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Fun With The Kids Chpt 2



by The MadHatter

Chapter 2 - Taking A Shower With Daddy

Neil turned on the water, then waited a moment for it to warm up. Then
he stepped into the shower, sighing as it flowed down his body. There was
nothing like a nice, hot shower after a long day to help him relax.
Especially since he had to go to his in-laws' house that night. Not that
he had anything against his wife's parents; it's just that he could think
of a lot of things he'd rather do with his time. But they'd already agreed
to have dinner with Barbara's parents, and she'd be extremely upset if he
asked to cancel.

`Oh well,' he thought, `I guess it won't kill me.'

There was a knock on the door, then it was opened by his wife.

"Honey, can Becky shower with you? That way we'll be ready to go a
little sooner, since you like to take long showers!"

Neil laughed. Barbara was always teasing him about taking really long

"Sure, Barb, send her in."

Neil's 8-year-old daughter entered the bathroom, closing the door behind

"Hi, Daddy," she said with a smile as she started to undress.

"Hi, honey. How was your day today?"

"Pretty good. How about you, Daddy?"

Becky opened the shower door and stepped into the shower. Neil moved
slightly to one side so that she could get under the water next to him.

"Not too bad."

At that point, they washed off in silence. Neil looked down at his
daughter. She looked back up at him, smiling brightly. It struck Neil
just how pretty his daughter was. She reminded him so much of her mother.
The same long, dark brown hair, the same beautiful brown eyes, the same
sexy smile. Neil shook himself. He couldn't believe he'd just put the
word `sexy' into a description of his daughter. She was pretty, yes, but
she was much too young to ever be thought of as sexy. But even as he
thought this, his eyes drifted lower, glancing over the smooth skin of her
flat chest. From the waist up, she could be a little boy, he told himself.
Then his eyes went lower, to the smooth, hairless little pussy that proved
she was very much a girl. Then she turned, and he could see her tight,
smooth, round little ass. Almost against his will, his prick started to
stiffen ever so slightly. He tried to will it limp, but the harder he
tried, the stiffer it seemed to get. Then Becky turned back around.

"Daddy, what happened to your thing? It's gotten bigger, and it's
sticking up."

"It's nothing, honey. Just ignore it."

"Can I touch it, Daddy?"

Without waiting for a response from her father, Becky placed one of her
little hands on his cock. Neil breathed in sharply, a sudden, electric
thrill going through his body as he felt his young daughter's hand on his
cock. There was no stopping it now. His cock sprang to erectness,
standing out stiff and hard from his belly. Becky quickly released her

"Daddy, what happened? It got so big and hard when I touched it!!"

At first, Neil didn't know what to say. Then the words just seemed to
come out of his mouth.

"Becky, honey, a man's penis - that's what it's called - is normally
small and limp, like when you first got in the shower. But when he gets
excited, it gets stiff and hard like it is now."

"So you got excited when I put my hand on it?"

"That's right, honey."

Becky put her hand back on it. Neil groaned, gritting his teeth. God,
it felt good!

"I can't even get my hand all the way around it!"

"Why don't you use both hands, then?"


Neil couldn't believe what he had just said. Becky put her other hand
around his cock, squeezing it between her two hands. Neil looked down at
her, and she looked up at him, a huge smile on her face.

`God,' Neil thought, `Eight years old or not, she has the sexiest

Neil's cock twitched slightly as Becky held it.

"Oooh, Daddy, I felt it move."

"That's because it likes your hands on it, Becky," Neil told her. He
couldn't believe what he was saying! His next words shocked him even more.
"Becky, if you move your hands up and down on it, it'll feel even better."

Becky immediately starting moving her hands up and down on her father's
prick. Neil knew that what he was doing was terribly wrong, but he'd never
been so aroused in his life as his was at this moment. Watching his
8-year-old girl stroke his cock made him incredibly horny. He looked down
at her loving smile, his attention on her full lips. He could picture them
wrapped around his dick. He knew he'd feel extremely guilty when this was
all over, but for now his only thoughts were on his daughter, and the
enjoyment she was bringing him. And more importantly, the enjoyment she
could bring him.

"Do you like Daddy's penis, Becky?"

"Uh huh. This is fun, Daddy."

Neil swallowed hard, then took a deep breath, building up his nerve.

"If you really like it, honey, why don't you give it a kiss?"

Becky looked up in surprise.

"You mean, kiss your thing - I mean, your penis?"

"That's right, honey. It's not going to bite."

Becky and her father laughed. Then Becky leaned down and placed a quick
kiss on the tip of Neil's penis.

"How was that?"

"That felt really good, Becky. Did you like doing it?"

"Kinda. Can I do it again?"

"Sure, honey. Kiss it all you want. Kiss all over it."

Becky smiled brightly and moved her head down to her father's dick.
Hesitantly, she kissed his head again, then his shaft. Then she started
kissing his dick all over, enjoying herself immensely. Her hands continued
to slide slowly up and down his long shaft.

"Why don't you lick it, too, Becky."

"Lick it? You mean like a popsicle?"

"That's right, honey, just like a popsicle."

Becky stuck her tongue out, touching his cock with just the tip.
Finding that it didn't taste bad, she ran her tongue along his shaft. Neil
groaned, his breathing coming in deep, ragged gasps. Then Becky surprised
him. Treating his cock just like a popsicle, she slipped the head into her
mouth and sucked on it.

"Oh God, Becky, that feels soooo good. Suck Daddy's cock, honey. Suck
it into your mouth. That's it, baby. Use your tongue, too. Yeah, that's
it. Oh, Becky, you're making Daddy feel so good . . ."

Neil was amazed. His 8-year-old girl was a natural cocksucker. She
sucked him as deeply into her mouth as she could, running her tongue along
the underside as she sucked him. She could only get about half of his 8
inches into her mouth, so she stroked the rest with her hands. Neil could
feel the sperm building up in his balls. He couldn't take much more of

"God, that's great, Becky. But you'd better stop now."

"Why's that, Daddy?" Becky asked, removing her mouth from his cock.

"Well, honey, when a man feels really, really good, like you're making
me feel right now, he shoots some white stuff out of his cock; it's called

"Your cock? Is that another word for penis?"

"That's right, honey," Neil said with a smile. "Just keep stroking me,
honey; that way you can see my cum. I didn't want to squirt it in your
mouth and surprise you."

"Okay, Daddy," Becky said, stroking his cock. Then she surprised her
father again. "What does cum taste like, Daddy?"

Neil was shocked at the question. However, he also found it very

"I don't know, honey, but your mother likes it."

"Mommy sucks your cock??"

"Yes, Becky. This is something mommy and Daddy do to show that they
love each other."

"Can I taste your cum, Daddy?"

Neil groaned. God, his little girl turned him on.

"I'll tell you what, honey. When I'm ready to shoot my cum, I'll tell
you, and you can open your mouth and taste it."


Becky stroked Neil's cock even faster. He was close; he was very close.

"Oh God, Becky, here it comes!! Daddy's cumming, Becky. Oh, OH!!"

Becky's eyes widened as the first spurt of cum shot out of her father's
cock, landing on her cheek. She quickly opened her mouth and moved her
mouth closer to the tip of his penis, sticking out her tongue. The second
and third spurts landed right on her tongue. Becky held her mouth open,
waiting until her father's cock shot the last of it's load, then she closed
her mouth, swallowing his cum. Her hands kept stroking his cock as it
jerked and twitched. Then she slid it into her mouth, sucking the last few
drops of cum from his dick. She held it in her mouth as it slowly grew
limp, then let is slide out.

"That was fun, Daddy!! I kinda like how your cum tasted, too!"

"I'm glad you liked it, honey. You made Daddy feel really good. Do you
want me to make you feel good, too?"

"Uh huh!"

Neil smiled. He looked down at his daughter, at her smooth sexy pussy.

"Okay, Becky, I want you to lean back against the wall, and spread your

Becky did as she was told. Neil crouched down on his knees in front of
her. He ran his hands along her smooth chest and stomach, then slid them
around to her ass. He squeezed her small, firm ass cheeks in his hands,
then bent down and kissed his daughter's hairless pussy mound. Becky

"That tickles, Daddy!!"

"Do you like it, honey?"

"Yeah! Keep doing it, Daddy."

Neil returned his attention to her pussy. He lightly kissed all over
her pussy, then slid his tongue out and ran it along her slit. Becky's
giggles quickly turned to moans and sighs as Neil pushed his tongue into
her slit, sucking lightly on her little clit at the same time. He held her
ass tightly, to keep her from wiggling too much. Then he put one of her
legs on his shoulder, spreading her pussy lips apart with his fingers. He
pushed his tongue deep into her young, virgin twat, lightly rubbing her
clit with his finger.

"Oh, Daddy, that feels really good!"

Then Neil pushed a single finger up into her pussy, eliciting a long,
low moan from his daughter. He worked his finger slowly in and out,
stretching out her tight pussy. He was careful not to push too hard; he
didn't want to take a chance at hurting her. He was just about to put in a
second finger, when there was a knock at the door.

"Would you two hurry up?" his wife Barbara said through the door.

Neil immediately pulled his finger out of Becky's pussy, trying to put
her leg down and stand up as fast as possible. Thank God his wife didn't
decide to open the door and look in on them!!

"I guess we'll have to continue this some other time, Becky. We'd
better get out and get ready to see Grandpa and Grandma."

"Okay, Daddy. That was fun! Can we do it again?"

"We'll see, honey. But I want to promise me you won't tell anybody. A
lot of people think what we just did should only be done between adults,
and Daddy could get into a lot of trouble if anyone found out. So nobody
can know, okay, Becky?"

"Not even Mommy?"

"Not even Mommy. It'll be our little secret, okay, honey?"

Becky smiled.

"Okay, Daddy. Our little secret!!"

With that the father and daughter got out of the shower, dressed, and
went to their respective bedrooms to get ready to go out. Barbara gave
Neil a dirty look when he entered their bedroom.

"I'm glad I had Becky join you, or we'd never get out of her!"

"I'm glad you did, too, babe," Neil said with a smile.

Of course, he had an entirely different reason for saying so. As wrong
as he knew it to be, he very much wanted to spend more intimate moments
with his young daughter. The thought brought a smile to his face as he got


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