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Fucking My Way Through High School

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
Did you ever wonder if the really good looking girl sitting in the
corner of the library with her head in a book ever gets laid? Well I
can tell you for a fact, she does.

My name is Holly and I go to Junior Samples High School in Richardson,
Texas. Not too many people know me outside of the Science Club. I kind
of keep to myself and have a difficult time just walking up to people
and talking.

Today I'll receive the High School Valedictorian Award since I'm
graduating top of my class. Sure, anyone would figure that a girl like
me would get the award. Everyone else was having fun while I stayed
home nights studying. Of course they'd be wrong. In fact, I probably
had more fun than anyone in the class.
I remember when I was a Freshman and having trouble with Biology. In
Texas we don't study evolution and so learning about the immaculate
conception of the earth was about all that was left for the teacher to
talk about. Well, cutting up animals was the other part of the class.
The State figured that was a good thing and so we hacked away at
anything that was born to include a couple of endangered species.

Now none of this seemed like fun to me so I figured I'd talk to the
teacher and see if I could do something else instead. Right after
school on Monday afternoon, I marched into Mr. McNallen's office. I was
dressed in my Junior Rodeo snap button shirt, cowgirl boots and last
year's jeans. I thought I looked hot.

Mr. McNallen said there was no way I was getting out of the biology lab
stuff and so I'd be hacking away at all those poor animals just like
the rest of the kids. I guess I got pretty excited when I started
arguing with him. Every once in awhile one of the snap buttons on my
shirt would unsnap. I didn't think anything of it at first, but when I
saw how e was seemed to be waiting for the next one to go, I figured I
was on to something good. I got a little more active then and before he
could say, "Show me your tits", I was showing him my tits.

"Mr. McNallen, what's that big ole bulge in your pants? Are you sick or
something? Maybe I can help?"

I helped all right by grabbing on to his whopper and giving it a big
squeeze. Well, a lot of other stuff happened and before he knew what
was going on, his pants and boxers were around his ankles. His woody
was sky high by then and I continued to pretend I didn't know what was
I was doing.

"Can I kiss it and make it better?"

He didn't say anything even when I started giving him a blow job. I
thought I was doing pretty good for a fourteen year old and I guess he
did too. He was making some wild sounds.

"I guess I can't do anything about this problem so I'll just go back
home and study for my biology labs."

I thought he was going to crap his pants. Well, he couldn't really do
that since they were around his ankles. Anyhow, he grabbed me and said,
"You can't leave me like this. I'll let you out of the biology lab.
Just keep doing what you were doing."

I figured he was bull shitting me as guys are known to do, but I went
ahead and gave him a world class hummer anyhow. I got right down on my
knees and sucked his cock until he just about came and then stopped to
ask him if I was doing it right. I got him to the 'place' about four
different times and backed off. I thought he was going to kick my ass.

"I don't think this is working, Mr. McNallen. Would you rather fuck me

Ha, ha, ha. He almost fell down when I said it. For some reason he
didn't think young girls knew stuff like that. Well, that's what he

Instead of wasting a lot of time waiting for his 'Yes', I just went
right ahead and started taking off my clothes. It turns out that I have
a natural ability as a strip teaser and he got one of my A

I took off my shirt first since it was open anyhow. I threw it across
the room and once he had a chance to check out my rather nice looking
boobs, I kind of did a shimmy and let him see those beauties jiggle
around. He seemed to like what he saw.

Next came the cowgirls boots which took about two seconds to get off. I
threw them across the room and they crashed into the wall. Seemed to
add just that much to the whole thing.

My pants were a lot harder to get off. I had to bend this way and that
and I think I got just about every part of my body moving as I did.

Finally my pants were off and laying on the floor. One of the skills
every girl in Texas has is the ability to pick things up without
bending her knees. I heard a strange sound when I bent over to pick up
my jeans. I figure a guy his age must have seen a butt before, but
maybe not.

My little tease went faster than he expected since I wasn't wearing any

He just stood there in stunned disbelief while I laid myself out on
his desk. He was looking at me as if he you got 'em." Well, he just
stood there so I spread mine and pretty soon he figured out the purpose
for the cute little pussy looking back at him from his desk.

This was so much fun for me that I was wet as can be. He tried to ease
his whopper into my young girl pussy, but he was just wasting his time.
The jumbo rod slipped right into my cunt like it was designed to fit.
Before I could say, "Sam Houston gives head on the first date", he was
pumping my box like there was no tomorrow.

He lasted about 30 of the most wonderful seconds of his life based on
the look on his face. I loved seeing him hot. Kind of fun for me, too,
since I didn't really even have to work up a sweat.

Later on in the semester, he came around for seconds. Hah. I was ready
for that one. I started crying and told him I was so ashamed of what
I'd done that I had to go to the principal and confess everything. It
didn't bother him at first until I reminded him that he had that purple
birth mark on his left ball. Well, I never did a lab assignment in
Biology and got an A for course. Being that this was Texas and all, he
was the Science teacher and so he was happy to give me an A in
Chemistry, Physiology and Physics along with a recommendation to any
college of my choice.
History is not taught the same way in Texas as it is in other states.
Everyone knows that Davie Crockett is just something that Disney
invented to sell movies. Plus, anyone whose seen the Alamo would know
right away that there couldn't have been any battle there since it's in
downtown San Antonio and doesn't even have walls to speak of. I was
real tired of listening to that crap day in and out, so I figured I'd
go talk with my history teacher, Miss Selmont.

"Hello Miss Selmont. I'm sorry to bother you after class, but I really
have some problems with the stuff we're learning."

She had me sit down in the front row of her classroom and proceeded to
explain that the State told her what to teach and that it was required
for everyone to learn this crap and so on. I might have gotten real
bored with that part of it except for one thing.

She was sitting on the edge of her desk and kept crossing and
uncrossing her legs. I figured she was nervous, but I was enjoying the
view. I'd never seen anyone actually wear a garter belt and thought it
looked way cool. I decided right then that I'd be getting one as soon
as I had the chance. I also thought the black stockings were something
else, but figured my mother wouldn't let me wear them because of my

She kept looking at me and I kind of knew what she wanted to say. For
some reason she was just too shy so I thought I had to take the

"I've never seen a garter belt before, Miss Selmont. Do you wear them
all the time."

"Not really, Holly. I have a date tonight and decided to dress up a
little bit."

"Could I look at it please. I think I'd like to wear one when I'm an
adult like you."

She soon had her dress off and was standing in her classroom in a push
up bra, garter belt, black seamed stocking and high heel pumps. I made
a mental note that all red underwear was distracting although I kind of
liked the effect.

"You have such large breasts. Miss Selmont. I can't wait until I'm a

"Yours are nice, Holly. You have nothing to feel bad about."

"What do you mean? Feel this."

Before she knew what hit her, I pressed her hand on my tit. She tried
to get away even though I knew she wanted to give it a squeeze. I
pressed her hand into my boob and moved it around a little bit. While I
was doing that, my other hand slipped around behind her and unsnapped
her bra. In less time than it takes to say, "Armadillo Road Kill.", I
had her bra laying on the floor and was pressing her back onto her
desk. I figured she was going to be the one with the bruises this time.

As she fell back I grabbed her panties with two hands and quickly slid
them down her legs. I wondered how girls went to the salle de bain when
they wore garter belts. It was so simple once I realized the panties
went on the outside.

"Mrppmph, mrppmph, mrppmph."

I was trying to make as much noise as possible as I went down on her in
case she got off real fast. I figured she wouldn't notice if I seemed
like I was working hard.

My tongue got to working on her clittie head which was about five times
normal size. I just sucked that thing into my mouth and teased her like
there was no tomorrow. I guess I was doing it right cause she started
making some really unusual sounds. She got even louder when I buried my
tongue in her pussy and twirled it around while soaking up all her love
juices. She tasted sweet as can be and I loved every drop.

This was no wham, bam, thank you ma'am. I did her three ways from
Thursday and left her laying on the desk looking like something that
got rode hard and put up wet.

I promised I'd do her again just like that if I noticed a nice surprise
on my report card. Sure enough, I got an A in history, Government and
Home Economics. Well she was a woman and so she had to teach the girls
classes, too.
Most every high school has a rumor about some bimbo who took on the
whole football team. Of course no one was there to verify it including
the team or the girl in question. I figured I just might try that one

Now, seeing as how high school football is the most important cultural
event in Texas, just about any incentive was considered a good thing if
it helped the team win. I slipped into my Texas Flag bikini and snuck
into the locker room just as the varsity first team was saying a prayer
for victory. Reverend Bower seemed to really have those boys inspired.

"Dear God, help our boys kick the shit out of those assholes at AE
Neuman High School and make sure they beat the point spread."

"Hi boys. Do you like what you see? I'm willing to fuck the shit out of
the whole varsity if you guys win the big game." I made sure to bounce
around a lot in case they couldn't tell I was a babe. They seemed to be
getting the idea and so did the good reverend.

"Boys, God has answered my prayers. You get your dead asses out there
and win the game and we'll be getting some of the best pussy I ever did

Well, the boys won that game 128-2. I'm not sure I know how the two got
scored, but the win was never in doubt. I was all ready for them in the
locker room when the varsity arrived. I tried to be very modest with a
simple white garter belt, matching stockings and high heels. I didn't
have time to put on anything else which was probably just as well cause
the boys would have just torn it off any how.

The action started in the shower room because I was simply not going to
fuck any smelly guy. I ran around there giving quick blow jobs and
making sure everyone was hard as a rock at all times. They thought I
was being nice, but I figured it would be easier to get them off this

We broke into the PE Coaches office and found the bed they slept in
while they had the students running laps. At first I just let them fuck
me one and a time and I was on top because I didn't want one of those
big boys crushing my cute little self. They were averaging about two
minutes a piece and I figured I'd be out of there in a half hour. Well,
just goes to show ya.

The door crashed open and the rest of the team rushed in along with the
coaches and the good reverend. I realized if I didn't give it up to
everyone there'd be some hard feelings so I resigned myself to going
for it.

I wasn't wasting any time with one on one by then. I was on top of one
guy while I gave another one a blow job and let someone else stick it
up my ass. One of the good things about athletes is that they have
rhythm and so we were able to get it going pretty good. Each time one
of them got off, another one jumped in. I was really getting into by
then and even let the first and second string water boys take a shot.

Now, the PE coaches didn't figure me for the type of person who would
hide a video camera in the locker room. Course they're PE coaches so
you have to take that into consideration. When they did see the video,
I got an A in every PE class from then on as well as Driver Education,
some shop classes and a bunch of weird electives that only PE coaches
know about.

I realized that I was going to have to fuck a lot of people if I wanted
to get all As. I figured there had to be a better way. This is where
being smart comes into play. I knew that the report cards were all done
by computer. All I had to do was find the programmer and the rest would
be easy.

"Hello, sir. Are you the computer programmer by any chance?" Shit, the
guy was wearing a Grateful Dead tee shirt, coke bottle glasses and limp
white socks drooping over his tan and black earth shoes. What else
could he be?

"Uh, yes. Uh, what can I, uh, do for you?"

"I'm horney as can be. Do you want to get laid?"

The guy was hung real good and once he got to knockin' the place got to
rockin'. He had some good dope, too. From then on, every semester I
dropped by right before report card time and he took care of the rest.
That was way easier than trying to fuck every teacher I had.
I was hoping to make a little money before I went off to college. I
discovered that the local nude dancing club needed some daytime help so
I figured this would be a natural work study activity. I went over to
see the principal about getting time off from school, and since I was
an honor student, I just barged right into his office. Well, he might
not have thought it was such a good idea.

I saw him fucking Mrs. Marlythorn, the Administrative person, right
there on his couch. I was lucky to have my camera handy and took a
couple of explicit pictures. They decided that I could just come and go
as I pleased from then on and there would never be an absence marked on
my report card. Mrs. Marlythorn was nice enough to remove me from class
rosters and add me back just before report cards were due. No teacher
actually knew I was in his or her class from then on.
I loved working in the nudie bar. My dancing tips averaged about $2
thousand a week before taxes which I didn't think to pay because I was
just a kid. Since it was day time, we never had any inspectors come in
the place so I could do anything I wanted. I loved it when I saw some
of the teachers from my high school stop in. They really tipped well
when I sat on one of their faces or picked up a beer bottle with my
pussy. The piece de resistance was when I smoked a cigarette in my
cunt. They loved it and fought over who got to smoke it after I pulled
it out.
About the only work I had to do in school since the middle of my
Freshman year happened on the very last day. I had to make a
Valedictorian Speech in front of the whole student body at our
graduation ceremony. I wasn't concerned about it. I just found the
transcript of the speech made by the prior year's top student and read
that one. I figured no one ever paid a bit of attention to the speech
so who would care?

I did spice it up a bit though.

I wasn't wearing anything but high heels under my graduation robe. The
sun was beginning to set behind the audience at our typical Texas
outdoor graduation ceremony. This sort of back lit my robe and almost
turned it transparent. I knew the faculty siting behind me was getting
more than an eyeful. I moved around a lot, arched my back and found
reasons to bend over toward the audience. I figured every man on the
faculty except the gay music teacher had a boner.

"In conclusion, I would like to bring Principal Stanton forward so I
can thank him for making this a most wonderful educational experience."

I pulled the old geezer forward and made sure I rubbed my tits all over
him as we went to the front of the stage. The people in the front row
saw the major bulge in the middle of his robe first and started
laughing. It didn't take long for the rest of the folks to see what was
going on and soon everyone was hollering and yelling. Even though the
principal finally ended up running off the stage, I still got my award.
I've been thinking about it for the last couple of days. Now that I'm
going to Harvard on a full academic scholarship, it might be a good
idea to try and learn something. Who knows how it might help me later

Well, I pretty much gave up on that idea when I found out that college
was supposed to prepare me for later life. I figured I already knew how
to get by in later life so no sense in doing anything different than
I'd been doing so far. I can't wait to get to Harvard.
The End
Tell me what you think about my story!

Katie McN <>

Read more of my stories at my website\~Katie_McN\


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