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Archived Sex Stories

Friends by JR Parz


Disclaimer: The usual restrictions... no one under 18 allowed to read.

Author's Note: This is a twisted version of what friendship means to
these four characters. It is short and not necessarily all that
sweet...but eroticism doesn't have to be sweet now, does it. ENJOY!

'Friends' by JR Parz


"What's this?" asked Nick Samson while taking the small heart shaped
bottle from his friend.

"Perfume...for the special girl in your life." He replied.

Nick rolled his eyes and looked at his friend with a smirk. His friend
Oscar was the school nerd who spent all his time doing chemistry in his
garage at home. He was always tinkering with different formulas and stuff.
"And why would I want something like this?"

"Because I'm sick and tired of hearing you moan about how you wish
Whitney felt the same way about you as you do about her. I thought you two
needed a push to bring you closer together."

"Look... Whitney and I are friends...nothing more. Sure I'd like more
but she's the 'hotty' of our high school and dating Damien Winters... I'm
just Joe Average, so giving her this 'gift' is not going to change
anything." Nick responded with a touch of annoyance. The topic of Whitney
had been frequently frustrating.

"This specific gift will."

"What is it... some sort of love potion?" Nick asked with a chuckle.

"Close... lets just say that there's a special blend to it...with some
side effects." His friend responded.

Nick looked closer at the bottle and unscrewed the cap. He brought it
up to his nose and took a whiff. It did smell nice and flowery like...just
like all the other perfumes on the market. "What makes this so
special...and what do you mean, side effects?"

"Well... first of all it contains your DNA which gives the formula a
specific direction."

"Huh? What the hell are you talking about?" Nick asked.

"Never mind. I'm a firm believer in that old saying; 'A picture is
worth a thousand words.' just give it to Whitney and find out for


"Oh, you're so sweet." Whitney replied as she accepted the small gift.
"You shouldn't have."

"Open it."

"Okay." Whitney replied...thinking... 'Oops, I did it again, I played
with his heart.' as she unwrapped the gift. When she saw that it was a
small heart shaped bottle of perfume, she turned to Nick in confusion.

"Please don't take it the wrong way... I know we're just friends but
can't friends buy little gifts for each other?"

"I'm sorry Nick...I just don't want you to get the wrong idea."

"Look Whitney, if it had come in a different shaped bottle I would have
gotten you another one, but there's a special blend in this and I wanted
you to have the very best."

"That's sweet Nick... Ah... What do you mean, special blend?"

"Its something that's supposed to put you in the mood."

"The mood for what?" Whitney asked trying purposely to sound innocent.
Whitney knew her gorgeous looks played them all like this but it wasn't her
fault that she was so beautiful. Whitney was worried that Nick wanted more
than just friendship and thought that maybe she should spell it out for him
again. Hell, if it weren't for the fact that they'd been neighbors for the
last three years they wouldn't even 'be' friends. When she saw that Nick
was blushing and not about to answer her tease, she smiled and said. "The
thought is nice Nick, thank you for the gift."

"Your welcome Whitney... anyway, I have to get going. I'll see you

"Okay... bye Nick." Whitney responded and then closed the door. She
wondered if he ever thought it was rude that she didn't let him into her
house...and that all their talks were at the door. Oh well.

As Whitney walked to her bedroom she wondered if she should explain
again to Nick that they were only friends. Now, if he looked like Damien
he'd have a chance...but he didn't so she wasn't interested. Still... it
was always nice to receive a gift.

Whitney placed the bottle on her bureau and started to take off her
clothes. She wanted to take a long hot bubble bath before her date with
Damien. Whitney reflected on their last date and grinned. Damien had
managed to slip his hands underneath her tee shirt to stroke and caress her
perky little tits and she was pleasantly surprised to feel excited from his
touch. She wondered if he reached for her 'treasure' below whether she'd
be able to stop him.

Whitney finished undressing and walked over to her full-length mirror.
Like always she gazed at her loveliness. She was tall...5'8" while most of
her friends were shorter by at least a couple of inches. Whitney wore her
blonde hair teased and down around her shoulders...complimenting her very
beautiful heart-shaped face. Whitney sighed as she brought her hands up to
cup her tits...then she frowned. They were small and she wished they'd
grow a bit more. "One more cup size would be nice." she murmured. Whitney
possessed a model's body as it was slim and curvy, and an incredibly tight
rounded ass. Whitney turned a little to take a peak at it and grinned.
Her best friend Kristina was always telling her that the guys were
constantly checking it out. Whitney brought her hand down to graze her
pubis with the back of her fingers and smiled at the pleasant tingling it
produced. She wondered what she'd do if Damien touched her there
tonight...maybe she'd honor him with her most prized possession...her

Whitney put her robe on to head to the bathroom and as an afterthought
she grabbed the bottle of perfume. She remembered what Nick had said about
it putting her in the mood...and she smiled...I'm already in the mood.

As Whitney waited for the tub to fill, she picked the bottle of perfume
up to look closely at it. Strange... there were no markings on it. She
then unscrewed the cap and brought it up to her nose...the scent was nice
and she could feel it play on her senses. "This is nice." she whispered
and continued to breathe the scent in deeper...and as she did her free hand
reached down to her groin. 'Was the perfume actually making me horny?' she
wondered. It took some effort but Whitney placed the bottle on the vanity
so she could turn the water off. As she did this she looked down and saw
how hard her nipples were...and that was when she noticed how fuller her
breasts seemed. Whitney reached up to cup them...wondering if she was
imagining it. Then she reached down to her groin and touched
herself...this time she gasped at how wet she felt. Whitney reached over
for the bottle of perfume before climbing into the tub.

Whitney was spacing as she continued to breathe in the scent of the
perfume. What was it about this that so appealed to her? What was it
about it that so aroused her? Whitney was leaning up against the back of
the tub so her breasts sat above the water...suddenly she felt a compulsion
to pour a few drops on each breast. Moments later Whitney was rubbing the
perfume inside the pores of her breasts as she ever so lightly grazed her
palms over her hardened nipples. It was like a wire led directly from her
nipples to her groin and the mere touch sent an electrical current from one
to the other. She couldn't believe how erotically sensitive they felt.

Whitney picked the bottle back up. The color was a light blue and for
some strange reason that she didn't stop to analyze, she wondered what it
would taste like? She tipped the bottle over to put a drop on her
fingertip and then brought her finger up to taste tasted sweet.
Without realizing what she was doing Whitney poured the contents of the
bottle down her throat.

"Oh my god!" Whitney exclaimed in shock. "What the hell was I thinking
of?" Whitney panicked that she may have poisoned herself...but as quickly
as these thoughts had materialized...they dissipated and within seconds she
lay there in the tub giggling.

As Whitney stepped out of the bath she wondered what was it that felt so
different? She looked down at her groin area and strangely felt an urge to
touch herself...and when she did she gasped! 'Oh my god.' She thought with
shock. 'I'm like a furnace down there! If Damien touches me down there
tonight I'll be begging for him!'

Whitney quickly dried herself off and realized something else was
different. Her breasts...were they bigger? She looked at them in the
mirror and brought her hands up to cup them. "My tits...they've grown!"

Whitney rushed to her bedroom to take a look in her full-length mirror.
How was this possible? She cupped them again and felt even a greater rush
of pleasure. "I'm so horny." she giggled as she continued to play with her
tits. Whitney had never felt this horny before in her life.

Whitney retrieved a bra out of her dresser and tried putting it
on...knowing she was bigger but still wanting to see proof. Whitney had
been a 34 'A'...not anymore. Not only were they bigger, but it looked like
they might have grown (not one, but) two extra cup sizes! "How could this
be possible?"

Whitney looked at the time and saw that she still had an hour before
Damien was picking her up. She smiled. As horny as she was feeling she
knew exactly what she wanted to do. Whitney climbed on her bed and as she
did she saw her tits jiggle and sway, something that she never noticed when
they were small. Then her eyes lit up when she looked at them closer.
'Wait a second!' Whitney quickly climbed back off the bed and went to her
mirror again. 'Have they grown more?' she wondered. Whitney brought her
hands up to cup them again and strong currents of sexual arousal bombarded
her. Not only had they grown more but she could swear they were still

Whitney had masturbated before...but more out of curiosity than anything
else. Now, however, she knew if she didn't relieve herself soon that she
was going to go 'crazy'! Whitney sat down on the edge of her bed and
spread her legs wide. She was amazed at how swollen and puffy her
glistening vulva looked and when she slipped two fingers inside of herself
she screamed out with intense pleasure! Whitney began to finger herself as
she desperately wanted to cum. "Ahhhhhh... please... please I need to
cum!" She cried out. 'How could something feel so incredibly good and so
frustrating at the same time?' She knew she was on the verge of an orgasm
but something prevented her from reaching it.

As Whitney continued to shove her fingers in and out of herself she saw
how her tits bounced up and down on her chest...jiggling back and forth to
each side. Had they grown even more!?! Whitney started sobbing while
wondering what it was that happened to her? Why couldn't she cum!?! Why
were her breasts four times bigger?!? Whitney forced herself to stop only
to look at herself to the mirror again. Her tits were fucking huge
now...they looked like cantaloupes! She had to be 'D' cups! How would she
explain this?!?

III. (Nick is talking to Oscar on the phone)

"Did you give her the gift?" Oscar asked.

"Yeah...about two hours ago." Nick replied.

"And." Oscar prodded.

"And what?" Nick wondered.

"Why aren't you with her?" Oscar asked.

"Look aren't making sense to me. Would you mind spelling it
out for me."

"The perfume is a combination of pheromones, aphrodisiacs, a powerful
hypnotic and a special ingredient that enlarges a girl's tits. Now, based
on my observations of my sister, once Whitney inhales the scent she'll
unknowingly trigger a domino reaction."

"What the hell are you talking about!?! And what does your sister got
to do with this?" Nick asked.

"I had to test it out on someone...didn't I?"

"You're sick! I thought Darlene was away at college?"

"She is...never mind that...anyway, once Whitney takes her first whiff
she won't be able to put the bottle down. Soon smelling it won't be enough
and she'll feel compelled to place it on her tits. Eventually she'll end
up drinking it."

"Drink it! What are you trying to do...poison her!?!"

"Haven't you been listening to anything I'm saying...simpleton...I don't
know why I bother."

"Look Oscar, don't you go getting all high and superior on me or the
next time I see you I'll fucking smack you one."

"Okay...relax...chill. Anyway, I recommend you go see Whitney right
away because I've seen first hand what this does to a girl...and trust me,
when she's in heat without knowing whom it is she's in heat
for...well...lets just say that she's in dire need of you."

"And you did this to your sister? Are you fucking telling me that you
turned your sister into some sex crazed bitch!?!"

"Never mind my sister... We're talking about Whitney here. Chances are
she's already under the affects of the 'perfume' and you need to go to her
right away. The scent gives off all the properties I mentioned. In a nut
shell, she's so fucking horny for you right now that once she sees you and
recognizes you as the object of her hunger, she'll need you more than the
very air she breathes."

"This is incredible! But how could you do this to your own sister!?!"

"It was in the name of science. But if it'll make you feel better, I
never fucked her...and believe me she wanted me to. Still does. The most
I allowed was a blow job. Anyway, I made other provisions for her and
she's back in college."

"You're fucking sick!"

"Fine...I'm sick. Let's focus on Whitney."

"All right...I'll play your game. So, is Whitney mine now?"

" now she should be."

"What happens after I fuck her? Does the drug wear off and she cry

"It isn't a's a potion...and it doesn't wear off. You can add
direction to her obsession...but never eliminate it all together. She'll
quite literally be your own personal fuck toy for as long as you want her."

"What are those side effects you mentioned?"

"Well...that depends on her."

"What do you mean?"

"Each girl is different...but never mind that, I suggest you get to her
quick. You're wasting precious time and until she knows who she's horny
for, she's gonna be going through a tough time."

"Tell me what the side effects are!"

"My sister and Sally were affected differently."

"Sally? Who's Sally?!?"

"Darlene's roommate at college. I had to give Darlene a new direction
for her hunger, didn't I?"

"So you turned your sister into a lesbian! What kind of brother are

" potion doesn't work on it's not like I had much of
a choice. Anyway, my sister's happy now that Sally is her lover. Sally's
a real submissive and my sister gets off on dominating her."

"This is there anything else I should know."

"My sister retained her original personality. She may giggle a lot more
but she's very much herself underneath her passion...and I thought these
side effects were drastic until I witnessed Sally's. She used to be the
real brainy know, reading glasses and always with her head in a
book. She was cute and all but studies used to come first. Now, she
epitomizes the stereotype bimbo. Blonde, blue eyes, huge breasts and quite
the ditz."

"So Whitney's personality is going to change?"

"Not necessarily. My sister is still my sister. The side effects only
affected her a fraction compared to Sally."

"What else?"

"Whitney will be tied to your every word. Not only will she be
compliant and docile in your presence, but she'll be a true submissive to

"I thought you said the submissiveness depended on the girl?"

"I was talking personality wise when I mentioned the side effects...
Now I'm talking with you specifically."

"So, you finally created a love potion."

"No...I wouldn't say that. Love has nothing to do with the way they
feel about you. Its what you can do for them physically is what they
love...not mentally."

"You mean fuck them."

"Yes...exactly. Maybe you aren't as simple as I thought you were."

"Look Oscar...I'm gonna go across the street right now and see her and
if I end up making a fool of myself, I'm gonna kick your ass!"

"And if you find out that I'm telling you the truth...what then?"

"Well...I guess I'll be your friend for life."

"Go see me later."



Whitney was standing at the door looking at Damien in absolute
confusion. She wasn't ready to go and had to keep her robe closed with her
hands to cover her breasts. She thought that by seeing Damien that she'd
want to pull him inside her house and fuck him...but instead the very sight
of him frightened her. Not only didn't she want him...she didn't want
anything to do with him. The very thought of him touching her repulsed
her. "I'm sorry Damien...but I'm not feeling good."

Damien kept on glancing down to her chest and she knew she couldn't hide
these things regardless what she did to try and cover them. Finally, thank
god, they had stopped growing about a half-hour ago. She figured them to
be about a 'DD' now.

" you want me to call you later?" Damien asked.

"NO! I mean 'no'...I'll be sleeping and I really don't want to be
disturbed." Whitney responded. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw
Nick and thought. 'Oh my fucking lord.' Whitney's huge breasts pitched
forward like a tuning fork...and her nipples suddenly felt as hard as
spikes! Whitney gasped and couldn't help it when her right hand reached
down to press her groin. Wet would have been an understatement. Whitney
didn't care that her robe was now open and that she was quite naked
underneath. As Nick walked across the street towards her she screamed out
"Nick!" while her body cried out in recognition.

"What the? You're fucking seeing him...aren't you?" Damien asked in

Whitney ignored Damien completely and almost knocked him over when she
ran past him. Whitney ran straight into Nick's arms, hugging and kissing
him like some long lost lover. Whitney hoped that Nick liked her newly
enlarged charms as she squeezed up hard against his chest. She didn't
notice when Damien called her a 'slut' when he walked by them. Whitney
couldn't help herself and started rubbing her huge breasts up and down
against his chest and for a second Nick showed them some interest by
feeling them from the if he were weighing them. Whitney gasped
at his touch and could feel herself leaking down the insides of her thighs.
Then Nick stunned her. "Behave yourself... let's go inside."

Whitney was surprised at how powerful these words hit her and knew that
Nick had just put her in her place. She knew right then and there that
doing what Nick wanted was the most important thing in her life now and she
giggled when she realized that he was probably going inside with her to
fuck her. As she led him to her bedroom he asked when her mother would be
home. She giggled again. "Not for another couple of hours."

When Whitney got into her room she let the robe slide down her body,
letting it pool by her feet. She knew she looked all that...especially
with her new tits. "Notice anything?" she asked with a giggle...trying to
be coy.

"Let's see... I notice that you are the most beautiful girl I've ever
seen... I notice that you are naked... I notice that your bedroom smells
like a sex factory...probably because you've been fingering yourself for
the last hour."

Whitney blushed.

"Oh yeah, you're fucking tits! They are five times fucking bigger now
than they were the last time I saw you."

Whitney giggled again beaming with pleasure...but why? What was it
about Nick now that she hadn't noticed earlier and why was she acting this
way? Why was her body screaming for his touch? Then it dawned on her...
" did something to me... didn't you?"

"I'm glad to see you haven't lost you're reasoning. do you

"I've never been so horny before in my life...and I know you are the
reason. I...I want you to fuck me." Whitney whispered...blushing...yet
remaining calm and wondering why?

"Doesn't this upset you?"

"Yes...but...but I can't seem to help myself. I... I want you."

"Then how come you aren't attacking me like you did outside?"

"You told me to behave myself." Whitney responded...realizing now that
he'd done more to her than just turn her horny and make her boobs bigger.

"Have you noticed you giggle more?"

"I...I...yeah...I can't help it. I'm not even trying to and it just
slips out."

"Oscar is a genius... Do you have a phone."

"Oscar?" Whitney replied...wondering who Oscar was as she retrieved her
cell phone.

"Never mind that pretty head of yours...go lay down and play with

Whitney did as instructed...feeling a strange desire to do everything he
told her and feeling good when he favored her with a smile. She went back
to fingering herself, knowing fully well that she wasn't going to be able
to cum, and she wished that he'd just fuck her. As she played with
herself, she couldn't help but listen to what Nick was saying.

"Oscar...this is incredible. You're a genius!"

"Yeah man...friends for life."

"She's finger fucking herself as we speak."

"Yeah...the side effects are there but I can't tell to what degree."

"Yeah, she giggles and does everything I ask her like a good little

"No. I wasn't aware of that. Wait a second."

"Whitney dear... Oscar just told me that you can't cum without me."

Whitney shook her head in acknowledgement...knowing this was the case,
while she continued to play with herself.

"Yeah! She knows this and yet she's fingering herself despite it!"

"Yeah. I did tell her to play with herself."


"This is fucking way cool... wait a second."

"Whitney...cum for me."

Suddenly a strong current of pure pleasure shot straight to her groin
and Whitney cried out in its intensity...and then cupped her groin as she
felt an orgasm explode inside of her, soaking her hands. Whitney nearly
passed out and couldn't stop the tears from streaming down her face. The
tears were from relief.

"You're fucking amazing...and I can elicit this anytime...anywhere?"

"Fucking cool!"

"Yeah... I'll talk to you later."

Whitney heard Nick turn off the phone while she idly still played with
her cream filled vagina and then she heard Nick say the magic words again.
"Whitney, cum for me." And with the same suddenness and same amount of
intensity, Whitney cried out as she exploded with another orgasm. This one
washed over her hands and flooded her bedspread beneath her.

"This is the fucking coolest!" Nick exclaimed. Nick had her sit up and
lean against the backboard of the bed. "Okay Whitney, now I'm going to
fuck you...okay?"

"God yes..." Whitney mumbled...still feeling shaky from her two
monstrous orgasms.

"Did you enjoy your orgasms?"

"Yessss." Whitney responded while still breathing hard from the affects.

"I'm the only one that can bring you off like this...and do you know
what that makes you?"

"Your girl friend?" Whitney replied, guessing.

"More than that...take another guess."

"Your slave?" Whitney blushed.

"You win! cum for me!"

Whitney felt another shooting sensation inside her groin and again
exploded, clutching her groin as she cried out in orgasm! This time she
passed out.

When Whitney woke up she saw that Nick was naked now and she wondered
how long she was out. Whitney's gaze went to Nick's erection and she
wondered with a mixture of fear and hunger how that thing would fit inside
of her? "Nick... is it all right to say something." She asked with

"Sure Whitney...what is it?"

"I'm a virgin."

"Great! I was hoping you were...and a good thing for you that I'm your
first because I'm going to make sure you enjoy every second of it...and
believe me...if it were Damien deflowering you he would have hurt you.
Now, I've already made you so juicy down there so you don't have to worry
about not being ready and given I can make you cum on command, I can
guarantee it'll be the greatest time of your life."

Whitney looked up at Nick expectantly as he climbed on the bed. He
didn't have to nudge her legs apart as she gladly spread them and when he
entered her and penetrated her hymen, she screamed out! But as
promised...there was no pain...just waves on top of waves of pleasure...and
Whitney came because he was fucking her... came because he told her to...
and came and came and came.

V. (Two weeks later)

"But what is it that you see in him?" Kristina asked, remarking on
Whitney's new relationship.

"Its too hard to explain...but let me tell you this, Nick is the best
fuck I've ever experienced." Whitney responded. "I just can't believe how
wet my pussy is... all the time!"

Kristina just shook her head in amazement. Who was Whitney kidding!
She was a virgin two weeks ago! First her friend gets a boob job, then she
admits to seeing Nick Samson and what's with her vulgar language all of a
sudden? It was like Whitney was a different girl. "Well, I have to get we'll talk later."

"Oh...before you go I have a perfume that I want you to try." Whitney
said, pulling out the heart shaped bottle from her purse.

"What is it?" Kristina asked...taking a close look at the bottle.

"Just try it...but wait until later when you get home."

"Okay." Kristina responded...placing the bottle in her purse.

"I'll see you later." Whitney said with a smile and Kristina walked

VI. (Later afternoon)

Kristina kept on adjusting her bra...wondering why it suddenly felt so
much tighter...not to mention how horny she suddenly felt! She couldn't
believe what she had just done. Hopefully she wouldn't get sick from
drinking the stuff. Just then the doorbell rang and she rushed to the
door. It had to be Whitney.

"Hi Whitney." She said...letting her friend walk in. Like magnets,
Kristina's eyes went down to Whitney's boobs and the sight of them elicited
a surprising tingling deep inside of her. Suddenly, she wanted to touch
them and the thought surprised her. When Whitney walked up the stairs
ahead of her, Kristina blushed when she realized that she was checking out
her best friend's ass.

"Did you try the perfume?" Whitney asked.

"Yeah." Kristina blushed again... not wanting to admit that she drank
it down a few minutes ago. When they got to her bedroom, Kristina couldn't
get over how much hornier she was getting...and the urge to kiss Whitney
both shocked and excited her.

"Kristina...I have to confess something." Whitney said with a smile.

"Wha...what is it?" Kristina asked...having a difficult time trying to
stay still. Why was her body so turned on?

"That perfume I gave you wasn't perfume."

"What?!?" Kristina replied.

Whitney got up and went to the door. She peaked outside and then closed
it...then locked it. Kristina was too stunned to say anything. Whitney
then pulled off her sweater and Kristina gasped. Whitney must have heard
her because she giggled. "36 Double Ds and they still spill over the

Whitney then unsnapped her bra and Kristina eyes lit up. In addition to
huge, her tits were incredibly beautiful, firm and seemed to defy gravity.
'Does a boob job do that?' Kristina wondered. The sight of Whitney's tits reminded her that hers hurt but when Whitney slipped out of her
jeans...then her thong...and stood completely naked before her, Kristina
forgot all about her tits. Whitney was absolutely breathtaking.

"You're horny for me...aren't you?" Whitney asked with a knowing smile.

Kristina blushed and shook her head 'yes'...this was crazy! How did
Whitney know that she'd be hot for her? The perfume! It was the
perfume...there must have been something in it to make her horny!

"Do you want to know why I'm with Nick?" Whitney asked with a smile.

"Because you love him?" Kristina answered...not sure where this was

Whitney giggled again. "I love FUCKING him...I love PLEASURING him...I
love sucking his fucking cock...but trust me Kristina, there is no fucking
way that I love him... And guess what?" Whitney asked.

Kristina was too stunned to say anything. It didn't matter, Whitney
told her anyway. "It's for the same reason that you're going to be with
me. Its for the same reason that you are going to be licking my pussy and
drinking my cum!"

Kristina couldn't believe this was happening and took a step backwards
as Whitney approached her. "Why Whitney...why would you do this to me?"
she asked...still feeling a mixture of shock and desire.

"Because we're best friends and I wanted my best friend to be the one to
relieve my constant horniness. Nick can't be around all the time and he
told me that he was the only guy that I could fuck. I guess he didn't want
to share me with another dick. Anyway, he told me if I wanted too, that I
could take a female lover and this is where you come in."

Kristina was shaking as Whitney started to unbutton her shirt...then she
unsnapped her bra, releasing her tits. Kristina's eyes lit up at their new
size. Whitney reached up and cupped them sending more heat to her groin
and when Whitney slipped a hand down to play with her wet slit, Kristina
groaned with wet heat. Kristina never once fantasized about doing it with
another girl and here she was hungering for Whitney. "I...I didn't know
that you were a lesbian?"

"I'm not a lesbian...I'm 'bi'. When Nick gave me you it made me 'bi'.
You on the other exclusive lesbian pussy licker."


"Kristina dear...only my wet pussy interest you now...and that makes you
a lesbian."


"Thanks to Oscar, we're chemically tied to one another for the rest of
our lives. This means I get to enjoy fucking Nick and you while you...
well... I'm sure you feel it... don't you?"

"Yessss...." Kristina whispered as she was rapidly losing the battle.
Kristina allowed Whitney to take off her pants and panties, feeling
strangely passive in the process. Then Whitney had her lay down on her own
bed while she joined her. Instinctively they both knew what to do and
positioned themselves between each other's legs and Kristina cried out from
Whitney's first lick...


Kristina didn't try hiding her relationship with Whitney...nor did she
have much of choice. Just like Whitney, her breasts grew...and if she were
allowed to wear a bra, she would have needed a 36 'DD'. Whitney wouldn't
let her go back to school for two weeks and when she did get back, Whitney
had her tell everyone that she talked her into getting her boobs done. The
other thing was her added vocabulary. Whitney told her that Nick didn't
allow her to use certain words anymore. That was why Whitney used words
like 'pussy', 'tits' and 'fuck' now...and way she talked the same way.

One day in their History class, Kristina saw Whitney trying to get her
attention from across the room. Whitney was holding up a piece of paper
with something written on it but Kristina couldn't quite make it out.
Whitney looked pissed because of it and quickly folded it up and had a
couple of classmates pass it down to her. Before it got to her, one of the
boys opened the note to read it and then burst out laughing. The whole
class turned around at his interruption! Kristina wasn't sure what was so
funny but when she finally got the note, she read it. "CUM FOR ME

As soon as the words registered, Kristina felt a sudden jolt shoot
straight to her pussy! She screamed out at the intensity of her orgasm and
couldn't help it when she reached under her dress to clutch herself! It
took a few moments for her to recover and when it dawned on her what had
just happened and where she was, she blushed. The entire class...including
the teacher...had just seen her have an orgasm in the classroom and they
were all staring at her. Kristina looked quickly at Whitney and saw her

Later on that afternoon in Whitney's bedroom...after Kristina had just
gone down on her lover for some afternoon pussy, she lay back on the
bed...snuggled close to her. Kristina asked Whitney if she could ask her a

"Sure Kristina...what is it?"

"Why...why did you make me cum in school today?"

Whitney paused for a few seconds and then with a grin. "You looked so
bored and I thought being your best friend and all...that the least I could
do was make the class more exciting to you. I mean, what are FRIENDS for
if they can't make you cum?"

"Yes...thank you." Kristina replied...blushing.

"Now be a good friend and give me another orgasm...and if you can do it
in less than a minute, I'll make sure you cum along with me."

Kristina giggled and quickly moved down to her lover's pussy. She loved
licking Whitney's pussy...she loved pleasuring her...she loved drinking all
her cum.

The End.

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