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Fun With The Kids Chpt 1



by The MadHatter

Chapter 1 - Double-Teaming The Baby-Sitter

Billy couldn't believe he had to have a baby-sitter. He was 12 years
old, he didn't need a baby-sitter! Just because his sister Becky was only
8, and his mom and dad didn't think he was old enough to watch her while
they were gone. At least his best friend Justin would be coming over.
Shortly before 7:00, the doorbell rang. Billy's mother answered it. It
was Sarah, the baby-sitter. As much as Billy hated having to have a
baby-sitter, he didn't mind too much that it was Sarah. She was 17, and he
really enjoyed looking at her. Even though girls his own age were still
kind of "icky", Sarah was different. She was a grown woman (at least as
far as Billy was concerned).

"Come in, Sarah," Billy's mother, Barbara, said.

Sarah was just walking in the door when Billy saw Justin walking up the
sidewalk. He ran out the door to greet his friend. The two of them
started talking, and immediately went up to Billy's room. Sarah walked
into the kitchen with Barbara.

"Neil and I should be back no later than midnight," Barbara told her.
"Have Becky take her bath around 8:00, and she needs to be in bed by 9:00.
You can let Billy and Justin stay up till 10:00 or 10:30, since they'll try
and stay up that late, regardless!" The two women laughed.

Just then, Barbara's husband Neil walked in. He was dressed in a black
suit, and Sarah admired his well-groomed blonde hair, his blue eyes, his
masculine body. Half the reason she baby-sat for the Johnsons whenever she
could was to see him. She stared at him, sighing.

"Hello, Sarah," he said. "How are you tonight?"

"Pretty good, Mr. Johnson."

"That's good. You ready to go, honey?" he asked, turning to his wife.

"Of course. I've been waiting on you. And they say women take forever
to get ready!"

Neil laughed and kissed her on the cheek. The couple walked to the
door, Sarah walking them out. Becky came running down-stairs to say
goodbye. Barbara gave her a big hug, then she and Neil left, closing the
door behind them. Becky and Sarah went into the livingroom.

"So what do you want to do, Becky?" Sarah asked her.

"I wanna watch My Little Pony!" Becky replied.

"Okay," Sarah said with a laugh.

Sarah put the movie on, and the two of them watched it. Sarah thought
about checking on the boys, but decided they'd be fine. Once the movie was
over, Sarah had Becky take her bath, then put her to bed. Once she was
tucked in, Sarah went to check on Billy and Justin. The door to Billy's
room was closed, so Sarah put her ear up to it, trying to hear what was
going on inside. She couldn't hear anything, which she thought was
strange, since boys their age usually seem to be extremely noisy. Sarah
was about to knock, when a strange urge made her stop. Instead, she
quietly opened the door just a crack, peeking into the room. Her eyes
widened at the scene before her. It made her glad she hadn't knocked,
though. Billy and Justin were sitting next to each other on Billy's bed.
They were naked from the waist down, wearing only their shirts. Each boy was stroking the other's erect penis. Although not as large as the cocks
of the teenaged boys that Sarah had dated, both were well-endowed for their
age; especially Billy, who looked to be a good inch longer than his friend.
Sarah could feel her panties getting wet as she watched the two boys.
She had never been at all interested in young boys before. As a matter of
fact, she had always thought of Billy as just a kid she baby-sat. But
standing there, staring at his prick as Justin stroked his hand up and down
on it, Sarah suddenly found herself very aroused. More than anything at
that moment, she wanted to fuck these two young boys. She wanted to stroke
their hard, virgin cocks, caress their smooth skins, let them explore her
naked body. She watched them for a few more minutes then, not able to
stand it any more, she walked boldly into the room.

Billy and Justin looked up, their eyes wide, their mouths hanging open.
Both were too shocked to react, and simply sat there, their hands still
clenching each other's cocks. Billy stammered out, "S-S Sarah!! What are
you doing in my room?! What do you want?"

He sounded bolder than he looked, and Sarah wanted to laugh. Instead
she sat down on the bed next to him.

"Now, don't be upset, Billy. I just wanted to watch you two, that's
all. You don't mind if I watch, do you?"

Realizing what she was seeing, the two boys immediately jerked their
hands from each other's pricks.

"You're not gonna tell our parents, are you?" Justin asked in a quiet

"Of course not! There's nothing wrong with two young boys exploring
each other's bodies. It feels good when you touch each other's cocks,
doesn't it?"

Billy couldn't believe what he was hearing. Sarah had never talked like
this before.

"Yeah, it does feel good," he said.

Sarah smiled.

"Do you two do this a lot?"

"N-n-no!" Justin stammered.

"It's okay, Justin," Sarah said. "It's nothing to be ashamed of. Have
you ever sucked each other's dicks?"

Billy's eyes widened, as did Justin's.

"Sucked them?" Justin asked, shocked. "Yuck!! Why would we do that?"

"Because it feels really good," Sarah said. "Much better than just
stroking them."

"How would you know?" Billy asked. "You don't even have one!"

"Because I've sucked boys' dicks before, and they really liked it."

"You have?" Billy couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Sure. So why don't you to suck each other. I'd love to watch."

"I don't know," said Justin. "It doesn't sound like much fun to me."

"I'll tell you what," Sarah replied. "If you two suck each other's
dicks, I'll let you see me naked."

"Naked?" Billy asked, a look of lust filling his eyes.

"Can we touch you, too?" Justin asked.

Sarah laughed. "You can touch me anywhere you like. I promise."

The two boys looked at each other.

"What do you think?" Billy asked his friend.

"Okay, but you go first."


Billy's hand returned to Justin's dick, and he stroked it lightly.

"Why don't you lie down, Justin?" Sarah suggested.


Justin lay down on the bed. Billy got between his legs, and bent down
till his face was right next to Justin's cock. He opened his mouth, and
slowly slid Justin's dick into it. Justin gasped. Billy slid it back out.
"How does it feel?" he asked.

"Pretty good. Keep doing it," Justin said, smiling down at his friend.

"Just pretend it's a popsicle," Sarah said, "and suck just like you
would a popsicle."

Taking her advice, Billy took Justin's prick back into his mouth,
sucking it just like a popsicle. His mouth bobbed up and down. Then he
slid it out of his mouth and ran his tongue along the shaft a few times.
Then he sucked it back into his mouth. It actually felt pretty good.
Justin lay back, his eyes closed, his breathing coming in long, deep
breathes. He couldn't believe how good his friend's mouth felt on his
dick. Much better than when they just played with each other.

Then Billy slid Justin's dick out of his mouth, and let it slap back
against his belly.

"Don't stop now!" Justin complained.

"It's mine turn now," Billy told him.

Justin sighed. He'd really been enjoying that, but fair was fair.
Besides, he wanted to hurry up and suck Billy's dick so that they could see
Sarah naked. Justin sat up, and Billy took his place lying on the bed.
Justin got between Billy's legs, and took his friend's dick in his hand.
He stroked it a few times, hesitating. Then he remember what Sarah had
said, and pretended it was a popsicle. Bending his head down, he ran his
tongue along the shaft and over the head. Billy groaned, and Justin could
feel his dick twitching. He licked it again, then slid it into his mouth.
Billy moaned as Justin bobbed up and down on his dick, sucking him. He
couldn't believe how good it felt. Now he knew why Justin hadn't wanted
him to stop.

Sarah slid her hand inside her jeans, rubbing her pussy through her
panties. She couldn't believe she was watching two young boys give each
other blowjobs, and at her suggestion!! Justin was really giving Billy's
dick a good sucking. After a minute or so, he removed Billy's dick from
his mouth, and sat up. Billy sat up next to him, and they both looked at
Sarah expectantly.

`Time to pay up,' Sarah thought with a laugh.

Sarah stood up, facing the boys.

"So, did you like that?"

"Oh yeah," said Billy with a smile. "It was really fun!"

"It was pretty good," Justin agreed. "But you said we could see you

"And you shall," Sarah said with a smile.

Sarah slowly pulled off her T-shirt, revealing her flat, smooth stomach
and her pert breasts, hidden by a lacy white bra. The boys simply stared.
Sarah leaned forward, removing her shoes and socks. Then she slowly slid
her hands down her sides to her waist, then along the top of her jeans to
her buttons. She unbuttoned her jeans one button at a time, pausing
briefly between each button. After unbuttoning the last button, she pulled
open her fly, letting the boys see her red silky panties before slowly
sliding her pants down her long, sexy legs. Stepping out of her jeans, she
tossed them aside. Continuing her slow, sexy striptease, Sarah turned
around, revealing her back and round ass to the boys. Still facing away
from them, she reached around and unhooked her bra. Dropping the bra to
the floor, she turned back around, her breasts covered by her hands.

"You boys wanna see my tits?" she asked coyly.

"Yeah!" replied both boys in unison.

Sarah dropped her hands away, shaking her breasts at the boys. There
were only medium-sized, but stood up firm and solid; each was capped by a
small pink nipple. Sarah squeezed her nipples with her fingers, sighing
deeply as she felt them stiffen under her touch. Then she slid a hand down
her stomach to her pussy, rubbing it through her panties. She smiled as
she watched the two boys; their eyes were riveted on her panties. Sarah
rubbed herself some more, then turned around again. Bending over sharply
at the waist, she pulled her panties down her legs, giving the boys a shot
of her gorgeous ass. She stepped out of her panties, still facing away
from the boys. She turned slightly to look at them, making sure that they
couldn't see her pussy.

"I suppose you want me to turn around?"

"Yeah, turn around," Billy said.

"Come on, we want to see your pussy," said Justin, his hand going to his

Justin slowly stroked his cock. Billy was stroking his, as well. Sarah
smiled as a wicked idea came into her head.

"Okay, I'll turn around, but only if you two stroke each other's cocks."

The two boys immediately moved their hands to each other's dicks,
sliding them up and down. Their eyes never left Sarah. Sarah felt her
pussy juices starting to moisten her thighs. She couldn't believe how wet
she was. The fact that she had the boys totally in her control made her
more aroused than she had been in a long time. She watched them jerking
each other off for a moment, then turned back around, spreading her legs so
that the boys got a good view of her pussy. She kept her bush
well-trimmed, so she could wear skimpy swimsuits. Her pussy lips stood
out, open to the boys' view. Sarah ran her fingers through her lips,
wetting them with her juices. She brought her fingers to her mouth, and
sucked the juices off of them. Then she walked up to the boys.

"You said you wanted to touch me. So touch away."

Billy reached out tentatively, stroking his hand along Sarah's hip.
Joel ran his hands along her left leg, stopping at her upper thigh. He
desperately wanted to touch her pussy, but couldn't quite get up the nerve
to do so. Billy, on the other hand, had no such difficulty. He slid his
hand along Sarah's inner thigh to her pussy, slowly sliding one finger
along her wet lips. Sarah moaned softly.

"Why don't we get on the bed," she told the boys. "It'll be more
comfortable that way."

The three of them got on the bed, one boy on each side of Sarah.

"I'm all yours, boys," Sarah said, spreading her legs as she sprawled
out on the bed.

The two boys ran their hands all along her body, marveling at the soft
feel of her skin. They massaged her tits, caressed her belly and legs.
Then Justin leaned down and kiss one of her breasts. Billy followed the
other boy's example, and soon they were both kissing and licking all along
Sarah's body.

"Suck my nipples," Sarah moaned.

Billy and Justin eagerly did just that. Each boy took one nipple into
his mouth, sucking it greedily. Their hands continued to slide up and down
Sarah's body. Then Billy released her nipple from his mouth and moved down
between Sarah's legs. His eyes feasted on the sight before him. There was
Sarah's pussy, her pink lips puffed out slightly, glistening with her
juices. He reached out a tentative finger and slid it along her slit.
Sarah moaned slightly. Then, growing bolder, Billy leaned down and placed
his lips on her pussy, kissing her softly, then slipping just the tip of
his tongue out of his mouth and running it along her pussy lips, tasting
her. Sarah's back arched, and a loud groan escaped her lips.

"Suck me, Billy!" she moaned. "Suck my pussy!"

Grabbing Justin by the shoulders, Sarah pulled him up to her face,
kissing him passionately on the lips. She pushed her tongue out, forcing
it into his mouth. Justin was unsure of what to do at first, but then got
the idea, pushing his tongue back at her. Their tongues intertwined as
they kissed. Justin's hands found her breasts, squeezing and fondling them
as he and Sarah kissed. Sarah reached down with one hand and slowly
stroked his cock.

Billy continued running his tongue along Sarah's pussy, enjoying the
taste of her juices. He sucked on her pussy, then pushed his tongue deep
inside her. Using his fingers, he spread her lips apart, viewing the inner
pink of her sopping wet pussy. He licked up more of her wonderful pussy juice, then pushed first one, then two fingers into her pussy, fucking them
slowly in and out. He couldn't believe he was doing this!! As he licked
and finger fucked Sarah's pussy, he wondered if his mother's pussy looked
and tasted this good. He'd seen her naked once a few months ago, when he'd
accidentally walked in on her getting out of the shower, and ever since
then he'd wanted to see more of her naked body. But he put thoughts of his
mother aside as he pushed his fingers in and out of Sarah's pussy.
Examining her pussy more closely, he noticed a little bump at the top of
her lips. Wondering what it was, he ran his tongue along it.

Sarah gasped and bucked wildly as Billy found her clit. Realizing how
excited this got her, Billy continued to lick and suck at this obviously
sensitive spot. Soon the sensations were too much for Sarah, and she
climaxed, pussy juices flooding out onto Billy's face. He licked them all
up, fucking his fingers faster in and out as Sarah finished her climax.
Once the waves of passion had receded from her body, she collapsed back
onto the bed, lying there limply, a huge smile on her face. Billy looked
up at her from between her legs, smiling as well, his face glistening with
her juices.

"God, that was great!" Sarah said, gasping. "Why don't you two bring
your cocks up here and I'll return the favor."

The two boys eagerly moved up to Sarah's head, sitting on their knees on
each side of her. Sarah took a cock in each hand, slowly stroking them.
Then she leaned over slightly and took Billy's shaft into her mouth,
running her tongue along the bottom of it as she sucked on his head. Billy

"God, that feels good!!" he moaned. "You sure know how to do it,

Sarah sucked a little while longer, then switched to Justin, taking him
into her mouth. He moaned as well. Then he grabbed one of her breasts,
squeezing it as she sucked him. Billy fondled her other breast. Sarah
continued to suck the two boys' cocks, moving from one to the other. She
could tell that they wouldn't last long. But that was okay with Sarah.
She wanted to taste their young boy cum, wanted it to fill up her mouth.
Besides, she knew with the energy that boys that age had, they'd still be
raring to go.

Justin was the first to reach orgasm. He moaned loudly, his body
jerking wildly.

"Oh shit! Oh shit!" he shouted.

Sarah wrapped her hand tightly around his shaft, putting his head on her
tongue. Justin's seed burst from his cock, splashing onto Sarah's tongue.
He didn't produce nearly as much as some of Sarah's boyfriends did, but it
still tasted oh so good. Sarah quickly swallowed Justin's cum, sucking the
last of it from his dick, then turned to Billy, sucking and stroking him
until, a few seconds later, he came as well, spurting his jism into Sarah's
mouth, shouting and moaning in ecstasy. Sarah swallowed his cum as well,
then released the two cocks, lying back, smiling widely. The two boys slumped down next to her, both with huge grins on their faces as they
enjoyed the after-effects of their first orgasms with a woman.

"We're not done yet, boys," Sarah said with a smile a few seconds later.
Looking down, she saw that both boys were still hard.

Sarah reached out and slowly stroked the two cocks. The young boys returned the favor by sucking on her tits. Sarah moaned as they sucked and
licked her nipples.

"So," Sarah asked the boys, "who wants to fuck me first?"

Here question was greeted with eager replies of, "Me first, me first!"
from both of the boys. Sarah laughed.

"Well, since it's Billy's house, he gets to go first."

Justin moaned, complaining it wasn't fair.

"Don't worry, Justin, you'll get your turn. Besides, I'll suck you
again while Billy fucks me. Unless you don't want me to," Sarah teased.

"Oh no, I want you to! Please suck my cock, Sarah," Justin pleaded.

"Okay, Justin, you straddle my chest. Billy, you know where I want

"I sure do!" Billy said eagerly.

Billy got between Sarah's legs, while Justin straddled her chest,
pointing his stiff little cock at her mouth. Sarah ignored Justin
momentarily as Billy tried to push his cock unsuccessfully into her pussy.

"Here, Billy," she told him, "let me guide you in."

Taking hold of his cock with her hand, she guided his cock to her pussy,
pushing the head into her soaking wet hole. Once she had him started,
Billy thrust forward with his hips, burying his young cock in her cunt.

"Oh God, that feels good!" he moaned.

Now that Billy was in place, Sarah returned her attention to Justin.
She wrapped her hands around his ass and playfully squeezed his cheeks as
she pulled him forward, sliding her lips around his cock. As she licked
and sucked his prick, Billy pumped away in her pussy. His small young prick wasn't nearly as big as Sarah's boyfriend's, but the thought of
actually fucking a 12-year-old boy had her hotter and wetter than she'd
ever been in her life. She moaned around Justin's cock, bringing the boy even more pleasure.

Billy was even seventh heaven. Nothing had ever felt so good as having
Sarah's steaming pussy wrapped around his cock as he slid rapidly in and
out of her. He thrust in and out faster and faster, oblivious to
everything but the pleasurable feeling around his cock. Soon the pleasure
was too much for him, and he felt his orgasm overcome him as he shot
several quick spurts of cum into Sarah's pussy. Justin came almost
immediately afterwards, filling Sarah's mouth with yet another load of cum.
Sarah came as well, moaning and writhing under the two boys. Harder and
harder her orgasm hit her; waves of pleasure radiated out from her pussy,
filling her body with ecstasy. She couldn't believe how hard she was

Sarah lay back as the boys slid their softening pricks from her mouth
and pussy. Her breathing was coming in ragged gasps. Never had she
enjoyed sex so much! Oh, she liked a big, hard, adult cock as much as the
next girl, but the smooth young bodies, and the youthful energy and
eagerness to please aroused her more than she could have imagined. This
definitely wouldn't be the last time she fucked and eager young boy, if she
had any say about it, nor would Billy and Justin be the only ones. She
went over in her mind the other young boys she baby-sat, as well as the
early-teen boys in the neighborhood. She imagined them naked, fucking and
sucking her. Such pleasant images!

They rested for a few minutes, the two boys kissing and caressing
Sarah's body, exploring every inch of her. Then Sarah took her turn,
running her hands and mouth of the smooth skin of the two boys. Her pussy tingled as she massaged their young flesh, eager to be fucked yet again.
It didn't take long for the boys to get hard again, and Sarah lay on her
back again. The boys resumed their positions, only in reverse. Billy
straddled Sarah's chest, while Justin got between her legs. Once Justin
was thrusting away into her pussy, Sarah positioned Billy just below her

"Let's try something different, Billy," Sarah said.

"Okay," he replied eagerly.

Sarah put her hands on either side of her breasts and squeezed them

"Put your dick between my tits, Billy," Sarah instructed him, "and then
fuck them like you did my pussy."

Billy did so, pushing his cock down between Sarah's breasts. Sarah
squeezed them tightly around his cock, and he slowly stroked it back and
forth. It took him a few strokes to get a good rhythm going, but soon he
was thrusting easily back and forth between her breasts, while Justin
thrust in and out of her pussy.

"Damn, Billy, this is great!" Justin said with a smile.

"Ain't it, though," replied Billy. "It's too bad Sarah couldn't
baby-sit every night!"

Justin laughed, then returned his concentration to the wonderful
sensation of his cock sliding in and out of Sarah's pussy. It couldn't
believe anything could feel so good. He felt a tightness in his balls, and
knew he'd be shooting his white stuff again soon. He thrust harder and
faster with each stroke, slamming deeply into Sarah.

"Oh, yeah, yeah!" he moaned. "I'm gonna shoot off soon."

Sarah thrust back against Justin. Even though his cock wasn't quite as
big as Billy's, he fucked with much more energy, slamming her hard with
each thrust. Billy, meanwhile, had a slow, steady rhythm going between her
breasts. Sarah looked down, watching the tip of Billy's cock poke out from
between her breasts with each thrust. Then she heard Justin groan and felt
him slam hard into her one last time as he shot his load deep into her
cunt. He arched his back, squeezing his eyes tight shut as one, then two,
then three spurts of cum left his balls. Then he pulled out, collapsing
onto the bed beside Sarah.

"God, that was great," he sighed.

Billy slid his cock between Sarah's breasts for several more strokes,
then started picking up speed.

"I can feel it," he said excitedly. "I'm gonna shoot."

"Shoot it in my mouth," Sarah said. "Jack your cock off, and cum in my

Billy slid his cock from between her tits, and starting jerking off. He
moved forward, putting his cock right in front of Sarah's mouth. It took
only a few seconds, and Billy was shooting his cum into Sarah's mouth. She
swallowed it eagerly. Billy collapsed onto the bed on the other side of
Sarah. Sarah lay there for a few minutes between the exhausted boys, then
got out of the bed. The two boys slid together. Sarah watched the two
boys lick each other's cocks clean, both eagerly licking the cum and pussy juice from the other's cock. While Sarah got dressed, the two boys curled
up in each other's arms and were soon fast asleep. Sarah covered their
naked bodies, turned out the light, and left the room, quietly closing the
door behind her. She quickly peeked into Becky's bedroom to make sure the
girl was asleep, then went downstairs to watch tv and await the return of
the Johnsons. She smiled as she thought about the two sexy young boys sleeping upstairs, and fantasized about all the other sexy young boys she
hoped to introduce to the pleasures of sex.


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