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Fun With The Kids Chpt 5



by The MadHatter

Chapter 5 - The family That Plays Together . . .

Billy had just gotten up the next morning, and was bent over his
dresser, looking for some clothes to wear. Suddenly a pair of arms slid
around his body, and a pair of hands slid into his pajama bottoms, wrapping
around his cock. He never wore underwear to bed. Billy quickly turned and
saw his mother snuggled up against him.

"Shit, Mom! You scared the hell out of me!"

"Watch your language, Billy," Barbara said with a smile as she continued
to stroke his cock, feeling it quickly harden in her hands.

"Damn that feels good, Mom, but what if we get caught?"

"Don't worry about it, Billy dear, your father knows all about what
happened between us."

"You're kidding!"

"No, I'm not," Barbara said. "Your father and I don't have any

"And he's not mad?"

"Not at all. As a matter of fact, he and Becky plan on watching us do
it; if you're interested, that is."


"Why not? She's getting old enough to learn about sex. So, are you

"You bet I am!!" Billy said eagerly.

"Oh, I was wondering if you'd like to invite Justin to join us."


"Yeah. You and him did Sarah together; so how about double-teaming your

"That sounds great! I'll call Justin right now."

"Oh, I think it can wait a few minutes."

Barbara slid her hands out of Billy's pajamas, and pushed them off his
hips, letting them fall about his ankles. Then she squeezed his ass
cheeks, massaging them with her hands.

"Turn around, baby."

Billy turned around, and Barbara dropped to her knees in front of him.
She slid her hands up the backs of his legs to his ass, gripping his cheeks
firmly and pulling him towards her. She ran her tongue along his scrotum,
then sucked his balls into her mouth, sucking them gently. Billy moaned,
running his fingers through his mother's hair. Barbara ran her tongue
along Billy's shaft, then slipped his head into her mouth, twirling her
tongue around it. She swallowed more and more of Billy's cock, until her
lips were wrapped around the base. She loved how easily she could deep
throat her son's small cock. She could never do this with Neil's.

Billy moaned as his mother's head bobbed up and down on his cock. Then
he gasped as he felt her finger tickling his asshole. Barbara ran her
finger around the little hole, then pushed it in. As her finger sank into
his anus, Billy climaxed, filling his mom's mouth with jism. He'd never
felt anything quite like it. Barbara let Billy's cum fill her mouth, then
let his now limp cock slip from between her lips. She kept them tightly
shut as she stood up. Billy smiled as he watched her. This time he knew
what was going to happen.

Barbara kissed Billy on the lips, then parted her lips, letting Billy's
cum flow into his mouth. Billy eagerly took it, pushing his tongue into
his mother's mouth. He swallowed it all, licking inside his mother's mouth
to get all of it. As he tasted his cum, he wondered what Justin's cum tasted like. He'd definitely have to find out the next time they were
alone together. They had played around a little since their night with
Sarah, but nothing really serious. Both of them had talked about doing
more things together, but they hadn't found the time to be alone together
to explore the possibilities.

Barbara smiled down at her son.

"Why don't you get dressed and give Justin a call," she said.

"Okay, Mom."

Barbara left Billy's room, and went to the kitchen, where Neil and Becky
were sitting down to breakfast.

"Morning, Mommy," Becky said.

"Good morning, Becky," Barbara replied.

"Daddy says we're going to do something special today."

"That's right, baby. We're going to learn about sex."

"Sex? Really?"

"That's right, honey," Neil said. "Remember the stuff we did in the
shower? You're going to get to watch mommy and Billy doing stuff like
that, and more."

"Daddy!! That was our secret!"

"I know, Becky," Neil said, caressing his daughter's hair, "but your
Mommy and I thought that we should all share in it. So it'll be a family secret. Besides, this way we can do more stuff together."

"Okay, Daddy," Becky said. "Will I get to suck your cock again, Daddy?"

"You sure will, baby."


The three of them continued with breakfast, and a few minutes later
Billy entered the kitchen.

"I called Justin, and he said he'll be here right after lunch."

"That's great, Billy," Barbara said. "Now sit down and eat your

The family ate breakfast, everyone's mind on the afternoon ahead. After
breakfast, the kids were sent to clean their rooms, to keep them busy until
the day's festivities commenced. Everyone spent the morning cleaning and
doing other chores, then they had lunch. They were just finishing up when
the doorbell rang. Billy jumped from his chair, and ran to the door. He
returned to the kitchen with Justin standing next to him. Justin was
staring at Barbara, looking her up and down. He was obviously looking
forward to what lay ahead.

"Hello, Justin," Barbara said. "How are you today?"

"Just fine, Mrs. Johnson."

"Oh, you can call me Barbara if you want."

"Okay . . . Barbara."

"Why don't you go sit in the livingroom, Justin," Neil said. "We'll be
there in a few minutes."


"Can I be excused?" Billy asked.

"Finish your lunch first," Barbara told him.

Billy crammed the last of his sandwich into his mouth, and washed it
down with the last of his milk. He quickly put his dishes in the
dishwasher and ran out into the livingroom to join his friend. The rest of
the family quickly finished their lunches as well, and eagerly walked into
the livingroom. Billy and Justin were both naked already, their hard
little cocks sticking up from between their legs.

"Couldn't wait for the rest of us?" Neil asked as he pulled his shirt off.

"We were too excited," Billy responded.

Barbara laughed as she started to remove her clothes. Becky, uncertain
of what exactly was going on, just stood there, her gaze going back and
forth between the two naked boys sitting on the couch, and her parents rapidly undressing.

"Don't just stand there, Becky," Neil said. "Go ahead and take your
clothes off."

Becky was kind of nervous, but she was excited, too. Seeing the two
hard pricks of her brother and his best friend made her feel all tingly
inside. They weren't nearly as big as her dad's, but she thought they'd
still be fun to suck on. She could much more of theirs in her mouth than
she could her dad's. And so she removed her clothes as well, and was soon
as naked as everyone else.

"Why don't you come sit on Daddy's lap, Becky," Neil said.

Neil had sat down in the recliner, while Barbara had sat down between
Billy and Justin on the couch. Becky walked over to her father, and he
pulled her onto his lap, her round little ass resting against his cock. It
was still pretty limp, but as Becky rubbed her ass against it, it quickly
started to stiffen. Feeling it poking her behind, Becky reached down with
her hand and started to stroke it. Pretty soon it was rock hard. Neil
slid his hand around Becky's waist, and was running his middle finger along
her tiny little-girl slit, feeling it start to get wet.

"Now just watch Mommy," Neil whispered in her ear.

"Okay, Daddy."

Barbara sat back on the couch, relaxing, as the two young boys kissed
every inch of her body. She took turns French kissing them, then each
sucked on one of her tits, then they kissed their way down her body to her
pussy. Since Billy had already had the pleasure of tasting his mother's
wonderful pussy, he let his friend go first. Justin ran his fingers along
her wet cunt, then pushed his middle finger in. It was a little looser
than Sarah's had been, but still extremely arousing. He pushed out his
tongue, tasting her cunt. Her flavor was stronger, muskier than Sarah, and
Justin loved it. He pushed his tongue deep into her cunt, while still
fucking her with his finger. He sucked up her freely flowing juices into
his mouth, then started working on her clit. He added a second finger to
her cunt as he wrapped his lips around her clit.

Barbara was in heaven. Justin was often hesitant and clumsy, but what
he lacked in skill he more than made for in enthusiasm. Justin attacked
her pussy, sucking at it ravenously as he rapidly forced his two fingers in
and out of her cunt. Barbara writhed and moaned on the couch. She ran her
fingers through Justin's hair, pushing his face harder into her cunt. She
couldn't believe how hot she was for this 12-yearold boy.

Billy watched Justin eat out his mom. Originally, he had planned to
switch places with his friend, but as much fun as they were having, he
didn't want to interrupt them. Besides, he knew he could eat out his mom another time. Instead, he stood up on the couch, moving his crotch next to
his mother's face. Barbara turned and saw his dick in front of her, and
wasting no time, slipped it into her mouth. She was too close to orgasm to
concentrate on anything fancy, so she simply sucked, sliding his cock in
and out of her mouth. Soon she was bouncing on the couch as Justin brought
her to climax. Justin swallowed as fast as he could as her pussy juices
flooded his face.

Justin sat back on the floor, a huge grin on his face. He looked up at
his best friend, getting his dick sucked by his own mother. He wished he
could fuck his own mom, but his parents were very traditional, religious
types, and would have a fit if they knew about any of this. He watched
Billy thrust his hips back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of his
mom's mouth. Justin loved watching Billy's ass cheeks clench as he fucked
Barbara's mouth. He'd always like Billy's ass, ever since they were little
kids. He'd told Billy that when they'd started fooling around with each
other, and Billy had admitted that he liked looking at Justin's ass, too.

Billy's body stiffened, and he shouted out as he climaxed, filling
Barbara's mouth with cum. Barbara let the cum fill her mouth. His prick
going limp, Billy collapsed onto the couch. Barbara looked at him with a
wicked smile on her face, her lips tightly shut. Billy mirrored her grin.

"Why don't you kiss Justin, Mom?" Billy said.

Justin eagerly jumped up to give Barbara a kiss, having no idea what was
coming. Their lips met, and Barbara parted her lips slightly, forcing her
tongue into Justin's mouth. As his mouth opened, she let Billy's cum flow
into his mouth. Justin was surprised at first, uncertain as to what
Barbara was doing, then he realized that she must have kept Billy's cum in
her mouth. At this thought, he eagerly swallowed it, then pushed his
tongue into Barbara's mouth, trying to get all of Billy's cum. He'd been
curious to taste Billy's cum since the first time he'd sucked his dick.
He'd tasted his own cum a couple of times after jerking off, and found that
he kind of enjoyed the taste. Now that he'd tasted Billy's cum, he
couldn't wait to get some direct from the source.

Billy looked at his friend as he and Barbara kissed. When their kiss
broke, he asked his friend, "So what did you think?"

Justin smiled.

"That was great!!"

Barbara took the two young cocks in her hands and started to stroke

"You two going to be ready to fuck me soon?" she asked.

"Real soon, Mom!"

Meanwhile, Becky and Neil continued to watch. Neil had pushed his index
finger into Becky's pussy, and was slowly pushing it in and out. Becky
still had her hand on Neil's cock. She stroked it now and then, but as her
attention focused on the action in front of her, she'd stop and simply hold
it. Neil didn't mind, though. He figured he'd last longer if she didn't
stroke, especially as hot as her little hand on his cock made him.

Barbara stroked the two pre-teen cocks, and soon they were again hard.

"So are you two ready to fuck me?" Barbara asked.

"Oh yeah!!"

"We sure are!"

"That's what I wanted to hear."

"So who goes first, Mom?" Billy asked.

"I want to do both of you at once."

"How do we do that?" Justin asked.

"Lie down on the couch, Justin."

Justin did as he was told, and Barbara got on top of him, sliding his
cock into her cunt.

"Okay, Billy, now I want you to fuck me in the ass!"

"In the ass?"

"That's right. Just lick it real good first, then slide that hard dick
right on in."

Billy hesitated at first, but he was so horny he'd try anything. He
licked around his mother's asshole, then finally pushed his tongue inside.
It didn't taste nasty like he thought it would, but it didn't taste nearly
as good as pussy, either. Once he got her asshole slicked up, he put the
head of his cock against it, and pushed. Barbara moaned as her son's cock
sank into her asshole.

"Okay, now both of you, fuck me!!"

The boys started thrusting. They were awkward at first, but soon got
into a rhythm, with Billy thrusting in while Justin slid out, then the
reverse. Soon they were wildly fucking both of Barbara's holes. It didn't
take long for the eager young boys to reach climax. Billy was first,
shouting in ecstasy as he filled his mother's ass with cum. Justin came
right after him, shooting his load into Barbara's cunt. Billy collapsed
onto Barbara, who had slumped onto Justin. The three of them simply lay
there, soaked in sweat. Once they'd recovered, they switched places.
Justin loved the feel of Barbara's tight asshole clenching his prick, and
shot off in no time flat. He pulled out and sat back on the couch,
watching Billy fucking his mom. It wasn't long until Billy came as well,
shooting his jism into his mom's hot twat.

"That was great!!" Barbara gasped after she'd regained her composure.
"Why don't you two get into the shower and get cleaned up. I'll take my
shower when you're done, so don't take too long!"

Barbara walked over to where Neil and Becky were sitting.

"So what did you think, Becky?" Barbara asked her daughter.

"That looks like fun, Mommy! When can I try? I want Daddy to do that
to me. Will you, Daddy, please?"

"I don't know, honey," Neil replied. "I'm kind of big for your little
pussy. I don't want to hurt you."

"Please, Daddy. I want you to do it me. You won't hurt me. Please,

"I'll tell you what, Becky," Barbara said. "How about if Billy fucked
you first. That's what it's called, by the way - fucking. After Billy's
taken your cherry and stretched you out some, then Daddy can fuck you.
What do you say to that?"

"Okay! Can we do it now?"

Neil laughed.

"I don't think Billy's quite up to it right now, Becky. mommy pretty
much wore him out. Let's wait until tomorrow. Then it'll just be the

"Okay, Daddy. Can I suck your cock, Daddy?"

"You sure can, Becky!"

Barbara watched eagerly. She'd wanted to see this ever since Neil had
admitted to what had happened in the shower. Becky got off of her dad's
lap, kneeling between his legs. She took Neil's cock in her hands, slowly
stroking it. Then she stretched her tongue out and ran it up and down the
shaft. After a few licks, she slipped the head into her mouth, sucking on
it. She slowly slid over half of his cock into her mouth, then slid it
back out. Soon she was bobbing up and down on Neil's prick. Barbara
shoved two fingers into her cunt as she watched her 8-year-old daughter give her husband a blowjob. She'd never seen anything so erotic in her

Neil had already been extremely aroused from watching his wife fuck
their 12-year-old son and his best friend, plus having Becky sitting naked
on his lap and stroking his cock, so her mouth on his prick quickly drove
him over the edge. Before he knew it, he was moaning and shouting as the
first spurt of jism shot from his prick into his daughter's mouth. Becky
eagerly swallowed as the second and third spurts filled her mouth. There
was more than her mouth could hold, and some of it leaked out, dribbling
down her chin. When Neil's prick finally stopped shooting and grew limp,
Becky let it fall from her mouth, a huge smile on her face.

"Did I do good, Daddy?" she asked.

"You did great, baby," Neil replied, smiling down at the young girl.

Barbara removed her fingers from her soaked pussy.

"Come here and give mommy a kiss, Becky," she said.

Becky turned to her mother.

"Oh, you missed some," Barbara said, licking the cum from Becky's chin.

Then Barbara kissed her daughter on the lips. But it wasn't a motherly
kiss. She pushed her tongue into Becky's mouth, and Becky responded
eagerly, pushing back with her own tongue, passionately French kissing her
own mother. When they broke apart, Barbara looked down at her daughter's
face. She had always found her daughter to be a very pretty girl, but now
she was seeing her in a whole new light - a very sexual light. Suddenly
she desired Becky just as much as she did Becky's older brother.

"That was neat, Mom," Becky said. "You've never kissed me like that

"I'm glad you liked it, honey," Barbara said. "Daddy tells me that he
licked your pussy in the shower."

Becky looked over at her father.

"It's okay, Becky, you can tell your mother everything."

"Okay, Daddy." She turned back to her mother. "Yeah, Daddy licked my
pussy. It felt really good."

"Can I lick your pussy?" Barbara asked.


Becky lay down on the floor, spreading her legs. Barbara got between
Becky's legs, kissing her inner thighs. Then she moved up and kissed all
over her daughter's stomach. Becky giggled when Barbara stuck her tongue
in her belly button. Then Barbara kissed her way down to Becky's pussy,
spreading the lips apart with her fingers. Becky's breathing quickened,
and she moaned quietly as Barbara ran her tongue along Becky's pussy. Then
she pushed her tongue deep into the little girl's pussy.

"Oh, Mommy, that feels so good!" Becky moaned.

Neil sat in the chair, fondling his limp prick as he watched his wife licking his 8-year-old daughter's pussy. He couldn't believe how beautiful
and erotic a sight it made. Becky was wiggling around and pushing her hips
up to meet her mother's tongue. Then she started groaning loudly as
Barbara's lips fastened around her clit, sucking it and teasing it with her
tongue. Then little Becky reached her very first orgasm.

"Oh, yes, yes Mommy, oh that feels so good!! Oh, lick me, Mommy, lick
me more!!"

Barbara's hands held Becky's ass cheeks firmly, pushing her daughter's
pussy into her face as Becky's body writhed and jumped beneath her.
Finally, Becky's body collapsed to the floor, her breathing coming in
ragged gasps. She had a huge smile on her face.

"Oh, Mommy, that felt really great. I've never felt anything like that

"That's called an orgasm, honey," Barbara said. "That's the best part
of having sex, is getting that feeling."

"Will that happen when I have sex with Billy tomorrow?" Becky asked

"It sure will."

"Oh, boy! I can't wait."

"Well, you're going to have to wait until tomorrow, Becky," Neil said.
"Now I suppose we should all get dressed."

"I want to jump in the shower first," Barbara said. "Billy and Justin
should be done by now."

After finishing their threesome with Barbara, Billy and Justin had run
upstairs and jumped into the shower.

"God, that was fun!" Justin said. "You're mom is really hot! I'm

"Yeah, she is pretty great. It was even more fun sharing her with you."

"Thanks for inviting me over." Justin paused briefly. "I really liked
tasting your cum," he finally said.

"Yeah, it is pretty good. I . . . I kind of wondered what yours tasted

"We'll have to taste each other's next time one of us sleeps over at the
other's place."

"Sounds great!" Billy said. "My birthday's coming up in a few weeks;
we'll have to do something then."

"Do you think we could get any of the other guys to join in?"

"I don't know. They'd probably think we were queer or something."

"You're probably right," Justin said. "But you never know."

The boys soaped each other off, their hands caressing each other's
bodies. They had just gotten out and started to dry each other off when
Barbara came up for her shower.

"Took you two long enough," she said with a laugh as she got in the

The two boys finished drying off, then Justin got dressed and went home.


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