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by Delilah (aka: PreachersCunt)

I'm Delilah (most people call me Del). Let me tell you
a little about myself. I'm 18 years old with red hair
and brown eyes. I stand about 5'4" tall and weigh 110
lbs. My tits are small, about 34B, but my nipples are
real pointy and sensitive. I trim my pussy, but still
have a good bit of naturally red hair. I look forward
to Sundays ALL WEEK and I had the most FUCKING

It started out with me going to Sunday School. I go to
a Fundamental Baptist Church and have a really sexy
Sunday School teacher. Our class sits in a semi-circle
and our teacher, Greg, sits in front, with his legs
kinda spread. I love looking at his bulge. Some days
there's more to look at than others... like when I
wear a short sundress with spaghetti straps as I did
this morning. After all, it's August and it's HOT!
*evil grin* His bulge gets more evident the longer I
stare at it. But, more about Greg another time...

By the time our class dismissed and went to church, I
was really horny! I didn't wear panties, so my cunt
was juicy and rubbing nicely as I walked. I sat right
down front, as usual. When the music, etc. was all
over, our preacher Dr. Ronald Peterson walked up to
the pulpit. I crossed my legs and gave him a big
smile. I just love distracting him during the sermon.
(He says I'm going to be the death of him yet. But, he
always smiles as he says it.) I let my dress slip
higher, showing my legs, but stopping just short of my

When church services were over, everyone files out the
front door and shakes the pastor's hand. I always one
of the last ones out the door, then I stay to "help"
Dr. Peterson with the Sunday School attendance sheets.

I work at the church as a part-time secretary and one
of my duties is to enter the Sunday School attendance
into the computer. Dr. Peterson likes to have it done
in time for Monday morning's Staff Meeting. So...
isn't that fortunate for us! I have an excuse to be at
the church with Ron on Sunday afternoons ALL BY
MYSELF! Don't you love it!?

When all the other church members have left the
building, Ron joins me in the office. He opens the
door and stands there for a second... just grinning at
me. Ron is 50 years old, but very tall and fit, with
dark blond hair and dreamy blue eyes. He walks over to
the desk and tugs me up into his arms. As he begins to
kiss me, he runs his hands under my dress to my bare
ass and pulls me against his hard cock. My hands are
sliding up under his suit coat and caress his broad
shoulders. He lets go of me for a second to take off
his coat and tie. I start unbuttoning his white shirt
and pulling it out of his pants, but then he stops me.
He says we need to go to our favorite fuck place: the
First Aid Room down the hall. That's our favorite
place to fuck because it locks and there's a nice
comfortable cot, not that we always stay on the cot.

He leads me down the hall to the F.A. Room and locks
the door behind us. In a rush now, we quickly finish
stripping our clothes off. I'm faster, since I'm only
wearing the sundress.

Then Ron pushes me gently back on the cot and kneels
between my spread legs and starts licking my wet cunt.
He sucks and slurps like it the best thing he's ever
tasted! I'm lying there moaning and rubbing my erect
nipples. Then I sorta lean up and see that he's
rubbing his hard dick as he licks me. Seeing that big
preacher's cock (10" long and maybe 4" around) makes
my mouth water and I tell him to trade places with me.

I love rubbing my lips all over his big slippery knob.
mmmm... Then I start licking the precum that's oozing
out of his prick and continue licking down his hard,
long shaft to his full, heavy balls. He's not
completely shaved, but trimmed real nice. I lap at his
balls, then suck them into my mouth.

Pushing his legs further apart, I tongue his shitty
ass hole. It's not really that dirty, but I love the
musty smell and taste. By then the precum is oozing
out in a continuous stream and my cunt is dripping
wet. Nothing gets me hotter and wetter than sucking
cock! I go back up and start sucking him deeply into
my mouth. I get him close to cumming, then I help him
swing his legs completely onto the cot. I straddle his
hips and slowly lower my tight pussy down onto his
cock. His cock is so WIDE! It stretches my cunt lips
and then fills my pussy to the max! I just sit there a
second and savor the fullness of it... mmm...

Ron is tweaking my titties and pulls me down to thrust
his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues do battle inside
our mouths. Then I start riding Ron's cock! He holds
my hips and helps me slide up and down his turgid
shaft. Every time I bottom out on his dick, I feel
like he's reaching all the way to my throat!

I'm getting so weak, but Ron keeps slamming me down on
his cock. My clit is rubbing against his hard meat
with every thrust. My back arches as I start to feel
the orgasm build in me. As the first waves wash over
me, I feel his cock spasm and shoot, and shoot, and
shoot his hot load deep into my womb.

We lay there for a while, exhausted. Then we talk
about our week and plan when we'll be able to be
together again. Of course, I see him just about
everyday. That makes us so hot and horny that by the
time we're alone together we just about kill each
other! He tells me that he's going to a conference in
Atlanta soon and hopes we can work it out so I can
join him. OH! That would be awesome! To be alone with
him for 4 days (and nights!) in a hotel room! Mmmm...


**This is a true story. Be on the lookout because I
have more to tell.**


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