before saying "Oh, yes daddy, I'm very sure. Its
almost like losing my virginity again. You know, it being the
first time making love like this. Besides mom seemed to have a
pretty good time last night, I don't see why it should be any
different for me. Do you?" Holding her close to me, feeling her
naked breasts pressing against my chest, and my hard throbbing
erection pressed against her abdomen, I kissed her ear then
whispered "Susan darling, all you have to do is remember I love
you and this is one way of showing you just how much. Just forget
what your body is doing, and enjoy what your senses are telling
you, OK." "Yes daddy" said Sue with a smile, and she kissed me
again, this time rubbing her nipples against my chest and her
hips against mine. By now we were both nicely wet so I reached
for the Lavender scented soap Jenny and the girls used and began
to wash Jenny's firm young body from head to toe. When I reached
the stage of wanting to wash her pussy she was a little reluctant
until I pointed out it was no different to washing her when she
wasn't having her period. "Well OK daddy, it just feels strange
having someone touch me there at this time of the month, that's
all" she said, she suddenly stopped, looked up at me and began to
laugh. When she was done I said "OK miss, what's so funny?" "ME"
she said "Here I am worrying about you washing my pussy, when in
a few minutes I'm going to be bending over and asking you to ram
your hard throbbing cock into me as fast as you can. I'm sorry
daddy it just seemed so stupid of me, that's all." I smiled, took
her face between my hands and kissed her tenderly, then said
"Talking of which Susan my love, why don't you turn round, place
your hands on the wall and bend over, while I get myself ready
for you?" "Yes daddy" she said softly, and turned her back to me
to do as I asked.

Quick as I could I reached out to my bathrobe, took the tube of
KY out of the pocket and unscrewed the cap as I stepped back into
the shower. As I was lubing up my cock Sue looked back at what I
was doing and said "Daddy, why do you use that stuff, you never
needed to before?" "Its just to make it easier for both of us
darling" I replied, "You see, when you're menstruating you don't
produce your normal lubricating fluids so having my penis
inserted into your vagina could make both of us very sore and
prevent us enjoying what we're doing." "Oh, I seeeeee.." said Sue
as she turned her head to the front once more, the final word
being extended as she felt my hard slick cock enter her swollen
but dry pussy, and slide deep inside her until she could feel my
coarse pubic hair scratching at her soft smooth buttocks. "OH
Fuck.. that feel sooo good daddy" cried Susan as she arched her
back and pressed her buttocks back against my hips. "Why didn't
we do this ages ago. Just think of all those months we wasted,
all of us feeling so horny and not being able to feel you hard
cock inside us filling us up like you're doing right now. Oh
daddy please fuck me darling, please daddy fuck me hard fill me
with your hot creamy cum let me feel it burning my insides fill
me up daddy please please please.."

On and on went her chanting, all the time she was humping her
butt back at me as I thrust my cock in and out of her hot
receptive young body. As I rammed myself at her I leaned forward
and cupped her hot swollen tits in my hands, squeezing the
firmly, and pressing them against her rib cage as I lifted her
upper body as upright as I could get it without forcing her off
my rampant cock. Suddenly, without any warning Sue's body went
rigid, her back arched like a bow and she gave a loud cry as her
body was overtaken by a massive orgasm. Over and over again she
cried out that she was cumming. Over and over again her body was
wracked by spasms as her orgasm rippled up and down her young
frame. It seemed as if it was never going to end, then just as
suddenly as it started her orgasm ended, Sue's knees gave out and
she started to collapse slowly on to the base of the shower. That
was the moment that Jenny and Lisa came bursting into the
bathroom, knowing what was going on but still concerned at the
cries they heard from the kitchen. As Jenny opened the shower
door she looked at where I was kneeling beside her eldest
daughter, turned to her youngest and said "No worries Lisa
darling, its just daddy seeing to your sister like he saw to me
last night." Lisa grinned at her mother, "In that case Mom, I
can't wait 'til its my turn. I'm beginning to like the idea of
having sex when I have my period, that's when I feel especially
horny." And she did! Over the next few days I gave all three of
them regular tummy rubs, and they all got fucked once more each
in the shower before their periods came to an end, as did our
honeymoon. The last night we spent in the cabin we all slept in
the same bed, Jenny lay beside me with the girls each side of us.
I started the night with Lisa snuggled up in the circle of my
arm, her naked breasts pressed tight against the side of my chest
and her leg across mine, her pussy pressed against my thigh. I
awoke to find that the girls had switched places during the night
and it was Sue that was in that same position. We spent the
morning cleaning up the cabin and packing our bags, finally
getting on the road just after lunch when we had sandwiches and
soda, having decided to stop on the road to eat properly so we
didn't have to cook when we got home.

The next few weeks passed far too quickly for any of us. Jenny
and I had had to get back into a working routine, which meant
that the girls were left on their own on the days I had to go
into the office. Luckily this wasn't very often, and, taken with
the shifts Jenny was now doing in her new supervisory capacity,
we all decided that they could be trusted on their own without a
baby sitter. Actually it was to prevent WWIII that Jenny and I
dropped the idea, having had it pointed out by the girls that as
they were considered mature enough to have regular sex with their
daddy, they had to be mature enough to be trusted alone in the
house for a few hours. About two months after our return I booked
a table at our favourite restaurant for the four of us. This was
mainly to give me an excuse to pamper Jenny because the way her
shifts had worked we had not been having as much lovemaking as we
both would have liked. I was OK, after all I had two constantly
horny teenage girls to make sure I never got frustrated. The
problem was Jenny, she was either working nights, or coming home
late at night, too tired to even think about sex. Right now
though she had a full four days off, and I took full advantage by
taking her and the girls out. I had wanted it to be just the two
of us, but Jenny wanted it to be the whole family, "After all
David, if you're going to try to seduce me again the girls might
learn something by being there to see what to expect.

The evening itself went far too quickly for any of us, and it
seemed far too early to be making our way home when we finally
left the restaurant. As the evening had been so warm, and the
restaurant quite close to home we had decided to take a cab
there, and walk home, provided it didn't rain. It stayed fine,
and we spent a pleasant half hour walking, Jenny on one arm and
the girls taking it in turns being on my other, switching two or
three times by the time we arrived home, when we got indoors the
girls kissed Jenny and I goodnight and went straight up to bed. I
locked up then made my way to our bedroom and quickly stripped
off and put on my bathrobe as I waited for Jenny to finish in the
bathroom. As she came into the bedroom I was glad to see she
hadn't started to undress, instead she came over to where I was
standing in front of the open closet door, turned her back and
asked me to run her zipper down. Very gently I turned her round
so we were facing the open closet door and could see our
reflections in the full length mirror that was fitted to the
inside. I grasped the tag of the zipper and, standing up close to
Jenny's back slowly ran it down to the bottom, placing a warm
tender kiss to the side of her neck as I did so. As Jenny went to
shuck her dress I stopped her, whispering in her ear "Let me do
that Jenny darling" and slowly moved my hands up to the shoulder
straps of her dress. As I slowly pushed the strap on her right
shoulder to one side I placed my lips on her neck and began to
follow my fingertips with a row of soft moist kisses. Once the
right strap was hanging off her shoulder I moved to her left side
and did the same, this time feeling a tiny shudder ripple through
Jenny's body as she felt my lips touch the skin of her shoulder.
With a single flick I undid the clasp that held the top of her
dress together and allowed it to slip down her body to fall in a
dark puddle at her feet.

Ignoring her dress now I slipped my hands round the front of
Jenny's body, cupping them over her breasts as they say covered
in the sheer film of lace edged satin that was her bra. This
brought a soft moan of pleasure from Jenny's lips, and I made it
last a little longer by once more tracing a line of kisses across
her shoulder. Having watched her dress earlier on, I knew that
her bra fastened at the front, and with a single flick of finger
and thumb I soon had it open and falling off her titties to fall
to the floor between us. When I glanced in the mirror I saw that
Jenny had her eyes closed and her head thrown back, lost in the
pleasure she was experiencing, and not watching what was going
on. "Watch Jenny my love" I whispered in her ear, and as she
opened her eyes I began to run butterfly light strokes over her
breasts, from base to nipple, as if I was drawing out a piece of
spinning clay on a potters wheel. This, combined with my kissing
her shoulders was making Jenny get very hot, and wet between her
legs. I know because I could see the dark patch forming on the
front of her skimpy panties, panties that matched the sheer bra
she was wearing. Quickly and without warning I dropped to my
knees, landing beside Jenny's leg so as not to block her line of
sight in the glass. I then hooked my fingertips in the waistband
of her underwear, back and front, and began to slowly pull it
down over her hips and down her thighs. As her mons appeared,
with the tiny patch of fur we left when I shaved her I paused
long enough to be able to place a kiss on her pussy, and get a
good lung full of her heady aroma. When I started to pull her
panties down her legs Jenny lifted her knees and stepped out of
them as quickly as she could.

As soon as she was completely naked I shuffled round to her front
and buried my face between her thighs, pressing at the inside of
her knees in an effort to get her to open her legs to allow me
better access. She got the idea and a moment later I was
alternatively sucking on her engorged clit, and licking deep
between her swollen labia at her suddenly flowing juices. As I
suckled on her sex I stroked my fingertips up and down the backs
of her legs, occasionally touching them to her sopping wet pussy
lips. Just as Jenny started to hold my head tight to her groin
and buck her hips against my face I moved my hands up to her butt
cheeks, pulled them apart of touched the tip of one finger to her
anal pucker. This made her gasp, then she gave a long low moan of
ecstasy as she felt my finger slide into her anus just as she
climax hit her like an express train. Luckily I had a good grip
on her upper thighs and was able to stop her actually collapsing
to the floor. Instead she placed her hands on my shoulders and I
hugged her thighs to my face, stiffening her suddenly rubbery
legs. After a few minutes Jenny gave a huge sigh, a tremendous
shudder and managed to force herself to stand upright and
unaided. "Jeez, I needed that David darling, why haven't we done
it like that before?" I stood up, slipping my arms round her now
naked body, looked her in the eyes and said softly "Probably
because I hadn't thought about it before my love. Its something
that just came to me the other evening as you were getting ready
for bed. Why, did you like it or something?" Jenny grinned and
nodded her head, "How about you my love, will you like it if I do
the same for you?" I kissed her tenderly, smiled and said softly,
I don't know Jenny my love, why don't we find out?"

Ten minutes later I was standing in front of the mirror, naked,
and with Jenny attached to my rampant erection by her hard
sucking lips. What was making it better than normal was being
able to watch every movement of Jenny's body as if it was on
film. Except of course it was life sized, and in real time. Given
the extra stimulus it wasn't long before I was holding on to
Jenny's face and telling her I was close to cumming. All she did
was nod her head, cup my balls in her soft warm hand, and
continue with the best blow job I'd had for simply ages.
Fortunately for Jenny I was able to prevent myself from
collapsing in a heap on the floor, otherwise I was likely to have
fallen on top of her and done her some damage. As it was I stood
there gasping for breath until I felt Jenny release me from the
Industrial Hoover she had attached to my cockhead. I then
staggered back until I felt the edge of the bed at my legs, and
then collapsed in a heap.

The next thing I knew it was morning, and I had the wonderful
feeling of naked bodies at my back and front. I also got the
scent of coffee assailing my nostrils, and fought myself up into
a sitting position to see what was happening, and where. Sure
enough it was the girls in bed with me, and Jenny that was
offering me a cup of coffee. "Here you are my love, see if this
revives you" she said softly, then said "How about you girls, do
you want to start the day the same way daddy is?" "No thanks Mom"
said a drowsy Lisa, "I've started the day the way I like, cuddled
up to daddy without any clothes." "Ditto?" said Sue from my other
side, and she poked her head above the comforter and grinned at
her mother. "Yes, well, I think its time two young ladies started
to practice sleeping in there own beds, and all through the night
too, don't you daddy?" Before I could formulate a reply the girls
were sitting up and crying out in protest at such cruel and
unusual punishment, and demanding to know why." "Well, just in
case we have visitors that don't look on you sleeping with daddy
in the same light that we do" replied Jenny. "Aw, come off it
Mom, who's going to come visiting us at this time of the year?"
asked Lisa, almost petulantly. "I'll tell you when I've had a
chance to discuss something with daddy after breakfast, in the
mean time, how about we all get dressed and get something to
eat." It took most of half an hour for us all to shower and get
to the kitchen, where Jenny and Lisa were hard at work cooking
breakfast for us all. After we had dine eating Jenny asked the
girls to clean up while she took me into my den for a discussion.

Taking coffee with us we sat on the sofa and Jenny half turned to
me and said "How do you feel about having a couple more women in
the house for a while?" "Great darling, no problem at all" I
replied to her astonishment, then continued "Just so long as
they're all over fifty. I don't want anymore horny women or
teenage girls around, I've got enough to contend with." I sat
there, watching Jenny's facial expression change from shocked,
amazement, and disappointment. Shocked that I would think she'd
do something like that. Amazement at my perspicacity in guessing
what she had in mind, and disappointment in me refusing to go
along with her cunning plan. "But.. How did you know..?" she
stammered. "Jenny darling, if it was someone being invited for
dinner, you wouldn't have said anything to the girls, if it was
someone coming for a few days for Thanksgiving, you would have
told me you'd invited them. The only other reason you would
invite someone to come and stay is if it was a relative in
trouble. Who is it, your sister?" Jenny blushed, then nodded,
"Yes darling, she's got a problem, and asked if she could come
and talk it over with me. She'll have to bring my niece Sandi
with her because she has no one to leave her with. And yes, Sandi
is sixteen, and Jill is two years younger than me." Now, Jill was
one of the few of Jenny's relatives that hadn't objected to our
getting married, and despite the fact I'd never met her that made
her OK in my book. What I hadn't realised is that she had a
daughter the same age as Sue, and it wasn't something I was all
that happy about knowing how teenage girls have a propensity for
spilling their guts to others of that ilk. Still, it really
wasn't something I could do much about apart from asking the
girls to be discrete.

"How long will they be staying?" I asked, smiling to show Jenny I
hadn't meant what I said earlier. "Just through the Christmas
break darling, Sandi has to be back in school the same as the
girls." "Well, I hope you have lots of trips out planned for
them. I can't see the girls wanting to have them round the house
all the while, certainly not for that length of time. Its going
to play havoc with their sex lives." Jenny grimaced, "I know
darling, that's why I was wondering if you'd talk to them about
it please. I'm sure they'd take it better coming from you."
"Chicken" I said with a grin, "OK, I'll see what I can do. Just
remember to come running if you hear me start to scream. That
when they'll be tearing my balls of." Actually it wasn't quite
that bad. Sue and Lisa both looked pretty pissed off at being
told they couldn't come into our bed while their aunt and cousin
were staying, and anything else would have to wait until a safe
moment occurred. Thanksgiving came and passed, Jenny and I were
kept busy at work, and the girls kept up their grades at school,
having no distractions like boys to take up their time. When at
last Christmas came I had managed to take a full two weeks off,
and Jenny managed to keep her night duties down as much as
possible. It just happened that the day Jill and Sandi arrived we
were both off, and at home to welcome our visitors.

I have to say I was most gratified to see that Jill looked a lot
like Jenny, and also that Sandi was an absolute fox. As I stood
there taking all this in I felt a sharp jab in the back as Sue
whispered "Stop it daddy, its rude to stare like that." "I wasn't
staring" I whispered back, but my flushed cheeks gave a lie to my
words, and caused Sue to start giggling. Introductions were made,
I got a peck on the cheek from Jill, and a soft 'hello' from
Sandi who was half hiding behind her mother as if she was shy. As
soon as all their bags had been brought in the girls dragged
Sandi upstairs to show her were she would be sleeping. As it was
in their bedroom, they had already made some room in their closet
and dressing table for some extra clothes, and before long had
all Sandi's bags emptied, and her bed made up for the night.
While Jenny took Jill into the living room I took her bags up to
the bedroom she would be using, then went down to join them. We
sat there for a while, Jenny and Jill talking about a lot of
people I'd never heard of, as well as members of their family
that Jenny hadn't had contact with since she and Jack moved to
this town. After a while I offered to make fresh coffee and went
into the kitchen, leaving the girls on their own once more. When
I returned bearing steaming cups Jenny asked if I had any work to
finish off in the den, and, being able to take a hint said 'yes'
and went to do it. As it happened I had nothing special to do,
but I realised Jenny needed me out of the way for a while, so
obliged her. I'd been sitting reading my paper for about half an
hour when Sue came in to join me; "Daddy, could you come and tuck
us in please?" I nodded, then seeing it was till fairly early
said "Bit soon for you isn't it Sue darling, you usually want to
stay up to all hours." By now she was sitting on my lap, her arms
round my neck and her head on my shoulder. "Yes, I know daddy,
but Lisa and I have a reason for going to bed early." I folded my
paper, placed it beside me and said softly "Would this have
something to do with the 'problem' your aunt has come down to
have sorted out, by any chance?" Sue looked me in the eyes,
smiled prettily and said "Yes, but please don't say anything
daddy, at least not 'til mom has had a word with you. Please
trust us not to do anything silly darling, and we'll see about
telling you all about it in the morning, OK?" I kissed her
tenderly and said "OK baby, I trust you, at least until lunch
time tomorrow."

When we got to the girls bedroom door Sue walked in just as Lisa
was pulling her t-shirt nightdress down over her naked buttocks.
As she heard us enter the room Lisa turned, glowered at her
sister and said "Susan, I'll get you for that. You could have got
me a spanking for showing daddy my butt." "Oh, don't be such a
wimp sis, you know you like it as much as I do, so why complain
about it" replied Sue with a broad grin, and Lisa returned the
smile and slipped into bed, giving me a brief glance at her naked
pussy as she did so. While Sue was getting into bed I went over
to where Lisa was snuggled down in hers and sat beside her,
tucking the comforter in under her chin then bending down to kiss
her lightly on the lips. "Goodnight Lisa darling" I said softly,
"Goodnight daddy, I love you" she replied, and I knelt beside her
bed and tucked the bedclothes tight under her mattress before
placing another tender kiss on her uppermost cheek. I then turned
to Sue and did the same for her, saying in a whisper "Were you
trying to get Lisa a spanking for having a naked bottom when I
came into the room?" She grinned and shook her head, "Of course
not daddy darling how could I have known what she was doing when
I'd been downstairs with you?" I nodded wisely, then knelt to
tuck her in as I had her sister. Before I could get up Sue
whispered "Daddy, could you tuck Sandi in as well please, I think
she really needs some TLC right now." I nodded and, standing up I
stepped over to where Sandi was sitting up watching me put the
girls to bed. "Sandi darling, would you like me to tuck you in
like I did the girls?" For some reason she looked scared for a
few seconds, then she glanced over to Lisa, who I saw out of the
corner of my eye nodded vigorously, then looked back at me and
said softly "Yes please Uncle Dave, I'd like that very much." She
then lay down, I pulled the covers up to the chin and bent over
saying in a very soft voice "Would you like me to give you a
goodnight kiss?" She nodded so hard I thought she was going to
shake her head off, then, as my face got close to hers she closed
her eyes tight shut and I felt her body stiffen as I touched my
lips to hers in a soft fleeting kiss. Holding my lips to hers for
a count of three, I soon lifted away, knelt down and tucked her
in tight before walking over to the door and switching off the
light, wishing them all a very good night once more.

When I got back down to the living room, going via the kitchen to
get a cold beer, Jenny asked me, "All tucked in darling?" I
nodded, "Yes dear, they could even be asleep by now, unless
they've found something new to talk about for half the night."
Jenny chuckled, but Jill frowned and said "What about Sandi, what
did she do?" I shrugged my shoulders, "Nothing the others didn't
do Jill my dear, why, should she have done something different?"
Before Jill could answer Jenny said "Did you give her the same
treatment as our two darling?" I nodded, "Of course, why, wasn't
I supposed to. I'm sorry Jenny my love, but if that's so, someone
should have said something before I put the girls to bed." Jenny
came and sat on my lap, hugged me close and said softly "Don't
get all upset darling, its just that Jill wasn't expecting
something like that happening, at least not tonight. You see
darling, Sandi is rather scared of men just now, its something
I'll tell you about when we go to bed. In the mean time would you
tell us just what did happen, please." "Well" I began, "Sue came
down and told me they were ready to be tucked in. I said it was a
bit early, but she insisted, so I went up with her. It so
happened that Lisa was still putting on her nightie, and told Sue
off for trying to get her spanked. Anyway, they both got into
bed, Sandi was already in, and sitting up watching. I tucked Lisa
in, and kissed her goodnight. Then I did the same for Susan. Sue
then asked me if I'd do the same for Sandi, and I did." "Did
what?" asked Jill. "I gave her a goodnight kiss. OK, it was only
a tiny peck on the lips, and she seemed pretty uptight about it,
but she just turned over and closed her eyes when I'd done, and
had tucked her in tight." Jenny leaned into me and kissed me
tenderly, "OK darling, no more inquisition tonight, lets all go
to bed, and we can talk about this in the morning when we've all
had a good nights sleep." Ten minutes later and I was snuggled
down in bed with Jenny wrapped in my arms starting an inquisition
of my own. "Right wife" I began, "What's all the mystery about
Sandi. And why does she hate men all of a sudden?" Jenny gave a
deep sigh, then said "Well David, it seems she went to a party
Jill had told her not to go to. While she was there she got
involved in a lot of trouble when someone slipped her a couple of
'roofies'. She was about to be gang raped when the police raided
the place and took ten of the young men into custody for being in
possession of illegal drugs. Sandi was taken to hospital and
stayed overnight, until she'd recovered. When she found out what
had almost happened to her she refused to get anywhere near any
member of the male sex she knew, unless she had at least two
other people with her. She wouldn't go near any man she didn't
know, which made things slightly difficult going to and from
school." I lay silent for a moment then gave another sigh, "I
don't suppose I could be making a mistake in assuming you invited
them here to see if I can do something about showing Sandi all
men aren't pigs, could I Jenny my love?" Jenny giggled softly, "I
can't fool you can I darling" she said softly. "And why can't her
own father do it for her, and in her own home. Or is that a
leading question?" Jenny lifted herself up on to one elbow,
looked down at me in the half light provided my the moon shining
through the open drapes, and said "Sorry David darling, but her
fucked off a couple of years ago when Jill caught him in bed with
a young guy from work. It seemed he'd turned queer just after
Sandi was born, and Jill had difficulty getting her hormones back
in kilter." Jenny paused for a moment, "Oh, yes and that's
another thing darling husband of mine, lover of my children, and
saviour of my sanity. Would you please spend a little time
fucking my sisters brains out, she hasn't had a hard cock inside
her for almost ten years, at least not a flesh and blood one, the
rubber and plastic ones don't count." "Now, why did I guess that
question was going to arise?" I said, hoping I was sounding not
too pleased, "I don't suppose the two of you have Sandi on the
agenda as well, have you?" Jenny looked down at me, suddenly
seeming a little less confident, "Err, well, we did hope, if
things worked out right, and if Sandi wanted it to happen.."
stammered Jenny as she lay on my chest. "What about Lisa and Sue,
have you thought what they might say if I suddenly start bedding
two females we don't know anything about. That will really put
all my insistence on watching our family health in a new light
wont it?" Suddenly Jenny wasn't tired any more, and she sat up,
putting on her nightlight. "Damn it David, why do you have to be
so principled. Most men would have jumped at the chance of
getting into bed with a mother daughter combination." The fact I
lay beside her suddenly chuckling made her stop and look down at
me. Suddenly she started to laugh with me as she realised what
she was saying to the man that resisted the blandishments of her
daughters for almost ten years. "OK David, I surrender, you wont
leap into bed with my sex starved sister, and my traumatised
niece. Tell me darling, what will you do for them?" "Get a good
nights sleep for one thing Jenny my love, then promise to talk it
over with you and the girls in the morning, all right?" A moment
later, the light was off and Jenny was snuggling into my arms
once more after kissing me passionately and whispering "Thank you
darling". Next morning I awoke to the feel of a naked female body
being pressed up tight to my back. Experience told me it was Sue,
despite her promise to be discrete while Jill and Sandi were
visiting. As I turned over to tell her to go back to her own bed
I saw Sandi and Lisa sitting on the other side of the bed. "And
what do you think you're doing young lady?" I asked as sternly as
I could. "Well daddy, I know I said I wouldn't do this, but its
really important that you let me explain, even if it means I get
a spanking afterwards." "Hmm, we'll have to see about that when
you've done telling me what's going on, OK?" "Yes daddy" said Sue
with a grin, and leaned over to kiss me passionately on the lips,
much to the amazement of her cousin sitting a few feet away.
"Well daddy, mom told you about what happened to Sandi, didn't
she?" I nodded. "Well, Lisa and I thought it might be a good idea
if we showed her what its like to have a loving daddy, and also
that all men aren't beasts." "And how were you hoping to do
that?" I asked softly, and before Sue could answer I said, in a
whisper "What's our two most important rules, Susan my love?" Sue
suddenly turned white, then I saw a tear forming in the corner of
her eyes. "I'm really screwing up here aren't I daddy?" she said
softly. I nodded, then slipping my hand down her back I gave her
half a dozen pats on her naked bottom then said "Consider
yourself spanked. Now why don't you three go and see if there is
some other way round this problem, bearing in mind that your
mother might just have some sort of scheme under discussion."
"Thanks daddy" said Sue after she'd kissed me once more, then she
rolled over, sat on the edge of the bed and picked up her robe
from the floor, putting it on before she stood up displaying her
wonderful naked body to all and sundry. When the girls had gone I
lay back down and closed my eyes, knowing full well I wasn't
going to win any argument about doing as Jenny had asked me the
previous night. Instead of beating me head against a brick wall I
concentrated on thinking of some way of doing as asked without
involving either of the girls. Jill wasn't going to be too
difficult, all that would entail would be for her to be laying in
bed between Jenny and I. Sandi was going to be the problem,
especially if she was as frightened of men as Jenny had told me.
At least I'd got a head start by her allowing me to kiss her
goodnight, although I suspected Sue and Lisa had something to do
with that. I was still mulling things over when Sue came back
into the bedroom, sat beside me and said "Daddy, its almost time
for breakfast. Seeing as Sandi already knows most of what we do,
can I come and have a shower with you please. I do have a special
reason for asking." I chuckled at this, then said "I don't
suppose a certain frightened young lady has any intention of
watching what happens, has she?" I asked in a quiet voice. Sue's
blush was so quick it took her by surprise, and she almost
started to cry with embarrassment, until I threw back the covers,
rolled off the bed and said softly "Come on then, lets get it
over with. Just don't tell her I twigged what was happening, it
might put her off, OK?" Sue threw herself at me, clinging to my
neck and kissing me over and over again as she repeated "Thank
you daddy, thank you" over and over again. As we passed the girls
bedroom I caught the slight movement of the door opening a crack
as we walked towards the bathroom door. I went in first allowing
Sue to make sure the door was left open a fraction, allowing Lisa
and Sandi to peek in when they were sure Sue and I were in the
shower. Sure enough, as soon as we got under the shower and I
closed the shower door I saw the door to the room slowly open,
and could just make out the outline of two heads through the
frosting of the glass panel. We really played to the gallery; we
made quite sure that we were always in profile when Sue stood
with her back to me and I was soaping her front, making sure I
took a long time doing her breasts. When I'd done Sue's upper
body in knelt down in front of her and soaped up her buttocks,
then made a great play at doing the same for her shaved pussy.
When it came to my turn to be washed Sue did my back first,
making quite certain she moved my body about, making my hard
erect penis wave about lewdly in front of me. Then came the
crowning glory of our performance, Sue kneeling in front of me,
holding on to my hard throbbing cock and slowly engulfing it in
her wide open maw until all but a couple of inches was visible
between her face and my abdomen. That's when Sandi gave her
presence away for the first time, when she gasped out so loud I
couldn't miss it. I also heard Lisa shushing her back to silence
as they continued to watch what was happening. What was happening
was that Sue was slowly standing up, slipping her arms round my
neck and lifting one leg so she could get my hard cock to sit
between her thighs as she pressed her naked body close to mine.
When Sue was in position she began to 'dry hump' me in as
exaggerated a manner as she could, making sure Sandi understood
what could be going on. That's when I whispered "Times up Sue
darling" and lifted her off my cock, turned round to switch off
the shower and reached for the door handle. Lisa and Sandi were
in such a hurry to get out of there they actually slammed the
bathroom door shut, making it impossible for Sue and I not to
know they'd been there watching. As we dried each other Sue
started to giggle, and when I asked her what was so funny she
said "Oh, nothing daddy, just that I almost came when I was
rubbing myself on your erection, and that was just thinking about
being spied on. I guess you're right when you say sex is mostly
in the mind." A few minutes later I was dressed and making my way
downstairs to get a much needed breakfast.

I don't know what I expected when I entered the kitchen, it
certainly wasn't to find Lisa and Sandi chatting away to Jenny
and Jill. I did smile when Sandi looked at me and blushed fire
engine red, then turned her face away back to look at her mother.
Jill also flushed slightly, seemingly embarrassed at being in the
same room as a guy that had just been in the shower with his step
daughter, and having been told in minute detail what went on.
"Feeling better now darling?" asked Jenny brightly. "Wonderful
Jenny my love, you know how an early morning shower bucks me up
for the rest of the day." "Me too" said Sue softly, making Jill
blush once more, and Sandi hide her face again. For a change
breakfast was an almost silent meal, and afterwards Sue and Lisa
offered to do the dishes, and Jenny told me to go into the den
where she would bring me a cup of coffee. This she did a couple
of minutes later, bringing Jill with her, and making sure she sat
on the sofa between Jenny and I. "Well sis, anything you want to
say?" said Jenny with a soft smile. Once more Jill blushed,
seemingly unable to think of anything. "What, no pithy comments,
words of condemnation, threats to call the authorities, oaths to
have me cut off from the family for allowing my husband to
sexually abuse my daughters?" she paused for a moment. "Well,
isn't that what went through your mind when Sandi told you what
she saw when she sneaked into the bathroom to spy on David and
Sue having a shower?" I guess Jill didn't blush anymore, because
she was already so flushed there wasn't any more room in her
facial blood vessels, but she did manage to nod once, then look
down at her hands as they lay in her lap. Jenny laughed softly,
"Jill darling, let me tell you a little story; many years ago,
when my daughters were only five years old, a nice kind husband
and wife team used to baby sit for Jack and me. When I lost Jack,
they helped me through the worst time of my life, and still kept
helping me with the girls when I was working shifts. Then the
wife died, and the husband continued to baby sit for me. When the
girls were about ten, they had a crush on their babysitter,
something that lasted for years. For five years they kept on
trying to seduce the babysitter, and made a better job of it that
I did. In the end we all succeeded, I married him, and the girls
almost raped him in their efforts to have him pop their cherries.
Since then we have all enjoyed a loving relationship, the girls
get all the sex, I should actually say loving, they want, as do
I. I have never had to worry about the girls getting hurt,
because they never go out with 'boys', they only make frequent
use of their new daddy." Jenny paused for breath, then said "I
suppose we're breaking all sorts of laws, doing what we do, but
at least we know we're safe from all the diseases that are passed
around society at the moment. Besides, having regular sex seems
to make the girls concentrate on their school work, they both got
a full set of 'A' grades this year." As Jenny fell silent I
touched Jill on the thigh and said softly "Well, Jill, any
comments?" "Yes" she said, "I'm gob smacked. The last thing I
expected my big sister to be doing is defending her incestuous
relationship with her daughters, and making me agree with every
word she said. The trouble is, she has a decent husband, that
loves her girls. I just wish I had the same, because I might just
try the same cure for my own ills."

Just then Lisa came into the room and went over to Jenny and
whispered something in her ear. Jenny smiled, nodded her head and
said softly "Why don't you ask daddy, I'm sure he'll say yes."
Lisa came and sat on my lap, slipped her arms round my neck and
gave me a tender sweet kiss on the cheek, "Daddy, will you give
me a Tummy Rub please, I started this morning, and its beginning
to hurt." "Here and now?" I asked softly, and Lisa grinned and
nodded, "Yes please darling, I think it might help the situation
with Sandi." "OK darling, but I wont go as far as a full
treatment, that going to be a sep too far, understand?" "Yes
daddy" Lisa replied and slipped off my lap to wait for her mother
to take her aunt to sit in a pair of arm chairs. As soon as there
was space on the sofa Lisa began to remove her shirt, and I heard
Jenny say to Jill, "Well sis, now you'll be able to see just how
my husband abuses my girls. Just you watch what happens, don't
say anything and I'll explain what's going on when its all over."
I could see Jill as she sat on the edge of her seat, watching
intently as Lisa sat on the sofa and pushed the waistband of her
skirt down a few inches to show the top of her panties. That she
was only wearing a bra on her upper body seemed to concern her
more than it did Jenny or Lisa, and she was about to say
something to Jenny when I placed my hands on Lisa's abdomen and
began to give her a Tummy Rub. I tried my best to make it as
asexual as I could, but Lisa had other ideas, and used subtle
movements of her body to ensure I touched her mons and the
underside of her firm young breasts. This had the usual effect of
bringing Lisa to what was for her, a quiet, almost subdued,
orgasm. An orgasm that was nevertheless recognised as such by her
aunt as she sat watching what was going on.

As Lisa relaxed in my arms as she came down from her orgasmic
heights, I heard Jill gasp "Jenny, did Lisa just have an orgasm?"
Before Jenny could answer Lisa turned to Jill and said "WOW, did
I ever Aunt Jill, it often happens when daddy gives me a Tummy
Rub, and being on my period always makes it so much better." She
then rolled off the sofa, replaced her shirt and tucked it into
her skirt. She then said "Would you like a drink daddy?" I nodded
and asked for a beer, while Jenny and Jill opted for coffee.
"Right Jenny, are you going to tell me what's going on. I just
watched your daughter sit with your husband, half naked, and
allow him to bring her to an orgasm, and with an audience too."
"Yeah, great isn't it" said Jenny with a grin, "It's the same
with Sue, she almost always cums when its her turn, and even I do
sometimes, depending on how horny I feel at the time." "But
what's happening" said Jill a little more firmly, and Jenny took
hold of her hand and said "Calm down sis, and I'll tell you. You
see, some time ago Sue was having a very bad time with painful
periods. It was on our honeymoon actually. Anyway, David knew
something was wrong, and when he found out what, her took Sue to
one side, undressed her, and gave her an abdominal massage, that
we now call a Tummy Rub. Somehow it made Sue feel so much better
that she was able to forget about having to go to bed dosed up
with painkillers, and she was able to enjoy the rest of our time
at the cabin. When Lisa and I next had our periods he did the
same for us, and we've never looked back since." Jenny paused for
a moment to allow Jill to take in what she'd just been told.
Before Jenny could continue I got up, offered to get them another
coffee and left them to it while I went and got myself another
beer. By the time I returned it was obvious that Jenny had
explained just about everything to her sister. I say this because
as I entered the room Jill looked up at me and blushed prettily.
Placing their cups of coffee in front of the two of them, I
looked at Jenny and said softly "Right, when do I start, before,
or after you drink this?" Jenny grinned up at me and said "Smarty
pants. As it happens it'll be after, and Jill want you to see if
you can do the same for Sandi too." "I think you'll find that the
girls have that well in hand, if what happened this morning is
any indication" I said with a chuckle, and sat down and waited
for Jill to finish her cup of coffee. In the end Jenny had to
take the empty cup off Jill, and tell her to sit beside me, and
do as I tell her.

When Jill was sitting next to me on the sofa I tool one hand in
mine and said "Look Jill, if you don't want this, say so, other
wise you have to do as I say, when I say it, or it wont work.
Understand?" Jill nodded, blushing once more as I began to undo
the front of her shirt. She grabbed my hands, stopping me opening
her clothing, "Do I have to get undressed?" I nodded, "Yes,
otherwise I can't get to all the parts I need to, and that will
make it a waste of time." Heaving a deep sigh, and giving an
involuntary shudder Jill released my hands, and I soon had her
shirt off, and laying over the back of the sofa. As she sat
there, wearing a black, lace edged bra that almost covered her
breasts I smiled at her and said "Well, I can't see what you have
to worry about Jill darling, now, let's have your skirt undone so
I can get at your lower abdomen." Reluctantly Jill undid the
clasp of her skirt and turned the waistband down a couple of
times so I could just see the top edge of her lacy black panties,
obviously matching her bra. I then sat on the sofa, my back
against the arm, and my thighs as wide apart as I could without
one leg falling off the edge. I then told Jill to sit between my
legs, and lean back against my chest, putting her arms behind
her. When she'd done this I slipped my arms round her sides and
gently pulled her right back so her head was my shoulder and my
hands were resting on her abdomen, just below her breasts. "Now,
just relax Jill my love, and tell me if I do anything you don't
like." I then began to move my hands up and down her naked body,
making quite sure I didn't touch her breasts, or get too close to
her mons. After about ten minutes Jill was completely relaxed as
she lay against me, then a movement from Jenny caught my eye. As
I glanced over I saw she was mouthing 'Full Treatment'. I gave a
tiny shake of my head, but she insisted, so, giving in to the
inevitable I allowed my hand to slip under the waistband of
Jill's skirt and stroke the fur on her mons. By the time Jill
realised what had happened I'd removed my hand and continued with
massaging her abdomen. The next thing I did was to gently cup her
breasts in my hands when I was at the top of my stroke, again
managing to continue with the massage before Jill reacted. In an
effort to see if she was actually liking what I'd done I did both
things, cupping her breasts at the top of one stroke, and
covering her mons with one hand at the bottom. As I got no
reaction, I did it again, this time getting a soft sigh of
pleasure, making me think she was beginning to enjoy what I was
doing. Now I made it a fully sexual massage, and cupped one
breast, and pressed my other hand on her mons, slipping my long
middle finger between her now wet, swollen pussy lips as I gently
palpated her firm bra covered breasts. I quickly understood what
Jenny and meant when she told me Jill had been without sex with a
male for a long time. Suddenly, without any warning Jill let out
a loud scream as her climax hit her like an express train. Her
back arched like a bow, her legs stiffened and shot out along the
sofa, and her head was being thrown from side to side as her
orgasm rippled up and down her yearning body. In an effort to
quieten Jill down, and possibly increase her pleasure, I took
hold of her chin and turned her face so I could press my lips on
hers in a hard passionate kiss. I succeeded on both counts, and
some minutes later found I was holding on to a female body that
was as limp as a wet dish rag.

By the time Jill was beginning to recover I realised that Jenny
was kneeling beside us, checking Jill's pulse, making sure she
was OK. "Thanks darling, I really appreciated you doing that"
said Jenny softly. "So did I sis" said a soft voice from close to
my chest. "Oh, so you managed to survive then sis" said Jenny
with a chuckle as Jill struggled to sit up. "To be honest sis, I
don't know. I do know its been so long since I came quite that
hard, I'd almost forgotten what it was like. I see what you meant
when you said David was a miracle worker." I grinned, looked at
Jenny, gave her a wink then said "Sorry Jill, but its not me that
did that, it was you. Look, let me prove it to you" and I took
hold of her shoulders, twisted her round to where she had been
sitting for her Tummy Rub, and unhooked her bra and slipped the
straps off her shoulders. Instantly Jill grabbed it to prevent it
falling off and exposing her titties. I took her hands firmly in
min, placed then on her thighs and said "Don't be silly Jill, I'm
not going to hurt you, I just want to prove my point." Slowly
Jill relaxed, and I managed to remover her bra, then I cupped her
breasts in both hands and gently pulled her back against my chest
once more. "Now Jill darling, all you have to do is remember what
just happened to you, concentrate on how good it felt, and let
nature take its course, understand?" Giving a single nod Jill
relaxed against me and I began to gently caress her breasts,
tracing spirals up and round her breasts with my fingertips as I
placed a line of tender kisses down her neck and along her
shoulder. When my fingers reached the tip of her breasts I
flicked her hard throbbing nippled with my fingers, then trapped
them between finger and thumb. When I had a good grip on her
nipples I started to roll them, and pull them out from her
aureoles. This made Jill gasp with pleasure, and I felt her push
her chest out in an effort to get her titties close to my hands,
something I helped with by covering both breasts with my hands
and pressing gently but firmly so they were almost flattened
against her chest. Slowly I released the pressure on her tits,
and when they were standing proud once more I took her nipples
between finger and thumb and began once more to roll and gently
pinch them until she once more went rigid and cried out in
ecstasy as another orgasm exploded inside her. This time I wasn't
able to silence Jill, and a moment later the door burst open and
Sandi came dashing in to see what was happening to her mother.
Closely following Sandi was Lisa, who gasped out "Sorry Mom, I
couldn't stop her this time" as Sandi knelt beside a very
exhausted Jill, still laying in my arms half naked. It wasn't
until Jill was opening her eyes that Sandi actually realised her
mothers state of dress, or undress, and when she did she gave a
shriek of embarrassment and cried out "Mom, why are you naked and
screaming, are you hurt?"

Jill looked at her daughter, smiled reassuringly and said softly
"Oh, no darling, I'm not hurt, what made you think a thing like
that?" Sandi looked at Jill as if she were mad! "For crying out
loud Mom, the way you screamed I thought you were being murdered,
or at least raped. Then I find you half naked struggling with
Uncle Dave, what else was I supposed to think?" By now Jill was
sitting up, and making no attempt to cover up her naked breasts
as she said, "Oh, thank you for wanting to protect me Sandi my
love, but all that was happening was that Uncle Dave was just
trying to prove something to me, and I had to take some of my
clothes off. I promise you I'm perfectly all right, in fact I
haven't been this all right for years." Sandi stood up, "Well, OK
Mom, if you say you're all right I'll believe you, but please
don't scare me again like that, I was really frightened for a few
minutes, no matter what Lisa and Sue said." Jill looked up at
Sandi and, as I was helping her to put her shirt on again said
"Well darling, maybe you should listen to what the girls have to
tell you, you might find some of it helpful, I know I did when
aunt Jenny told me things." Sandi was then led away by Lisa, back
up to their bedroom where I had no doubt some secrets were going
to be shared. When we were alone once more Jenny came and sat
beside Jill and said "Well sis, was David right?" Jill leaned
against the back of the sofa, sighed deeply and said "And how
sis, I'd never have thought it possible to cum like that with
just my tits being touched he really has got magic hands, hasn't

I sat there and shook my head while Jenny laughed softly "You
still don't get it do you Jill" I said, "It wasn't anything I
did, apart from playing with your very nice breasts. It was what
was in your mind that made you cum, your need for gratification,
coupled with my caresses, that's what brought your orgasm on. I
doubt if you'd last more than a couple of minutes making love to
a man rather than a machine." Jill laughed along with Jenny and
I, then said, in a subdued voice, "Not volunteering for that job,
are you David?" I smiled at her, shook my head and said softly
"Not me Jill my love, we have rules about things like that in
this family." I then got up and made my way into the kitchen to
make myself a sandwich as it was getting close to lunch and I was
suddenly very hungry. I was still eating my snack, and enjoying a
nice strong cup of tea when Jenny came and joined me. "David
darling, is our health rule the only thing that is holding you
back from doing anything for Jill?" "Well, apart from feeling
like a stud stallion being offered to a mare in heat, I suppose
it is, why have you got some magical cure or something?" Jenny
snuggled up on to my lap, laid her head on my shoulder and said
"Well, not exactly, but it seems that Sandi had a full set of
tests done when she was in the hospital after her rape
experience. It was just to see if she was clear of any problems
the guys that attacked her may have passed on. Fortunately she
was declared all clear. Then a couple of weeks ago Jill had to go
for tests when she upgraded her life insurance, and she got the
same results. So you see my love, both of them are OK on the
health front, and I was just wondering if you had any problems
with her coming to bed with us tonight and having you fuck her
brains out. As a special favour to me, pretty please darling".

I sat Jenny up, looked her in the eyes and said "And what would
you do if I said no, Jenny my love?" She smiled lovingly at me
and said softly "In that case David my love, I would say OK, and
tell Jill that all bets were off. You know I'd never try to force
you to do something you really didn't want to do darling, and
after all I've done and said today, if you still didn't want to
make love to my sister, I guess you never will." "And what about
Sandi, where does she come in your general scheme of things. Am I
supposed to make her realise that some men can be trusted, and
then make her a woman, assuming she's actually a virgin still,
and then educate her into the ways of enjoying sex the way our
girls do?" Jenny just smiled at me and said simply "Yes please
David." Still clutching at straws I asked Jenny, "And what about
the girls, I'd really hate for them to get jealous because I was
giving my attentions to another two females, even if they are
family. That last thing I want to do is get on the wrong side of
those two." The fact I was smiling at the end there told Jenny I
was only joking, but she played along for a while saying, "Hnnn,
see what you mean, lover, perhaps we should have a family
conference to get this situation sorted out. Just stay there for
a couple of minutes darling, I'll be back soon." She was, this
time with Sue and Lisa in tow. "Girls, daddy seems to have a
problem with his conscience. He knows that aunt Jill, and Sandi
have a problem, and that he could help them out, quite easily.
His problem is that he doesn't want to upset either me or you by
helping them. I've told him that I'd love for him to do this, but
he still refuses because he doesn't want to upset you, or make
you jealous."

Lisa stepped up close to me, opened her thighs and slipped her
crotch along mine, only stopping when her firm rounded breasts
were pressed against my chest. "Daddy, I think that's the
greatest compliment a girl could be paid. Having her lover
refusing to do something for another virgin, just because he
doesn't want to upset her. Please daddy, do what you can for
Sandi, I promise I wont get jealous, unless I don't get to watch.
Then I might just get mad." One quick hard hot kiss and she was
off my lap, to be replaced by Sue, who did and said the same.
When Sue got off my lap she and Lisa started to giggle when they
saw their mother do the same as they had, except that Jenny
lifted her skirt before she began rubbing her crotch on my now
very damp thigh. "OK!" I said, "I'll do it, just don't blame me
if things go wrong, and I start getting a taste for young virgins
and horny single mothers." All three of them started to laugh out
loud, and that was the moment that Jill decided to walk into the
kitchen. Before Jill could say anything Jenny took her by the
hand and led her back to the den, telling the girls to go and let
their cousin know what had been decided, and find out what her
feelings on the subject might be.

I followed Jenny and Jill, bringing with me cups of tea for all
of us, handing them out before I sat down, and suggesting to
Jenny that we finish the drinks before anything is said. I was
glad we did, because the instant Jill realised what was happening
she threw herself at me and began kissing me all over. When I
finally got her to calm down Jenny told her to sit on my lap, and
have a bit of a make out session with me while we discussed what
her preferences might be. It seemed a bit strange sitting on the
sofa, a woman on my lap, my hand under her shirt cupped over her
naked breast, and all in full view of my wife. What was even
stranger was that we were quite openly discussing Jill's sex
life, as if it were last weeks ball game. What did come out was
that Jill had had a pretty rough marriage, getting knocked about
for most of it, and taking a lot to prevent Sandi suffering the
same fate. Having her husband leave her was the best day of her
life, and she swore she'd never make the same mistake again. That
was the reason she'd been without sex for so long, she just
couldn't trust any male to treat her right. "Well sis" said Jenny
with a smile, "I can promise you that this male will treat you
right, he knows what'll happen to him if he doesn't, don't you
David darling?" "Yes mistress" I said softly, as I slipped my
hand under Jill's skirt and stroked her pussy through her wet
panty crotch. As this brought a groan of pleasure from Jill,
Jenny gave a gently laugh and whispered "There you are sis, told
you so."

Jill did her best to give me greater access to her crotch,
opening her thighs as far as she could, considering the way she
was sitting on my lap. In the end Jenny took her sisters hand and
said "How about having a quickie before we start of getting
dinner ready, that'll take the edge off, and you'll be able to
relax for a bit?" Jill looked up at me, I smiled and she said
"How do we do it then sis?" Jenny got Jill to stand up, then,
between them the pulled down my pants and shorts, giving Jill her
first sight of my now rapidly stiffening cock. She then told Jill
to turn round, pulled her skirt up above her waistband and said
"Right, now push your panties down your legs and step out of
them. But do it without standing up." Jill had her panties down
to her knees before she realised what a display she was
presenting to me. This affected her too, because I suddenly saw
her pussy getting wetter, and her labia begin to glisten. When
her panties were off, Jill stood up and on Jenny's orders backed
up until she was touching my knees. "Right sis, open your legs
and straddle Dave's thighs, then sit down slowly." As Jill began
to lower herself on to my lap Jenny reached between her legs and
pressed my upright cock down flat, suddenly releasing it an
instant before Jill was sitting on me. The slap of my cock
against her wet pussy lips took her by surprise, and Jill jumped
up, looking between her thighs to see what had happened. When she
saw where my cock was sitting she gasped again, and very slowly
sat down, allowing my shaft to press between her now hot wet and
very swollen pussy lips.

As Jill sat there enjoying the feel of my hard cock between her
lower lips, Jenny came and knelt in front of us, slipped her hand
between her sisters thighs and pressed the back of her hand
against the underside of my throbbing manhood. Jenny then looked
up into Jill's eyes and said in a whisper, "Come on sis, see if
you can get yourself off without having Dave inside you." That
was all Jill needed, and she immediately began to thrust her hips
to and fro, rubbing my cockshaft between her pussy lips, gasping
each time she felt the ridge of my cockhead pass over her turgid,
throbbing nubbin. While this was going on my hands had been busy,
and I'd soon removed Jill's shirt, and had my hands cupped over
her breasts, with my thumbs flicking her nipples into hard rigid
tips to her firm rounded breasts. It didn't take too much of this
to bring Jill off, and after a few strokes of her pussy over my
cockshaft, with her sisters hand pressing against her pussy lips
as it pressed my cock against her clit brought Jill to a sudden
screaming crashing orgasm, one that I was able to quieten down a
fraction by covering her mouth with my hands until she collapsed
in a limp heap against my chest.

This time when Sandi came into the room it was after knocking,
and Jenny calling 'come in'. as she came round to the front of
the sofa Sandi stopped dead, looked down at where Jill lay in my
arms and said forcefully, "Mom, why do I keep finding you laying
half naked with Uncle Dave's hands on your boobs?" Before Jill
could answer Sandi continued "Its just not fair. You're having
all the fun, and I just have to watch you. When do I get my turn
at having Uncle Dave molest me?" As Lisa and Sue stood giggling
behind Sandi, Jill sat up, looked at her daughter and said softly
"Do you really want Uncle Dave to molest you darling?" Sandi
giggled too, saying "Well, if I'm agreeing with what he's doing I
guess it isn't actually being molested is it Mom. I just want to
have some fun like you're having, that's all." Jenny stood up,
slipped her arm round Sandi's shoulder and began to steer her out
of the den, and into the living room. In the mean time I said to
Jill, "How about we go and see if we can have some real fun
before dinner, and I'll see if I can help Sandi out later on this
evening?" Jill was up in a flash, smoothing her skirt down over
her thighs and wrapping her shirt round her naked breasts, not
even bothering to button it up. This saved time when we got to
the bedroom, and before I'd even removed my pants Jill was naked,
and kneeling in front of me pulling at the waistband of my
shorts, and helping to get them off over my feet. As she stood up
again I shucked off my shirt, and finally stood naked in front of
her, my hard throbbing erection waving lewdly as she watched
every twitch caused by the beating of my heart.

"How do you want to do this Jill my love?" I asked softly. "Hard
and fast please Dave, just so long as you cum inside me, anything
else we can leave for another day. Just fuck me darling, make me
scream in ecstasy as your hot creamy cum blows my brains out. Its
been so long for me, I've almost forgotten what it feels like to
have cum dripping from my cunt." Then, as if to emphasise her
point, Jill knelt on the edge of the bed, laid her head on the
mattress and opened her thighs. This showed me that she was
certainly ready, her pussy lips were so swollen, and almost
dripping with her juices, all I had to do was take one pace
forward and I was touching the tip of my cock to her love tunnel.
One more step and I was buried balls deep inside her, and she was
crying out with the pleasure of feeling herself filled up by a
live cock once more. Despite knowing full well she wasn't going
to last very long, I still took my time trying to bring myself
off. I grasped her hips, and began to slide my cock in and out of
her pussy, feeling her unused muscles trying to grasp me as I
pulled back each time, but not really being strong enough, having
atrophied from lack of use over the years. In the end, it made
little difference to Jill, because she was soon coming to a
screaming crashing orgasm, and almost pulling herself off my cock
as she collapsed on to the bed.

I did manage to hold her hips up though, and continued to hump my
hips at her butt, finding it strangely difficult to bring myself
on as quickly as I would have liked. Until that is I felt a soft
warm hand cupping my balls, and a soft warm voice whisper in my
ear "Come on David darling, fill her with your hot sticky cum,
she really needs it darling, make her cum again when she feels
you spurting your hot semen deep into her body.." That was the
catalyst, Jenny reinforcing her acceptance of me fucking her
sister, and seconds later I was ramming my hips against Jill's
butt and holding her tight to me, my cock pulsing over and over
again as I pumped a massive stream of hot semen deep into Jill's
womb. I came so hard and so much I felt the backpressure as her
body filled up and began to overflow. In the end I was so spent I
released my hold on Jill's hips, allowing her to collapse on to
the bed, then fell forward myself, landing beside her as I gasped
for breath, and struggled to regain control of my body. As I lay
there in my post orgasmic haze I heard the bedroom door open,
close, then do the same again. The next thing is I feel my groin
being washed and dried, then being left alone. Slowly I forced
myself to sit up, and it was to the sight of Jenny washing her
sisters groin, and her inner thighs. When she was done Jenny
looked at me and said "I was going to suggest that you both go
and get a shower, but I don't think Jill is in any condition to
walk. Could you carry her please darling, while I go and get the
shower ready for you?"

As I scooped Jill up in my arms she opened her eyes, realised
what was happening and put her arms round my neck, pressing her
lips to mine in a hot, passionate kiss, that lasted until I was
bending over to set her on her feet in the shower. As she stood
upright Jill was going to say something, suddenly changing her
mind and gasping out "Ooerr.. I'm leaking.." Jenny and I looked
at her as she stood there, trying to peer between her thighs as a
flood of our mixed orgasmic juices almost gushed out from between
her pussy lips and trickled down the inside of her legs. "Messy
thing" said Jenny with a grin, "I think that as David put most of
it there he should clean most of it up, don't you sis?" and she
gave me a shove into the shower as she turned on the water. "Have
fun kiddies" she said as she closed the shower door, and walked
out of the bathroom chuckling loudly, leaving Jill and I to help
each other clean up. Twenty minutes later and we were back down
in the living room, clean and dressed, although Jill wasn't
wearing any underwear, just her shirt and skirt. What was
different was that she was so much more relaxed as she sat beside
me, cuddling up as close as she could, with Jenny doing the same
from the other side. We sat there for a few minutes, and somehow
my hands gravitated to a firm breast on both sides. Both sisters
opened up their shirts to allow my hand to rest on a naked tit,
and we'd been enjoying this situation for a while when Sandi came
to tell us dinner was ready. She also looked at me and said, with
some asperity, "Uncle Dave, can't you keep your hands off my moms
boobs for even a few minutes?" I smiled up at her and said "Well,
no Sandi my love, I can't, why, are you getting jealous or
something?" "Damn right I am" she replied, "Especially as I want
to feel you doing the same thing to me. When will it be my turn
Uncle Dave?" I looked at her, smiled and said "How about you come
and see me first thing in the morning. Try bringing me a nice cup
of tea to wake me up. Sue or Lisa will help you do that, I'm
quite sure."

Sandi went away a little happier, dinner was great, and the girls
offered to clear the kitchen and do the dishes. After dinner I
went to sit in the den, and when the girls had finished clearing
up they joined Jenny, Jill and me. After a few minutes Jenny got
up, pulled Jill up with her and said "OK girls, you've got half
an hour so sit with daddy while Jill and I go and have a serious
talk about something. Just don't tire him out too much please, I
might just need his services myself tonight." The next thing I
knew I was covered in teenage girls. Sue and Lisa sat on each
side of me, allowing Sandi to sit on my lap. This proved to be
somewhat of a disadvantage though, because I was able to cup my
hands over Lisa's and Sue's breasts, but all Sandi could do was
wiggle her butt on my thighs and occasionally kiss me. After a
few minutes of frustration for her cousin Lisa got up and offered
to swap positions with Sandi, and in a flash I had my hand being
pressed on a naked breast I was feeling for the first time. It
was then I knew just how desperate Sandi was. Her breast was so
flushed and swollen her skin was like hot marble. The instant I
touched one of her nipples it exploded and soon formed a single
coned entity with her dark pink aureole. As gently as possible I
caressed Sandi's breast, tenderly stroking my fingertips over the
end of her nipple, allowing it to flick back and forth with each
pass I made with my hand.

I brought things to a head when I formed my fingers into a cone,
placed them over her right breast and touched the tips to her
chest around the base of her titty. I then, slowly and tenderly
drew my hand up her mammary mound until my fingertips were
surrounding her swollen cone of a nipple. Gently I pressed my
fingertip together, softly pinching her nipple, and pulling it
out as I moved my hand away from her body. When I'd stretched her
nipple to about twice its normal length I released it suddenly,
allowing it to spring back to its natural position. For a brief
moment I thought I'd hurt her, but then Sandi's cries were pure
ecstasy as she climaxed for possible the first time in her life.
At least that's what she told us when she recovered from her
fainting fit. Her scream was so loud that Jenny wasn't able to
prevent Jill from bursting in on us to see what was going on.
When she saw her daughter laid out on the floor, which is where
Sandi landed during her orgasm, Jill knelt beside her and gasped
"What the fuck have you done to my baby." Before I could reply in
kind Jenny and the girls laughed, and Jenny said "Oh, don't be so
stupid sis, he just did for her what he did for you earlier. It
just seems that Sandi got affected a little more than you did."
Sitting back on her heels Jill looked up at me and sheepishly
said "Sorry David, I was out of line there. Its just that I'm not
used to hearing my daughter cry out as she has an orgasm, and a
pretty massive one to by the look of it."

Just then Sandi opened her eyes, looked around her and said
softly "Why am I laying on the floor Mom, I thought I was cuddled
up to Uncle Dave on the sofa?" "You were darling" replied Jill as
she assisted her baby girl to her feet, "The thing is darling, I
think Uncle Dave did something to make you have an orgasm. don't
you remember what he was doing?" Sandi frowned for a moment, then
smiled at me and said "Oh, yes, her was playing with my right
nipple, the next thing I remember is everything went black, then
I saw you looking down at me. Did I miss my orgasm or something?"
Jill hugged her, kissed her on the cheek and said tenderly, "Give
it a chance darling, and you might begin to remember what
happened. Right now, I think you should go and have a shower,
then get into bed. I'm sure Uncle Dave will come and tuck you in
if you ask him nicely." Sandi came and stood by my thigh, looked
down at me and said "Will you please Uncle Dave. Come and tuck me
in when you do Lisa and Sue?" "Of course I will darling, and it
wont be long as I need to get to bed myself pretty soon, for some
reason I'm getting tired." This brought peals of laughter from
Jenny and the girls, with Jill joining in when she realised what
I'd said. Half an hour later and I'd tucked all three girls in,
kissed them goodnight and was laying in the centre of our bed,
waiting for Jenny to come and join me. It was no surprise to me
when she came to bed, accompanied by her sister, and I was soon
sandwiched between two hot women who were doing their best to
extract another erection from my tired body. They did, and I did
Jenny proud under the circumstances, falling asleep moments after
they'd allowed me a moments peace.

I don't suppose I should have been surprised when I woke up next
morning to find a naked teenage girl laying next to me. Nor that
I was being shaken awake and told my morning tea was getting
cold. I sat up slowly and saw that Sandi was laying snuggled up
to me, while Lisa and Sue sat at the bottom of the bed. That they
were sitting cross legged, and the hems of their nighties were
pulled up to the tops of their thighs rapidly brought me wide
awake. "OK girls, what's going on?" I asked as I reached out for
my cup. "Nothing special daddy, except you did say you'd take
care of Sandi if she brought you a cup of tea this morning" said
Lisa with a smile. I smiled back at her and said gently "Yes Lisa
darling, I understand that part of it. I was just wondering if
Sandi had sold tickets or something?" Sue giggled, then leaned
forward allowing the top of her t-shirt nightie to did, showing
me her wonderful firm young breasts. "Of course not daddy, we
just came to give her some moral support. She's still a bit
nervous seeing as it'll be her first time." I looked down at
where Sandi was laying, still cuddled up against my naked hip and
thigh. "Is that right Sandi my love, do you want the girls to be
here watching what happens?" She looked up at me, blushed
prettily and nodded her head. "If you don't mind Uncle Dave, it
didn't seem to make a difference to me last night when they were
there, I just thought I might feel better if I knew I wasn't
alone." She paused for a moment and I saw the beginnings of a
tear forming in the corner of her eyes. I leaned over, kissed
away her tears and said "Sandi my love, if you want the girls to
be in the room, I don't mind at all. If you want them to be close
and help out, that's OK too. All I want is for you to be happy
with what we're doing, and not to feel frightened, understood?"
she smiled up at me, nodded her head and whispered "Yes Uncle
Dave, can they be in bed with us please?"

I slid down the bed to lay beside Sandi, slipped my arm under her
neck and gently pulled her to me, pressing my lips to hers in a
hot sexy kiss. "Sandi darling, if you want me to stop doing
something you're not enjoying, don't say NO, just say 'Elephant',
OK?" "Why?" she responded, and before I could answer Lisa, who
was laying beside her leaned over and whispered something in her
ear. Whatever it was made Sandi giggle, then look up at me and
say "OK Uncle Dave, I understand now" and she wrapped her upper
leg over my thigh and began to dry hump it. I lifted her chin
with my finger, kissed her tenderly on the lips and said softly
"Don't rush things Sandi darling, take it slow, make it last, and
you'll have a much better time. We're not in the back row at the
movies you know. We're at home, in bed, and no-one is going to
disturb us, unless you scream too loud and too often. Then I
think your mother might have something to say." Sandi and the
girls giggled, then Lisa said softly "Don't worry daddy darling,
Sue and I will try to keep her silent, even if we have to gag
her." Sandi looked up at me smiled prettily and said softly "Do I
make a lot of noise Uncle Dave?" I kissed her lovingly and
whispered "Yes darling, but that shows just how much you're
enjoying what you're doing, it's nothing to worry about my love,
you should have heard the girls when they first started making
love. We used to worry the neighbours would call the police to
investigate a murder."

With Sandi laying beside me, relaxed and smiling at what I'd just
told her I leaned forward and touched my lips to hers, in a soft
sensuous kiss, the like of which she'd never felt. Not wanting to
leave her waiting for too long I moved my lips up and began to
lay a trail of soft tender kisses from her eyes, down her face
and over her neck and throat. By now Sandi was laying on her
back, eyes tight shut and lips slightly apart as she gasped for
breath. Slowly I moved myself down the bed, all the time tracing
a line of kisses the length of her soft smooth body. Across her
chest, over her firm hot swollen breasts, making sure I suckled
on her puffy nipples for a moment or two as I passed over them.
Then down her abdomen, wriggling my tongue in her navel, making
her quiver with delight, and finally reaching her down covered
mons. As I paused for a moment to take in the heady scent of her
femininity I was surprised to find she wasn't pressing my face to
her pussy with her hands, something the girls had both done on
their first time. Nevertheless I continued down between her
thighs, having no difficulty parting her legs to allow me access.
The moment I touched my lips to her wet swollen pussy lips was
another matter. Her thighs clamped tight round my head, and her
hips thrust hard at my lips until I managed to hold her still and
open her legs once more. Once Sandi was quiet I placed my arms on
the inside of her thighs, lowered my face and pressed my lips to
her pussy, this time pushing my tongue between her lower lips and
into her virgin love tunnel. Once more Sandi cried out, and
thrush her hips at my face, this time unable to trap my head
because of the position of my arms. Again Sandi climaxed, and
again I waited for her to calm down before I continued. When she
was relaxed again I began to move my lips up hers, my tongue
lapping her juices and flicking in and out of her labia as I
worked my way slowly up her slit until I reached her hard swollen
clitoris. The instant my tongue touched her clit Sandi went wild
again, but this time I was holding her down by laying on her
thighs, my arms pressing down on her hips. With my fingertips I
was holding her lips wide open, exposing her nubbin, and leaving
it open to the tongue lashing and suckling I eventually gave it.
This was too much for Sandi, and giving one final loud scream of
ecstasy she collapsed into a limp heap, falling into a dead faint
for the second time.

Very slowly I eased my way up the bed until I was laying beside
Sandi once more. I put my arms round her and drew her limp body
close to me so her head lay on my shoulder, and her body half on
mine. "Oh, WOW!" gasped Lisa from behind Sandi, "That was simply
awesome, she must have cum at least four times before she passed
out." Sue giggled form behind me then said softly "I hate to
think what state daddy would have been in if we hadn't been
holding her down as tight as we were, he'd have been looking for
some new ears at least." Before I could respond I felt a deep
shuddering sigh ripple through Sandi's naked body, followed by
another tremor before she suddenly relaxed in my arms and began
to cry softly. Gently rolling Sandi on to her back I leaned over,
kissed her tenderly and said softly "What's wrong Sandi darling,
did I hurt you or something?" Her eyes opened slowly, she looked
up at me and slowly shook her head "No Uncle Dave, just the
opposite actually. You made me feel so good, I never knew that
sort of feeling was possible. Will it be better than that when
you fuck me?" I lowered my lips to her, kissed her sweetly and
whispered "I don't know Sandi my love, I don't usually fuck young
girls. It might be as good or better when I make love to you, but
that's something you'll have to tell me afterwards, OK?" Sandi
nodded her head vigorously, "When will you make love to me then
Uncle Dave, can we do it now please I don't think I can wait much

Before I could reply Lisa was once more whispering in her cousins
ear, and I saw a smile begin to spread over Sandi's beautiful
face. She then rolled on top of me, pressed her lips to mine and
said softly "Can I be on top please daddy, Lisa said it's the
best was to do it the first time. Mind you she said it was great
the second time too" she then burst into a fit of the giggles as
I stroked my hands up and down her naked body, ending up with
them resting on her firm young buttocks. "I agree Sandi my love"
I whispered, "It also makes it easier for you to control how fast
we go. Would you like one of the girls to help you?" Sandi
smiled, shook her head and said softly "No Uncle Dave, I want
them both to help me do this. To be honest if it hadn't been for
them both, I don't think I'd even have got this far, I was so
scared if getting close to a man." With that she placed her hands
on my shoulders, lifted herself up so she was straddling my hips
and looking down into my eyes. "Uncle David, would you please
make love to me" she asked in a soft passionate voice. "I want
you to make me a woman and show me just how good it can be when a
girl loses her cherry." Sue whispered in her ear, Sandi lifted
her hips and moved up my body a short distance, then gasped as
she felt the tip of my cock slip between her virgin pussy lips.
Gently Lisa pressed her hands on Sandi's shoulders and whispered
"OK cuz, down you go" and Sandi began to lower herself on to my
hard throbbing cock. All the time Sandi was looking into my eyes,
and I saw hers open wide as we felt my cockhead pass into her
vaginal passage for the first time. Sandi paused for a moment,
closing her eyes as she moved her hips round and round, trying to
feel my cock in as many places inside her as she could.

After a few moments of this sensual delight Sandi opened her
eyes, smiled shyly then allowed herself to move down a little
further. She suddenly stopped as we both felt the tip of my cock
press against her hymen. She looked scared for a moment, then
grinned down at me and said softly "I guess this is it Uncle
Dave, there's no turning back after I do this is there?" and
before I could respond she screwed her eyes tight shut and
pressed herself down to sit firmly on my hip bone. After giving a
loud grunt of pain Sandi sat still for a moment, then opened her
eyes, grinned ruefully at me and said "Damn, that smarts, but it
wasn't as bad as some of my friends said it was for them." Sue
leaned up close, kissed Sandi on the cheek and said "Sandi
darling, that's because of where you are, and who you're with. We
told you it would be OK with daddy, didn't we. You see cuz, we
know just how gentle he is, and how good he makes a girl feel.
Now, how about you show him how quick you can cum?" with that
Sandi began to move her hips to and fro, rubbing her hard swollen
clit against the base of my erect cock as I lifted my hands and
cupped them over her firm swollen breasts. Having already brought
Sandi to a massive orgasm by playing with her titties I had an
idea what I needed to do now. So did Sandi, and the moment she
felt me drawing my fingertips up the cones of her breasts, and
pulling her puffy nipples out, she began to hump harder against
my penetrating penis for all she was worth.

Thank goodness Sue and Lisa were there, as I wouldn't have been
able to support Sandi's body, and keep her quiet as her climax
hit her like an express train. As she exploded Sandi opened her
mouth and began to scream in ecstasy as she body shook and
quivered so much I had difficulty hold on to her. Sue and Lisa
came to the rescue, Lisa covering Sandi's mouth with her hand to
muffle her cries as best she could, and Sue holding on to her
body as she thrashed about on my cock. Eventually the girls
managed to lay Sandi down on my body, my cock still embedded in
her pussy, and ripples of pleasure running up and down her young
frame. We had been laying like this for some minutes, the girls
gently caressing Sandi's naked back, me with my hands holding
tight to her firm rounded buttocks, and Sandi breathing deeply
and occasionally heaving a huge sigh of contentment, when the
bedroom door opened and Jenny and Jill came in. The sight that
greeted them stopped tem in their tracks. Me on my back, Sandi
with her thighs straddling my hips, and my cock buried in her now
non virgin pussy, and the girls kneeling each side of us
caressing their cousins naked body. "Oh, jeez look at that sis"
gasped Jenny, and I looked over Sandi's back and saw Jill
standing there blushing bright red at the sight of her daughters
vagina impaled on a hard, blood streaked penis. After a moment or
two Jill grinned at me then said to Jenny "Well, I guess we know
at least one girl that's not scared of sex, don't we sis?" just
then Sandi lifted her head, turned to look at her mother and said
"Oh, hi Mom, I didn't hear you come in" then laid her head on my
chest once more totally unconcerned at having her mother see her
in the position she was in.

Jill came and sat on the bed facing Sandi and me. She leaned over
and kissed me tenderly whispering "Thanks David darling, I guess
she ended up enjoying it, didn't she?" "Oh, god, yes Mom" said
Sandi before I could reply, "It was the most awesome thing ever,
I don't know how many time Uncle Dave made me cum, and the last
one when he was inside me was the most wonderful thing I ever
experienced." She lay there silent for a moment, then, with a
frown, looked at Jill and said softly "Will I be able to do this
again before we go home please Mom, I'd like to have a special
memory to take away with me" Jill grinned and said softly "I
think you better speak to aunt Jenny about that Sandi my love,
after all it's her husband you're asking to borrow, isn't it." As
Jill sat there I saw Jenny come up behind her and whisper in her
ear. Jill grinned, then leaned over and said softly "What was it
like when Uncle Dave came inside you darling?" Sandi looked at
her, frowned and said "I don't remember Mom, maybe it was after I
passed out." Jill grinned and shook her head "No darling, you see
Uncle Dave didn't cum, otherwise there would have been a lot of
sticky mess that isn't there. Don't you think that's a bit unfair
of him, not having an orgasm when you did?" Sandi lifted her
head, looked me in the eye and said "IS that right Uncle Dave
didn't you cum too?" I grinned, shook my head and said softly "No
Sandi my love, I guess I was concentrating on you too much to
even think about it."

Sandi pushed upon her hands, giving a low moan of pleasure as she
felt my slowly softening cock press inside her once more. When
she was sitting upright she looked down at me and said "I think
you should do it now Uncle Dave, cum inside me I mean. What's
going to be the best way for you to do it?" Jenny leaned over the
bed, whispered in Sandi's ear, then went and sat on the end of
the bed beside her sister to watch what happened. Sandi climbed
off me, turned to face her mother and aunt and said "Mom, if you
and aunt Jenny are going to sit there and watch, don't you think
it only fair you should be naked like me?" Jill grinned, nodded
silently and quickly stripped naked, followed by Jenny. The girls
simply shucked their nighties, and in a matter of minutes I was
surrounded by five naked females. Was it any wonder I was soon
displaying another throbbing erection to them all. Sandi bent
over and kissed me, then said quietly "Uncle Dave, will you
please cum in me. I don't mind if I don't have another orgasm
myself, but I want to feel your hot semen shooting into my
pussy." A moment later and she was on her hands and knees, her
wonderful ass in the air, facing her mother and aunt. I guess her
positioning was to show her mother she was proud to me doing
this, and that she was going to enjoy it. I smiled, shook my head
in wonderment then shuffled down the bed until I was kneeling
between Sandi's legs, my hands on her hips as I positioned my
hard throbbing penis against her moist swollen pussy lips.

As I knelt there, looking Jill in the eye, I saw her smile
sweetly, then watched as the tip of her tongue slipped out and
wiped itself round her kips, moistening them as she sat watching
her daughter stuffed full of hard throbbing man flesh. Very
slowly I eased my cock into Sandi's almost virgin vaginal canal,
as each inch went in I drew it back a fraction, then pressed in
again. Two steps forward, and one back, over and over again,
until I felt my cockhead press against Sandi's cervix with still
an inch or so to go. As I touched her inside Sandi gave a low
moan of pleasure, a wiggle of her butt, then she moved back
against me, pressing the tip of my cock through her internal
opening. "Oh, jeez Uncle Dave that feel sooo good" she cried
softly, and she then began to rock back and forth on my cock,
gasping each time I hit bottom, and sighing as she felt the
swollen head of my penis draw through her tight passage. How long
we did this I don't know, but I suddenly realised I was having a
problem getting myself close to an orgasm. Jenny saw this too,
and after whispering to Jill the pair of them moved round to
kneel each side of me and slip their arms round my waist. Jill
kissed me on the cheek then touched her lips to my ear saying
"Come on David darling, don't disappoint my baby, I want you to
show her how it feels to have a lover cum inside her. Fuck her
darling, fuck my baby like you fucked me last night cum in her
darling, shoot all you have inside her so it floods out when
she's all filled up.." Suddenly they were all involved. Jenny was
kissing me from the other side from Jill, I then felt two more
pairs of soft warm hands caressing my back from shoulder to my
feet. This was too much for me to stand, and with a loud cry of
ecstasy I rammed my cock deep into Sandi, pulling her hips back
to meet me, feeling the head of my penis press through the mouth
of her cervix as I began to pump a massive stream of semen
directly into Sandi's virgin womb. I knelt there for a moment, my
body quivering as I held it tight against Sandi's naked butt,
then without warning I collapsed backwards on to the bed, pulling
my still dripping cock from Sandi's suddenly overflowing vaginal

The next thing I remember I was laying in bed, tucked in tight
with Sandi laying half on my chest, her legs wrapped tightly
round my thigh, gently rubbing her pussy against me. Having her
hand wrapped round my cock told her I was awake. She shuffled up
my body, pressed her soft warm lips to mine in a tender loving
kiss and said "Good afternoon Uncle Dave, would you like some
lunch before or after we have a shower?" "I don't know Sandi
darling, what time is it?" She lifted her head to look at my
alarm clock, giggled and said "Almost one, you've been asleep for
almost four hours, I guess you put a lot into that orgasm of
yours, didn't you?" I struggled to sit up, and saw Jill sitting
at the bottom of the bed sipping a cup of coffee. Giving me a
loving smile Jill stood up, walked up so she could sit beside me
and offered her cup to me. I took it gratefully, drinking all
that was left in it before returning it to her. "Thanks Jill
darling, I needed that" I said, then leaned back against the head
of the bed, eyes closed as I tried to recall what had happened. I
felt Sandi moving about beside me, then felt the covers being
pulled off my legs as she said "Come on Uncle Dave, lets go and
have a shower, then we can eat, I'm getting hungry." With Sandi
tugging at me I rolled off the bed, stood up then scooped her up
into my arms, "Come on them you little sex pot" I said "Lets you
and me get cleaned up before we eat." As I deposited her in the
shower I heard the bathroom door open, and grinned as Jill walked
in and sat down on the edge of the tub, watching as I stepped
into the shower with her daughter. As I started the water running
I looked at Jill and said "What's the matter Jill darling, don't
you trust me to be gentle with your baby, or are you getting
jealous of her." Jill shook her head and smiled sweetly "Neither
David darling, I'm just waiting until you're ready, then I have
to take you downstairs so we can have a serious discussion with
Jenny" she then stood up, stepped over and kissed me before
sitting down again to wait for me to finish my shower.

Having a naked teenage girl in the shower with me isn't the best
way to be quick. As it was I spent some time enjoying washing
Sandi, and having her wash me. In the end we got dried, Sandi
giggling when Jill offered to dry her like she used to when Sandi
was a little girl. "Oh, Mom, I'm not a little girl now" she said
"But I wouldn't say no if Uncle Dave offered to do it for me."
Jill chuckled "I can understand that baby, after all, I'd let him
do the same for me if her wanted to." When Sandi was dried off
and wrapped in a bathrobe Jill took hold of her daughters hands,
pulled her to stand in front of her and said "Sandi my love, you
do feel OK about having made love with Uncle Dave, losing you
virginity and everything, don't you?" Sandi nodded vigorously,
"Oh, yes Mom, it's the best thing that ever happened to me." Jill
smiled, "You don't think I was forcing you to do it or anything
do you?" Sandi shook her head "Not actually pushing me Mom, I
suppose you did want me to do it if I could, but Lisa and Sue
were the ones that made me want to do it. The way they described
how good it made them feel when Uncle Dave had his penis inside
them, and what it felt like when he came, that's what made me
want to try it. I'm just glad they were there to help me, it made
it feel so much more sexy, almost like an orgy." With that Sandi
bounced out of the bathroom to go and dress while Jill and I
walked to my room where I did the same, only with an audience.

When we got down to the den it was to find that Jenny had laid
out sandwiches and coffee, telling me to sit down, and handing me
a plate and a cup, both filled. "OK Jenny my love, what's going
on, I don't usually get this treatment, even after a really good
night of sex. What do you want me to do?" I said, smiling so she
knew I wasn't being as annoyed as I may have sounded. Jenny
chuckled, looked at Jill and said "Can't fool this man if mine
sis, I guess we better just come right out with it, what do you
think?" Jill nodded, "You ask him sis" she said, and looked down
at her hands laying in her lap as Jenny chuckled "Chicken". I
looked at Jenny and lifted my eyebrows, "Well?" I asked "What is
it you have to ask me Jenny my love." Jenny took my empty cup and
plate from me, sat on my lap and slipped her arms round my neck.
After giving me a long hot passionate kiss she laid her head on
my shoulder and said "Well, it's like this darling, Jill and I
have been talking while you slept the morning away, and we came
to the conclusion that it was silly for her and Sandi to be
rattling around in that big old house of hers when we have more
than enough room for them here. If she sold her house and moved
in with us Sandi could go to school with the girls, and we could
get all cosy whenever we want to. Jill will help with the running
expenses of this house, and we'll all save money. Besides it'll
also mean you can keep her and Sandi happy until she finds a man
of her own."

I hugged Jenny close, then said "Jenny darling, do you really
want another hot babe in the house competing for my affections,
as well as another piece of teenage pussy competing with your
daughters?" "Don't be silly David" she replied "Jill wont compete
for your affections, your cock maybe, but not your affections. As
for the girls, they already have to take turns with me, so what
difference will one more teenage pussy make to them. If you like
we can always ask them." She turned to her sister and said Jill
darling, would you please go and fetch the girls in here please,
it seems someone needs convincing about how things should be." A
couple of minutes later and the girls were standing in front of
the sofa where I had Jill and Jenny sitting on my lap. "Girls,
daddy seems to think that if Jill and Sandi moved in with us you
two might resent having more competition, especially from Sandi.
What do you have to say to that?" Lisa and Sue grinned "Silly
daddy" said Lisa and Sue agreed with her, "We wont mind having
Sandi living here daddy, it'll just make things better when we
want to have a threesome with you. We wont have to be doing it
with a sister, or with Mom." Jenny looked at Sandi and said
"Sandi darling, do you think you could share Uncle Dave with the
rest of us without getting jealous?" Sandi just nodded and
grinned broadly. "Sis, how about you, care to share David with
the rest of us, bearing in mind our rules on sex outside the
family?" Jill kissed Jenny and said "Sis, that man of yours will
be more than enough for me, especially if her treats me like he
treated my little girl when he turned her into a big girl this

A week later and Sandi was registered in the girls school, Jill
put her house up for sale and moved in with her most precious
belongings, the rest being sold off with the house. From then on
my life changed beyond all recognition, having five loving women
always ready to satisfy me every whim, and queuing up to sit on
my lap, cuddle up close, have me fondle and caress them, or
simply snuggle up close in bed with me. I rarely went to bed
with just one, most nights I had Jenny on one side, and one of
the others on the other side. We didn't even make love every
night thankfully, or I'd have been a physical wreck in weeks.
Even when the girls found their own men, I still had Jenny and
Jill, Jill not wanting to take a chance with another guy when she
had one she knew and trusted already. I did wonder sometimes just
what June would be thinking if she knew, and often had a strange
tingle in my groin as if she was saying 'Go get 'em tiger'.

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