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Friends Mom


This is an adult story meant for those over 18 years of age.
Characters, character names, events and conditions are imaginary.
The Author does not condone this kind of activity.

It was about ten thirty in the evening when Chris got off work. He was
going out to his car when he noticed the shadow shape of someone staggering
out from the lounge. Normally the twenty two year old young man wouldn't=t have
given that too much thought except this time he heard the clicking, and clacking of
high heels as they hit the concrete. He saw the shape stagger out to what looked
liked the car that belonged to one of his better friend's mom.
Chris walked quickly up to the shape, even in the darkness recognizing the shape
of a woman, but it wasn't until he was within five feet of the woman that he
recognized her as being his friend's mom, and she was drunk! That was one of
the biggest surprises of his life; to see Mrs. Sara Bergman totally intoxicated. So
drunk she couldn't even walk, so drunk, that if he hadn't of been there she would
have had a nasty bump on the head from her slumping to the parking lot surface.
For her sake it was fortunate that she had parked her older Pontiac station wagon
in the dark. Slumped now, and laying on the parking lot, the drunken woman was
exposing a lot of thigh flesh. Chris had seen her scantily clad before, but never,
ever had he seen her drink let alone being so drunk she couldn't stand up! He
tried lifting the woman, and grunted. God she was a solid woman! He then
fished in her purse and found her keys. Opening the back tailgate his first idea
was to get her in the back seat. That didn't work out so well. Then putting down
the seat flat, he tried scooting her into the car headfirst. Her limp, heavy body
gave him little to hold onto. Finally, breathing heavily because of the work of
positioning and repositioning the unconscious older woman, he finally managed
to wedge her sideways into the rear of the car. Then getting inside the car, and
grabbing her by the ankles he was able to successfully pull her limp body away
from the tailgate, and into the interior of the woman=s car. When he finished
getting her inside, he went back out, made sure her head and arms cleared and
then closed the tailgate. Opening the driver's door and looking back he realized
that as he had pulled her limp body into the interior of the station wagon her skirt
hem had climbed up around her waist. What was more her panties had also
caught on the interior padding of the car and was now making a wedgie out of her
panties exposing her pussy. He half chuckled to himself realizing how horrified
she=d be to know he was looking at her exposed like this, with her legs spread,
and in the fuck position, if she was capable of remembering, let alone being
aware of what was happening to her.
As he sat there gathering his strength he began to get an evil idea. He=d
always wanted to see all of her tits. He=d seen those massive thirty-eight triple
>D= cups plenty of times before partially exposed in either a bra, or hidden beneath a light nightgown, which wasn=t see thru. He decided to drive her and
her car to an area that was a little more secure, across the street and down the
road a bit. It only took a couple of minutes to get there, and he would have the
security of privacy with her there. Parking the car under a light he crawled into
the back area, his hand accidentally falling between her legs close to her crotch.
He could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. He shrugged and cupped her
pussy surprised to feel that the older woman=s cunt was both hot and wet. She
was moaning, and Chris guessed she was having an erotic drunken dream.
Momentarily because of his sudden evil idea, and his devilish attitude he stroked
the woman=s pussy watching as she moaned some more and began to undulate
her hips up and down in obvious arousal, her crotch pushing into his cupped
palm. He then moved up further on her body, slowly opening her blouse watching
as the sizeable cleavage became more and more obvious, as he said out loud
and to himself,
AWell now, Mrs. Bergman, let=s have a look-see at them tits, ok?@
He gasped opening her blouse seeing the cleavage that he could touch!
She was wearing a center hooked bra! Even laying down her twin mounds
pushed upwards and outwards, and the cleavage between her tits felt soft yet firm
when he stroked the valley using the tip of his index finger as he slid his finger
between the two round white boobs.
AWell thank you! Thank you for making it real easy!@ he said as he unfastened the
hook, and her tits almost exploded away from her body. His eyes widened, and
he actually jumped a little as her breasts jumped from her bra. He cupped the
soft, yet surprisingly firm tits in his hand, marveling at how quickly her nipples
responded to the slightest of touches. Her nipples got big, and hard fast. Long,
red nubs of flesh, which got little bumps all around the base of the nipple as he
fondled her tits, stroking, and pulling them out of shape slightly. He lay a little
more on top of her as he bent his head down and sucked a huge right nipple into
his mouth, hearing the woman moan as he rolled the hard, long nipple between
his tongue and the roof of his mouth. He did the same thing to the other nipple,
and he saw that in the dim light he had left a kind of sheen on her nipples from his
saliva, which kept them hard, and very erect. He rolled her tits around some
more, as her head moved back and forth, resting in the palms of her own hands,
her eyes partly closed, but she was obviously only semi-conscious. He pushed
with his own groin against her crotch, feeling the immediate response of an
aroused female as she pushed back! God she was a hot number for being as old as she was!! As he continued to play with the older woman=s big tits he realized
his hard on was now actually hurting. Playing with her tits wasn=t going to be
enough. He was going to fuck her too!
Chris had to cut away her panties. It wasn=t that difficult. Lifting her garter
belt supported hose covered calves to his shoulders, he positioned his prick close
to her pussy. He had positioned her hands under her head and as he looked at
her face he saw she was still having the dream. Well she was going to have
more than a little dream! He inched his prick close to the woman=s uncovered
pussy, and then positioned his cock head just inside her pussy lips, sighing as he
felt the hot, slick interior wrap his cock with a marvelous feeling. She was aware
of his initial entry because she moaned a little louder and tried to get more of his
hard shaft in her by shoving her hips towards him Well if she wanted more.....He
slid all of his eight inches deep into the woman while pushing forward feeling her
body raise slightly as her legs slid of his shoulders his hands coming up to cup
and hold her massive tits as he pushed all the way inside the drunken woman=s
cunt. Damn was she ever a tight one! He=d had at least fifteen young females,
but this older bitch had one of the tightest pussies he=d ever been in!
He buried his erect prick to the hilt inside her feeling his balls slap her hard round
ass. Then he began pumping in and out of her rapidly, fucking the hell out of the
woman=s pussy. Five minutes of rapid pumping action and he groaned creaming.
His prick unloaded huge loads of cum deep inside the older woman=s pussy as he
climaxed for a good thirty seconds.
He was still experiencing the thrill of sexual release when he saw the
headlights of the car approaching his parked position. Damn! That=s all he
needed was a cop to show up now. He looked around quickly and saw a blanket.
Chris unceremoniously dropped her legs from his shoulders, her high heel
covered feet hitting the mat with a thud. His prick was still buried inside her, and
partly erect after the climax. He pulled the blanket over his back and lay down
full across Mrs. Bergman=s semi-naked half conscious body pulling the blanket
over both of them. Her knees opened and he had to position the blanket so that
her lower calves and feet were covered, and then recovered himself and her as
the car came to a stop. He heard car doors open and close. He continued to lay
on top of and inside the pussy of Mrs. Bergman as she lay there not aware of
what was happening to her. Her tits pushed up against his chest, and despite the
danger of being caught he felt his hard on return to even harder and longer
magnitudes. The way her nipples pushed against his chest through his own
clothing drove him nearly to a climax just laying there knowing he couldn=t make
the slightest of movement.
Chris peeked through the blanket to see flashlights looking over the car and
male voices saying it looked ok. The voices retreated, and then the car door
noises came again. While Chris was continuing to lie there he felt his hard on
really coming on. It was the excitement of nearly getting caught he was sure.
Still, it was a very good hard on. He threw the blanket away as he saw the tail
lights of the car leave.
He began pumping slowly in and out of the juicy cunt that his cock was
buried in. The woman moaned, actually bringing her feet up so that her knees
bent, and then opened more giving him even greater depths to plunge into her
pussy. Drunk or not, his friends mom sure knew how to fuck! To keep her
moaning to a minimum he covered her mouth with his own, surprised at how good
she tasted. He inserted his tongue into her open, wet, warm mouth, smirking as
he realized he was making a double penetration at the same time. Mrs. Bergman
moaned and thrust her pelvis towards him as he continued to gyrate his groin into
hers, his big prick rotating around in the depths of the older, married woman=s hot
It wasn=t long before he was fucking her again in earnest this time cumming
with almost a painful sexual excitement he had never felt before. God she was a
good fuck! He lay there on top of her for a few more minutes, breathing deeply,
and aware that he was sweating profusely. It was almost with some reluctance
that he decided he had enough of her charms, as he withdrew from her pussy, his
cock made an almost obscene plopping noise and his cum oozed from her slit.
He made no effort to cover the cum stained, exposed older woman as he backed
away from her still obviously aroused body. Chris was beginning to wonder how
many cums it would take to satisfy this woman! Still, the last encounter was too
close for comfort. Then he saw a Polaroid camera on the floor of the car. He
was in even more luck! It had film in it too! The older woman's snatch was open
and lying in front of him, some of his goo oozing from her slit. He slid his own still
half hard prick back into the inviting warm wetness of the older married woman's
pussy and snapped off a shot. There was a sudden brilliant flash a whine and
then he had something in his hand. He looked down at the picture seeing he had
gotten her face perfectly along with her exposed tits, his erection still in her
spread open pussy with her hands on her open thighs. Shit it looked as if she
had posed for the picture! He took a couple more of her with her fingers down
around her sloppy cunt and one or two of his renewed erection caught between
her tits and pushing into her mouth. Chris even got one of his cum oozing from
the side of her red lip stick covered lips with his prick laying there on her upper lip
just under her nose. He put his spent, now shrunken cock away. Then slowly he
climbed into the front seat as he drove her to her house. It was only a few blocks
away. There wasn=t anyone home. He dragged her still limp form from the car,
up the steps and into the house. Then her stripped her of everything but her
garter belt supported hose and left her naked in her bed. He locked the house
when he left, and decided he had been amply paid for getting his friends mom home safely.
As he drove away he began to wonder why. As he continued to wonder, he
thought to himself of the possibilities that were practical here. If Mrs. Sara
Bergman was that good of a fuck unconscious what was she like fully awake?
The thought sent him into a whole new series of ideas. He wondered what his
friend's mom would think about the Polaroid photographs. Those photographs
provided him with some stimulus the next few days as he reviewed them alone in
his room.


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